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Garland L. McLaughlin Editor of The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc.

In 2013 so far there have been plenty of advancements and time to reflect on the publication and agency side of business progression. With plenty of projects to dream up and execute our paths to bringing our audiences tasteful features … Its just too much to give away at this point. The answer to how we do what we do shouldn’t even be questionable any longer, with exquisite spicy blends of visually creative touches. Our marketing coordinator has been on the go these days making things happen within her executive role of the publication. There is plenty of talk these days about the promising outlook upon our relocation, and the networking that is taking shape gives our agency more expertise channels to access. Now everyone can realize that our technical skills and creative ability gives our agency the leadership role within the progressive marketing community. Every project has a manager… and about 20 other fine tuned components that go into creating an executable business model. The point is clients don’t want to be risky they want what is best and assured to them. When the opportunities present themselves our agency is positioned to take advantage of which ever niche is needed in order to fill any voids our clients may have.

Without the positive support and foundation of the Digital Conglomerate Magazine’s principles our agency would not exist or have the ability to be morphed into and internationally recognized brand. Through successful campaigns and clear cut perception on paper action is moving at somewhat of a jogging pace. With everything that’s going on in the world a few people out there still continue to brand their ideology somewhat originally.

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Book Review… By Garland L. McLaughlin This book tells the true life story of a woman in love and a NBA player who were on a continuous adventure together for the better part of ten years. While reading this book I could visualize even some similarities within my own life experiences which made the story all the more real. Fortunately I was able to read this book in one sitting which fully explains how good this book it is. Readers will want to continue to the end of the book without stopping. Sometimes I felt as if I was reading a story that could be scripted for a made for TV movie, sort of like something people would surely watch on the LIFETIME channel.

Although In the Shadows of My Life… My NBA Life is entertaining there is more to the book than one can see from the cover alone. This book symbolizes the struggle of a women who is looking to find her way amongst the traps and illusions which come into play in the world of professional basketball. This book is far from a rant from a dissatisfied ex wife, baby’s mother, or former girlfriend of an NBA player, this is the real live version of actual events. These events can be related to many relationships indirectly on one level or another. The author M.S. Lily Stargazer makes certain to protect the names of individuals within the book so that no name dropping occurs and the privacy of individuals are protected. I am pretty sure that the author also uses a pen name to protect her own identity as well. This makes the book an extraordinary real experience that makes readers a part of the journeys which unfold in dramatic fashions.

From the last year of college for Clay, to his NBA years, and 1 year in Europe playing basketball, Lily explains her journey to be by her man’s side. Lily explains and makes the clear impression that she is virtually alone in her adventure with Clay. She often seeks to find her place among the busy schedules of NBA life and NBA wives. Her story of a lonely internal struggle is heart felt and will have most readers thinking and wanting to help Lily find solutions to her problems throughout the book. Family and friendship are very important parts within the book that help bring all of the experiences together. Both Clay and Lily’s families are supportive of their efforts to make things work, but Lily’s father is firmly against seeing Lily shack up with an athlete. Like most fathers who want to see their daughters do well in life Lily’s father is against the idea of her following behind an athlete for the sake of love. This conflict also contributes to a piece of loneliness and disappointment which Lily experienced during her time that she dated Clay.

In the Shadows of Glory… My NBA Life is unique, because it does not focus on abuse from one side or the other. The book does not focus on the materialism of money, clothes, or cars which are closely related to fame and fortune. These things are mentioned within the book, but Lily lets all the readers know that those things could never be the source of her happiness. Lily makes it also clear that she was in love with the man (Clay) and not the basketball player with all his talents and rewards that went along with their life together. This complexly emotional, but simplistically written book will also have readers analyzing their own personal relationships to make sure that they are on the correct course. I had a great time reading this book, it is definitely a must read.

About The Author M.S. Lily Stargazer

Lily was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in the U.S. on the east coast. She lived with both parents and two siblings until the age of twelve, when they divorced. Lily and her siblings remained living with their mom, as their dad remarried, had more children and moved back to the D.R. After completing high school, Lily attended college in her homestate. After a couple of years, she moved to the southeast U.S. and continued her schooling there. Soon after the move, Lily met Clay, who later become a professional basketball player. For over a decade, Lily and Clay had a relationship and kept a bond, in one way or another. Lily retuned to school and earned an MBA. She then worked for many start ups, and in various positions in the financial industry. Lily is now married, with a young daughter, living in the southwest part of the country Pg. 7

