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November/December, 2020

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Casa B November/December, 2020


uenavista November/December, 2020

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November/December, 2020



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November/December, 2020

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Here and Now


City Styles




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Nie En More


November/December, 2020


From the

Happy New Year!


Editor-ef in-Chi

uring this season of giving, my hope for each of us is

retailers who’ve done very well this last

that we find a way to take the lessons that 2020 taught us and

year…whose faces you will never see…

celebrate the good things in our life. Celebrate the friendships

whose children will never play with yours…a

we’ve created over the years. Though we’ve seen them less

rest. I believe it is so incredibly important

this year, we should remind ourselves that those relationships are

that we circulate our money locally and

irreplicable. Celebrate the family we love and are blessed to still have

help those neighbors who hire our family

with us. This year, giving might be different. Maybe our budgets are

members, our children, to keep their

tighter than normal, but it gives us a chance to remember that it’s not

business running. Local restaurants would

the dollar amount of our giving but truly the thought.

love to see you. Local retailers need you to shop with them. There has never been

I hope the pages of this magazine remind you how proud we are of

a better time to put our focus on our small

our city. I hope you enjoy the read and you enjoy getting to know a bit

business who truly keep our city afloat.

more about the people on our cover. Whether it’s a non-profit whose need in the community has been huge this year or the need that is

It’s truly a time I love saying - out with the

fulfilled by men who might just be ahead of their time as they design

old and in with the new.

office experiences rather than office spaces, each of them brings to our city a unique quality that we should be proud of.

Please remember, that as touch seems less acceptable during these times, a

I hope you are reminded to spend your dollars with the advertisers in the

smile is always acceptable.

magazine who most likely have struggled financially this past year. This is a time when we should shop our local retailers, giving the national online


Cheers to a new year!

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Mesa Street Grill Happy Hour

November/December, 2020

Enjoy premium cocktails at special happy hour pricing. Monday - Friday 4-7 p.m.


(915) 532-1881 | 3800 N. Mesa St D1, El Paso, TX 79902 |

November/December, 2020

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Managing Editor





Veronica NEVAREZ












November/December, 2020



of El Paso” Where heritage meets luxury.

915-534-3000 |


November/December, 2020

Pumpkin Bread

Take a

3 1/2 C all-purpose flour

1 t allspice

1 1/4 C brown sugar

1 t kosher salt

1/4 C granulated sugar 2 t baking soda

1 15oz can pumpkin

1 t baking powder

1 1/2 c oil

¾ t fresh ground nutmeg

1/4 c maple syrup

2 t cinnamon Optional: toasted pecans, walnuts, chocolate, or toffee

Pumpkin Bread is one of our favorite holiday

Optional! Add up to a cup of toasted

Preheat oven to 350F.

pecans, walnuts, chocolate, or toffee

traditions. Bursting with fall flavor, it is cozy, warm, and sweet -- the perfect addition to any

Whisk flour, sugars, and all remaining

celebration. This recipe is simple and easy to put


together, any extra hands in the kitchen can help




pieces to your batter!

until Grease two 8x4 loaf pans well and divide batter evenly between. Sprinkle

(it’s also a fun fall activity to do with kids!). We love it fresh from the oven, or even several days

In a separate bowl, thoroughly whisk

with cinnamon and granulated sugar

later, toasted in a skillet with butter. The Pumpkin

pumpkin, oil, and maple syrup together.

and bake for about 1 hour, or until the

Bread recipe below yields two loaves, making

Make sure these wet ingredients are

loaves pull away from the sides of the

it ideal for the holiday season -- one loaf for your

completely combined.

pan and a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.

home and one to gift! Don’t be afraid to double it: the Pumpkin Bread freezes beautifully and you’ll

Add wet to dry ingredients and mix

thank yourself later!

together gently, scraping the bottom

Recipe Contributed by @SavageGoods

of the bowl as you go, and mixing until the flour is just incorporated.


November/December, 2020


November/December, 2020

Dr. Sylvia Acosta

Forging a Path Through a Pandemic | By: HOPE ALEGRE photos courtesy of: YWCA PASO DEL NORTE |


November/December, 2020


D r . S y lv i a A c o s ta : R e d e f i n i n g L e a d e r s h i p

s one of the oldest and largest women’s

dedicates itself to promoting racial justice

of staying open for families and essential

organizations, the Young Women’s

and gender equity through the Social Equality

workers who were going to need childcare—

Program and Courageous Conversations.

more importantly, childcare that they could

Christian Association’s (YWCA)’s

trust. At that point in time, the Centers for

programs have evolved to meet

the needs of our communities through the

For Dr. Sylvia Acosta, Chief Executive Officer

Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention had

decades and through difficult times like we

for the past three and a half years, it has been

not yet come up with their guidance about

are seeing today. With a focus on children

about a reformulation of the YWCA and the

how childcare centers should operate as a

and early childhood education, the YWCA

programming that they’re doing. “Right now,

means to stay open. For Sylvia and others at

centers much of their efforts on their after-

my phase was restructuring, rethinking, and

the YWCA, this was merely a challenge they

school programs, geared to care for kids and

redoing. The next phase of the work that I

took upon themselves which meant meeting

enhance their learning through partnerships

will be doing is re-visioning the organization

over several days to fashion their own

with local school districts. It is a service that

and setting up our strategic plan for where

guidelines. Looking through the American

working parents depend on. In addition, the

we are going in the future. That is a new

Academy of Pediatrics and their pandemic

YWCA’s mission

phase that I am stepping into,” she states.

protocols, they combined protocols that

spotlights programs like

were created and mixed them in with their

youth leadership, workforce development, re-entry of people coming out of the judicial

As the pandemic hit El Paso, the YWCA

own. Sylvia states, “What was interesting

system, health and wellness, along with their


was at the end of this, the CDC put out their

housing programs like the Transitional Living

challenges working families have is the lack

Center, Rapid Rehousing, and Senior Housing.

of childcare. Instead of closing, they did the

In addition to these programs, the YWCA

opposite. They understood the importance






protocols, and they resembled ours.”


