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November, 2019


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November, 2019


November, 2019


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Casa B November, 2019


uenavista November, 2019

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November, 2019



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November, 2019



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Concert for a Cause EL PASO FOREVER



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Chuco Soul Project




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November, 2019



perfect gift

for the one who changed your life. E L PASO | COLONY COVE ON NORTH MES A | B ENB RIDG E .COM



n any burgeoning city, everything must rise at once in order to maintain

balance. Thus, along with everything else, El Paso’s musical prowess is

making its mark. More than before, El Pasoans now have choices when it

comes to how they choose to be entertained and local music is often at the top of their list. One of the many things I enjoy is sitting back and seeing just how much talent that our region has to offer, all to the beat of a great song. One of the most prominent musical endeavors of not only El Paso, but of much of the southwest area, is Neon Desert Music Festival—a weekend full of music, art and a display of the local culture to the audiences that choose to visit. Learn about the origins of this standout event and all the moving parts that make this iconic weekend in El Paso happen. We had the honor of hosting the second-annual El Paso Forever benefit concert directly in front of The City Magazine offices this last October, organized by Jim Ward—an avid proponent of the arts and someone who is dedicated to making sure that music remains a part of El Paso’s footprint. The event was a success—seeing people from all over brightening up our block really highlighted the love that the people of El Paso have for their own city. Working with the El Paso Community Foundation, the concert welcomed Cold War Kids and a couple of El Paso’s finest young talents to show what we are really made of. From genre to genre, the eclectic tastes of the region manifest themselves not only through listeners, but through our musical talents. From the harmonies of The Iveys, a group of siblings eager to show everyone just how deep their love runs for each other through their captivating lyrics, to DJ Jason Craig, who is making sure he brings the party to every corner of the city (and beyond) with stellar beats and mixes. This month, we also got a few words of love from El Paso’s very own celebrity chef, Aarón Sánchez, learned about Chuco Soul Project’s genre-blending, El Paso-centric sound, and Star City Studios, a passion project dedicated to making sure that the sound coming out of El Paso is of the utmost quality. We also showcase some of El Paso’s top medical professionals, all across the medical spectrum from pediatrics to dentists. These professionals show us that wellness in the region really is just down the street. Welcome to our November music issue!


November, 2019

November, 2019

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November, 2019

In El Paso





October 22 - 27, 2019

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February 25 - 26, 2020

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March 13 - 14, 2020



April 7 - 12, 2020

June 9 - 10, 2020

Season Tickets On Sale Now! • 915-231-1111 14

November, 2019

Last year we replaced over 1,000 knees. But Mike felt like his got the most attention.

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November, 2019




5200 N.MESA ST. STE.103




November, 2019

Season of





November, 2019

Austin North

Andy Martinez

Hope Alegre

Andrea Avalos

Taylor Hines

Daniel Frederick

Luis Mariano

John Horta

Jesse Maynes

Ladonna Apodoca

Jamie Livingston

Marko Morales

Michelle Cromer

Dav Anmed

Henry Craver

Tommie Morelos

Marie Moore


November, 2019



Elyse Simons





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Miami Heat

Of Maids and Men

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Sun City 88

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Feeling sad, overwhelmed or struggling with addiction? El Paso Behavioral Health System can help. We offer inpatient & outpatient behavioral health treatment for all ages: • Children • Adolescents • Adults We provide targeted services for: • Women • Seniors • Military members

November, 2019

Charity Register october Opportunities to Give & Support Feline Fridays! Every Friday in October, Humane Society of El Paso Each Friday the Humane Society lowers adoption costs for cats. Adoption costs are only $50 for kittens under 16 weeks, and there is a surcharge of $12.50 for ones older than 16 weeks. Adoption fees cover spay/neuter procedures, vaccinations, microchips and Leukemia testing. Come find the purr-fect cat for your home!

SPJ Annual Dinner | November 2 6:30 p.m. at the El Paso Country Club Siguiendo Los Paso de Jesus Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that helps the most vulnerable communities in Ciudad Juárez. Specifically, they build houses and make badly needed renovations and repairs to existing ones. All proceeds from this dinner will go towards the effort.

Don’t wait. Begin a healthier future with us today.

Call 915-544-4000 or 800-967-3411.

Salvation Army Annual Dinner November 7 | 7:00 p.m. at Grace Gardens The Salvation Army of El Paso has been serving our community for decades now. Every year, they host a dinner to raise funds for their various initiatives. As always you can expect some delicious grub and a silent auction full of desirable prizes.

El Paso Giving Day 2019 | November 14 All day at Every year, we celebrate our community’s wonderful nonprofits with El Paso Giving Day. Basically, it’s a day dedicated to donating to charities operating in the region. There are often matching programs and all donations can be written off your tax return.

1900 Denver Avenue El Paso, TX 79902 With limited exceptions, physicians are not employees or agents of this hospital. Model representations of real patients are shown. Actual patients cannot be divulged 20 due to HIPAA regulations. For language assistance, disability accommodations and the non-discrimination notice, visit our website. 182477

YMCA Turkey Trot | November 28 7:15 a.m. at the corner of Montana Ave. and Virginia St. Every year, the YMCA of El Paso hosts a thanksgiving race. There are various distances and all proceeds go to the organization’s various programs in the community. It’s a great way to make room for your turkey day feast!

November, 2019


NEON DE SERT Music Festival

November, 2019

Forging C ulture and Sound

Photo By: Luis Mariano




N e o n D e s e r t M u s i c F e s t i va l

eon Desert Music Festival (NDMF), El Paso’s resident music festival soon to be in its 10th year, has gone through some changes lately. One can’t help but notice the new location and backdrops inherent in photos of this year’s iteration of the fest, as the site moved to a new part of downtown El Paso. This shift mirrors what the festival has become all about—now, with an even better backdrop of our historic buildings, murals and beloved mountains, the multicultural aspect of our city is given an even greater opportunity to shine through to both artists and fans at the festival—through its activities, amenities and this new location.

23 Photo By: Julian Bajsel

N e o n D e s e r t M u s i c F e s t i va l

November, 2019

Photo By: Daniel Frederick

24 Photo By: Kirby Gladstein


N e o n D e s e r t M u s i c F e s t i va l

he fan experience has always taken

festival, because we had spent eight years

upcoming NDMF, Gina emphasized, “You’re

precedence at the festival, and NDMF

in the previous location. Anytime you go into

gonna see the things we’ve continued to

co-founder Gina Martinez explained of

a new site, there are a lot of nuances that

deliver on for the past ten years now. It’s

this upcoming one that, “one of the biggest

are hard to forecast, but after the festival

a very exciting anniversary for us.” One of

things we’re looking to do is give fans more

and even just during the build, we were

the biggest attractions of the festival, Gina

space. This new site has a larger viewing

able to see that space really come to life …

explains, is the local food that they showcase

capacity, so people in general had a better

I think it was a great location with a lot of

every year—you can find the absolute best

view than in the past at this past fest. That’s

potential,” Gina said. One of those nuances

local food trucks in town throughout the

a part of the experience we want to focus

Gina mentions that led to some serious

festival grounds, and the attention the

on now—we want people to have the best

discussion was concern over the streetcar,

festival brings them is only one facet of how

visual experience they possibly can.” Having

running on Kansas St. “We had to make

they elevate and support local businesses

used the new location to their advantage,

some site adjustments to make sure it ran

and artists. “We also always focus on visual

the festival this year was definitely the

per-usual. I think we did a really good job of

artists who represent the southwest, so you’ll

most visually-accessible—and attended—to

finding that balance … One of the things we

continue to see that. We recently offered

date, allowing the artists’ shows to remain

want to do this year is to close off that street

a market area for local artists to showcase

the focus of the festival and capture more

and do a soft closure. We’ve already been in

and sell what they regularly sell at their

attention than ever.

contact with Sun Metro about that—we want

storefronts.” One key attraction that they

to make sure pedestrians are able to walk

plan on continuing is their luchador wrestling-

freely while the train still runs,” said Gina.

ring, something truly unique to the festival

While the change may have resulted in one

and derivative of the border community

of the best years of NDMF to date, “there was a lot of apprehension going into this last

In regard to what you can expect at this

inhabiting El Paso. “The wrestling ring has

Photo By: Nina Titovets


November, 2019

Photo By: Daniel Frederick


Photo By: Greg Noire Photo By: Julian Bajsel

November, 2019

Photo By: Nina Titovets been a huge attraction and has been super

“favorite show of the year,” and this year

We have great drinks that are inspired by our

fun to work with. The company that we’ve

Steve Aoki said it was his “one of his favorite

city. We’ve also partnered with local coffee

worked on that with for the past few years

crowds in the United States.”

shops that deliver really unique specialty drinks and a unique coffee bar experience.

has been awesome—it’s a really unique attraction that you won’t see anywhere

“A lot of the artists have commented on

We even serve snow cones and other fun

else, because the luchador style wrestling

their experiences here, and I think that what

things in our artist area—it really brings out

isn’t common in many other places. It really

we’ve been able to do is produce the festival

the multicultural experience.”

highlights the Mexican-American culture that

in a unique location. I think downtown El Paso

exists in El Paso,” Gina said. On top of it all,

is a huge part of the identity of Neon, and you

NDMF is an El Paso tradition that has

the VIP experience this upcoming year will

see these other major festivals taking place

cemented itself as a key part of our artistic

be elevated even more-so than it has been

in major urban parks, so downtown El Paso

identity as a city through its now ten years

in the past, and NDMF will continue to bring

is a really nice change,” Gina said. These

of existence. Holding it together is the

some of the top artists from around the world

unique experiences are inherent to hosting a

community who support it vigorously, and

to perform in the Sun City.

festival like this in El Paso with its one-of-a-

Gina agrees—“El Paso fans are just different.

kind culture and environment. One thing that

They’re more passionate and excited, and

Neon Desert boasts a fantastic and genuinely

NDMF focuses on within the artist side of

they go harder than anyone else … there’s

unique experience for the artists it hosts as

things, is the artist lounge. Within the area,

no fan like an El Paso fan.”

well. In the past, Zedd tweeted it was his

“we have food that represents the Frontera.


Photo By: Adal Rivas

Photo By: Adal Rivas

Concert for a Cause El Paso Forever


Photo By: Daniel Frederick 28

Photo By: Jesse Maynes


he second annual El Paso Forever

benefit concert drew more than 400 people to the Union Plaza district of downtown El Paso for a fall night of rock music and charitable giving. At the helm was musician and proud El Pasoan Jim Ward who, along with his wife Kristine, put on the concert to support their Because of You Fund, managed by the El Paso Community Foundation. Jim has been a mainstay and avid supporter of El Paso’s music scene, first as a founding member of iconic post-hardcore band At The Drive-In, which he formed at just 17. When that outfit folded, Jim threw himself into other, more personal projects—the rock outfit Sparta, the country-tinged Sleepercar, projects under his own name and a catalogue of guest shots and collaborations. Eschewing the hectic touring schedule and the demands of multiple businesses, Jim

Nathan Willet and Jim Ward

refocused on his family and community and

Photo By: Monika

was asked to join the board of the El Paso Community Foundation, which has stood

community as much as anything in the world

following. Since then, they’ve developed new

a trusted charitable resource for donors,

and I want to continue to build it.”

sounds and new approaches to songwriting,

nonprofit organizations and the community for more than 40 years. “Being on that board and learning more about

while keeping their core appeals wholly The Wards drew on what they know best—

intact, on the Nov. 1 release of their seventh

rock ‘n’ roll and the El Paso community—to

studio album, “New Age Norms”—songs

stage El Paso Forever.

from which they performed for an eager El

what we’re doing for the city and how we’re

Paso crowd.

doing it, I saw an opportunity to use our skills

After a successful first outing in 2018, the

to spread the word,” Jim said. “We decided

Wards once again teamed with the El Paso

Following the show, frontman Nathan Willett

to do that through nontraditional events—

Community Foundation, a host of sponsors

sang praises of El Paso, and of his friend Jim.

concerts, book readings … to teach people

and, of course, the always-giving El Paso

through cool ways that when you give, you

community for 2019. To headline this year’s

“[Jim] has a feeling that he belongs to

see those results.”

event, Jim turned to longtime friends and

El Paso, doing this place— that’s always

fellow rockers Cold War Kids, with whom he

interesting,” said Nathan. “It’s like you chose

“Kristine and I wanted to do something

formed a friendship in the hectic, untethered

this and you’re going to grow this, and when

that would bridge the gap and introduce

days of touring.

you’re touring, constantly moving, you have

philanthropy to a different generation, a

the opposite relationship to cities; when you

different crowd,” Jim said. “I’m not a big fan

Cold War Kids burst onto the national scene

meet those people that are very invested in

of red carpets; I’m not that comfortable at a

in 2006, finding heavy rotation on indie rock

the changes, it’s like I get a rooted feeling.”

gala, but I love philanthropy and I love this

radio and gaining the band a countrywide


November, 2019

Photo By: Jesse Maynes are

“We feel very grateful to have been a

wandering,” Nathan continued. “There’s so

part of the show and to have been able to

many kinds of people who are like, ‘Tell us

support the foundation and the Because of

where the cool city is to live. We’re thinking

You Fund,” said Sleepspent’s Austin North.

about moving to Portland but…’ Then there

“Opening for Cold War Kids is one of the

are people who are like, ‘This is our town,

coolest opportunities we’ve had to date, so

and this is what we’re doing here.’ Make

to have done so for a good cause was a great

something happen that you want to see,



Six 75” Digital/Dynamic Display throughout the shopping center with USB charging stations. The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso receives 8,000,000 visitors throughout the year.





don’t just chase the cool thing. [Jim’s] always felt like that and that’s always been cool.”

