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help It can help with getting a correct diagnosis and special ed it! referrals and practical support and advice to families.

ght help

e in three need it! birthmark? h some being hat one in three appearing with a birthmark? were set up over 10 years ago by parents of pes, with someWe being children born with birthmarks. d others appearing me require We aim to provide UK-based support for anyone with nd this is a birthmark, as well as their families and friends. but some require ort Group tment and this is Get in touch... getting a Group rk Support palist withreferrals getting a ngspecialist emotional nd referrals th offering advice to emotional

rt and advice to

Milton Keynes Hospital Radio By your bedside for over 30 years

Welcome Many thanks for taking the time to read through our magazine which will let you know a little more about the work of hospital radio here in Milton Keynes and how to get the most from us.

Our aim is to provide entertainment to the patients of the hospital any time day or night in order to take their mind off being in the hospital and to help them on the road to recovery. Milton Keynes Hospital Radio has been a part of the life and times of the hospital since 1984 and although many things have changed over time our philosophy of being there for the patients remains. In order for us to provide this service we have a small group of hard working volunteers who spend their time bringing together all the aspects of our service which includes equipment maintenance, presentation, fund raising, and programme production. There are a wide range of programmes available to cater for every musical taste all of which

are listed on our website which also contains more up to date details of the various activities and events which we are involved in. As the patients are at the heart of what we do our nightly request shows are the mainstay of our evenings involving our members spending time with the patients collecting requests as they go. We know from the reactions of patients that this contact is greatly appreciated. Our output isn’t restricted to within the hospital grounds as we also take part in a number of outside broadcasts each year as well as the more regular live commentary from every home game of the MK Dons.

Best wishes,

Phil Yates Chairman

• Hourly Care • 24hr Live-in Care • Day and Night Sittings • Palliative Care • Complex Care

We provide quality person-centered services that enable the client to stay in the comfort of their own home and maintain their privacy, dignity, independence and choice. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and a member of UKHCA.

t: 01908 942265 – m: 07490 118672 – 117 Langcliffe Drive, Heelands, Milton Keynes MK13 7LD | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


Milton Keynes Hospital Radio By your bedside for over 30 years

CONTENTS Broadcasting 24 Hours a day to the Patients’ and Staff at the Milton Keynes Hospital

3) MK Team On the Road 4) A Tribute to...BOB THE BUSKER 5) 90 years of service 6) A friendly face in a scary place! 10) What can you expect to hear? 12) ‘Retro Show’ By Tina Collins 13) Presenting a request show 14) Music is the best medicine! 16) Keeping the station on air! 17) On the road again! 18) Baby Bonding at Humpty Bumpty 20- 21) Our Programme Line-up

22) 23) 24) 25) 26) 29) 30) 31) 33) 36) 38)

Marathon Broadcast A huge thank you to Asda! Studio 2! A huge thank you for Studio 2 MK Dons Interview Spot the Ad Word Search Spot the difference Helplines & Contact Numbers Breeze through Pregnancy

The Health Benefits of Owning a Cat.

How to Contact Milton Keynes Hospital Radio

Address & Administration Contact: Milton Keynes Hospital Radio, Milton Keynes General Hospital, Standing Way, Eaglestone, Milton Keynes, MK6 5LD Telephone: 01908 690 505 (24 hour answer phone) Email: Registered Charity No. 289361 Published for Milton Keynes Hospital Radio by Essential Media Ltd: Telephone: 01908 889 499 | Email: | © The Heartbeat Magazine 2017. Disclaimer: The Heartbeat Magazine is powered by Milton Keynes Hospital Radio, Milton Keynes and is produced by essential media ltd. No parts of this publication can be reproduced or used in any form without the prior permission from the publisher. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken in producing this magazine, we do not accept any liability for inaccuracy or, endorse any companies & organisations featured. © The Heartbeat Magazine 2017.


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07588 850 072 • | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


On January 30th 2017 we received the sad news that long serving member, Bob Pring, had passed away after a long illness. Before his illness, Bob had been a staple at the station for 10 years. He would travel all the way from Long Buckby to present the ‘Saturday Sports Show’, often helping to get the patients excited when the MK Dons played at the stadium. He rarely, if ever, missed a show as he didn’t want all you hardened sports fans to miss out just because you were ill. Bob was one of our most passionate and dedicated volunteers. He attended all of the committee meetings, putting forward his ideas to continually move the station forward, raise money and help spread the word that there was a free radio station within the hospital. He was the one who, in 2011, put his hand up and asked if we had thought of hosting a marathon broadcast to help raise money through sponsorship. Our fundraising committee, along with Bob, took the idea forward and it has now become an annual event which has helped raise over £6,000 for the station – all because of Bob!

As well as constantly coming up with fundraising ideas, including a sponsored slim, Bob was particularly known for his love of the harmonica. Reigniting his love for it in 2006, Bob was always happy to play a tune and entertain the crowd at our fundraising events, raising £70 solely by busking at our Live 45 event (you may have seen him at MK train station). Even before joining MK Hospital Radio 10 years ago, Bob had been an active member of several other stations including Radio Brockley and Radio Kings. This equated to well over 20 years of service to Hospital Radio, for which he received a Long Service Award from the national Hospital Broadcasting Association. It’s said a lot, especially when someone has passed, but Bob really did make an impact on everyone who met him.We have received condolences and kind words from most of the hospital departments, even ones we had no idea knew Bob. They, like everyone at MK Hospital Radio, remember Bob Pring; the man with the biggest smile, the latest sports scores, a never ending stream of ideas and a harmonica tucked in his jacket pocket.


The one a 4


THE BU only: BOB

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S r a e Y

e c i v r OF Se

Running a station takes a lot of hard work and commitment, not only to present live shows every night but behind the scenes as well, and our volunteers seem to have it in abundance. In October 2015, at the finale of our Live 30 show, we had the privilege to host June Snowden, President of the National Hospital Broadcasting Association. She not only presented the station with a certificate to celebrate its 30th year on air (wohoo!) but also took the opportunity to present some of our members with Long Service certificates for their years of dedication.

Alan Clarke (36 years) They say without order there would be chaos.Well, the same could be said of Alan. In addition to presenting his show on a Thursday night, warming you all up with great music whilst the request collectors work, Alan also keeps the station organised behind the scenes. In his additional role as MKHR secretary, Alan ensures everything, from the studio music to the paperwork, is kept up to date so we can continue bringing you the great shows we do!

Phil Yates (25 years) A staple behind the scenes, Phil helps keep the volunteers organised and motivated during their fundraising activities. As well as hosting two request shows a week, where he also helps train future volunteers of the station, Phil attends every fundraising event to help keep the station on air (along with a team of helpers of course). He has dedicated 25 years to the station and shows no sign of slowing down yet.

Martin Thorpe (20 years) Our Vice Chairman and backbone of the MKHR volunteers, Martin has thrown himself into the running of the station alongside Chairman Phil. When Martin first started at MKHR, ward visits were nonexistent and we broadcast only within the hospital. Over the years, he has helped change this so we have request shows every weekday and are the only local radio station to offer Soccer Sight at MK Dons home game. Never happy unless moving forward, Martin has now thrown himself into building Studio 2.

