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Check in online at For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.

September/October, 2020

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7933 N. Mesa, Suite N, El Paso, TX 79932 Crossroads Village (Across from Sam’s Club) Store Hours 10-6 Monday-Saturday (915) 584-1183 1

Casa B September/October, 2020


uenavista September/October, 2020

Mismaloya Bay at Puerto Vallarta

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Plan to make it right.

September/October, 2020

Planning anything in advance has it rewards, whether it’s saving for a child’s college tuition or contributing to your retirement program. The same is true with making your funeral or cemetery plans in advance—it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your family.

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September/October, 2020

Funeraria del Angel Evergreen East and Evergreen Cemetery East provides you with the comfort of making funeral, cremation and burial plans in the same location, with the same caring team. • • •

Extended & Overnight visitations at no additional cost Transfers to other countries Bilingual Staff

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Spacious Chapels Ample parking Catering

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Celebrating Our Traditions �

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and get to know us

September/October, 2020



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September/October, 2020

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September/October, 2020


September/October, 2020



September/October, 2020


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Perfection at the Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park HISTORY RESTORED By: LAURA GALLEGOS

52 58 32








Here and Now


Clear the Clutter






Hidden Gem





September/October, 2020



A gem cannot be polished without friction nor a person perfected without trials


From the

Editor-ef in-Chi

ur world is looking different these days, but one of the

There is a light! Amongst the

silver linings in all of this is the time we’re spending together,

adversity, there is an imminent

reinstating the simple things. Kids are home, really home. Our high

reset coming to the city of El Paso.

school kids who remain in pajamas all day, are learning to appreciate

We see our favorite locally-owned

the family they once ran from only a few months ago, and our college

restaurants begging to reopen. We

kids are home to get re-grounded. Our circles have become smaller,

see our retail businesses with an

more intimate, we now know what our friends look like without the

“open” sign on their doors. We

suits, ties and make-up. Shorts, flip flops and t-shirts have become the

even embrace the traffic because

new norm. Loved ones are forced to connect on a deeper level. The

it means our businesses are hiring

days from our childhood have returned. Sitting around the dinner table

our family members back. Yes, life is

has become the norm again. “What are we eating?” has replaced the

different! As we figure out what that

phrase, “See ya mom I’m going with friends.”

means, it must start somewhere.

I’ve become a gardener. There’s something invigorating about pulling

It starts with those of us who

squash from the vine that I planted. Food has become the center of

fearlessly yet cautiously step back

our days, and our cooking skills have been taken to a new height.

into business. Thank you for all of

Ok, not my cooking skills, but my man’s cooking skills are amazing! I

the phone calls, emails, and text

still only make one thing and that’s reservations. So, I’m a little rusty

messages from our readers and

at that skill, but I have no doubt memory recall will set in. Cocktail

social media followers reminding us

hour doesn’t need its hour anymore, it just starts when it feels like

how important The City Magazine is to our community. You’ve spoken

starting. We no longer say it’s five-o-clock somewhere, we now say...

and we’re taking that leap of faith. The overwhelming consensus is

it’s time. Walking the family dog is a new daily activity. If I was really

that El Pasoans need to hear about all of the good things in our city,

on my game, I would have become a door to door dog-collar, leash

and that’s what we do. Because of this, we’re thrilled to announce that

and toy salesperson. I’ve met neighbors and I now know their names.

we’re back! The City Magazine is returning with a September/October

Neighbors who merely received the nod from the car as I drove by

issue followed by a November/December issue with very high hopes

each morning are now familiar faces with whom we share short visits

of returning to monthly issues come 2021. Our social media will be

from across the street.

incredibly active as we tell our followers which businesses are back


and what their new hours are as well as business models (take out, Everyone has added to their resume. My housecleaning skills have

curb deliveries and outdoor spaces). We’ll support you and we ask you

returned, bah humbug. My gardening talents have reached new

to support us.

heights and I can color my own hair and press-on fingernails are now a staple of mine. We will never forget the summer of 2020. Just as our

Together, we’ll keep both your business as well as

grandparents referred to “The Great Depression” we will refer to the

The City Magazine alive and moving forward as we

“Year of the Coronavirus.”

navigate through to tomorrow.

The City Magazine was forced to take a five-month pause. We’re back.

Thank you in advance for your support.

We’re planning an every-other-month print run as the business world ramps up. Restaurants are at a 50 percent occupancy and the drinking holes where we once gathered immediately after work are still closed. The newest shade of lipstick has been replaced with a face mask that we’re told will hinder the spread of this ugly virus. If you weren’t a hand-washer before, you better be now. Hand sanitizer has its own compartment in our purses. I want to flip the channel when I hear the word “new-normal” because it somehow frightens me that some may become complacent and accept this temporary way of life.

Together, let’s do a reset!

September/October, 2020


September/October, 2020

Contributors Laura






Managing Editor




















Mesa Street Grill Happy Hour

September/October, 2020

Enjoy premium cocktails at special happy hour pricing. Monday - Friday 4-7 p.m.


(915) 532-1881 | 3800 N. Mesa St D1, El Paso, TX 79902 |

September/October, 2020


September/October, 2020

P e r f e c t i o n at t h e P l a z a H o t e l P i o n e e r Pa r k

PERFECTION at the Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park | By: LAURA GALLEGOS, Managing Editor photos courtesy of: PLAZA HOTEL AT PIONEER PLAZA |

HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR IN EL PASO According to the El Paso History Alliance, Elizabeth Taylor gave an El Paso Times reporter an exclusive interview prior to the


he Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park has lived

In the 1930s, the hotel was the talk of

many lives. Now, it’s back again in

the town. The plaza hotel brought luxury

grand splendor to give the city of El

and intrigue to the city of El Paso. A giant

Paso a bit of nostalgia and good news for the

suite at the top of the hotel overlooks

present day. The hotel rose to prominence

Juarez, Chihuahua on one side and El

in the El Paso skyline when it was built in

Paso, Texas on the other. In the 1950s,

1930 by the renowned architectural firm

it was briefly the home of then 17-year-

Trost & Trost. The land where the plaza

old Elizabeth Taylor prior to her wedding

now sits was the site of the Sheldon Hotel,

to “Nicki” Hilton, Jr. and during the

the unofficial headquarters of the Mexican

shooting of the classic film “Giant.”

wedding. During the interview, Hilton was out playing golf at the El Paso Country Club. After the interview, Taylor planned to spend the afternoon shopping in Juarez with her mother and her futire mother-inlaw. To get more details about the wedding, you can find the original article at: https:// miss-elizabeth.html

Revolution. After a massive fire, the plaza was later resurrected by Conrad Hilton when

Decades later, and after being shut down in

it became a Hilton property in 1930. Some

1992, investors began to breathe life into the

say the Plaza Hotel marked the beginning of

130-room grand hotel after it was purchased by

the Hilton empire.

