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Design a place to unwind

Stressless Emily Powerful Sectional –custom configuration and leathers available


Decorium and Harvey Kalles have come together to provide you with a world of endless possibilities.

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for Harvey Kalles clients 363 Supertest
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Rd. Toronto

2022 is coming to a close, and it’s looking much different in late December than it did in early January. When the year began, we were in a period of low interest rates, rising prices, and record sales. Today, lending rates are at their highest since 2008, home prices have come down approximately 20% since the spring, and sales from June through November are down 45% from the same period a year earlier.

All that said, I remain bullish on the Toronto housing market in the short, medium, and long-term. At our team sales meetings, we often reference statistics that chart growth in housing prices from as far back as 1976. These serve as an essential reminder to the long-term stability of real estate values. Yes, there are ups and downs, but the long-term trend cannot be denied.

Each of our sales agents also have access to the latest real estate data and financial models. I would encourage you to sit down with a member of the team for a candid conversation on the market and its effect on your individual goals. They are here to help and will be able to bring clarity to this rapidly changing environment.

Moving from statistics, it was an exciting year for our company. We were honoured with several industry awards including: Best Website from Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, Best Real Estate Agency (5-25 offices, Ontario) and Best Website from the International Property Awards, the Power Broker Award from Co-Star, and the Global Alliance Award from Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.

We also have a wonderful new relationship with Savills, one of the largest real estate companies in the world. With over 700 offices internationally, our Kalles Global program just got a lot bigger. We’ll be sharing more details in the New Year.

We hope you enjoy the latest issue of The Collection . More importantly, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

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Introducing a bold new vision of curated rental living. Pairing the ultimate in comfort and convenience. With exceptional amenities, door person, 24-hr concierge and Wise Nadel designed 1, 2 & 3 bedroom residences. This is 2Fifteen. Built for the exceptional.

ENJOY FOREST HILL FOR AS LONG AS YOU’D LIKE NOW LEASING 2 bed + den at $6,990 416-429-9483
Pricing and availability subject to change without notice. E. & O. E.

leonard cohen, self-portrait , 1979. instant print (polaroid type 667) overall: 10.8 x 8.3 cm. © leonard cohen family trust.




AGO presents new exhibit on the life of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen, who died in November 2016, had a deep baritone voice and evocative lyrics that created an allure of mystery around the poet and singer/songwriter. Although a fixture of Canada’s cultural scene since the 1960s, and an internationally-renowned star, Cohen also embraced privacy.

This elusiveness offers room for various surprises during a new Art Gallery of Ontario exhibition on Cohen’s life, art, and music. The show, entitled Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows , features more than 200 creative works and objects that once belonged to Cohen, and are now part of his family trust.

The exhibition’s purpose is not solely to chart Cohen’s wide-ranging career as a poet/singer/songwriter. It also explores how these objects and ephemera from Cohen’s archive are just as valuable to understanding him as are the artist’s enduring poetry and songbook. Many of these materials from the late musician’s personal archive have never been shown publicly.

Everybody Knows opened at the AGO for the gallery’s members on December 7, and for general admission on December 13. To Julian Cox, the curator of this exhibition and the AGO’s deputy director, among the most exciting finds on display are Cohen’s journals and notebooks.

“He always carried a pocketbook with him, wherever he went,” Cox tells The Collection. “He would use those notebooks to jot down lyrics and ideas for songs and for poems and novels.”

The notebooks with some of the draft verses for “Hallelujah” will likely be a highlight of the exhibition. It took Cohen years to finalize the lyrics for that song.

These personal journals span nearly 50 years, from the early 1960s, when Cohen was a nascent poet and writer trying to make his mark in Montreal, to the years encompassing a world tour between 2008 and 2010.

What the notebooks also reveal, Cox explains, is the musician’s playfulness and wit, as well as his painstaking attention to detail. Cohen

WINTER 2023 | 11

even returned to these writings years later, marking and revising, while also mining them for new ideas to use in songs and other artworks.

Other objects of fascination — for their simplicity and sense of play — include Cohen’s drawings. These range from doodles on napkins to pictures he would draw when he had young children. Cohen’s son, singer/songwriter Adam, has revealed that his father used to wake early to write and draw, and would share his pictures with the children when they woke.

Other revealing expressions of Cohen’s life come in the many photographs accompanying this exhibition. As Cox says, Cohen owned many cameras from the 1960s onward, as well as different types of Polaroid film, and used them for both the mundane and professional.

“He understood the power of the photograph to help shape his public persona,” Cox says, adding that he made these photographs “in a very disciplined way, almost as a daily form of selfexpression and journaling.”

Among the most fascinating Polaroid images are from the late 1960s, when Cohen was transitioning from being a writer and poet to a recording artist.

These photographs are documents of his time in Nashville, where he was preparing to make his second album, Songs from a Room , and finding his foot in the American music scene. Some of those images of Cohen from Nashville were taken by the late Toronto photographer Arnaud Maggs.

Everybody Knows will also feature fan mail, personal letters (from, among others, Joni Mitchell and

21.1 x 32.5 cm. ©

leonard cohen, paris again (watercolour notebook) , 1980- 1985. watercolour notebook. overall: leonard cohen family trust.

leonard cohen, hallelujah notebook , 1983-1984. notebook. overall: 23.5 x 19 cm. © leonard cohen family trust.

WINTER 2023 | 13

leonard cohen, self-portrait [photobooth] , c. 1975. gelatin silver print. overall: 20.5 x 5 cm. © leonard cohen family trust.

k.d. lang), books from Cohen’s personal library, musical instruments, and even Cohen’s trilby hat.

Nevertheless, the show is structured around crucial settings within Cohen’s life. An early section will focus on Cohen’s roots within Montreal and the city’s Jewish community.

“That’s fundamental to who he is,” Cox says. “This is someone who explored many different religions and spiritual systems throughout his life. But in a sense, it always came back to Judaism and his love of the Jewish stories and the spoken word, as it’s communicated by the cantor [in a synagogue].”

Other locations emphasized in the exhibit include the Greek island of Hydra. There, after purchasing a three-storey home in 1960, Cohen found both beauty and privacy. He fell in love with Marianne Ihlen, the inspiration for the beloved song, “So Long, Marianne,” in Hydra, and also wrote much of his early poetry and literature there.

Some of the drafts of those early prose and poetry were even sold to the University of Toronto around the time of Cohen’s 30th birthday. The artist wanted to curate his own life story and create a record for posterity.

“From very early on, the idea of an archive was really important to him,” Cox says. “He’s on the record as saying he considers the archive to be his sort of masterpiece…not just the many collections of poems and the novels and the albums, but the entire body of work.”

The point of the exhibition’s title, Everybody Knows, is meant to be ironic: there is much known about Cohen, but still much left for his fans and admirers to excavate within the memorabilia.

Of course, the exhibition shares its name with Cohen’s hit 1988 single, an ominous track where one can still see modern-day relevance. As Cox indicates, one of the haunting lyrics intones that “the Plague is coming,” which resonates with a song written in pre-COVID times. (It has been interpreted as a reference to the AIDS crisis, which raged at the time of the song’s release.)

“I don’t describe Cohen as a prophet or a seer in any way,” Cox says. “But there is no doubt about it, that he had an uncanny way of cutting to the core of the human experience in a lot of his songwriting, and the poetry especially.”

For more information, visit


D: 647.232.7317 416.441.2888 D: 416.575.7317

#1 AT BLOOR OFFICE 2015-2021 | TOP 5 COMPANY WIDE 2015-2021



From our family to yours, we'd like to wish you the very best this holiday season!

Whether you bought, sold, or simply dreamed about making a real estate change this year, we hope your home is filled with warmth, cheer, and love.

