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August 3, 2019 | El Paso Strong

Andre Anchondo ★ Jordan Anchondo ★ Arturo Benavides ★ Leonardo Campos Jr. ★ Juan de Dios Velázquez Chairez ★ Angelina Englisbee ★ Maria Flores ★ Raul Flores ★ Jorge Calvillo García ★ Adolfo Cerros Hernández ★ Sara Regala do Moriel ★ Alexander Gerhard Hoffman ★ David Johnson ★ Luis Alfonso Juarez ★ Maribel Hernandez Loya ★ Ivan Manzano ★ Gloria Márquez ★ Elsa Mendoza Marquez ★ Margie Reckard ★ Javier Rodriguez ★ Maria Legarreta Rothe ★ Teresa Sanchez ★ Andre Anchondo ★ Jordan Anch ondo ★ Arturo Benavides ★ Leonardo Campos Jr. ★ Juan de Dios Velázquez Chairez ★ Angelina Englisbee ★ Maria Flores ★ Raul Flores ★ Jorge Calvillo García ★ Adolfo Cerros Hernández ★ Sara Regalado Moriel ★ Alexander Gerhard Hoffman ★ David Johnson ★ Luis Alfonso Juarez ★ Maribel Hernandez Loya ★ Ivan Manzano ★ Gloria Márquez ★ Elsa Mendoza Marquez ★ Arturo Benavides ★ Javier Rodriguez ★ Maria Legarreta Rothe ★ Teresa Sanchez ★ Andre Anch ondo ★ Jordan Anchondo ★ Margie Reckard ★ Leonardo Campos Jr. ★ Juan de Dios Velázquez Chairez ★ Angelina Englisbee ★ Jorge Calvillo García ★ Maria Flores ★ Raul Flores ★ Adolfo Cerros Hernández ★ Sara Regalado Moriel ★ Alexander Gerhard Hoffman ★ David Johnson ★ Luis Alf onso Juarez ★ Maribel Hernandez Loya ★ Ivan Manzano

September, 2019


7933 N. Mesa, Suite N, El Paso, TX 79932 Crossroads Village (Across from Sam’s Club) Store Hours 10-6 Monday-Saturday (915) 584-1183 1

September, 2019


September, 2019


September, 2019

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September, 2019

alamogordo 955 white sands blvd (575) 434.4116

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el paso

10600 MONTANA AVE (915) 591.4655

2112 trawood (915) 595-2788

8889 gateway west (915) 599.8571

2800 n mesa st (915) 533.6883

1831 N LEE TREVINO DR (915) 594.1129

1432 ANTONIO ST (915) 886.2413

2879 MONTANA AVE (915) 566.4464

10090 RUSHING RD (915) 755.9510


5401 MONTANA AVE (915) 779.8825

800 N ZARAGOZA RD (915) 860.1670

1100 GERONIMO DR (915) 778.9301

2950 GEORGE DIETER DR (915) 856.7040

5900 N MESA ST (915) 584.1153

1329 GEORGE DIETER DR (915) 594.3838

302 s oregon st (915) 532.4344

10780 KENWORTHY ST (915) 821.2698

1210 WEDGEWOOD DR (915) 591.9496

1607 N ZARAGOZA RD (915) 856.0071

8050 N MESA ST (915) 585.0491

11685 MONTWOOD DR (915) 855.7704

890 N RESLER DR (915) 584.1359

12201 MONTWOOD DR (915) 856.0278

8045 N LOOP DR (915) 592.5849

12390 EDGEMERE BLVD (915) 849.6849

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Casa B September, 2019


uenavista September, 2019

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September, 2019

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September, 2019



September, 2019






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September, 2019

A LOV E L I KE N O OT HER DES ERVE S A R I N G LIKE N O OT HER. Int ro d uc i ng t h e i n f i n i te l y c u sto m i z ab l e e ngage m e nt co l l e c t i o n .



August 3, 2019 | El Paso Strong


istory tells us that the memory of the tumultuous tragedy that happened to our city will never fade.

We will always remember where we were when we received the shocking news that we were in the midst of a terrorist attack. We will never forget the panic as we dialed loved ones hoping it was their voice we would hear on the other end. We will never forget the anxiety as we waited for our friends and families to connect so we could breathe a sigh of relief. We will never forget when we heard that there were casualties. We will never forget the reports of the horrible truth unfolding among us in real time through our social media, both a blessing and a curse. It is impossible to find words to describe how our city was changed on that hot sunny day. We’ll forever remember August 3, 2019. We all know the next part of the story. The 22 people who never made it home, the 22 families who will never have their loved one walk through the front door. The 22 mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, daughters, sons and friends who will never have their faces seen again. In these faces we’ve seen our city’s


story. A story of faith in humanity, a story of kindness to a stranger, and a story of the loss of our innocence. We have gained a new understanding of the value of protections, the value of community and the value of love. When the active shooter alert went out to all those wearing badges, each ran without a second thought to the site being attacked to protect our city. There’s always a plan of action if, heaven forbid, any such attack should be made on us. Sadly, this time, it was not a drill. Everyone in the medical world dropped what they were doing and ran to the area hospitals, even those off duty in our military, ran to protect. Our men and women in uniform all did what they were trained to do. They are our heroes. Now, we all know the raw fear of walking into Walmart for the first time since the attack. We must take that first step. The first step shows strength; it shows the ability to slowly heal. The existence of our community is dependent on us to moving forward, to not get stuck, to not give power to the attacker. It will be hard to rebuild a sense of security, but we will. We will never get back our innocence, we’ll never be those people that aren’t conscious when we enter a large building. We are forever changed. I believe instead of walking in fear, we must be mindful of the community that surrounds us. We’ll smile at every neighbor, every El Pasoan, and share our love. That’s who we are: a city that shares love. Collectively, respectfully, El Paso has honored and will continue to honor the memory of the lives lost. We will forever remember the date on the calendar—August 3, 2019—as the deadliest attack on our city, one of the safest cities in the United States. Terrorism has attacked our innocence and has left a forever gaping hole in our hearts. Terrorism killed 22 of our people and left us grieving, fearful and uncomfortable—but our story is a story of hope; the hope that we never take love for granted, that we never take the sight of a loved one, the kiss of a family member, the touch of a hand or the words “I love you” for granted. What will we ever do that can fill the hole in our hearts? Absolutely nothing, the hole reminds us of them; the 22 who lost their lives, the 24 injured, the 46 victims and the heroes in our city. Above all, we will always be reminded of the love in our city despite hateful prejudice that first caused shock, then disbelief, and forever grief. No doubt the unheard stories will keep unfolding. 22 will always be a number for us, a number imprinted in our minds. 22 lost, but many more kind actions.


September, 2019

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September, 2019

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September, 2019

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September, 2019




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September, 2019

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September, 2019

Andy Martinez

Marina Monsisvais

Lauren PeĂąa

Austin North

Marko Morales

Toni Moon

Luis Mariano

Jesse Maynes

Ladonna Apodoca

Jamie Livingston

Janene Rojas

Daniel Frederick

Lizzie Martinez

Henry Craver

Zak Hansen

Marie Moore


September, 2019

August 3, 2019 | El Paso Strong

Elyse Simons

Andre Anchondo ★ Jordan Anchondo ★ Arturo Benavides ★ Leonardo Campos Jr. ★ Juan de Dios Velázquez Chairez The Medical Issue EL PASO/LAS CRUCES HOME & DESIGN MAGAZINE ★ Angelina Englisbee ★ Maria Flores ★ Raul Flores ★ Jorge Calvillo García ★ Adolfo Cerros Hernández ★ Sara Regala do Moriel ★ Alexander Gerhard Hoffman ★ David Johnson ★ Luis Alfonso Juarez ★ Maribel Hernandez Loya ★ Ivan Manzano ★ Gloria Márquez ★ Elsa Mendoza Marquez ★ Margie Reckard ★ Javier Rodriguez ★ Maria Legarreta Don’t Sweat ★ Teresa Sanchez ★ Andre Anchondo ★ Jordan Anch Rothe OVER Your Pets issue Benavides ★ Leonardo Campos Jr. ★ Juan ondo ★ Arturo Home de Dios Velázquez Chairez ★ Angelina Englisbee ★ Maria of Radford Flores ★ Raul Flores ★ Jorge Calvillo García ★ Adolfo Cerros in Every Style Hernández ★ Sara Regalado Moriel ★ Alexander Gerhard This is Y ur Guide! Hoffman ★ David Johnson ★ Luis Alfonso Juarez ★ Maribel Hernandez Loya ★ Ivan Manzano ★ Gloria Márquez ★ Elsa The Hospitals of Providence ICU Mendoza Marquez ★ Arturo Benavides ★ Javier Rodriguez ★ Maria Legarreta Rothe ★ Teresa Sanchez ★ Andre Anch Pools that ondo ★ Jordan Anchondo ★ Margie Reckard ★ Leonardo London Go ing make a Fashion Week el? Campos Jr. ★ Juan de Dios Velázquez Chairez ★ Angelina travel to europe Au Natur a must see Englisbee ★ Jorge Calvillo García ★ Maria Flores ★ Raul Flores ★ Adolfo Cerros Hernández ★ Sara Regalado Moriel ★ Alexander Gerhard Hoffman ★ David Johnson ★ Luis Alf Spring fashion ★ Maribel Hernandez Loya ★ Ivan Manzano onso Juarez ★ Gloria Márquez ★ Elsa Mendoza Marquez ★ Margie What’s Altering Traditions 26 60 59 ★ Javier Rodriguez ★ Maria Legarreta Rothe ★ Reckard Trending? Teresa Sanchez ★

100 years DESIGNS Just




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El Paso’s Most

! h s a l Sp

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September, 2019

Charity Register September Opportunities to Give & Support Feline Fridays! | Every Friday in September Humane Society of El Paso Each Friday the Humane Society lowers adoption costs for cats. Adoption costs are only $50 for kittens under 16 weeks, and there is a surcharge of $12.50 for ones older than 16 weeks. Adoption fees cover spay/neuter procedures, vaccinations, microchips and Leukemia testing. Come find the purr-fect cat for your home!

Knights in Action 5K | September 14, 8:00 a.m. Album Park Organized by the Fabens City Council, proceeds from this run/walk will go towards the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. It costs $25 to participate and all runners will receive T-shirts along with free refreshments.

Foundation of Faith Dinner | September 19, 5:00 p.m. Convention Center For the 13th year, the Catholic Diocese of El Paso will host its Foundation of Faith Dinner. Beyond some good food, Matt Maher, a Catholic singer, will be performing. All proceeds will go to the diocese and its many ventures in our community. Tickets are $100 per person.


RUNNING Sports medicine, reconstruction & joint replacement

Call (915) 581-0712 East: 1400 GEORGE DIETER STE. 100 Central: 1810 Murchison Ste. 140

Aids Walk El Paso | September 28, 8:00 a.m. Memorial Reserve Park Presented by the Border AIDS Partnership, this 5K run/walk costs $25 to participate in, although there are discounts for teams. All proceeds will go towards HIV-and AIDS-related issues.

Miner Dash | September 29, 8 a.m. UTEP’s Centennial Plaza For the 10th straight year, UTEP will be hosting the Miner Dash. In addition to the race itself, which is open to people who use wheelchairs, there will be an abundance of family fun activities set up. Admission is $25 and proceeds will benefit UTEP’s College of Health

NEW LOCATION coming soon:

820 Redd Road 20

Sciences Programs and the Wellness Program.

September, 2019

Nocheen la Hacienda de Femap

S E P T. 2019



Join us in honoring


2019 Maria Guadalupe Arizpe de De la Vega Distinguished Service Award Recipients Honored for their outstanding contributions to our mission & community

7pm Cocktail Reception 8pm Dinner 9pm Dance To purchase tickets, reserve a table, or sponsor the event, please contact the Femap Foundation 915 544 4151

Convention Center Courtyard Plaza . 1 Civic Center Plaza

Formal Attire 21

El Paso Will Rise | By: MARINA MONSISVAIS photography by: JOHN HORTA |


September, 2019


live in the beautiful city of El Paso, Texas.

e l pa s o s t r o n g

that the community I live in does not breed

donate blood for victims, volunteers showed

this type of hatred. It’s quite the opposite.

up to feed and hydrate survivors, families

El Paso is one of the safest cities in the

When thousands of migrants unexpectedly

who were waiting to hear the fate of their

United States. In fact, more people were

arrived in our city, we came together with

loved ones, first responders and members of

killed here in a single act of violence than

donations and manpower in order to feed

the media. We even had folks feeding those

in all of 2018. On Saturday, August 3, 2019,

them and take care of their most basic needs.

who were waiting in line to donate blood.

we experienced a senseless act of domestic

We recognize hunger and suffering when we

Charitable funds were immediately set up

terrorism because of who we are—a bi-

see it and we don’t stand by without action.

and they continue to generate donations for

national, largely Hispanic community. We are

It’s simply not what El Paso and the border

victims and their families.

a resilient, caring and loving community. This

community does. This community is doing what we can to

attack is not going to change that. This killer drove 10 hours across Texas in an

make sure they are taken care of … and

Here’s what I know about us: El Paso knows

attempt to scare us and divide us. That’s never

that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The efforts

how to rise and we know how to love.

going to happen. As soon as we became

are too many to list here but rest assured

aware of the incident, we jumped into action

that they’re happening and everyone is doing

I take an odd solace in knowing that this killer

— our blood banks immediately had lines out

what they can for the love of El Paso.

is not from our community, because I know

the door with El Pasoans braving the heat to


September, 2019

I struggle to find the right words to express

My father, who expresses himself through

fathom the thought that others have been in

what it feels like when your community is the

music, sent me a video that night in which

this situation before us. One thing we know

victim of domestic terrorism. For me, it was

he recorded his own message of love in


a real possibility that my parents could have

the form of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” He

been among the 22 dead. That particular store

asked me to share it on Facebook and I did,

As I write this, it’s been a little over two

is their go-to for anything from daily household

it made others feel good. He may not be the

weeks since an act of senseless violence

needs to car care. My mother’s Saturday

best singer, but like many other El Pasoans,

changed my city. I still don’t have the

morning routine begins with a trip to that Wal-

he gave what he could in a time of crisis.

wherewithal to visit the site of the shooting,

Mart and luckily, that Saturday morning she

Tokens of love like this are everywhere. My

where a makeshift memorial has grown into

was safe. Those minutes while we waited for

dad wasn’t the only person to record a song

a place of gathering, grieving and hope. A

her to respond were the longest minutes of my

for El Paso; so many other local artists did

place where strangers come together to

life and I sat there staring at my phone with a

the same and it’s so beautiful to see them

console each other and mourn the loss of 22

sunken, sick to my stomach feeling until she

process this event the only way they know

lives and the loss of our city’s innocence.

checked in and said she was safe.

how—through their art.

