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GIANPIERO PUGLIESE Human a rc h i tecture


Simple seasonal cooking

Grace Bay Beach, Turks & Caicos

The Dupont is a new 9-storey condominium community coming soon to Dupont & Ossington. At the apex of the city’s most coveted converging neighbourhoods, The Dupont brings together hotel-inspired sophistication with industrial heritage charm, and a vibrant urban lifestyle.

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“A beautiful space starts from the ground up with a weavers art…” – Michael Pourvakil


Michael Pourvakil, President

INTRODUCING THE STUDIO DESIGNS Our designers & Artisans masterfully incorporate modern tastes with traditional weaving techniques.As an expression of this philosophy, we are pleased to introduce two new additions to our Modern Art collection of premium hand-knotted rugs. Studio No.1 and 2. Inspired by abstract paintings, these timeless designs will be the star of any contemporary/modern space for years to come. Made with handspun, hand-carded wool and natural silk fibers they are bound to be future heirlooms.

Studio No.1 Ivory, black in silk & wool


Tel: 416.929.7929

Studio No.2 – Ivory, black in silk & wool


DESIGN & DECOR 8 HUMAN ARCHITECTURE Discover Vila Cortile 32 THE FUTURE OF DESIGN Small building with big vision 52 CHANGING LANES The potential of Toronto's laneways

ARTS & CULTURE 16 CITY PARKS Making the most of our public space 22 THROUGH THE LENS 25th CONTACT photography festival



Q&A 38 LET'S PLAY BALL In conversation with Buck Martinez


REAL ESTATE 28 RESIDENTIAL TENANCY RIGHTS Impacts of COVID-19 60 AMBERGRIS CAY Your island awaits 62 GLOBAL INSIGHTS The second home market

ON THE COVER 44 TURKS & CAICOS The Peninsula at Emerald Estate



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Design a place to unwind Emily Power Sectional –

custom configurations and leathers available

RECENTLY PURCHASED OR THINKING OF PURCHASING YOUR HOME WITH HARVEY KALLES REAL ESTATE? Decorium and Harvey Kalles have come together to provide you with a world of endless possibilities. Stop by Decorium and tell us about your home. Our best-in-class designers will help you tailor your space to suit your unique style and turn it into something spectacular. Discover why Decorium is known as one of Canada’s largest furniture emporiums. Ask about our Harvey Kalles special rate, bring in this offer and let’s get started!

Mike Power reclining chair –

custom sizes and leathers available


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PRES I DE N T ' S L E T T E R Welcome to the Spring edition of The Collection. I’m sure we are all eager to embrace the warmer weather, taste the first flavours of spring produce, enjoy the return of the Blue Jays, and cheer what we hope will be a long playoff run for the Leafs. Of course, it’s now been a full 12 months of the Covid-era in North America. The good news is that despite the lockdowns and rising case counts, we’re seeing more vaccines distributed on a daily basis. The list of those eligible for a first dose continues to grow, and we’re hopeful that before summer’s end, most Canadians will have received a shot. The other news making headlines has been the resilience of the Canadian real estate market. Demand for ownership is at an all-time high, which is keeping the supply extremely tight. On New Year’s Day, there were fewer than 100,000 homes available for sale in the entire country, the lowest number on record. Closer to home, the GTA has just reached a ninth consecutive month of record unit sales.



With limited supply and homes selling as fast as they come to market, I can’t stress enough the value of an experienced and educated sales professional. Your realtor is the front line to success. The planning and preparation they provide will set you up for a desirable outcome. Turning to The Collection, there is so much to explore. Buck Martinez, the voice of the Toronto Blue Jays, is here to preview this year’s team. Architect Gianpiero Pugliese offers a fascinating take on his approach to architecture. Food writer Alexandra Daum has great tips to bring some spring to your meals. We’re also examining the city’s parks and laneways so everyone can enjoy these under-utilized community assets. Plus, there’s all the real estate news and property listings that you’d expect from Harvey Kalles Real Estate. We hope you enjoy the latest edition of The Collection. More importantly, we wish you and your family a safe and healthy season, and we look forward to seeing you again in the summer.


HUMAN ARCHITECTURE By Gianpiero Pugliese | Principal, Audax Architecture

exterior photos by shai gil | interior photos by erik rotter


The legendary Harvard University debate in November 1982 between Christopher Alexander and Peter Eisenman summed up the prevailing sentiment on two sides of the ideological spectrum of architecture. On one side, Alexander, a proponent of design that respects tradition and history, argued for an approach to architecture that looks at patterns and typologies developed over centuries. He believed that the architect's role is to bring harmony and balance to the built environment and that architecture should be beautiful. On the other side, Eisenman argued that beauty should not be the goal, but rather that architecture should reflect the world's reality. If that world is ugly and tortured, then our architecture should reflect this. Eisenman was the darling of the elite class of intellectuals. He exemplified an ideology that would end up pervading most architecture academic programs in the West. In fact, beauty was somewhat of a taboo word during university. It could never be used as the rationale for the design decisions you made. Instead, if your

project had 'keywords' related to some social justice cause or anti-capitalistic rhetoric, then it really didn't matter how ugly the design was. Beauty was out, and theory was in. The most famous moment of that debate came when Alexander challenged Eisenman on the idea of harmony in architecture. Eisenman defended the idea that an architect might intentionally design a building that is in disharmony or even incongruent (academic-speak for “ugly”). Eisenman was defending many of the prevailing designs of the time that the general public found ugly. In response, Alexander famously stated to the audience, “I find that incomprehensible. I find it very irresponsible. I find it nutty. I feel sorry for the man. I also feel incredibly angry because he is f**king up the world.” He later went on to say, “But the fact is that people who believe as you do are really f**king up the whole profession of architecture right now by propagating these beliefs. Excuse me, I'm sorry, but I feel very, very strongly about this. It's all very well to say: "Look, harmony here, disharmony there, harmony here — it's all fine.” But the fact is that we as architects are entrusted with the creation of that harmony in the world."

SPRING 2021 | 9


After nearly 40 years, Alexander has fallen into relative obscurity, while Eisenman has entered the ivory tower of the club of global Starchitects. Over this period, a whole generation of young architects have lost touch with the historical tradition of architecture, to the point where drawing by hand has become a rare talent. I don't believe that life is ugly. Yes, it can be ugly at times, and we have lots of ugly moments in history, but the spirit of the human race is positive. When I think about architecture, I believe it should uplift and inspire, and historically, that’s what it did. It should aspire to perfect beauty and harmony, and to always pursue this unattainable state of being. Over the course of my career, I have had to unlearn the lessons that I was taught during my academic experience. Thankfully, I was exposed to Alexander's wisdom, and that gave me a window into how to approach design. This approach has evolved over the years into what I now call “human architecture.”

As part of my studio’s culture, Audax has researched and created this unique design philosophy which provides a robust foundation for our design work. The approach incorporates the best elements of traditional architecture and marries them with a modern aesthetic. Human architecture stems from the belief that many of the best aspects of traditional architecture were lost during the modern period, and from the recognition that modern design is a popular aesthetic within our culture today. By looking at the past through the lens of Modernism, Audax can bring back the tactile and human-scaled elements that were lost during that period. Our most recent completed project called Villa Cortile is showcased in this article and exemplifies the principles of “human achitecture.” The inspiration for this design was based on my studies in Venice, Italy, where I would spend my days walking through and loitering in the many courtyards surrounded by a collection of buildings.

SPRING 2021 | 11

In these courtyards, you would have archways that connect different spaces and beautiful balconies overlooking the activities below. Often these spaces were punctuated by a single tree which added a soft element to the space. The design of Villa Cortile is also based on a collection of individual buildings, some in stone and some in brick. The dining room pavilion facing the street is slightly lower than the rest of the house, allowing natural light to enter the courtyard. This element is finished with a standing seam zinc roof, while the upper roofs are rendered in slate. The main entry to the home is through the courtyard, creating a sense of arrival and giving the visitor a completely unique experience to what most houses offer. The courtyard is the heart of the home, and the principal rooms all face onto this space. Given the layout, these rooms benefit from receiving natural light from two sides. For this project, we completed both the architecture and interior design. This is based on a historical 12 | the COLLECTION

principle where the design of the interior was always part of the design of the building. The ceiling of the dining room took inspiration from the beautiful plaster work of the Villa Necchi in Milan. The homeowners, who are of Italian descent, also understood the beauty behind the Minotti furniture which finished off the interior. By looking to the past for guidance, while pursuing a modern aesthetic, the design of Villa Cortile has a familiarity and warmth, but is still able to surprise and delight. My hope is that the next generation of architects take a moment to reflect on how their work sits within a historical context. We should look both at the past and into the future, and remember that we are simply part of a continuum of the human experience. Gianpiero Pugliese is Founding Principal of Audax. His current work explores the relationship between traditional design principles and the modern aesthetic. For more information, visit



D: 647.232.7317

D: 416.575.7317

#1 AT BLOOR OFFICE 2015-2020 | TOP 5 COMPANY WIDE 2015-2020


Fea t u re d P ro p e r t i e s


1862 Steepbank Cres | $1,298,000 | 1862STEEPBANK.COM

2305-180 UNIVERSITY AVENUE | $2,098,000


2103-126 SIMCOE STREET | $849,000







ld e

68 Wendover Drive

172 Stanton Avenue

11 Ivy Lea Crescent

l ds i v o s lu c x


21 Langmuir Crescent


43 N O R T H D R I V E | $ 8 ,2 8 8 ,0 0 0 | 43NO R T HDRIVE.C O M

In one of Etobicoke’s most prestigious areas. Gaze inside to find a striking entryway, spacious entertainer’s kitchen and four spectacular bedrooms, each with an ensuite. All it takes is one glance at the inground pool, lush backyard, theatre room downstairs or the breakfast room to know this home has it all. The ideal space for families to grow in the lap of luxury – elevator, walk-in fridge, wine cellar, and 3-car garage.


This jaw-dropping, designer-renovated home leaves you breathless as you walk through the door. Luxury features include: walnut-panelled dining room with 20 foot ceilings and temperature controlled walkin wine cellar; a gourmet eat-in kitchen, 4 beds with spa-like ensuites; self-contained in-law suite. The dream continues with a backyard oasis featuring outdoor kitchen and inground pool.




143 Shaver Avenue North


15 Upminster Crescent



7 Twyford Road



197 La Rose Avenue TH16


CITY PARKS MAKING THE MOST OF OUR PUBLIC SPACE BY JAKE TOBIN GARRETT, PARK PEOPLE Last year was tough but it was also illuminating. We discovered how resilient our communities are and the role that public parks play by providing a place for people to stay active, de-stress, and connect (safely). We also learned that we have work to do to ensure equitable access to parks and inclusive policies that help everyone feel welcome. With that in mind, here are six things we want to see in city parks in 2021.



If 2020 did anything, it exposed existing inequities in our cities. We often speak about parks as “for everyone,” but this obscures the racism, inequitable enforcement, historic underinvestment, unequal access to amenities, and social judgement that excludes many from enjoying these spaces.

In 2021, we need less talk about “returning to normal” and have more action around systemic discrimination, the displacement of the homeless, and anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism in our park systems, policies, and organizations. Let’s look at who is and who is not in decision-making circles, and ensure that community engagement and consultation exercises are additive, not extractive.

the etched moccasin identifier ravine granite wall, trillium park and william g. davis trail at ontario place. photo courtesy of




We’ve been told to stay home to stay safe. This heightens the importance of neighbourhood parks as places of respite. But parks are not distributed equally, and this impacts people’s mental and physical health. Park People's research shows that Canadians who didn’t have a park within a fiveminute walk were five times more likely not to have visited a park between March and June. To derive benefit from parks, you need to have one nearby. In 2021, we foresee a renewed focus on the local park. Access to quality, nearby green spaces will be on the agenda, and we hope to see more emphasis on basic amenities like washrooms, drinking fountains, shade structures, and plentiful seating. Increased maintenance will be key, but we can go further. Integrating urban agriculture and local economic development, such as markets for locally produced goods and food, will help parks become resilient hubs.


creating an urban polinator garden


As stress levels rocketed and mental health declined, many spent more time outdoors as a way to re-centre themselves, taking solace in nature. One Park People's survey found that 80 percent of Canadians said parks became more important to their mental health. The connection between wellbeing and time spent in nature has long been established in science. In 2021, we hope to see more focus on neighbourhood greening projects that insert naturalized gardens into the places where we live our everyday lives: our streets, yards, parks, laneways, and schools. Let’s build on the awareness of the connection between mental health and nature through new programs and stewardship opportunities.

roundhouse park, toronto downtown. photo by jimfeng/

SPRING 2021 | 17

people using a sidewalk in toronto ontario canada on an overcast day, april 2020. photo by daxus/



Responding to the need for more space for physical distancing, many cities quickly “found” acres of new open spaces in roadways and other public spaces to open up to people. This created more space for cycling, running, rolling, and walking. In 2021, let’s continue creative rethinking about the space in our cities to be more people-friendly, but expand it so more neighbourhoods can benefit from slower streets, expanded public spaces, and safer walking and cycling connections.



