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Breast Cancer Warriors El Paso's

The Importance of Early Detection


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October, 2019

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October, 2019



October, 2019




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Here and Now


Dr. Lyle Weeks









Hidden Gem


October, 2019

2017 2016

2015 2014 2013 C B ES T C O S M ETI CE CTI SURG E RY P R A


f e i h C n I r o t i d E T

here are those who might think that fashion is lame. That caring too much about

clothing, style and any of those things might be considered frivolous, but if one

thinks about the power that fashion holds, or the power that the lack of fashion

holds, we can begin to reconsider its importance. Fashion is one of the primary

markers of history, a representation of the tides of social change and a display of distinction and unity amongst different cultures. Believe it or not, or like it or not, a sense of fashion is important. Our chosen appearance makes strong statements about who we are. Statements that can vary from dressing like you’re ready for that next level in your career, to unambitiously dressing for no goal in particular. Either of these positions, and all the rest in between, come with consequences—some positive, some negative, some desired and some unwanted. Either way, the platitude still remains, perception is reality. It’s not about the size you do or don’t wear—we’ve moved past that as a society. It’s not about knowing the latest makeup trends, as those will always change. It’s about the pride we take in our appearance and what expectations we establish for ourselves in terms of our presentation. For our annual fashion issue, we have gathered remarkable stories of those making strides within the fashion and beauty world. Romina Cenisio shares the story about her desire to make a name for herself in fashion, and how her dedication landed her on, all the while incorporating the influences of El Paso. Christine Puentes also tells us about her childhood and shows us the influences that traditional Mexican design has on “Poetitlan,” her contemporary fashion creations. The City Magazine has the pleasure of housing some of the most forward-thinking creatives in the city. One of our own, Account Executive Kristin Brown, along with her best friend Danielle Lopez, have created Thicc Thoughts, a network by and for “bigger girls,” an epithet that they have reclaimed to boost confidence and acceptance for women who might feel like they, for a long time, have been sidelined and relegated to a supporting role. I applaud her innovative mindset as she works toward cultivating a more accepting society. October is breast cancer awareness month. University Medical Center has, for a long time in the region, been one of the many care facilities for treating the disease. This year, UMC kicked off “Power of Pink,” an event dedicated to raising awareness and promoting early detection. The center has also, in conjunction with El Paso’s own, and one of my dear friends, Estela Casas, opened the Estela Casas Infusion Center for Hope and Healing. Read more on those surviving the disease and the power that community has in maintaining the strength of those affected. Welcome to our October issue and may you put your best foot forward, in a fabulous heel.


October, 2019

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October, 2019

Andy Martinez

Michelle Cromer

Elaine Gordon

Marko Morales

Austin North

Jesse Maynes

Daniel Frederick

Luis Mariano

John Horta

Janene Rojas

Ladonna Apodoca

Dav Anmed

Veronica Nevarez

Grace The Psychic Lady

Zak Hansen

Art Moreno Jr.

Kristin Brown

Henry Craver

Jonathan Weingers

Lauren Macias-Cervantes

October, 2019


Hope Alegre

Breast Cancer Warriors

100 years Just

El Paso's

The Importance of Early Detection


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Coffee with a

Global Kick

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Beautnifgus l Weddi

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Christi London Go ing Fashion Week ? ur Au Nat el Of Maids and Men

Elyse Simons

Altering Traditions

and the

Power of Fashion 87

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October, 2019

Worlds More than

: Fashion El Pasoan

Designs Stylish

and Sustainable Creative Platform | By: KAYLA MELSON photography by: SERGIO ACOSTA |


W o r l d s M o r e t h a n Fa s h i o n


or many young creatives, designing their

own clothing and accessories is a fun hobby.

thereafter, which became the most shared and trending story on Vogue that week.

But, for one El Paso designer, it means “It was an amazing feeling,” she says

worlds more.

excitedly. “I thought of this concept to “Fashion design, for me, actually happened

redefine what a ‘resort’ means to us. We

as more of a necessity than a hobby,” says

think of luxury and tropical vacations ... but

Romina Cenisio. “(But) I...realized it was an

I wanted to create a world where a resort is

art form and not just something you have to

conscious, has depth, and takes responsibility

do for necessity.”

for its existence.”

The daughter of Italian immigrants, Romina

The designer worked with a team of

says designing her own fashions became a

photographers, including Sergio Acosta and

part of her life when she was just a young

native El Pasoan Manny Soto, to capture the

child. She would eagerly watch as her

vivid shots.

mother, a seasoned seamstress who learned the trade in her native country, would save

“It was great to shoot in my hometown with

money by making her family’s clothes with

all local talent. I had a great opportunity to

her own two hands.

represent my city in a beautiful way,” Manny says. “I’m very blessed and humbled to have

“From a young age, I would be her little helper,”




my work recognized by Vogue.”


alumna recalls. “I was always ... cutting my

The feature piece showcases Romina’s

clothes (and) wearing vintage before it was

bright, nature-themed ensembles juxtaposed

cool and accepted.”

with the smooth dunes of Red Sands and bright blue skies of east El Paso County.

Romina Cenisio

Following a childhood full of needles and threads, Romina decided to pursue a career

“I wanted the young locals to be proud of

in fashion design by attending the Fashion

where they’re from and that was one reason

Institute of Technology in New York City and

I shot my campaign there,” she says. “I

has lived in the Big Apple ever since.

wanted to bring the beauty of our home to the rest of the world, and somehow, I did it.”

“I went to college to study fashion, but since I already knew fashion design, I took classes

Infinite Resort is not only inspired by nature,

for all other types of fashion, from styling

but also plays its part in helping preserve

to textile design,” she explains. “Coming

the planet. “Anything I release will be

to NYC allowed me to truly flourish and

sustainable, made in the best way I can, and

be myself without feeling the anxiety that

will be connected to nature in some way,

comes with being judged by people that

shape or form,” Romina explains.

aren’t as expressive.” Romina says she felt so compelled by her Years later, Romina now finds herself at the

love for Mother Nature that she enrolled in

helm of her own sustainable fashion line and

pre-veterinary medicine courses, and had

creative travel platform, Infinite Resort. The

many enlightening experiences with wildlife

business launched on Earth Day and had an

in the process.

“It was great to shoot in my hometown with all local talent. I had a great opportunity to represent my city in a beautiful way. I’m very blessed and humbled to have my work recognized by Vogue.” – Manny Soto

exclusive online feature on shortly


October, 2019


October, 2019


October, 2019 “I always wanted to find a way to combine these two things in my life,” she says. “They are so opposite of one another—fashion is known for being a huge contributor to climate change and it’s always been difficult for me to work in an industry that dismissed the needs of our planet.” Going forward, Romina hopes Infinite Resort will one day transcend the fashion sphere. “The future of Infinite Resort lies in immersive events, panels, conscious travel reporting and a virtual reality travel experience,” she says. “Eventually, this will be a communityled platform where people can engage and travel consciously and ethically.” In the meantime, Romina is inviting other designers, and the rest of the community, to join the movement. “Building something this big requires big risk, lots of time, dedication and lots of support,” she says. “I welcome everyone on this journey with me!”

October, 2019


October, 2019


October, 2019


October, 2019

Battling Breast Cancer

Surviving Warriors hampion CAwareness | By: LAUREN MACIAS-CERVANTES |


Power of Pink’s wall of survivors

October, 2019 The Stand with Estela fund committed $100,000 over the next five years to the University Medical Center Foundation and named the infusion center on the first floor of UMC after KVIA anchor and breast cancer survivor, Estela Casas. “Pink is synonymous with breast cancer so I invite everyone to wear pink proudly but it’s also a challenge to use that power with purpose to educate about staying on top of your health,” said Estela, who will also be this year’s speaker for Power of Pink. “My goal is to not only raise awareness of this disease that affects so many women in our community but to also raise money to help families on this journey that’s tough emotionally,





Through our work with UMC we hope to more than double the $100,000 to impact very October, pink ribbons

“Cancer is such a difficult diagnosis, breast

in support of breast cancer

cancer of course is one of the most difficult

awareness increase in visibility.

you can get,” said Ana. “We promote the

It’s that one month out of the

awareness and education, not only of the

year where events, fundraisers

patient but of the family. It’s very important

and promotional material focus on the deadly

that they understand the treatment and what

disease. According to the Centers for Disease

they will be going through.”

Control and Prevention, not counting some kinds of skin cancer, breast cancer in the

One of the services University Medical Center

United States is the most common cancer in

features is the recently dedicated Estela

women regardless of race or ethnicity.

Casas Infusion Center for Hope and Healing.

more lives. We cleared a two-year mark after my diagnosis in August and every day is a gift and opportunity to make a difference.” UMC also features a boutique that offers wigs and scarves, support groups and screening technology. “We have 3D mammogram systems in our clinics as well as in the main campus that can detect cysts and tumors 40 percent sooner,” said Ryan Mielke, Director of Public Affairs at

For years, the “Power of Pink” has celebrated survivors and promoted early detection. This year, for the first time, University Medical Center was home for the kick-off. “The biggest goal is awareness,” said Ana Garcia, Director of Medical Oncology at University Medical Center. “Breast cancer is one of those cancers that can be found early and be treated to keep it from spreading.” The event features speakers and traveling display boards of survivors that make their way around different hospitals to promote awareness.


October, 2019 University Medical Center. “We see daily the

you’re up against … all you know is you’re

she was told she was in remission and

effects of people putting off getting checked.

fighting for life and then the doctor tells you

started her new lease on life. Just one year

I have six sisters and I want to make sure

you’re fighting for time—there is no life.”

later though, cancer came back and this time so strong that it robbed her of her voice and

that I do everything I can to help people understand how important this is.”

The single mom had found a pea-sized bump

ability to swallow.

on the side of her breast one night while getting Ana agrees, and adds one critical suggestion:

ready for bed and that week went to see a

“When I saw the x-rays, there were tumors

“It’s important to remind people of all ages,

doctor for her first mammogram and biopsy.

everywhere,” she recalled. “The doctor told

not just people in their 40’s.”

Three weeks later, the bump was the size of

me to go home because I wasn’t going to

a lemon. After 14 rounds of chemotherapy

make it through chemo.”

Jessica Bustamante can attest to that piece

and surgery, an infection landed Jessica back

of advice. The former beautician and salon

in the hospital. Emergency surgery was soon

Her diagnosis of bone cancer was so grim,

owner was given less than one year to live

followed by her second cancer diagnosis, this

she was placed on hospice.

almost five years ago. At 39, with no history

time in the lungs. There was no question her

of breast cancer, Jessica was diagnosed with

cancer was aggressive.

Jessica endured six rounds of chemo and again resorted to non-traditional treatment

stage 4 breast cancer. While she found it hard to believe, she refused to give in and

“They told me the average growth rate of

methods to enhance her therapy. She

quickly embarked on the fight of her life.

cancer is 12-25 percent and mine had a

attributes her survival to her strong faith and

growing rate of 87 percent,” said Jessica.

the decision to change her life.

“Getting a cancer diagnosis is one thing,” she

“They gave me an average life span of a

recalled, “but when you’re told your time is

year with chemo.”

