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FAST AND FURIOUS The first official V8 Landy was a Range Rover, but the engine’s story starts with a special Series IIA that’s now one of the stars of the Dunsfold Collection Full story: Page 24

Land Rovers aren’t always thought of as being quick on their feet.

In many cases they’ve become the butt of jokes discriminating against their mobility issues. But when Tig Arnott was let loose around Whitecliff Quarry in his D1 racer, he quickly showed us what real pace looks like…

Full story: Page 20

Everyone loves chocolate. So who wouldn’t want a Defender dressed entirely in a rich cocoa blend? Full story: Page 30

This Land Rover business is a man’s game. Wrong. Libby Dykes is a co-founder of Yorkshire 4x4 and a lady who knows her Land Rovers Full story: Page 36

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Issue 31: Sept 2016





ith this strictly limited-edition print we’re going back, back to the 1920s perhaps or 1930s,

when men were Biggles and women were Amelia Earhart. It is designed to inspire that sense of adventure, of travel to exotic and far-off lands, of rugged endeav-

The MAGflex range of LED inspection lamps has been designed for hands free usage.



You can twist, hang, flex and fix the lamps to make sure you can position the light precisely where you need it.





Visit our website for details of your nearest RING stockist.





our – in fact all those qualities that one associates with a Land Rover Defender. Not only does the print feature of course a Land Rover, but it also features a dog, and how often do those two go together. All in all, it’s the sort of print a chap or chapess should have if the blood of empire still courses through their veins. The phrase underneath perfectly sums it up: Live a Life Less Ordinary. The print is hand-made on wonderful Japanese paper, and it looks terrific, but it’s actually the process that is pretty fascinating. At the beginning we said it was ‘strictly limited-edition’, and that is literally true. The process to make the print takes 11 colours, and is known as the reduction linoprint method. The fact that it’s also known as ‘the suicide method’ should tell you that the process itself gradually destroys the plate as the print is created. So the creator, Debbie Kendall, has made just 47 prints and there will never be any more. A print is £175 unframed or £225 framed in reclaimed wood. The paper size is 38x48cm (15x19in). If you want to order one or just read more about it, go to this charming website: land-rover-print.php

Get to your Workstations




Land Rover Life









MAGflex Twist


MAGflex UV


here to put ‘stuff ’ is a perennial problem, whether it’s a Happy Meal for a front passenger or that set of door hinges you’re going to restore one day that are currently kicking around the worktop in the garage. Well, Sealey can’t help with the Happy Meal – who can? – but if you’re trying to make your garage look a bit less like the municipal tip, then Sealey may have the answers. And a discount too. The storage and workstation specialists are running a promotion until the end of the year, with discounts of up to 52%, covering a range of 350 products. These include some smaller combination tool chests, which have double-skinned side walls and a high-gloss triple-baked enamel finish so they’re tough enough. They’re finished in what the company calls ‘statement colours’ of purple or high-viz green. We’ll leave it up to you as to what the statement you’d then be making is. The promotion also covers Sealey’s modular systems where you can pick a combination of 12 units to fit both your needs and the space you have. Again, they’re finished tough and yet look quite smart with stainless steel or wood-finish worktops, aluminium

handles and ball-bearing sliders. With drawers, cabinets and overhead units, you could end up with something that looks smarter than your kitchen units. Which should go down well. If you want to add some tension and competitiveness to your rela-

tionship, then check out the Sealey catalogue which has all the promo parts in. Now, where are you going to keep the catalogue? The catalogue can be found at local stockists or you can view online at

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Issue 31: Sept 2016

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Breathe Freely SamcoSport have pointed out one potentially expensive problem if you’re running a Freelander with the 2.5-litre KV6 petrol engine. The intake hose system that takes air to the engine has lots of breather hoses attached which makes it complex. It also perishes over time because of the oil mist that goes through it, drawn through from the engine breathers. To replace the hose you have to buy a complete unit of stuff from Land Rover which ends up costing about £400. However, Samco has designed a one-piece hose system that has a couple of advantages. One is that it costs about half the price and it also has an oil-resistant liner so it won’t perish. The smooth inner surface should ensure a smoother airflow too. It comes in 18 colours and a lifetime warranty. The website,, gives details of dealers and availability.

Come and visit our store! Full of Land Rover Parts and Accessories for all models We are easy to find - just off Junction 5 or 6 of the M5! Open Mon-Fri 08.30-17.30 and Sat 08.30-15.00

15 Visit our website for the latest offers and discounts!

New Products / Special Offers! X Column Lock Protector

Defender 90/110 Headlinings Available in black or grey with or without sunroof

This column lock will fit all Defenders up to 2014, including Puma/Tdci


OEM quality!

Stays permanently fitted to the vehicle providing 24 hour protection and deterrent value!

from Matching sun visors available separately - please call for further information and prices!


High Power Suction Fans

XD and XS Power Packs

Defender - Discovery - Series

Mobile phones Portable games Tablets Digital cameras Plus much more...

Protect yourself Fit a dash cam! -Plug & Play fitting -Provides vital evidence in the event of a road traffic collision

£50.40 NE


LED Lamps / Bars 20” LED Light Bar £120 Day time running lamps (Pair)


£212.50 Latest fan and controller technology used together for the ultimate cooling package

Dash Camera

Battery volume - 9,000mAH Starting current - 200A Peak current - 400A


Battery volume - 18,000mAh Starting current - 300A Peak current - 600A


Multi-function jump starter & charger for electronic products!

£65 6” LED Lamps For more info visit:


£103 Pair LED

£240 40” LED Light Bar

All Prices Include VAT

MM4x4 OVERSEAS CALLS: +44 1905 451506 Droitwich Road Martin Hussingtree Worcester WR3 8TE

EMAIL: p art

Tel: 01905 451506

Cool Gear Syncro Gearboxes has come up with an Oil Cooler Kit for the R380. The kit keeps the gearbox transmission fluid at optimum temperature thanks to a system that is thermostatically controlled. This would be invaluable for those who put their engines under a lot of strain, like competition trucks, or simply those who are planning on travelling abroad since, as we know, everywhere apart from the UK is hot and happy. The kit, including anodised-blue oil cooler block, 10-row cooler and all the pipework and fittings, costs £240.00 inc VAT and can be fitted in about an hour by anyone who can tell the difference between spanners and spaghetti. You’ll find it here:

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Issue 31: Sept 2016 0161 652 7080 CLUTCH CLAW £99.95 delivered

Often imitated but never bettered – the best security device for your Land Rover!

SOUNDPROOFING KITS For the underbonnet, front cab, rear cab Fits all makes and models, all pre-cut and self-adhesive where required Underbonnet kits £55 | Front kits £125 | Full Kits £275 Roof Lining Kits from £90 | Van Side Panel Kits £75 | Engine Blankets £90

UK Manufacturers

*Keeping British Industry Alive*



The REDBOOSTER is a vacuum servo, similar to that on the braking system, which reduces clutch effort to an acceptable level, transforming your driving experience. • A heavy clutch becomes a light clutch • No more painful knees • Gives you better control For All Defender models TDCi Puma, TD5’s, 200 & 300Tdis For information or a demonstration please contact: Rod Barry REDBOOSTER in the UK John Barry Ltd 16 Dryden Road, Bilston Glen Industrial Estate, Loanhead Midlothian, EH20 9LZ Phone: 0131 448 0808, 077655 32347 or evenings 01896 850 619 Email: Supply only price £375 inc. post to UK mainland







Discover the new Discoverer Cooper Tires has revamped its Discoverer A/T3 tyre to build on its strengths and update it with some improvements. The new Discoverer A/T3 Sport tyre is aimed at the SUV market, with a compound and tread that’s 60% on-road and 40% off-road. That tells you it’s going to be quite happy spending time off-road properly rather than some SUV tyres which start to get nervous as soon as a grass verge approaches. The improvements are aimed at reducing road noise and also

improving handling. Cooper Tires talk of zig-zap siping, lateral groove protectors and dual draft angles, which all makes it sound like they know what they’re talking about even if it means very little to us mere mortals who just use the things. Given that the previous tyre worked really well and has sold equally well, the new Adventurer A/T3 Sport should carry on that tradition, now with added enhancements. Check out their sipe technology and stuff at

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Issue 31: Sept 2016

On the roof There’s no doubt that a roof rack does make your Landy look more butch and adventurous. There’s the suggestion that the camping gear, extra jerry cans and the sand ladders have just come off so you can go down the shops. Having a naked roof is like, well, wrong, which is why so many Land Rovers come with at least roof rails as standard. But what if, and I know this is a weird thought, your Landy doesn’t have even roof rails on? You simply can’t go out dressed like that. On the other hand, if you do indeed have a Discovery 1 or 2, without any roof rails, you can dress up quite easily thanks to Britpart. The new Discovery Roof Rack has three attachments per side and is easy to fit. Once on it is robust and hardwearing and will take a whole lot of stuff. Everything from luggage, to junk for the tip, or even indeed those sand ladders. After all, your Discovery now looks the part so now you can dig out those maps of Morocco that you’ve been hoarding.

Filler Up

In fashion they call them accents. Those little things that stand out and transform what can be an otherwise unremarkable outfit. We’re not suggesting that you consider a Hugo Boss Black label belt for your camouflage overalls, instead we’re thinking of your Land Rover. How about just a little splash of bright colour in the engine bay to offset the slightly dull brown of the oil mist? Like a replacement filler plug. Bright blue, cerise red – come on, work with us here. Just think how one of these smart anodised aluminium babies would bring your engine bay to life. Like a diamond in the mud. Yes, yes, there you go, look at the Britpart website (there’s no need to wipe your history afterwards) and get one of these. It’s at

Cataclean – it cleans your cat You can often tell what something is just by its name. Go to a branch of Cook and you’d expect to buy cooked food. Go to a farm shop and you’d expect to buy a farm. So it is with Cataclean. It’s a product that cleans your cat. The catalytic converter on your diesel. Don’t expect any cat jokes. This is a serious magazine. The idea is that you pour this product into your fuel tank every three months and it helps clean the catalytic converter and, probably more importantly, it also cleans the diesel particulate filter – which if you don’t mind we’ll call the DPF from now on because there’s only so many hours in a day. There are an awful lot of people out there who have discovered that modern diesels work really well and do deliver great fuel consumption so long as they get regular decent

runs. If you instead spend even a week doing short school runs, trips to the shops or a short commute in heavy traffic then modern diesels like to register their protest by clogging their DPF with soot. This in turn leads to poor burning of fuel, poor performance and even, in more extreme cases, a switch to limp-home mode followed by an expensive visit to the garage. If you have to replace the DPF then that’s about a grand, but I know people who are paying several hundred pounds fairly frequently just to get the vehicle purged and running properly again. Cataclean may well be the answer. It works by being poured into the fuel, combusting and then forming compounds which remove the carbon build up in the exhaust – and that includes the DPF. The DPF

then doesn’t have to try to regenerate itself because it’s not getting clogged up all the time. Cataclean is a British product and what you’ve just read could just be a load of puffed-up claims for something that doesn’t actually do anything. However, Cataclean has been independently tested and shown to work and, here’s the proof, all 1400 RAC vans carry the stuff to use on customers’ diesels. GSF Car Parts use Cataclean in their fleet of diesel delivery vans because they’ve found it reduces emissions, improves MPG and protects the vital and expensive bits, like the cat and the DPF. A bottle of Cataclean should cost about £17.50 and so looks pretty good value. You can find it in retailers like Halfords and Euro Car Parts – and, of course, GSF Car Parts.



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Issue 31: Sept 2016






Bumpers to be Raptor-ous for Raptor 4x4 has launched a new front-squared winch bumper for their Defender accessory range, which is suitable for all 90, 110 and 130 models. The product has a modular design that is made-up of three detachable pieces, allowing for it to be taken apart and taken along with you on your Land Rover adventures, wherever they may take you. Manufactured and rigourously tested at the company’s headquarters in Northern Italy, the bumper itself is made from 5-6mm steel and has space to fit a winch to it, as well as a protected area where upto four LED lights can be fitted. For the standard bumper, which comes with swivel hooks included, you’re looking at a price of £599.


PARTS & MAIL ORDER 01706 854222 (OPT 1)






Genuine & Non Genuine Parts & Accessories

Leaking Discovery 2 sunroof? Replace the broken plastic spouts with our kit, which consists of New metal spout, rivets, sunroof seal, sealant & instructions

Service Kits • Batteries Engine Parts • Clutch Kits & Parts • Gearbox Parts Suspension Bushes Inc Polybush Kits • Springs, Brakes & Electrical Parts • Mild Steel Exhausts Exhaust Fitting Kits • Performance Brakes Suspension Lift Kits • Side Steps & Dog Guard Alternators & Starters • Specialist 4x4 Tyres Workshop Manuals • Winching Equipment



Adding four built-in LED lights makes that figure £625, and the complete package, the swivel hooks, the four LEDs and a winch costs £999. For more information and closer look at their products, venture over to

Whatever the weather Toyo Tyres has been upping the temperature in the all-season, allweather tyre range. Its new Celsius is aimed at cars and SUVs which are looking for a tyre primarily for the road but one which will work securely whatever the time of year. Full-on off-road tyres are pretty impressive things, but they actually have to work in a narrower range of parameters than an all-round tyre which has to work whether it’s sunny or snowy, dry, wet or just depressing. The company calls the tyre ‘a master of all trades’ and that’s what it’s going for. There has been a noticeable increase in sales of all-season tyres, so Toyo should be very much in the right area. The Celsius will be in sizes up to 18in diameter, with 17 sizes available now, with another 17 sizes due next year. Prices will be set by the dealer but they should be competitive, so see your dealer for details. Even if you’re more of a traditionalist, don’t ask for a Toyo Fahrenheit.

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The Krowning Glory Krown is a Canadian company specialising in rust control. And who doesn’t need a bit of rust control in their life? The company’s latest product is T40, a self-healing rust inhibitor and lubricant developed for harsh climates (well, it’s Canadian) and designed to stand up to heavy-duty wear and tear. It penetrates deep to create a thin protective layer over, stopping existing rust and preventing any more from forming. It has a solventfree, petroleum-based formula and a high dielectric strength, providing durable protection and lubrication in the sort of conditions to which your truck is likely to subject it. According to Krown, T40 will resist abrasion and remain on a surface over the long term, rather than evaporating, hardening or wearing off. Which all sounds good, as does the fact that it’s now available in the UK. It’s currently available in 20 and 205-litre pots, or in a 400g aerosol can. To find out more, head for www.

Issue 31: Sept 2016

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nce e ri e xp e s ar ye 0 3 r ve o h it W Call Goodwinch. can trust! u yo y an p m co e th is ch in w d Goo Fax : 0 1 36 3 8 2 78 2 E


W: www. g oo dwi nc h. c o m

TDS GOLDFISH WINCHES TDS-9.5c Goldfish complete with r ller fairleads, and a wire r ro re r pe, ro heavy v duty vy t swingaway pulley ty e ey block. 9,500 lbs. 173:1 ratio Tre Tr remendous value at £399 + VAT


Upgrade to 10mm x 100’ (3 ( 0.5m) r pe and aluminium ro D neema® Bowro Dy hawse in lieu of wire r ro r pe £re £145 + VAT Also available as a Commerc r ial TDS-12.0c rc f Goldfish complete with wire r ro re r pe, ro r ller fairleads, and a heavy v duty vy t swingaway pulley ty e ey block. 12,000 lbs. Super value at £429 + VAT.

Dyneema® Bowro r pe - available fro ro r m stock in ro 5, 6, 8,10, 11,12 & 14 mm. Ready made ro r pes are r complete with re re r d safety t hook or larger ty y llow competition hook and tubed thimble ye 10mm x 100’ (3 ( 0.5m) £179 + VAT 11mm x 100’ (3 ( 0.5m) £189 + VAT Aluminium Hawse Fairleads £29 + VAT Also available Green Budget Bowrope 10mm x 100’ (3 ( 0.5m) £119 + VAT 11mm x 90’ (2 ( 7.5m) £119 + VAT


Land Rover Defender Bumper for TDS and most other winches Non Air Con Special Price £189 + VAT Air Con Special Price £199 + VAT For other bumpers please phone for price.

Upgrade to 11mm x 90’ (2 ( 7.5m) Dyneema® D Bowro r pe and ro r re h aluminium hawse in lieu of wire r pe £145 + VAT ro

GOODWINCH commercial TDS-12 Goldfish Waterproof medium speed 254:1 ratio winches for vehicle recovery trucks, trailers and other heavy duty uses TDS-9.5i Bridge Model Goldfish r ller complete with wire r ro re r pe, ro fairleads, and a heavy v duty vy t ty swingaway pulley e ey block. 9,500 lbs. s £409 + VAT Upgrade to 10mm x 100’ (3 ( 0.5m) Dyneema® Bowro r pe and aluminium ro hawse in lieu of wire r ro re r pe £ £145 + VAT

SPECIAL OFFER WINCH & DEFENDER BUMPER full system Deals TDS-9.5c or TDS-9.5i bridge model, complete with wire r ro re r pe, ro r ller fairleads, swingaway pulley e block, vehicle wiring kituincluding cut out ey switch and batt t ery tt r link, TDS Wire ry r less Radio Remote, tw re t o swive v l re ve r covery r ry eye ey yes and shackles, and a standard r Defender non air con Bumper. rd r r. All for £599 + VAT (air con plus £10 + VAT) T (normally £716 T) + VA VAT AT) T) D with Dyneema® Bowro r pe and Ali Hawse £744 + VAT ro We have special offers for Discovery 1 & 2 and Classic Range Rover

5 1 B B



Bowmotor replacement winch motors. Large brushes in brass holders, copper welded commutators, superb quality. In three sizes, Bowmotor ’1’ 5.6 hp @ 4000 rpm and the longer Bowmotor ’2’ 6.8 hp @ 5000 rpm. As used extensively in the winch challenge field. Bowmotor ‘3’ larger again 5” diameter 10” long. 9hp fitted with 8 large brushes. Bowmotor ‘1’ 175mm long 12v or 24v £159 + VAT Bowmotor ‘2’ 196mm long 12v or 24v £199 + VAT Bowmotor ‘3’ 252mm long 12v or 24v £275 + VAT



The standard motor on a TDS-Goldfish winch is f a Bow '1', but as an option we can build faster faster, more powerful winches using our Bow '2' and Bow '3' motors, as well as optional larger drums s in two sizes to take up to 200' (61m) of 11mm Dyneema Bowrope. PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE OR GIVE US A CALL


Also stocked is our T Turbo power controllers, Albrights & Bowright solenoids, TDS-Budget & Loadar Radio remotes, TDS Air Freespool kits and loads of winching accessories.