Ironically, she was shopping in our sister city

Our community has come together more

Pasoans who live in other cities come home

of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, just like many of

than any time before. I say this and yet my

to be with their families. It’s as if this act

our Mexican neighbors were shopping at

friend and I just wondered out loud to each

served as a beacon for those who love El

Wal-Mart that day. Others aren’t so lucky.

other, “Do all cities that go through a mass

Paso to come home, if even for a few days.

They have to deal with deep sorrow and the

shooting react like this?” It’s sad to think that

It’s remarkable how something so tragic

harsh reality that their loved ones are dead at

maybe there’s a template out there for how

can pull a community together so quickly. I

the hands of hate.

to overcome a mass shooting, or to even

think of all the beautiful gestures of love that

In these two weeks, I’ve seen many El


September, 2019

e l pa s o s t r o n g

Horizon High School held a vigil for Javier Rodriguez, the youngest victim of the Walmart shooting.

Antonio Basco kneels at a memorial honoring his late wife, Margie Reckhard.

22 white doves were released in honor of the 22 victims. A view of sister cities El Paso and Cuidad Juรกrez. (Photo by: Philip Lara)


e l pa s o s t r o n g

September, 2019

strangers have shown each other in the past

love and support for Mr. Basco, Margie’s son

There’s a melancholy and malaise that is

few days—the love El Paso showed for Mr.

and grandson who came in from Nebraska

palpable in our air. We are a city in mourning,

Antonio Basco, who lost his wife and sole

to bid her farewell. The love also manifested

processing what happened to us. I’ve

companion Margie Reckard in the shooting,

itself in flowers—so many flowers filled

seen it manifest itself in so many

was beyond words.

the church with beauty and a sweet floral

ways. We went to work Monday

scent, and those thousand bouquets were

after the shooting and the air

Mr. Basco, with no family to call on in El Paso,

later transferred to the makeshift memorial

invited the El Paso community to mourn

at Wal-Mart.

the loss of his wife Margie with him. The response was overwhelming. Over 3,000 El Pasoans attended her services to show their

First responders and military personnel honored the victims at The El Paso Strong Memorial Run. 26

September, 2019

e l pa s o s t r o n g

was thick, the laughter that is usually there

The truth is; we’ve all burst into tears. We’ve

was gone and it was quiet…so quiet.

all felt the profound sadness that comes from the depths of our souls. We’ve all had

That week, my sister sent me a text message,

trouble sleeping. Those with children

saying that she didn’t know what had come

have a whole other level of anxiety

over her when she had burst into tears in the

to deal with for their little ones.

middle of a meeting at work.

My friend Ray shared a heart wrenching story

about his four-year-old son Bubba, who took

so much and no matter what I write, it’s not

his water gun to Wal-Mart to protect his

going to be enough. It’s not going to fully

daddy while they went grocery shopping.

express what it feels like to have a tragedy like

How is it possible that we now live in a

this happen in our city. So guess what? Like

world where a four-year-old thinks he needs

the rest of El Paso, I too am going to rise. I’m

protection to go to the store?

going to rise and I’m going to do everything that is humanly possible to make sure this

This is no way to live. I’ve been avoiding

never happens again. We are El Paso Strong.

writing this piece because it hurts. It hurts


Photo by: Joey Chacon

September, 2019


The City of El Paso’s Community Memorial Service was held to reflect and remember the victims of the shooting.

September, 2019

The City Magazine would like to express our gratitude toward the first responders and medical personnel that came to the aid of those in need after the tragic events of August 3, 2019. Thank you.


e l pa s o s t r o n g

September, 2019

Andre Anchondo H Jordan Anchondo Arturo Benavides H Leonardo Campos Jr. Juan de Dios Velázquez Chairez H Angelina Englisbee Maria Flores H Raul Flores H Jorge Calvillo García Adolfo Cerros Hernández H Sara Regalado Moriel 30

September, 2019

e l pa s o s t r o n g

Alexander Gerhard Hoffman H David Johnson Luis Alfonso Juarez H Maribel Hernandez Loya Ivan Manzano H Gloria Márquez H Elsa Mendoza Marquez H Margie Reckard H Javier Rodriguez Maria Legarreta Rothe H Teresa Sanchez Gabe Vasquez and Justin Martinez co-created an “El Paso Strong” mural in central El Paso to pay respect to the victims.


September, 2019

Local Design Studio


September, 2019

Earns national Recognition


| By: JAMIE LIVINGSTON | ith the population of El Paso on a constant

rise, development is booming. Within every

region of the Sun City, you’ll find that metal

and brick-and-mortar fixtures are now replacing

once empty, dirt-filled lots. Most of this development is commercial, and signage for businesses such as Independent Burger, Hotel Indigo, Boss Chicken and Stanton House is a sure way to lure people in. With bright colors and big lettering, it’s hard not to notice such businesses, and it’s all thanks to one local company—EME Design Studio. College sweethearts Iris Morales and Joel Martinez, now married, started their company eight years ago with a big dream but little clientele. What started out as helping a few businesses succeed with their branding has now blossomed to a much larger geographical scale. “We are still small but we have big hearts and we’re always looking to get better. Now, we are very fortunate to have clients outside of El Paso looking to work with us. We’ve worked with clients in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Austin, New York, Connecticut, Singapore, London and Mexico,” Joel said. And, more recently, Joel and Iris have even more to be proud about: their designs have garnered global recognition. “This year we were awarded a National Gold ADDY, which is probably our biggest yet. The American Advertising Awards, formerly the ADDYs, is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting over 40,000 entries every year in local AAF Ad Club competitions,” said Joel. It’s a


L o c a l D e s i g n S t u d i o E a r n s n at i o n a l R e c o g n i t i o n

prestigious award that recognizes the creative

have fallen short. “Failure is part of the

spirit of excellence in the art of advertising

process. In 2016 and 2017 we received an

and marketing. However, the recognition

email about winning a national ADDY and

isn’t entirely new for the couple. “Our work

actually attended the ceremony, only to find

has been featured in different publications

out they were both silver. Realizing we could

and websites around the world as well. The

do that, we pushed to hopefully win a gold

biggest challenge is making great award-

at the national level,” said Joel. “It definitely

winning work while making sure the work is

feels great to see your work next to more

helping the client’s success,” Joel said.

amazing work done by top agencies, but not getting there just inspires you to make better


But success hasn’t always fallen into their

work as a designer.” The couple has also

lap. The couple’s achievements, at times,

received accolades on the international front.

September, 2019

September, 2019 EME was awarded five gold and one silver in the International Indigo Design Awards, a ceremony held annually in the world’s most fascinating cities. The work is judged by a jury, handpicked for their innovative contributions in the digital design world. Last year’s ceremony was held in Japan, which Joel said he was blessed to attend. For Joel, the recognition is more of a sign to keep serving his community and the needs of local businesses in the city he holds so dear. “I think these awards just let us know we are doing something right. It is a guide for us to realize that our work can compete with any other work, even top agencies with big budgets. Clients and potential clients might be able to find out, but the exposure is really more within the industry. Regardless, it does seem to help when potential clients realize we’ve won awards since they feel we can make award winning work for them.” |

No credit? Bad credit? We finance! Call JJ today at 915.740.9399

Their quality designs are also putting them in a different category—print production. “We also received a merit award by ‘How Promotion & Marketing Design Awards,’ a competition which celebrates original recipes for outstanding promo-driven design. The work will be featured in the all-new HOW + Print book “‘The Best of Design.’” The book is scheduled to be released late this Summer. Joel believes that while ultimately it’s

Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948

the client’s dream to be kept in mind, the

• Private Party Room

recognition does help put the border city, and

• Beer & Wine

small businesses, on the map. “To us, the awards mean that we can compete against national agencies and win. We can compete on the same level as top agencies doing work for McDonald’s or corporations with a much bigger budget than

• Outside Dining • Live Music Thur. to Sat. • We cater large or small events

what we have to work with. This definitely makes us proud of who we are and where we come from.”

Italian.Kitchen. West m 35

September, 2019 El Paso/Las Cruces’ premier Lifestyle Magazine

August 3, 2019 | El Paso Strong

Andre Anchondo ★ Jordan Anchondo ★ Arturo Benavides ★ Leonardo Campos Jr. ★ Juan de Dios Velázquez Chairez ★ Angelina Englisbee ★ Maria Flores ★ Raul Flores ★ Jorge Calvillo García ★ Adolfo Cerros Hernández ★ Sara Regala do Moriel ★ Alexander Gerhard Hoffman ★ David Johnson ★ Luis Alfonso Juarez ★ Maribel Hernandez Loya ★ Ivan Manzano ★ Gloria Márquez ★ Elsa Mendoza Marquez ★ Margie Reckard ★ Javier Rodriguez ★ Maria Legarreta Rothe ★ Teresa Sanchez ★ Andre Anchondo ★ Jordan Anch ondo ★ Arturo Benavides ★ Leonardo Campos Jr. ★ Juan de Dios Velázquez Chairez ★ Angelina Englisbee ★ Maria Flores ★ Raul Flores ★ Jorge Calvillo García ★ Adolfo Cerros Hernández ★ Sara Regalado Moriel ★ Alexander Gerhard Hoffman ★ David Johnson ★ Luis Alfonso Juarez ★ Maribel Hernandez Loya ★ Ivan Manzano ★ Gloria Márquez ★ Elsa Mendoza Marquez ★ Arturo Benavides ★ Javier Rodriguez ★ Maria Legarreta Rothe ★ Teresa Sanchez ★ Andre Anch ondo ★ Jordan Anchondo ★ Margie Reckard ★ Leonardo Campos Jr. ★ Juan de Dios Velázquez Chairez ★ Angelina Englisbee ★ Jorge Calvillo García ★ Maria Flores ★ Raul Flores ★ Adolfo Cerros Hernández ★ Sara Regalado Moriel ★ Alexander Gerhard Hoffman ★ David Johnson ★ Luis Alf onso Juarez ★ Maribel Hernandez Loya ★ Ivan Manzano ★ Gloria Márquez ★ Elsa Mendoza Marquez ★ Margie Reckard ★ Javier Rodriguez ★ Maria Legarreta Rothe ★ Teresa Sanchez ★

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915-500-5730 |

September, 2019

Mesa Street Grill Happy Hour

Enjoy premium cocktails at special happy hour pricing. Monday - Friday 4-7 p.m.