“I’ve been fighting this for over five years now when I was only given a year,” said

limited; that changes everything. Here you are thinking you’re fighting a battle, you’re going

Jessica pursued additional ammunition for

Jessica. “Today I’m not going through chemo

through your fears, you don’t know what

her fight and changed her lifestyle. In 2015

or radiation. Everybody’s life is different, we


Estela Casas with her children-Carolina, Marcos, Andrés Hernandez

October, 2019

professional makeup artistry bridal • print • video • special events

610.360.0501 w w w. e l y s e s i m o n s . c o m



S u r v i v i n g Wa r r i o r s C h a m p i o n Awa r e n e s s

October, 2019

each need to take ownership and consider personal choices. I deal with so many people that are diagnosed with a terminal illness and see they give up before they even get started.” Jessica never gave up. She went from a stage 4 cancer patient to one that visits her oncologist every four months. She says her cancer markers are better and feels great. Her time is now spent on developing an 11-week online course for cancer patients, visiting with families affected by the disease and volunteering with doctors. She uses social media to provide encouragement and daily tips and looks forward to the launch of her book! “When you believe the impossible is possible, there is nothing you cannot do, including healing your body.” Against all odds, when once she was told she would not see her son graduate from high school, this year Jessica will fly to see him graduate from college. While Jessica’s story is exceptional, not everyone has a similar outcome. For that reason, it’s crucial to remain vigilant, take care of yourself, get health checks regularly and pay attention to any changes Jessica Bustamante


in your body. In the end, an early diagnosis can make a life difference.

October, 2019

Jessica receiving treatment

S u r v i v i n g Wa r r i o r s C h a m p i o n Awa r e n e s s

Jessica today



October, 2019

Fa s h i o n I n s p i r e d by t h e L a n d o f t h e P o e t s

Fashion Inspired by the Land of the Poets | By: HOPE ALEGRE Photos by: Jude Bencomo and Dominique Olivas he love of fashion often derives from

reconstruction of her Barbie’s dresses. “I

stylist and art authenticator in San Francisco.

fascination and appreciation. This remains

was always interested in pattern making, and

However, feeling at a crossroads in life,

true for fashion designer Christine Puentes,

how you made a flat piece of fabric fit around

Christine decided to move back to El Paso to

the body,” Christine says.

start her own brand. “I’ve always had this idea


creative director and CEO of Poetitlan.

and interest of doing something with Mexico,

Ever since she was a little girl, Christine

admired the delicate clothing in department

Having moved from California to El Paso

and I believe that high end or luxury doesn’t

stores she saw during trips taken with her

with her family at the age of five years old,

only come from one country … what makes

mother. While others her age were playing

Christine returned to the golden state at the

something high end is the human hand, and

between the racks, Christine handled the

age of 17. She attended the Academy of Art

the talent and imagination,” she says.

clothes with care, examining the seam to

University and received a Bachelor of Fine

see how they were made. Her first attempt

Arts in women’s fashion design. Christine

Inspired by Mexico and all of its beautiful

at making clothes started with a needle and

continued living her dream and gained

artistry and traditionally handmade items,

thread, and included the deconstruction and

experience working as a designer, milliner,

Christine had the idea to push it into modernity



and do something new with it. In November

founding of Poetitlan is Christine’s way of

of 2018, she started looking at artisans in

incorporating her culture and protecting

Mexico working in fair trade conditions,

something so precious while translating it

along with looking at places for production

into her medium. “I felt that it was a very

and eco-conscious fabrics. In January of

underappreciated resource, especially in the

this year, Christine launched Poetitlan. The

world of fashion. There are a lot of Mexican

October, 2019

Fa s h i o n I n s p i r e d by t h e L a n d o f t h e P o e t s

designers right now who try to emulate

forth something positive about what it is to

much to discover.” Poetitlan is more than

European designers, but I feel like they’re

be Mexican along with building a brand that

a luxury clothing brand, but something that

leaving behind something so beautiful. That

is inclusive of all types of beauty. Poetitlan,

encompasses and intertwines her love for

was really the reason why I felt almost a

a word made up by Christine, translates to

nature, anthropology, animals, and art. As

responsibility to invest into that culture,”

land of the poets—to her, that’s what Mexico

she puts it, it’s all about respect. Respect for

she says. It is also Christine’s way to bring

is: “It’s filled with beautiful tales, and just so

our bodies, our culture and our workers.


Fa s h i o n I n s p i r e d by t h e L a n d o f t h e P o e t s


October, 2019


Christine also concentrates on small batch

Carillo, who is a Mata Ortiz master, which is

production as an effort to cut back on

an ancient ceramic art form. Not to mention

waste, since the fashion industry tends to

that a heat activated dye is also used on

overproduce. There are also pieces that

other designs as another way of minimizing

are made to order because of how of labor-

the footprint in the production of her clothing.


are pieces that are hand embroidered in

This month, Christine will be debuting her

Puebla and Chiapas, and that alone takes

first collection at a showroom in Mexico

two weeks in total. Bespoke services are

City. Stylists, editors, photographers and

also offered, which are custom made pieces.

celebrities that work directly with the

It’s possible to make changes in color and

showroom will all be in attendance. It allows

embroidery because of the production chain.

for the opportunity to have her designs

• • • • • •

While sizes available range from X-Small to

rented for the red carpet or for photoshoots.

X-Large, the sizing can also be customized.

Christine also plans to have her headquarters

The pattern and size are also cataloged as a

located right here in the Sun City, and hopes

way to create a direct customer experience.

that down the line she will be able to offer

Christine’s designs also include pieces that

internships and encourage other Latinos to

are hand painted in collaboration with Carlos

chase their dreams.

intensive the process is. For example, there



October, 2019 El Paso/Las Cruces’ premier Lifestyle Magazine

Pick up a copy of this month’s issue at your local Walgreens and check out THE CITY After 50 magazine, The City WEDDINGS magazine, THE CITY SPACES and Home & Design Magazine

Breast Cancer Warriors The Importance of Early Detection

El Paso's


g W el com i n l I n fluen tias E x pat


Coffee with a

Global Kick

Beautyn, ability Sustai



Wor l dly Des n & of ig Radford F unc t ional B eaut y Far mhous e Chic

Nevena Christi

London Fashion Week

Miami Heat

and the

Power of Fashion

in the Sun City


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Years Ahead

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Of Maids and Men

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El Paso

y r e v E

e r e h w the Meet








Gabriela Garcia Gabriela Garcia currently works as the director of learning and development for a number of Walmart’s online platforms. It’s not Gaby’s first big job. Before landing at the retail giant’s dotcom division, she worked for Walmart and Sam’s Club’s


brick and mortar businesses in various positions: senior

Everywhere,” which will be held October 25-27,

consultant director for global effectiveness, senior manager

aims to encourage our region’s growth with the

of membership, senior management of talent development,

help of influential expats. Inspired by a similar

senior manager of merchant and membership departments

program in Detroit, Michigan called “Detroit

among others. Prior to starting with Walmart and its

Homecoming,” the idea is to bring accomplished El Paso

subsidiaries, Gaby had owned Mango Cafe in El Paso and

natives that are now based in other cities and countries back

worked for Comp USA, Phillip Morris—including a stint in

home for a few days to give them a curated tour in hopes

Mexico City, Univision and the Amigo Airsho. In addition to

of sparking their interest to invest in the city, whether it be

her impressive day jobs, Gaby is also an inventor. She holds

financially or with their time and connections. Jessica Herrera,

the patent to a technology that reminds drivers that babies

Progress 321’s Vice President, explained the inspiration for El

and small children are still in the car, to make sure they don’t

Paso Everywhere and the impact she hopes it will have, “So,

leave them in deadly heat.

the people at Detroit Homecoming invited us out for their last conference and we were so impressed … they’re responsible

Gaby, of course, is originally from El Paso. She was born

for over $200 million of investments into the city and their

here and grew up in the Cielo Vista area, where she attended

efforts have played a big role in Detroit, [Michigan’s] revival

Burges High School. Her mother owned a number of local

these past few years … We think there’s a huge opportunity

businesses and later worked for the county. Her father was

for our expats to play a similar role in El Paso’s development.

the director of the Music Department at the University of

It doesn’t have to be just direct investment, they can mentor

Juárez. As a kid, Gaby was frequently in Juárez and even

UTEP students, connect them to internships and just generally

attended elementary school across the border for a few

advocate for our city.”

years. Gaby still sees El Paso as home and hopes to move back sometime in the future.


Photo by Laura Alexandra

Karla Martinez Named Editor-in-chief of Vogue Mexico & Latin America in 2016, Karla Martinez de Salas is a leading influencer in today’s fashion world. However, long before frequenting the region’s most trendy parties, she was just a normal girl living in the heart of Borderlandia. Raised in El Paso and a graduate of Loretto Academy, Martinez became

Veronica Martinez Veronica Martinez, the younger sister of fashion industry

interested in style at a young age thanks to her mom’s

bigwig Karla Martinez, is the Americas Event Marketing

subscription to “Hola!,” a Spanish-language style and

Senior Manager at Bumble, a popular dating application.

gossip magazine. After graduating from the University of

In her current role, she oversees all high-visibility events

Arizona, she cold called W Magazine and, against all odds,

and experiential activations for the company. Veronica’s

was able to procure an internship with the publication.

experience in marketing stretches back 10 years and spreads

From there, she went on to work at the New York Times

across various industries. After graduating from Fordham

Magazine, Vogue, Interview Magazine, and Elle before

University with a degree in business administration, she

arriving at Vogue Mexico. Throughout her career, she’s

joined the luxury fashion company Carolina Herrera where

earned a reputation for her great work ethic and friendly

she spent six years in the Marketing & Communications

disposition, a rarity in the notoriously frigid industry.

Department before moving to the global luxury business

Eventually, Martinez’s impressive track record caught

Gucci. At the renowned Italian brand, she was on a team

the eye of Condé Nast, Vogue Mexico’s parent company,

that ran events spanning brand activations, retail events and

which wanted to further cement its influence south of the

philanthropic initiatives across North America.

border. Amid leading the media conglomerate’s ambitious push in Latin America and raising twin girls, Martinez

Veronica is a bi-lingual English/Spanish speaker, a four-time

still finds time for El Paso. She consistently offers her

marathon finisher, a passionate and engaged philanthropist

mentorship to young El Pasoans and, just last summer,

and aunt to five nieces and nephews. Much like her sister,

came back to lead a workshop for local women.

Veronica loves traveling and discovering different cultures.


Jimmy Baldwin Jimmy, a singer-songwriter, performs in dusty bars, festivals, and historic theaters from Austin to Seattle, San Francisco to Nashville and beyond. Born and raised here in El Paso, his sound is rooted in eclectic storytelling. Fans describe

Linda MedinaLopez

his music as making, “cinematic pictures in your mind.”

Born and raised in sunny El Paso, Linda Medina-Lopez

spontaneous freestyle of the mariachi street musicians of

graduated from UTEP in 2001 before doing a master’s in

Juárez. As an Americana Music top-40 artist and three-time,

Education at the Concordia University of Austin. Shortly

first-round Grammy nominee, his guitar is the needle that

after finishing her graduate degree, she founded the Young

weaves the yarn through the fabric of lost memories and

Hispanic Professional Association of Austin (YHPAA), an

forgotten dreams.

He finds inspiration in his Rocketbuster boots, peace, love and chicken fried steak. His songs reflect the familiar spirit of Americana music as it blends the different sounds he grew up on—classic country, rock, border Norteña and the

organization that supports Latino academic and professional pursuits through scholarships and other resources. Only

Even if you are not familiar with Baldwin’s music, you have

a year after founding YHPAA, she co-founded the El Paso

most likely seen his creative work. His Motel 6 commercials

Social Network in Austin. As part of that endeavor, she also

with Tom Bodett and his sunbaked beach spots for Corona

set up a scholarship for El Paso students to pursue higher

beer have received numerous awards including a few

education in Austin. In 2015, Linda launched “She’s on a

prestigious Clio Awards. Jimmy Fallon even parodied his

Mission,” a platform meant to inspire women through

Corona “Beeper” spot on Saturday Night Live. Jimmy

stories. Linda currently serves as the Assistant Vice-

Baldwin also won an international directorial award from

President of Recruitment and Business Development for

Wim Wenders and Dennis Hopper for his directorial debut.

