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s ’ o s a P l E an M c i s u M Julio Ort iz

44 november 2015 PRICE $2.95

Hometown NFL Stars

November, 2015





November, 2015

Shelley Mozelle




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November, 2015


f e i h c n i Editor

November, 2015

Music is a powerful tool and its beauty was instilled in me at a young age. My grandfather had a band and my memories as a young child, spending time listening to him, are embedded deeply within me. My mother played the piano beautifully by ear. I can still hear her fingernails clicking on the keys with her eyes closed as she hummed, playing her favorite spiritual songs. What I remember most was how her eyes sparkled when she played her favorite love songs. She went to a place that we were not allowed to join, a place full of butterflies and sunshine, and for brief moments I understood that she might have been in love deeper than anyone I’ve ever known. Those memories are some of the most precious that I have of my mother. So, one has to wonder and ask ourselves, what makes music such a dynamic and emotional form of communication? When one studies the word music, it comes from the word “muse.” “Muse” means to think of, meditate on, wonder upon or gaze. We meditate in order to become one with our thoughts. Whether we are aware or not, the songs we listen to affect us positively or negatively, subconsciously giving us words which create thoughts in us. The beats, rhythms and melodies have a profound affect on our emotions. I believe that people who don’t learn to appreciate music often lack a sense of beauty and tranquility that

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”

only music teaches us. When our heart is crying from a break up, we want to listen to

– Johnny Depp

One known singer to the El Paso music industry deserves duplication night after

heartbreak songs. When we fall in love, all we listen to is love songs. Most of us can resonate with a song during a time and place of life that brought great emotion. Music is defined differently by each of us. I believe I have the gift of music, but I might be the only one who agrees. I have no hesitation to grab a mic and belt out a familiar melody, often given musical strength by a good glass of wine – ok, maybe two – but the feeling singing gives me cannot be duplicated. My karaoke sister will probably tell you the world would rather my singing not be duplicated.

night; he is none other than Julio Ortiz. He’s a free spirit who copies no one; he shares his belief that musical boundaries should not be restricted and explains that’s why he’s never studied music. His musical talent can be appreciated in many languages, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, and there are few stages in the Sun City that he has not yet graced. When he sat down with me and our editor, Kim North, for the photo shoot he was as comfortable in front of the camera as he is on stage. Preciously holding the guitar that his mother gave him, he proudly showcased stickers that were placed there by his children and shared the love he has for his family, his music and the town he calls home. This is the same town that has enjoyed his musical talent throughout the years, allowing him to make a living doing what he loves ... playing music.


November, 2015




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Choose Your Wild Life. There’s a New Mexico out there that’s totally unexpected. It’s a place where snow-dusted pines grace a breathtaking skyline. A place of beauty, luxury, indulgence, excitement and relaxation. A place called Inn of the Mountain Gods – New Mexico’s premier resort and casino.

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November, 2015







Julio LAURA Ortiz TATE

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November, 2015


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Control Your Mind. Conquer Your Body;


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November, 2015


Colony Cove on North Mesa 915-584-4700

t i d i d e h s How

November, 2015

An Interview With A Local Business Woman | By: NEISSHA KING |

Cynthia Lopez

Owner, Abogada Immigration Law Attorney I never really wanted to work for someone else… An El Pasoan born and raised, after graduating high school, Cynthia Lopez decided to spread her wings and attend a university in Chicago. With an accounting degree under her belt, she decided to continue on the path for her law degree. After completing law school, she found herself faced with the high cost of living in the Chicago area and the only job prospect was that of minimum wage, she quickly realized it was time to move back home. After nine years in the windy city, she decided to not just move back home but to go into business for herself. The biggest risk I’ve taken: Going into business for myself. I moved back to El Paso around the end of 2010 and opened my doors in March 2011. I started from scratch with an $8000 loan from a family member. I hired an experienced assistant, who quite frankly knew the immigration side and was a huge asset in helping me to get started (after almost five years, she’s still with me today). I signed a two year lease and before the doors were ever opened I reached out to family, friends and the community. The first three years I was overwhelmed, at times I am still overwhelmed. In the beginning, my age and the fact that I was a woman appeared to be an obstacle for some, but these days with experience that has become less of an issue. Life lessons to remember: I’ve learned that it is not personal. If a client doesn’t like me or has chosen not to do business with me, I have to be comfortable with their decision. I have also grown to be comfortable with uncertainty. I currently have four employees and as a business owner there are times you may be faced with instability of revenue and yet there are still expenses and employees to be paid. I started with one employee and waited about 1 ½ years before adding additional help. You’ll never regret: Not having a job that pays me as salary. I now have options and experience that I have created for myself. I have a platform that allows for me to pursue other opportunities. I’m glad that I’ve never: Allowed myself to stop pursuing my dreams. My every-day mantra: Have an attitude of gratitude. I appreciate the fact that I have another day, and I intend to get the most out of each and every day that I can. The moment I knew I made it: After being in business for two years, I had a small celebration. My next milestone is the five year mark. My greatest joy: Helping my clients and providing employment opportunities for others. The Legacy She Desires to Leave Behind That her clients knew that she truly cared. 12

November, 2015


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oyster perpetual and yacht-master are



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November, 2015


Casa Buenavista November, 2015

Mismaloya Bay at Puerto Vallarta

Incredible Lifestyle at Affordable Rates • Satellite TV, Internet, Wireless, PC, Phone, Outdoor speakers • Solar heated pool, children’s pool • Every bedroom has a spectacular view • Secluded Las Animas and Yelapa nearby by boat taxi • Fully equipped kitchen, patio BBQ

Now you can enjoy all the amenties of a private villa in Puerto Vallarta at affordable rates. This beautiful ocean view villa is owned by a fellow El Pasoan and offered at reasonable hotel type rates but with luxury that far exceeds. Upon arrival, you can send staff to shop the local Costco and fresh fish markets or enjoy the many fine dining establishments. Maybe both. Staff couple Fide and Rogelio prepare delicious meals, you simply provide the menu.

Visit our website for a full photo gallery at Casa Buenavista

Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate November, 2015

Winter is on the way. The perfect time to head south to Puerto Vallarta. Just a few miles on the south side of PV lies the beautiful Mismaloya Bay, overlooking is Casa Buenavista. A 4 bedroom, 5 bath villa with a spectacular ocean view including the historic set of Night of the Iguanas.

Affordable Luxury

• Perched above beach at Lomas de Mismaloya • Up to 4 couples or family of 8-10 • Fide and Rogelio (staff) shop, prepare meals, drive you around town in a Suburban • Beautifully maintained private villa

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November, 2015

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November, 2015

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November, 2015

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” – Confucius


z i t r O o i l Ju November, 2015

| By: BRENDA CASTANEDA photography by: DAV ANMED |



November, 2015 f you happen to be dining in the Union Plaza district on a

Wednesday night at The Garden,

or on a Friday evening at Tabla

or perhaps at the Magic Bistro for brunch on a Saturday morning, you are sure to be entertained by the soothing, acoustic sounds of El Paso’s own Julio Ortiz. He performs almost daily at various locations in and around El Paso and possesses a style of music that captivates his audience. They become part of an experience like no other. His performance is magical. In my interview with Ortiz, our conversation was just as poetic and mesmerizing as his music. Every word he speaks tells passionately of experiences that reach into the depths of his soul that is conveyed through song. His love for art, music and nature is a huge part of who he is as an artist. His passion is easily transferred to his audience in a way that they are brought to a spiritual level, captivated, embraced by his music. He has created his own style. He plays his guitar and performs for the sheer beauty of the music and describes it as a form of therapy. He goes wherever the music takes him. “One of the reasons I never studied music, I didn’t want any boundaries to govern where my music would take me,” he said. Whether he is on the terrace of the Double Tree Hotel with the glorious sunset as his backdrop or the lush greenery of the Zin Valle Vineyards, it is the beauty of nature that is a huge part of his performance. His delivery is flawless. Fluent in many languages, he sings not only in English, but is equally powerful in Spanish, Portuguese and French. He transitions from one song to another without any interruption in the flow of the magic that is his music. Ortiz’s story of his passion for music and the arts begins with family. His initial exposure to music began, like so many other musicians, at home. The youngest of five, two older sisters and two older brothers, they were surrounded by music at a fairly early age. At


November, 2015

family gatherings, music was a huge part of

pursued singing. He thought, “If dad can

Ortiz is passionate about the arts, all of the

his life. His early influences in music came

sing, maybe I can, too.” He was right. And

arts. “I love everything that has to do with

from whatever his parents listened to at

now some twenty years later, Ortiz is a

music and the arts and nature,” he proclaims

these family events, mostly boleros, trios

unique talent and renowned artist throughout

as he describes his love for the theater. A

and mariachis. Everyone would sing and play

the region.

theater arts major, Ortiz discovered his love for acting while attending New Mexico State

music. A piano was always in his home and as young adults he and his siblings took piano

He is a different musician who not only

University where he received his degree in

lessons. While his sisters took very quickly

entertains but becomes part of the experience

theater arts and a minor in French. Not only

to the piano and continued their lessons, he

as is evident in the venues at which he

is he an accomplished musician, he is also

and his brothers did not. Typical of boys, he

performs. There is not elaborate stage set-

a very successful actor and screenwriter. He

tells a story of how he fell asleep during a

up. It is Ortiz, his guitar and his audience.

has written many children’s plays of which

piano lesson at which time his mother quickly

There is genuine beauty in the simplicity of

he is proud to say have been performed in

recognized that perhaps piano was not for him.

his performances. No distractions for the

El Paso and in cities throughout the United

fans who follow him.

States. His acting experience started here under the guidance of Hector Serrano whom

However, during his senior year, his mother came home with a guitar for him. She simply

He is booked every day of the week, except

he credits for pushing him to uncover his

handed it to him and hoped he would enjoy

for Mondays, playing regularly at The Garden,

acting talents. As a result, Ortiz adds to his

the guitar more than he did the piano. He

Tabla, Doubletree Hotel, Zin Valle Vineyards

credits, several years with Viva! El Paso

describes how little by little he would strum

and The Magic Bistro, as well as many private

under the direction of Hector Serrano and

the guitar and gradually become comfortable

events throughout the year. He is coined as

David Mills and Shakespeare on the Rocks.

with his mother’s gift; he was hooked. As for

“One of the Hardest Working Musicians in

He also studied acting in Los Angeles and has

his singing, he knew that although his father

the City” because he is everywhere, often

appeared in several movies. The last several

had an amazing voice, he never seriously

performing several gigs in one day.

years, however, music has taken over. And


November, 2015

while he does miss the theater and being on

has supported me and allowed me to do what

creates an intimate setting for his audience,

stage, he is dedicated to his music here.

I want to do.” In addition to his regular gigs at

regardless of the venue. Singing everything

the different venues across the region, he also

from Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Van

Ortiz and his wife have been married 14 years

supports many major events throughout the

Morrison and numerous other artists, Ortiz

and they have two children, their 10-year-old

year as their featured performer and just last

is a gift to El Paso and we should continue

daughter and their 8-year-old son. Family is

month played at the annual Chalk the Block

to embrace and support this amazing talent.

extremely important to him and early on he

Arts Festival in downtown and entertained

made a conscious decision to be there for his

the audience at the Big Brothers-Big Sisters

For more information and his calendar of

children during their formative years. Now that

of El Paso annual fundraiser, the 8th annual

events, visit

they are a little bit older, he can think about

Dance for Kids’ Sake. Something he has done

returning to the theater, when the time is right.

since its first year.

Ortiz is forever indebted to this city for its

Ortiz is an El Paso gem. Simply stated, he

undying support. “I am so grateful that El Paso

is multi-talented, extremely versatile and

“This article is dedicated in loving memory of Raquel Ortiz, Julio’s mother, who passed


away in June.”



November, 2015

Professional Grooming & Self-Serve DOg Wash

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November, 2015

30 Photo by Dav Anmed

L a u r a tat e

November, 2015

“I Must Be Dreaming”


Although many of us may know Laura Tate as

that Tate had experienced while living in Los

Centennial Commission. These accolades

a committed, community activist, she is now

Angeles, Nashville and New York. Choosing

barely touch the surface of all that Tate has

also on the verge of breaking through with

to plant new roots in El Paso, Tate opted to

done for the City of El Paso.

her singing and performing talents, gaining

put her performing career on the back burner

national and international recognition. At a

as she pursued her passion for community

During this time, Tate also managed to return

stage when other performers are opting for a

service. One can only admire her knack of

to school and earned a Master of Arts degree

quiet life, Tate’s musical career, on the other

balancing her time-consuming dedication to

from UTEP. All along the way she quietly

hand, has taken off like gangbusters. With

community service with the considerable

continued to juggle a number of projects that

the recent release of her third album, which

efforts required to restart her professional

would ultimately cause her to place her music

is getting airplay and recognition all over the

music career.

career at the forefront once again. Multiple live charitable performances, as well as the

world, it’s clear this local girl … is on fire. The list of her accomplishments as a leader

release of her two albums, “Blue Train” and

Many people in El Paso recognize the

in El Paso is impressive. It’s noteworthy

“Songs From My Suitcase,” paved the way

name of Laura Tate Goldman. They know it

to mention that she served as president

for Tate’s return to Los Angeles to record her

because Laura, whose maiden name is Tate,

of the Junior League of El Paso, served

most recent body of work entitled, “I Must

which she uses professionally, has been a

on the statewide Board of Directors of the

Be Dreaming.” “This is the album that has

leader in our community since arriving here

Texas STAR Chapter of the Alzheimer’s

changed everything. The reviews for, ‘I Must

almost 18 years ago. From the moment she

Association, served on the board for The

Be Dreaming,’ have been phenomenal,” said

set foot in town, Tate fell in love with the

Stanley and Gerald Rubin Center for the

Tate. “It’s very humbling for me to know that

beauty of El Paso, its people and the magic

Visual Arts and most recently completed a

I have fans listening to my music from all over

of our Southwestern culture. El Paso was a

four-year volunteer commitment as Co-Chair

the world.” With the advent of social media,

refreshing change from the fast paced life

for the University of Texas at El Paso 2014

her talents are now exposed to a global


November, 2015

Photo by Dav Anmed


November, 2015 market. Her albums and music videos can be

mastered the album at Jesi-Lu Recording

Midwest Record Entertainment Reviews

accessed through Tate’s website, as well as

Studio in LA. Wilson and Laura are now

News and Views, by Chris Spector writes,

on streaming websites such as Spotify and

collaborating and in pre-production for her

“The album kicks off with “Snake Tattoo,”

Apple Music. Her albums are also available

fourth album slated to begin recording in

a dandy rocker and the album goes along

on iTunes, CD Baby, Bandzoogle and her


in high gear from all involved putting all the right moves in all the right places. With a little

music videos can now be seen on YouTube. Tate has been overwhelmed by the reviews

something from all popular genres on board,

Tate often receives feedback from her LA

that continue to pour in since the release of

this is a fun, rootsy, vocal set that simply

record promoter that her music appears

“I Must Be Dreaming.” The Nashville Blues

goes the distance without running out of gas.

on playlists from radio stations located in

Society writes, “Tate is a Texas Blues Lady

Settle in for some fun listening here.”

countries as far reaching as Italy, France,

with one of those voices that can easily go

Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Australia and

from soulful growl to a sultry, passionate

Tate is getting ready to perform to a sold out

even Croatia. Laura states that “I Must Be

delivery perfect for ballads. Tate lends her

audience at The Mint, a well-known music

Dreaming” has been a critical success in a

sweet sultry and sassy vocals to torch songs

venue in the heart of West LA, and talks are

way she never could have imagined.

such as the title cut which finds her backed

also in the works for a possible European

by a lush full band.”

tour next spring.

musicians in LA who played on her new

Another review by noted music critic Bill

For more information on her music or

album and to the talented and prolific

Wilson states, “Whether it’s soulful ballads,

upcoming performances please visit www.

songwriter, Mel Harker, who wrote or co-

country love songs, rock and roll or torch

wrote all the tunes on this latest release.

songs that melt to the deepest part of your

Veteran musician, Terry Wilson, well known

heart, she does it all and does it with power

Laura continues to enjoy living in El Paso with

in the music industry, produced

and a deep felt passion. Frankly, it doesn’t get

her husband and three rescue dogs. For more


better than this. Laura Tate starts a raging fire

information regarding her music or a schedule

where all but a fading ember remain. This is

of upcoming performances please go to her

She is very thankful for the seasoned


good stuff that belongs in every collection.

website at

It’s a keeper to be sure.”


November, 2015



“Girl in a Band: A Memoir” by Kim Gordo

“Life” by Keith Richards

Kim Gordon was a founding member of the widely successful

Everyone may know who Keith Richards is, but they don’t know

experimental rock band, Sonic Youth. In her memoir, Gordon speaks

his story. As lead guitarist for the world known band, The Rolling

candidly about life before the band and the eclectic art and music

Stones, Richards has created riffs and lyrics for popular songs known

scene that she was surrounded by in New York. Delve into the world

by all. In his memoir he tells us about the many life experiences

of the female rock star, reminisce on the simplicity of the 90s and

had throughout the years and touring with his band. The rock n’ roll

uncover details about the band that paved the way for Nirvana and

lifestyle lived by Richards is displayed on pages in an exciting and

the Riot Grrrl generation.

provocative tell-all that fans have been waiting for. This is a must read for music fans and if you haven’t already gotten your hands on

“The Boombox Project: The Machines, the Music,

a copy, we suggest you do so soon.

and the Urban Underground” by Lyle Owerko More of a visual book, “The Boombox Project” is comprised of the

“Chronicles, Volume One” by Bob Dylan

photographic story shot by Lyle Owerko of the boom boxes iconic to

If there’s anyone that has a way with words, it’s Bob Dylan. From

the world of hip-hop. Along with being provided a collection of great

being the main folk musician of the 1960s and writing protest songs,

visuals, memories from influential musical artists are also included.

