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Think Globally - Tread Lightly Going Green CEA is continually finding new ways to move toward more sustainable operations. The very book you’re reading is a prime example of this commitment. This year we have reduced our 164 page catalog to a 24 page viewbook. We are also offering a virtual version of this piece online. You can access all the resources referenced in this viewbook along with more detailed information about CEA’s programs and courses at Altogether, these changes saves paper, ink, and the impacts of shipping. Here are some other ways CEA is going green:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle We’ve established policies for responsible printing, office-wide recycling, e-waste recycling, and we continue to donate used working computer hardware to local charities.

Online Access MyCEA Account is more than just a convenience. It allows us to provide students with documents, updates, and receive payments securely without creating additional paper waste or the environmental impacts of sending mailings to thousands of students. The CEA GlobalCampus Network is also researching ways to allow students to obtain class materials and notes digitally.

Green Education Change starts with education, which is why CEA continues to seek and develop study abroad programs across multiple disciplines that address the growing relevancy of sustainability, environmental issues, and globalization.

Choosing Wisely We seek out and support business partners, both in the US and abroad, who embrace sustainable and environmentally-conscious operating practices.

Treading Lightly It is our policy to use paper with a minimum of 30% Post-Consumer content, work with FSC certified printers, and print with soy or vegetable inks. We have also committed to using Zero-VOC interior paints for classrooms and offices globally.

s e c r u o s e R Online Go online for quick and easy access to all of the online content related to the information in this viewbook.

Destination: Education

Argentina Buenos Aires

Australia Sydney

China Shanghai

Costa Rica San Jose

Czech Republic



Italy Florence Rome


Mexico Guadalajara


Alicante Barcelona Granada Madrid Salamanca Seville



St. Petersburg

South Africa Port Elizabeth Stellenbosch




Bea ufor t Sea




Baffin Bay

Brighton London



N o r t


A t l a n t



O c e a

Gulf of Mexico

N o r t h


P a c i fi c O c e a n



Find in-depth resources on each of these CEA destinations at


Gulf of Alaska

Aix-en-Provence French Alps: Grenoble French Riviera: Sophia Antipolis Paris

Cork Galway

Hudson Bay




S o u t h P a c i fi c O c e a n ‚ƒÐ



Caribbean Sea

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot Where do you want to study abroad? Destination is an integral part of choosing a study abroad experience, but it’s not the only one. In the following pages we’ll examine several other factors that will influence your experience and the benefits you will receive from studying abroad. Some things to consider include personal and professional growth, academic advancement, the student experience, and cost. So, are you ready?










A r c t i c










O c e a n

Greenland Sea

Laptev Sea

Kara Sea Barents Sea

East Siberian Sea


Norwegian Sea

North Sea

r Sea

Sea of Okhotsk

Black Sea


Bering Sea

Sea of Japan

Mediterranean Sea

t i c East China Sea

n Arabian Sea Bay of Bengal

Red Sea

South China Sea

Ind ian



S o u t h A t l a n t i c O c e a n


1-800-266-4441 |


Destination: Education How do you decide where you’re going to go? Take some time and explore our website. For each destination we provide a lot of information to introduce you to the country, the city, and the programs we offer. Take a quick look at the navigation below. Every city has the same structure, so you’ll always know where to look for all the information you need. You will also find CEA’s policies, student FAQs, course descriptions, syllabi, and our online application.


Take Your Pick

Buenos Aires

• Capital of Argentina; “the Paris of South America”; subtropical climate • Regardless of your language level, learn Spanish & gain a broader understanding of Latin America • Semester, Year, & Summer programs



• Dynamic, multicultural city; major center for culture & commerce • Take advantage of Macquarie’s university services; enroll in courses from Accounting to Zoology • Semester & Year programs



• Largest city in China; Gateway to the West; “Showpiece” of the world’s fastest growing economy • Study Mandarin Chinese in one of China’s most vibrant cities • Semester & Summer programs

4 | 1-800-266-4441

• Cosmopolitan but unpretentious & quaint; called “London by the Sea” • Study at a prestigious UK university with CEA support to help you experience life as a true British student • Semester, Year, & Summer programs