Claudette (10 years) The queen of soul music, Claudette has an unexhausted amount of energy that she brings to every aspect of the station including the committee meetings she attends, her ‘Something Soulful’ show and to the stations fundraising and PR events. | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


We know that being in hospital can, quite frankly, suck.You may have been feeling ill for a long time, or maybe you’ve come in through the Accident and Emergency department, but you will undoubtedly be feeling awful. If you’re not being visited by your loved ones and friends, your only other visitors are doctors and nurses running tests (which, although vital, are not particularly pleasant). Other than this you may spend the majority of your time alone which can add loneliness to your list. That’s why our request shows are so vital. It’s not just because your requests help create a fantastic set list that has us singing and dancing around the studio (be thankful that we don’t subject you to webcam footage). We love visiting the wards because it gives us a chance to come and have a chat with all of you.

We love to hear the reasons why you picked your songs; maybe it’s just been stuck in your head for a while, maybe it was the first dance at your wedding or it’s simply a song that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel better–it doesn’t matter, we just love to hear it. There are no limits to the number of songs you can request, or the style of songs we play, so don’t be afraid to tell us your favourite. It can be difficult trying to think of one, especially when we have put you on the spot, which is why you are more than welcome to call us mid show if you think of one! Don’t worry; we won’t put you on the air unless you want us too.


ve an’t visit e and we c e g r la t: a y r s ve il u hospital is table; you can ema o try, the c d ta e n o w c d y n il y, a eas t team tr are very ur reques orry though! We o s a d r a As h on’t w al Radio h week. D ward eac K Hospit io@mkhr


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@MKHo request a

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Supporting you in the comfort of your own home We provide care and support for those with the following conditions:

• Live-in care • Parkinson Disease • Dementia • Multiple Sclerosis • Spinal Injuries • Palliative / End of Life For more information call 01908 375 199 • 07931 359 586 Or email

Tune in to Milton Keynes Hospital Radio


s eyne o K n i Milto ital Rad p Hos

via your Smartphone and Online at:

.or HRS

.MK www @MKHospitalRadio | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:



? r a e h ct to


p x e u o can y

We bring you music, shows and entertainment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you can’t sleep at night, want something to do throughout the day or just want to put a smile back on your face – MKHR is there for you at the click of a button. In addition to our scheduled pre-recorded programmes, and our weekday request shows, we bring you specialist programmes you won’t want to miss.

We mean it, especially with our request shows, if you can think of it we will play it. Our team of volunteers travel around the hospital, visiting as many wards as they can in order to get your requests and have a bit of a chat. In addition to our request shows, our volunteers provide you with live shows throughout the week to keep you entertained whether you’re in hospital for one day, one week or one month. It almost makes it worth it…almost!

These shows are IN ADDITION to our request shows. Tune in between 8 - 9 every weekday to hear all your favourite songs!

7-8pm – Retro Show - Tina Collins Tina brings you all your guilty pleasures.The ones that get your toes tapping, singing at the top of your voice (sorry nurses!) and having a smile plastered across your face. Your visitors have gone home but that no reason for the fun to stop!

1 – 2pm -Something Soulful – Claudette Brooker Join Claudette on a Monday afternoon as she brings you an hour crammed with all your favourite soul songs! Known as the ‘feel good’ music, Claudette brings you exactly what you want to hear.

Westminster Homecare provides support and assistance for people who in later life want to live at home and maintain their independence for longer. We offer a range of services including:

• • • • • •

Personal Care Companionship Medication Assistance Waking Night Support Shopping & Cleaning Specialist Dementia Care

• • • • • •

Pension Collection Sleep in Support Personalised Support Palliative Care Respite Care for Carers End of Life

Westminster Homecare Milton Keynes 01908 373734 • If you are interested in working for Westminster Homecare please e-mail


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6-7pm – Chill out hours – Alan Clarke Alan brings you all your favourite songs from the 50s until now, along with a little trivia about the bands who made them famous, in our chill out hour. You’ll be having so much fun that you’ll forget that you’re learning along the way! 7-8pm – Easy listening - Donna Edgell Donna gets your Tuesday night off to a relaxing start as she brings you an hour of music that just forces you to relax. You’ll be singing along as you hear the songs you forgot you loved – it’ll be hard for you to get through a show without tapping your toes.

12pm – 2pm – Rose Marie on Sunday Rose Marie Calder There is no better entertainment whilst you are enjoying your lunch than Rose Marie’s show. Over the two hours, she brings you double hits of all your favourite artists – think she has missed on? Give her a call on 01908 690505, she loves to chat to guests.

Martin Thorpe brings you live coverage of the MK Dons when they are playing at MK Stadium. Covering the pre match excitement as well as the match itself, you’ll think you’re standing amongst the fans rather than lying in your hospital bed – just try not to scream too loud when they score!

full shows, a g in z a m a r me of ou o s s in website, a t r n u o o c n ly o n Radio This list o guide can be found Hospital K e M m m a progr k.


0 505


sp @MKHo

st and ossible. and reque r e b m u soon as p n s a d r ir a a w , e e am it on th us your n we’ll get just leave

01908 69 | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


I’ve been at the station for five years now. Like all of our volunteers, I started out as part of the request team before learning how to run the desk and branching into running my own show. I still run a request show on a Monday so I can go around the hospital and visit the patients each week – I never know what you will want to talk about but I know it will be interesting! Tuesdays run slightly differently for me than Mondays because, whilst my team go round and collect requests, I host ‘The Retro Show’ between 7 – 8pm. Over an hour, I bring you a mix of music

that includes everything from the 1940’s until now. These songs are classics, those you forgot you loved but still know every word to and songs that bring back memories. Whilst I love running a request show, hearing your favourite songs and the memories that come with them, the Retro Show is on a whole new level. In a way its selfish, because l love every single song I play to the point my voice is normally raw from singing so much, but I get to connect with the patients in a different way. It’s like I’m inviting you all into my living room to share my favourite songs with you.

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Mastectomy • Maternity • Bridal Nightwear • Swimwear

Sweet Dreams 01280 812 507 19 Castle Street, Buckingham, MK18 1BP


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Milton Keynes Hospital Radio By your bedside for over 30 years

Every MKHR volunteer starts their radio life the same way, on a request show. It really is a baptism of fire as they are thrown into a weekday request show to learn presenting skills, operating the studio and meeting some of the patients straight away. Many volunteers then move on to run their own shows, either in replacement of, or alongside the request show. Sarah-Jayne, who has been part of a request show for 6 years, tells you what it’s like on a typical Tuesday night: “The team arrive in the studio at 7pm to decide which ward, or wards, we are going to visit. A helpful checklist kept in the studio helps ensure we don’t go to the same ward twice in one week and that we get around to as many people as possible. Once we’ve decided what ward we’ll go to, psyched ourselves up (there are no sad faces on a request show, ever.) and filled our pockets with spare headphones for patients, we’re on our way. Our Tuesday night request team runs slightly differently to our Monday night team, primarily because Tina has her own show between 7-8pm on a Tuesday so isn’t available to come around the wards with us. Collecting requests can be nerve-wracking as it is very much a hit and miss situation. There can be days where we will visit three or four wards and only get a handful of requests (we don’t mind, we know you’re ill and sometimes just want to rest) but the majority of the time you are all very forthcoming with your requests and our request

sheet soon fills up. AJ and I always try and get a story to go with the request so we can try and personalise it some way when playing it on air later but, even when there’s no story to go with it, we’re always interested in the choices you make. Once we’ve spoken to all of you, given you spare headphones and tuned in your Hospicom units to the right channel it’s a mad dash back to the studio to create the ultimate playlist. Back in the studio, the hard work begins! We spend some time sat together, turning your requests into a playlist that runs smoothly – we rarely have a slow paced song next to a fast one as the tempo changes too drastically – this sometimes involves adding some ‘filler’ songs in but most of the time our request sheet is just too full. Once the set list is made, and the music is found, we jump onto the air and the show begins. We keep the energy high on a Tuesday night, discussing different topics between songs including current events, TV shows, fun antidotes and any memories we have surrounding the songs playing.We’re a mixed group of personalities that come together. There is guaranteed to be a song on every playlist that I haven’t heard – Tina, our trivia queen, normally has – so I get to hear music I otherwise never would have. Our energy levels only increase throughout so, by the end of the show, we are singing and dancing in the studio.” | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


