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FERN ELISE FOSTER Jamaica, Directing Summer School, Class of 2016 “This summer school literally puts you in the director's seat for an exceptionally thorough exploration of all aspects of filmmaking. Udayan Prasad leads a team of working industry professionals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the programme. I relished every opportunity to do practical work. So the filming days, the acting exercises, script writing, were all highlights of the course for me. If you have any doubts about whether directing is for you, you will know by the end of the three weeks!”

RICARDO UCCIOLI Italy, First Film Summer School, Class of 2015 “Everyone at LFS is so professional that it actually feels like working on a real paid project. Each individual taught me something that enriched me as a director: from the basics of filmmaking to small details and continuity issues. All of this was done without forgetting the human side of working together.

I believe this programme to be the ultimate filmmaking experience for beginners. It's a great chance to be a real director for two weeks, to meet and learn from professionals, to improve your creative knowledge and skills and to make amazing international friends. It is something you're going to miss so much after you go home.”


Introduction by Dan Lawson, Head of LFS OPEN Why Choose LFS? Select Your Course THE HANDKERCHIEF: Directing Summer School Tutor Profile: Udayan Prasad THE THIEF: First Film Summer School Tutor Profile: Jonas Grimås Further Information

Prospectus based on design by Mike Leedham, 2D Design Original photographs by Katie Garner. The London Film School reserves the right to make changes in whole or in part to the curriculum at any time without formal notice.

A warm welcome to The London Film School’s 2017 Summer Schools Prospectus. It’s an exciting time to come to The London Film School to study, as we enter our 60th year of world-class teaching and filmmaking practice. Our world-famous Summer Schools offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hone your directing craft, whether you are making films for the first time, or already have several films under your belt and are looking to take your filmmaking to the next level.

“At the age of 30, I made a major career change and decided to become a director. I had no experience prior to the LFS Summer School, but it turned out to be the intense introduction and motivation I needed in order to leap into the field. LFS gave me the theoretical knowledge and mindset – and a good kick – to chase my dream."


INTRODUCTION Once you have absorbed the information in these pages we encourage you to continue by exploring our website. There you will find a wealth of useful further information, including: ● in-depth tutor profiles ● detailed testimonials written by those who have passed through our summer programmes, and who are now forging successful careers right across the globe. ● a range of video content, including our Summer Showreel and examples of our tutors’ work. ● production photographs from previous Summer Schools. ● answers to a whole host of questions you may be asking as you consider submitting an application to us.

Both summer schools are led by enormously creative filmmakers and bring in a host of highly experienced Idil Ergun, Turkey, Directing Summer technical and craft tutors, to give you School Class of 2013 an unparalleled professionalising experience. By immersing yourself in the practical and creative processes of You can find all of this at: filmmaking, you will gain a fundamental understanding of the foundational principles of visual storytelling – www.lfs.org.uk/summer skill and knowledge that will enrich your filmmaking throughout your career. Finally, an important date for your diary; Tuesday 28th February 2017 is the initial deadline for applications. Apply by this For its sixth edition, Udayan Prasad’s Directing Summer School date to receive priority for our 2017 programmes. builds on its world-famous reputation with new shooting exercises and more central London filming locations to utilise in your Good luck, and we hope to meet you in person very soon! films. Dan Lawson Now entering its third year, Jonas Grimas’ First Film Summer School offers younger filmmakers (18-22 years) the opportunity Head of LFS OPEN to delve into the craft and creativity of filmmaking for the first time, in a fully supportive environment backed up by the best tutors in the business. So whether you’re a new filmmaker or a seasoned pro, joining us in London in summer 2017 is guaranteed to give you new skills, new experiences – and new friends! www.lfs.org.uk/summer


WHY CHOOSE LFS? 1. GLOBAL LFS is a world-renowned institution, and studying here is guaranteed to be an international experience. Our first Summer School took place in 2012. Since then, 91 filmmakers have taken part representing 38 countries in total. Add to this list the tutors, cast and crew and the global mix is even broader. Many stay in touch once the Summer Schools have finished, with some even going on to create projects together. 2. INCLUSIVE 50% of summer school participants between 2012 and 2016 were female filmmakers This statistic is well above the global industry average for film.

Adults of any age can attend a Summer School at LFS. Students on Udayan Prasad's Directing Summer School have ranged from early twenties to 64 years (average, 30 years). Meanwhile, our First Film Summer School with Jonas Grimås is geared specifically towards those aged 18-22 years.