• Inspiration for famous artists; averages 300 days of sun a year; idyllic university town • Study French Language or Liberal Arts in beautiful Provence • Semester, Year, & Summer programs





French Alps

French Riviera

• Crossroads of Italy, the Alps, Monaco & Provence; over 300 days of sun a year; beautiful beaches • English-taught electives in a variety of subjects like Cultural Studies, Business, Technology, & Science • Semester & Year programs


• Capital city; historic & beautiful city; UNESCO World Heritage Site • Courses, taught in English, focus on a wide variety of subjects • Semester, Year, Summer, & Short Term programs

• Capital of England & the UK; host of 2012 Summer Olympics; world center for business, financial, & culture • Choose an academic institution to suit your needs in terms of discipline & location within the city of London • Semester, Year, & Summer programs


Czech Republic




• Capital city; high standard of living; year-round temperate climate • Diverse academic options including Spanish Language, Health Care, Environmental Studies, & Culture Studies • Trimester, Semester, Year, Summer, & Short Term programs


Costa Rica

San Jose


• Capital city; a world leading business & cultural center; home to many world renowned landmarks • Academic programs ranging from hands-on courses to traditional French language instruction • CEA GlobalCampus Destination • Semester, Year, & Summer programs

Get more information about academic institutions, destinations and CEA’s programs on our website

• “Capital of the Alps”; regular on Tour de France route • Focus on French language acquisition or International Business • Trimester, Semester, Year, Summer, & Short Term programs

1-800-266-4441 |


Destination: Education


• Capital of Italy; home to ancient ruins & art; Vatican City; global center of business & commerce • Active learning experiences in business, communication & politics • CEA GlobalCampus Destination • Semester, Year, & Summer programs

• Second largest city in Mexico; major center for economy, history & industry • Experience full immersion in the Mexican university system • Trimester, Semester, Year, Summer, & Short Term programs | 1-800-266-4441

St. Petersburg

• Russia’s cultural capital; UNESCO World Heritage Site; financial & industrial center of Russia • Immerse yourself in Russian language & culture during the summer • Summer programs

South Africa





• Founded over 1,000 years ago; UNESCO World Heritage Site; historical & intellectual heart of Poland • Courses taught in English focus on Polish Art, History, & Language • Summer programs





• Ireland’s fastest growing city; known as the Cultural Capital of Ireland; largest Gaelic speaking community • Full course catalog & Internship options • Semester, Year, & Summer programs


• Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance; home of Michelangelo & Leonardo da Vinci; outdoor markets & great art • Hands-on academics; exclusive experiences for study abroad • CEA GlobalCampus Destination • Semester, Year, & Summer programs


• Second largest city in Irish Republic; center of traditional Irish culture; nicknamed “the Rebel Country” • Full course catalog & Internship options • Semester, Year, & Summer programs



• Capital city; major center in European politics, culture, media, & science • Take German Language & Culture or International Business • Summer programs




Port Elizabeth

• Nicknamed “The Friendly City”; major seaport; water sport capital of South Africa; sub-tropical climate • Full course catalog from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s • Semester, Year, & Summer programs



• Prestigious university; considered one of Spain’s best cities for students • Spanish Language & Culture programs, all language levels accepted • Semester, Year, Summer, & Short Term programs


• Named 2002 European Capital of Culture; great city for college students • Study Spanish Language & Culture at the oldest & most prestigious university in Spain • Summer programs


• Fast-growing city; beautiful beaches; mild climate year round • Courses for Spanish Language & Business at one of Spain’s most modern & innovative universities • Semester, Year, Summer, & Short Term programs

• Second largest city in Spain; major economic & cultural center; architecture by Gaudí • Offers diverse academic programs; gain Spanish language skills; take elective courses in English • CEA GlobalCampus Destination • Semester, Year, & Summer programs





• Spain’s capital & largest city; major political & financial center • Active inquiry & hands-on experience in business, politics, & culture • CEA GlobalCampus Destination • Trimester, Semester, Year, & Summer programs