What is the best way to start the day? Today most people check their email, get a cup of joe and maybe a small bite to eat. Sure sitting in the comfort of your own home is great, but every so often it’s good to get out to a local coffee shop to see what’s hot, fresh and new. Who knows, you may even come across an old favorite pastry you loved as a kid or in your college years, possibly and old friend or flame. Pg. 8

Chatter and key typing lead to greatness, general conversation with family and friends. Comfort never hurts when you are trying to get work done, surf the web, or look at pics of beautiful place you’ve one visited or want to visit in the future. Technology has made it possible for us to explore different cultures, foods, fashion even languages from laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Looking out the window the clouds in the sky favor the thick waves of foam in our cappuccinos, lattes and chai teas. It is so easy to let the imagination run wild with possibilities of creating something no one ever has. Point, click, type refresh with a mint tea and take a sip of this virtual reality we call cyber space.

Take a deep breath and inhale the aroma of freshly ground beans, spices, and sweet baked goods to help the day go by with delightful encounters. So the next time you’re in your favorite corner of your favorite coffee shop, café, or bistro look to the person next to you and smile… just smile it could lead to great java talk.

This Java Talk Experience Was Composed By… L. Simone Hart

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Without The RIGHT To Bear Arms How Do Law Abiding Citizens Protect Their Families?

In The Real World Banning Our Rights To Bear Arms‌ Will Result In A Society Which Is Firmly Removed From Being A UTOPIA.

The Governments Vs. The People Social-Political Editorial Obvious signs have been brought to the attention of the people that a new kind of war in underway. This war is not a war of physical weapons, or so it may seem at first glance. The people have been facing this war a little over ten years now, but with the continuation of America waging wars and conflicts with other countries the war versus its own citizens is simply made to look like small rebellions are taking place within the country. These rebellions are justified and the establishment knows this. The government is on a unilateral mission to define and shape the future American population to be controlled a servitude to corporate authority and consumption.

The greatest threat that the American population faces comes directly from regulatory agencies which take control away from individual liberties. Regulations are enforced without any check or balances from the three branches of government. The mindset of Americans suggests that they are entrusting these regulatory agencies without and questions or concerns. Results are clearly staring in the faces of people from the chemical enhancement of GMOs (Growth Modified Organic) foods. These enhanced foods are not enhanced for the benefit of mankind, but only to allow corporations to produce more of the food, in this case more is not better. Studies have shown that these foods that are grown through massive productive

methods hold no nutritional value at all, and people are literally eating these foods and starving themselves slowly. Regulators an the government have also teamed up to make it impossible for average family farmers that have been farming for generations to use and save there own seeds to plant for harvest. These farmers are forced to use GMO induced seeds in order to even make a pay check to keep the farm running. If this is not conspiracy for a bigger plot what is? Other governments are looking to American society to be the model for showing them the way to gain an eternal control over their citizens. The financial system of the United States is a sham which is propped up and made to look that it is improving all of the time. The goal of the system is just to make the citizens of America consume more goods and services without any thought at all. Constant messages of the Federal

Reserve Bank keeping interest rates low allows consumers (citizens) to purchase more goods and services as opposed to the old school philosophy of saving or using funds to create ones own economic opportunity. There is a sickness going around which makes the individual American look delusional if he or she is not spending and contributing to help grow the economy, the stigma is that these individuals appear to be unpatriotic. Society has been brainwashed into believing that big mega corporations which invade towns at a rapid pace create jobs and stimulate the community, as well as bring people together. This could not be more further from the truth. These corporations actually cause small businesses to fail within the community and like leaches these corporations are designed to appear as if they are creating new jobs on a massive scale. Individuals that once worked for the small business that everyone knew Pg. 13

now transfer their energies into working for a larger corporation, but their say and individual customer service management expertise is no longer relevant. This is the dehumanizing factor in which corporations are run in order to appease their bottom line. The bottom line of investors within the corporation will always come before individual workers concerns or demands. All of these situations are bound to impact the children of our society which are brought Pg. 14

up with the group think mindset to never question the functions and motives of the government that dictates rules and regulations to them. In our schools today there is a huge problem. Our children are not being taught correctly. Standardized testing is the mantra of the day and if children are only taught to memorize trivial answers to pass standardized testing procedures they will not be able to

think critically about solving problems. The government couldn’t be happier about creating regulations which force the young to conform and just do as they are told, so later on in life they will just be willing to give up their rights. This is not the only impact the government will have on the young people, GMOs and financial controls will have an equally important impact on their lives. It is all up to us as citizens now to question and change the rules of government to ensure our own self governing.

