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Vol. 2 • No. 4

Understanding Healthcare Reform –







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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

like working a Rubik’s Cube



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1 Shop

ping D

OREO turns 100 years young

Magic happened on March 6, 1912 when two decoratively embossed chocolate-flavored biscuits met up with a rich creme filling and the OREO was born.

Traditional Italian Goodness Traditions.... that is what the Fortuna family had in mind when they opened Wholey Ravioli ristorante in Galt 17 years ago. Their first family restaurant was opened in 1945 in Niagara Falls, NY and is still open today.

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son, CA








Healthcare Reform experts speak at workshop sponsored by the Lodi Chamber of Commerce. They JOURare, from left, Micah Weinberg, senior policy advisor for the Bay Area Council, an organiNEY 2 NOW PLAconcerned zation with healthcare insurance; David Chase, California Outreach Director for the YING Small Business Majority, a public policy advocacy organization founded and run by small business owners and Carla Colson, CPA, MST.


(209) 6 See story on page 22

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- Jack


R GPlez AM Hill by MARC ES H 23 0 6While attending a recent workshop on the effects of healthcare reform on small businesses, I compared the information presented to the seminar’s audience to manipulating a Rubik’s Cube – you had to know how to match government regulations, health insurance coverage, numbers of employees and tax rules together in order to come-up with a perfect combination. The workshop was sponsored by the Lodi Chamber of Commerce and titled, “Healthcare Reform Impacts on Small Businesses Exposed.”


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Lodi Memorial Hospital needs Girls Scouts your Vote Now! Celebrate

Marriage of two Calaveras fire districts in sight Leaders of the Foothill and Jenny Lind fire protection districts in Calaveras County recently spoke before the Wallace/Burson Association with optimism about their two districts consolidating into one. The reasons given for wanting consolidation were based on lack of finances, the need for compatibility between their firefighting equipment, combining human resources and providing better service to the community.

Its speakers were Micah Weinberg, senior policy advisor for the Bay Area Council, an organization concerned with healthcare insurance; David Chase, California Outreach Director for the Small Business Majority, a public policy advocacy organization founded and run by small business owners and Carla Colson, CPA, MST. They are part of a state-wide tour to help small businesses deal with healthcare reform; i.e., The Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law in March 2010. While sharing their knowledge about the

healthcare law and its impact on small businesses, the speakers also listened to Lodi’s small business owners’ ideas, concerns and suggestions. This was done, Weinberg said, in hopes of including their comments in a report to be presented to state and federal policymakers. According to Chase, the soaring cost of health insurance has doubled in the last decade and 86-percent of California’s small businesses do not offer health insurance because of cost. Seventypercent of those who do offer it, he said, are struggling to provide it. Topics discussed at the workshop included tax credits available to most employers who cover their workers, grandfather provisions to allow employers to keep plans they already have, California’s high-risk pool that sells insurance to individuals with pre-existing conditions, employer responsibilities for healthcare benefits, cost containment and an open marketplace to maximize choice and competition. Based on the information provided at the

by Plez Hill Lodi Memorial Hospital (LMH) needs your vote and it up against a deadline. The deadline is Friday, March 23. Lodi Memorial is seeking a grant for $10,000 to bring Certification for Advanced Palliative Care to the hospital and it needs your online vote to help make it happen. The more votes LMH receives, the greater the chances the hospital will receive the grant. The grant is being made possible through Livestrong, a national foundation. This organization is associated with

the Lance Armstrong Foundation and looks at experiences of the cancer community, while finding solutions to the problems it finds. According to Carol Farron, spokesperson for LMH, palliative-care patients can include those with serious and chronic illnesses like cancer, cardiac disease such as congestive heart failure, kidney failure and Alzheimer’s. Here is what Lodi Memorial Hospital wrote on its application for the grant: “We are a local 120 bed hospital with strong ties to our community. Our palliative care program is less than two years of age and has already seen over 300 patients. We have the support of a wonderful hospitalist staff and community physicians alike who share in the vision of palliative care. Our administration team also has been very supportive in our endeavors in helping patients with the difficult decisions that chronic and terminal diagnoses bring into their lives. CertificaSee VOTE on Page 2

LODI Memorial Hospital needs your

100 Years See pages 10 & 11

Your TLSn Local Scoop news HEALTHCARE REFORM continued from Page 1 seminar, I found the new healthcare reform law to be complex. For example, if your small business already has a healthcare plan, it appears you may keep it so long as your small business was enrolled in it on or before March 23, 2010. Having a grandfathered plan means you do not need to comply with several insurance reform provisions, however, you still have to comply with some. Also, if you drop specific benefits from your plan you may lose grandfather status. Adding to the complexity of healthcare reform are its tax implications. Here, Colson delineated some of the reform’s tax implications from small employer health insurance credits to reporting of employer provided healthcare insurance to penalties for failure to be covered. At the end of the two-hour workshop, it became clear to this reporter that small business owners will need professional help in getting

Workshop attendee Joe Harrington, CEO, Lodi Memorial Hospital, asked several pointed questions during the two-hour seminar. through the healthcare reform maze with all its complexities. One of the workshop attendees was Joe Harrington, CEO, Lodi Memorial Hospital. When asked by TLSN what impact the new healthcare

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law will have on his hospital, Harrington responded, “We will probably have more people covered, but there we will still be a problem in that not everybody will be covered so…cost shifting effect…will happen. The emphasis is going to go to more preventive care, keeping people out of the hospital. The hospital is expensive. It takes about a third of a premium.” Harrington said preventive care could be accomplished, in part, through wellness programs and a series of clinics where more care would be delivered so people would not end-up in the hospital’s emergency room. How will the new healthcare law affect the current healthcare insurance industry? Weinberg responded, “Among other things, it’s 15-million new customers for them because of the fact that people are required to have insurance. The insurance companies now have a new business model so now you can’t deny coverage to people if they are sick. Your job is no longer not to offer coverage to sick people; your job is to keep people as healthy as possible. And so, insurance companies are very busy preparing for healthcare reform.” For more information on healthcare reform, the following websites were suggested at the workshop: • for information summary, tax credit calculator • for CA Health-

Workshop attendees listen intently to the complex information delivered by the seminar’s speakers. care Coverage Guide www.healthexchange. for California Health Benefit Exchange • a national health and human services website For inquiries about the speakers, contact Ray Crow, Lodi Chamber of Commerce at rcrow@ This healthcare workshop was one of many kinds of seminars the Lodi Chamber of Commerce provides its members. “Every small business in the United States should be very interested in the changes in healthcare and we wanted to relay this information to our 900 members,” Robert “Pat” Patrick, Lodi Chamber President & CEO, added.

VOTE continued from Page 1 tion would provide both recognition and increased awareness of the services and support we offer to patients and their families. With this funding, our hope is to expand our program into the outpatient setting to better serve the needs of our community and surrounding rural communities as well. We are committed to bringing life to days when days of life may be limited.” Remember, the more votes LMH receives, the greater the chances the hospital will receive the grant.

Shelley Julian


To cast your vote through the Livestrong website and bring Certification for Advanced Palliative Care to Lodi Memorial Hospital, go to:




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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

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Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

Your Local Scoop news “At last, a pomegranate juice you can drink and it tastes good!”