• One of South Africa’s oldest & bestpreserved towns; ideal for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, shoppers, nightlife, & history buffs • Courses focused on South Africa; dedicate a semester to service learning & community development • Semester programs


South Africa




• Artistic, cultural, & financial capital of Spain; Mediterranean climate • Take advantage of Seville’s multicultural past & present to develop intercultural skills • CEA GlobalCampus Destination • Semester, Year, & Summer programs

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Do Yourself A Favor... Study Abroad You are a Study in contradictions You are responsibly adventurous. You are simultaneously living in the moment and planning for your future. You are, in some ways, just like your fellow students and yet there is something that sets you apart. You are ready to study abroad!

Congratulations, You’re Special! You are one of the elite few who have considered venturing out and exploring the world out there. Most of your fellow students won’t take advantage of this time to study abroad. So what! You already knew you were special, right? Ok, but at some point you’re going to have to leave school - and your parents’ house - to get a job. Being one of the select few who have made this investment in their future certainly has its advantages. A quick look at the statistics below shows how studying abroad can better your chances in the new economy. Now, put your gray matter to work and pick a provider that works to make your time abroad successful, engaging, and worthwhile. (eh-hem… That would be CEA.)

Career Development


just the facts



In a competitive job market, your study abroad experience will speak volumes about you and your personality to potential employers.

Ignited an interest in a career direction, pursued after the experience

Delivered skill sets that influenced career path



Intercultural Development Continues to influence interactions with people from different cultures

Helped to better understand personal cultural values and biases

96% 97% 95%

Personal Development Had a lasting impact on world view

Served as a catalyst for increased maturity

8 | 1-800-266-4441

Increased self-confidence

wHO’S IN THAT FIVE PERCENT Skills Gained Through Study Abroad We’ve surveyed our alumni to gather their opinions on how their study abroad experience with CEA has impacted them personally and provided or improved transferable job skills.

Employers of CEA Alumni CEA Alumni have gone on to do great things! Here’s a short list of where some of our students have landed:

Here Are THe Job Skill Stats:

• ABC Studios

Problem Solving


Ability to take initiative in projects and plans


Proficiency in another language




• Fleishman-Hillard






Self Confidence


• CEA • Chicago Board of Education •

• Gateway Sports Complex • Georgetown University • Google • Lockheed Martin • Lombardi Cancer Center

Straight from the Students’ Mouths “I live in California where nearly half the population is Hispanic so employers are much more eager to hire me when they see I can interact with Spanish-speaking customers in their own language.” - Kathryn Taussig Salamanca, Spain - 2004/2005

“My travel and study abroad experience in London was a huge plus on my resume for my current job at As a leader in travel, they look for people with a great travel background across the whole company.” - Dan Thompsen London, England - 2004

• Merrill Lynch • Microsoft • MIT • New York County District Attorney • Newell Rubbermaid • Peace Corps • Procter & Gamble • STA Travel

“Not only did I graduate with more credits than necessary but I was also able to complete my minor with the classes I took abroad. In addition, and most importantly, when I began applying to graduate school for an MS in Globalization and Latin American Development, my experience in Mexico definitely helped enhance my application and personal statement.”

“I graduated in December of 2002 with a bachelor’s in Marketing and International Business; emphasis in Spanish. I am the Branch Manager of STA Travel in Chicago. I get to be part of so many students traveling for the first time. I also get to talk to people that are traveling all over the world on a daily basis. It is amazing.”

- Crissy Martinez Guadalajara, Mexico - 2005

- Jessica Ray Alicante, Spain - 2005

• The History Channel • TV Guide • U.S. Senate • Walt Disney Studios • Yale University, Department of Environmental Engineering

1-800-266-4441 |


Do Yourself A Favor... Study Abroad You Know You Want It! Service is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, but if you think about it, it’s the one thing that can really make or break your experience. CEA was built on this idea. We were founded by a student who, like you, was excited by the prospect of studying abroad. But his experience left him disappointed. It wasn’t the destination or the academics, but the lack of service. It’s why your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. So grab some peace of mind knowing that we give you your own personal entourage to make sure that every step of the process goes smoothly.