Emily and her crew echoed that sentiment. “Emily Davis and The Murder Police had a

Sharing the stage with Cold War Kids were

great time at the El Paso Forever show,”

El Paso’s own Emily Davis and The Murder

she said. “We appreciate everything the El

Police and Sleepspent—both of whom had

Paso Community Foundation and Jim Ward

high praise for the event.

continue to do for our community, and look forward to helping out again in the future.”


November, 2019

C o n c e r t f o r a C au s e E l Pa s o F o r e v e r Photo By: Adal Rivas

Funds raised from this year’s event will go toward the You Rock! camp. “You Rock! is the first project we have—a weeklong, inclusive girls music camp that will start in summer 2020,” said Jim. “We’re aiming to have 25 kids, and the whole idea is they learn an instrument, write a song, learn about the community, get a healthy meal and at the end of the week everyone performs a song they wrote.” “It’s another way to try to spread the word and the experience of playing music and being creative to people who otherwise may not have been able to do that—creating that space for opportunity,” he continued.

We Do It Just For Grins!

Parents are Always Welcome in Treatment Rooms! We treat ages 6 months-20 years old Fun & Friendly Environment We accept TX/NM Medicaid, Tricare and most PPO Insurance

1502 N. ZARAGOZA RD. 915.855.4442

5867 N. MESA ST. 915.504.6888

9813 DYER ST. STE. 100 915.751.012331

November, 2019 El Paso/Las Cruces’ premier Lifestyle Magazine

Pick up a copy of this month’s issue at your local Walgreens and check out THE CITY After 50 magazine, The City WEDDINGS magazine, THE CITY SPACES and Home & Design Magazine







Wor l dly Des n & of ig Radford F unc t ional B eaut y Far mhous e Chic

Music, Art


Performance INN THE

Nevena Christi

Guess Who's Back?

Sun City

London Fashion Week

Miami Heat in the Sun City


27 60

november 2019 PRICE $2.95

Keeping Your


Working Your Retirement Plan

Just Engaged? This is Y

ur Guide!


Beautnifgus l Weddi

El Paso’s Most

Gearing up

for the

Years Ahead

Go ing Au Naturel?

Of Maids and Men

Altering Traditions


3 weddings 2019 PRICE $4.95


915-500-5730 |

November, 2019

Mesa Street Grill Happy Hour

Enjoy premium cocktails at special happy hour pricing. Monday - Friday 4-7 p.m.


(915) 532-1881 | 3800 N. Mesa St D1, El Paso, TX 79902 |

Photo By: Jesse Maynes

November, 2019

El Paso’s Resident



ason Craig is an absolute force

began experimenting with creating mixes

to be reckoned with. Passionate,

for himself and his fellow sailors to listen to

outspoken, creative and driven

while on deployment. Utilizing resources like

are the most accurate ways to

UStream, he landed spots on online radio

describe the DJ. Not only does he live and

shows which fueled his decision to venture

breathe creativity and spontaneity, he is also

out onto the club scene. His first club proved

responsible for setting the mood for your

to be quite the learning curve as he found

next night out.

himself DJing at a country venue—a phase


that only helped to strengthen his adaptive Born in Kingsville, Texas to a military family,

style. Scanning a room full of different people

he has spent most of his life traveling, which

to play for is more psychological than most

helped expand his knowledge of music

would think. Learning to gauge an audience

and culture. Primarily raised in Southern

and what to play to keep their attention is

California, Craig began creating beats in

intimidating to most but it’s a challenge that

2001, enjoying the creative aspect but

he enjoys. “I call it a people science, when I

craving something in the spotlight. Craig

walk into a room I have to automatically point

then joined the Navy which lead him to DJing

out 10 different people and I need to get

in 2007 at a friend’s party, eventually setting

them to either dance or buy a drink. No matter

the tone for his future career.

what, I need to know what to play to catch their attention within the first 15 minutes or

Craig found himself in upstate New York

else they will tune out,” says Craig.

after joining the Army, where he then


Photo By: Jesse Maynes

November, 2019

INTERVIEW A Realtor works for you. Take your time and do your research. When selling or buying, interview the agent you want to work with. Ask for their track record, years of experience, credentials and client reviews. Most important, find out if their work approach meets your expectations.

Photo By: Jesse Maynes


Craig began creating events like rap vs. rock

an unforgettable set. Craig says he loves to

night where he would DJ with a live drummer

play a few throwbacks and mix unexpected

for genre mix-ups that created a different

songs that elevate the atmosphere.

experience for club-goers. Those events



lead him to make connections that gave him

Craig has had a variety of residencies around

the opportunity to open up for rappers Wale

El Paso and has more than likely played at your

and Big Sean, as well as DJing the Chelsea

favorite local spot. Not only has he opened for

Handler Show afterparty.

various DJ’s and artists, but he continues to learn, even on his days off, as he truly lives

Following a transfer to El Paso, Craig found

and breathes his craft. This passion has led

himself starting over once more in a city

him to become local rapper Fifth’s official DJ,

that was very different from the places he

and has led him to play multiple SXSW events

had previously lived. He needed to learn

with Fifth and DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, as well

how to adapt to the very eclectic music

as perform at Neon Desert. Craig also loves

taste found in El Paso, where he found

to help other local DJ’s with establishing

himself playing all over town in different


venues that called for different genres.

possible. “I like to have a healthy competition

From deep house to cumbias, Jason began

based on respect because it makes me want

honing his open-format style of DJing,

to do better,” he says.




expertly arranging a mix of everything into 36

November, 2019 All his experience led the marketing team at UTEP to approach Craig to become the first ever resident DJ at the university’s basketball games. Playing for entire game crowds and athletes alike proved to be a very different experience that called for more adaptation as he found himself responsible for providing that energy needed to push for a win. After a season, Craig was asked to not only play for the basketball games, but the football games as well. This entailed another learning curve as he was no longer playing entire sets, but having to time the music and elevate the energy for the entire Sun Bowl. Craig has a busy schedule ahead of him as he has his current residencies around town, UTEP, an Amarillo radio spot and out of town bookings in his future. The father and veteran knows that he has what it takes to bring El Paso vibes to any city he visits, ensuring that he represents the Sun City to the fullest.

Dare to be Delighted 915 300-0022 5825 North Mesa Street


El Paso’s Only Lifestyle Show! With Patricia Maese



Koala® Center for Sleep And TMJ Disorders 6901 Helen of Troy, Ste. D-2 El Paso, Texas 79911 (915) 881-9898


Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders What is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? OSA occurs when a person stops breathing for 10 seconds or longer for at least five times an hour while asleep. Only a sleep test (in a lab or at home) can determine if someone has OSA versus just snoring. How common is OSA? A 2015 study evaluated over 2000 people and found that one in two men and one in four women develop OSA in their lifetime. While all patients with OSA are at risk of having an increase in life-threatening events, patients with severe OSA are the most at risk for having a heart attack, stroke, or death from organ failure. Another unfortunate consequence of OSA is its progressive nature so someone with mild or moderate can progress to severe. The two primary treatments for OSA are continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) and mandibular advancing devices (MADs). In contrast to a CPAP machine, oral appliances are a mouth guard-like device worn only during sleep to maintain an open, unobstructed airway. Patients like oral appliance therapy because it is comfortable, easy to wear, quiet, portable and easy to care for. MADs are a first-line therapy for patients with mild or moderate OSA and used as an alternative treatment for patients with severe OSA that are CPAP intolerant. Dr. Bryan P. Kalish, Dental Director of the Koala Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders, is helping El Paso residents get a more restful night’s sleep. Dr. Kalish recently became an American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM) Diplomate—the first in El Paso. ABDSM is the board for the leading national organization for dentists who treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with oral appliance therapy. Earning Diplomate status from the ABDSM is a unique honor that recognizes special competency in dental sleep medicine. Dr. Kalish works with children suffering from sleep-related breathing disorders through the use of orofacial myofunctional therapy. Symptoms include: snoring, mouth-breathing, ADD/ADHD, difficulty in school, bed-wetting, delayed growth, etc. Many patients also suffer from TMJ and myofascial pain.

Dr. Kalish specializes in

treating these patients with a special oral appliance, that is also custom-fabricated, called a neuromuscular orthotic. Koala Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders utilizes state-of-the-art 3D technologies to visualize patients’ airway, temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and digital scanning of patients’ teeth for fabrication of the oral appliances—also a first for El Paso. The center is proudly Medicare-certified and accepts all medical insurance. Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK


Santa Teresa Family Medical Center 5055 McNutt Rd. Santa Teresa, N.M. 88008 (575) 589-5005

Santa Teresa Family Medical Center To truly understand Santa Teresa Family Medical Center, you have

such good grades in fact, that his academic counselor suggested

to know its founder, Dr. Mario Vela. Born and raised in northeast

he consider the medical field.

El Paso, Mario was brought up with modest means. Luckily, he discovered a special talent early on—he was one heck of a baseball player. His competence in the batter’s box opened doors that would have otherwise remained stubbornly shut. The slugger was offered a scholarship to Dallas Baptist College and headed out shortly after graduating from Andress High School. He arrived at college with $10 in his pocket and was totally unfamiliar with his new surroundings. None of that stopped him from achieving his goals. Mario hustled, working to support himself, giving it his all on the baseball field and studying hard to make good grades. He got 42 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING

Mario did just that, transferring to UT Health San Antonio to study nursing. After finishing his degree, the young nurse worked in a number of emergency rooms before eventually coming back to El Paso to direct an air ambulance. From there, he went on to become a family nurse practitioner, and eventually obtained his doctorate in nursing practice, an accolade only .8 percent of nurses hold. Mario’s long journey in the medical field culminated in 2017 when he bought Santa Teresa Family Medical Center.

Dr. Vela and his team have quickly established the medical center

baseball I learned about teamwork. At the end of the day, my staff

as a stalwart for high quality care in southern New Mexico, a region

and I are a team here, and we need to work together to provide our

that has historically been underserved. The facility offers a litany

patients with the best care possible.”

of services, from wellness exams to ultrasounds and in-house lab work. They treat patients of all ages—from babies to seniors—do corporate and school physicals and accept workers comp.

Dr. Vela and his team’s care for the community is even evident outside of the medical sector. For the past few years, they’ve been running a Thanksgiving turkey give away. Last year they gave away

Dr. Vela explained that his early life experiences have been instructive

500 birds along with other food, and this year they’ll hand out 1,000.

in his time as the center’s director, saying, “I learned the value of

“It’s all about giving back,” says the doctor.

hard work when I was out there in Dallas. More specifically, through



Panacea Clinic Of El Paso PANACEA is Latin for “Healing for All”, which best represents the mission of the full-service clinic owned and operated by Doctor Syed A. Yusoof. Dr. Yusoof’s medical journey began with his mother’s envision of him becoming an MD, he decided to follow his mother’s dream, and this is when he found his true passion for Medicine. He went on to receive his Doctor of Medicine from DOW University of Health Sciences in Pakistan. Growing up in Geneva, Switzerland, French became his primary language replacing his native of Urdu followed by English and Spanish. His multi-cultural background has led him across the world. He proceeded to Chicago to do his internship at Cook County Hospital, followed by chief residency.


Panacea Clinic of el paso 10501 Gateway Blvd., Ste. 105 El Paso, Texas 79925 (915) 533-0406

In 1996, Dr. Yusoof came to El Paso, Texas and joined a Medicare/

humble and connect deeper with his patients and the community of

HMO Program as a Medical Director, where he taught part-time at

El Paso. His nickname, “Dr. Ironman” doesn’t fall short as he has

Texas Tech and developed core curriculums for geriatrics. In 1998,

completed 17 Ironman triathlons and 24 marathons. His motto to his

Dr. Yusoof opened his private practice, Panacea Clinic Of El Paso,

patients is, “If I can do it, you can do it 10 times better.”

where he now calls “a home away from home.” He practices at all four hospitals and acts as an assistant professor at Texas Tech and Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. As a former President of the Medical Society, Dr. Yusoof remains actively involved in the medical community.