D r . S y lv i a A c o s ta : R e d e f i n i n g L e a d e r s h i p

November/December, 2020

Through the pandemic, the incidence of child

Paso was one of the first in the country to

continue that commitment thanks to some

abuse or children appearing in hospitals were

have created something so innovative. The

recently awarded money from the City Care

increasing throughout the country. The YWCA

priority—keep children safe. The stories in

Funding to provide free childcare up until

decided to lean into this conversation and

which this program has helped are endless.

December of this year for people who need it, people who were affected by businesses

figure out how they could aid or prevent this

closing, furlough, or job layoffs.

from happening in El Paso. The Respite Care

Due to the abrupt closure of the YWCA’s

Program, a referral program, was established


to ensure teachers could contact them if they

endured the loss of 90% of its revenue.

In addition, like most businesses, the

noticed anything unusual among the students

Despite the loss, the Dr. Acosta was still able

YWCA modified some existing programs

or parents, or if students weren’t showing up

to continue all the aforementioned programs

to go virtual. For example, the new virtual

in their virtual classroom. The referral program

to serve the community. “During COVID, we

workforce development program is now able

was used to provide respite care for three

rose to the occasion, and it has everything to

to serve more people than pre-pandemic.

days, which eventually turned into weeks due

do with my amazing team at the YWCA. I’m


to the intricate and sophisticated nature of thie

so blown away by their love, compassion,

happened in person once every quarter,

program. Built to address the needs of families

and commitment to our community,” Sylvia

now happen online every couple of weeks.

at this unprecedented time, the YWCA in El

proudly states. The YWCA will be able to

Previous keynote speakers include the Editor-

in-Chief of Vogue Mexico/Latin America, Karla Martinez, and Broadway star, James Harkness. Lastly, they adapted the





continuation at home by hosting driveby pickups for the necessary supplies so that participants could continue to do the planned activities focusing on character development, healthy decision making, and other life skills. Apart from continuing their regular programs, Sylvia and her team created 18







Heartfelt Farewell to Myrna George Deckert | By: VERONICA NEVAREZ |


he El Paso community bids loving farewell to Myrna George Deckert, former CEO of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation and

an extraordinary leader devoted to improving quality of life in our region and beyond. While Myrna notably served as CEO at the Health Foundation from 2007 to 2016, her treasured years of service go well beyond. As CEO of the YWCA El Paso del Norte Region from 1970 to 2002, she was an exemplary leader in the advancement of women and girls at the local, national and global levels, serving as leader of the YWCA Change Initiative and chair of the YWCA USA/Global Campaign. She was honored nationally and received the prestigious Fred Rogers Leadership Award in Philanthropy for Children, Youth and Families in 2014. An El Paso Women’s Hall of Fame inductee, Myrna also had a local YWCA branch named in her honor and under her 40-year leadership, the El Paso YWCA became the nation’s largest. In response to Myrna’s passing, Tracy J. Yellen, Chief Executive Officer of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, said: “Myrna was a remarkable leader. She had the unique ability to engage and inspire diverse groups of people to support organizations and causes important to our community. She dedicated her career to improving lives. She loved El Paso, along with her colleagues, family and friends. She has left an indelible legacy.” A true mentor and highly influential leader to countless individuals in our community, Myrna will be missed, 19 but her amazing legacy will never be forgotten.

additional programs to aid during the COVID pandemic. There was concern for city’s elderly who were struck with isolation and loneliness and no longer able to work out at the facilities or interact with friends. In response, the YWCA created a check-in program and began to call their seniors, whether they were there for healthcare or living in their senior living communities. These calls happen regularly to check if they can assist in any way, make sure they are stocked with supplies, or simply engage in conversation and reassure them that they aren’t alone. Another project provides and delivers food to all members that request it. Having partnered with Project Amistad, Sylvia and the team at the YWCA also provide food to veterans and children with chronic illnesses. The YWCA is here to stay, pandemic or not, that is their commitment to our city. With a board made up entirely of women, they

November/December, 2020 bring their strengths to the table, and they’re working harder than ever to work together and focus on all that the YWCA does—they are here to serve. Sylvia passionately states, “We have such broad community support, and I think it’s because not only do they trust us, but they know whether it’s the best or worst of times, the YWCA will be there—that’s what we do. It is a great honor to be the CEO of this organization, the first Latina CEO. I feel it’s such a responsibility that has been bestowed upon me by this community and I work every day to make sure that we are doing everything we can to support this community that has been entrusted with me. I’m very proud of our staff, and our community, and to have this job.”

The Original Handcrafted Custom Cinnamon Roll

CELEBRATING OUR 20TH YEAR Serving the El Paso Coounity




8600 MONTANA AVE | 915.881.0300


Redefining Work and Space | By: LAURA GALLEGOS, Managing Editor photography by: DANIEL FREDERICK |

November/December, 2020

ork will never be the same.

from Singapore, was onto something special.

Whether or not life returns

That’s how Working Capitol was born.





adapted and work has been

The ability to develop, design, build and

reconceptualized. How we work, when we

operate a workspace was a dream come

work, who we work with— everything has

true. The space couldn’t be better—the old

changed. Working Capitol, an adventurous

El Paso Import Company located at 311

concept, is an example of that. The shared

Montana Ave. near downtown. “We were

workplace lies just outside of downtown and,

conditioned to be a shared economy and

surprisingly, is not a result of the pandemic

needed a place to work,” said Esper. “ We

but was imagined long before Covid-19.

began asking ourselves questions like: what are the complimentary business concepts

In 2018, Rida Asfahani and Christopher

that work together and where are the gaps?

Esper’s vision turned into reality. It had

How do you give people a flexible office

nothing to do with pandemics or being forced

space—a “workplace on demand” style of

into a certain way of working. It had to do

doing business.

with how they envisioned work in the future.