Here's to a safe and relaxing holiday, and a prosperous and healthy New Year!

All the Best, Ana

& Sara

10 Southway Rd | $2,498,000

With newly renovated kitchen, fresh paint, all new lighting, upscale hardware and finishings throughout, 10 Southway is a stunning example of tasteful modern luxury meeting traditional Toronto charm. 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms are perfect for a family or young couple. Move-in ready with endless updates and a fantastic location.

246 Riverside Dr | $13,500/month

A perfect combination of a prime Toronto location and private country estate. This 0.7 acre property backs onto the Humber River, with a private boathouse and dock to enjoy along the riverbank. Exceptionally elegant. 246 Riverside Drive is available fully-furnished for immediate occupancy.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE OR OTHER FINE PROPERTIES, PLEASE VISIT: ASANTOS.CA A SELECTION OF A FEW FEATURED PROPERTIES. YOURS COULD BE NEXT. *REPRESENTED BUYER 26 Lauder Ave SOLD 1 Yorkville Ave LPH08 SOLD 30 Inverleigh Dr SOLD 89 Valecrest Dr SOLD 932 Scarlett Ave SOLD 211-2119 Lake Shore Blvd W SOLD 4 Winterbourne Crt SOLD* 49 Eastbourne Cres SOLD* 319 Merton St #1009 SOLD 11 Inverness Ave SOLD* 37 Frey Cres SOLD 85 Thomas Fisher Dr SOLD 30 Ravensbourne Cres SOLD* 1812-1 Michael Power Pl SOLD* 25 Bournemouth Rd SOLD 14 Baden St SOLD 399 Adelaide St W #709 SOLD 527 Windermere Ave SOLD 75 Edward Horton Cres SOLD 5 Darlington Dr SOLD 67 Paulart Dr SOLD* 8 Shortland Cres SOLD 955 Queen St W #304 SOLD* 1 Romney Rd SOLD


Growing up, I was a picky eater. Everything my parents put on my plate was scrutinized, prodded, poked, and moved around. Then, quite often, the food strategically made its way under the table and discreetly onto the floor. Like a lot of kids, I was a creature of habit and wanted the same things, over and over, every day. I think I had a ham sandwich on a baguette with mustard every day for lunch throughout my elementary school years.

As I got older, I slowly became more adventurous, but it was only when I started to travel and work in hospitality that I began to broaden my horizons. There’s something about the restaurant industry and being around food and ‘food people’ that pushes you to just go for it. By the time I landed a job waitressing at Joe Beef in my late 20s, the floodgates were wide open.

A lot of the picky eaters out there tend to become the biggest lovers of food. I fell into that category and embarked on a culinary journey that had me doing everything from food styling to working on cooking shows, writing cookbooks, waitressing, making food guides, reviewing restaurants, and, most of all, cooking like crazy.

I was that person who filled their teeny tiny apartment bathtub with ice and snow crab for dinner parties. I would make my own tortillas for 20-person taco nights and spend three days slow-cooking a pork shoulder. I had boundless energy for experimenting and discovering new dishes, and I created the most elaborate meals imaginable.

And then, one day, I had a baby. Which turned elaborate meals into me standing up while eating whatever was in the fridge or picking up and eating what my son threw to the floor. My dinner parties fizzled. My usual three courses turned into a panicked one-pot meal, and my open invitations were cut off at a strict six guests, max. How did I use to do this, I wondered.

My son was actually the best thing that ever happened to me, besides his father, years before. And eventually, as my son started to eat more food,

WINTER 2023 | 19
photo by: dominique lafond

meals became a bit more normal. I had more time to cook, and I started to make more interesting dinners, regaining energy and confidence.

I was so proud. I mean, his mother had such a developed palate, it only made sense that he would too. Until one day, probably around his third birthday, he turned on me. Or rather, he turned into me. Everything was “no” or “ugh” or “yuck,” and all my usual go-to foods were rejected, one by one. Eggs, pasta, chicken, cheese, rice, vegetables, mashed potatoes—nothing would stick.

I have a lot of chef friends, and quite a few of them have kids. I wondered what they were feeding their own kids, and if their kids were as picky as mine. Children have an uncanny ability to level the playing field. If Chuck Hughes’ kids were telling him their dinner “could be better,” I felt better. If these top chefs couldn’t please their kids, the pressure was off of me. We were all in the same boat, all at the mercy of these tough little critics.

photo by:maya visnyei

Fortunately, there was always a “but.” There was always that dish, that fail-safe recipe that, no matter what, managed to please the peanut gallery. And it was the same thing for every chef I spoke to. Each one had that slam-dunk recipe that the children in their lives would eat.

So, for anyone that’s ever had to cook for children, I asked some of Canada’s best culinary minds, from coast to coast, what they made for the kids in their lives. And while I was at it, I also wanted to create a cookbook that would help teach children and parents about the diversity of our country and its people.

All the very generous chefs in the book gave me their best recipes so that our readers would have plenty of options come mealtime. Each dish is designed to put a smile on your kids’ faces and show them that there is so much to discover through food. And who knows, those picky eaters might surprise you with what they like…I know mine did.

WINTER 2023 | 21
photo by: dominique lafond


My mom used to make my son chocolate chip cookies, which he was totally obsessed with. But once, right before Christmas, she decided to switch it up and made him chocolate chocolate chip cookies instead. BIG mistake. He didn’t even want to look at them. So, when it was time to leave out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve, guess which cookies Santa was given? Well, when we woke up, and my son saw that Santa had devoured the cookies that he didn’t like, his interest was piqued. If Santa liked them. . . They’re now a staple in our house, and my son’s go-to dessert, regardless of the season.


PREP TIME: 15 minutes + 2 hours chilling COOK TIME: 8 to 10 minutes per batch


11/3 cups butter, at room temperature

1 cup sugar

2/3 cup lightly packed brown sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

2¼ cups all-purpose flour

2/3 cup cocoa powder

1 tsp baking soda

¼ cup milk

1 cups chocolate chips (or 1 cup chocolate chips, + 1 cup chopped pecans)


In a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, or using an electric mixer, cream together the butter and sugars until fluffy. Beat in the eggs and vanilla.

In a small bowl, sift together the flour, cocoa powder, and baking soda. Add to the butter mixture, a third at a time, alternating with the milk. Stir in the chocolate chips (and nuts, if using). Place the cookie batter in the fridge and chill for 2 hours until firm.

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Place 12 tablespoonsized mounds of batter onto the baking sheet, 2 inches apart.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes, or until crisp. Repeat two more times, with another 12 cookies in each batch. Store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 1 week, or in the freezer for 2 months.

1 2 3 4
Joanna Fox’s new book, Little Critics, is packed with 109 diverse, family-friendly recipes, showcasing what some of Canada’s top culinary minds make for the children in their lives. Visit @Joannafox or click here for more information, photo by: dominique lafond

Coming Soon to Forest Hill.

A singular architectural achievement that embodies the essence of Forest Hill. Rising at the corner of Bathurst & St. Clair, and directly on the subway and streetcar line, Forêt TM is a timeless expression of glamour and grace.

Luxury Suites from the $700s

REGISTER TODAY AT *Prices & specifications are subject to change without notice. E. & O. E. 2022
With Dee Dee Taylor Eustace

Few people know luxury design like Dee Dee Taylor Eustace. The well-known architect and interior designer has worked on hundreds of residential and commercial projects across North America, including private residences, Muskoka’s Friday Harbour, Harbour 60 restaurant, and even a 154-foot Feadship yacht.

The Collection was recently invited for a private tour of her latest project, a three-storey, three-suite condo in the heart of the Annex. The building takes its cues from its traditional Edwardian architecture, and pairs it with luxurious finishes, modern appointments, and Dee Dee’s signature attention to detail and drama.