(915) 532-1881 | 3800 N. Mesa St D1, El Paso, TX 79902 |

September, 2019

Flight & Flowers As Inspiration | By: MARKO MORALES |


September, 2019

he desert Southwest is a unique beauty made up primarily of earth tones—mostly browns and beiges with countless shades of green. In this landscape, the eye almost has no choice but to be drawn to bright colors that at times appear unexpectedly and almost always feel artistically placed. The drive between Colorado and El Paso is one Christopher Weed is not only familiar with— much of the inspiration for his most recent installation came from the eye-catching colors of the desert flowers he saw many times as he drove south past the Rockies and toward the Franklin Mountains. The artist, originally from Philadelphia, and quarter-century-long resident of Denver, met El Paso native Samantha Silva through the Museum of Cultural Affairs Department after both applied for an opportunity to participate


September, 2019


September, 2019

F l i g h t & F l o w e r s A s I n s p i r at i o n

in different programs. Samantha was accepted into the department’s Allied Artist Program, after being selected out of a group of almost 20 others to work as an artist assistant. The process for Christopher began approximately two years back, when he applied to be part of a pool of anywhere between 400 and 500 hopeful artists to be considered for El Paso’s latest large-scale public art project. Christopher was among 100 artists that remained in the running. Eventually, three artists were selected to pitch their ideas to an artist selection committee, where Christopher’s vision was ultimately chosen. Christopher’s concept appealed greatly to the committee. However, due to reasons outside the artist’s control, the location of where his work would stand needed to be changed. This presented him with the challenge of taking his original idea and working it into a design that better fit its newly decided location. After about five different versions of his original idea were approved by the committee, Christopher landed on a final concept. While his original idea had more individual pieces to it and focused on a different color, the new location allowed Christopher to go bigger and a bit more complicated in terms of engineering.

professional makeup artistry bridal • print • video • special events

610.360.0501 w w w. e l y s e s i m o n s . c o m



F l i g h t & F l o w e r s A s I n s p i r at i o n


September, 2019

September, 2019


In Christopher’s own words, his most recent

process moved relatively quickly, considering

permanent sculpture installation made up of

the size of the project. Each stem and basket,

eleven pieces spaced out across 300 feet are

filled with four sizes of spheres, weighs

“abstract interpretations of the native flora”

approximately 1,000 pounds and reaches 31

and will soon be found just north of Gateway

feet into the sky. The idea was to make it all

Boulevard West, on Airway Boulevard heading

“as clean as possible, so that the eye would

toward The El Paso International Airport. The

move up along the piece,” says Christopher.

stem-like feature of the artist’s creation is made

It was important that the colors popped like

up of two large sheets of metal rolled into an

the colors of the flowers blooming throughout

oblong shaped tube, then welded together

the surrounding landscape, especially during

so well that seams are just about impossible

the spring after a good rain. It is a sight he

to make out. Each stem has a row of rivets,

finds to be stunning and is one he drew a

individually welded on and running the length of

great deal of inspiration from.

the rolled metal. These rivets also give the stem the look of an airplane wing. At the top sits a large

Christopher expresses much appreciation

metal basket with many transparent lavender

when speaking about artist assistant and

spheres placed inside. Cleverly hidden by the

UTEP graduate Samantha Silva, who the

basket is a LED light fixture used to illuminate

artist says has been working by his side since

the basket of spheres at night. Two additional

the project began, and has been instrumental

external light fixtures are used to illuminate the

throughout the entire process. Both feel

rest of the sculpture. The lighting system is able

credit should be given to MCAD for their

to run hundreds of programs, making it possible

contribution to the arts and art community. It

to light up the sculpture in a variety of colors and

has been 21 years since Christopher worked

patterns. When considering the concept behind

on his very first public art commission. We

the piece and where it would be located, it was

now have his 35th public art sculpture in

important that the sculpture stood out as much

beautiful El Paso, and it will be there for

at night as it would during the day.

some to critique and others to simply admire. As Christopher moves on to other projects

From fabrication to placement of each of

already in the works, he is proud to leave a

the 11 pieces took about six months. In

part of himself in a city that always made him

Christopher’s experience, this part of the

feel welcomed.

OUR SERVICES • • • • • •








PROSPERUS TITLE & ESCROW, LLC Prosperus Title & Escrow LLC is a new title agency in the Borderland

In 2017, Coon was offered the opportunity to lead a new title agency

that provides their clients with residential and commercial real

that would provide clients with an innovative edge to their residential

estate transactions. Opened in October of 2018, the agency is highly

and commercial real estate transactions. Coon quickly decided to

experienced, trusted and knowledgeable in the title and escrow

pursue that opportunity and began the long and rewarding process

industry. Janette Coon, president of the agency, has more than 30

of opening a new title agency. By October 2018, the agency had

years of industry experience. She leads a team—made up of highly

opened a temporary location while the construction of their new

experienced individuals with more than 100 years of combined

space was in progress. The agency then moved into their permanent

experience—that is dedicated to providing exceptional service to the

location off Airway Boulevard and Edgemere Boulevard in June

El Paso community.

2019. The new location offers a distinct, modern and spacious atmosphere where clients can feel at home.


Prosperus Title & Escrow LLC

1300 Airway Blvd., Ste. 108

El Paso, Texas 79925 (915) 288-2468

Prosperus Title & Escrow LLC also launched an interactive website

documents without having to wait in an office or having to fax or

earlier this year that is tailored to the needs of each individual

print long documents. Prosperus Title & Escrow LLC will be one of

client. It contains an innovative web app where clients can create a

the first agencies in the Borderland to offer this service and Coon

profile and get access to custom quotes. Realtors and lenders can

is thrilled to bring this to the El Paso community in the near future.

find helpful tools such as the net sheet calculator, premium rate calculator, a mortgage payment calculator and other tools on their website. The agency currently has innovative projects in the works, including

“I am very proud to be at the helm of Prosperus Title & Escrow LLC. As president, I am part of building a new title agency that will stand out from the rest with its highly innovative edge and service,� says Coon.

a full online portal that will give clients easy access to all of their By: CLAVEL CANDELARIA Photographed by: BRIAN WANCHO


Sun City Orthopaedic & Hand Surgery Specialists (915) 581-0712 820 Redd Rd. El Paso, Texas 79912 1400 George Dieter, Ste. 100 El Paso, Texas 79936


Sun City Orthopaedic & Hand Surgery Specialists The group of four highly-skilled doctors and owners of Sun City

Sun City Ortho’s new building has a comfortable, well-lit lobby and

Orthopaedic & Hand Surgery Specialists have been providing their

thirteen exam rooms that accommodate four orthopaedic surgeons,

patients with quality care at two convenient locations since 2012.

four part-time sub-specialists, a nurse practitioner and a physician

The George Dieter office serves El Paso’s east side, while the

assistant. This team allows for specialized care and guidance through

Murchison’s central office has relocated to 820 Redd Road (Bldg. B).

every step of the patient’s surgical experience. With an on-site

The new office is in the same campus with Performance Physical

radiology department and a specialist in every facet of orthopaedic

Therapy of El Paso (Bldg. A) and Physicians’ West El Paso Surgical

care, Sun City Ortho can treat any orthopaedic problem under one

Center (Bldg. C)—all three are brand new and ready to serve El

roof—and now with physical therapy and the surgery center in the

Paso’s west side.

same complex, a patient can be taken from injury to full recovery in

Performance PT is a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art facility with

the same familiar place!

everything needed to get patients back to their normal activity

Physicians’ West El Paso Surgical Center is a collaborative between

level. The team includes a hand therapist, certified in Advanced

Sun City Ortho’s surgeons and seven other local surgeons. A nursing

Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity from Philadelphia’s

station separates eight pre-op bays from eight post-anesthesia bays,

Drexel University, that can fabricate customized splints and treat

used for recovery after surgery. There are three operating rooms

complex hand/upper extremity injuries. Also available is the only

and one for procedures such as epidurals and injections. The major

TCOLE certified (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) instructor

benefit of utilizing an ambulatory surgery center is less exposure to

in the Southwest. She focuses on return-to-work programs,

infection in comparison to hospitals.

including functional capacity evaluations and work hardening/work conditioning. Utilizing reality-based training, tactical strength and conditioning, and tools of the trade allows her to proudly serve and treat El Paso’s fire fighters, Border Patrol, State Troopers, Sheriffs, Marshalls and detention officers ensuring that they can safely return

Your medical, physical therapy and surgical needs, all locally owned and in one place are now open—at a considerably lower cost compared to a hospital. A grand opening is planned for midSeptember.

to full duty. No matter your job, Performance PT’s goal is getting you back, safely, to maximum performance. By: MARKO MORALES Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK


Scenic’s Bar and Kitchen 4130 N. Mesa Street El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 307-4630

Scenic’s Bar and Kitchen Yesenia always had a knack for food and hospitality. As a kid, she

It was spacious, full of natural light, and featured breathtaking views

sold popsicles at her dad’s softball games and hotdogs in front of

of the surrounding mountains—scenic. Beyond the aesthetics,

her mother’s plumbing business to passersby. By the time she

however, the bar and restaurant has a whole lot of other things

was old enough to get a job, she quickly landed a position in the

going for it: “We really pride ourselves on the great service, we

kitchen of a prominent burger joint. Later, when it came to pick a

want you to feel at home … All the food is made to order, and the

college major, the choice was clear: Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional

sauces are done here from scratch,” the owner explained. The bar

Management. Although she’d already worked in the service industry

also boasts daily drink specials, which can be enjoyed to the tune of

to varying levels, Yesenia hoped that the degree would give her the

live music. Guests can also expect a brunch menu in the near future

tools to reach her ultimate end-goal of opening a bar and restaurant.

at this up-and-coming establishment.

Yesenia returned home to El Paso in 2018, intent on seeing her plan through. Soon enough, she found the perfect location on Mesa St. 50 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING

By: HENRY CRAVER Photographed by: JOHN HORTA

Entrecôte & Co. “A Taste of France in El Paso”—That’s exactly what you’ll find at Entrecôte & Co. Owner and native of Grenoble in the French Alps, Olivier Cohen, co-founded his new French bistro alongside his father and partner, Felix Cohen. His father suggested the idea following their success in Notting Hill, London where he and brother, Dan Cohen, opened their first French bistro known as Cépage[s]. Using only the finest ingredients like real French butter, and imported cheeses, meats and even escargot, their dishes are based in authentic family recipes and feature mouth-watering specialties like Entrecôte Ribeye, Duck Confit Tacos and Scallops Au Gratin. Savory appetizers like French Onion Soup and Charlotte’s Salad, and scrumptious desserts like Crème Brûlée and Pineapple Carpaccio, are an absolute must. The unique ambiance of Entrecôte & Co. won’t be overlooked either, and entices with amazing Paris photography, a signature 19th century bar and an impressive “wine cellar” that welcomes guests at the floor of the entry, beautifully encasing several wine bottles nestled over a bed of wine corks. A warm, inviting atmosphere and delectable, French bistroinspired dishes, accompanied by an exquisite, vast wine selection from around the world, promises to be a culinary delight for Sun City foodies and makes Entrecôte & Co. a dining experience that’s, truly, one of a kind.

Entrecôte & Co. 5825 N. Mesa St. El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 300-0022



DeadBeach Brewery It’s hard to find a better way to unwind after a long day or bond

How do you explain Deadbeach’s astounding success? “The proof is

with friends more than cracking open a cold beer. Owners Gabriel

in the pudding,” says co-owner Justin Ordonez. All of their varieties

Montoya, Jason Hunt, and Justin Ordonez started brewing their own

are brewed artisanally in house and can be found in over 300 taps

beer in a small garage in 2015 while realizing the lack of real beer

across the city. Some, like the recent collaboration they put out with

culture in EP. They decided to take the plunge to become one of the

Real Ale (Texas’ largest brewer), are aged for a year and a half or

first breweries in El Paso and now they are a staple of downtown-

longer in fine wood casks. Asked where he sees DeadBeach going

located right near the baseball stadium. They continuously find

from here, Justin was quick to respond: “I see a lot more growth.

themselves growing and expanding to meet demand.

We feel like we played a central role in fostering a rich beer culture in El Paso, so we definitely want to continue that. And, of course, we want to see our beer distributed nationally.”

DeadBeach Brewery 406 S. Durango St. El Paso, Texas 79901


Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK

Black Alfred El Paso, Texas Instagram & Facebook @blackalfredofficial

Black Alfred Christian Moeres comes from a long line of master woodworkers. His grandfather, great-grandfather and so on, all practiced the trade for centuries in Cologne, Germany. His career in the military would eventually lead him to Fort Bliss, where he, ironically enough, found himself drawn to woodworking—albeit in a very different fashion than his relatives. Inspired equally by El Paso’s sunny environment and the latest trends and fashion highlights, Christian decided to start a sunglasses company. The first pair of shades were completed in 2016, and they haven’t stopped since. Black Alfred, designed in El Paso, now features a litany of styles for every type of customer. You can find them online and at any of El Paso’s farmers markets, where Christian sets up every weekend. Although his military service ends later this year, Christian was quick to affirm his commitment to our city: “This is home now. Really, I love everything about it here. The people are so lovely, and the climate is great too. I plan on staying here a long time.” By: HENRY CRAVER Photographed by: JOHN HORTA


American Appointment Credit Repair 3414 Hondo Pass Dr. El Paso, Texas 79904 (510) 712-5054

American Appointment Credit Repair El Paso Strong Your credit score is crucial. If it’s anything less than stellar, you

work, saying, “You know I got into this field to help people … clients

risk failing to get approved for a house, car or college loan—i.e.

walk in here nervous, feeling like they’ve lost control of their lives.

the pillars of any comfortable, fulfilling life. Even if you manage

My team gets their 435 score to 800 and everything changes. They

to qualify, those high interest rates threaten to quickly drain your

come in for the second appointment with a new energy.” Beyond

pockets. However, the consequences of bad credit go far beyond

just boosting scores, DK and his team take pride in outfitting

your own personal story—it affects the whole community. If credit

customers with the tools and strategies they need to maintain good

keeps you from starting that business you’ve been dreaming up,

credit indefinitely.

numerous jobs and revenue streams will never be realized.