Dylan’s book is another ingenious creation discussing his time

Flip through and discover the thoughts and history of people like LL

growing up in Minnesota to his days playing gigs in New York. As

Cool J, Lisa Lisa, Bob Gruen and Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, to

the voice of a generation, this book is the perfect read for Dylan fans

name just a few. This is an interesting look into the era that brought

or those curious about the person who is the epitome of the folk

about new dance styles, a fresh perspective on music and graffiti art.

music scene of the 60s.


November, 2015


HARDTKE Refining her Cutting-Edge Style for her First EP | By: LADONNA APODACA photo by: ROBERT STEBLER | As a moth is drawn to a flame, it was destined

David Garza, a homegrown musician and

come across as the same sound because

that Emily Hardtke would be drawn to music.

producer with worldwide acclaim, Fabrizio

the recorded performance was so heavily

It’s in her blood. It’s also been her greatest


manipulated. With this first EP, what you hear

passion since childhood and the driving force

producer and mixmaster, and Francesco

behind her continuing growth as an artist.

Rossi, a producer and highly recognized DJ

Countless performances, in venues both





will be me … a pure, clean sound.”

with global appeal. Both Simoncioni and

Simoncioni, who was at work in his studio in

Rossi live and work in Italy.

Italy, shared his thoughts regarding Hardtke and her music. “Emily has an amazing vibe

local and regional, have given Hardtke the platform she needed to hone her craft

Mutual respect for each other’s talents would

and unique style,” he said, “Her sound and

while completing the later courses of her

cement a strong friendship with Hardtke

beauty, both inside and out, mesmerizes me.

Marketing Degree at UTEP. Making good on

and her newly found mentors. Loving her

I have no doubt that she’s going to shine in

the promise she made to her family to earn

balanced, breathy falsetto and raspy sound,

the music industry.”

her bachelor’s degree, Hardtke has never

had prompted the producers to work with

stopped pursuing her music and the goal to

her on the release of her first EP.

Hardtke is continuing to explore different genres and is looking forward to polishing

make it her chosen profession. As yet untitled, Hardtke has been hard

the tracks for her first body of work. “Up to

A timely introduction to Tony Rancich, the

at work in the studio at Sonic Ranch, in

this point, I’ve been doing the fun part of the

owner of Sonic Ranch, the world’s largest

Tornillo, Texas, as well as having recently

process,” she said. After the release of the

residential recording studio, was a huge

returned from Arrezzo, Italy for a visit to

EP comes the nitty gritty part of the business,

turning point in the emerging artists budding

the “The Garage,” the world class studio of

which will be marketing and touring. “As

career. Upon Hardtke’s first tour of the studio,

Simoncioni. “It’ll be unique in that we’re not

soon as I graduate, I plan on relocating to Los

Rancich asked if she could sing a few of her

using a click track at all. Most of the songs

Angeles or Europe to be closer to the heart

tunes for him. Liking the soulful, heartfelt

were acoustically recorded live in the studio,

of my industry and the people that I’ve been

sound he heard, Rancich invited Emily back

giving it a different approach that I think has

working with. The timing with the release will

to “The Ranch” and introduced her to three

more raw emotion. Some artists overproduce

be perfect. I’m anxious to finally finish and

industry professionals who would take her

their music,” Hardtke said. “When you hear

begin a new step in my journey of growing

music to the next level. Those men were

them perform live, it often doesn’t even

as an artist.”


November, 2015

| By: JAMIE LIVINGSTON Photos Courtesy of: BRI BAGWELL |


Bri Bag Bri Bag 36

November, 2015

m M

music has always been an integral part of Bri Bagwell’s life.

“I come from a family that has always loved music and always played music for fun,” said the 28-year-old songstress. In 2011, Bagwell, then 23, showed off her talent when she appeared on CMT’s ‘Next Superstar’,

Well Well

a reality singing competition show. Bagwell, a Las Cruces native, exhibited a great vocal range and proved she was a standout. But, she was already accustomed to performing live. “I would sing in local bars at night, then have to get up and go to school the next morning, but I loved it. I taught myself piano when I was 13, but it wasn’t until college that I discovered that a guitar is much more portable.” When she was 14, Bagwell joined her brothers’ soft-rock band, On Tap, as a singer and keyboardist. That band later dissolved and formed another country band, Let It Ride. Together, the siblings warmed up to Pam Tillis and Trent Willmon, to name a few. Bagwell, a University of Texas alumna, pursued a






became an executive at a startup website, It was during this time that she stumbled into the Texas music scene. Bagwell joined the Ferrata Music Group in January 2010 where she decided, ultimately, to pursue a music career full-time. Bagwell’s first success came later that year with her first album, “Midnight Hour.” The album featured six other original songs that Bagwell wrote. Bagwell released her latest album, “When a Heart Breaks” last May. The album charted to number 72 on the national billboards. She is currently promoting the album and is booked for the rest of the year.


November, 2015

“Right now, I’m focusing on touring here in

“Two really successful people in this scene

Texas, and some in surrounding states, and

told me that this business is all about

promoting my new radio single and music

persistence. Many of the really popular Texas

video for my song ‘My Boots.’ The song is

Country bands have been around a lot longer

starting to move up the Texas Music Charts.”

than most people think. I think it is all about sticking it out, really hitting the road hard to

Bagwell said life on the road doesn’t always

make it happen.”

make an easy balance for home life. Bagwell said the support of her fans has “I was home six days out of last month. It’s

been humbling and encourages those who

really only enough time to do laundry, regroup,

are hesitant about pursuing their own music

and get back out on the road. That makes it

dreams to take that big leap of faith.

tough on everything from relationships to my own health, but the sacrifice is worth it

“Go until you have nothing left to give,

to me.”

if it’s your dream and your passion. Also, my father always reminds me that I am

The biggest hardship about being away

already successful in so many ways. So,

so much?

it’s important to not consider being famous as being successful. You have to be proud

“Truly, I really want a dog and not being able

of where you have been and how far you

to have one because of my schedule just

have come.”

breaks my heart,” Bagwell said. (For more information about Bri’s upcoming Bagwell added that staying grounded and

tour dates, visit

determined has helped blossomed her


music career. 38

November, 2015


Charity Register October, 2015

November Opportunities to Give & Support Cigars and Spirits Event: On Nov. 1, The Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce will host Cigars and Spirits at Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino from 2 - 6 p.m. The event will feature fine food, fashion and smokes. In addition to the event at the racetrack, there will be another opportunity to give at the Dia de los Muertos Cigars and Spirits Bike Run.


All proceeds from Cigars and Spirits and the Bike Run will be donated to the

continued restoration of the Nestor Armijo House to preserve a beautiful structure that keeps our community culture alive. Admission is $50. For more information, call 915-524-1968 or visit

Claudia Castillo

MDA Muscle Walk Event: Help those affected by muscle disease by coming out for the MDA Muscle Walk on Nov. 7. More than 50,000 people and 10,000 teams participate in over 150 events each year to raise funds and awareness to accelerate our progress to find treatments and cures.


The MDA Muscle Walk will begin at Bassett Place at 7:45 a.m. For more

information, call 915-584-6355.

Makeup Artistry

Jewel Box Series – The Lovely Rain Event: On Nov. 13 enjoy “The Lovely Rain.” With one show Sunday afternoon starting at

FB: Bella ByClaudia IG: _claudia_castillo

2:30 p.m., there is no greater time to support the Philanthropy Theatre or true El Paso talent.

(915) 313-1124

part of the Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Centre. The goal is to take our region’s best talent

Details: The El Paso Community Foundation is sponsoring the Jewel Box Series in the Philanthropy Theatre. This is a new performing arts series, produced in partnership with El Paso Live. This series is designed to showcase homegrown talent in the city’s Philanthropy Theatre, and put it in our region’s best venue. Admission is $15.00. For more information, visit

German Christmas Bazaar (Holiday Bazaar) Event: On Nov. 14 come out to Building 747 at Fort Bliss to see hobby craftsmen displaying the best of their trade just in time for the holidays. With everything from specialty items to delectable German food like bratwurst, waffles, German cake, pastries, beer and more – this is one bazaar you do not want to miss.

Details: All proceeds will be donated to special projects for “Aid for the Needy” at Fort Bliss. Admission is free. For more information, call: 915-568-0259.

14th Annual Dinner and Roast Featuring Paul L. Foster Event: On Nov. 17 enjoy the 14th Annual Dinner and Roast at the El Paso Country Club hosted by the El Paso Child Guidance Center with guest speaker Paul L. Foster, founder of Western Refining and local philanthropist.


The dinner will be held at 5:30 p.m. and will be benefitting the El Paso Child

Guidance Center. Tickets are $125 per person or $1,250 per table of 10. For more information, call 915-562-1999 or email

La Arca Del Senor/The Arc of the Lord Church Details: La Arca Del Senor/The Arc of the Lord Church is taking donations for equipment. If you have something you would like to donate, call Pastor Henry or Susset Chavira at 915-496-7002 or 915-408-6112. 40

Private room Available Seating up to 30 people For reservations call 915.760.8888 5825 N. Mesa El Paso TX, 79912 5860 N Mesa St, El Paso, Texas 79912 For reservations call 915.760.6404

November, 2015


November, 2015

| By: KRYSTA AYERS photography by: JOE SUAREZ |

ecade of the Dead Arcade – Don’t be quick to write them off as a heavy metal band because their name and their sound do not coincide. “We were about to play our first show, back in 2013, and we couldn’t play without a name,” Andrew Martinez, guitarists and vocals for the band, starts to tell me. “Our friend, Eric Edwards actually gave the name to us and we didn’t hate it.” Manny, lead guitarist for the band, adds, “I can’t see our band being called anything else.” Formed in Las Cruces in early 2013, the band had interesting beginnings. As with many great bands, the start of something great can be serendipitous. With their album, “Complexities”, out for almost a year now, I sat down with Andrew Martinez, Rick Sifuentes, and Manny Rodriquez over beers to talk about how their band came together, their album and their very unique sound. Meeting over the love of music, the band started out as many others do, “jamming out” together. “We met Rick on Craigslist,” Martinez said. “And not on the guy seeking guy section,” added Rodriquez. From buying gear on Craigslist and being involved in the closeknit musical community in Las Cruces, the members of Decade of the Dead Arcade came together to create something new for listeners in the area. As they stand now, DOTDA is

composed of five talented musicians; Manny,

as well as bands such as Local Natives, The

lead guitar; Andrew Martinez, vocals and

Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Delta Spirits. For

guitar; Rick Sifuentes, bass; Nik Singleton,

a clearer sense of the music and style they

vocals; and Luke Dumke, drums.

play, their Facebook page and their official website claim the music to be, “lyrically

With five artists coming together to establish

elaborate, and rhythmically contagious…an

a creative sound for the band, many ideas

enthusiastic electric indie rock.” And once

and styles intertwine producing a sound

you get to listen to their album, you’ll bob

that might not easily fit into any one genre.

your head in agreement.

“People have said that we sound like Young the Giant, Vampire Weekend, just a little bit

After their first couple of months of coming

of everything,” said Martinez and Rodriquez.

officially together, DOTDA landed a gig

But their musical influences come from

playing for Warped Tour 2013. Playing in the

everywhere. The three members agreed on

hot summer sun to a larger range of people

The Beatles being a big influence on them,

was exciting and new for the band. And 43

decade of the dead arcade


November, 2015

November, 2015 where you there when Styx played at the Pan American Center in Las Cruces? Decade of the Dead Arcade submitted their music to a contest that would choose one lucky band to open up for the celebrated rock band. Out

Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948

of the 40 bands that entered, DOTDA got on stage with their equipment and played for a larger audience than they had before. “The stage was huge,” recalled Rodriguez. “I remember bringing my amp in next to theirs and it was so much smaller,” Sifuentes added.

• Private Party Room • Beer & Wine • Outside Dinning • Live Music Thur. to Sat.

They’ve also been successful in establishing a following. For the band that calls Las Cruces home, they’ve been able to reel in a large

• We cater large or small events

group of supporters. “I just want [our] music to be out there,” says Rodriquez. Playing in El Paso with their friends, fellow local band, Great Shapes, is just as exciting to them. “When we play to new crowds and people genuinely like it, it feels good,” Sifuentes said. Their album, a year of hard work and artistry,

Italian.Kitchen.West www.theitaliankitchenelpaso.comm

came out in November of last year and is collaboration of all band members. “We all contribute to the making of each song. Sometimes I’ll come in with lyrics or an idea and then we all add onto it,” Martinez said of the creative process. The recorded album was sent out by Dumke to be mastered in New York by Alan Douches, who is known for working with bands like Brand New, Atreyu and Sufjan Stevens. It showcases the different styles and the musicality of the band as a whole. You can expect the band to be playing shows in El Paso in the upcoming months and if you haven’t already heard their music, listen on where their album is also available for purchase. I highly suggest listening to “My Friends” or “The Hunger” when you’re at your desk and need to groove. With the last sips of beers lingering in our glasses, the bands final thoughts were an echoed feeling of passion for the music. “We don’t do it for the money. We just want our music out there and see people excited about it.”


November, 2015

People of “What music is at the top of your playlist right now?” | By: PABLO DELGADILLO |

Frac he lle Wi lso n “I’ ve be en lis te nin g to Pa pa ya Rio t, be ca us e th ey are di ve rs e, th ey ha ve a ca tc hy so un d, th ey ’re int ro sp ec tiv e. ju st th ink th ey ha ve I be au tif ul mu sic , th ey ’re lo ca l an d th e ta le nt is ph en om en al !”

ua g iv e s y o it e s u a c e g iv e s be Salazar a m e t im o g ra m , s t n e a h h t D e n is s e P t p nt but a h is g ro u v iro n m e n “ I l ik e t e k r o h il l w re a l l y c nce!” t to da a e b a you

Ve ron ica So to “I’ ve be en lis te nin g to a lot of ba ch at a, be ca us e I lov e Ro me o Sa nt os .”

D a rl e ne Lu na “W h a t I’ ve b e e n li st e ni ng to la te ly is b e e n li st e ni so m e th in g I’ ng to a ll m y ve li fe , I lo ve St sa x op h on is t/ a n G e tz h e ’s ja zz m u si c ia a n a nd I lo ve h im .”


s sm se it’ u a c i, be Alumn s about.” t h g i i Sadiq by Late N t the fall T re y ’ a l A Bel t’s wh “’Ring ll and tha hi and c


November, 2015

Emily Davis | By: JAVIER CABALLERO photography by: BIANCA CERVANTEZ |

The Curse of



e m i ly d av i s

November, 2015 mily Davis is a nut. She’s more of an acorn. She falls from a tree sporadically. She’ll either be harvested by a squirrel or spend time on the surface of the ground before growing into a tree of her own. Either way, Davis, the acorn, has always found a way

to reach an audience so entranced by her art that they often become faithful and loyal fans as well as deeply connected friends. Enough slanted metaphors; Emily Davis has just completed and released her new album “The Worst Kind of Curse,” which was





under the guidance of producer Rick Parker whose credits include albums by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Dandy Warhols. According to her press release, the album “[diverges] itself sonically from her two previous albums by employing a heavier, more visceral vibe.” The writer of this release could not have hit the nail on the head more directly. One would say, if they ever met Davis, that this is the album that she has been striving to make her entire career music. “I feel like every major turning point in my life can be found in a Bad Religion song.” Davis is a punk rocker at heart. Her music treads on the lines of the alternative, the indie and the folk, but the spirit reflects that of Joe Strummer, Patti Smith, and Chrissie Hynde. “The one thing about punk rock, and Bad Religion more specifically, that has really captivated me is the idea of accepting and appreciating the self, the individual,” says Davis, a Bad Religion super fan. Davis stated in an interview that she has struggled her whole life with being a “giant nerd” and the “socially awkward kid who wanted desperately for people to like her without really ever liking herself.” She found solace in the music of Bad Religion, “I think more than anywhere else, Bad Religion’s music has helped me in this area.”

After an opportunity to open up for her favorite band at their recent appearance at Tricky Falls, Davis found momentum and hasn’t stopped working since. With numerous appearances around town after a self-imposed hiatus from music, Davis has found a way to generate power and harness it in the creation of music she loves and playing in a city that is inspiring as well as frustrating. “I do think finding success in El Paso can be a bit challenging. It can be frustrating at times … being challenged is a source of motivation.” Davis believes the

attending and playing shows. Some of my

“rawness and realness” of the El Paso scene

favorite local bands back then were The

is a “byproduct of the desert scenery and our

Fireland Ablaze and Night of the Wrecking

relative isolation geographically.”

Ball.” Frequently playing with local bands such as The Kirk, Concentrated Dopamine,

On her humble beginnings, Davis states

and songwriters like Philip Tubbs (who

that it was “around 2005/2006 that I started

Davis also claims as an immense inspiration) 49

November, 2015

allowed Davis to hone her craft. With all

to allow her to realize her vision. “Mike was

the practice in front of local crowds and a

the one who encouraged me to try and make

consistent update to her YouTube channel

another album [and connected] me to Rick

playing many great punk jams, Davis solidified

and came up with some great ideas for the

a method to her approach to creating. This

album.” Minjarez also encouraged Davis to

allowed her to further explore the challenges

employ the use of crowdfunding to make the

of being a solo artist.

album. “I think crowdfunding is a great tool, especially if you have a dedicated audience

“It’s fun to present an album full of sounds

willing to support you in your craft. I know I

and rhythm and then present stripped-down

am super fortunate in this area, which again,

versions of those songs live.” Emily doesn’t

is why I definitely consider this a collaborative

see her new album as a solo record but more


of a “collaborative effort.” She has recently enlisted members of bands such as Sound

Emily Davis has been an El Paso staple for

on Sound and Takanakuy to form a new band.

over ten years, and continues to play around

The new band performed to a packed house

town and tour. The release of her new album

at her album release party which was held

has sparked a new conversation which she

at Bowie Feathers on South El Paso Street.

is not afraid to involve herself in. Anyone who sees her walking the streets of El Paso

In the studio, Emily chose El Paso native Mike

should stop for a moment and appreciate the

Minjarez and the aforementioned Rick Parker

great talk they will have with Davis. When


November, 2015 asked for final words for this interview, Davis delivered a momentous amount of love for her city, her music, and her friends. Ultimately, her message was this: “If you want to feel a deeper connection with El Paso, if you want to have a greater sense of local pride, go out to a show. Any show.”