In 2018, he relocated Panacea Clinic from the west to east side to merge with Panacea Urgent Care and facilitate access to the community. 2020 will be the beginning of a new and exciting chapter as Dr. Yusoof is set to launch a full spectrum clinic. Panacea Clinic, alongside Panacea Urgent Care, will be fully equipped to include:

In 2003, Dr. Yusoof experienced the other end of medical patient

functional medicine, hormone replacement therapy, infusion center,

care and was diagnosed with small bowel cancer. Due to the mental

X-Ray services, ideal protein weight loss, sleep studies, autonomic

and emotional toll, he chose not to disclose his diagnosis for many

nervous system testing and neuro-functional evoked response

years but chose to remain positive and focus on his health. Upon

testing—the first center of excellence for concussions in town. “It’s

his successful and now cancer-free return, Dr. Yusoof gained a

not only about adding years to life, but adding quality years”

new perspective towards functional medicine. He continues to stay

– Dr. Syed A. Yusoof




Fyzical Therapy Balance And Hand Centers 4646 N. Mesa St. El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 313-6331 8111 N. Loop, Ste. B El Paso, Texas 79907 4758 Loma Del Sur El Paso, Texas 79934 2270 Joe battle Blvd., Ste. R El Paso, Texas 79938

Fyzical Therapy Balance and hand Centers “We have to be in the service to others. That’s what we start from,”

hand in hand with our education efforts. The same way we want to

said Luis Zuniga, founder of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers,

have the latest knowledge, we also need the technology that goes

speaking about the guiding mission of his outfit. It’s easy enough to

along with it,” he said. Take AlterG treadmills, for example. Exercise

say, but how exactly do Zuniga and his team see that through?

is often an important part of any rehabilitation journey, mitigating

“Training is where it all begins, and it never stops,” Zuniga explained. To that end, all Fyzical staff learn how to perform comprehensive screenings to diagnose the patient’s problems. They do this through a number of methods, often with the help of computerized dynamic posturography machines and neuro-computing devices.

muscle atrophy while helping the patient relearn vital movements. The problem is that many forms of exercise—like running—are simply too strenuous. AlterG treadmills, however, allow trainers to control the weight of the person being trained, accelerating the entire recovery timetable.

Zuniga insists it’s as important as the treatment plans themselves,

Fyzical’s commitment to the El Paso community goes beyond

explaining, “Most of these injuries and conditions are multi-faceted,

physical therapy. The medical group is also a major supporter of the

and you have to understand everything to effectively treat them. Take

Veterans Non Profit, a local charitable organization that supports our

balance issues for example, which is really one of our specialties.

regions military vets in a number of ways. “It started last holiday

There’s often a cognitive element, but it’s only half the story. The

season. We came together and the staff agreed that it made more

other half of the story is the motor system, which has to be analyzed

sense to forego the annual Christmas party and put that part of our

and corrected for the patient to get back to living a normal life.”

budget towards a worthy cause. We did some research and found

Once diagnosed, there’s no better place to rehab than Fyzical. All four locations, in west, east, far east and northeast El Paso, boast experienced staffs and are outfitted with the field’s newest gadgets. Zuniga is adamant that his facilities stay ahead of the curve. “It goes


out about VNP … they provide really essential services and are quite underfunded,” said Zuniga. Now, every first Saturday of the month, Fyzical employees volunteer at VNP. It’s all part of their philosophy— always being in service to others.


Southwest Chiropractic 61 Camille Dr. El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 581-9619

Southwest Chiropractic Southwest Chiropractic takes pride in serving the El Paso community

Dr. Aguayo currently keeps athletes from the El Paso Locomotives

and has done so for over twenty years. Dr. Fred Aguayo opened

free of back pain and ready to kick the ball around. In the past, Dr.

his first of three locations in 1999 on El Paso’s east side of town.

Aguayo treated members of Gloria Estefan’s road crew, in 2003,

Since then, Southwest Chiropractic has expanded to provide their

he was also invited to treat Boston-based rock band, Aerosmith,

life-altering services in Central, and West El Paso. While multiple

backstage before a concert. The following year, Dr. Aguayo provided

locations means the practice has an ever-growing list of new patients

his services to the 2004 Olympic Taekwondo team. Check out

being treated regularly, there are also many who have trusted and

Southwest Chiropractic’s website for a complete list of the services

received treatment from Dr. Aguayo since Southwest Chiropractic

provided at all three wellness clinics.

first opened its doors. Southwest Chiropractic proudly shows their community involvement by regularly participating in many of the health fairs put on by the city. 48 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING


The Back and Neck Institute 6211 Edgemere, Ste.1 El Paso, Texas 79925 (915) 881-8264

Robert Urrea, MD The Back and Neck Institute Dr. Robert Urrea, Southwest’s preeminent endoscopic spine

out-patient procedures.

surgeon, founded The Back and Neck Institute in 1998. Soon

the patient is awake and they often tell Dr. Urrea when their pain

afterwards, his passion for minimally invasive spine surgery

ceases intra-operatively. Patients typically go home within an hour

inspired him to construct Bassett Surgery Center, a state-of-the-

of the procedure and return to work within the same week.

art endoscopic laser spine surgery center. Since then, Dr. Robert Urrea and his compassionate team perform therapy, X-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, diagnostic spinal injections, spinal pain mapping and surgery under one roof.

Most procedures are performed while

Discomforts that are resolved by Dr. Robert Urrea’s endoscopic laser spine surgeries include: back pain, neck pain and pain radiating down an arm or leg. Through Dr. Urrea’s procedures, pain caused by herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spinal arthritis and

Dr. Robert Urrea is a pioneer in endoscopic laser spine surgery.

sciatica can be relieved with minimal discomfort, a quick recovery,

Local, national and international patients come to Dr. Urrea to

and ultimately restore a patient’s desired quality of life.

relieve their spinal pain and regain their quality of life through his Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK


Rio Vista Behavioral Health Hospital Mental health issues aren’t as simple as opt-in opt-out. They

campus is modern and inviting. Natural light pours into the rooms

affect everyone and leave us feeling trapped and helpless, like

and hallways, and there are eight unique courtyards that allow

there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Like with any injury or

patients to embrace El Paso’s beautiful weather. Most importantly,

condition, you need professional care and guidance as you work

however, is the medical care itself led by Medical Director Dr.

your way back to full health. That’s why you go to the Rio Vista

Oscar Perez, Dr. Goshawn Chawla, and Dr. Mohamed Ataalla.

Behavioral Health Hospital.

Open for both in-patient and out-patient care, Rio Vista currently

Opened in February, Rio Vista has quickly established itself as one of the region’s premier behavioral health hospitals. The most obvious marker of the organization’s commitment to quality is the facility itself. Located on the far west side, with breathtaking views of the Franklin mountains, the 66-thousand-square-feet

has three resident psychiatrists who are supported by a team of experienced behavioral health specialists. In addition to the latest clinical treatments, patients also benefit from a variety of holistic therapies, from meditation to essential oils. Of course, no one person is the same, so each treatment plan will be tailored to the individual’s needs.

Rio Vista Behavioral Health Hospital 1390 Northwestern Dr. El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 209-4513


By: HENRY CRAVER Photographed by: JOHN HORTA

Caperton Fertility Institute 1600 Medical Center, Ste. 214 El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 600-2220

Caperton Fertility Institute Dr.’s Kelly and Lee Caperton have spent 20 years together helping

Caperton Fertility Institute expanded to El Paso in October 2018

grow families in their communities in both Texas and New Mexico.

and is a full-service fertility clinic with expertise in all aspects of

As the only couple in the region practicing only fertility medicine,

fertility care. From the very basics of counselling and evaluation,

they decided that the patients of the region deserved the cutting-

to the most sophisticated technologies available on the planet

edge technology available in other states and outside of the US,

for treating infertility, Caperton Fertility serves patients in an

which led them to open the ground-breaking center, Caperton

independent, patient-centered manner.

Fertility Institute, in Albuquerque in 2016. Dr. Caperton used his many years of molecular research and degree in Chemical Engineering to design one of the top performing laboratories in the country, focusing on safe and healthy pregnancies by almost exclusively providing single embryo transfers—creating one healthy child at a time.

Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK

Proud parents of four children themselves, the couple recognizes the importance of their services. Their focus is on considerate and compassionate care that derives from their own family values. “It is a concierge delivery system that focuses on the individual,” Dr. Caperton says. As perfectly stated in their motto, “Our Mission is Family.”


Dr. Aamr Arif Herekar Dr. Aamr Arif Herekar completed his neurology residency in Albuquerque, New Mexico then completed sub-specializations in sleep medicine and epilepsy at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. After moving to the Sun City, he saw the need for neurologists and for an epilepsy center in the El Paso area. This was all the motivation he needed to begin work on opening up his very own neurology center. This past March marks the grand opening of Dr. Herekar’s practice, and El Paso’s very first epilepsy center. His new center comes equipped with an epilepsy monitoring unit, designed to help patients that do not respond to traditional epilepsy treatments and medications. Within the new center, Dr. Herekar will be creating a neuro-spa, specifically to offer emerging therapies that show promise, but are not FDA approved, therefore, are yet to be covered by insurance. He is utilizing a new FDA approved therapy for depression called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. This new therapy is offered as an alternative to taking certain medications. Dr. Aamr Arif Herekar saw a need and filled it. For those in the surrounding area battling with sleep and movement disorders, the new center means no longer having to travel hundreds of miles to seek help.

Dr. Aamr Arif Herekar Advance Neurology Epilepsy & Sleep Center 7100 Westwind Dr., Ste. 300 El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 974-2200



8 Hour Sleep Clinic 8 Hour Sleep Clinic was founded by CEO, Christopher Arriola in 2016. What started as a six-bed clinic has now grown into a 18-bed operation, spanning over three locations. Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 8 Hour Sleep Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of complex sleep disorders, ranging from pediatric to geriatric. 8 Hour Sleep Clinic can certainly be described as a pioneer of sleep medicine within our community. The facility’s Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Dombrowsky, remains the only physician in El Paso formally trained in Pediatric Sleep Medicine. 8 Hour Sleep Clinic is the only sleep center to offer in-house Mandibular Adjustment Devices as an alternative to CPAP. “Sleep plays a vital role in our overall health and affects people in different ways—if you were to treat your sleep disorder, it’s proven that a number of ailments can be reduced or even eliminated,” says Dr. Dombrowsky. Come see why so many people choose 8 Hour Sleep Clinic and experience sleep for the first time again.

8 Hour Sleep Clinic 7430 N. Mesa El Paso, Texas 79912 2000 Lomaland Dr. El Paso, Texas 79935 (915) 875-1801 Photographed by: LUIS MARIANO


Health Corner Pediatrics, LLC 2270 Joe Battle, Ste. E-G El Paso, Texas 79938 (915) 642-7004

Health Corner Pediatrics, LLC El Paso’s newest pediatricians, doctors Yezika Delgado-Rios and

overweight and obesity. Drs. Delgado and Valdes do not take these

Marisol Valdes, have the knowledge and experience necessary to

issues lightly.

improve your child’s health. They truly believe when you impact the life of a child, you can make an incredible difference in their future and family dynamics. Dr. Delgado states, “I decided that pediatrics is the most wonderful area of medicine; you can make the greatest impact on a life by preventing diseases, educating families about health care and helping them understand a disease and how to manage it.” Today’s








socioeconomic and technologic influences, health disparities, increasing mental health conditions, and a societal trend toward


They are focused on three critical elements: caring for their patients, engaging families and building strong community partnerships. Drs. Delgado and Valdes take a broader approach to healthcare. Dr. Valdes states, “When you can turn an uncertain future into a dream come true for a family, it’s worth every burden, every hour of lost sleep, if it means success for the child’s health.” They are open and available to treat all children from newborn to age 18, and offer wellness exams, sick visits, vaccines and minor procedures.

Photographed by: JOHN HORTA

Medical Services of the Border

Medical Services of the Border 1810 Murchison, Ste. 250

As an El Pasoan, born and raised, there has always been a

El Paso, Texas 79902

connection here to the Sun City. With the loss of his grandfather

(915) 249-4470

during medical school, Dr. Juan G. Becerra was inspired to receive his subspecialty in palliative care and help other families in a way that could have made a difference for his own. Having traveled all over as a palliative care specialist, Dr. Becerra found it important to bring back all he had learned and start his practice, Medical Services of the Border, as a way to benefit his hometown. While he offers primary care at his clinic, he is the only doctor specialized in palliative care with a clinic in the region. His focus is on improving the quality of life for his patients. “Palliative care focuses on improving the quality of life of patients by controlling symptoms that come with conditions such as cancer, heart failure, COPD and other chronic medical conditions,” says Dr. Becerra. “A lot of people think palliative is the same as hospice, which is wrong. Palliative is done simultaneously while under the care of other doctors.” His goal is to educate the community about palliative medicine and the benefits it can provide when someone is dealing with a chronic medical problem.



EEP Internal Medicine “My patients take priority in my practice…this has been my work for years,” says Dr. Maria Botez of her practice, EEP Internal Medicine. Her qualifications and personal convictions are impressive—Dr. Botez had a dream of becoming an MD throughout her time spent growing up in her home country of Romania. She graduated from the country’s top medical school in 1994, passed strenuous exams to obtain an internal medicine residency in New York after immigrating to the United States with her family and, in 2008, finally found herself in El Paso. Following her success at both the Hospitals of Providence and Las Cruces’ Memorial Hospital, she found herself opening her own internal medicine practice in 2011. Dr. Botez stresses her relationships with her patients—“My patients are my family. I’m getting old with my patients, and together it’s a nice feeling. My employees have the same goals and feelings too,” she says. Her practice’s mindset is focused on preventative action, so her patients remain consistently healthy. “Our last resort is medical treatment,” she says, focusing on nutrition, diet and exercise. While she emphasizes her work with her diabetic patients, the practice also sees patients with many other chronic medical conditions.