With these words on its doors a Ford Transit van is decorated from head to hubcaps with striking art work announcing “Perfectly Pomegranate” juice. Juice products from a new start-up partnership venture “Portu Pome” are being delivered to grocery stores across California by this colorful vehicle. “It is so eye-catching” says delivery driver Dave Katen, “that people came over to take our picture in the Sacramento Whole Foods store parking lot. While I’m at stoplights I often see folks in other vehicles pointing at us.” Portu Pome, based near Lodi, is the creation of John Ferreira and Joe Mehrten with help from Woodbridge wine-maker John Cotta. All have a life-long involvement in local agriculture. Ferreira grew up in the dairy and alfalfa hay business near the Calaveras River. Mehrten was raised in the beef-livestock and grain farming business and operates the cattle ranch where he grew up near Clements and has converted a portion to a 7000-tree pomegranate orchard. He and wife Ann have made the historic ranch house into

a bed and breakfast, called The Grand Oaks Inn. From Cows to a Better Flavor After selling his dairy herd Ferreira planted 12000 trees and developed specialized crushing equipment that removes the less-tasty hull tissues from the pomegranate fruit. “Pomegranates have a wide reputation for being very healthful and we endeavor to process them into a juice so as to preserve those characteristics, and also to keep alive the distinctive natural rich flavor of the fruit,” says Ferreira. Ferreira’s cousin and long-time winemaker John Cotta, who owns Baywood Cellars who is the juice-designer and mixer of Perfectly Pomegranate products said, “I was always disappointed by the taste of pomegranate juice. The juice in stores had an extremely acidic and tannic taste – and most of all it lacked varietal character.” Cotta explains that big juice companies are making the juice by smashing the whole fruit, connecting tissue, skins and pre-pasteurizing it then cooking it into a concentrate from which the final product is later produced. Perfectly Pomegranate’s approach of removing the non-fruit elements before bottling and pasteurization, results in “no puckering and a pleasant sweet juiciness,” said the November 2011 issue of beverage industry’s The Tasting Panel Magazine that interviewed Cotta on page 18 http://digital.copcomm. com/issue/46939/18 “It has been a busy endeavor to bring it to the public, through grocery and other retail outlets,” Says Ferreira. “The public response

Benefit Dinner

has been gratifying at a growing number of stores.” These include Sacramento-StocktonModesto-Merced-Mother Lode area Raleys, Bel Air, Nob Hill and Whole Foods, Corti Brothers, Youngs’ Payless IGA Market in Lockeford and Mar-Val markets from LodiEscalon– Valley Springs. It is also in and the Gelson’s markets in southern California. Demand in Placerville and Galt Ron Green, marketing director for Perfectly Pomegranate has been pleasantly surprised by customers at the Raley’s deli in Placerville and in Galt. “We had to repeatedly return to fulfill demand that offering the juice in the cold box by the sandwich counter created. The regulars were recommending it to each other and the juice just sold its self.” Flavor and Beauty Green said “The eye-catching label that first brought it to people’s attention helped, and now it’s on our delivery van - on the highway - as well as on the grocer’s shelf.” “We wanted our label artwork to reflect the fresh and beautiful flavor of the pomegranate and our product,” observed John Cotta who obviously takes pride in the two juices now being marketed: a pomegranate-merlot grape blend and the pure 100% pomegranate juice that is not made from concentrate. The partnership also has a limited supply of pure pomegranate wine that is currently being test marketed in Lockeford Payless and in some Raley’s stores. “The response has been very favorable,” says Ferreira, who then discusses ideas to create new products from pomegranates. More at

Friday, March 30 6-9 pm Native Son’s Hall 389 Main St., Murphys Live Music Silent Auction Wine Tasting On Friday, March 30th Bret Harte Senior, Katie Harrison and Foothill Conservancy will be hosting Save Our Rivers, a charitable event to help save rivers locally and globally. The night will include a gourmet dinner from Chef Sally Hughes, wine tasting from award winning Hovey Wines and Irish Vineyards, a silent auction with products from local companies, and music by Bill Welles. All proceeds from the event will go to support our local Foothill Conservancy and Patagonia Sin Represas in Chile to help them stop damming projects and preserve farmland and scenic wonders for posterity. Dinner will include pesto and sun dried tomato stuffed chicken, eggplant parmesan, a Greek pasta salad, garden salad and fresh baked bread. After the dinner there will also be cupcakes to indulge in provided by Lila and Sage Bakery. The event will be held at the Native Son’s Hall in downtown Murphys. Tickets are on sale at under event name Save Our Rivers. Prices are $25 for 18 and older and $15 for 17 and under. Tickets will not be sold at the door. For more information e-mail Sponsors for the auction include Big Tree’s Market, Hovey Wines, Irish Vineyards, Outer Aisle Foods, Lila and Sage Bakery, The Bistro Espresso, OARS, Dr. Magnussun, Acorn Physical Therapy, Mike Milward and Ellen Vogt, Dr. Iwata, and CP Financial.

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Sandi Somers, Events Manager The 43rd Semi-Annual event takes place May 6, 2012 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. It is held in downtown Lodi on 16 city blocks. The Faire has 500 vendors and 45,000 attendees. Featuring Antiques, Arts and Crafts, Food & Commercial Vendors, Animal Alley – Dedicated to Animal Orientated Businesses with Pony rides. Free admittance and parking and GREAT food. Shoppers pour in by the thousands before dawn with credit cards in one hand and flashlights in the other. It’s a great way to spend the day, eat shop, see old friends, and enjoy all that Downtown Lodi has to offer. Vendors and Shoppers wanted. Call (209) 367-7840 for further information. The Street Faire is also a great way to connect your business with the community.

In everything we do, we remember and continue to thank Dorean Rice for the great gift she gave the Chamber and community, the Street Faire. In respect to her and her vision we try to keep the Faire affordable for all participants, clean, safe, and family-oriented and miraculously return the streets the way we found them when the sun comes up on Monday morning.


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100th cELEBRATionS Angels Camp celebrates 100 years as a City The founding of Angels Camp dates back to 1848, during the era of the Gold Rush. This year, however, marks the 100th anniversary of the town becoming its own incorporated city. This milestone will not go by unmarked. Volunteers of the Angels Camp community have come together to create the Angels Camp Commemorative Committee, which has put together events to celebrate the history of the city since 1912. Becoming a city meant becoming responsible for the citizens of Angels Camp. They have their own fire and police department versus volunteer stations. Their own city water system allows control over the quality of water brought into Angels Camp homes. It is important to recognize the anniversary because, “It’s a small town, often people forget what it takes to become a city,” former head of the Committee, Craig Hadley states, “it is what has made it grow and prosper over the last century.” He mentions that community involvement towards the celebrations has been very positive and much interest has been shown. In order to get involved, one might contact Hadley at the Angels Camp Museum or the new head of the Commemorative Committee, Tey Cross. Cross runs the Cooper House Bed & Breakfast Inn and The Chocolate Lady Shop in Angels Camp. Volunteers can participate both in the planning of the event and at the events themselves. The first, upcoming event will be an Antique Car Rally. 70 cars from the early 20th century will be displayed, drawing attention to, as Craig Hadley calls it, “the horseless carriage era.” At 11 o’clock, the cars will be paraded through the downtown area. Food and drink will be provided as well. This will take place on May 5th at the Angels Camp Museum. Admission will be that of the museum fees: $5 for adults and $2.50 for