In fact, Esper’s thesis (Rida was on his thesis

Little did they know that months later, the

board) was focused on the future of work

world would be sitting in their jammies

and how it would evolve. Rida, an already

working at their home computers with

established architect with the firm Root (also

no place to conduct business because

responsible for Time in Montecillo), brought

everything was shut down. Now that we are

Esper onto his team. Rida knew that Esper,

slowly opening back up, people want to put

who had recently moved back to El Paso

their work clothes back on and meet people 23

face to face but, for many, they now have no

dedicated workspace gives you your own

place to do it. Working Capitol is that place.

desk and a place to store your items. Then there are private offices and private suites

Six 75” Digital/Dynamic Display throughout the shopping center with USB charging stations. The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso receives 8,000,000 visitors throughout the year.

There are options at Working Capitol. A

for those businesses who want a long-term

virtual office provides you a business address

solution (and lease). Along with that comes

and access to the conference room. A work

other amenities such as a coffee bar, a

spot gives you a seat at a community table

restaurant next door, and probably the most

and access to Working Capitol amenities. A

impressive one is the beautiful design of the

November/December, 2020

M e n at W o r k - R e d e f i n i n g W o r k a n d S pa c e

interior of this space. Of course, it would be

come alive inside the open-air concept. Old

To complete the shared space, Working

architects who developed it.

and new work together beautifully with the

Capitol has a Salt + Honey Express Coffee

addition of 100-year-old factory windows

Bar for much needed caffeine to accomplish

So, in addition to being utilitarian, the space

bought at auction and masonry and tiles

your work. For sustenance, in the middle

is oozing with aesthetically pleasing design

from Guadalajara for the taqueria. “People

of the day, Taconeta shares the space next

and respect to its historic preservation

crave authenticity,” said Chris. “So much

door. But this is bigger than coffee, muffins,

and original structure. Once the architects

is synthetic.” Regional modern eclectic?

and tacos. “The cafe and restaurant creates

de-layered the building, they uncovered

Whatever you call the design, it comes

a space for chance encounters,” said Rida.

original brick (stamped “made in Mexico”)

together in a way that seems natural with a

“The theory is that you will be able to

now exposed and the original arches inside

flow that’s indescribable until you step inside.

collaborate for new projects.”

were also kept intact. A mesh of materials such as glass, metal, concrete, and wood all


November/December, 2020

Even after being delayed due to the pandemic, Taconeta opened in July. Luckily, a walk-up take-out window was built into the design and has become their main source of business. Owners Alejandro Burunda and Daniel Fox, both have interesting backgrounds just like Chris and Rida. It is no wonder they are a collaboration—“four” peas in a pod. Alejandro and Daniel, native El Pasoans, moved back home from Austin after getting a taste of the food industry in the “weirdest” place in Texas. Alejandro, owner of the International Bar downtown, was itching to open a taqueria and happened to drive by the “for sale” sign at the old El Paso Import Company location. One inquiry led to a lease at the location and a partnership that makes this little restaurant next to Working Capitol a match made in heaven. The flavor of these tacos and the toppings are one-of-akind but the signature taste comes from the masa the tortillas are made from. “The masa


November/December, 2020

M e n at W o r k - R e d e f i n i n g W o r k a n d S pa c e

is made from scratch, hand grinded heirloom corn, regionally sourced from farmers in Oaxaca and the state of Mexico—native seeds, non gmo, no pesticide,” according to Alejandro. “The process in which the corn is treated is called Nixtamalization, which goes back to pre-colonial times,“ said Daniel. “The saying goes, ‘Sin maiz no hay pais,’” which in English means without corn there is no country. Don’t let this ancient process fool you, the menu is very contemporary with dishes rooted in tradition. Try the Teofilo Borundo taco, named after Alejandro’s uncle, former governor of Chihuahua. It is a cheesy, shrimp a la Diablo taco in a crispy corn tortilla. Also, vegan never tasted so good with the avocado tostada with pumpkin seed matcha, picked red onion and sprinkled with kale dust. It sounds crazy but sources close to this story insist it is to die for. Go by for a visit to see these young entrepreneurs with vision in action. Call for takeout at 915-303-8038 or order online at



November/December, 2020

Realized El Pasoans Fighting Hunger | By: HOPE ALEGRE photos courtesy of: EL PASOANS FIGHTING HUNGER |


November/December, 2020

Having been established only four years

Unlike a business, when this non-

ago, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger is the

profit starts a new venture, it comes

youngest foodbank in America. The

with expenses rather than revenue.

resilience to continually help the community

During the pandemic, they started a

has shone as a beacon of hope during this

home-delivery program to assist the

pandemic. Driving up to the facility, you are

elderly who are unable to leave their

met with the disheartening effects of COVID.

home, people with disabilities, and

People line the sidewalks across the region,

people dealing with a COVID positive

and like the ocean, they flow into a current

diagnosis. As a result of the pandemic,

of continuous directed movement—forced

they have faced many challenges, but

upon them by the grip of COVID-19.

never faltered—they adjusted.

As a food bank, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger

“At the beginning of the pandemic,

provides hunger and disaster relief for the

when shelves were emptied, it hit

most vulnerable people in the community. It’s

our food bank hard,” Susan states. “The

chains that support the food industry, were

important to understand that to provide the

big grocery stores were consuming the vast

effectively broken. We had to completely

service, they must operate as a business—a

amount of those products and the vast amount

redevelop our ability to source food. In this

trucking, logistics, and warehousing business

of the trucking assets. Within a couple of

region, we are a desert community, and very

with a charitable heart. For CEO Susan

weeks of the COVID crisis hitting this part of

little is produced here. In addition to that,

Goodell, her focus remains on balancing the

the country, the food industry, and the supply

we are isolated, and the cost of trucking to

resources that are needed to operate. For her, it comes down to a series of questions: Are there enough trucking assets? Is the building structured in a way that allows them to do the job properly? Is there enough manpower? Is there enough funding? and more importantly, is there enough food? These are just some of the questions that Susan has found herself asking daily to make sure they have the resources to feed the 8,000 families that will visit their distribution centers today, tomorrow and the days following.


