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“...Listening is the driving force... We sympathize, empathize, synthesize and make the invisible, visible... We design and create your home around your visions and your dreams... In essence, we are the epitome of Design & Build!� -Kayton Lee Residential

April, 2017


April, 2017

duardo Onate, MD and Dr. Maria Mendoza, DNP are quickly emerging as the new faces of Sleep Medicine in El Paso, Texas. Aptly referred to as the “Dream Team,” these two providers are committed to delivering exceptional sleep care, aimed at improving your overall quality of life. 6

At 8 Hour Sleep Clinic, we have one shared vision: “To be recognized as

the Gold Standard in Sleep Medicine.” We have cultivated a culture where patients are treated as “guests” and with the utmost respect and compassion. As such, our staff is devoted to delivering personalized care during every step of the diagnostic and therapeutic process Current evidence supports the general recommendation for obtaining at least 7 hours per night, to

April, 2017

support optimal health among adults. However, at 8 Hour Sleep Clinic we realize that each sleep pattern is unique, just like you. The Dream Team Dr. Eduardo Onate is a graduate of Texas Tech University and completed his Sleep Felowship at Tulane University. Although a native of El Salvador, Dr. Onate’s heart now belongs to El Paso. From the food, to the music and culture, Dr. Onate fell in

love with the people of the West Texas town and has committed his life to serving them. Dr. Maria Mendoza is a graduate of The University of Texas El Paso, completing the highest degree of education obtainable as a Nurse Practitioner; serving the El Paso community for over 15 years in various medical specialties. As a native of El Paso, Dr. Mendoza is certainly the light that illuminates the Franklin Mountains’ Star.



April, 2017



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Cover: ICU Staff as pictured from left to right: Pablo Minjarez, RN, Anthony Viscon, CCRN AT YOUR LOCAL WALGREENS

Bryan Botello, CCRN, Luz Candia, RN Staci Lau-Taylor, CCRN-K, Cecilia Alvarez, RN Amy Gabriel, RN, Maria Fraire, RRT, Arturo Guillen, RRT, Evelyn Duran, RN Photo By: David Parish Cover Design By: Ernie Sanchez Creative


I just wanted to let you know that ever since we have been advertising with The City Magazine, we have been getting very sophisticated customers. We have customers from several places out of town, out of state and of course, from El Paso. They let us know they saw our ad in “The City Magazine” from El Paso, Texas.


Thank you, The City Magazine, for helping us increase our customer count. With the Northeast growing fast, it is really helping us out. Lupe Acosta, Owner, Edge of Texas Steakhouse

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April, 2017

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April, 2017

Expecting a baby? Do you have questions about your pregnancy? If you’re expecting a baby, you can care you need. We specialize in providing safe arrivals and healthy birth experiences for mothers and babies. So while you’re waiting for extraordinary care.

ASK YOUR FRIENDS! Or for more information, call (800) 340-7440 or visit



April, 2017

ounselor, nail tech, hair stylist, friend...we call them the nurses of ICU.

April is the month that we profile the doctors and medical teams in El Paso. As we prepared to write our cover story, there was no way to know just how the medical issue would touch our team. This month hit close to home as two individuals, in the circle of the magazine, both found themselves walking down the hospital hallways, towards the dreaded second floor of the ICU. The Intensive Care Unit. The acronym itself, ICU, brings instant fear, immediately followed by an uncontrollable rapid heartbeat. The burning desire of needing family, wherever they are, to drop everything and run to their loved one’s side. The outside world is no longer important, tasks that once seemed so important become trivial. Small arguments inside the family unit forgotten, out of office replies placed on your emails, the immediate sense that if it’s not life or death, it’s inconsequential. The waiting rooms become your hotel, your sleeping spot, the hospital restrooms where one brushes their teeth. Food doesn’t cross your mind until the smell of french fries enters the room on a plastic tray, and fashion is defined by comfortable workout clothes that can be worn for days on end. The sound of monitors