children. This will allow access to both the rally and the museum, which will also be open. Secondly, on July 4th, the Commemorative Committee aims to recreate an old time 4th of July experience. This will be a free event and take place at a park, which one is yet to be determined. The event will offer live music and contain many vendors. Family competitions will assure fun for all ages, as well as create many memories. An old fashioned ice cream competition is also in the works. On September 29, a Centennial Celebration will be held. This free event will again present fun for the whole family with live music, food, and activities. And the celebrations do not stop there. The Angels Camp Commemorative Committee has big plans for the next four years. 2013 will mark the 165th anniversary of the founding of Angels Camp, 2014 the 165th anniversary of the 49ers, and 2015 the 150th anniversary of Mark Twain visiting the town. Each milestone will be celebrated with its own logo and it is predicted that each year will build upon the next. “It is important to celebrate our history because it benefits our citizens in knowing where we came from, but also the additional benefit of bringing in visitors and their tourist dollars from all over to celebrate with us,” says Hadley, “it helps people become more aware of what Angels Camp has to offer.” For more information, look for the Angels Camp Centennial, a newspaper that can be found in various Angels Camp businesses, the Angels Camp Museum, and the Visitor’s Center. The publication consists of information about the upcoming events, as well as articles written by locals concerning the city’s history. New issues are scheduled to be released at the end of April, and again at the end of the summer.

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or still growing, there’s a kid that deserves to be set free every once in a while.” Most of us haveenjoyed OREOs this way and this has helped OREO cross oceans and borders to capture the hearts of fans in more than 100 countries. Since the first OREO cookie was sold in Hoboken, N.J., this unbeatable biscuit has grown to become the world’s top-selling cookie from the United States to China, and has attracted more than 25 million Facebook fans globally. At 100 years young, OREO is asking the world to put down its cell phones, close its laptops and take a moment to celebrate the kid inside us all by inspiring and collecting one million moments of slowed down, carefree fun. At and on the OREO Facebook page, fans can share how they’ve let their inner child free by posting a photo, story or video to the OREO Moments Gallery. The “Million Moments Meter” will track submissions, one heartwarming moment at a time, so fans can see what others are doing all around the world. People are already sharing moments, such as a father and his daughter sharing an OREO cookie and milk over webcams. To kick off the mission of celebrating the kid inside, OREO will make moments happen for fans in nearly two dozen countries during more than 100 birthday parties. In the United States, OREO will surprise and delight consumers in seven cities with “flash birthday parties,” including a concert with a special guest in Los Angeles, as well as a celebration on Capitol Hill. OREO may be turning 100, but the brand is as innovative as ever. With the centennial comes an international limited-edition cookie launch as buzz-worthy as the big birthday itself. New Birthday Cake OREO cookies feature colorful sprinkles in the famous creme filling held together by chocolaty OREO cookie wafers, embossed with a special birthday design. These cookies deliver a party with every bite, with a taste that lives up to the magnitude of this once-a-century celebration. Birthday Cake OREO cookies will be available in the United States, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Canada beginning as early as mid-February. In addition to sharing their moments on the OREO Moments Gallery, OREO Facebook fans around the world will have the chance throughout 2012 to be featured for the brand’s “Birthday of the Day,” which spotlights a new fan on his/her birthday every day. Fans also can choose to send personalized birthday card greetings through Facebook to family and friends, which includes a customized greeting from award-winning country music trio, Lady Antebellum. In the fall, OREO will host a multinational event in New York City for selected OREO ambassadors from 13 different countries. Each “AmbassadOREO” will take a pledge to continue the brand’s 100th birthday mission of spreading childlike delight in their communities. For more fun ways to bring out your inner child, including online games and OREO recipes, visit or today.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

For More Kid Scoop Fun Visit © 2012 by Vicki Whiting, Editor

Jeff Schinkel, Graphics

Vol. 28, No. 13

Read today’s Kid Scoop page, do the activities and then see if you can answer all of the questions below:

In 2010, the Boy Scouts of America _____________ its 100th birthday. In 2012, Girl Scouts celebrate their 100th! There is a good _________ their birthdays are so close together. The founder of the Boy Scouts and the founder of the Girl Scouts were friends.

Can you catch up with these Girl Scouts?

Juliette thought girls all over the world would enjoy being scouts. She left England and __________ for America, where she was raised. The first thing she did was to call upon a friend to help her start a Girl Guides group in Savannah, Ga. It was a big _________!

Colonel Robert BadenPowell, a British military officer, came up with the idea of scouting as a way to show boys how to be good ___________. His friend, Juliette Gordon Low, thought _________ was a great idea and she started a group for girls. At first, they were called Girl Guides.

She then traveled from city to city, contacting friends she had met in her travels and ______________ them in starting troops for girls. After that first year, she changed the name of the new ___________________ to Girl Scouts.


What was the nickname of the founder of the Girl Scouts? a. Brownie b. Savannah c. Daisy d. Danger


What was the name of the founder of the Boy Scouts? a. Winston Churchill b. Robert Baden-Powell c. Bruce Willis d. Abraham Lincoln


True or False: Girl Scouts were founded before Boy Scouts. a. True b. False


The first Girl Scouts were called: a. Happy Campers b. Scouting Girls c. Low’s Leaders d. Girl Guides


In which country did Girl Scouts start? a. United States b. Canada c. France d. England


During World War I, Girl Scouts helped in: a. Canteens b. Hospitals c. Airplanes d. Both A and B


In 2012, Girls Scouting will be _______ years old.

Standards Link: Civics: Students understand why civic responsibility is important and know examples.

In addition to learning skills, Juliette wanted her Girl Scouts to do service projects in their communities. When World War I began, Girl Scouts helped in hospitals and canteens.

After the war, Juliette’s thoughts turned to maintaining world peace. “Why couldn’t my Girl Scouts meet and understand girls from other countries?” she wondered.

She set up “World Camps” where Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from all over the world could meet to promote peace and goodwill. That tradition still continues 100 years later!

Look closely. Only two of these Girl Scout uniforms are exactly the same.




Standards Link: Visual Discrimination: Identify similarities and differences in common objects.



Answer: C & D.


a. 75 b. 100 c. 150 d. 200


The mission of Girl Scouting is to build girls of courage, confidence, character who: a. enjoy camping. b. promote exercise. c. are kind to animals. d. make the world a better place.


World Camps are designed to promote: a. young Girl Scouts into leadership positions. b. peace and goodwill. c. cookie sales. d. health tips.

Find It!

Standards Link: Reasearch: Use the newspaper to locate information.

Juliette Gordon Low had a nickname. Circle every 10th letter to discover her nickname. (Hint: The first level of Girl Scouts is called by her nickname.)


Find the words in the puzzle. Then look for each word in this week’s Kid Scoop stories and activities. E T O M O R


































Standards Link: Letter sequencing. Recognized identical words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

ANSWER: A Girl Scout who has lost her cookie.

Standards Link: Civics: Understand the importance of volunteering as a characteristic of American society.

Complete the grid by using all the letters in the word GUIDE in each vertical and horizontal row. Each letter should only be used once in each row. Some spaces have been filled in for you.



Find volunteer opportunities inside your local newspaper in your area. Identify the value, both personally and to the community, of doing a “good turn” in this situation.

Standards Link: Reading Comprehension: Understand the main ideas and significant details of expository texts on topics of historical importance.