! e n i c i t med

s e b e h ic is t


Think about when you’re travelling; driving, riding or walking to work with music playing in your ears. By the time you get to work you’re in a much better mood than when you left the house.That’s because, although medicine plays a crucial part in your recovery, so does music. It helps to subconsciously shift your mood from sad to happy as well as having an impact on your physical health including blood pressure, heart rate and an increased tolerance of pain (I always listen to the radio at blood tests!)

The Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) used their strong ties to the wider community of hospital radio stations to find out how listening to hospital radio can improve your mood. They held a study of over 250 people, including patients, staff and volunteers, to find out the impact of hospital radio.They looked at five different impact measures: Entertainment, Social interaction, calming and reassuring, creating a sense of belonging and feeling like an individual. The very thorough, 36 page report showed that listening to hospital radio helped in all areas.

Does anyone else feel like time moves incredibly slowly when you’re in hospital? You can be there for a day, week, month or sometimes longer and, other than the visiting times, you can spend a lot of time looking at the clock. It can be impossible to sleep because you’re in pain, monitors are beeping, nurses are doing hourly vitals check (very important, very annoying) and, as an alternative to TV, you’re tuning into the MK Hospital Radio. We give you access, via your Hospicom unit, to

music 24 hours a day – free of charge - so you never need to be bored again whilst our request shows let you take control of the playlist and get involved – plus we give you a cheeky shout out live on air!

By far the most important reason we send our volunteers out to the wards each and every day! Being in hospital can be an incredibly lonely, confusing and scary time in your life. You’re not feeling your best, anxious about operations or your recovery and only see your visitors once a day.We come to the wards and ask you if you’d like to hear a song and, while it’s great to get such a varied mix from you, we love hearing your stories more. It can be a fantastic icebreaker and often conversations will break out on the bay as to

what music is the best and the memories they prompt. The interaction doesn’t stop there as we take to the air, tell them your story and ask them what they think of the song. It’s a patient party and you’re all invited!


67% of stations surveyed rated entertainment as their number one priority when deciding what to broadcast.

95% of the stations surveyed reported that presenters go out to meet patients on the wards.

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Being in hospital can be a terrifying experience. On top of not feeling yourself, you have the anxiety of upcoming operations and tests, especially when you have so much time to fear the worst. Our volunteers are there to take your mind off it, even if just for an hour, where you can talk about something other than your health issues (although we will chat about that too if it’ll put your mind at ease). Throughout the survey, the HBA spoke to staff who said that they had seen patients physically relax when listening to the

radio which made treatment ‘more effective and easier to bear’.

Being in hospital can be very disorientating, especially if you don’t get given an influx of gossip magazines by your visiting friends, because you don’t really know what’s going on in the world. Our presenters like to discuss a variety of things including current events, both local and national, news and actively invite you to get involved on our social media by posing questions for you to answer.As we are online, and you can submit

requests via email, it also forms a connection to the outside world as your loved ones can request a song for you and let you know they’re thinking of you.

You get admitted to hospital, either by ambulance or A and E, and you’re admitted into the ward. It can be very easy to lose your sense of self as your daily routine is stripped away from you and your life becomes about your condition rather than you as an individual. One of our highest priorities is making sure you are treated as an individual. We do this by playing your favourite song, whether Sinatra or Slipknot, and hearing your stories.

Then tune in to hear us recall meeting you and how great it was before playing your song for all to hear!

71% of the stations surveyed offer content in addition to music such as news, talk, sport, spoken word, weather and comedy. (We’re one of them).

71% of stations surveyed broadcast national news whilst information about things happening locally is broadcast by 67%

Giving patients a choice in what songs are played on the radio was the 4th highest priority for stations surveyed when deciding what to broadcast.

alth. r your he fo d o o g station is d click our radio an to g in n te w day! search w ns that lis g better to the reaso let or phone (just n f li o e e fe v t fi r t b e jus in and sta picom, ta Those ar 24/7. Tune your Hos u n o o y e e to fr t s We’re broadca ) and we listen live | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


We receive no additional funding to keep our station on the air so fundraising is a vital part of our year’s activity.We do this is a variety of ways; out on the road, live marathons, applying to be a company’s charity of the year and hosting outside broadcasts. The next few pages will go into detail about our different methods of fundraising but our outside broadcasts have to be a favourite – and the one we do most often – it’s basically a party around the hospital where you’re all invited. The preparation for an outside broadcast on the hospital grounds is probably the easiest in terms of scheduling. Our volunteers find a weekend where the majority of our volunteers are free, book it and confirm it with the hospital – it’s that simple. First things first: you need a theme. When we fundraise around seasonal holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter, it’s easy. The music list writes itself and we just have to check it flows before going on air. If it’s not a special occasion, then we have to create our own theme. With a theme in mind; we go through our dusty old archives and our own music at home to create a set list that sticks to it and is guaranteed to get you dancing.

While he is busy getting the portable studio set up, and ensuring it connects to your Hospicom unit, the rest of the team get to work. They set up the speakers, so visitors can hear it too, the promotional banners so people know who we are and get the buckets ready for shaking. Then it’s a quick trip to the Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital shop for coffee and before we know it we’re going live. When the music starts, the party begins and our volunteers inevitably start dancing – you just can’t stop your feet from tapping to our great mix. We encourage all visitors to get involved; either by requesting a song, dropping money into the buckets or dancing with us (believe me, it happens). While some of our volunteers are shaking buckets at the front of the hospital, another group are visiting the wards to get requests and make sure as many people as possible are tuned in. The three or more hours whizz by; a blur of interviews, music, trivia, sports and dancing, we’re normally exhausted by the time we finish. Martin ensures we’re connected with the automated playing system so the good music doesn’t stop and then it’s time to pack up.

Setting up is easy, mainly because we leave the technical parts up to vice chairman Martin!


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As fun as the live broadcasts around the hospital are (and they are fun!) sometimes we like to give you a change of scene (figuratively speaking of course) and go out into the community to broadcast from events. Our outside broadcasts at community events are run slightly differently to those around the hospital but still have one goal in mind: fundraising. No matter where we are, whether at MK Museum during one of their historical re-enactments or at the Woughton Carnival, we want to get you involved so you feel like you are there with us rather than in your hospital bed. We will get involved with as many events as we can; describe what is happening (harder than it looks when describing an acrobatic performance), posting

Offering Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Lorraine Hancock 07769 320245 MamaBabyBlissMiltonKeynes

pictures and videos on our Facebook and Twitter pages so you can see what we are seeing, play music to help keep your spirits up and interview event coordinators, performers, guests and anyone else we can get onto the microphone. Our team of volunteers split up during these events, rather than staying together like in the hospital, as there is just so much to do. Whilst Martin and Phil present live on air, talking to people who pass by and gather their requests, our team spread out into the crowd. We organise interviews and direct interviewees to our gazebo, host and edit our own pre-recorded interviews to be played on air, walking around with our buckets and leaflets to collect any money people want to donate and letting people know who we are. Keep your eye on the notice board outside the studio for information on where we’ll be broadcasting next.