The Collection: In your opinion, what makes a great space?

Dee Dee Taylor: From an architectural perspective, it’s that there's order. When I look at space, I look at the floor plan, the elevations, the volume. In the room we’re sitting, I had this strip of stone on the inside, and I repeat that on the outside. Both the floors are heated, and when I look at the cove ceiling, there’s an articulation of lighting. Great spaces blend details with the rules they follow, [whether] axes or symmetry or repetition.

TC: What is the most important trend in luxury design right now?

DT: A mix of material. Now you’ll see kitchens where I have a car paint finish and bronze islands and a matte perimeter, and then the Gaggenau appliances disappear. You see wood with stone, stone with metal, painted wood with porcelain. Our technology allows us to put materials together that you might not have in the past.

TC: Is there anything you’re finding that comes across as dated now?

DT: I don't do the one liners, here today gone tomorrow…some weird colour of Corian that's on your countertop or some ostentatious faucet. When style is really good, it becomes iconic, and that means it needs to have legs, it needs to have history, and needs to have structure.

TC: How do you approach colour?

DD: I love colour. I dyed an Aubusson carpet blue because I was done with the colour that it was. But I think there has to be balance. I did Harbour 60 restaurant…blue agate in their kitchen, the least likely material you would ever use in a commercial kitchen, but the blue is fantastic. You can do the structure, but it needs to have substance.

TC: How has the pandemic altered your approach to interiors?

DT: Well, there’s the economic side. For the first time in a long time, it’s cheaper to buy than to build. Anything new, being built today is going to come up in price. It’s a very interesting time with inflation, labour, interest rates and the costs of construction. It’s actually the time to buy in the luxury market right now, because it’s only going to get more expensive.

WINTER 2023 | 27

The other side of the pandemic is that people are retiring earlier, or opting like I am, for amazing space, where we walk and don't drive. I have 3100 square feet, three bedrooms. I don't want something massive. I want to travel and experience life. So, I think that we have a different mindset. This is a great size for three bedrooms. 4500 square feet is a great size for three bedrooms, 2 offices and a bigger principal room. 2500 is a great size for three bedrooms and a kitchen that's combined, versus a separate kitchen. So square footage relates to program. I can give you a two-bedroom in 700 square feet, but would I call that luxurious? I could appoint it luxuriously, but it wouldn't scale proper. Maybe in Hong Kong that would make sense.

TC: With all the construction in the city, we’re seeing smaller suites. As people adapt to smaller spaces, how do you preserve luxury lifestyle. Are there some key design inclusions?

DT: Scale is important…so is the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. We’re in a room with 11 foot ceilings and 10 feet of glass. If I brought that down to eight feet of glass, and I had a nine foot ceiling, I’d want the room a bit smaller so it doesn’t feel short…so there's proportion. But true luxury is perfect space, it's not about how much program you shove in the space. One of the things you'll notice here is that there are no hallways. It's called railroad car design, where you put a room beside a room beside a room.


I don't have any corridors. If this was in a building that was a different structure, there may be. I try to design spaces where you go through a principal room, and there may be a door to another principal bedroom. But I don't think program is luxury…I think we have convertible spaces these days.

TC: I like how you qualify it as ‘true luxury.’ Luxury has become a watered-down word in the building industry.

DT: This is a stone baseboard with a reveal, with a casing that’s flush with the wall, with a mahogany pocket door. To make that stone flush with the drywall, you have to set up the wall a certain way

to go up, and then have a one inch reveal around all these pieces. To me, that’s luxurious. Not slapping on a baseboard. A Swiss watch is luxurious, a Swatch is not. It's the mechanisms, and the detailing, and the planning that’s luxurious. I’ve worked on a Feadship, the Rolls Royce of yachts…they are so beautifully put together. But buildings in Canada also have to function…we have snow melt, we have frost, we have sun. It's like menopausal weather.

TC: What’s the most interesting or innovative project you’re currently working on?

DT: 85 Bedford just got registered as a condo, and this to me is truly a masterpiece. I’m also doing a

WINTER 2023 | 29

sustainability project in Nassau right now. It’s a house on the ocean with two pods. We’re trying to do all of it within the 100 kilometre range, in terms of vernacular materiality, plus solar panels, rain collecting, cistern water management.

TC: What considerations were given to sustainability at 85 Bedford?

DT: Full historical retention. We kept the 1906 building…its triple masonry construction that we restored, and we underpinned by four feet. Then we did full historical windows, lead coated copper roofs and downspouts. Part of sustainability is repurposing, and that's luxurious, that was painstaking. It would've been way easier to drop this whole thing and just put up a tower.

TC: How important is it to design with the existing neighbourhood in mind?

DT: I’ve done 168 Davenport with its limestone façade. I’ve done many homes in Forest Hill that I think are stunning. Also, cottages, DLK Spa, Friday Harbour, so I’m very cognizant of what things look like and that it's got my stamp on it, if it's got my name on it. But I also am fearless. I don't care what people think.

For more information on Dee Dee Taylor Eustace, visit



Arts & Crafts Series

Our designers and artisans masterfully incorporate timeless design with traditional weaving techniques. As an expression of this philosophy, we are pleased to introduce our Arts & Crafts series to our Transitional Persian collection. Inspired by the movement, these timeless designs will be the star of any traditional and modern space for years to come.

Made with hand-knotted and handspun natural wool fibers they are bound to be future heirlooms.

Arts & Crafts Raspberry in pure wool


Currently at 1400 Castle eld Avenue

Starting January 2023 @120 Tycos Drive Tel: 416.929.7929

“A beautiful space starts from the ground up with a weavers art…”
– Michael Pourvakil

Contemporary, artistic, and cinematic...the pillars of 24 Heathdale Road. Lose yourself in the architectural masterpiece known as “The Ravine House” by renowned architect, Drew Mandel.

This home presents a thoughtful face to the neighbourhood with a gabled roof, warm-toned wood, and stone. Materials used throughout the light-filled space are ideal for raising a family, showcasing art, and entertaining to your heart's desire. The soaring, hidden-from-street rear elevation dramatically steps down the natural grade, adding 50% height to the living room & kitchen areas, and accommodates soaring upper-storey windows. Oversize sliding glass connects to a spacious terrace overlooking Cedarvale Ravine. Stepping out on the Ipe terrace, you’ll be mesmerized by the gorgeous back of the home which is comprised of Algonquin Ledgerock, stucco, and mahogany wooden trim.

Retreat upstairs to one of the individually conceptualized bedrooms. Surrounded by custom sliding glass windows and mahogany trim, life in the primary bedroom feels as if you are one with nature. Soak and unwind in the sleek ensuite bathtub and gaze at the breathtaking foliage that enhances this unique property. Venture to the third floor where you’ll find a dynamic work-from-home space and a full gym. The view alone will have you up at the crack of dawn, ready for your morning workout. Explore and discover the gorgeous abode that is 24 Heathdale Road.

bedrooms: 4 bathrooms: 5 parking: Carport 3-car parking year built: 2008 approx square footage: 5000+ sq ft lot size: 50 x 161.14 ft WWW.24HEATHDALERD.COM LISTING PRICE: $6,649,000 Elise Stern, Broker 416.450.4070 |


proven performance makes the difference!

To be a consistent multi-million-dollar producer for over 40 years demands extraordinary expertise, diligence, discretion and the fine art of negotiation.

If you have any thoughts of selling your home now, or in the near future, I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in the strictest of confidence to provide you with a market evaluation of your home.