Goodwinch Limited East Foldhay, Zeal Monachorum, Crediton, Devon, England, EX17 6DH

Tel: +44 (0)1363 82666




Wi l l f i t al l TDS wi nches. £

( Requi r es


w w w. t h e l a n d y. c o . u k

Issue 31: Sept 2016







There’s a Disco in the Quarry

Land Rovers aren’t always renowned for their speed. But when The Landy travelled down to Whitecliff Off-Road to check out a certain Discovery 1, that view changed dramatically. This is one sure-fire way to have a party in a quarry…

Words and Pictures: Mike Trott


y outstretched hand grabs the co-driver’s door to the blue machine before me, and the handle provides a significant clunk as it opens. Inside, there are no carpets or comfy armchairs to sink into. Instead I have to develop the flexibility of a gymnast to weave my way into the Sparco racing seats after clearing the Safety Devices internal bolt-in roll cage like a pole-vaulter going for gold in Rio. Or a pole dancer in Portsmouth. I grip my camera tightly. My driver, Tig Arnott, turns the ignition on the 3.9-litre Range Rover V8 and it chokes briefly before bursting into a lion’s roar of pure power. With not an inch of sound deadening in sight, the bellow from under the hood doesn’t just fill your ears, but rattles through your body with each blip of the throttle.

We taxi into the Whitecliff Off-Road site at the peak of the quarry like a Boeing 747 ready for take off. The gravelly plateaus lie in front of us with shrubs dotted in our eye-line like canes for a trial. Only this ride is going to be travelling a whole lot faster. Tig lines us up, sets his sights for the far side of the quarry and plummets his right foot to the floor. The V8’s torque kicks in as the revs rise and the 3.9 motor climbs into its optimum power band, a glorious sound that can only be met with the widest of grins. We might be making dust in Gloucestershire, but my face is pure Cheshire. Switching through the gears, Tig slots home into high third and the Discovery shakes its rear as we kink left over a crest; wheels off the white sunbaked stone before the suspension braces and catches us, and we disap-

pear off round the corner to prepare for another run. This Discovery is not your average. Besides the ocean blue paint across the body, it’s the decals and race-derived markings that catch the eye on this special car. Although based on a 1994 Discovery, this example was converted into a rally racer back in 1999, courtesy of Rob Harford of Harford Motorsport. According to Tig, it is one of the very few Discoverys in the country to have a stage rally logbook. And like Tig himself, it has a history of competing in the fast-paced world of comp safari and rallying. Tig bought his first Land Rover – a Series II – at the age of 19. As he proudly recalls, it came ‘with an MOT for £450!’ It wasn’t long before he started to compete with his Land Rover and

Above: This Discovery rally car has been lent a Range Rover 3.9 V8 in which to scare occupants. It also boasts an AP Racing paddle clutch and KAM 3.8:1 ratio HD diffs

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Issue 31: Sept 2016

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ENGINES • ACR V8 remanufactured engines: Range Rover, Discovery, RR Sport • ACR 4-cyl remanufactured engines: Series and Defender, petrol and diesel • Turnkey, stripped, 3/4, short • Road and competition • CNC ported cylinder heads • Capacity increases

• Engine management systems • Dynamometer testing • Electronic gearbox control systems • Wildcat Engineering racing cylinder heads for Rover V8 • ACR Power Plus components for improved power and efficiency • Delivery world wide

Put ACR’s race-winning experience in your Land Rover

01244 539196

ACR 90x135mm ad.indd 1

dip a toe into the motorsport thrills that these vehicles can offer. ‘I started trialling the Series with the Mid-West Off-Roaders,’ recalls Tig. ‘It was really just something to do with it. I’d go laning as well by myself and get stuck, then free the vehicle using a hilift jack, logs and a spade. It was good exercise,’ he laughs. The Series II eventually died, although the 2.25 petrol engine still remains in Tig’s back garden as a monument till this day. After that he moved to a Defender 90, which he crashed – and then rebuilt. It was in 2006 that Tig went trialling with the Wye and Welsh Land Rover Club, before competing in his first comp safari in November that year. ‘I did comps and trials up until 2012, although since 2010 I’ve been a passenger with Bryn,’ states Tig. Bryn

is one of the instructors at Whitecliff Off-Road and is busy getting his hands dirty on Land Rovers while Tig and I discuss the cooling Disco rally car. He tells me that the purchasing of the Discovery was done last July in a bit of a spur of the moment, claiming that the Land Rover ‘just appealed’. But when prodded, Tig shed light on one of the deeper urges to be the owner of this racing special. ‘In 2010 I was a mechanic for the Somerset Stages down in Minehead and I carried out some of the work on this Discovery, which was then owned by Mal Thomas,’ he says. ‘I guess having worked on it previously, there was a prior attachment there, you know? I know every inch of this vehicle.’ Like greeting a work buddy after a lengthy hiatus, Tig welcomed back the racer into his life.

And speaking of which, we should establish exactly what it is about this vehicle that makes it a Discovery rally car. The engine, as I’ve already mentioned, is borrowed from a Range Rover Classic and Tig says it goes very well – something I can totally vouch for. The engine, which does a superb job of keeping us hot around Whitecliff, is mated to a R380 gearbox that was reconditioned by Ashcroft Transmissions in 2010. And it hasn’t competed in an event since before it was fitted. A Borg Warner viscous transfer box benefits from a disc handbrake and there is more from Ashcroft with their halfshafts all-round and matching CV joints. Milner Varidamp remote shocks are installed upon the Disco, combined with Tomcat Motorsport valving. Continued overleaf

07/10/2014 10:4


w w w. t h e l a n d y. c o . u k

Issue 31: Sept 2016







Left: Racing means go-faster decals and this Discovery hasn’t escaped them either. We particularly like the bonnet pins Right: Ticking down after a hard-charge in the morning sun, pondering where to head off to next Bottom right: A lavish interior this is not. Bucket seats have been brought in to replace carpet and the roll cage gives peace of mind Underneath there are a couple of KAM 3.8 ratio heavy-duty pegged differentials while the rear of the two has been welded, making for an uncomfortable experience when on full lock. But let’s not forget that this is a vehicle that lets it all hang out at the back and couldn’t give a hoot whether it’s testing the driver’s limits or not. If you apply the speed, you best have the control required to keep it in check. That said, the vented discs and race pads mean that when you do press the brake pedal, your heart won’t sink from the results, although you may have to go looking for it afterwards in the footwell. The brake lines are braided, as is the clutch line that links the AP Racing paddle clutch. The Discovery has a QT Services quick-ratio steering box,

Mocal oil and PAS coolers and an ATL fuel bag tank that uses high pressure and Facet red-top pumps. Plus Tig also has a rally computer, lots of gauges which hopefully stay on the right side of good and there’s a fire extinguisher if they don’t. It is, as they say, race-ready. When Tig comes drifting round one of the shrubs, all white dust clouds billowing and anti-locking in full swing, this Discovery – and Tig – put on quite the spectacle as the Silverstone gravel tyres do their very best to support him through Whitecliff. ‘I’ll be honest, I’m not actually that competitive,’ says Tig with some sincerity. ‘I only really take part in events to do it for the fun.’ Unfortunately, the fun hasn’t been as frequent as Tig would have liked in the last few years.

Thanks to the team at the Whitecliff Off-Road Training Centre for the use of their fantastic site for our photo shoot with Tig. The centre offers a wide range of 4x4 training services and experience days – if you’re looking to get into off-roading or want to see how the pros do it, look no further than these guys

In fact this Discovery has yet to enter a competition with Tig at the wheel. ‘It would have been nice to do something with it; maybe a hill rally perhaps, but circumstances changing meaning I can no longer keep it.’ As it is road legal, though, he has managed to use it for his commute to work on a couple of occasions – which must have been an experience. Referring back to the motorsport side of things again, Tig says ‘I just like driving fast, and not getting a speeding ticket while doing so! It’s just good fun. And it’s relatively cheap still. I call it shoestring racing,’ he smiles. Racing on a shoestring may be possible. But after a ride in this Disco, not only are my own shoestrings completely undone – so too is the very concept of Land Rovers being slow. Tig’s Disco is currently up for sale. If you have a thirst for racing that needs quenching, it could be just for you – Tig’s number is 07523 136319


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Putting the ‘V’ in Issue 31: Sept 2016

Land Rover

Words and Pictures: Mike Trott


or decades Land Rovers have had a number of different power units shoved in their engine bays and transferred and transplanted from one Green Oval to another. It is part of the Land Rover community. If you don’t like the engine that is in your Landy when you buy it, the chances are another person has already done the conversion you’re having a dispute over in your head. Take the popular 19J into 200Tdi option, or even fitting a Discovery Tdi for a Defender Tdi – because, you know, needs must these days. But while these are trendy switchovers for the diesel enthusiast, around 50 years ago Land Rover carried out a transplant of their own that still echoes today. The clue lies under some covers in the midst of the fascinating Dunsfold Collection and it’s a vehicle that is unique. From the outset it looks like an

Everyone has their own favourite Land Rover powerplant. But if you take away diesels from the equation, there can only be one petrol configuration that deserves to be bolted under the hood of these icons unsuspecting short-wheelbase Series IIA, but for an unusual exterior complexion. ‘Perhaps an eccentric owner thought he was a bit of a Picasso?’ I hear you say. At one stage this Series IIA 88” did have another two brothers, but they were broken up into parts, leaving this vehicle on its own. It represents the earliest days of the V8-Land Rover collaboration. Yes, this, my petrolhead friends, is the genesis for all your eight-cylindered wet dreams. In the late 1960s the birth of the Range Rover was fast approaching. Needless to say, Land Rover’s engineers were doing plenty of head scratching when it came to deciding what should power their luxurious new member of the Green Oval stable. A 2.25-litre petrol or diesel engine may have sufficed in the agricultural workhorses that were the new Series IIs of the day, but

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Above: The first of the breed – the old-fashioned ingredients that became the cornerstone of Land Rover V8s. With the popularity of petrol V8s in the US, it was deemed the ideal power unit for the upcoming Range Rover. Smoother, more laid-back and with oodles of power; Land Rover just needed something to test their Buick-derived motor in. Step up the Series IIA a Range Rover indicated a step away from ‘tractorness’ and a move towards aristocratic tendencies. Something smoother, bigger and more easy-going would be needed to match the Range Rover’s philosophy. Of course, the Range Rover would still need to be able to be used as a 4x4 and be able to tow Grand National horses and the like, but this was a car for the upper class. In 1967, Land Rover turned to Buick. America was head over heels in love with the petrol V8 and it had become synonymous with the legendary muscle cars of the day: the Pontiac GTO, the Dodge Charger and, how could we forget, the Ford Mustang. A big, lazy, powerful V8 seemed to make sense and phone calls between Land Rover and Buick ensued. In truth, the Buick 215, as it was called, had already been eyed up by Rover for its own vehicles a few years before. One of the main appeals of the V8 was the lightweight all-aluminium construction for the block and cylinder heads. Buick had started pencilling in the ideas for this V8 in the late ‘50s, meaning it was over a decade old in terms of technology before even reaching the Range Rover, but it still had many merits. In 1967 one of Buick’s 215 V8s was slotted into the sky blue Series IIA you see here. It was a prototype motor and the sole purpose of the exercise was for car and engine to work as a test-bed for the approaching Rangey. This Land Rover, along with its two siblings, was tasked with carrying out test mileage on the engine to make sure it was suitable for the car that eventually appeared in 1970. They

were fitted with high-ratio differentials and this one still possesses the Series IIA crash gearbox. It also carries larger brakes at each of its corners, and in addition it’s fitted with radial tyres instead of the usual crossplies – providing increased safety at speed.

Perhaps this sounds a bit unnecessary for a vehicle that had late ‘50s tech, but when you consider the fact that this Buick-derived V8 still produced 130hp even in its detuned Land Rover format Continued overleaf

Above: This is the only surviving member of the guinea pig squad that was used to test the earliest days of the V8. The sky blue patina was never a tone Land Rover produced on mass, and it is a testament to the vehicle that it should be decorated in something that highlights it from the best of the rest


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(almost double the horsepower from a 2.25 petrol) then Land Rover were right to take precautions! I’ve been lucky enough to get behind the wheel of this Land Rover and experience some of the nostalgic throwback it offers to a time when big engines weren’t quivered at. Hell, they were applauded, and size really mattered. Starting up the 3.5-litre V8 and knowing its origins immediately struck a chord with me. You don’t just hear the basic technology and sheer rawness of the engine, you also feel it wanting to bear hug you through the steering wheel. The sound is euphoric, even at low speeds on a summer’s day on a field of grass. It’s a vehicle that gives you a moment, a moment to treasure for years to come. I’d like to think that it gave one of the test drivers a similar moment when they confirmed in their minds that this was to be the engine for the Range Rover – the vehicle that made Land Rover more than just a one-model company. Naturally, as the years went by, the Range Rover received engine updates, with the most notable being the introduction of Lucas fuel injection in 1984 that pushed the motor’s output to 155hp. Then, in 1990, the engine



was bored out for the 3.9-litre EFI and again for the twilight days of the 4.2-litre fitted to the long-wheelbase LSE. The V8 has been a fantastic servant for Solihull, covering almost three decades of Green Oval production. We mustn’t forget the other servant in this story either, our guinea pig of a Series IIA. Having completed its days as a test-bed, the Land Rover found a job as a tow vehicle for a surface friction trailer situated at Gaydon’s test track. Dunsfold say that it had been converted to a station wagon by this stage and had come in useful for testing again, only this time it was a paint mule for the Masai Red and Sahara Dust roof combo. After several years of work for Land Rover itself, this little Landy with a big heart fell into the hands of the Dunsfold Collection. They have since gone on to give the IIA a full ground-up restoration and have returned it to the days of the late ‘60s, where it was emblazoned with this lovely light blue tone. It was never a production colour; a true oneof-a-kind just like this Landy. It may be the only surviving Land Rover out of the three, but this very machine helped ensure the very early survival of the Range Rover itself. You might not think about it too often, but when you do, it is worth remembering that the L322, P38 and even the Evoque, the fastest-selling Land Rover of all time, all owe a lot to the hard work of this very special vehicle. If you love to read about fascinating Land Rovers, you may wish to clear your schedule in order to visit the Dunsfold Collection’s website. There are loads of fascinating Land Rovers within the Collection, each with its own story to tell. You’ll find it at www.


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Coco Cha-Rover

A Land Rover 90 that’s been ‘urbanised’ is old news. Everyone seems to be adding a touch of finesse to these agricultural relics in an attempt to make their Defender more useable everyday, with the addition of improved street cred. But if everyone is giving it a go, it means you do get some interesting examples


ost people have heard of Coco Chanel, the celebrated French fashion designer whose name is still revered around the fashion industry today. And you’ll now be pondering what on God’s Earth a fashion designer has to do with a farmyard workhorse such as a Defender.

Let’s face it, Chanel hardly conjures up the image of mud, wellington boots and horse manure. Instead you’re more likely to associate perfume, stilettos and a cocktail dress. Think eau de parfum. Not eau de toilette. You get the idea by now, I’m sure. However, it won’t have escaped your attention that over the last few years,

more and more Defenders have been trading their farmyard overalls for tuxedos and becoming more town than country. Of course, while many of you will pop on a KBX front grille, some Sawtooth alloys and a bit of leather trim to the cabin, there are companies out there providing more comprehensive outfits.

Words and Pictures: Mike Trott And because there are so many, you’ll normally see an oddball or two thrown in. That’s exactly what we found when our eyes became fixated on this cocoa-infused 90, designed and put together by the team at Rich Brit Bespoke Vehicle Systems. It started life as a semi-regular Hard Top Puma Defender 90 in limited edition X-Tech trim, before the Brittle Motor Group branch got hold of it and started to work their magic. The exterior has been finished in Nara Bronze with Santorini Black highlights. If you imagine a French Mademoiselle of sun-kissed tones with her long mascara-enriched eyelashes fluttering in your direction, then you can start to appreciate the picture. This is a fashionista that has charisma as well as the looks. Slip inside the sumptuous cabin and you won’t be greeted with puddles of rainwater, but rather a lavishing of leather that suggests more than a cow or two pledged their allegiance to the cause. Seating is provided by Recaro Cross Sportster CS buckets – although bucket seems too peasant-like a word

to be used in the same breath as this 90. They have been dressed in the Brooklands quilted-style Porsche Cocoa Brown Nappa leather, with silver and grey stitching to exude a sprinkle of sparkle. While the luxury can be in no question, it’s not all silk nighties and pointed toes. The backs of the seats have carbonfibre backing, which means we’ve gone from a dashing mistress in lacey undergarments to finding that the back resembles a sports bra. That Nappa leather really does get everywhere else in the cabin, though. The door panels and handles, the cubby box, dashboard and gaiters; even the sun visors are covered in the stuff. It never ceases to amaze me, though, that while you can pour as much cow, carpet or matting into a Defender as you like, the refinement of a Defender still manages to shine – or shudder – its way through. You shouldn’t get as many shudders through the wheel, however, with just under 10,000 miles on the clock indicating that this Defender is still finding its way in the world as oppose to succumbing to the frailties of old age.

