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Sunbowl Association • More Than a Game | Advancing El Paso • Progress 321 | A Food Bank with a Mission | La Dolce Vita • A Taste of Naples

Kassi Foster

Franklin Mountain Management

August, 2019


7933 N. Mesa, Suite N, El Paso, TX 79932 Crossroads Village (Across from Sam’s Club) Store Hours 10-6 Monday-Saturday (915) 584-1183 1

August, 2019


August, 2019


August, 2019

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August, 2019

alamogordo 955 white sands blvd (575) 434.4116

10850 N LOOP DR (915) 860.1315

el paso

10600 MONTANA AVE (915) 591.4655

2112 trawood (915) 595-2788

8889 gateway west (915) 599.8571

2800 n mesa st (915) 533.6883

1831 N LEE TREVINO DR (915) 594.1129

1432 ANTONIO ST (915) 886.2413

2879 MONTANA AVE (915) 566.4464

10090 RUSHING RD (915) 755.9510


5401 MONTANA AVE (915) 779.8825

800 N ZARAGOZA RD (915) 860.1670

1100 GERONIMO DR (915) 778.9301

2950 GEORGE DIETER DR (915) 856.7040

5900 N MESA ST (915) 584.1153

1329 GEORGE DIETER DR (915) 594.3838

302 s oregon st (915) 532.4344

10780 KENWORTHY ST (915) 821.2698

1210 WEDGEWOOD DR (915) 591.9496

1607 N ZARAGOZA RD (915) 856.0071

8050 N MESA ST (915) 585.0491

11685 MONTWOOD DR (915) 855.7704

890 N RESLER DR (915) 584.1359

12201 MONTWOOD DR (915) 856.0278

8045 N LOOP DR (915) 592.5849

12390 EDGEMERE BLVD (915) 849.6849

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9428 DYER ST (915) 751.4415

100 N AMERICAS AVE (915) 790.0404 ANTHONY

14300 HORIZON BLVD (915) 852.1561 LAS CRUCES 3490 northrise dr (575) 382.9100 3100 n main st (575) 525.0298 1256 EL PASEO RD (575) 525.8713 2300 e lohman ave (575) 647.2506 3990 e lohman ave (575) 522.1457 2700 w picacho ave (575) 523.0833

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Casa B August, 2019


uenavista August, 2019

Mismaloya Bay at Puerto Vallarta

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August, 2019



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August, 2019



August, 2019











Sunbowl Association MORE THAN A GAME






Here and Now








August, 2019

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August, 2019



mongst the many duties of parenthood, some of the most important—

especially for those of us with businesses—are to raise our children to

have our values, work-ethic, independence and pride in the community that has funded the business in which they were raised. If we’re being honest,

most of us have hopes that they will someday take over what we’ve spent years building. This is something that we lovingly wait for: the passing of the torch. We are a city proud of its people, history and the many steps that have brought the city to what it is today. The passing of this torch is vital to the economic success of our locally-owned businesses and instrumental in creating a strong sense of identity that becomes integral to the city’s fabric. It makes sense to honor family traditions and trust our younger generation with the keys to our companies. Maybe not the entire set of keys—for now, the one to their office might suffice. One of the most important aspects for the longevity of a business is the implementation of constant change, evolution and progress, while still maintaining a delicate balance with tradition, a heavy dose of core family business values that are rooted in the history of the company. Family-owned businesses are recognized today as important and distinct aspects of the world economy. Forbes tells us that more than 90% of the companies in North America, and most businesses around the world, are family-owned and managed.

On the cover this month we celebrate Kassi Foster, who’s learning the ropes from her famous father Paul Foster; Paige Fox, quickly working up the ranks in her wellrespected father Steve Fox’s business; and Brett Goldberg, taking the reins from his third-generation-family-owned business led by his parents Howard and Mona. These young adults make the city and their parents proud, as they begin to come forward, reaching for the full set of keys they know they’ll one day deserve. Here’s to keeping the torch lit.


August, 2019

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August, 2019

Charity Register August Opportunities to Give & Support Feline Fridays! | Every Friday in August Humane Society of El Paso Each Friday, the Humane Society lowers adoption costs for cats. Adoption costs are only $50 for kittens younger than 16 weeks, and there is a surcharge of $12.50 for those older than 16 weeks. Adoption fees cover spay/neuter procedures, vaccinations, microchips and leukemia testing. Come find the purr-fect cat for your home!

Home of the Brave Virtual 5k Run/Walk | August 1 A 5K benefitting our vets that can be completed anywhere, even indoors! You just have to register on and choose your location. A portion of the $16

Prrdly SSving El Paso! West Side

840 E. REDD RD. BLDG. 1-B EL PASO, TX 79912 (915) 581 - 1771

East Side

1920 N. ZARAGOZA SUITE 107 EL PASO, TX 79938 (915) 856 - 1771

participation fee will go towards those who’ve sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Cat Day 5k and 10k | August 10 Do you love cats? Well then you might want to consider signing up for this race. Part of the registration fee will go towards helping kitties through the Alley Cat Allies organization. It’s $8 to sign up, no matter if it’s for the 5 or 10K. If you complete the race, you’ll get sent a cool Cat Day 5k medal! For more information, visit

Potato Day Walk/Run | August 19 Did you know that August 19 was international potato day? Well, it is. You can celebrate this year by participating in a virtual walk in El Paso. There are a number of distances, from 1 to 26.2 miles and 15 percent of your registration fee will go to Heifer International, a non profit organization that fights world hunger.

Accepting New Patients and Most Dental Insurance Please Call Us for More Information

Car Show | August 25 Painted Dunes Desert Golf Course 2nd annual Car Show benefiting Big Brothers, Big Sisters of El Paso is about to happen! With loads of vehicles on display, food, music and activities for kids, there’s something for everyone. Interested in showing your vehicle? All makes and models are welcome - $25 entry fee for vehicles and $20 for motorcycles.


August, 2019

traditions B E G I N W H E R E memories A R E M A D E


F U L L C A S I N O | L U X U RY R E S O R T | Z I P L I N E C H A M P I O N S H I P G O L F | F U L L S E R V I C E S PA

| 1-800-545-9011 | Mescalero, NM


August, 2019




5200 N.MESA ST. STE.103




August, 2019

The 14th Annual Friends of Femap Gala

Noche en la Hacienda De Femap To purchase tickets, reserve a table, or sponsor the event, please contact the Femap Foundation. 915 544 4151

S E P 2019 T. 7:00PM



Individual Ticket $200

Table Sponsorship $2,500 Formal Attire 1 Civic Center Plaza El Paso, TX 79901 17

CONT RIBU TORS Andy Martinez

August, 2019

Erin Coulehan

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August, 2019

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Kassi Foster


brett goldberg

Supreme laundry & Cleaners

Paige fox fox auto team

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Of Maids and Men

Altering Traditions

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Sunbowl Association • More Than a Game | Advancing El Paso • Progress 321 | A Food Bank with a Mission | La Dolce Vita • A Taste of Naples


Mesa Street Grill Happy Hour

August, 2019

Enjoy premium cocktails at special happy hour pricing. Monday - Friday 4-7 p.m.


(915) 532-1881 | 3800 N. Mesa St D1, El Paso, TX 79902 |

August, 2019

The Next

n o i t a r e n Ge | By: ERIN COULEHAN photography by: DANIEL FREDERICK |




Franklin Mountain Management, LLC


August, 2019

My goals now are to help my dad and the other like-minded El Pasoans make our city the best that we can. I want to put El Paso on the map as a destination city that people from all over will want to visit and enjoy.


Kassi Foster “People tend to assume that because I work for my dad I don’t actually ‘work,’” she says. “In fact, it is quite the opposite. One of the worst things in life is disappointing your parents, so I do not want to let my dad down, therefore I think I work harder and smarter.” Mr. Foster and Kassi first discussed working together during a fatherdaughter trip to Peru during the Fall of 2017, and by the start of 2018 she was officially on the team. In addition to bringing a great deal of energy and drive, she has been able to leverage her degrees in Sociology from Arizona State University and Merchandise Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Kassi has successfully owned and operated her own businesses in Austin and is now working to further implement the lessons she’s learned from Mr. Foster as both father and professional mentor. “He was such a strong pillar for me to lean on during those years. His


advice was and always will be something I do not take for granted. He has accomplished so much, and I could only be so lucky to achieve a portion of his success.” aul Foster has established himself in the community— and “Forbes”—for his success in the oil industry after

For now, Kassi plans to continue to make strides in the community

cutting his teeth cleaning tanks, welding pipes, and digging ditches

and has plans to extend her ideas to the city’s animal community soon

while working in the oil fields as a teenager. Today, another Foster is

by opening an animal rescue, making her mark on the city’s landscape

making a mark on the community and infusing it with her own style.

and following in her father’s footsteps.

Kassi Foster grew up wanting to be a veterinarian and has used her love for animals to leverage growth in the city. Kassi moved back to El Paso from Austin in 2016 with plans to grow the community for its four and two-legged members across all species. “My goals now are to help my dad and the other like-minded El Pasoans make our city the best that we can,” says Kassi. “I want to put El Paso on the map as a destination city that people from all over will want to visit and enjoy.” Kassi works in Business Services for Franklin Mountain Management and is currently part of the team executing downtown renovations to the historic Plaza Hotel—originally the first Hilton Hotel in the region— and the Kress Building. She participates in key strategy meetings that will help bridge the gap between iconic downtown architecture and the Foster vision of innovation. Once completed, Kassi will have effectively transformed a large percentage of the area’s dormant buildings into invigorated spaces for El Pasoans and visitors to enjoy. Changing the structural and cultural footprint of downtown has not been easy, but Kassi has handled the challenges with aplomb while also combating negative stereotypes associated with working for the family business.


PAIGE FOX Fox Auto Team



August, 2019

It’s about so much more than selling cars. My goal is to continue to grow our team, our stores, and our impact in the community.


Pa i g e F ox

August, 2019

toilets—“it needed to be done!” she said, and was determined to make a name for herself as a businesswoman. Paige worked to dispel negative bias against her and has achieved the respect of Mr. Fox (as both an employer and father), her teammates and nay-sayers who initially doubted her business acumen. Paige grew up learning lessons of hard work, empathy and perseverance from her parents. Those virtues helped her tackle her first project: the daunting challenge of enhancing the Team’s Acura location in Dallas that needed a revamp.


“Paige took it on, and I was so impressed by her leadership and willingness to take her team and make things better,” says Mr. Fox, who also credits Fox Auto Team’s continued success with Paige’s foresight and ability to help the team transition into the digital sphere to engage with customers using digital tools and social media. The father-daughter duo agree that they learn from each other every day through managing different projects, trusting each other’s capability and expertise, and providing mentorship. “It’s about so much more than selling cars. My goal is to continue to grow our team, our stores, and our impact in the community,” said Paige.

or Steve and Paige Fox, family extends beyond the den of

their home. Fox Auto Team has multiple locations in El Paso

and other areas of Texas, and a 250+ person team that feels more like a family, bound together by their commitment

to quality. Mr. Fox started the business to provide quality cars

and automotive services to the community, and to use his platform

as an opportunity to inspire his two daughters, Ashley and Paige, to continue his work on their own terms. “I always wanted them to find their own paths in life, but it was important for them to understand that it’s about more than making money,” says Mr. Fox. When Paige joined the family business, Mr. Fox was delighted—but she was met with the challenges that come with being the boss’s daughter as well as a young woman in a predominantly male-dominated industry. Cars tend to be a boys’ club. “I didn’t really ever see many women around the stores, and when I got older, I thought ‘well why not?’” From there, Paige leveraged the skills she developed while doing small jobs at the stores, like cleaning




Supreme Laundry and Cleaners


August, 2019

My dad likes to say that ‘We don’t have job titles at Supreme Laundry, we are all part of the team at Supreme Laundry and Cleaners.’