“I’m just so grateful to be able to help this El Paso community that’s

DK Richardson, a St. Louis native and the founder of American

embraced me since I moved here. This is home now, and we’re

Appointment Credit Repair (AACR), understands the importance

going to do big things.”

of credit and its role in El Paso’s development. He explained his 54 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING


Ortho El Paso 12770 Edgemere Blvd., Bldg. F El Paso, Texas 79938 (915) 249-4000

Ortho El Paso #ELPASOPROUD That Saturday our city was terrorized by a lone gunman whose hatred led him here to shoot our citizens is a day we will never forget. Nor will we ever forget the victims who suffered from this unspeakable act. We sympathize with the families of the loved ones lost. We pray for the recovery of the injured. We are grateful to the medical workers, including our own at Ortho El Paso, who worked tirelessly to help save victims from the shooting. It was our privilege to be able to do so. Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK

We chose El Paso for our practice because of the wonderful citizens who live here, their welcoming kindness and their sense of community. And we’ve never felt anything less than acceptance since our opening four years ago. Thank you, El Paso. Our orthopedic surgeons, Jason Vourazeris, M.D., and Justin S. Mitchell, D.O., feel a great sense of belonging in El Paso because of the warmth of the people who live here. We are grateful to be serving this community we call home. When you visit Ortho El Paso, we want you to feel as welcome as you have made us feel ‌ like you are at home, with family, because that is how you will be treated. SPECIAL ADVERTISING | 55

Octopus Advertising Group 212 E. Mills Ave., Ste. C El Paso, Texas 79901 (915) 790-8340

Octopus Advertising Group Understanding the importance of branding in every business is key

Octopus Advertising Group’s dedicated team of professionals

to staying successful. Octopus Advertising Group provides its clients

creatively assembles an effective online marketing strategy

with the highest quality advertising services. The team of highly

designed to take their clients business to new and exciting heights.

qualified production associates, creatives, website developers,

The power of telling a compelling visual story and its ability to

designers and IT personnel, all available in-house to provide every

spark one’s emotions greatly influences a consumer’s engagement.

client with only the best support when moving forward and growing

In four years of assisting in building brands for businesses in El

a business. Octopus Advertising Group specializes in graphic and

Paso, a few of Octopus Advertising Group’s own clients to utilize

web design, media buys, search engine optimization, photography/

their services include Southwest University at El Paso, Southwest

video production and managing all aspects of social media. The

Finance Management Group and 8-Hour Sleep Clinic. If in need of a

team knows strong brands yield positive results.

business boost, look no further than the Octopus Advertising Group for proven results.



Hair FX Studio With a humble start cutting hair for inmates at the Cereso prison in

of eight stylists, three barbers, three makeup artists and a nail

Ciudad, Juárez, as a form of community service, Alexandra Mendoza

tech. The studio’s services include manicures, pedicures, makeup,

is a second-time business owner with 20 years’ experience as a

cuts, styles, colors and hot towel shaves for men. The team is very

Master Stylist. Hair FX Studio, which opened in May 2019, combines

experienced—boasting close to 100

the right balance to create a comforting and welcoming experience

industry—ensuring a work dynamic truly built for success. On top

to be shared by men, women and families alike. “Men like to be

of the normal clientele, Hair FX Studio provides services for events,

pampered too,” says owner Alexandra. As a dual salon, it also

charities and print publications. “There is never a dull moment,”

includes a full service barbershop. Hair FX Studio’s staff consists

Alexandra says.

accumulated years in the

Hair FX Studio 1891 Lee Trevino El Paso, Texas 79936 (915) 706-4007



The Matthew James PLLC 310 N Mesa St., Ste. 810 El Paso, Texas 79901 (915) 303-8062

The Matthew James PLLC Matthew James Kozik, Esq., first passed through El Paso while

Carrasco, the firm’s office manager, about opening a practice in El

completing training at Fort Bliss on his way to Afghanistan. After

Paso dedicated to immigration law and military defense.

returning, he was stationed at Fort Bliss, spending two years as a prosecutor at the Army’s largest installation and completely falling in love with the city.

It only took a few conversations for the idea of The Matthew James, PLLC. to materialize, with offices opening in El Paso at the Cortez Building and in D.C. With the words “we care” on the

After being stationed in El Paso, Mr. Kozik completed additional

wall of their conference room, it is clear this firm is dedicated to

military assignments, eventually returning to Washington, D.C.

a different practice of law. As one listens to their radio show on

where he studied law to begin his criminal practice. However, it only

La Zeta or Madre Radio, their compassion for those seeking legal

took a few months for Mr. Kozik to realize D.C. was no longer home.

assistance is notable, as is their commitment to providing quality

It was at this time he called Kristian Urbina, the firm’s backbone

legal representation.

and senior paralegal with over ten years of experience, and Gloria 58 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING


E.P. Dentistry 4 Kids 9813 Dyer St., Ste. 100 El Paso, Texas 79924 (915) 751-0123 5867 N. Mesa St., Ste. B El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 504-6888 1502 N. Zaragoza Rd. El Paso, Texas 79936 (915) 855-4442

E.P. Dentistry 4 Kids With three convenient locations, kid-friendly environments and a

A welcoming waiting room in each office has a jungle gym, games

dedication to compassionate, complete dental care, E.P. Dentistry 4

and tablets for kids, along with charging stations and WiFi. Yet E.P.

Kids makes high-quality dental care accessible to all.

Dentistry 4 Kids prides itself on its short wait times, making sure

Accepting patients from six months to 20 years old, E.P. Dentistry

patients get in, get out and get back to their lives.

4 Kids has been serving the children of El Paso for more than a

With two full-time dentists at each location, new patients can

decade, providing great dental care close to home, no matter where

schedule an appointment as soon as the next day. A companion

in El Paso you live.

orthodontic practice, Smile Straight Orthodontics, makes complete

E.P. Dentistry 4 Kids is one of the only childrens’ dental offices in

dental health even simpler.

El Paso that allows parents to remain with their children every step

Since dental health extends beyond the dentist’s office, E.P.

of the way—through regular exams and more serious treatments.

Dentistry 4 Kids believes reinforcing good habits starts with them.

At EP Dentistry 4 Kids, they treat your children as if they were

Patients don’t leave with sugary sweets; they leave with a balloon,

their own.

toothpaste, toothbrush, floss and a healthy smile.

By: ZAK HANSEN Photographed by: JOHN HORTA


September, 2019

Photo by Lauren Peña


Art ofCulture

Student artwork from the “2019 Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition.”



Photo by Lauren Peña

“Two Homes” by Jazmin Sanchez.

T h e A R T o f C u lt u r e

September, 2019


Photo by Lauren Peña

“#Keep Our Dream Alive” by Gabriela Velasquez. Printmaking (serigraphs on newspaper).

estled in the heart of the Franklin

serves as a catalyst for learning and dialogue

The Rubin Center at the University of Texas

Mountains, the Stanlee and Gerald

about the world we live in. Our programs

at El Paso prides itself on standing out from

Rubin Center has been showcasing

and internships overwhelmingly serve a

other university art galleries. “We work

local and international art for the past 30-

majority Hispanic population, contributing to

closely with visiting artists from around the

some years. The Rubin Center got its start

future diversity in the museum field.” The

world, and with local partners in both El Paso

as Glass Galleries in 1980 and has evolved

Rubin Center focuses choosing art that acts

and Juárez to use contemporary art as a

into a cultural harbor that has showcased

as a radical stimulus for conversation about

platform for understanding our special place at

over 150 original exhibitions from around

ongoing issues right here on the border and

the international border between Mexico and

the globe since its founding. Each visiting

around the globe. “We strive to be the place

the United States,” Doyle says. The center’s

artist, writer and curator is of international

where contemporary art meets contemporary

choice to exhibit art that showcases the

recognition and importance. The Rubin

life,” says Doyle, “The Stanlee and Gerald

heart of its bi-national and cultural epicenter

Center also offers workshops, community

Rubin Center for the Visual Arts is committed

of a home truly gives its city and “abrazo” of

outreach programs, cross-border lectures

to excellence in the exhibition of contemporary

gratitude an praise.

and seminars in both Spanish and English for

art that encourages adventuresome thinking

a wide variety of audiences from spectators

and dialogue. Located at the epicenter of

Just closing its doors on Aug. 9, the 2019

both on and off campus.

the Americas, we serve as a laboratory for

Annual Juried UTEP Student Art Exhibition

emerging artists and innovative practitioners,

was an opportunity for local students to have

The Rubin Center’s director, Kerry A. Doyle,

providing access for an audience of multiple

their art displayed in a gallery and get a feel

described its mission as “the idea that art

and diverse communities.”

for what an actual jury selection process is


Th Te h eA R A TR To o f fC C ul utlu tr u er e


September, 2019

September, 2019 like. “The work is installed and exhibited in the same manner that we install professional artwork, and it gives the students the opportunity to see their work in a professional gallery setting and gives them exposure to a larger audience,” Doyle said. The exhibition was also a wonderful way to feature the talents of the UTEP Art Department. In the wake of the Walmart massacre on Saturday, August 3 that turned our city upside down, I found many of the pieces to be deeply personal and moving. Each one giving its audience a glimpse into the history that lead to the specific piece’s existence. “Two Homes” by Jazmin Sanchez showcased a sight familiar here in El Paso—a pair of twin license plates, one from Texas and another from Chihuahua reading “home.” The piece automatically drew me back to memories of scouring downtown streets for parking on Saturday mornings to go shopping amidst

The Original Handcrafted Custom Cinnamon Roll

a sea of cars bearing those same plates. I am reminded of bus stations, panaderias, joy and laughter pouring from a city that is welcoming and proud. I can almost hear the symphony of language flooding the atmosphere from onlookers at “Los Lagartos” at the heart of the city- English and Spanish fluttering in the air in an almost perfect dissonance. In the midst of a rather somber time I found the exhibit and its pieces a subtle reminder of the many moving parts, pieces and ideologies that make the “sun city” just that: warm and inviting. This is exactly the line of thought and dialogue the Rubin Center wishes to create— an open conversation about binationality, interculturalism and “la frontera” that stems from provoking, contemporary art. That’s what good art does, it gets you talking. “We strive to deepen public appreciation of contemporary art and to inspire active dialogue about its social, political and cultural implications through




programming, providing a framework for critical thinking about contemporary art and its place in our world,” Doyle said.


September, 2019 The city has much more to look forward to in the upcoming exhibitions, including a cross-border radio-tuner project coming in November. Doyle was passionate about bringing awareness to all that the Rubin Center is doing for international art, specifically for El Paso and its sister city, Juรกrez. The Rubin Center welcomes visitors with open arms. The gallery is open for public viewing during weekdays from 10:00 a.m. on and by appointment. The Rubin Center, like most El Pasoans, welcomes visitors with open arms, a warm embrace and will probably invite you to stay a while. For more information on the Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center visit their website at

Get Social With Us @tableoccasions


September, 2019



book REVIEw

September, 2019





Our Women On The Ground by Multiple Authors Arab women have long fascinated

Idiot Wind

the west, whether it be through

by Peter Kaldheim

Orientalist fantasies or because of genuine concerns for their

Drugs have been in the news a lot

human rights. However, sweeping

these past years. But while detailed

narratives, no matter their tone,

analysis of the causes and potential

almost always miss the nuances

policy solutions to our opioid crisis

My Ideal Boyfriend is a Croissant

that make up human experience

are crucial, too often commentators

by Laura Dockrill

across the globe. “Our Women on

forget the human element. Kaldheim

the Ground” brings those complex

provides just that in his riveting

I really think this will go down with

Three Summers

details to the surface with an

account of his long and bumpy road

‘The Outsiders’ and ‘Lord of the

by Margarita Liberaki

excellently selected set of essays

to recovery.

Flies’ as an all-time great young

by various female journalists from

adult novel. When a plus-sized

There’s nothing better than a coming

the Arab world.

teen is admonished to track her

of age novel in back to school season,

weight and diet, she responds by

and Liberaki’s Is one of the finest.

filling her food diary with emotions

Originally published in 1946, “Three

and thoughts. It’s funny, sad and

Summers” was an immediate hit

uplifting—a must read.

in Greece but only recently was it translated into English. The story follows a group of young greek women over the course of three transformative summers. The only problem with this one is that it’s so


hard to put down.

September, 2019



September, 2019

E a rt h

| By: AUSTIN NORTH photography by: NICOLE OCHOA |


Laurie Banitch, Doug Pullen, Tresa Rockwell

he Plaza Classic Film Festival is an iconic

“Beyond Earth,” the title and theme of

El Paso tradition—one that probably

the show this year, focused on imagery

doesn’t really need much explaining to

of space exploration and sci-fi tropes

anyone who has grown up here. There

within both classic and modern cinema.

are countless things to say about the

Michelle—one half of the art-toy (a newly

festival, from the films it features to the

globally expanding art-form) brand Ghost

local artistic environment it helps foster.