MEAL PLAN CALL (915)298-1010




Back row (left to right): Jacob Butler, Nurse Practitioner; Grecia Garcia, Licensed Professional Counselor; Martha Davis, Licensed Professional Counselor; Shawna Cozad, Nurse Practitioner. Front row (left to right): Elizabeth Jimenez, Director of Mental Health Services; Frank Castillo, PsyD, L.M.S.W.; Siria Rocha, Chief Operating Officer

Atlantis Health Services “Recovery is our mission” Dr. Jean R. Joseph-Vanderpool was born in Haiti

It was during this time that he realized

Dr. Vanderpool at Atlantis Health Services

and immigrated to the United States, growing

that “medications and counseling were

provides the extra services needed by

up in Brooklyn, New York. A highly educated

not enough for some patients.” Patients

patients with chronic mental illnesses. With

man of many talents, not only did he receive his



a team of about 20 caseworkers, mostly

training from Columbia University, but he also

socially and mentally unprepared for all of

UTEP graduates, Atlantis is able to provide

studied in Mexico and speaks fluent English,

the different aspects and challenges that

patients with services like community re-

Spanish and French. Once he received his

were waiting for them.

entry, housing, supportive employment,




coping skills and activities of daily living

training from Columbia University, he became an important attribute to the research team at

In practice since 1990, Dr. Vanderpool

skills, self-medication training, support and

the National Institute of Mental Health where

provides expert and professional psychiatric


he studied circadian rhythms, a sleep disorder

services, with special interest in psychosocial

“The goal of psychosocial rehabilitation is

called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome and

rehabilitative services. Dr. Vanderpool is now

recovery. Hope is instilled in every patient

Seasonal Affective disorder.

the CEO for Atlantis Health Services. Atlantis

that recovery is possible.”




Health Services is one of three private mental Formerly the Chief Medical Officer for the

health providers specializing in psychosocial

“My experience is that mental health is not

Mental Health Authority, which is now

rehabilitation in Texas – a very low number

given the same resources as other medical

Emergence, he treated patients who had

for the rising number of patients needing to

specialties,” says Dr. Vanderpool “These

chronic mental illness like bipolar disorder,

seek services.

resources and a serious attention to mental

schizophrenia and severe depression. 54 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING

health could ultimately be the starting

Dr. Jean R. Joseph-Vanderpool solutions to the mass shootings happening

specific care and hands-on training that they

Remember that recovery is possible and that

in the United States right now.” For many

need in order to integrate well into society.

Dr. Vanderpool and his team aim for each

other mental health clinics, patients and

“We can go to the person’s home, the shelter,

patient to have their success story.

families cannot receive services because

or we can meet our patients at McDonald’s,

psychosocial rehabilitation is not covered

if they call us to meet them there. Most will

under private insurances, only Medicaid.

come to the office, but in the more severe

Being a patient at Atlantis Health Services

cases, we bring the clinic to them.”

means those patients can use their private insurance to receive counseling with issues


such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. They

cognitive behavioral therapy, and psycho-

can also receive psychosocial rehabilitation

educational therapy, there are experienced

Atlantis Health Services

for more severe issues like schizophrenia

therapists on hand at Atlantis. “One of our

Dr. Vanderpool

and bi-polar disorder.

therapist is a Veteran of the Air Force so that

10501 Gateway Blvd. West, Bldg. 13

veteran’s issues are addressed and genuinely

El Paso, Texas 79925

The great thing about Atlantis and Dr.

understood,” says Dr. Vanderpool. Having

(915) 544-3500

Vanderpool’s team of motivated and educated

people on staff that understand the issues

employees is that they can also bring the

and are empathetic to the patients and their

clinic to the patient. The team goes above and

families is a key element on what makes this

beyond to make sure that patients receive the

facility an extraordinary one.






Mt. West Family Health Care Center “We offer affordable plans and a sincere, professional, and heartfelt service for top of the line assistance.” earthly

Mt. West’s ultimate goal is to be faithful

medical attention. However, Dr. Villalobos

possessions, the most important one is good

in helping El Paso on reaching a healthier

doesn’t stop here and wants to expand his

health. This is Dr. Villalobos’ priority. As soon

lifestyle through a partnership and family

health assistance to every area in El Paso.

as you walk into any of our Mt. West Family

medical care settings. In the last 20 years,

Health Centers, a comprehensive healthcare

Dr. Villalobos has been committed to our city

We understand the necessities of our people.

becomes our most valuable commitment.

of El Paso and even Juárez to overtake the

This is why we offer affordable plans and a

best health state possible.

sincere, professional, and heartfelt service






for top of the line assistance. After all, we

Considered a man of God by many, Dr. Villalobos believes that he needs to give back

There are many ways how Mt. West keeps

are the true result of what Dr. Villalobos has

to the community what he has been given

taking care of our patients. We provide top

preached with his work in the last 20 years:

from it. Hence, from the very first foundation

of the line services along with genuine care

a true and comprehensive healthcare plan for

of our health centers, Mt. West’s mission has

from our staff on any assistance: Weight

every person that enters our clinics.

continuously provided top medical services

Loss, Skin Care, Allergies, Men’s Health,



Women’s Health, Orthopedic Injections,

always showing dedication and kindness to

PAD, After Hours and Weekend Care,

his people, he decided to become head of

Children and Adolescents Care, Diabetes

the Adventist Church in the West side of the

Control, and of course Family Medical Care,

Mt. West Family Health Care Center

city, where he also created an extension to

among many others.

6151 Dew. Dr., St. 410




El Paso, Texas 79912

help patients in their physical condition. Plus, we are extremely excited about our

(915) 584-8124

new location on the East side bringing more 56 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING


Victoria Isais of Kyani “Where it’s About Empowering Others!” For anyone in the challenging role of sales,

provide substantial supplemental income.

Kyani. Her vision is to continue growing her

one thing is key: Believing in your product!

Isais, especially, points to single parents

team and helping people with full-time jobs

And that’s how Victoria Isais has dramatically

as having the most to gain from selling

make significant part-time income. As she

grown her new health and wellness business

the product, since these are usually single

explains, “If I can help someone put $500

known as Kyani, considered a liquid super

income households. She tells of her own

extra in their pocket, why not?” As a true

food with myriad health benefits, into a

cousin, a single-mother of two, as having

believer in the product, she urges others to

thriving new venture. With an extensive

recently made over $1,300 in part-time,

try Kyani. As we see, Isais not only helps put

background in sales since the age of 18, she’s

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had tremendous success in her real estate

exclaims, “These are the things that bring

best for bodies in the process. Now, that’s

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me joy. My joy is watching men and women

what you call empowering!

of the matter is that Isais loves selling real

making money” from sales of this unique

estate and makes this her predominant career,

and fast-trending wellness product.

however, she’s also quickly grown Kyani into a lucrative side business simply because she

The product itself is considered to be at

absolutely believes in the product.

the forefront of the nutritional supplement industry and as a sales venture, boasts

What’s more, not only does Isais use

“average income of $1,000 to $2,000 a

the product herself and tout the results,

month part time.” Today, Isais has built


she bases her sales vision in the idea of

a team of over 600 sales representatives

Victoria Isais

“empowering” others. She began selling the

and achieved the highly coveted ‘Diamond’


product in April and learned quickly that it can

position after only four months of being in



Matrix “Thanks to physicians, our staff has a strong desire to do the right thing and to deliver the promises that we make.” MATRIX Home Health Services is a driving

operated with zero patient deficiency for over

Therapy, Peña Speech, Innovations, just

force that is leading the way in the medical

ten years and has been a progressive and

to name a few of whom have been a part

field in El Paso, with its continued business

innovative provider for the city of El Paso. As

of Matrix. “Thanks to physicians, our staff

of 15 years. Beginning in the year 2000

a whole, the facility’s main concern and goal

has a strong desire to do the right thing and

with a vision to provide quality health care

is that all of the patients receive the quality

to deliver the promises that we make. At

for the elderly in their homes, the company

medical care that they deserve to resume to

MATRIX we maintain a very high level of

has now grown to become a leading lending

their normal state of health.

novation, knowledge and continuing education and expertise to be allowed superior patient

provider of home health care services in

outcomes,” says owner Gonzalez.

El Paso. With a knowledgeable and most

With collaborative work with physicians,

personable staff, the integrity of the facility

hospitals, orthopedic therapy, to include

has not faltered over time. Even with such

specialty rehabs and nursing homes, the staff

success, the team at MATRIX continues to

at MATRIX works diligently to prevent any

strive to provide clients the highest quality

unnecessary ER visits and hospitalization. A

health care. Under the leadership of Debbie

facility mostly driven by Medicare, however

Gonzalez, MATRIX has become a prominent

most insurance plans are gladly accepted at

MATRIX Home Health Services

medical establishment, consistent in treating

MATRIX Home Health Services.

11351 James Watt, Suite 400 El Paso, Texas 79936

patients and seeing positive results. MATRIX would like to thank the staff/

(915) 633-8104


contractors that have been a part of the

chronically ill patients, and those with

excellence in patient care. This would include

cardiovascular problems. The agency has

50 employees, contractors like Spectrum







The Hormone Center “Healing to the core…with HORMONES” The Hormone Center is going “above and

In a world full of drug advertisements

in the body. These solutions involve multiple

beyond conventional medicine and standard

claiming to be the best medicine for specific



of care” with Dr. Jonnalyn Belocura at its

illnesses, The Hormone Center departs from



helm. The facility’s sole focus on functional,

standard medical practices. “We have to

hormone replacement, detoxification, weight



nurture our hormones instead of suppressing


allows The Hormone Center to provide

them,” Dr. Belocura says of a number of

supplements. When asked how safe it is

comprehensive treatment that is cutting-

drugs prescribed that often disrupt critically

to take (bio-identical/natural) hormones, Dr.

edge, giving their patients the opportunity

important hormone systems in addition

Belocura says, “The question should really

to potentially reverse chronic conditions and

to depleting essential micronutrients. For

be ‘How safe is it to NOT take (bio-identical/

possibly even restore optimal health that

conditions such as obesity, chronic fatigue,

natural) hormones?’”

they rightfully deserve. With its strategic

fibromyalgia, diabetes, thyroid, autoimmune

Westside location, the clinic is welcoming

diseases, menopause, low testosterone,

Challenging conventional medical practice

new patients to add under their care.

IBS, insomnia, depression, etc. The Hormone


Center is the one place to find solutions that

medicine, Dr. Belocura and The Hormone

“connect the dots.”

Center will help you restore your balance and



Dr. Belocura has invested ample time in






bio-identical/natural pharmaceutical-grade




be at your healthiest!

functional and metabolic medicine to provide her patients the best care possible. Since

By embracing the philosophy of functional

finishing her residency in Family Medicine at

medicine approach, Dr. Belocura can institute

Jonnalyn R. Belocura, M.D.

the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis in

prevention at a much earlier stage in life.


1996, Dr. Belocura had been committed to using

Using results from specialty state-of-the-art

Functional and Metabolic Medicine

bio-identical/natural hormone treatment for

laboratory tests and cutting-edge research

6955 N. Mesa St., Suite 303

conditions like infertility and miscarriage risks,

studies, the facility is able to tailor targeted

El Paso, Texas 79912 | (915) 833-9393

heavy bleeding, depression and mood swings.

solutions for the imbalances and deficiencies



Caring Companions “Our service can help our clients stay at home while maintaining their independence.” Many people envision and hope to live long

Portal allows our caregivers to be in virtual

offering flexibility in terms of both scheduling

and independent lives filled with health and

communication with one another.”






Companions assures that their clients are

well being. But for those whose realities fall short, there is Caring Companions,

“Often times I run into family caregivers

“able to determine their own schedule as it

an assisted living service at home, to aid

who are burned out as they juggle their own

fits their needs” and the type of service that is

oneself or family members with everything

family, their careers, plus the care of their

most appropriate for their particular situation.

from help with day-to-day activities to bed

elderly loved one,” shared Minjarez. “When

bound care. “Our service can help our

the family caregivers learn of our service,

clients stay at home while maintaining their

they are relieved that there’s a service like

independence,” explained Amy Minjarez,

ours to help them manage their loved one’s

CEO of Caring Companions. “They can age

care and they no longer have to do it alone.

in place in the privacy of their own home.”

We become their partner and become their

Caring Companions

eyes and ears.”

4050 Rio Bravo, Ste. 121 El Paso, Texas 79902

Operating on what Minjarez refers to as a “smaller scale”, Caring Companions’ model

Caring Companions offers personalized senior

(915) 307-6103

“allows us to focus on each individual and

care service which includes services such

enables us to provide quality care”. “In

as: personal care services, companions care,

addition, we have a piece of technology that

respite care, hospice assistance, dementia

allows our clients’ family members to view


their loved one’s plan of care, their schedule

care, Parkinson’s care and post-operative

and daily notes,” added Minjarez. “The Web

care, to name a few. And with a focus on







Dr. Mario Nutis, FACOG, FPMRS When Family Is Everything! A native El Pasoan, Dr. Mario Nutis has

Prodanovic-Nutis, FAAP, who is certified by

As for a vision, Dr. Nutis looks to providing

made family the foundation on which he’s

the American Board of Pediatrics and helps

the most advanced surgical care in women’s

built his practice. On completing a residency

make their separate practices a true family

reproductive health. As Medical Director of

in family medicine at Texas Tech El Paso in

affair. Receiving her medical degree from

the First Center of Excellence in Minimally

2003 and obtaining board certification, Dr.

Texas Tech in 2004, she soon completed her

Invasive Gynecology at Del Sol Medical

Nutis embarked on a second residency in

residency at the UT Southwestern Children’s

Center, he’s already there. With an amazing



Medical Center of Dallas in 2007. She was

wife and colleague, including 5 year old son,

by a second board certification. And if that

an associate professor of pediatrics at Texas

Nicolas, it’s clear that family medicine was

weren’t enough, he pursued a fellowship in

Tech and eventually moved into private

Dr. Nutis’ calling, and our city can look to

Laparoscopic Gynecologic Surgery at Stanford

practice. The end result is a unique “synergy”

either of them for the best in care and where

University in 2007 and yet another board

of medicine and love for family. Dr. Nutis

family really is everything!

certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and

delivers the babies that Dr. Prodanovic often

Reconstructive Surgery, or Urogynecology,

cares for because both regularly “see their

Dr. Mario Nutis

by the American College of Obstetrics

babies together” in the hospital.

10201 Gateway Blvd.



Ste. 300

and Gynecology. As a triple-board certified surgeon, Dr. Nutis plays a huge role in our

Love for families coupled with love for our

community teaching fellows at Texas Tech

city come through to the nth degree. Both

and even has academic impact in Juarez, MX.

are native Spanish speaking and “familiar

El Paso, Texas 79936

with our demographic,” so it’s no surprise In caring for families, Dr. Nutis often

to hear, “Our patients are our family and we

collaborates with his wife, Dr. Maria “Luby”

hope to continue caring for our families.”



Cristina Zapata and “Nuestra Salud” When a Reporter and Doctor Come Together! Talk about “opposites attract!” Cristina

past two years has run her own TV show,

share “health stories” told by the physicians

Zapata and husband, Jose David Burgos,

“Sin Fronteras,” which airs on Telemundo

themselves and with the aim of educating

epitomize this old adage and we are about

and is “community oriented,” decided that

people on preventative care and general

to see why. Burgos, an Internal Medicine

her journalism background, coupled with

awareness. As Zapata asserts, “Medicine is

physician from Venezuela, spent time in

her husband’s medical expertise, could help

universal and knowledge is power. The more

Tampa, Florida doing medical research at the

build awareness to the ever-important health

you know about health related issues, the

University of South Florida, coincidentally, at

issues facing everyone today. The end-result

more likely you are to prevent them.” Zapata

the exact same time that Zapata was there

is her newest show, “Nuestra Salud,” which

and Burgos are not only opposites that

to work on a BA in Journalism at the same

Zapata, humorously, defines as what happens

attract, together through “Nuestra Salud”

university. Interestingly, the two never knew

when a “reporter and a physician create

they help us magnetize longevity through a

it until their paths crossed here in our Sun

awareness about health.” The show, which

healthy lifestyle and propel us to be the best

City while embarking on her journalism

premiered last winter on Univision, serves

we can be!

career and during Dr. Burgos’ move to Texas

to both educate and organize events like

Tech to complete his residency. Cristina is

health fairs, free medical services, and other

not from El Paso, she was born in Colombia

community events.

and lived in Florida until she received a job offer from Univision 26 El Paso.