August, 2019

Brett Goldberg to carry on his legacy of compassion and quality in the community, a feature Brett particularly enjoys about his job. “There are a lot of different projects that we have completed over the last six years that I am proud of, from rerouting our


commercial customers and implementing new route accounting software,” he says. “But what I am most proud of is being part of the Supreme Team and getting to work with many co-workers who have worked with both my mom and dad and even some


upreme Laundry and Cleaners has been elevating the standards

who worked with my grandfather.” For Howard, it’s been incredibly rewarding to follow in his father’s footsteps, while also mentoring Brett.

of crisp linens and fresh dry cleaning in El Paso since 1948. Abe Goldberg and Nathan Diamond started the locally-owned and

“It has been fantastic to be able to work with Brett in the company

family-operated business during the Truman administration, and

we’ve been involved with for over thirty years,” said Howard. “We

Goldberg passed the torch down to his son Howard. Howard

love watching him grow personally as well as move our vision forward

and his wife, Mona, were able to build upon the family legacy and

for Supreme Laundry. We are most proud of Brett’s passion for his

commitment to customer service. Today, the third-generation Brett

family and for our family business and his enthusiasm for Supreme,

Goldberg is learning the ins and outs of not only the family business,

our employees and our future.”

but the responsibility of raising the fourth generation. Brett was living in Colorado when Howard and Mrs. Goldberg offered him a position in the family business. “I couldn’t refuse,” recalled Brett. “So, I decided to move back home and started working in the family business.” Today, Brett works as Director of Business Development and notes a few of the values his father has woven into the fabric of the company. “My dad likes to say that ‘We don’t have job titles at Supreme Laundry, we are all part of the team at Supreme Laundry and Cleaners,’” which is exemplified by the team’s commitment to service. Many are familiar with Supreme Laundry’s television ads that showcases a day in the life of the business. Howard visits clients to deliver their items, followed by sequences of team members—not actors—washing and folding while Howard explains the company’s commitment to quality. The commitment is exemplified not only in the exponential growth that has occurred since Howard and Mona took the reins, but in the time that has been invested in ensuring the company is operating at a high level of achievement. Supreme Laundry and Cleaners is the only laundry company that is accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) and is also certified as hygienically clean and Clean Green by the TRSA, an association for linen, uniform, and facility services industries, that has set the standard for hygienically clean textiles. The company’s vision for excellence stemmed from the patriarch, Abe, who passed away in 2017. To honor Abe, the family continues


August, 2019


Promoting El Paso for



Sun Bowl Association | By: ZAK HANSEN photos courtesy of: THE SUN BOWL ASSOCIATION |



S u n B o w l A s s o c i at i o n

t the Oct. 18, 1934, meeting of the

For 84 years and running, the

El Paso Kiwanis Club, Dr. Brice W.

nonprofit 501(c)(3) Sun Bowl

Schuller proposed the club host a

Association has done just that—

New Year’s Day football game pitting El Paso

and more—through an ever-

High School’s All-Star team against another

expanding, year-round schedule

of similar caliber.

of events with the help of its dedicated staff, board and more

The club passed the motion and on Jan.

than 600 volunteers.

1, 1935. Schuller, Dr. C.M. Hendricks and other Kiwanis members kicked off this new,

Leading this charge are Executive

prep all-star game, dubbed the “Sun Bowl”

Director Bernie Olivas and new President

time, attending Sun Bowl Board meetings,

at Hendricks’ suggestion. With the best

Stuart Sliva, who began his tenure in May.

observing and listening,” Sliva said. “Then

players from El Paso’s three high schools

in 2008, Mr. Joe Valenzuela, who was

beating the powerful Ranger (Texas) High,

Both Olivas and Sliva cut their teeth as

president that year, asked if I would join the

the thrilling midwinter match raised funds

longtime Sun Bowl volunteers. Olivas started

Sun Bowl board, I agreed. Now 11 years

for local service clubs, children in need and

volunteering in 1983, until joining the board

later, I have the unique opportunity to lead

some much-needed improvements to El

in 2000 and, in 2001, took over as executive

such a well-respected, tenured association

Paso High’s football stadium.

director. Sliva came to the organization through

in El Paso.” Calling himself “very grateful,

his involvement with the Rotary Club of El

very thankful” for the opportunity to serve

The Sun Bowl was born, and soon after, the

Paso; he volunteered for nine years before

as the association’s president, Sliva said,

Sun Bowl Association was founded with

becoming a member of the board in 2008.

“To me, it’s all about El Paso, our city, our

a threefold purpose: to present a football

community and serving others—that is why I

attraction of national importance, to promote

“Once I was assigned to the Rotary Sun

have continued to be involved over so many

El Paso and the Southwest, and to generate

Bowl Luncheon committee, I was part of

years. The Sun Bowl Association has so

tourist income for the area.

their Sun Bowl Advisory Board during that

many different events and touches so many El


August, 2019


August, 2019

Pasoans in so many ways. It’s a lot more than a New Year’s Day football game, a lot more.” “My priority is to preserve the legacy of the Sun Bowl Association and to continue the longstanding El Paso traditions many generations of families can enjoy,” he continued. “If you look back at the history, the past presidents of our association, it is an honor to be able to join that list of distinguished El Paso leaders in our community.” Sliva’s work with the Sun Bowl comes on top of his more than 25-year career in the automotive industry, currently representing the Ford brand with a Fortune 200 company, Group 1 Automotive, and a busy home life with his wife Jennifer Lowenfield Sliva and their four children, Mason, Morgan, Cole and Sophie. Olivas, who’s worked with 19 different presidents in his time with the association— “all of them exceptional”—said the past few months working with Stuart “have been just great. He’s got the biggest heart in the world.

The Original Handcrafted Custom Cinnamon Roll


S u n B o w l A s s o c i at i o n


August, 2019

August, 2019 The beauty of this for me is that every person

does today, reaching tens of millions of sports

who has held that position has the Sun Bowl’s

fans around the country.

interests at heart. When the presidents are elected, that’s what we look for, and he’s got it.”

“One of the association’s goals has been bringing El Paso positive national exposure,

So, what’s ahead for 2019?

which we do on CBS for four hours every year, for more than 40 years, where they talk about

“We have already tackled, no pun intended,

nothing but how great El Paso is,” said Olivas.

some huge agenda items in 2019 that are key to the continued success of the Sun Bowl

The Sun Bowl generates more than positive

Association,” said Sliva.

press for El Paso, though; it’s also a huge economic boon, with major money trickling

“Securing our partnerships with the PAC-12

in all through game week. Estimates from Dr.

and the ACC was a huge, important priority,”

David Schauer, of the Economics Department

said Sliva. “Our executive director, Mr. Bernie

at the University of Texas at El Paso, placing

Olivas, our football committee chair, Mr.

the bowl game’s economic impact to the area

Folmer, our basketball chair/football committee,

from $12 million to $15 million—not including

Mr. Barry Korben and Mr. Scott Mann, past

the value of media exposure from the game.

president and legal affairs, worked 24-7 to complete and secure our agreements to ensure

While the Annual Hyundai Sun Bowl football game

they will both continue to play in the Sun Bowl

is the Sun Bowl Association’s crown jewel, it’s far

for the next five years. That’s a big piece to start

from the only thing they do; the organization is

the year for us.”

behind 16 events each year and counting.

From its humble high school beginnings,


the Sun Bowl has grown to one of El Paso’s

Federal Credit Union Sun Bowl Parade, which

signature events and encompasses a whole lot

draws crowds upwards of 250,000 spectators

more than a ball game.

along its route, easily making it one of the best-





attended events in El Paso. In 1936, the Sun Bowl moved up to the collegiate level with the invitation of New Mexico State

The Western Refining College All-America

and Hardin-Simmons Universities, a tie game.

Golf Classic is one of the premier college golf

It’s been a college game ever since, drawing

tournaments in the U.S., which has drawn the

some of the best teams and most fervent fans

likes of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and recent

from around the U.S.

PGA winner Michael Wolff to El Paso on their route to links stardom. A letter from Woods

Also in 1936, a weeklong slate of events

himself, singing high praises of El Paso and its

was added to the fun, and four other El Paso

people, hangs in the association office.

service clubs—Rotary, Lions, Optimist and Active 20-30—joined the Kiwanis in helping

“I always tell people, ‘come out and get your

curate and carry out the entire “Sun Carnival”

autographs and pictures now, because they’re

calendar of events.

going to be big.’” Olivas said of the world-class college competitors the tournament draws.

The Sun Bowl left its original home of UTEP’s

Kidd Field in 1963, when El Paso County opted

There’s also the WestStar Bank Don Haskins

to construct a brand-new, 30,000-seat stadium

Sun Bowl Basketball Invitational; the Peter

called, fittingly, the Sun Bowl. The Sun Bowl

Piper Pizza Sun Bowl Punt, Pass and Kick,

became a matter of national interest in 1969

in which girls and boys in five separate age

when CBS began broadcasting the game, as it

divisions compete against each other; and 33

August, 2019

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August, 2019 the Academy Sports + Outdoors Sun Bowl International




drew approximately 130 teams from around the Southwest in its 2018 outing. If his 36 years with the Sun Bowl Association didn’t make it clear, Olivas does—the Sun Bowl is a vital part of El Paso’s history, culture and growth. “How lucky are we, to have two Power Five conferences in El Paso—the PAC 12 and ACC—in the middle of the desert,” Olivas said. “Once they’ve been here one time, these people and these schools want to come back here. We all talk, and the other conference people tell me all the time that people want to come back, and that all comes back to our volunteers.”

YOUR WELLNESS MATTERS TO US West Texas Pain Institute is a comprehensive pain management practice that utilizes advanced therapies to diagnose and treat chronic pain. We place emphasis on thorough diagnostic evaluations, rely on highly integrated physician teams in our community, and take multidisciplinary approaches to care. The team at WTPI understands that chronic pain not only affects the patient, but all of those who depend on or care about a person with a chronic pain condition.


