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August 2013 Ms. Valdes helps the Digital Conglomerate Magazine kick off their 5th season of publications with her hot summer Miami style.

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In this issue of the Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc we are delighting ourselves to finding ways to enjoy the traditional summer scenery. We have put together great technology reviews, the cover feature article, and as usual great advertisements which have been created by our agency. Our agency seems to been looking toward acquiring more clients these days that have interests primarily in creative marketing approaches rather than the plain old traditional. This issue marks the beginning of the fifth season of our publications existence. We are pretty excited about launching this season and all of the benefits which will come from our pursuits. The agencies the Digital Conglomerate Magazine and Exquisite Express Inc Pg. 4

are still planning to bring a multidimensional merger into being, and this merger should be complete around the time that our second issue of the season hits the news stands in December 2013. The ideas of the combined agencies will surely be moving at the speed of light and will work more effectively than the most pragmatic ideas any other agency can put on paper. Strategy and technology combined with expressive and visually creative is certainly something we can all look forward to.

Garland L. McLaughlin - Editor in Chief

By “The Consultingguy” G.L. McLaughlin

This company purely knows what it is doing in the world of data storage and database programming. The team is comprised of internationally diverse individuals that know how to create the best tools for database management techniques.

It is an amazing fact that over 8,000 businesses around the globe have taken advantage of the services that ApexSQL has to offer. “We strive to ensure that every one of our tools is a "Best of Class" product in its product class, from feature set, to performance, to interface, to quality.

We know you won't be happy with anything less, and neither will we. Our many testimonials from over 8,000 customers underscore our commitment to this goal.” Certainly quality products and services make for a healthy demand for those products and services.

Providing the proper client support services and customer service is equally as important as the products and services that are produced. If customers are not satisfied the business has no business in the long run of things. ‘Our goal is to provide the best support in the industry on a daily basis. Our dedicated team is focused on answering every question in a simple direct manner, researching the issue so you don’t have to, and resolving your issue as quickly as possible.”

ApexSQL is also known for offering the most comprehensive free services within the information technology industry. These services give companies a sense of what ApexSQL is capable of creating, and the free services also help the client understand what is needed for their technology solutions. With server management, database development, productivity addins, and API solutions being the core of ApexSQL’s business it is

easy to see why they must have a talented team of individuals to deliver on providing these services. This company has the potential of being an IT industry leader due to the number of services that ApexSQL has expertise in. The company also operates in 7 countries giving them a diverse range of clients that they are able to service. Timely delivery and customer satisfaction is what makes this company an industry leader in my book. Ars Technica is an interesting technology website that covers all of the facets of the information technology world. One beneficial feature of this site is that it is equip to gives tech savvy individuals the latest news in regard to career and job opportunities. The site also provides useful information as to what is happening and what is new in the ever growing world of information technology. Multiple forums have been created on the site to give people the opportunity to discuss different programming techniques, applications, as well as different business ventures that are going on in the world of information technology. Pg. 8

The main focus of the website seems to be geared toward the interests of software developers and software engineers. There is a lot of comprehensive information which will give techy software designers the ammunition that they need in order to build successful careers with their craft. Providing the right information and developing a following has been easy for, or at least they make it look that way. With a full staff of writers, editors, and product specialists all giving their input and expertise view points adds another dimension to the whole experience of browsing the website.

The website is run more or less like a magazine that is fluid and easy to navigate in its current web format. I am totally impressed with the amount of current news information which has been gathered on the site, and this means in the long run more traffic and larger audiences. Since every aspect of information technology is covered through the various staff editors this publication will never run out of quality content to produce.

The editors with their own unique twists bring a creative side to that is rarely seen in information technology. Certainly these individuals which manage the publication and the flow of information always have something interesting to share with the public, and I can imagine this is what has made the site successful. In most cases in the IT world programmers and engineering specialist are hard to talk to.

They rarely can hold a decent conversation beyond 5 minutes without looking as if they are hiding something. I am glad that this is not the case with Ars Technica. They provide a valuable site with resources that will continue to generate interest from the public and specialized IT professionals for years to come. Pg. 9

Cisco has always had a foothold on the technology industry with their cutting edge advanced technology and development. Many people say that the founders of Cisco are responsible for the creation of the most used technology resource of the last 100 years‌ the internet. Who am I to argue with that, the company has developed plenty of automated business technology tools since the invention of the internet and they continue to be leaders in the technology industry. From hardware to software Cisco takes care of everything and gives businesses the empowerment that they need to survive in the ever changing technology race to the top. Cisco has developed custom applications and management systems which can be used by small businesses, mid sized businesses, as well enterprise corporations with a demand for the latest devices. Cisco is such a highly respected company that they even offer certifications and licensing to IT professionals who wish to become experts in the information technology products that Cisco has to offer. Pg. 10