Meet Your Entourage: The CEA Team Planning People CEA provides you with your very own Admissions Counselor to assist you with destination and course selection, application questions, setting up your MyCEA Account, and providing information to get your parents onboard with your decision. CEA Admissions Counselors all have previous experience abroad, so pick their brains. They won’t mind, honest.

Pre-departure People Once you’ve made the choice to go with CEA, your Student Services Advisor jumps on board to help you get all of the necessary academic, travel, and financial aid documents in order. They can help you with course pre-approval and credit transfer and are experienced at maneuvering through tricky obstacles like visa procedures, financial aid, and more. Isn’t it nice to have “people”?

Onsite People Every CEA destination has resident staff onsite to help you the moment you step off the plane. Planning events and assisting you with the day-to-day activities in your new home, like finding the best local digs and understanding the grading system of your new school, are just a few of the hundreds of things your onsite people do to make your experience memorable.

The I’m back home and wow that was great! People After you return from a such a whirlwind experience, there are a lot of things going through your mind. Once again, we’re right there to lend you a hand with transcripts, credit transfer, and more.

Have your people call our people: 1-800-266-4441

10 | 1-800-266-4441

The All-Inclusive Exclusive You may not get the kitchen sink, but you’ll at least get a kitchenette sink. CEA has put together a host of amenities that make your whole experience before, during and after your trip more enjoyable.

The CEA Value Package • Personal CEA Team

• Registration & Tuition Fees

• MyCEA Account

• Academic Institution Access

• Pre-Departure Preparation

• Local CEA Office*

• Onsite Staff in Your Host City

• Variety of Housing Options

• Airport Reception

• Immersion Activities

• Arrival & Departure Receptions

• Cultural Excursions

• Onsite Orientation

• Official Transcript

Additional Amenities Some CEA destinations offer even more. Contact a CEA advisor or get the specifics by visiting • CEA Student Computer Lab

• CEA Resource Center

• Cell Phone with Free Incoming Calls

• CEA Student Lounge

• Volunteer Opportunities

• Austrailan Health Coverage (OSHC)

There Is No Time Like the Present Benjamin Franklin once said: “You may delay, but time will not.” Let’s face it, the odds that you are going to have another chance like this to immerse yourself in another culture for such an extended length of time aren’t great. Seize the opportunity now with CEA to gain the cultural experience and global skills that will serve you well into your future. And hey, why not have a little fun while you’re at it?

• Local Transportation Passes

*Resident staff for programs that do not have a local office in the host city will still hold regular office hours at convenient locations.

1-800-266-4441 |


Expanding Horizons CEA GlobalCampus      

Are you ready for the network? Welcome to the CEA GlobalCampus Network, a learning environment designed to blow the doors off of the educational experience you’re used to. We’ve taken the standard lectures and slide shows to the next level with an active style of learning that will give you a competitive advantage in the global workforce. Here, collaborative and independent research is encouraged, cutting edge technology is employed, and important global issues are explored through debate and dialogue.

Innovative Learning for Innovative Thinkers At the heart of the CEA GlobalCampus Network is academics - after all, you are studying abroad. Your courses have been consciously designed to maximize your exposure to relevant resources in the city and in many cases give you exclusive access to amazing active learning experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. And when we say “active learningâ€? we mean: • Field studies

• Team-based projects

• On location discussions

• Digital presentations using multimedia formats

• Company visits • Guest lecturers

Rethinking the Study Abroad Experience Even the CEA GlobalCampus facilities have been deliberately setup to give you the most enjoyable and rewarding international education experience. Location, facility resources, and classroom design have all been carefully considered to optimize your learning potential.

12 | 1-800-266-4441

What Do We Mean by Exclusive Access? While you study abroad, you are immersed in a new culture and inspired by new and different experiences. The best part about the CEA GlobalCampus is that you are granted exclusive access to places and people that you just won’t find in other education programs. So not only are you learning through experience, but you are also doing things that no other study abroad students are able to do. Check out a sample of the cool and unique experiences that await you.