Board Certified in Pain Management & Anesthesiology President of El Paso Pain Society


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August, 2019


Progress 321

ix years ago, El Paso was at a

Around the same time, a group of like-

As fate would have it, just as the

crossroads. Our lovely border

minded young professionals were getting to

young visionaries were getting

home, so long a hotbed of

know each other thanks to a young leaders

started, the organization was upended by a

rich bi-national culture, albeit a

program associated with the El Paso Del

shakeup at the El Paso Del Norte Foundation

humble one, had the chance to reestablish

Norte Foundation. The group of emerging

that left it headed in a different direction.

itself as one of the country’s major cities.

professionals all had something in common:

However, bound by their enthusiasm for El

From 2008 to 2012, the city’s population

They were set on seeing their community

Paso’s growth, the little troupe was intent

had surged, clearing the path for a record

flourish. They were thrilled about the bond, of

on continuing their mission with or without

setting Quality of Life Bond in 2012 that

course, but also realized it wouldn’t get us there

the young professionals group. So, in 2013,

promised $473,250,000 for new projects and

all by itself. Talented community members

Michael Guerra, Emma Swartz, Scott Adkins

renovations. It seemed this would be the

would have to buy in and make a collaborated

and a few others decided to start their own

impetus El Paso needed to finally take that

effort to see El Paso reach its full potential.

nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of El

long-awaited next step.

Paso. They called it “Progress 321.”


Progress 321


August, 2019

August, 2019

Progress 321 “Running a non-profit is hard, and none of us really had any experience in it,” explained Michael Guerra, director of business development at Guerra Investments and Progress 321’s first ever president. “We decided to start the whole thing off by throwing a mixer, expecting maybe about 20 people to show up. Well, 120 ended up coming. That’s when we were like, ‘wow,’ this thing has more potential than we realized.” Their next event attracted over 200 local professionals. Despite the immediate success, Michael and company still thought their initiative would benefit from a relationship with an established foundation. They found the perfect partner in the El Paso Community Foundation: “We knew we needed to establish our legitimacy as a non-profit and that the support of a big organization could help us do that, but we were also scared of losing our freedom... the Community Foundation, however, didn’t require any concessions on our end. They added prestige, helped guide us, but also respected our vision,” explained Michael. Progress 321, in partnership with the Community Foundation and many other proud El Pasoans, has continued to pursue its mission of making our region “the next best place to live and work.” Laurie Banitch, the organization’s current board president, understands first hand just how important a role Progress 321 plays in fostering community growth. A Loretto Academy alum, Laurie left home to attend Georgetown University in the mid 2000’s and stayed in D.C. after graduating to work at Deloitte, one of the world’s most prominent professional service networks. During a transitional phase in 2015, she came back to El Paso, expecting to stay no longer than a year before starting a new chapter. However, she ended up never leaving: “I’d always been fond of it here but never thought I’d move back for good … but when I came back, there was so much cool, exciting stuff happening. Then, I got involved with 321 which made me feel like I really had


Progress 321

August, 2019 Recruiting influential ambassadors is also one of the goals of Progress 321’s latest initiative, “El Paso Everywhere.” Inspired by a similar program in Detroit, Mich. called “Detroit Homecoming,” the idea is to bring El Paso expats back home for a few days and give them a curated tour in hopes of sparking their interest to invest in the city; financially or with their time and connections. Jessica Herrera, Progress 321’s Vice President, explained the

a stake in the development. I think [321] kept

inspiration for El Paso Everywhere and the

me here,” said Laurie.

impact she hopes it will have:








“The people at Detroit Homecoming invited


us out for their last conference and we were

Progress 321 outfits members with the tools

so impressed … they’re responsible for over

to take on community leadership positions

$200 million of investments into the city and

where they’ll best be able to pursue the

their efforts have played a big role in Detroit,

region’s interests. For example, Progress

[Michigan’s] revival these past few years

321 procured an invitation to the Texas

… We think there’s a huge opportunity for

Lyceum’s annual meeting where delegates

our expats to play a similar role in El Paso’s

learned about important policy issues and

development. It doesn’t have to be just

relevant solutions. Michael stressed that

direct investment, they can mentor UTEP

such efforts went beyond grooming local

students, connect them to internships and

leaders, saying: “We do need motivated

just generally advocate for our city.”

and competent leaders at the local level, but Lyceum and similar opportunities are crucial

The El Paso Everywhere affair will coincide

to the development of future ambassadors

with Progress 321’s annual “One Region One

for El Paso who can represent us at a state,

Table” that’s being held on October 26. One

or even national level.”

Region One Table brings together our region’s top chefs to collaborate on one dinner. Keeping


RUNNING Sports medicine, reconstruction & joint replacement

Call (915) 581-0712 East: 1400 GEORGE DIETER STE. 100 Central: 1810 Murchison Ste. 140

NEW LOCATION coming soon:

820 Redd Road 40

Progress 321

August, 2019

with the spirit of El Paso Everywhere,



dinner promises to feature at least one prominent El Paso expat chef. When asked where she sees Progress 321 going in the coming years, Tresa Rockwell, the organization’s executive director, responded enthusiastically: “El Paso has really come so far over the past decade; it’s been amazing to see. I really think [Progress] 321 and our members will play a fundamental role in continuing the city’s forward march. I think we’re just getting started.”

5825 North Mesa Street


915 300-0022



August, 2019


Western Stars BY Bruce Springsteen The Boss is back, and certainly better than he’s been in a while. In “Western Stars,” Springsteen explores the mystique and reality of America’s West. His voice is slow and wandering, like an escaped mare lost in the desert. The album is visceral, sometimes painfully so. But like the old West itself, there’s poetic beauty to be found around life’s rough edges.

ZUU BY Denzel Curry Denzel Curry has just released his best record to date. On “Zuu,” the Carroll Gardens standout finally succeeds in translating his hometown into music. Like a Miami University linebacker, it hits hard. Let’s just hope Curry can keep up the good work.

Atlanta Millionaires Club BY Faye Webster Just 21-years-old, Faye Webster sings with the maturity of a senior citizen. And that’s a good thing in folk music. Her voice is sweet and serene, much the songs’ lyrics. Although it won’t do you much good at the gym, this album is perfect for overcast, tea and scones types of days.

IGOR BY Tyler, The Creator Tyler, The Creator has come a long way since the days of Odd Future. In his sixth album, “IGOR,” the hip-hop vet appears more refined and vulnerable than ever. The transition makes sense, at 28 he’s finally realized that nihilism isn’t really that cool. I’m happy for him. 42

August, 2019

5855 MONTANA . EL PASO, TX . 915.317.1605


Rhinos Pre-Season Schedule Sept. 21 at 7 pm: Black & Orange Game Sept. 28 at 7 pm: Rhinos Host Mexican National Team Sept. 29 at 4:30 pm: Rhinos Host Mexican National Team

Call 915-479-PUCK (7825) or visit for season tickets and more information.

Financial Experts

Graham Capital Strategies, LLC 201 E. Main, Ste. 510 El Paso, Texas 79901 (915) 598-8885 (915) 301-9937

Graham Capital Strategies, LLC Howard Schultz, who bought a Seattle based coffee shop from its

eggs the challenges of the modern financial world are never ending.

original owners in 1988 and helped grow it into the Starbucks of

We want to be your partner along that journey.

today once famously said “Starbucks has a role and a meaningful relationship with people that is not only about the coffee.� For over 32 years, the advisors of Graham Capital Strategies have had a role and meaningful relationship with our clients that is about much more than their money.

Our process is comprehensive and ensures that we examine every element of your financial picture. And thanks to our legal services partner and new banking partnership, we are now in a position to ensure that virtually every element of your personal or business financial situation is covered and addressed in the best way possible.

Your financial situation is the central piece of the ever changing and complicated puzzle that is our lives. Between navigating the costs of raising a family, financing college educations, preparing for retirement, and then ultimately living off of our hard earned nest

Contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our team members and discover what difference a meaningful relationship with your financial advisor can make in your life.

Left to right: Richard Mojica, Advisor; Michael Graham, JD, President; Melissa Olivares, Client Relationship Director; Charlie Ramos, Insurance Specialist; Cindy Rivas, Senior Advisor; G. Patrick Graham, CLU, CFP, RICP, Senior Advisor; Not Pictured: Pedro Silva, Advisor Michael Graham, G. Patrick Graham, Cynthia Rivas, Pedro Silva, and Richard Mojica are Registered Representatives with, and securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC.


Photographed by: DANIEL FREDERICK

First National 1870 201 E. Main, Third Floor El Paso, Texas 79901 (915) 881-6702

First National 1870, a division of Sunflower Bank Your banker shouldn’t be a yes-man. Instead, you should see him or

Sunflower Bank and formerly known as Capital Bank, is composed

her as a partner—a financial expert with the knowledge and assets

of seasoned banking professionals invested in the region’s growth.

to help your outfit thrive. Unfortunately, that’s not easy to find now-

Take Regional President Ernesto Avila and Business Banking

a-days in El Paso. Sure, the big banks have capital. But they’ve

Regional Leader Augie Montes, for example. With over 40 years of

become increasingly disconnected from local business lending,

combined banking experience, the two longtime Borderplex bankers

thanks to out-of-state decision makers who don’t truly understand

are eager to lend their skills to local businesses, including healthcare

our economy. Other types of financial institutions are nice, but they

and professional practices, to make sure our community reaches

lack the financial flexibility to take on ambitious business ideas.

its full potential. The bank also offers personal banking, mortgage

Luckily, there’s one bank in town designed to meet the needs on your end. First National 1870, proud to be a part of the $4 billion


and wealth advising services, making it a one-stop shop for all your financial needs.


Ian Escalante There are thousands of ways into the complex healthcare system and as important as this topic is, we aren’t talking about it enough. UnitedHealthcare is a health insurance company dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and helping the health system work better for everyone, it’s a diversified Fortune 50 health and well-being company. Ian Escalante is a licensed agent with UnitedHealthcare who has helped hundreds of El Pasoans navigate the Medicare system. During a time of transition in the manufacturing industry, Ian took a leap of faith to get started on a path he never saw himself taking. Ian, now an Agency owner for nine years, can’t see himself doing anything else. What started as an additional route of revenue turned into a passion. Health insurance is personal … we all need it no matter age, demographics, or income. Ian has become a pillar in his community by volunteering in various organizations and offers educational seminars throughout the city and its surroundings. In El Paso there are over 144,000 Medicare Eligibles. The opportunity to serve retirees to help them sort through their choices and decide on the best way to protect their health has never been greater.

Ian Escalante UnitedHealthcare (915) 920-5923 1605 George Dieter Dr., Ste. #204 El Paso, Texas 79936


Photographed by: JOHN HORTA

Cesar Andres "Andy" Ortega Nunez Agent, The New York Life Insurance Company The El Paso General Office 303 N. Oregon St., Ste. 1100 El Paso, Texas 79901 Office: (915) 534-3268 Cell: (915) 490-1659 Fax: (915) 534-3276

Cesar Nuñez Good wealth management isn’t about fancy cars, bejeweled watches or five-course dinners. It’s about things that are far more important. It’s about having the resources to stay healthy, take care of your loved ones and eventually retire early so that you can spend time with them. Cesar Nuñez understands all of this first hand. A few years ago, Cesar’s grandfather passed away. His family was devastated, as you’d expect. To make matters worse, in addition to the excruciating emotional hardship, were a litany of financial and asset questions to resolve. Although he had worked a good job, like many in our community Cesar’s grandfather never took out a life insurance policy. So, while still grieving, Cesar and his relatives had to set about the arduous task of planning the funeral and liquidating a life’s worth of assets, all without any additional financial cushion. Tempers flared, feelings were hurt—it was a mess. Not long after the whole ordeal, Cesar started working at New York Life—determined to help others avoid the misfortune of his own family. Through his knowledge in life insurance and employee benefits, he’s able to provide customized retirement solutions and help secure the future well-being of their children and grandchildren.