MassMutual Southwest. In addition to her community work and job at MassMutual, Linda also runs a wedding day consulting business, Blossom Belle Weddings LLC.


October, 2019

Alex Franco Jessica Meraz

Alex Franco is a radio phenom in the state’s capital. He’s one of three personalities on Mix94.7’s morning talk and top-40 show, which consistently scores top ratings in the area. Alex’s history with the station stretches all the way

Jessica Meraz is an accomplished L.A.-based actress. She

back to 2000, when he moved to Austin from El Paso to

kicked her career off almost a decade ago with a part in the

figure out his life. He landed an internship with the station

ABC sitcom “Greek,” and has been rolling ever since. She’s

and ended up never leaving. He’s done a bit of everything

had major roles in shows like “Chasing Life,” “Super Girl”

for the media outlet, but is definitely best known for his

and “Major Crimes.” Last summer, she starred in a Robert

various on-air stints.

Holguin short, based and shot in El Paso, called “Good Evening El Paso.” In 2019, she tried her hand at screenplay

Although the Hanks High School grad has been out of El

writing for the first time, authoring the script for a feature

Paso two decades, he still considers the Sun City home.

length rom-com.

He comes back once a month with his wife and two kids and is always happy to meet other El Pasoans in Austin,

However, long before Jessica was a Tinseltown star, she

which he swears happens at least once a week. If the right

was just a regular girl living on El Chuco’s westside. Even

opportunity arose, the DJ says he’d have no reservations

as a young starlet, Jessica loved the spotlight, starring in

about moving back home.

school plays and doing Kiss and Company shows at the Sunland Park Mall. She remembers her childhood having a distinct bi-national character, often visiting Juárez to visit family and have fun. She still visits often and, in recent years, has been extremely impressed with the city’s growth and development.


October, 2019

Anais Carmona Tess Passero

A graduate of Americas High School, Anais Carmona has quickly established herself as one of Capitol Hill’s brightest lobbyists since finishing her undergraduate degree at the

Tess Passero is a marketing guru. She started her career

George Washington University in 2014. After a two-year

in the field working for Pony International, a footwear and

stint with D&P Creative Strategies, Anais started working in

clothing company, where she was tasked with relaunching

T-Mobile’s federal government affairs & strategic alliances

the brand in the European market. In 2012, she left Pony

division. Today, she serves as director of Federal Legislative

for a job at Macbeth Footwear, the shoe brand of famed

Affairs. Of the many goals Anais pursues in her role at

Blink-182 rocker Tom DeLonge. After three years, she

T-Mobile, perhaps the most ambitious and important is that

switched over to DeLonge’s “To The Stars Inc.” media

5G service be available to all Americans, from the big cities

company, where she worked until just last spring. Still based

to the most rural regions. The El Paso native also holds the

in Southern California, Tess is now working for herself as a

distinction of being the youngest board member for the

brand, marketing and e-commerce consultant. Although the

Hispanic Lobbyist Association, of which she was recently

exact details are still under wraps, she’s leading a couple

named Vice President.

projects, including the launch of an unnamed actress’ beauty line for the fall. Tess, who graduated from Franklin High School, still feels deeply connected to El Paso. In addition to visiting when she can, she’s recently started collaborating with the Community Foundation to give back to the region that raised her. 44

E l Pa s o E v e ry w h e r e

Bijoulea Finney Bijoulea Finney runs the Velvet Cartel. Don’t freak out, it’s a content creation firm based in Austin. Bijoulea was inspired to start the company about seven years ago, shortly after she and her business partner, Kassi Foster, had gotten into video and photo production to promote their clothing boutique. The boutique is gone, Kassi is back home, but Bijoulea and her team are deeper than ever in the content biz. In fact, just last year, they released a feature length documentary on Netflix, “The Gentleman Driver.” Although she keeps quite busy in Austin, Bijoulea still finds time to visit El Paso where her brother and mother continue to live. She also stresses that our city’s unique culture groomed her for success in the capital, saying, “I think the way business is done in El Paso is really special. Loyalty is important above all else … it’s not like that everywhere. I think sticking to that principle has really allowed me to do well here.”

THURSDAYS 6 PM to Close $4 Cocktails | $6 Appetizer Specials Live Music

Join us every Thursday for a chance to win a necklace from


5825 North Mesa Street | 915.300.0022 |

October, 2019

Charity Register october Opportunities to Give & Support Race for Education | October 26, 2019 8:00 a.m. at Braden Aboud Memorial Park Organized by the FirstLight Community Foundation, this pair of events—a 5k run and a 1-mile walk—benefits the region’s public schools. Registration costs $25 a person and ends on October 24, so don’t wait to sign up!

Feline Fridays! Every Friday in October, Humane Society of El Paso Each Friday the Humane Society lowers adoption costs for cats. Adoption costs are only $50 for kittens under 16 weeks, and there is a surcharge of $12.50 for ones older than 16 weeks. Adoption fees cover spay/neuter procedures, vaccinations, microchips and Leukemia testing. Come find the purr-fect cat for your home!

First Annual Golf Tournament | October 7, 2019 8:30 a.m. Registration and 10:00 a.m. Shotgun Start at the Butterfield Trail Golf Course Six 75” Digital/Dynamic Display throughout the shopping center with USB charging stations.

If you’re going to play golf, you might as well do it for a good cause. That’s the idea behind this brand new fundraiser benefiting the Second Chance Wildlife Rescue. If you’re not interested in playing, there are plenty of sponsorship packages for businesses!

The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso receives 8,000,000 visitors throughout the year.

Run, Walk and Roll Event | October 6, 2019 6:00 a.m. at Ascarate Park Already in its 27th year, this run benefits the El Paso Spinal Cord Support Group and the Greater El Paso Physical Therapy District (GEPD) of the Texas Physical Therapy Association. It costs $25 to participate but the price increases to $30 after September 27.



Luz Marquez She warned that her microdermabrasion peels were about results,

The treatment did sting, but Luz’s skilled hands more than made up

not some fleeting moment of relaxation. The burning sensation

for the discomfort. She explained that the chemical peel, along with

would be well worth the improvements I’d see in my acne scars,

the movements of her fingers, were strategically chosen to address

wrinkles and overall complexion.

the stress acne plaguing my jaw line. As skin problems are often a

Luz Marquez, owner of Milan and Mix Salons, decided to become a medical esthetician 15 years ago after suffering a severe bout of adult acne. She studied at the Dermal Institute of Los Angeles under

symptom of deeper lying issues, Luz and I talked about my personal life. Incredibly, she already knew what was weighing on me and offered a host of sound solutions and encouraging words.

a team of German and Chinese skin experts, and has been

Long story short, Luz completely proved my initial reservations

practicing ever since. Despite her qualifications, I

wrong. Not only does my skin look better than it has since the

was reluctant to believe that this glorified facial could really be so effective.

7th grade, but I have a newfound confidence and drive I never thought possible.

Luz Marquez, Master Esthetician Milan Salon & Day Spa 10630 Montwood El Paso, Texas 79935 (915) 629-7707



Melissa Molinar As a young bi-lingual girl, Melissa Molinar was blessed to fulfill

Melissa is most renowned for her mastery of color. Her artistic side

her all-time dream of becoming a cosmetologist by the age of 18.

lets her imagination run wild, customizing color and cut techniques

Through hard work and perseverance, she was able to begin her

according to each individual’s lifestyle and facial characteristics—as

small business in one of El Paso’s top hair salons, Milan Salon & Day

seen on her Instagram:

Spa, by the age of 23.


Milan isn’t just another workplace, but it’s where she calls home.

As she reaches her 10th year of experience, she is thankful for

“Transforming women’s lives day by day is one of the best qualities

her busy schedule and high demand of clientele. She’s always

of my career … I like to put smiles on people’s faces,” says Melissa.

welcoming new clients and is booking up until December 2019.

“I love to make women feel confident and good in their own skin.”

Melissa Molinar Milan Salon & Day Spa 10630 Montwood Dr. El Paso, TX 79935 @haircreations_by_melissa (915) 999-3541

Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK


Thicc Thoughts

Thicc Thoughts For most of their lives, Danielle Lopez and Kristin Brown have

The duo decided to take Thicc Thoughts a step further by hosting a

been the “bigger girls”. Growing up together in El Paso, the girls

series of events centered around self-love and confidence. Although

sought out each other for support for mostly everything, especially

unsure of what to expect, Danielle and Kristin were greeted by a

in regard to self-confidence and body issues. Inspired by their

great turnout of women of all shapes and sizes. “Seeing a room

personal experiences, Danielle and Kristin collectively launched

full of people who were vulnerable about their insecurities relate to

their Instagram account, @thiccthoughts, as a way to relate to other

others with similar thoughts was life changing for not only them, but

women and build a support system. “We just felt like if we had this

us too! It’s indescribable.” With speaking engagements and future

support growing up, we wouldn’t have waited so long to feel this

events already lined up, Thicc Thoughts plans on expanding their

good about ourselves and our own bodies … knowing it is perfectly

reach in El Paso and Austin; inclusive to all genders and sexualities,

ok to look different than what society expects of us and our figures.”

as an effort to build confidence together.


Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK

Ur New Image 1505 George Dieter El Paso, Texas 79936 (915) 317-3914

Ur New Image Salon “Our styles here at Ur New Image make us feel free and empowered,” says Nahomi, a client of Ur New Image Salon. Samantha Nicole, owner of Ur New Image Salon, will always stay true to who she is and will never fit the mold. She’s unapologetically herself. The woman is a visionary who emerged from nothing. A self-taught stylist, designer, thinker and innovator, her burning desire has fueled her passion for the fashion industry. A powerful mindset, indomitable drive, and red hot passion all came together to create one of the region’s most esteemed beauty brands and salons. Samantha focuses on the designs and styles that women want, not of her own. She encourages her team to want more and never forgets her idea has grown with the help of the team she’s created.

Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK


BeautyFix Aesthetics 935 Sunland Park Dr. El Paso, Texas 79922 (915) 219-7222

BeautyFix Aesthetics Liliana Juarez, RN and Luz Balandran make quite the beauty team. Together, they have over 35 years of experience in the industry, Liliana working as a Nurse-Esthetician and Luz as a Certified Esthetician. After working in tandem at a local cosmetic surgeon’s practice, the two ladies decided to found their own med-spa: BeautyFix Aesthetics. The facility, which opened in April, is directed by Dr. Edward C. Juarez and features the field’s most innovative products and non-surgical procedures; from injectables, facials, and Scarlet SRF treatments, of which there are only two devices in El Paso, to the Philips Zoom teeth whitening. There are many more reasons to choose BeautyFix beyond its technology and experienced practitioners. Consultations are free, and you can always count on an honest opinion. “We really do love our work and would never recommend something just to make a buck. Just the opposite, actually. People come in sometimes wanting things they are not a candidate for, so we recommend the alternative option instead, ” explained Liliana. For the client’s convenience, appointments can be easily set up, rescheduled, or cancelled online through the intuitive BeautyFix website. Addressing your beauty concerns, according to Liliana and Luz, doesn’t have to be a pain. On the contrary, it should be “simple and stress free.” 8 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING


Beauty Avenue Salon 6633 N. Mesa, Ste. 515 El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 630-6133

Beauty Avenue Salon Brenda Losoya is a prime example of what working hard and

Beauty Avenue specializes in a variety of different services at a very

following your dreams can accomplish. She recalls always having a

competitive rate. A variety of stylists are not only passionate about

passion for everything related to beauty and now owns her very own

everything related to hair, but also makeup, facials and nail services.

full-service salon, Beauty Avenue. Brenda began working in salons

Since Brenda makes it a point to stay on top of trends, she recently

over six years ago with the vision of having a space of her own,

expanded the salon to offer microblading to the ever-growing list

which she would accomplish at the youthful age of 30. Not only

of services that Beauty Avenue boasts. What makes the salon so

does she specialize in every aspect and service the salon offers,

special is its friendly environment, as all of the specialists and clients

but is also a devoted mother turned business owner. Since then,

hold a close bond that can be felt throughout.

she has had to expand the business to a larger location to meet the demand of her devoted clients.