CEA’s Exclusive AccesS Rome • Hold a semi-private audience with Pope Benedict XVI and attend onsite classes at the Vatican and many of the lavishly decorated churches and palaces that have been the setting of papal history since St. Peter • Observe and analyze Italian politics in real life situations, including visits to the chambers of the Italian Parliament and guest presentations delivered by members of the Italian political scene

Florence • Walk through the Vasari Corridor, normally closed to the general public, to view 1,000’s of paintings by famous masters of the Renaissance period • Attend practical studio sessions employing the techniques and materials of Renaissance artists and try your own hand at creating a fresco • Visit the city’s restoration labs to observe the techniques used to restore and conserve priceless works of art from masters like Giotto, Raphael, and Vasari

Paris • Inspect, compare, and in some cases, try on 200 year-old fashion garments and accessories selected from private collections and worn by the nobility in the age of Napoleon • Interview Boeing and Airbus sales teams to discuss their competitive marketing and financial strategies for out-designing and outselling one another at the greatest arms bazaar in the world, the Paris Air Show

Barcelona • Visit FC Barcelona, Spain’s biggest soccer club, to explore the stadium, museum, grounds, and a tour of the club offices, where you will learn about the club’s charity work with UNICEF and its importance within Catalan and Spanish society • Take a behind-the-scenes look at how Spain’s newest TV channel works by being on the set of a program, talking to the stars and production team, and, if you’re lucky, by making an on-air appearance

Madrid • Participate in test groups for international companies like Microsoft and British Telecom to try new products and to learn about and discuss marketing and business strategies with their staff • Meet with and interview a winner of a Goya Award (los Premios Goya), Spain’s main national film awards, to discuss his/her methodology and the history and current practices in Spanish cinema

Seville • Participate in a special group encounter with the Sevilla Acoge Cultural Mediation Coordinator, where you’ll meet immigrants currently living in Spain and apply tools acquired at the CEA GlobalCampus to understand their cultural adaptation process • Take a “17th Century” hike to discover the city’s many Baroque churches and monuments, including access to areas not open to the general public

1-800-266-4441 |


Expanding Horizons The CEA GLobalCampus Is Different All Sites Feature: • Campus locations in global power centers and historically rich cultures • Academic facilities centrally located near cultural hot-spots, city life, housing, and public transportation • Innovative courses addressing the issues of today and tomorrow • Programs designed and approved in accordance with high academic standards • Collaborative partnerships with high-quality international institutions • Libraries and learning resources onsite and online • Cutting-edge technology in the classroom • Wi-Fi internet access • Computer labs with thin client work stations • Peer and faculty interaction and discussion promoted via lounges and common areas • Dedicated staff and offices on location

Take Thi s Qu iz! Is the CEA GlobalCampus right for you? Yes No

Yes No

Yes No

Yes No

Yes No Yes No

Yes No

You’d rather learn about the Mona Lisa in the Louvr e than from a book You find international politics just sooo much more exciting to watch live You think participating in the workings of a late night TV show should count for coursework You don’t mind rubbing elbows with the heavyweigh ts of global industry You’ve always wanted to meet the Pope

You think it’d be cool to reconstruct one of da Vinci ’s machines You place high value on the quality of your education

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the CEA GlobalCampus active learning model is totally right for you.

Be Prepared, Be Very Prepared The courses and programs throughout the CEA GlobalCampus Network are constructed to give you relevant skills and experiences to prepare you to be a more competitive and engaged member of the global community. This is achieved through both the content of the curriculum and style of delivery. Active learning, experiential learning, hands-on learning - whatever you want to call it - is the best way to truly understand not just the concepts, but also the contextual relevancy of what you’re studying. That kind of education is priceless and it is what makes the CEA GlobalCampus so different.