beeping is a constant reminder that this is critical, this is life or death. Every precious minute, every heartbeat is memorable, life flashes before your eyes, memories flood us and the thought of just one more day is everywhere. As the minutes become hours, you begin to become painfully aware that you’ve placed your loved one’s life in another’s hands, someone you don’t know. What your unaware of is that those hands become your lifeline. They are the Intensive Care Unit doctors, nurses and medical team. You learn to feel comfortable greeting them by first name, learning their shift times as well as you know your kid’s school schedule. You become friendly, often confiding personal elements that would never be told to the outside world. There’s a confidence and trust, an intimacy that develops on both sides; they become a counselor. The medical team goes beyond their training: they remove fingernail polish (the nail tech you’ll never forget), they brush the uncontrolled long hair gently, placing it into a style and become a hair stylist. On sad occasions, they bring you into the room to say goodbye, they become the shoulder you cry on, they become your friend. On a lighter note, there is more to read in the magazine. If it’s time to plan our summer vacations and Europe is in your future, read about a trip to Vianden Castle where our writer, Marie Moore, traveled. She learned first-hand the whispers about secret dungeons, where the daughter of the castle spent time when caught running amuck through the hillside until she was starved into submission. If you believe in legends or not, the castle has recently been restored and is worth the visit.


April, 2017





to tough, aggressive representation that protects our clients’ rights and interests.



705 Texas Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79901

Casa Buenavista April, 2017

Mismaloya Bay at Puerto Vallarta

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Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate April, 2017

Winter is on the way. The perfect time to head south to Puerto Vallarta. Just a few miles on the south side of PV lies the beautiful Mismaloya Bay, overlooking is Casa Buenavista. A 4 bedroom, 5 bath villa with a spectacular ocean view including the historic set of Night of the Iguanas.

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April, 2017

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April, 2017

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at a Walgreens near you 19


April, 2017

Nurses of the ICU Compassionate Companions During Life’s Critical Chapters

After 10 days in the ICU, I will never be able to repay the exceptional care and kindness shown to my family during one of the hardest times of my life. – Kim North


Nurses of the ICU

April, 2017


o one likes to see their loved ones seriously ill, but when they are—they may end up in a hospital’s intensive care unit or ICU. This specialized section of a hospital is outfitted with

some of the latest equipment in medical technology and staffed with a highly trained team that cares for patients in serious condition who need to be constantly monitored. “People are coming to the hospital, in perhaps their most vulnerable position,” explained Kurt Gross, Network Director of Communications and Marketing for The Hospitals at Providence. “It’s not only the patient, but the family too. It can be a very scary time for the family. There’s always the fear of the unknown. Lots of tests and procedures are being done and it’s a stressful situation. To be able to understand and empathize what that family is going through is key, especially here in the ICU.” The





Campus has a team of 45 employees who staff a 20-bed medical/surgical ICU. Patients and staff agree that nurses in the unit are driven by passion. “It’s a very special group of people that have the compassion, the skill and the heart to care for our patients. You can find that in all of our

You can learn tasks and skills, and it takes years [in your job], but once you go past that, you see a person, or a family and get to touch somebody in a special way. – Sharon Davidson, RN, CCRN, CSC

nurses, but particularly in the ICU; that’s where you see it shine a lot of times,” said Gross. Registered Nurse Amy Gabriel worked in oncology before moving to the ICU. When asked about her choice of profession, the answer was simple. “I really enjoy taking care of people,” said Gabriel. The UTEP graduate shared that working in the unit takes a lot of studying to learn about a patient’s subtleties when they aren’t able to speak. It also takes the patience to teach when dealing with concerned family members.


Nurses of the ICU

April, 2017 “We have to explain to the family what the situation is and have them understand what their family member is going through,” explained Gabriel. “It usually takes multiple times of explaining because when your family member is so sick, you’re not completely there, you’re not completely absorbing everything, so you need to reiterate what we are doing. It’s constant communication.” Working in the ICU stirs deep emotions for RN, CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse) Anthony Viscon. “It gives you the opportunity to really connect with patients and families at a level that other professions do not get to, especially here in the ICU. These patients are totally dependent on us and the families are in a very difficult situation,” said Viscon, who paused to hold back tears, “to help them to get through that is worth it.” Viscon worked as a first responder before beginning his career as a nurse. He started in the medical field back in 1985 as an EMT for the City of El Paso, then went on to become a paramedic. “My goal had always been to be a doctor and, as very often happens, life gets in the way, and I never was quite able to get to that point,” shared Viscon. “I had the opportunity to take a paramedic-to-RN bridge course that the community college offered many years back and got my RN thinking that, again, it was the stepping stone to medical school. But when I got into nursing I realized that I loved [it]. I look at it as one of the reasons I never had the doors open to go to medical school was because it wasn’t where I was meant to be,” he said. Staci Lau-Taylor, RN, CCRN-K (the “K” validates specialty knowledge and influence of care delivered to acutely/critically ill patients), leads the Providence team as director of nursing for ICU and dialysis. She said there is no question that the group is