EEP Internal Medicine, P.A. 11170 La Quinta Pl., Ste. A El Paso, Texas 79936 (915) 591-3900



The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso In an effort to promote health and wellness in the community of El Paso, The Woodhouse Day Spa has introduced Seasonal Wellness CBD Services. Owner Sylvia Apodaca believes in a holistic approach to the healing treatments offered to guests. “Although there is some controversy with CBD, there are a lot of benefits in what it can do for the body,” Sylvia says. The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso carries two product lines that are available for retail and as enhancements to their services. One line they carry is the Hi-Bio Hemp CBD—while it is a great introduction to what CBD can do, the products are full spectrum. This means they’re keeping all of the best components of the hemp plant, which allows for more range in product— however, they are extracting up to the legal limit of .03% THC. The other line that is carried is Belle Âme; it is locally owned and is a lab-tested, pure CBD isolate with no traces of THC. As a topical oil, it is made with Jojoba oil, exclusively for Woodhouse and comes in a variety of milligrams and is best used medicinally for holistic healing and spot treating for pain management. The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso only uses quality products with a backing of trusted sources, and introduced these products at the beginning of the Summer. Sylvia hopes not only to educate the community on CBD, but to promote its healing as well as advocate for its use in self-care.

The Woodhouse Day Spa –El Paso At The Fountains at Farah 8889 Gateway Blvd. W., Ste. 1640 El Paso, Texas 79925 (915) 234-3955



Wardy Wellness Dr. David Wardy, of Wardy Wellness, is not your typical Doctor of Chiropractic. “We have served the El Paso community and Southwest region for over 12 years,” Dr. Wardy says, and during that time he has developed a unique approach to his practice, which also includes functional medicine and a specialized holistic approach. With an emphasis on “physical excellence and optimization of [the patient’s] health,” Dr. Wardy’s practice offers a variety of noninvasive, non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical solutions to everyday illnesses, injuries and diseases. His values as a Doctor of Chiropractic are key in moving his patients away from ailments—specifically through focusing on teaching how to properly manage their health on their own. His primary approach focuses on the body’s natural ability to heal itself through considering each specific ailment on a cellular level. His BS in Anatomy and his BS in Health and Wellness, as well as his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University, have ultimately landed him back in his hometown of El Paso with unique qualifications and accolades—he is one of only 80 cellular healing specialists nationwide, a Neurological Integration System (NIS) Academy Member, and also speaks nationally about cellular detoxification. Dr. Wardy currently practices with his wife Clarissa, giving back to his community through their work.

Wardy Wellness 5744 Tablerock Dr. El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 760-4700



November, 2019



November, 2019


he Sun City is quickly being known as

and brothers Galen and Hugo, said they’d

a music breeding ground. For the Ivey

been performing together since childhood,

family, their love of song is what has

influenced by the talents of Simon and

helped them pave a path into the music industry

Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and The Beatles,

and has led them to become trailblazers in

to name a few. It wasn’t until after a local

West Texas.

performance one night that the band decided to take it to the next level.

“We were born and raised in the desert Southwest, in the wide open of the

“Tony Rancich, of Sonic Ranch Studios, came

Chihuahua desert. We have been blessed

up to us after a show and said, “You should

to travel all over this country, and El Paso

record an album.” A few short months after

has the kindest, friendliest people you’ll

that, we had our debut album in our hands,

meet anywhere,” said vocalist and guitarist

and we’ve been recording music and playing

Arlen Ivey. “This is our home. It fills our

shows ever since,” said Jessica Ivey Carr,

imagination when we are here and draws us

the band’s keyboardist.

back when we are away for too long. There

is a special magic in the great State of Texas,

That chance opportunity has led to the band

and especially in the El Paso area, that we

releasing five albums, with their latest,

weave throughout our songwriting.”

“Colors of Honey,” released last June.

Arlen, along with sisters Jessica and Jenna

“The whole album came together rather 61

quickly, by working as a group. Songs usually

It’s that same momentum that has led the

The El Paso natives’ folk-rock sound no doubt

start with me and Jenna as co-writers coming

band to perform over 600 shows nationwide.

sets them apart from many other local bands, and material for their songs is pulled from

up with lyrics and melody, then the rest of the band comes together on it to create a

“The Bluebird Café in Nashville is one of

each of their own life experiences.“Inspiration

finished song,” said Arlen. “We worked very

my favorite venues. We’ve also performed

for the songs we create mainly comes from

hard to preserve the authenticity of who we

at many universities, including UTEP and of

moments we live in our day-to-day lives. What

are as a band by keeping things as organic

course being a part of State Fairs and Music

we all go through, as far as relationships, with

as possible. Even the vocals you hear on

Festivals is always a lot of fun. We also

the wonderful, joyous moments, and the sad,

every track were recorded live, with all three

recently performed out at the Southern New

broken moments,” said Jessica.

vocalists in the room at the same time.”

Mexico State Fair and loved every minute of it!” said Arlen.


November, 2019

The Iveys

Through heartache has often come inspiration and a belief that everyone should do what they love, no matter the odds or criticism. “We’re following our dreams and giving it everything we have, and I would encourage others to do the same. No matter how big or small your dreams are, the only way to make it happen is by going for it,” said Jessica. It’s that same discipline and determination that has been a big part of the band’s musical success. “When I was eight I started taking piano lessons and it’s something I’ve always been grateful for. It taught me discipline by having to work on a piece of music again and again until I got it right. It helped me socially at a young age by giving me the confidence to perform in front of an audience as well as interact with them afterward, and to be honest, it’s something that a child can carry with them for the rest of their life,” she said. The band’s winter lineup is already in the works. For more information about upcoming shows, visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



November, 2019

rom Khalid to At The Drive-In,

best lounges, Nacim was booking festivals,

El Paso certainly punches above

performing at Fenway Park and even winning

its weight when it comes to musical talent.

a residency at the House of Blues.

Now there’s a new rising star giving us reason Of course, all of that work has been done in

to be proud— Nacim.

the pursuit of ultimately releasing his own Hanks

album—and he’s almost there. This past

Highschool, Nacim had a somewhat typical

summer, Nacim headlined his first original

Borderland upbringing. “I definitely did that

show in D.C. where he previewed much of

time split that’s so common, basically half my

his soon to be released content. The act was

time in El Paso, half in Juárez where I had a

a success, filling the over 300-seat venue

bunch of family. Actually, I pretty much lived

and landing Nacim a segment on Good

in Juarez until starting school,” he explained.

Day D.C. When asked how he felt about






the experience, the up and coming crooner Perhaps









childhood, however, was the plethora of

honestly went better than I could have ever

music he was exposed to. His mother,

imagined. I feel like it was a sign of things to

Wendy Viramontes, a former Miss El Paso

come and I can’t wait to get this album out!”

local philanthropist, introduced the youngster to r&b masters like Earth Wind & Fire, Brian

Although the record doesn’t have a hard

McKnight, Tony Braxton and Eric Benét.

release date yet, Nacim is expecting to have

Despite the inspiring atmosphere, it wasn’t

it finished sometime this winter. Until then,

until his senior year at Cathedral Highschool

you can check out his music on Spotify or

that Nacim decided to pursue a career in the

Apple Music, as NACIM. He’ll also be playing

entertainment industry.

at the Berkeley Lounge in late November while he’s home for thanksgiving.

“I loved music, but I didn’t really start taking

acim N it seriously until my last year of highschool.

I applied to the Berklee School of Music

in Boston and got in with a scholarship so

Artist to Watch

decided to go, even though I wasn’t sure

what I wanted to do. I eventually went with Music Business and really wasn’t interested in creating music myself,” he explained.

That all changed after college. “I was

| By: HENRY CRAVER photography by: WILLIAM STEWART |

bartending out of school, and I started writing and singing a bit on the side. A friend

convinced me to pursue it professionally, and pretty soon an agency in New York signed me and convinced me to move down here to New York City,” Nacim recalled. From there, the young artist really started to gain momentum. Playing in music bars and at private events, word spread that there was a new hot singer in town. Soon enough, in


addition to ongoing spots at some of the city’s

November, 2019

125 THUNDERBIRD SUITE G EL PASO, TX 79912 915 • 243 • 3139

sugurskull sugarskull_boutique


November, 2019

The Chihuahua’s Cody Decker is Back And He’s Fixin’ to Stay | By: PAUL GENESON |


November, 2019


rad Taylor, head of the Chihuahua’s

days at UCLA, he has been looked on as a

Like Williams, Cody made the most of his final

public relations, names Cody Decker

genuine talent. The fans loved him here, and

at bat: He tagged a fastball and sent it flying

as “probably the most popular player we’ve

he knew how to connect with them. Brad

into the left field stands. It was a walk-off,

ever had.” Decker is arguably one of the

Taylor attributes much of Cody’s success to

game-winning home run and his teammates

most popular athletes to perform in El Paso.

his use of social media.

greeted him with emotion at home plate. Ever the team player, he recalls that moment

And now he is surprising El Paso by moving to the Sun City.

Cody credits his manager, Pat Murphy, for

for the fact his hit won the game. For him,

not only making him a better ballplayer but

this was “a very unique feeling.”

A product of Santa Monica, California, Cody

for energizing the entire team—and for

is not shy about saying what he likes about

making baseball fun. “I was very close to him

“It was a large mix of happy and sad all at the

El Paso. The H & H Carwash, for starters.

in El Paso,” he admits. “He was very good at

same time,” he recalls.

“There’s something about the atmosphere

inspiring even the uninspired.” Now, at 32, he faces his future without gloating

there,” he says. “It’s unique.” After two years here, and his manager’s

over his past achievements. His present life

He likes to hang out in the restaurant and talk

promotion to the San Diego Padres, El Paso’s

will center around his involvement with the

with the people. He also admits to enjoying

parent club, Cody Decker’s crowning moment

El Paso Border Youth Athletic Association,

the company of Maynard Haddad, the car

as a major leaguer seemed at hand. He

founded by El Paso doctor Dwayne Aboud.

wash’s owner. “He’s a trip,” he says, smiling.

describes the disappointment of that ultimate

The idea of this new project—seeing young

dream not being realized largely as the Padres

ballplayers develop their baseball skills and

were not committed to using his talent.

advance educationally—appeals to him. “I

Cody also talks of the out-of-the-way

love this city and want to be involved here,”

corners he’s discovered here. Like the table area outside Hillside Coffee and Donut

“I just sat there and watched,” he says of

in Montecillo. This city’s sunsets are also

his short and less-than-sweet tenure in the

special to Cody, who’s seen his share of

major leagues.

he says. Besides the baseball project, Cody has begun a new radio show, which also includes his

sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. There followed several seasons in the minors

media-involved wife, Jenn Sterger Decker.

When it comes to rating things to do, Cody

when he played for the Red Sox, Royals

“She’s nothing but supportive,” he says.

puts El Paso in the same ballpark as Los


Angeles. “There are as many things to do

consistently been one of the most productive

Cody Decker believes he’s found the right

here as in L.A.,” he says. He adds that the

home run hitters in the minor leagues. This

spot at just the right time. “I feel I’m going

feel of El Paso is also an attraction to him: “El

past year, Cody decided to retire with the Reno

to make a difference here,” he says, adding,

Paso is a big city that feels like a smaller city.”

Aces in the familiar Pacific Coast League. It

“This is my real opportunity.”




was fitting that his last at-bat as a ballplayer As a minor league baseball player, Cody

had a Ted Williams kind of drama about it.

stands out as a clear-cut phenom. Since his


Space Options Short-term agreements keep things flexible. Fully-furnished designer spaces, there is a space for every size business!


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Dental Professionals PROFILES


Stein Dentistry Dr. Scott Stein & Dr. Daryl Stein Aguilar 7189 Westwind El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 584-0400

Stein Dentistry Stein Dentistry is about family. Dr. Scott Stein’s mother has worked

The friendly and trustworthy atmosphere at Stein Dentistry

with the team for almost 30 years. Dr. Daryl Stein Aguilar, Scott’s

continues to thrive thanks to the 13 family-like team members that

daughter, recently joined the practice, after graduating from UT

welcome you at the door. This practice offers an array of services

Houston School of Dentistry. Just like her father, Daryl also received

including preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, implants,

her undergrad from The University of Texas at Austin. You may see

sports mouth guards, and sleep appliances. Not to mention, Stein

the next generation of Stein dentists sooner rather than later, as

Dentistry also utilizes Cerec technology, an advanced 3D imaging

Daryl is expecting her first child by the end of the year.

device that allows the dentist to fabricate natural looking, all-

Scott, a Baylor College of Dentistry alumnus, began serving the El Paso community in 1990 after serving in the US Army in Germany.

ceramic crowns in just one appointment (no sticky impression and no temporary).

He is also an international competitive bodybuilder and NPC judge

Stein Dentistry’s love for El Paso is reflected through the newest

for fitness competitions. His work with the Sun City’s athletic

addition to their practice: a custom “El Paso Strong” mural in the

community paved the way to be inducted in the El Paso Athletic

back parking lot created by Gabe Vasquez, the same artist behind

Hall of Fame in 2016.

the famed “El Paso Strong” mural on Arizona Avenue in response

Additionally, Scott is also a loyal member of the Academy of Sports Dentistry and is the team dentist for the U.S. Olympic Team, El Paso Chihuahuas, El Paso Locomotives, UTEP Athletics, and the El Paso Rhinos.

Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK

to the August tragedy. Scott shared, “As we continue to honor the victims of that day, we want to simultaneously empower our community to come together and have a brighter future.” Keep El Paso Strong!