Classic Victorian residence restored and transformed to contemporary perfection. Sited on exclusive tree-lined street, home radiates heritage charm and refined elegance. 4 beds, 6 baths, one-car parking pad. Wide-plank oak hardwood floors, walnut panelling, fireplaces with sandblasted surrounds, and epicurean kitchen with stainless-steel counters and appliances. Expansive windows, sliding doors, skylights and open staircase to 3rd level allow natural light to freely cascade throughout. Enclosed gardens designed by Ron Holbrook enchant & delight. Walk to amenities of Bloor/Yorkville neighbourhood. Public transit at your doorstep and short drive downtown to financial district.

$4,680,000 co-listed with corinne kalles

A name you can trust since 1957 HARVEY KALLES
featured property

77 forest hill road

Traditional details blend with updated features. Dramatic staircase open to 3rd level. Wealth of windows & French doors. 5 bedrooms, 5 baths. Finished lower level. Enclosed gardens under canopy of mature trees. Walk to B.S.S. & U.C.C. $7,898,000

11 dewbourne avenue

Oak hardwood floors & mahogany doors throughout. 5 bedrooms, 8 baths. Sunroom with heated floor, vaulted ceiling and French doors to terrace. 2nd level gym with skylight. Lower level entertainment room & wine cellar. $7,360,000

co-listed with vicky zou


67 chestnut park road

Sited on 64’ frontage. 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 5 fireplaces. French doors walk-out to deck & enclosed gardens under canopy of mature trees. 2-car garage. Walk to shops of Yonge & Summerhill neighbourhood. Public transit at your doorstep. $7,188,000

co-listed with donna thompson

1 st thomas street 26a

Designed by world renowned architect Robert Stern of New York. Private elevator to 5,702 sf. 3 bedrooms, library, family rm & study. Hardwood floors throughout, Soaring coffered ceilings, Wealth of windows afford unobstructed panoramic views. $12,998,000

109 scollard street

Sited on one of Yorkville’s most coveted streets. Hardwood floors, coffered ceilings, gas fireplaces. 3+1 bedrooms, 5 baths. Elevator to all levels. Enclosed courtyard. Roof top terrace with hot tub & fireplace. 2-car underground parking. $6,988,000 co-listed with zack fenwick

3900 yonge street ph4

Rarely offered penthouse approx. 3,200 sf southeast corner suite. Spectacular panoramic views. Wall-towall & floor-to ceiling windows. Hardwood floors throughout. 2 bdrms + library. Expansive terraces. Walk to subway, local shops & restaurants. $3,288,000

co-listed with natalie kopman

416.441.2888 x291 | |


It’s winter in Toronto and some of us may be feeling slightly less motivated to get out and experience city life. Certainly, binging Netflix, curling up with a book, or playing a marathon game of Monopoly will hold extra appeal when it’s minus 20, but at some point we all need a change of scenery.

Fortunately, Toronto has a lot more on offer than skating and tobogganing. If you are looking for something fun and different, over the next few pages we share our Top Six picks for unique and engaging winter experiences in the 416, regardless of your age or budget.

WINTER 2023 | 37


The Psychedelic Renaissance is here, and Toronto is celebrating with a captivating, eye-popping experiential art exhibition. Have your mind-expanded and perspective changed, with this enlightening trip through the long, strange history of psychedelic substances. From their origins in indigenous healing rituals, to their current applications in Western clinical therapy, visitors will discover an immersive experience like none other. The event features carefully-curated rooms, rare historical artifacts, brilliant innovative art, and extraordinary renderings of the magic and mysteries of psychedelics.

Discover an intriguing trail in and around Toronto's historic Old Town! Solve riddles about subtle details or easily overlooked facts, and follow cryptic directions to proceed. Stumble on synthetic paradises and wildlife in stone, steel, glass, and bronze. Learn which honoured Scottish-Canadian reformer had a hard time seeing eye to eye with his peers; which vengeful architect had the last word; where an ember of war became a symbol for peace, and much more.

Ideal for curious locals or tourists with a thirst for a self-guided tour with a twist. With comfort stops along the way…perfect for solo adventurers or teams with a competitive streak!

Runs through May 29th | 1 2
Runs through December 31st |

Experience the romance of the rails. Since the last public shows in February 2020, the MRCT has made great strides in completing the layout of their railway. This visit will be an excellent opportunity to view the large O-Scale model railway under construction and in operation. With the majority of the trackwork now completed, a lot more scenery has been added including new bridges, industrial scenes, and completion of the signal system. Enhancements to the digital control system allow more trains operating over the entire mainline and in the yards. There’s lots to see and all proceeds go into the reconstruction. Great family fun for all ages at Canada’s premier O-Scale club!

MOCA presents the acclaimed augmented reality (AR) contemporary art exhibition, Seeing the Invisible, in partnership with the City of Toronto and Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation. Presented for the first time by a museum, and in free public spaces, the exhibition includes AR works by thirteen internationally recognized artists, including Ai Weiwei.

The exhibit starts at MOCA, where the project and artwork locations will be introduced, before moving to locations at Sorauren Park and throughout High Park. Seeing the Invisible will take visitors on an exploration of virtual art and nature, as the artworks are seen and activated using a customized mobile app.

WINTER 2023 | 39
Runs through September 30th | 3 4
28 & 29, February 19, 20 & 26
weiwei, gilded cage (ar), 2021. courtesy of the artis

Featuring 200+ local artists/ collectives, Long Winter animates multiple rooms on multiple floors, transforming these spaces into immersive, collaborative environments. Events are dense and eclectic, showcasing a broad cross-section of Toronto's cultural and sub-cultural artistic activity.

Experience performance art, theatre and dance, large-scale sculptures, projections, visual installations and interactive presentations including original video games by local programmers. As Rolling Stone magazine puts it, “Think of the anarchic, circus-like atmosphere of first-wave Lollapalooza, but stuffed inside a haunted four-level Victorian banquet hall.”


Winter Stations is a singlestage international design competition held annually in Toronto. Participants design temporary winter art installations incorporating existing lifeguard towers spaced strategically across Kew and Woodbine beaches. The structures (not in use in the wintertime) are considered visual anchor points for the installations.

First launched in 2014, the competition has now seen entries from over 90 countries, bringing the world of design to the water’s edge. Founded as a collaboration between local firms RAW Design, Ferris + Associates, and Curio, Winter Stations continues to capture the imagination of the city. The theme for 2023 is RADIANCE

Opens February 20th | 5 6
Runs through March 2023 |



With more residents looking outside the city for housing, and more business coming from abroad, it’s never been more important to work with sales professionals from around the world.

With Aventure, Luxury Portfolio International, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, The Board of Regents, and Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, we work with the best independent brokerages and the most successful agents.


Expanses of glass windows flood the interior of the home with brilliant light. The sleek contemporary design creates a rare jewel on the lake. The great room, the focal point of the home, is complete with a stone fireplace. A vast, modern fitted kitchen creates the perfect venue for entertaining and large family gatherings. Dramatic master suite offers 2 walk-in dressing rooms, extravagant tile shower & central soaker tub showcasing unparalleled lake views. Lounge in the master lanai with drapery screening & Jacuzzi. Guests benefit from lower level full living room, kitchen, butler’s kitchen, dining room, rec room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. Triple

dream garage is the perfect space for all types of vehicles. Fully appointed pool house offers private accommodations for guests with open-concept kitchen/living room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Experience resort-style living while creating unforgettable memories. Endless entertainment with a water park including 2 pools, beach volleyball court, grass tennis court, baseball field, playground, dock with boat lift and stunning private beach. Your Canadian legacy awaits!