Have you ever… •Signed a contract or document? •Been overcharged or treated unfairly? •Received a traffic ticket? •Known a victim of identity theft? •Been in a situation where you thought the advice of an attorney might be useful?

Contact Us For More Information. Call (980) 253-7636

Aaron Myers II Entertainment & Political Adventurer By Garland L. McLaughlin

Its easy to see why political issues of young adults are becoming the most studied issues of the day. With all of the issues that surround us the everyday individual really has such a hard time focusing on specific issues which young people have. Many times I often see the negative issues being trumped up as fascinating stories that spark intrigue, but what happened to a lot of the great things that young folks are doing? Mr. Aaron Myer II is that breath of fresh air. Reading his positive spin through his occasional entertainingly and socially informational email newsletter is quite a refreshing note to my weekly activities.

I would say it was about three to four years ago is when I first came across Mr. Myers. Witnessing first hand his experience as a political voice and entertainment personality made me look a little closer on how he utilizes his outlets in an original manner. It is interesting the way that he gets people involved, as well as getting attention for whatever his is involved with. “I am a liberal...who was raised around conservatives (and still have some conservative tendencies)...who affirms everyone according to my faith...who usually speaks his mind quite freely regardless if it is popular or put that all in a pot and stir it and it will equal controversy.

With that said, I try to ensure when people step into my space, they are assured that it is a safe space; so controversies, discussions and points of view can be brought up and usually if the person is not brought over to my side (and I have not been moved from my way of thought), no person leaves my space feeling abused, hurt, or not heard. (If that makes any sense)” Of course it does, and its great psychology methodology… with political angles. Where Mr. Myers gathers some entertainment inspiration and political focuses also comes from some classical game changers. It finally came up in our conversation and I asked Mr. Myers who are some inspirational figures past or present that he admires? “2 people stick out to me on this question! The first was LBJ. LBJ was a Texan who knew how to work a room, talk to his detractors, make you feel like you all had been best friends your whole life, and see that legislation was passed! It is a form of politics that seems to be a thing of the past. I look at his life (and despite Vietnam...

a war only he and a few others at the end believed we could actually win) and see that he was born to do one thing and that was to be a politician...he did it! 2nd is Sammy Davis Jr. Born practically into showbusiness and withstanding all of the Ups-Downs that came with it at that time (Discrimination, limited opportunities, the entrance of drugs, sacrifice of family time/home life, etc.) but still finding a way to the stage to simply do what he knew to do in his hearts of hearts...entertain. Not just for the audience, because it was his truth. Only a person like that could inspire the masses with their expression of art. I could only hope to live up to a fraction of what he displayed in his profession!”

Next I asked Mr. Myers when did he discover that he had a passion for fighting for political issues that are being talk about in society? Mr. Myers answered, “My family was active in local civic organizations. As I grew up, I watched my family speak up and against discrimination in all forms, and take pride in the knowing ones self worth and the importance of community.” What are some of the issues that you stand for and fight to give proper representation for? “I personally deal with depression and I know it is a daily struggle. It is my desire to spread understanding and dispel rumors surrounding depression and those who suffer with it. Also, I despise the fact that members of the LGBT Community are still treated as second class citizens in many parts of our country. Pg. 17

I refuse to stand silently by while I could lend my voice to help even the playing field and help end discrimination, just as my forefathers (and mothers) did for me.” Who are some people that inspire you to continue with your music and be an inspiration to others? Mr. Myers answered, “I have been inspired by so many people so this question is a bit difficult to answer, but I will try. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonders (Despite their handicap), Thomas A. Dorsey (Despite his terrible loss of wife and child as he started on his musical journey in Gospel), Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday (Despite their extreme difficult circumstances they endured growing up)

Jennifer Judson (as she has not let her personal family tragedy stifle her musical expression) and Louis Armstrong/Duke Ellington (for creating a brand of music that has influenced almost every genre of music that has come since). Are you well versed on playing all styles of the piano or is there one particular style which you prefer playing? “I love to play stride piano, gospel and jazz, but I am well versed in many...many styles of piano.” Who motivates you to stay focused and do what you do? “When I think of my Grandparents and how they worked, and I see how my Mother worked so to ensure I had a chance to do what I loved to do in life, I feel it would be a crime not to be dedicated to my music and to entertainment. I am lucky to stand on some strong shoulders, and I do not plan to let them down!”

Toward the end of his interview I asked Mr. Myers how did he first become interested in playing the piano and performing? “I was first raised in the church. Every Sunday after church we would meet at my grandparents for Sunday dinner. Often after dinner, someone in my family would strike up a song, and we would all start singing in beautiful harmony. On Saturdays, my mother would clean house with some type of music playing on the stereo, that too stuck with me. I started playing the piano at the age of three so almost all of my life.”