Westside Dentistry Dr. Stephen Kimball has been serving our community here in El Paso for five years. Before beginning his dental training at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, Dr. Kimball played college football and baseball and volunteered as a missionary for two years in Bolivia where he became fluent in Spanish. Upon graduating from dental school, Dr. Kimball became a captain in the United States Air Force serving as a dentist in Florida and England. During this time, he completed an “Advanced Education in General Dentistry” program where he received one on one training in all the specialties offered in dentistry. This training along with many continuing education courses has given Dr. Kimball the expertise to offer comprehensive dental care including implants, root canals, Invisalign, wisdom teeth extractions, and full mouth rehabilitation. “It’s so rewarding being able to serve others and help people have a healthy, beautiful and confident smile!” Dr. Kimball exclaims. “We are a family here at Westside Dentistry and we want all of our patients to feel like family as well. We truly care about every person that walks through our doors.” Westside Dentistry’s competent and caring staff pride themselves on doing their best to give each of their patients a “wow” experience! To do this, Westside Dentistry has invested in the most up-to-date technology and is one of the few dental offices in our city to have a 3D printer, intra-oral digital scanner, and advanced ability to provide 3D imaging of the jaw using a CBCT scanner. This allows for accurate implant placement, earlier detection of infections and more precision and comfort when delivering dental care. Intra-oral digital photography is also used to educate patients on the health of their mouths. Dr. Kimball’s wife and their five children are also an active part of the practice. They all enjoy serving our community. Westside Dentistry has been involved in 5Ks, participated in school and hospital events and have donated dental supplies to different organizations

Westside Dentistry

including groups in Africa. They also offered free dental services to victims of the

7181 Westwind Dr. Ste. A

Walmart shooting. This year, they will be the first dental practice ever to have a float in

El Paso, Texas 79912

the El Paso Thanksgiving Parade! You can follow Westside Dentistry on Facebook and Instagram, watch patient

(915) 581-1511

testimonials, and read over a hundred 5-star reviews on Google. It is no surprise that Dr. Kimball has been nominated for best dentist in El Paso!

Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK


Dr. Antonio Solis 7211 N. Mesa, Ste. 2S El Paso, Texas 79902 (9150 581-3349

Dr. Antonio Solis El Paso native, Dr. Antonio Solis is dedicated to providing the best

Healthy oral care habits and a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime is

patient-centered care in dentistry, whether cosmetic or orthodontic.

what Dr. Solis and his staff of professionals want for each of their

Instilling each of his patients with confidence through preventive

patients. By staying up to date with the latest advancements in

care and education is what Dr. Solis and his talented team set out

dentistry, Dr. Solis is able to provide his patients with top-notch oral

to accomplish with each visit. They understand that building lasting

care in a family-oriented setting. For this dentist, it is about more

relationships through quality work and open lines of communication

than simply fixing teeth. It is about making connections and building

is the key to success for both patient and practice. The patient’s

trust with every patient. Dr. Solis is committed to uplifting fellow

options are thoroughly explained before a treatment plan is created

members of his community one smile at a time. Contact Dr. Antonio

and agreed upon, keeping all clinical and personal concerns in mind.

Solis for information and a complete list of services provided.


By: MARKO MORALES photographed by: JOHN HORTA

Gaynier Orthodontics 824 East Redd Rd., Suite #1A El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 581-8152

Gaynier Orthodontics After practicing orthodontics in South Carolina for many years, Dr. Brad Gaynier loved the idea of acquiring a successful practice here in El Paso. Upon his arrival, he became an active member of the El Paso District Dental Society and the El Paso Dental Conference planning committee. Dr. Gaynier is so happy in his new home. He says, “I’ve honestly been so impressed with El Paso. Everyone I’ve met has been so warm and welcoming.” Dr. Gaynier and his team are dedicated to serving our community. “My goal is to give each of my patients the same care I’d want for myself or my family. I enjoy customizing Invisalign and braces to each person. I like to keep good communication with the patient’s dentist ... I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it any other way,” explained Dr. Gaynier. Beyond great service, Dr. Gaynier’s office has the latest technology including digital iTero impressions. He offers Invisalign for teens and adults as well as an innovative patient rewards program where his patients earn gift cards while they obtain a superb smile.



Prestige Oral & Facial Surgery Center 7100 Westwind Dr. Ste. 115 El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 283-4730

Prestige Oral & Facial Surgery Center Dr. Gerardo Guillen is known for his many achievements, and

Patients feel comfortable and confident about their procedures

Prestige Oral and Facial Surgery Center, which recently opened,

thanks to the friendly and professional atmosphere created by Dr.

is one of them. Born and raised in Venezuela, Dr. Guillen began

Guillen and his highly-trained surgical staff. This practice is made

his career in his native country and received his Ph.D. from The

up of the latest technology that allows for adequate diagnostics and

University of Zulia. He then received his oral surgeon certification

customized treatment plans that are designed to meet the patient’s

and an M.S. in Dentistry from The University of Puerto Rico. For 20

financial and medical needs. From wisdom teeth extractions,

years, Dr. Guillen has specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery,

dental implants, facial trauma or jaw surgery, you can count on Dr.

as well as cleft lip and palate surgery. In 2014, he and his wife, Dr.

Guillen’s experience and expertise to give you life-changing results.

Michelle Espina, along with their twin daughters, moved to El Paso

Additionally, Prestige offers aesthetic services including Botox and

and opened their own private practices.

dermal fillers which continue to attract patients for all their surgical and aesthetic needs.



El Paso, Texas 79912

Texas Kids Dental Care

(915) 259-8026

Being a parent is hard—teacher conferences,

helping with homework, early morning soccer

Texas Kids Dental Care 7480 Remcon Circle

games, making ends meet and balancing cariño with tough love. The last thing you need is a tantrum brought on by that bi-annual dentist appointment. Dr. Jeffery Erickson wants to make sure that doesn’t happen. That’s why he developed Texas Kids Dental Care to be fun and distractive, featuring attractions like carousels and mini trains. It’s worked like a charm: “I’ve literally seen kids beg their parents to stay,” said the doctor. They have five locations to better serve you: Joe Battle, Americas, Fabens, Horizon and their new West office! They’re also open late and on Saturdays!

By: HENRY CRAVER photographed by: LUIS MARIANO


Stay Connected with






The City Magazine El Paso SPECIAL ADVERTISING | 77

o c u Ch Introducing l u o S t c e j Pro | By: ZAK HANSEN photos courtesy of: CHUCO SOUL PROJECT |



or the past seven years, El Paso’s Chuco Soul Project has wowed

crowds, at home and beyond, with its

eclectic fusion of genres, influences and

unconventional instrumentation, creating a style of music all its own—and distinctly “Chuco.” It all began as a solo project for frontwoman Selina Nevarez, “which morphed into a soul project and soon, with the collaboration of other added members, became the Chuco Soul Project,” she said. While the roster has changed over the years, the band’s current lineup features David Angerstein on electric violin and vocals, Cynthia Gutierrez on flute and J.J. Hernandez on drums. “Most of us are trained musicians with backgrounds in classical ensemble music. I have a BFA in musical theatre with a concentration in voice,” Selina said. “Cindy (Gutierrez) has her BFA in Music Education, Dr. Dave (Angerstein) is also a science whiz and we’ve all been playing in different ways for decades.” The group’s revolving door of talented guitarists




founding member Martin Bencomo; Adrian Esparza, a years-long writing partner of Selina’s who first encouraged her to bring the project together; and, on the group’s first two records, Christian Charles and Fred Porras on guitar and bass—is augmented by a network of brass players, vocalists and

That’s not on accident. “Much like El Paso, we take pieces of everything that represents us and blend it together to create a mix of styles and culture that represent who and what we are,” Selina said.

others, always eager for collaboration.

As for influences, Selina said the group pulls

It’s tough to categorize Chuco Soul Project’s

perhaps unsurprising, given the group’s

sound—“Our business cards say jazzy funk reggae soul, so we’ll go with that,” Selina said when pressed—but it’s unmistakably their own. “There’s some Latin influence and R&B and ska, even a little country twang every now and then. We all have so many different genres of music that we love that it all comes through in our own compositions.”

inspiration from “everyone and everything”— eclectic, hard-to-pin-down sound. It is no doubt her songs run the gamut—“I write about life, love and everything in between,” said Selina. “Most of my lyrics have messages about overcoming difficulties, believing in yourself and being thankful for all that we are. We love having an opportunity to spread positive messages to those who hear our music and can relate to our vibe.” 79

Introducing: Chuco Soul Project

November, 2019

“We do this because we love to play.”


November, 2019 Though the group performs regularly in El Paso, life, as it tends to do, has kept them busy and off the road—for now. “We have had the opportunity to play some pretty cool shows in Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi when we were touring,” Selina said. “Family life, adulting and crazy schedules as educators have kept us from traveling as much over the past few years but we have still been able to play some really fun local gigs at Cool Canyon Nights, Music Under the Stars and Alfresco Fridays.” Their seven years and counting in El Paso’s ever-growing music scene has also given the members of Chuco Soul Project an opportunity to connect and play with other talented locals. “Over the years I’ve had an opportunity to make music with some really talented artists

The Original Handcrafted Custom Cinnamon Roll

in town, such as Adrian Esparza, Mano Sol and System A,” Selina said. “Recently I’ve been lucky enough to perform with Pancho Mendoza of Fixed Idea and Mariachi Paso del Norte after working together this past summer in Viva El Paso. I’m always down to collaborate on a project.”

Bad weather doesn’t just affect your home, it affects your business, too.

At the end of the day, beyond the pressures and demands of daily life, Selina said what keeps Chuco Soul Project going is simple—“Music.” “We do this because we love to play,” she said. “We jam, we write, we perform, we have fun. We’ve been blessed to represent our community and spread love through our music and will continue to do so for as long as we are able. This is who we are, and this is what we do.” To catch some of that love for yourself, watch Spotify and Apple Music (the band’s catalog will soon be streaming) and plan for the November release of their second album— and the party to support it.

Call today for coverage you can tailor to your needs. G.A. Delgado | 915-303-7122 | 4901 N MESA ST STE 3A8179912

Art s Music,

November, 2019




Inspires Studio


November, 2019


tar City Studios is already a household name among El

Paso musicians and artists, having

made an impact as soon as it opened. Owner Pat Winston described the inception of the studio, explaining, “We’ve been open for about three-and-a-half years—we bought this building about five years ago and it took two years to renovate it.” The studio, which simultaneously functions as a recording studio, art gallery, event space and concert hall, has seen some of El Paso’s most wellrespected musicians and producers as both patrons and employees. Pat and her husband, both artists themselves, sought out the space for personal use initially. “My husband is a musician and has been playing in El Paso for years and years as his side gig— he’s a medical physicist during the day and a musician at night,” Pat said, discussing how they had initially been on the lookout for a practice space for her husband’s band. When

musicians from around the country. Genre

doing with this huge room over here? We

they found the building, it was a collection

boundaries don’t particularly matter to them

could have concerts here. We could have

of small office spaces and was much larger

when putting on these shows—“we’ve had

parties and we can rent the space too,’ and

than they had intended. However, “we took

a lot of hip-hop, folk singers, country singers,

it just built and built and built until we had

the leap and said let’s just open a recording

rock, blues, jazz—a little bit of everything,”

this space.”

studio. I’ll put my art up and have a gallery,

Pat explained. “If we think we can bring in

and then we can have a big space for

a crowd, we’ll put on the show.” The room

Pat curates the gallery aspect of the studio

performing,” she said.

itself evolved as the building was being

with her work adorning the walls. As a

renovated. “We had to tear down all the

visual artist, she finds a lot in common with

The performance space certainly is big, and

walls, and it kind of evolved as we bought

musicians. “When I paint, I play music. I’m

they host both local musicians and touring

the building, thinking ‘what are we gonna be

not professionally trained, but I know music


November, 2019

Whatever Your Occasion

Plan it With Us! Gatherings That Inspire Unforgettable Social Events

and its history, so I’m always listening.

the subject must be immense, she explains,

People ask what specifically I listen to while

“I also work in the abstract format, which is

I paint, but it really just depends on what I’m

my favorite. Just playing with shapes and

painting,” she explained. Though she has

colors.” The abstract paintings seen around

traveled extensively, Pat has often ended up

the gallery make total sense within the studio,

showing her appreciation specifically for El

and truly must be a source of inspiration for

Paso through her work. “I have done a total

the musicians working out of it.