ANSWERS: 1. c, 2. b, 3. b, 4. d, 5. a, 6. d, 7. b, 8. d, 9. b.

Pretend your Scout Troop is hiking. In the newspaper, find: • a healthy snack • an action verb • clothing to keep you warm • adjectives that describe hiking

Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

The Girl Scout slogan is “Do a good turn daily.” Write about a good turn you did and how it helped that person.

Page 7

Your TLSn Local Scoop news Marriage of two Calaveras fire districts in sight

Representatives of the Foothill and Jenny Lind fire protection districts speak about their intentions to consolidate their fire districts during a recent meeting of the Wallace/Burson Association. The representatives, from left, are: David Sant, chairman of the Foothill Fire Protection District’s board of directors; Fire Chief Kim Olson, Jenny Lind Fire Protection District and Fire Chief Michael Siligo, Foothill Fire Protection District.

by Plez Hill Leaders of the Foothill and Jenny Lind fire protection districts in Calaveras County recently spoke before the Wallace/Burson Association with optimism about their two districts consolidating into one. The reasons given for wanting consolidation were based on lack of finances, the need for compatibility between their fire-fighting equipment, combining human resources and providing better service to the community. Speaking on behalf of the Foothill Fire Protection District were Chief Michael Siligo and David Sant, chairman of Foothill’s board of directors; Fire Chief Kim Olson spoke on behalf of the Jenny Lind Fire Protection District. According to Siligo, the Foothill District was started in the year 2000 as the result of the county divesting itself of its fire districts for financial reasons. This forced Valley Springs and Burson to consolidate into becoming the

Foothill Fire Protection District. He described Foothill’s boundaries as including the Highway 26 corridor, the San Joaquin County line to Toyon to the Amador County line and towards La Contenta to about Silver Rapids Road. The Jenny Lind Fire District, Siligo said, was started in 1948, and described its boundaries as including the county line on Highway 4 and Milton Rd to the Rancho Calaveras area. “Because of the financial stress on both of the districts, and we all know what is happening with the economy, we have entered into an arrangement, which is called a JPA, a Joint Powers Agreement, and what we are trying to do is to establish both districts into one larger district,” Siligo said. Siligo expects the Joint Powers Agreement to be in place by July. “There will be no difference in service. We will be running these departments just like we are running them today as one. Olson, a retired Stockton Fire Department Battalion Chief, told the audience that he had misgivings about taking the Jenny Lind Fire Chief post when it was offered to him little more than a year ago. “Foothill and Jenny Lind were like salt and pepper. There wasn’t mixing. There was always a fight between the two districts.” Siligo and Olson have worked together and they both pointed to the benefits of consolidating their districts, some of which are now taking place, like training together and using fire hoses with the same diameters so their hoses can be used together. “About a year ago Mike [Siligo] and I started making some of these things the same so we could work together,” Olson said. “Now we know the first engine is going to do this and the second engine is going to do this and we can start working together without saying, See FIRE DISTRICTS on Page 15


MEMBERSHIP SPECIAL Join New York Fitness for 1 year

Get 3 Months for FREE! An individual will enjoy $180 of fitness for FREE! Join as a couple and receive $300 in FREE fitness rewards! Offer valid through March 31st

“March” into New York Fitness for Super Spring Savings!

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Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

MoViES & EnTERTAinMEnT “As the season goes on, we explore the dynamic of our marriage,” Mark said. “What are the rules? If we’re not jealous of the other’s sexual encounters, what are the things that we ARE jealous of? There are certain guidelines. Being with someone else sexually is not seen as a betrayal in that marriage, but having a best friend outside the marriage IS a betrayal. We’ve had a lot of fun figuring it out together.”

St. Anne’s Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser


You always seem to be on top of this, so could you let me know as soon as you find out who the new contestants will be on the next season of “Dancing with the Stars”? -- Pauline R., Oxford, Ohio


You know I will, Pauline. The new season’s contestants are the usual hodgepodge of athletes, singers, entertainment reporters and actors (with the usual soap star thrown in for good measure). The new season, which begins Monday, March 19, consists of “Family Matters” actor Jaleel White, singer Gladys Knight, football player Donald Driver (who did very well for me in fantasy football a few years back), “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd, singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw, “Little House on the Prairie” actress Melissa Gilbert, Disney Channel star Roshon Fegan, tennis player Martina Navratilova, soap star Jack Wagner, telenovela star William Levy, operatic singer Katherine Jenkins and “Extra” co-host Maria Menounos.


I love ABC’s “Suburgatory,” especially Jeremy Sisto. I’ve had a crush on him since “Clueless.” Any chance that one of his former “Clueless” castmates will appear on his new show? -- Justine M., via e-mail


Not only is there a chance, but it is actually happening. “Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone will join Jeremy on “Suburgatory” for a four-episode story arc at the end of this first season. No word yet on her character, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Q: A:

It’s official; I am hooked on “GCB.” Can you give me any info on the handsome actor who plays Blake? -- Trudy F., via e-mail Mark Deklin, 44, along with being a super actor, also is a professional fight director, talented musician, smarty-pants English- and history-degree holder, father, husband and all-around great guy. I spoke with him recently about his role of in-the-closet Blake (who’s married to Cricket, but it’s OK, because she knows and is fine with it), and he gave me the scoop:

ANGELS 6 THEATERS Downtown Angels Camp • (209) 736-6768


Can you tell me what one of my favorite actresses, Elaine Hendrix, has been up to lately? -- Jeff D., Savannah, Ga.


Aside from saving animals in her spare time as the founding officer of Animal Mark Deklin Rescue Corps, the “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” actress just landed a lead role opposite Judy Greer in the ABC pilot “American Judy.” The comedy centers on Judy, who gets married and moves to the suburbs, juggling stepkids, her mother-in-law and the ex-wife (Elaine) of her husband, who also happens to be the town sheriff.

Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 328536475; or e-mail her at (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. Digital Projection in all auDitoriums

PICKS OF THE WEEK “The Muppets” (PG) -- The felt hasn’t faded a bit. The Muppets return with all of their innocence and silliness without coming off as too dated. The story follows Walter, a young, puppet-like fellow, and his friends Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) as they go on a journey to reunite the Muppets and save the Muppet Theatre from evil oil tycoons. A bit of self-referential humor helps blow the dust off the franchise, but the rest of the show is pure new energy. The freshness has even been endorsed by the Academy, as “The Muppets” won the Oscar for best original song. Segel, who helped write the script, is a musically inclined, goofy-grin kind of guy who beams real admiration for the Muppets and fits right in as a human sidekick. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (R) -- David Fincher (“Fight Club,” “Se7en”) directs this mystery-novel adaptation with his eye for the dark and grungy. A wealthy old businessman calls on a legally troubled journalist (Daniel Craig) to solve a decades-old missing-person mystery. Craig enlists the help of the titular inked young

LODI STADIUM 12 CINEMAS 209-339-1900 109 N. School St. Lodi, CA 95240

________________ $6.50 Bargain Matinee $6.50 Child & Sr. Citizen

BUY HUNGER GAME TICKETS IN ADVANCE TLSN.US/movies This Means War (PG-13) Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (PG) Safe House (R) The Vow (PG-13) The Artist (PG-13)

Miss Piggy and Kermit at the Academy Awards.