Want us involved?

If you have an event that you think the patients of the hospital would love to hear about, and that MKHR would benefit from covering, email our fundraising coordinator: with further details and a point of contact. | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:



HUMPTY BUMPTY had the HDlive viewing as well as the scan and we chose Humpty Bumpty Police officer and mum Jenny due to its fantastic reviews Restall saw her baby girl and because they offered the Primrose properly for the HDlive option. first time during an amazing “We went for the scan for 4D scan at Humpty Bumpty. peace of mind and the baby The emotional experience seems to be thriving, so fingers was all the more poignant as crossed we are successful in until her visit to the Humpty having a healthy baby in our Bumpty clinic in Milton Keynes, arms soon. Jenny had been unable to bond “At Humpty the environment with her unborn daughter. was so relaxing and the Jenny, 37, revealed how the sonographer was so good, I was heartache of losing her baby ecstatic with the results, it was boy Maxwell, who died priceless to us - just amazing. within days of being born “At Humpty they are prematurely at 24 weeks, high professionals and they do risk pregnancies and suffering everything they can to get miscarriages, meant she’d been the baby to play ball. They just apprehensive about bonding want to make the experience with her baby due in June. so very special, which was Using revolutionary state-of-the- invaluable to us. I’d recommend art scanning technology, HDlive, them over 100%. during a 4D scan at Humpty “Personally, with my pregnancy Bumpty, Jenny was finally able to history, it had been quite hard see her baby girl in breath-taking to bond detail and the joyful experience with this had a profound effect on her baby in and husband Gareth. case I lose Jenny, who is mum to Amelia, her and 6 and Harry, 4, said: “With our during the Humpty Bumpty package we scan at 18

Humpty I could see she looks like she is doing perfectly well. I’d recommend it to anybody it’s the best thing we have ever done and I can’t recommend Humpty Bumpty highly enough - they’re fantastic. “The experience was amazing, we couldn’t believe the amazing quality of what we saw, our little girl was pulling faces and smiling and everybody is excited now. It’s helped Daddy bond too and now he touches and kisses my tummy, he even ordered the pram days after the scan. “We’ve not had one bit of pleasure from our previous pregnancies and this is what Humpty Bumpty provided us, for the first time to have the pleasure and peace of mind - it’s been a very special pregnancy and I’d honestly say the majority of that is due to Humpty Bumpty.”

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JOY BUNDLE OF nancy Preg 4D & HDlive Package

4D & HDlive

Baby Scans

Humpty Bumpty is a Baby Scanning Clinic in Milton Keynes offering future parents the opportunity to see their baby before it is born. We offer the very latest in 3D, 4D and amazing HDlive baby scanning technology enabling us to get the most life like images of your baby.

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0 6 £ E V A S

: Includes bonding Scan* 12+ week

• r Scan ek gende n** • 16+ we Dlive Sca H / D 4 k e • 26+ we and lable in 2D

only avai scans ing Scans mend 4D ncy. Plus *Bond ical. **We recom ple pregna ed ti m ul m nr no ks fo are w + . 24 en , wks ates giv from 26+ or due d rements No measu

T:01908 315 137

Unit 6 Manor Farm Court Old Wolverton Road Milton Keynes MK12 5NN

Milton Keynes Hospital Radio By your bedside for over 30 years

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SATURDAY 24 Hour Music The A to Z of Pop Morning Music Radio Scooby with Captain Bill Sharkie Music Box The Comedy Hour with Ray Oxley Sunnyside of the Street with Ken Anton Classical Hour with Andy Scott Golden Years The A to Z of Pop Music and Movies with AJ The Friday Night Request Show Late Night Music In Concert

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Classical Hour with Andy Scott Golden Years The A to Z of Pop Weekend Music In Concert

PLEASE NOTE: Schedule correct at time of print. Visit our website for up-to-date schedule details.

Lyn’s Hairdressers Are you looking for a hair salon in Milton Keynes? Lyn’s Hairdressers offer top quality hairdressing services from a centrally located hair salon. Whatever you are looking for, a cut, colour, restyle - it is all available at an affordable price. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! We’re in the Milton Keynes Hospital!

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 9.30am - 18:00pm Saturday 10:00am - 17:00pm Sunday Closed

Tel: 01908 995 959 | Email: | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


S ou s) NHisc etail

D rd aff k fo St (as


Once a year, primarily because it takes that long to recover from it, we take to the air for a Marathon Broadcast. These can last as long as 30, 40 or even 50 hours with our volunteers taking to the air through the night without interruption. One of the most memorable ones has to be Live30, full of VIP interviews and a special finish that included some of our volunteers getting certificates for their years of service (more about that later). The broadcast began with the chair of the NHS Trust, Baroness Wall, coming to the hospital restaurant to be interviewed about her life and the exciting plans she has for the future of the hospital including the expansion of the Accident and Emergency department to help mend the ever growing population of Milton Keynes and transforming it into a university hospital in order to help train and sculpt the future doctors, nurses and surgeons with hands on experience on the wards. If Baroness Wall wasn’t enough, our next guest was one of the most recognisable people to fans of MK Dons: Pete Winkleman. As our sports correspondent and a huge fan, there was only one person who could conduct the interviews and that was vice chairman Martin. Of course, it didn’t take long until the conversation turned to current matches and the future of MK Dons. The interview was, quite frankly, amazing and everyone who

listened was a huge fan of Pete by the end of it, if they weren’t already, in awe of the amazing life he has led. Now however, he is focusing on the MK Dons and keeping their eyes on the big prize, being ambitious, surviving, developing the players and eventually making their way into the Premier League. Our presenters then took to the air bringing you a whole host of different shows including; rock, swing, chart toppers, show stoppers and of course Saturday sports including live coverage of the MK Dons game. We moved back to the restaurant within the hospital for the grand finale of our Live 30 – possibly our most successful marathon broadcast to date – for a very special visit from the President of the National Hospital Broadcasting Association June Snowden who not only presented our station with a certificate to mark our 30 years on air but gave 4 of our members Long Service Certificates for their dedication. PBConversions_updated.pdf








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“Specialists “Specialists in in vehicle vehicle adaptions adaptions for for people people with with disabilities” disabilities”

GILLY F NORRIS Fully Qualified & Accredited Accountant


Over 25 years experience in all areas of accountancy, business and tax. I take my time to understand the nature of your financial situation and offer advice and solutions. RELIABLE ACCOUNTANT AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD 11 Bletchley Road, Newton Longville, Milton Keynes, MK17 0AE

Tel: 01908 639762 • 07500 977585 Email:


Hand Hand Controls Controls Drive Drive from from the the Wheelchair Wheelchair Auto Adapt Adapt Platinum Platinum Dealer Dealer Auto On site service On site service available available FREE advice FREE advice 3 Year Year warranty warranty on on PBC PBC products products 3 20 20 years years experience experience Left foot Accelerators Left foot Accelerators Radio remote remote systems systems Radio Annual Annual service service reminders reminders

We have have three three demo demo vehicles vehicles We

Call for for friendly friendly service service and and Free Free advice advice on: on: Call