Many grassroots park groups struggled with the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on park amenities and the need to keep track of fluctuating guidelines on safe gatherings. Despite this, Park People's research shows over 40 percent of park groups said they had provided support to those in need during the pandemic. Some even pivoted to activities like sewing masks. As we start the process of recovery, we hope to see greater support for the value that park programming 18 | the COLLECTION

provides. The top two areas park groups will need help with are funding and re-engaging community members. City staff can work with communities and partner organizations to provide funding and to institute policies like simplified permits that allow park groups to do more with less paperwork and fees.



Canada is a winter nation. People continued to turn to parks and trails during the season to keep active and lessen the winter blues. Some Canadian cities offer winter activities in parks better than others, but in many, the infrastructure and maintenance practices don’t reflect the winter reality. This year, let’s keep washroom access open, and clear snow and ice for safe use. And to keep people connected and active, we want to see more support for local winter programming. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Park People supports and mobilizes people to activate the power of parks in cities across Canada. For more info, visit



MODEL HOME NOW OPEN Live in Nature Only 19 Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired contemporary homes, along a private cul-de-sac with stunning


sightlines of the majestic Oak Ridges Moraine. PRICED FROM $2,419,900 BOOK YOUR PRIVATE APPOINTMENT






LAKE MUSKOKA LUXURY COMPOUND — $23,950,000 A unique Muskoka Lakes family compound of the finest calibre. The resort-like structure unveils a magnificent sanctuary and a kingdom for those who desire an active Muskoka lifestyle. The multi-dwelling property comprises 9 exceptionally built buildings on a lakefront estate with beautiful landscaping, stone pathways and extensive rock work throughout the property. Magnificent views and the boardwalk along the shore offer a spectacular sense of the lake. It has unassailable privacy on 629' of sweeping sunrise to sunset shore fronting 7+ acres.

The traditional cottage has 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a 2-slip boathouse with beautifully furnished living quarters above with the same exceptional lake views.

Additionally, there is a recreation centre with caterer’s kitchen, private studio, professional home theatre room, 3 bathrooms, a locker room, a summer dining room, and staff facilities including a kitchen and A modern, sprawling 5 bedroom cottage, and a large 2 washrooms. 4-slip boathouse with living quarters above and commanding open water views. Extensive decking There is a separate, suberbly equipped, large and stone patios lead down to a boardwalk and a gymnasium, spa, sauna, hydrotherapy room and 2 protected swimming cove. bathrooms plus a 4-bay heated garage.





Atop the pinnacle of the property sits an observatory with spectacular views. An award winning swimming pool was blasted into the rock with waterfalls, a hot tub and a heated pool is truly exceptional. The pool cabana has a washroom, a laundry and kitchenette. To complete the sports facilities, there is a tennis court with a sports deck, basketball nets, a volley tennis cabanas, a soccer field and a children’s playground. A private internet tower with fibre optical connections provides exceptional high-speed internet service. Another unique feature is the fire hydrant system that conforms with fire department standards. Every building on the compound has its own commercial generator backup.

RICHARD SCULLY Sales Representative Cell: 705-644-9393 Office: 705-765-6677 HARVEY KALLES — MUSKOKA —

ph o to c re dit :p ete ka r ici /is to c kph o to . co m

MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, our lives, news

THROUGH the LENS The 25th Annual Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival By Lousie Nunn


and events are filtered through the lens of images. In 2015, the world was rocked by the heartbreaking picture of a little boy, Alan Kurdi, washed up on a beach. His photograph woke up many to the devastation of the Syrian refugee crisis. As the world reflects on 2020, images of ICU beds, plastic barriers, and protests will sum up a year of pandemic and civil unrest.

Camera lenses have the power to burn into memory the social issues and current events of our time, and photography has become the art form that moves as fast as the digital world, accessible to everyone with a phone. “We communicate with images more than ever right now,” says Darcy Killeen, Executive Director for the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography festival. “Just think of the riots on Capitol Hill. Documentation of that was incredible. People are communicating what's happening, and it's communicated to the public almost live. It really is amazing. And our artists are doing the same thing. They're dealing with very important issues and putting them at the forefront with the use of photography.”

Take Esmaa Mohamoud’s The Brotherhood FUBU (For Us, By Us), one of the many public installations that will headline CONTACT’s 25th anniversary festival in May. In a large-scale outdoor installation that presents two black men as the subjects in two separate pieces, Mohamoud, an African-Canadian artist based in Toronto, confronts her audience with questions on race and gender. Part one, a giant 145foot photographic mural, depicts two black men staring straight out at the viewer. Their posture and sparse accessories – simple silver bracelets and a du-rag draped over one shoulder – arrests the passersby with the vulnerable side of these men. Mohamoud complicates the mainstream depiction of black men with this tender and intimate alternative – made even more poignant and surprising by its placement at the Toronto waterfront, alongside a life-sized cast-bronze sculpture of these same men.

People strolling along the Toronto waterfront will see Mohamoud’s mural and her sculpture, and instantly be brought into a conversation that has been ongoing in Toronto and around the world. Engaging the city has always been a central purpose of the festival’s Public Installations program, which began in 2003. “Our big focus is on trying to present very significant, large-scale, outdoor public art installations…this year, we’re planning 20 public installations” says Darcy Killeen. The hope for The Brotherhood is that non-art audiences will pass the black men represented in the photo mural, and consider Toronto’s own track record of policing, or take a second look at the fragility depicted in the sculpture and reconsider their own prejudice. “With [an installation] that size, you know, you can't walk by and not experience it; you will be engaged with it no matter what.”

esmaa mohamoud, the brotherhood fubu (for us by us), 2020–21. production detail, mural. courtesy of georgia scherman projects

SPRING 2021 | 23

thirza schaap, carnival, from the series plastic ocean, 2017–ongoing. courtesy of the artist and candice berman gallery

But in CONTACT, the size of a public work won’t be the only thing to turn the heads of artists and pedestrians alike. Equally important is the location. CONTACT is the festival where local and international, renowned and up-and-coming photographers take over billboards, subway stations, and some of the city’s top art institutions. Thirza Schaap’s Plastic Ocean will be displayed at Toronto’s Dupont subway station. Her eerily beautiful pastel seascapes – created out of used consumer products and photographed against a backdrop of sand and sea – will draw the eyes of masked subway goers as they wait idly for their train. In doing so, the Dutch artist based in Cape Town hopes to connect Toronto’s subway riders to a global conversation about climate change. One of several international talents participating in CONTACT’s month-long festival, Thirza will position her series alongside the train platform – a space 24 | the COLLECTION

kim hoeckele, legs in contrapposto with birch and oak stage, 2018. courtesy of the artist

typically reserved to advertise consumer products. Each photograph is made entirely from trash that Thirza collected from walks near the ocean. CONTACT expects this will begin a conversation about products and their life cycle. According to Killeen, CONTACT hopes that these site-specific exhibits around the city will “startle viewers into a new consideration of their environment,” and like Thirza’s subway-based Plastic Ocean, the exhibition Force Field at Fort York should do just that. Besides news images of protests calling for racial justice and coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of coverage in Canadian media and art around Indigenous activism. The recent land disputes over the natural gas pipeline have sparked a countrywide

conversation on the fraught history of CanadaIndigenous relations. Force Field, curated by Indigenous-settler artist Logan MacDonald, will take over the whole of the Fort York historic site with a collection of the work of Indigenous, queer and disabled creators from the community. It will be a way for the curator, the artists and the public to reflect on what version of history our historic sites preserve, and how marginalized and BIPOC artists might join the dialogue. Through its 2021 Year of Public Art Initiative, ArtworxTO, the city is taking a second look at public spaces of all kinds and funding public art projects in the midst of a pandemic that has hit the creative world hard. BIPOC artists like Esmaa Mohamoud,

dayna danger, kinky bundle (detail), 2020. courtesy of the artist

SPRING 2021 | 25

Greg Staats, Skawennati, Frida Orupabo and Logan MacDonald go further in the conversation of public space: their art asks who exactly is comfortable in these spaces and wonders how marginalized groups can reclaim these spaces or lands. CONTACT’s artists answer through their photography.

vid ingelevics & ryan walker, mobile landscape #4 (reflection), 2020 courtesy of the artist

luther konadu, figure as index #2, 2020 courtesy of the artist

“We are here to celebrate the art form of photography” Darcy explains, “that is our core mission and vision. And we do that by supporting Canadian artists and building an international platform for them.” As one of the world’s top photography festivals, CONTACT draws the highest photography talent from around the world, and partners with top art institutions in Toronto, like the AGO and Ryerson University. But it is the voices of all artists, both established and emerging, that CONTACT is concerned with. Darcy explains, “the majority of festivals in the world only deal with those top two tiers, and there's no real place for the very young or emerging. But with CONTACT, many photographers get their first exhibition. So, if you looked at CONTACT’s artist index, you would have the biggest names in photography, and you would have a first-time photographer, or a guy showing his travel pictures, or somebody showing baby pictures – it could be anything. That's really a distinguishing point of CONTACT.” As the world waits for the distribution of the vaccine to turn public gatherings and crowded art fests back to normal, Toronto needs a festival that recognizes the evolving ways we make contact with one another and express ourselves. This spring, CONTACT and its artists will continue to capture the issues that connect us through the lens…even if we’ll be experiencing them a little differently. The 25th annual festival will be celebrated in COVID-safe outdoor, indoor, and virtual spaces.

For more information skawennati, xox takes a break, 2020–21 courtesy of the artist and ellephant





DURING THE PANDEMIC By Mark Weisleder The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted each of us in many ways. As it relates to real estate law, the rights of landlords and tenants under the Residential Tenancy Act of Ontario (the “Act”) have been turned upside down. If you are in a landlord tenant relationship, here are answers to some frequently asked questions: Q: Is there a new Ontario Government Lease? A: Yes, it’s available online, and it must be used for any lease entered into on or after March 1, 2021. Q: What happens if you do not use the new government lease? A: If you don’t use the government lease, your tenant may be able to cancel the lease during the term by first requesting the government lease and then giving 60 days’ notice. Q: Can a tenant refuse to pay rent, knowing that they cannot be evicted? A: While a tenant cannot be evicted during the crisis, there was no mention that rent would be forgiven. Rents are still owed, and proceedings could be brought at this time to collect the money or to evict the tenant for non-payment. In order for an eviction to be completed, several steps have to be taken. An initial notice must be served on the tenant. If rent is not paid, then a hearing must be applied for at the Board to obtain an eviction order. The eviction order must then be taken to the Sheriff of the county, who is the only one who can enforce an eviction.


Of course, even with a court order, the Sheriff will not enforce it during the pandemic. Once lockdown ends, you should be able to enforce eviction. Q: Can a tenant refuse to show their home to a potential buyer? A: The answer is likely yes. Even though the Act permits a landlord to show with 24 hours written notice, that is likely not the case during this crisis. If a tenant does not agree and is concerned for their safety, they can deny any showing. The only way to show a home is if the tenant agrees. And, even if the tenant is being unreasonable, it will take months to obtain an eviction over their refusal. Q: Can I close my deal now if the tenant refuses to leave? A: I have had many sellers in this predicament, and I explain two choices. They can make a deal with the tenant, offering an incentive to move now if the tenant is agreeable. Or, they can offer the buyer a discount to close the deal with the tenant, with the understanding that the buyer will continue the eviction proceedings once the Board enforces it. Remember, no matter what you offer, the tenant can refuse to accept. My advice is to help the tenant find a place to move and pay an incentive to ensure the tenant comes out in a similar or better position. Then, have the tenant sign the Form N11 where they agree to leave in exchange for compensation. Q: What is the main lesson to remember for landlords and tenants? A: We are all in this together. Staying healthy and safe should be our main focus. Landlords and tenants should treat each other with respect, patience and understanding during this very difficult time.

Mark Weisleder is a senior partner at Real Estate LLP. If you have any questions or need assistance with your own landlord and tenant situation or Agreement of Purchase and Sale, email SPRING 2021 | 29


Un surp a ssed L uxur y, Conv enience & Com f or t O v e r 4, 000 s qu are f eet of living sp a ce. From $4,8 95,000 Stephanie Toufexis Sales Representative direct: 647.993.0328

Sarah Collins Sales Representative direct: 416.509.9020

All prices, materials, dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual usable space may vary from stated area. Rendering is artist’s concept only. E.&O.E. Brokers protected.