Certainly Mr. Myers political ventures are something to be talked about and his experience will go along way. Running for mayor in a Texas political system is something worth mentioning and talking about. I feel whatever office Mr. Myers selects to run for he will be successful in achieving rank within that office at the appropriate time. The next question I asked Mr. Myers was if he ever felt compelled to run for an office again would he? “Well all I will say is this: If Reagan could do can I! You only live once...why not be President!” Well, where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? Mr. Myers answered, “I would love to be well on my way of having an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony), it has been a dream of mine my whole life. In 5 years, hosting my own TV Show with a 4th or 5th album on the way out would be a fantastic position to be in.”

Pg. 19

By Garland L. McLaughlin

Model – Shaina Brooks

Mr. Stewart Schecter and Impact Studios NYC sure know how to make photography look so sexy. Their pictures reflect imagery and imagination that certainly will catch they eyes of onlookers from the first glance. It is easy for viewers to be captivated by the pictures which Impact Studios NYC produce and it is all in good taste. I even found myself thinking that I could be able to pull of the photographic art form which can be found in the studio’s magazine, Illusion Magazine. For certain I think that I was in a little bit of an excited state and thinking that the artistic flair which Stewart presents could be copied with ease, but I know in the end I would be wrong. Impact Studios NYC and touch up artist Jerry Fontillo have the whole set up of what they are doing down to a science. This is so evident, for the simple reason that the impact just seems to draw the viewer in. No one wants to look at a photograph that has been touched up poorly or has a poor resolution and quality. The back drops and props may be simplistic, but that is what brings out the whole imagination process of the photo shot. Mr. Schecter, I must say is quite the professional and he made sure that all the photos which were going to be displayed in this issue were up to and above par.

Model – Jasmine Metezier

Pg. 21

If the models were not attractive before the photo shoot they are well on their way to looking like supermodels during the shoot, and the final results speak for themselves. It seems as if Impact Studios NYC has been trained to give these models a fighting chance by captivating us all through their specialized focus of the camera lens.

Models – (Left) Brooklyn (Right) Princess Sunshine

Pg. 22

Model - Ziola Jay Peach

Model – Zucci Dolla

Model – Nyasia Bell

Model – Devine Maria

Model – Paper Posh

This is all part of the imaginative process as well, we can all get lost in the photos believing that we all can look so glamorous. Even as a guy sometimes I have my doubts and I’m a little self conscious when I’m out and about in a social setting, I can’t stand it when the cameras are pointed and flashing in my direction. I believe Stewart and Jerry take these doubts right out of the minds of their models and produce something that is especially enticing and exciting, something that the models will cherish and feel uplifted by.

Pg. 26

Being on the stage all by yourself and having to look graceful and confident is something that comes across as being natural within the photos that Impact Studios NYC produce. In fact all of the photos look that way, but at the same time they allow the viewers to use their imaginations to come to unique conclusions about what really could be going on in the photos, or what is going to happen next. I know that most guys certainly appreciate the work that Stewart and Jerry are doing and they can all say that it is not trashy.

Their photography work is quite a few steps above something a viewer may find in a hip hop magazine that would display not so tasteful images which focus on a young woman’s rear end. It is in my view the way Steward and Jerry want to see these models portrayed is some what in the fashion in which Alberto Vargas portrayed his Vargas pin-up girls. The only difference is that there is a modern twist and the effects of lighting and the stage setting actually transform their pin-up models to be looked at by viewers in an alternative yet seductive light. Pg. 27

By “The Consultingguy” G.L. McLaughlin Pg. 28

Applications and systems as solutions services can only hope to achieve the level of success that Rackspace delivers with their applications programming knowledge. I came across this company a little more than 5 years ago and even then most client side observers knew little about what the company was planning. Sure most knew this company as a data storing company that could keep your website active 24 hours a day, but who knew the extent to which they were going go dominate with their presence on the cloud. Pg. 30

I like this company’s attitude toward delivering cloud applications which best suit the clients needs. With their approach and wide range of options a client’s network can live on the cloud by building robust mobility applications to give their operations the best results. When most companies or organizations think about diverting their attention away from building their network infrastructure they often feel their project is doomed to fail.

Rackspace is putting an end to the myths and proving that information storage and program execution procedures are best done on the cloud. I can honestly agree with this strategy. In fact is less expensive than traditional data housing and it operates smooth‌ many times glitchy remote handling programs just seem to freeze at the wrong time or some type of server error message pops up on an everyday workers screen.