The Person You Become The CEA GlobalCampus Network helps you develop skills for success: • Greater understanding of yourself, your world view, and how it relates to the global community • Increased understanding of global issues, other cultures, and their relevancy to your own personal development and experiences • Improved ability to analyze experiences, negotiate different attitudes, and explore cultural and social issues from a wider perspective • Effective engagement in intercultural issues in a variety of subjects • Project-oriented or vocational experiences with people from varied cultures and traditions • Increased competency in foreign language • Effective participation in multi-cultural social and business settings

A Gold Standard for Academics We should get a medal or something. The CEA GlobalCampus Network curriculum is designed, approved, accredited, and transcripted in partnership with the University of New Haven (UNH). This ensures that the courses CEA offers can stand up to the rigorous scrutiny and academic standards of any US institution. In addition, all professors and administrators have also been reviewed and approved by UNH.

Learn More:

Go Ahead, Get Your Hands Dirty. Learn through experience. Great teachers have always found ways to actively engage students so they develop a sound knowledge of the subjects at hand. The CEA GlobalCampus brings this proven method of experiential learning to study abroad to increase your ability to compete in the global society. Or Call 1-800-266-4441

1-800-266-4441 |


Academic Advantage We’ve Got it All Studying abroad isn’t just about making new friends and traveling. Of course, you’ll make friends and take with you experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime, but most importantly, you’ll also get a quality education. We are committed to developing academic programs and courses to meet the demands of both you and your home institution so that you stay on track academically. CEA offers courses that are interesting, challenging, and beneficial to you now and in the future. We accomplish this by reviewing feedback from our students, instructors, and our University of Record reviewing body. We pick the brains of some the best minds in the field so we can be confident that CEA offers the best solution to fulfilling your academic needs abroad. CEA’s programs cover a broad range of majors and academic disciplines, which accommodate a wide variety of student interests (see page 22). We provide quality curriculum, experiential learning, global awareness, and foster the discovery of foreign cultures through our partnerships with quality international institutions and through the CEA GlobalCampus Network.


ties u a e B s Campu B



A. University of Alicante B. CEA GlobalCampus: Rome C. National University of Ireland, Galway D. Macquarie University (Sydney) E. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin F. University of Granada G. University of Sussex (Brighton) H. University of Belgrano (Buenos Aires) I. Stendhal University - Grenoble 3 (French Alps) J. Nebrija University (Madrid)

16 | 1-800-266-4441


The Company we Keep In addition to the offerings available to you through the CEA GlobalCampus Network, CEA maintains strong relationships with over 35 international institutions, colleges, and universities – and the list keeps growing. We carefully research schools to find those with quality courses and faculty to meet our high standards and administrative staff to support international students (that’s you). All of our international partners are approved and accredited by their respective country’s Ministry of Education or are overseen, accredited, and transcripted by a US institution of higher education. The best part is that with CEA’s courses and programs, you can stay on track for graduation while you experience all the benefits of studying abroad.

We Don’t Mean to Drop Names, But... CEA partners with some of the best and most well recognized universities and institutions around the globe. Here are just a few that might sound familiar:


• Goldsmiths College, University of London • Grenoble Ecole de Management • Humboldt Universität zu Berlin • Panamerican University • Pompeu Fabra University • Stellenbosch University


• University College Cork • University of Paris IV Cours de Langue et Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne • University of Salamanca • University of Sussex

See ‘Em ALL J H


1-800-266-4441 |


Student Life [Abroad] Hotels Are For Tourists Whether you want a taste of Mama Tica’s home cooking or you’re looking to live in an apartment like a young local, CEA has a housing option that’s right for you. Depending on the program you choose, we’ve provided you with options that let you experience the cultural transition your way.

Your Homestay Away from Home Living with a local family is the perfect way to get first hand exposure to the language and customs of your host city. Homestay families are chosen based on their friendliness, helpfulness, and positive evaluations from CEA alumni. With this option you are typically placed in a single furnished room and provided breakfast and dinner daily.

Live la Vida Local If you prefer more independence, become a neighborhood local by living in an apartment. Apartments vary by city but all are fully furnished and will accommodate you and your CEA, international, or local roommate(s). Although there is no meal plan provided with this option the apartments are equipped with a kitchen so you can take your shot at cooking authentic local food.