Paul Foster in 2007. Luckily, architects had the foresight to keep a record of this magnificent piece of property to help restore it.



P e r f e c t i o n at t h e P l a z a H o t e l P i o n e e r Pa r k

HISTORICAL WHISPERS The announcement in the El Paso Times bragged of the 20-story tall and 350 room hotel. The height of the hotel was considered a skyscraper back in its early years. Plans changed and the 20th floor was never built due to the fallen economy brought by The Great Depression. The budget of the hotel went from 1.1 million to 1.75 million, a 60% project increase and still Conrad Hilton managed to complete the project as told by William Helm of In*Situ Architecture. Another problem arose when the plans for the now historic hotel would not fit on the property, so the city voted to pass a land swap which now defines the boundaries of the site where the footprint is today.


P e r f e c t i o n at t h e P l a z a H o t e l P i o n e e r Pa r k

September/October, 2020

“We were part of the project before it was

great depression. Today, the Plaza has, yet

brought joy to historical preservationists to

a project,” said William Helm of In*Situ

again, made another comeback during the

see it restored, as much as possible, to its

Architecture. “We even created a 3-D

economic upset caused by Covid-19.

original splendor.

The hotel has undergone an incredible


transformation that seamlessly melds our

features and design was challenging given

The project lasted ten years and included

rich history with modern luxurious touches

the ability to restore and the restrictions

$78 million worth of planning, construction,

to create an entire new experience. “There

required by today’s building codes. Both

renovations and working with the historical

is truly something for everyone here and we

the Texas Historical Commission and the El

society to make sure the hotel was properly

are so proud to play an integral role in the

Paso County Historical Commission had to

restored as faithfully as possible. The

revitalization of downtown El Paso,” said

be involved. Despite the challenges, it was

reopening of the Plaza took place on June

Plaza officials.

beautifully executed and completed with the

model of the hotel years ago when it was being refurbished.”





contributions of a number of different interior

17th, 2020 and was much needed good news to the city of El Paso in the middle

The re-opening has piqued the interest of

designers, architects and artists including

of a pandemic. Ironically, the original 1930s

downtown passersby as they have observed

Cooper Carrie, Atlanta Design Architects.

reconstruction of this lavish hotel began

the construction over the last several years

during a difficult time in the country, the

in anticipation of the final product, as well as


P e r f e c t i o n at t h e P l a z a H o t e l P i o n e e r Pa r k

September/October, 2020


Various designers were given a single sitting

The design of the first floor is an amalgamation of different colors, designers,

photos and relics. Guests will want to sit and

fabrics, leathers and other materials. The space blended together as was

have a cup of tea in every corner of the first

intended by the designers to symbolize the meshing of various cultures coming

floor beginning with the seating area near the

together or passing through one single point–the Pass of the North. Mexican,

main entrance at the northeast corner of the

indigenous and wild west influences are noticed throughout the hotel.

building facing the placita.

area to design and make their own, hence the different color palettes and fabrics used in each one. The first floor is generously sprinkled with artifacts, art, curios, books,

The hotel’s restaurant, Ámbar, is the newest part of the hotel. However, the circular bar next door, which used to be the grand lobby, is the focal point of this restoration masterpiece. It is crowned by a 40-foot amber Art Deco glass tequila wall that extends to the ceiling. The vaulted ceiling above the bar, including the wooden beams, hand painted designs on the ceiling, original light fixtures, giant paper lanterns, and woodwork are original to the hotel. Another interesting architectural detail is the massive columns wrapped in leather on the west side of the bar. The leather is carved with designs that mimic the cement facade of the 17th floor. These features are the core of the hotel’s original Pueblo Deco design, also known as Pueblo Revival or Southwest Art Deco. One feature not quite ready for the public to see is the rooftop bar called La Perla. At the time this article was written, only private parties were allowed in this fabulous bar with a terrace that wraps around the 17th floor. As a result, the views are spectacular—just one more place to enjoy the city’s sunsets. The long-awaited renovation has brought a whole new life to downtown El Paso and welcomes guests to step inside for a staycation complete with a feast that you won’t soon forget. The Plaza officially welcomes the public.


September/October, 2020

P e r f e c t i o n at t h e P l a z a H o t e l P i o n e e r Pa r k

ÁMBAR RESTAURANTE & CHEF PADILLA Downtown El Paso has yet another fabulous place to dine at Ámbar Restaurante on the first floor of the Plaza. Chef Andres Padilla has traveled extensively throughout Mexico. He has discovered flavors from the north to the Yucatan peninsula, to Baja California, infusing his menu with his experiences from south of the border. Padilla brings 15 years of culinary expertise and an extensive knowledge of the nuances of regional Mexican cuisine as a result of his travels and teaching experiences to The Plaza Hotel at Pioneer Park. Hailing from Chicago, Padilla boasts an impressive culinary pedigree with notable highlights including his role as culinary director for Frontera Restaurants: celebrated Chef Rick Bayless’ culinary group. In addition to various positions in celebrated kitchens, Padilla has also been the recipient of many notable culinary awards throughout his career. Chef Padilla’s culinary philosophy is guided by the desire to educate his guests about sustainable sourcing, history and heritage through food. The menu for Ámbar will be comprised of centuries-old Mexican recipes with a regionally-driven twist and will make a conscious effort to support the boutique, family-run farms and makers in Mexico.





T h e E l Pa s o O p e r a


September/October, 2020


ake a moment to close your eyes

connecting audiences in ways that mirror

and imagine the splendor and magic

the curbside take-out/delivery services that

of delightful, vocal artistry over

have become commonplace for restaurants,

an exquisite piano arrangement appearing

supermarkets and other service geared











delivered to your very door for no reason other

Mariana explains, was Justin’s motivation to

than to move you and soothe your soul. Well,

give back to their donors for their generous

if you’re like many local opera enthusiasts,

support of the El Paso Opera’s overall mission

new and old, and music lovers in general, this

to uplift our city’s creative space within the

is exactly the surprisingly melodic experience

realm of opera productions that not only

that has gone from the traditionl concert stage

entertain, but inspire. With that, Mariana and

to the more recent “curbside” serenade.

her new hubby, Josh Lintz, who also serves as Technical Manager for the organization,

Enter the El Paso Opera with its near 30

were enlisted by Justin to, “come up with a

year tradition of captivating local audiences

set-up” for the new curbside initiative.

and you’ll find an organization that’s


basically made lemonade out of lemons.