SMALL BUILDING WITH BIG VISION COMES TO NIAGARA Though widely known for its tourist attractions, if one developer has his way, Niagara Falls will soon be home to another landmark. The brainchild of Dr. Kamal Mattar, MAKAN Condos & Lofts is coming to market this spring, and looks to set new standards for ecologically responsible architecture, while fundamentally altering how condo owners experience community.

I also want to illustrate how smart design can combat the epidemic of human loneliness, that’s increasingly common in modern society. We’ve become increasingly wired to networks and far less connected to people.” The resulting vision is an eight-unit, boutique condo that seamlessly blends modern amenities, environmentally responsible architecture, and the social benefits of communal living.

“As a father, I’m deeply concerned about the planet, and I want to demonstrate the role architecture and Here are six unique ideas that make MAKAN Condos construction must play in addressing climate change,” & Lofts one of the most progressive projects in says Mattar. “Beyond LEED or net-zero certifications, Southern Ontario. For more information on Makan Condos & Lofts, visit 32 | the COLLECTION



Solar power is an established source of clean sustainable energy, and solar panels are the most efficient, durable technology on the market, with a 40-year life expectancy. MAKAN will include up to 4,000 sf of solar panels, providing an 86,400 kWh photovoltaic solar array. That’s equivalent to the energy consumption of eight homes, with integrated solar-powered electric vehicle charging. Net metering ensures owners are credited for any surplus electricity produced during the day, and battery storage protects the homes in case of power outage.



Water utility rates are the fastest increasing utility cost in Ontario, and protecting clean fresh water is a priority. To help reduce consumption, the developer has incorporated rooftop rainwater harvesting, filtration and storage. By repurposing rainwater for the toilets and irrigation, the site will conserve 450,000 litres annually. Natural storm water management is achieved by conserving the green space, while permeable pavers on driveways and walkways encourage natural soil drainage.

image credit: vectormine/



Heating and cooling of homes and offices accounts for 39% of all carbon emissions. This can be addressed by switching to geothermal exchange heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. As a bonus, the average homeowner saves $3,000 per year in operating costs. The site will use super high efficiency heat/cooling pumps with comfortable radiant floor heating throughout. SPRING 2021 | 33



Lightly coloured finishes function as solarreflectors, minimizing thermal heat gain in the summer (the heat island effect). In the winter, passive solar heating is enabled by large windows that permit the low winter sun to flow into the interior, providing natural light and warmth. The thermal mass of the floors will store heat during the day and release it in the evening. The energy generated inside is conserved through sealed and continuous insulation, airtightness and ventilation with energy recovery.



Engineered cantilevered sunshades allow natural daylight into the building, while limiting solar heat gain. They also reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.



By integrating the parking underground, the building is elevated 10 feet above street level. Not only will this optimize the view and add privacy, it creates natural illumination and ventilation. The outdoor space is streamlined to the rooftop terrace for everyone to enjoy the amenities and panoramic views of the Niagara Escarpment. The highlight of the 5,000 sq ft space is the 50 foot pool, overlooking the magnificent Niagara Gorge. Should owners choose to leave the privacy of their home and join into a community setting, they simply make their way up to the rooftop to enjoy the pool, the luxurious outdoor furniture, and the state-of-theart barbecues. “This shared space creates the opportunity to socialize and encourage community,” says, Mattar. “You can have coffee in the morning or enjoy a drink at night on the terrace. And, depending on your mood, be alone, with friends or neighbours.”


Make a Grand Entrance! Shop Royal Lighting for Ontario’s best selection of outdoor lighting styles for home or cottage. In a wide choice of colors, styles and finishes.

On sale now at ROYAL LIGHTING.

ROYAL LIGHTING 1 5 4 9 Av e n u e R o a d

(North of Lawrence) •

4 1 6 • 7 8 2 • 1 1 2 9 • r o y a l l i g h t i n g. c o m

Sun. 12-5 pm • Mon. Tues. Wed. Fri. & Sat. • 9:30 am-6 pm • Thurs. 9:30 am -9 pm Free Parking •


proven performance makes the difference! I hope that you are keeping well and staying safe during these unusual times. By now, you have probably read many year-end reviews and forecasts for 2021 commenting on the residential market and the real estate market, in general. We know that statistics cannot analyse the details of any personal situation. If you have any questions, please reach out to us, or if you wish a market evaluation, I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in the strictest of confidence.

featured property

36 HILLHOLM ROAD FOREST H I L L Classic centre hall home sited on tree-lined street in prized exclusive neighbourhood. Oak hardwood floors, custom panel wainscoting, marble gas fireplaces in living & family rooms, crown moulding. 5 bedrooms, 5 baths. Lower level wine cellar & entertainment room with gas fireplace. Landscaped gardens, pool and cabana with 3-piece bath. Enviable location. Walk to some of the best private & public schools, recreational facilities, and short drive to downtown financial district. $6,880,000


A name you can trust since 1957




206 bloor street west

21 glen edyth drive

625 avenue road #1904

Direct elevator to full floor (4,276 sq. ft.). South terrace affords extraordinary city skyline vistas. Soaring coffered ceilings. Superbly crafted finishes & immaculate details. Gallery perfect for showcasing artwork. An enviable location. $9,980,000

Sited on exclusive cul-de-sac. surrounded by canopy of mature trees. Grand principal rooms. Wide-plank oak hardwood floors, elaborate plaster crown moldings. Expansive windows throughout allow natural light to freely cascade. $5,500,000

Prestigious Deer Park condo. Lower penthouse 3,563 sf half floor. Spectacular unobstructed north, east & south views. Grand principal rooms. Family room. Separate entrance to selfcontained guest suite. Great location. $4,498,000




34 Poplar Plains Road

15 Scarth Road Suite #3

38 avenue road #310

Professionally transformed using the finest craftsmanship. 3 bedrooms, 4 baths. 2nd floor family room, 3rd level home office. Walk to Brown School & some of the best private schools, local shopping & public transit. $4,398,000

Victorian mansion sited on cul-de-sac restored & transformed by Tara Fingold Design. 2,385 sf + 2 balconies. 2 beds, 3 baths. Wall-wall & floor-ceiling windows create ambiance of spacious flow. 2-car parking. $2,795,000

Private elevator to elegantly appointed 1,660 sf. Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. Cozy den. Master suite enjoys sitting area w/ sliding doors to west terrace. 4 full closets, walk-in dressing room & 5-piece ensuite. 24 hr. concierge / valet. $2,399,000










42 park lane circle

10 Bellair Street #2408

50 yorkville avenue #4001

Private tree-lined drive leads to a majestic mansion showcasing grand principal rooms exquisitely detailed. 9 bedrooms, 10 baths. 19,000 sf including lower level. Self-contained guest suite with private entrance. Exquisite gardens & tennis court. listed at $18,000,000

Vibrant location close to fine shops & restaurants. 5,309 sf. 3 bedrooms, 4 baths. Guest suite with separate entrance. 3-parking spaces, 2 lockers. 4 terraces with unobstructed panoramic views. Superb amenities. listed at $7,980,000

Private elevator to 3,874 sf. 2 bedrooms + den, 4 baths. Miele appliances. Spacious master w/ w/i dressing room. 2 gas fireplaces. Electronic shades. Spectacular west (lake & sunset) views. Access to all hotel amenities. listed at $7,500,000

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BY JEREMY FINKELSTEIN Few names are as closely tied to Toronto baseball as Buck Martinez. With 20 seasons in the Majors, he would spend six as a Blue Jay, being forever tied to one of the wildest plays in MLB history. Following retirement, Buck began a successful career as a broadcaster that included an Emmy for his coverage of Cal Ripken’s 2131st consecutive game. He managed the Jays in 2001 and 2002 before returning to the booth. The Blue Jays are now set to build on a successful 2020 campaign, but the challenges remain. They are still a team without a permanent home, there have been some early injuries including the loss of Kirby Yates for the season, and the AL East remains as tough as ever. We caught up with the colourful commentator to discuss free agency, the rotation, and just how far this team can go. 38 | the COLLECTION




The Collection: How has Covid-19 changed the way you broadcast a baseball game? Buck Martinez: It's changed the world for everyone, and it certainly has impacted the way we broadcast. Last year, Dan Shulman and I did all 60 games at Sportsnet Studios in Toronto. We had the technology available to see the field, wherever the Blue Jays were playing, so that actually worked well. The most important thing that impacts my broadcasting is the inability to chat with the players and coaches on a regular basis. My time before the game is most important down on the field at the batting cage, talking to both the Blue Jays and their opponents. That's where I get most of my information, so that's been a challenge. TC: What's your assessment of this year’s team? BM: I think they're going to be pretty good. They got to the playoffs last year in the shortened season…then there’s the addition of George Springer and Marcus Semien. They traded for Steven Matz, but they still have a ways to go. They were just a couple of games over .500 last year, and the New York Yankees are always going to be the New York Yankees. Tampa Bay lost a couple of key players in Blake Snell and Charlie Morton, [but] they have a way of figuring things out and I think they'll be formidable. And everybody wants to write off the Boston Red Sox, but Alex Cora's back

after a year suspension, and I think they're going to be very competitive. So once again, it looks like a very challenging division. TC: What are you looking for when determining how competitive a team can be? BM: I look for how motivated they are as a team. Not so much how the individuals are doing, but are the players sacrificing themselves for the betterment of the team. That's when you have a championship caliber ball club. I think the Jays have a foundation because several of their players are homegrown, and those young players won in the minor leagues, so they appreciate what it means to win as a team. I think that's where their focus is. They want to be a winning ball club. When you ask Cavan Biggio or Bo Bichette or Vlady Guerrero, what do you want to accomplish…they want to win a World Series and bring that title back to Canada. TC: Are you seeing any maturity in their play that you might attribute to last year’s playoff experience? BM: Absolutely. That's a great point. They had a disappointing round, they lost both games of the Wild Card series to Tampa Bay. Bo Bichette was very disappointed. He had a rough game two, committing a couple of errors in the first, and I think that served as motivation for him to focus in the offseason. He's SPRING 2021 | 39

in remarkable shape, he's really focused on playing better in the field. And I see it with Vlady, as well. He's a fun-loving kid, he just turned 22, but this season I sense more of a professional approach, more focus in batting practice. And Cavan Biggio, the same. So, they accomplished a lot by getting there for the first time as a group, but they were all disappointed in the way it finished. TC: What do you think about Charlie Montoyo as the team's manager? BM: Well, Charlie Montoyo has managed for 18 years in the minor leagues, and he's always been involved in player development. In this day and age, you're continuing to develop players even though they're big-

league players. There's a lot of finishing work done in the major leagues. And [he’s] a terrific communicator. He allows the players to be themselves, while at the same time, he lets them know what he expects. He goes around to the individual, he’ll tell them when they’re playing, where they’re playing, what position, where they’re batting, and he'll do that a day or two ahead of time. There are no surprises when the kids come to the ballpark. Charlie has set them up for success. He's a perfect manager for this young team. TC: Is Toronto becoming a desirable destination for top talent? BM: It's getting close, that's for sure. In the late 80s and early 90s, Toronto was truly a destination for free

toronto blue jays shortstop bo bichette makes a play on a ground ball hit by new york yankees' tyler wade during the fifth inning of a spring training baseball game sunday, march 14, 2021, at td ballpark in dunedin, fla. the canadian press/steve nesius


toronto blue jays’ vladimir guerrero jr. slides into second base where he was forced out on an infield grounder during the second inning of a spring training baseball game against the philadelphia phillies, in dunedin, fla., saturday, march 6, 2021. the canadian press/steve nesius

agents, and that was played out with Jack Morris, Dave Stewart, Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor. All of those star players ended up playing in Toronto because it was the place to play. Players who have played in Toronto understand that when the Blue Jays are good, the whole country is behind you. I think the goal of this organization is to get back to that status, be a contending team, year-in-year-out, and once Covid is behind us, fill Rogers Centre with the best fans in baseball. TC: What effect do you think Springer and Semien will have on a young team? BM: Well, [they] kind of validate what the Blue Jays are trying to accomplish. I heard it several times last year from the young players…they kind of said, “Hey, we need a grown up in the locker room. We need somebody that has been there before to help us.” I think Springer and Semien are the perfect people for that. They’re good players. They have both enjoyed success on the field, they've played in the playoffs, and they're both great people. When you bring in two more character personalities like Springer

and Simeon, you're just adding to an already good clubhouse. TC: Infield depth wasn't really a weakness on this team. Did you like the Semien signing? BM: The defence didn't have a good year last year, and I know Semien is a shortstop playing second, but that's a bonus. When you have athletic people, they can move around the diamond. You'll get the versatility of a shortstop playing at a new position. That should improve the infield defence. With Semien at second, you could put Cavan Biggio over to third, and he has looked great so far. Plus, now you bring Springer into centre, and you've improved your defence up the middle, that's always been a big concern in baseball. So, it would've been nice to add another pitcher…I'm sure they tried to make a run at Trevor Bauer and other pitchers that were on the market, but so far so good with the pitching staff. Semien is going to have a good impact on this team. TC: We now have four quality outfielders. How do you keep them all engaged? SPRING 2021 | 41