SANDLEIGH ESTATES | 1191 Route 785, Utopia, NB
Sandleigh Estates, the ultimate architectural home with understated elegance, takes full advantage of center stage on Lake Utopia in St George, New Brunswick. Panoramic views of the lake are second-to-none and framed by acres of lush natural beauty.
RHON DA ABONY Sales Representative Office: 416-441-2888 x335 Direct: 416-569-7271 PERRY STEINBERG Broker Office: 416-441-2888 x334 Direct: 416-543-9639



Harvey Kalles C hairman & CEO x 263

Michael Kalles President, M.B.A. dip RPD x245

Leslie Richman Bender Chief Operating Officer x241

Susan Kruger VP Sales Management x240

Jeremy Finkelstein VP Marketing & New Home Sales x 783

Laleh Abbasi-Liasi 545

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John Aben

Mark Aben

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Gini Kelly

Alexandra MacDonald

Chelsey Penrice

Jason Rudge Richard Scully

Richard Scully

WINTER 2023 | 47
48 | the COLLECTION c01-c02 | CENTRAL *Sales Representative **Broker
2,014 sf
Bay Street Corridor 901-1166 BAY ST Newly remodeled
corner suite w/ large windows, natural light & great views. *Corinne Kalles
Portugal 43 RUSHOLME RD Extra wide 30 ft/approx 4000 sf Victorian gem. Completely redesigned & renovated. *Aaron
$2,450,000 $2,899,000 $3,250,000
Bay Street Corridor 4405-311 BAY ST Luxury awaits at St. Regis. Rare south-west exposure. All luxury furniture included. *Jamie Erlick Little
$12,998,000 $780,000 $1,325,000 $699,000
high in the sky sits a 3 bed, 3 bath condo with unobstructed city/lake views. **Kathie Wood $3,750,000 Waterfront Communities 3111-10 YONGE ST Sprawling 2 bedroom/2 bath, 1,223 sf south-east corner flooded w/ natural light. *Ed Abdou *Kristopher Burnett $1,138,800 Annex 1908-188 CUMBERLAND ST Great investment opportunity in Yorkville. Tastefully furnished 1 bed + den. **Soyoun Kim $789,000 Annex 201-483 DUPONT ST Light-filled 1,219 sf 3-level townhouse perched above Dupont st. Expansive views. *Aaron Gonsenhauser Annex 307-55 SCOLLARD ST Spacious 950 sf, open concept, 1 bed suite in prestigious Four Seasons Private Residences. *Corinne Kalles $1,150,000 $1,550,000
Bay Street Corridor 26A-1 ST THOMAS ST Coveted address in the heart of the city. Private elevator to 5,702 sf. **Elise Kalles Niagara PH1-705 KING ST W
bedroom, corner unit penthouse with breathtaking views of Lake Ontario. **Alecia Charny Niagara 315-954 KING ST W Rare opportunity to own a spectacular 2-storey 2 bedroom loft in King West Village. *Adam Weiner **John Qureshi Niagara 331-637 LAKE SHORE BLVD W Desirable 1+1 bed, 1 bath in the iconic Tip Top Lofts. 1 parking & storage room. **Elise Stern
Waterfront Communities PH05-15 FORT YORK BLVD Perched

terraces) with 2 car garage.  12' ceilings on the main floor

a sun filled atrium and elevator.  10' ceilings in the basement with gym, bar with wine cellar, and custom home theater.  4 bedrooms, 5 baths. Italian millwork throughout. This house is ONE-OF-A-KIND! An entertainer’s dream!  Short walk to King & Portland or Trinity-Bellwoods Park. Exterior will be gorgeous red brick to pay homage to the classic buildings of King West! (rendering set from architect).

Incredible location with unmatched views! 25' lot. Elevator that services the rooftop terrace which towers over the neighbourhood and offers a spectacular 360° view! Private drive leading to attached garage. 14' ceiling heights. Nearly 3,300 SF over 4 levels with multiple terraces.  3+1 beds and 4 baths. 2-car parking. Large backyard. Truly one of Downtown’s best locations on a quiet, tree-lined, one-way street.  Walk in any direction to the city’s best amenities!

This spectacular detached 3-storey stands tall above all other homes in the area.  Architectural glass and soaring 14' ceilings give this (nearly 4,000 SF) home some serious WOW Factor! 4 beds, 5 baths, private drive with 2 car garage. Featuring elevator, a full gym, home theater, great room, multiple terraces and incredible “world class hotel inspired” third floor primary bedroom with views of downtown!

697 RICHMOND STREET WEST - RENDERING SCHEME 1 02.07.19 DECEMBER 10, 2019 695 RICHMOND ST W - FRONT VIEW (NE) Detached 25 foot wide 3-storey at King and Bathurst with 360 degree rooftop terrace! Detached South facing modern masterpiece! Truly one of downtown’s finest residences!  695 RICHMOND ST W COMING SPRING 2023 CALL FOR DETAILS 697 RICHMOND ST W COMING SPRING 2023 CALL FOR DETAILS 5 WHITAKER AVE READY THIS WINTER CALL FOR DETAILS
(interior) +
Nearly 4,000 SF
2,000 SF (exterior

Sleek Townhouse 2,225 ft, 3 bed + office, 4 bath. Open concept main floor with 12' smooth ceilings & floor-to-ceiling windows. Private terrace. Engineered hardwood floors. Amenities include gym, billiard room, yoga, theatre, party room. Close to everything.

St. Gabriel Village by Shane Baghai 1,195 sf, 2 beds. Desirable split plan layout. 500 sf terrace. Originally the sales centre, with numerous upgrades. Fabulous amenities! Steps to Bayview Village Shopping Centre and Bayview Subway Station. Easy access