By: HENRY CRAVER Photographed by: JOHN HORTA


Transworld Systems Inc 915-588-5763

Transworld Systems Inc Led locally by El Paso District Manager, Michael Nunez, Transworld

Michael’s team is united in their mission of helping companies stay

Systems Inc (TSI) specializes in first and third-party intervention for

profitable, which keeps employees employed. They know that two

past-due accounts receivable. Together, the team has more than

reasons companies go out of business are bad debt and lack of

800 clients in 22 states, with the majority located in the El Paso-

cash-flow. Business failures leave dozens, if not hundreds, of men

Las Cruces area. These clients have recovered, on average, 40%

and women unemployed, which hurts the economy. TSI mitigates

of money assigned for pennies on the dollar. The comprehensive

such circumstances by educating slow payers to communicate with

system works diplomatically without alienating consumers, patients,

clients, so that their account never has to be sent to a traditional

or businesses. TSI serves clients from diverse industries, including

percentage agency. The local team of Michael Nunez, Karen Cowell,

banks, credit unions, healthcare, dental, law firms, accounting firms,

Hector Hernandez, and Carlos Caballero offers complimentary

wholesalers, municipalities, education, radio/TV, and utilities. TSI

consultations for Accounts Receivable Analysis to any business

also integrates with over 50 software programs.

needing help, and is laser focused on servicing their clients.


Photographed by: JOHN HORTA

Southwest Finance Management Group, LLC 300 E. Main, Ste. 1024 (915) 206-2148

Southwest Finance Management Group, LLC Fifteen plus years of working with small to mid-sized companies

information that makes for better and more informed decisions

has provided a clear roadmap to providing great business financial

relates to the business overall. They are proud to work together

services to our clients with an added value. Southwest Finance

with our clients in achieving strategic company goals and long-term

Management Group’s main purpose has always been to provide


their clients with outstanding customer service experience while delivering business services that go beyond the typical services offered by other professional firms.

While most professional firms concentrate and/or specialize in one or two accounting services, Southwest Finance Group, LLC is unique in its business approach in that it offers our clients a variety

Southwest Finance Group provides clients with an array of business

of services all under the same roof. Whether it is basic bookkeeping,

financial solutions, but unlike most other firms, their approach to

payroll services, financial statements preparation or tax filings

business is beyond the numbers. Accounting is the foundation that

(personal and business), their group of professionals can help you

allows business owners and management see trends and obtain

with all of your business needs, tax solutions, and more.

Photographed by: ALAN CHAVEZ


August, 2019

I an


a n i l a t evening

with Giuliano Matarese By: ANDY MARTINEZ Photography by: JESSE MAYNES


August, 2019 n Italy we say ‘At the table, one never gets old,’”

“Tuscany is the heart and soul of Italy, it was the perfect location and

says Chef Giuliano Matarese, who, just this last

the perfect opportunity,” says Poulos. The project, currently working

June, led a dinner at El Paso restaurant Anson 11. Born

under the moniker “La Tua Dolce Vita,” is a multi-faceted winery

and raised in Napoli, Italy, Giuliano’s background as a

experience, outfitted with a bed and breakfast, lifestyle ownership

renowned chef has roots in his nurturing among a family

and a line of high-quality wines “Fattoria Svetoni,” which are now

of restaurateurs and chefs. A connoisseur of the various

available at Zin Valle. In regard to the wines, Poulos knew exactly who

regional distinctions of Italian cuisine that ends up being

he would treat first: “I want to have the people of El Paso have a shot

consolidated once it reaches foreign soil, it was Matarese’s goal to share his experience with his native flavors.

at them first.” Poulos invited Matarese to El Paso to give the people of the

“I left home very early to follow my dream to share a piece of my

city a taste of what they’re currently pouring their dedication into in

culture and my family traditions through my cuisine. If you really want

Italy, since the plan as it stands includes Matarese returning to Italy

to know more about the Italian culture, or any culture, you have to

to potentially bring the restuarant Mille Lire back home. “I am very

share food with locals and learn from them,” says Matarese. After

excited at the idea to go back to my roots with my new background that

fulfilling his dream of moving to New York, Matarese continued to

throughout these years has been enriched by so many experiences

hone his skills, now in the American market. Working in renowned

and sources of inspiration,” says Matarese. Hosted at downtown El

New York restaurants can seem like a daunting task, and although

Paso’s Anson 11, the sold out “La Dolce Vita” wine dinner was an

it is difficult to confirm just how much of a struggle that truly was

evening of spectacular dishes, which included takes on ravioli and

when considering Matarese’s unhardened and kind gaze, there’s an

seabass through Matarese’s culinary lens. The dishes were paired

undeniable honor and recognition of hard work when having been a

with Poulos’s Fattoria Svetoni wine to give guests a thorough idea of

part of restaurants such as Charlie Palmer’s Aureole.

the exciting collaborative enterprise to come.

Attaining the status of celebrity can happen a number of ways, whether by appearing on Food Network’s Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, or through attaching your name to your own restaurant: Mille Lire by Giuliano Matarese. Fortunately, Matarese has covered his bases and done all of the above, solidifying his status as an institution of Italian cuisine in the Dallas restaurant scene with the Ospitalià Italiana seal of authenticity. What does this have to do with El Paso you ask? Well, Victor “Vic” Poulos, attorney, businessman and owner of Zin Valle, has been a member of the El Paso community since 1980. Poulos met Matarese through mutual friends, the Mayor of Montepulciano, Italy Andrea Rossi, and Wine Importer Antonio Gaudioso, whom Poulos has worked with for 20 years, when they invited him to have dinner at Mille Lire. The four instantly became friends and are now in the midst of a project that will lead them to Tuscany, where Poulos and his partners have invested in a 27-acre winery, a logical step up from his wine venture at Zin Valle.


August, 2019

“We all worked as a team with a common goal: sharing our passion for great food and hospitality.”

“Having events like the one with Giuliano really expose the restaurant and the kind of culinary service that we can do to give people a different experience,” says Yadira Perez, executive chef and general manager of Anson 11. “The culinary scene is transcending in El Paso; we want to grow with the people.” The growth, diversity and expansion of the city’s palate to be able to so openly welcome an evening like the one with Matarese is something that Perez is diligently working to adapt to—her confidence in the reception of guests is evident and she was not shy to brag. “I can assure you that we have the best food,” she says.


August, 2019

Article Title


August, 2019 Although not set in stone, Poulos and Matarese have been in talks to potentially bring more of these dinners to El Paso. Until then, Matarese had this to share about his visit: “The event at Anson 11 was a great success indeed and a true pleasure for me meeting so many wonderful people. It turned out to be an awesome event because we all worked as a team with a common goal: sharing our passion for great food and hospitality.�

Vic and Terry Poulos, La Tua Dolce Vita partners.


August, 2019


August, 2019


August, 2019

September 18 - 21, 2019 El Paso’s Premier Craft Beer, Food and Music Festival


l Pas an

August, 2019



g n i t h g i F


E l Pa s oa n s F i g h t i n g H u n g e r

hen we think of food scarcity, images

of the world’s most acute famines come

perishables to go after meat and fresh dairy



to mind. Children with sunken cheeks and

of truly balanced diet. By the end of

protruding bellies—photos so heartbreaking

Susan’s 14 years with the outfit, their

that you have to look away. While such

annual distribution had increased from

situations still manifest—Yemen being the

800,000 pounds to 48 million pounds.

latest example—outright starvation is largely a thing of the past for the west. Malnutrition

Susan is hoping to find similar success in El

however, albeit in a less conspicuous form,

Paso. She hit the ground running as soon as

still persists.

she got here in January 2018, applying for various grants and government programs

Across the U.S. there are people of all

while also developing partnerships with food

ages and backgrounds who, for a host of

and shipping players around the country. Her

diverse reasons, are unable to access proper

moves have already paid off, boosting the

nutrition. El Paso is no exception. Currently

food bank’s annual distribution 47 percent in

there are an estimated 200,000 food insecure

2018. She predicts even greater growth for

individuals in El Paso and the surrounding

2019, possibly nearing 100 percent if they

Texas counties. The consequences for those

stay on their current path.

affected are serious. Insufficient nutrition causes and compounds numerous health

The massive jump in productivity will

problems—from heart disease to diabetes—

have been made possible by some major

and hinders children’s brain development.

upgrades to the organization’s Lower Valley facility that were completed this past July.

Luckily for us, the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger

Their warehouse, so long hamstrung by

Food Bank (EPFHFB) works to mitigate food

a lack of industrial coolers and freezers,

scarcity in the region, with hopes of one day

now has about 30 times the refrigerated

eradicating it completely. As it stands now,

storage capacity.

the nonprofit distributes 15.5 millions pounds of food through 130 partner agencies in the borderland, and over 120 mobile pantries and 182 schools. None of their hard work should be taken for granted. After all, until just a few years ago our city didn’t have a food pantry of its own, as we were served by a satellite facility of an organization based in Odessa. Now El Paso boasts not only a first-rate food bank, but one that’s run by one of the field’s most respected executives. Susan Goodell, EPFHFB’s CEO, came to El Paso in 2018 after an illustrious tenure with a food bank in detroit and various stints with other nonprofits. Over her 14 years in detroit, she transformed a small-scale pantry into a trailblazing industry example. She and her team bucked food donation orthodoxy by moving beyond non-


E l Pa s oa n s F i g h t i n g H u n g e r

August, 2019

Despite all the improvements, Susan stresses that there’s still a lot of work to be done: “Food scarcity has a huge impact on the city that people too often don’t realize ... We’ve accomplished a lot in the past year and a half but we’re not there yet.” Specifically, the organization is looking for funding to replace their aging trucking fleet. But don’t fret if you don’t have a couple hundred grand lying around for a new tractor trailer, there are still important ways to help out. A donation of just $1 buys seven meals and the food bank always needs more volunteers. If you’re interested in joining the fight against food scarcity in El Paso, visit


August, 2019

A dramatic change in mood or personality is 1 of the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Recognizing the symptoms is the first step toward doing something about it. For more information, and to learn what you can do now, go to or call 800.272.3900.

Calendar of Events Becoming confused with time or place is 1 of the 10 ange inwarning mood orsigns personality is 1 of the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. of Alzheimer’s disease. Recognizing e symptoms is the first step toward doing something about it. For more information, June 21, 2019 - The Longest Day the symptoms is the first step toward doing hat yousomething canBecoming do now,about goconfused to or call 800.272.3900. October 19, 2019of- The Walk to End Alzheimer’s with time or place is 1 of the 10 warning signs Alzheimer’s disease. Recognizing it. For more information, and to learn what you canisdothe now, gostep to the symptoms first toward doing or something about it. For more information, and to learn Contact: 915-544-1799 callwhat 800.272.3900. you can do now, go to or call 800.272.3900.


©2016 Alzheimer’s Association. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2016. Alzheimer’s Association®. All rights reserved.

he is

August, 2019

no stranger in this

west texas town | By: PAUL GENESON |



He’s No Stranger in this West Texas Town

here are people in this world who

“I like to make people happy,” he tells you.

special food native to El Paso. Above all, he

have a way of getting under your

“And I can dance with anyone.”

knew nothing about the people here who have meant so much to him and have made

skin, people who make a lasting impression without even trying.