Routers, switches, business management data centers, optical networking, network security applications, etcetera all have the ability to help normal daily functions of life run smoothly, and that is exactly what Cisco is involved in today. The company is helping the medical industry, communications industry, financial industry, as well as many other industries. Their plan is to just help make life run a little bit more efficiently for everyone around the world. With their global and technology know how they have been making this all possible at a somewhat normal and steady pace over the years. Interestingly enough Cisco is handling the challenges of cloud computing. They have developed an open resource environment that is a springboard for developing more useful and state of the art

technologies. “Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) is a comprehensive solution to help networks become more open, programmable, and application-aware. The broad capabilities of Cisco ONE help meet the needs of numerous market segments, including emerging concepts such as software-defined networking (SDN).” Cisco has also developed a unified data center, sort of like a one stop shop for all of a businesses information technology networking needs. “Cisco UCS is the smart, innovative, fabric computing infrastructure that simplifies operations and speeds deployment. It runs applications faster in bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud computing environments.” I do not doubt that Cisco will continue to change the face of information technology and continue to design bold features that will be useful in everyday life as well as business. Pg. 11

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The Building Blocks‌

For The Family Cornerstone!

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Mill City Press, Inc. 212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290 Minneapolis, MN 55401 612.455.2294

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> > Now available of Itunes, Amazon, Emusic, etc > > > > > > > > > Septimius The Great is an International Singer, Songwriter and Dance Music Recording Artist from in Baltimore, MD USA. Nominated in 2013 for Best Dance Song for the HMMAwards and a Chart topping Indie Song Artist. Also nominated in 2011 as the "Top 100 Artists on the Verge" to watch out for by the NMS association. He was created thru a vast number of talents and experiences throughout his years. His journey began as a Fashion Model, then Choreographer, Show Producer, Promoter, Talent Manager, Radio Host, TV Host, MC, Male International Pageant Titleholder, Pageant Director and Company CEO. Throughout his life experiences, he always had a passion for music and began performing as an artist and entertainer in the music scene in 1997. He soon started his music career as a featured artist on the X9 records recording label. This led to a debut CD single produced by one of the label's producers and then remixed by the World Renowed Thommy Davis which topped the underground dance music charts worldwide. >>> > >

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Bio:> > > Septimius the Great is a Danvc music artist, songwriter and entertainer with an amazing stage show. He derived at his name by discovering the actual First African Roman Emperor in 193AD – Septimius Severus. In 2011, he was nominated by the NMS for the Top 100 Music Artist on the Verge and attended and walked the red carpet in Los Angeles, CA during Grammy week. In 2010, he launched his new music EP project called “The New Rome”. The first EP single “Iam Fashion” was then released digitally all over world and is creating a huge buzz. In 2013, he released his Debut full CD “To Be Emperor” globally and is successfully growing by leaps and bounds. He is currently been featured on several TV, Radio and Magazines worldwide. He began as a performing artist in 1997, as well as being a Runway Model, Choreographer, Fashion Show Producer, Talent Promoter, Entertainer, International Male pageant titleholder, and CEO of his own business ventures. He soon started his recording career as a featured artist with the X9 records recording label which led to a debut group CD single with a local group under the label which topped the dance music charts worldwide.

He has shared the stage with such artists as: Pat Benatar, Patti Labelle, Chrisette Michele, Lil Kim, Melba Moore, Jennifer Holiday, Deborah Cox, Dru Hill, Musiq Soulchild, Wale’, Martha Wash, CeCe Penniston, Crystal Waters, Pepper Mashay, Ultra Nate’, Rupaul, Tiffany, Colonel Abrahms, and more. Septimius is inspired by ancient European style as well as eccentric artists as Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna and Lady Gaga. He also stated that Fashion and History is a source of inspiration for his songwriting and performances.

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Experience: - Promo-Model For Oxygen in Coconut Grove, Florida 2006-2007 - Endorsements Through Pyrogen Modeling and Marketing 2006-2009 - Halloween PhotoShoot With Venetian Productions - Shirley Pear Fashion Show - Miss July 2009 In Miami Life Magazine - Fab C Productions Fashion Show 2009 - Exxotica Hottie in 2009 Miami Beach Convention - Day 26 Featuring Young Joc and Diddy Video Called, "Imma Put It On Her" - Rick Ross ft. Magazen & Triple C's Video Called, "Yacht Club" - Ciroc Promo 2010 - NUVO Model Since Spring 2009 - Phatz McFly Video Called, "Grown Man" - Spring Bling Nuvo Promo 2010 - Hosted Bongos Red Carpet Event August 2010 - Featured In DIMEPIECE Magazine October 2010 - Hosted DIMEPIECE Magazine Release Party in Cameo October 2010 - FEVER Stimulated Beverage Promo 2010 - CEO OF DADEZ FINEST INC. (PROMOTIONAL/MARKETING COMPANY IN MIAMI) - Feature In Dynasty Series - Feature On Zaria Magazine - Promo For PLAY Nightclub in Miami - Eye Candy Model At Lebron “King” James Birthday Party At STK & CoCo Deville In Miami,Florida Dec. 2010 - Featured On (Print Magazine Not Online) In The New Donk - Promotional Model For Artopia In Miami, Florida - Promoter For Opium Group - Promoter At Dream Miami - Co-Founder/Vice President Of D Crismas Photo-Graphic Art & Design - Event Planner/Promotional Representative At Kaffe Krystal (Dadez Finest, Inc.) - Host "Sexy Night Out April 2013 - A Radio Host For A-Game Radio On Cover Feature The Digital Conglomerate Magazine August 2013 More Experience Available Upon Request.