50 | the COLLECTION c02 | CENTRAL *Sales Representative **Broker
HOWARD BIDERMAN BA, MBA BROKER In this challenging market, put your trust in an experienced agent. Call me to help make your transition simple and straightforward. 259 DUNVEGAN ROAD | CALL FOR DETAILS Prime Forest Hill. Rare, 73.75 x 177.25 foot lot. Sports court, pool, 9-car parking (circular drive + garage), wine cellar, his & her baths and walk-in closets in primary bedroom suite. 3 stories with 5+1 bedrooms. Updated! Close to the best private and public schools, shopping, restaurants & transit. FOR SALE WISHING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY A SAFE & HEALTHY HOLIDAY SEASON
202B-660 SHEPPARD AVENUE EAST | $999.000 101 ERSKIN AVENUE, TH4 | $1,789,000.00 FOR SALE FOR SALE Annex 135 ADMIRAL RD Turn of the century, 1 of a kind gated home, restored with Old-World charm on large lot. *Donna Thompson Annex 113 ROXBOROUGH ST W "New York brownstone." 3 bed, 3 bath with over 3200 sf of living space. *Donna Thompson Casa Loma 219 LONSDALE RD For sale on Lonsdale! Wonderful potential for your dream reno or custom build. *Carly Picov Casa Loma 60 DUNVEGAN RD Architectural red brick Georgian facade on a premium 60' x 174' lot with pool. *Reza Ipchilar *Robert Greenberg $5,588,000 $2,700,000 $3,495,000 $9,995,000 Yonge-St Clair 1702-609 AVENUE RD Completely redesigned & upgraded with modern finishes. Unobstructed views. *Andre Kutyan *Robert Greenberg $2,699,000 Annex 46 ELGIN AVE Victorian residence restored and transformed to contemporary perfection. **Elise Kalles *Corinne Kalles $4,680,000
DIRECT: 416-723-3600 OFFICE: 416-441-2888 x320
WINTER 2023 | 51 c03-c04 | CENTRAL *Sales Representative **Broker Forest Hill South 11 DEWBOURNE AVE Classic centre hall with refined & elegant comfort. Impeccable details. **Elise Kalles **Vicky Zou $7,360,000 Forest Hill South 253 DUNVEGAN RD Huge private 70' x 172' lot. 6 bed, 9 bath. Beautifully proportioned principal rooms. *Peter Gall Forest Hill South 171 DUNVEGAN RD Renowned Richard Wengle approved plans & permits coming to build your dream home. *Reza Ipchilar *Robert Greenberg Forest Hill South 259 DUNVEGAN RD Rare 73.75' x 177.25' lot. Sports court, pool, 9-car parking, 5+1 bedrooms. Updated. **Howard Biderman $9,595,000 $8,995,000 $ 9,695,000 Humewood-Cedarvale 608-170 CHILTERN HILL RD Bright and airy large one bedroom, approx 654 sf. Clean and modern. *Ira Jelinek Humewood-Cedarvale 45 GLOUCESTER GROVE Fantastic opportunity in amazing pocket of Cedarvale! Live in, renovate, or build new. *Adam Weiner Humewood-Cedarvale 24 HEATHDALE RD The Ravine House by architect/designer Drew Mandel creates a light-filled space. **Elise Stern $615,000 $1,750,000 $6,649,000 Oakwood-Vaughan 7 HANSON RD Spacious 3+1 bedroom. 2 fireplaces. Walk out to deck. High ceilings. *Stephen Klus $899,900 Oakwood-Vaughan 220 ATLAS AVE Modern 2,400 sf, 4 bedroom, 5 bath home with functional layout. *Myriam Benchitrit $2,695,000 Yonge-Eglinton 307 ORIOLE PKWY Landmark house in Chaplin Estates 5 bdrm, 6 bath, 2 fam rm, grmt kit, gym, 6 car pkg. *Sacha Hayward $4,895,000 Forest Hill South 77 FOREST HILL RD Classically traditional Forest Hill family home on 58 x 185.83 ft lot. *Jordan Buchbinder **Elise Kalles $7,898,000 Bedford Park-Nortown 514-268 RIDLEY BLVD Beautifully renovated Tridel condo with attention to every detail. Move in and enjoy! *Barbra Pollock **Perry Steinberg $958,000
52 | the COLLECTION c04-c08 | CENTRAL *Sales Representative **Broker Bedford Park-Nortown 5 BURNCREST DR Spectacular, almost new executive home. Paradise Pools deck and landscaped yard. *Adam Weiner **Karen Gurland Bedford Park-Nortown 487 BROOKDALE AVE Amazing opportunity on one of Avenue and Lawrence’s best blocks! *Adam Weiner **Karen Gurland $2,988,000 $3,595,000 Bedford Park-Nortown 492 FAIRLAWN AVE Brand new custom-built beauty. 4000+ sf on a rare 41x150 ft lot backing onto the park. *Shera Greenbaum $5,999,999 Bedford Park-Nortown 20 SANDRINGHAM DR Craftsmanship & meticulous attention to detail featured in this elegant custom home. *Geraldine Del Zotto *Karen Rosenberg Englemount-Lawrence 1002-3000 BATHURST ST Totally renovated 3 bed, 2 bath, west-facing condo with actual laundry room. *Jack Samuel $9,900,000 $949,000 Forest Hill North 505-2603 BATHURST ST Oversized, renovated 1 bed suite on the quiet side of the building. *Zack Fenwick **Erik Paige $549,900 Lansing-Westgate 210 POYNTZ AVE Custom built 2-story open concept home. This home has everything you need. **Ronit Barzilay Lansing-Westgate 27 DON RIVER BLVD Nestled beside parkland, surrounded by nature. Live in as is or reno for dream home. *Karen Marshall Newtonbrook West 68 MARATHON CRES Rare 2-storey, 4 bed + 3 bath home on 82' x 108' lot. Ready for your vision! **Elise Stern $2,299,000 $2,299,000 $1,475,000 Cabbagetown-South St James Town 406 WELLESLEY ST E Rare opportunity. Solid brick semi-detached on one of Cabbagetown's best blocks. *David Harland *Francis McNamara Cabbagetown-South St James Town 390 BERKELEY ST 1880s Cabbagetown Victorian on one of the prettiest tree-lined streets. Approx 2,900 sf. *Daniel Bloch *Liora Tal $1,999,999 $1,875,000 Church-Yonge Corridor 603-45 CARLTON ST Spacious 1,259 sf, light-filled unit with unobstructed south views. *Ken Ramsay *Jaime Ramsay $769,900

A Rare Gem on one of Bedford Park’s Most Desirable Streets

This brand new custom-built beauty boasts over 4000 sqft on a rare 41x150 ft lot backing onto the park. Showcasing stunning, open concept living/dining, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and top-of-the-line finishes appliances throughout, private primary bedroom terrace overlooking the park, and custom pink onyx powder room vanity. Heated driveway, walkup, garage, and basement, foyer and bathrooms. Seven high-end cameras & security system all installed and operating. Control entire home, lighting, garage & electric blinds and more remotely with the latest technology right from your cellphone. Lower level offers soaring ceilings, kitchenette, walk up to backyard, gym, and nanny suite. Must be seen!

OFFICE: 416-441-2888 DIRECT: 647-456-7990


Moss Park 801-311 RICHMOND ST E Bright south facing condo has parking with bike rack and a locker. Low maintenance fees. *Adam Locke

North St. James Town 2606-28 LINDEN ST

Unique opportunity in this never lived in contemporary 2-bed 2-bath suite.

*Reza Ipchilar *Robert Greenberg


Mount Pleasant West 1514-123 EGLINTON AVE E Incredibly spacious 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom Tridel built condo at Eglinton Place. *Jake Goodbaum *Corinne Kalles