The success of “Nuestra Salud” has led Zapata to begin exploring an English TV

This fateful meeting led to a serendipitous

show that, potentially, will reach other border

Cristina Zapata

matrimony that’s had a profound effect

cities along with the existing Spanish show.

on not only our community, but the entire

Future goals also include starting a health

Facebook: Sin Fronteras El Paso

border region, as well. Zapata, who for the

magazine that will target border cities and



Dr. Zoraya Parrilla

Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital “It’s a true vocation being a doctor.” Built with the comfort of patients in mind,

of the Brain Injury program at Highlands, with

area offers with all the outdoor activities

Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital is the premier

this facility being one of the few having such

available. What excited her the most was the

facility for rehabilitation services in west Texas.

an elite type of physician.

opportunity to develop and grow the brain injury program and team up with Highlands

For nearly 15 years, Highlands has led the

in this endeavor.

way in personalized care for both, inpatient

The calling to become a doctor came early

and outpatient therapy services. Behind great

in life for Dr. Parrilla; since a little girl her

personal care is a great team of physicians,

response to what she wanted to be when

“El Paso is an underserved area in terms

nurses, therapists and staff that strive to

she grew up has never changed. While in

of medical care,” Dr. Parrilla said. “I now

improve the quality of life for every patient.

medical school, she then decided to pursue a

know that there is so much more to do

residence in Rehabilitation Medicine, later on

for all patients. All the opportunities that

sub-specializing in neuro-rehabilitation.

are open here to help patients are very

One of the doctors helping Highlands reach

gratifying to me.”

a higher level of quality care is Dr. Zoraya neurologic

“It’s a true vocation being a doctor,” Dr.

rehabilitation. A Puerto Rico native, Dr.

Parrilla said. “You want to help people

Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

Parrilla joined Highlands in February, and

and you don’t think about anything else

1395 George Dieter Dr.

is now assuming the role of director of the

than that.”

El Paso, Texas 79936





(915) 298-7222

Brain Injury program there. In the span of 20 years, Dr. Parrilla has

Dr. Parilla is one of the few in the nation who

worked in New York, Miami, Houston and

is Board Certified in Brain Injury Medicine

most recently, Mississippi. She was drawn

along side with Dr. Eric Spier, former director

to El Paso by the sense of adventure this



Ortho El Paso - Jason Vourazeris, MD “I want patients to feel like they are part of our Ortho El Paso family and not just another patient.” Dr. Jason Vourazeris wanted to be an

focuses on shoulder and elbow issues, as

In addition to his specialized training, Dr.

orthopaedic surgeon since even before

well as sports injuries.

Vourazeris strives to ensure that his patients’ experience is top rated from start to finish.

high school. Playing sports in high school and college meant lots of visits to a local

As one of the only shoulder and elbow

“We are a small practice and truly cater to

orthopaedic surgeon, and it was during these

fellowship-trained surgeons in El Paso, Dr.

each and every patient,” shared Vourazeris.

visits that he developed a love for the field.

Vourazeris is trained to do complex shoulder

“We want our office to feel like home rather

“I had a surgeon who truly enjoyed what he



than a sterile clinic, and have found that

was doing, and I loved that he could see a



patients enjoy coming to our office. I want

problem and do something immediately to

procedures. “I had a great opportunity to

patients to feel like they are part of our Ortho

make a difference in someone’s life. From

train in Florida with one of the leaders of the

El Paso family and not just another patient.”

that point forward, I knew that I would be an

shoulder and elbow community, and to learn

orthopaedic surgeon.”

about the newest cutting edge techniques

reverse and



in the field,” states Dr. Vourazeris. “For A native El Pasoan, Dr. Vourazeris prides

example, the reverse total shoulder has

himself on being a family-oriented doctor

only been available in the United States for

“who values honesty and integrity” and has

12 years, and it is a great option for patients

Ortho El Paso

a genuine passion for orthopaedic surgery.

with shoulder pain who once had no other

12770 Edgemere Blvd., Bldg. F

Recently, Dr. Vourazeris completed a shoulder

options” explains Dr. Vourazeris. “I can now

El Paso, Texas 79938

and elbow fellowship at the University of

bring that expertise to El Paso, where it is

(915) 249-4000

Florida, and has returned to El Paso to open

greatly needed.”

his orthopaedic surgery practice. His practice 64 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING


Patti Carrillo, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT

Marcos A. Parga, PT, ATC/L, FAAOMPT

Manual Physical Therapy Specialists “Manual Physical Therapy Specialists offers exceptional care provided by experienced physical therapists.” “Manual Physical Therapy Specialists is

selective functional movement assessment

FMS. Marcos also provides advanced clinical

committed to providing excellent Physical

also allows MPTS therapists to integrate

training and mentorship for several fellowship

Therapy care. You can rest assured that your

corrective exercises into each program of

training programs.

care will be customized to address your

recovery. “Altogether our goal is to provide

individual needs and neuro-musculoskeletal

the kind of hands-on therapy that will return

Patti Carrillo, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT

injuries, and it will be provided by highly

you to your life quickly and effectively, while

Patti earned a bachelor’s degree in Physical


preventing future injuries.”

Therapy from the University of Delaware.




She has also completed the MTI orthopedic

explained clinic owner, Marcos Parga. Marcos and Patti are both fellowship trained in




MPTS accepts most insurance and will assist





you in determining your plan’s PT coverage.

She has recently completed her PostProfessional Doctorate in Physical Therapy


a credential that only two percent of all

Marcos A. Parga, PT, ATC/L, FAAOMPT

at Drexel University along with an advanced

therapists nationwide ever achieve. “Our

Marcos completed a bachelor’s degree

certification in Rehabilitation of the Hand and

experience and level of expertise means that

in Athletic Training at New Mexico State

Upper Quarter.

when a client comes in, they will be receiving

University and a master’s in Physical Therapy

the best care.”

at Angelo State University. Marcos trained

Manual Physical Therapy Specialists

at the Manual Therapy Institute, an APTA

1421 Lee Trevino, Ste. B-2A

In addition to manual therapy, clients at


El Paso, Texas 79936

MPTS have the opportunity to receive dry

residency and fellowship program. He is also

(915) 591-0243

needling therapy provided by the region’s

highly trained in joint manipulation (spine

most experienced practitioner. Training in

and extremities), dry needling, and SFMA/






Foot and Ankle Partners of El Paso “Our mission is to become the foot and ankle center of excellence in the community.” Dr. Rebecca Rosado and Dr. Sean O’Meara

have become the experts in foot and ankle

are not a lot of women who take care of the

have been practicing advanced Foot and Ankle

care in El Paso. Dr. O’Meara completed his

foot and ankle such as she does. I think it’s an

care in the El Paso community since 2008. The

three-year surgical residency in California

extremely valuable asset in the community

couple opened up the doors of Foot and Ankle

while Dr. Rosado completed hers in Chicago.

to have someone like herself.”

Partners of El Paso in February 2013 and offers

Currently, they are the only two physicians

three convenient locations to its residents. The

in El Paso that have a three-year residency

Foot and Ankle Partners of El Paso mission

physicians take pride in providing innovative

in their field. “We want people to know that

is to become the “Foot and Ankle Center

podiatric care with a family touch.

should you sprain your ankle, we are qualified

of Excellence” in the community. They will

to treat your injury,” Rosado said.

ensure that the foot and ankle needs of El Paso will be met with highest standard of care.

Foot and Ankle Partners of El Paso has become the primary place to treat any bone

Dr. Rosado, an El Paso native, and Dr.

joint, nerve, tendon or ligament problems of

O’Meara, from Alaska, both met in medical

the foot and ankle. They treat a wide range of

school in California and have started a

patients and pathology daily. The physicians

family here in El Paso. The couple has two

enjoy treating children, the elderly, and

daughters and a third on the way. As for

athletes. They offer optimal care for painful

working together, both Dr. O’Meara and

Foot and Ankle Partners of El Paso

heels, bunions, hammertoes and generalized

Dr. Rosado feel that the dynamic of their

7430 Remcon Cr., Bldg. B., Ste. 120

foot and ankle pain. They care for foot and

professional relationship works well.

El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 503-2020

ankle fractures, sprains and sports injuries. “It’s really nice having a colleague to bounce With a total of 14 combined years of

things off of,” O’Meara said. “She is a very

experience, both Drs. O’Meara and Rosado

intelligent and hard-working woman. There



Texas Medical Care Plans “We always try to find the best program for our clients according to their needs.” “As long as MEDICARE and Health Insurance

Texas Medical Care Plans mission is to help

Fox Plaza), and now a second office, located

decisions are involved; Texas Medical Care

people understand their health benefits,

at 462 N. Yarbrough suite B, Texas Medical

Plans wants to make sure that people are

know their options and find the correct

Care Plans is closer to the community... As

getting the most out of their benefits”

plan according to their needs. Certified and

long as MEDICARE and Health Insurance

specialized agents assist the MEDICARE

decisions are involved; Texas Medical Care

Guidance and information is the key when

beneficiaries in maximizing their Hospital,

Plans wants to make sure that people are

it comes to Texas Medical Care Plans and

Medical and Prescription Drug coverage with

getting the most out of their benefits.

their clients. Since years ago, Francisco

benefits that could include dental coverage,

Treviño has been helping this community

eyeglasses, private transportation to doctor’s

Texas Medical Care Plans, besides helping

with their MEDICARE and Health Insurance

visits, hearing aids, gym membership, over-

with Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare

(OBAMACARE) decisions.

the-counter items, among other benefits.

Supplements, Prescription Drug Plans and with the OBAMACARE, offers additional

Francisco Treviño and his agency, Texas

With more than six years of experience,

services such as Life Insurance Policies and

Medical Care Plans, have helped thousands

Francisco Treviño expresses that to him and

Final Expenses Policies.

and thousands of people from this community

to Texas Medical Care Plans, helping the

to understand their MEDICARE benefits and

community through customer service and

Francisco Treviño

maximize them through the correct plan, and

knowledge are the most important part of

Texas Medical Care Plans

now, with the Affordable Care Act reform,

this labor.

125 N Glenwood, Ste. E El Paso, Texas 79905

besides helping the MEDICARE beneficiaries they are also doing it with anyone who needs

With the opening of the first office, which is

(915) 781-1614

Health Insurance (OBAMACARE).

located at 125 N. Glenwood suite E (next to

Cell (915) 269-6177







Alina Palladino and Pam Agullo


Southwest Plastic Surgery “Renew. Restore. Revive.” Southwest Plastic Surgery began with the

explained. “We have been friends for more

Plastic Surgery is an evolving project which

vision to offer El Paso and neighboring cities

than 10 years.” While their husbands worked

always has potential to improve and develop

high quality cosmetic and reconstructive

hard to attain the highest level of medical

into a better version of itself, which ultimately

surgery by Dr. Frank Agullo, Dr. Humberto

degree in their field, the wives supported and

is a reflection of what I believe life can be for

Palladino, and their wives Alina Palladino and

accompanied them every step of the way.

everyone – an ongoing metamorphosis into

Pam Agullo. Having expanded their range of

Having loved El Paso, the couples decided

one’s best version,” Pam said.

services to include top-of-the-line surgical

to return to what always felt like home, and

procedures, hair transplantation, non-surgical

brought Southwest Plastic Surgery to live.

With all the combined experience that Pam, Alina and their husbands offer to

treatments and a full MedSpa, Southwest Plastic Surgery is devoted to “Renew,

Today, both Pam and Alina are involved in

Southwest Plastic Surgery it is no wonder

Restore, and Revive” yourself as a whole.

helping the business succeed. “I always

that Southwest Plastic Surgery has become

wanted to open a spa,” explained Alina.

the premier choice for the people of El Paso

They met during their general surgery

“So being able to contribute to Southwest

and the region. “From our families, to our

residency at Texas Tech in El Paso and became

Plastic Surgery is a dream come true. We

employees and patients, Southwest Plastic

good friends. Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo’s

have designed the entire experience to be a

Surgery is simply a family,” Pam said.

paths stayed together as they both trained for

comfortable, relaxing escape for our patients.”

plastic surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester,

Both wives are heavily involved in all the

Southwest Plastic Surgery

MN. Through their husbands, Pam and Alina

marketing, social media and branding for the

10175 Gateway Blvd. West, Ste. 210

formed an unbreakable bond of friendship.

practice and in addition, Pam, who also has a

El Paso, Texas 79925

“Pam and I are a great team, we create

medical degree, assists as lead technician for

(915) 590-7900

and develop all our ideas together,” Alina

the hair transplant procedures. “Southwest



Medical Home Team “It’s nurturing care that truly empowers patients, families, doctors and caregivers alike.” Do You Remember When

health records, physicians have constant

Our care teams are empowered by cutting

Doctors Made House Calls?

access to patient’s medical records that are

edge mobile technology and electronic

kept up-to date and secure.

health records (EHR) for more effective communication and faster review of both

Medical Home Team has taken healthcare Why Choose Medical Home Team?

records and prescriptions.

convenience of a patient’s home, coordinated

All care is delivered by licensed professional

Medical Home Team is the first nationally

by a primary care physician. Medical Home

nurse practitioners and physician assistants,

recognized Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

Team is focused on a neighborhood model in

coordinated with and approved by each

that works with Medicare and other healthcare

which a team of medical professionals brings

patient’s primary care physician.

providers to ensure that each individual patient

to the next level by offering all of the typical services of a doctor’s office in the

receives the highest quality of care.

well-coordinated, cost-effective, high-quality care to patients with chronic conditions in the

Patients enjoy on-call access to medical care

convenience of their own homes. We believe

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It’s nurturing care that truly empowers patients, families, doctors and caregivers alike.

that exceptional healthcare should always be centered around the unique needs of our

Costs of Medical Home Team visits are 100%

senior patients.

covered by Medicare and secondary insurers.

Medical Home Team

Deductibles and co-payments are handled as

(915) 929-7391

they would be during a routine office visit.

844-MED-HOME (844-633-4663)






physicians provide customized wellness and chronic care plans, tailored around individual

Expert, personalized medical attention is

needs and schedules. By utilizing cutting-

provided in the comfort and security of

edge mobile technology and electronic

patients’ own homes. SPECIAL ADVERTISING | 69

On the

November, 2015


A healthy dose of local music is just what the doctor

ordered. We present here, to our loyal readers, a sample of the outstanding artists that dwell along the banks of the Rio Grande. These artists have been hard at work, calling on inspiration from the mountains, and deserve the attention of the greater El Paso area. So, without further ado, here they are:


November, 2015

o n t h e wat c h a n d o n t h e b o r d e r

COLLISIONS Celebrating their fourth year together, El Paso post-rock doomgazers, Collisions, have been a propelling force on the scene. Their debut album Drought was recorded in a span of twodays at Sonic Ranch and mixed by Ross Ingram at the newly developed studio Brainville. The small outfit produces a large sound which engulfs listeners in a torrent of swells and viscous melodies. The genre of doomgaze may only appeal to fans of the instrumental tidings of Nine Inch Nails and shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine, but Collisions is not only a band obsessed with the poetic sounds of doom, they are an independent approach in the education of harmony.

ALABAMA DEATHWALK Eric Reed, also known as the principle player in Alabama Deathwalk, writes songs about the various motions of life from the perspective of a twenty-something who has love and lost but has only experienced the tip of the iceberg. With song titles such as “Catharsis” and the beautiful “Dallas,” Reed is bold and speaks from an authoritative perspective, folk songs reminiscent of any author of any literary classic; let’s just say Hemingway to be specific. Alabama Deathwalk has two independent releases and is a frequent patron of Brainville as well, and has recently done a stint in California, where Reed and crew had a chance encounter of legendary status with one Ryan Adams. Be on the lookout for the Deathwalk at many venues between El Paso and Las Cruces.


o n t h e wat c h a n d o n t h e b o r d e r

November, 2015

KT NEELY If Eric Reed is the principle player in Alabama Deathwalk, KT Neely is the Queen ruling behind him. Frequent collaborator with Reed, professional and personal, Neely has released various recordings from her living room on Bandcamp and has also ventured off to work at Brainville- a ton of traction at this studio. KT Neely is gentle and haunting. Along with her Harmony guitar and the gruff of the New Mexican landscape, Neely has set herself apart as a brilliant songwriter who can take any subject, such as Mortal Kombat, and weave into a web of poetic devices to describe a moment in time.

GILA MONSTER To end this portion of the article, I venture off into self-indulgence and shameless selfpromotion. Gila Monster is a collaboration between Evan Tremper, Manny Maldonado, Will Daughtery, and myself. With many years in the local music scene behind us we have come together to form a brotherhood of independent power rock. In the wake of our year anniversary, we have already opened up for garage pioneers The Sloths, Two Cow Garage and have worked many headlining shows with many more to come. Gila’s debut album is rounding out quite nicely as I write this. We are in the final stages of the process, the recording having commenced at Brainville and is finishing off with Justin Leeah, Grammy-award winning owner of Sound+Vision Studios in Downtown El Paso. The next year will be a busy one for the boys and I but I encourage any reader of this column to venture out and watch us, we’re pretty rad.


November, 2015

El Paso’s Premier Event Rentals


November, 2015

November, 2015


Making A




red carpet, flanked with

liaison between families and Make-A-Wish –

strong and valiant as the officers who received

police officers from all

heard that he one day hopes to be a police

him with great pride into the command, after

over El Paso, paraded into the room where

officer, they contacted the department to see

arriving with an official police escort.

4-year-old Alexis would be officially sworn in

if they would like to help let Alexis know his

as an honorary El Paso Police Officer. With

wish would be granted.

“It was important for us to be able to get his situation out of his mind for at least a day,”

the presence of El Paso Chief of Police,

said El Paso Police Officer, Erik Segura.

Greg Allen, and Judge Carlos Carrasco, the

Alexis’ wish was fulfilled on October 10,

El Paso Westside Regional Command was

where he finally had the opportunity to have

transformed on September 19 for Alexis’ wish

his own party. “What makes Alexis’ wish

The room where Alexis was to be sworn-in

reveal through the Make-A-Wish® Foundation

so special is he did not choose to go to

was filled with family, friends, volunteers and

North Texas El Paso Regional Office.

Disneyland, he chose to have a party,” said

members of the El Paso Police Department.

Laura Garcia, who served as one of Alexis’

When it came time for Alexis to be sworn

Wish Granters.

in as an honorary El Paso Police Officer, the

Due to medical expenses from Alexis’

entire room fell quiet and the only voices

treatments, his family has not had the opportunity to throw parties, so Alexis’ wish

Alexis battles chronic kidney disease, a

heard were Judge Carrasco’s and Alexis’ as

to have a party holds a special meaning

condition characterized by a gradual loss of

he swore to protect the entire city of El Paso

to him since it is one thing that helps him

kidney function over time. Wearing his custom

with the courage and devotion that it takes to

live a life like any other child. When Alexis’

uniform and a proud stance as he walked

be an El Paso Police Officer.