You wonder: Who is this guy?

the place feel so special. “I could fit in here,” is how he puts it.

Tyrone Griffin happens to be that kind

A native of New Orleans, Tyrone was one

of person.

of many displaced persons rescued in 2005

After spending four weeks sleeping on a cot

in the wake of the devastating hurricane,

at the Convention Center, he had already

At first glance, he probably wouldn’t bowl you

Katrina. “I was in a state of shock,” he

begun to size up his new city. When a car

over: He hasn’t got Brad Pitts’ good looks.

admits, recalling those days. Unlike some

passed by and the driver asked Tyrone and

He’s not physically imposing like The Rock.

survivors of natural disasters who look for

his group if they needed a ride, he knew he’d

But, at 62, Tyrone doesn’t look anything like a

sympathy, Tyrone has none of the “poor me”

arrived somewhere inviting and different.

guy his age should look.

attitude about him. He appears to be quite happy living in the moment.

“I got more love here than I got in New Orleans,” he says.

But keep an eye on him as he’s gliding across the dance floor at Al Fresco Fridays in the

After being picked up by the Coast Guard,

Civic Center, one of his favorite haunts, and

Griffin confesses he had no earthly idea

When he says he feels like he’s found the

he’s hard to tune out.

where he was headed. When told they’d

right place to be, he lists two things that

landed in El Paso, that name meant

stand out. The weather, for one. And the

nothing to him.

“kindness of the people here.” He minces no

This man, you soon discover, can dance to

words when he talks of his El Paso “family.”

pretty much anything the band can play. He fits effortlessly with his dance partners—

Now, all these years later, it’s a different

He’s also found work as a member of the

there are a number of these. Whoever he’s

story. “I love it here,” he says, with a tone

Civic Center labor crew.

dancing with, it’s as if they’ve been dancing

that can’t easily be faked. He’d never known

together for a long time.

about this city, the Mexican culture or the


He’s No Stranger in this West Texas Town

August, 2019

i can “feel when people want to dance.” 66

August, 2019 Tyrone’s personality appears to shine the brightest when he’s dancing. There’s a certain ritual he goes through before reaching the dance floor. “I have to greet everyone,” he says. He’s unabashed about his desire to please others. “Dancing with other people, I see the joy on their faces,” he explains. “And, it’s also exercise.” “I can feel when people want to dance,” he says. “Then, I take off.” And if his partner has trouble with the steps? “They say, ‘Teach me.’” When the band on this Friday night in April

answer to the question of how he manages

and is an aficionado of Mexican music. “We’re

plays the Beatles’ song “Come Together,”

to move so easily among so many people. He

growing now,” he says when talking about El

Tyrone acts almost like a cheerleader. As

admits he’s sometimes homesick for New

Paso’s downtown construction.

the band sings, “Come together right now,

Orleans, then mentions that his children visit

over me,” he mouths the words and extends

him here, and he takes trips to see them.

his hands over his head. It’s almost like he’s saying, “Listen to this message, people.”

He certainly doesn’t sound like a carpetbagger who’s in this city for the short haul. Tyrone

He insists, however, that his heart belongs

sums up what, in any language, makes it

to the place Marty Robbins calls “the West

sound like he’s a keeper. “I thank God that

“I grew up knowing how to carry myself

Texas town of El Paso.” He has begun to learn

he chose this place for me.”

and having respect for people.” This is his

some Spanish, he thrives on Mexican cooking



August, 2019

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August, 2019

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August, 2019





August, 2019

| By: OSCAR ACOSTA photography by: JESSE MAYNES |

El Velvet Elvis at the Pershing Inn


August, 2019


f you’re in El Paso and into cocktails, you

Murray (its namesake’s representation) decorated

should know these names: Cesar Gustavo

the walls. You could order beers whose last names

Perez II and Michelle Salgado. Together, the

were not Light, came from places called Boulder

couple has led El Paso’s cocktail renaissance.

and cocktails produced by magical-like machinery

With their latest offering, El Velvet Elvis at The

that infused the flavor of mesquite with a wisp of

Pershing Inn, they bring their talents to El Paso’s

smoke. Not known to many that didn’t make the

Five Points area. Part research lab, art hangout

drive, but still beckoning those that worked the

and mixologist conservatory, Cesar and Michelle

trade, Murray’s made a name for itself as a place

lead a team where the “craft” in craft-cocktails is

where creativity, skill and craft mattered.

stressed. As part of their work requirements, Cesar and Michelle, along with Patrick-David Walker

A bar-within-a-bar, El Velvet Elvis is nestled inside

and Isaac Acosta, are required to participate in at

El Paso’s iconic The Pershing Inn. If you don’t

least one or two mixologist competitions a month.

know it, then you’re not from El Paso. Or you

They are that serious about their ongoing craft that

don’t drink. Weirdo. Owned by Tim Wilson, The

started four years ago.

Pershing has been a well-known watering hole since tu mamá y tu tia were climbing out their

Prior to El Velvet Elvis, Cesar and Michelle

bedroom window to sneak out for a few beers.

established themselves atop our city’s booze

Depending on your age, maybe even nana too.

scene with Murray’s. Stacked next to then bar

The place was established in 1949. Today, you will

cash-machines Tipsy Tiger and Whiskey Dicks,

often find a raucous crowd composed mostly of

Murray’s was a craft-oasis in the desert we call

… I kid you not … school teachers and downtown

the Eastside—a tiny bar, where pictures of Bill

office workers. Serious drinkers.


hidden gem



hidden gem


August, 2019

August, 2019 El Velvet Elvis is a serious place, for serious connoisseurs of spirits. Sporting a cocktail list that features “edible art,” infused spirits, fortified and dehydrated fruit, El Velvet Elvis’ drinks will knock you back. They are pleasing

Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948

to the eye and taste, and definitely not for amateurs. Prices range from $8-$20 and come standard as doubles. Two drinks can definitely hit the spot. Beginners can enjoy whatever beers have been overstocked at The Pershing Inn for $3.

• Private Party Room • Beer & Wine • Outside Dining • Live Music Thur. to Sat.

The “craft” culture is not unique to El Paso. In fact, Cesar and Michelle are building on the shoulders of giants like Joe Baum’s The

• We cater large or small events

Rainbow Room in the 90s, Sasha Petraske’s Milk & Honey in the 2000s, and David Kaplan and Ravi DeRossi’s Death and Co. Because of the democratization of information via social media, El Paso gets to have a taste of what has been happening in big coastal cities. No other place in El Paso exemplifies that trend like El Velvet Elvis.

Italian.Kitchen. West www.theitaliankitchenelpaso.comm

According to Michelle, the experience of providing her own spin on somebody else’s work creates greater freedom to push themselves. “I’m crafty, creating something specific,” she said. The creative process is what sets apart what’s essentially poisoning you, albeit quite deliciously, from other bars. El Velvet Elvis prides itself in its creative process. Drinks are served in miniature bathtubs, darkened Nick and Nora glasses so you can focus on the drink and, as mentioned above, includes edible art featuring miniature representations of local artists’ renditions. However, it all comes down to the experience of hospitality. The goal is to offer something unique, created and balanced in-house. This will be new to somebody that is veering away from the quick-and-easy sugary concoctions designed to mask the flavor of the spirits that give them potency. So, don’t you dare to call them “just bartenders.” Their craft deserves respect and sets El Velvet Elvis a step above your typical watering hole. |

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August, 2019

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August, 2019


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August, 2019

Meaningful Strategies for A

In an interview, with reference to his fame, Bob Marley was once asked, “Are you a rich man, do you have a lot of possessions?” He replied, “I don’t have that kind of richness, my richness is life.” So simple yet so profoundly meaningful. Being “rich” isn’t always about money. Studies show that mindfulness and having an attitude of gratitude in all aspects will bring a sense of meaning and fulfillment to other dimensions of your life, including your finances. Following are some strategies that can lead to a deeper sense of richness and inner peace.

1 | Lead with love See each person you encounter as an extension of yourself. Remember we are all one. Strive to practice curiosity over judgment and compassion over criticism. Show some love to yourself as well.

2 | Have a service mindset We feel larger, stronger, fuller, more engaged and more effective by the simple act of serving others. Handing your pocket change to the homeless person; offering someone the right of way in traffic when you don’t have to; saying something nice to that waiter or store clerk who seems a bit weary and not enjoying life; doing small favors without being asked; greeting your sullen neighbor, even if he doesn’t greet you back; and showing others you care about them; and saying please and thank you.


August, 2019

spiritualit y

and Rich Life | By: MICHELLE CROMER |

3 | Gratitude

Express gratitude every day, not just with a written list but also

with heartfelt emotion. Every day is a gift; every breath is a gift. We can take nothing for granted in this life. The experience of feeling grateful—generally, generically and specifically—seems to clear away much of the petty, day-to-day crankiness so many of us experience— the feelings of annoyance, impatience, resentment, anger and indignation. There’s something very uplifting about filling yourself with a sense of gratitude when you first open your eyes every day, as you go to sleep, and often in between. Gratitude for all you’ve received, and gratitude for all that has not befallen you.

4 | Humility This may be one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated aspects of human experience. It doesn’t mean putting yourself below

5 | Live a bold life

others, letting people “walk all over you” or acting like you’re inferior

Don’t retire. Die exhausted from creativity, loving, adventure, service

or unworthy in any way. It just means being neutral—letting go of the

and curiosity. Living a bold life does not take money, it takes choice,

need to place yourself above others. Far too much human energy

courage and your willingness to show up to your life. Pray for others.

gets squandered in the mindless striving for importance, getting one-

Send grace to the places in the world that are on fire with pain and

up, trying to prove we’re richer, better, smarter, wiser, more clever,

suffering. Take risks.

more capable or more worthy than others.

6 | Forgiveness It’s not a logical command. Forgiveness is mystical. It makes no sense to the reasoning mind, because the reasoning mind is incapable of forgiveness. Genuine forgiveness is a self initiated mystical act that requires the assistance of grace to release from the chatter of your ego. Forgiving is not about approving or condoning what someone has done—it’s about letting go of it. When we get caught up in vengeance, we attach ourselves to the source of our misery. We allow the tormentor to victimize us again. When we divert our precious life energy into anger, revenge, resentment and retaliation, we give away parts of ourselves.

7 | There is only now Practice mindfulness; strive to return to the present moment. Take walks and leave your phone behind. Play with your children. Wrestle with your dogs. Look up at the sky, savor a cup of coffee or relish a

glass of wine. Be here now as often as possible.


August, 2019



TCM Pet of the Month highlights our readers’ best friends!



Owner: Adriana Crosby This is Charlie the Corgi, he is 6 months old. He loves cuddles and has a great little personality and craves lots

of attention. He wants attention from everyone and loves bacon and strawberries. He was the biggest from his litter but is also the most lovable … we call his little short legs his little chicken wings.

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August, 2019

Dr. Dean E. Smith, MD




TO SOLVE YOUR BACK PAIN PROBLEMS Because minimally invasive surgery uses a very small incision (usually about 1/2 inch in diameter), it reduces damage to surrounding tissue and muscles as compared to traditional surgical techniques. It also means that recovery times are greatly reduced and there is less pain after surgery. Minimally invasive surgery may be right for you if more conservative treatments have not helped to reduce your pain.