“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” (R) -- This British spy flick is all about subtlety, paranoia and brain-raking anxiety. Gary Oldman plays George Smiley, a disgraced spy brought back into the agency to ferret out a double agent. It’s dense, dark and darn good for those who can get their teeth into it. This is as far from 007 as a British espionage thriller can get. Make no mistake, it is a thriller -- in its own, gaunt, dimly lit, grey-skies kind of way. The twisted mysteries and intrigue can pay off as much as any chase-scene with a rocketpowered submarine/automobile. “Carnage” (R) -- In a short opening sequence in the park, one kid hits another. When the respective parents meet in a nice Brooklyn apartment to settle things amicably and maturely, things spiral into a collective tantrum by the supposedly put-together couples. Jodie Foster, John C. Riley, Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz all dig into their roles, but if you’re not pulled in by the forced smiles and underlying hypocrisies, you’ll be put to sleep by this single-setting dark comedy. TV RELEASES “Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete Third Season” “Batman: Brave and The Bold - Season 2 Part 2” “Lucille Ball Specials: Lucy Moves to NBC” “Kojak: Season Three” “My Living Doll: The Official Collection Vol. 1”

== NOW SHOWING == John Carter (PG-13) Silent House (R) A Thousand Words (PG-13) Dr. Seuss’ - Lorax 3D (PG) Project X (R) Act of Valor (R)

woman (Rooney Mara), a damaged, deviant, sneering, whip-smart computer hacker. The film stumbles a bit in storytelling, but sells it all on style. If complicated characters and relationships taking a grim look at the demons beneath surface of Swedish society appeal to you, then pick up the book or see the Swedish film adaptation. If a slightly sillier, more veneered version is all you have time for, then this Hollywood take will do fine.

(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.



MOVIE TIMES --> entertainment

Jackson cinema 4 201 Shopping Dr. - Jackson, CA 95642

noW shoWing & coMing soon Act of VAlor (r) the Artist (pg-13) the DescenDAnts (r) Mirror Mirror (pg) this MeAns WAr (pg-13) october bAby (pg-13) Dr. SeuSS’ The LorAx in 3D (pg) Project X (r) John CArTer in 3D (r) the hunger gAMes (r)



1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 Kristen Stewart (PG-13) 2. In Time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Amanda Seyfried 3. Drive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (R) Ryan Gosling 4. Real Steel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Hugh Jackman 5. The Rum Diary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (R) Johnny Depp 6. The Thing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (R) Elizabeth Winstead 7. Dream House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Daniel Craig 8. Moneyball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Brad Pitt 9. Abduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Taylor Lautner 10. The Help . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Viola Davis

1. Act of Valor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Roselyn Sanchez, Jason Cottle 2. Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Tyler Perry, Thandie Newton 3. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D (PG) Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine 4. Safe House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (R) Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds 5. The Vow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams 6. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (PG-13) Nicolas Cage, Violante Placido 7. This Means War . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine 8. Wanderlust . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (R) Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston 9. Gone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (PG-13) Amanda Seyfried, Daniel Sunjata 10. The Secret World of Arrietty . . . . . . . . . (G) animated

Source: Rentrak Corp. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012





(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

(209) 223-2506 Page 9

100 YEARS of GIRLS SCOUTS Girl Scouts turn 100

Celebrating Green Forever April 28, 2012 – Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA - Save the Date! Girls won’t want to miss the largest Girl Scout event in the area in the past 10 years! Celebrating Green Forever will be held April 28, 2012 at Cal Expo in Sacramento. Girl Scouts only turns 100 once! This event will include activities provided by community partners, environmental themed activities, classic Girl Scout experiences, music, entertainment, memory making moments, Girl Scout history, Girl Scout spirit opportunities, patches, and surprises galore. The event will be showcasing six Girl Scout lands for all to explore – GIRLtopia, Get Moving, A World of Girls, Between Earth and Sky, MEdia, and aMAZE! Put it on your service unit, troop, and personal calendar today to be a part of history! Thank you for all the ideas and feedback we received from the service unit surveys. The Girl Scouts are still looking for more community partners to participate in the Girl Scouts 100th: Celebrating Green Forever council-wide event. Please email any additional ideas or community partner names to

Happy 100th Birthday, Girl Scouts!

Scouts Sing on Steps of State Capitol In 1912, Girl Scouts first began reaching out to girls, encouraging them to become involved in their communities and empowering them to make a difference. Now, 100 years later, Girl Scouts has become a household name with over 3.2 million members. This momentous anniversary will be marked with many celebrations, including an event at Cal Expo in Sacramento on April 28 that is expected to be the largest Girl Scout celebration for this area in quite some time. Recently local troops joined in the celebration for this milestone. Troops 4089 and 1244 journeyed to the state capitol on March 11 to participate in “Singing on the Steps.” The event, which took place more on the Capitol lawn than the steps, was a sing-a-long for Heart of Central California Girl Scouts. Local troop leaders Linda Stokes and Kristina McGee took the girls to the celebration, excited for them to be a part of this history. Linda Stokes points out that the Girl Scouts, “is an avenue to provide a safe place for girls to give back and learn leadership skills.” The commemorating of the anniversary is significant in order to recognize the achievements of the program around the world. Stokes commented that it is important, “for the girls in my troop to see how many other Girl Scouts there are and to know that they are a part of that.” Participating at the Capitol did just that. The event kicked off with the Sacramento Women’s Chorus performing, even singing a special song written specifically for the

anniversary. Then the scouts, with a song sheet in hand, joined in the singing and celebrating. The favorites were the repeat-after-me, campfire type songs. Says Sophia Perry of Troop 4089, “It was really fun! I saw a lot of girls I didn’t know.” The best part for Sophia, however, was when “we made a circle, and some of the older girls taught us games!” The first of many events planned for the 100th year, “Singing on the Steps” proved to be successful in bringing many Girl Scouts in the Capitol area together. The girls also brought home special patches for having attended and participated. An additional opportunity exclusive to the centennial year is the 100 Years Patch, which will require girls to take environmental action, learn history concerning the Girl Scouts, and be involved in community awareness. The local troops above will certainly be among those working towards this achievement. Another historic moment for local Girl Scouts will take place at the Murphys Irish Day Parade when, in honor of the hundred year anniversary, the scouts will lead the parade. This role is traditionally filled by Boy Scouts. However this year the Girl Scouts will have the honor, proudly waving a 100 year flag as they head the procession. From the famous cookies to the dedication to girls around the world, Girl Scouts has proved to be a purposeful program over these last 100 years—a fact worthy of celebration.

“Come right over, I’ve got something for the girls of Savannah and all America, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight!” –Juliette Gordon Low, March 12, 1912 One hundred years ago today, Juliette Gordon Low said these now celebrated words to her distant cousin, Miss Nina Anderson Pape. That night, Juliette held the first Girl Scout Troop meeting in Savannah, Georgia, and 18 Girls became Girl Scouts. These were the first girls of a movement that would grow and evolve, eventually reaching millions of girls over time. And although many things have changed about our world in the past 100 years, Girl Scouting has maintained what Juliette Gordon Low began: an organization where girls are given the same opportunities as boys to achieve the confidence and skills necessary to obtain success and happiness—and become leaders.