Five Star Barbershop 124 Jefferson St., Ste. B Anthony, NM 79821 (915) 886-3869

Five Star Barbershop Master barber and educational representative for the Johnny B.

Psychiatric Center once a week. Five Star has both participated in

haircare line, Ernesto “Chato” Salazar is Five Star Barbershop’s

and helped host community events like Hay Niveles Truck Invasion

owner. He began working in the industry alongside his mother, a

2019, where people came from as far as Odessa, Texas and

stylist and owner of her own hair salon for over twenty years. At

Albuquerque, New Mexico to enjoy great food, entertainment, art

26, Chato began working towards becoming a barber. Five Star

and tons of decked out trucks. Money from the show was used to

Barbershop has been operating right next door to his mother’s salon

buy backpacks filled with supplies that were donated to a community

three years now. Ernesto Salazar has found many ways to give back

back to school event. Channel 4 News even featured Salazar’s

to his community through his business.

attempts to help an aspiring barber with a disability attend barber

Aside from providing guidance to his employees working towards personal goals, for the past three years Chato’s been employed

school. Chato’s skills have made him the preferred barber of local celebs like DJ Johnny Kage, DJ Nitro and the El Paso Locomotive.

by the state of Texas to provide haircuts to patients at the El Paso



Feather’d Eyebrow Studio Imagine what you’d look like with Cara Delevingne’s brows? Amaris

She’s been a certified practitioner for close to five years, during which

Anzaldo, owner of the Feather’d Eyebrow Studio, wants you to

she’s garnered a reputation for especially natural results. “People

know that you can have them. Thanks to advances in microblading,

come here specifically to get naturally looking perfect eyebrows,

lush and perfectly shaped eyebrows are now within reach for all of

that’s what we’re known for,” Amaris explained. Prices range from

us, no matter how sparse they are to start. Microblading is a form of

$250-300 depending on the procedure, and the consultation is free.

semi-permanent tattooing that involves using tiny needles (instead

Act fast though—Amaris says there’s around a one month waiting

of a tattoo gun) that make up a small blade to help deposit pigment

list and the shop is only getting more popular.

under your skin that mimics the look of eyebrow hairs. Other than yearly touchup sessions, no upkeep is necessary. Although there are numerous beauty centers in the region that offer the procedure, Amaris’ Feather’d Eyebrow Studio is one of the best.

Feather’d Eyebrow Studio 11610 Rojas Dr. El Paso, Texas 79936 @featherdeyebrowstudio (915) 259-9595



Innovations by Emilio A great hairdresser doesn’t merely attach some readymade style

Emilio Ortiz Jr., owner of Innovations by Emilio - Salon Totale and

to their customer. Instead, the stylist uses hair as a platform to

D’Emilio Cosmetics, has been perfecting that process for over

communicate, present and complement the client’s own personality

36 years. His customers return because they trust, whether it be

and defining characteristics. That means the two need to talk and

through hair, makeup, or spa services, that the veteran stylist will

get sufficiently acquainted before the scissors get picked up. The

transform them into their best possible selves. He explained his

customer’s facial structure, hair type, needs, and the season are

long journey in the beauty world, saying: “I’m blessed to have found

all taken into account as the stylist tailors a unique vision. The

something that I’m really good at and to have customers who see

transitioning process can take from one to several sessions to get

that and trust me. I’ve been in the industry for a long time now, but I

the acquired effect without the damage. That may sound extreme,

never get tired of it. I’m still striving to get better and better.”

but a lot of work goes into a person’s image.

Innovations by Emilio 3800 N. Mesa St., Ste. C5 El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 544-5054 (915) 227-7833 call/text for appointments



October, 2019


October, 2019

DR. LYLE D. WEEKS Envy Aesthetic Center and the Azul Medspas of El Paso— “Reshaping” El Paso Through Ground-Breaking Face and


Body Rejuvenation | By: VERONICA NEVAREZ photography by: LUIS MARIANO | pioneer in our city for the most innovative cosmetic laser procedures

available, Dr. Lyle D. Weeks of Envy Aesthetic Center and the Azul Medspas of El Paso was the first plastic surgeon to bring laser hair removal to the Sun City. In fact, Dr. Weeks established the very first laser center in 1997 and introduced non-invasive laser hair removal for unwanted facial and body hair, eliminating the need for painful waxing, electrolysis and razors. Today, Dr. Weeks continues to uphold the latest, cutting-edge techniques at all three of his El Paso locations and offers an entire suite of safe, effective and non-invasive treatments, from the newest laser skin rejuvenation to revolutionary body sculpting, ground-breaking skin care and so much more. Specializing in aesthetic surgery of the face, Dr. Weeks is board-certified in Otolaryngology and Laser Surgery, and offers a wide range of expert services that deliver amazingly natural results for both the face and body. With the recent advent of non-invasive procedures available today to rejuvenate the face and body, some of the newest in the industry are available right now at Envy Aesthetic Center, Azul Medspa West and Azul Medspa East. One of their latest technologies works hand-in-hand with the most popular procedures and is known as Pro-Nox. This self-administered analgesic combines nitrous-oxide and oxygen safely and effectively to provide immediate pain relief and reduce anxiety during treatments

Celebrating CoolSculpting’s 10-year anniversary


D r . Ly l e D . W e e k s


October, 2019

D r . Ly l e D . W e e k s

October, 2019 that some patients might find discomforting. Patients can now with ease look forward comfortably to their favorite procedures like injectables and fillers, such as Botox and Juvéderm products, or other sought-after laser procedures for pigmentation problems, acne scars and so much more. This brings us to the most highly



effective technologies for removing unwanted body fat and more, popularly known as CoolSculpting, truSculpt ID and Emsculpt, which together are touted as the “trifecta of non-invasive body sculpting.” In fact, Envy Aesthetic Center and the Azul Medspas of El Paso are now the

Get Social With Us @tableoccasions


October, 2019

Bad weather doesn’t just affect your home, it affects your business, too.

first to offer EmSculpt in El Paso, and their patients are seeing amazing results! More importantly, whether it’s one or all three of these incredible procedures, patients can achieve body sculpting that is completely customizable without the need for invasive needles, surgery or any recovery downtime typical of surgical procedures like liposuction. These amazing body sculpting treatments are the safe alternative and help people reach their body goals fast. For starters, CoolSculpting is an extremely effective body sculpting technology that crystallizes, or freezes, fat cells before shrinking them away, which reshapes and contours the body with results that can be remarkable and permanent if you maintain your weight. Developed at Harvard Medical School, the FDA-approved procedure is safe, non-invasive and often noticeable in just one treatment, with more dramatic results observable in as little as one month following treatment. Its widely regarded


Call today for coverage you can tailor to your needs. G.A. Delgado | 915-303-7122 | 4901 N MESA ST STE 3A 79912

October, 2019

D r . Ly l e D . W e e k s

counterpart, known as truSculpt ID, uses

with only voluntary movements. Not only

A true visionary, Dr. Weeks continues to

heat energy to destroy fat cells and is the

do patients boast a 16 percent increase in

bring the future of cosmetic and plastic

latest development available in this catagory

muscle mass and a patient satisfaction rate of

surgery to our area by a wide array of cutting-

of treatments. This novel body sculpting

96 percent on average, Envy Aesthetic Center

edge products and services. With the rapidly

system reduces any stubborn, subcutaneous

and the Azul Medspas of El Paso are the only

changing landscape of our time, we all look

fat resistant to diet and exercise.

EmSculpt providers in El Paso. Add in their

to be ahead of the curve in more ways than

revolutionary skincare products, like the latest

one, including our ability to feel and look great

Then there’s the newest EmSculpt, which

Microneedling treatments or next-generation

in a fast-paced society often packed with the

uniquely reduces fat cells, while simultaneously

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM), and you’re

onslaught of stressors. That said, explore

building muscle in the abdomen, legs, arms

on your way to a whole new you. As an expert

the wonderfully transformative procedures

and buttocks. The procedure is ideal for men

facial surgeon, Dr. Weeks affirms, “We have

available right in our backyard to take health,

and women to strengthen, tone and firm

skincare products that can do things that they

beauty and wellness to a whole new level,

the body, all by inducing powerful muscle

couldn’t do even four or five years ago. The

and reshape your life today.

contractions that would not be achieved

newest skin care products are amazing.”



Iconology by Missy Elliot Missy Elliot is one of the greatest to ever do it. For almost three decades, the Virginia native has entranced us with her wit, master production skills, killer dance moves and unconventional sex appeal. After almost eight years, she’s finally back with a full album. Her fans won’t be disappointed.

Lover by Taylor Swift As the album’s title suggests, “Lover” is all about what the artist loves: the West Village, the West End, her boyfriend and her mother. The music makes you feel good, and that’s just the point. It brings you up and never lets you down … if only life were so simple.

So Much Fun by Young Thug The enigmatic rap phenom is back with yet another album for his eager fans. They, and all music lovers for that matter, will not be disappointed. After a few swings and misses, the Atlanta artist has finally made good contact and the ball is going, going, gone. A homerun.

African Giant by Burna Boy Nigeria has a rich music scene, and Burna Boy is one of its standouts. His latest album, “African Giant,” shows what all the hype is about. This album is political, it is powerful and it’s absolutely thrilling. Please check it out. 64



Wolves Den Gym “I wanted to have the best gym in El Paso, period,� explained Mark Sandy, reminiscing on the opening of his Wolves Den five years ago. Since then, he and his team have gone about turning that dream into reality. Stretching out over 10,000 square feet, their facility features comprehensive boxing, weightlifting and cardio rooms, along with a shop that offers anything you could need for a training regimen, from supplements to boxing gloves. Beyond state-of-theart equipment and amenities, the 24-hour gym boasts a top-notch security system, a team of experienced trainers (whose classes are included in the membership fee), a hospital grade InBody 570 that measures skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage, a full-time cleaning staff and a membership cap to ensure the place never gets too crowded.


The Wolves Den’s reputation for excellence has made it the official fitness center for the El Paso Rhinos, as well as the preferred training destination for professional fight promoters like PBC Boxing when they visit El Paso. Despite the success, Mark isn’t content to rest on his laurels. Over the next couple of years, Wolves Den is set

Wolves Den Gym 1010 Wall St.

to expand over 20,000 square feet, adding a large matted jiu-jitsu

El Paso, Texas 79915

space, a cryotherapy chamber and sauna, a new cardio facility and

bigger locker and shower spaces.