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August, 2019


August, July, 2019 2019

The Lasting Impact of a Wish | By: LAUREN CANCIENNE |


teadfast in the belief that granting






illnesses is life-changing, Make-A-Wish

of the doctor visits, procedures and long hospital stays their minds are currently occupied with. This was certainly the case for Annette.

unquestionably knows that the power of a wish extends

When Annette was 16 years old, she was

far beyond a single moment in time.

diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease. Since

The wish experience has often been described by

there were no pediatric nephrologists in El Paso,

medical professionals as a positive turning point

her disease went undiagnosed for a period of

in the child’s battle for health. It allows wish kids

time, forcing her to travel far away from her

to think about their future possibilities, instead

home city of El Paso to receive a transplant. The 85

procedure can take up to three hours and

Annette’s wish came to fruition when

the side effects can impact the child’s daily

Dr. German Lozano Guzman relocated to

activities. Knowing the toll traveling and the

El Paso in 2014, just two years after her

procedure had taken on her school work and

wish. Annette was given the opportunity

family, Annette didn’t want other children to

to shadow the newly established physician

experience this same stress and exhaustion.

and to learn the ins and outs of what it takes

Selflessly, when Annette had the opportunity

to be a pediatric nephrologist. Having a

to have a wish granted by Make-A-Wish, she

nephrologist in El Paso now allows children

decided her wish would be to give a donation

to stay closer to home when going through

for nephrology research to the Texas Tech

strenuous treatments, which is what Annette

University Health Sciences Center. This

so desperately wanted.

donation also acted as a financial incentive for a nephrologist to relocate to the El Paso area.

Annette has gone on to earn her Bachelor of Science in biology at the University of

Six 75” Digital/Dynamic Display throughout the shopping center with USB charging stations. The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso receives 8,000,000 visitors throughout the year.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish, Annette presented

Texas at El Paso and her Master of Business

Texas Tech with a check in August 2012.

Administration in general business. She is

On this special day, she was able to tour the

set to begin medical school this summer.

labs, see the simulation center and meet with medical students and hospital administration.

Annette continues to be an advocate for

The day not only sparked joy, but intensified

children struggling with various illnesses



by volunteering with the same organization

medical school. Annette’s ability to empathize

that helped make her wish come true nearly

with others and desire to find out why her

nine years ago. Working with the Volunteer

kidneys didn’t function properly, something the

Services Team at Make-A-Wish, Annette

doctors never figured out, fueled her dream of

interviews individuals who want to become

pursuing a career in science.

volunteers. “Hearing the perspectives of




people all over Texas as to why they want to volunteer with us only reaffirms the reason I 86

August, 2019 volunteer and all the good that Make-A-Wish is doing for children suffering with critical illnesses,” she said. Annette also contributes her time as a Wish Ambassador, speaking at events about Make-A-Wish’s mission and how the organization has impacted her life. Wishes not only have the ability to greatly impact the child’s life and future, but they can have a profound impact on the child’s community as well. Wishes bring people closer not only by working together to execute the wish, but also by celebrating the ripple effects of a wish come true. This summer, 286 wishes will come true across North Texas. However, more than 1,000 children are still waiting for their wishes to be granted. Please join us in our Summer Wish Challenge to make more life-changing dreams a reality. Every gift gets us another step closer to granting more wishes! Visit PowerHopeToday. org to give. Thank you and best wishes!

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87 America’s most historic scenic railroad 6/24/19 7:41 AM

August, 2019

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g u B

August, 2019

t u O | By: SARAH BORREGO, El Paso Zoo Event Coordinator |

with The El Paso Zoo


e l pa s o zo o

August, 2019


reepy, crawly and delicious? Have you ever considered the nutritional value that bugs provide? They are full of protein and vitamins and pack a very

tasty crunch.

Bugs and tasty should not be in the same sentence but it’s true. The El Paso Zoo’s executive chef, Miguel Guillen, has managed to perfect the delicate procedure of cooking with bugs. The exquisite menu consists of cricket chocolate chip cookies, grasshopper fried rice, chocolate covered diving beetles, sweet popcorn with ants, scorpion mini tostadas and cinnamon mealworms crostini. Chef Guillen states that the cricket chocolate chip cookies have always been a big hit, especially with children. “The older kids realize what’s inside the cookie and they still have a fun time eating them. It’s the adults who have a harder time trying the delicacies,” Guillen states. The El Paso Zoo is excited to bring back Bug Fest as it has been a few years since the event last happened. The zoo’s education team will be taking over the event pavilion at the zoo with all sorts of insects from all over the world. “Over 80% of all living species are arthropods. This event gives guests the opportunity to connect with these extremely important parts of our ecosystem,” Heather Rivera, education specialist for the El Paso Zoo said.


e l pa s o zo o

August, 2019

Get Social With Us @tableoccasions


August, 2019 Not only do guests get a chance to view

Bad weather doesn’t just affect your home, it affects your business, too.

some exotic insects from different parts of the world, but they get to learn how vital they are to our ecosystem. And by that, insects are vital to the diet of many of the animals at the El Paso Zoo. Probably the most famous bunch at the zoo are the cockroach-loving meerkats that went viral over Valentine’s Day, when fans could send in their ex’s names to name a cockroach that the meerkat mob would then munch down on. These cockroaches are a very special treat for these curious critters but they also get a variety of bugs added to their diet every day at 2:15 p.m., unless otherwise noted. “The meerkats know that they are getting a special treat around that time. They all run up to the door and excitedly wait for their insect enrichment,” Kenny Riley, El Paso Zoo area supervisor, states. “We provide enrichment every day to our animals to promote their natural behaviors. We hide the insects inside

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puzzle feeders so that the meerkats really have to work for their treat!” Now, the bugs that the zoo animals receive are not your average bugs that you find in your backyard. The zoo has a few specific insect colonies that they use for feeding purposes. These








beetles, night crawlers, Dubia roaches and fruit flies. And some of the smaller zoo animals such as primates, reptiles and birds absolutely love their insects! So much that the zoo staff has taken that opportunity to use the insects to provide medication, if the animals ever need it. Much like how we wrap our dog’s medicine inside a piece of cheese, the zoo staff hides vitamins and medicine inside the insects! “The animals are so preoccupied enjoying their insect treat that they don’t even notice the medication that they are being provided,” Tammy Sundquist, El Paso Zoo collections supervisor, states. Join the El Paso Zoo as they welcome back Bug Fest from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on August 10-11.


Tips to Stay fit When Back-to-School

1 3

Tip 1 | Meal Prep Prepare your meals—at least the meals you have a hard time with—on Sundays for the week ahead. Make sure to pick foods you enjoy. Don’t make yourself salads if you hate salad. Once the stress of drop-offs and pick-ups and extracurricular activities hits, you’re going to want to grab the most convenient and delicious food: fast food. Pack delicious but healthy foods in a small insulated lunchbox for yourself so when you’re on the go, you’ll have it with you.

Tip 3 | No Gym? No Excuse! Stock up on fitness equipment at home. You may set a goal to get to the gym at least three times a week, but it’s easier said than done when the kids are pulling you every which-way. All you need to get a good workout is a set of bands and two sets of dumbbells. Beginners should buy a set of five and eight pound weights, intermediate a set of eight to ten pound weights, and advanced 10-15 pound weights. You can find quick at home workout routines on Pinterest and do them when you get a few free minutes.

4 2 6

August, 2019

Tip 2 | Take a break

Take breaks to play with your kids. Set apart some time each day to put down phones and gadgets and do something creative and

fun. This time will not only help you de-stress, but will also help you bond with your children.

4 2 6 August, 2019


Season Hits


Tip 4 | Walk it out Try to walk every day. You’d be surprised how many calories you can burn just walking, and how much better you’ll feel after. Walking is an easy, low-impact activity you can do every day. Try to walk at a brisk pace and pump your arms to burn more calories. 30 minutes a day is just enough time! You can do this with the kids taking out their bikes/skateboards or, if you need those moments of peace to yourself, just do it alone!

Tip 6 | Crush your goals and enjoy a reward.


Tip 5 | Squeeze in some Zzz’s

Sleep whenever possible. It may be hard to get a full eight hours

of sleep—especially when you have younger kids—so when you

get little moments, try to take a quick nap. If it’s during the day and you have a hard time napping, invest in a soft comfy eye mask or black-out curtains so you can sleep better.

Set attainable goals and reward yourself. For example, “I will work out three times a week whether it’s at the gym or at home.” Or “I will walk 30 minutes, six days a week.” And when you accomplish those goals, go get yourself that frozen yogurt or slice of pizza you’ve

been craving all week. Give yourself one “cheat meal” a week to keep your sanity and reward yourself for sticking to your goals.




August, 2019

August, 2019



tough to find these days. She has a

had instagrams, they

crazy physique, but it’s more than that


… it’s like she broadcasts her beauty


before blogs.




some of them still do.

she’s known in real life, has authored

platforms and were generating serious buzz before Jazmine’s friend tragically passed away. The Sheerstomping brand has continued on, however, and today is hotter than ever. It’s hard to succinctly summarize just what exactly has made Sheerstomping so popular. The clothing, I guess, is the most obvious place to start. Jazmine, a Montwood High alum, avoids fads, putting together elegant, easy to wear outfits that are built to last. What’s more, many of the pieces are thrifted, and (reasonably) easy to find and afford. Yet there’s so much more to Jazmine’s success. Many veteran influencer’s female fans (women 18-24 are her biggest demographic) told me they followed Sheerstomping as much for body inspiration as fashion insights. Marisol, a 23-year-old stylist from east El Paso, explained the sentiment to me, saying: “She embodies a kind of understated feminine sensuality that’s so


box every day. She told me that girls

now. She started

doses of sheer. They soon expanded onto other social media


plenty notes of approval in her DM

fashion blogs for close to a decade

who shared her affinity for simple, timeless looks with heavy


Solicited or not, Jazmine still receives

one of El Paso’s most illustrious

in the early 2010’s with a close friend


seeking any approval.”

Sheerstomping, or Jazmine Liss as

write her regularly, expressing their gratitude for the fearless, empowering model she provides them. Part of that may be her aesthetic aura, but Jazmine’s reputation as a local feminist icon is also based in her frequent and very explicit acts of patriarchal defiance. She frees the nipple, reposts pro-choice content and publicizes her showdowns with obnoxious gawkers. Jazmine’s digital savvy has done more than just accrue likes and followers, it’s been a boon for her styling career too. Her work has been featured in publications like Teen Vogue and Refinery29, and she’s regularly contracted by local brands for shoots. As a matter of fact, at the time I’m writing this, she’s busy working on a feature-length movie written and directed by local filmmaker Mark Martinez. Moving forward, Jazmine plans to stick with the formula that’s made Sheerstomping such a hit, she explained: “I think people are drawn to the authenticity, the clean aesthetic and the affordable and easy fashion. So I’ll keep doing it that way.” 97

August, 2019


What to




Beaut y

ou may not know, but aside from being in the beauty industry, I grew up in the dental field.