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Miss Chanel herself carried on till the grand age of 87 and throughout her life she helped sculpt the fashion world. I’d be interested in hearing what her opinion would be on this Rich Brit conception. Who knows, maybe she had a soft spot for an old Series Soft Top having seen the odd Green Oval toiling in les French fields. This 90 – which was up for sale recently at Richard Grace Cars in Cheshire – is of little similarity to those earlier Solihull machines, though, with its Expresso Brown Alston suede headlining and side panels. The whole vehi-

cle, everywhere you look, is a carefully designated blend of brown and black; a motorised bar of dark chocolate that happens to be the best brand you can feast upon. Rich Brit really went to town on the vehicle and you’ll notice plenty of Belgrave branding elements embellished around the Defender, as Belgrave is the former namesake of the Rich Brit brand. But Belgrave or Rich Brit, either way this 90 isn’t just for show – even for all its interior extravagance. Firstly, note the external protection bar lining the windscreen that, for

those of you who remember, mimics the SVX Defender from eight years ago. There is also a full internal Expedition roll cage to give this revamped beauty a strengthened core. A full soundproofing ‘program’ has been undertaken, while a full carpet treatment has also been installed – although I stand by my previous statement that you have to simply take a Defender’s refinement for what it is. What you don’t have to live with is the suspension setup. The cocoa 90 has been subject to a Belgrave Bespoke Supersport Plus suspension upgrade, incorporating sport shock absorbers and a lowered ride heights thanks to new springs, while the 90 has also gained sport bushes and anti-roll bars at both ends. Whoever did the work behind this Chanel wannabe must have thoroughly enjoyed carrying out all the work. A performance upgrade has found its way onto the 90 too, in this case fitting a larger intercooler and air filter while the ECU is given a fiddle to relinquish a combined total of around 165bhp. There’s no Sawtooth alloys here, but you can see the Belgrave Thor Sport rims. In fact, the Thor alloys are a nod towards the company’s very own

urbanisation build of the Defender, resulting in the Thor Edition Defender. Essentially, Rich Brit takes a 90 or 110 and, in after around four to six weeks, a new Defender emerges that is bolder, braver and significantly less farmer-ish than before. There are a few extra trinkets worthy of a mention, namely the stainless steel sports exhaust with the side exit job that has become so popular, plus lots of LED lights about the vehicle. Finally, there is the ‘Long Leg Seating Program’. Please don’t think they’ve turned the Defender into anything that’s comfortable for anyone above six foot – they haven’t.


Now for my serious cap. As much as this Defender is a display of what can be done with modern design inputs, this type of garnish won’t be for everyone – particularly those who actually do use a Defender in the countryside. But then this is a Defender for the towns, for the modern Land Rover owner and people who do care whether they’re wearing Chanel or Cha-rubbish. Whether this is a creation that Miss Chanel would give her seal of approval to is another matter, but in an age where the Defender lends itself to personalisation, everyone can be their very own Coco.


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Two into one


what they’re looking at. Both these guys are well seasoned in the Land Rover game – Paul has owned about six Discos alone. Johnathan bought the Disco after an interesting experience involving not one, but two semi-retired Range Rovers. One was running and had a Brooklands body kit on it, while the other had spent the previous eight years laid up in a barn, and he struck a deal at the right money to take them both off their owner’s hands. The one with the bodykit ran well, so Johnathan set to work on fettling it for the MOT. Like any person of taste would do, he started taking the kit off… only for the body to come with it. Was it as crumbly as the Disco? Maybe, maybe not. But once again, getting it back on the road would have cost way more in welding time than the vehicle was worth. It was fit only for being broken and sold as spares, so that’s exactly what happened to it. Which left one other Range Rover, sat in the corner covered in mould. The reason it was kicked into the barn in

the first place had been that the owner bought the other one, so the guys assumed that it must have been worse. But when they went at it with the jetwash, something remarkable happened. ‘We couldn’t believe how clean and straight it was,’ says Paul. ‘We found no rust or rot anywhere on it. The sills, inner wings and boot floor were spotless.’ Now, that’s not normal for an abandoned Rangey. But there was a reason. ‘As we were going through it,’ continues Paul, ‘we discovered paperwork showing how it had had a full body-off restoration which was completed just before it was MOT’d and then parked in the barn.’ So recommissioning it was a piece of cake, and soon it was MOT’d once more and back on the road. All went well, for about six months. But then they stopped going well and went kaput instead, when a completely unidentifiable electrical fault cropped up and killed the engine stone dead. ‘We did checks on the engine, loom and everything, but could not figure it out. Several people came over to try and help, but with no success.’


Got a Range Rover with a dead engine and a Disco with a rotten body? A heart transplant might sound like the obvious answer, but why do that when a body swap would be more interesting? That’s the logic behind Paul Wood’s hybrid – which combines two everyday dead Landies to make one unique off-roader

Words: Paul Looe Pictures: Harry Hamm

and Rover likes to go on about its vehicles’ breadth of capability. And it’s right. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t deny that there are few manufacturers anywhere in the world whose vehicles can do so many different things well. Consider the Mark 1 Discovery, for example. It was stylish, well equipped and practical. It could master any road, and it was unbelievable off-road. It could tow like a champ. It could do almost anything. Like rust. Boy, could it rust. The Disco 1 had a chassis that could survive anything, be it the trials of off-road action or the test of time. But its body? Lower your head, avoid eye contact and back away slowly. That’s exactly what Paul Wood’s mate Johnathan Wharmby didn’t do when he found an old 1995 3-door Disco going cheap and picked it up to use as a runabout for a while. ‘It had several months’ MOT left,’ says Paul, ‘so it didn’t seem a bad buy at the time.’ Not that this is the story of someone going into it without knowing


So, two Range Rovers. One has already been stripped, the other is absolutely rock solid but the engine doesn’t run. Enter stage left, the Discovery. Johnathan used it as his daily

driver for a few months, all the while wondering what he was going to do with the beautiful Range Rover that was sat on his drive and steadfastly refusing to fire up.

Above: Up front, an easy solution to the whole Discovery-chassis-and-Range-Roverbody thing was to do away with the original bumper and replace it with a heavy-duty item shaped in thick steel tube. A perfect example of how the off-road element of the project solved the problems there’d have been if Paul had been trying to keep it looking as factory-fresh as possible. The bumper doesn’t exactly flow down into the steering guard, but they definitely work as a team. Not a lot’s going to get past them

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Above: The original 300Tdi Discovery engine is still in place, though it’s not a Discovery bonnet above it. The EGR has been removed, the fuel pump turned up and the exhaust opened up using a de-cat pipe. Beyond the crankshaft, a heavy-duty clutch and fork prevent against the obvious As it turned out, the answer was waiting for him to uncover. And all he and Paul had to do was get in there and start doing a few pre-MOT checks. They’d already seen that a few panels were going to want replacing, so as part of the job they stripped off the old ones. And that was when they saw the truth. Johnathan’s original intention was to replace the Disco’s grotty panels, but as it so often the way it wasn’t until they stripped the truck down that the extent of the rust around the whole of the shell became obvious. ‘It only had one good body mount holding it to the chassis,’ says Paul. ‘The boot floor was gone all the way round and the inner wings front and rear were non-existent, as were both rear seatbelt mounts.’ So, one good runner with a wreck of the body, and one good body with a wreck of an engine. Sounds like time for a heart transplant, right? The guys did look at that idea. But then they had a better one. ‘Why not just swap the bodies over from the Range Rover to the Disco,’ says Paul. ‘They are after all the exact same Continued overleaf Below: You can lift a Discovery, or a Range Rover, using Bearmach +3” springs and +2” Pro-Comp shocks, and it turns out you can do the same to something that’s a bit of both. The shocks are located on -2” drop mounts, and it’s Polybushed throughout – bump stops included

Issue 31: Sept 2016



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Issue 31: Sept 2016





Below: This is the first thing that would alert the average Landy spotter to the fact that there’s something odd going on. Those doors are pure Range Rover – check out the wood trims if you really want to get your anorak on – but the dash console is that of a late Mk1 Discovery. Fitting it to the Rangey’s bulkhead was one of those jobs you don’t want to do more than once – trim, dry-fit, trim, dry-fit, repeat, repeat some more, etc…

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Left: It’s all standard down the drivetrain – breathers (and mud) aside, the gearbox, transfer case and diffs are all as they left the factory. So too are the axles, save for the addition of heavy-duty diff guards


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chassis. And the Disco’s chassis and running gear were mint, with an all new suspension lift kit on it.’ The job itself was a lot less remarkable than what came before, because it was so straightforward. Off came the old body (something you could just about have done by sneezing on it) and the whole plot was thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Then it was a case of splitting the Range Rover from its chassis, lifting it into the air (big shout to the guys on the farm next door for dropping by with a telehandler) and wheeling the Disco frame under it. The trickiest bits, both of which should make you shudder, were relocating the Disco loom and dashboard into the Range Rover. The latter required a lot of trimming and test-fitting before it would finally marry up to the new bulkhead, but by taking it slowly the guys got it spot-on – the result being that it feels like it was always meant to be there. Paul and Johnathan took the chance to fit a wading kit while the body was off, then plumbed in a snorkel and modded the original bumpers to work with the combination of Disco frame and Range Rover body. And that was

it, job done. Now, instead of a shotthrough Disco and a non-running Range Rover, Johnathan was the proud owner of a sound, solid and very much functional truck with a brand new MOT and, after a bit of wrangling with VOSA, a V5 describing it as a Range Rover Hybrid. Well, he was the proud owner, but it won’t have escaped your notice that he’s not anymore. ‘After such a lousy year, he decided to sell up,’ says Paul. ‘Well, I couldn’t let it go after all the hard work I’d put into it as well! ‘I can honestly say I know every nut and bolt on the vehicle. So I sold my

‘I’d like to thank Johnathan Wharmby for eventually selling me the truck and building along side me in the first place,’ says Paul. ‘And Wayne Mitchell for all the parts I’ve got off him over the years. ‘Joker Grafix for all the stickers, clothing and mugs for the club. And all the guys in TPORE – John Snowden, Jenna Snowden, Toby Buckland, Giles Culley, Emma Wood, Jake Powell and all the members, for keeping me in this great community. ‘And finally, my wife Emma for putting up with my hobby and all my toys. Not many women will put up with five or six Land Rovers in various stages of build or strip down in the yard!’

own Disco to pay for it and started to make it my own. Since owning it, I’ve made a few changes, like bigger tyres and +3” springs instead of the +2” ones we put on. I’ve had it for four years – it’s mainly a green lane toy, as well as my daily driver and tow vehicle.’ That’s not to say he doesn’t get in there too. In fact, he’s currently building a 100” challenge truck for the really hardcore stuff – and being Chairman of Trans Pennine Off Road Club, he gets plenty of chance to do that. ‘I was getting ribbed by my mates in TPORE for not using this one at our pay and plays, so I went for a trundle round Holymoorside to show them that it is a capable off-roader. I got stuck three times in there and damaged the wing a bit… It wasn’t too bad considering it’s not what it was intended for.’ As well as the off-roader he’s building, Paul is currently restoring a 3.9 Range Rover on LPG which will eventually replace this one as his all-rounder and lane machine. He’s talking more lift and bigger tyres this time, which along with the engine will address the only real regrets he’s got about this one. So once again, he’s working on two trucks at once. This time, though, they’re not going to end up as one on top of the other. We photographed Paul’s Rangey at a playday put on by Trans Pennine Off Road Events (TPORE), a club with a well deserved reputation for putting on good, friendly playdays and punch hunts in and around the North Derbyshire area. You can find out more about them by visiting




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A Woman’s Touch

Not all Land Rover lovers are males in their forties trying to figure out the meaning of life. No, in some cases Land Rovers need to be in touch with their feminine side – and in this case, with a hint of Yorkshire thrown in for good measure Words: Mike Trott Pictures: Ryan Fernandes

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hile there can be little question that Land Rovers are there to be driven, owned and adored by all beings who have managed to swindle a driving licence from the DVLA, few would argue that the vast majority of Green Oval followers tend to have more than a drop of testosterone about them. Yes, cue the encore of middle-aged duffers who are let out on Sundays by the wife for their Land Rover fix, whether it be in terms of off-roading or just a few solitary hours toiling away in the depths of a grotty, but homely garage. But it doesn’t always turn out to be Claude at the wheel of the Landy, peering out into the world as he trundles on by to the tune of some archaic British engineering. And we know this because we’ve been to Yorkshire where one lady in particular really bucks the trend. Most of you delightful readers will have dipped your toe in the

BEARTOWN TYRES off-roading scene – some of you may be in there headfirst every Sunday as already mentioned – but whether it is Britain’s byways that have captured your attention or perhaps a quest to venture into the unknown away from the British Isles, one company knows how to ensure you have the best time away from the tarmac. Yorkshire 4x4 Treks runs expeditions and experiences throughout the UK and beyond, with ‘beyond’ referring to Morocco, the Pyrenees, the Alps and even Portugal. On home soil the company arranges for customers to get a taste of Wales, the Lake District and, of course, Yorkshire. At the helm of operations is the father-daughter pairing of Russell and Libby Dykes, the latter of whom just can’t get enough of what the Lake District has to offer those with a Land Rover at their disposal. And that’s precisely where we caught up with the Queen of the Byways. ‘Without a doubt the Lake District is my favourite tour! It is the most

technically challenging trip we currently do in the UK, with two whole days of rock crawling, big boulders, rivers and steep inclines,’ says Libby with an understandably wide grin. ‘The Lake District area is stunning, too, and the best view is at the top of my favourite lane, Parkamoor. The looks on the customer’s faces when they reach the first tricky part and they see all the jagged rocks sticking up is priceless. We quite often get asked where the track has gone and no one is keen on going first, but with the right guidance I always manage to get everyone to the top to see the amazing view over Lake Coniston. I love driving the Lakes trip; it’s a challenge every time as the weather is always changing.’ Libby is the lady who bucks that stereotypical portrayal of the typical Land Rover owner. At a youthful age of just 25, Libby surprises a few Continued overleaf

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I went to a cat wake last week. This is a wake held for a cat. I didn’t really know the cat, but there was free Champagne so I went. What I noticed was the elderly lady whose cat it was had dug a hole to bury the cat, and she had found that quite difficult. The cat was dead by the way; the woman’s difficulty lay in digging the hole, not trying to wrestle the cat into it. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, and it was on clay and it had been raining so the whole thing was quite a struggle. What the lady needed – and, in fact, so do you – was a really decent shovel. Fortunately, with cat wakes in mind, those go-getters in the US have come up with the perfect solution. It’s not just a ‘really decent shovel’ of course because it’s an American shovel. So it’s a Krazy Beaver Super

Shovel. Perhaps they had in mind burying mad beavers rather than cats, who can tell? (And that’s the only beaver joke we’re making this month.) It would certainly make short work of cat burials and, now I come to think of it, the Super Shovel would be just the thing to have with your 4x4 for those times when geography gets the better of you.

With a head that’s nearly 9in wide, fitted with sharp reinforced teeth, this is the shovel for when the ground is dried hard, full of clay or compacted with ice and snow – essentially the

Please have your table upright... In kitchen design the amount of worktop space is one of the major design headaches, since everyone wants to have their kettle, breadmaker, mixer, blender, NutriBullet and everything else out all the time. Well, maybe some of us manage perfectly well with a kettle and a larder full of Pot Noodles, but it can be a problem. As it can be when you’re out and about in your Landy.

Time for a brew and something to eat can show up that there’s very little space to even butter some bread let alone create those little julienne of carrot for which you’re famed. And where are you going to carefully prepare the home-made guacamole to eat with your julienne of carrots? Just don’t even think of making it beforehand since, as you know, the avocado will blacken and

turn to slime by the time you stop for an aperitif. We’re not savages. Front Runner has a useful solution to the problem of finding flat spaces with its fold-down table. The Drop Down Table fits to the inside of the rear door and sits neatly out of the way. When you’ve stopped you simply open the rear door and flip down the table, which comes down to be held by two strong stainless steel cables. Voila, a clean, steel surface area finished in wipedown black powder coating. You can extend the area further with the pull-out laminated wood extension. All you need is a door with a flat area on the back, so it’s designed for the Defender and Discovery among other models. It’s easy to install and will be rattle-free when it’s not in use. Since it has a load rating of 40kg it should be amply strong enough even if you’re going all paleo and are taking an axe to the steaks. For more info, go to

most stubborn ground thinkable. The head is made of heavy-duty 13-gauge steel, and there’s a lightweight handle with a D-grip which you can get a gloved hand into, so this should be a

really practical piece of kit. An ideal present for someone with a poorly cat. It costs £69.98 and you can dig it out at Matt Savage 4x4 (www.