Celebrating 100 Years

Heart of Central California Patch Program Girl Scouts in all grade levels and pathways will be able to earn the new Heart of Central California program patch by completing one activity from each of the following categories. Environmental Take Action Project : A resource book is provided with lots of information about a variety of possible projects. Any project that is undertaken should be “girl-led”. Allow plenty of time for girls to create, develop, and implement their environmental project. Girl Scouts Past, Present and Future: Discover the past history of Girl Scouts by participating in council sponsored historical program events, complete the historical activities created by the Alumni Association, etc. See the Web site for more options. Again, these activities should be “girl-led” by providing choices and options that are achievable at her age level and capabilities. Increase Community Awareness : Help celebrate our 100 years by telling your community about the amazing things you do as a Girl Scout. You can share your environmental Take Action project success in a newspaper article; educate the community about Girl Scout accomplishments at a community event, etc. See the Web site for more options. Girl Scouts will only turn 100 once, so let’s make it the best celebration ever! This patch program will run from March 2011 to December 2012. Patches will be available for $3.00 in the GSHCC Girl Scout Shops. Some activities may take the entire 20 months to complete. It cannot be emphasized enough that these projects should be “girl led.” More details about the patch program requirements can be found at:

100 Years


Page 10

Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

Page 11

Traditional Italian Goodness By Paige Lampson Staff Writer Traditions.... that is what the Fortuna family had in mind when they opened Wholey Ravioli ristorante in Galt 17 years ago. Their first family restaurant was opened in 1945 in Niagara Falls, NY and is still open today. “I saw Wholey Ravioli as a way to preserve the family tradition of serving wholesome, old-world recipes at prices the whole family can enjoy.” explains owner and Chef David Fortuna, who with his wife Patrice, designed and operate this restaurant in the Galt Plaza.

Fortuna is proud to have his three children working with him along with other employees. Tucked back in the corner of Galt Plaza off the Central Galt exit, diners are pleasantly surprised when they walk off the streets of Galt and into a little bit of Italy. There is a stone archway, large fountain, carved balustrades, awnings, massive stone architectural pieces, lots of angels and a large mural adds to the ambiance. David’s Grandfather, Francesco Fortuna left Rieti, Italy in 1921, at the age of 26 to seek his fortune in America. He was a barber in Ita-


Restaurant & Bar

ly, having once trimmed the head of the pope, and he worked as a barber in Niagara Falls during the week. On Sundays he worked as a cook for weddings. Francesco trained under his uncle, who was an acclaimed chef in Rome. In 1945, Francesco became a chef in his own restaurant in Niagara Falls. From that day until

7970 Hwy 12 Wallace,Ca 96254 Wed & Thur 3pm - 2am Fri - Sun Noon - 2am Closed Mon - Tues

The Fortuna children are ready to take your order.

209 763-5751

13 Stars Band plays Bluegrass March 24th One-Legged Chuck playing March 31st

Daily Drink Specials

Chef David Fortuna is cooking up fresh food every night.

$10.00 cover charge for all bands

Karaoke Every Thursday Night Starts at 9PM!

today, his recipes and culinary skills have been passed down through two succeeding generations. David makes his sauce the same today as he learned to make it from his father. The salad dressing is a guarded family recipe. Fear not, customers who wish to enjoy the dressing at home can purchase a bottle for as little as five dollars. All food at Wholey Ravioli is prepared fresh and as ordered. No preservatives or artificial starters are used. The oversized raviolis and meatballs are handmade. David will serve you three, but most can only eat two. If you like cheese, and who doesn’t, you will love the lasagna. Pesto lovers will love the creamy pesto penne. Though these recipes seem tra-

Buy 1 Large or X-Large Specialty Pizza Get small 2 topping pizza FREE! Not valid with other offers. Exp 5-22-12

Woodbridge Lodi 209-334-1042 209-642-4664 1110 W. Kettleman Ln. Suite 2 Lodi, CA 95240

18879 N. Lower Sacramento Rd Woodbridge, CA 95258


MUSTARD (209) 368-5259

1371 E. Pine Street, Lodi, CA 95240 Just east of HWY 99.

Buy 1 Sandwich & 2 Drinks Get 2nd Sandwich Free Cannot be combined with another offer. Exp 4/15/12

ditional to David, trust The Scoop, you will not find any Italian food like this anywhere else on the West Coast. Of course, with Italian food, comes Italian wine and David serves many wines from local vineyards. Wholey Ravioli along with fine dining and great lunch specials is also prepared to cater any event. Catering prices are extremely reasonable where a tray of Creamy Pesto Penne (The Scoop’s favorite) sells for only $21. There is something for everyone and the menu features pastas, raviolis, fettuccine, steaks, chicken, seafood and the most delicious bread that will keep you coming back for more. Wholey Ravioli is located at 1067 C Street, Suite 132 in Galt seven days a week from 11am to 9pm. (209) 745-5109.

Thai House 10% off Entire Check

Not valid with other offer. Exp 4/15/12

200 E Highway 12 #E4 Valley springs CA 95252



Stockton City Center (next to Cinema) 222 N El Dorado St Stockton


Cafe’ De Coco

Sunday Brunch 10am - 2pm Open Mon -Sat 7am

209-217-8165 140 Main St., Jackson, Ca

Page 12

Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

Serving All Norther California


Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

Page 13

Your TLSN Local Scoop News

Ag loan fraud arrests SACRAMENTO -- Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced the arrests of the owners and managing attorney of a law firm that took thousands of dollars in up-front loan modification fees for services that were never performed for homeowners, many of whom ended up losing their homes. Gregory Flahive of El Dorado Hills, 39, Cynthia Flahive of Folsom, 41, and Mike Johnson of Elk Grove, 42, were arrested on 19 felony counts, including grand theft by false pretense, conspiracy and false advertising. They were booked at the Sacramento County Jail with bail set at $50,000 bail each. “Homeowners facing foreclosure are being targeted by predators, including those who use their law license to gain credibility and scam innocent Californians,” Attorney

General Harris said. “My office’s Mortgage Fraud Strike Force is dedicated full-time to cracking down on these deceptive practices and protecting homeowners from fraud like this.” Gregory and Cynthia Flahive, ex-spouses and owners of Flahive Law Corporation, and Johnson, the firm’s managing attorney, took up-front fees of up to $2,500 from homeowners in Placer, Sacramento, Butte and Yuba counties for loan modification services that were never performed. In California, it is ille-

gal for foreclosure consultants to collect money for services before they are performed. The Folsom-based law firm advertised their services on flyers, radio and televised infomercials, offering to provide loan modification services and help clients with bankruptcy, IRS tax relief and credit card modification. In a 2010 infomercial, the Flahives said that, as a law firm, they had “extra leverage” with the banks. They described one of their unique services as a “mortgage violation audit” in which they reviewed a client’s loan documents to find bank violations that could be used as leverage to modify a client’s home loan. In fact, the investigation revealed that, in some instances, the client’s lender had no record of contact with the Flahive Law Corporation. Former clients of the Flahive Law Corporation filed complaints with the Attorney General’s office, as well as with the Better Business Bureau and the State Bar of California. The State Bar of California launched an investigation, which was turned over to the Attorney General’s Mortgage Fraud Strike Force in summer 2011. In one example of the firm’s deceptive practices, a victim who sought to lower his

mortgage payments was told by Gregory Flahive to reject his lender’s offer of modification. The homeowner was told the Flahive Law Corporation could secure a better interest rate, reduce his principal, and possibly get his second mortgage eliminated. Four months later, the victim lost his home to foreclosure. Agencies that assisted in serving today’s search and arrest warrants include the Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP), the Folsom Police Department, the Rancho Cordova Police Department and the El Dorado Sheriff ’s Department. “SIGTARP and its law enforcement partners are shutting down mortgage modification fraud, and holding a degree in law will not be a sufficient defense against prosecution,” said Christy Romero, Deputy Special Inspector General for SIGTARP. Attorney General Harris formed a Mortgage Fraud Strike Force in May 2011 to investigate and prosecute mortgage fraud. In August, the Strike Force filed its first suit against a law firm that took millions from desperate homeowners. If you are a former client of the Flahive Law Corporation, or if you want to report fraud or file a complaint, visit http:// or call (800) 952-5225.