(915) 242-6890


10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu 1491 Lee Trevino Dr. El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 317-2585

10th planet jiu-jitsu The first time you roll with an experienced Brazilian jiu-jitsu

be taught specific techniques to avoid such traps and set them too.

practitioner, it feels like you’ve just fallen into deep water without

More importantly, however, the student will learn to remain calm

knowing how to swim. Overwhelmed by the sensation of drowning,

under pressure, to solve problems rationally without falling victim to

you fight frantically to stay afloat. Your efforts, however, are all in

his or her emotions. “Of course, jiu-jitsu teaches you self defense,

vain. The harder you try to escape, the more vulnerable you become

but it’s much more profound than that. You learn to remain calm

to arm locks and choke holds. Invariably, you tap out.

when chaos ensues, to regulate your emotions so you can solve

As distressing and humbling as that first experience may be, it sparks the novice’s interest: What just happened to me and what could I have done? In the coming days, months and years, the student will


the problem. You actually learn to relish problem solving,” explains Cristobal Chavez, the owner of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. Those lessons go way beyond the mat. Afterall, what is life but a never-ending series of problems to be overcome? By: HENRY CRAVER Photographed by: JOHN HORTA

Rise Performance Center 1057 Doniphan Circle El Paso, Texas 79922 (915) 845-2473

Rise Performance Center Carlos Hernandez is a former Division 1 track athlete, and as Rise Performance Center’s founder and head trainer, he gives his gym the edge it needs to show clients results. Open gym memberships are available and group classes are offered at three intensity levels. Carlos and his team of trainers go beyond the standard strength and conditioning training found at most gyms. Core strength, mobility, stability and sustainability are all aspects of fitness that are points of focus at Rise Performance Center as well. Carlos brings the same experience and skill he has been putting on display since high school. Currently, Carlos is training as a long jumper for the 2020 Olympics. He is the number seven all-time high school high jumper in the United States and holds the New Mexico state high jump record at 7 feet 3 inches out of Santa Teresa. Whether new to working out, getting back in shape, or a high school athlete looking for that competitive advantage, the 6,000-square foot facility is packed with equipment and features 100 feet of artificial turf and a 40-foot sandpit to work on an athletes speed and reaction time. Carlos and his team of trainers at Rise Performance Center believe to look like an athlete, you must train like one.



Black Flag Outfitters 1201 Airway Blvd. Ste. B2B El Paso, Texas 79925 (915) 873-5114

Black Flag Outfitters Owner Brandon Lane is excited to introduce his new outdoor and

Black Flag Outfitters’ mission is to promote outdoor activities,

sporting goods company, Black Flag Outfitters, to the El Paso

while highlighting the unique beauty that is the borderland. In an

community. Its floors are stocked with name brand products like

effort to help El Paso transform itself into a city whose residents

outdoor apparel from Patagonia, Danner boots, Yeti brand backpacks

utilize the landscape, from the Franklin’s to Hueco Tanks, the desire

and coolers and Garmont tactical boots. Black Flag Outfitters is

is to host events that get the public outside and active. A black

one of the largest Oakley sunglass dealers in the United States.

flag symbolizes the act of no surrender. In honor of the August 3rd

While the company plans on opening a location on Yarbrough and a

victims and proven resilience of a beautiful community, all in-store

westside location in 2020, they would like to invite the Borderplex

profits for the month of October will be donated to One Fund El

region to visit their Airway location today.

Paso. Black Flag Outfitters wants to be El Paso’s go-to spot for outdoor apparel and gear.



Upcoming Games Oct. 25-27 vs Pueblo Bulls Nov. 15-17 vs Dallas Snipers Nov. 27, 29 & 30 vs Wichita Jr. Thunder Friday and Saturday games at 7 pm | Sunday games at 4:30 pm Call 915-479-PUCK (7825) or visit for more information.

u l i z e D October, 2019

Brings the Soul of Wine to the Sun City | By: MARGO LEPE |


he saying goes, “In

wine there’s truth,” and

if anyone is seeking to

know the truth it is trying to tell, it

is Dominique and Lauren DaCruz. After

all, the couple dedicates much of their time

simply seeking out the right wine to pair with its

perfect person.

“Every person has a story. And every person has

a soul. It’s the same with wine,” says Dominique DaCruz. He and his wife, Lauren, started Dezilu Wine Co. as a way to help others around the globe discover their “wine soul-mate.” Based in Monterey and now in El Paso, the company focuses on selling limitedproduction wines discovered by the DaCruzes. Before Dezilu, however, Dominique and Lauren were busy racking up experience and polishing their level of expertise in the wine industry. Dominique has 20 years under his belt, having worked as the Wine Director at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur. There, the sommelier received recognition and was given the Grand Award from the Wine Spectator Magazine twice, and a James Beard nomination for his wine programs at the world-renowned Sierra Mar restaurant. Despite having 30 years of experience in the wine retail world and working extensively with several California winemakers producing wine, DaCruz says it is the “blood and sweat” that really motivates him. What goes into making the wine captivates him the most. It is the foundation of where the wine comes from and how it is created that has influenced him the most to get to where he is now. The best part of it all is that he gets to share that love and passion with his wife. Prior to the birth of their virtual company, Lauren worked as a former pastry chef at Sierra Mar. As her husband grew up stomping grapes


October, 2019

Dezilu Brings the Soul of Wine to the Sun Cit y

n o s r e p “Every . y r o t s has a y r e v e d An s a h n o s per a soul. e m a s e It’s th ” . e n i w with


Dezilu Brings the Soul of Wine to the Sun Cit y

October, 2019

and acquiring his love for the art, Lauren

it should be shared and appreciated often. As

gained much of her own love of wine—

El Paso continues to grow and expand, the

and the stories which could be told by its

DaCruzes hope they too will evolve with our

taste—through Dominique’s experiences. It

culturally unique city. They hope to achieve

was through the love and connection they

opening up the door to an eager, wider

continually bonded over and with others

audience—to help ease any intimidation from

which inspired them to share that passion

wine connoisseurs or just wine in general, and

with the world.

in turn make it pleasant and enjoyable for all. The DaCruzes say the Sun City’s authentic flavor

For many, seeking out a specific wine can

motivates them to learn more about the unique

be challenging—whether you are familiar

culture and how they might enhance the lives

with it or just being introduced to wine. With

of those who also live here. The company will

the help and guidance of the DaCruzes and

continue to provide their services worldwide and

Dezilu,, however,

residing in El Paso simply means the DaCruzes

that challenge can be made easier and

have a better opportunity to meet new faces

more fun. The couple says they have expert

and interact with their clients in a more personal

sommeliers on hand to assist and hand

setting. More importantly, though, it means

pick ongoing “Dezilu stamped” wines from

connecting with others here who are searching

worldwide producers.

for a deeper connection with wine and keeping its secrets because as Salvador Dali put it, “He


Dominique and Lauren believe wine was never

who knows how to taste does not drink wine,

made to be pretentious. Instead, they believe

but savours secrets.”

October, 2019



October, 2019

Highlighting the corners of our city one post at a time...





#EPStateofMind so we can discover your post!




October, 2019









Look October, 2019

Look found at


October, 2019

Look found at


October, 2019

Look found at


2019 Look foundOctober, at


October, 2019




nstagram and YouTube have been a boon for the world of makeup. Sure, normal people have been painting their faces forever, but social media has introduced

expert techniques to the masses. And as we have

benefited from the democratization of maquillaje insights, the promulgators themselves have become bonafide celebrities: Jeffree Star, James Charles etc. El Paso, as it turns out, has its own makeup starlette. Karla Ponce, or @babyxspicee as she’s known on the gram, is one of our town’s most dazzling influencers. The Montwood High School alum has garnered an impressive following over the past few years thanks to her colorful palette and flamboyant designs. The attention has gotten her plenty of free makeup sets from the biggest brands, but more importantly it’s landed her gigs. She recently worked Mexican Fashion Week and has done a number of collaborations with on-the-rise Juárez photographer, Sergio Acosta. She summed up the importance of social media to her career, saying: “I’ve learned a ton from influencers like mmmmitchell, and it’s also gotten me so much exposure locally and even in other states. There’s a whole community of makeup artists on Instagram and we all support each other!”




October, 2019


| Written and Photographed by: AUSTIN NORTH |


October, 2019


any would argue that coffee is

one of life’s necessities. Little is more satisfying than that first cup of joe in the morning, but the power of coffee goes way beyond its capacity to energize. Erika Knoch, owner of the coffee shop Global Coffee, said, “Coffee is universal. It doesn’t matter where you go, you can share a cup of coffee with someone and build a relationship with a stranger through that cup of coffee.” Global Coffee began in 2016, with an official opening in January of 2017. “It had been an idea I had for a while, and it came from my titled drink. “We wanted to bring drinks that you can’t find somewhere else, and we want to keep bringing in new drinks for people,” she said. Not only did Erika want a space to introduce people to new tastes, she also ultimately wanted to create a space where people could make connections and bond over a cup of coffee. “Because coffee is universal, it doesn’t matter where you go. You can share a cup of coffee with someone, and build a relationship with a stranger through a cup of coffee, even in a place you’re not familiar with.” She’s seen it herself through Global Coffee, and said, “customers will become buddies just through this space, talking over our coffee, and that’s why I love coffee. It’s global, its something we share in common with other people. As for specific drinks, Erika’s favorites are “between the iced Nutella mocha, and pour overs.” She is especially proud and volunteering in church. As far as the name

passionate about their pour overs. She

goes, I believe coffee is global, and I wanted

said, “We have a variety of different single

to incorporate different coffees from different

origins and all of our coffees have different

parts of the world,” she said.

tasting notes. Our Ethiopian has a fruity, cherry and blueberry taste, and we also

Erika’s idea for Global Coffee was to do

have our Guatemalan that’s citrusy, orangey

something different. Specifically, she sought

but still nutty and well-balanced.” I tried

to bring unique signature drinks and coffees

the Guatemalan and, even though it’s black

from around the world—they have a marzipan

coffee, Erika was right—there were way

latte, a nutella latte and a very popular self-

more flavors there than expected. “That’s 85

hidden gem

October, 2019


RUNNING Sports medicine, reconstruction & joint replacement

Call (915) 581-0712 East: 1400 GEORGE DIETER STE. 100 Central: 1810 Murchison Ste. 140

our NEW LOCATION is Now open:

820 Redd Road 86

October, 2019 the cool thing about pour overs, is that even though it’s just black coffee, you definitely find so many flavors to appreciate, even without creamer and added flavors. That’s the cool part of these pour overs, and we want our customers to experience that too.” Erika proves her dedication to coffee by her efforts to “educate our customers that aren’t familiar with pour overs, and give them samples, ask them to taste.” The shop has been open for about three years now, and in that time, Erika said the growth has been amazing. “It’s the support of the locals here in El Paso. It’s our customers who have made this establishment what it is, and we really appreciate them,” she said. This grateful attitude towards the community fosters a welcoming space for customers, and word has spread. Erika agrees, and said “word of mouth has been huge…I feel like word

The Original Handcrafted Custom Cinnamon Roll

of mouth has really worked a lot here. We always hear of regulars telling people about us, and then they come and fall in love with the place, and it just keeps going like that.” While opening another location is something Erika would love to do, she wants to focus on growing the current shop even more first, building off of what they have already developed—like how they have begun to do their own roasting. “We’re roasting now, so we want to get even better at that to offer customers the best coffee possible. I’m making sure we’re prepared for another location first before we go for it. Global Coffee is something unique to El Paso for a variety of reasons, all worth stopping by for. Concluding, Erika said, “I also think the way we do things sets us apart … with our customer service. It makes the customers feel welcome and at home.” Stop by for a lesson on pour overs, or order one of their many delicious signature drinks—you really won’t find them anywhere else. |

No credit? Bad credit? We finance! Call JJ today at 915.740.9399


October, 2019





October, 2019








The threats to your clients, your reputation and your business are unprecedented. We can protect you with our comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions.

✓ ✓ ✓

Cyber Security Assessments 24/7/365 Security Operations Center Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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Compliance Auditing (HIPAA, PCI) Managed Detection and Response Security Consulting and Vulnerability Management


(915) 703-1778 |


WhenWas theLast Time

October, 2019

You Did Something for the First Time? | By: MICHELLE CROMER |


spiritualit y

It is our choices,Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.