TC: The injury to Nate Pearson is disappointing. Are you comfortable with our rotation in his absence? BM: Well, Pearson's injury is a leg injury, not an arm injury. I guess that's a blessing. And he's a big strong kid, so I expect that he’ll be back, but I don't think you can just snap your fingers and say he's going to be back in the middle of April. So far, the pitching has been pretty good. The depth has been fine with Robbie Ray throwing well, Steven Matz throwing well, Russ Stripling…Anthony Kay and T.J. Zeuch are throwing the ball very well and they’re in competition to round out the rotation. Internally, there are enough options, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Pearson can come back, along with Thomas Hatch who has an elbow issue that has him on the shelf, too. TC: Is not having a home field a disadvantage to our team?

toronto blue jays’ george springer races to third base on an infield ground ball during the first inning of a spring training baseball game against the philadelphia phillies, in dunedin, fla., saturday, march 6, 2021. the canadian press/steve nesius

BM: I don't think any manager complains about having too many good players, but he'll have to figure out how to rotate those players and keep everybody involved. You're right, it's about keeping them engaged, making everybody understand that they’re part of this effort. It's going to take 30, 32 players over the course of the season to win a championship, and everybody has to play their role. I think Randal Grichuk understands that. Teoscar [Hernandez] had a great year last year. Springer’s going to play every day, he's going to rotate, play centre most of the time, maybe a little in right. Gurriel’s been a good hitter the last couple of years, so it’s imperative that you keep those guys involved. And now you've got the challenge of mixing in Guerrero and Rowdy Tellez at first base, as well. So, like I said, I don't think anybody ever complained about having too many good players. It's just a matter of how you keep them sharp.

BM: It is a disadvantage, there's no question. Last year, I thought the Jays did a tremendous job. Initially, everybody thought they might play in Toronto. That didn't happen. Then they thought they were going to Pittsburgh. That didn't happen. Maybe Baltimore, that didn't happen. They ended up in Buffalo, but you never heard them complain, they just stuck together. I think it was a team building experience for the entire organization. So, they’d love to be at Rogers Centre, there's no question. That's their home, that's where they want to play, and they want to play in front of fans. But we know that can’t happen right now. TC: How far can the Jays go in 2021? BM: I think health will have a lot to do with it. With Kirby Yates getting injured and Nate Pearson, you're always going to test your depth, but I think the team is motivated. They would be disappointed if they didn't get back to the playoffs. It might be a bit early in the run for this young group, but I wouldn't put anything past them. With the additions, I think this team has as good a chance as any team in the American League East to go into the playoffs.

For all the latest on the Toronto Blue Jays, visit 42 | the COLLECTION


SPRING 2021 | 43


TURKS & CAICOS THE PE N IN SU L A AT E M E RAL D ESTAT E Gated community on the most sought-after stretch of beach on the northeastern point of Providenciales and world-renowned Grace Bay beach. Four beachfront lots for sale, each with access to the private facilities of Emerald Point. Two plans with premium specifications provided by a seasoned developer. Easy access to golf, groceries, restaurants, entertainment, banking, airports and more! Life doesn’t get better than this! key features: • Secure gated Leeward community • Lighted sidewalks, underground utilities, and security patrols • Central amenity space which includes two tennis courts (use limited to Emerald Point residents) • Optional villa management services and rental management program • Long-term lease of a boat dock with lift for boats up to 40 ft in length • Built to Dade County, FL hurricane standards lot sizes: beach frontage: beds: baths: square footage: parking: pool: extra:

1 to 1.1 acres 153 to 318 feet 6 6.5 5,439 or 7,396 2-car garage with shaded carport, and EV car charger Shallow entry with infinity edge and Jacuzzi Free-standing 1-bedroom guest or staff residence

price upon request Stefan Stepien, Sales Representative 647.523.6161 | 416.441.2888 Stephanie Toufexis, Sales Representative 647.993.0328 | 416.441.2888

SPRING 2021 | 45



When I started working on my book, Occasionally Eggs: Simple Vegetarian Recipes for Every Season, the idea wasn’t to make it a seasonal recipe collection. Though using these types of ingredients has always been an important part of my cooking style, it seemed too inaccessible and out of touch, even a few years ago. But things have evolved, and with our changing climate, it is more important than ever to eat seasonally. It’s also easier on your wallet. Geographic location plays a large role when discussing seasonality, so I write recipes with my garden in mind. Most of the fruits and vegetables used are those I grow or buy at local markets, and ones that inspire me throughout the year. However, simplicity in cooking is key, and all my ingredients can be found at a regular supermarket and be substituted. Spring signals the true beginning of the year in the form of new life in the garden and on our plates. The first fresh ingredients to arrive after the hungry gap of late winter are wild garlic and nettle to forage, followed by early crops in the garden. With lengthening days and more sunlight, spring is special. More time outdoors lifts the spirits. Fresh greens bring colour to a drab, end-of-season palette. Berries arrive, along with radishes, asparagus and new potatoes. During this time of year, adding asparagus and any other available greens to pizza is my favourite way to eat them.


excerpted from occasionally eggs: simple vegetarian recipes for every season by alexandra daum. copyright © 2021, alexandra daum. photography by alexandra daum. published by appetite by random house®, a division of penguin random house canada limited. reproduced by arrangement with the publisher. all rights reserved.

SPRING 2021 | 47

SPRING PESTO PIZZA I made this recipe over a dozen times while working on my book because I hated every photo. It was well worth it, let me tell you, because I still got to eat the pizza every time! I guarantee that it’ll knock your socks off. Spinach is called for twice in this recipe, in both the pesto and the toppings. Any hardy green, like chard, arugula, or kale, can be used in its place — whatever you have on hand.

Dough ¼ cup warm water 1 teaspoon honey 2¼ teaspoons dry yeast (½ cube fresh) 1 cup water, room temperature 2 tablespoons olive oil, plus more for coating the bowl 2 teaspoons salt 2½ to 3 cups spelt flour, divided

Pesto 2 cups basil 1 cup packed spinach 1 garlic clove Juice of 1 lemon ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon freshly ground pepper 2 tablespoons olive oil

Toppings 4 cups spinach 14 ounces asparagus, halved lengthwise, woody ends removed 1 medium leek, cut into ½-inch rounds, dark greens discarded 1 medium zucchini, cut into ½-inch rounds 2 cups button mushrooms, cut into ½-inch slices Olive oil, to drizzle Pinch of salt 48 | the COLLECTION



Serves four | 30 minutes prep time | 25 minutes cooking time | 1 hour rising time

To make the dough Whisk together the warm water, honey, and yeast in a large bowl. Let this mixture rest for 15 minutes. The yeast should bloom and look like foam. If nothing seems to be happening, your yeast is likely dead, either from being too old or because the water you used was too hot. Stir in the room-temperature water, oil, salt, and 1 cup flour with a wooden spoon. Add the remaining flour, about ½ cup at a time, stirring between each addition, until it becomes too difficult to mix. Turn the dough out onto a well-floured surface. Knead for 5 to 10 minutes, sprinkling additional flour as needed, until a soft, smooth dough forms. If you have a stand mixer, skip hand kneading and use the dough hook in your mixer instead. Clean your bowl, then add a drizzle of olive oil to it. Place the dough in the bowl, turning to coat with the oil. Cover with a plate or tea towel and set in a warm, draft-free spot. Let the dough rise for 50 or 60 minutes, or until doubled in size.



While the dough is rising, make the pesto Add the basil, spinach, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper to a small food processor, or use an immersion blender and blend well. Add the olive oil in a slow stream while blending, until fully incorporated and very smooth. Preheat the oven to 400 F

To make the pizzas Divide the dough into two equal pieces, roll out into rough circles around 1 inch thick, and place on parchment paper. Top each round with equal amounts of the pesto. Reserve a couple of tablespoons for serving. Divide the toppings among the two rounds of dough, starting with the spinach at the base, followed by the asparagus, leeks, zucchini, and mushrooms. Top each pizza with a drizzle of oil and sprinkle of salt. Bake each pizza for 25 minutes, baking both at the same time if your oven has a convection setting. The vegetables should be tender and the crust golden. Top each pizza with a drizzle of pesto and serve hot. This tastes best fresh but keeps well at room temperature for a day…and is pretty good cold, too! Alexandra Daum is a Toronto-born, Manitoba-raised food writer and photographer currently living in the far northeastern corner of the Netherlands. She's the creator of Occasionally Eggs, a seasonal vegetarian recipe website focusing on healthy(ish) recipes. An avid gardener and gatherer, her recipes are inspired by the local produce wherever she's living at the time.

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FEATURED PROPERTIES 49 DON RIVER BOULEVARD | PRICE UPON REQUEST Lose yourself in the nature that surrounds Don River Blvd. One-of-a-kind custom 3+1 bed & 4 bath home. Open concept kitchen, dining room, and living room. Onyx bar and entertainment wall. Retractable glass panelling walkout to the patio.“Treehouse” master bedroom with balcony, walk-in closet and luxury ensuite bathroom. A breathtaking rooftop terrace that overlooks the Don River Trail. Other features include a sauna, heated driveway/walkway, and Tesla charging station.

114-955 QUEEN STREET WEST | $995,000

Chocolate Factory Lofts — Across from Trinity Bellwoods Park. 1 bed, 1 bath corner unit. A suite so good, it has two entranceways — 114-955 Queen W & 120-120 Massey St (Private). This true hard loft features exposed brick & beam + floor-to-ceiling windows that front onto the private terrace. The terrace is perfect for entertaining & BBQing. Includes ensuite laundry, gym, party/meeting room, & concierge/ security. Close to many shops & restaurants on Queen W.



Brand new custom built 3 bed + 4 bath detached home located in vibrant Caledonia-Fairbank neighbourhood. Open concept kitchen, living & dining area w/ walk-out to deck. Large windows and designer finishes throughout. Finished ground level with family/entertainment room w/ sliding doors to patio and backyard. Master w/ en-suite & walk-in closet. Basement office/laundry area. The perfect home for all families. 609C Harvie Blvd is sure to impress!

harbord village laneway greening, 2016. photo by: michelle senayah, the laneway project


U NLOC KING T ORONT O’ S L ANE WAY POT ENT IA L By Michelle Senayah Executive Director, The Laneway Project Toronto is a vibrant, growing city, partly through incremental intensification. We’re adding homes, shops, offices, schools and restaurants, piece by piece, project by project, as we develop our neighbourhoods. This evolvement has created a pressing need to improve our shared infrastructure, including our public spaces. Joan Clos, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, once said, “what defines the character of a city is its public space, not its private space.” Toronto’s public spaces are essential to the physical, social and economic lives of our communities. They maintain and strengthen the uniqueness of our neighbourhoods, the dynamism of our local economies, and the vibrancy of our urban lives. Of course, all this has been underscored by the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, which have pushed public life outdoors and forced us to adapt existing spaces for new and expanded uses that are no longer possible inside. 52 | the COLLECTION

Fortunately, the adaptation and improvement of our public spaces is especially well-suited to our current, piecemeal approach to improvement. In this fashion, existing public spaces are revitalized individually to create more welcoming, useful, and vibrant shared places at the local level as neighbourhoods intensify. As this occurs, the growing number of revitalized public spaces combine to create a positive shift in the “big picture” of Toronto's public realm. In addition to streets and parks, Toronto is fortunate to have a rich secondary network of public spaces, brimming with overlooked potential: the more than 2400 public laneways spread throughout our downtown and midtown neighbourhoods. Historically, these laneways have been treated as purely utilitarian spaces for deliveries and parking, yet they have the capacity to be so much more. Since 2014, The Laneway Project has worked with city staff, developers, BIAs, Residents’ Associations

and other civil-society groups to transform local laneways into living, people-friendly places. These projects have demonstrated that with improvements in key areas, Toronto's laneways can do double duty as back-of-house service spaces and welcoming places for people in the community. Here are some lessons learned:

Multi-Modal Traffic Management Toronto’s laneways are our smallest rights-ofway, generally 3.5 to 4 metres wide. So, while they are used by people in trucks and cars, on bikes and on foot, they do not have sufficient space

for separate car, bike and pedestrian areas. They need good lighting and traffic calming measures to ensure that everyone is moving at a reduced speed and sharing the space safely. Speed bumps don’t do the trick. Rather, this is best achieved by a coordinated set of measures that improve visibility and provide visual cues that make a laneway feel different from a street: downwardfacing, pedestrian-friendly lighting; planter gardens along the laneway edges of neighbouring properties to highlight the width of the space; road murals to signal that the space is a shared one; and windows and doors in the facades of neighbouring properties to break up closed walls and foster activity.