E l Pa s oa n s F i g h t i n g H u n g e r

November/December, 2020

bring food in this community is astronomical.

nutritious, healthy food? How do the seniors

resources and the support of FEMA to

We had to quickly adjust our strategy and

maintain their cognitive abilities if they’re not

provide two months of food supplies.

purchase trucks and start running our own

getting adequate nutrition? It’s a workforce

fleet at an even higher level, so we can go

issue, it’s a healthcare issue, it’s an education

Additionally, they had to make sure they

and get those items.”

issue, and it’s an environmental issue as well

had enough help with daily labor to cover

as it is a humanitarian issue.”

the different pantries. For three months, 96 National Guard members were stationed

With a fleet of refrigerated trucks, including 12 tractor-trailers, they bring nutritious food

During the past seven months, Susan and the

here along with having continuous assistance

back into El Paso. Items include healthy frozen

team at El Pasoans Fighting Hunger have had

from Workforce Development and the Get

meats, fruits and vegetables, fresh dairy, and

to get creative to get the job done. One of

Shift Done program, which provides work for

canned and boxed goods. For too many of the

the strategies they began to look to was what

displaced restaurant workers.

people that they serve through the distribution

products became available with the closure of

centers, the only food they get is what they

the restaurants and cafeterias. They started

As CEO of such an extensive operation,

receive in a pre-loaded cart at the food bank.

bringing in yogurt in two-liter bags, designed

to Susan, this has meant a lot of different

Susan earnestly states, “If we aren’t able to

for a yogurt machine, logs of lunch meats

things. Located at the front of the building is

provide them a healthy mix of all the nutritional

intended to be sold at a deli, etc. Everything

her office, with large windows facing the line

items they need, then they can’t maintain a

was packaged for commercial use, but they

of individuals that are there, day in and day

healthy diet. Food is life. How do we raise

decided to continue to feed the community

out. “I see all of the people that come by, the

the next generation of leaders in this country

and get their hands on any nutritional food,

children, the elderly, the pregnant mothers

without the nutritional building blocks? How do

whether it was packaged for household use

… It is both a distressing and heartwarming

they learn in school, or concentrate if they’re

or not. For three months, this is how they

experience,” she expresses. “The stress

hungry? How do the working-age adults

fed the people of El Paso. The non-profit

has been colossal, but there has been an

perform at their jobs if they’re not getting

also turned towards available government

incredible amount of creativity to get through



November/December, 2020 the ever-changing landscape that we are

Bad weather doesn’t just affect your home, it affects your business, too.

navigating. May it be maintaining a healthy mix of food to keep on the assembly lines, to developing innovative programs with LYFT, the rideshare program, to delivering 1550 meals a week. There is no room for error. If the food bank has a bad day, then the families in our community have a bad week.” Although a vast majority of their agency partners were shut down at the head of the pandemic, they have managed to open up 90% of the soup kitchens, shelters, and pantries, while adhering to the Centers for





They completely reengineered distribution and




distribution sites, strategically located around the city, along with a mobile food pantry. Another considerable initiative they’ve taken on is the construction of a Food Farmacy, which will be another distribution point and resemble a grocery store. Once COVID is

Call today for coverage you can tailor to your needs. G.A. Delgado | 915-303-7122 | 4901 N MESA ST STE 3A 79912

behind us, it will target people with foodrelated illnesses. A developing partnership with the healthcare industry, doctors, nurse practitioners and hospitals will be able to refer patients to meet their dietary needs. Susan expresses her gratitude in one final statement, “Our hours are long, but I am so proud of this team. This team has come together and worked so hard. Every member

Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948

recognizes the challenges this community is facing. While the majority is sheltering in place, this team comes to work every day and

• Private Party Room

does everything in their power to make sure

• Beer & Wine

their neighbors are maintained. I cannot be any prouder of this relatively small group of people for making sure 138,000 El Pasoans have free meals today and every day.” El Pasoans Fighting Hunger is always looking for volunteers and if you are able, a charitable

• Outside Dining • Live Music Thur. to Sat. • We cater large or small events

donation can make all the difference. Visit for more information.

Italian.Kitchen. West m 31



November/December, 2020

History Repeats Itself... in Style


s there an area of our lives that hasn’t

accordingly. Accessories and pops of color can

been influenced in some “fashion” by the

provide flair, individuality and interest.

arrival of a global pandemic? From daily activities to financial decisions, Covid-19

Sustainability has also moved to the forefront,

has made its presence felt. A presence that

leading to a much more thoughtful approach

touches on every aspect of our daily lives,

to buying such as fewer purchases of that one-

including how we dress.

wear-outfit and a shift toward pieces you’ll return to again and again—think comfortable

People continue to spend much more time in

investment pieces. The growing concerns

their homes. Home offices have become the

regarding our planet, environmental footprints

“new norm” and e-commerce has taken the

and overproduction and consumption have

fast track into our daily lives. Jobs that formerly

moved to the forefront of the industry.

required their employees to dress appropriately

Upcycling has become much more enticing

for the office are now operating from a more

as we endeavor to limit our excess.

relaxed home office. Usually, this means a


more casual and comfortable approach to the

A major shift that both retailers and

workday. If a ZOOM meeting happens to be

consumers might appreciate is the decision

on the calendar, those looks can be dressed up

by many designers to scale back their

collections by returning to the prior calendar

are popping up on Instagram and TikTok.

of two major shows a year; spring/summer

Creativity lives on through new and innovative

and fall/winter. Fashion will get into the

formats and mediums.

hands of both buyers and sellers in a more seasonally appropriate manner. However,

“The only thing certain is that nothing is

there are designers such as Dior and Chanel

certain.” Pandemics happen and fashion

who will adhere to the six annual collections


to which they have become accustomed.

were commonplace during the Spanish






Flu Pandemic of 1918, Coco Chanel used So, what does all of this mean for us and our

foraged fabric during the first World War and

clothing and outfit choices?

our country came back to life in technicolor

For some, dressing up is greatly missed.

after the Great Depression. How we exist/

Fashionistas claim to feel “bleh” and

existed before, during and after such events

“unmotivated” turning to social media

is/was reflected in our fashion, perhaps not

platforms for opportunities to showcase

intentionally but consequentially. History


does repeat itself…with style.








such fits)

as and



Need a New Phone System?

We hear you. You need an up-to-date and reliable communication system that can meet the needs of your entire organization, even as business changes. We can help!