This meant ultimately concocting a mobile

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic that has

stage from a pickup truck that was provided

taken its unwanted place in our society,

by their Executive Director, Arianne Marcee,

our lives, our “normal,” the El Paso Opera

and her family. The set-up is simple, yet

insists on bringing complimentary curbside

effective, allowing for their Resident Pianist,

music to the streets of the Sun City and all

Guillermo de la Garza, to record the music

its residents, all with the aim of showering

beds that play from the truck’s loudspeaker

them with joy.

for their Resident Artists to sing along to, mic

Sharing the experience firsthand is Mariana

in tow, all as they take center stage on the bed of the #CurbsideOpera cruiser.

Sandoval Lintz of the El Paso Opera, who is also a Resident Artist and talented singer and

This brings us to the so called “logistics” of

mezzo soprano, a gift she’s cultivated since

this new operation. As Mariana points out, the

age 12. Mariana describes the “Curbside

first stops were dedicated to bringing melodic

Opera” as an idea that was originally birthed

moments to donors of the El Paso Opera as a

by their Artistic Director, Justin Lucero, as a

thank-you. She says, “We wanted to bring our

means of keeping singers performing, while

donors something back … They give so much 25

September/October, 2020 support. We reached out and said, we have a little surprise, we want to bring you some joy.” And so they did. What happened next was the real magic. As the Curbside Opera made its way about, passersby soon began to take notice, propping their own chairs to settle in and enjoy the magnificent productions that seemed to just appear out of nowhere. The result: Our city’s opera has become an almost overnight, local touring sensation on the streets of El Paso. Now, Curbside Opera is hitting our public parks that allow us to social distance for the moment, and typically in the evening when temperatures have cooled. In fact, many make their way to these curbside concerts to simply park and enjoy the mesmerizing sounds right

The Original Handcrafted Custom Cinnamon Roll

from inside of their vehicles, a practice cleverly coined by Arianne as the “drive-in opera.” Today, the El Paso Opera’s curbside initiative has led to a demand for private performances, available by special request and a suggested donation, of which details can be found on their Facebook and Instagram pages. This operatic pop-up is a superb alternative to events with

Bad weather doesn’t just affect your home, it affects your business, too.

large social gatherings and allows people to celebrate important events like birthdays, weddings and graduation celebrations that simply can’t be put off. So, if it’s partaking of a “free concert” that’s safe during the current requirements for social distancing, the El Paso Opera has your ticket. The bottom-line is: The El Paso Opera’s innovative adaptation to the social constraints brought about by the coronavirus pandemic has enabled the beloved organization to touch not only the hearts of donors, supporters and opera aficionados alike, it’s warmed the hearts of an unsuspecting audience, those who have yet to experience the opera. As a result, Curbside Opera quickly continues to inspire and earn the love and support of more and more El Pasoans. For upcoming #CurbsideOpera performances, email your request to, or visit


Call today for coverage you can tailor to your needs. G.A. Delgado | 915-303-7122 | 4901 N MESA ST STE 3A 79912

September/October, 2020

Need a New Phone System?

We hear you. You need an up-to-date and reliable communication system that can meet the needs of your entire organization, even as business changes. We can help!

3 3 3 3 3

VoIP Phone System Unlimited local and long distance Locally Supported Flexible plans for your business Grows with your business



Clear the

CLUTTER A Guide to the perfect home office | By: BARBIEJO HATCH |


September/October, 2020


ith COVID-19 becoming a part of our new norm,

many of us have transitioned to working from home for health and safety reasons, turning bedrooms into home offices and dining rooms into classrooms. As a professional organizer, I’ve found simple ways to streamline the transition so that everyone can function within the same space.

Here are some tips for successfully working from home:


Find a place where you can close the door and be undisturbed for periods of time. Your home office should be strategically set up in an area with little distractions. Every home office needs a desk or tabletop, a computer, and a comfy chair. Portable file stands can make a great accent piece and are functional for storing important documents. They are also easy to move around since they are not a permanent fixture. Since many of us are doing video conference calls, I recommend purchasing a ring light for a professional look during your meetings. Good lighting makes all the difference!


Set working hours so your family knows when you are unavailable, but do not forget to schedule time for them as well. Try planning one meal that everyone can enjoy together at the same table. This is a good way to connect with your family. Since we are working from home, try not to work too much. Take time to breathe. Go for walks. Get up and stretch. Stay connected. Set specific boundaries for working and relaxing.


Set the three most important objectives you want to accomplish every day and make sure those three things get done. At the end of each day, identify the next day’s top three goals. If nothing else gets done but those three goals, you will have had a successful day! A Stanford study shows that working remotely improves your productivity by 13%. Less commute and more time for self-care means you are more likely to accomplish your to-do list if you set your priorities.


Take 30 seconds to clear your desk before work. As we know, a desk area collects clutter really fast. Because visual distractions can hinder work production and block creativity, it’s important to have a clear desk space to help maximize productivity and creative flow. You can even get the whole family on board with the tidying up so you all enjoy a more peaceful work-from-home life.









BarbieJo Hatch is a personal organizer helping people become more productive and efficient. Learn more at





September/October, 2020



Bermuda 2 parts Caribbean Rum

½ parts Macadamia Nut Syrup ¼ parts Dry Curacao

¼ parts Velvet Falernum 1 part Lime Juice 1 dash Tiki Bitters Shake all ingredients together with ice, fine strain into a coupe glass, garnish with grated nutmeg and a lime twist.


Article Title

September/October, 2020

p e e K s e h s Wi e u r T g n i m Co E

ven through COVID-19 restrictions,

all his new equipment to use!

Make-A-Wish is working hard to

It was a triumphant moment.

continue to grant life changing wishes for

Ismael’s wish reminded him

children with critical illnesses. We’re happy

to keep fighting!

to report that wherever possible, wishes continue to be granted… like Ismael’s.




support now more than ever. Seventeen-year-old Ismael’s one true wish

Will you donate today and

came to him while he was enduring a

help to grant more wishes

rigorous chemotherapy treatment schedule.

like Ismael’s? Your gift will make sure wish

Packages were delivered to him in the

kids like Ismael receive much needed hope

hospital by family, Make-A-Wish staff, and his

today and tomorrow, while ensuring that no

wish granting volunteers. He was so excited

child waits even one unnecessary day for

to open everything with his family and begin

their wish. You can help Make-A-Wish bring

to enjoy what he had been looking forward to

experiences of hope and joy to waiting wish

during all his trials. His wish to have a gaming

kids who are isolated and vulnerable.