SPRING 2021 | 53

nicholson lane revitalization, 2019. photo by: katrina afonso, the laneway project

Visual Interest and Stewardship

fred hamilton laneway puncture, 2016. photo by: michelle senayah, the laneway project

Toronto’s laneways are drab, grimy spaces that often suffer from ‘broken window syndrome.’ A combination of better maintenance and public art can change this quite quickly. Artists can work with local residents and businesses to add murals to the laneway frontages of neighbouring properties to signal community ‘ownership’; neighbouring property owners can keep those laneway frontages in good shape by consolidating waste storage and sweeping up daily; and the City can increase the frequency of road sweeping operations in the laneway.

Strategic Greening

danforth village laneway revitalization, 2018. photo by: katrina afonso, the laneway project


While Toronto’s fastest-growing neighbourhoods are our most park-poor, they have our highest percapita amount of laneway space. Unfortunately, these laneways are often hard, grey spaces that perform poorly both environmentally and as a refuge from the hustle of our streets…but there is potential. In-ground and planter-based gardens of hardy, locally-adapted flowers, shrubs and trees on the laneway frontages of neighbouring properties

danforth east laneway crawl, 2016. photo by: katrina afonso, the laneway project

can soften the spaces, act as pollinator pathways, reduce the heat island effect and filter the air. Permeable paving can enable natural stormwater drainage to reduce the flooding of neighbouring properties and lessen the load on our storm and sanitary sewer system.

Sense of Safety Laneways can feel deserted, especially at night, when they are used by fewer people. This sense of safety can be addressed with a set of linked measures including: downwardfacing, pedestrian-friendly lighting to improve visibility; windows and doors to provide views into the space; direct entrances and exits from neighbouring properties; and active uses in the outdoor laneway-side spaces including gardens, patios and secure bike storage areas.

All-Season Design Toronto’s public spaces are not designed for comfortable winter use, but our cold season often lasts for six months. The restrictions on indoor

light up the laneways bloordale, 2019. photo by: katrina afonso, the laneway project

SPRING 2021 | 55

light up the laneways ossington, 2019. photo by: katrina afonso, the laneway project

spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic have only highlighted the longstanding need to adapt our public spaces to foster outdoor public life year-round. Using measures that target cold-season stressors, we can transform Toronto’s laneways into places that are appealing and comfortable in all seasons: encouraging movement and activity, capturing and celebrating natural light, providing playful and artistic artificial lighting, introducing bright and vibrant colours, and providing shelter from icy wind. These steps will ensure that our public life doesn’t go into hibernation for six months a year. To ensure they are sustainable and locallyembedded, laneway improvements must be designed to work well within our complex, multiowner, multi-use and multi-stakeholder spaces. Collaborative, community-centered project planning, with a detailed design and implementation strategy, supports a projects’ integration into their 56 | the COLLECTION

neighbourhoods’ physical and social environments, setting them up for success. Early and regular consultation with local community champions such as Business Improvement Areas and Residents’ Associations help tap into existing local networks, and the use of a variety of in-person and virtual outreach methods allow the maximum number of local community members to share their input. Together, these approaches, measures and processes work to create positive, sustainable laneway spaces that will live up to their potential and help meet the needs of a changing city as our neighbourhoods grow and evolve. The Laneway Project is a non-profit social enterprise and a leading expert in the interdisciplinary, community-integrated revitalization of laneways and other overlooked public spaces.

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Ambergris Cay YourIslandAwaits

Ambergris Cay is the jewel in the Turks and Caicos archipelago, named for the valuable substance derived from sperm whales that migrate around the island each winter. A haven for settlers and adventurers since the 18th century, the Cay was prized for its beauty and suitability for agave plantation and ambergris collection. The thousand-acre island has been in private hands since 1811, changing ownership several times over the centuries, though always under the rule of the British Crown.


The Turks and Caicos Collection has now turned Ambergris Cay into an exclusive oasis, preserving its natural splendour, while building a community of luxury villas with world-class hotel facilities to enhance the experience. Escape amidst the enveloping presence of nature: jog past docile rock iguanas on the fitness trail, swim, or jump on a stand-up paddleboard before exploring the nearby coral reefs. Snorkel with sea turtles and kite surf with humpback whales. Sail the neighbouring islands, go reef and deep-sea fishing, or let our team teach you how to catch a bonefish in low tides. Laze in your villa to work, write, read, contemplate, and enjoy the company of your family and friends. Or simply relish the spectacular views of the surrounding sky from sunrise to sunset and into the starry night enjoyed from your private heated pool. Savour contemporary cuisine and favourites from around the globe — either in our restaurant or delivered to your door. The Ambergris Cay development offers an exclusive community for homeowners who cherish privacy, alongside neighbours with shared values. Live in the lap of luxury, while being able to bask in the

natural beauty of the island alongside the numerous varieties of indigenous flora and fauna. Currently, 20 homes exist along Colombus Beach. Up to 200 lots are “infrastructure ready” with access to all utilities, sewage, and digital connectivity. Villas can be used exclusively by homeowners or placed in the rental pool together with ten exquisite rentable freestanding suites on Monck Beach, as part of the Turks and Caicos Collection Resort offerings. Our significant investment in the infrastructure of Ambergris Cay ensures that it is suitably robust to handle our projected low-density growth and the commensurate hospitality services of finest quality. Our state-of-the-art facilities — built to code to withstand the highest category hurricanes — are in pristine condition and include: a reverse osmosis water purification system, a power plant that generates electricity for the entire island, a dedicated cell tower that provides full phone and high-speed internet access, fire and rescue teams, a medical clinic and infrastructural elements contributing to the independent operation of the island.

Luxury villas from $3.95M USD For more information or to speak with a sales representative, visit

SPRING 2021 | 61

Global Insights The Second Home Market BY LUXURY PORTFOLIO INTERNATIONAL

Due to COVID-19, last year saw several unconventional trends within the second home market. This should not come as a surprise. After all, homes in vacation markets offer many of the most desired amenities right now — space, natural surroundings, and privacy. Through Luxury Portfolio International’s extensive global network, we have compiled insights from five successful second home markets including: Lake Tahoe, Nevada; Naples, Florida; The Hamptons, New York; Turks and Caicos Islands; and Whistler, Canada, providing a glimpse into the year we had. 62 | the COLLECTION

Scratch the Predictions Second home markets across the board saw an increase in sales volume and record-breaking numbers. For instance, Lake Tahoe witnessed one of its best years in history, doubling its sales volume compared to 2019. What makes this statistic even more fascinating is that it was achieved within the latter seven months of the year, trailing a market that was down 24–25% in the spring. Real estate agents are hopeful that the positive sales performance will carry into 2021, however, inventory will be a barrier. High-performing markets are witnessing a dwindling number of houses for sale. Accordingly, home values will continue their rise, while some of the past year’s sales momentum will slow.

Who’s Buying?


IN FASHION Swimming pool Personal gym Home office

OLD FAVOURITES Gourmet kitchen Walk-in closet

Lake Tahoe, Naples, and Whistler have all seen a surge in young buyers, some of which are buying their first primary residence. This is due to the increased acceptance of working from home, which has allowed buyers to trade proximity to the office for communities that better match their desired lifestyles. As an anecdote to this trend, The Hamptons has seen school registrations rise sharply, signaling a more permanent resident base within the region. Another all-around observation has been the greater emphasis on local buyers. For some, like in Lake Tahoe, local buyers from Northern California have always been the norm. Whistler, however, typically sees a solid base of international buyers, but this custom has been greatly reduced due to travel restrictions. Nevertheless, local buyers from both Canada and the U.S. have kept sales high. One standout exception to the local buyer trend is the market in Florida, which has attracted buyers from across the U.S., especially those from large cities or hightax states.

SMART FEATURES Electric car charger Automation systems Security systems

ENTERTAINMENT Wine cellar Outdoor kitchen Media room

SPRING 2021 | 63

More is More Comprehensively, buyers want more of everything — more space, more amenities, and greater privacy. According to the November 2020 report, The Modern Luxury Home: Reimagined, lack of space is listed among the top reasons for why buyers are choosing to move. Significantly, buyers are abandoning condos and townhouses for single-family homes. This phenomenon has been observed in locations that include Whistler, Naples, and Turks and Caicos. They’re also prioritizing homes that are turn-key, seeking to avoid lengthy renovations, especially when such projects have seen serious backlogs. Swimming pools, for example, have been reported as a top amenity in The Modern Luxury Home — and some regions are reporting that the wait may take up to a year. The other top two amenities found in the report were offices and gyms, a trend also observed among vacation home markets. Meanwhile, entertainment is also essential, as evidenced by the demand for outdoor kitchens, wine cellars, and media rooms. Lastly, smart homes are continuing their ascent, with top features that include automation systems for lighting and other technology, as well as security systems and charging stations for electric vehicles. As with primary real estate markets, COVID-19 has completely broken the mold of what second home markets look like — purchases are being made in the off-seasons, primary residences in vacation markets are on the rise, and buyers are younger and more local. The draw of these regions is great with their resort style amenities, glorious natural surroundings, and greater seclusion from the world. Second home markets are expected to remain strong through 2021, with the most significant barrier being matching the demand. With all the noise of the world, it’s lovely to own a space in which one can get away. 64 | the COLLECTION


This exceptional, 6,500 square foot, waterfront home was recently sold at the highest price ever for a property of this type in Mimico. Offering absolute privacy, this custom-built 6,500 masterpiece is situated on 140 feet of direct waterfront property with private beach access, and offers breathtaking 240-degree views of the Toronto skyline & western Lake Ontario. This exquisite 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac in South Etobicoke, just a short commute to downtown Toronto. The property features spectacular exterior landscaping, and the interiors are nothing short of astounding, each room filled with character and elegant finishes. Selling luxury real estate requires a specific skillset and by utilizing our experience, our international reach, superior quality marketing and proven negotiation expertise, we were able to realize a record price for our client.

Niels Christensen Broker

Evan Christensen Broker

For over 35 years, our clients have trusted us to minimize risk, offer unbiased opinions, and ensure their best interests are served. We can do the same for you. If you are contemplating selling your home, contact us today to talk about your needs. | 416-441-2888 ext. 772

experience the difference We specialize in Real Estate and Business Law. Our knowledgeable staff are easy to reach and happy to assist you. We quote you up front for our services and there are no hidden fees or surprises. Let us get working for you. • Buying or selling real estate • Residential, commercial or bulk sales • Flexible meeting arrangements • After hours and weekend appointments • Complimentary in-home appointments for seniors SERVICE AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH, KOREAN, FARSI, CANTONESE, MANDARIN, FRENCH AND SPANISH

Evan Shapiro, hba, jd

416 224 0808 x249 | 333 SHEPPARD AVENUE EAST, UNIT 201 , TORONTO, ON M2N 3B3

T: 416 224 0808 | F: 416 224 0818 |


| commercial | business law | power of attorney and will




Harvey Kalles Chairman & CEO x263 Michael Kalles President, M.B.A. dip RPD x245 Leslie Richman Bender Chief Operating Officer x241 Susan Kruger VP Sales Management x240 Jeremy Finkelstein Marketing Manager Director, New Home Sales x783


Ed Abdou Rhonda Abony Brenda Abramson Stephanie Adams Mark Adelson Marion Alberga Mark Aliassa Houman Amini Flora Anafcheh Hamid Armaki Robert Augustyn Adeana Axler K.K. Azimisadjadi Paul Azzarello Mona Badi Ronald Baker Barbara Banks Lea Barclay Ronit Barzilay Darrin Bast Jenna Beltran-Joson Alain Benchetrit Myriam Benchitrit Cheryl Berger Greg Bergman Lou Berkovits Perry Betel Stephen Bianco Howard Biderman Nancy Jo Biderman Sophie Biniaris Daniel Bloch David Blustein Caroline Bokar Arlene Bomal Lynn Brady Sara Branco Yve Brockman Sarah Bross Jordan Buchbinder Kristopher Burnett-Ackerman Dialda Calce Duncan Cameron Christina Candy Arlette Carmona Nina Castle Mirella Cesario Janelle Champagne Edwin Chan Alecia Charny Elaine Chelin K.S. Choi Doris Christensen Evan Christensen Niels Christensen Elliott Chusid Jennifer Clarke Brittany Cohan-Bellack Ryan Cohen Sarah Collins