3 3 3 3 3

VoIP Phone System Unlimited local and long distance Locally Supported Flexible plans for your business Grows with your business

WOMEN IN BUSINESS Businesswomen Who Let Nothing Stand in Their Way


By: ???? photographed by: ????


Pronto body shop Tiffany Menefee 1420 Myrtle Ave. El Paso, Texas 79901 (915) 533-0912

Pronto Body Shop Pronto Body Shop continues its 40 year-long commitment to

Tiffany recently made the cover of Fender Bender Magazine’s

customer service in the auto collision industry under owner Tiffany

February 2019 issue. The write-up highlights the shop and shop

Menefee. After taking over as the body shop’s owner in 2015, Tiffany

owner’s success in changing the dynamic between insurance

has brought fierce girl power and much more to a male-dominated

companies and auto body shops. A family owned body shop

business. Many of the shop’s management positions are held by

recognized at the national level is something to be very proud of

women, including the front office, marketing and parts department,

considering the competition. The management and staff at Pronto

as well as the back shop. A woman’s touch and Tiffany’s experience

Body Shop understand just how much stress and frustration one can

of over 20 years investigating fraudulent insurance claims are just

face while dealing with an auto collision. Pronto Body Shop and their

two of the reasons customers are made comfortable and put at ease

commitment to customer service is no accident.

while dealing with an otherwise stressful situation. 36 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING


Lorraine Higgins Orangetheory Fitness, the international fitness Orangetheory workouts are backed by science, craze that is helping more than a million clients live tracked by technology and inspired by professional more vibrant and healthier lives, opened its doors in fitness coaches. The 60-minute workout is April 2019. The fitness studio’s first El Paso location designed to give maximum results and the gym is located at La Villita on Mesa, 6801 N. Mesa.

even offers a 30-day results guarantee.

Owner Lorraine Higgins also owns four more Lorraine doesn’t just run the business; she is an Orangetheory locations in Albuquerque and Santa avid Orangetheory fanatic. Fe, NM. “We are so honored to bring this life-

changing brand here. You can feel the excitement “I’ve lost 40 pounds and controlled my diabetes, around the growth in El Paso—the timing is right,” cholesterol and blood pressure,” says Lorraine. says Lorraine.

“Don’t underestimate the impact that this brand is having on the health of our world. I was so happy to open our first El Paso studio so we could offer a fun solution to El Pasoans.”

Visit and sign up to experience a free workout.

Lorraine Higgins Orangetheory Fitness 6801 N. Mesa El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 213-1226

By: DAVE ACOSTA photographed by: JOHN HORTA


November/December, 2020

Chef Ruli Diversifies Never Put Your Eggs in One Basket | By: VERONICA NEVAREZ photos courtesy of: CHEF RULIS GONZALEZ |


“See it through the expert eye”


he El Paso food scene has grown wildly over the last decade and

To start, this local favorite made its mark

while its roots remain strong, an

well beyond our turf, and on foodies from

influx of flavors from all around

all over the globe, by way of a feature on

the globe has become the new norm. This

none other than Guy Fieri’s highly acclaimed

is where one local chef has made his mark,

Food Network series, “Diners, Drive-In’s and

and beyond, through a fusion of flavors new

Dives,” a.k.a. “Triple D.” The official episode

and old. Enter Chef Rulis Gonzalez, Executive

aired on August 16, 2019 and featured

Chef and Owner of Rulis’ International

Rulis’ Oxtail Tostadas and Pasta Chihuahua.

Kitchen, and you’ll find a once financier for

Commenting on Rulis’ ability to uniquely

UBS, formerly Union Bank of Switzerland and

blend different cuisines, Guy said of the

one of the world’s largest Swiss banks, who

Pasta Chihuahua, “I think you made yourself

worked in private banking for nearly a decade

a dish that is a one of a kind” and described

from 1999-2008. That last year spent “serving

it as a “Mexican take on a Bolognese” from

the super, ultra-wealthy,” as he describes,

its mix of chorizo meat sauce, grilled steak

would mark the year he’d open his very first

and pasta, topped with cotija cheese and

restaurant. Today, Rulis’ International Kitchen

fresh cilantro. The show not only put Rulis’

has become a go-to eatery for El Pasoans

International Kitchen on the map, viewers

by serving up an intriguing and tantalizing

from Alabama to as far out as London,

variety of dishes that infuse worldly flavors

England have traveled here to experience,

with the traditional local flair that El Pasoans

firsthand, the deliciously eclectic plates that

know and love. What’s more, throughout the

Chef Rulis always has cooking up.


recent pandemic, Chef Rulis has successfully demonstrated a savvy ability to keenly adapt

Speaking of cooking shows, this leads us

and swiftly innovate during the already highly

to Chef Rulis’ latest sensation: “The Chuco

competitive landscape of the restaurant

Cooking Show.” The show is highly engaging

world as proven by his latest and greatest

and an eye-opener to the artisan growers and

culinary projects.

local farmers from right here in El Paso and


(915) 584-0226 elpasowindowco.com39

Chef Rulis

November/December, 2020

the surrounding area. Inspired by Chef Rulis’

with Chef Rulis,” complete with ingredient

passion for storytelling, specifically that of

bag and remote access to Rulis for virtual

El Paso’s rich culinary history, the show

cooking instruction from start to finish. As

pays homage to the dishes that so many of

we know, the current pandemic has shifted

us love, but can’t always explain the exact

the consumer mindset to that of ordering

origins of. “We want to make the content

in or takeout, which makes these cooking

something that will make El Paso proud,”

classes a fun alternative. More importantly,

explains Rulis and adds, “We’re doing it for

it demonstrates Chef Rulis’ adaptability amid

El Paso.” The show launched in late July

the pandemic, a trait that doesn’t always

of this year, is easily found on Facebook

come easy in business and trait that sets

and has a dedicated YouTube channel with

businesses apart from the rest. Topping that

a rapidly growing list of subscribers. From

is Rulis’ support of fellow local business

his first episode’s fascinating visit to Myers

owners struggling during the crisis via a

Mushrooms EPTX, which showcases their

makeshift “bodega” that he set up inside

gourmet Lion’s Mane and Blue Oyster

his restaurant to sell local fruit and produce

mushrooms, to an entertaining stop at Dead

from the likes of Sierra Vista Growers, and

Beach Brewery, where Rulis explains how

neighboring products from places like The

Oktoberfest came to be a Sun City tradition,

Tea Spout and Mtn Pass Coffee Co., and

the show’s a definite hit.

where he recently showcased his new “Fall Market.”