01525 850588 850588 • • 01525

PB Conversions, Conversions, Unit Unit 6 6 Acacia Acacia Close, Close, Cherrycourt Cherrycourt Way, Way, Leighton Leighton Buzzard, Buzzard, Beds Beds LU7 LU7 4QE 4QE PB t:t: 01525 01525 850588 850588 f:f: 01525 01525 850588 850588 e: e:

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Although fundraising makes up the majority of the revenue we need to keep our station on air, we do occasionally get help from outside organisations who nominate us as their charity or give us a one off donation – all of which are gratefully received and go a long way in helping. One of our fundraising coordinators, Sarah-Jayne, was contacted by Asda Milton Keynes to tell her that MKHR had been put forward as one of three charities for their ‘Chosen By You, Given By Us’ campaign (CBYGBU). For those of you that don’t know, the CBYGBU nominate three charities every month who are then put to the public vote. Each customer is given a green token when paying for their shopping; they then put this green token into their choice of charity and whichever charity has the most votes at the end of the month receives a £200 donation. We were against some brilliant charities so competition was fierce. We asked everyone who visited Asda to vote for us and they obviously

listened because, at the end of the month, we received an email telling us that we had won. Tina and Sarah-Jayne Collins met with two representatives from Asda to receive the cheque and explain how the money would be used.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Asda for putting our charity forward and we’d also like to thank each and every customer who voted for us to win because, as always, we couldn’t do it without you! | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


We’ve been on air for over 30 years and, although we think we’re doing an amazing job bringing you live shows every week, we have only ever broadcast from a single studio within MK University Hospital. Over the years we have grown and expanded so much that we have volunteers broadcasting live every weekday which, whilst fantastic, is hindering us from bringing you a larger variety of shows as we don’t have the space or equipment to train new presenters or pre-record shows for broadcast at a later date. With this in mind, we have launched our most exciting project to date – STUDIO 2! We have identified space outside our current studio which is not being utilised to its full potential. This space is ideal for us to expand into, making room for a second studio and even leaving space for volunteers to work on the production of shows. After speaking to the Hospital Management, we’ve created a strategy that sees us undertake the renovation in stages so we can minimise disruption and still bring you


live shows regularly throughout. We’ve estimated that the works will cost approximately £35,000 – all of which will be raised by our volunteers, generous donations and successfully gaining grants. Our team have worked very hard and are delighted to say that Stage 1 of our project is complete: we have built an extension – you probably wouldn’t notice looking from the outside but internally it’s had a TARDIS effect. This was achieved thanks to a large grant from the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) and the hard work of our volunteers who have dedicated their time to do some DIY (they probably just wanted to play with the electrical tools!) Work is well underway to create the new studio area. Then the exciting bit happens – kitting it out! We will strip it out, refurbish it and refit both studios (studio 1 is well overdue an upgrade) with all new equipment so we have two highly modern studios to produce bigger and better shows for you to enjoy whilst stuck in your beds.

Please support the advertisers | without their kind support this publication would not have been possible.

Studio 2, as you can imagine, is a huge undertaking both physically and financially. Physically, our volunteers are more than willing to put in the sweat, tears and sometimes blood that it takes to create the second studio – a fact proved already as volunteers spent two afternoons tearing down walls and rearranging the studio before starting to rebuild it. Financially it is a little bit more tricky because, as an independently run charity who run purely on the funds we raise throughout the year, £35,000 is a large amount to find. The second studio would not be possible without the generosity of organisations who offer us grants (which we do apply for) to help fund our latest endeavour. Hospital Broadcast Association (HBA)

The HBA is more than happy to consider applications for grants and bursaries from the multitude of hospital radio stations around the UK. These are, of course, subject to very strict criteria but we approached them with our project proposal and waited with baited breath and everything crossed that we would be awarded the grant.

impressed them so much with his project plan that they gave us almost 6 times that amount! Synergy Financial Products LTD

We have received a £7,800 donation from St Albans-based Synergy Financial Products. The donation will be put towards the construction of Studio2! Ben Pears, Synergy’s Chief Executive and Steve Wyatt, a Non-executive director of Synergy presented the donation to us on 14th June 2016. Steve Wyatt, Non-executive Director, Synergy Financial Products has been working for us for almost a year now and was the mastermind behind the donation: “I have been volunteering with Milton Keynes Hospital Radio since September last year. Having firsthand experience of seeing the great work the charity does for the hospital’s patients I am delighted that we are able to support it with this donation.”

A month (or two) later we opened a very exciting email that said we had not only been successful but we’d been awarded a grant of £2,940 – enough to cover the deconstruction of the original wall and the rebuilding of the extension. Normally, the HBA only give grants up to £500 but Vice Chairman Martin Thorpe | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


s n o MK D

w e i v r e t n i

This season will be the tenth season that MKHR has provided commentary on MK Dons home games. We also provide the commentary for visually impaired fans in the stadium through the Soccer Sight service. In that time, we haven’t missed a single competitive home match. Martin Thorpe has been on the team since the beginning. We asked him about his time in the Press Box at stadium:mk. When did you start commentating?

What is the Worst ground?

I started commentating over my Subbuteo set when I Well I thought that wet Tuesday nights at Wealdstone’s was about 10. There were some epic games in those old ground would take some beating, but London Road tournaments! at Peterborough was easily worse! We went to cover the Play Off Semi-final, only to find that our ‘facilities’ My first real match was in 1985, when I joined the were literally a bench at the back of the stand. There Hospital Radio team at Huddersfield Town. It was a wasn’t space for the equipment and we had to move at bitterly cold Tuesday night in February, there was snow halftime to let the sponsors walk past on their way to on the ground and Town beat Hull City 2-1. the bar! I ended up commentating on my mobile phone because the internet didn’t work. Whats the best ground that you have commentated at? What was the best game that you ever commentated on? Without a doubt, the new Wembley for the Johnstones Paint Trophy Final in 2008. A great experience to sit in No contest. MK Dons vs Manchester United in 2014 the Wembley Press Box to describe the Dons 2-0 win in the League Cup. We had been waiting for years for over Grimsby. The Press facilities were incredible – a a cup match against one of the big four, and here it was. full breakfast was served on arrival, a Cream Tea at half- The stadium was full, Louie Van Gall was newly arrived time. Every seat had its own TV so we could watch at United and the Press were on his back. The United replays of incidents. The atmosphere was amazing, the team never settled and somehow, the Dons just kept noise was incredible. And the Dons won 2-0 just to cap scoring. Two goals for Will Grigg and two for Benick a perfect day. Afobe won the game 4-0. I still have the recording of the game and listening back, you can hear just how I was also fortunate to cover two matches at the old incredulous the whole thing was. Wembley. The facilities were not quite as good, but Best Wishes to all Patients, Staff & Volunteers from the old stadium had some wonderful areas behind the scenes that very few people ever got to see, such as the Long Gallery and the Banqueting Hall. You got a real sense of History just finding your way to your seat!