PC came true at the very moment he needed

Visit today to make your

a light of hope.


His mom said this was the first time she

By supporting Make-A-Wish, you can be a

has seen Ismael smiling since his treatment

light of hope throughout this time of crisis—

began (it was all captured on camera).

and beyond.

Ismael told his wish granting volunteers that made the deliveries that he was going to make sure to give it his all in physical therapy so that he could get home and put


AURA GALLEGOS September/October, 2020

Heart for the Homeless | By: MARGO LEPE and LAURA GALLEGOS photos courtesy of: THE OPPORTUNITY CENTER |


Heart for the Homeless

September/October, 2020


The Opportunity Center Pre-Covid

ith few shelters available at the time

Last year, the OC, headquartered at 1208 Myrtle

and many affected by harsh weather

Ave., was privileged enough to celebrate 25

conditions in the winter of 1994, Ray

years since opening. Undoubtedly, the center

and Lilly Tullius set out to help out as

has grown in every way since it first opened.

many homeless people as possible. The

The OC does not just provide food and shelter.

Opportunity Center (OC) for the Homeless

was born that year.

The center assists people based on what they need. Several programs and services

At that time, coffee, donuts and mere

help provide assistance to “men, women,

compassion could only be offered to those

veterans, families, the elderly and frail, and

seeking a safe and warm place to stay. The

those marginalized by society.” Every year,

emergency shelter then was solely available

nearly 2,000 people are fed and have a warm

to men and the center ran without a kitchen

place to stay due to the four “emergency

in the first eight years of operating. Through


the help of a local church, those staying at

transitional living centers.” One of the many

the center were provided with up to three

growing challenges the OC is currently

meals a day, although the center now offers

dealing with, however, is the growing number

four (one meal is offered to anyone who

of people 50-years-old and over, along with

shows up after regular mealtime hours).

those suffering from a disability.






September/October, 2020

John Martin, Deputy Director says that while government funding is heavily relied upon, help and donations from the local community are also extremely important. John has been with the OC for the last eight years. He agrees financial support from the city and

Homelessness in the time of Covid The Opportunity Center is already a very

services to other neighborhoods to give them

county, along with donations from businesses

impressive operation with various housing

the space they need to keep people safe.

and organizations, are crucial and would like

facilities for the most vulnerable all within

to encourage the El Paso community to step

walking distance of each other in South El

As of April 17, the Opportunity Center for

it up. Last year, Ray Tullius pleaded for more

Paso. Now, the Opportunity Center has been

the Homeless in close coordination with the

help with the city and county after having to

given an even greater challenge—keeping its

City of El Paso and the County of El Paso is

dip into its own savings reserve to pay for

residents free of Covid. This meant expanding

now operating two new facilities in the lower

the $250,000 it costs to continue providing services and meeting needs. John






on donations from local churches and businesses, but believes if everyone did a little more individually, we could make a big difference collectively. His advice is to get to know our most vulnerable neighbors and said, “it is then, you realize how truly blessed you are. ”John believes the best approach to start helping is to get “educated and involved,” to gain a better understanding of the dynamics in a homeless shelter. He said, “time and talent” are key. “Everyone has their own talent, so now the question is, how can you share yours with others?”

September/October, 2020

Heart for the Homeless

valley to provide support and temporary

community and help our local officials with

The Delta Welcome Center will be the primary

housing for homeless individuals in our

their effort to slow the spread of COVID-19,”

intake facility for all homeless individuals

community while complying with the Health

said the Deputy Director of the Opportunity

during this crisis. This approach will allow

Authority’s social distancing rules.

Center for the Homeless John Martin.

all the homeless services providers in our

This initiative will allow the Opportunity

community to do appropriate screenings,

Both centers became a reality with support from

Center for the Homeless to comply with the

isolation, and maintenance of the safety of

the City of El Paso, the Office of Emergency

social distancing rule while at the same time

this very vulnerable population. Individuals in

Management and numerous non-profit and

protecting those who are seeking services in

need of shelter must contact 2-1-1 and select

private sector partners. Primary partners

the main shelter and are physically frail. The

option six for referral services.

supporting the work include the Rescue

main shelter, located at 1208 Myrtle Avenue,

Mission, Salvation Army, El Paso Coalition for

is currently providing services to a reduced

Currently, the center needs help. individuals

the Homeless, Endeavors, El Pasoans Fighting

number of individuals.

or groups willing to prepare lunch or dinner for a group of 100 individuals are welcome.

Hunger, the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation and United Way of El Paso.

Meanwhile, the Delta Welcome Center,

For information on how you can help, contact

which is located in a separate building,

Aracely Lazcano at 915-577-0069 ext. 239.

“Our top priority is safeguarding the health

has space to accommodate close to 100

and wellbeing of the most vulnerable in our

individuals, including families with children.


September/October, 2020

Show Pony BY Orville Peck | COUNTRY After releasing the lead singles “No Glory in The West” and “Summertime,” and making the big move to Columbia Records, country’s rising star Orville Peck has continued to charm listeners with his deep crooning vocals and vibrant queer overtones. Complete with a cover of Bobbie Gentry’s “Fancy,” further popularized by Reba McEntire, as well as the champion track “Legends Never Die” with fellow Canadian country superstar Shania Twain, “Show Pony” proves that Peck has what it takes to keep his spot in the music scene. Peck’s standout track in this album is “Drive Me, Crazy,” a story about unpredictable love told through the words of a truck driver, exemplified in the lyrics: “breaker breaker, you there? Keep me company.”

7G BY A.G. Cook | ELECTRONIC An ambitious project, not necessarily in creation but in delivery, A.G. Cook’s new multi-part, 49-track spectacle shows just in what direction pop music will turn a hard left into. High off the success of “How I’m Feeling Now,” Charli XCX’s album produced entirely in self-isolation during the beginning

| By:A N DY Z | T I NE R A M

of Covid-19, where he served as co-producer, Cook allows listeners to witness an entire production process via this new album. The project is laden with song sketches, full pop productions, and tracks like “Acid Angel” and “Life Speed” that reek of young GarageBand optimism. Cook also showcases the multiple musical influences that he pulls from and is not afraid to put them all together in an often confusing but surprisingly eye-opening look into a producer and songwriter’s process. The album also includes a handful of covers, and putting Blur’s “Beetlebum” and Sia’s “Chandelier” (featuring vocals by Caroline Polachek) through the PC music machine gives them the pixelated edge no one asked for but rather deserve.