In fact, those inclined to roll up their own Clearly, the entrepreneurial spirit remains

cooking classes, a.k.a. “Chuco Cuisine

alive and well for a finance guru gone food






sleeves can partake in Chef Rulis’ new live


ed Where Art Meets M


Injectables Laser Services Intimate Health Dermatologic Tailored Aesthetics


Karen Herman, MD 915.745.5888 7470 Cimmaron Plaza Building 13, Suite 100 El Paso, Texas

November/December, 2020 aficionado as demonstrated in Rulis’ ability to innovate and adapt from day one. He points to his time in finance as lending a “perspective that is very different from a lot people,” but not anything that necessarily “defines” him. Undoubtedly, his days in finance likely served as the catalyst that led him to embark on what was, ultimately, his true calling. His relentless passion for the flavors that define our area and beyond is unquestionable. Today, Chef Rulis continues to finesse the very taste and flair that is proudly our city’s own, while uniquely enhancing our area’s cuisine in a way that not many chefs in our area can. When asked about his “Triple D” experience, he graciously sums it up as “the gift that keeps on giving.” And that embodies the very savoir faire that this extraordinary chef has exemplified in his love for food, cooking and El Paso—and what’s become Chef Rulis’ own gift to the Sun City!

Get Social With Us @tableoccasions


November/December, 2020


Explore our recommended products and see how you can become yourself, refined. | By: ANDY MARTINEZ | 42

h i s p r e r o g at i v e

November/December, 2020





1 Gel Facial Cleanser | Grown Alchemist Let’s face it, modern jobs rarely expose you to the elements like the those of ye olde days. Sure, you can act tough, but typing away at the computer and attending meetings from home is rarely going to leave you with rugged hands and gnarly sun exposure. Never before have we been able to maintain a youthful appearance for longer. This is not to say that environmental aggressors don’t exist and won’t affect you, because they’re all around us. Tools like this gentle cleanser leaves skin soothed, without going in too viciously to remove grime that is simply not there.

$47 |

2 Kiehl’s | Avocado Nourishing Hydrating Mask Different facial masks target different areas of concern, Clay masks work to extract impurities and exfoliate, sheet masks heavily replenish skin’s hydration, and those black peel-off masks work to make a eyeroll-inducing social media videos and ruin your skin. There’s a purpose for every step in a routine, and this avocado mask not only brings you back to the aesthetic glory of 50s suburbia (without the problematic history), but it brings your skin the radiance and softness it deserves. Through seasonal transition, its’s important to try different methods of keeping your skin in tip top shape. Because your skin from this year’s fall is not exactly the same as last year’s.

$45 |

3 Root Science | Tonic In order to get the best result and bang for your buck from your moisturizer, it’s important to prep the skin and get it ready to absorb and use all the nutrients to their full potential. That’s why toners exist, they rid the skin of any remaining inpurities and balance the skin before adding serums, oils or moisturizers. The floral-citrus scent comes from the different distilled waters and add a sense of luxury to a skincare step that many omit. Many toners almost seem to strip any previous steps you’ve done to retain hydration, however, this toner helps retain existing moisture so that there’s no need to overcompensate with your following steps.

4 Dr. Dennis Gross | Stress Repair Face Cream For use in the morning and before bed, this moisturizer penetrates the skin to lift smooth the skin’s






$50 |




texture throughout the day. Also working to reduce irritation and redness, this moisturizer serves as a barrier that prevents the effects of daily stressors. Good for all skin types, this face cream absorbs quickly while still maintaining a level of resistance to keep nutrients in and constantly working.

$72 |




November/December, 2020


1 1/2 ounces Maker’s Mark Fresh mint Fresh blackberry Brown sugar cube Club soda In Shaker Add cube of brown sugar, fresh mint, fresh blackberry and muddle Add Maker’s Mark Add ice Shake well In Highball Glass Fill with ice Strain shaker into glass Top off with club soda Garnish with fresh blackberry and sprig of fresh mint Sit down, take a load off and enjoy!

Blackberry Crush Recipe contributed by: The Holy Grail, 5860 N. Mesa, 915-303-8045


Men in Business Businessmen Who Tackled 2020


Eduardo Orozco Great American Steakhouse 1300 Airway Blvd., Ste. D. El Paso, TX 79925 Website: Social: @gasteak_usa

Great American Despite recent economic pressure, Eduardo Orozco, Sr.’s business empire along the Texas-Mexico region continues thriving. Last September, with the help of his sons, Eduardo, Edgar and Andres, Orozco Sr. opened up a new Great American location, fresh look and all. Eduardo Orozcos’ story dates back to about a quarter of a century ago. In 1994, Eduardo Orozco Sr. risked everything he owned to buy a single Wendy’s. He has since turned that investment into a diverse portfolio of 58 restaurants and eight brands in 19 cities, employing approximately 2,900 people across Texas and Mexico. Passion is the foundation of Great American Hospitality’s explosive expansion and rising reputation among restaurateurs. The founder himself sets the bar high. His ambition and attention to detail are palpable


at every establishment, be it a franchise like Applebee’s or an original

and smoking section. A vast collection of cigars, mostly from South

concept like Ciudad Juarez’s Ardeo Brasas Kitchen. Regardless of the

America, are also offered to guests, along with personalized cocktails

brand, he carefully considers every aspect of the dining experience,

and a premium liquor selection.

from enticing menus to impeccable service, fluid operations, practical layouts, and attractive interior design and decor. His wife, Cecilia, has

The Orozco team strives to make every dining experience pleasant

always been his closest advisor.

and perfect for every guest, while the sibling duo also works hard to make everything 100% local. Eduardo recently expanded the

As his holdings have grown, Eduardo has acquired the freedom

menu at the newest Great American, adding a beat salad, impossible

to innovate to his heart’s content. He has transformed the Great

burger and broccoli cauliflower. Classics such as the surf and turf and

American Steakhouse brand to elevate the local cuisine. It’s a devotion

porterhouse remain hot commodities.

he encourages his staff members to adopt, asking his managers to treat the restaurants they run as their own.