Jackson’s Sign Ordinance approved With a minor revision, Jackson’s Sign Ordinance was approved. According to Jackson City Manager Mike Daly, on a 4-1 vote, with Council member Marilyn Lewis dissenting, the Jackson City Council held the First Reading and approved amendments to the City’s Sign Ordinance and enforcement approach. Daly reported there was no public commentary on the issue Money night. A minor revision on vehicle-mounted sign language will be adopted into the amendments. Permanent logos on vehicles will be permitted in most areas, but additional banners, or trailers with signs will be

prohibited. A Second Reading of the Ordinance is scheduled for the next City Council meeting on March 26th. In other business, the Council selected Weber-Ghio Associates to remain as City Engineer, and Weatherby-Reynolds-Fritson Engineering and Design was selected as a pre-qualified consultant, making it easier for the City to secure future services. The Council also approved an agreement with the Amador Farmers Market for the 2012 season. Opening Day for Farmers Market will be May 20th.

Mortgage Settlement Scams SAN FRANCISCO -- Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today, as part of National Consumer Protection Week, warned California homeowners to beware of phone solicitations from scam artists claiming to provide assistance related to the recent national mortgage settlement. Under California law, it is illegal to charge an up-front fee for loan modification services. Third parties that claim to offer homeowners access to funds under the national mortgage settlement are likely running a scam. Homeowners receiving such solicitations should not provide any personal or financial information and should report the solicitation to the California Department of Justice ( gov/contact/complaint_form.php?cmplt=CL ). Californians seeking relief under the state’s recent $18 billion mortgage settlement are advised to heed the following tips to avoid falling prey to scams that often arise around high profile settlements. Be skeptical of third party phone solicitations. Only your bank/loan servicer can assist you with regard to the recent national mortgage settlement. Do not give your personal financial information to a solicitor such as your bank account number, social security number or even the name of your loan servicer. Your bank will already have this information. Never pay an up-front fee for mortgage-related services. It is against California law and should be reported to the California Department of Justice. Call your bank to see if you qualify for relief under the settlement. For free, trustworthy advice: Call a HUD approved counselor - (888) 995-4673. Call Keep Your Home CA - (888) 9545337 If you think you may be eligible for relief under the national mortgage settlement, call your bank directly Bank of America/Countrywide - (877) 488-7814. JPMorgan Chase/Washington Mutual - (866) 372-6901. GMAC Mortgage/Ally Financial - (800) 766-4622. Citibank/CitiMortgage - (866) 272-4749. Wells Fargo/Wachovia - (800) 288-3212. For additional information regarding the mortgage settlement, please visit: http://oag. our frequently asked questions page: nationalmortgagesettlement/faqs

Page 14

Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

Your TLSN Local Scoop News

Karaoke contest Steve & Kathy’s “Havin’ A Blast!” Karaoke Company is a mobile karaoke & DJ service based in the Mother Lode area with over 20 years experience. Currently they host 6 weekly shows and provide entertainment at private parties, weddings, birthdays, company functions and fundraisers. This year, “Havin’ A Blast!” Karaoke is hosting a local qualifying competition at Gold Country Lanes of Sutter Creek for the 8th Annual International Bowling Karaoke Contest, one of the largest and most exciting karaoke competitions in the U.S. One singer will be sent to Reno, Nevada for the chance to win $5,000.00! “Havin’ A Blast!” has also established a “Frequent Singer Club” where all singers that participate in their weekly shows have a chance to win a monthly drawing for cash & prizes! “Karaoke is fun for all ages! Everybody

FIRE DISTRICTS continued from Page 8 ‘Whose fire is this?’” As the result of Siligo retiring in April. Jenny Lind has submitted a contract to Foothill Fire to provide Chief services to Foothill Fire. Because the contract was accepted, Olson will become Fire Chief of both districts. “So we are going to run both districts as it is one entering into a Joint Powers Agreement in July which marries a little bit more, but it will not be a full consolidation until we go through the LAFCO process and county process,” Olson said. LAFCO stands for Local Agency Formation Commission. It is a governmental entity. “Six years ago Foothill Fire was running about 300 calls a year. This year, we went over 749 calls. Jenny Lind is running about 600 calls. Foothill is the third busiest fire district in the county and Jenny Lind is the fourth busiest in the county. Once we combine we will be number one in the county as to the amount of calls we have,” Sant said. “The average response time [for Foothill] is six minutes from the time of dispatch to the time on the scene. This is a very respectable time for a volunteer fire department. Most professional volunteers [in] Stockton, Oakland are around four minutes,” Siligo commented. “Foothill Fire does not have a large budget,” Sant continued. “Our budget this year was just over $180,000, a fire engine these days is just over $400,000, it just doesn’t equate. All the

has a blast!” Kathy Henderson, co-owner of “Havin’ A Blast!” responded when asked why she does it for a living and why it is so popular. “Children from 4 to 17 absolutely love it and, every time they get behind a microphone, it not only gives them a sense of accomplishment it builds confidence that will last a lifetime. When we schedule weekly shows we always try to provide at least 1 for those under 21 and currently we have 2 such venues! ”Of course we also love doing the shows for the 21 & over crowd. Deep down inside us all there is a natural love of music and most people love to sing along to their favorite songs on the radio or an mp3 player. Providing a chance for people to pick up a mic and be backed up by a professional sound system while they share that love of music with an audience is what we live for! My husband & I met in a karaoke bar 20 years ago (neither one of us had ever sung publicly before) and we loved the karaoke experience so much that we started our own company within a year! Most people are nervous when they first try karaoke, that’s a natural response; Steve & I were both scared when we first sang. Once you do it, though, you get hooked. It really is a blast! (That’s where we got the name of our company). I encourage everyone to try it.” For more information go to things we are talking about tonight are not going to cost you a dime. [Let’s say] you pay approximately $2000 to the county each year in property taxes, Foothill Fire receives $6 from you and I have to run a fire department. It’s almost impossible. We have to make changes just like everyone else. We have to make changes in the financial world and that is what we are opting to do now. “What we have right now are two boards of directors who are absolutely committed to doing this, we have two districts and fire chiefs who are absolutely committed to doing this. We know the combination of the two districts is going to make us better off, more stable and give greater service.” Sant said. Sant said the process is slowly taking place. He said it started with joint training, then the contract with Jenny Lind for chief services. The next step, Sant said, is the Joint Powers Agreement and then the consolidation into one brand new district. He said it requires going back to LAFCO and then receiving the blessing from the Board of Supervisors. “We are on a two to three year mission. We are confident of combining the two,” Sant added.