J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

o celebrate my third year of being

rage of a dragon, no matter the relentlessness

cancer free, I decided to do something

of the opponent. Like the stealth force that it

every month in 2019 that I’d never done

is, the spirit matches every negative thought

before to celebrate that I’m still here, I’m

or image with a counter one: A grace-filled

alive. I’ve done things like snowboard in Santa

burst of hope, of assistance, a way out, a

Fe, I fasted for 72 hours, I got a tattoo and

way through, a reminder of how you made it

today, I am writing this from Scotland, the

through the last time a dragon got loose.

home of my ancestors. We must utilize the magic of our spiritScotland is a country that believes in fairies,

imagination and push ourselves to embrace

embraces dragons and the Royal arms

new experiences in our lives. Why? Why

symbol has a unicorn on it, because the

would that be essential to our well-being?

unicorn is the national animal! No wonder JK Rowling wrote her Harry Potter books in

This may seem an odd notion for some,

Scotland. I feel protected from the storms

but the truth is our inner balance requires

of life in this peaceful, magical place. Each

that we enter into transcendent fields of

morning, when I feel the salt air clearing

energy; that is, our five senses are simply

my throat, I feel the clearing of my heart as

inadequate when it comes to providing a

well. I realize the woman I am now is not the

sufficient “reality” screen through which to

woman I was before melanoma skin cancer.

view, understand, examine and interpret the

I tread through the season, dragging beasts,

full measure of all the many macro and micro

monsters and history behind me. I’m just not

experiences of our lives.

the same person on the other side of it all. Life is too short to not get out of our comfort However, I know the human spirit is capable

zone and try new things. I have learned again

of an endless number of extraordinary feats.

and again that it is the spirit within you that is the

It’s like a Scottish dragon slayer, animating its

authentic engine of your life. The excitement

presence within our being to challenge images

and pride one receives by accomplishing

and thoughts that arise from the depths of our

something new is far more valuable than can

darkness, intent upon reshaping how we see

be measured. Never underestimate the value

the landscape of our life. Inner dragons can

and power of a new experience.

make us see threats on the horizon, even on the most beautiful of days. Our inner dragons

Perhaps you too can do something each month

often whisper despairing words into our

you’ve never done before. It could be as easy

minds and hearts like the spell casters they

as reading a new book that lifts your spirit out

are, hypnotizing us with familiar memories of

of your five senses and allows your spirit to

grief, abandonment, isolation and fear.

dwell in the magical place of the imagination.


A Realtor works for you. Take your time and do your research. When selling or buying, interview the agent you want to work with. Ask for their track record, years of experience, credentials and client reviews. Most important, find out if their work approach meets your expectations.



Take up dancing, go somewhere you’ve never Our minds have minimal resources to do

been or learn how to play the guitar.

battle against the onslaught of dragons that have escaped into the hidden passages of

I’m not here to find meaning in my cancer

our consciousness. Our hearts are even less

or even in my scars, but to celebrate that I

equipped against the heat of dragon fire. But

am alive. When was the last time you did

the human spirit is undefeatable no matter the

something for the first time?




October, 2019

l a v i st e F | By: AUSTIN NORTH |



October, 2019




17 + Yees of Exppience State-of-the-Art Technnogy Cosmetic Dentissy

he Seventh Annual El Paso Wine and Food Fest, put on by the El Paso Rotary Club, is

coming up this October 17. Featuring

a variety of events and tastings, the festival will include hundreds of different wines from hundreds of different wineries. Restaurants

The Festival describes itself as “foodie-

like Anson 11, Crave, 150 Sunset and more

centric,” and as a space for a “philanthropically-

have all partnered with the festival to bring

minded” border community—among wine

you the best food to pair with you wine.

enthusiasts and tastemakers too, of course.

One of the most special events is, for the

As we know, El Paso’s sense of community

first time, an accompanying wine-themed art

is a comforting, strong force that an event like

show featuring a variety of local artists in a

this can really bring out.

variety of different mediums. Artists add to the community feeling through Tresa Rockwell, with the El Paso Rotary Club,

their work, and at the art show, the pieces range

spoke a bit on the goals and ambitions they

from functional, to experimental to visual, etc.

have with the festival’s seventh iteration,

Artists contributed boutique cork frames, items

saying, “Our goal is that the Wine Festival

painted with wine, traditional wine-inspired

continues to expand, and provide other

visual art and more as a way of showing their

entities to the fest itself.” With the extensive

appreciation for wine, and as a way of sharing

list of over 20 partnered restaurants from

that appreciation with the community.

all around town to the massive variety of wines that they have to feature, it is clear

The El Paso Rotary Club is part of Rotary

that they are already achieving that goal of

International, the world’s largest humanitarian

expanding—last year saw over 1000 people

organization. Their mission is to “provide

attend the Fest, and the same can most

service to others, promote integrity, and

likely be expected this year as well. Even

advance world understanding, goodwill, and

representatives from top wineries in Napa

peace through its fellowship of business,

Valley will be attending to present their wine

professional, and community leaders.” As

and answer questions.

such, all proceeds from the Wine Festival will

OUR SERVICES: - Dental Exams & Cleanings - 3D Imaging & Digital X-rays - Same-Day Veneers, Crowns, Bridges - Composite (Tooth-Colored) Fillings - Take Home & In-Office Whitening - Dental Implant Restorations - Simple Extractions - Sports Guards & Night Guards - Nitrous Oxide Sedation (East Side Only)

Prrdly SSving El Paso! West Side

840 E. REDD RD. BLDG. 1-B EL PASO, TX 79912 (915) 581 - 1771

East Side

1920 N. ZARAGOZA SUITE 107 EL PASO, TX 79938 (915) 856 - 1771

go into projects within the El Paso area. The accompanying art show takes a direct inspiration from wine. “The callout to the

The event is a unique opportunity for El

artists was the wine theme. It was loose other

Pasoans. If you’re passionate about wine,

than that,” Tresa said. Curated by local artists,

food or art, it is a perfect opportunity

the Wine Festival provided “an opportunity

to indulge and immerse yourself in the

[that] was just developing a show entirely

community the festival creates. The Wine

about wine.” The show is an example of one

and Food Fest is October 19, from 1:00-5:00

benefit the Wine Fest ultimately provides—a

p.m. in downtown El Paso, in front of San

sense of community, coming together for a

Jacinto Park—you’ll see the big white tents!

common appreciation through all mediums.

Accepting New Patients and Most Dental Insurance Please Call Us for More Information



October, 2019

In El Paso





October 22 - 27, 2019

November 19 - 20, 2019


February 25 - 26, 2020

Rockhal Esch Alzette 1-3 March 2019 Info & Tickets on


March 13 - 14, 2020



April 7 - 12, 2020

June 9 - 10, 2020

Season Tickets On Sale Now! • 915-231-1111 94

October, 2019

Dia de los Muertos D AY O F T H E D E A D

Join us at one of our 2 locations for this special event!

Saturday, November 2nd at 2:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 2nd at 4:00 p.m.

RESTLAWN 8817 Dyer St. El Paso, TX 77904

EVERGREEN EAST 129400 Montana Ave. El Paso, TX 77938

Celebrate with us and enjoy food trucks, pan de muerto, folkloric dancers, matachines, mariachis, face painting and other activities for kids.

Call 915-996-5533 for more information


October, 2019

at the


| By: SARAH BORREGO, El Paso Zoo Event Coordinator |

he nights are starting to cool off and the October, 2019 smell of pumpkin spice is everywhere

attendance is that we offer families a safe

you go. That’s right. Fall has hit El Paso.

Halloween,” says Joe Montisano, El Paso

And for the ninth year, the El Paso Zoo is

Zoo director. Most Halloween events

hosting Boo at the Zoo on October 26-27

around the city begin in the evening hours

from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to help ring

or on Halloween day, which falls on a

in the spooky season.

Thursday this year. “It’s hard to find time

space to trick-or-treat and to celebrate

to get off work and take my daughter Boo at the Zoo is the El Paso Zoo’s biggest

trick-or-treating during the middle of

event of the year, drawing an average of

the week,” Jorgina Lucero, an El Paso

20,000 people over the two-day event.

mom, says. “This gives our family the

“One of the reasons for this huge spike in

opportunity to celebrate the holiday all day and at a place that my daughter loves!”


e l pa s o zo o

October, 2019

Whatever Your Occasion

Plan it With Us! Gatherings That Inspire Unforgettable Social Events Call 915.342.1407 BIANCA.ARREOLA@HILTON.COM


October, 2019 Boo at the Zoo offers twelve trick-or-treat stations throughout the zoo where children can receive sustainable or palm-oil free candy. Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil derived from the palm trees that is used in everyday household items, such as cosmetic and bath products. There are more than fifty different names for it, so it is likely listed on several products that you consume. The El Paso Zoo works with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to bring awareness to such products and how we can make a difference. Using sustainable or no palm oil at all is the best way to help save the palm trees that this oil is derived from. The demand for palm oil is so high that it has greatly affected our rainforests, especially in Southeast Asia. Sumatra alone has 201 mammal species, 580 birds, 217 reptiles, 70 amphibians, 272 types of fish, and 15,000 plant species. A major problem facing these species is habitat fragmentation. Conservationists are working every day to attempt to acquire land in areas where reforestation can create forested corridors between areas of isolated habitat. On top of trick-or-treating, Boo at the Zoo offers several Halloween-themed activities for the whole family! Because of the success of the zoo’s last event, Bug Fest, Truly Nolen will be sponsoring The Creepy Crawly Kalahari, which will display several of the bugs from Bug Fest, but in a much creepier

Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948

fashion. Some species of scorpions will glow under a black light setting. The zoo will darken the entirety of the Kalahari Research

• Private Party Room

Station and have black lights illuminated to

• Beer & Wine

highlight the different kinds of bugs. New to Boo at the Zoo will be a haunted house inside the zoo’s event pavilion tent. This will give guests the ultimate Halloween experience to their weekend. The haunted house will be a little spooky but not too scary for kids.

• Outside Dining • Live Music Thur. to Sat. • We cater large or small events

Live entertainment, Halloween-themed animal enrichment, games and a lot more are planned for this weekend. Guests are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes.

Italian.Kitchen. West m 99

Pick up your new copy of

October, 2019

The City Weddings 2019 THE CITY WEDDINGS miere is El Paso’s pre guide. local wedding g Find everythin for you will need d see your big day an o’s some of El Pas best weddings.