From those with no experience who are just starting out, to those who have found their way into the industry and decided to pursue it seriously - we will always endeavour to make your next step a reality. 3. IMMERSIVE Your time at LFS is very precious. We believe in making every moment, and every penny of your investment, count. On any given day during our programmes you will find every participant engaged in some kind of activity. As a participant on our 3 -week Directing Summer School, you will receive around 130 hours of tuition, plus overnight writing and prep assignments. From script stage to post you’ll get to write, develop and direct two films of your own. You’ll also work on a further six shoots, supporting your fellow participants in roles including first AD, camera operator, clapper loader and gaffer. The learning never stops, and each new role is an opportunity to add to your knowledge on-set experience. Outside of the shoots, specialist masterclasses cover every element of filmmaking - from script development, directing actors and cinematography, to production design, music, sound design and editing. You will eat, sleep and breathe the summer school for the entire 18 days. Our 2-week programme is similarly packed. It’s our job to send you away exhausted – in the very best way possible!



World map highlighting the 38 countries represented by LFS Summer School participants since 2012.

Choosing where to train is a big decision, especially at the start of your career. Here are six reasons why people pick LFS.

4. LOCATION By choosing LFS, you're choosing to study in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Summer School Production Manager. You'll also get Carolyn (who runs the Workshops Department), Dan signs the courses) - and of course, Udayan and Jonas. we are a team whose job it is to make your time at success.

to know (who deTogether LFS a big

Pick any week of the year and there are probably more films showing for London’s 8.6 million inhabitants than in any other capital city. Our school is situated in the centre, in Covent Garden, within walking distance of West End cinemas and theatres, the Royal Opera House, the National Gallery, the British Museum, the British Film Institute Library, the BFI Southbank, the Tate Modern and, even closer, Wardour Street in Soho, nerve centre of the British Film Industry.

Since completing the courses our summer school participants have gone on to achieve a whole range of things. From making a first feature, to quitting the day job to become a producer some have leapt straight into the career of their dreams. Others have committed to full-time studies in film, stepped up to first AD roles, or been inspired to move countries and write, write, write...

Our summer programmes are intense, and you'll need your days off for relaxation. With London on your doorstep you'll never be short of options.

Whatever your next step, we'd like to help get you there. You can read more about our previous participants, including what they got up to next, on our website: www.lfs.org.uk/summer.

5. SUPPORTIVE Will the LFS Summer School be your first time in London? Perhaps it will be your first experience of living in any big city, or even your first trip abroad. If so you're no doubt feeling a mixture of excitement, and trepidation! Fear not - we have lots of people on hand to advise, guide and look after you. Your first enquiry - whether it's by phone or by email - is likely to be dealt with by our www.lfs.org.uk/summer




“The beauty of a good film school is that it invites you to make mistakes, but never dampens your enthusiasm. At LFS I made plenty, and ignited a passion.” Duncan Jones (LFS Alumnus 2001) Director WARCRAFT, SOURCE CODE, MOON 7


SELECT YOUR COURSE THE HANDKERCHIEF Directing Summer School with Udayan Prasad Saturday 29th July – Friday 18th August 2017 Duration: 3 weeks (2 days off during the course) Capacity: 12 participants Fee: £4,750 Find out more on pages 10-13.

THE THIEF First Film Summer School with Jonas Grimås Sunday 20th August - Saturday 2nd September 2017 Duration: 2 weeks (1 day off during the course) Capacity: 12 participants Fee: £3,750 Find out more on pages 14-17.



THE HANDKERCHIEF DIRECTING SUMMER SCHOOL WITH UDAYAN PRASAD Based on an exercise originally devised by FAMU (the Czech National Film School) this 3-week summer workshop explores the fundamentals of filmmaking from script to screen.


Using an apparently straightforward event as its starting point – a girl drops a handkerchief and a boy picks it up – the workshop exposes, through a systematic and rigorous process of scrutiny, the complexities inherent in this, and indeed any scenario.

A girl drops a handkerchief and a boy picks it up.

It goes on to examine the variations and possibilities which must be considered before the event can be translated first into a script, and then - via all the stages of prep, shoot and post production - onto the screen. The primary areas covered are: • Script writing • Visual language • Choosing locations • Mise en scene • Performance/working with actors • Shooting • Editing and post production At the end of the course each participant will receive a certificate of attendance, plus a DVD of their scenes which may be used for showreel purposes or as part of an application portfolio.