April, 2017

Nurses of the ICU

special. The hiring process is selective and aligns with the high standard set in the unit. Lau-Taylor said the nurses are self-driven and work well as a team to serve patients first. “Our teamwork is phenomenal in good times and in bad, and that’s where our strength comes from,” she explained. And strength is definitely a non-negotiable in the intensive care unit. “When we’re lucky, we help people back to health,” said Lau-Taylor. “Sometimes, we help at the end of their life to their death, but we do it as compassionately and comfortably as we can.” That comfort and compassion is not lost on families who spend time in the ICU. Many will tell you that nurses like Gabriel and Viscon went above and beyond their duties to make them feel comfortable or to give them peace of mind during their loved one’s stay. “These actions, no matter how small, sometimes made all the difference during a difficult day,” shared one family member. “[The nurses] truly sympathize with those in their care and it shows. I was deeply affected by their professionalism and dedication to providing round-the-clock care in this manner.” As Gabriel, Viscon and Lau-Taylor will tell you, the impact is mutual. “We are human, we make connections with people, and the longer that people are here, the deeper that connection is,” said Lau-Taylor. Viscon said the unit is cohesive, but all hospital staff – regardless of their title – play a part in making a difference in the patient’s lives. “It’s a difficult time. We are here to help, but it goes beyond that,” said Viscon. “It’s being able to make a difference in these people’s lives, even if the outcome is not good. These people

At one point, in the midst of all the ICU chaos, our nurse told us to let them worry about the monitors, the beeping and readings. They said it would be most helpful for us to focus on our mom, as we knew her better than any of them, so if she seemed ‘off’, we would know that and could alert them to it. It was great direction. It took the pressure off of us focusing on things we did not know how to interpret and made us feel a part of the process. – Ellen Fennell Ordaz 23

Nurses of the ICU

April, 2017 will remember this was a place that they came to get help and everything was done regardless of what the outcome is,” he said. As you may imagine, some days in the specialized unit are more difficult than others and some days even lead to tears for the staff. But it’s a calling ICU nurses gladly answer. “That’s what keeps me coming back,” said Viscon. “I know every person I touch in one way or another, is helped in some way. A little part of me goes home with them the same way that every day a little bit of these people go home with me, too.” “Making somebody better is an amazing feeling,” said Gabriel. “You see that progression and you say, ‘Hey, I helped do that.’ When someone is passing, you can make sure they are not suffering, make sure the family understands and is coping with everything that is going on. [With] both sides of the spectrum, you get fulfillment because you helped them on their journey,” she said. While many people may perceive nurses as champions or even super heroes, Viscon is not comfortable with the term and, without hesitation, said it’s those in serious condition who he admires. “To me, the heroes are the family members dealing with difficult situations, it’s the patients themselves who are very sick, yet maintain a positive emotional state. I’ve seen such sick people just smiling. Those are the heroes; I’m not. I get to be one small part of their lives,” he said.


April, 2017




April 29 . 8am . Ascarate Park

Register at: Early registration ends Apri 21| For more information

Autism Society of Texas - El Paso 400 N. Carolina Dr., El Paso, TX 79915 915.772.9100 | | /autismsocietyep 25

Pre-Race Packet and Late Registration will be at UP & Running 3233 N. Mesa #205 on Friday, April 28, 2017 from 12pm to 6pm. Team Pre-race packet pick up will be on Thursday, April 27, 2017 from 12pm to 6pm. Check-in begins at 7am.

April, 2017


W Meet El Paso’s Only April, 2017

hen Dr. Lisa Kafchinski was younger,

she dreamt of a career in which she could

have a happy marriage between caring for

others and science.