Call 915.342.1407

of 90 El Paso landmark paintings over the


past 10 years.” Though the effort necessary

Star City is unique for this reason: “It is a

to produce such a prolific amount of work on

music studio with two facilities, a large one


November, 2019

Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948 • Private Party Room • Beer & Wine • Outside Dining • Live Music Thur. to Sat. • We cater large or small events

and a small one, a performance area and a gallery. That’s the kicker right there. Most

Italian.Kitchen. West www.theitaliankitchenelpaso.comm

recording studios are just that—a studio. So we wanted to combine it all,” Pat said. Using the space to combine both her and her husband’s passions has proved to be very successful. With a talented staff of veteran El Paso musicians and producers, along with interns studying their craft, the studio has produced and recorded a significant number of artists within the region. When asked about how one might book time at the studio, Pat explained, “people can call our phone number, or can go to our website to hook up with our engineers to book studio time. We often have monthly discounts that I can’t always keep up with, but just call with details!” Ultimately, the studio functions as a hub for those who are living an inherently creative life and are looking for the right mentors and producers to shape inspiration. Pat enjoys being a part of this process herself. She said, “I think because my husband has been in the music field forever and I’m youthful at heart and like to keep up with what’s going on, I like to encourage them like one encourages children. They are all so talented. I see artists just light up.” 85

ast rolo gy

November, 2019



he word “Mandala” in Sanskrit means

You do not have to be an artist to make your

magic circle. A mandala is a visual

own mandala. There is no right or wrong way

representation that is used as a focal

to making one. You can begin by drawing a

point for the practice of meditation. The

simple circle on a piece of paper and have

circular designs symbolize that life is never

assorted colored markers for coloring. Gather

ending. Hindus were the first people to

your materials and go to a quiet or private

use mandalas as a spiritual tool, but most

space. If you like, you can burn incense or

people are familiar with mandalas made by

light a candle and play soothing music. Sit

Buddhists. According to psychologist Carl

quietly for a few minuets before beginning

Jung, Mandalas are symbols for connecting

your mandala and be open to what you are

with ourselves, and we concentrate on them

intuitively inclined to create.

to reach a higher plane of consciousness. The colors, shapes or images can provide In today’s world it is important to take time

insight to what is going on inside ourselves—

to disconnect from the stress of our daily

much like the symbols of a dream. This

lives. Many of us do not have the time to sit

is helpful in focusing your attention on

down and meditate, if we even know how


to meditate. It is vital to our well-being that

subconscious. For instance, if you colored

we take time regularly to decompress from

using a lot of blues in your mandala, this

external stressors. If you don’t have time

would represent your emotions and feelings.






to meditate or know how to, then perhaps making a mandala is for you.

Here are a few other ideas to consider when doing a mandala: You can find a nice round

Not only can your spirit benefit from the

rock and paint a background color and then

practice of creating and coloring a mandala;

begin to add dots, or patterns on the rock,

but it also has benefits for people that have

using various paintbrushes. There are many

cognitive or coordination issues. Modern

ideas on websites such as Pinterest, as well

medicine believes that mandalas have become

as free printable mandalas online. Many

a healing tool and induce calmness. Mandalas

arts and crafts stores carry mandala adult

help to boost the immune system, enhance

coloring books. If you like to do embroidery

concentration, reduce pain and promote

you can find mandalas to sew—this trend is

good sleep. It has been said that, people

called Zenbroidery. Finally, use your phone

with diseases such as epilepsy, or high blood

and download a mandala app and use it

pressure have benefitted from this practice.

whenever you are stressed. Get in touch with your inner child and play.


November, 2019

Upcoming Games Nov. 15-17 vs Dallas Snipers Nov. 27, 29 & 30 vs Wichita Jr. Thunder Dec. 13-15 vs Steamboat Wranglers

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday games at 7 pm | Sunday games at874:30 pm Call 915-479-PUCK (7825) or visit for more information.

November, 2019

Life Lessons With

n u n Co Poco r o b a de S | By: TAYLOR HINES photos courtesy of: AARÓN SÁNCHEZ |



November, 2019 feel very grateful that I come

lot of people—especially young Latinos and

from a place like El Paso that is

Latinas—look up to. I felt it was my duty to

so warm, loving and bicultural.

share my story with them so they could have

It feels like one big family in that city and I

some inspiration and also know all the hard

think it’s because so much of the population

work and pit falls I went through to get here.”

is Mexican-American. We are all connected by our culture … It’s funny because I thought

Culinary arts, as with writing, tells a history.

that was a normal occurrence for most small

Sánchez tells his story and the story of his

cities, but as I have traveled and shared my

ancestors on the plate every time he touches

story, I realize how truly unique this place is,”

a pan and manipulates ingredients. He has

Chef Aarón Sánchez.

also been able to manipulate the letters of the alphabet and put them into sentences

The Pass of the North; a land whose history

to tell his story. He feeds people in many

is as bright and vivid as our sunsets that paint

ways, literally and figuratively. There exist

the mountains purple and transform our sky

similarities in the two mediums (food and

into a smorgasbord of pastel blues, pinks,

writing) and their ability to craft a narrative

and oranges. Our people are strong, kind,

is evident. “Food is one of those beautiful

and have this “it” factor that you can’t put

things that can connect people in every

into words except “it’s an El Paso thing.”

culture, and I think writing the stories and

One of those people is Aarón Sánchez; Chef,

sharing my culture through food is so

restaurateur, TV celebrity and adding to the

intrinsically connected. I think food writing

growing list of epithets, author.

can omit such a palpable memory or sensory reaction, when it’s well written you can see

Sánchez released his memoir, “Where I

the colors, taste the flavors and smell the

Come From: Lessons from a Latino Chef” in

aromas,” comments Sánchez.

late September. He captures the essence of what it means to be from the 915. “This really

“El Paso is home. It will always be home

felt like the right time for me emotionally. I

even when El Pasoans move far away,”

had to do a lot of soul searching and it took

reflects the chef. “How do you describe

me being incredibly vulnerable and honest

the borderland to people who have never

with myself. I wanted this to be a bit of a

been? What makes it so magnetizing in your

road map as well as a cautionary tale for

opinion?” I ask Sánchez who leaves me with

people looking to get into the food industry

this, “It’s something that gets rooted in you

or really anybody in any field looking for some

and never goes away, I think it’s spiritual but

direction to be successful,” commented

it’s also just so cultural. The fact that I grew

Sánchez on why “now” was the right time

up going between Juárez and El Paso all the

to share his story. In his memoir, Sánchez

time to see family and friends, go to markets,

recounts on his “short lived” time in culinary

etc. is so specific to El Paso in a way that I

school, his summers in El Paso, life as a

couldn’t even tell half the time if we were in

teenager in the booming age of NYC hip hop,

El Paso or Juárez. It was just so fluid and is,

and other stages of the metamorphosis that

in my opinion, one of the strongest bicultural

is the chef today

cities in the country, if not the world. The people are also some of the warmest,

“… a lot of friends and colleagues had

most generous and kind people I’ve ever

always said ‘you should write a book’ after

encountered. Everyone feels like an old

we’d be sitting around telling jokes and

friend or family member there, and that’s just

stories, but I think it really came together

so special.”

because I realized I am now someone that a


November, 2019


TCM Pet of the Month highlights our readers’ best friends!



Owner: Rene Bosquez Hi there! My name is Santino and I am a Cane Corso. My dad and I look kind of scary but we actually are very sweet

and lazy. I enjoy all kinds of treats but Doritos are my favorite. I love car rides, sleeping all day and wrestling with my dad. If you ever run into me, please pet me! Sorry in advance for the drool. Follow me @santinocorsoleone


RUNNING Sports medicine, reconstruction & joint replacement

Call (915) 581-0712 East: 1400 GEORGE DIETER STE. 100 Central: 1810 Murchison Ste. 140

Is your pet TCM’s next Pet of the Month? Send a photo and short story with why you think your pet belongs in this page to

our NEW LOCATION is Now open:

820 Redd Road 90

November, 2019

IT: Simplified We support your copier.

Now trust us with your IT.











Supporting Business Owners Since 1903 PRINTERS & COPIERS • IT • DIGITAL & PRINT MARKETING


November, 2019


| By: AUSTIN NORTH photography by: KAZEY |

orman Matthew, currently performing as As Strange As Angels, has been a key figure in the development of El Paso’s music scene and cred. After

taking some time away from his

previous band, Murder FM, to “be super dad to my son,” he said, he has returned triumphantly with new music that is reaching

more fans than ever before. With two new billboard Top 40-charting singles, the Dallasbased El Paso native is bringing pride to his hometown and is continuing to further the name of El Paso within the music industry— something that is long overdue. “Recently with As Strange as Angels, things just took off. My previous band [Murder

Photo by: Edge Rock Radio/Wes Anderson

FM] had a record deal,” he explained. His taking time away from his previous musical-

some of the world’s biggest stars like Bruno

endeavours to learn how to be a father,

Mars, Ed Sheehan, Chris Stapleton, Weezer,

“was the most important and still is the

Slipknot, Papa Roach, Tool and more as one

most important thing to me. So when I came

word: “crazy.” “It’s a place I never thought

back to doing my own music, I wasn’t sure

I’d be. A chance I never thought I’d have,”

anyone would care.” Luckily, people did

he explained.

seem to care—and in larger quantities than he could’ve imagined.

If you haven’t already heard As Strange As Angels, now is the time to listen. While

As Strange As Angels has scored two

functioning like a proper rock band, Norman’s

Billboard Top 40 charting singles in 2019

intentions were to approach the concept

alone, “Mirror Mirror” and “Miracle”, in

completely differently than he had in the

March and August respectively. Of the

past. Though he names bands like The Cure

songs, Norman said, “[they] were about the

and 30 Seconds To Mars as influences,

turning points in my life. Oddly enough, these

the band’s style is ultimately their own.

songs and their success have brought so

His process began with, “[listening] to my

much change into my life. It’s beautiful. I am

team ... I dropped my ego. I used different

forever grateful, appreciative and thankful.”

guitars. I wrote on acoustic guitar first and

Norman describes seeing his music next to

really focused on melody, phrasing and the



Where are they now?

November, 2019

top line. I listened to pop-style writers to really push my boundaries,” he said. Bringing something “fresh” to the table was a key point, and sending a positive message about the power of self-motivation and change, were priorities. He proves his point through his own significant lifestyle changes, saying “I lost 30lbs. I changed my style and physical being. As Strange as Angels is more than music to me. It’s about taking your power back. Letting go of your past. Facing adversity and coming out on top.” To put it succinctly, he said, “Every storm runs out of rain.” In addition to As Strange As Angels, Norman started a music school called The Sound Foundation (TSF) after leaving El Paso in 2012. “There are over 80 careers paths in music, and many times, people don’t have the chance to try their hand at it until it’s too late. Others start their careers and put their dreams aside. We want to bridge that gap,” he said of the school. It is a uniquely structured school with many facets, from artist development, recording, songwriting and production services and classes, music therapy and more. The school’s success and ambitions can be seen in its highly skilled teachers and partners–Norman said, “platinum selling artists from Drowning Pool, Type O Negative, Danzig teach at the school, as well as producers who have worked with artists on Captiol, Virgin, Century Media.” With accolades like that, the school is worth looking into for anyone in the area with an interest in music and the arts.

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November, 2019

Norman says to be on the lookout for new music coming soon from As Strange As Angels, and emphasizes his appreciation for those in El Paso who have always believed in him. “El Paso promoter Bobbie Welch, Joe Dorgan from Club 101 and Glenn Garza were some of the first. And I never forget to remind them and thank them. Bobbie actually made it possible for my previous project, Murder FM to share the stage with KORN at the county coliseum 9 years ago,” he said. “Now I was there myself. With eyes looking back at me. Producer Beau Hill, who co-founded Interscope and produced artists such as Alice Cooper, Ratt, Warrant and Eric Clapton, is now “Uncle Beau”, a dear family friend. After working with Tommy Lee from Motley Crue on a single for Murder FM, it’s wild to call him a dear friend now … I am so thankful. I live in the moment and take none of it for granted.” Finally, Norman said of El Paso, “I miss you. I love you. You are always in my heart. I never forget my roots. I always come back to visit. To reconnect. To remind myself when I feel lost. And sometimes I do. I need to save the people. Breathe the air. And of course, hit Kiki’s, L&J and House of Pizza. The 915 is always with me.”


November, 2019


Devour by Pharmakon Margaret Chardiet, who goes by Pharmakon in the world of showbiz, has nailed it with her latest album, “Devour.” The experimental electronic sound is bizarre, but oh-so captivating, and the lyrics are straight up profound. If you’re in the mood for something new, give this one a spin.

Jaime by Brittany Howard Wow, just wow. This album, in my opinion, will go down as one of this decade’s best. Howard, the lead singer of the Alabama Shakes, takes soul vocals to a new dimension, and it’s simply sublime.

October Song by Lightning Bug The New York band’s second album is absolutely charming. Audrey Kang’s breezy vocals are perfectly complemented by the other musicians’ tactful mastery of their instruments. This is exactly what I want to listen to on a sultry fall day in El Paso. Does that make sense?

Saw You Up There by Yeesh After breaking up in 2016, Yeesh, a fun punk band, is finally back together again. Their comeback album is very solid. They’re still the lovable, boisterous, gnarled rebels of years past. Here’s to hoping they stay together for good this time.


November, 2019

o s a P l E O



Photos by: Laara Swanson and Luis Mariano

n Saturday September 7, attendees

to dream of all the possibilities, Noelia knew

at Wish Night, presented by Casa Ford

exactly what her one true wish would be—a

Lincoln Nissan, were treated to a glimpse into

fairytale adventure to the happiest place on

the life-changing impact of a wish. Wish Night,

earth to meet her favorite princesses. For

Make-A-Wish’s annual fundraising evening,

Noelia, this trip meant getting to play like a

honored individuals and organizations that

normal ten-year-old girl; no doctor’s visits, no

help Make-A-Wish share the power of a

hospital stays, no treatments. Noelia was not

wish®. Imagined as “An Evening Under The

a patient, but rather a princess.