Wish Granters – volunteers that serve as the

down the red carpet, Alexis appeared just as


November, 2015


November, 2015


e Fountains At Farah (915) 307-5009 8889 Gateway West Blvd, Ste 2600 El Paso, TX 79925



It was important

November, 2015

When asked what the first thought was

fulfillment of his wish was something none

when approached with the proposition of

of us will forget,” said Aaron Means, general

Alexis’ wish, Police Chief Greg Allen said the

manager of Mesa Street Grill.

department was excited.

The hard work and dedication from the MakeA-Wish Foundation volunteers helps make

“All we had in mind was ‘make it happen,’” he

wishes like Alexis’ even more special, “The

for us to be able to

said. “We didn’t have to think about it twice.”

feeling that you get in your heart helping

get his situation

Alexis was given his own official E.P.P.D.

out of his mind

Area partners including Mesa Street Grill,

A fan of superheroes, Alexis believes the

CBC Fine Jewelers, Premier Transportation,

police to be the real world heroes that he can

for at least a day.

Chick-Fil-A, El Paso Police Municipal Police

look up to.

someone out, you can’t describe it,” said Rocio Chacon, wish granter.

badge and gifts from the police department.






Angelica Machorro supported the wish.

“I know, with all he has gone through, he has found strength in what a superhero has


“Alexis is a very special young boy and to be

to endure at times and knows he himself is

able to contribute to his happiness and the

one,” Garcia said.

November, 2015





in registration

Come and Dance with us! Jazz • Ballet • Tap Hip hop • Aerial

Any questions? Call 915 585 1911 6910 North Mesa St#79912 (behind Dollar General)

PRIME REAL ESTATE FOR SALE • 2.5 acres • Located in the beautiful Cielo Dorado Fly-In Estates • Option of using 4,000 ft. runway, tennis and racketball courts

For more information call or text

(915) 471-5275




November, 2015

c r t Elec Feel

Gretsch English Gentleman

Gretsch Tim Armstrong hollowbody

1959 Les Paul

D’aquisto archtops

1958 Gibson explorer Archer flying cheese wedge


The all-new BMW 7 Series



Experience uncompromised luxury and cutting-edge technology, with 13 innovations found in no other luxury vehicle. And with its lighter Carbon Core frame and 445-horsepower* engine, this BMW delivers exactly the kind of performance you’d expect from the Ultimate Driving Machine.®

Special lease and finance offers will be available by BMW of El Paso through BMW Financial Services.

BMWof El Paso BMW of El Paso . 6318 Montana Avenue . El Paso, TX 79925-2026 915-887-6132 WWW.BMWOFELPASO.COM * 445 horsepower based on the 750i xDrive Sedan. ©2015 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name, model names and logo are registered trademarks.

November, 2015

Juilliard String Quartet


November, 2015


Measure | By: FELIPA SOLIS |

The Tempest Trio


b e yo n d m e as u r e


November, 2015

Zuill Bailey and David Leisner

l Paso Pro-Musica’s “Beyond Measure”

in concert have made a special commitment

present special performances as an avenue

brings some of the finest artists

to provide master classes and special music

to advance their careers, and share their

in the world to the region, in

career opportunities to the students of the

amazing music education with others. This

some very innovative programming

Department of Music at UTEP. Bailey is a

year, the Young Artist Development Series

Professor of Cello at UTEP.

coincides with the collaboration with the El

for the 2015-2016 season. The mission

Paso Museum of Art and the Guggenheim

of El Paso Pro-Musica and its Artistic Director, Zuill Bailey, is to

The Season begins October 17 and 18

Exhibit Series. The concerts will complement

present the finest Chamber Music in

with guitarist David Leisner and Bailey. The

the painting, “The Green Violinist,” by Marc

the world in concert, and then to insure that

concerts in El Paso and Las Cruces will feature

Chagall. The musicians will be featured in

this impressive roster of artists work together

music by Schubert, original compositions by

outreach services at the Museum of Art and

to provide educational outreach in schools,

Leisner and the sultry Spanish sounds of

in a special concert celebrating the coveted

hospitals, libraries and other venues to make

composer Manuel de Falla. The concerts will


music accessible to all. This last season,

highlight the world premiere of the new CD

more than 5,000 students were touched by

featuring Bailey and Leisner.

The 2016 El Paso Pro-Musica Chamber Music Festival will take place January 7-30

educational outreach. Bailey performed at the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit of the Hospitals

El Paso Pro-Musica is forging a relationship

and will celebrate decade long collaborations

of Providence, Hospice El Paso, the La Fe

with Johns Hopkins University and the

in the community. “Bach’s Lunch,” at the El

Cultural and Technology Center and the Lee

Peabody School of Music to create the Young

Paso Museum of Art, now in its 10th year,

and Beulah Moor Home.

Artists Development Series. This project will

is a free concert every Thursday at Noon

allow students in advanced and masters

during the Festival designed to bring music

This year, the outreach continues with a

study at Peabody to work in the El Paso

and visual arts together. El Paso Pro-Musica

special emphasis placed on the college level.

region to present outreach, work directly

also celebrates a 10-year collaboration with

Each of the artists that will appear this year

with the music students at UTEP and to

the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, whereby


November, 2015

Paul Jacobs Awadagin Pratt

Zuill Bailey


November, 2015

Amit Peled

Join us for lunch or dinner with chef/owner Cosimo Battaglia, who hails from Calabria, Italy. For the freshest seafood, gourmet hand-cut Angus reserve steaks aged 21 days, and gently homemade pasta from Italy, Mi Piaci is your destination. Call 915-875-0034 to RSVP.

each year, featured artists are the special Guest Artists for the January concert. This year, the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of conductor Bohuslav Rattay, will present “Tales of Hemingway,” a Cello Concerto written for Bailey by Grammy award-winning composer Michael Daugherty. Artists taking part in this year’s festival include The Tempest Trio, with cellist Amit Peled, who performs on the Great Cellist Pablo Casal’s Cello. Noted Cellist Ralph Kirshbaum will appear, as will the first Organist to win a Grammy, Paul Jacobs. Bailey will take audiences “Back to Bach,” and the Quint Quintet, with three-time Grammy-nominated violinist






“Evening of Tango,” and a special EPPM 100 Event, “Argentine Nights,” at the El Adobe Recording Studios featuring the music of tango master Astor Piazzola. March 11 and 12 will feature the Juilliard String Quartet and the farewell performance of its cellist Joel Krosnick. The concerts hold special meaning to Bailey who was a student of Krosnick’s at the Juilliard School. The season will end with a return engagement with El Paso Favorite, pianist Awadagin Pratt. A close friend and colleague of Bailey’s, the one-man show is sure to delight. Season tickets are available as are individual tickets to all concerts on-line and by calling the El Paso Pro-Musica office at 915-833-9400. 86

November, 2015


November, 2015



MARTINA IS A TORNADO OF FUN AND MISCHIEF. TCM Pet of the Month highlights our readers’ best friends!

“Martina” - Schnoodle (Poodle+Schnauzer Mix) owner Alex Ramirez “Martina is the oldest of three schnoodle sisters whose parents are a male poodle and a cute female mini schnauzer. She took after her dad’s personality , because she’s a tornado of fun and mischief. She and her sisters turned a year old in August and we threw a big party for them at the dog park. She enjoys eating veggies, and likes to cuddle up with her dad when she’s sleepy. Martina loves to make new friends with humans and dogs alike, if you’re not careful she’ll jump on your face and give you a lot of licks ... I mean kisses!” Is your pet TCM’s next Pet of the Month? Send a photo and short story why you think your pet belongs in these pages to



Sharing the

e v Lo

With the help of Garcia Subaru, Kids

From November 19 to January 3, Garcia

“Our staff of dance instructors

Subaru will donate $250 for every new

and musicians provide a unique

Subaru vehicle sold or leased to a national or

opportunity for participating children to learn

to produce a fun and exciting program for

local charity of choice during their “Share the

fun and challenging dance steps, and even

children around the community.

Love” charity event. This year, Kids Excel El

more importantly, to develop self-confidence

Paso has been selected as the local charity.

and a standard of excellence that will

“By donating a portion of their sales to

positively impact many other aspects of their

charity, Garcia Subaru is setting a great

lives,” Snow said.

example for other companies,” Snow said.

“We are thrilled to have been selected, and feel it will give us an opportunity to spread

Excel El Paso will be able to continue

“We hope that their customers will take

the word about our programs in the El Paso

Kids Excel El Paso also selects several

advantage of the opportunity to designate a

community,” said Jane Snow, Chair of the

partner schools to participate in an end-of-

charity to receive $250 upon their purchase

Board of Directors at Kids Excel El Paso.

the-year gala at the Plaza Theatre. Children

of a vehicle, and of course, we would love

“Garcia Subaru has generously offered to

have the opportunity to participate in a

for them to designate Kids Excel El Paso as

help us by promoting Kids Excel — it is a

professional five-day production with lights,

their charity.”

win-win for both of us. We are committed

live music, costumes, props and training in

to doing whatever it takes to make this a

backstage etiquette, for a life-changing and

To participate in the Garica Subaru “Share the

successful fundraising and PR event.”

memorable experience.

Love” charity event, go to 1444 Airway Blvd,

Founded in October of 2004, Kids Excel El

“The gala performance has become our

Paso is a vibrant arts education program for

signature fundraising event of the year,”

area children. It began as a pilot program with

Snow said. “Through the generosity of our

280 children in three south El Paso schools.

corporate and individual supporters, we have

Dec. 09 - Hart (Downtown)

Since then, the number of partner schools

been able to not only showcase the talents of

Dec. 11 -Zach White (West)

has grown annually, and in the 2015-2016

our students but also raise significant funds,

school year the program will benefit nearly

allowing us to continue to grow our programs

3,000 students in 32 schools in the El Paso

and serve more children.”

El Paso, TX 79925 starting November 19.

Dec. 08 - Moye (Northeast)

Dec. 15 - Canutillo (Canutillo) Dec. 16 - Rusk (Central)

and Canutillo Independent School Districts.


The City WEDDINGS 2015

November, 2013



t bride

the perfec











Ye s



TO 2



2 The City Magazine brings you weddings 2015 PRICE

E $4.95 s 2015 PRIC wedding



El Paso’s

Only Bridal Magazine of its kind!

The City Weddings is El Paso’s premiere local wedding guide. Find everything you will need for your big day and find out what are the latest trends, colors, fashions and more! The City Weddings is your guide to El Paso’s best wedding vendors – wedding gowns, flowers, venues, cakes, and so much more! See some of El Paso’s best weddings of local El Pasoans.

One Bridal Magazine, Two Beautiful Covers! Pick up your “2015 Bridal Guide” at your local Walgreens! For more information contact us at THE CITY MAGAZINE 90







t h e u l t i m at e c u l i n a ry e x p e r i e n c e

November 12, 2015 El





tickets available at, ticketmaster outlets, or at the plaza theatre box office | Learn more at

gett El

Mr. El Paso Fitness Physique Winner November, 2015


tron S 92 Photo by Dav Anmed

ting Miss2015 El Paso Fitness Bikini Winner November,



nger! Photo by Dav Anmed



November, 2015

Top 3 winners of the Desert CrossFit Games he LiveFitEP GRO Strong

dance and Zumba performances, free health

first fitness festival was

screenings and an after party presented by

something El Paso has

J&K Presents: Trap Fest 2015.

never seen before. This event was presented by

With more than 400 competitors, 45 vendors,



and local food trucks lining the streets and

Southwest Plastic Surgery,

competitions going on around every corner

Big Media and Best Day

this was the event to be at. The LiveFitEP crew

Ever Nutrition. Local health

plans to hold this event annually and continue

and fitness centers teamed

to build on its success. Next year they want

up with city officials from GRO El Paso and

to include a 5K run, cheerleading competition,

closed down the streets to hold this festival

battle of the badges (police vs. fire dept.)

to promote health and fitness in our city. It

and more. If you’re interested in supporting

took place in downtown El Paso surrounding

or joining next year’s event please contact

Cleveland Square Park and the Plaza Theatre. for more information.

The Fitness Festival and GRO events included The Desert Games CrossFit Competition, Mr.

All features of every winner and a gallery of

& Miss El Paso Fitness (a bikini and physique

recaps from the event are on or

competition), The Dr. Stein Desert Classic

on Facebook page at

BodyBuilding competition, The Desert Jiu Jitsu Championships, a transformation contest,

The Desert Jiu Jitsu tournament

restaurant features, green living workshops, exhibit booths, arts and crafts vendors,


November, 2015

Mr. El Paso BodyBuilder winner

Bodybuilders on stage


Winner of the Transformation contest

The Desert Games CrossFit competition


Ast rolo gy



ave you ever walked into a room and were able to sense its energy?

• You have to avoid watching the news, or seeing tragic images.

Have you ever been told that you’re too sensitive?

• You value alone time and enjoy calm and peaceful spaces

Are you able to sense another person’s energy even though

cut off from the world.

they are not there with you?

• You enjoy being in nature and a love for animals.

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these, you just may be an

• You make an escape plan, such as driving yourself to events.

empath. Empaths are people who have the paranormal ability to

• Noises, certain smells or excessive talking can set off

apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual or group.

your nerves causing anxiety or panic attacks. • You give people the benefit of the doubt and believe in the

When I first began my intuitive practice, I would feel all kinds of

good of others. You are generous to a fault.

ailments at the end of the day. From headaches, backaches, rashes,

• Your strong intuition makes you a naturally good listener.

blurred vision and so on. No one had explained to me why I was feeling

• You are a natural healer and have a way of making others feel better.

these things. So in time, I began to ask my clients during their sessions if they were feeling, for example, the headache. Astoundingly, the

There are a few things that are helpful in protecting yourself from

answer was almost always yes. It was then knew I was empathic.

sensing someone else’s energy at the expense of your own. I personally surround myself with white light as a shield and will

While this is truly a unique gift to have, it also comes with its own

wear crystals such as obsidian, tourmaline or hematite (all these

ramifications. For example:

crystals are black). Even something as simple as crossing my arms

• Overcrowded places can be overwhelming and exhausting to you.

and legs help me to block the absorption of others energy. If you

• You sense fear, anxiety and stress from other people and will

become overwhelmed by any of these it is, imperative to isolate

physically feel these symptoms as your own. • You have a built in lie-detector and can tell when someone is lying to you.

yourself and spend some time reconnecting to yourself. Spending time away and distancing yourself from these sensors is vitally important to your sanity.

• Other people point out your too sensitive when you cry easily at a movie, song, or memory. 96


November, 2015


Jewelry Profiles





SUSAN EISEN FINE JEWELRY AND WATCHES “Knowing the back end of how things are made, what is necessary to keep them in their best condition, while maintaining the highest quality control standards and appraisal credentials, sets us apart.” Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry and Watches

The Susan Eisen shopping experience is all

See our jewelry worn by the stars on the

is a business that uniquely blends many

encompassing and impressive. Eisen is a

red carpet at:

aspects of fine jewelry: the artistic, jewelry

jeweler, gemologist, goldsmith, appraiser and

that represents the essence of the wearer;

author, so her store is different from most

the scientific, by understanding diamonds

other retail stores. “Knowing the back end

and gems; and the emotional, when certain

of how things are made, what is necessary

pieces represent milestones and important

to keep them in their best condition, while

events in life. Customers will find quality


and commitment at Susan Eisen. “The most

standards and appraisal credentials, sets us

5857 North Mesa #19

rewarding aspect is the earned trust from

apart,” Eisen said. As a native El Pasoan,

El Paso, Texas 79912

our customers coupled with creating a piece

Eisen is proud to give back to the Sun City by

(915) 584-0022

that they love and cherish,” Eisen said. The

sponsoring events for the Junior League and

diamonds are handpicked for quality and the

the El Paso Museum of Art and has won Best

sales mantra is “the service after the sale is

Jeweler 10 years in a row.





Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry and Watches

even more important than the sale itself.”