Let us imagine that we have to film the following scenario:

What is the story? Do the boy and girl know each other? What is the nature of their relationship? What do they want? Why did the girl drop the handkerchief? Was it accidental? Deliberate? When did the boy see the handkerchief? As she dropped it? Or after she had dropped it? Does he return it? Keep it? Discard it? What does the handkerchief signify? Did the boy and the girl expect to see each other, or did they come upon each other by chance? Whose story do we want to tell? The girl’s? The boy’s? A third party? The point, of course, is that: EVERYTHING BEGINS AND ENDS WITH THE STORY.



SATURDAY 29TH JULY – FRIDAY 18TH AUGUST 2017 COURSE BREAKDOWN At appropriate moments throughout the schedule, the group will also receive a series of illustrated seminars and masterclasses by professional filmmakers:

WEEK ONE Each participant will begin by shooting an exercise, impromptu, set in a single location in Covent Garden. The films will be edited and reviewed with a professional screenwriter, followed by a masterclass on script. While taking part in acting workshops led by Udayan, each participant will then write a short script based on the ‘Dropped Handkerchief’ scenario. The scripts will be subject to rigorous constraints in locations, number of set-ups and camera movement. The group will recce and prepare for their first shoots with a production manager, supervised by a director of photography. WEEK TWO

“What was incredible about this experience was the passion and the love that all the mentors had for their subjects, and the power with which they could transmit it. I realised that before the Summer School, I didn't really know what being a director was. I would recommend this experience to everyone.” Thomas Morelli, Italy, Class of 2014

In week two the participants will split into three groups of four to shoot their scenes. In order to understand what an actor requires from a director, participants will fulfil the roles of both actor and director, reversing roles with their fellow participants. After a rushes review each group will be provided with an editor and a private editing suite, taking it in turns to prepare their first cuts. The twelve films will be reviewed as a group with a screenwriter, supervising editor and director of photography. Every decision made at each step of the production will be carefully scrutinised. Each participant will then revise their ‘Dropped Handkerchief’ script in the light of this experience. www.lfs.org.uk/summer

• Working with Actors by Udayan Prasad • Light, space, colour, framing and movement by a Director of Photography. • Choice and manipulation of space by a Production Designer. • The use of Sound and Music by a Sound Designer. • The art and function of editing by an Editor. WEEK THREE Week three is where everything gets drawn together. Each participant will reshoot their handkerchief scene, this time with professional actors and sound recordists. Participants will be expected to apply all of the lessons learnt from the first two weeks to produce a piece of work which reflects their learning at LFS.

And finally...the course will culminate with a dedicated screening day where all twelve final films will be thoroughly reviewed, analysed and discussed. Led by Udayan, the participants will welcome back the team of professionals who have been advising throughout the course for their final thoughts and feedback. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS Priority for this programme will be given to applicants aged 23+ years on 29th July 2017, or to those with some practical filmmaking experience who have already committed to a career in film. For more guidance see ‘Further Information’ (p. 19). 11



His first theatrical feature was BROTHERS IN TROUBLE, 1995 (Golden Alexander Award for Best First Feature at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival). This was followed by MY SON THE FANATIC, 1997 (Directors Fortnight Cannes Film Festival, Best Feature at the Potsdam Film Festival), GABRIEL & ME, 2000 (Edinburgh Film Festival) and OPA!, 2005 (Toronto International Film Festival). His latest feature THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF (Sundance Film Festival) was released in the United States in 2010. When not actively involved in production, he is a frequent visiting lecturer on directing and screenwriting programmes at several film schools including The National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield, UK; The London Film School; The Wajda School in Warsaw and the National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódz, Poland. He is also an advisor and mentor on various international directing and screenwriting workshops.


Kristen Stewart, William Hurt and Eddie Redmayne in THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF (2008)

Still from THE HANDKERCHIEF, directed by Yu-Han Chang (Taiwan, Class of 2016)

Udayan Prasad has been directing documentaries, television drama and feature films since graduating from the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield, UK. Among his numerous television credits are three single dramas written by Simon Gray for BBC Television - THEY NEVER SLEPT 1989, RUNNING LATE 1992 (Golden Gate Award for Best Television Feature1993), FEMME FATALE 1992. Two other single dramas, both written by Alan Bennett and also for BBC Television, were - 102 BOULEVARD HAUSSMANN 1991 (Golden Gate Award for Best Television Feature1991, BAFTA Nomination for Best Single Drama 1991), TALKING HEADS 2: PLAYING SANDWICHES 1998 (BAFTA Nomination for Best Single Drama 1998). More recently he directed two episodes of THE TUNNEL 2013 for Sky Atlantic and two episodes, including the finale, of THE MUSKETEERS 2016 for BBC TV.