GPS Globe – Where are you? The globe is full of global positioning systems. Which is just as well when you’re breezily planning a trip to Morocco but still get caught out by the new car park at Tesco Local. Which GPS system to choose can be a bit of a trial, but Yorkshire 4x4 Treks have just made that search a bit easier. The company, that specialises in overland trips, came across GPS Globe. This company makes the very latest and most advanced and practical GPS mapping and tracking systems. Yorkshire 4x4 Treks found the system when they were at a show in France, which isn’t a surprise since GPS Globe is a French company. So impressed were the Yorkshire company that they bought a system themselves. After eight months they know it works. It’s been used on many of their overland trips to Europe and North Africa so it’s been proven in the field and the desert.

Conveniently, you don’t have to go to France to buy GPS Globe products – you’d probably get lost on the way there anyway – since Yorkshire 4x4 Treks are now the UK distributor. The products include tablets, smartphones and a lot more and all come with the GPS software for mapping and tracking your way across Europe and Morocco. If you’re interested, then this is where you need to go: http://www.

39 customers who turn up for a slice of what Yorkshire 4x4 Treks can offer. But, and this is the important bit, she never surprises herself. ‘I do understand why there are not more girls out there getting stuck in,’ says Libby. ‘It is a difficult world to break into and get yourself heard. I have had plenty of experience with guys who turn up for a green lane tour and are very shocked to find a

25-year-old girl stood there introducing herself as the guide for the day and who promptly jumps into a 110. ‘I have had experiences where people will not listen to my advice when we’re off-road just because, well, I’m a girl and what do I know!’ ‘Oh ye of little faith’, some would say. It’s often funny when one realises that those who tend to object the most are probably those in most need of

Above: The Lake District is one of Libby’s favourite destinations – and it’s not hard to see why. When you have epic scenery facing you from every direction, astonishing green lanes conceived perfectly for Green Oval machines, and a Landy to hand – whether it be young or old – then you’re sure to have an adventure to remember. This Series III scene from above is straight out of a dream – be it Libby’s, ours or yours


tuition. But like Lake District boulders and Moroccan desert terrain, Libby takes it all in her Land Rover’s stride and turns some men back into boys. Sticking with Libby’s favourite tour for the moment, should you find yourself intrigued by what sort of trip you could expect in the Lake District with Libby guiding you around, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s a trek of real comprehension.

r Fo For Wild 2014 Wild in es in WalWales e seour dates, see dates, te eb r w si ou website for r details fodetails

Naturally the main bulk of the tour is you with your hands on the wheel while driving through ridiculously beautiful scenery that, if screenshot, would be fit for any art collection in the world. Nevertheless, our ladyship endeavours to cover the epic attractions, such as the old slate mine near Tilberthwaite, along with a point of interest to break up the driving and there is

Tel: 01904 728461

Above: The only time Libby is happier than when she is driving a Land Rover... is when she is standing on top of one!

We are now Uk distributors for GPS Globe! We will be launching the new range of GPS Mapping products at Billing Land Rover Fest 2016. Demonstrations on all products on our stand throughout the show. Tel: 01757 638 479, 07974356516

plenty of guidance provided when it comes to Libby’s favourite aspect of laning: the technical sections. The treks enable everyone to work together and a bit of teamwork normally results in an abundance of laughter and a Land Rover full of memories to take away with you. How Libby came to be in such a position requires a trip down her very own memory byway. ‘I would have to say that is was my dad who really got me interested in, firstly Land Rovers, and then off-roading,’ explains Libby. ‘When I was very little we had a Series I. He used to stand me on the driver’s seat and set me off in low box around the fields behind our house, so I guess it all must have started from there.’ While some kids had to make do with tiny plastic incarnations of Land Rovers that were moulded and put together by some Chinese bloke in the backstreets of Beijing, Libby was experiencing the real deal with a vintage Solihull masterpiece at her tiny fingertips. It soon turned into something more serious than field excursions, though. ‘I also used to spend a lot of time at the Land Rover dealerships in Pickering and Middleton on the Wolds, ran at the time by my dad. We were always out and about in Defenders, Discoverys and Range Rovers, often off-road at Robin Hood’s Bay or the local green lanes. I loved it and it really got me into the Land Rover brand. ‘As soon as I passed my driving test I was out picking up and delivering Land Rovers for our customers and I loved driving them all. So when my dad said to me on my 21st, “Let’s start a new business! Let’s take people green laning!” I was definitely excited about it and wanted to get stuck in.’ From that moment on, the Yorkshire 4x4 brand has been a snowball. It wasn’t long before Libby was taking the reins on tours through Derbyshire

with her very own Td5 Discovery. Today, it’s just her everyday life. And Libby even has her own dream Landy that she is slowly working towards. Picture a Defender 90 Truck Cab and, if you’re anything like Libby, you’ll be feeling a little excited. But for Libby, the ideal version would have a 300Tdi or 2.2 TDCi power unit, along with a black roof and black arches, with the paintwork glistening in silver. ‘I have always loved a nice truck cab; I mean they really do just look cool!’ exclaims Libby. ‘It would have to have nice set of Cooper STTs on it, too.’ Perhaps for our byway queen, hopping into a Land Rover and being followed around the Yorkshire Moors or the Lake District with wide-eyed enthusiasts in her wake is all part of the fun, but sometimes it would be nice to have other ladies along for the ride. Libby continues: ‘I would love to see more women getting involved and taking on roles similar to mine. There are plenty of women out there with the passion and enthusiasm, plus the experience to do exactly what I do. I run ladies days, and it’s great to see other women having a go at off-road driving and getting the confidence to trust their abilities and the vehicle. ‘When I get wives coming along on trips with their husbands, I always like to get them to have a go at driving and they love it once they get behind the wheel and realise that off-roading isn’t just for men. ‘I think we need more women to get involved and have more of a voice in the Land Rover and off-roading world!’ You hear that ladies? I think ‘grab the bull by the horns’ is the general message there. It’s a good message and one worth taking note of. If you’ve ever had a slight inclination to do something with a Land Rover or found yourself on the curious side, now could be your time to find out all the answers. Libby explains: ‘Travelling the green lanes in a 4x4 is a fantastic way to see the UK, the countryside and the amazing scenery we have. You see areas and places you would never have seen without a 4x4; it really makes for a great day out,’ declares Libby proudly. ‘It’s a brilliant community to belong to and a hobby that lets you see the world.’ Whether you’re male, female or a life form from another Omega Automotive Ltd. planet, surely there is no greater reason to own a ations of the Kuman family. Land Rover than those wise words nsion, Rubber, Cooling from a lady who knows best. nies around the world.



+44 (0)1543 254507

enhancement Defenders


Yorkshire Overland Tours are the sister company to Yorkshire 4x4 Specialists. They run a host of different tours from the dusty trails of the Pyrenees, to the heat of the Moroccan mountains. They also run their usual green lane tours in the UK, seeking out the very best routes to be found across the country. For more information on their tours, please visit stern Park, S13 7SY, UK.

Windows - Roof racks - Lights - Spare wheel carriers - Chequer plates - Snorkels - Bumpers - Bonnets - Tree sliders - Steps

We design and manufacture an exclusive range of high-quality Land Rover accessories/parts


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Issue 31: Sept 2016





Supply and Demand


Got a Disco 3 or 4 with a faulty crank? An L322 Range Rover that’s given up the ghost? If you need a new engine to slip into your newer-generation Land Rover, then you should drop in on NWS – because they’ll supply to your demand Words and Pictures: Mike Trott


Above: You get all kinds of clientele turning up for a sparkly new engine at NWS Motor Services, including some of the emergency services even. When professionals seek out other professionals for when a job needs doing, you know you’ll be in safe hands

ngines are like the heart of a vehicle and they’re sort of the most crucial part of a Land Rover. As much as suspension lifts, or your concourse bodywork may take the headlines, the engine controls the whole publication, so to speak. Should you be thundering down your favourite B-road one day and notice that there is an unusually large black cloud following you around – even though the sky suggests brilliant sunshine – or if the pistons have decided to re-enact the Great Escape, then maybe it’s time to pull over and check the condition of your Land Rover’s power unit. Naturally, being the plucky Brit that you probably are, your subconscious will be saying, ‘Hey, it’s fine! You’ve got a 200Tdi upfront and all you need to fix it is a hammer and chisel!’ Quite. But while those Tdi folk may well be lobbing a cable tie at their engine and then continuing on their merry way,

or at the very least grabbing a spanner on Sunday so they can make work on Monday, those of you stuck with a newer Land Rover engine will know that matters are not so straightforward. These days, if you’re peering under the bonnet at a 2.7 TDV6 from a Discovery 3 or the TDV8 of an L322, you’re more likely to need a degree in computer programming than just being proficient with a spanner or two. Still, should that be the situation you find yourself in, NWS Motor Services (let’s call them NWS) are just the bunch of guys you need to call in order to get your Land Rover back on song. Sam Edwards is the workshop manager for the Shropshire-based outfit and he keeps an eye on everything that goes on in the inner-sanctum of the business. So we thought who better to get the low-down from than Sam himself. Now we’re focusing on what NWS call a ‘supply and fit’. This is essentially when a new engine is the most logical option, following some substantial degree of engine failure.

‘For our supply and fit service, customers usually enquire with their specific needs and then from that we can tailor a quote with a maximum figure they would need to pay, just so that there are no hidden charges once the work has been complete,’ says Sam. ‘Once the repair cost is agreed, we’ll go and collect the vehicle from the customer, which is free within a 150mile radius.’ Car collected, the guys check and confirm the suspected fault and then it’s all hands on deck to get the Land Rover up and running again better than ever before. To give you an idea of some of the faults that can occur on these newer engines, we’ve managed to compile a list of some of the most common culprits around, starting with the 2.7 TDV6 from the D3 and Range Rover Sport. Snapped crankshafts and failures of the bearings, oil pump or timing tensioner can occur here, along with the possible malfunction of the injectors. The later 3.0 TDV6 isn’t prone to as many issues, but snapped cranks and



RCP manufactures all replacement RCP manufactures all replacement chassischassis parts forparts for Defender 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 and Discovery 2. all Raid Sport 90 rear Series 2/2a/3 rear 1/4 chassis RCP manufactures replacement chassis partsallfor Defender 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 and Discovery 2. RCP manufactures all replacement chassis parts forparts for RCP manufactures replacement chassis replacement cross £190.00 RCP also has a new range Raid Sport. Defender 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 and Discovery 2. and RCP manufactures all replacement chassis parts RCP also has a new range Raid Sport. Defender 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 Discovery 2. for 2. Defender 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 and Discovery member We &supply fit product all our product onday a one day turnalso around RCP has a newDefender range Raid Sport. 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 and Discovery We supply fit all&our on a one turn around RCP alsoRCP hasalso a new Sport. hasrange a newRaid range Raid Sport. 2. RCP manufactures all replacement chassis parts £200.00 for We supply & fit all our product on a one day turn around RCP also has a new range Raid advertise in The Landy, call our team on 01283 553244 We supply fit all our a oneon daya one turnSport. around We&supply & fiproduct t all our on product day turn around Raid90 Sport Series rear 2/2a/3 1/4 chassis Raid Series Sport rear 90 Series 2. 2/2a/3 1/4rear chassis Defender 90/110/130, 2/2a/3 andrear Discovery We supply & fi t all our product on a one day turn around replacement cross £190.00 Raid Sport 90 rear Series 2/2a/3 rear 1/4 chassis replacement cross £190.00 2/2a/3 1/4 rear chassis Sport Seriesrear 2/2a/3 1/4 chassis RCP also has a new range Raid Sport. wRCP w w .Raid t h eSport l Raid aall90 nSport dreary90. 90 crear orear. chassis uSeries k Series member replacement cross £190.00 member manufactures replacement parts for Raid 2/2a/3 rear 1/4 chassis replacement cross £190.00 replacement cross £190.00 We supply & fit all our product on a one day turn around £200.00 member Defender member £200.00 replacement cross and Discovery 2. £190.00 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 member £200.00 member £200.00 Raid Sport 90 rear Series 2/2a/3 rear 1/4 RCP chassis £200.00 RCP also has aparts new for range Raid Sport. manufactures RCP all replacement chassis manufactures all replacement chassis parts chassis for manufactures all £200.00 replacement cross £190.00 We’re on Facebook: Issue Sept 2016 We supply2/2a/3 & RCP fi31: t all our product 2. on areplacement one day turn around parts for Defender 90/110/130, Series and Discovery Defender 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 and Discovery 2. Discovery 2. Defender 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 and member RaidRaid Sport RCP also hasRaid a new range Raid RCP alsorear hasSport. aRCP newalso range Sport. £200.00 has a2/2a/3 new range Raid Sport. Sport 90 Series rear 1/4 chassis Front We supply & fit all our product&on around Wereplacement supply fiWe t across allone ourday product onour aBumper one day turn around £190.00 supply &turn fit all product on a one day turn around £90.00 RCP manufactures RCP manufactures all replacement all replacem RCP manufactures all cr member Raid Sport 90 rear Raid Sport Seriesrear 2/2a/3 rear Series 2/2a/3 Series rear 1/4 chassis Defender Defender 90/110/130, 90/110/130, Series Series 2/2a/32Sa Sport 901/4 rearchassis 2/2a/3 rear 1/4 chassis £200.0090 Raid Defender 90/110/130, replacement cross replacement £190.00 Raid Sport cross £190.00 Raid Sport £190.00 replacement cross RCP also RCP has also a new hasalso arange new Ra RCP hasran a member Front Bumper RaidWe Sport member Front Bumper member supply We supply & fi t all our fit Sport all product onour a on Raid Raid Sport We &supply &our fit product all pro £200.00 RCP manufactures all replacement £90.00 Front Bumper £200.00 £90.00 £200.00 Raid Bumper Sport Front Bumper Front 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 £90.00 RaidDefender Sport Raid 90 Sport rear90Sport rear 90 Series Serie 2/2a Front Bumper Raid rear £90.00 £90.00 RCP also has a new range R Discovery 2 replacement replacement replacement cross cross replacement £90.00 cross Raid Sport rear chassis £215.00 We supply & fi t all our product on a o member member member Front Bumper Raid Sport 90 replacement

£200.00 £200.00 £200.00 Raid Sport 90 rear Series 2/2a Raid Sport replacement cross Discovery 2 replacement Contact details: Discovery 2 replacement Front Bumper member rear chassis £215.00 Discovery 2replacement replacement rear chassis £215.00 £90.00 Raid Sport 90 Discovery 2 replacement Discovery 2 replacement Raid Sport rear 90 replacement £200.00 Raid Sport Raid Sport Raid Sport chassis £215.00 sills £120.00 Discovery 2 replacement rear chassis £215.00 rear chassis £215.00 Raid Sport 90 replacement sills £120.00 Front Bumper Raid Sport 90 replacement Raid Sport 90 replacement Front Bumper rearsills chassis £215.00 Front Bumper £120.00 £90.00 Raid 90 replacement sills £90.00 £120.00 sillsSport £120.00 £90.00 Contact details: Discovery 2 replacement Contact details: sills £120.00 Contact details: ContactContact rear chassis £215.00 details: details: Raid Sport 90 replacement Contact details: sills £120.00 Discovery 2 replacement rear chassis £215.00 Contact details: Raid Sport 90 replacement sills £120.00 Discovery 2 replacement Discovery 2 replacement Discovery 2 replacement rear chassis £215.00 rear chassisRaid £215.00 rearSport chassis £215.00 90 replacement ContactRaid details: Sport 90 Raid replacement Sport 90 replacement sills £120.00 sills £120.00 sills £120.00 £90.00

Above: Need work doing on a modern Land Rover? Chances are you’ll be needing the body off. Expensive business this bearing failures are still something to be wary of. As for the 3.6 TDV8s – a better engine than the TD6 in many ways – it’s good to be aware of possible turbo failure which can lead to ‘catastrophic engine failure’ according to the experts. Bearing and injector issues can also rear their ugly heads. If it turns out your Land Rover needs to be in the service bay at NWS, here’s what you can expect to happen. Firstly, like pretty much any job on a newer Land Rover, it’s become a pain in the rear end and the whole body needs to be lifted off – or as Sam puts it: ‘It’s a sophisticated process.’ So, body hoisted and detached from the chassis, it’s then time to drag the damaged engine from the clutches of the chassis. Sam elaborates: ‘We remove the engine and the ancillaries in one go and then attach that to an engine stand. From there all the components are removed and sent over to the degreasing workshop to remove carbon deposits and old engine oil. ‘Once this has been done the components are fitted to the reconditioned engine along with tested injectors and a new turbocharger if required.’ From there it’s a case of just crossing the ‘T’s and dotting the ‘I’s,

sills £120.00 Contact details: Contact details: Discovery Discovery 2 replacement 2 replacement Discovery 2 replacement details: RCP manufacturesContact all replacement chassis rear chassis rear chassis £215.00 £215.00 rear chassis £215.00 Raid Spo Ra

parts for Defender 90/110/130, Series 2/2a/3 sills £12 sil and DiscoveryDiscovery 2. 2 replacement Contact Contact details: det Conta rear chassis RCP also have a new range Raid £215.00 Sport. Raid Sp email:rcp@chess email:rcp@c emai sills £1 We supply & fit all our product on a one day turn around. Contact details:


Contact details: | 01926 614484

Whether you need a new Grille, Engine Oil, Headlamps, Snorkel or Mud Flaps then Get Off Road is the place to get them.