All of Orozco’s restaurants are family-owned and operated. Trusting his team to transmit his passion, the founder infuses his enterprise

There are many new changes and details at their newest location

with the vigor and resilience to continue to thrive. Perhaps, that is his

at 1300 Airway, Ste. D., near Edgemere Boulevard. New features

best recipe of all.

include an open kitchen, bakery, visible butchery, private dining rooms By: MARGO LEPE photographed by: ANDY MARTINEZ


Kevin Daniel Resendiz, an El Paso native, is this area’s newest Texas agent whose goal is to help customers identify the insurance coverage that best fits their needs, while trying to keep their premiums as low as possible. This process is straightforward and personalized to each client to help them make the smartest decision when it comes to insurance coverage. Kevin has the knowledge and experience to help clients understand their coverage options-whether that’s auto, home, life, renters, business insurance and more. Kevin prides himself in handling his client’s claims with the care and knowledge that is deserved. Working hand-in-hand with Farmers® Claims Representatives to assure the best outcome for each and every client and work to return their life to normal as quickly as possible. The Kevin Daniel Resendiz Farmers® Agency’s mission is to serve its El Paso/Texas clients with all their insurance needs and to assist you and your family with finding the coverage you need to


protect what you love the most. Contact the agency to help you plan, prepare and protect what matters.

www “If you love it, it matters, insure it with Kevin.” www www

Kevin Daniel Resendiz Farmers® Insurance Agent Farmers Insurance Agency 4026 N Mesa St., Ste F2 El Paso, TX 79902 (915) 222-8220 Social: @kevindanielfarmersagent



125 THUNDERBIRD SUITE G EL PASO, TX 79912 915 • 243 • 3139

sugurskull sugarskull_boutique

around COVID (www.makingartpossible.



com) that displays their artwork they


created from home,” says Creative Kids

making art kits for all its

Executive Director and Co-Founder,





participants in their hospital

Drea Gates-Ingle. “Children can always

art program, after school programs in

come back for more instruction during

Fabens, and for the Boys and Girls Club

our two-hour classes given on Zoom and

during Covid. This includes their newest

Google Meet.”

program which helps children that were directly affected from the August

The program is making sure their

3rd tragedy. The kits are made each

program participants are not forgotten

month and are delivered to the various

during these challenging times and

locations. Inside each kit, there are

that art continues to be an important

supplies and the lesson plans needed to

part of their daily lives. If you would like

get them through their program for the

more information on Creative Kids visit

month. They are also contacted weekly or call 915-533-9575.

for virtual art classes. 50





“We also have a website we created




reative Kids, a non-profit providing

November/December, 2020

Space Options Short-term agreements keep things flexible. Fully-furnished designer spaces, there is a space

Amenities High-Speed Fiber Optic Internet Roasted Coffee Business Class Printers 24-Hour Access Personal and Business Addresses Exclusive Member Benefits and Discounts Front Desk Concierge Private Phone Booths Bike Storage

for every size business! Military, Service Personal & Student Discounts Available

Shared Space : $250 Month Our Shared Space memberships give you the freedom to work in all our Shared Space areas with access to all member amenities. Best for: Startups and small companies, Freelancers and consultants, Remote workers

Dedicated Desk : $400 Month Choose one of our luxury Dedicated Desks with locking drawers, in one of our stylish private rooms. You’ll get access to premium private rooms. You’ll get access to premium amenities with a guaranteed spot to plug in and get to work. Best for: Startups and small companies, Freelancers and consultants, Remote workers

24/7 Security Designer Furniture Monthly Networking Event Daily Cleaning

Private Office : $1,400 Month Luxury corporate-style offices that will impress your clients. Enclosed, lockable offices can accomodate teams of any size. Move-in-ready, with desks, chairs and filing cabinets. Best for:

Mail & Package Handling Unique Common Area 3 Fully Stocked Refrigerators with Snacks & Refreshments Conference Room with Interactive Monitors and Projectors

Companies of 1-100+ Satellite and established teams Autonomy within community

Office Suites : VARIES An upgraded Private Office with access to premium shared spaces and amenities. Includes your own meeting room, lounges, and executive offices dedicated to your team. Best for: Team of 25+ Large Satellite office Regional HQ

Contact us:

(833) DOWNTWN - (833)369-6896 522 San Francisco St. El Paso TX 79901



E l pa s o zo o

November/December, 2020

El Paso Zoo Finds Creative Ways to Bring the Zoo to You | By: SARAH BORREGO, El Paso Zoo Event Coordinator, in conjunction with the El Paso Zoological Society


down, and the Zoo closes to the

The Zoo Society joined the virtual fundraiser

public? You become creative! The

craze creating a fundraiser, Bat to the Bone,

El Paso Zoo, and the Zoological Society

conservation with a twist that was educational

are writing the book on keeping Zoo lovers

and fun during the Halloween weekend!

connected to the animals they know and love.

The fundraiser focused on bats the most

hat happens when the world shuts

misunderstood mammal on the planet. Quick Thanks to social media, the Zoo and the Zoo

fun fact. Did you know that bats pollinate the

Society bring the Zoo to the homes of thousands

agave plant a key ingredient in tequila?

of area residents. Programs to include the Sofa Safari, designed to take viewers behind the

While we all miss seeing visitors at the Zoo,

scenes, have been a hit with viewers. The Zoo

we work every day to keep the Zoo top of

Education Department “visited” with viewers

mind, and to communicate with our Zoo

about a wide variety of animals, and gave

members, and the thousands of guests who

little known facts. What a way to visit the Zoo

visit the Zoo annually. Follow the El Paso Zoo

without having to leave home!

and the El Paso Zoo Society on Facebook and Instagram, for up to date information on the

The Zoo Society complimented the Sofa

Zoo. The information is as entertaining, as it

Safari Program on Facebook and Instagram

is informative. Until we meet again in person,

as well, by producing tours of the various

stay healthy, and stay safe!

areas of the Zoo and capturing fan favorite pictures to keep audiences entertained. The El Paso Zoo continues to offer virtual trips to the Zoo to keep children and their families engaged in Zoo life. Recently, Lailah, our tamandua (anteater) was the tour guide taking fans throughout the Zoo to say hello. The response was tremendous!