Limbo BY Aminé | RAP Coming back after a less than stellar showing in his last mixtape “ONEPOINTFIVE,” Aminé rearranges his tastes and leans back into his appeal with “Limbo”. “Pressure In My Palms” appeals to those pop-culture junkies with references from the early 2000s Punk’d to the more recent ubiquitous Arthur fist meme. The deliberate bouts of lightness in this track and throughout this album lets us laugh at those silly moments in media that lifted us from certain realities if even for just a moment, but still, contextualizes them in the last spoken line of the track: “there ain’t no money in having hate in your heart.” Moments like “Becky” ground the album and are aware of just the exact time in 2020 that they’re being listened to. “Kobe” and other references to the late basketballs player’s death tells of a shift in Aminé’s perspective of life and just how much Kobe’s death has pushed him into adulthood, whatever that means to him.

True Romantic If I’m Being Honest BY Ziemba | ROCK From her upcoming album by the same name, El Paso based Ziemba’s “True Romantic” and “If I’m Being Honest” brings two glamorous examples of the classic self-aware breakup tune with breathy and at times punchy vocals that simultaneously soothe and perk your ears up. Accompanied by a music video in which Ziemba sings in to a microphone-less mic stand, “True Romantic” listeners are sure to feel less alone through the end of a relationship when singing along while looking back at themselves in the mirror of an ornate vanity.

September/October, 2020


PCA CHEMICAL PEELS ARE USED TO IMPROVE TONE, TEXTURE, FINE LINES AND WRINKLES, BREAKOUTS AND DARK SPOTS. These exfoliation treatments penetrate the stratum corneum, outer layer of the skin, to aid in the nourishment of the deeper levels of the skin, the epidermis and dermis. 915.629.7707 | MILANSALONANDSPA.COM

37 915.351.0032 | MIXSALONSPA.COM

September/October, 2020

Where on Earth

e W n a C | By: ANDY MARTINEZ |


“See it through the expert eye”

September/October, 2020

? o G N

on-essential travel has been put on hold as inconsistent restrictions across state lines are lifted and re-implemented. In the case of El Pasoans, we’re also subject to restrictions

placed on Texans by other states. These new adjustments may be temporary, but they are also a necessary part of the greater goal to reduce the amount of cases nationwide. For the most up-to-date information, see countries and states’ official health department websites.

The Caribbean


Some of the first places that have reopened due to low Covid-19 cases have been several Caribbean islands, many of them have taken steps to allow travelers from the U.S. Among them are Aruba, Anguilla, Antigua and

Exclusive distributors of

Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda and the Maldives. While many are requiring that visitors submit a negative Covid-19 test before their departure to the islands, it is a very small price to pay considering the warm sandy beaches are already dependent on tourism to buffer their economy and people are itching for at least a small time away from certain tough realities. The Maldives, already a dream destination for many people looking to fulfill their isolated island dream, have opened with minimal restrictions. The popular above-water bungalow resorts lend themselves to a safe and distant stay, where one can wholly enjoy themselves by the turquoise waters. Barbados has even launched special stay visas for those looking


(915) 584-0226 39

September/October, 2020 of being in the westernmost point in all of Texas, because of that, a roadtrip, particularly a small family roadtrip, seems to be the most appealing right now. There are plenty of routes one can take from our location, and since many national parks have reopened and camping locations allow for an isolated stay away from bustling cities, a camping roadtrip doesn’t seem too bad of an idea. The to make their work-from-home a little more

of the risk one can pose to themselves and

Texas Parks and Wildlife website has great

special. A 12-month stay visa option officially

others when leaving for another state either

resources on information, constantly being

allows people to live in Barbados for up to

through land or sky. Many of the restrictions

updated to account for adjustments to travel.

a year. The program is called the Barbados

implemented are set in place to discourage

One of the new features that Texas Parks and

Welcome Stamp.

non-essential travel, additionally, nobody

Wildlife has implemented is glamping (a form

wants to be that person that seems to be

of luxurious tent-living for those who aren’t

unbothered by any global pandemic and acts

too keen on sleeping on the ground). Places

In the U.S., states have implemented their

recklessly, right? With this in mind, there

like Palo Duro Canyon State Park have new

own rules on top of the national, federal

are many places and activities that one can

glam camping spots where one can enjoy the

guides. Because of this, there are several

enjoy within their own state and city, places

wilderness in style.

states that have issued travel restrictions

that one might have never considered were

for other states. Although there are no

they not made to look at what is just around

El Paso also has its share of staycation

states closed, it is important to be mindful

the corner. El Paso has the unique position

options. Hueco Tanks is one of the several

In the States


September/October, 2020

T r av e l

places that seems to be neglected by El Pasoan day trips. The unique rock formations and low mountains make for amazing photoops, and learning the histories of the region through guided tours allow for a chance to connect with the place you call home. We’ve all considered Airbnb when traveling, especially when we’re looking to find homes away from home while vacationing as an alternative to hotels, however, it’s worth considering what great spots we have in the sun city for a wonderful staycation. A scroll through the El Paso listings shows just what beautiful homes El Paso has available for stay. It seems that people are catching on, seeing how many places are booked for weeks out, particularly those with large, glistening pools. Get out there, see what makes sense for you and your family, and continue to enjoy your vacations, no matter if it’s in your home city.





September/October, 2020


hidden gem

September/October, 2020



ucked underneath the Spaghetti Bowl in South-Central

Since the soft opening last December and the official opening in

El Paso are some of the city’s most colorful and historical

February, the gallery has already exhibited works of art by more than

murals. Lincoln Park boasts years of culture and significance,

25 regional artists from El Paso, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Albuquerque,

and for two local artists; preserving and reviving the legacy

Juarez, and San Francisco.

of arts and community inspired a new endeavor. “Tino and I brainstormed a list of artists to showcase and some

Galería Lincoln is El Paso’s newest art gallery run by artists for artists.

replied and some didn’t—spaces like this are crucial, and we know

After meeting at an art show 11 years ago, Diego “Robot” Martinez

how much legwork and promotion goes into making your art move—

and Tino Ortega quickly became friends and artistic partners.

so we are grateful to be able to offer a new space in a great location for artists,” says Diego.

“We were inspired by the abundance of artistic talent in the city and realized there were not enough platforms or galleries with consistent

Visitors can explore the quaint main galleries that comprise two

hours to showcase,” explains Diego. “With the growth of Texas Tech,

rooms that feature seven to nine works at a time. The gallery also

other upcoming art spaces, and with the culture that Lincoln Park

houses a dedicated gift shop with a selection of locally handcrafted

carries, it was a no brainer that now was the time to do something.”

items including jewelry, prints, stickers, and postcards.