Continued overleaf Below: Ancillaries like the starter motor need to be removed, but are done so in one go with the engine removal *We will aim to beat any proven competitors price.


w w w. t h e l a n d y. c o . u k

Issue 31: Sept 2016






Clubs If we wouldn’t fit a part to our own Land Rovers, we wouldn’t sell it to you.

Above: This is what a melted piston looks like. Hint: it isn’t the sort of piston you want in your Land Rover

Large stock of parts and accessories for ALL models of Land Rover - Genuine & OEM Land Rover parts - Approved BEARMACH Distributor - Highly competitive prices guaranteed

01493 393300 Come and see a sample of our stock!

 Service kits for all engines  Hawkeye Diagnostic Tools

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 Replacement parts for all models  Off-road accessories  Brand new items only

We’re in a black-and-silver dome tent * EXCLUSIVE SHOW OFFERS * Come and find us at all the major Land Rover Shows including the Scottish in Edinburgh, Billing, Peterborough, and Comthe e aGreat nd fBritish ind uLand s toRover receShow ive yatoStoneleigh. ur exclusive We dialways scounhave t cosome de fvery or yspecial ou tooffers use available on ouratwevery ebsishow. te.


OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN RUSTPROOFING Krown is using the next generation rustproofing inhibitor, which has been proven to be the best rustproofing technology in Canada. Now available in the UK, Krown rust inhibitor creates thin, protective layer over all vehicle internal surfaces. The product penetrates deep, stops any existing rust and prevents any new rust from forming. It also lubricates all mechanical parts and protects electrical connections. 01215573874 07340904900

Below: This is reportedly the remnants of the sump from an engine that had never been fortunate enough to receive an oil change. Poor thing



Above: This is what your 2.7 TDV6 looks like when it’s not holding it together dropping the engine back into the Land Rover, securing the unit back to the chassis and reattaching the body back to it’s rightful position. Sounds rather simple like that, doesn’t it? But I should point out the advantages of letting NWS be the team to fix your Landy over some of the alternatives. For starters, once all the ancillaries are connected back up, they’ll challenge your revitalised Land Rover to a 200-mile road test in which it has to prove that the engine is now running as the Solihull engineers intended it to. Plus they carry out further safety checks and valet the vehicle before it is returned to the, now happy, owner. It’s not just checks and a road test that sets NWS apart, though, as they have made real engineering improvements on their part to try and ensure the problem never repeats on you. ‘The main benefits of our engines are the bearings,’ explains Sam. ‘We have designed and manufactured uprated big-end and main bearings that overcome the original’s shortcomings out of the factory. Our oil pumps are also modified to supersede the originals and we are currently the only manufacturer and supplier of Range Rover 5.0 NA and 5.0 Supercharged V8 petrol engines, along with internal components of both these engines.’

A new-generation Land Rover with a better than new motor – what could possibly be better? Well, the only other fragment of information we should let you know is that NWS aren’t just the fitters of reconditioned power units. Whether it’s MOTs or restoration work, no job is too big for these Land Rover enthusiasts. ‘All our technicians are fully trained to the highest standard and kept up to date with in-house training carried out by myself,’ explains Sam. So you know that when your vehicle leaves NWS you needn’t look over your shoulder for that dark cloud quite so often.

Above and Below: Can you work out which is the crankshaft in good nick?

Thanks to all the team at NWS Motor Services, and in particular workshop manager Sam Edwards, for showing us around the premises. For more information on NWS, visit their website at

Below Left: New reconditioned engine ready to be mated back to the gearbox. Ancillaries lie in wait... Below Right: Just put the Meccano back together like a normal Land Rover – just remember to lower the body once finished

LAND ROVER ENGINES & PARTS SPECIALISTS Worldwide independant leader for supplying reconditioned and re-manufactured Land Rover Engines. Over 20,000 parts available to buy online securely with fast shipping. • • • •

Complete Engines Recon Cylinder Heads Engine Parts Short Engines

• Performance Cylinder Heads • Turbo Reconditioning • Specialist Diagnostics • Uprated Crankshaft Bearings

Engines starting from £2000... • • • • • • • •

Range Rover Vogue 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.4 / 5.0/SC Range Rover Sport 2.7 / 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.4 / 5.0/SC Range Rover Evoque 2.2 Land Rover Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6 FREE TIMING KIT Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 TDV6 WORTH £100* Land Rover Defender 300 TDI / 2.5 TD5 QUOTE “LND” Land Rover Freelander 1.8 & 2.5, 2.0 TD4 Land Rover Freelander 2 2.2

*With all engines while stocks last!


1. OIL PUMPS - £150 2. CRANK BEARINGS - £340 3. RECON CRANKS - £800 4. PISTONS - £90 5. TIMING BELT KIT - £85


1. OIL PUMPS - £150 2. CRANK BEARINGS - £340 3. TIMING BELT KIT - £85 4. TURBOCHARGER - £540 5. CON RODS - £85

Visit our website for over 20,000 products. All prices exclude vat. All parts can be purchased in our online shop. Fitting is also available. KEEPING YOUR LAND ROVER ON THE ROAD NWS Motor Services • A41 • Whitchurch • Shropshire • SY13 2HX 01948 840888

To advertise in The Landy, call our team on 01283 553244 w w w. t h e l a n d y. c o . u k

Issue 31: Sept 2016

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Replacing The Driver: Phase One


Classic insurance redefined.

Tailor your classic Land Rover insurance policy to suit your needs. Land Rovers covered from 15 years old* Words: Matt Abbott


s I’m sure you’re sick and tired of hearing by now, self-driving cars are very much the future of driving, and the near future at that. Every manufacturer is frantically developing new technologies for their respective ‘car of the future’. However, as Land Rover drivers, we deal with more than just traffic lights and potty B-roads. Occasionally, we enthusiasts may need to traverse a field full of excrement, or what happens when we want to partake in a spot of RTV trialling? Can you see some computer wizardry guiding us around the sections, carefully through the canes? Well based on recent news it could happen sooner rather than later, because Jaguar Land Rover has released some findings from a multi-million pound research project – and it makes for an interesting ponder. One such finding is what they’re calling ‘Surface Identification’ – which as the name suggests allows the vehicle to recognise whether it’s driving on a deathly ice rink of snow or a desert-dry gravel track. This goes hand-in-hand with ‘3D Path Sensing’, which combines data the car receives from a series of cameras, ultrasonic, radar and LIDAR

sensors to create a full 360-degree view of its surroundings. Then C-3PO, who is lurking behind the dashboard, can pick out the right course ahead and gently prompt you into the most appropriate driving mode to get you to your destination. Or if you leave him to his own devices, he’ll do it for you, changing modes in the Terrain Response menu automatically as you go from one surface to another The system even includes Overhead Clearance Assist – ideal for pointing out the huge oak tree branch floating just above the windscreen or simply a useful warning of the overhead barrier at your local supermarket. Jaguar Land Rover is also planning on letting cars communicate with each other. Hushed tones leading to plans for world domination, surely…

Christened ‘Dedicated Short Range Communications’, the result is two vehicles that can share information with each other to make the drive smoother and safer for those following. In the words of Tony Harper, Head of Research at Jaguar Land Rover: ‘If a vehicle has stopped, other vehicles in the convoy will be alerted – if the wheels drop into a hole, or perhaps slip on a boulder, this information is transmitted to all other vehicles.’ Later this year, Jaguar Land Rover will throw a load of guinea pig cars out on the road to see if they don’t cause a pile-up in Coventry. In reality, it’s all to do with strengthening the artificial intelligence systems behind an autonomously driven future. So if this winter you see a Land Rover driving without its owner, don’t panic – just carry on and act like everything is normal.

Classic benefits included*: Salvage retention Shows and events

Cover options*: Breakdown with options to include European cover and Homestart

Spare parts (up to a limit of £250)

Agreed value

European cover (up to 35 days per trip)

Driving other classics

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Issue 31: Sept 2016







Disco: Tow Car of the Decade

Words: Graham Scott

Galvanised chassis replacement service supplied and fitted 7 days turn around No obligation free chassis assessment Loan car available, collection and delivery possible Main dealer trained technicians 30 years Land Rover experience All types of Land Rover modification/repair undertaken Full restorations undertaken

Tel: 01823 412331 | 07971 287574 based in Somerset, 5 mins off junction 25 M5

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he Tow Car Awards have been rather dominated by the Land Rover Discovery. The awards have been running for ten years. The Discovery has won for nine of those ten years, the last seven in succession. That’s a crushing superiority and the reason the Land Rover Discovery is officially the ‘Tow Car of the Decade’. The judging panel know about towing as the judges come from Practical Caravan, What Car? and the Camping and Caravanning Club magazine. David Motton, Tow Car Editor of Practical Caravan magazine, said: ‘Sometimes our judges take a long time to reach agreement over the merits of different rivals, but the discussion over this award for our first Tow Car of the Decade was short and to the point. Quite simply, the Land

Rover Discovery is the best tow car of the past ten years. ‘The class of 2016 provided the Discovery’s toughest fight yet. But judged on its towing ability, the Land Rover can still show its newer rivals a thing

or two. With 443lb ft of torque, the Discovery pulled over our 1-in-6 test hill at little more than tickover. In fact, whatever we asked of the Land Rover as a tow car, it rose to the challenge without breaking a sweat.’

Sport, albeit one fitted with rail wheels, hauled three luxury train carriages along a railway track with a combined weight of 100 tons. Acting as Thomas the Tank Engine, the baby

Disco pulled the carriages 10km along tracks in Northern Switzerland. So that’s a ‘tow car’ that can pull 60 times its own weight. Tow Car of the Decade indeed.

Still not convinced?


ell, they say the Discovery pulls like a train, so Land Rover decided to prove it. In Switzerland, a standard Disco


300 Tdi built as HS 2.8L VNT Complete Engines Available Only £5100 plus VAT Maximum Power: 135BHP Maximum Torque: 375 Nm Built using 90% new parts, full details on request. Contact us via email or give us a call.

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Engine chassis bracket kits: Available for: V8, 200Tdi & 300Tdi

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Stage 2: 132 BHP@ @ 4000 RPM, 350 Nm @ @ ” 1400 RPM

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Issue 31: Sept 2016







The Coventry City Takeover Words: Graham Scott


LR’s Special Operations is getting even more special. It’s only two years since the division was set up, but the workforce is going to expand by another 250 people. (JLR looked at employing 250 cats, llamas and aardvarks but decided to settle on recruiting people.) Already the team has grown to 1000 designers, engineers and technicians, so a jump to 1250 represents a major leap forward. This is all because Jaguar Land Rover has opened a new Technical Centre. It’s called Coventry. Well, it’s part of Coventry, and pretty soon JLR is going to own the city if it carries on expanding as it is. For now the new £20m centre houses Special Vehicle Operations (SVO). The specialist division gets its very own centre which, according to JLR, is inspired by the high-tech tademarks of a Formula 1 engineering centre. The division’s mission: to create halo products that sit right at the very top of every range. So far, in the 4x4 arena, they have been responsible for the epic SVAutobiography Range Rover and the uber-fast Range Rover Sport SVR. The 20,000sq m site covers four main zones: Manufacturing Facility, Paint Facility, Technical Suite and VIP Commissioning and Viewing Suites. Quite why you’d want to go and gaze at VIPs is anyone’s guess… However, that VIP area means that a wealthy client, or just a Green Oval zealot who’s spending his retirement

fund, will be able to visit JLR, and talk through all the precise details of how they want their vehicle to look, perform or just be. They’ll be able to see the vehicle in progress as it works through the other zones before their unique Land Rover emerges from the other end, with everything bespoke, everything of the highest quality.

Oh and, much like when you’re visiting your local Land Rover dealer, you’ll be able to grab some grub while you’re watching and waiting. Graham Edwards will be on hand to cook you up some food. He’s a Michelin-starred chef who learned under the great Raymond Blanc so the scoff should be more than passable.

Classic Division Moves House


oving house is a pretty stressful business, but at least you can look forward to a new home. Imagine how difficult it is moving house if you are Jaguar Land Rover’s Classic division. It’s not just the furniture and clothes you have to pack up, it’s all those other things you need to remember not to leave behind, like that half-restored Series I and all those remanufactured parts for an early Range Rover. There are some advantages for the Classic team though, like the fact that they’re moving into a brand new, custom-built £7.5m facility in Coventry. The new headquarters, into which they’ll all move early next year, is part of the major development with the new SVO headquarters. They’ll have some smart neighbours. In fact Jaguar Land Rover will pretty much own the neighbour-

hood. Adding to that, they’ll be attracting the right sort of people too. Tim Hanniq, Director of JLR Classic, explains what they will be able to offer. ‘In this fantastic new facility we will offer the opportunity for owners and prospective customers to meet with us, review and select the cars or services that meet their personal requirements and then establish a close relationship with Jaguar Land Rover Classic throughout the purchase process and beyond.’ This is where you’ll go if you want your early Green Oval restored or if you want to find an absolutely pristine and restored early Land Rover or Range Rover – or indeed Jaguar of course. You’ll need deep pockets and long arms, but there’s no doubt that the Classic division is adding yet more to what is a hugely successful brand. There goes the neighbourhood – upwards.

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Can I have a word…?


t might seem like an age ago now, but since we last spoke, Britain has kicked itself out of the EU park and nobody seems to want to do the job that they were proclaiming to love just five minutes earlier. You’ll have probably seen the jokes going around, like the one on Facebook that likens many of our newly-unemployed public figures to the Spice Girls. Chris Evans as Ginger Spice, Nigel Farage as Scary Spice… you get the idea. But anyway – me, I’m different. I love my job. I mean, I’m immersed in a world of Land Rover! What could be better? Actually, there is one thing that’s bugging me at the moment. And I’m afraid it comes from our beloved Land Rover themselves. You’ll have seen on Page 3 the talk of the Green Oval developing technology that will allow for autonomous driving across any terrain. I know it’s going to happen, no matter what I say – but why? I’m sat here frightened at the real possibility of the Terminator films becoming a proposterous reality, sooner rather than later. All this talk of artificial intelligence being able to identify what surface is best as it negotiates a route ahead. No thanks, I’ll do it myself you wretched mess of computer wires! I’m the driver, not you! And by the way, do you think Tig Arnott would have been able to blast around Whiteliff Quarry in his rally-prepped D1 with Cortana or Siri shouting from the dashboard? As it is, Tig and I had a drive to remember. Find out on Page 20. See you next month. Mike Trott, Editor michael.trott@

Issue 31: Sept 2016



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Issue 31: Sept 2016







British Brands Unite – Inside and Out


wo of the major players in the Land Rover Defender market have joined forces to offer an unparalleled service. The move sees custom-build Land Rover specialists Arkonik join-

ing forces with Ruskin Design, who make handcrafted interiors for the Green Oval vehicles. The two Great British brands will offer a complementary service. Arkonik build one-off, bespoke Defenders

for a discerning global clientele. Each of the roughly 50 machines they make a year is different and created to their owners’ exacting vision. They will now be able to offer a prestigious ‘Ruskin Inside’ to their clients.

This will bring in the skilled craftspeople from Ruskin, who will hand-make a bespoke interior which not only perfectly matches the rest of the vehicle, but it will also perfectly reflect the tastes and desires of the owner.

This working partnership between the two brands will add a further attraction to the one-off Defender in the burgeoning export markets as well as at home. Some would say it’s a match made in heaven.


do you want your defender to stand out from the crowd?

with a handcrafted ‘Ruskin Inside’ designed with you and your lifestyle at it's heart, IT WILL! Contact Ruskin's creative team to discuss your bespoke design consultation on 0116 2773701 or email us at

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Issue 31: Sept 2016

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JLR women show how it’s done


PRODUCT RANGE While it’s still true that women are under-represented in the automotive and engineering worlds – which cross over a great deal – JLR is certainly at the forefront of changing that. Female engineering graduates make up, on average, 15% of new intakes to the automotive industry. Last year, Jaguar Land Rover welcomed its new intake and 22% of them were female. This is all part of long-term strategies for one of Britain’s most successful companies to attract top talent, whatever their gender. Programmes like ‘Young Women in the Know’ and ‘Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers’ all appeal to female engineers and aim to inspire them to pursue their careers in the automotive industry. That work by JLR has been recognised in the latest Autocar awards. Autocar set up the Top 100 Most Influential British Women in the Automotive Industry awards as a way to highlight how women can progress in the industry and to encourage more to join. And the awards to Jaguar Land Rover covered an impressive list: JLR won two categories outright. Altogether 20 female employees were recognised in that Top 100. Danella Bagnall, who has worked at JLR for 28 years, and was Chief Product Engineer on the F-Pace, won one category while another was won by Fiona Pargeter, who is Global PR Communications Director at JLR. Jeremy Hicks, JLR’s Managing Director, said: ‘We are absolutely thrilled that so many of our brightest and valued employees have been recognised in these special awards. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our workforce. They are at the forefront of a new age in which gender boundaries are being broken, and we’re incredibly lucky to have such talent here with us at Jaguar Land Rover.’

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Issue 31: Sept 2016

Graham Scott


ive years. Imagine a five-yearold, about to start school. From the entire time since that child was born as a screaming baby, Range Rover Evoques

have been pouring off the production line, day and night. As the baby Range Rover celebrates its fifth birthday it seems a good time, amid the celebrations, to give you some figures on what is Land Rover’s most successful model ever.