“I had always been interested in science,” said the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso surgeon. “I loved putting science together in a way that gave me the opportunity to help people in a practical and meaningful manner. And I was really blessed to have mentors who encouraged me and inspired me to follow my specialty.” That specialty— orthopedic surgery with a practice focus on musculoskeletal oncology—has made Kafchinski a regional treasure. Kafchinski’s focus on adult and pediatric soft tissue and bone sarcomas; benign soft

Orthopedic Oncologist Dr. Lisa Kafchinski


tissue and bone tumors; metastatic bone disease and chronic infections is a unique one. Kafchinski is the only orthopedic oncologist in El Paso. The next closest orthopedic oncologist is in Albuquerque. “I was really looking for a position where I would be able to provide a service that wasn’t available elsewhere in the community,” said the Reno, Nev. native when explaining why she chose to come to the Sun City. “I also wanted to be involved with a university dedicated to education and the community and Texas Tech combines those two things.” “The amount of community services that Texas Tech provides is outstanding,” she continued. “When I saw how that is coupled with its dedication to education— not just for medical students but through the residency program and professional development—it was clear that it was the perfect combination for me. In addition, the way in which Texas Tech embraced its neighbors and the surrounding communities was impressive to me. It was the combination of commitment to healthcare excellence, medical research, education and sustaining the community.” Kafchinski has more than seven years of experience in the field of medicine. She graduated from University Of Nevada School Of Medicine with her medical degree in 2010. She conducted her orthopedic surgery residency at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and an orthopedic oncology fellowship at the University


Dr. Lisa Kafchinski

of Toronto in Canada. She is now affiliated with numerous hospitals, including University Medical Center of El Paso. “Since arriving in El Paso, there have been so many memorable cases that I’ve worked on,” she said. “There is one in particular, however, that does stand out. There was a woman who had been waiting for about two years to have a mass removed from her leg. She had been suffering for quite some time. But being on the journey with her and helping her through that difficult process was very gratifying. Seeing her gratitude was a highlight, and reminded me of how truly fortunate I am to do the work that I do.” Early in her career, she learned the importance of remembering that every patient is a unique person with a family, a story, fears and hopes. “The first orthopedic surgeon that I worked with my first year in medical school really showed me the way,” Kafchinski said. “That physician took time with each patient and made that person feel like the most important person in the world. Even listening to the patient’s concerns is important and lets him or her know that they are not just another case. Each person has inherent value and deserves respect and the utmost care.” Especially in her field, she knows that treating patients with an extra dose of compassion is critical. “When patients or their families come to you, they come scared and worried,” continued Kafchinski, who credits her mother as her hero and person who taught her the importance of kindness. “Families can use all the support they can get—whether it’s surgical intervention or not. As a physician, when you employ compassion, you let that family know that they are not alone.”


April, 2017

“When patients or their families come to you, they come scared and worried, families can use all the support they can get— whether it’s surgical intervention or not. As a physician, when you employ compassion, you let that family know that they are not alone.”

April, 2017

Dr. Lisa Kafchinski


Dr. Lisa Kafchinski

April, 2017

Kafchinski hopes that she will be able to

“The resilience of patients has amazed

get further involved in her adopted home.

me,” she said. “That and seeing firsthand how important it is to foster and

“Everyone has been so warm and

encourage people to reach out to friends

welcoming,” she said. “My favorite thing

and family. God has given us the ability to

about El Paso is definitely the people. They

make it through difficult times, and that is

are so kind, and I’m so grateful for the

a gift. But we can only do it together, as a

warm welcome I’ve received. I definitely

family of God’s people.”

want to give back by getting involved in the El Paso community and putting down

It’s a lesson she learned through the book

roots. But I also want to hit up some more

that changed her life, The Bible.

local restaurants. I definitely need to try more Mexican food!”

“It’s a story of redemption. Despite us constantly making mistakes, He has

And, of course, she also wants to continue

never given up on us and never will. He

to improve her craft.

is always the loving Father who is ready to welcome us with open arms. The Bible and its messages inform everything I do.”