September/October, 2020

WE WANT EL PASOANS AND EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT ART CAN MOVE AND SHAPE A COMMUNITY—ART IS EVERYWHERE. In the backyard of Galería Lincoln, visitors and art enthusiasts can find

and offer these opportunities to support artists,” says Diego.

a permanent airplane art installation decorated in vibrant colors and patterns. While Tino curates the art works in the main galleries, Diego

To further advance their commitment to the community, the gallery will

curates the two shipping containers that hold more art and serve as

soon be offering workshops led by artists such as spray techniques,

public art pieces for artists to paint.

pottery classes, drawing, and painting.

“Our main gallery hosts two-month shows and the shipping containers

“When we thought about our goals, we knew we wanted to plant a

will host ongoing works that will be changed out about every two

seed of hope and love in these forgotten historic parts of town.”

weeks,” says Diego. Eventually, Diego and Tino plan to utilize the free public parking Both Diego and Tino are excited about the prospects and future of

spaces and team up with Old Sheepdog, Power at the Pass, Galería

Galería Lincoln, sharing that they already have a two-year waitlist for

Cincopuntos, the Lincoln Park LCC, and Chuco Relic to create a

the main gallery. Visitors have had the ability to see works by “PILO”

designated Lincoln Arts District.

from Jellyfish Collective, work from artist Laura Turon, the artist behind the popular “Paradox” traveling art bus, as well as artist’s

“We want El Pasoans and everyone to know that art can move and

work from Diego Medina and Gabriel Gaytan.

shape a community—art is everywhere.”

“I’ve been very fortunate to be able to open a community space

Galería Lincoln is located at 3915 Rosa Avenue. The gallery is free

while being a full-time artist. Both Tino and I have been hands-on with

and open to the public, pets are most welcome. To learn more visit

various businesses and community organizations in the Lincoln Park

Galerí or follow Galería lincoln on Instagram.

area and beyond, and it is important we continue these collaborations 44

September/October, 2020

CELEBRATING OUR 20TH YEAR Serving the El Paso Coounity





NYX Eyeliner $4.50-$5.50


COLOR C Coveting

Morphe 25L Live in Color Artistry Palette

Eyeliner holds a certain power, if you choose to wear it. It can change


the shape of your eye, make you look more awake, or make your

If you’re like me, I have a go-to everyday neutral eye look, but like

lashes look thicker. On days you’re feeling bold, opt for a color

my style, I love to play around with new looks and incorporate a little

eyeliner like a blue, teal or purple. Look for liners that are opaque, long

more color when time allows. This palette has a range that allows you

lasting with great color payoff. The last thing any of us need is to have

to stand out and make all your colorful eye dreams a reality. In true

our flawless morning liner smudge and mimic colorful racoon eyes.

Morphe fashion, the formula is creamy, and the colors pack a vibrant

Going into spring, get bold and get creative! The NYX Slim Eye Pencil

punch. With a mix of mattes, shimmers, metallics and holographic,

and their Retractable Eyeliner are both great options with a variety

you can create an array of eye-catching looks for spring.

of colors and check all the boxes of what makes a great eyeliner— they’re creamy, easy to apply and won’t smear or smudge on you.


September/October, 2020

beaut y

Colourpop BFF Mascara

OPI Verde Nice to Meet You



Besides serving their important function of protecting the eyes,

If you’re looking for a more subtle splash of color, then changing

eyelashes are alluring and most of us simply cannot go without

your nail color is a relatively easy way to achieve that. Part of their

mascara. Although colored mascara may be scary to some, it can

Mexico City Collection, this lush green would make a nice addition

actually be a fun addition to your beauty routine. If you layer a colored

to anyone’s nail color arsenal. Sometimes wearing colorful makeup

mascara over a black one, it can add a little depth, and a safe bet is

isn’t always ideal and nail polish is the next best option for showing a

to choose a color that is flattering for you—taking into consideration

little personality. Living in a border city vibrant in Mexican culture, I’m

the color wheel is a good place to start. If I wear a colored mascara, I

loving this collection.

often let the eyes do the talking and keep the rest of my face simple. You can layer with the same color eyeliner or pick contrasting colors for added drama! The BFF mascara not only lifts lashes but the nylon fiber brush combs through your lashes from root to tip and allows you to build on the intensity without clumping or flaking.


September/October, 2020



125 Thunderbird Suite G sugurskull

El Paso, TX 79912

(915) 243 - 3139


September/October, 2020

Space Options Short-term agreements keep things flexible. Fully-furnished designer spaces, there is a space for every size business!


Military, Service Personal & Student Discounts Available

High-Speed Fiber Optic Internet

Shared Space : $250 Month

Roasted Coffee

freedom to work in all our Shared Space areas

Business Class Printers 24-Hour Access Personal and Business Addresses Exclusive Member Benefits and Discounts Front Desk Concierge Private Phone Booths Bike Storage

Our Shared Space memberships give you the with access to all member amenities. Best for: Startups and small companies, Freelancers and consultants, Remote workers

Dedicated Desk : $400 Month Choose one of our luxury Dedicated Desks with locking drawers, in one of our stylish private rooms. You’ll get access to premium private rooms. You’ll get access to premium amenities with a guaranteed spot to plug in and get to work. Best for: Startups and small companies, Freelancers and consultants, Remote workers

24/7 Security Designer Furniture Monthly Networking Event Daily Cleaning

Private Office : $1,400 Month Luxury corporate-style offices that will impress your clients. Enclosed, lockable offices can accomodate teams of any size. Move-in-ready, with desks, chairs and filing cabinets. Best for:

Mail & Package Handling Unique Common Area 3 Fully Stocked Refrigerators with Snacks & Refreshments Conference Room with Interactive Monitors and Projectors

Companies of 1-100+ Satellite and established teams Autonomy within community

Office Suites : VARIES An upgraded Private Office with access to premium shared spaces and amenities. Includes your own meeting room, lounges, and executive offices dedicated to your team. Best for: Team of 25+ Large Satellite office Regional HQ

Contact us:

(833) DOWNTWN - (833)369-6896 522 San Francisco St. El Paso TX 79901

dwtnspaces 49

HIS Explore our recommended products and see how you

September/October, 2020


can become yourself, refined. 50

September/October, 2020


h i s p r e r o g at i v e




1 Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% | The Ordinary 3 Youth To The People | Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser

As one of the most ubiquitous skincare brands of the last few years

due to its simplicity and accessible price range, The Ordinary has found

For a long time, cleansers were expected to remove every single thing

its way into many skincare routines. Although they offer a variety of

on the skin that wasn’t skin. This included all-natural oils that are meant

products to implement in a variety of steps, their niacinamide’s ability

to protect and nourish the skin. This causes skin to become excessively

to work with a variety of skin types to regulate oiliness and brighten

dry, therefore, its natural reaction to overproduce sebum oils kicks in,

the skin tone makes it a must-try for anyone looking to boost their

leading people to use harsher cleansers to mitigate the oily skin they

routine. Niacinamide is best applied after cleansing and before heavier

have been led to believe they have. Youth To The People’s gentle


cleanser removes impurities on the skin without stripping it, allowing it to

$5.90 |

naturally replenish itself while delivering a powerful blend of antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to revive a dull complexion.