Fox Toys along with partner Gino, both

This was proven at this year’s opening

of whom are responsible for presenting

ceremonies, with the festival’s second

the show as Ghost Fox Toys—said of

annual collaborative art exhibition with

the inception of the concept, “...every

artists and curators Gino Ybarra and

year they have a common theme. Last

Michelle Delgado (who have put on

year was the first year we put this on,

multiple art shows at the gallery found

and it was about women in film, so all

in the Roderick Artspace Lofts), the

the art was done looking at powerful

El Paso Community Foundation Plaza

women in film. This year, with the 50th

Classic Film Festival and their supporting

anniversary of the moon landing, there

organization Progress 321.

was a space theme, so we followed and went with space exploration and


September, 2019

69 Michelle Delgado and Gino Ybarra

B e yo n d E a rt h

September, 2019 sci-fi themes as well.” Director of the festival and program director of the El Paso Community Foundation, Doug Pullen, also said of the collaboration that, “Last year when we met, I told them about some of the program ideas I had, and they went with it.” With such an openness to making the collaboration happen theme-wise on the Ghost Fox Toys’ end of things, the project grew naturally as they curated the artists for this year’s show. Ultimately, Michelle said of the collaboration that “we had this idea to do a tie-in with the festival, but we weren’t sure they’d be into it. But they liked the idea, we met with them and talked about what we envisioned and what they’d like to see in the collaboration, and it came together really quickly.” Michelle and Gino have curated the show carefully and generously. Michelle describes the artists who are featured here as “some people who live here [at


September, 2019

the Art Lofts], some people we’ve known

expanding the festival to encompass more of

for years in the art community. Friends,

downtown—subsequently including the Art

boyfriends, girlfriends and relatives of artists

Lofts in the festivities and events associated

we’ve worked with too.” The artists sell their

with the festival.


pieces in the gallery and, Michelle says, “we curate but we don’t like to take a percentage

The film festival itself is already a key piece

from the artists. The artists we have are

of El Paso’s art scene and culture, and it’s

reliable and we work with them … we have

expansion, both location-wise and event-

full-time artists, part-time artists, hobbyists,

wise, is an example of the impact it has on

tattoo artists, art teachers—it’s a variety.

the community. “Beyond Earth” has been a

They make it easy on us and we put on the

key piece of this year’s festival as the opening

show for them.”

event, largely thanks to Ghost Fox Toys. Gino and Michelle are themselves talented artists

Tresa Rockwell, executive director of Progress

and participate in the gallery but also enjoy

321, said of their part in the show: “one of

taking a step back to curate the show as well.

the things we do like to do is find people to

“It gives us an opportunity to step away from

collaborate with, to help expand each of our

the toy thing and put on our fine art hats.

missions.” They are responsible for the opening

As an artist you want to push yourself and

reception, specifically, and with regards to the

do something different. But making the art

organization’s involvement in the festival and

is the easiest part of putting these shows

in the show, Tresa said :“we thought that now

together,” Michelle said. Luckily, they’re

would be a good time to be involved … I’m

up for the challenge and have made their

personally passionate about local art.” Progress

collaborative project a successful annual

321 views this collaboration as an ongoing,

event where our community can come

annual project, and both the El Paso Community

together, celebrate and appreciate art.

Foundation and Progress 321 emphasized

A Realtor works for you. Take your time and do your research. When selling or buying, interview the agent you want to work with. Ask for their track record, years of experience, credentials and client reviews. Most important, find out if their work approach meets your expectations.




September, 2019

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for more information call 500-5730

September, 2019



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September, 2019


van Isaac Calderon’s parents noticed something odd about their child at an early age. At just three years old, little Ivan was enthusiastically drawing religious art at the behest of his devout Catholic family, particularly his grandmother. “She would put me to drawing and would say, ‘Mijo, draw Jesus,’” says Ivan. With religion as the central pillar of his household early on, Ivan remembers watching the earliest scheduled service every Sunday morning through sleepy eyes, then drawing art based on the teachings.


Coming Full Circle

Ivan Calderon | By: JANENE ROJAS |

“My parents thought that I was going to

“When I teach art at the museum, I know

become a priest,” he says with an honest smile.

most of the kids that go there aren’t going to be artists, but my ultimate goal is to have

At the age of eight, Ivan was one of two

them feel comfortable in the museum and

children at his elementary school to receive

comfortable going out and seeing art,” says

a scholarship to attend the El Paso Museum

Ivan. “Most people feel very intimidated

of Art summer camp. When Ivan’s two-

by these institutions and don’t realize our

weeks of classes came to an end, EPMA

museum is free; anyone can go there, it’s a

instructors were highly impressed by the skill

museum for all the people of El Paso to go to.”

of the art obsessed third grader. So much so that they sent him home with a request

Ivan now abandons his compulsion to draw

that his family enroll him in art classes full

realistic figures and chooses to enjoy the

time. As a low-income family, that was out

process of art by developing color, form,

of reach, but the encouragement

and shape in the realm of

from his parents grew.

abstract work. dedicated

Ivan’s artwork has hung in a shared

himself to Creative Kids Inc., a

exhibit in the El Paso Museum of



Art and will be on display until

agency here in El Paso. He was

January 2020. The most abstract

introduced to a broader range of

of Ivan’s featured pieces is one

art, which nurtured a fondness for

called Acta de Nacimiento, light

contemporary style, like that of

in color with flares of pink and

artist Robert Rauschenberg and

ruffled paper or “papel chino.”

his use of non-traditional materials.

This kind of paper is traditionally

Ivan continued his education at


the University of Texas at El Paso,

Mexican birthday celebrations.

where he immersed himself in the

The idea of this piece is an empty

artist lifestyle. He double majored

celebration due to Ivan’s recent














discovery that his grandparents

minored in art history, all while leading tours

did not know their birth dates. In their

of UTEP’s Rubin Center for Visual Arts as an

turbulent journey as immigrants fleeing from

educational outreach member.

Pancho Villa, his family members ultimately lost their most important documents. Ivan

Each of his experiences has poetically

fears the struggles modern immigrants will

and precisely prepared him for his latest

face, that they too will lose essential pieces

position. Ivan is now a teaching artist at the

of their identity.

El Paso Museum of Art, instructing the very camp he once attended as an eight-year-old

“If you look at this painting it’s a lot of

on scholarship.

handwritten, old-style cursive that’s been wiped away.”



September, 2019

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September, 2019

Upcoming Games Sept. 20: Black & Orange Game Sept. 28 & 29: Rhinos vs Mexican National Team Oct. 25-27: Rhinos vs Pueblo Bulls

77 Friday and Saturday games at 7 pm | Sunday games at 4:30 pm Call 915-479-PUCK (7825) or visit for more information.

Two N September, 2019

The Art of | By: TONI MOON |

Entre dos mundos 298


Nations M arianna Olague, an El Paso native, won the Mercedes-Benz

Financial Services Emerging Artist Award while attending

graduate school at Cranbrook University in Michigan. She

was one of only nine students nominated for this award. This

prestigious award is given to a graduate student to help them have “an opportunity to be exposed to another art community

in the world and make connections post grad school,” said Marianna. The MBFS Emerging Artist Award gave Marianna the opportunity to live in Berlin, Germany, for a few months. While in Berlin, she noticed things that reminded her of her home while being 5,589 miles away. “So far in Berlin, I have been amazed by the presence of so many cultures existing side by side in one place,” she said. “Many other European countries surround Berlin, which makes it a unique hub where they all come together. By simply walking down the street or going to the supermarket I get to experience a variety of languages and customs and in that way, I’m reminded of home. I think it’s clear that art has been a huge catalyst for change in Germany, and Berlin is at the center of that. The art I see around town is thought provoking and always challenging the status quo.” Marianna’s paintings represent the beauty in our diversified culture due to being a border town. After moving 1,739 miles to Michigan, Marianna realized “how unique and special El Paso is.” Just like many young adults that move away from home they start to appreciate it in a different way. “It’s the combination of cultures that makes it a place like no other. I love that two primary languages are spoken interchangeably everywhere I go in EP. I love that El Paso celebrates Mexican American culture and has close ties with Mexico and its people. I love that even though El Paso is in the United States it feels like you are living in two nations simultaneously,” she explained. How Marianna feels about El Paso’s diversified culture is prominent in her art. Viewing them can give the visitor a glimpse of the warmth El Paso brings and a native will feel at home. “Lastly what influences me about El Paso is the quality of light. It is so incredibly bright there and the amount of exposed sky is unique for a city. My artwork strives to capture these things,” she said. Marianna’s artwork captures everything

that influences her from El Paso. It beautifully shows how unique, strong, and beautiful our culture is.


ast rolo gy


September, 2019


he word telepathy derives from

to think of someone and ask them to call you.

the Greek terms “tele” (distant)

Try to not force the message but quietly think

and “pathe” (feeling). In many

“call me,” and let it go. Obsessing about it

cultures it is accepted as a natural

can actually block you. Then wait and see how

ability which everyone possesses,

soon they make contact with you. This may

but some believe only psychics are able

take several attempts in order for it to happen

to do this. Research on telepathy began in

spontaneously. Practice will make this ability

the late 18th century when practitioners

improve over time to where it will become

discovered some of their subjects were able

natural and happen without much effort.

to read their minds and carry out unspoken commands. This phenomenon was later


observed by psychologists and psychiatrists

experience as you develop your telepathic


such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

powers are: more vivid dreams, recurring headaches








Studies have shown that most telepathy

increase your empathy for others, your

occurs spontaneously and in times of crisis—

priorities and perhaps even change your

for instance, when one person becomes

circle of friends. As your telepathy enhances,

aware of another person in danger from a

so will your intuition.

distance. Telepathic messages can come in the form of a thought, dream or mental

When I was a young girl, my father was

image that pops through your mind.

stationed overseas in Germany and my mother woke up with a profound telepathic

Six 75” Digital/Dynamic Display throughout the shopping center with USB charging stations. The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso receives 8,000,000 visitors throughout the year.

Telepathy is closely tied to our emotions and

vision of him holding a yellow rose in his

thoughts and is therefore experienced more

hand, placing it inside of his suitcase.

frequently by women, although men are

Unbeknown to her he was travelling home to

capable of telepathy as well. We are all naturally

surprise her. When he arrived home, she was

telepathic, without being aware of it. This gift

helping him unpack, and inside his suitcase

is even stronger when you are emotionally

was the yellow rose. She told him of her

connected to a person—like a partner, child

vision and they calculated the time change,

or friend. It is adversely affected by the use

and it was the exact moment he was packing

of drugs but positively affected by caffeine.

and coming to surprise her.

This ability gets stronger as we age, especially when the physical senses are impaired.

Never second-guess yourself when a sudden thought or feeling from someone pops into

How often have you thought of someone,

your mind, as this is their way of being

then they call out of the blue? This is a

connected to you naturally through telepathy.

common practice of telepathy. One way to enhance and develop your own telepathy is 80

September, 2019

September 18 - September 21, 2019

Beer Experiences for All




| By: A UST


September, 2019



RTH p ho


by: NIC O


OA |

Hidden Gem

September, 2019


he Las Cruces-based art gallery Art Obscura is a treasure within the regional arts community. From featuring around 120 local artists

showcasing their art in the gallery, to hosting shows for both local and touring musicians, the unique space exudes a sleek, carefully curated aesthetic. It started with a passion—Deret Roberts is responsible for founding Art Obscura back on November 23, 2013 (on Black Friday he recalls), right around when he was graduating college with a degree in painting. He said of the inception of the idea, “I realized I needed to figure out something that wasn’t working a real job, and being in the art department I realized there are a lot of good artists making stuff. I figured let’s start a gallery.” The space has an eclectic look—both the outside, which sports massive paintings on






interior—with sleek white walls indoors that are decorated with art being sold by local artists—pins and buttons, paintings, sculptures, antiques and much more. One particular thing that stands out is an old gun case that’s modified to display a handful of

vintage guitars. “That’s another one of my

Deret emphasized that he wants Art Obscura

things that I like to collect—old guitars. It’s

to be a safe space for people to come

fun to have them on display,” Deret said. In

together and appreciate all sorts of art. He

addition to his own collection of antiques,

said, “we don’t really discriminate what

those featured in Art Obscura are “...the

we’re pulling in. We want this to be a free

artists who weren’t being represented here

space where we don’t discriminate.” The

in Las Cruces, whether it be outsider art,

gallery makes that intention clear, with an

amateur art—all of that unrepresented stuff

accessible, bright environment that seems

that isn’t just southwest landscapes.”

to foster a creative atmosphere on its own. “I feel like Art Obscura has been a safe 83

Hidden Gem

September, 2019

space for people. They can come out and be themselves, and meet like-minded people that are playing music or making art. Just creative people in general,” he said. This is especially true when they host live music— simultaneously some of the most intimate and rowdy shows in Las Cruces have taken place there in the past couple of years. Being at one of these shows feels like being a part of a community, where the people you meet at your first show will be at all of the other shows you go to. They have some of the best and most active local artists from both Las Cruces and El Paso (like Sorrytown, Sleepspent, Ziemba, etc.) playing frequently, and they also often host national touring acts—something that has made the gallery integral to Las Cruces’ music scene. The music side of things started quickly, only a few months after their opening in 2013. Deret said, “I was asked if we could host a show here. I was like, ‘yea I guess, that sounds fun.’