Mix & Mingle in Residence Halls If you prefer an extra touch of comfort, Residence Halls are a great way to develop friendships with students from around the globe. Similar to traditional student housing, rooms are furnished with beds, blankets, a desk and a closet or storage unit. Residence halls vary by city but most have a common room equipped with Wi-Fi as well as a kitchenette. Some residence halls provide meal plans.

Hybrids are Hot! Try a Casa Universitaria Casas Universitarias are available in select cities and are a hybrid of apartment style and homestay living. By definition a Casa Universitaria is an apartment owned by an individual who may or may not live onsite. The advantage to you is that this option provides the comfort of homestay living by supplying some meals, laundry and cleaning but still gives you the freedom of apartment dwelling. Space is limited and, as always, hybrids are in high demand so be sure to apply early.

18 | 1-800-266-4441

Comfort Zone Optional Studying abroad is about changing your perspective. CEA opens the door to a rich and diverse cultural awareness unlike any other. We want you to experience more than “international homework”, so we provide you with an array of immersion activities that get you out of your room and into the heart of your host city.

Get Immersed • Walk alongside the Berlin Wall • Tour the Royal Palace of Madrid • Volunteer at an orphanage in San Jose • Dress up for a night at the Sydney Opera House • Watch a live debate at the House of Parliament in London • Make a difference while volunteering at the Barcelona Zoo • Stand behind the bars of a 19th century Cork City Jail • Master the art of making crepes from a expert in Paris • Kick up your heels and learn the tango in Buenos Aires • Take a volunteer internship with a member of the Czech Parliament There are too many to list them all, but the list above should give you a glimpse of the extensive and diverse experiences available to you through CEA. Immersion activities vary by destination and term, so if you already have a location in mind, visit to find what’s available in your city.

I loved my Mama Tica! She was a fantastic lady and I really felt a part of her family!!! I couldn’t have been happier! - Matthew Steuer /Fall 2007, San Jose 1-800-266-4441 |


Student Life [Abroad] Enjoy the Ride! Taking part in the excursions provided by CEA seems like a no-brainer. Not only do you get to visit amazing places, but you don’t have to worry about transportation, lodging, or even deciding on what sites you should see. Our Program Directors know all the best spots, whether it’s a world-renowned landmark or an exciting outdoor adventure. Each destination offers different activities depending on location and term but here you can get a peek of our excursions. Visit to find out more about CEA’s many excursion opportunities.

Buenos Aires – Iguazú Falls The Iguazú Falls consist of 275 waterfalls along the Iguazú River and are considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You will view Garganta del Diablo, the Fall’s most remarkable cascade. Along the trip, you will also visit the ruins of San Ignacio, have a traditional BBQ dinner with locals, and make contact with the ancestral culture of the M´bya Guaranies at Fortin Mbororé.

Florence – Sienna You’ll feel as though you were transported through time visiting Siena, a city that provides an almost accurate idea of what Italian life was like many years ago. Take in the breathtaking gothic cathedral, and enjoy an authentic lunch at a Tuscan restaurant where the owners will dress in traditional clothing and entertain with song and dance.

Madrid - Cuenca This ancient city is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain. Students enjoy the medieval architecture, beautiful landscape, and can try favorite local activities like spelunking, kayaking, or horseback riding, followed by a BBQ lunch and soccer game.

Stellenbosch - Cape Town Visit South Africa’s “Mother City”, with a cultural heritage spanning more than 300 years. Here you’ll visit the three national attractions Table Mountain, The V&A Waterfront, and the historically significant Robben Island. In addition, you’ll marvel at the colorful landscape, culture and art of District Six, and the smell of spicy Malay cooking.

20 | 1-800-266-4441

Who’s In Your Circle? CEA offers you more than an inclusive program package, you also get a sense of community. When you arrive in your new destination, we are ready and waiting to introduce you to life in your new city - from your inner CEA circle to your host community to the CEA Virtual Community, you never have to go at it alone.

Your CEA Community

Your Host City

With Resident Staff onsite and available to you 24/7, you’ll never feel alone in the city you now call home. Whether you have an emergency, need assistance with school, or just feel a little homesick and need a friendly face, the CEA resident staff is there to help you enjoy your experience to the fullest.