2 Dr. Jart | Ceramidin™ Cream Korean skincare has effectively made its stamp in western markets. The high demand for alternative and innovative ingredients helped

$36 |

4 C.O. Bigelow | Bergamot Body Wash

revitalize the skincare industry, allowing consumers to learn about the

This luxurious body wash lathers up to cleanse the skin while hydrating

benefits that were available to them from this diverse industry. Dr.

with coconut oil and aloe vera. The natural citrus fragrance with

Jart has been one of those companies that has broken through to the

bergamot and lemon stays on the skin throughout the day without

mainstream western market, and their products speak for themselves.

being overwhelming. The scent is a welcomed change from the

This long-lasting, deeply moisturizing cream soothes very dry and

aggressive ones that tend to accompany many popular men’s body

irritation-prone skin to reveal a glowing and supple complexion. Apply

washes. A little goes a very long way with this formula. Three to four

lightly in the morning as a regular moisturizer and more liberally at

pea-sized drops should be enough to effectively cleanse the whole

night for overnight skin repair.

body, which makes for a long-lasting body wash.

$48 |

$20 |


! o G p U t Ge and

o D n a C t ’ n a C u o Y What d i v o C g n i r u D | By: ANGIE RODRIGUEZ |




n the U.S.- Mexico border, along the Rio Grande, and across from Juarez, Chihuahua, is a secret location for runners, bicycle riders, athletes and nature lovers called El Paso. The city and surrounding area offer a variety of opportunities for the beginner to national and world class athletes. You

just need to know where to go.

As a small-business owner, triathlete, and ultra runner, El Paso and the region offer me the challenges I need to improve and compete locally and in the Southwest. Yes, the Covid-19 pandemic is an unwanted irritation, but it shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals or doing what you love. I enjoy the outdoors and want to share with you all that El Paso has to offer whether you want to work out easy or hammer on the bicycle. You can find your level here. As a triathlete, I have taken advantage of the beautiful scenery that we have to run and bike in. There are hills, flat areas, pools, wide and lonely streets, and groups of athletes to enjoy them with that will challenge your fitness. Locally, there is Scenic Drive, Ascarate Park and McKelligon Canyon to enjoy. The YWCA and YMCA pools are open (at the time this story was written) and they are following CDC guidelines to keep members safe. Covid-19 has put a stop on all races locally, regionally and nationally. But, that’s no excuse because most of those races have gone virtual. For example, Ironman has virtual races every week. Check it out at: Local races such as the Mighty Mujer and Eagle in the Sun have also gone virtual. If you want to know more about local races that support great causes, please go to https://www.raceadventuresunlimited. com or As an ultra runner, I want to say that we have the most amazing mountains and landscapes. The Franklin Mountains offer trail runners, hikers, bikers and climbers everything you need. Hueco Tanks offers great bouldering for rock climbers. The Upper Valley offers long stretches of road for bike riders. You don’t have to look far to find real adventure. Franklin Mountains State Park towers above the city. It is the largest U.S. state park in an urban setting. With more than 100 miles of multiuse trails, these high-desert mountains start at approximately 5,426 feet and the highest peak reaches 7,192 feet above sea level. Take your adventure and fitness to the next level and climb to the top of

so the owner

ner. She is al

ultra run iathlete and tr a is ez gu Angie Rodri rts & More. ustom T-shi Big Frog C


e v a h t ’ n o d u o Y o t r a f k to loo

d l f ine r a re. u t n e v ad 53

September/October, 2020

Six 75” Digital/Dynamic Display throughout the shopping center with USB charging stations. The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso receives 8,000,000 visitors throughout the year.

North Franklin Peak for an unforgettable view

amazing trails for mountain biking such as

of El Paso, New Mexico and Mexico. I truly

Chuck Heinrich Memorial Park. If you would

enjoy going to these peaks.

like more information on where to hike, bike, and explore, check out the trails here:

Here are some of the beginner trails for

hiking or running: Tom Mays Trail Climb,

mountains or for some virtual trail races go to:

Agave, Cottonwood Ridge, and Mundys

Gap are a few. The mountains also offer 54

September/October, 2020

Get Up and Go!

As the owner of Big Frog Custom T-shirt & More, I would like to support my fellow local small businesses that can help you with the sport whether it’s running, trail running, mountain or road biking. Up & Running, Podium Finish, Crazy Cat or Trek El Paso will help not only with your needs but with sound advice on the sport. There are also groups on Facebook that you could join for support and training. People can find all kinds of training in groups from running, group bicycle rides and time trial training rides. For example, runners have groups like Run El Paso and Coffee Pose to join. For me, El Paso offers everything I need to continue my journey as an athlete. I hope this information will help you on yours.


September/October, 2020




a e t h t S der



nce a common part of pop culture,

Show” and much more.

drive-in theaters started in 1933

The El Paso Community Foundation weren’t

and saw a peak popularity in the late

the only ones hard at work to bring the Sun

1950s through the early 1960s. With the

City a drive-in experience during the summer.

rise of indoor theaters and the convenience

Brian Kennedy, CEO of the El Paso Sports

and quality they provided, the majority of

Commission, added, “As soon as we realized

drive-ins met their demise. Although they are

that the COVID lockdown was going to be in

seen as a relic of the past, drive-in movies

existence for an extended period of time, we

have made a thriving revival amidst the

started looking for ways that we could bring

pandemic, and El Paso is not exempt.

entertainment to people safely. We had to take the safety guidelines and then start with

After 12 years, The Plaza Classic Film

what kind of things can we do while adhering

Festival, created by the El Paso Community

to them.” The Sun City Car Pool cinema was

Foundation in 2008, could not forego a

born and accommodated around 200 cars.

beloved annual tradition. Rather, they adapted

There were movie showings every weekend

to the uncertain times and brought back the

through the summer.

drive-in, providing a nostalgic experience in the safety and comfort of patron’s vehicles

These drive-in movies were perfect for the

while maintaining social distancing orders.