PIANO November, 2015

“Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.� Wassily Kandinsky



PLAYING November,S2015 piritualit y

As a Spiritual Practice



don’t think I can say, yet, that I play

next piece. Immediately the baroque threads

play. Perhaps this explains how they play

the piano, but I’ve been meeting

get tangled up. Notes ring out in strange

large chunks of music, involving possibly

with one everyday for almost a year,

clusters and at such a glacial pace that it

millions of notes, by memory. It’s not that

just late at night, or first thing in the

reminds me a bit of nails on a chalkboard.

they memorize it bar by bar. Rather, they

morning. I’ve been learning to follow

Over and over, I retrace my steps, trying to

know the music so well that the notes could

its notes up and down the scales

find the path out of this woeful, accidental

not go in any other place.

while going through the short pieces in

modernism. At the rate I am going there is

several exercise books. It’s not long before

little hope that I will ever become a very good

Is that a spiritual experience? Perhaps in

the left and right hand are asked to work

pianist, but this doesn’t bother me. It’s fun to

this sense: musicians give themselves, via

at different rhythms and make surprising

be a beginner, every day, unsure of when and

the discipline, to a communication that is

steps and rests. It’s not clear where to

how the music will come.

far greater than themselves. The source of the music lies elsewhere – in the mind of

look and if I look too closely at the notes, everything slows down and I’ve lost the



the composer. But nonetheless, without

meter. If I watch one hand too intently, the

relationship I have with my piano is that outer

the discipline and skill of the musician, the

other one wanders off. So I try to look on

music is leading to inner music in me. Playing

music could not be realized, could not be

from afar, dispassionately, just enough to

the piano is turning into a spiritual practice.


shapes that my fingers make as they nearly

Like any spiritual practice I have the help of a

Piano playing takes you out of yourself too.

strike the correct notes. Using this method,

guru, my teacher Sebastian Estrada. And like

Therein lies much of its satisfaction. There’s

I have managed to get through the first few

any spiritual practice, piano playing requires

one final aspect to it as a spiritual practice

pieces in my piano books. I’ve played them

discipline. After hours and hours of practice

that occurred to me. It has to do with love.

hundreds of times now, inscribing little

I’ve reached a moment when the motion of

minuet memories into my muscles. I try to

my fingers across the keyboard is actually

Love is like playing a piano. First you must

get out of the way so that they can take over

pleasurable, regardless of the sound. And

learn how to play by the rules and from there

while I listen along. Of course I can hear

then something else happens: there’s the

you must forget the rules and play from your

when something goes wrong but it’s been

sense that the music is playing me, rather

heart. The same could be said for finding God.

interesting to find that the wrong note feels

than me playing the music.





discern the patterns on the sheet and the

wrong to the finger as well. Professional musicians must have this sense When my fingers have woven together a

all the time, the very best concert performers

passing musical likeness, I move on to the

becoming translucent to the music that they @emichellecromer michellecromer 101

November, 2013


Lui Cardenas Photography

4201 Camelot Heights, by Mesa | | David Paul (915) 999 0620

November, 2015


Spring Style 2016 Trends to Plan For | By: GESUINA LEGASPY |

e’ve all just welcomed fall, but the world of fashion is ahead of the curve, showing and producing Spring Collections for specialty and department stores all over the world. These looks offer a sneak peak at what we can expect to see in the pages of our favorite fashion magazines and style blogs. The fashion calendar is consistent in that designers show their wares in the same cities in the same order twice a year (summer/spring and winter/fall collections). Fashion Weeks kick off in New York, followed by London, Milan, and finally, Paris. This allows buyers, editors and retailers time to take in the trends, plan for the upcoming year and to forecast the next must-have items. Retailers






designers time to fulfill them by the time the season comes around. Just last week, I traveled to market in New York City to scout and order ready-to-wear pieces for El Paso. Below are the five trends to look out for in Spring/Summer 2016 and what to keep out of storage when planning your wardrobe in the coming months! 104

November, 2015


2016 trends to plan for

Haute, Haute Hippie Fringed hemlines, flared denim, boho maxis and paisley

prints make a comeback in spring.

2 High Seas

Nautical style was a recurring theme,

with sailor-style pants, and striped tops galore. Lots of navy and off/ white combos keep the look fresh,

fun and accessible.



2016 trends to plan for

November, 2015

Cold Shoulder Off-the-shoulder dresses, tops and jumpsuits were everywhere. Invest in a strapless bra ladies, there is an off-the-shoulder something or other in everyone’s collection

for spring.


Lace for the Ladies Sweet and feminine without looking tween, white lace and cotton eyelet trim was seen on many beautiful spring silhouettes as a wink to the 70s trend. Stock up on delicate lace blouses that can be dressed up or down.



2016 trends to plan for

November, 2015

Coming up Roses

Rose Quartz is the proper

name of the wine-hued

Pantone color that will be seen

in lots of key items for 2016.

It’s a beautiful, gentle tone – like a blushed cheek – that definitely says spring.

Luxury starts here.

2015 C300 $339*/Month Lease $4,493 due at signing I-10 & Airway • •


*Available only to qualified customers through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services at participating dealers through October 31, 2015. Not everyone will qualify. Advertised 36 months lease payment based on MSRP of $40,340 less the suggested dealer contribution resulting in a total gross capitalized cost of $38,050. Excludes title, taxes, registration, license fees, insurance, dealer prep and additional options. Total monthly payments equal $12,204. Cash due at signing includes $3,359 capitalized cost reduction, $795 acquisition fee and first month’s lease payment of $339. No security deposit required. At lease end, lessee pays for any amounts due under the lease, any official fees and taxes related to the scheduled termination, excess wear and use plus $0.25/mile over 30,000 miles, and $595 vehicle turn-in fee. Purchase option at lease end for $25,010 plus taxes (and any other fees and charges due under the applicable lease agreement) in example shown. Subject to credit approval. Specific vehicles are subject to availability and may have to be ordered. See participating dealer for details. Stock # M12365.

November, 2015

As the days become cooler, the scenery starts to transform, reminding us that change is inevitable. Instead of longing

His Prerogative

for the hot El Paso summer days to return, we should instead challenge ourselves to change along with the seasons. This autumn,

advance your own personal grooming


approach, transforming and improving your personal appearance as a result. After all, appearance rules the world.

“Appearance rules the world.�

-Friedrich Schiller


November, 2015

¯ Facial Cleanser: Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser From the company whose objective is “to formulate skin, hair and body products of the finest quality,” Aesop ¯ introduces its Amazing Face Cleanser. Designed to cleanse, tone and hydrate while absorbing excess oil, this product will leave your skin feeling clean and balanced without over drying. Made with ingredients that include mandarin orange peel oil and lavender oil, you will be bathed in a cornucopia of fresh citrus aromas that will have you wanting to cleanse your face multiple times throughout the day. ($31; Recommended for: Those of us with oily or combination skin in need of a product that cleanses, tones and hydrates. Its fresh citrus scent and cleansing properties makes this the perfect product to start your morning or end your day on a positive note.

Facial Scrub: Murdock Exfoliating Facial Scrub Exfoliating is an extremely important part of any man’s grooming regimen, but often the most overlooked. Murdock’s Exfoliating Facial Scrub helps open congested pores, buffing away impurities that often lead to a dull complexion. Made with pumice, jojoba oil and aloe vera, the scrub will clear dead skin cells and pore clogging dirt and oil, all the while soothing and calming irritated skin. ($28; Recommended for: Every man – no exception. The exfoliating scrub helps your skin look brighter and renewed, all the while helping you achieve a smoother, closer shave. Although it can’t scrub off ugly, it can give you a radiant glow.


How smart is your home? □

Do your lights come on when you return home?

Does your AC work to save you money while you’re away?

Will it remind you the garage door is still open when you leave for work? Can your home tell you if the kids are home from school on time? Can your home report a fire, CO emergency, or burglary for you day and night?

h i s p r e r o g at i v e

November, 2015

Facial Oil: Town & Anchor Rosehip & Meadowfoam Restoring Facial Oil Not a customary part of any man’s grooming, facial oils are recommended as they help provide protection and nourishment to your skin. Town & Anchor’s Rosehip & Meadowfoam oils help do that, but to a different degree. Ingredients such as rose hip oil help not only repair tissue damaged by destructive UV rays, but also help in fighting the signs of premature aging by improving collagen reproduction. This is all done while providing you a protective barrier that locks in moisture and vitamins onto your skin. ($40; Recommended for: Those men who are

If you answered yes to fewer than 2 of these questions, your home is ready to become smarter.

looking to protect their skin from the harsh autumn and winter seasons, all while restoring, nourishing and regenerating their complexion at the same time. Careful not to over apply as the step to protecting your mug

Dorney Security Systems has been protecting El Paso for over 30 years. We can upgrade your existing system to bring you the convenience and peace of mind of a truly smart home—for the same price you’re paying now for just security.

can quickly result in looking like you applied cooking spray on your face.

Beard Care: Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Beard Oil Beards absorb smells. Yes, you have finally discovered what that weird scent you’ve been getting whiffs of all week is. Before you reach out for your cologne bottle and douse

Call us today to customize your home and let it start working for you!


your beard in your musky signature fragrance try Beardbrand’s Spiced Citrus Beard Oil. This beard oil will not only condition your thick and coarse beard, providing it a healthy sheen, but will leave you smelling fresh with its alluring concoction of vanilla, clove and grapefruit extracts. ($25; Recommended for: Any man sporting a face rug; from peach fuzz to the chin mufflers. As mentioned, beards absorb scents. How do you want your face toupee to greet the world: smelling like corn chips and hot dogs

Scan this QR code or visit to learn more 110

or with a fresh, complex and inviting aromatic blend of vanilla, clove and grapefruit?

November, 2015

Now Open in Las Cruces!

El Paso El Paso Las Cruces

7040 North Mesa, Suite E 1491 N. Lee Trevino, Suite E 2750 Mall Dr., Suite 240

915-584-5205 915-591-1500 575-532-9449

an experience like no other Top of the Chase Building 201 E. Main St., 18th Floor 915.544.1135 • Marcelo Guerrero for Event Information Bobby Lyons for Membership Information







Giving you the creeps Creepers are a style of shoe that might be a little bizarre for everyone to like, but you’ll soon see them all over the major fashion magazines (even Rihanna collaborated with Puma and launched some creeper styled sneakers) A creeper shoe is usually a velvety shoe with a thick platform, the style is definitely not for everyone because of the “heaviness” of the design, but these punk inspired shoes come now in a variety of designs and textures for everyone to choose from. So be rebellious and try some on, nothing wrong with being a little creepy.

Sweatshirts Sweatshirts are an essential item this fall. Not only are they versatile but they are very comfortable. You can wear them with a sporty outfit, like some sweatpants, a t-shirt and sneakers or with a collared shirt underneath, some dressy pants/skirt and some nice shoes. Kenzo always produces some high-end designer sweatshirts, or for a more affordable but equally stylish look try H&M. Be comfy and warm this season with the perfect sweatshirt.

They’re not over! Overalls are a quick and bold statement. Always look chic paired with the perfect accessories. You can get overalls in denim, pleather or corduroy. Their shapes also vary, skinny, loose and even short ones. They’re great and an easy look for both men and women, put a sweater over them, or a button up shirt underneath it.


November, 2015





Don’t be selfish “Selfie” sticks are major. If you don’t know someone that owns one then you’re probably the one that owns it; but let’s be honest, they’re pretty obnoxious. We’ve seen people take their sticks out in a crowded bar, or even at a nice restaurant. Unless you’re going solo on an exotic trip, there’s no need for a “selfie” stick, there’s always someone willing to take your picture.

Crop that top Don’t get me wrong, crop tops are nice for the summer and those nice hot days in the spring when you want your midriff to not be sweating. For the fall, something more covered is the way to go. You don’t want your belly turning blue with the cold weather that we’re going to get in the next couple of months.

Beef Jerky Is that a leather couch? An Oompa Loompa? Nope, it’s someone with an excessive tan. A nice, natural dark skin is beautiful, but when someone starts looking like a tall glass of orange juice or a roll of pepperoni, that is when it becomes a problem. Excessive tanning is not healthy and there’s a lot of documentaries about the risks of tanning. Embrace your natural skin and ditch the glow for the winter.


November, 2015


beaut y

November, 2015

How To Get Glam In a Flash

Take Your Make Up

from Day to Night in 5 Steps | By: MATTHEW ABRAHAM |


s the holidays quickly approach,

need to stress about looking less than your

we often find ourselves trying to

very best at your nighttime dinner party or

fit more and more family, work

holiday gala, even if you just came straight

and social commitments

from a late day at the office. With these five

into our already busy schedules. This means

pro makeup hacks, you’ll be able to leave

there is absolutely no time to apply a full face

your business meeting at 5:3O p.m. and have

of makeup more than once during the day, as

enough time to get to your 6 p.m. cocktail

you may only have mere minutes between

hour looking like you spent all afternoon with

events to get ready. However, you don’t

your personal glam squad.


beaut y

November, 2015

“Be Legendary, Not Ordinary.� 1 Start with a good base Preventing your makeup from fading away in the first place or changing color throughout day will make your life so much easier when

MATTHEW ABRAHAM director of make up artistry

finally touching up or reapplying hours later. Start off the day with an effective face primer underneath your foundation and then apply a finishing spray to your face over your foundation and the complete makeup look will literally add several hours of life to your makeup. (Try Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel

Celebrity make up artist specializing in make up for photography, film, special events, weddings and pageants. Also available for private make up lessons.

Sheer Illuminating Base $45 and Ben Nye Final Seal Makeup Sealer Spray $10)

2 Clean up and blot Before you do have to touch things up, you want to clean up any smudges, fall-outs and creases that have happened throughout the


(310) 569-1089 5925 SILVER SPRINGS, SUITE D 116 EL PASO, TEXAS 79912

day. Using either a makeup wipe or cotton swabs doused with oil-free makeup remover, carefully remove all offending mistakes paying

careful attention to the areas around the eyes and the lips, as this is where pigment from makeup seems to stray the most. Next, take a velour powder puff and gently apply a sheer pressed powder or a translucent powder over any areas of the face that appear shiny or oily. (Boots No. 7 Quick Thinking 4-in-1 Wipes $6 or Almay Oil-Free Eraser Sticks $5 and It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Silk HD AntiAging Micro-Powder $24)

3 Re-conceal Apply a liquid concealer to the areas that you wiped or swabbed away mistakes and be sure to re-cover undereye darkness or circles as well as blemishes that may have peeked through during the day. Avoid thick or heavy concealers as they will look cakey and be difficult to blend into your existing make up. Press the concealer into the skin with a beauty blender or your fingers. (Try MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer $19 or Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer $19)

November, 2015

4 Re-define To have your make up looking finished and fresh, it is important to pay attention to areas of the face that define and create its structure, such as the lips and eyebrows. Using a long wearing brow pencil, lightly fill in any faded areas to the brow and set with a clear brow gel. Next, take a lipliner that goes with your nighttime lip look and redefine your pout. Finallly, trace a creamy waterproof eye


pencil along your upper and lower lashline. (Try Maybelline Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil $6, MAC Lip Pencil $17, and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil $20)

5 Add a quick dose of drama The easiest way to make a big difference in amping up your makeup look is to add intensity to the eyes or lips. The eyes can be intensified with a darker shade your existing shadow in the corner and crease of your eyelid and sweep of lengthening and defining mascara. For even bigger impact, skip the shadow and pop on a strip of false eyelashes (or two strip lashes stacked



4631Hondo Pass (915) 594-4424

9521 N. Loop Dr. (915) 858-4408



480 N. Resler (915) 587-4408

750 N. Carolina (915) 594-4424

for the more daring and experienced). If your eye makeup is more on the natural or demure side you might choose a bold, bright or darker lipstick to add some interest to your makeup look. (Try Ardell Natural Eyelashes Demi Wispies $4 and Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor $8)


November, 2013

Luxury L iving

C reate C orner




i N

e l

p a s o

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El Paso’s Home Designs

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Family Healthcare & Wellness Services We offer comprehensive quality medical care for the whole family. Our primary focus is on caring for you.

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November, 2015


November, 2015

| By: KRYSTA AYERS photography by: JORDAN PARKER |



rom the same guys that brought

you Blackbird, the freight container bar near the Chihuahua’s stadium, comes

Gray Dog, El Paso’s first upscale bar. With a premium spot in a continuously growing downtown, this hidden gem will soon be a go-to, if it isn’t already, for downtown employees, baseball fans, and drinkers of all sorts (21 and older, of course). Under the ownership of Luke Heram, Yairo Heram and TJ Karam, the new bar is setting high standards for El Paso when it comes to entertaining the Sun City. Gray Dog, named after owners Luke and Yairo’s dog, Cejas, who is a gray schnauzer, sits calmly on the corner of Franklin and Oregon Street in downtown El Paso. On the outside, Gray Dog is a just a hole-in-thewall with subtle window decal to declare its presence. If anyone remembers the previous bar located there, Gray Dog shares no resemblance. “We wanted to create an upscale dive bar so that we could attract a wider range of people. We’ve made it a comfortable place for business people to come during the day and then the younger crowd at night,” says owner, Luke Heram. It achieves the “upscale” half of its description with unique furnishings – the bar top is made up of common materials structured in an innovative way. You can rest your drinks and


November, 2015

your elbows on a unique bar top of wooden rings in a clear casing resting on a “caged in” rock wall. The walls are adorned with large art pieces, and on occasion art done by local artists in El Paso can be seen, adding to the distinct atmosphere that Gray Dog creates. “The location fell into our lap and there’s a rebirth about downtown that we want to be a part of,” says Heram. With a great location and a steady amount of activity, the bartenders are just as excited about the bar and its future. “There is really something special going on downtown and I think in a couple of years El Paso will have the downtown it deserves,” says Gray Dog bartender, Cesar Muniz. Both Muniz and Jordan Parker, another bartender for the bar, agree that being in the “heart of the city”, amongst the growth, is what makes Gray Dog different and more appealing from other bars in the area. “I think we have a really versatile crowd and staff, so it makes our bar very inviting,” Parker adds. Though it’s not “Cheers,” it can easily become the 122

November, 2015 place everyone knows your name. “Once the Cincinnati district died, we were left with a void. Every big city has at least one major entertainment district and downtown will be the main one,” Muniz says. The growth of downtown juxtaposed with the friendly staff and passion from the owners will make Gray Dog a popular choice amongst many in El Paso. “ We built the space, but it would not be the way it is without the employees, “ added Luke Heram. Being a local bar, Gray Dog advocates and supports other local creatives and businesses. “If we can be involved with anything




we’ll do it. We want people excited about downtown,” Luke Heram said, passionately speaking about the growth and involvement of the community. Just recently Gray Dog was involved with SunCycle, the city’s bike share program, providing a spot for riders to stop and join in on happy hour and promoting the great new program. On October 13 it was also the place where Beto O’Rourke held his campaign kickoff. “[O’Rourke] is a friend of ours and a real advocate of the growth of downtown. And he’s saying that [Grey Dog] is his favorite downtown location,” explained Luke Heram on how the congressman ended up having his kickoff at the bar. Gray Dog provides ‘high quality libations” while maintaining the relaxed atmosphere expected in a dive bar. You can find various craft beers to try and love such as Maui Brewing Co.’s Coconut Porter, Big Bend Brewery,





Mission Brewery’s Hard Root Beer. And there’s no need to squint your eyes or use your phone light to read the beer menu because Gray Dog has you covered with convenient LED menus. So whether you have your work meeting over a beer during lunch or mingle with new people in the evening over a cocktail, Gray Dog is the place to let loose and enjoy the city. Go and see for yourself.


