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Fabrics Home Decor

Furnishings and dĂŠcor are essential to creating and maintaining a balance within the home. The creative designers of Exquisite Express Inc pay particular attention to assembling progressive and conservative arrangements that our clients enjoy.

Our sense of fashion style revolves around comfortable colors and quality feel that high end fashion enthusiasts enjoy. From classic contemporary to urban the personal apparel consultants of Exquisite Express Inc. Apparel meet the challenge to deliver tasteful specialty, event, or customized outfit design services.

When we sit down to enjoy a nice meal it should be something well-balanced, colorful and bursting with flavor. Here at Exquisite we have teamed up with some of the finest food and healthy nutrition retailers out there. With so many food choices it can be challenge to figure out a meal plan for yourself or family. It is important that people continue to educate themselves to be cautious of preservatives, sodium and chemicals that can rob our bodies of the precious nutrients we need to have in order to fully function on a daily basis. From my table to yours Exquisite Express Inc is prepared to help you in making better healthy food choices that will give meal time a naturally pleasant experience.

Culinary Consulting Services

Contact Phone: 206-279-1712 *Only serious inquiries from potential clients or matters concerning client service issues will render a response from our consulting team.

Designing a home lifestyle experience with limitless possibilities. At Exquisite Express we encourage healthy living with style.

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Lifestyle, Home & Garden

Exquisite Express Inc. Catalog  

Lifestyle, Home & Garden