I even managed to notice that Rackspace has its own testing development platform within their community. Very interesting, but I know they are keeping it all a tight mouthed secret. They are some great folks, very interesting and prompt people to network with. And their strategy should remain a closely guarded asset.

Reference: Pg. 31

Science and Solutions… By Garland L. McLaughlin

Ever since junior high school I’ve known an intellectually free spirit who has always aspired to ask and answer high level scientific questions that some of us ponder about from time to time. I would also see Mr. Luke excel in other subject matters as well. Now that Mr. Curtis Luke is living his passion for developing and engineering highly specialized technology. Listening to his perception was a very rewarding experience.

Having a deep conversation about protons and electrons was never my strong point, but I always found it all interesting. Starting off with the questions I really wanted to know what Mr. Luke was up to these days. I knew it had to be very exciting, so I asked Mr. Luke what his current role within the scientific community is today? “I function more as a Chemical Engineer, which is what I studied in college. Specifically my focus is on delivering high performing electrophoretic materials for E-Ink’s many applications. That includes design, scale up, and technology transfer.” Yea, I knew it… once again Curtis has broken down a complex component of something or other and has my ears glued to his every word wondering what special project he will be teaming up with next.

The events the led Mr. Luke into the engineering field have shaped many of us in similar ways. Talking about the events which helped Mr. Luke discover which profession he should undertake had a crucial impact of determining his future. “My guidance counselor recommended a summer engineering program at Northeastern to me fir the summer of my sophomore year – I had no idea what an engineer did, but I figured it’d be better than doing nothing around the house. I got in and once I saw that there was a career path for people to apply math/science skills to provide technical solutions that can improve the overall quality of life, I was sold.” Who else has been a major influence in your life? “My aunt Laureen got her Ph.D. in chemistry at a time when black females didn’t get science degrees. Having her around during my early years to go to the science museum or do some crazy experiment definitely is a big part of why I became a chemical engineer. Also my parents for providing a loving environment that was fun, but rigorous,” Curtis answered.

Tough times come and go, but the times make a person’s character strong and more appreciative of overcoming the obstacles which they have triumphant over. “I’ve been blessed to have met a lot of wonderful people who took the time to mentor me along this path I had to drop out of school for a year because I couldn’t afford to attend any longer, which was really challenging. The other challenge, which I’ve enjoyed, is gaining flexibility in my perception of the problems I’ve worked on, which has helped me develop solution I wouldn’t have come up with otherwise.” With all his experience I knew there is also business minded influential factor which Mr. Luke has as well. Developing ones own independent engineering firm is quite a feat to aspire to obtain and achieve as well. So finally I asked Mr. Luke if he ever plans to launch his own engineering firm?

“I think so, but it would be in Nanotechnology, as opposed to the more traditional engineering firms. Granted, nanotechnology is applicable in all of the major industries (Petro/Agro/Industrial etc) so there’s some overlap, but it’d be a company specifically focused on leveraging a unique nanotechnical skill set to provide customer solutions,” Mr. Luke answered. If you had a choice which specified industry would you like to be an engineer in? (Aerospace, Technology, Manufacturing, Mechanical) and Why? “Good question. Ultimately I think I’d go with technology because I’m just as fascinated by all of the inter-disciplinary effort, data generation, and critical project decisions that go into getting a product into the commercial pipeline as I was when I started. If I feel differently in 10 years then perhaps I’d give a different answer but for now, the technology sector is where I want to be.”

Pg. 33

Pg. 36


e l i of

l t o p S

t h ig

From Down South Local To Full Scale National Artist & Entertainer

Louie Lio is a fascinating young artist with a habit of banging out nice underground sounds with southern boy swag. In many cases this artist came with the tunes to spread to an audience that he totally built through loyalty and sound appeal. Straight out of Lake Charles, LA Louie Lio is already making headway with his energetic style that is getting noticed straight across the gulf coast and straight over to ATL. It seems likely that the duo Lio and Joe Gator will continue to finish projects and capture crowns throughout the south. More and more throughout the early stages of 2013 through the summer signals of singles floating around the social media circuit say it all. Having a chance to network with this young artist certainly was a learning experience for everyone involved. I guess we would just call it “Who Really Got Game?� Lio definitely has a loyal following that comes from all points of the nation. If Lio is doing a collaboration its more than likely that it can be followed by a series of promotions events and cool mini Facebook and social media posts.

Louie Lio

Pg. 38

Sundays 10/9 central On AMC

Pg. 41



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Pg. 43

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