November, 2015

Control Your Mind. Conquer Your Body; Vacations that Cleanse the Soul | By: MEAGAN KINLEY |


t r av e l

November, 2015

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” - Unknown


n the wake of stress and the interminable

And really if we are honest, we know we need

strain that makes up the ebb and flow

the downtime. With more and more studies

of the everyday grind of our lives, we

showing that stress and that non-stop go-getting

look forward to our getaways as a time

cause premature aging, disease and a whole

of solace and escape. After all, aren’t

host of other miserable ailments, there has never

vacations supposed to be about relaxation?

been a better occasion or reason to take time by

As humans we often get this wrong –

the horns and schedule some moments spent

cluttering these little respites with a list

reflecting, meditating and thinking about you.

of activities and “to dos” that sends us

spiraling into an unending cycle of checklists and

But how do we do this?

must-sees. Often these “vacations” create more

How do we find our escape?

anxiety than they cure. We get the “getaway” part right but once we get to wherever it is we

For those of you who feel all that clutter in

are visiting, we set out to see and do it all. We

your soul, a vacation with the intent of actually

want to see and do everything that that city or

unplugging is a venture you will never regret. For

place has to offer – even if that means adding

many, this can mean escaping and going back

a heap of angst to the small window of escape.

to nature. Answering this deep-felt need, spas and wellness retreats have sprung up all across

If you find yourself craving a holiday truly away-

the globe, offering the downtrodden a space

from-it-all, a time for you to check out and

of tranquility and a time to unwind and actually

actually unwind, a real sabbatical of stress-free

unplug. In the spirit of mental and spiritual health,

and unscheduled space where you can actually

this month The City tracked down the best

spend time just being you, then it’s time for

wellness retreats for those of you who crave a

you to get set out and cleanse your soul. In the

new and exhilarating experience adventuring

immortal words of Billy Joel, “Slow down, you

beyond the cliché, deep into the heart of the

crazy child and take the phone off the hook and

human spirit inside yourself.

disappear for awhile.”



t r av e l

November, 2015

The Ranch at Live Oak, Malibu, California Although a bit pricey, this top-tier wellness retreat takes the top of the charts with its beautiful views and world-renowned results. Boasting “A Short Stay, long on benefits” The Ranch at Live Oak” is truly a fantasy fitness spa with everything you could ever want and more. From delicious healthy food, to exquisite accommodations, this retreat will take your breath away and give your mind solace all at once.


Eslan, Big Sur, California This Cliffside escape is not only

breathtaking, but it also has it all. From the best nature can offer to more than 400 workshops, spa treatments, massages and more, this Pacific retreat is just what your soul has been craving. Not to mention all of the rooms on site look out over the ocean – trust us, your soul will thank you after your visit.


November, 2015

t r av e l



t r av e l


November, 2015

Canyon Ranch Tucson, Arizona

This all-inclusive health resort and luxury spa is a favorite among the stars and for good reason, the location couldn’t be better. With a host of trails next to this resort, you can hike, bike, walk, ride or just take it easy. Canyon Ranch is also a great spot if you are looking to give your employees a much needed work retreat. Their corporate event (or family reunion venue?) gives groups of any size a time to relax, refocus, and play all while enjoying ropes courses, yoga classes, hikes and more. So no matter who you’re with,

Canyon Ranch is a great choice for you and yours.

“The physical world, including our bodies, is a response of the observer. We create our bodies as we create the experience of our world.” 128 -Deepak Chopra

November, 2015

MAke YOUR Holidays A FeAST! Place Your Order Today for Holiday Catering!


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4201 Camelot Heights Dr. El Paso, TX 79912

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(915) 592-RIBS (7427) | 8414 North Loop Drive | el Paso, TX 79907


November, 2015

UTEP to the

| By: SAMUEL HORSTMAN Photos courtesy of: UTEP ATHLETICS |

NFL Jameill Showers


from utep to the nfl

November, 2015 Eric Tomlinson


Antwon Blake

Da’mon Cromartie-Smith

Quintin Demps

Darren Woodard

t is not hard to believe that El Paso is home to some of the most talented players in the nation. From basketball to football, the University

of Texas at El Paso has made history

and shaped remarkable talent in the

world of sports.

Since 1940, more than 70 UTEP football players have been chosen in the NFL draft and more than 100 have played professional football. UTEP currently has five former players who are currently with an NFL team. Overall, in the last seven decades 29 NFL teams, ranging from the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ners,

Horace Miller

to the Pittsburgh Steelers, have drafted the former UTEP standouts. Currently signed with an NFL team include Antwon Blake (Pittsburgh), Quintin Demps (Houston), Jon Dorenbos (Philadelphia), Jameill Showers (Dallas) and Eric Tomlinson (Houston).

Jon Dorenbos

UTEP is also known to break records year after year; football is a competitive sport and the Miners are taught to strive to be the best. Recently, the Oakland Raiders, in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft, selected former linebacker Thomas Howard. Howard was the


November, 2015

Joe Banyard

Wes Miller


November, 2015 Jordan Palmer

sixth selection of the second round and the 38th overall selection in the draft. He became the first Miner player to be chosen in the first

Oniel Cousins

two rounds of the NFL Draft since 1973. Gary Keithley, the first, was the 19th pick of the second round by the St. Louis Cardinals. Howard was named UTEP’s defensive MVP in 2005. Though many former Miners have gone on to play for the NFL, only a few have played in the biggest game in any player’s career, the Super Bowl. Don Maynard lettered for the Miners from 1954-56. He played in the NFL for 15 seasons. During that time he helped lead the New York Jets to Super Bowl III in 1968. Maynard was a four-time AFL All-Star. The Jets retired his jersey, No. 13, and he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1987. More recently, Tony Tolbert was a member of three Cowboys Super Bowl championship teams in the 90s. Chris Jacke scored nine points in the 1997 Super Bowl, igniting the Green Bay Packers’ win over New England. Trey Darilek (Philadelphia, 2005) and Brian Young (St. Louis, 2002) were also a part of

teams that advanced to the Super Bowl. Seth

accountable off of it. On that team was

Joyner was a three-time Pro Bowler and was

current Dallas Cowboy and former UTEP

appointed the NFC Defensive Player of the

quarterback, Jameill Showers.

Year in 1991 while with the Eagles. Despite his injury mid-season while at UTEP, The team is currently is under the direction

Showers was able to overcome his barriers and

of Sean Kugler for his third season with the

in May of this year signed a free agent contract

Miners. In his first year at the university,

with the Cowboys as a forth-string quarterback.

Kugler established expectations for his student-athletes. They would be disciplined

For a complete list of UTEP’s presence in the

and tough on the field, responsible and

NFL visit 133

November, 2013

El Paso/Las Cruces’ premier Lifestyle Magazine













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Did You Know?

s ’ o s a E l Pc Man

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i Ortiz MusJulio

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With a Southwest Flair!


November, 2015



ovember and Thanksgiving seem to be synonymous

of Thanksgiving. A Spanish explorer, Juan de Oñate, and his expedition

when it comes to the holidays, and this Thanksgiving,

offered Thanksgiving at a meal that was celebrated April 30, 1598.

besides focusing on friends, family and festivities where food takes the center stage, I would like to encourage

Living in the Southwest has given us so much history and richness

you to take notice of the primary ingredient that often

that when I first moved here six years ago, being born and raised in

gets overlooked, and that is of course, GRATITUDE.

New York City, I discovered what I thought was the “last frontier.” I fell in love with El Paso with all its richness, history and beauty, but

Thankfulness and gratitude are the two primary aspects of

what really means the most to me and what I am thankful for the

Thanksgiving that truly excite me because this day and meal is a

most is the lovely people that are from this region that I have fallen

time when families and friends gather around a dinner table to enjoy

in love with.

a wonderful meal that has taken days to think about and prepare. Thanksgiving is also a time to look around the table and see how

Besides making a traditional Southwest Thanksgiving meal that is

many wonderful people are in our lives.

healthy and nutritious, I also wanted to feed you what I call primary foods. These foods are what we put into our lives, hearts and minds.

Thanksgiving Day also has another significant moment in our history,

Having an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness will be the richest

especially for the people of the Southwest, El Paso, Juárez and New

and healthiest element you can put into your body.

Mexico. A new tradition has taken hold in our state of Texas. The people of El Paso can now claim the first Thanksgiving in North America,

As you enjoy this wonderful festivity, I would like to say thank you for

which was first observed recently on April 30, 1989. This event

being brave enough to try my menus and enjoying the gift of health I

commemorates a celebration that was dedicated specifically to a day

have given you. BON APPÉTITE!

Holiday Turkey – Southwestern Style Serves 8-12 Ingredients: 15-pound organic turkey 2 1/2 cups of filtered water Cracked black pepper to taste Himalayan Salt to taste 1 tsp. of cinnamon 2 1/2 tbsp. smoked paprika 1 tbsp. ground cumin 1 cup low sodium organic chicken broth Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees with oven rack on the lower part of the oven. In a large roasting pan with a rack, add two

basting throughout the cooking process. You

In a mixing bowl, mix the smoked paprika,

cups of water and one cup of chicken broth.

may use a meat thermometer registering

salt, pepper, ground cumin, cinnamon and

Place the turkey breast side down and roast

about 180 degrees. Cover the turkey if it

add the 2½ cups of water to make a rub

for 1½ hours.

starts browning more than desired.

the turkey under the skin, especially on the

Remove the turkey from the oven, and

Let the turkey stand at room temperature for

breast meat.

carefully turn the turkey over. Continue

20 minutes.

for the turkey. Spread the paste all over

roasting for about 1 ½ to 2 hours more while


November, 2015

Rick’s Holistic Gourmet Cranberry-Raspberry Sauce Serves 8-12 Ingredients: 48 oz. of dried cranberries 48 oz. of fresh or frozen organic raspberries 1/2 cup Organic Turbinated sugar Filtered or bottled water (enough to cover the dried cranberries and raspberries) Directions: In a stainless steel saucepan cover the dried cranberries with the filtered or bottled water. Simmer for two hours to rehydrate the dried cranberries adding water to continue to cover the berries if necessary. After one hour of simmering the dried cranberries, add the raspberries and the organic sugar and continue to simmer for the remaining hour, stirring occasionally. Cover and set aside to allow the cranberryraspberry sauce to cool then refrigerate overnight to fully rehydrate.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Organic Shallots & Slivered Raw Almonds

Peel the shallots and leave whole. On a

Serves 8-12

Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. Seal

sheet of tin foil, place the shallots and sprinkle 1 tbsp. of olive oil over the top. the packet and bake until the shallots are


tender, about 30-45 minutes. Set aside to

24 organic small shallots

cool leaving the foil open.

2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 2 lbs. Brussels sprouts (small)

Trim the stems of the Brussels sprouts and

1 tsp. sea salt

remove the outer layer of the leaves. Cut the

1 tsp. smoked paprika

sprouts in half. Combine them in a roasting

1/3 cup of organic raw slivered almonds

pan with the cooked shallots and sprinkle the

Cracked black pepper to taste

remaining 1 tbsp. of olive oil, salt and pepper, smoked paprika and slivered almonds. Bake


25 to 35 minutes, tossing several times

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

during the cooking process until the sprouts are lightly browned and tender.


November, 2015


HENRY’S MASHED POTATOES WITH MESQUITE & PECAN WOOD FIRE-ROASTED HATCH CHILE Serves 8-12 Ingredients: 3 large russet potatoes peeled and quartered 3 medium - large fresh Hatch green chiles 3 medium - large fresh Hatch red chiles 4 tbsp. Kerrygold Irish Butter 1/2 cup organic Half and Half (more if creamier mashed potatoes are desired) 1 tbsp. coarse Kosher Salt (Note: this does not include salt needed to cook potatoes) 1 tsp. fresh ground pepper 1 tsp. powdered Dill Weed (or 1 tbsp finely chopped fresh) 1 tsp. powdered red chile 1/2 tsp. granulated garlic 1/2 tsp. granulated onion 1/2 tsp. ground cumin Directions: To prepare chile: 1. Clean and rinse chile pods and pat dry. 2. On a barbecue grill create a fire with pecan and mesquite. A lot of smoke is preferred. Allow wood to create a low flame. 3. Place chiles directly on the grill over a low flame until skin is blistered and near black. Note: chiles must be attended to carefully throughout this process to avoid burning. 4. Remove chiles, place them in a shallow pan and cover with a moist towel or cloth. Allow to sit for a few minutes. 5. When somewhat cool, and under running water, remove burned outer skin, stems, seeds and veins. 6. Chop coarsely, set aside To cook potatoes: 1. Place potatoes into a large pot and cover with salted water; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer until tender, 15 to 17 minutes; drain. To prepare dish:

Selected as one of the Top 5 Bars with a View by BARTENDER Magazine. Sunset Terrace offers Mediterranean-influenced design with cabana beverage service.

1. In a large bowl mash potatoes, butter, halfand-half, and all dry ingredients together with a potato masher until smooth. 2. Add additional dry ingredients to taste (salt, cumin, powdered chile, etc.). 3. Add 1/4 cup each of the chopped green and red chiles and blend well. 4. Fold chiles into mashed potatoes.

Savory food provided by Fire, a unique downtown dining experience. 600 N. El Paso Street | El Paso, TX 79901 | Phone: 915-532-8733 ext. 2060



Receiving and Returning Gifts

November, 2015

Dr. Nathaniel L. Griffith Internal MedIcIne


When opening gifts in the presence of

do not like or need it, you can always exchange

others, we need to be aware of our reactions

it at a later date or give it to someone you

and comments.

know might enjoy it.

When recently at a birthday party, the guests

What we want to remember here is that the

were shocked at the never-ending comments

person giving the gift has taken time and

of the birthday girl. Every present she opened

effort to bring it and our response should be

was either something she already had or didn’t

one of appreciation and gratitude.

approve of and she let her guests know it in a very ungrateful manner. We all left the party

Joann Wardy owns and directs “The School of

embarrassed for the girl’s impolite behavior

Etiquette and Enrichment” and was certified

and thankful that the party was over.

at “The Protocol School of Washington”.

When opening gifts, do so with enthusiasm and a grateful spirit, always keeping in mind the feelings of the giver. If for any reason you

For children, adult and corporate programs call (915) 584-3930.

“P ar W tN it E F hE or h Y riN al Y ou g th ou , Ca r rE ” P (915) 599 - 9993 F (915) 599 - 9050

Monday to Friday

Saturday to Sunday

1:00pm - 6:00pm 9:00am - Noon 1600 N. Lee Trevino, Ste. D-1 El Paso, Texas 79936



November, 2015

Health-Care Insurance Enrollment: Questions and Challenges An important part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the creation of Health Insurance Exchanges or Marketplaces (the terms are interchangeable) through which consumers may compare and buy health insurance, and find out whether they are eligible for Medicaid or tax credits/subsidies that reduce the cost of insurance. TheACAoffersstatestheoptionofoperatingtheirownExchangeor deferring to an Exchange established by the federal government. Currently, only 14 states maintain their own Exchanges. The insurance mandate

Aside from the malfunctioning federal Exchange website, other

The ACA requires that most U.S. citizens and legal residents

potential problem focuses on the wording of the ACA as it relates to

(exceptions apply) have qualifying health insurance or face a penalty.

state-based Exchanges.

To allow sufficient time to get insurance, the federal Exchange opened for business on October 1, to coincide with the open enrollment

issues have arisen that may pose challenges to the ACA. One

No subsidies from federal Exchange?

period of October 1 through March 31. Individuals have to be insured by March 31 in order to avoid the penalty, meaning people have to

The ACA provides that consumers may receive tax credits or

apply for insurance by mid-February to ensure coverage by the end

subsidies that reduce the cost of insurance purchased through “an

of March.

Exchange established by the state.” However, 36 states have not established Exchanges, leaving their residents with the option of

Hard to apply if the website isn’t working

buying insurance through the federal Exchange. The ACA, however,

However, the federal Exchange website,, hasn’t

purchased through the federal Exchange.

does not specifically provide for tax credits and subsidies for insurance

worked properly from its inception. Many consumers have been frustrated trying to buy insurance and determine whether they are

The IRS put out a regulation to redefine an “Exchange” to include

eligible for subsidies. Not all consumers have to use the federal

a “federally facilitated Exchange.” But that hasn’t stopped the filing

Exchange website to apply for insurance. Several states have

of four lawsuits (and maybe more on the way) that ask the courts

established their own state-run Exchanges, which are up and running.

to rule that tax credits and subsidies are only available for insurance

To see if your state has its own Exchange, go to

purchased through state Exchanges, and not the federal Exchange.


A ruling to that effect could effectively remove the availability of tax credits and subsidies for consumers purchasing insurance through the federal Exchange.


November, 2015


2013 Broker/Dealer of the Year

The coverage gap

Monica Narvaez CFP®, CLTC

Another issue relates to a potential “coverage gap” for consumers living in states that have elected not to expand their Medicaid coverage. The ACA’s tax credits and subsidies are

Partner & Director of Financial Planning Wealth Management Advisor

available for consumers with incomes between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL). Also, the ACA provides for the expansion of Medicaid to include those adults making

Strategic Wealth Advisors

up to 138% of FPL. But part of the Supreme Court decision last year declared that the

Terrace Gardens Office Park

federal government could not mandate that states increase their Medicaid income limits.

600 Sunland Park, Building One, Ste 100 El Paso, Texas 79912

At this time, over 20 states have not increased their Medicaid income limits to 138% of FPL.