THE THIEF FIRST FILM SUMMER SCHOOL WITH JONAS GRIMÅS If you've always wanted to make a film, but haven’t known where to start, our First Film Summer School with Jonas Grimås will give you the tools to create your very own masterpiece.

the storekeeper. The Thief could steal an idea, or someone’s show, or someone’s thunder. The Thief could steal someone’s heart…The possibilities are endless.

Launched in 2015, this 2-week summer intensive will teach you everything from developing your ideas into a script to working with other filmmakers to shoot and edit your story. You'll discover how professional filmmakers work with actors to create clear and consistent characterisation. You will be immersed in hands on production exercises, and finally, you will write and direct your own film - and all in just two weeks. Aimed at those with little or no practical filmmaking experience, this latest programme has been carefully designed to complement our more advanced 3-week summer course, with Udayan Prasad.


Briefed by tutor Jonas Grimås, teamed with your fellow participants and supported by a full-time production manager, you will dive straight into the deep end of the pool. It is the beginning of a 2"I learned more in two week roller coaster ride, led by Jonas and a weeks at LFS than I did team of guest filmmakers who will present masterclasses in screenwriting, editing, cinein four years as a film matography and sound.

minor at university. It was such a great crash course on how to make a film.”

Misha Schwarz, USA, Class of 2015

Your idea will be scrutinised, turned inside out and worked on, until it has realised its full potential. Your idea will be put under the microscope, in a first ‘test’ shoot, before being taken back to the editing room and analysed by a professional editor, to work out how it can be refined even further. And then…the real actors will step onto the set.


Your shoots will take place in the courtyards, alleyways, gardens and piazzas of Covent Garden.

You will arrive at LFS with your own story for a 2-minute, 2character, single exterior location film entitled THE THIEF. In your movie the Thief might steal an apple from a shop, and elude

During these two intensive weeks you will learn the fundamentals and get a clearer understanding of what it is that makes a good film: the idea and - above all - the teamwork.





Day Eight • Reviewing the scripts. • Working with Actors 2: A table read of all the final scripts, this time with the professional actors who will be starring in your films. • Group Polish: Putting the 'finishing touches' to the scripts. • Overnight Assignment: Finish polishing your script.

Day One • Making a Film - An Introduction by Jonas: The Team, the Technology, the Creative Relationships. • How It All Works: The Diagram of Production. • Group Supper at a local Covent Garden restaurant Day Two • Practical Approaches to Storytelling: How to tackle the short film format. • Writing Masterclass. • Editing Masterclass. • Choosing Locations. • Overnight Assignment: Write the first draft of your script.

Day Nine • Production Meetings: The shoots are prepared in detail. • Sound Masterclass.

Day Three • Working with Actors 1: A table-read of your scripts; participants learn to be actors, then learn how to direct actors. • Overnight Assignment: Write the second draft of your script.

Day Twelve • Editing Day: Each director works with a professional editor to refine the final cut, colouring and soundtrack of their film.

Day Four • Cinematography Masterclass . • The Recce: How to assess your location. Day Five • Shoot 1: In three teams of four, each participant directs their script while the others work the camera and act. Day Six • Vewing the Cuts: Understanding what went right/wrong. • Individual Writer Surgeries and Shooting Exercises.



Days Ten & Eleven • Shoot 2: Take turns to direct your final scripts with professional camera operators, sound recordists and actors.

Day Thirteen • Screening Day: Final screenings of all twelve films, including group discussion and notes from the consultant writer, cinematographer, editor, and Jonas. • Farewell Dinner at a local Covent Garden restaurant. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS Priority for this programme will be given to applicants aged 18-22 years on 20th Aug 2017, or to those with little or no practical filmmaking ex-perience. For more guidance see ‘Further Information’ (p. 19).