September, 2019

Hidden Gem

After that first night we were like, ‘wow we could do this more often, that was a blast!’ We started getting emails and started booking touring groups, and it’s been a blast.” The gallery has had an impact on Deret personally, in that he has “met so many awesome people from having this place

Bad weather doesn’t just affect your home, it affects your business, too.

open—creative people, the type who I like being around.” It’s no surprise that the positivity fostered in the place spreads to those involved, and—from experience—to those who participate and take in the creative experience there. Art Obscura is a solid, necessary haven for artists in Las Cruces—from the beginners to the established professional artists selling and showcasing their art, be it music, visual art, antiques and plenty else that would take too long to list—go see it yourself and you’ll understand. It’s worth stopping by to take in the atmosphere, and maybe even see if there’s a piece of art you’d like to buy. It’s incredibly important to support your local art scene—especially nowadays—and Art Oscura has played an important role in doing just that.

Call today for coverage you can tailor to your needs. G.A. Delgado | 915-303-7122 | 4901 N MESA ST STE 3A8579912

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September, 2019

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September, 2019


915 • 243 • 3139 sugurskull sugarskull_boutique


September, 2019

Photo by Henry Craver

Founder’s Hall at the Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus

“Los Cuatro Amigos” Spread Their Love of Art to All!



al Marcus, Mauricio Mora, Daniel

El Paso citizens. Their artwork speaks to

their work as a team because of how they

Padilla and Francisco Romero

and displays the cultural celebration that

cooperate and connect to one another.

reach out to many patients and

El Paso is proud to promote, express and

Each artist constructs the technique of the

visitors at Providence Memorial Campus with

demonstrate from the U.S., to across the

figurative-to-modern Mexican folk art category

their emotional artwork which was unveiled

border. After being friends for a strong

that expresses their vision and thoughts of the

on May 29, 2019.

22 years, the “Cuatro Amigos” celebrate

borderland of Juárez, Mexico and El Paso. They

friendship and unity as one team.

display the culture painted within some of their pieces. Hal Marcus, artist of 50 years, states:

The “Cuatro Amigos” exhibit consists of a variety of the four artists’ work that reaches

Although each artist has their own gallery,

“Art is the pursuit of creativity and nature of

out and touches the passionate aspect of

all four decided to come together and bring

the supreme creator. To express life.”


September, 2019

“ L o s C u at r o A m i g o s ”

Photo by Andrea De La Fuente

“Psychedelic Sunset Heights” by Hal Marcus

The most recognizable and described art piece is “Psychedelic Sunset Heights” 2016, a mixed media on canvas, created by Hal. The purpose of Hal’s artwork is to represent the positive and loving cultural community that lies within El Paso’s borders. The small details display the living environment of El Pasoans as well as the city’s daily routines. Such details range from a small cross on El Paso’s legendary mountains— representing Mount Cristo Rey—down to El Paso’s

89 Photo by Henry Craver

“Triste Canción” by Daniel Padilla

September, 2019

Photo by Andrea De La Fuente

“El Viaje” by Francisco Romero

famous I-10 freeway, buildings and homes,

The Hospitals of Providence is well known

an art mural specially designed for children

and lastly to our families and friends.

for serving the community of El Paso

to help welcome them and create a less

since 1902 and showcasing state-of-the-

anxious experience for them.”

Another piece of art done by Francisco


Romero, “El Viaje” 2007, presents the

and commitment to the greater region of

They have provided care and hospitality for

Mexican historical culture that many can

El Paso. Nicholas Tejeda, Group CEO of

four generations of El Pasoans and continue

relate to. The piece is a mixed media on

Providence Hospital, stated “At each of

to do so by supporting local causes, like

Masonite that displays a family preparing

our campuses you will find artwork unique

welcoming “Los Cuatro Amigos” to bring

for one of their members to leave. The

to that campus. The fundamental belief is

patients and families messages of hope

background of the mountains, cactus and

that healing involves more than the body—

behind their artwork. “Los Cuatro Amigos

beautiful, vibrant colors demonstrate the

it also involves the mind and spirit. At our


living energy within Mexico’s culture.

Providence Children’s Hospital, we have

hospital staff a tranquil place to retreat to









September, 2019 learn about the deep-rooted culture of the borderland and depicts it in a variety of rich colorful styles” said Nicholas. Gerardo






Providence Memorial Campus, stated his thoughts on the artwork: “I think the artwork helps out a lot, mainly for patient’s families so that they have something that will show them their home like El Paso.” Gerardo stated as well that he believes the artwork benefits their patients not only by lifting their spirits but by showing the hospital’s hospitality that they have towards them: “the hospital thinks about their community, to help them out with whatever is needed.” The Cuatro Amigos new exhibit can be located in Founder’s Hall at Providence Memorial Campus for six months until they will rotate, and four new artists will be displayed.

Photo by Henry Craver

“Momento” by Mauricio Mora

Dare to be Delighted 915 300-0022 5825 North Mesa Street


September, 2019


September, July, 2019 2019

Go Longhorns!

Nathaniel’sWish J


une 18 was an ordinary day in El

Paso for most residents. However, it

was anything but ordinary for local wish kid, Nathaniel. Nathaniel’s wish day started out with a visit to a Make-A-Wish® national partner, the local Brooks Brothers® store, where he was outfitted for a special reception that evening at the El Paso Club. The Brooks Brothers’ manager was eager to dress Nathaniel as he prepared to attend the University of Texas at

Austin this fall. In true Make-A-Wish fashion, the manager shared with other businesses that Nathaniel would be stopping by and they jumped in with Ray Bans and team jerseys

M a k e - A - W i s h E l PA S O

September, 2019

so that he’d be heading to UT in style. El

matter how difficult it can be at times. He has

and his family,” said Anderson. Knowing

Paso businesses were eager to help make

his sights on becoming an engineer or doctor

what all Nathaniel has had to experience in his

Nathaniel’s wish day the best day that it

and plans to study mathematics while at UT

healthcare journey and everything he’s been

could possibly be.

Austin. Nathaniel has high aspirations for his

able to overcome in such a short amount of

future, and the hope and integrity needed to

time, to now preparing to attend college and

accomplish his dreams.

being offered a tuition gift to relieve some

Nathaniel, his parents and his brother, who

of the pressures for him and his family is an

is a fellow wish kid, arrived at the El Paso Club for the reception. Little did they know

Jennifer Maturino, program director at Make-

incredible experience to be a part of.” People

that they would be the guests of honor. A

A-Wish, presented Nathaniel with a $5,000

were excited to rally around Nathaniel and

surprised Nathaniel shared, “I think this is

check to help with his tuition. Nathaniel

celebrate the power of a wish come true.

more than I thought,” with a smile. The Texas

and his family were ecstatic and then even

The El Paso community came together to

Exes, the alumni organization at UT Austin,

more surprised when the University of Texas

ensure that Nathaniel’s wish day would be

sponsored the special evening which was

Austin presented him with a matching $5,000

remembered by him and his community for

generously paid for by an anonymous donor.

check. The school also outfitted him for his

years to come.

El Paso UT alumni, UT staff and the Texas

time at UT with T-shirts, sweatshirts and a

Exes decorated the room with a blow-up

school sign for the family’s yard. The Texas

Want to help make life-changing wishes

Long Horn, UT flags and burnt orange décor.

Exes presented Nathaniel with a student

come true for kids like Nathaniel? Join us

They truly went all-out to ensure Nathaniel

membership to the organization as well as a

in our Summer Wish Challenge! Summer

felt welcomed by the Long Horn community

life-time membership following graduation.

is the busiest season for wish granting. Approximately 286 wishes will be granted

and that he would be prepared to start his Many local news stations and local council


members attended. Rob Anderson, CEO

illnesses, yet there are over 1,000 kids still

Nathaniel’s one true wish was to receive

of The Hospitals of Providence Sierra, the

waiting for their wishes to come true. Please

tuition assistance. Nathaniel has worked so

hospital affiliated with Nathaniel, was there

visit to donate. Every

hard to maintain his grades, despite living

to share in the celebration. “It was a special

gift gets us one step closer to granting

with kidney failure. He doesn’t let his illness

evening being able to experience such an

another child’s life-changing wish.

get in the way of achieving his dreams, no

amazing and caring wish granted to Nathaniel

college journey in Austin.







September, 2019

Dr. Dean E. Smith, MD




TO SOLVE YOUR BACK PAIN PROBLEMS Because minimally invasive surgery uses a very small incision (usually about 1/2 inch in diameter), it reduces damage to surrounding tissue and muscles as compared to traditional surgical techniques. It also means that recovery times are greatly reduced and there is less pain after surgery. Minimally invasive surgery may be right for you if more conservative treatments have not helped to reduce your pain.

(915) 857-6699 | | 10400 Vista Del Sol Drive Suite 204


How often should you work out to maintain a physically fit physique?

September, 2019


ou may see some people in the world who are very fit and are working out for hours on end, doing a ton of cardio and weights and jumping off the walls. Then you may see some people who do absolutely nothing and still look fit. Then you start to wonder ...

Well of course, a lot of it comes down to

how much should I be doing?

your genetics. Most of us by age 20-25 start to understand our genetic makeup. You may see you can eat a lot and do nothing and never gain weight. You may see everything makes you gain weight, or possibly you’re somewhere in-between.



September, 2019

If you never gain weight It’s probably not the best idea to do a ton of cardio. You want to look healthy, and doing a ton of cardio with a fast metabolism may have you looking like a skeleton. Don’t stay inactive, though, just because you are thin. Instead, try doing weight training three to four times a week and keeping a moderately high-carb diet. You should eat plenty of protein to maintain a hard look and have your cheat meals two to three times a week. Fats should be kept minimal, unless you are doing the keto diet, using fats for carb energy.

If everything makes you gain weight It’s a good idea to try and do something almost every day. If your body has a hard time burning up calories, you want to stay active. It’s usually suggested that someone overweight should do weight training three times a week and cardio three to four times a week. The diet should be moderately low-carb, moderate in healthy fats and high in protein. Cheat meals should be only once a week.

If you’re somewhere in-between: You can get away with a few missed workouts here and there, but completely stopping isn’t an option. Make sure you get in weight training at least three times a week and do cardio two to three times. Diet should be all-around equal with carbs, proteins and healthy fats. Cheat meals should be once maybe twice a week depending on how good you’ve been with your workouts.

How long should the workouts be? Cardio should always be at least 30 minutes.

a workout, there are plenty of resources

If you are obese and looking to lose a lot

available to everyone, such as Pinterest

of weight, you want to do more than 45

routines, Instagram and YouTube videos, or

minutes—just walking on an incline is good!

personal trainers at your local gym. Also note that our genetics can change due to either

Weight training should be about an hour put on more muscle size, you can do about two hours. We often look at genetics as a reason he/ she may look physically fit, but I guarantee each and every “fit” looking person either watches their diet closely, works out hard or does both. If you want to start looking physically fit and maintaining a healthier body but don’t really know how to put together

pregnancy or age, so adjust as needed.

long. If you are very lean and looking to DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY. Injuries of all types can occur when participating in exercise, physical fitness and training programs, hence Lizzie Martinez strongly encourages all readers to obtain a comprehensive physical examination by a licensed physician PRIOR to undertaking any exercise or training talked about in this article. You fully assume the risk of any resulting injury. Such injuries include but are not limited to: • Bruising, cuts and general soreness • Muscle and tendon injuries • Ligament and skeletal injuries • Fractured or broken bones • Concussions 97 • Heart attack

September, 2019


September, 2019








The threats to your clients, your reputation and your business are unprecedented. We can protect you with our comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions.

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Cyber Security Assessments 24/7/365 Security Operations Center Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

✓ ✓ ✓

Compliance Auditing (HIPAA, PCI) Managed Detection and Response Security Consulting and Vulnerability Management


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September, July, 2019

Explore our recommended products and see how you can become yourself, refined. Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Face Cream

Anthony | Conditioning Beard Wash

Not everyone has had an impeccable skincare routine their entire lives,

Some choose to remedy the dryness that follows a facial routine

I certainly haven’t and don’t claim to. I identify as more of an aficionado

with beard oil or a heavy moisturizer for the coarse hair, but there are

who is constantly learning. Because of this, my skin isn’t the best

other ways to introduce and prevent the loss of moisture that don’t

it could possibly be at this time. Fortunately, Dr. Barbara Sturm has

involve making a potential mess or unbalancing the skin underneath.

taken this into consideration when developing her skincare line, which

Anthony’s creamy hydrating beard wash lathers up to distribute

seems to be gaining traction day by day. The clarifying face cream

nourishing ingredients like black currant and rosemary extracts to the

acts as much more than a moisturizer, it doubles as a skin treatment

beard while being gentle enough for the skin.

to counteract the effects that a person’s skin might endure by simply

$26 |

Beards often fall victim to the harsh effects of various facial cleansers.

existing. Over time, while still delivering a healthy dose of hydration, the appearance of blemishes and fine lines will begin to fade away to

Aesop | Toothpaste

reveal the skins full aesthetic potential.