(915) 532-8885 Office

This creates a “coverage gap” for people with incomes less than 100% of the FPL, who do

(915) 842-9532 fax

not otherwise meet their state’s Medicaid income eligibility requirements. They are eligible

for neither Medicaid nor federal tax credits or subsidies, yet they are required to have health

insurance that they probably can’t afford, or pay a penalty. To get information about whether your state has expanded Medicaid, check out the Kaiser Family Foundation website, www. Neither of these issues has been resolved as yet, so we’ll keep you posted as developments evolve. options If you can’t access the federal exchange’s website, here are some suggestions: • Get in-person help through the website, • Complete a paper application, which can be obtained at

Views and opinions expressed are those of Monica Narvaez and are subject to change based on market and other conditions. The tax information contained herein is general in nature, is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal or tax advice. Always consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific legal or tax situation. Securities offered through Investors Capital Corporation, Member FINRA, SIPC Advisory Services offered through Investors Capital Advisory 6 Kimball Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940, (800) 949-1422

• Call the exchange hotline, available 24/7, at 1-800-318-2596


November, 2013

Watch at 5, 6, & 10pm 144

November, 2015



Unfortunately, it’s the rare bird that has that “in the moment” decision bloom into something long lasting. This could not be truer than with tattoos. In fact, 1 in 5 people (that’s 20%) would really like to take that moment back to make a less careless choice. Sometimes, this is simply because the tattoo is inappropriate or outdated, but, in 40% of cases, many individuals are seeking tattoo removal to improve their career prospects. If you are interested in having a tattoo removed, there’s good news Now, there is a painless, cost effective way to turn back time using the PicoSure™ tattoo removal system. In the past, the most

Frank Agullo, MD FACS Humberto Palladino, MD FACS Southwest Plastic Surgery 10175 Gateway Blvd West, Suite 210 (915) 590-7900

popular method for tattoo removal was a technique involving Q-switched lasers. This process essentially uses heat to break down the ink on your skin. It can also be painful over an extended period of time. However, the good news is that a breakthrough PicoSure™ system used by The Med Spa at Southwest Plastic Surgery offers an

New Technology Makes Tattoo

advanced technology to deliver extremely

Removal Easier, Faster and

short laser pulses that actually shatter the

More Affordable Than Ever

ink particles into incredibly small pieces that can be ultimately absorbed by the body.

We’ve all been there – “In the moment”

How small? It is thought to be less than one

– having a great time with friends, making

trillionth of a second long.

that connection with a special someone or,

of the ink. In almost all cases, the tattoo is completely cleared from your skin.

what seems (at the time) to be an incredibly

With the PicoSure™ system, there is no

important life event that you now regret.

pain involved and zero recovery time, which

If you have a tattoo that you’d like to remove,

For some, it can be as harmless as jumping

are contrary to the typical tattoo removal

consider the PicoSure™ system. Southwest

into a pool with your clothes on, while for

methods. After a treatment session, you

Plastic Surgery and the team of award

others, it is a high-ticket, impulse trip to

can return to work or your family activities

winning Plastic Surgeons are the first in the

somewhere exotic. However, for many

immediately. However, depending upon the

region to offer PicoSure™ tattoo removal

others, that spontaneous decision involves

size and depth of your tattoo, there may

method. For more information, contact the

getting a tattoo.

be multiple sessions required to remove all

office. 915-590-7900


November, 2015

Ph to of the



“Best Night Shot” photo contest!

Congratulations Ann Taylor for capturing an amazing “night shot” of el paso. Don’t forget to start submitting your “Best Live Entertainment Shot” of El Paso for your chance to be featured in our December/January issue of The City Magazine! Submissions should include one 5x7 photo print, or a high-resolution digital file on CD or by email. All photos sent will be property of TCM for publishing and will not be mailed back to sender. All entries should include your name, phone number and a brief description of how the photo was taken. Email entries to: or call (915)500-5730 with questions. DEADLINE: November 18, 2015 146

November, 2015



La Paz Dia de Los Muertos Celebration ::: Nov 1

Experience an authentic El Paso Dia De Los Muertos at the largest Columbarium at La Paz Faith Memorial and Spiritual Center from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free. Info: (915) 564-5348 or


19th Annual Veterans Parade ::: Nov 7

El Paso is proud of our veterans! Come out to San Elizario Historic District and show your support at the 19th Annual Veterans Parade beginning on that Saturday at 9 a.m. There will also be a special Veteran presentations at 10:30 a.m.

Taste of El Paso ::: Nov 12

13 of El Paso’s best restaurants will be brought together under the same roof for Taste of El Paso 2015. Enjoy fine food, craft beer and live music at this iconic Sun City event Nov. 12 at 5 p.m. Info:

Info: (915) 851-1682 or

2nd Annual Dia De Los Muertos Catrina Festival and Parade ::: Nov 1

Main Street in San Elizario Historic District will be hosting their 2nd Annual Dia De Los Muertos Catrina Festival and Parade on Nov. 1 from 1 to 8 p.m. With facepainting, Charro Calavera, local artists, storytelling a ghost tour, and more there is no better way to live Dia De Los Muertos. Admission is free.

Journey Through Time at Lake Lucero ::: Nov 7

Are you eager to learn about our regions history? Lake Lucero is having a Journey Through Time event at Lake Lucero where you and your explorer can learn about the 10,000-year history surrounding the human habitation of the lake area. Admission is $8.00. Info: (575) 479-6124 or

“Chihuahuan Desert” Lecture ::: Nov 12

As part of the “Icons and Symbols of the Borderlands” exhibit at UTEP, guest speakers from across the Chihuahuan Desert will contribute to this informative lecture about art in our unique region at Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Admission is free.

Info: (915) 851-0093 or




Esperanza Azteca ::: Nov 7

“A Christmas Fair” by the Junior League of El Paso, Inc. ::: Nov 6 to 8

Since 1973 the Junior League of El Paso’s “A Christmas Fair” has brought the community of the Sun City together for a day of fashion, music, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, an auction and more. Get your Christmas shopping done this early and support some of the best of El Paso’s local businesses. Info: (915) 584-3511


Esperanza Azteca is a social program for underprivileged boys and girls ages 5 – 17 working to improve the self-esteem of young people through performance arts. Come see these amazing young people perform Nov. 7 at 6 p.m. at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. Info:

The Young Irelanders ::: Nov 13

For a night of authentic Irish music, song and dance – The Young Irelanders are sure to show you a night of fun you will never forget! Coming to the Abraham Chavez Theatre at 7:30 p.m., get your tickets today! Info:

November, 2015



Franklin Mountains Trail Run 5K, 10K, ½ Marathon, 50K::: Nov 14

Training? Get into shape before Turkey day at the Franklin Mountains Trail Run! With three different distances you are sure to get all you want and then some at this exciting event. There will be a 5K, 10K, ½ Maraton and 50K all starting early on Nov. 14 at the Franklin Mountain State

Rodney Carrington ::: Nov 21

El Paso Symphony Orchestra presents Romantic Fantasies ::: Nov 21

Don’t miss country comedian, actor, singer and Texas Native Rodney Carrington for his one-night performance at the Abraham Chavez Theatre on November 21. Tickets

The El Paso Symphony Orchestra and the Plaza Theatre present Romantic Fantasies on

start at $31.

Nov. 21 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $16.00.

Info: (915) 534-0600 or


Park Tom May’s Unit.


Info: or

Hueco Tanks Birding Tour ::: Nov 21

Chemistry Day!::: Nov 14

The University of Texas at El Paso is celebrating Chemistry Day! With hands-on experiences and experiments your learners are guaranteed to get caught up in the kinetic spirit! Admission is $53 for all 7 hours (from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

If you didn’t know, El Paso is hub for some of the U.S’s premier bird watching. Take a drive out to Hueco Tanks for a spectacular day of observation. Teamed up with a guide, you are sure to see the best of over 200 species of birds that frequent the park. Don’t forget your binoculars, camera, water bottle and plenty of sunscreen. The hike will begin at 8:30 a.m., admission is $9. Info: (915) 849-6684

Info: (915) 747-5142 or

Feria de la Familia ::: Nov 22

Feria de la Familia is coming to the El Paso Convention Center Plaza on Nov. 22 for a day of health and wellness. Starting at 11 a.m. and running till 6 p.m. get your yearly check up as well as some interesting and informative health, fitness, and wellness demonstrations while enjoying live music and local artists. Admission is free. Info:

15 26 Las Artistas Art & Fine Crafts Show ::: Nov 21 to 22

Come out for this popular pre-Thanksgiving event and get your hands on some great homemade holiday gifts! The show starts on Nov. 21 at 10 a.m. and will run until Nov. 22 at 4 p.m. Admission is $6.

Mission Trail Art Market ::: Nov 15

Info: (915) 319-4541 or

Experience culture at the Mission Trail Art Market at San Elizario Historic District from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Shop for delicate pottery, vibrant jewelry, timeless home accents, or seasonal decorations. There will also be unique paintings, sculptures and photography. Sweet and savory treats will also be offered. Admission is free. Info: (915) 851-0093 or

Sun Bowl Parade ::: Nov 26

Don’t miss this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! This year the Sun Bowl Parade theme is Extraordinary Inventions. The parade will begin at 10 a.m. on Montana Ave. and Ochoa St. Admission is free.

UTEP vs. Louisiana Tech ::: Nov 21

Info: (915) 533-4416 or

Don’t miss another exciting Miner football game at Sun Bowl Stadium. On Nov. 21, the Miners will take on Louisiana Tech starting at 5 p.m.




Southwest University

Entrepreneur of the Year Awards SEPTEMBER 17, 2015 | Photographed by TOMMIE MORELOS


Pointe Homes: Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Franklin Ave. Apartments SEPTEMBER 17, 2015 | At SOUTHEWEST UNIVERSITY PARK | Photographed by TOMMIE MORELOS


Grand Opening of

El Paso Medical Research Institute SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 | Photographed by TOMMIE MORELOS


LiveFitEP Gro Strong Fitness Festival Competition SEPTEMBER 26, 2015 | Photographed by TOMMIE MORELOS


HERO FC “Best of the Best VI”

To End Bullying SEPTEMBER 26, 2015 | Photographed by TOMMIE MORELOS



El Paso Fashion Week OCTOBER 10, 2015 | Presented by WILHELMINA BAZAAR | Photographed by TOMMIE MORELOS






Supreme Salon Tour OCTOBER 11, 2015 | Photographed by TOMMIE MORELOS 1st place Photo by: Michael Shawn & Get Curled & Get Faded Barber Salon Model: Heather Schaemann

2nd place Photo By: Doug Mungavin & The Stage Model: Zulema Atktaz

3rd place Photo by David Parish & Hilites, featuring LaShawndra Harris Model: Peaches



Francis Aviation VIP Charter Party SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 | Photographed by BRIAN KANOF


The Hospitals of Providence

Transmountain Campus Topping Out Ceremony OCTOBER 12, 2015 | Photographed by TOMMIE MORELOS

October, 2015



Forti’s Mexican Elder Restaurant $$

Mi Piaci


321 Chelsea St. | (915) 772-0066

5411 N. Mesa, Suite 1 | (915) 875-0034

Forti’s Mexican Elder Restaurant has been serving savory Mexican

Join Mi Piaci Ristorante Italiano for lunch or dinner with Chef/Owner

food for more than 35 years. Their Carnitas are slowly simmered

Cosimo Baltaglia, who hails from Calabria, Italy, for the freshest

large pieces of seasoned marinated pork shoulder and come with

seafood, gourmet hand-cut Angus reserve steaks aged 21 days,

cilantro, grilled onions served with beans, rice and guacamole. O, DF

and gently homemade pasta from Italy. O


Koi Japanese Fusion $$$ Thai Chef Café $

5860 N Mesa St. | (915) 760-6404

4800 Dyer St. | (915) 566-8050 If you are looking for an upscale and modern sushi restaurant, Koi Recognized as one of the best Thai restaurants in town, Thai Chef

Japanese Fusion is the perfect fit for you. Koi relies on their fresh fish

Café brings an authentic flavor to the Sun City. The Keaw Warn is one

and delectable hot entrées, paired always with amazing drinks and

of their most popular curry dishes, served with green beans, bamboo

wine to attract any kind of costumer for any occasion. O, H

shoots along with your favorite choice of protein in a savory green curry. Garnished with sweet bell pepper and served with steamed jasmine rice.


Prices: $ - Low Priced Patio/Outdoor Seating - O

$$ - Medium Range Dog Friendly- DF

$$$ - High Priced $$$$ - Exquisite Dining Party/Private Room - PR Happy Hour - H

To highlight your local restaurant in The City Local Eats email:



October, 2015

Mesa Street Grill $$$ 3800 N Mesa St., Ste D1 | (915) 532-1881

Anson 11 $$-$$$ 303 N. Oregon St. Suite 110 | (915) 504-6400

Mesa Street Grill introduces their newest dessert creation – the Pineapple Crostata. This refreshing blend of pineapple, cinnamon

Anson 11 is two exceptional dining experiences dedicated to the

and nutmeg is crowned with a cashew crumble and handmade

military man, the gentleman, and the food connoisseur that was

sugar garnish. Taste this dessert once and it’s sure to become a

Anson Mills. For a downtown dinning experience like no other,

summertime favorite. O, H, PR, H

Anson 11 is the restaurant to go to. PR, H

Zeke’s Sports Bar and Grill


2900 N. Mesa St., Ste A. | (915) 231-6811

House of Pizza $$

El Paso’s newest local business located right across from UTEP. Zeke’s

208 N. Stanton St. | (915) 533-3424

menu goes beyond the typical range of bar food, extending to pasta

The vintage and trendy House of Pizza offers their most popular specialty pizza, which is called the House Special. It includes pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, mushrooms, black olives, onions, bell peppers, and irresistible extra cheese. O

and even seafood, although we are known for our delicious wings and burgers. Our best selling Hot Jalapeño Burger is made with 1/2 lb. of premium beef patty served with freshly made toreados and pepper jack cheese. It’s sure to leave your mouth watering. O


The Green Ingredient


201 East Main Street #201

The Smokehouse BBQ, Ribs and More $$

El Paso, TX 79901 | 915-298-1010

8414 North Loop Dr. | (915) 592-RIBS (7427)

The Green Ingredient is a restaurant that offers delicious, nutritious,

Meat lovers! Welcome to a little piece of rib-heaven in El Paso.

and personalized meals, teas, and more. Offering people the real

The Original Baby Back Ribs are just one of their specialties of the

perspective of health, you can get balanced meals that are nutritious,

house with their own original recipes. Prepared fresh and slowly

free from additives, preservatives, GMO’s, and extremely high quality. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

cooked to perfection using apple wood during the whole process 163 creating a magnificent flavor. H

November, 2015

november Advertiser INDEX A & O Group................................................................. Pg. 79

Mesa Street Grill............................................................. Pg. 7

Axess Multimedia....................................................... Pg. 147

Mi Piaci Ristorante Italiano........................................... Pg. 86

Ben Bridge Jeweler................................................. Pg. 10-11

Mix Salon and Spa...................................................... Pg. 102

BMW of El Paso........................................................... Pg. 81

Mt. West Family Health Center.................................. Pg. 119

Bogart’s Steakhouse & Bar........................................... Pg. 41

Nathan Soria Styling................................................... Pg. 129

Casa Buenavista...................................................... Pg. 18-19

Dr. Nathaniel Griffith................................................... Pg. 140

Claudia Castillo Makeup Artistry................................... Pg. 40

New You Gym............................................................... Pg. 12

Complete Emergency Care.......................................... Pg. 17

Paso Del Norte Wealth Advisors................................ Pg. 123

D’ansa Jazz Stage......................................................... Pg. 79

Phase Audio.................................................................. Pg. 73

David Paul................................................................... Pg. 103

POSH Bridal.................................................................. Pg. 77

Deutsch & Deutsch Jewelers....................................... Pg. 15

Quartermane Salon....................................................... Pg. 97

Dorney Security Systems........................................... Pg. 110

Regency of El Paso....................................................... Pg. 87

Double Tree by Hilton................................................. Pg. 139

Sierra Providence Bariatric Center.................................. Pg. 9

Edible Arrangements.................................................. Pg. 111

Southwest Plastic Surgery............................................. Pg. 3

El Paso Brew at the Zoo............................................... Pg. 47

Southwest University at El Paso.................................. Pg. 13

El Paso Photo Ops........................................................ Pg. 86

Spectrum Technologies................................................ Pg. 52

El Taco Tote.................................................................. Pg. 23

Sunset Funeral Homes............................................... Pg. 117

Garcia Land Rover El Paso.......................................... Pg. 166

SCC Imaging................................................................. Pg. 87

Garcia Subaru El Paso................................................. Pg. 135

Table Occasions............................................................ Pg. 73

GECU................................................................... inside cover

Taste of El Paso............................................................ Pg. 91

Gold’s Gym................................................................. Pg. 117

The El Paso Club......................................................... Pg. 111

Grace the Psychic Lady................................................ Pg. 45

The Green Ingredient.................................................... Pg. 51

Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort & Casino.................... Pg. 5

The Hospitals of Providence Children’s Hospital.......... Pg. 74

Intraceuticals.............................................................. Pg. 141

The Italian Kitchen West............................................... Pg. 45

Koi Japanese Fusion..................................................... Pg. 41

The Paw Wash............................................................. Pg. 29

KTSM News Channel 9.............................................. Pg. 144

The Smokehouse........................................................ Pg. 129

Love Buzz..................................................................... Pg. 29

Vanities Jewelry & Gifts, Inc........................................... Pg. 1

Matthew Abraham Make Up Artistry......................... Pg. 116

Walgreens............................................................... Pg. 20-21

Mercedes-Benz of El Paso......................................... Pg. 107 164

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6 1 1 PM 5 1 0 2 , 6 y1 Januar pen at 5:30 pm doors o st university e southw r, onimo d 1414 ger tx 79925 el paso,

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165 Steps To Worthiness.

Careful selection, rigorous inspection and only the best become Land Rover Approved.

LAND ROVER EL PASO | A GARCIA DEALERSHIP | 915.225.2900 1148 Airway Blvd. El Paso, TX 79925

THECITY Magazine El Paso • November 2015  
THECITY Magazine El Paso • November 2015