EVOQUE IN NUMBERS • • • • • • • • • • • •

In 2015 the Evoque made up 25% of all Land Rover sales It is sold in 180 countries With 109g/km and 68mpg claimed, it is the company’s most efficient model More than half a million have been sold since production started in 2011 About 1.7 billion parts have been fitted in Trim and Final Assembly areas An Evoque comes off the production line every 170 seconds Production, at the facility near Liverpool, runs 24 hours a day The dedicated workforce has risen by more than 300% to over 4000 Night-shift hours have passed the three million mark Night-shift workers have drunk 668,000 cups of coffee and eaten 500,000 eggs as well as 125,000 slices of toast during the eight-hour shifts Evoque production has started in China and will start in Brazil The Evoque has already won nearly 200 awards around the world






Range Rover Evoque – How many eggs does it take?



The Awards – Continued


t must be difficult not to be a bit blasé at JLR. Every time they do anything they win an award. What haven’t they been awarded? They haven’t won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ yet, but few companies have shown just how much talent this country has. (Are we allowed to say that in doom-laden ‘let’s talk down Britain’?) Anyway, now it’s getting ridiculous. Jaguar Land Rover has just won two awards in the same week. They must have a whole section of the PR department just writing acceptance speeches. Much of this collection of silverware and glassware is thanks to the plant at Halewood. It saw two awards in the week: ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ at the Made in the UK

Awards and then ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ in The Echo Regional Business Awards. That means that, since 2011, the Halewood plant alone has won 13 awards. Halewood Operations is one of three JLR plants in the UK, and has been making vehicles for over half a century. JLR has invested more than £600m in the plant, trebled the headcount and seen a huge rise in production of the Range Rover Evoque, the Evoque Convertible and Discovery Sport. As part of this production, the company has invested a further £1bn in the Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC). Naturally, that has won an award too, as ‘The Manufacturing Champion’ in the Express and Star Business Awards.



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Issue 31: Sept 2016

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The Prince and the Shepherdess H

ere’s an intriguing bunch. Lewis Steer, 21, runs a rare-breed wool business. Steven Holmes, 28, runs a microbrewery. Ashley Stamper, 24, a self-employed shepherdess. Helen Reeve, 34, dairy farmer and Tomos Evans, 29, a sheep farmer. What do they all have in common? They all drive brand new, gleaming Land Rover Discovery Sports. This isn’t because their jobs are necessarily producing hundreds of thousands in profit – it can’t be easy being a freelance shepherdess, particu-

DISCOVER YOUR TRUE NATURE with adventurous brands you can trust


larly when you come from a family of beauticians – but because they’re all winners. All five won bursaries from The Prince’s Countryside Fund and as part of their awards they get to drive a Discovery Sport for the next year free of charge. The five were judged to have the entrepreneurial spirit and passion needed to improve lives within the rural community. With Land Rovers being such an integral part of rural communities in the UK and abroad, what better way to move around them than in a Discovery Sport? Congrats to the winners.

Well that’s typical



ypical. Jag Land Rover opens a new manufacturing plant in Brazil, then the company goes to all the effort of opening an Education Business Partnership Centre, its first overseas, and how does the local community respond? By spraying paint all over the walls, graffiti everywhere. A disgrace. Oh, hang on a minute, that’s quite a nice mural isn’t it? The mural was created by schoolchildren and their parents and also workers from the newly-opened manufacturing facility at Itatiaia in Rio de Janiero state. They brought in Nove who, as we all know, is a world-renowned Brazilian street artist. Well, we know now. He oversaw the vibrant mural, which is based on the theme of ‘Music is the Winner’.

The National Luna Fridge line is designed to be the Toughest, Smartest, and Hardest working portable fridge in the world.


18/02/16 11:14

This was backed up by donations of musical instruments to the Casa de Cultura, where the mural was created. JLR has invested about £170m in both the factory and the Education Business Partnership Centre. The plant will make the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport for the local market. The centre offers education programmes for children, focused on engineering in the automotive industry. The training programme has already had more than 100 people complete the course, with 12 of them now working in the newly-opened Itatiaia factory. It would be interesting to see what the locals would do if JLR asked them to produce an inspiring mural on the walls of the new Technical Centre in Coventry, wouldn’t it?

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Myerscough Homebrew: It’s strong, unique and built with one man in mind. Shaun Myerscough’s home-fabricated 90 will put hairs on your chest

Issue 31: Sept 2016


Land Rover A4 ads_Layout 1 10/07/2013 16:18 Page 5


Five years ago, Land Rover launched the Range Rover Evoque. The rest, as they say, is history. Next month we take a look back at that successful history

A Series III with a Range Rover chassis – yep, it’s a hybrid alright and one that Gary North toiled over in order to get it perfect. And now it really is a Series Land Rover of style, and substance

NEXT MONTH’S LANDY IS PUBLISHED ON 30 AUGUST You can pick up your copy of our October 2016 issue from

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Range Rover All models inc Evoque

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Issue 31: Sept 2016







Series I 86” (1956). 85,000 miles. MOT Sept ‘16. New crossmember. Waxoiled, propshafts greased. Starts, runs well. Hard Top available at additional cost. £15500. Carlisle, Cumbria, 07745 519503 07/16

Series IIA 88” 3.5 V8 EFI (1969). 70,945 miles. MOT March ‘17. Tax exempt. Free wheeling hubs, tree strops, high-lift jack. Recon’d LT77, Fairy overdrive. £5500. Newton Abbot, Devon, 07813 804395 08/16

Series IIA 109” 200Tdi. Rocky Mountain parabolics. LT77, 5-speed manual, Disco transfer box. Exmoor front seats, rear benches and hood. Wolf door tops. Capstone winch. HD clutch. £3500. 07932 667292 07/16

Series II 88” Truck Cab (1959). Tax and MOT exempt. Two owner vehicle. Serviced every 12 months. Light restoration a few years ago. Exceptional bodywork. £15995. Bromley, Greater London, 07789 114156 07/16

Series II U.S Style V8. Nut and bolt rebuild. Original gearbox. New steering box, doors, tub cappings and bikini hood. Recon’d axles and diffs, discs now on rear. £4250. Magherafelt, Northern Ireland, 07743 575950 06/16

Series IIA 88” (1962). 98,000 miles. 12 months’ MOT. Canvas top in VGC. New front seats and bench. Original starting handle. Older restoration. Only used for our wedding business. £7500. Aberdeen, 07939 801613 07/16

Series IIA 109” Pick Up (1966). 22,000 miles. MOT June ‘17. 2.25 diesel. Chassis patched, coated. Replaced battery, alternator, master cylinder. £2275. Stockon-on-Tees, County Durham, 07976 855576 09/16

Series III 109” 3.0 Perkins (1980). 91,526 miles. MOT Sept ‘16. Owned since 1981, second owner. Overdrive. Free-wheeling hubs. Never used in winter or off-road. £17500. Rosewell, Scotland, 07974 249398 06/16

Series IIA 109” Station Wagon. Non-runner, 300Tdi. Power steering. Disc brakes. Ideal project. Would be lovely back on road. Spares or repair. £2250. Liverpool, Merseyside, 07712 436905 04/16

Series IIA 88” Hard Top 200Tdi (1964). 44,036 miles. MOT March ‘17. Tax exempt. General Super All Grips. SIII wings. Smith’s heater. Bronze Green – hand-painted. £4495. Chorley, Lancashire, 07482 850850 06/16

Series IIA 88” 2.25 petrol (1969). 41,250 miles. Three owners, current for last 30 years. Garage stored. MOT Sept. New clutch, battery, replaced rear chassis. £8000. Herefordshire, 07860 177799 05/16

Land Train Business – Series IIA 88” (1968). Fully refurbished “Land Train”. Road legal with Akerman steering. Tdi engine. Respray, tax exempt, undersealed £34995. Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, 07791 012434 07/16

Series II 88” (1960). 2.5 15J. 34mpg. Currently in dry storage. New front brake cylinders and shoes. Original apart from the engine. Bulkhead good. Inspection welcome. £2500. Merstham, Surrey, 07748 392678 07/16

Series IIA 88” LPG (1968). 83,500 miles. MOT Nov ‘16. 3.5 V8 with LPG. Tax exempt. Overdrive, solid chassis, internal roll cage. CB, cubby box, snorkel. £4000 ono. Burntwood, Staffordshire, 07773 616391 09/16

Series III 88” 200Tdi (1984). MOT Feb ‘17. Engine from D1. Range Rover gearing, chassis and bulkhead superb. Parabolic springs fitted for smoother ride. £6995. Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 07738 410923 04/16

Series III 88” 2.25 diesel (1976). 37,000 miles. Fully restored. Galv chassis, bulkhead. Exmoor seats. New Rocky Mountain suspension, leaf springs, wiring loom. £17000. Romsey, Hants, 07860 318425 05/16

Series III 88” 2.5 Petrol (1971). 14,118 miles. Stored undercover for two years, running before. New clutch master cylinder. Winch, guards. Two sets of wheels and tyres. £4250. Pilling, Lancashire, 07889 825908 08/16

Series III 109” Pick Up (1975). Ideal project. 3 owners. No keys. Original vintage V5. No runner. Chassis looks solid. Bodywork good. Interior needs attention. £800. Stotfold, Bedfordshire, 07717 564667 06/16

Series III 88” Soft Top (1982). 82,000 miles. MOT Oct ‘16. Richards galv chassis, rebuilt bulkhead. Recon engine, gearbox, axles. Rocky M parabolics. £19250. Hitchin, Hertfordshire, 07500 885622 06/16

Series III 88” SWB (1983). Restored back to near original condition. Immaculate. 2.25 petrol. Limestone. Manual ‘box. Viewing strongly advised. £22000. Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, 01283 820104 08/16

Series III 88” LHD Santana (1977). 60,000 miles. 2.25 diesel. Parabolic springs. Light and polite to drive. Engine good. Paintwork needs addressing from Spanish heat. £3640. King’s Lynn, Norfolk, 07712 825138 06/16

SIII 88” Ex-Fire Engine (1974). 66,920 miles. Tax & MOT exempt. Restored ten years ago. New r/ chassis. Drives well, engine, ’box faultless. £3950 ono. Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, 01348 837733 07/16

Series II

Series III

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Issue 31: Sept 2016

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Hot Picks Series III 109” SW (1980). 2.25 petrol. Recently restored. Full respray. Bulkhead, gearbox, engine & chassis all good. Recon’d engine and ‘box. New brakes, cylinders, shocks. £4250. Chingford, London, 07773 364083 09/16

Series III Lightweight GS (1978). MOT Feb ‘17. Served N/ Ireland. 12-volt electrics. ABRO recon engine. Runs. RH fuel tank removed. Leaks – like a Landy. £4500. Shaftesbury, Dorset, 07989 560075 04/16

Series III 88” 2.25 Diesel Hard Top (1983). 65,683 miles. MOT June ‘17. Overdrive. Full length roof rack, recent respray, new exhaust. Chassis and bulkhead solid. £5995. Gilberdyke, East Riding, 07961 408332 09/16

SIIA Lightweight (1970). 83,235 miles. MOT May ‘17. New fuel tank, clutch, doors, floor panels, sill panels and roof. New braking system, bulkhead repaired. £4500. Wakefield, West Y’shire, 07814 851924 08/16

Series I 80” (1948). 1887th production Land Rover. Direct from Ken Wheelwright. One for a serious collector. £POA. Available from Williams Classics, Conwy, 07825 587155 Trade


Series III 88” 2.25 diesel (1983). 28,914 miles. MOT Nov ‘16. Good bulkhead and chassis. Starts and drives well. Parabolics. New water pump, hoses. Exmoor front carpet. £4650. Dorchester, Dorset, 07908 783034 06/16

Land Rover 90 CSW (1987). 121,000 miles. MOT August ‘16. Defender 200Tdi engine. Extended arches, modulars, snorkel. Insa Turbos. Chassis, bulkhead good. £3999. Bradford, West Yorkshire, 07943 523513 08/16

Series III 88” diesel Hard Top (1978). Good chassis. Barn find, stored for many years. Bulkhead fair. Engine runs sweet and drives. Needs to be trailered. Possible restoration. £1500. Nottingham, 01623 438576 08/16

Defender 90 County Td5 (2002). 200,000 miles. FLRSH. Major overhaul with lots of new parts. Full respray. New back door. Warn winch. Terrafirma springs & shocks. BFG Muds. £14,950. Nottingham, 07794 965646 07/16

Series III 109” (1974). Originally One Ton. Completely rebuilt 2000. Converted to V8. Oversized front brakes, Salisbury rear axle, Fairey overdrive. Needs chassis repair and a tidy. £1500. Sheffield, 07770 725728 09/16

Series III 88” SWB Hard Top (1984). 57,000 miles. Four owners from new. Original chassis, engine, gearbox, interior. Full MOT with sale. £12995. Available from Williams Classics Conwy, 07825 587155 Trade

Defender WOLF 90 Soft Top (1998). VGC 300Tdi. Everything you could want a Wolf to be. £15000 or will swap for a 110 300Tdi four-door Pick-Up with galvanised chassis (No Td5). Rochester, Kent, 07931 857604 05/16




Land Rover 90 300Tdi (1986). Insa Turbos. Adjustable panhard rod. HD steering bars. 2” lift kit with Pro Comp shocks. Breather kit. No MOT. Twin Jaguar batteries. £3000. Sittingbourne, Kent, 07768 669447 07/16

Defender 90 Td5 County (2005). 50,200 miles. MOT March ‘17. Metallic blue. Alloys, central locking, electric windows, tow bar. Good condition in and out. £12750. Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, 07792 896523 06/16

Defender 90 300 Tdi (1989). 120,000 miles. Cage, 2” lift, Pro-Comp shocks, Insas, winch bumper, sliders, steering/diff guards, drilled/grooved discs. £6500 ono. Newton Abbot, Devon, 07949 249743 01/16

Defender 90 200Tdi Monster Truck (1989). Maxxis 37” tyres. RC winch and bumper. Cage, Pro Comp suspension. Terrafirma steering, disc brakes, Td5 props double yolk. £6750. Nottingham, 07947 680019 07/16

Defender 90 200Tdi (1990). 130,000 miles. MOT Jan ‘17. 5” lift kit. In sa Turbos. Sliders, snorkel, new battery. Side-exit Powerflow exhaust. HD arms, new props. £4495. Redditch, Worcestershire, 07523 894393 08/16

Defender 90 Tdi (1994). 141,000 miles. New MOT. Full respray. Panoramic windows, power steering, sunroof, custom leather interior. Excellent example. £9500 ono. Chichester, Sussex, 07853 364455 09/16

Defender 90 300 Tdi Auto (1992). 96,000 miles. Long MOT. Disco engine. Carpet fitted in rear, Porsche seats, Puma bonnet, steering wheel. New x-member, fully serviced. £9995. Worcester, 07711 591000 09/16

Land Rover 90 County (1986). 155,000 miles. MOT Jan ‘17. 2.8TD Isuzu engine, previously V8. Work done: clutch master & slave cylinders, refurb’d alternator. £4000. Luton, Bedfordshire, 07411 519100 08/16

Defender 90 V8 3.9 EFi (1986). 79,000 miles (unknown on engine). Full year’s MOT. RR running gear. ECU in cab. Electric fans. Fantastic chassis. Lifted, polybushed. £2995. Weston Super Mare, 07725 687197 01/16

Land Rover 90 Off-Roader (1988). Resprayed. 10 months’ MOT. 5” Terrafirma lift, dislo’ cones. Diff guards. Sump, belly plates. Fedimas. Winch. Snorkel. £5250 ono. Launceston, Cornwall, 07929 400704 08/16

Defender 90 NAS 300 Tdi SW (1989). Auto. 130,000 miles. MOT Jan ‘17. Built to replicate 4.0 V8 NAS 90. Discs all-round. New radiator and belt. Waxoiled. Polybushed. £8450. Manchester, 07764 501399 06/16

Defender 90 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis (1995). 105,000 miles. AlliSport intercooler, K&N air filter, steering guard, BFG Muds, polybushed, spacers. £8995. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, 07584 083801 09/16

Defender 90 300 Tdi (1996). MOT Nov ‘16. 3” lift. Safari snorkel. Side steps, tow bar, diff guard. Electric seats. Stainless steel exhaust. £5000 ono. Burtonon-Trent, Staffordshire, 07903 584689 06/16

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Issue 31: Sept 2016

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Hot Picks

Defender 90 Td5 Pick Up (2003). Restored and resprayed. Refurbished chassis. Stage 2 Remap. EGR blanked. Uprated intercooler. Red Booster clutch servo. Lowered suspension. Uprated discs all-round. £15997. Built by Olympic Customs. 07956 906052 08/16


Defender 90 Td5 County (2003). 74,000. MOT Nov ‘16. Service history from 2008 onwards. Two previous owners. Test drive welcome. Tow bar. PAS. £11600. Torquay, Devon, 07719 115629 08/16

Defender 110 300Tdi Hi-Cap (1996). 99,258 miles. MOT Aug ‘16. Currently SORN. Recon’d steering box, polybushed, new clutch, new battery. New BFG ATs. £6500 ono. Romsey, Hampshire, 07920 842833 09/16

Defender 110 200 Tdi (1983). Pick Up. A little tatty. Has been a work vehicle, Body straight and in good condition. Drivetrain in excellent condition. £2750. Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, 07816 232269 06/16

Discovery 1 ES Tdi (1995). 215,000 miles. MOT Feb ‘17. Electric leather seats front and rear, electric sunroofs (no leaks) electric windows. Lots of paperwork. £1195. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, 07790 259904 09/16