Just d? Engage This is Y


ur Guide!


l u f i t u Bea dings Wed

st El Paso’s Mo

Go ing urel? t Au Na

Of Maids and Men ad it io n Alte ri n g Tr


at Get your copy greens your local Wal to and don’t forget ity C check out The The Magazine and me City Spaces Ho azine. & Design Mag

6 9 PRICE $4.95 weddings 201

The City Magazine Brings You El Paso’s Only Bridal Magazine of its Kind For more information contact us at 100 CITY MAGAZINE THE




EL PASO, TEXAS 79901 | 915.500.5730

October, 2019

Community Partners Provide Hope for Wish Kids



ommunities provide an array of

support for local businesses and

nonprofits. Here at Make-A-Wish, we have been incredibly lucky to have the full support of the El Paso community. It truly takes a team of wonderful, generous people to ensure that Make-A-Wish has the help it needs to continue making wishes come true. We are enormously grateful for every volunteer, donor, wish granter, fundraiser and everyone else who has a hand in granting these wishes for children with critical illnesses. We would not be able to do what we do without the support of our community, which is why we find it so important to highlight volunteers and groups that help fulfill the wishes of children. We are tremendously grateful for groups like El Paso Community College who raised money for Make-A-Wish at their spring fashion show; and House of Kings Card

the past 82 years. They have gone above and

Club who hosted a poker event where funds

beyond to show their commitment to Make-

benefited Make-A-Wish in April. These

A-Wish and its mission by sponsoring local

groups not only help raise funds that grant

events and finding creative ways to show

wishes for children who have been waiting,

their support.

but they also raise awareness for Make-AWish and its mission. More recently, Make-A-

As an institution fully invested in its

Wish partnered with TFCU, Teachers Federal


Credit Union. TFCU is a financial institution

created a fundraising t-shirt to sell at the

that provides financial services for the El

Neon Desert Music Festival in May. This

Paso community and has been doing so for

t-shirt was sold exclusively at TFCU’s booth





M a k e - A - W i s h E l PA S O

October, 2019

at the music festival in El Paso. The t-shirt

throughout Texas communities and fuels

fundraiser raised $17,000, which was divided

Make-A-Wish’s connection with them.

among four charities including Make-A-Wish. Festivalgoers were given the opportunity to


vote for which charity they thought should

companies and institutions that show their





receive the most significant amount of

continuing support and dedication to us. With

funds. Incredibly, Make-A-Wish received

this type of devotion and generous spirit from

the most votes! Thanks to TFCU and the El

the El Paso community, Make-A-Wish is able

Paso community, TFCU donated $10,000 to

to grant many wishes each year for children

Make-A-Wish from the sale of their t-shirts.

with critical illnesses. These wishes are life-

Representatives from Make-A-Wish were

changing and provide hope to children going

presented with this generous check from

through extremely challenging times. It is

TFCU’s CEO and President, Max Villaronga,

incredible to see the large amount of kindness

and members of the TFCU Board. Vice

that El Paso has given to Make-A-Wish over

President of Marketing at TFCU said, “The

the years. Because of this kindness from El

TFCU team has been recognized for their

Paso and other Texas communities, we are

generosity to our community, that is why we

able to grant life-changing wishes for children.

matched our passion for community service with our new partnership with Neon Desert

Interested in becoming a community partner

Music Festival. The festival was a platform

like TFCU? Call 915-855-8701 to find out more

for us to spotlight El Paso’s non-profits

information. No matter the amount, your

and help them and our community grow.”

donation will help change the lives of children.

This passion for community service is seen


October, 2019


PCA CHEMICAL PEELS ARE USED TO IMPROVE TONE, TEXTURE, FINE LINES AND WRINKLES, BREAKOUTS AND DARK SPOTS. These exfoliation treatments penetrate the stratum corneum, outer layer of the skin, to aid in the nourishment of the deeper levels of the skin, the epidermis and dermis.



915.351.0032 | MIXSALONSPA.COM

October, 2019

MAKE YOUR CITY BUZZ WITH THE CITY TICKETS your local answer for event ticket sales

WHY US? We have the audience • We have the content • Print + online We are committed to the success of our local community organizations Money stays in your community

charities • Fundraisers • Galas • Festivals • Shows Expos • Concerts • Trade Shows • School events


for more information call 500-5730

October, 2019

Dr. Dean E. Smith, MD




TO SOLVE YOUR BACK PAIN PROBLEMS Because minimally invasive surgery uses a very small incision (usually about 1/2 inch in diameter), it reduces damage to surrounding tissue and muscles as compared to traditional surgical techniques. It also means that recovery times are greatly reduced and there is less pain after surgery. Minimally invasive surgery may be right for you if more conservative treatments have not helped to reduce your pain.

(915) 857-6699 | | 10400 Vista Del Sol Drive Suite 204


Fall Makeup Trend




October, 2019


beaut y

e are getting ready to transition from summer to fall, and since October is Breast Cancer

Awareness month, we need to consider our makeup. How can we wear pinks for the fall? Read

along to learn how and why shades of pink can be flattering.

Pink shades are considered to be feminine, romantic, youthful and hopeful. We can wear a monochromatic look, which, as the name implies, is the technique of keeping your eyes, lips, cheeks and nails within one shade range. The best part is that it’s easy to pull off.


Use Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Eye Shadow Palette. This is a

“pretty, feminine every day palette featuring


A brown eyeliner can actually give your

a champagne pink, matte dusky rose, soft-

eyes more depth, acting like a contour for

matte brown and a rose gold sparkle. This

your eyelids, giving the illusion of thicker,

easy to use eyeshadow quad will give you

amped-up lashes from far away. To rim the

the romantic, wide-eyed, I woke up like this

waterline, use my favorite Enduring Eyeliner

eye makeup.”

Pencil in brown by LimeLife by Alcone. For


the perfect lid liner or a crisp wing, try my Our skin can get so dry and dull

favorite Eye Opening Liner by UZ in the

during fall/winter when there’s no

shade, brown-black. This ground breaking

moisture in the air. It’s no wonder that makeup

liner is “softer than black and stronger than

artist Pat McGrath crafted a “softly perfected

brown. It is made with a hybrid polymer that

look with minimal foundation, to show a

provides the perfect line all day against any

glowy complexion and hyrated skin” during

water, sweat, humidity, tears or oil using

NYFW Fall 2019. Try Skin Fetish Sublime

the most advanced Japanese water-proof

Perfection Foundation, which “builds from a


sheer veil to a flawless medium coverage for all skin types.”


A touch of pink blush is the

Nail Color

There’s something about light pink nail polish

easiest way to liven up and

that keeps us coming back, no matter the

soften the face. When we naturally flush, it

seasonal trends. Sometimes we want a

is always a shade of pink. Place a touch of

beautifully soft, pale pink manicure that’s

pink blush high on the apples of the cheeks

as clean as it is timeless. Try the shade,

for a natural looking flush. My favorite blush

“Lauren” by Zoya, “it can be best described

is Glossier’s Cloud Paint in the shade, “Puff.”

as a warm pink-kissed light beige with

It’s a “gel-cream blush you can’t mess up and

very fine gold and copper metallic

designed to be the most user friendly cheek

shimmer. A shimmering nude skin

color in existence.”

tone look for both day and evening


wear.” Wear a better nude pink shade to enhance your natural lip color. Try

“Pillow Talk” lipstick, “the ultimate celebrity and supermodel lip color, creating makeup mania across the globe as the secret to fuller, wider looking lips. The universally-loved, best selling lipstick launched to give all women what Charlotte Tilbury calls ‘the most beautiful lips of your life.’”


October, July, 2019

His Prerogative | By: ANDY MARTINEZ |

Explore our recommended products and see how you can become yourself, refined.


October, 2019

Dermalogica | Prisma Protect spf30 Come the summer months, everyone suddenly becomes hyper-diligent about applying sunscreen to avoid the harsh effects of the sun. This is great, however, many fall off the wagon when the cooler months begin to approach. Perhaps you don’t want to feel the heaviness and tackiness of the kind of sunscreen you’d typically wear at the beach or by the pool. The moisturizing and luminous finish of this sunscreen maintain a glowing complexion even during the drier months. Learn to implement SPF into your year-round routine and your skin will thank you for it.

$65 |

Dr. Barbara Sturm | Hyaluronic Serum Adding a step to one’s skincare routine seems like too much to ask of anyone through casual conversation, fortunately I’m here to drop the truth about serums and moisturizers. A conventional creamy moisturizer does a great job of hydrating the skin, although, it doesn’t go much further than the outer layer of the skin. To fully nourish your skin down to its deepest layers, a deep-absorbing serum gets the work done. With ingredients included to stimulate cellular turnover (that means young and bright skin), maintain skin elasticity and reduce inflammation, a serum is invaluable for the long-term appearance of the skin.

$300 |

Hanz De Fuko | Scheme Cream it’s important to consider a multitude of factors when it comes to building a grooming routine appropriate for your lifestyle. Sometimes, the way we choose to look might not necessarily fall in line with our daily activities. One thing that I am always extra mindful of in terms of suitability is hairstyling products. Often times, especially during the week, I don’t have much time to wash product out of my hair in between work and the gym, so it’s important for me to use a hair product that I know washes away easily after a session, is watersoluble and has a less firm hold as to prevent sweat from carrying the product onto my face, thus causing breakouts. Try this light-shine hair cream with a flexible hold and watch those annoying forehead breakouts fade away.

$23 |

Oars and Alps Peppermint Charcoal Bar Soap The skin on our body is a lot tougher than the skin on our face, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t benefit from a bit of care. This revitalizing soap brightens dull skin to give you a refreshed sensation. The non-drying formula works to reduce excess oils to keep those body breakouts out of sight. The light-exfoliating properties from the activated charcoal and spirulina keeps the skin looking bright and renewed after every use, and the natural peppermint fragrance invigorates the senses to wake you right up during that morning shower.

$14 |


October, 2019


915 • 243 • 3139 sugurskull sugarskull_boutique 110

October, 2019


y r o t S e v o L From October, 2019

A Canine

Rags Riches





very story has a beginning—some we make up to suit us, some we

choose not to remember, but for

others, we tell the sad truth. Custody’s

story began with five women on a girls-only birthday vacation. We traveled to Puerta Vallarta, Mismaloya to be more precise, to a summer home where a colorful sign welcomes those staying with “Mi Casa es Su Casa.” Welcome to Casa Buenavista. There’s magic in the home once you step through the iron gates into the terra-cotta entrance way. On the cobblestone road behind, one leaves the weight of the world, concerns,




worries. These are the unspoken rules of the house and you are aware of these rules because the house whispers them to you as you pass into her secret casita. The day would be forever memorable as the five girls stepped onto the simple boat driven by a local known as Antonio. We leave the cove off Mismaloya, headed to the open ocean, following the outskirts of the seashore to a small, secluded Mexican village that can only be reached by boat or donkey, the locals call this special place “Colesko.” As we waded from the boat,

long and windy trail ending at the pride of the

our feet feeling the sandy seashore line,

village: the beautiful waterfall. Our guide led

we were welcomed by a young brown and

the first horse across the cool stream, up the

white dog. She was a bit skinny, no shine on

mountain pathway closely followed by our

her coat, a street dog, yet smiling (yes, dogs

brown and white dog. Once we reached the

definitely smile). Her tail wagged as Diane

top, we swam in the mountain water with

knelt down to pet her, staying longer with

the locals, watched our brave friend Belle

our new canine friend than any of us noticed.

climb up the waterfall led by the local boys

Our focus was on the run-down thatched

who showed her which rock to slide down

roofs, the clothes hanging in the warm sun

to hit the falls perfectly. We enjoyed the

on a make-shift clothesline, and the giggles

hospitality of the locals as they fed us tacos,

of the local children as they playfully ran past

served margaritas and tequila shots with lime

us. They wore simple cotton clothes, no

and salt. With our bellies full, and slightly

shoes, hair that might or might not have been

over-served, we made the journey leaving

combed recently. They play as if they have

the majestic waterfall down the mountain

no cares, as if the world they live in is safe

on our now very bonded mountain horses

and untouched by modern technology. As

trusting their every step knowing if they fell it

we traveled up the secluded village following

would be disastrous. Following close by, as if

the cobblestone path, we see the saddled

she was on protection watch, we noticed our

donkeys and horses that were ready for their

female dog who’d waited with the horses

day’s work, taking five ladies up their familiar

and followed our every move as we headed

down the mountain. Each of us commented


October, 2019 on her presence and couldn’t help but notice

the over-served mind make honest decisions

propeller humming in high gear, I happened to

she’d been with us throughout the entire day.

out of love and no forethought? The jury is still

look back to the island and noticed the black

out, but I announced that we should keep her.

dog swimming after us. Custody’s husband-

We waded back to the boat and, as we

We should get her shots, her traveling health

dog was swimming after us. He was headed

jumped into the boat, much to our surprise,

papers, bath her and take her back to the

to the open seas with no sign of turning back

so did she. We laughed and as our boat boy

states. Let’s all own a piece of her and call her

and without doubt he would have drowned.