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Cover Feature: Katherine Valdes By Garland L. McLaughlin

Models generally have to have different looks to be appealing to many types of audiences and Ms. Katherine Valdes covers this technique very nicely. Her eye catching poses and attire turns plenty of heads in the Miami, FL area and the demand for her appearances at events keeps her scheduled filled. Not many models can match the attention grabbing sensation that Ms. Valdes has to offer, especially in Dade County.

Ms. Valdes not only provides eye candy to add to the scenery in Miami she is largely a part of the social life of the area as well. Her presence can be seen at numerous functions and events that the area has each year. So Ms. Valdes certainly isn’t shy about showing her face to the public and putting on a show that has claimed her to be one of DADEZ FINEST (Dade County). Ms. Valdes is also looking to launch her new website in the near future. The site will include tons on models from around the Miami area and also feature local businesses that want to be associated with her promotions and talent agency. It’s not hard to see why brains and beauty often make for the best type of combination.

In an area of the United States where luxury is prevalent and beauty surrounds the people it isn’t hard to spot a model on the rise with looks and business savvy. Some say California is the land of dolls, but I have to say Miami has them beat by a long shot. Not only are the people approachable and personable, but they have a sense of culture and love to party like nowhere else on the planet.

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The look that Ms. Valdes displays is not just one type of look that people will get bored of in a matter of know time. She has the type of look that allows her to fit into any type of circle. Ms. Valdes can handle her natural Latina style with ease and she is also versatile

in making things look a bit multicultural. In many of her photos Ms. Valdes at times appears to be Asian, Latina, African American, and biracial, this opens up her modeling ability to be able to fit any profile.

Not only does Ms. Valdes fill the demand for a multi dimensional model playing multicultural roles, her modeling style has the same kind of results. Ms. Valdes can pull off the sexy poses as well as the classic poses that photographers crave. Her style is somewhat of hidden talent that doesn’t reveal too much, but just enough to keep audiences captivated.

Coconut Lime Collection

Lemongrass Collection

Passionfruit Rose Collection

Lemongrass Collection Coconut Lime Collection Pg. 34

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The meaning of a journey is one of complex simplicity combined with enjoyments and pleasures sought out by the adventurer. Many delight at the thought that around every corner exploration may present great opportunities to see, experience or taste something one has yet to partake in. Simple joys in life are things that are pleasing to the soul, harmonious to the heart and stimulating to the brain keep most of us entertained and eager to learn more. I recall times when a pleasurable experience was discovered

something so gratifying it had to be shared amongst others. That is the wonderfulness of exploring places, people and things that surround us. Java brings people of many diverse

backgrounds to common grounds of knowledge, education and most importantly understanding, because to fully understand something is to see it as it really is, in its truest, purest form.

Composed By Leathia S. Hart

The art of choosing to accept the challenges of exploration, communication and dedication may lead to self fulfillment beyond ones wildest dreams. In your mind there are channels that yearn to be stimulated and put to great use; thus expanding upon

the capabilities possessed by each individual’s inner most self. Connecting like microchips to create a certain functional response, as humans there is a need to enjoy what we do daily.

What makes us rich in life or to have a life of substance isn’t always about monetary levels. Often time character is overlooked in shocking numbers by those who don’t appreciate their surroundings. Sip slowly while inhaling the pleasantly aromatic themes of life, love, and the closeness technology has influenced us with javatastic results.

We are a team of highly trained web designers, programmers, and developers with years of professional experience in all areas of software and internet technology. At Ami Web Solutions, we provide user friendly, elegant, and properly functional websites that will help your business to the next level and beyond. Pg. 40

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L .Simone Hart President/ Marketing Cell 210-701-0143 1-855-379-2540

Garland L. McLaughlin CEO/ Publisher

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The Digital Conglomerate Magazine - August 2013 Issue  

This issue of the Digital Conglomerate Magazine features cover model Katherine Valdes of Miami, Florida. The issue also includes technology...

The Digital Conglomerate Magazine - August 2013 Issue  

This issue of the Digital Conglomerate Magazine features cover model Katherine Valdes of Miami, Florida. The issue also includes technology...