Discovery 300Tdi (1998). MOT June. New cylinder head. Winch and bumper. Lifted. Big tyres. Guards. Snorkel. Cage. Silicone hoses. Light bar. Adjustable towbar. £2600 ono. Skelton, North Y’shire, 07955 691463 05/16

Defender 90 Tdi Hard Top (1998). 89,472 miles. Tow bar. MOT expired February 2016. Owned since new. Used for farm purposes. Viewings welcome. £7450. Sandiacre, Nottingham, 07976 275809 08/16

Defender 110 Ex-Military Tithonus FFR 200 Tdi (1992). 45,000 miles. MOT Aug ‘16. Power steering. Military papers. New radiator, alternator, clutch, battery. £6995. Doncaster, South Yorkshire, 07946 270643 06/16

Defender 110 300Tdi SW (1998). 184,000 miles, full Land Rover service history, MOT until Aug 2016, excellent condition with lots of optional extra, nine seats, must be seen. £13500. Devon, 07771 501945 09/16

Discovery 1 200Tdi Bobtailed. R380 ‘box, shortened both ends, winches F&R. New clutch, HD steering arms & track rod ends. News brakes, 12 months’ MOT. Guards. £3600 ono. Northampton, 07432 562881 07/16

Discovery 1 300Tdi Off-Roader (1994). 4” lift. Cranked rear arms. External roll cage. Sliders. Front winch and bumper. Guards. New boot floor. Bucket seats. CB radio. £3500 ono. Manchester, 07884 308545 06/16


Defender 90 Td5 (2006). 56,700 miles. MOT October. One owner from new. Full service history. Garaged. Very tidy example. £14000 plus VAT ono. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, 07871 206285 05/16

Defender 90 300Tdi (1997). 170,000 miles. MOT July ‘17. Excellent condition. 2” lift, polybushed, snorkel, BFG Muds. Steering guard. FSH. Chassis good. Waxoiled. £7000. Glasgow, 07739 904530 09/16

Defender 90 200Tdi Hard Top (1993). 129,000 miles. MOT Jan ‘17. Service history. Engine untouched and original. Matching no., guards, dislo’ cones. Welding only on X-member. £6600. Chester, 07740 172430 07/16

Defender 90 XS SW 2.2TDCi (2016). 1,359 miles. MOT March 2019. LED headlights. Two-tone leather. Centre console black and tan. Bluetooth. Alpine stereo. £36995. Blandford Forum, Dorset, 07702 555311 08/16

Defender 110 200Tdi County (1992). Galvanised chassis. MOT Aug ‘16. New clutch. Recon’d gearbox, transfer box. New bulkhead 3 years ago. £10500 ono. Oldham, Greater Manchester, 07944 772903 08/16

Discovery TD5 ES Auto (2002). 167,000 miles. MOT April. Facelift model. Runs on biodiesel. Lifted. New brakes, air bags, ride height sensors. Never off-roaded. May px. £4900 ono. Barrow-in-Furness, 07470 309186 01/16

Discovery 1 300Tdi (1997). 104,000 miles. MOT August. 8 former keepers. New brake lines, good chassis. New cambelt, tensioners, fan belt. £1300. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, 07515 540670 05/16

Discovery 2 Metropolis V8 Auto (2003). 193,300 miles. MOT Dec ‘16. Sat nav, rear TV screen, cruise control. 7 seats. Rear chassis Buzzwelded. £3000 ovno. Nuneaton, Warwickshire, 07787 540481 06/16

Land Rover 90 SW (1989). 200Tdi fitted. MOT June ‘17. 143,000 miles. New clutch, springs, brakes, alternator, belts, doors, steering box. Lifted. Mud tyres. £3995. Oakham, Rutland, 01572 338098 09/16

Defender 90 Td5 SW (2003). 80,000 miles. MOT Nov ‘16. EGR removed. Hybrid turbo, dump valve installed. Remap by Twisted. Panoramic glass. £12500. Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, 07785 772037 07/16

LR 90 Pick Up Off-Roader (1989). Richards galvanised chassis. Disco 200Tdi. New clutch. Wide-angle props, cranked arms, Pro Comp +5 shocks. Guards. £7995. Coventry, Warwickshire, 07730 573990 07/16

Defender 90 2.4 TDCi Hard Top (2009). 4,729 miles. Showroom condition, has never abused or taken off-road. Always garaged. Heated seats. Immaculate condition. £23500. Derby, 07977 981184 08/16

Defender 110 Tithonus Wolf Soft Top (1993). 87,600 miles. MOT Nov ‘16. 2.5 NA diesel. Roll protection system, chequer plating, uprated Exmoor seats. £5499. Rossendale, Lancashire, 07564 907024 09/16

Discovery 1 200Tdi (1993). 160,000 miles. 11 months’ MOT. £800-worth of welding done. Full respray 2 years ago. Warn winch. Spots. HD bumpers. Lifted. BFG Muds. £2500. New Milton, Hants, 07707 297603 07/16

Discovery 2 Td5 GS (1999). 136,600 miles. MOT Sept ‘16. Electric windows, cruise control. Twin sunroofs, remote central locking. Dog guard. BFG Mud Terrains. £2500 ono. Leeds, South Yorkshire, 07903 584689 06/16

Discovery 1 300Tdi Off-Roader (1996). 136,000 miles. Cat D – fully repaired. Electric heated seats. 4-inch body lift. Extended arches. Snorkel. Manual sunroofs. £2750. Bradford, South Yorkshire, 07807 860007 06/16


Hot Picks Defender 90 300 Tdi (1999). Last of the 300s. MOT Sept ‘16. County spec. Excellent condition. Lots of paperwork and receipts. New rear crossmember. Bodywork okay. £7995. Doncaster, South Yorkshire, 07974 248109 07/16

LR 90 CSW 2.5 TD (1989). 12 months’ MOT. Completely original. Never painted, dry stored for years. Chassis sandblasted, welded. New batt, front pads. £3700. Hinckley, Leicestershire, 07437 918652 06/16

Defender 90 200Tdi Galvanised Chassis (1992). 130,000 miles. New galv crossmember. Lifted. +4 shocks, tubular turrets, castor-corretion arms, guards, 24-spline axles. £13500 ono. Stoke, 07899 687175 09/16

Defender 90 Td5 (1999). 70,130 miles. MOT Oct ‘16. Galvanised chassis, rebuilt engine from ‘06 with under 5K. Remapped by Alive. Lowered. £11995 ono. Coventry, Warwickshire, 07730 573990 07/16

Defender 90 300 TDi County SW (1986). 59,400 miles. New turbo, exhaust. Rear NAS step, tow bar, NAS lights, PAS, wheel spacers, front headlining. Chassis good. £4500. Long Eaton, Notts, 07929 037037 01/16 Land Rover 90 2.5TD Pick Up (1988). 116,000 miles. Ifor Williams top. 2nd owner from new. New clutch. Bull bar. Blue. Has been used for limited use on a farm and has no MOT. Will need to be trailered away. £2700. Guildford, Surrey, 07702 084142 07/16

Defender 110 V8 (1992). 32,000 miles. MOT Sept ‘16. One owner from new. Ideal for overland conversion. Petrol nightheater. 240v input. Stored in heated garage. £5500 ono. Lancaster, 07792 103199 08/16

Defender 110 300Tdi (1993). 94,918 miles. MOT June ‘17. Auto. Alarm & immobiliser. Exmoor interior. Air-con. Winch bumper, wider arches. BFG MTs. 2” lift. Ashcroft halfshafts. £9499. Horley, Surrey, 07853 444214 09/16

Land Rover Defender 110 Wolf XD 300Tdi Remus Soft Top (1997). 98,540 kilometres. Damaged – repairable. MOD paperwork. Starts, runs, drives well. £8500. Nottingham, 07711 339669 05/16

Defender 110 County Td5 (1999). 250,000 miles. MOT June ‘17. Solid chassis, new rear x-member. Insa Turbos. Alive Tuning stage 2 remap. EGR deleted. £8750. Newark, Nottinghamshire, 07581 412108 09/16

Discovery 1 V8 Rally Car (1994). MOT Nov ‘16. One of few Discos with stage rally log book. 3.9 V8. AP Racing paddle clutch. £5600. Coleford, Gloucestershire. 07523 136319 08/16


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Issue 31: Sept 2016






Discovery 2 TD5 (2002). 210,000 miles. Facelift model. MOT June. Converted to coils. EGR removed. New battery, discs and pads. 5 seats. New front axle oil seals. £2550. Seaham, County Durham, 07777 656820 04/16

Discovery 2 TD5 ES (2002). Auto. £35,000 spent on it. Remapped 200bhp. ARB lockers. Detroit rear diff. Bumpers, guards, sliders. OME susp. 6-pot brakes. £9950. Leeds, West Yorkshire, 07774 025764 04/16

Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6 XS (2008). 95,087 miles. MOT Nov ‘16. Full history. Two owners. Bought damaged in ‘11, repaired. Maintained to high standard. £8500. Newent, Gloucestershire, 07974 570057 07/16

RR Classic 300Tdi Vogue Soft Dash (1994). 48,000 miles. Subject to massive overhaul. Galv’ chassis. Stainless fittings where possible. Immaculate interior. £29950. Glossop, Derbyshire, 07745 645073 08/16

Range Rover P38 4.6 auto LPG (2001). 144,000 miles. MOT Sept. Good condition. Few marks. Coil-spring conversion. New engine at 70K. £2850 ono. Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, 07971 352476 05/16

Discovery 1 200Tdi (1994). 97,000 miles. MOT May ‘17. Excellent condition all-round. Very solid body shell. Small amount of welding on last MOT. Drives well. £1895. Petersfield, Hampshire, 07766 565902 07/16

Discovery 1 V8 (1994). 127,000 miles. MOT May ‘17. New inner arches. 5 new General Grabbers. Winch bumper. New brakes inc. master cylinder. £1500 ono. Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, 07796 710100 07/16

RR Classic 3.5 V8 (1980) PLUS Series II Landy for spares. RR: Two-door, owned for 20 years. Overdrive. Piper cam, SU carbs. Ideal resto. Series: 6-cyl, 3.0 petrol. £3750. Maidstone, Kent, 07711 166641 08/16

Range Rover Classic 3.9 V8 EFI Spanish LHD (1991). 101,000 miles. MOT March ‘17. Rust free thanks to climate. Air-con, electric windows and mirrors. £9995. Marbella, Spain, 0034 677451017 08/16

Range Rover Vogue V8 auto (1992). Full Service History and a full year’s MOT. Two previous owners. Drives superb and the bodywork is in excellent condition. £5000 ono. Essex, 01255 860292 03/16

Discovery 3 TDV6 (2005). 143,000 miles. 12 months’ MOT (no advs). 7 seats. FSH. Belts all changed at 103,000 miles. Lower tax bracket due to age. £7450. Alfreton, Derbyshire, 07825 703639 05/16

Discovery 300Tdi off-roader. 194,000 miles. MOT Nov ‘16. Sills replaced w/box section. Inner wings repaired. BFG ATs. 2”lift. Light bar, HD winch bumper, sliders. £1500 ono. Leek, Staffordshire, 07791 723448 07/16

P38 4.6 V8 HSE Auto (2001). 90,000 miles. Five months’ MOT. PSH. Tan leather interior. Excellent condition all-round. Full suspension overhaul. Drives well. £2400. Didcot, Oxfordshire, 07810 350728 08/16

RR Classic Vogue SE Restored (1994). 145,000 miles. 12 months’ MOT. New parts: boot floor, sills, wings, headlining. £13995. Evesham, Worcestershire, 07900 704656 06/16

Range Rover P38 4.0 HSE LPG (2001). FSH. Full MOT. Interior excellent, cream leather. Paintwork good. No warning lights, good mechanicals. Headline saggy. £3500. Hitchin, Hertfordshire, 07950 511502 08/16

Discovery 1 300Tdi (1996). 178,000 miles. MOT Jan ‘17. Part service history. HD bumpers with jacking points. Spot lights, snorkel, Cooper tyres, 2” lift. £1650. Paignton, Devon, 07831 277758 07/16

Discovery 300Tdi Off-Roader (1995). 191,000 miles. MOT Oct ‘16. Terrafirma 2” lift. Snorkel, modulars, ATs, extended arches. No sunroofs, no leaks. New exhaust. £1895. Darlington, Durham, 07774 734231 08/16

RR Classic Suffix A Two-Door (1971). 76,000 miles. 3.5 V8. MOT June ‘17. Full body respray. Five previous owners with file of paperwork. Period shotgun cabinet. £29995. Burnham on Crouch, Essex, 07771 896798 08/16

RR Classic 300Tdi Ex Police. 230,000+ miles. R380 ‘box. Coil sprung from factory. Pre-pro model for Cheshire Police, one of 30. Extensive history New discs, pads. £1200. Reading, Berkshire, 07917 032817 08/16

RR Classic 3.9 V8 Bobtail (1994). 165,000 miles. MOT Nov ‘16. Soft dash. Low usage. Lifted. HD bumpers. Steel modulars. Waxoiled. Fuel tank relocated. £4200. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, 07738 566955 08/16

RR P38 Vogue HSE 4.6 V8 (1999). 130,000 miles. MOT Jan ‘17. Auto. Coil spring conversion. Full leather. Perfect gearbox. Heated electric seats. Roofline sagging. £2000. Southport, Lancashire, 07595 601724 06/16

Prototype P38 formerly owned by Noel Edmonds (1997). 81,000 miles. 4.6 HSE Autobiography. Auto. Subject to a £450,000 overhaul by Unique Group. £3995 ono. Northwich, Cheshire, 07881 626041 09/16

RR Classic 2.5 VM TD LHD (1990). 64,156 miles. Rust free, no welding. European import from Cordoba. Suspected head gasket failure. Ideal for 300Tdi conversion. Great bodywork. £7000. London, 07985 155952 08/16

RR Classic Vogue 3.5 V8 (1983). 82,444 miles. MOT June ‘17. Air-con. Original LT77 manual ‘box. Respray. Replacement discs & pads all-round. New master and slave cyl. £20000 ono. Poole, Dorset, 07929 180956 07/16

Range Rover

Hot Picks

RR Classic South African Import (1979). Sourced from dry central region of RSA – no hint of rust. £11500 ono. Available from Simba 4x4, West Midlands. 07944 338318 Trade

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Issue 31: Sept 2016

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2 & 4 Door Classic Range Rovers, all parts, body shells and doors. Range Rover Classic Soft Dash V8 CVC (1995). Auto. 106,000 miles. One of the last classics. Air-con. Coils. FSH. Light recommission in June ‘14. MOT August. No leaks. £3950. Salisbury, Wiltshire, 07867 750152 05/16

Range Rover P38 4.6 V8 HSE (1996). 148,000 miles. 12 months’ MOT. Just serviced with new rear discs and pads, centre exhaust and Lambda sensors. £1900. Winchester, Hampshire, 07941 683154 06/16

Located in the Midlands, 5 minutes from junction 15 on the M6 Tel: 07842 818294 Freelander SHELT HILL FARM, SHELT HILL, WOODBOROUGH, NOTTS NG14 6DG Telephone: 07973 139 483 Telephone/Fax Home: 0115 965 2204

RR Classic V8 Auto (1989). Insa Turbos. Diff guards. Steering guard. Pro Comp lift kit. Homemade snorkel. Homemade fuel tank guard. Off-road toy, not pristine. No MOT. £750. Ferndown, Dorset, 07850 367843 06/16

Range Rover 2.5 DSE (2000). 167,000 miles. MOT July ‘16. Auto. Air suspension works and the compressor and EAS valve block have been serviced. Reduced to £3250. Somerton, Somerset, 07521 303154 07/16

RR P38 4.6 V8 HSE (1999). Auto. 85,000 miles. FSH. MOT March ‘17. Current owner since 2005. Garaged from new. Walnut leather. Heated seats. £5990. Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, 07818 296180 07/16

Range Rover L322 Vogue 4.4 V8 (2003). Full service history from Guy Salmon. Lots of receipts. Engine superb. Gearbox has fault. Air suspension fine. Sat nav. £3250. Hinckley, Leicestershire. 07437 918652 06/16

Range Rover Vogue L322 V8 petrol (2003). 111,892 miles. FSH. 12 months’ MOT. New pads, discs. New front strut. Some buttons for driver cracked. Might PX. £4500. Erith, Kent, 07502 893627 05/16

RR Classic 3.5 Dutch LHD (1979). 92,000 miles. Owned for 16 years, original Dutch V5 missing. Lots of paperwork. Solid bulkhead. Needs TLC. 1” lift. £2000. Warrington, Cheshire, 07732 659034 08/16

RR P38 4.0 V8 HSE (2001). 83,000 miles. MOT March ‘17. Outstanding condition. Water pump, thermostat and head gasket replaced. Black leather. £3500. Barnsley, South Yorkshire, 07477 483980 08/16

RR L322 4.4 V8 Vogue LPG (2002). 128,000 miles. MOT June ‘17. Serviced in Jan, Grabber tyres, new discs & pads. New susp’ compressor Jan ‘14. Recon’d ‘box Oct ‘13. £5999 ono. Torquay, Devon, 07775 828590 09/16

Range Rover Classic 3.0 Mazda TD (1986). 174,000 miles. MOT Nov ‘16. Converted in mid ‘90s, Subject to restoration in 2008. Cosmetically tired. Just had service. £3750. Salisbury, Wiltshire, 07867 750152 07/16

RR P38 2.5 DSE (2003). 157,000 miles. MOT Oct ‘16. Grey leather. General Grabbers. Cruise control. Coil sprung. Service book complete up until 128K miles. Good condition. £2200. Barnstaple, Devon, 07399 559070 08/16

RR P38 4.6 V8 Vogue SE (2002). 35,857 miles. MOT April ‘17. Epsom Green, Magnolia leather and green piping. FSH. Sat-nav, EAS, all working. £10995 ono. Lockerley, Hampshire, 07714 760104 08/16

P38 Overfinch 630R (1997). 6.3 Corvette V8. One of 25 made. 400bhp. FSH. Overfinh anti-roll suspension. Stainless exhaust. Harman stereo. Front spoiler. £24995. Barnet, Greater London, 07827 229649 05/16

Freelander 2 TD4 GS (2010). 48,000 miles. FDSH. Automatic. Rear parking sensors, Alpine stereo, bluetooth, air-con, auto’ wipers. Heated mirrors and more. £12000. Falmouth, Cornwall, 01326 617498 08/16

Freelander 1 TD4 S SW (2005). 127,000 miles. MOT July. Part service history. Maintained by me (mechanic) since 2013. Detachabale towbar. EGR blank off. £2400 ono. Witney, Oxfordshire, 07703 179981 05/16

Defender 90 200TDI 91H Pick-up Ivor Williams Top 2 Owners 148K miles £4995.