54 | the COLLECTION c08-c10 | CENTRAL *Sales Representative **Broker
$575,000 $1,099,000
Pleasant West 3810-2191 YONGE ST Luxurious and very spacious one bedroom plus den comes with parking. *Adam Trifler
Rosedale-Moore Park 67 CHESTNUT PARK RD Classic residence radiates timeless tradition ready to be restored & transformed.
Kalles *Donna
$689,000 $799,000 $7,188,000 Using my Signature Upsizing Method, I help people in Toronto upsize to their dream homes! Contact me for a free consultation. DAVID ELLIOTT SALES REPRESENTATIVE M: 416.931.4558 | O: 416.441.2888 x243 Church-Yonge Corridor 1003-45 CARLTON ST Very spacious 2 bed + 2 solariums split concept layout with sunny southern views.
*Andrea Hirshberg
WINTER 2023 | 55 c10c12 | CENTRAL *Sales Representative **Broker Mount Pleasant West 2311-5 SOUDAN AVE Art Shoppe condos offer 5 star uber hip hotel style amenities. 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 balconies. **John Fortney Mount Pleasant West TH04-101 ERSKINE AVE 2,225 sf, 3 bed, 4 bath, modern townhouse. Open concept main floor, private terrace. **Howard Biderman $859,000 $1,789,000 looking outside toronto, maybe a beachfront home or mountain chalet? i have access to luxury properties around the world through harvey kalles real estate’s professional affiliations. 243 ONTARIO STREET — $4,300/month Sophisticated, executive 3-bedroom, 2 bath townhome in Cabbagetown. Completely renovated. Heated 1-car garage + 1-car drive. CABBAGETOWN 5 SOUDAN AVE #2311 — $859,000 Sunfilled, upgraded corner suite in the stylish new Art Shoppe Lofts. Spectacular unobstructed views west over the city with endless sunsets. Great Floor Plan. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 balcony, parking and locker. ART SHOPPE LOFTS AT YONGE & EGLINTON JOHN R. FORTNEY “TRANQUILITY VILLA” — $995,000 US Breathtaking views! 6 bed, 5 bath two-storey villa is just a minute from the beach and from “Soup Bowl,” one of the best surfing destinations in the world. east coast barbados FORSALE sales representative office: 416.441.2888 x336 mobile: 416.816.4949 email: johnfortney@harveykalles com FORSALE FORLEASE WISHING YOU A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON AND A SAFE AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR! Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills 117 ARJAY CRES Grand 70' x 200' lot. Renovate or build your dream home. *Geraldine Del Zotto *Karen Rosenberg Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills 61 HIGHLAND CRES Rarely does a property like this come to market. Attn builders, investors, & end users. *Shauna Merkur Flemingdon Park PH3001-215 WYNFORD DR One-of-a-kind penthouse is offered for the first time since undergoing renovation. *Liora Tal *Daniel Bloch $4,990,000 $5,799,888 $1,075,000 Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills 1 COUNTRY LANE Attention builders, developers/investors. Huge corner lot of 99.93 X 164.93 feet. *Karen Rosenberg *Geraldine Del Zotto $6,000,000
56 | the COLLECTION c12-c15e-w | CENTRAL / EAST / WEST *Sales Representative **Broker Kennedy Park 691 DANFORTH RD Charming, move-in ready, 3 storey, 3 bed, 3 bath, semi-detached home. *Romeo Chadley Crisostomo **Romeila Son L'Amoreaux 1909-2550 PHARMACY AVE Charming 2 bed penthouse suite. Affordable for first time home buyers. A must see! *Romeo Chadley Crisostomo **Romeila Son $769,900 $538,800 Briar Hill-Belgravia 2308-360 RIDELLE AVE Dreams can come true in this affordable, fabulous 3 bed, 2 bath corner condo unit. *Suzanne White $675,000 Briar Hill-Belgravia 1210 ROSELAWN AVE Let your imagination run wild with this centrally located lot & home! Great potential. *Josh Howard $999,000 Banbury-Don Mills 3 PURLING PL An extraordinary home by renowned architect Hariri Pontarini. *Cheryl Graff *Samantha Graff Willowdale East 1406-23 SHEPPARD AVE E Luxurious Minto Spring Gardens. Spectacular east views, floor to ceiling windows. *Heidi Nelson $8,995,000 $598,000 Bayview Village 42 HEATHVIEW AVE Gorgeous 4 bdrm home on a magnificent ravine property; approx 1/3
$3,888,000 $999,000 $1,699,000
of an acre!! **Caroline Bokar Bayview Village 202B-660 SHEPPARD AVE E 1,195 sf, 2 bed, 2 bath split-plan unit at St. Gabriel's. Many builder upgrades. **Howard Biderman Bayview Village 138 CITATION DR Hidden gem not to be missed! Premium 63.97 frontage. Fabulous building lot. *Anita Evans
miss this rare opportunity to own a staple home on the Scarborough Bluff. *Stephanie Toufexis *Stefan Stepien
Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills 2445 BAYVIEW AVE Attention builders, developers/investors! Prime lot in Bridle Path neighbourhood. *Karen Rosenberg *Geraldine Del Zotto
St Andrew-Windfields 86 UPPER CANADA DR 6300 Sf living space contains 5 bedrooms + own ensuite, custom crafted office on main. **KK Azimisadjadi Sisi Morshedi
WINTER 2023 | 57 | WEST *Sales Representative **Broker Downsview-Roding-CFB 107 FREDERICK TISDALE DR Upgraded 5 + 1 bedroom family home built by Stafford Homes with finished basement. *Adam Feldman $1,349,000 Edenbridge-Humber Valley 603-30 ALLANHURST DR Top floor co-op apartment suite. 1230 sf, 3 bedrooms. *Peter Powers $449,000 Edenbridge-Humber Valley 11 NORTH DR Award winning architect's personal family home. Newly constructed. *Martine Rivard Edenbridge-Humber Valley 10 SOUTHWAY RD 3 bed, 3 bath, 2 storey fully-renovated home located in coveted Humber Valley. *Ana Santos $7,998,000 $2,498,000 Lambton Baby Point 91 HUMBERCREST BLVD Splendour in prestigious Baby Point. Your gracious 4+1 bedroom home awaits! *David Oey High Park-Swansea 246 RIVERSIDE DR 0.7 acre property backs onto the Humber River, with a private boathouse. *Ana Santos $2,800,000 $13,500/mo DIRECT 416.884.1442 | OFFICE 416.441.2888 | EVELYNROBERTS.CA Experience & Service you can Trust SRES, ABR, SRS SALES REPRESENTATIVE 2022 DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE AWARD Call me for your next move! From our home to yours... sending best wishes for a happy & healthy 2023! RECENTLY SOLD! | 568 PALMERSTON AVE, TORONTO
58 | the COLLECTION | WEST / NORTH *Sales Representative **Broker King 5 BALLARD DR Stunning home built by Tribute Homes in the prestigious “Gates of Nobelton” community. *Madlen Cumandra Kleingburg 25 COOPERAGE RD 2800+ sf charming home boasts comfortable indoor & outdoor living environments. *Anna Principe $2,599,999 $2,368,000 Woodbridge 36 JADE CRES Stunning home on an extra wide 56 ft lot. Completely renovated from top-to-bottom. **Kwang Sik Choi $1,695,000 Maple 703-9245 JANE ST 1+1 bed, 2 bath with 2 parking spots and 2 lockers (1 garage sized!). A must see! *Jorgina Lee $708,000 Unionville 4031 16TH AVE - LOT 7 Boutique developer globally renowned for unsurpassed quality in all his homes. **Richard K.C. Ling Richmond Hill 57 SEIFFER CRES Executive home on premium lot in prestigious Jefferson Forest. 4 bed, 4 bath. *Adeana Axler $5,087,800 $1,795,000 Thornhill 15 MILL ST 2-storey custom built family home on .51 acre lot. 9,268 total square feet. *Jordan Buchbinder Thornhill 36-151 TOWNSGATE DR One word, wow. This beautifully renovated home is anxiously awaiting a new owner. *Heather Hartt *Ethan Hartt Thornhill 719-7608 YONGE ST Charming south view 1 bed + 1 bath suite. Affordable for first time home buyers. *Romeo Chadley Crisostomo **Romeila Son $5,999,000 $1,149,000 $549,900 Lambton Baby Point 61 HARSHAW AVE Jaw dropping wow residence backing onto Lessard Park in prime Baby Point community. *David Oey $3,180,000 Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview 4 WOODPARK RD Absolutely stunning custom built home with attention to detail & quality throughout. *Heather Hartt *Ethan Hartt $2,795,000
University Heights 46 DOVEHOUSE AVE Raised bungalow features 3 beds, 2 baths & a finished bsmt with a huge renovated kitchen. *Louis Destounis $979,900
Ajax 145 DEACON LANE Ideally located in high demand south-east Ajax! Corner-unit, 3 bedroom home. *Ariana Karaiskos *Daniella Gold Clarington 406-50 LAKEBREEZE DR Great opportunity to own the grand penthouse! 2,000 sf + 277 sf terrace! *Lorena Martinez East Gwillimbury 34 CONCERT HILL WAY Brand new, never lived in house. Almost 3000 sf of absolutely gorgeous space. *Ira Jelinek $650,000 $1,349,900 $1,188,000 Together, let's unlock the value of your home M: 416-452-6249 | O: 416-441-2888 | E: | W: | OUTSIDE GTA *Sales Representative **Broker WINTER 2023 | 59 Pickering 269 DAVIDSON ST Spectacular 5 bed bungalow, approx 2750 sf on main floor & 2500 sf in basement. **Alecia Charny Innisfil 3296 LIAH LANE Custom built home on 2.08 acre picturesque, manicured lot in Big Bay Point. *Olga Schrage The Blue Mountains 139 YELLOW BIRCH CRES Gorgeous primary res or second property at the foot of Blue Mountains — don’t miss out! *Rachael Bakker $2,308,800 $2,100,000 $999,999
60 | the COLLECTION | OUTSIDE GTA / COTTAGE COUNTRY *Sales Representative **Broker Lake of Bays - Muskoka 4209 MUSKOKA RD #117 Updated cottage with elevated views and 102' of frontage on Lake of Bays. **John Aben **Mark Aben
Lake - Muskoka NORTHWOODS ON MARY LAKE Lot #3 - 3.95 acres with 371' of shoreline on Mary Lake. **John Aben **Mark Aben
- Muskoka NORTHWOODS ON MARY LAKE Lot #4 - 4.95 acres with 208' of shoreline on Mary Lake. **John Aben **Mark Aben $1,499,000 $1,790,000 $1,900,000 Picton 1 LONDON AVE Semi-detached 3 bed 2 bath home in Picton. Large bright spaces. *Suzanne White Prince Edward County 2203 COUNTY ROAD #2 Own some beautiful farmland in PEC. 96 acres with 4000 sf, 5-bed house and barn. *Suzanne White $395,000 $1,999,000 Picton 10 MORTIMER ST Pre-Con condo. Exclusive 34 suite boutique building on the harbour in downtown. **Janine Sheeres Call for details OLGA SCHRAGE sales representative DIRECT: 416.831.7438 OFFICE: 416. 441.2888 X 304 O.PSCHRAGE@ HOTMAIL.COM OVER 30 YEARS with harvey kalles real estate ltd., brokerage. TOP PRODUCER and consistent member of the chairman's club. HARVEY KALLES “ MY CLIENTS' HAPPINESS IS MY REWARD! ” — olga schrage When it comes to buying or selling real estate in Toronto, the right sales representative makes all the difference. Olga Schrage will make the difference for you. She understands your needs and provides you with the highest level of service. Olga is dynamic, reliable and resourceful. Her knowledge of the neighbourhoods and market conditions, combined with her business acumen, negotiating skills and street smart savvy will ensure that all of your goals are achieved. 3296 LIAH LANE | INNISFIL | $2,100,000 Exclusive custom built home on 2.08 Acre picturesque, manicured lot in prestigious Big Bay Point area of Innisfil. 10 min walk to Lake Simcoe. Only 1 hour from Toronto and 3 min to Barrie. Over 3700 sq ft of renovated and professionally decorated living space (2021). 4 bedrooms, 5 new baths, sauna. Deck & picturesque backyard.
Mary Lake
WINTER 2023 | 61 | COTTAGE COUNTRY *Sales Representative **Broker Mary Lake - Muskoka NORTHWOODS ON MARY LAKE Lot #2 - 5.66 acres with 283' of shoreline on Mary Lake. **John Aben **Mark Aben Mary Lake - Muskoka NORTHWOODS ON MARY LAKE Lot #1 - 77.34 acres with 294' of shoreline on Mary Lake. **John Aben **Mark Aben $2,490,000 $2,950,000 Skeleton Lake - Muskoka 1523-7 FISH HATCHERY RD New True North cottage with 266' on Skeleton Lake ready for your finishes. **Mark Aben **John Aben $2,625,000 ANITA EVANS DIRECT: 416.918.0727 OFFICE: 416.441.2888 SALES REPRESENTATIVE Listed locally. Marketed globally. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our home to yours! Lake Vernon - Muskoka 303 ETWELL RD 1320' of frontage on Lake Vernon with 61 acres of privacy in Muskoka. **John Aben **Mark Aben $5,000,000 Lake Joseph - Muskoka 281 RIVERDALE RD South-west exposure, private beach, 7+ acres & over 300 ft of straight line waterfront. **Chelsey Penrice Lake Joseph - Muskoka 16 MAILE RUN Available now.  New 5 bdrm cottage + matching boathouse with accommodations. **Chelsey Penrice *Gini Kelly $ 3,800,000 $ 13,500,000