Telephone: 01908 272910

1st Class House, Bletchley Road, Newton Longville, Milton Keynes, MK17 0AA


w w w. 1 s t c l a s s - t r a n s p o r t . c o. u k

What was the best goal that you have commentated on? Lots of contenders here, but I would pick the free kick by Sam Baldock in the Play Off semi against Peterborough in 2011. 40 yards out, it went like a bullet into the top corner. I knew that it was going in when he started his run-up! What was the strangest occurrence in a game? A 40 yard own goal after just 19 seconds! This happened at a Wealdstone game when I was commentating for Northwick Park Hospital Radio. The player’s name was Dennis Byatt. I was still reading out the teams as the game started, only to hear the cheer as it went in. I looked up to see the opposition, who hadn’t touched the ball yet, celebrating a goal. Fortunately my co-commentator had been watching. Two years later, Dennis retired, and I interviewed him about the goal at his Testimonial. He said that the Keeper had called for it, so he hit it back to him, only for the ball to sail over his head.

What one thing do you always take to a match? My co-commentator. This job would be really boring if I did it on my own (for the listeners as well – Ed) so I always have someone to work with. John Creasey has been my regular partner for many years and I enjoy working with him as our sense of humours match. Even a boring game is good fun when the banter kicks in. What advice would you give anyone wanting to take up football commentary? Learn the Laws of the game. I am a registered Referee, so have a head start here, but so many Commentators and pundits really don’t understand the ‘rules’ of the game that they spout about. Do you have a Sheepskin coat like Motty? No, but I do have a blue tartan fluffy fleece that comes out on really cold days !!


Removals & Storage

01908 850 555 HOUSE REMOVALS

With over 15 years of professional removals experience we offer a wide range of services. ~ Packing & Wrapping ~ UK & European ~ House Clearances ~ Single Items

STORAGE Short and Long term storage available. All types of furniture and goods stored. We come to you or you come to us. SAFE ~ SECURE ~ INSURED

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Milton Keynes Hospital Radio By your bedside for over 30 years

1). Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday? 2). David’s father has three sons: Snap, Crackle and _____________? 3). What is more useful when it is broken?

Little Turtle Swim Company t le

Swi m


om pany

Li t t le Tur

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Answer: 1:Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. 2:David 3: An Egg

For more information please contact Zara on 07958 791872 or visit our website at:

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Milton Keynes Hospital Radio By your bedside for over 30 years

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Little Turtle Swim Company

Providing the qu ality care and support... people need, disabilities” adaptions for people with w icle vehth in re & ts whe ecinalis “Sphe ey need01908 84 5433 it. Telep hone:

wimC ompa .uk




le Tu



Email : Zara@ LittleTurtleS HomeAid is an organisation lookin g to make a w S im diff tleerencCe in the care industry. Bespok e We put physical an 3. Swim d mental wellbein Specialists lasselife in Clater s planning of funeral plans E g C at h the ildren A For he art of our service by pro X 2. g and legalEservices designed to save you money viding individu 6 W CUeeks &ed al care services tailor UpwT ed to users need ards As. I VE FL We value and respe SE IN E ct our service usAers C L RV R religiUon, E culture and uniqu DI O ELIA e requirements Tby NG T & IC de M F BLering S quality and holistic E AL O E KC ROliv F care throuHgh M SE OO OTouTrRtra.ine .. dRV NS OV HO E IC AI and ex ,E pe rie E L nc ed N S s sta trol S ff. S TA HE P Hand Con R S E T




ld. Be unique. Be boProtect Your Family oke. Besp ITA TA E R

AL Drive from the WheelcShair T




Re RS comler menTHdCE CreateIONyour perfect home For mooreAda 20 bold, s ULA , M with inum Platati infptorm IN Aut onLDea ple ase conta NTct us I Bfurni 0shing and ture a U e furni fr labl ie home : avai US R nd oke ice besp serv RS site lep OnTe hone: 0190T8 ON and ES V R 410 991 & E e. E to make your home truly uniqu icere Ee Em ce@ivHho advme ailE: ho FRE XE ATa FREE £2 aid HI 0m me CU HR pro aidduc PBC ranty Hon TI 3 Yea Web O E sitre:war C V www.Ho ATme W EV nce T1 6. L HR AidC EH 20 years experie G urn showroom for: DA R




O Call now for yo AT Wator s W T eler foot Acc IC 5. io 4at BI nremote K complete solution fo ur FREE quotLeft 5 RMsystems io Rad r all of your tree wor vo ST ice IN uc rs G he inde rem r HA A Annual kserv







Secure Their Future T








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£6 icleks 5 de vehco.u emovals omp imC mo NDING AT tleSw AIany. eTur three www.Littl have £ We BABY BO 9 R 3 on: He ice adv 7pm dg 0 e to Fre e 10am O day re and every ductions Open P ser vice wooding £6yin PTY l for Cal& trfrie M imndlm k U Oers g Based Hprovide ion 5 ww conv in Milton Keynes, a personalised, professional & w.pb RTwe 4QETY ductions & pruning 3 Stump re0mov01al525 8505ia£88 LU7 Beds 70 • rryc ard, forourt you Way and ,your familyBuzz Leighton TRmUMP e, Che B 1Con 3 Hedge i&n PBsh versions, Unit 6 Acac Clos FR s@a sion 9 nver A pbco Contact us now to see how we can assist you e: & ru 88 8505 n tree pruning b 5 m f: 0152 aint OM LO N 5 8505 en88an 08 t: 0152 fo ce Tel: 0330 350 2095 @s M CAL SF NS




*H ** eath ** Park row *T he ing coll pr at c ec ice os tio ns ab t. ar ov cc ea e is ep ll M fo ta ra ee ll m irp t& ** or Gr ajo tt ee ra rc t. A ns re dd fer di £5 s fr t& ** to om in de M clu bi ilto de tc nK ca ar ey rp ds ne ar in kc sou ha Ple rg rv as es ec eh . on icl ta es ct us fo


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Place, Woburn, Bedfordshire, Showroom: Old Town Hall, Market 01525 290092 info@zoohause. @ZoohauseLtd @zoohauseltd


34 639777 info 07 @trimatrwe.set mk.c bs 08 410555 w .co ar w w .t l ri k 70 ile: 07939 14535 Wh ec 3 arl 7.



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ey Farm, College a Ro bad s.c, Cranfield MK43 0A H 8. o.


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zing, for perly for Primrose pro an amazing “We went for the scan y “The experience was ama ing bab the amazing first time dur pty Bumpty. peace of mind and the couldn’t believe , our little saw , so fingers we 4D scan at Hum to be thriving lity of what we ms qua see ling in smi ul nce faces and are successf al experie girl was pulling crossed we now. The emotion as instructions y in is exctoited Fort any taken lthy whenbab using thisour voucher. Only profits relating the use of this vouche re poignan and everybody bond too and having a hea was all the mo the Humpty Only one voucher per household. Photocopies are accepted. Instruction must be taken at th dy Dad to ed n. visit help s soo It’s until her , arm es my product kissalternative Offer may be withdrawn or alteredmen without notice. No and No t now chesvalue, in Milton Keynes he toucash Bumpty clinic d “At Humpty the environValid until 1st August ordered the even2018. n unable to bon xing and the tummy, he Jenny had bee r the scan. was so rela so good, I was daughter. days afteLTD, Life Protection pram was with her unborn er of sonograph one bit lts, it was hadMilton the resuElder aled how the Suite 74, 548-550 House, Eldernot Gate, Keynes, MK9 “We’ve Jenny, 37, reve g her baby ecstatic with our previous just amazing. losin s to us - & sure from elesEngland Registered Wales under plea 09924711. ICO registration pricin what numbe heartache of are pregnancies and this is l, who died they d boy Maxwel pty vide n Hum “At do Humpty Bumpty pro of being bor have within days ls and they 24 weeks, high professiona get us, for the first time to prematurely at and suffering everything they can to peace of and s just sure y the plea risk pregnancie nt she’d been the baby to play ball. The special nce mind - it’s been a ver y y say miscarriages, mea ut bonding want to make the experie and I’d honestl to abo cial, which was pregnancy apprehensive in June. of that is due so ver y spe her baby due d recommend the majority

2 standard Wills for £48 saving £90 We will donate 10% of our profits to Willen


Proud To Supp ort the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL: n ynes Hosp| Call ital Radio


ior Sen izen s Citcount Dis


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Milton Keynes - Northampton - Bedford

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TURNING THE CORNER WITH UNIQUE DESIGNS All made with love and attention to detail! Bespoke designs also available!