With how ubiquitous basic minty toothpastes are, it’s hard to imagine

$215 |

alternative distinct flavors besides those obnoxiously sweet kid toothpastes. For a unique sensation and scent (which I reserve for special occasions), this anise and spice-infused toothpaste elevates

Kiehl’s | Youth Dose Eye Treatment

an otherwise mundane tooth-brushing routine to an enjoyable and

The under-eye area is one of the first to give away signs of aging and

memorable experience—one that can leave yourself and others, who

exhaustion, especially after a night of drinks and debauchery. In order

are fortunate enough to get close enough to you, impressed. Ditch

to counteract this, Kiehl’s has developed a simple to use eye cream

the minty to see what the mild wasabi and cardamom flavor bring you.

that smooths and brightens the appearance of the under-eyes while

$17 |

working to reduce dark circles and puffiness over time. The fast– absorbing formula helps improve and maintain the elasticity of the skin for a hydrated and youthful appearance.

$39 |



His Prerogative

September, 2019


September, 2019

Chemical peel- Dermaplaning and Eyelash Specials, Call Now!

Master Hair Stylist | Nails | Skin | Wax | Makeup | Microblading | Massage

915.351.0032 | 102

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September, 2019


Cristina Delgado boasts over 15,000 followers on her @xtinaadelg_ Instagram account. Most influencers who command such impressive followings extol the importance of consistent hard work, authentic engagement and thoughtful content. Cristina, however, isn’t as quick to promote such conscientiousness, she explained: “I honestly never set out to get a bunch of followers,

a year now and is set to open a

and I definitely didn’t have any

yoga studio in late 2019. Her road



to entrepreneurship started three

early on and I think that’s what

years ago when she and a friend

did it.”

decided to take a yoga class one



night after work. “We went on a Cristina



whim and it didn’t go well. The


class was way too advanced. We


started cracking up, laughing, it

popular in El Paso’s Instagram

was really embarrassing,” she



remembered. Despite the rough

and sometimes even required,

start, Cristina went back for



another class, and pretty soon

establishments over Instagram

was going five times a week. She

and Twitter. It’s free, effective

then became a certified teacher

marketing for the bars, but also a

and started scheming on how

boon for the girls themselves who

to turn her passion into a full-

can increase their tip revenue

time job. She decided a studio

and use the social media clout to

would be the end goal, but that

launch other careers.

a clothing line would accompany

Bartenders, ones,


probably especially





the brand and help finance it. She

That’s just what Cristina has

named it Namaslay.

done. Although still working at a bar, she’s been running her own

Starting off, the fledgling owner

gym apparel company for over





much time and money in needless pursuits. However, She eventually figured out a process that worked for her and the brand really started to take off earlier this year. Namaslay products, which range from biker shorts to light jackets, are available through and, if you’re in the area, Cristina will make the delivery in person. While Namaslay’s success should be primarily attributed to the products’ high quality, it’s hard to imagine that Cristina’s Instagram didn’t play some role. Thus is the world in 2019. Social media, so frivolous on the surface, gives users the power to launch brands, become overnight celebrities and even influence global political trends.


Beauty H Product Ingredients

ow many personal care products do you use per day? According to research done by the Environmental Working Group, “the average person uses 12 products daily. These products include shampoo,

toothpaste, soap, deodorant, lip balm, sunscreen, body lotion, hand sanitizer, shaving products, makeup, diaper cream and baby shampoo. Most people use cosmetics and other personal care items without a second thought, believing that the government oversees their safety. Not so. No health studies or pre-market testing are required for these products.”

you Want to Avoid

The David Suzuki Foundation, a Canadian, bilingual nonprofit organization founded


in 1990 and headquartered in Vancouver, working to conserve and protect the natural environment, states: “There are thousands of chemicals in your products, many of which are being absorbed into your body. U.S. researchers have identified 10,500 industrial chemicals used as cosmetic ingredients including carcinogens, reproductive toxics, plasticizers, degreasers, surfactants and endocrine disruptors.” I have become an ingredient junkie and now break down each ingredient on my personal care items and research them on the EWG website.

Here are some common chemicals you should avoid:



According to, parabens



According to, these

are preservatives used in a wide variety of

moderately high in terms of overall hazards

chemical cosmetic ingredients are widely

personal care products to prevent the growth

and have a high chance of causing allergies

used as plasticizers to make a substance more

of microbes. These endocrine-disrupting

and immunotoxicity. Some of the common

flexible and adhere to a surface. They are

chemicals can be absorbed through skin,

beauty products that come with fragrances are

also commonly used as carriers for synthetic

blood and the digestive system. They can be

perfumes, deodorants, creams and lotions,

fragrance to get the product, like perfume, to

found in makeup, shampoos, conditioners,

body washes, lip balms and shampoos.

stick to skin. The National Toxicology Program

lotions, facial and body cleansers and scrubs.


Phthalates fragrances

and the EPA deem some phthalates probable carcinogens. Products are used in hairspray, lipstick, perfume and nail polish.


September, 2019

Petrolatum According to, petrolatum, also known as petroleum jelly or mineral oil, is often used in personal care products as a moisturizing agent. In the U.S. petrolatum is often not fully refined which means it can be contaminated with toxic chemicals. Often found in lotions, lip balms and cosmetics.

Beaut y

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Synthetic Sunscreens According to, not only

According to, SLS, or Sodium



Lauryl Sulfate, is often used as a surfactant

effective in protecting against UV damage,

cleansing or emulsifying agent. SLS has a high

they also have health concerns. Commonly

contamination concern, can cause irritation


(skin, eyes or lungs) and organ system toxicity.

(including oxybenzone, octinoxate and

Is often found in shampoo, facial and body

avobenzone) have been shown to

cleansers and toothpaste as it forms foaming

mimic estrogen in the body potentially

and lathering properties in these products.

causing hormonal disruption. They







are also linked to skin irritation and allergic reactions. Most often found in sunscreens, skin creams and lip protection.


September, 2019


Keeping Your

Working Your Retiremen t Plan

Gearing u


for the

Years Ahead 3

The City Magazine Brings you

El Paso’S

Only Baby Boomer Magazine OF ITS KIND!

The City After 50 provides content specially catered towards baby boomers in the El Paso and Las Cruces Region. PICK UP YOUR COPY AT YOUR LOCAL WALGREENS!

For more information, contact us at 106

THE CITY MAGAZINE | 915.500.5730

September, 2019

A dramatic change in mood or personality is 1 of the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Recognizing the symptoms is the first step toward doing something about it. For more information, and to learn what you can do now, go to or call 800.272.3900.

Calendar of Events Becoming confused with time or place is 1 of the 10 ange inwarning mood orsigns personality is 1 of the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. of Alzheimer’s disease. Recognizing he symptoms is the first step toward doing something about it. For more information, June 21, 2019 - The Longest Day the symptoms is the first step toward doing hat yousomething canBecoming do now,about goconfused to or call 800.272.3900. October 19, 2019of- The Walk to End Alzheimer’s with time or place is 1 of the 10 warning signs Alzheimer’s disease. Recognizing it. For more information, and to learn what you canisdothe now, gostep to the symptoms first toward doing or something about it. For more information, and to learn Contact: 915-544-1799 callwhat 800.272.3900. you can do now, go to or call 800.272.3900.


©2016 Alzheimer’s Association. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2016. Alzheimer’s Association®. All rights reserved.

September, 2019

Burgos... The Evolution of a Great City


September, 2019


| By: MARIE MOORE | ince 884, the city of Burgos has been

You can stroll for miles through the city center

welcoming strangers. But whether

along the Arlanzon River and across its many

they sought refuge in its ancient hilltop

pedestrian bridges. I’m not sure if I enjoyed

castle in 1000 AD, or took a Middle

the swarms of baby ducks or countless bronze

Ages pilgrimage to find the tomb of St

statues more, but the view was magnificent.

James, none felt more welcome than me. Not content to rest on the laurels of its historic Burgos is in northern Spain, a

sites, Burgos continues to evolve as a tourist

three-hour drive from Madrid.

mecca with a calendar of captivating events and

It offers a variety of cultural

impressive modern attractions.

treasures that take two to three days to enjoy, but I was

For those with an interest in the origin of mankind

equally pleased by the lush

… the light and transparent design of the Human

green spaces and shaded

Evolution Museum. Exhibits feature Pliocene

walkways (Isla and Espolon

and Pleistocene discoveries from Spain’s Sierra


de Atapuerca (possibly the cradle of European



and Fuentes Blancas Parks).

civilization), as well as specimens from Africa and Eurasia. Star exhibits include Homo Antecessor, Skull No. 5 and Excalibur.



September, 2019



17 + Yees of Exppience State-of-the-Art Technnogy Cosmetic Dentissy OUR SERVICES: - Dental Exams & Cleanings - 3D Imaging & Digital X-rays - Same-Day Veneers, Crowns, Bridges - Composite (Tooth-Colored) Fillings - Take Home & In-OfďŹ ce Whitening - Dental Implant Restorations - Simple Extractions - Sports Guards & Night Guards - Nitrous Oxide Sedation (East Side Only)

Prrdly SSving El Paso! West Side

840 E. REDD RD. BLDG. 1-B EL PASO, TX 79912 (915) 581 - 1771

East Side

1920 N. ZARAGOZA SUITE 107 EL PASO, TX 79938 (915) 856 - 1771

Of Special Interest Found everywhere‌the gastronomic specialties

tablets through medieval manuscripts to the

of Burgos earned its well-deserved Gastronomy

invention of the printing press and beyond.

Capital of Spain Award. Castilian specialties like Perrechicos, Boletus, Carrerilla, Castilian Soup,

The Cartuja de Miraflores, a 15th Century

cherries and suckling lamb are yummy!

Gothic architecture considered one of the best funerary ensembles in Europe, was

The Fadrique de Basilea Book Museum takes

commissioned by Queen Elizabeth the

its name from 15th Century printer, Frederic

Catholic who converted this ancient hunting

of Basel. It relates the history of books

palace into a spectacular cemetery for her

taking visitors on a journey from the first clay

ancestors. Too beautiful to be creepy.

Silos Monastery houses the first examples of the Castilian (Spanish) written language. Las Huelgas Monastery, founded by King Alfonso VIII and Eleanor of England, an enormous church featuring a Romanesque cloister, Mudejar




was built as a retreat for royal and

Accepting New Patients and Most Dental Insurance Please Call Us for More Information

aristocratic women. It now houses a fascinating medieval cloth museum. The San Martin, San Esteban and Santa Maria Renaissance Doors were built into the walls of the ancient fortified city. Amazing photo ops.


t r av e l

September, 2019

My Personal Favorite Burgos Cathedral is considered one of the pinnacles of European Gothic Art and a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Construction began in the 12th century, but astonishing newly-restored interiors and the exterior facades transcend human imagination. With majestic spires that rise above the heart of Burgos, it’s easy to find and should not be overlooked.



September, 2019

Monkey Colada

1 part Monkey Shoulder whiskey 1 ½ parts fresh pineapple juice 1 part coconut purée ½ part coconut juice 1 part fresh lime juice 2 dashes angostura bitters 2 parts ice Add all ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth.



September, 2019



LAS LOMAS W/D Ready, 2 Playgrounds, Business Center 2-3 Bedrooms | Starting at $680

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INDEPENDENCE PLACE Business Center, Fitness Center, Pet Park, W/D included 1-4 Bedrooms | Starting at $915

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RIDGEMAR W/D Ready 1-3 Bedrooms | Starting at $670

DESERT PEAKS 2 Swimming Pools, Fitness Center, Fully Renovated Units Refrigerated A/C Coming Soon! 1-3 Bedrooms | Starting at $700



C o olk ’s

September, 2019



BLOCK co oks n e e d in s pirat ion to o


KIMCHI I September, 2019


’ve come a long way since my days cooking in professional kitchens, but I’m still very grateful to be able to contribute to my love of food and to my love of this city. The outreach of food is what has

always drawn me to it, the sense of community that comes with sharing a meal with someone is unmatched. It’s the best way I know to show love and that’s why I cherish it so much, and now’s the perfect time to invite your friends and family over and have dinner together. Have a meal that is served family style, gather around the dining table,

Chef’s tip


use vegetable stock to make this recipe vegan

1 package firm tofu 5-6 shiitake mushrooms, roughly 10 ounces, sliced

the coffee table or a patio table, and share space and nourishment with new and familiar faces. A good soup goes a long way, it feeds quite a few and it’s relatively inexpensive. Since the nights are cooler this time of year, this is the perfect mix of spicy and crunchy kimchi, herby and rich broth, and mushrooms, tofu and soft-boiled eggs. The essentials for a healthy but filling end of summer meal.

1 jar spicy kimchi 1 knob ginger, 1 inch, peeled


sesame and cooking oil on medium heat until shiny. Add garlic, ginger

2 garlic cloves, large, peeled 1 tablespoon sesame oil

and green onion to medium sauce pan and let cook until garlic turns slightly golden, stirring occasionally. 2.

3 stalks green onion

minutes. 3.

Pour in chicken stock and tamari, stir everything up and bring to a boil.


Once boiling, drop heat to low and stir in miso paste. While broth simmers, add in one whole stalk green onion and half of your cilantro, let simmer 5 minutes. Remove from heat, add sliced tofu and cover

5 cups chicken stock 2 tablespoons miso paste

with a lid. 5.