Stars,” this year’s event featured dinner, a live auction and live music. The evening was also

With her wish granted this past summer,

filled with powerful moments and inspiring

Noelia and her family attended Wish Night

stories, such as the story of wish kid Noelia.

and shared a moving testimonial of their powerful experience. Taking in a deep breath,

Hope recently found its way back to Noelia

Noelia’s mother recounted all that Noelia and

in a form of a wish. When Make-A-Wish

her family had endured; the pain and trials

volunteer wish-granters encouraged Noelia

alongside the blessings and glimmers of


M a k e - A - W i s h E l PA S O

November, 2019

hope. Noelia’s childhood was put on pause

to our generous sponsors for making this

the day of her diagnosis. Noelia’s wish helped

unforgettable evening possible. Thanks to

bring it back.

the El Paso community and our dedicated supporters. With every gift, Make-A-Wish

It takes our entire community to make wishes

gets closer to reaching its vision of granting

like Noelia’s come true. And sure enough, the

every eligible child’s wish.

El Paso community came together to make it happen! Thanks to the generosity of those in

There’s still time to be part of this success

attendance at Wish Night, Make-A-Wish was

and your help is needed! Make a gift in

able to raise more than $189,000 to make

honor of Wish Night and you will do more

more wishes come true.

than help wishes come true—you will help wish children replace fear with confidence,

Wish Night was truly an evening of celebration

sadness with joy and anxiety with hope. Give

and joy, with community members coming

a gift at or call us at

together to remember what Make-A-Wish is


all about—life-changing wishes. Thank you

Thank you to ourSponsors


November, 2019





November, 2019

Written and photographed by: HENRY CRAVER


AZILLE lliza Esparza is one of El Paso’s top fitness

Now back home in El Chuco Town, the Americas Highschool

influencers. Her official Instagram account, @azille,

grad is making the most of her social media stardom. Last year,

boasts 27,600 followers at the time I’m writing this,

she launched PeachBerry, a workout gear and apparel brand that

and almost every post attracts over a thousand

features various resistance bands, ankle straps and some cute

likes. The key to her success is pretty obvious … she’s got a killer

crop-top hoodies. “I honestly wouldn’t have been able to do it

physique, and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. What’s more, she blesses

without social media, 95% of my sales come through Instagram,”

her fans with insights on how to tone themselves up, constantly

she explained. In addition to making PeachBerry possible, Elliza’s

uploading video-stories of her workouts.

Instagram presence has won her an impressive list of sponsors. El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, the Northeast Dental Center and numerous photographers all trade their services for shoutouts and features on Elliza’s feed.

However, Elliza wasn’t always the wonder woman she is today. In

Moving forward, the young workout guru expects to continue

fact, just five years ago, she was diagnosed with anemia: “I had

growing her following and brand. “I honestly feel like there’s no

actually just moved to Houston when I found out. So, I was given

limit to what you can do with social media. I want to keep pushing

a nutrition plan and at the same time started getting more serious

it and keep networking,” she said. Elliza is also set on taking her

about working out. That’s really what started it all … I guess it was

fitness to the next level in 2020, with plans to compete in her first

a blessing in disguise,” she recalled.

ever bikini competition.


November, 2019



Makeup Products for Easy Travel | By: ELYSE SIMONS |


akeup for travel is the trickiest thing to get right when you’re

packing. You will need products that are multi-

functional, easy to blend and long lasting while you are off having an amazing time.

I love nothing more than using all my

products and brushes—believe me, I have

many when I’m at home. If you’re like me, even when you try to stay neat and efficient

when packing makeup products, you still somehow end up with way more than you ever actually need.

For traveling, simple is better! When it comes to makeup, follow my suggestions to pare down your makeup stash to five essential products and keep things easy for packing.

Let’s start with a great makeup bag to

store everything in. My favorite bag is from Designer, Angelique

Velez, “is the brainchild of accomplished

makeup artist and professional educator,

whose knack for applying makeup turned into a passion and creative outlet. Her campaign is intended to spread the message that makeup is far more than just mere face paint.”


12 34 beaut y

November, 2019

1 Foundation and Concealer

Choose one product that will cover all bases when

it comes to your skin. My favorite product is Infinite Makeup






Esthetician and Photographer, Roque Cozzette. “Infinite Makeup is an exquisite foundation and concealer in one. It combines waterproof, high-

definition technology with botanical, skin-enhancing

ingredients. The richly pigmented formula delivers sheer to maximum coverage.”

2 Eye and Face Palette

The Earth Pigment Palette by Senna Cosmetics can be

applied to the “eyes, face, cheeks and lips to contour,

line, smoke and smudge so you’ll never have to wear the same look twice. Apply with a soft fluffy brush for

light payoff and a firm brush to pat on intense color, use wet to intensify pigment by spraying brush or applicator with water.”

3 Cheeks and Lips

Look for a multi-tasking product like RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek. “This unique formula hydrates and protects with abundant mineral color, creating a beautiful, natural finish on both lips and cheeks.”

4 Mascara

Everyone needs a great mascara. My favorite is YSL

Volume Effet Faux Cils, “a luxurious mascara that delivers buildable volume and length for a false-lash

effect. The non-drying formula is enriched with B5 pro-vitamin, which conditions lashes leaving them

looking instantly thicker while strengthening over time.”

5 Finishing Spray

Let’s finish our makeup with a product that will ensure a long lasting hold. Time Setter Oil-Free Setting Spray

is a “specialized, fine mist that prevents makeup from settling into fine lines to give you a more

youthful, professional look. It extends makeup wear,

prevents transfer, and creates a soft matte finish.”


November, 2019

The El Paso Zoo’s new Chihuahuan

Desert Experience | By: RICK LOBELLO, Education Curator |


November, 2019

e l pa s o zo o


ecognized globally as a hotspot for wildlife conservation, the Chihuahuan Desert surrounding El Paso, is one of the most biologically diverse eco-

regions in North America. The El Paso Zoo plans to open a major Chihuahuan Desert exhibit fall 2019 that will play an important role in helping the Zoo accomplish its mission of celebrating the value of animals and natural resources and in creating opportunities for people to rediscover their connection to nature. My 45-year journey in the Chihuahuan Desert began in 1975 when I was hired as a park ranger naturalist in Big Bend National Park. My greatest joy ever since has been helping people connect with and appreciate this part of our world. Today, as the Education Curator of the El Paso Zoo, I am working with staff and



others who love this eco-region in expanding

features. A new Lobo Vista classroom with

zoo education opportunities focused on the

viewing windows looking into endangered

desert and in organizing a Chihuahuan Desert

Mexican wolf and Thick-billed Parrot exhibits

Conference at the zoo on November 6-7.




OUR SERVICES • • • • • •


education programs

specialists for


present groups.

As the world’s population reaches the

There will also be new exhibits for prairie

eight billion mark, the future of humanity

dogs, desert birds, bolson tortoises and

and the environment hang in the balance.


The Chihuahuan Desert, like almost every

abandoned old ranch house exhibit will be

eco-region on the planet, is constantly

home to smaller animals of the desert that

threatened. The conference hopes to help

have moved inside. Just outside the house

people interested in the conservation of this

there will be a family of coatis.




desert connect face to face, and hopefully build and renew important collaborative


relationships. El Paso’s number one outdoor

grassland zone will be home to big cats






conservation education center, the El Paso

like the jaguar and mountain lion. Natural

Zoo, is the perfect setting.

landscapes featuring common plants of Chihuahuan Desert habitats will help to tell


The new Chihuahuan Desert exhibit will

the story of how wildlife and people have

highlight the flora and fauna of the region.

adapted to this arid region. Habitat zones will

The exhibit will include an arroyo, helping

include creosote, grasslands, pinyon-juniper

people better understand one of the desert’s

woodlands and Madrean woodland.

important naturally occurring environmental

e l pa s o zo o

November, 2019 According to the World Wildlife Fund, this





threatened by population growth, poor water management, agricultural expansion, invasive species, illegal wildlife trade and a lack of understanding about the desert’s ecological importance. The region’s watersheds are suffering from overuse, construction of dams, groundwater extraction, pollution and the drying impacts of climate change. The greatest challenge we have today in protecting the Chihuahuan Desert is to find ways to encourage people who live in the region to value the desert as an important part of their quality of life and as a natural resource important to their own survival. The new Chihuahuan Desert exhibit at the El Paso Zoo will help people of all ages connect with this natural resource through great opportunities to observe desert wildlife and plant species up close with appealing interpretive graphics.


C’est la Vie in La Rochelle | By: MARIE MOORE |


t r av e l

November, 2019


t the very heart of La Rochelle’s 12th

coffers through its oversized and modern

Century Vieux Port is its harbor on

Les Minimes marina. As I walked along the

the Bay of Biscay. Because of it, the city is

haute cuisine cafés lining the boardwalk, I

a typical example of a maritime fishing hub

saw dozens of fully berthed docks. It was

in southwestern France. Atlantic waters

obvious that the harbor was still the main

also boosted this city’s development as a

attraction here.

port of trade. La Rochelle was chosen to be the region’s capital precisely because of its

Dining is an art form in La Rochelle.

economic might.

In fact, the toughest decision I faced there was to choose from dozens of

Still at the center of local commerce, the

tempting menus. You’ll know you’re

harbor now contributes to La Rochelle’s

in the right place when you see


November, 2019

the two harbor towers of Tour Saint-Nicholas

STAY Connected with

and Tour de-la-Chaine. International fare is surprisingly available, but rivalling Spanish tapas, Italian pastas and Indian curries don’t stand a chance against Boeuf Ragout, Crepes Suzette and the Poisson du Jour. Breakfasts are another real challenge, but croissants are just the beginning of the problem. Eggs (les oeufs) are whipped into omelettes and served stuffed with every imaginable saucy vegetable. Crepes are filled with mouth-watering fruit compotes until they ooze sugary flavor all over your plate. French butter is addictive and choosing between which freshly baked bread, baguette or bun to spread it on, is painful. Less than 300 kilometers from Bordeaux, the wine list is formidable. Please say that with a French accent—it’s spelled the same way. Café au Lait is irresistible and freshly squeezed


The City Magazine El Paso Texas 110

522 Anthony Street, El Paso, Texas 79901 :: 915.500.5730

juices are fructose fantasies. All in all, it’s a waistline nightmare I can’t wait to relive.

t r av e l

November, 2019 Walking the narrow streets in the Vieux Port is a great way to combat French vacation weight gain and there’s plenty to see. La Rochelle’s old town is a living museum of half-timbered medieval houses, Renaissance architecture and passageways crowned with 17th-century arches. Remains of Vauclair Castle built by Henry II are still visible in the Place de Verdun. The Cour de la Commanderie is the site of an ancient Templar Headquarters where one can still see an original Templar cross carved in stone. The Knights Templar had a strong history in La Rochelle, believed to be their largest base on the Atlantic. And of course, there are beaches too. C’est La Vie in La Rochelle.


COMPASSIONATE PATIENT-CENTERED CARE Comprehensive care for adults and adolescents who are suffering from psychiatric disorders and addiction. Services: Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient, and Partial Hospitalization Healing the mind, body, and spirit.




C o olk ’s



BLOCK co oks ne e d in s pirat ion to o


November, 2019





olidays are notorious for sweets and baked goods. I, unfortunately, don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, but I’m a sucker for textures. Biscotti is an Italian cookie that is twice baked so it dries

out and becomes extremely crunchy. It’s so customizable with additives that deciding on a single recipe proved more challenging than most. It’s the perfect side to a cup of coffee for breakfast or eaten as is as a late-night snack. My partner, Sam, makes this for me the mornings she wakes up early and lets me sleep in. It’s so easy to make and can be the perfect vessel to bring in winter produce and flavors. Using dried tart cherries and slivered almonds really bring a wholesome and bright kick to the traditional crunchy cookie. It’s a basic dough that requires minimal supervision so don’t be intimidated. Set up a ton of different toppings and/or additives and


create custom flavors by separating the base dough mixture into equal parts and mixing in your custom ingredients. Always remember, especially when it’s cold out, this is

2 cups all-purpose flour

best served with a cup of coffee and it’s meant for dipping.

2 teaspoons baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 3 eggs


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.


While oven heats, cream softened butter with sugar using a hand mixer. Once combined, add one egg at a time while mixing until evenly distributed. Finish with almond extract

1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon almond extract

and one last mix. 3.

salt. Whisk together until combined. Slowly add dry mixture

1/2 cup butter, softened 1 cup slivered almonds

to wet while mixing until combined. Add slivered almonds and cherries; fold into mixture until evenly distributed. 4.

1 1/2 cup pistachios, finely chopped, adjust as needed

On a foil lined and greased baking sheet, spread dough into a rectangle—roughly a foot long, the width of a butter knife,

1 cup dried tart cherries 1 1/2 cup chocolate chips, adjust as needed

In a separate mixing bowl, combine flour, baking powder, and

and about an inch in depth. 5.

Bake for 12-15 minutes until golden brown and slightly firm, remove from oven and let cool for 20 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 300 degrees.


While oven temperature reduces, slice the biscotti loaf into 1/2 – 3/4 in slices using a serrated knife to score the top then

1/4 cup whole milk, adjust as needed

push through to cut. Don’t saw at the biscotti, it will break. 7.