Most babies learn best when they see, hear, feel, touch, taste and smell.

Sneak a peek, it’s all amazing! Our multi-award winning classes will introduce you and your baby (or babies) to a world of sensory delights, where you can relax, spend quality time with each other and enjoy meeting other new parents. To find out more:

Enter your postcode at C las s e sat :Locations all over the Milton Keynes and Bucks area. Find your nearest class and get started with us.

We’ve done the research; so you can enjoy the fun...

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Milton Keynes Hospital Radio By your bedside for over 30 years

Would you like a Song Request? Here’s a few ways how you can contact Milton Keynes Hospital Radio Providing the quality care and support... people need, when & where they need it. HomeAid is an organisation looking to make a difference in the care industry.

Call the studio on 01908 690 505

We put physical and mental wellbeing at the heart of our service by providing individual care services tailored to users needs. We value and respect our service users religion, culture and unique requirements by delivering quality and holistic care through our trained and experienced staff. For more information please contact us: Telephone: 01908 410 991 Email: Website:


West Bletchley


Counselling Service


MK Hospital Radio

Community centered counselling in West Bletchley, Milton Keynes and beyond

01908 370 860


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Milton Keynes Hospital Radio By your bedside for over 30 years

and contact numbers...

Milton Keynes University Hospital 01908 660033 NHS 111 - NHS emergency and urgent care services Alcoholics Anonymous 0845 769 7555 Asthma UK 0800 121 6244 British Allergy Foundation 01322 619 864 Baby Ava’s Foundation 01527 359 600 Brain Tumour Research 01908 867 200 Carers Direct helpline on 0300 123 1053 NHS Blood and Transplant 0300 123 23 23 Mind, Mental Health & Wellbeing Charity 020 8519 2122 The Samaritans Milton Keynes 01908 667 777 Scope helpline, Disability charity Freephone: 0808 800 3333 Milton Keynes Council, Fostering 01908 253 206 Milton Keynes Council, Adoption 01908 253 654 Milton Keynes & District Cats Protection 01908 984 799 Lyn’s Hairdressers 01908 995 959 Maria’s Cleaning 01908 989 141 or 07547 164 012 Mobility & Adaptions PB Conversions Ltd SJ Mobility Solutions

01525 850 588 01280 821 253

Counselling & Life Coaching West Bletchley Wellbeing Counselling Service 01908 370 860 Just Smply Change 07737 495 666 Looking for Home Care? MK Executive Care 01908 375 199 Hot Line: 07931 359 586 Westminster Homecare 01908 373 734 Home Aid Community Care Services 01908 410 991 Anco Home Care 01908 942 265 or 07490 118 672

Things to do for the Kids Waterbabies 01295 709 221 Baby Sensory Milton Keynes 07473 944 053 The Bucks Book Fairy 07734 393 932 Humpty Bumpty - 3D & 4D Baby Scanning 01908 315 137 Mama Baby Bliss 07769 320 245 Tootsie Toes 01908 465 175 In Craft Corner 07707 586 036 Little Turtle Swim Company 07958 791 872 Looking to Move or for Storage? The Moving Network

01908 850 555











£30 £60 £65 £90 £65 £70

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*Heathrow collections are all Meet & Greet. Add £5 to include car park charges. **Parking at cost. ***The price above is for airport transfers from Milton Keynes - Please contact us for quote from your area.

We accept all major credit & debit cards in our vehicles

01908 770 770 | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


A brand new care home on Jersey Drive, Newton Leys, MK5 3SD is soon to open its doors, when it officially opens in September 2017. Lakeview Lodge Care Home will be a brand-new, luxury 66 bed Care Home and will be hosting a Public Open Day in September 2017 “All are welcome to come and enjoy some refreshments, meet the management team, staff and view the stunning new residential & dementia home. Our Open Day is being held on Sunday the 17th of September, from 11am. We’d be delighted to welcome you all along on the day to view our facilities, meet our fantastic team and enjoy some refreshments” said Country Court Care Managing Director, Alykhan Kachra.

The New Home will overlook Little Willow Lake on Jersey Drive and will showcase how style and elegance has been incorporated in to the development of a care home. The new Care Home will be built from traditional stone, whilst incorporating state of the art design and functionality. This new build project will be the latest Care Home to join the Country Court Care group, a national, award-winning provider of residentiall, Dementia and Nursing care. Winner of the “Residential Care Provider of the Year 2015”, Country Court Care has one simple philosophy; “Our residents and their families are at the heart of everything we do”. The new Care Home is now taking enquiries. For all enquires please email Robb Shingles on telephone 0843 506 9452 Or, visit

Lakeview Lodge Care Home, Newton Leys

Our facilities include: Cinema room Family room Quiet lounges Communal areas

66 en-suites Hair salon Café/bistro Shop

Public Open Day We are opening our doors from 11am onwards, all are welcome.

To get in touch or request a brochure: 0843 506 9452 ext 6 | Jersey Drive, Newton Leys, Bletchley, MK3 5SD 34

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At Zoohause we believe in being unique. Our products are unique, our service is unique and our prices are unique. With much of our furniture designed and built in the UK using reclaimed and aged wood, it is made to last a lifetime and truly stand out. Our service is unique as we aim to supply our furniture within one week with many items available to take home on the same day.

Be bold. Be unique. Bespoke.

We can also offer bespoke versions of our UK made furniture that is tailored to fit in your home. Where we are truly unique is our prices.

Create your perfect home with bold, bespoke home furniture and furnishings to make your home truly unique.

We don’t believe that individual has to mean expensive and we keep our prices low always so there is always something for you to take home and make your home… unique.

Visit our Woburn showroom for: Bespoke furniture | Decorative homeware Lighting | Home accessories | Giftware Open everyday 10am to 7pm Showroom: Old Town Hall, Market Place, Woburn, Bedfordshire, MK17 9PZ 01525 290092 @zoohauseltd @ZoohauseLtd

Open everyday 10am to 7pm Website: Telephone: 01582 290092 We specialise in needs-based care, expert carers, Ready to support users from children to adults. Improved wellbeing and positive changes in users’ lives. Services we offer:

• Hourly, Daily & Night Packages

• Companionship

• 24 Hours Home Care Service

• Shopping or errands

• Dementia Care

• Hospital Discharge Support • Disability Support Please give us a call: 01908 372 003 Emergency Number: 07380 946 271

• Future Care Enable Ltd

Suite 0429, 39A Barton Road, Water Eaton Industrial Estate, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 3HU

Best wishes to all Patients, Staff 1/8Page_Advert.indd 04/07/2017 and the1 Community. from 360 Play Milton Keynes The place to go, whatever the weather! Active, imaginary and creative play in a fantastic safe environment Open 7 Days a Week Sunday to Thursday: 9.30am - 5.30pm Friday and Saturday: 9.30am - 6.00pm For all enquiries regarding our upcoming events, weekly classes, special offers & promotions or to book your birthday party, call or email our team TODAY!