Discovery 2 TD5 V Reg. Good Runner. Long MOT. 180K Miles. £1495.

Toyota Hilux DC Pick-Up 06-56 Reg. 1 Council Owner. 83K Miles. £6495.

Land Rover Defender 90 300TDI 97P 125K Miles. 1 family owned*. Very nice £5995.


Range Rover Hybrid (1972). 100” wheelbase, Series II 109 body shortened to match. 200Tdi, R380 Defender ‘box. Bronze Green respray. Full MOT. £9999. Selston, Nottinghamshire, 07791 461223 04/16

Discovery 200-300 TDI, breaking for spares, most parts available.....POA

*2 names in book, same address, father & son

200-300 TDI engines, ex-Discovery, ideal for conversions, comes with radiator and intercooler....£450

ALL VEHICLES SERVICED + NEW MOT EXPORT SHIPPING ARRANGED - CALL FOR DETAILS OPEN 7 DAYS - Please call first 1/2 mile off the A6097 - East of Nottingham


w w w. t h e l a n d y. c o . u k

Issue 31: Sept 2016

AJD Off-Road

2013 AWDC Comp Safari Champions using Fox Shock Absorbers

AJD Off-Road are proud to supply Land Rover parts, spares and accessories. We offer full workshop facilities for Land Rover servicing and repairs, MOT work, tyre fitting and Land Rover accessories. We are always updating our website so it’s even easier for you to update your 4x4 - so be sure to visit regularly to look at our latest special offers, vehicles for sale and much more!

d Accessories Spare Parts an L and Rov er Sales Off-Road Motorsport TRS Harnesses and Equipme nt Service and Repairs ation Overland Prepar Conversions and Tipper Bodies Performance Tuning & Enha ncements s Wheels and Tyre

Phone: 01992 445634 / 01992 445630 E-mail: Unit N5, R.D. Park, Essex Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0FB







Foggy RTV in Dorset

Words and Pictures: Andy Wilson


h, summer in the West Country. It was the finals day at Wimbledon, a time for ice cream and strawberries. In Dorset there were faintly blank stares as nobody could see anything. The Dorset Land Rover Club had put on an RTV trial at Knitson – but who could tell? Instead of glorious

summery sunshine there was deep, impenetrable fog. In the steep hills above Swanage nine drivers set off into the murk, keen to pick up some points in the club’s RTV league. Of course, lots of fog means lots of water vapour, which means the grassy slopes became almost vertical ice rinks in terms of grip. Anyone who managed to clear a section was doing incredibly well – although in the fog, the marshals had

an even tougher job than usual looking out for canes being touched! Winner of the LWB class was Trev Harmer driving his Range Rover, whilst the honours in SWB went to Jason Macdonald in his 90. Rob Jenkins emerged victorious in the leaf sprung class, while Mike Webster scooped the win in the modified class. Usually RTV stands for Road Taxed Vehicles, but on the day it could easily have stood for Restricting The View!

But the two vehicles which couldn’t make it were replaced by two more, and the overheating Discovery got sorted and made it to the end. On the way everyone passed local attractions like a replica of the anchor from the Titanic, which was relevant as the original was made in the Black Country.

The run finished at the museum of the Canal Trust, where you could take a trip into the local limestone caverns or just chill out. Parked up after the run was almost the entire Land Rover range including several examples of Range Rover, Freelander, Discovery and more. The sun shone on them all.

Black Country Run Words: Frank King Pictures: Dave Clarke The Series III and 90/110 Owners’ Club has run over 25 events and they’ve all had one thing in common. It never rains at our run days. So, yes, you guessed, for the event on 3 July the weather was… yep, sunny! The run covered the Black Country countryside and urban areas and everyone who started the event finished it. Which does however puts a slightly sunny gloss on things, as we had two vehicles pull out before the start. One of them refused to fire up after having been driven miles to get there; and on the run itself, one Discovery had overheating problems.

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The Mission into Motorsport

Issue 31: Sept 2016


Independent Land Rover Specialists Tel. 01302 830721 Aftermarket, O.E. and Genuine - Parts & Accessories Servicing – Repairs – Diagnostics – Conversions International Mail Order service available Unit 4 Gunhills Lane Industrial Estate, Armthorpe, Doncaster DN3 3EF


Picture: Mission Motorsport

he Mission Motorsport team arrived for the third round of the Defender Challenge at Baja, Pant Mawr. The Forces team arrived in time the night before and went into parc ferme. Seems simple enough. But behind them were several days and nights of work spent rebuilding the vehicle after some minor unpleasantness in the previous round. Tired but triumphant to be there, the crew were ready for the off. Except

team manager and new driver Sgt Mike Burton hadn’t done any training for the event and so was just slightly nervous. Trying to calm his nerves was co-driver veteran Sig James Luke. Then torrential rain fell. All things considered, the first day went pretty well. Set-up issues were resolved during the day and they finished sixth in class. But the issues on the second day were all about time. There were time changes but for some reason this didn’t get through to the team so they turned up to the start and had to go immediately onto the

stage. The start was more Le Mans than was planned. Arriving at a checkpoint too early meant a 16-minute penalty, which dropped them to seventh in class. With only one stage left to try to claw back sixth, the team set off once more. But they did it, solid driving pulling them back to 13th overall. The rebuilt Bowler Defender ran perfectly, testament to all those frantic hours of rebuild by the whole team. With enthusiasm and morale on the rise, the team is looking forward to cracking on with the next round.

LRs Fighting for the Environment Picture: North Wales LRC Not only is the North Wales Land Rover Club running events that burn lots of fuel but they’re also involved in a deforestation programme in Africa. How awful. Oh hang on, it’s a REforestation programme. Now that’s marvellous. And to make it even more marvellous, it means that the club has just celebrated ten years of being ‘climate neutral’. It works like this. When the club runs events, it works out how much pollution has been caused in the process (including the fuel used by people driving to and from the venue). The club has teamed up with Climate Care, an organisation that offsets greenhouse gases by running projects around the world.

So far the club has helped with projects including installing efficient cooking stoves in Mexico and manual treadle pumps for irrigation in India; and reviving a rainforest in Uganda. All these extremely worthwhile projects help the planet, help create jobs

for local people in poor areas and also help animals and plants in parts of the world where they’re at risk. All this by running a Land Rover Club in North Wales. Admirable, and a very happy 10th anniversary of being climate neutral to the NWLRC!





Available in this this range are:90 Sills, 110 Sills Wings with or without and Aerial hole, Bonnets, Available in range are: (3 door orwith 5 door) 90 corner 110 corner plates, Puma Wings or without andplates, Aerial hole, Bonnets, 90 Sills, 110Bonnet. Sills Wings with or and Aerial hole, Bonnets, 90 Sills, 110 Sills available in without Natural or Powder Black LHD and RHD (3All door or 5 door) 90 corner plates, coated 110 corner plates, Puma Bonnet. (3 door or 5 door) 90 corner plates, 110 corner plates, Puma Bonnet. All available in Natural or Powder coated Black LHD and andEstate RHD NEW PREMISES: Unit 3 Redlands Industrial All available in Natural or Powder coated Black LHD RHD

NEW PREMISES: Unit TF2 3 Redlands Redlands Industrial Estate Oakengates Telford 9JX. TEL 01952 618190 NEW PREMISES: Unit 3 Industrial Estate Oakengates Telford TF2 9JX. TEL 01952 618190 Check our new website Oakengates Telford TF2 9JX. TEL 01952 618190 Check our our new new website website Check Defender 90 Defender 90 in natural90 Defender in natural £106.25 in natural £106.25 £106.25 Steering guard £99 Steering guard guard £99 £99 Steering

Free UK Delivery Postcode Restrictions Apply Free UK Delivery Free UK Delivery We now offer international delivery on selected items Postcode Restrictions Apply Postcode Restrictions Apply

We now offer international delivery on selected items We now offer international delivery on selected items


Visit our EBay store Visit our our EBay EBay store store Visit


w w w. t h e l a n d y. c o . u k

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N Defender Defender • GPS Vehicle Defence • Geo-fence • SOS • Interactive smart phone app • Real Time recorded tracking • Vibration over speed limit • Remote fuel cut-off

The Defender Defender is an all-inclusive security system delivering automated responsive alert notifications, unparalleled service levels and the best customer controls on the market. Our unique functions are designed to stop criminals at source and guard your vehicle from theft. Added protection is continuously provided by our pinpoint accurate GPS tracking technology. Launch offer £195.00.

W. E. info@ T. 01452 640713





Comp Safari Interclub – The story so far Words: Steve Blakeman Pictures: Dannii Cooper and Gina Williams



ow in its sixth year, the CSIC (Comp Safari Interclub Championship) has got off to a flying start. With seven rounds, and six counting, the first three rounds saw two winners overall. How did that happen? Particularly as both winners share the same surname. Round 1 was at Baden Hall in Staffordshire. It started off icy and then got wet. And then a lot wetter. The yellow seeded cars started first, then the greens and then the reds. In theory this meant the best cars went last but, after just one lap, there were quite a few red-seeded cars by the side of the track, off the track, broken down or in a tree. Kevin Stubbs tried a new approach to going flat out down the back straight. He pirouetted 360 degrees and then kept going. It was impressive but, by the end of the first run, he was 20 seconds down, so it wasn’t perhaps the best idea.

Overall Ian Roberts was in first place in Class 1 with brother Peter in second. Colin Davies slotted into third. In Class 2, Gary Bull lead from start to finish, claiming his first class win from Jonathan Simpson in second and Mark Walker in third. Round 2 was at Babell near Holywell. Amazingly, the first round saw a massive 29 retirements, but this second round saw 24 of the 30 starters actually finish. Despite being in Wales, it didn’t even rain. Once again it was Ian Roberts followed by his brother taking the top two slots in Class 1. This time Matthew Jones followed them in, for third. In Class 2 Jeff Bazeley took top honours, with Simon Hooper in second and Jonny Koonja in third. Round 3 was at Aston Lodge Farm near Stone and, once again, it rained. With an entry list of 44 vehicles it looked like being an action-packed day. Looks were not deceiving. It started with lap one, where two crashes caused a 40-minute delay. Not a great start. However, Peter Roberts had obviously had enough of playing second-fiddle to his twin brother. He

set about a lap so fast that his time wasn’t beaten by any other competitor all day. Well, it was beaten, but by Peter himself. Clearly on a roll, he took top slot in Class 1 for the day. Brother Ian had to spend quite a bit of the day in the pits working on his vehicle so did well to finally nail second place. Kevin Stubbs, this time resisting any more pirouettes, took third. In Class 2, Ian Chiles made a comeback, having missed the first two rounds due to a rebuild on the engine. This was in fact the closest class, with Ian, Jeff, Simon and Jonny all within seconds of each other on the remaining runs, with only 30 seconds covering them by the end of the event. Jonny Koonja came out on top, followed by Jeff and Ian, with Simon coming in fourth. With three events down and four to go it seems likely that Class 1 will have the name Roberts as the winner. But which brother it is remains to be seen and, anyway, this is racing so anything could happen. Watch out for the next round at Green Hall near Oswestry.

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14 August

Thames Valley 4x4

Slindon Safari

4x4 Without a Club

Aldermaston, Berkshire

29 August

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Devil’s Pit


Essex, Rochford and District 4x4 Club

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Barton-le-Clay, Bedfordshire

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Mouldsworth, Cheshire

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Mouldsworth, Cheshire Broxhead, Hampshire

4 September Bala 4x4

Fontwell, West Sussex Mannington, Dorset

18 September Explore Off Road

Silverdale, Stoke-on-Trent

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Frickley, South Yorkshire

Slindon Safari

Bala, Gwynedd

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21 August

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Parkwood 4x4

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Minstead, Hampshire

24 September

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Kirton Off Road Centre

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Minstead, Hampshire

Mud Monsters

East Grinstead, West Sussex

Parkwood 4x4 Tong, Bradford

27 August Kirton Off Road Centre

Kirton Lindsey, North Lincs

28 August Avalanche Adventure

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Minstead, Hampshire

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Tong, Bradford

Picadilly Wood

10 September Burnham Off-Roaders Tring, Hertfordshire

11 September

Kirton Lindsey, North Lincs

25 September Cowm Leisure

Whitworth, Lancashire

Devil’s Pit

Burnham Off-Roaders

Barton-le-Clay, Bedfordshire

Devil’s Pit

Kirton Lindsey, North Lincs

Barton-le-Clay, Bedfordshire

Mud Monsters

Essex, Rochford and District 4x4 Club

East Grinstead, West Sussex

Slindon Safari

Tring, Hertfordshire

Rayleigh, Essex

Kirton Off Road Centre

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Sibbertoft, Northants

Cowm Leisure

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Kirton Off Road Centre

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Slindon Safari

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UK Landrover Events

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Protect the one you Love!

We’ve a range of security products to help you do just that. Skytag

DA9012 How It Woarks > Pinpoint GPS tracking with worldwide coverage > 24/7 service > Tamper alerts > Intelligent movement alerts > Direct police access and liaison > Simple install and transferable > Internal backup battery > 5 year warranty About Skytag Skytag are now largest independent stolen vehicle recovery company in the UK, providing state of the art location equipment to recover your property quickly and efficiently. With an outstanding recovery record and an 11 minute fastest record, they are proud to offer a service second to none. With unique features like monthly operation checks and direct police access to live location information. The Skytag device is a very small covert unit designed to be hidden in a vehicle, self instillation enhances the covert nature of the product as everyone will put it somewhere different, making it virtually impossible to find, this also reduces costs and makes the unit easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle with no charges. The device is smaller than a computer mouse and contains a GPS chip that can pin-point its location on the planet to within 5 metres. The device also contains a module that communicates this position to us via the GPRS data network. So we know exactly where your vehicle is in the event of a theft. Our unit comes with the peace of mind of full worldwide cover and is IP65 waterproof. The device has an inbuilt backup battery that lasts 3 days should the vehicle battery be disconnected. It also alerts us when the battery has been disconnected; we can even tell when the vehicle battery is running low, ensuring continuous operation. More information available online

Tamperproof Nuts & Bolts



Ensure your precious accessories remain firmly on your Land Rover by using a set of these tamper proof nuts and bolts. Ideal for securing your winch and front bumper. Each set contains either 4 nuts or bolts and 1 key. DA7330 M6 nut set & key DA7333 M10 x 110 bolt set & key DA7331 M8 nut set & key DA7334 M10 x 35 bolt set & key DA7332 M10 nut set & key

X-Column DA9013 One thing that is common to virtually all stolen Land Rovers is that the column steering lock has been broken. It is normally broken by removing the lock barrel as this is surprisingly quick - the vehicle can then often be started with a screwdriver. This neat solution is a sleeve for the lock barrel assembly machined out of steel. It is strong enough to prevent the barrel being removed or the end broken off. The best thing about this solution is it’s completely passive - i.e. nothing to lock or unlock. It stays permanently fitted to the vehicle providing 24 hour protection and deterrent value. The column lock will fit all Defenders LHD or RHD - up to 2014, including Puma/Tdci. One exception is that some ex-military vehicles do not have a steering lock. While the column lock will fit - it serves no purpose as there is nothing for it to protect.

Reducing the risk of your Land Rover being stolen. For more security information visit

Security Marking Kit DA8533 The International Security Register (ISR) system has proved successful in deterring and detecting theft and fraud for over 30 years. It works on the principle that if a vehicle’s windows and parts are marked using robust techniques and details are recorded on a secure database - supported by a 24/7 verification service - criminals stealing the vehicle will run a real risk of being caught and prosecuted. Each mark applied to a vehicle will contain a unique 8-digit code, the ISR logo and Pack Components > Full instructions on marking and registering a Land Rover are in the security marking kit. > 8 vinyl stencils, fluid and brush for marking windows. > 2 warning decals. > 2 sets of 6 UV self-etch labels for application to painted metal body panels. > 2 sets of 7 ultra-destruct labels with UV fluid and applicator for identifying plastic parts. > A set of three Britpart branded security tags for increasing the chance of items that are so often mislaid, being returned to the owner. > A Britpart branded ISR customer contact card. More information available online.

The Landy September 2016  

The latest issue of The Landy - the UK's only free distribution Land Rover publication.

The Landy September 2016  

The latest issue of The Landy - the UK's only free distribution Land Rover publication.