Day Seven • Writing Day: Produce the final draft of your short film script. Sunday 27th August is a day off. www.lfs.org.uk/summer




Jonas won the BAFTA Film Award for best short film with ARTISTEN (The Artist). He was also nominated for best short film with MAROONED. He has made a name for himself making British crime dramas having directed episodes of HAMISH MACBETH with Robert Carlyle, SILENT WITNESS and SECOND SIGHT: KINGDOM OF THE BLIND star"One of the most fantastic experiences ring Clive Owen, HOPE & GLORY I've ever had. You get a full-on with Lenny Henry and THE HELLO GIRLS for BBC. He was also a regufilmmaking experience with industry lar contributor to ITV’s HEARTprofessionals while simultaneously BEAT having directed thirty gaining your first network of young episodes.

filmmakers. Brilliant.”

Still based in London, Jonas has taken on Swedish projects directing Noah Stratton Twine, UK, Class of 2016 two WALLANDER films: THE TRICKSTERS and THE PHOTOGRAPHER, RADIO SHADOW, THE COMMISSION for SVT plus the high profile job of turning Camilla Läckberg best-selling novels ISPRINSESSAN (The Ice Princess) and PREDIKANTEN (The Preacher) into television. He recently completed MIKE THE MIDWIFE, a comedy pilot for Channel Four, a string of observational documentaries: 300 / FAKING IT / ELGAR'S TROMBONE / A SHOT OF GLASS / DELPHINE'S TOP / PAINTING EURYDICE / OUR SCHOOL DAYS / '100'.


Named Cultural Personality of the Year 2011 by The StockholmsKultur Foundation, Jonas is a Swedish film director living in London since 1988, educated at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm 1984-87 and the Royal College of Art, London.

He has filmed the performance of MOZART PIANO CONCERT no 9, transferred the stage play LOCKED UP to the screen and since 2008 made sixty short films under the title MY UNEVENTFUL LIFE. For info, showreels and clips visit jonasgrimas.com. www.lfs.org.uk/summer




We are now accepting applications for our 2017 Summer Schools.

Places for both courses will be offered from mid-March 2017, with priority given to those who apply by Tue 28th February.

Application is via an online form available from the LFS website.

In the event that we are oversubscribed with suitable applicants, the equivalent number of offers will be made. Those wishing to accept must secure their place by submitting a non-refundable 20% deposit.

You will be asked to submit: • your CV • a personal statement explaining why you're applying for the Summer School, what you hope to gain from it etc. • proof of your date of birth e.g. passport scan, uploaded photo of an ID card. Directing Summer School applicants: Those who wish may also upload a film they've already made (recommended). Films should be max. 10 minutes in length, or the first 10 minutes of a longer piece.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: By offering two summer programmes our aim is to create two groups of filmmakers whose knowledge and experience are more closely aligned. Those with little (or no) practical filmmaking experience are encouraged to consider the 2-week programme with Jonas Grimås. For applicants aged 18-22 years, this will almost certainly be the most appropriate course, but not necessarily.



There is no deadline for submitting deposit payments. The first twelve applicants to submit a deposit will secure a place. They will then each be given a deadline by which to pay the remainder of the fee. Once twelve participants have been confirmed, a standby list will be in operation for all subsequent applicants. VISA INFORMATION: If you’re applying for one of our summer programmes from outside the UK, you can check if you need a visa by visiting the UK Border Agency website. (Link available from the LFS website.) CONTACT US: Summer School Production Manager summerschool@lfs.org.uk +44 (0)207 836 9642

For those with some experience behind them we recommend the 3-week course with Udayan Prasad. This course is not restricted to those with on-set credentials or technical knowhow. Participants could be post grads, have an extensive work history or a background in a different creative field. If you need some help in choosing which course to apply for, please contact us for advice. Our website offers the most detailed, up-to-date source of further information on our 2017 Summer Schools: lfs.org.uk/summer-programmes/faqs



The London Film School 24 Shelton Street London WC2H 9UB U.K. Registered in England No. 1197026 Registered Charity No. 270302 Telephone: +44 (0)20 7836 9642 Fax: +44 (0)20 7497 3718 Email: info@lfs.org.uk Web: www.lfs.org.uk

lfs.org.uk/summer The London Film School is a Creative Skillset Academy

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LFS Summer School Prospectus 2017  

This summer, be one of 24 filmmakers from across the globe to be selected for intensive director training at The London Film School. Applica...

LFS Summer School Prospectus 2017  

This summer, be one of 24 filmmakers from across the globe to be selected for intensive director training at The London Film School. Applica...