CEA is committed to helping you integrate into your host city’s community. You’ll begin to feel like a homegrown local by exploring themed activities like crepe night, participating in language exchanges, and volunteering for local organizations.

Your Virtual Community And don’t forget, when the nostalgia sets in, log on to CEA’s websites and post your videos, pictures, and stories to share with the rest of the CEA virtual community.

1-800-266-4441 |


Study Abroad for Less Be Kind To Your Little Piggy CEA offers students the best value for their money. In addition to CEA’s exceptional customer service and staff who are there to assist you through every step of the process, you’ll receive a host of amenities like housing, immersion activities, and excursions - all included in your program’s price (see page 7). And because CEA has programs to suit almost any major, you’ll also be able to pick up credits towards your graduation requirements while you study abroad, saving you the cost of spending an extra semester or year in college.

A Peso Saved is a Peso Earned CEA offers multiple program options that allow you to experience cultural immersion without breaking the bank. Lower Cost Semester & Trimester Programs We have semester and trimester study abroad program options that offer lower cost alternatives for students looking to study on a budget. • Buenos Aires, Argentina

• Madrid, Spain

• Shanghai, China

• Alicante, Spain

• San Jose, Costa Rica

• Granada, Spain

• Prague, Czech Republic

• Seville, Spain

The Big Mac Index

• Guadalajara, Mexico Summer Summer is a great time to study on a budget. CEA has a wide variety of programs available during the summer at most of our destinations. Summer allows you to experience the benefits of studying abroad without spending too much. Our summer programs include all of the same amenities as regular semester programs, which also means you won’t miss out on anything.

An informal analysis of the basic costs of living, showing the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar based on the price of a Big Mac® around the globe

Short Term, J-Terms, Maymesters, & Intensive Month Options CEA also has a variety of short term options (2-5 weeks) that enable students to study abroad while keeping on track. There are fewer amenities available with these programs, but that also keeps the cost down. J-Term and Maymester programs fit with many state side university schedules, and the intensive programs throughout the year focus specifically on language acquisition.

European Union (Euro)


Great Britain


Czech Republic








Costa Rica




• San Jose, Costa Rica

• Port Elizabeth, South Africa



• Prague, Czech Republic

• Alicante, Spain

South Africa


• French Alps: Grenoble, France

• Granada, Spain



• Guadalajara, Mexico

† ‡

Source: The Economist Magazine, July 24, 2008 Euro index is based on a weighted average

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Now What? Glad You Asked. Step 1:

Map it Out

Beyond your destination, map out what your goals are. A little planning can go a long way to helping you make a decision. Do you want to earn credits toward your major or fulfill a degree requirement? Are you looking to study a language or advance your resume? Are you planning on going with a friend? What are your school’s policies or requirements regarding study abroad? No matter what your goals, CEA can help you to reach them.

Step 2:

Get Connected

Did you miss the giant star burst on the opposite page? That’s ok, we know you’re busy. Here’s a hint. There’s more than one way to get connected, but the most important person in your entourage at this stage is your own CEA Admissions Counselor. Everyone on your CEA team has studied, worked and traveled abroad and can relate first-hand to what you are going through as you prepare. Give us a call at 1-800-266-4441, send an email to or chat with us online at We’re here to help.

Step 3:

Planning for Your Experience

• Visit with your study abroad office or academic advisor at your school to learn what you need to do to make sure your credits will transfer. • Check the CEA website for you program’s eligibility requirements. • Start planning how you’ll pay for this. Summer job? Mom and dad? Financial Aid? Scholarship? We can help. Give our Student Finance Coordinator a call at 1-800-266-4441. • We know you’re an adult, but your parents still care. Involve them in the process and let them know we’re here to answer their questions too.

Step 4:

You Can’t Go if You Don’t Apply!

Save paper and apply online today at Remember, the CEA team is always ready to assist you every step of the way - so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-266-4441!



CEA Viewbook - 2009-2010  
CEA Viewbook - 2009-2010  

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