EXT 307 335 593 392 652 287 647 407 328 357 406 230 330 599 430 332 231 651 655 653 695 482 654 858 409 341 227 224 320 408 501 855 543 233 418 391 763 615 378 351 865 531 481 546 277 446 638 226 434 297 269 759 774 766 772 478 451 495 398 613

C—H Karen Copland Romeo Crisostomo Karen Daniel Marisse David Taya Day Andrew Deacon Gloria DeFrancesco Leslie Dennis Louis Destounis Karen Marshall Dichter Kayla Donato Austin Dookwah Glenn Douglas Peyman Enshaie Jamie Erlick Norayer Eskenian Anita Evans Frank Fallico Jih-Shyan Fan Toby Farb Robin Farb-Eckler Mariya Faryna David Favero Adam Feldman Carolyn Feldman Zack Fenwick Leslie Finnegan John R. Fortney Olga Fowell Anthony Franciotti Kyle Frank Stephanie Franzem Risa Freeman Michael Friedman Ellen Fruitman Peter Gall Michael Gennis Daniella Gold Marsha Goldenberg Aaron Gonsenhauser Jake Goodbaum Randi Goodman Ryan Goren Cheryl Graff Samantha Graff Shera Greenbaum Robert Greenberg William Greisman Dragana Grgic Yan Gurevich Karen Gurland Luis Guzman Ron Haber David Harland Heather Hartt Alex Hayward Sacha Hayward Philip Herman Harold Hillman Andrea Hirshberg

EXT 608 674 442 617 431 528 526 727 747 342 486 440 604 283 610 514 756 322 737 267 202 731 620 753 752 535 778 336 523 338 290 860 390 369 232 411 399 349 273 312 466 444 780 272 606 643 325 278 303 368 361 468 658 404 521 274 288 306 358 678




Bailey Horenfeldt Maxwell Horner Josh Howard Matthew Hua Reza Ipchilar Shannie Isidro Marlene Jaegerman Ira Jelinek Aidin Jodatjo Irene Joseph Jeffrey Joseph Michelle Kahn Corinne Kalles Elise Kalles Sonia Kaplan Ariana Karaiskos Lynn Kay Yeugenia Kazantseva Veronica Key Wafa Kilani Soyoun Kim Harry Klaczkowski Ken Klinaflakis Mindy Kline Barry Allen Klupt Stephen Klus Kyle Konopelky Natalie Kopman Janna Korchagina Olga Kouritsyna Barbara Krieger Andre Kutyan Anthony LaGrotta Blair Laursen Carole Lazer Amanda Leach Paul Lebo Jorgina Lee Micky Lehava Marissa Leiderman Sarah Lever Richard K.C. Ling Diane Litchen Adam Locke Marni Lokash Sasha Magen Sean Mahoney Evan Malach Celine Mann Steven Marco Belinda Marshall Lorena Martinez Noa McLelland Francis McNamara Loree Meneguzzi Shauna Merkur Sean Meyer Ian Michaels Steve Milic Carol Molko

344 529 498 701 795 670 799 510 622 479 519 612 555 291 317 321 650 617 888 460 360 499 433 354 646 8341 611 315 792 353 279 614 758 264 348 542 8314 689 333 757 380 522 249 629 410 621 767 386 533 595 363 619 229 403 688 679 515 524 213 789

Zan Molko Sean Morrison Amin Morshedi Sisi Morshedi Meni Moskowski Meighan Murawski Mila Nassimova Heidi Nelson Justin Neuville Jacqueline Nimer Avery Noik Anisija Nojkova Frances Novack Sergey Odinok David Oey Esther Osher Erik Paige Lauren Parker Errol Paulicpulle Melinda Phillips Philip Pick Carly Picov Barbra Pollock Peter Powers Anna Principe John Qureshi Sarah Ramcharran Jaime Ramsay Ken Ramsay Annie Raphael Kathryn Rea Evelyn Roberts Dianne Roebuck Michele Rosen Karen Rosenberg Joanna Sacchetti Mary Safari Nodahi Linda Saiet Jack Samuel Ana Santos Paul Sarradet Adea Sasso Sam Schariefy Michelle Schipper Olga Schrage Rachel Sekler Yarin Sekler Trish Seretean-Elmaleh Jay Sharifi Janine Sheeres Ferne Sherkin-Langer Elliott Shiff Dina Shoraka Pamela Silver Michael Silverberg Bram Siskind Hannah Math Slan Kate Smith Billy So Romeila Son

EXT 788 462 346 458 362 767 497 400 664 271 387 355 270 665 488 624 536 634 532 316 8303 284 690 467 640 859 255 459 527 669 268 602 302 294 237 511 421 541 345 796 313 429 366 289 304 754 480 694 456 314 436 645 318 432 540 513 504 793 238 673



Michael Sotoadeh Perry Steinberg Ashley Steinhauer Stefan Stepian Elise Stern Simone Stern Brucyne Sud Lisa Sun Elli Taghizadegan Liora Tal Chaim Talpalar Mahrad Tehrani Shawn Tessier Donna Thompson Nick Thompson Kimberley Thorne Stephanie Toufexis Adam Trifler Alison Turner Mila Vilner Teri Walderman Carol Anne Warrington Adam Weiner Jonathan Weiner Brandon Weiss Matthew Wise Joshua Wolfman Herman Wood Kathie Wood Ryan Wood Susan Young Mandana Yousefi James Yu Robert Zadeh Sean Zahedi Matthew Zimmerman Jean Zinman Vicky Zou

487 334 236 234 538 286 339 251 397 856 266 401 693 676 677 265 391 785 452 748 489 623 644 534 350 509 682 741 742 384 786 607 672 441 691 285 282 476

COTTAGE COUNTRY John Aben Mark Aben Dustin Cleveland Tom Cooper Tom Cross Brittany Evans Gini Kelly Martin Larkey Alexandra MacDonald Jack Miller Chelsey Penrice Jason Rudge Richard Scully

SPRING 2021 | 69

c01-c02 | CENTRAL *Sales Representative **Broker




Bay Street Corridor 604-1166 BAY STREET Incredible opportunity, Over 2200 sf of living space beautifully renovated.

Bay Street Corridor 906-77 CHARLES STREET WEST Boutique building steps from Bloor St & Yorkville. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. West view.

Niagara 713-55 EAST LIBERTY STREET Large 1 bedroom condo with den on 2 levels with parking. South facing.

*Adeana Axler

*Mirella Cesario

*Daniel Bloch *Liora Tal-Bloch


Call for details


Palmerston-Little Italy 642 EUCLID AVENUE Restored 3 story Edwardian in Palmerston. 5 bed, 6 bath, gorgeous full renovation.

Trinity-Bellwoods 114-955 QUEEN STREET WEST 1 bed + 1 bath Chocolate Factory Hard Loft. Private terrace & entry + ameneties. 960 sf.

University 527-55 STEWART STREET Perfect junior 1 bedroom soft loft with balcony at Thompson Hotel & Residences.

** Yan Gurevich

** Elise Stern

*Ana Santos




University 2305-180 UNIVERSITY AVENUE Stunning northwest views atop the ShangriLa Hotel. A coveted corner suite.

Waterfront Communities 4702-183 WELLINGTON STREET WEST Stunning 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms at the Ritz Carlton Residences. Luxury Living!

Waterfront Communities PH-16 HARBOUR STREET Entire 54th & 55th floors in The Success Tower! 3 bedrooms, 5 baths, pool + more.

*Ana Santos

*Corinne Kalles *Jake Goodbaum

*John R. Fortney




Annex 1306-736 SPADINA AVENUE Vacant or furnished condo suite available At ‘The Mosaic’. 2 full baths.

Annex 310-38 AVENUE ROAD The Prince Arthur. Private elevator to 1,660 sf, 1 bedroom + den. West terrace.

Annex 3210-18 YORKVILLE AVENUE 2 bedroom + den, 3 bath, 1967 sf with unobstructed east view over Rosedale.

*David Oey

**Elise Kalles

**Elise Kalles *Zack Fenwick



Annex 34 POPLAR PLAINS ROAD South Hill. Elegantly transformed. 3 bdrms. Large family room. Home office.

Annex 1501-206 BLOOR STREET WEST Museum House. Direct elevator to full floor, 4276 sf. South terrace panoramic view.

Casa Loma 1202-150 HEATH STREET WEST Forest Hill. Luxury reno, approx 2415 sf, 3 bedrooms + den, 3 bathrooms, 3-car parking.

**Elise Kalles *Corinne Kalles

**Elise Kalles *Zack Fenwick

*Cheryl Graff *Samantha Graff




Yonge-St Clair 201-619 AVENUE ROAD The Lonsdale. 1527 sf. NW corner. 2 bdrm, 2 four-piece baths. Valet to U/G garage.

Yonge-St Clair 1903-625 AVENUE ROAD The Lonsdale. 3563 sf. Attached, private teen suite + north, east, south clear views.

Forest Hill South 506-18 LOWER VILLAGE GATE Best value in Forest Hill. Approx 1645 sf open concept living/dining/kitchen.

**Elise Kalles **Jeffrey Joseph

**Elise Kalles **Jeffrey Joseph

*Cheryl Graff *Samantha Graff


LE click for video tour








c02-c03 | CENTRAL


*Sales Representative **Broker


richmond hill

26 LIMERICK STREET — $2,449,900

Live in Nature! Model home open. Now under Toronto’s only condominium with a private indoor “sky pool.” 4616 sqft over 2 storeys, 3 bedrooms, 6 parking, construction. One of 19 custom homes backing onto the Oak Ridges Moraine, built by Acorn Homes. With Tarion. 1500 sf terrace, panoramic views. LE




east coast barbados





sales representative

president, the rotary club of toronto


office: 416.441.2888 x336 mobile: 416.816.4949



Breathtaking views! 6 bed, 5 bath two-storey villa is just a minute from the beach and from “Soup Bowl,” one of the best surfing destinations in the world.

Stunning Victorian Circa 1867 with an addition (2005). This beautiful home is perfect as an impressive family home or a spectacular year-round vacation home. SPRING IS HERE BRINGING HOPE, OPTIMISM & VACCINES. STAY SAFE.

looking outside toronto, maybe a beachfront home or mountain chalet? i have access to luxury properties around the world through harvey kalles real estate’s professional affiliations.

SPRING 2021 | 71

c03-c04 | CENTRAL *Sales Representative **Broker




Forest Hill South 377 SPADINA ROAD Live in the heart of Forest Hill Village. Pick your finishes. 4000+ sf. Three units available.

Forest Hill South 36 HILLHOLM ROAD Beautifully sited on quiet tree-lined street. 4 + 1 bedrooms. Pool & cabana.

Forest Hill South 276 FOREST HILL ROAD Amazing opportunity in one of Forest Hill’s premier destinations!

*Stephanie Toufexis *Sarah Collins

**Elise Kalles

*Adam Weiner *Michael Silverberg




Yonge-Eglinton 193 DUPLEX AVENUE Sophisticated luxury townhouse located in Chaplin Estates.

Bedford Park-Nortown 4-2600 BATHURST STREET Entire floor. 3 bedrooms + den, 3 baths. 4 balconies, eat-in kitchen, 3-car parking.

Bedford Park-Nortown 66 ESGORE DRIVE Fantastic opportunity in prime Cricket Club!

*Pamela Silver

*Corinne Kalles

*Adam Weiner *Mark Adelson

405-65 SPRING GARDEN AVE | $958,888



202B-660 SHEPPARD AVE E | $1,079,000 FOR SALE

Welcome to 1,477 sf of luxury living at Atrium 2. 2 bdrms. St. Gabriel Village by Shane Baghai. 1,195 sf, 2 beds. Solarium makes a great home office. Freshly painted, with Desirable split plan layout. 500 sf terrace. Originally the new broadloom, this bright east-facing unit sparkles. sales centre, with numerous upgrades. Fabulous amenities! 29 LIMERICK ST | $2,419,900 FOR SALE

26 LIMERICK ST | $2,449,900 FOR SALE




DIRECT: 416-723-3600 OFFICE: 416.441.2888 x320


CLICK HERE FOR VIRTUAL TOUR OF LIMERICK POINT MODEL HOME Welcome to Acorn’s Limerick Point. The “Ennis.” Welcome to The “Unity” built by Acorn. Richmond Hill’s Contemporary masterpiece! Steps to the Oak Ridges best new community at Bloomington and Yonge. Moraine. Tarion warranty. Pick your finishes. Other lots and models available. We are an essential service, so we are working, but we must all be vigilant. Gloves, masks, social distancing are the order of the day. Stay safe, stay healthy.