Lay out slices on unlined baking sheet, bake for 10-12 minutes per side until firm and crisp. Let cool on cooling rack for 20 minutes.


While biscotti cools, using the double boiler method, melt chocolate and milk together until warmed through and runny. While chocolate warms, finely chop pistachios and set aside.


When chocolate is melted and warmed, pour into a thin tall glass.

10. Taking one biscotti at a time, dip into warmed chocolate until generously coated then gently press against chopped pistachio to finish. 11. Eat as is, or serve with coffee. 113

November, 2019

MAKE YOUR CITY BUZZ WITH THE CITY TICKETS your local answer for event ticket sales

charities • Fundraisers • Galas • Festivals • Shows Expos • Concerts • Trade Shows • School events

for more information call 500-5730

Upcoming Games Nov. 15-17 vs Dallas Snipers Nov. 27, 29 & 30 vs Wichita Jr. Thunder Dec. 13-15 vs Steamboat Wranglers Wednesday, Friday and Saturday games at 7 pm | Sunday games at 4:30 pm Call 915-479-PUCK (7825) or visit for more information.



915.629.7707 114 | MILANSALONANDSPA.COM

915.351.0032 | MIXSALONSPA.COM

7933 N. Mesa, Suite N, El Paso, TX 79932 Crossroads Village (Across from Sam’s Club) Store Hours 10-6 Monday-Saturday (915) 584-1183


Now you can enjoy all the amenities of a private villa in

Casa Buenavista November, 2019

reasonable hotel-type rates with luxury that far exceeds.

your delicous meals, you simply provide the menu.

• SSatellite atellite TV, TV, wireless InternetInternet, , WirelessPC, , PCphone, , Phonoutdoor e ,Outdospeakers or speakers • Solar heated pool, children’s pool • Every bedroom has a spectacular view • Secluded Las Animas and Yelapa nearby by boat taxi • Fully-equipped kitchen, patio BBQ • Perched above beach at Lomas de Mismaloya • Up to 4 couples or family of 8-10 • Beautifully maintained private villa

Mismaloya Bay at Puerto Vallarta

You’re invited to enjoy an

incredible lifestyle!

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your delicous meals, you simply provide the menu.

• SSatellite atellite TV, TV, wireless InternetInternet, , WirelessPC, , PCphone, , Phonoutdoor e ,Outdospeakers or speakers • Solar heated pool, children’s pool • Every bedroom has a spectacular view • Secluded Las Animas and Yelapa nearby by boat taxi • Fully-equipped kitchen, patio BBQ • Perched above beach at Lomas de Mismaloya • Up to 4 couples or family of 8-10 • Beautifully maintained private villa

Visit our website for a full photo gallery andwebsite explorefor thea villa on video! Visit our full photo gallery at www. www. Contact Us Today (915) 526-0390 585-1719 •


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at a Walgreens near you



We celebrated El Paso Fashion Week with Bazaar models as we unveiled our October issue at Mesa Street Grill. It was a memorable evening combing live music, a runway fashion show and local designers. | Photos by: DANIEL FREDERICK





On October 5, the El Paso Children’s Hospital hosted their second annual “Partee for a Purpose” at Topgolf, featuring El Paso Wings Sky Divers and the National Anthem sung by, Melody Henry, an El Paso Children’s Hospital patient. | Photos by: AUSTIN NORTH



“Noche En la Hacienda de Femap” was held Sept. 27 in beautiful downtown El Paso. It was the 14th annual Friends of Femap International Gala, honoring Paul and Alejandra De la Vega Foster for their outstanding contributions to the foundation’s mission. | Photos by: DANIEL FREDERICK AND TOMMIE MORELOS



V.I.Pink, a benefit for Sobreviviendo el Cancer, was held on Oct. 10 at EPIC Railyard Event Center, featuring guest speaker Estela Casas. Proceeds benefitted breast

cancer patients that lack resources in our community. | Photos by: TOMMIE MORELOS |



On Oct. 26, the 1st annual Big Dig gave local El Paso Children, including those with cancer, the opportunity to operate heavy machinery, including excavators and more! All proceeds went to support the American Cancer Society. | Photos by: CAPTURING MOMENTS |


November 2019



Boombox November 1 | 6 P.M. Cartel Lowbrow Palace Don’t worry, it’s just a music group.

The City Calendar

Admission: $10

08 Christian Nodal

08 November 8 | 9 P.M. Plaza Theatre

The Book of Moron

Don’t miss one of Mexico’s hottest young crooners light up the stage.

Playboi Carti

November 12 | 5 P.M. Lowbrow Palace

Admission: $30

El Paso Burger Fest November 9 | 12-8 P.M.

Jack’s Beach House I don’t care what my doctor says, burgers are the best thing ever invented.

Admission: $20

Admission: $50+


Attractive, stylish and insanely talented, Playboi Carti is one of rap’s hottest names right now … and he’s coming to El Paso!


November 8-9 Showings at 4 and 8 P.M. Plaza Theatre If you like laughing, Robert Dubac’s critically acclaimed show is for you.

Admission: $55+




New Voices November 14/15/16

Blue Man

in Dance


7:30 P.M. 500 West University Avenue Catch the UTEP Dance Company put on their new show!

Admission: $15 for UTEP students and children, $18 for adults

November 19-20 7:30 P.M. Plaza Theatre There’s a reason you know this troupe’s name. They are really that good.

Admission: $52.50

November 2019


02 Dia De Los

Sunrise Every Saturday until Yoga

November 23 | 9 A.M. Ardovino’s Desert Crossing

Muertos Celebration

Yoga in the desert? Sign me up.

This day only comes once a year, so don’t miss it!

Admission: $10


November 2 | 2 P.M. El Paso Art Museum (outside)

Admission: Free


Christmas Bazaar and November 9

Veterans November 9 | 9 A.M.

Bake Sale


9 A.M. to 3 P.M. New Hope Lutheran Church

Come out and support our retired troops at the 23rd annual Veterans Parade.

Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like fresh baked goods!

Admission: Free


Veterans Memorial Plaza

Admission: Free


Flying Horse 1/2 Marathon November 23 | 8 A.M.

100 Richard White Anthony, NM 79821 Three distance options, and tons of fun for everyone.

Admission: $40-$85 depending on distance

Holiday Market

November 30-December 1 11:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Ardovino’s Desert Crossing It’s the same market you know and love, but better for the holiday season!

Six 75” Digital/Dynamic Display throughout the shopping center with USB charging stations. The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso receives 8,000,000 visitors throughout the year.

Admission: Free


July, 2019



Anson 11 $$-$$$


303 N. Oregon St. Ste. 110 | (915) 504-6400

8889 Gateway West, Suite 1902 | (915) 234-2747

Anson 11 is two exceptional dining experiences dedicated to the

At Cinnaholic you can select from over 20 unique frosting flavors and

military man, the gentleman and the food connoisseur that was

a variety of fresh and decadent toppings. Mix and match flavors to

Anson Mills. For a downtown dining experience like no other, Anson

create a new experience every visit! All of our products are scratch-

11 is the restaurant to go to. PR, H

made and fresh-baked, and are 100% vegan, dairy & lactose-free,


egg-free and cholesterol-free.


The Downtowner $$ 325 N. Kansas St. | (915) 532-5200

Edge of Texas

Eat like a downtowner. Found on the ground floor of the Hotel


8690 Edge of Texas St. | (915) 822-3343

Indigo, The Downtowner offers breakfast, lunch and dinner - the only breakfast spot available in downtown El Paso. The restaurant delivers

Located in the far east, this is definitely worth the drive! Eat the best

great American taste with a twist of our Southwest flair. Savor the

steak you’ve ever had and enjoy the saloon.

amazing dishes offered on the menu and enjoy a cold and carefully crafted cocktail while enjoying the gorgeous views of downtown.


Prices: $ - Low Priced Patio/Outdoor Seating - O

$$ - Medium Range Dog Friendly- DF

$$$ - High Priced $$$$ - Exquisite Dining Party/Private Room - PR Happy Hour - H

To highlight your local restaurant in The City Local Eats email:

WESTSIDE July, 2019

Mi Piaci





5411 N. Mesa, Suite 1 | (915) 875-0034

6232 N. Mesa St. | (915) 584-3621

Join Mi Piaci Ristorante Italiano for lunch or dinner with Chef/Owner

Winning Best Taco for Best of The City 2015 and Best Chips

Cosimo Baltaglia, who hails from Calabria, Italy, for the freshest

and Salsa in 2014, Avila’s has a savory Mexican menu that will

seafood, gourmet hand-cut Angus reserve steaks aged 21 days,

satisfy your cravings. We’re open for weekend breakfast, have

and gently homemade pasta from Italy. O

lunch specials available daily and a convenient pick-up window is accessible for family dinners on the go. PR

Jerusalem Grill $$

Westside’s 3rd Hole

5380 N. Mesa St. | (915) 500-4357

1035 Belvidere Suite 168 | (915) 584-5577

Jerusalem is a low-key eatery where you can find authentic gyros,

There’s no better place to relax and grab a bite to eat than W3H. Nominated

baba ghanoush, shish kababs and more. Their appetizer combo is

as El Paso’s best tacos, stop by today and see why we’re becoming El

complete with hummus, baba ghanoush, grape leaves, spanakopita

Paso’s go-to spot for catching a game and eating some good food. “We

and falafel. Your tastebuds will enjoy this retreat to an amazing

saved you a seat.” Now with NFL Sunday Ticket on all screens. O, H


array of dishes. Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948 • Private Party Room • Beer & Wine • Outside Dining • Live Music Thur. to Sat. • We cater large or small events

The State Line


1222 Sunland Park Dr. I (915) 581-3371 Enjoying delicious authentic BBQ from The State Line. Based on four principles: offer the highest quality smoked BBQ, provide generous portions at affordable prices, offer friendly table and bar services and celebrate the heritage of Texas. Come on by to enjoy!

Italian Kitchen West


450 Thorn Ave. | (915) 842-0775 Enjoy boundless savory Italian classics either at their outdoor Italian.Kitchen. Westpatio

or intimate and comfortable atmosphere Italian Kitchen West m is doling out classic pizzas, mouth-watering pastas with great wine pairs and Italian meat entrees. Stay local, but enjoy the cuisine from 125 an ocean away. O, PR



The Kitchen

July, 2019

Mesa Street Grill $$$


150 Sunset | (915) 585-0801

3800 N Mesa St., Ste D1 | (915) 532-1881

Whether you’re looking for brunch, a quick lunch or a nice sit-down dinner

Mesa Street Grill introduces their newest dessert creation – the Pineapple

with views of El Paso’s sunsets, you will find all that you need at The

Crostata. This refreshing blend of pineapple, cinnamon and nutmeg is

Kitchen at 150 Sunset. Be sure to also check out our special wine dinners,

crowned with a cashew crumble and handmade sugar garnish. Taste this

with a specially curated menu and wine pairing. Come and treat yourself.

dessert once and it’s sure to become a summertime favorite. O, H, PR, H

P, H, DF, PR

Johnny Carino’s

Angry Owl Southwest Grill & Cantina



675 Sunland Park Dr. | (915) 581-7042

4799 N. Mesa St. | (915) 532-2450

1201 Airway Blvd. | (915) 778-7771

1700 N. Zaragoza Rd., Ste. 128 | (915) 300-1004

From traditional Italian dishes like Chicken Parmesan, to the more

This colorful Southwestern eatery offers mesquite-spiced, Mexican-

creative “Spiced Italian” fare like the Spicy Shrimp and Chicken and

inspired chow and potent cocktails. From seafood and ribs to fajitas

Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia, Johnny Carino’s has food and drinks to satisfy

and wings, you’ll find plenty of southwestern flavors to tempt your

your hunger for great food in a family-friendly atmosphere. H

palate. PR, H


Cattleman’s Steakhouse


King Crab $$$

3450 S. Fabens Carlsbad Rd. Fabens, TX 79838 | (915) 544-3200

1700 N. Zaragoza Suite 154 | (915) 849-8697

This is a family-style restaurant located on a 46 square mile working

You can’t get seafood like this anywhere else in El Paso. With Chef Pierre

ranch. Come savor our famous juicy steaks and mesquite-smoked BBQ while enjoying miles of desert scenery and spectacular sunsets! PR, O 126

bringing his Cajun home-style cooking from New Orleans, the seafood boils and dishes will leave your mouth watering for more. Fresh seafood is brought in twice a week. Come in and try for yourself. PR, H

July, 2019


PCA CHEMICAL PEELS ARE USED TO IMPROVE TONE, TEXTURE, FINE LINES AND WRINKLES, BREAKOUTS AND DARK SPOTS. These exfoliation treatments penetrate the stratum corneum, outer layer of the skin, to aid in the nourishment of the deeper levels of the skin, the epidermis and dermis. 915.629.7707 | MILANSALONANDSPA.COM

127 915.351.0032 | MIXSALONSPA.COM

November, 2019

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Alcantar Sky Garden

Perfect Place For The Perfect Moment. Situated atop the historic Plaza Theatre, the Alcantar Sky Garden is the ideal wedding location. This picturesque rooftop garden showcases El Paso’s downtown skyline and can accommodate 132 seated and 150 standing.

Contact Us: · 915-534-0609 ·


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