My father was a dentist and my interest grew from there. One of my first jobs was as a

dental assistant and I spent hours over the dining room table asking my dad about different dental procedures and learning many facets of the field from him. From there, I went from working in an oral surgeon’s office to becoming a dental office manager. Tooth whitening has always been part of the beauty industry. By the 2000’s, who didn’t want their teeth to look as white as Jessica Simpson’s or the teens from “Laguna Beach”? Anyone remember “Friends” and Ross’ teeth glowing in the dark? The reality is that teeth stains and yellowing happen to everyone. This can be due to genetics, age, damage, or surface stains from foods and beverages. Wine, coffee, tea, dark berries and tobacco are all active in staining your teeth. While it’s possible to eliminate some of the discoloration, it’s important to know that many tooth whitening products can cause damage to the teeth and the gums, leading to over- sensitivity.

What can you do to help whiten your teeth? Here are several options: Brush and Floss Twice Daily. Good oral hygiene is a great method

are worn for one to two hours per day for

for keeping your smile looking its best.

three days to two weeks.

Toothpaste gently buffs out stains from the surface of your teeth, and floss gets rid of

In-Office Whitening.

food and bacteria between the teeth that can

Teeth whitening done by your dentist can get

make your teeth look dark and dull.

teeth brighter faster. The bleaching solution

Tooth Whitening Toothpastes.

is usually much stronger than at-home kits. Also, heat, light, or a combination of the

Whitening toothpaste contains chemicals and

two may be used to speed and intensify the

polishing agents that help scrub stains from

whitening process. Dr. Mark Burhenne DDS,

teeth without the aid of a bleaching agent.

a practicing dentist in the San Francisco area,

There may be some whitening toothpastes

states on, “that

on the market that contain peroxides, but

your dentist will paint a 35 percent carbamide

they aren’t left on the teeth long enough

peroxide gel onto your teeth. It takes two

to have a whitening benefit. My favorite is

one-hour sessions in one week, three or four

Sensodyne True White for Sensitive Teeth.

days apart.”

Teeth Whitening Strips.

Cosmetic Dental Work.

Applied directly to the teeth on a thin strip,

Porcelain veneers can give you perfectly

these peroxide-based products usually need

shaped white teeth. Veneers are thin sheets

to be applied once or twice a day for 10-

of porcelain that get glued onto the teeth

14 days. Crest White Strips offer products

after your real teeth are reduced—it’s similar

that range between 6-14 percent hydrogen

to a gel manicure for the teeth. Most of the

peroxide; to be worn once a day for 30

celebrities you see with perfect teeth have

minutes and takes 20 treatments.


Custom Tray Based Tooth Bleaching Systems.

Swipe On Some Lipstick.

For professional results, have custom built teeth whitening trays made by your dentist and receive a higher percentage of peroxide based bleaching gel for better results. A 10 percent carbamide peroxide gel is supplied by your dentist for use in the trays; the trays

The color in your lipstick can make your teeth appear whiter by contrast. Try a red, berry or bubble-gum pink lip color if your teeth seem to look yellow. The blue undertones in these colors will bring out the white in your teeth. Try Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl,



July, 2019

Explore our recommended products and see how you can become yourself, refined. | By: ANDY MARTINEZ |

Tom Ford Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer As someone with combination skin, it can be quite difficult to find a catch-all moisturizer that can deeply hydrate the borderline-reptilian skin around my mouth and cheeks while making sure that I don’t look like I dragged my nose and forehead through an oil slick. Sometimes, I’ve had to use different facial moisturizers on different parts of my face. Fortunately, this moisturizer takes care of that issue. Using butters instead of oils to help keep the skin from becoming oily too quickly, this moisturizer balances out the appearance of your skin. Infused with anti-inflammatory properties, it can help soothe the sometimes-harsh effects of a cleanser or resurfacing treatment.

$109 |

Hanz de Fuko Shave Cream Widely regarded as the experts in hair styling, Hanz de Fuko’s new shave cream only adds to their line of impressive products. Ideal for those with thick, coarse beards and sensitive skin, this cream softens the hairs to allow for an ingrown and razor bump-free shaving experience. Conditioning the skin for a smoother-than-ever feel, close shaves now seem like a much less daunting task, especially for those who shave every day. The minty vanilla scent adds a level of luxury without being too overpowering.

$28 |


Baxter of California Clay Mask AHA As a fan of masks, there’s hardly anything as satisfying as watching a clay mask slowly harden and crack on the skin, though in terms of skincare, it only comes secondary to how beneficial they can be for the appearance of your skin. This clay mask takes it further, incorporating AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) to bring fresh and vibrant skin to the surface and remove the appearance of dull skin. The clay pulls impurities and excess oils from deep within the pores, effectively revealing a completely refreshed and revitalized complexion.

$24 |

Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser For sensitive and dry skin, this mild, low foaming gel purifies and lifts dirt and excess oils from the face without stripping the skin of it’s necessary properties. Hydrating while cleansing, this formula rejects the squeaky clean feeling and opts for a healthy, refreshed and full sensation on the skin. The herbaceous aroma (which includes my alltime favorite: bergamot) soothes the senses

Whatever Your Occasion

Plan it With Us! Gatherings That Inspire Unforgettable Social Events

as you massage the gel onto your skin to

Call 915.342.1407

form a light lather. Follow with a gentle toner


to balance the skin to keep it from becoming irritated or producing too much oil.

$33 |


Sevilla August, 2019


A Feast for the Senses

Just like the Tapas menu in a typical Sevillano cafĂŠ, the monumental sites in this vibrant cultural mecca offer a bountiful selection of tourist treats! 102

t r av e l

August, 2019

The Plaza de España For a taste of Art Deco Renaissance Revival with Moorish architectural features, The Plaza de España makes a great starter. Located on Avenida de Isabel la Catolica amidst the lush Parque de María Luisa, it is so large that only aerial views can capture the entire edifice in a single shot. Observing the curved inner walls in the pedestrian plaza is like taking a tiled tour of Spain. Each region is depicted in colorful mosaic tableaus that illustrate scenes intrinsic to that area’s identity. Built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, the Plaza de España boasts a miniature canal where visitors can enjoy gondola rides that circle under elaborately designed footbridges. Each bridge and many other elements of the building’s vast façade are covered or trimmed in painted ceramic tiles. Because of its expansive grounds, the attraction acts like a living stage where flamenco dancers, musicians, artists and craftsmen perform and sell their wares. There is no admission fee or hours of operation.

The Plaza de España is always open.


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August, 2019

La Giralda and the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See Altars and chapels, the distinguished tombs, the stunning ceilings and historical majesty captured within its walls, the average visitor spends three hours here. There is also the matter of the entrance lineup, which can be formidable. But admission is reasonable and you’ll forget the wait the minute you step into this monolithic sanctuary. On-site lockers, washrooms, cafeteria and outdoor courtyard add convenience.

The world’s third largest church was the most significant course in our itinerary. Registered in 1987 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it is a classic example of Gothic architecture. It was built over a period of four centuries and houses a rare art collection accumulated by the Roman Catholic Church.





multitude of carved and bejeweled enclaves,


that corners the Cathedral. Built as the minaret for the Great Mosque of Seville by the Almohad dynasty, it stands 344’ tall. A new Renaissance-era canopy was added

In order to truly digest the galleries of paintings

“La Giralda” is the iconic Moorish bell tower

after the Muslims were defeated. This oversees the cathedral roof where curious tourists encounter carved gargoyles, popes, angels and saints.

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August, 2019

The Metropol Parasol

Feeling sad, overwhelmed or struggling with addiction? El Paso Behavioral Health System can help. We offer inpatient & outpatient behavioral health treatment for all ages: • Children • Adolescents • Adults

Like an airy meringue, the Metropol Parasol rises above Seville



panache. It houses a main floor mercado, filled with the

We provide targeted services for: • Women • Seniors • Military members

best fresh foods reflective of Spanish cuisine. Beneath it, an archeological site uncovered during its construction reveals an ancient Roman settlement buried under parts of the city.

Don’t wait. Begin a healthier future with us today.

Call 915-544-4000 or 800-967-3411.

But the top of this extraordinary wooden umbrella offers a captivating and unrivalled view of Seville you simply shouldn’t miss. From Flamenco-flavored Triana, to the Maestranza bull ring, to the Torre del Oro and Real Alcazar … Sevilla will satisfy all of your wanderlust senses.

1900 Denver Avenue El Paso, TX 79902 With limited exceptions, physicians are not employees or agents of this hospital. Model representations of real patients are shown. Actual patients cannot be divulged due to HIPAA regulations. For language 105 assistance, disability accommodations and the non-discrimination notice, visit our website. 182477


August, 2019

Orange Cream Dream 1 ½ parts Monkey Shoulder 6 parts Dublin Orange Dream Soda or other orange soda Vanilla soft-serve ice cream 1 Orange Refresh your summer! In a long glass, add a generous scoop or swirl of creamy vanilla soft-serve. Fill glass 3/4 of the way with the orange soda. Top off with Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky and garnish with an orange peel. Enjoy!


August, 2019


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August, 2019



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Grilled S August, 2019

Peach SALAd With Curried Chicken chicarron

alads are important, and the older I get, the more I find myself wanting them. Maybe I’m getting better at listening to my body, and sometimes you just need some greens to give

you a little refresh. Especially in the summer heat, it’s a good excuse to use the outdoor grill to get that classic charred flavor, but with the end goal of a cold salad. I’m a firm believer a simple dish can reach a new level with the garnish, so here I wanted to replace a classic parmesan chip, or cheese crisp, with a chicken chicharron. Crispy chicken skin is without a doubt the best a chicken can get, and anything crunchy is my go-to topper. A homemade spice mixture that combines sweet, salty and warm tones with curry and cumin is added to the chicken


skin, and I promise it’ll be a constant recipe that can be used on a multitude of things. Step up the salad game and give it a new platform to take over the warmer

For the Grilled Peach Salad

weather and still embody the lighter side of a meal.

1 pkg arugula 1/2 cup broccoli sprouts 1/4 red onion, thin sliced 1/2 cup roasted pepino Cotija, crumbled as garnish 1/2 cup blueberries


Place pieces on grill until hard grill marks show, roughly 2-3 minutes 3. 4.

(recipe follows) and your favorite salad dressing.

For the Ciurried Chicken Chicharron 1.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit.


Mix together salt, pepper, paprika, curry powder, cumin and brown sugar. Use a fork to break up any brown sugar chunks. Cover and set aside.


Carefully remove skin from chicken by using your hands and fingers to separate the skin from the breast of the bird. Using a paring knife to get through any tough spots, turn bird over and remove skin from thighs and wings.


Once removed, pat dry to soak up any excess liquid.


Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, place pieces of chicken sink as flat and stretched out as possible. Generously sprinkle chicken

1/2 teaspoon cumin 1 tablespoon packed brown sugar

Once peaches are chilled, plate salad mixture and top with grilled peaches, crumbled cotija, roasted pepino, curried chicken chicharron

2 teaspoons pepper

1/2 teaspoon curry powder

Combine arugula, broccoli sprouts, red onion and blueberries in mixing bowl.