Locally owned gift shop to open at Mark Twain St. Joseph’s Hospital SAN ANDREAS, CA – March 6, 2012– Mark Twain St. Joseph’s Hospital (MTSJ) today announced that after several months of planning and working with local prospective business owners that a local vendor has been selected to independently reopen and operate our hospital gift shop. Jeaniene Wisdom is a Calaveras resident with four years’ experience operating a business that she and her husband, Mark, purchased in Jackson. The Mark Twain St. Josephs’ Hospital gift shop will reopen hopefully in April or by early May, 2012. “We are so pleased to have the opportunity for our patients, family members, visitors and staff to purchase gifts and other needed items here in the hospital,” commented Patti Monczewski, Interim Hospital President. “Our hospital volunteers will again be able to donate their time in the gift shop, and we appreciate their continued involvement.” This will be a convenience to patients and their families as well as our staff. “My husband Mark and I are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve the community at MTSJ Hospital,” beamed Gift Shop owner Jeaniene Wisdom, a sixth generation Calaveras resident. “We purchased The Lighthouse Christian Gift & Bookstore from Ron and France Monk, who owned and operated it for 25 years. We have spent the last four years making it our own and striving to serve the surrounding communities with integrity and devotion. Through a difficult economy and much struggle, we have found that the word “serving” fits the experience of running a small business.” The new gift shop will carry a wide variety of gift items including every day, seasonal and other such items like hand bags, jewelry, books, CD’s, DVDs, greeting cards, T-shirts, ties, sweatshirts, wall art/ tapestries, hats, stained glass hangings, vases, picture frames, toiletries and much more. To make this partnership a win for the hospital and the community, a portion of the sales from the gift shop will be given to the MTSJH Foundation. “The Mark Twain St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation is very pleased to welcome Jeaniene and Mark Wisdom as new members of the hospital family,” acknowledged Peggy Lucas, Chief Philanthropic Officer of the MTSJH Foundation. “Their generosity in sharing proceeds from the shop with Foundation is a wonderful example of their values.”

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

(209) 772-8995 2869 W Highway 12 Burson, CA, 95225

(209) 223-0253

11968 W Hwy 88 #3002 Jackson ,Ca.95642 exp. 4/15/2012

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CONTACT or call Dawn: 209-256-1503 Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

Your TLSN Local Scoop News Calaveras county sheriff hosts public meeting to introduce new resident deputy Maxwell said burglaries are up in the whole county. “It I a crying shame,” she said, “because now the deputies are so strapped for what they do, they are just reacting, there is no pro-active, it’s all reacting to what has already happened.” Reflecting on what was told at the meeting, Mike Evett, a six-year Valley Springs resident, said, “This was a very, very informative gathering educationally. We have been able to recognize a lot of problems the sheriff ’s department is facing up here like lack of budget.” When asked what was accomplished dur-

Kathy Maxwell, former Crime Prevention Officer for the Sheriff ’s Office, stressed the importance of the Neighborhood Watch program to TLSN.

Some 70 people packed Common Grounds in Valley Springs to hear Calaveras County Sheriff Gary Kuntz give an update on his office’s operations.

by Plez Hill Calaveras County Sheriff Gary Kuntz announced Corporal Rudi Leon as Valley Springs’ new resident deputy and the likelihood a new Valley Springs’ Sheriff ’s substation will open in about a month. The announcements were made by Kuntz during a public meeting sponsored by the Sheriff ’s Office and held last Thursday at Common Grounds in Valley Springs. The meeting’s purpose was to bring area residents up-todate on what is happening with their Sheriff ’s Office. After being introduced to the audience, Leon told TLSN, “I live here in the area and I will be in charge of going to different businesses and letting them know who I am, setting up meetings with Rancho Calaveras and other associations.” Leon will be working out of a new Sheriff ’s sub-station expected to be located near the post office in the Valley Oaks Center. Kuntz said they are still going through negotiations to have the space, but he expects the sub-station to be in operation there in about a month. During the meeting crime prevention was a topic of discussion. “People call me all the time,” Kuntz told TLSN, “and people say, ‘Is that true there are some burglaries in my neighborhood, should I lock my doors of my car at night and stuff ? Should I lock the doors on my house?’ And I say, ‘Yes, you need to, even when there aren’t any burglaries. It is really important that you don’t leave anything of value in your cars. The burglar will go and test the door knob of your car. If it won’t open and they don’t see anything worth breaking,

they will go onto the next car.’” Due to lack of funding, the Sheriff ’s Office no longer has a Crime Prevention Officer whose responsibility it was to be in charge of the Neighborhood Watch program. Kathy Maxwell, former Sheriff ’s Office crime prevention officer, was in attendance at the meeting and told TLSN the following, “Since the Board of Supervisors has cut-back so much on the Sheriff ’s budget, there is no longer a Crime Prevention Officer. “When I first started…many years ago there were no neighborhood watch groups. By the time I retired four years ago we had 180 neighborhood watch groups throughout Calaveras County. Those neighborhood watch groups made the deputies jobs ten-thousand times easier because the people in residences were told how to protect themselves, how to protect their property, what they could or couldn’t do. They joined into groups where families all got together in the neighborhood and had dinners together and if they were going-out on vacation, then they would say, ‘We are going to be gone for a week, keep an eye on our place.’ “I taught them to do operation identification which is how to properly label your television, your cameras, you jewelry, how to take pictures, what to take pictures of, where to store this kind of stuff. So, if you ever did become a victim, you could identify it and had a way of proving that the television did belong to you and not to somebody else. People recovered the items that were stolen and the burglaries went down to just about nothing during that time.”


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lenna Uhlinger STAFF WRITERS Plez Hill • Paige Lampson

Corporal Rudi Leon, Valley Springs’ new resident deputy, answers questions from a local resident.

ing the meeting, Kuntz responded, “Communication, making a connection with community and trying to let the community know

After the meeting, Sheriff Kuntz took time to speak to local youth who were in attendance at the gathering.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Monday, April 2, 2012

what is happening in the neighborhoods, trying to bring them together so we can all work together.” Kuntz said similar meetings were held last year in Paloma and West Point and said future meetings will be scheduled for the rest of the county.

Voted 2011 BEST Nursery in Calaveras County

(4 miles west of Valley Springs)

Vol. 2 • No. 6 •

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TAX TIPS Claiming Parents as Dependents Did you know that the number of adult children who are caring for their aging parents has tripled in the last 15 years? Some care for their parents in their own home and some care for them by providing financial assistance for their parents to either remain in their own home or to live in a facility. Many adults are even joining with their siblings to care for an aging parent. But, many of these individuals may not be aware of the tax benefits that may be available to them.

Dependent exemption—a parent can be claimed as a dependent if: • Their taxable income is less than $3700 • The child pays more than half of the parent’s personal expenses • No one else can claim them as a dependent Day care paid for the dependent parent so the adult child can work can be claimed as “Dependent Care Expenses.” Qualified care includes: •

In home health care

Nursing services

Senior daycare programs

And don’t forget about Medical Expenses paid for the dependent parent. The adult child may be able to claim the paid medical expenses as part of their itemized deductions. I’ll be providing tax tips and answering questions every week, so if there’s something you want to know, please email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!!! ~Nancy Byer-Hauan, Enrolled Agent


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