Bedford Park-Nortown 170 DUNBLAINE AVENUE Amazing opportunity on one of Avenue Rd/ Lawrence more desirable streets!

Bedford Park-Nortown 12 BURNCREST DRIVE Amazing contemporary masterpiece in Avenue and Lawrence!

Bedford Park-Nortown 90 GLEN RUSH BOULEVARD The finest of living at Imperial Park’s latest creation.

*Adam Weiner **Karen Gurland

*Adam Weiner **Karen Gurland

*Adam Weiner *Michael Silverberg




Bedford Park-Nortown 22 STORMONT AVENUE Welcome to the best of Imperial Park’s developments.

Bedford Park-Nortown 35 HADDINGTON AVENUE Unbelievable contemporary home on one of the best streets in Cricket Club!

Englmount-Lawrence 21 GLEN PARK AVENUE Gorgeous custom build in the heart of midtown!

*Adam Weiner *Michael Silverberg

*Adam Weiner **Karen Gurland

*Adam Weiner *Michael Silverberg




Forest Hill North 605 CASTLEFIELD AVENUE 35.58' x 119.89' lot, 4+1 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms. Approx. 2,645 sf + basement.

Forest Hill North 7 FOREST RIDGE DRIVE A luxurious custom-built home in Forest Hill North. 50 x 121 ft lot.

Lawrence Park South 154 HILLHURST BOULEVARD Stunning Lytton Park house designed by Arklab!

*Robert Greenberg *Reza Ipchilar

**Michelle Schipper *Avery Noik

*Adam Weiner **Karen Gurland




Lawrence Park South 131 STRATHALLAN BOULEVARD Welcome to the finest of what Lytton Park has to offer!

Lawrence Park North 63 ALEXANDRA WOOD Elegant custom home. Approx 4567 sf. Finished LL,7 bdrms & 7 baths. Landscaped.

Bathurst Manor 60 CODSELL AVENUE 63' x 156' lot, 4 + 1 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms. Approx. 4,880 sf + basement.

*Adam Weiner **Karen Gurland

*Chaim Talpalar

*Robert Greenberg *Andre Kutyan

c04-c06 | CENTRAL


*Sales Representative **Broker


SPRING 2021 | 73

c06-c07 | CENTRAL *Sales Representative **Broker




Clanton Park 46 DE QUINCY BOULEVARD Updated turnkey bungalow on 52.76' frontage lot with basement apartment.

Clanton Park 78 CHARLESWOOD DRIVE Fantastic opportunity in Clanton Park!

Clanton Park 95 LAURELCREST AVENUE Fantastic opportunity on the best street in Clanton Park!

*Adam Feldman ** Carolyn Feldman

Adam Weiner **Karen Gurland

Adam Weiner **Karen Gurland


Call for details


Lansing-Westgate 101 BIDEWELL AVENUE Outstanding Armour Heights location near Sandringham. 50' x 132' lot.

Lansing-Westgate 49 DON RIVER BOULEVARD Live in nature from every vista! One of a kind new custom build. 3 + 1 bedroom, 4 bath.

Willowdale 1802-131 BEECROFT ROAD 1240 sf, west view, 1 bedroom + den with hardwood floors.

*Wiliam Greisman

**Elise Stern

*Cheryl Graff *Samantha Graff


STEPHEN BIANCO sales representative

3 0 Harrison Garden #2602 Highest Price in Building to date! CLICK! HERE

10 Kenneth Avenue #813 Ju st S old for O v er Asking!

Ensure you have access to the best opportunities available. Stay connected, stay informed. Subscribe to my client list today!

TRU ST A PROF E S SIONAL T O KEEP YOU IN F ORMED. direct: 416.930.8138 office: 416.441.2888 x224 74 | the COLLECTION

Toronto Eglinton

Call for details

Cabbagetown-South St James Town 454 SUMACH STREET Charming Cabbagetown home with 3 bedrooms. Fully renovated and restored.

Cabbagetown-South St James Town 409 CARLTON STREET Cabbagetown renovated & restored Victorian home across from Riverdale Park.

Cabbagetown-South St James Town 356 WELLESLEY STREET EAST Renovated & detached contemporary home in the heart of Cabbagetown with parking.

*Daniel Bloch *Liora Tal-Bloch

*Daniel Bloch *Liora Tal-Bloch

*Daniel Bloch *Corinne Kalles




Waterfront Communities 4404-8 THE ESPLANADE Charming Cabbagetown home with 3 bedrooms. Fully renovated and restored.

Rosedale-Moore Park 515-6 JACKES AVENUE Luxury condo 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, offering classic upgrades, 2 prkg, 2 balconies.

Rosedale-Moore Park 3-15 SCARTH ROAD Unique condo. 2400 sf + 265 sf terrace. 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, elevator, & garden.

*Adam Feldman *Alain Benchetrit

*Kimberley Thorne

*Donna Thompson *Nick Thompson **Elise Kalles




Mount Pleasant East 809-1 BELSIZE DRIVE Brand new 2 bed, 2 bath, bright & spacious Corner unit with huge balcony.

Mount Pleasant West 509-2221 YONGE STREET Yonge/Eglinton brand new, open concept 3 bedroom corner suite w/ balcony + parking.

Mount Pleasant West 4901-2191 YONGE STREET Minto at Yonge and Eglinton 1462 sf, 2 bedrooms + large den, soaring views.

*Jacqueline Nimer

*Adam Feldman

*Daniel Bloch *Liora Tal-Bloch




Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills 10 OLD YORK MILLS ROAD, TH 7 Hogg’s Hollow stylish 2 level, 2 bedroom, 3 bath, end unit, 2-car parking.

Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills 46 PLYMBRIDGE ROAD Hogg’s Hollow updated 2 storey, 4 bed, premium 80 x 153 ft lot. Walk to subway.

Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills 2690 BAYVIEW AVENUE Prime location! Potential for residential development or build a new home.

**Janine Sheeres

**Janine Sheeres

*Geraldine DelZotto *Karen Rosenberg

c08-c12 | CENTRAL


*Sales Representative **Broker


SPRING 2021 | 75

c12-c15 | CENTRAL *Sales Representative **Broker




Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills 309-1 POST ROAD The Bridle Path, over-looking ravine, private elevator, 4044 sf, 3 bed, 4 bath, 3-car pkg.

Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills 38 OLD YONGE STREET Hogg’s Hollow unique 5/6 bedrooms, indoor pool, 4-car garage, walk to subway.

Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills 7 TUDOR GATE Magnificently appointed estate. Mahogany wine hall, elevator, pool & more.

** Billy So *Mimi Y. M. Yau

**Janine Sheeres

*Karen Rosenberg *Geraldine DelZotto




St. Andrew-Windfields 9 YORK RIDGE ROAD Welcome to this stunning home on a ravine oasis on coveted York Ridge Rd.

Banbury-Don Mills 414-1210 DON MILLS ROAD Stunning, sun filled, corner suite at Winfield and shops on Don Mills.

Banbury-Don Mills 42 GRANGEMILL CRESCENT Not to be missed. Deceiving from the exterior. Over 6000 sf of living space.

*Brucyne Sud

*Anita Evans

**Sam Schariefy *Mary Safari-Nodahi

Mary Direct: 416.358.2262 Sam Direct: 416.893.8683

42 Grangemill Crescent — Not to be Missed! Deceiving from the exterior. An enormous interior with elaborate domed skylight expanding a vast entrance hall with double curved staircases. High ceilings with intricate details. All 5 bedrooms have ensuites. Grand living quarters. Over 6000 sq. ft. of living space. Top public/private/French schools, parks/trails, NYG Hospital, transit & shopping. Close to Edwards Gardens, Highways 401/404, short drive to downtown Toronto. 2145 AVENUE ROAD, TORONTO, ON M5M4B2 | 416.441.2888



Parkwoods-Donalda 12 TETBURY CRESCENT Gorgeous contemporary design in the heart of Donalda!

Newtonbrook East 418 RUTH AVENUE Stunning custom build on oversized lot in gorgeous locale in Willowdale!

Willowdale East 405-65 SPRING GARDEN AVENUE 1,477 sf. 2 bedroom plus office, parking & locker at Atrium 2.

*Adam Weiner *Glenn Douglas

*Adam Weiner *Jay Sharifi

**Howard Biderman




Bayview Village 606-12 REAN DRIVE Perfect for mature professionals or empty nesters. 1200+ sf, 2 bed/2 bath split plan.

South Riverdale 97 BERKSHIRE AVENUE Charming 2 + 1 updated townhouse in Leslieville.

Carleton Village 48 RUTLAND STREET Fully reno’d semi in vibrant neighbourhood with great gems to discover!

*Evelyn Roberts

**Yan Gurevich

*Anita Evans



Welcome to the trendy & vibrant Carleton Village

Welcome to The Winfield. Steps to Shops at Don Mills

Don't miss out on this fantastic, light filled, fully and thoughtfully renovated gem. Open concept living at its finest combined with one of Toronto's most vibrant neighbourhoods. $998,000

Stunning, sun filled, corner suite. Beautiful layout with gorgeous hardwood floors, abundance of light, bright eat in kitchen, walk-out to balcony. Immaculate condition. 24/7 concierge. $1,097,000



*Sales Representative **Broker



DIRECT: 416.918.0727 OFFICE: 416.441.2888

SPRING 2021 | 77

| WEST *Sales Representative **Broker




Downsview-Roding-CFB 107 FREDERICK TISDALE DRIVE Brand new 5 + 1 bed townhome (3350 sf) with 2-car garage near Downsview Park.

Edenbridge-Humber Valley 43 NORTH DRIVE One of Etobicoke’s most prestigious addresses. 98' x 346' lot, pool, must see!

High Park-Swansea 324-1830 BLOOR STREET WEST 2 bed, 2 bath, Daniels-built condo in the heart of Bloor West Village/High Park!

*Adam Feldman

*Ana Santos

*Jacqueline Nimer



Call for details

Humber Valley 508-4196 DUNDAS STREET WEST Updated boutique sub-penthouse corner unit. Almost 1300 sf & 200+ sf terrace.

Islington-City Centre West Toronto 1172 KIPLING AVENUE Full of potential. A fabulous location in prestigious Princess-Rosethorn.

Kingsview Village-The Westway 4 BRAYWIN DRIVE A sprawling 4000+ sf family home backing onto Weston Golf & Country Club.

*Jacqueline Nimer

*Ana Santos

**Yan Gurevich


DIRECT: 416.505.1126 OFFICE: 416.441.2888

Fabulous opportunity to live in Bathurst Manor! 3 bedroom, 2 bath bungalow mere steps from Beth Emeth Synagogue, schools, parks, etc. FOR SALE

318-100 Bronte Rd Waterfront living in the heart of Oakville. 1 bedroom, 1 bath. Well laid out floor plan, loads of living space. Bathed in natural light. Large balcony. Steps to the waterfront trail, harbour and marina, as well as fine dining, cafes and countless shops!


44 Clifton Ave


E4-284 Mill Rd Multi-Level 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit. Enjoy beautiful sunsets & outstanding views at The Masters Condos, an iconic landmark in the heart of Etobicoke. Like a 2 storey house in the sky!

Helping guide you through the fast paced market with in-depth area knowledge. Let me become your trusted advisor, and help you make the very best real estate decisions.

Lambton - Baby Point 77 RAYMOND AVENUE Entertainer’s delight. 25' x 118' lot, south facing yard, 3 + 1 bedrooms, 4 baths.

Princess Anne Manor 126 PRINCESS ANNE CRESCENT Large, open living space in one of the city’s most coveted neighbourhoods.

Princess Anne Manor 27 PRINCESS ANNE CRESCENT A spacious, ranch bungalow on oversized pie-shaped lot in a prime location.

*Ana Santos

*Ana Santos

*Ana Santos




Thornhill 46 BEAUMONT PLACE Lovely condo townhouse, 3 beds, 3 baths, 1700+ sf. Amazing layout.

Thornhill 37 BEAUMONT PLACE Gorgeous renovated condo townhouse, 3+1 beds, 3 baths. Almost 3000 sf of living space.

Thornhill 18 CLARK AVENUE WEST, TH 183 Fabulously spacious townhome with 2265 total sf in a gated community.

*Linda Saiet

*Linda Saiet

**Caroline Bokar




606-12 REAN DRIVE $849,000




This warm and inviting family home in the heart of Leaside is move-in ready!


Call for details

*Sales Representative **Broker




Perfect for active, mature professionals/empty nesters. Built by Daniels with a private garden, piano lounge/library & underground visitor parking. Locker same floor as suite. 1200+ sf of spacious living, 2 bed/2 bath split floor plan + ensuite laundry. Custom kitchen with ample storage, new s/s appliances. Balcony. Brief stroll to the luxury shops of Bayview Village.