01908 670 160 • Venue Address: 27 Roebuck Way, Knowhill, Milton Keynes, MK5 8HL | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:



Showing you ways to rid yourself from any stress, worry and anxiety during and after birth. Being pregnant is one of the most precious gifts. The bond created between the unborn child and the mother is unexplainable. This is one of the happiest times of your life.

Being with you, upon request, during your birth and using NLP and hypnotherapy to assist you with pain control so there’s no need for drugs.

By using Hypnotherapy… IVF, Conception, pregnancy and child birth can be as painless as possible. Why do you need to have undue stress... when Hypnotherapy can build your confidence and potential enabling you to relax and enjoy your

Teaching you simple yoga and breathing exercises.

How Can I help You? I can provide you with natural, easy coaching by: Getting rid of your child birth phobias.

Advising you on healthy eating and after birth support whilst getting you back into your firm trim self again. Develop healthy sleep, eat and massage routines for your new-born. Call Nirasha on 07737 495 666 Website: Email:

Specialising in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), CBT & Transformational Mind and Life Coaching

CHANGE YOUR LIFE from the inside out! We often attempt to stick band aids on the outside to repair or hide the pain & hurt of the problem that needs real care… Ø IVF, Pregnancy & Hypno-Birthing Ø Healthy Relationships & Sexual Problems Ø Weight Management & Hypno- Gastric Band Ø Addictions Ø Grief & Loss

NOW set yourself free from emotional baggage, unwanted habits & daily stress to achieve the happiness that you deserve!

For a free 30 minute consultation call Nirasha on 07737495666 Or visit the website for more details. Don’t forget to LIKE our Face book page!


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A watery world of confidence, skill and fun! To give your baby a splashing start call

01295 709 221

or visit Let’s teach your baby to swim!


£+2V5 AT



Join our subscription service and simply pay monthly

Black Square Litho

Get your website TODAY

01277 658444 www.??

0207 127 4865 or email: | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


They’re fluffy, independent and affectionate, and while cats require much less attention than dogs, owning a cat or kitten can provide multiple benefits for your health. Whether you own a friendly lap cat or a quiet introvert, the sense of companionship and love you have for your pet can be just as enriching as any other friendship.

Adopt a cat: Here at Cats Protection in Milton Keynes, we always have cats and kittens looking for a loving home. We aim to match our adopters with a cat that suits you and your lifestyle. Whether you live in a flat or a mansion, if you live alone or have a big family – we can find the perfect feline friend for you.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a cat:

Foster a cat: We are also looking for volunteer fosterers, to care for cats and kittens in their homes or in purpose built pens in their gardens. Fosterers care for one or two cats at a time, until they find their forever families.All costs, including food, litter and veterinary fees, are paid for by us, and training and support is provided.

Reduces stress and anxiety: Owning a cat can can be soothing, decreasing stress and anxiety levels, and even lowering blood pressure. Cats can make their owners feel more relaxed, and distract them from other worries. Therapeutic benefits: The calming effect of stroking a cat triggers the release of oxytocin, the hormone that induces feelings of love and trust. People going through difficult times report that talking to their pet helps work out their feelings. Studies have also found that children with autism are less anxious while petting a cat. Provide companionship: Owning a cat reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially for people who live alone. Cats can bring happiness and laughter to their owner’s lives and evoke a special bond. “87% of people who own a cat feel it has a positive effect on their wellbeing” If you’d like a cat in your life, or know someone else who might, we’d love to hear from you! Here are three different ways you can benefit from feline company, whilst helping unwanted cats at the same time.

Sponsor a Pen: Or why not get to know lots of different cats? From just £6 a month, you can sponsor a Pen, and make a huge difference to the cats in our care. In return, you’ll receive a welcome pack, and receive regular updates with photos and information about the different cats that stay in your pen. Sponsorship also makes a rewarding gift, offering a wonderful way for the cat lover in your life to help vulnerable cats and kittens. For more information or to help us with our work Online: Email: Phone: 01908 984 799 Facebook: Milton Keynes and District Cats Protection Address: Cats Protection, PO Box 4557, Milton Keynes MK19 7ZS “Love cats? Please donate £5 today by texting KITTEN37 to 70660”. Text costs £5 plus network charge. Cats Protection receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payer’s permission. Supporter Services 0800 917 2287. Charity No. 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland). See terms--conditions.


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SJ Mobility Solutions BUCKINGHAM

01280 821 253

SJ Mobility Solutions are the friendly company that offer comfortable and affordable mobility products with the vision and aspiration to make life that little bit easier. Riser Recliner Chairs from £475* Fireside Chairs from £418* Mobility Scooters from £675* * All prices shown are excluding VAT

Ample FREE Parking right outside

Stockists of - Daily Living aids, Walking aids, Sandpiper Footwear, Acorn Stairlift Partner, Blue Badge Products, Invictus Active Trainer. Service and Repairs from £45 exc vat

Open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Scires Farm, Bufflers Holt, Buckingham, Bucks, MK18 5DN

4.5 Year MB ChB course January intake

Proud To Support Milton Keynes Hospital Radio

Early Clinical and Consultation Skills Training “Patient-led Care” A modern approach to teaching 01280 827546

@SDCBuilders | Call the Studio on: 01908 690 505 or send them an EMAIL:


Specialists in later life planning of funeral plans and legal services designed to save you money

Protect Your Family Secure

Their Future Professional Will Writing & Inheritance Tax Services Providing: • Home Visits • Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning • Hospital & Care Home Visits • Wills start from £69

• Comprehensive Will Writing • Will Amendments & Reviews • Long Term Care Advice • Lasting Power of Attorney

Based in Milton Keynes, we provide a personalised, professional & friendly service for you and your family

Contact us now to see how we can assist you Tel: 0330 350 2095 Email: Web:

Will Voucher

2 standard Wills for £48 saving £90 We will donate 10% of our profits to Willen Hospice For any instructions taken when using this voucher. Only profits relating to the use of this voucher will be donated. Only one voucher per household. Photocopies are accepted. Instruction must be taken at the same time. Offer may be withdrawn or altered without notice. No cash value, No alternative product as substitute. Valid until 1st August 2018.

Life Protection LTD, Suite 74, 548-550 Elder House, Elder Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 1LR Registered in England & Wales under 09924711. ICO registration number ZA162071


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Recommend a friend and receive a FREE £20

Call now for your FREE quotation

Offering a complete solution for all of your tree work


3 Tree removals 3 Hedge reductions & trimming 3 Deadwooding 3 Stump removal 3 Tree reductions & pruning 3 Hedge & shrub maintenance 3 Veteran tree pruning

01234 639777 01908 410555 Mobile: 07939 145353 Wharley Farm, College Road, Cranfield MK43 0AH

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Love cats?

At C ats Protection Milton Keynes and District, we help hundreds of cats each year. Run entirely by volunteers, we rely on the generosity of local cat lovers, who give time and money to enable us to continue our work. If you would like to make a donation, or to get involved, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you! T: 01908 984799 E: W: Reg C harity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC 037711 (Scotland)


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Milton Keynes Hospital Radio Patients & Community Magazines for the Milton Keynes Hospital. If you would like to advertise to thousands of n...