Antonioni tried to remove her, she dodged

Custody for shared-custody. We all toasted,

“Stop the boat! Girls, what are we going to

him and jumped to the bow of the boat;

agreed to each owning a piece of her and as

do? He doesn’t want to separate from his

looking forward out to the sea, refusing to

our boat driver Anthony yelled in Spanish to

wife.” Somewhere, someone said, “We have

look back. My cousin Dawn began to speak

the villagers that the five Americans in the

no choice, put him in the boat.” There was

as if she were clairvoyant, reading the dogs

boat wanted their dog, out of nowhere, her

a comment made by a woman who denies

mind, “This is my chance out of here and I’m

husband-dog jumped into the boat. “Not

the comment, but she said, “I’ve never had

not looking back”. She’d clearly made her

happening,” Jennifer said, “one dog is doable,

a male chase me the way he chased her.”

mind up she was going with us. Without any

but adopting two? Nope!” Sadly, Antonio

We had no choice, the love story just kept

more thought, partially out of the over-served

picked him up and took him to the shore.

unfolding. First, it was our story of falling in

mind that often makes bad decisions, or does

As we headed to the open seas, the boat’s

love with her, then it was his love story as he followed her. You know how the story ends. His name is Joint for joint-custody. He’s black, has deep scars all over his young two-year old body from fighting, and his crooked tail had been broken in at least three places. His life, because of a woman, ok five women, would never be the same again. The remainder of the vacation, these five American women could be found walking proudly down the streets of Puerto Vallarta with new leashes, new collars sporting a couple of Mexican street dogs. The two love birds never separated, they spent several nights at the veterinarians, where for a very large bill, the veternarian got rid of the parasites that would have killed her, the many fleas from living on the streets, and several other health situations brought on by neglect and poor care. Where are they now you ask? Several of our dog friends Venmo’d money (our credits cards were over-limit) to pay for dog flights to the States. Unaware that dogs can’t fly in the undercarriage of a plane unless the temperature is under 80 degrees, our dreams of bringing them home were squashed. So … out of desperation, I called the homeowners of Casa Buenavista in Mismaloya, Al and Emilse. I told the love story of our two dogs and they said, “It sounds like a canine love story. Let them stay.” They will forever live at Casa Buenavista. We left money to take care of their reproduction problem—she’ll never


October, 2019 have another set of pups—we paid for all their future shots (thank God for friends and credit cards) and they will live their lives out at the house. We get updates on their progress and we’ll get to see them every time we travel to Puerta Vallarta. I couldn’t help but wonder when I tell this story if the welcome sign, “Mi Casa es Su Casa” might have a different meaning: “Your dogs are my dogs.” A happy ending—the day five Americans went to a remote island and returned, overserved with two dogs. Thanks to our special doggie-finance friends who are honorary dog owners: Al and Emilse Terry Kassi Amanda Ernie and Nora Teresa Monica


COMPASSIONATE PATIENT-CENTERED CARE Comprehensive care for adults and adolescents who are suffering from psychiatric disorders and addiction. Services: Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient, and Partial Hospitalization Healing the mind, body, and spirit.




October, 2019


TCM Pet of the Month highlights our readers’ best friends!



OWNER: Roxanne Arreola

Hi my name is OkiDoki! I am a Chihuahua who was born in December 2018 the day my great great grandfurmother died. I am very special to my grandfurmother because of this. I have got to admit, she puts up with a lot, but I mean who doesn’t enjoy jumping and running through these woodfloors all day long. I have my mom Kiki, but she is too lazy to do anything. I also have an aunt LuLa who is a lot bigger than me but shes always keeping watch of the house. So me and dad Toby, we like to wrestle all day long. I am mischievous but I am very sweet I guess, that’s what my grandfurmother says. I hope to be mentioned in your magazine one day. Thank you! Love Oki! Is your pet TCM’s next Pet of the Month? Send a photo and short story with why you think your pet belongs in this page to



5867 N. MESA ST. 915.504.6888

9813 DYER ST. STE. 100 915.751.0123

October, 2019




C o olk ’s

October, 2019



BLOCK co oks n e e d in s pirat ion to o


October, 2019


PRETZELS with Pumpkin

Beer Cheese 1/2 cup butter, softened

1 1/2 teaspoons curry powder

with it. It’s warm and filling and meant to keep you nourished throughout the changing and fresher weather. I normally prepare food for a specific season,

but here I want to make something for a specific type of night. It’s getting cold out and there’s nothing I love more than a movie night with the perfect snack. Let’s move away from the whole sit-down meal, and turn a classic movie snack into an up-scale night-in. Classic movie pretzels brushed with a warm-toned and savory-spiced curry butter, subtle sweetness from honey and brown sugar, but grounded with curry and cumin. A great combination of flavors that can be used on tons of options throughout the season. Served side by side with a bowl of melted beer cheese—just switch out the standard beer for a wheaty pumpkin beer—and you have a


for the spiced curry butter

love all things fall, especially the food that comes

Chef’s tip

homerun for fall flavors and the perfect evening movie snack.

Use a darker beer for deeper savory flavor

1/2 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon brown sugar


with curry powder, cumin, brown sugar, salt and

1 teaspoon honey

pepper in a small pan on low heat. Once warmed through and combined, add butter and stir until

heavy pinch salt heavy pinch pepper

melted and evenly combined. Set aside. 2. 3.

on medium low and stir continuously until melted. Slowly add more beer until desired consistency. 4.

1 1/4 cup grated Gouda

2 teaspoons garlic powder 2 boxes frozen pretzels 1/2 teaspoon yellow mustard chipotle hot sauce, few dashes fresh parsley, garnish pumpkin seeds, garnish whole grain deli mustard, garnish

While oven heats, add cream cheese, cheddar, half a bottle of beer to medium saucepan. Warm

8 ounce cream cheese

1 bottle wheat pumpkin beer (more for desired thickness)

Heat oven to 400 degrees. gouda, beer, hot sauce, mustard, garlic powder and

for the pumpkin beer cheese 1 1/2 cup grated cheddar

Prepare spiced curry butter by warming honey

Brush curry butter on pretzels, sprinkle with salt and heat in oven for 4-5 minutes until golden brown.


Lightly brush with more curry butter once out of the oven. Serve side by side with beer cheese and deli mustard. Top cheese with fresh cut parsley and toasted pumpkin seeds.


On Sept. 7, we celebrated Wish Night with Make-A-Wish El Paso at the El Paso Country Club. We enjoyed a night under the stars with a live auction, music, dancing and fireworks. | Photos by: LAARA SWANSON AND LUIS MARIANO |









We had a special night on Sept. 12 at Dragonfly Wine & Sushi Bistro, as we unveiled a very heartfelt magazine honoring the families affected by the Aug. 3 tragedy. | Photos by: DANIEL FREDERICK |




October 2019

03 Utep homecoming Pep Rally

October 3 | 12 P.M. UTEP’s Centennial Plaza Let’s go Miners, we got this! Come out and support the team!

Admission: Free



11 Real Women Have

run walk & Roll Event

October 6 | 6 A.M. Ascarate Park

Cardi B

Already in its 27th year, this run benefits the El Paso Spinal Cord Support Group and the Greater El Paso Physical Therapy District (GEPD) of the Texas Physical Therapy Association.

Impact Fest

Workshops, conferences and lots of games related to virtual reality and related technologies.

Admission: TBA


at 7:30 P.M. October 10/13 at 2:30 p.m. UTEP Dinner Theatre The UTEP Department of Theatre and Dance kicks off its first ever Latino season with a classic coming of age story.

Admission: $16.50

Admission: $80+

19 October 11-12 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. FabLab and El Paso Foundation Room

Curves October 11/12/17/18/19

This Bronx girl has talent, charisma and a huge following. Don’t miss her.

Admission: $25 to participate


October 8 | 8 P.M. County Coliseum

Wine Fest


October 19 | 1-5 P.M. 401 N Mesa Street There will be wine, and lots of it. Over 400 vendors will be in attendance from around the world.

Admission: $100

Rally 2019

October 25 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M, Convention Center Take note realtors, this event will be networking galore.

Admission: $45

October 2019




Department of

and Garden October 4-6 | All Day expo

Civic Center Get everything you need for all your projects in an open air, downtown setting.

Communication Homecoming Brunch

October 5 | 10 A.M. Cotton Memorial A late breakfast for UTEP alumni. To RSVP, please contact Rosie Antillon at 915-747-6285 or at

Admission: Free

Admission: N/A


11 Three

J Balvin October 11 | 8 P.M.

Don Haskins

wizards Board Game Convention

He’s one of Latin Music’s biggest stars and he’s coming to El Paso. Ay Vamos.

Board games are really hot right now, despite better video game graphics than ever! Come check out what all the excitement is about.

Admission: $33.20+


October 11-13 | 2-5 P.M. Nations Tobin Park

Admission: N/A


Borderlands heritage festival


October 26 | 10 A.M. Chamizal Park A celebration of everything that makes this part of the world so special. There will be vendors, music and plenty of activities.

Admission: Free

at the zoo

October 27 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. El Paso Zoo What could be better than trick or treating at the zoo? I’d skip the lions’ house, though.

Six 75” Digital/Dynamic Display throughout the shopping center with USB charging stations. The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso receives 8,000,000 visitors throughout the year.

Admission: TBA


October, 2019

october Advertiser INDEX Casa Buenavista........................................................Pgs. 6, 7

Mix/Milan Salon & Day Spa........................................ Pg. 103

Cinnaholic..................................................................... Pg. 87

Pacifica Homes............................................................. Pg. 87

Connor Family Dentistry............................................... Pg. 93

Prosperus Title & Escrow.....................................Inside Front

Deutsch & Deutsch Jewelers..........................Pgs. 9, 75, 117

Quicksell Investments.................................................. Pg. 63

Dignity Memorial.......................................................... Pg. 95

Rio Vista Behavioral Center........................................ Pg. 115

DoubleTree by Hilton.................................................... Pg. 98

Sharkdogs Sports Grill.................................................. Pg. 14

DWTNSpaces............................................................... Pg. 15

Southwest Plastic Surgery........................................... Pg. 11

El Paso’s Children’s Hospital........................................ Pg. 77

Southwest University at El Paso...............................Pgs. 2, 3

El Paso Live.................................................................. Pg. 94

Spectrum...................................................................... Pg. 89

El Paso Rhinos.............................................................. Pg. 71

Sugar Skull Fashion Boutique..................................... Pg. 110

El Paso Spine Center.................................................. Pg. 105

Sun City Orthopaedic & Hand Surgery Specialists....... Pg. 86

Elyse Simons Beauty.................................................... Pg. 29

Table Occasions............................................................ Pg. 61

Entrecôte & Co............................................................. Pg. 45

The Hospitals of Providence......................................... Pg. 13

E.P. Dentistry 4 Kids................................................... Pg. 116

The Italian Kitchen West............................................... Pg. 99

Farmers Insurance........................................................ Pg. 62

The State Line.............................................................. Pg. 31

Grace the Psychic Lady................................................ Pg. 99

Vanities Jewelry & Gifts, Inc........................................... Pg. 1

Indicium Display Network....................................Pgs. 46, 127

Vitalant.......................................................................... Pg. 57

Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino...... Back Cover

Walgreens.................................................................Pgs. 4, 5

Intraceuticals.............................................................. Pg. 111

West Texas Pain Institute............................................. Pg. 30

Luis Carlos Perez.......................................................... Pg. 91

Xcleaning Professionals................................................ Pg. 37

Mesa Street Grill........................................................... Pg. 39



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