whole family and a nice way to get out of the

Eric Pearson, CEO of The El Paso Community

house for the evening to enjoy a change of

Foundation stated, “We didn’t want to be

scenery. Eric said, “It was a way to bring us

part of the problem, but we have a great

together with less risk, and an opportunity to

staff at the Foundation—especially Doug

get up from the computer screen.” These

Pullen, Maggie Sanchez-Mercado, and Asia

drive-ins not only safely strengthened the

Saucedo, who handled the lion’s share of

sense of community, but they are an example

logistics and prep. Everyone pulled together

of people still enjoying and supporting the

to help with a creative response to a tough

arts and entertainment. “It was so great to

situation. For me, it was something we had

see families get together while following all

to do.”

the safety guidelines,” Brian added. Foundation

Although it is not for certain that drive-ins

incorporated the 11-night series with a drive-

can be restored to their full former glory,

in movie tour that featured pop-up drive-in

The Sun City Car Pool Cinema is something

theaters around the city. Eager attendees

that has been up for discussion on becoming

would park and await cult classics or family

a regular part of summer entertainment.

favorites to be projected on the big screen.

Brian’s last remark was, “When the kids are

The Classic Film Festival featured movies like

out of school, its great family entertainment,

the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine,” “Jaws,”

and we are talking about a series of family





“Smokey and the Bandit,” “E.T,” “Jurassic

movies all summer long.”

Whatever Your Occasion

Plan it With Us! Gatherings That Inspire Unforgettable Social Events Call 915.342.1407 BIANCA.ARREOLA@HILTON.COM

Park,” “Selena,” “The Rocky Horror Picture


September/October, 2020


September/October, 2020

LIVING and LOVING LIFE with AUTISM A Personal Perspective | By: BRANDI and BRAXTON LAMBERT |


hen writing about autism

conquer the world and the

and our personal experience

world accept them just as


they are.




always so hard to begin. Not

because it’s a difficult or depressing topic—

Braxton, our son, is a shining

actually quite the opposite—but because it’s

example of what can be

a reminder that there’s an ongoing perception

accomplished when given

by the majority of the world around us.

the opportunity. He is a

It’s a dated, skewed and often misleading

young adult with autism

perception that leads to indifference and

who has lived independently,

complacency within our communities.




attained a driver’s license We, our wonderful family and friends,

and loves to rope and ride

sometimes live in a bubble. We protect,

(as can be witnessed daily on his beloved

employ and educate those closest to us,

social media accounts). Circumstances and

but lose sight of the greater needs of others

situations have not always been easy, but he

living with autism within our city. Autism

has shown a resilience that serves as a daily

does not go away—it’s a lifelong “ability”

reminder to those close to him to never give

and a lifetime of adjustments.

up and not use our differences as excuses for not “going for it.”

Each and every day may present new challenges, difficult situations and moments

Having said that, there are still so many

that break your heart. However, each day can

hurdles to be cleared for people of all ages

also bring tears of joy, pride and gratitude

and at varying degrees of need. The autism

when you see your “ausome” person

diagnosis is not slowing down, quite the


September/October, 2020

You can help by supporting the amazing opportunities and events in our community that support individuals with autism. 60

September/October, 2020

contrary. The current ratio in the United States, as reported by the CDC, is 1 in 68 children, 1 in 42 for boys and 1 in 189 for girls. Our hope is that we can find a way to include, value and employ all of these individuals. Everyone deserves the chance to feel worthy and recognized. As a mom, I hope that our children can find fulfillment and above all else happiness. Acceptance,

Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948

education and opportunity are key.

• Private Party Room You can help by supporting the amazing opportunities and events in our community that support individuals with autism. It will not only make for a better future for our kids—it will make for a richer life for all of us! Read more about Braxton’s experiences in his own words on the next page.

• Beer & Wine • Outside Dining • Live Music Thur. to Sat. • We cater large or small events

Italian.Kitchen. West m 61

September/October, 2020


A few things I would like you know in my own words… (by Braxton Lambert)

• The hardest part about having autism is

around people and be friends with them,

very good at data entry, computer skills

the ability to fit in and the fear that you will

whether it’s at the racetrack, roping or

and memorizing terminology. I would

not. I was afraid to tell people about my

anywhere else. I do this by trying to act

have liked jobs like that. It makes me sad.

diagnosis and being in special ed classes.

appropriately and not pester them. • I’m pretty much happy with what’s going

I was afraid people wouldn’t like me or be my friend. I was sort of private about it.

• I wish that some people had been

on right now in my life. I have a lot of

A few years ago, my mom and I went to

more accommodating and courteous,

people that support me on social media

an autism convention. I heard a few guest

especially at school. I wish people had

and in person. If you meet someone with

speakers at the seminars that were like

been better educated about autism and

autism, just treat us like a normal person,

me. They motivated me to no longer be

been more understanding. I know I have

be nice and don’t be afraid to look us in

afraid to tell people I have autism.

obsessions, but I try to not let it be my

the eye. Listen to what we are saying.

main focus all the time. • I focus on being myself and try not to • I think schools should be more helpful with

or what’s going on around me. I like to be

resumes and finding jobs after school. I’m



















worry about what people are telling me



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SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER Advertiser INDEX Casa Buena Vista.......................................................Pgs. 2 -3

Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino.............. Pg. 11

Cinnaholic..................................................................... Pg. 26

Lucchese...................................................................... Pg. 55

Del Angel Funeraria........................................................ Pg. 5

Mesa Street Grill........................................................... Pg. 15

Diginity Memorial........................................................... Pg. 4

Mix Salon...................................................................... Pg. 37

Doubletree.................................................................... Pg. 57

Rejuvene....................................................................... Pg. 62

DTWN Spaces.............................................................. Pg. 49

Rio Vista Behavioral Health........................................... Pg. 40

El Paso Windows Co.................................................... Pg. 39

Southwest Plastic Surgery............................................. Pg. 7

Envy Aesthetic Center.......................................... Inside Back

Spectrum...................................................................... Pg. 27

EP Prime Blinds & Shades............................................ Pg. 29

Sugar Skull.................................................................... Pg. 48

Farmers Insurance........................................................ Pg. 26

Table Occasions............................................................ Pg. 63

The Hospitals of Providence.................................Inside Front

The Italian Kitchen West............................................... Pg. 61

Hyundai of El Paso........................................................ Pg. 45

The Stateline................................................................. Pg. 41

Hyundai of El Paso................................................ Back Cover

Vanities........................................................................... Pg. 1

Idea Schools................................................................. Pg. 13

Walgreens..................................................................Pgs. 8-9

Indicium........................................................................ Pg. 54

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