Skin from one chicken

1/2 teaspoon paprika

While grill heats, toss sliced peach pieces with 1/2 tablespoon of oil. per side. Once grilled, set aside in refrigerator to chill.

1/2 tablespoon oil

2 teaspoons salt

Turn grill on high with lid closed for 10 minutes to disinfect. Alternatively, heat up stove-top grill pan until smoking.


1 peach, pitted and sliced

For the Curried Chicken Chicharron

For the Grilled Peach Salad

skins with spice mixture. top with another layer of parchment paper and another baking sheet so skins don’t shrink up while cooking. 6.

Bake for 45-50 minutes or until skins are golden brown and air pockets have formed


Let drain on paper towel and lightly sprinkle another layer of seasoning. Let cool.


On July 2nd we kicked off the holiday week with our July issue unveiling party on the beautiful patio at The State Line. We celebrated our food issue with live music by Dusty Low and tequila tastings! | Photos by: DANIEL FREDERICK |





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August 2019

01 Plaza Classic Film Festival

August 1-11 Plaza Theatre The region’s biggest classic film fest is back. In addition to the movies themselves, there will be a number of associated activities and treats around downtown.

Passes start at $200, but some films will be free



Bronco August 3 | 7 P.M.

The City Calendar

Coliseum One of the greatest Norteño groups to ever do it, Bronco is coming to El Paso this summer for what’s sure to be a killer set.

Admission: $40+




The HomEshake August 7 | 6 P.M.

Lowbrow Palace

Butter- August 7 | 7 P.M. tones Lowbrow Palace

The name of canuck Peter Sagar’s solo project, Homeshake, is low-key and pleasurable.


Lowbrow Palace Summer Salt is a fun and kooky indie group from Austin.

Admission: $15


The Zoo will stay open late and there’ll be numerous special animal presentations.

Admission: $15


Summer August 18 | 6 P.M.

El Paso Zoo

This L.A. rock group’s cool sound has earned them a loyal following since they got together in 2012.

Admission: $20


Zoofari August 10 Nights 10 A.M. - 8:30 P.M.

Jakob Ogawa

Admission: $9 adults, kids free

22 August 20 | 7 P.M. Lowbrow Palace Solo musician Jakob Ogawa is coming to El Paso. Get your tickets now.

Admission: $15

Mon Laferte

August 22 | 7:30 P.M. Coliseum Mon Laferte is good, so good she recently became the most listened to Chilean singer on Spotify.

Admission: $36+

August 2019



Farmers Market at


Ardovino’s Desert Crossing

Every Saturday in August 7:30 A.M. - 12 P.M. Ardovino’s Desert Crossing

Tango Lessons

Still going strong after 16 years, the farmers market at Ardovino’s is the place to go for fresh produce and delicious local snacks.

Every Saturday, El Paso Dance Works gives free Argentine tango lessons. All levels are accepted and no partner is needed!

Admission: Free

04 Blink-182

Every Saturday in August 8 P.M. El Paso Dance Works

Admission: Free

05 August 4 | 6 P.M. Don Haskins I don’t think this band needs any introduction.

Playboi Carti

Admission: $32.75+


August 5 | 5 P.M. Lowbrow Palace Attractive, stylish and insanely talented, Playboi Carti is one of rap’s hottest names right now … and he’s coming to El Paso!

Admission: $30+

17 Bobby Bones and the

Napoleon August 16 | 7:30 P.M.

Plaza Theatre

Raging August 17 | 8 P.M. Idiots Plaza Theatre

Coming all the way from Exteter, England, this metalcore group is sure to get you headbanging.

Don’t believe the name, these guys are geniuses.

Admission: $35+

27 Nelly

Admission: $30+

28 August 27 | 6 P.M. Don Haskins Nelly, St. Louis’ biggest rapper, is coming to the Sun City. You’d be a fool to miss his him—and his glorious muscles.

Admission: $22.75+

Boz Scaggs


A Realtor works for you. Take your time and do your research. When selling or buying, interview the agent you want to work with. Ask for their track record, years of experience, credentials and client reviews. Most important, find out if their work approach meets your expectations.


915.525.5161 August 28 | 7 P.M. Plaza Theatre Classic American guitarist extraordinaire, and a native Texan, Scaggs is still going at it. He’s getting up there though, so see him while he’s still around.

Admission: $39.50+


July, 2019



Anson 11 $$-$$$


303 N. Oregon St. Ste. 110 | (915) 504-6400

8889 Gateway West, Suite 1902 | (915) 234-2747

Anson 11 is two exceptional dining experiences dedicated to the

At Cinnaholic you can select from over 20 unique frosting flavors and

military man, the gentleman and the food connoisseur that was

a variety of fresh and decadent toppings. Mix and match flavors to

Anson Mills. For a downtown dining experience like no other, Anson

create a new experience every visit! All of our products are scratch-

11 is the restaurant to go to. PR, H

made and fresh-baked, and are 100% vegan, dairy & lactose-free,


egg-free and cholesterol-free.


The Downtowner $$ 325 N. Kansas St. | (915) 532-5200

Edge of Texas

Eat like a downtowner. Found on the ground floor of the Hotel


8690 Edge of Texas St. | (915) 822-3343

Indigo, The Downtowner offers breakfast, lunch and dinner - the only breakfast spot available in downtown El Paso. The restaurant delivers

Located in the far east, this is definitely worth the drive! Eat the best

great American taste with a twist of our Southwest flair. Savor the

steak you’ve ever had and enjoy the saloon.

amazing dishes offered on the menu and enjoy a cold and carefully crafted cocktail while enjoying the gorgeous views of downtown.


Prices: $ - Low Priced Patio/Outdoor Seating - O

$$ - Medium Range Dog Friendly- DF

$$$ - High Priced $$$$ - Exquisite Dining Party/Private Room - PR Happy Hour - H

To highlight your local restaurant in The City Local Eats email:

WESTSIDE July, 2019

Mi Piaci





5411 N. Mesa, Suite 1 | (915) 875-0034

6232 N. Mesa St. | (915) 584-3621

Join Mi Piaci Ristorante Italiano for lunch or dinner with Chef/Owner

Winning Best Taco for Best of The City 2015 and Best Chips

Cosimo Baltaglia, who hails from Calabria, Italy, for the freshest

and Salsa in 2014, Avila’s has a savory Mexican menu that will

seafood, gourmet hand-cut Angus reserve steaks aged 21 days,

satisfy your cravings. We’re open for weekend breakfast, have

and gently homemade pasta from Italy. O

lunch specials available daily and a convenient pick-up window is accessible for family dinners on the go. PR

Jerusalem Grill $$

Westside’s 3rd Hole

5380 N. Mesa St. | (915) 500-4357

1035 Belvidere Suite 168 | (915) 584-5577

Jerusalem is a low-key eatery where you can find authentic gyros,

There’s no better place to relax and grab a bite to eat than W3H. Nominated

baba ghanoush, shish kababs and more. Their appetizer combo is

as El Paso’s best tacos, stop by today and see why we’re becoming El

complete with hummus, baba ghanoush, grape leaves, spanakopita

Paso’s go-to spot for catching a game and eating some good food. “We

and falafel. Your tastebuds will enjoy this retreat to an amazing

saved you a seat.” Now with NFL Sunday Ticket on all screens. O, H


array of dishes. Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948 • Private Party Room • Beer & Wine • Outside Dining • Live Music Thur. to Sat. • We cater large or small events

The State Line


1222 Sunland Park Dr. I (915) 581-3371 Enjoying delicious authentic BBQ from The State Line. Based on four principles: offer the highest quality smoked BBQ, provide generous portions at affordable prices, offer friendly table and bar services and celebrate the heritage of Texas. Come on by to enjoy!

Italian Kitchen West


450 Thorn Ave. | (915) 842-0775 Enjoy boundless savory Italian classics either at their outdoor Italian.Kitchen. Westpatio

or intimate and comfortable atmosphere Italian Kitchen West m is doling out classic pizzas, mouth-watering pastas with great wine pairs and Italian meat entrees. Stay local, but enjoy the cuisine from 117 an ocean away. O, PR



The Kitchen

July, 2019

Mesa Street Grill $$$


150 Sunset | (915) 585-0801

3800 N Mesa St., Ste D1 | (915) 532-1881

Whether you’re looking for brunch, a quick lunch or a nice sit-down dinner

Mesa Street Grill introduces their newest dessert creation – the Pineapple

with views of El Paso’s sunsets, you will find all that you need at The

Crostata. This refreshing blend of pineapple, cinnamon and nutmeg is

Kitchen at 150 Sunset. Be sure to also check out our special wine dinners,

crowned with a cashew crumble and handmade sugar garnish. Taste this

with a specially curated menu and wine pairing. Come and treat yourself.

dessert once and it’s sure to become a summertime favorite. O, H, PR, H

P, H, DF, PR

Johnny Carino’s

Angry Owl Southwest Grill & Cantina



675 Sunland Park Dr. | (915) 581-7042

4799 N. Mesa St. | (915) 532-2450

1201 Airway Blvd. | (915) 778-7771

1700 N. Zaragoza Rd., Ste. 128 | (915) 300-1004

From traditional Italian dishes like Chicken Parmesan, to the more

This colorful Southwestern eatery offers mesquite-spiced, Mexican-

creative “Spiced Italian” fare like the Spicy Shrimp and Chicken and

inspired chow and potent cocktails. From seafood and ribs to fajitas

Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia, Johnny Carino’s has food and drinks to satisfy

and wings, you’ll find plenty of southwestern flavors to tempt your

your hunger for great food in a family-friendly atmosphere. H

palate. PR, H


Cattleman’s Steakhouse


King Crab $$$

3450 S. Fabens Carlsbad Rd. Fabens, TX 79838 | (915) 544-3200

1700 N. Zaragoza Suite 154 | (915) 849-8697

This is a family-style restaurant located on a 46 square mile working

You can’t get seafood like this anywhere else in El Paso. With Chef Pierre

ranch. Come savor our famous juicy steaks and mesquite-smoked BBQ while enjoying miles of desert scenery and spectacular sunsets! PR, O 118

bringing his Cajun home-style cooking from New Orleans, the seafood boils and dishes will leave your mouth watering for more. Fresh seafood is brought in twice a week. Come in and try for yourself. PR, H


July, 2019



LAS LOMAS W/D Ready, 2 Playgrounds, Business Center 2-3 Bedrooms | Starting at $680

SUN HOLLOW Fitness Center, Business Center, W/D connections in select units 1-3 Bedrooms | Starting at $624

LA PRIVADA W/D Ready in select units 1-2 Bedrooms | Starting at $615

LAKE FAIRWAY Business Center 1-2 Bedrooms I Starting at $550

TERRACE HILL Business Center, W/D Ready Studio, 1-2 Bedrooms Starting at $589

INDEPENDENCE PLACE Business Center, Fitness Center, Pet Park, W/D included 1-4 Bedrooms | Starting at $915

SPRING PARK Business Center, Fitness Center, W/D included in select units 1-3 Bedrooms | Starting at $740

RIDGEMAR W/D Ready 1-3 Bedrooms | Starting at $670

DESERT PEAKS 2 Swimming Pools, Fitness Center, Fully Renovated Units Refrigerated A/C Coming Soon! 1-3 Bedrooms | Starting at $700



August, 2019

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