Whatever Your Occasion

Plan it With Us! Gatherings That Inspire Unforgettable Social Events Call 915.342.1407 BIANCA.ARREOLA@HILTON.COM


November/December, 2020


PCA CHEMICAL PEELS ARE USED TO IMPROVE TONE, TEXTURE, FINE LINES AND WRINKLES, BREAKOUTS AND DARK SPOTS. These exfoliation treatments penetrate the stratum corneum, outer layer of the skin, to aid in the nourishment of the deeper levels of the skin, the epidermis and dermis.


915.351.0032 | MIXSALONSPA.COM 53


ashion, by many accounts, is just seen as clothing—a new trend for a new year. As it turns out, it is a way

to send a message not only by consumers, but by brands as well. Fashion activism is alive and well and used as a means for social change by engaging in modern social and political movements. The mission of NI EN MORE is founded off of this practice. Founded by artists Lise Bjorne Linnert, Jane Terrazas, and Veronica Corchado, NI EN

Ni En More

November/December, 2020

Fashion Activism Alive in Juarez | By: HOPE ALEGRE |

MORE—translating to NOT ONE MORE— believes in offering economic independence as a stepping stone for facing challenges of abuse and violence. Located in Ciudad Juárez, a city known for the systemic murders of women from all levels of society, the most vulnerable are women with a low socioeconomic status. NI EN MORE contributes to and honors the fight for injustice through the handembroidered protest patches that are given with each garment sold, or sold separately. Embroidered in the shape of a flower, the petals symbolize a gleam of hope while also representing the flowers used to naturally color the garments made in the studio. The pink cross in the middle serves to honor a fight for justice that has been occurring since 1996. Although the core of this social innovation project is a sewing studio, its purpose is to meet the needs of women in a more effective way. The sustainable business model that these artists work with aides in the production of clothing while coincidingly providing a safe work environment, fair wages,





above all. The initiative will also help create the necessary confidence and skills that contribute to financial independence. It is a long-term goal for NI EN MORE to use their skills and experience to continue helping the conditions for women in Juárez while investing any and all profits made back into the studio and worker’s communities.

54 54

November/December, 2020

Make-A-Wish, alongside the El Paso Regional Council, extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to those who gave and continue to give in honor of Wish Night El Paso. Though we were unable to gather this year, these amazing supporters are still helping us grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. By supporting Make-A-Wish, you are a light of hope throughout this time – and beyond.

Richard Baish, Chris and Cindy Dietrich, George Dipp, Cliff and Martha Eisenberg, El Paso Chi Omega Alumnae Chapter, Firth Bunn Kerr Neill Law Firm, Rachel Gabriel, Glenna Gaddy, Claiborne Gallagher, Harold and Beth Hahn, Scott and Lynn Kobren, Hal Marcus, Yvonne Martell, Margie Melby, Cindy Metrikin, Monarch Building Services, Mt Franklin Kiwanis, Gary and Lisa Nadler, Ortega, McGlashan & Perez, PLLC, Faynell Poe, Pamela Ray, Judy and Kirk Robison Foundation, Rocky Springs Water Company, Angela Santoscoy, Robert E. Skov, William Spurbeck, MD, Alton and Beth Thomas, Julie Tomlin, Vantage Bank Texas, Lettie Intebi Velasco


November/December, 2020

mama’s boy BY LANY As is typical for many artists and bands’ trajectories, LANY has chosen mama’s boy to be the album in which the band returns to its roots. A sweeping tribute to their origins, the band members call back to their upbringing. On “cowboy in LA” Paul Klein looks to hometown comforts with lyrics like “Oklahoma, it made a man out of me.” Although they don’t strip their sound of the classic California boy-in-love shimmer, (the kind you share with a new connection to express those burgeoning feelings) the tunes still have moments of self-reflection and unique vulnerability.

Fake It Flowers By Beabadoobee | By:A N DY


Of TikTok fame, Bea Kristi has managed to grapple at the nostalgia that late millennials who post “feel old yet?” memes have been struggling to accept while attempting to fit in with their Gen Z counterparts. What can double as the soundtrack to a mid-2000s Diablo Cody-esque feature, the album includes the opening track “care” that could perfectly punctuate through the credits of a turn-of-thecentury teen movie a la “Built This Way.” Fake It Flowers wears its heart on its sleeve and carries the bright euphoria of the era while wrapping itself for an almost-niche audience, the kind to write the lyrics on the sides of worn-down Chuck Taylors.

Sundowner By Kevin Morby For his latest album, Kevin Morby looks to his folk roots. The kind of storytelling that recounts every detail along the way to make even the most mundane feel like part of the journey. With this new record, the songs feel like those that a grandfather would whistle for years before you finally ask what the tune is. “Valley” takes you on a trip to the kind of locations that inspire the tracks, with a fitting guitar solo to prepare you for the short stories these songs become.

Apolonio By mar Apollo A collection of influences and moods that span from lo-fi motifs, Mexican corrido to hip hop and funk, Apolonio is a sonic example of the growth that Omar Apollo has had over the years of creating music for those that longed for a tune to tell their story more closely. Full of songs that are bound to become fixtures of many romantic’s playlists, Apollo makes sure that everyone can find something they’ll identify with. “Useless,” one of the highlights of the albums, brings a lo-fi melodrama that can be sung along with from the sweetest of whispers to a growling scream. Either way, the song, the album and the person that chooses to sing along is more vulnerable for it.


CELEBRATING OUR 20TH YEAR Serving the El Paso Coounity




Articles inside

Mix Salon

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El Paso Windows

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Make a Wish

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Rugged Trade

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