Experience & service you can TRUST

EVELYN RO B ERTS sres , abr , s rs s a l e s r e p r e s e n tat i v e

d i r ect

41 6 . 884.1442 |

of f ice

41 6 .441 . 2888 | E v e ly n R o b e r t s . c a

h a r v e y k a l l e s c h a i r m a n ’ s c lu b 20 20

SPRING 2021 | 79

| NORTH *Sales Representative **Broker




Thornhill 83 SOUTHVALE DRIVE Immaculate 4 bed end unit townhome with finished basement in Valley of Thornhill.

Thornhill 5 SMALLWOOD CIRCLE Brand new 3+1 beds, 4 baths, just over 3000 sf of luxury. Thousands in upgrades.

Thornhill 164 ROSEDALE HEIGHTS Prestige Rosedale North. 4 beds, 5 baths. Renovated kitchen. $$$ spent in renos.

*Adam Feldman *Alain Benchetrit

*Linda Saiet

*Linda Saiet




Richmond Hill 29 LIMERICK STREET Welcome to Acorn’s Limerick Point. The “Ennis”. Contemporary masterpiece!

Richmond Hill 26 LIMERICK STREET Welcome to Acorn’s The “Unity”. A custom, contemporary masterpiece!!

Richmond Hill 83 COONS ROAD Stately Manor backing onto conservation area. 6490 sf of luxury living space.

**Michelle Schipper **Howard Biderman

*John R. Fortney **Howard Biderman

*Olga Schrage


— olga schrage

When it comes to buying or selling real estate in Toronto, the right sales representative makes all the difference. Olga Schrage will make the difference for you. She understands your needs and provides you with the highest level of service. Olga is dynamic, reliable and resourceful. Her knowledge of the neighbourhoods and market conditions, combined with her business acumen, negotiating skills and street smart savvy will ensure that all of your goals are achieved.

OLGA SCHRAGE sales representative

83 COONS ROAD | RICHMOND HILL | $3,577,000

DIRECT: 416.831.7438 OFFICE: 416.441.2888 X304 O.PSCHRAGE@HOTMAIL.COM

OVER 30 YEARS with harvey kalles real estate ltd., brokerage. TOP PRODUCER and consistent member of the chairman's club.


Oak Ridges Stately Manor! 2-year-new custom-built residence on a pool-size lot, backing onto conservation area. The house features approximately 6,490 sq ft of luxurious living space with 3 car garage. 4-plus spacious bedrooms and 6 baths. If you are searching for Luxury, don’t look any further!


Richmond Hill 6 CORTLEIGH COURT Luxury custom built 6500 sf home located In prestigious enclave of Bayview Hill.

Richmond Hill 17 FRANK COURT Stately Manor backing onto conservation area. 6,490 sf of luxury living space.

Richmond Hill 70 HIGH OAK TRAIL Exquisite 6500 sf, 2 acre estate home in prestigious enclave of Trail Woods.

*Ed Abdou

*Pamela Silver

*Ed Abdou




Barrie 13 PEMBERTON LANE Original waterfront log home with picturesque private setting. 100' shore.

Barrie 15 GEORGINA DRIVE Custom luxury waterfront home designed with the finest finishes & details.

King City 324 CHURCHILL AVENUE Sensational custom reno’d bungalow on 5 acres in prestigious Happy Valley.

*Stephanie Adams

*Stephanie Adams

*David Oey

The Centre of Thornhill!

Location! Location!

37 BEAUMONT PLACE | $999,999 Bathurst & Centre

46 BEAUMONT PLACE | $888,888 Bathurst & Centre

Gorgeous renovated condo townhouse, 3+1 beds, 3 baths. Almost 3,000 sf of total living space. Large, private backyard. Walk to shops, shuls, malls.

Lovely condo townhouse, 3 beds, 3 baths, 1,700+ sf. Large deck with BBQ gas line. Finished basement with high ceilings and fireplace. Amazing layout.

Great Family Home!

Brand New Luxury Townhome!

Prestige Rosedale North. 4 beds, 5 baths, renovated kitchen, main floor office, family room. Finished basement with separate entrance. $$$ spent in renos.

Brand new 3+1 beds, 4 baths, just over 3,000 sf of luxury. Thousands in upgrades, designer kitchen, high ceilings throughout, 2-car garage, elevator, BBQ gas line.

164 ROSEDALE HEIGHTS | $1,698,800 Bathurst & Centre

Seniors Real Estate Specialist



*Sales Representative **Broker


Direct: 647.405.0400 Office: 416.441.2888

5 SMALLWOOD CIRCLE | $1,675,800 Bathurst & Clark

I know you are not just buying a home, you are buying a lifestyle. SPRING 2021 | 81

| NORTH *Sales Representative **Broker




King City 3 NORCLIFFE DRIVE Stunning Georgian estate. 8000+ sf on 2.4 acres. 5 beds, 8 baths, 4 cars.

Oro-Medonte 51 BARRIE TERRACE 5-acres, 1000' waterfront. 4 bedrooms, 5 baths. Tennis court, pool, helicopter pad.

Collingwood 278 SIMCOE STREET A lovely updated 3 bdrm, 2 bath bungalow, walk Sunset Point and downtown.

*Stephanie Adams

**Elise Kalles *Stephanie Adams

**Melinda Phillips




Kawartha Lakes 804 HIGHWAY 7A Iron Horse Ranch. 5200 square foot home and barn situated on 90+ acres.

Muskoka 41-1158 SHEA ROAD Completely renovated 4-season cottage on Three Mile Lake in Muskoka.

Muskoka 70 CARRICK TRAIL Modern, turnkey townhouse overlooking the prestigious Muskoka Bay Club.

*Carly Picov

**John Aben **Mark Aben

**John Aben **Mark Aben




Muskoka 1493 WINDERMERE ROAD Escape to the country! Experience the ultimate retreat in Muskoka.

Muskoka 1011 PARKHOLME ROAD Attractive 4-season hideaway on Lake Muskoka.

Muskoka 3-1331 SOUTH MONCK DRIVE An incredible 4-season package for those seeking ultimate privacy.

*Tom Cross *David Wilson

*Richard Scully

*Richard Scully




Muskoka 21-1158 RANWOOD ROAD Rivalling Muskoka Lakes family compound of the finest calibre.

Brantford 72 TUTELA HEIGHTS ROAD Custom French Country bungalow 4+3 bed on 2 acres. Backs on the Grand River.

Cambridge 55 KEFFER STREET Century character home in quaint Hespeler Village. 90' x 118' double lot.

*Richard Scully

**Zan Molko

*Yve Brockman



Niagara Falls 5297 RIVER ROAD The future of Green Building. Ultra lux, 8-unit condo w/ 50’ rooftop pool.

Wellandport 1090 CHURCH STREET Updated 3+ bed, 2 bath private country property with space for all!

Lac-Superieur - Quebec 9 CHEMIN DU REFUGE Refuge Du Sommet, Chalets D’Art in the Mont Tremblant Region. Discover now!

**Micky Lehava

**Melinda Phillips

*Ian Michaels *Frank Fallico


Call for details

Call for details

San Mateo, Alajuela Costa Rica CASA 30 Luxury, custom built 3 bed, 4 bath, chef’s kitchen, breathtaking exterior garden views.

Turks & Caicos AMBERGRIS CAY Luxury villas on 5-km private island surrounded by stunning turquoise waters.

Turks & Caicos GRACE BAY BEACH 4 custom homes on most sought-after beach in Turks. Your island awaits!

*Donna Thompson *Nick Thompson

*Stefan Stepien *Stephanie Toufexis

*Stefan Stepien *Stephanie Toufexis





Private and pretty 3 bed, 2 bath rural home with room for movement.

Updated cottage alternative. 3 bdrm, 2 bath. Short walk to Sunset Point and downtown.





*Sales Representative **Broker

Call for details


5O MULLIGAN LANE #209 WASAGA BEACH, ON 98% of asking with first showing!

Moving you IN and OUT of the city since 2003! DIRECT: 416-574-0241 OFFICE: 416.441.2888 x316

Proud Supporter of The Living Wish Foundation



| ICI *Sales Representative **Broker

$12/SF NET



Toronto—Don Valley Parkway/Lawrence 62 RAILSIDE ROAD Office/hi-tech/warehouse/flex/showroom, reno’d 5K-52K sf, 220+ parking.

Mississauga 20-1855 DUNDAS STREET EAST Between Hwy 427 & Dixie Road in home furnishings complex across Bad Boy & Leon’s.

Toronto—York Mills/Leslie Quarter 25 LESMILL ROAD, UNIT 2 2100-4400 sf office space fronting Lesmill Rd, divisible, parking.

**Sonia Kaplan

*Philip Pick

**Sonia Kaplan

$30/SF NET

$40/sf + $10 sf TMI


Toronto—Junction 406 PACIFIC AVENUE, MAIN FLOOR Corner location in the Junction. 40 ft frontage! 1785 sf retail area.

Toronto—Annex 39 MADISON AVENUE Renovated detached office, no shared elevators with parking approx 2618 sf.

Toronto—Rosedale 895 YONGE STREET, UPPER 2nd & 3rd fl loft + rooftop patio in Rosedale. Suits medical, dental, spa, fitness, etc.

*Stephen Klus

*Samantha Graff *Cheryl Graff

*Philip Pick




Toronto—University Heights 1275 FINCH AVE WEST Brand New Pillar Free Retail, Medical or Office Space. Unobstructed Views.

Toronto—Mt. Pleasant West 2559 YONGE STREET 2 Storey building on high profile corner at Yonge & Sherwood. 9600 sf.

Toronto—Niagara 803 KING STREET WEST Hallmark corner location 80+ ft frontage on King St W. 3302 sf + patio.

**Elise Stern

**Michelle Schipper *Philip Pick

*Stephen Klus



$1,620,000 cad

Muskoka 952 RAYMOND ROAD Well-established gas station and convenience store.

Ottawa Area 1436 STE MARIE Excellent 49 acre lot in the township of Russell. Possible future rezone.

Krk City, Croatia, Europe 17 JOSIPA PUPACICA STREET Fabulous Krk Croatia on Adriatic Sea. Investment opp. 3 x 2 bdrm, 3 x 1 bdrm.

*Tom Cross *David Wilson

*Ana Santos

*Stephen Klus


r i c har d k . c . l in g 林敬慈,普通话◦广东话

broker, b.a. economics, u.c.l.a. GLOBAL REACH LO C A L R E P R E S E N TAT I O N 416.809.0909/86.1311.505.7863 (beijing) 微信: rikkto2012 T H R E E G E N E R AT I O N S O F G LO B A L R E A L E S TAT E UNION VI L L E ESTATES — 4 0 3 1 1 6 T H AV E N U E (AT WA RDE N )


LOT 6 Beginning in Spring 2021, The McLean House will be transfigured into 7 magnificent and unparalleled estates, each over 5,000 sf, setting the benchmark for unbridled passion in fine appointments, soaring ceilings and three car garages, topped off with private elevators. The estates will be priced at around $4 million ($750 psf). The finishings are exquisite, even with the standard package (additional bespoke packages are also available). Only two estates remaining — Lot 6 or the crème-de-la-crème, Lot 7 — where the original McLean House will be moved and refinished with an expanded wing. Live in style with a piece of history. Only two estates remaining. Please contact me for more developments: Bathurst/Steeles — 8 Detached & Woodbine/Elgin Mills — Midrise, Stack and Detached.

25 7 4 YO N GE ST REET






Well sought-after, prime & high profile location just across from Sporting Life. Short walk to Yonge/Eglinton Subway. 4708 sf retail/1,294 sf offices (10' ceilings on both levels). Previously housed the clothing store "Gap."


One of a cluster of significant and substantial custom estate homes. Stone pillar entrance off Woodbine. Bucolic country estate yet minutes to all amenities. Rolling greens and ponds. 3x4,000 sf. (2 levels + fully finished basement). Sumptuous appointments. Top-of-theline finishing. Vaulted ceilings in the Great Room. Home theatre. Gym. Conservatory. Library. All continuously updated and upgraded. Versailles sculptured gardens. 5 bedrooms, 6 baths. Original home of renowned cosmetic physician to the stars.


French River Chalet

1.5 storeys on 153x350 ft lot. Soaring paneled, tongue & groove, 18 ft  ceilings & walls. Floor-to-ceiling windows, fireplace, huge deck with dock. 2+2 bedrooms (main & 2nd floor). Heated by solar panel with generator backup. Enviro organic peat moss septic. Bosch On-Demand hot water. Insulated for winter. Boat access only.


CleaningGuy_HKMag Ad_2019_FA.pdf



1:24 PM














DANNY SANTIA 416.918.4289

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