High Park North 549 INDIAN RD Steps to transit, shops and High Park. Easy to rent and manage. Current gross $8,926 est. *Errol Paulicpulle *Mona Fatemi Badi

62 | the COLLECTION | INDUSTRIAL / COMMERCIAL / INVESTMENT *Sales Representative **Broker
O'Connor-Parkview 2901 ST CLAIR AVE E 12 unit purpose built apartment building 10 of 12 units have been gutted and fully renovated. *Errol Paulicpulle *Mona Fatemi Badi Rockcliffe-Smythe 8 CASTLETON AVE 4.1% cap rate with assumable 1st mortgage of $5.09M (10 yr fixed rate 2.175%, 40 yr amort). *Errol Paulicpulle *Mona Fatemi Badi
Port Severn 2702 BAGULEY RD Over 430 acres of commercial land with just one legal owner. Rare gold mine! *KK Azimisadjadi *Sisi Morshedi
East End-Danforth 2147 GERRARD ST E 30 units! Upper Beaches! 14 units are vacant. Easy to show and sell. *Errol Paulicpulle *Mona Fatemi Badi
New Toronto 203 ISLINGTON AVE 4.6% cap! 3 units! Detached! Renovated/ updated and fully rented. *Errol Paulicpulle *Mona Fatemi Badi
Fully renovated! Professionally decorated. 3 separate gardens/patios. *Errol Paulicpulle *Mona Fatemi Badi Roncesvalles 89 RONCESVALLES AVE Large 3 storey commercial/residential! 4.6% cap rate! *Errol Paulicpulle *Mona Fatemi Badi Yorkdale/Glen Park 111-185 BRIDGELAND AVENUE 3,220 sf unit: offices/warehouse with parking, in high-traffic Hwy 401/Dufferin area. **Sonia Kaplan Barrie 111-185 BRIDGELAND AVE Fully equipped North American buffet style restaurant ready to operate. *Philip Pick Englemount-Lawrence 3035 BATHURST ST One block south of Lawrence in busy strip plaza. 2nd floor 2 bed apartment. 2-car pkg. *Philip Pick $5,199,900 $8,300,000 $11,000,000 $5,999,900 $1,299,900 $2,650,000 $2,699,900 $6,999,900 $19.00/sf net $17.00/sf net $1,395,000 Muskoka 365 MUSKOKA RD S Investment opportunity. 1 residential and 2 commercial units with parking **John Aben **Mark Aben $750,000
Lawrence Park North 44 GLEN ECHO RD 3 units.

kalles cares

This winter, we donated 2,300 grocery bags filled with fresh fruit and vegetables to low income families and the homeless population in downtown Toronto. Thank you to the Growing Neighbourhoods Foundation in conjunction with Building Roots for facilitating their distribution. We would encourage you to donate to organizations that support the homeless population, especially during the winter months.

Giving back to the community is a central tenet of the Harvey Kalles Real Estate culture. We are so proud of our team’s commitment to helping others. Congratulations on all of your achievements in making Toronto and the GTA a better place to live.

We proudly supported a number of charities in 2022 including:

Baycrest Centre Foundation

Blue Door Foundation Building Roots

CAMH Foundation Casey House

Covenant House Daily Bread Food Bank Habitat for Humanity

Holland Bloorview

Interval House

Make A Wish Foundation

Mount Sinai Hospital

North York General Hospital

North York Women's Shelter

Peter Munk Cardiac Centre

Princess Margaret Hospital

Ronald McDonald House

Rotary Club Toronto

Save A Child's Heart Sick Kids Foundation

Second Harvest

Stop Community Food Centre Sunnybrook Hospital Ve’ahavta



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