Sesame seeds, optional

Bring about one inch of water to a rolling boil in a small saucepan, gently place 4 eggs in the water and cover with a lid. Let cook for

1/2 bunch cilantro 4 eggs, large

Once garlic shows golden, turn heat up to medium high and add sliced shiitake mushrooms to pan and gently stir. Let cook and soften for 5

1 tablespoon oil 1 tablespoon tamari

Mince ginger and thinly slice garlic and one stalk green onion. Warm

exactly 6 minutes then place in ice bath for 3 minutes. 6.

While eggs cool, plate soup with a generous amount of mushrooms and tofu. Top with 2-3 large spoonful’s of kimchi and sliced egg. Finish with fresh green onion, cilantro and sesame seeds.


September, 2019


TCM Pet of the Month highlights our readers’ best friends!



Owner: Dawn Hollister This is Joy. She was named Joanie but we changed her name to Joy when we adopted her 2 years ago. She is

so active and full of joy. We adopted her when our beloved boxer, Harley, suddenly passed away. She actually rescued us from sadness. Now we encourage everyone to please consider adoption, especially of older dogs.

Six 75” Digital/Dynamic Display throughout the shopping center with USB charging stations. The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso receives 8,000,000 visitors throughout the year.

Is your pet TCM’s next Pet of the Month? Send a photo and short story with why you think your pet belongs in this page to


September, 2019

Space Options Short-term agreements keep things flexible. Fully-furnished designer spaces, there is a space for every size business!


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dwtnspaces 117


Our August issue was unveiled on August 8 at the beautiful Anson11 downtown. We celebrated El Paso’s growth and revival with a surprise performance by Julio Ortiz. | Photos by: NICOLE OCHOA |





The Herrera Group, along with El Paso Pro-Musica, presented “An Evening with Zuill Bailey” on August 15. All proceeds from this special event went directly to the El Paso Shooting Victim’s Fund. | Photos by: DANIEL FREDERICK |




September 2019


01 Farmers Market at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing


Still going strong after 16 years, the farmers market at Ardovino’s is the place to go for fresh produce and delicious local snacks.

The City Calendar

01 Tracks September 1 Tour

Admission: Free



9 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. Sunland Park, New Mexico

Human Race

Admission: $15 Age 5 and under free


08 Bridal

September 7 | 6 - 10 P.M. Ascarate Park

Quince September 8 expo 11 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Convention Center

Are you a human? Do you like races? Well then, this event is perfect for you!

This two-and-a-half-hour tour takes visitors through the captivating 211 acre dinosaur fossil hot bed right next door in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Call 915-534-0000 for more info.

Every Saturday in September 7:30 A.M. - 12 P.M. Ardovino’s Desert Crossing

Brought to you by POSH Bridal and The Dapper Doughnut, this expo is already in its 14th year. It’s got everything you could ever need for a wedding, quinceañera or any other fancy affair.

Admission: $50+


Admission: $5


La Fort




oktober September 20 - 21 fest

6 P.M. - 12 A.M. Biggs Park Oktoberfest up on the base … you don’t want to miss this.

Admission: $25


Family September 20 - November 3 Fun

Maluma September 22 | 6 P.M.

La Union Maze

Don Haskins

La Union Maze is gearing up for 7 weeks of Fall Family Fun! During the week they host hundreds of kids during school field trips, and on the weekends they serve the general public.

Coming straight out of Medellín, Maluma is arguably Latin music’s biggest star at the moment. Catch him while he’s in his prime!

Admission: Ticket prices vary Visit for more info

Admission: $39+

September 2019



Upper Valley

Eagle in

Artists &

the sun

Farmers Every Sunday in September market 10 A.M. - 2 P.M.

Triathlon September 1 | 7 A.M.

Ascarate Pool In its tenth year, this dynamic race is a favorite of both experienced athletes and beginners. Give it a go! Sign up at EagleintheSunTriathlon

Mesa Plaza The Sun City’s newest farmers market, this Sunday extravaganza promises fun for the whole family.

Admission: $110 a person various group discounts

Admission: Free



Tequila Tasting September 13

Eddie B September 14 | 8 P.M.

6 P.M. - 12 A.M. Grace Gardens

Civic Center One of the hottest funny men out right now, Eddie B is bringing his hit tour to El Chucho Town!

What you drank in college was not tequila. Discover the real stuff and help out the rotary club at this nighttime fundraiser.

Admission: $90


Admission: $25+




Midnight September 22 | 8 P.M.

segura September 25 | 8 P.M.

The Lowbrow Palace

Plaza Theatre

The Midnight are a funky synth based duo that has developed a cult following over the last 5 years … check them out.

I’m absolutely segura that this comedy vet will bring the house down when he comes in September!

Whatever Your Occasion

Plan it With Us! Gatherings That Inspire Unforgettable Social Events

Admission: $29+

Admission: $35+



July, 2019



Anson 11 $$-$$$


303 N. Oregon St. Ste. 110 | (915) 504-6400

8889 Gateway West, Suite 1902 | (915) 234-2747

Anson 11 is two exceptional dining experiences dedicated to the

At Cinnaholic you can select from over 20 unique frosting flavors and

military man, the gentleman and the food connoisseur that was

a variety of fresh and decadent toppings. Mix and match flavors to

Anson Mills. For a downtown dining experience like no other, Anson

create a new experience every visit! All of our products are scratch-

11 is the restaurant to go to. PR, H

made and fresh-baked, and are 100% vegan, dairy & lactose-free,


egg-free and cholesterol-free.


The Downtowner $$ 325 N. Kansas St. | (915) 532-5200

Edge of Texas

Eat like a downtowner. Found on the ground floor of the Hotel


8690 Edge of Texas St. | (915) 822-3343

Indigo, The Downtowner offers breakfast, lunch and dinner - the only breakfast spot available in downtown El Paso. The restaurant delivers

Located in the far east, this is definitely worth the drive! Eat the best

great American taste with a twist of our Southwest flair. Savor the

steak you’ve ever had and enjoy the saloon.

amazing dishes offered on the menu and enjoy a cold and carefully crafted cocktail while enjoying the gorgeous views of downtown.


Prices: $ - Low Priced Patio/Outdoor Seating - O

$$ - Medium Range Dog Friendly- DF

$$$ - High Priced $$$$ - Exquisite Dining Party/Private Room - PR Happy Hour - H

To highlight your local restaurant in The City Local Eats email:

WESTSIDE July, 2019

Mi Piaci





5411 N. Mesa, Suite 1 | (915) 875-0034

6232 N. Mesa St. | (915) 584-3621

Join Mi Piaci Ristorante Italiano for lunch or dinner with Chef/Owner

Winning Best Taco for Best of The City 2015 and Best Chips

Cosimo Baltaglia, who hails from Calabria, Italy, for the freshest

and Salsa in 2014, Avila’s has a savory Mexican menu that will

seafood, gourmet hand-cut Angus reserve steaks aged 21 days,

satisfy your cravings. We’re open for weekend breakfast, have

and gently homemade pasta from Italy. O

lunch specials available daily and a convenient pick-up window is accessible for family dinners on the go. PR

Jerusalem Grill $$

Westside’s 3rd Hole

5380 N. Mesa St. | (915) 500-4357

1035 Belvidere Suite 168 | (915) 584-5577

Jerusalem is a low-key eatery where you can find authentic gyros,

There’s no better place to relax and grab a bite to eat than W3H. Nominated

baba ghanoush, shish kababs and more. Their appetizer combo is

as El Paso’s best tacos, stop by today and see why we’re becoming El

complete with hummus, baba ghanoush, grape leaves, spanakopita

Paso’s go-to spot for catching a game and eating some good food. “We

and falafel. Your tastebuds will enjoy this retreat to an amazing

saved you a seat.” Now with NFL Sunday Ticket on all screens. O, H


array of dishes. Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948 • Private Party Room • Beer & Wine • Outside Dining • Live Music Thur. to Sat. • We cater large or small events

The State Line


1222 Sunland Park Dr. I (915) 581-3371 Enjoying delicious authentic BBQ from The State Line. Based on four principles: offer the highest quality smoked BBQ, provide generous portions at affordable prices, offer friendly table and bar services and celebrate the heritage of Texas. Come on by to enjoy!

Italian Kitchen West


450 Thorn Ave. | (915) 842-0775 Enjoy boundless savory Italian classics either at their outdoor Italian.Kitchen. Westpatio

or intimate and comfortable atmosphere Italian Kitchen West m is doling out classic pizzas, mouth-watering pastas with great wine pairs and Italian meat entrees. Stay local, but enjoy the cuisine from 125 an ocean away. O, PR



The Kitchen

July, 2019

Mesa Street Grill $$$


150 Sunset | (915) 585-0801

3800 N Mesa St., Ste D1 | (915) 532-1881

Whether you’re looking for brunch, a quick lunch or a nice sit-down dinner

Mesa Street Grill introduces their newest dessert creation – the Pineapple

with views of El Paso’s sunsets, you will find all that you need at The

Crostata. This refreshing blend of pineapple, cinnamon and nutmeg is

Kitchen at 150 Sunset. Be sure to also check out our special wine dinners,

crowned with a cashew crumble and handmade sugar garnish. Taste this

with a specially curated menu and wine pairing. Come and treat yourself.

dessert once and it’s sure to become a summertime favorite. O, H, PR, H

P, H, DF, PR

Johnny Carino’s

Angry Owl Southwest Grill & Cantina



675 Sunland Park Dr. | (915) 581-7042

4799 N. Mesa St. | (915) 532-2450

1201 Airway Blvd. | (915) 778-7771

1700 N. Zaragoza Rd., Ste. 128 | (915) 300-1004

From traditional Italian dishes like Chicken Parmesan, to the more

This colorful Southwestern eatery offers mesquite-spiced, Mexican-

creative “Spiced Italian” fare like the Spicy Shrimp and Chicken and

inspired chow and potent cocktails. From seafood and ribs to fajitas

Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia, Johnny Carino’s has food and drinks to satisfy

and wings, you’ll find plenty of southwestern flavors to tempt your

your hunger for great food in a family-friendly atmosphere. H

palate. PR, H


Cattleman’s Steakhouse


King Crab $$$

3450 S. Fabens Carlsbad Rd. Fabens, TX 79838 | (915) 544-3200

1700 N. Zaragoza Suite 154 | (915) 849-8697

This is a family-style restaurant located on a 46 square mile working

You can’t get seafood like this anywhere else in El Paso. With Chef Pierre

ranch. Come savor our famous juicy steaks and mesquite-smoked BBQ while enjoying miles of desert scenery and spectacular sunsets! PR, O 126

bringing his Cajun home-style cooking from New Orleans, the seafood boils and dishes will leave your mouth watering for more. Fresh seafood is brought in twice a week. Come in and try for yourself. PR, H

July, 2019

5855 MONTANA . EL PASO, TX . 915.317.1605


September, 2019

september Advertiser INDEX


Alzheimer’s Association...............................................Pg. 107

KTSM...........................................................................Pg. 121

Ben Bridge Jeweler.......................................................Pg. 11

Luis Carlos Perez...........................................................Pg. 71

Casa Buenavista........................................................ Pgs. 6, 7

Mesa Street Grill............................................................Pg. 37

Casa Nissan.................................................................Pg. 127

Mix/Milan Salon & Day Spa.........................................Pg. 102

Cinnaholic......................................................................Pg. 63

Pacifica Homes..............................................................Pg. 35

Connor Family Dentistry..............................................Pg. 110

Quicksell Investments...................................................Pg. 42

Deutsch & Deutsch Jewelers........Pgs. 9, 67, Inside Back Cover

Sharkdogs Sports Grill...................................................Pg. 16

DoubleTree by Hilton...................................................Pg. 123

Southwest Plastic Surgery............................................Pg. 13

DWTNSpaces..............................................................Pg. 117

Southwest University at El Paso............................... Pgs. 2, 3

El Paso’s Children’s Hospital.........................................Pg. 65

Spectrum.......................................................................Pg. 99

El Paso Live...................................................................Pg. 14

Sugar Skull Fashion Boutique........................................Pg. 87

El Paso Rhinos...............................................................Pg. 77

Sun City Orthopaedic & Hand Surgery Specialists........Pg. 20

Elyse Simons Beauty.....................................................Pg. 41

Table Occasions.............................................................Pg. 64

Entrecôte & Co..............................................................Pg. 91

The Hospitals of Providence........................................ Pgs. 15

Farmers Insurance.........................................................Pg. 85

The Italian Kitchen West................................................Pg. 35

FEMAP Gala..................................................................Pg. 21

The State Line...............................................................Pg. 70

FPI Management.........................................................Pg. 113

Townsquare Media........................................................Pg. 81

GECU.................................................................... Inside Front

Vanities Jewelry & Gifts, Inc............................................Pg. 1

Grace the Psychic Lady.................................................Pg. 63

Vitalant...........................................................................Pg. 92

Indicium Display Network.................................... Pgs. 80, 116

Walgreens................................................................. Pgs. 4, 5

Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino.................Pg. 17

West Texas Pain Institute..............................................Pg. 84

Intraceuticals.................................................................Pg. 98

Xcleaning Professionals.................................................Pg. 43



August 3, 2019 | El Paso Strong

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