April, 2017

certified Balayage Artist Exclusive R+CO retailer

Hair: Nicholas Reyes Makeup: Leila Soto Photography: brittni Schroeder

6633 N. MESA, SUITE 204, EL PASO, TX 79912 (915) 504-9269 • www.nicholasREYESHAIR.coM /Nicholas Reyes Hair Salon

31 @Nicholas Reyes Hair Salon

April, 2017



“The Idiot”

“My Heart is an Idiot”

by Elif Batuman

by Davy Rothbart

It’s 1995 and email is new. This makes dating, love and contacting

In a string of essays, Dave Rothbart spares us no embarrassing details

a very confusing thing for Selin, who is starting her freshman year

when he talks about finding love all over the country. From mishaps

at Harvard. With new worldly friends in college, a love interest and

on his many road trips to waking up naked on a park bench in New

travels abroad, Selin is discovering who she is and deals with the

York, Rothbart’s writing is raw and funny. Many will also relate to

dooming fact that she will become a writer. Although fictional, “The

trying to find love organically and all of the ups and downs that go

Idiot” lends its readers wit to personally identifiable themes.

along with the territory. You won’t want to put it down.

“The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane”

“Can’t Just Stop: An Investigation of Compulsions”

by Lisa See

by Sharon Begley

From bestselling author, Lisa See, “The Tea Girl of Hummingbird

We’ve all heard about OCD or of someone (maybe you) needing

Lane” explores the lives of a mother and daughter. In the Yunnan

retail therapy. In this non-fiction book, Sharon Begley dives deep into

village of China, where the Akha people make a living farming tea,

these compulsive behaviors to investigate and reveal the truth behind

we met Li-yan. When she has a baby outside of wedlock, she leaves

human behavior. Within her research, Begley finds the multiple forms

behind tradition and wraps her daughter in a blanket of teacake and

of compulsion, ranging from mild to extreme, that are really just

abandons her in the nearest city. While the daughter lives a privileged

coping responses to different degrees of anxiety.

life in California, she still wonders about her origin and looks for answers in the tea that has shaped her family for generations. 32

April, 2017


April, 2017

Braden’s Avery Aboud, Braden’s sister, annual release of the dove at the commencement of the race.


April, 2017



with a person, a story, the story of Braden’s life.” There has never been any great plan in place, “The story has just sustained itself.”


It is often times assumed that an




Aboud less

as as

Foundation immediately

successful the

Braden becomes



veryone’s life has a purpose; your spirit

its endeavors, simply lending a name and

can outlive your life.” That purpose

contributing monetarily. This is NOT the case

is not always realized, apparent or

for Braden’s namesake. It remains volunteer

complete, but unfolds long after the

driven with only one paid employee. There are

life has ended. Braden Aboud’s purpose, the

36 board members and all are genuinely vested

Braden Aboud Foundation, continues to thrive

and willing to go above and beyond when the

years after his young life was claimed in a tragic

need arises. Whether it be driving a single

skiing accident. His spirit lives on in countless

pair of shoes across town to an impoverished

life, but on the giving of one’s self in order to

generosities and hands-on activities throughout

student or delivering a blanket to a homeless

better the community.

our community, touching and impacting

veteran, they never turn anyone away. In an

lives on a daily basis. Cindi and Gary Aboud,

unimaginably unselfish manner, the Abouds

“If a sport had a ball, Braden played it,” and

Braden’s parents, say it best, “This all began

actually want the focus not to be on Braden’s

like most teenage boys, Braden had an affinity


April, 2017 for the shoes required to best play those sports. Uniforms had become mandatory at his school and when his mom made a comment discerning what a great equalizer the uniforms were for students, Braden simply replied, “Until you get down to their shoes, they don’t have the right tennis shoes for sports.” Cindi remembered the comment, tucked it away and it later served as the catalyst for the B STRONG Shoe Giveaways. Each year, a deserving elementary school in the area is chosen to receive a pair of Nike shoes for each student, hand delivered in a box labeled specifically for that child along with a pair of socks. The smiles given in return are priceless. “It feels good to make another person feel good, feel special.” This undertaking is quite possibly the nearest and dearest to the hearts of all involved, as they personally interact with each and every child. Braden and his foundation have an innate ability to see a need and fill it. Like the shoe


April, 2017 giveaway, the blanket drive arose from an observation made by Braden the last year of his life. He knew there was a need, kept

Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948

seeing it on TV and was aware the need was not being met. When his classmates entered their freshmen year at Coronado, they implemented the B WARM Blanket Drive

• Private Party Room

and 10 years later it remains successful. The

• Beer & Wine

B FIT Fitness Program is embedded in the EPISD website and educates children and

• Outside Dining

their families about fitness and specifically

• Live Music Thur. to Sat.

about run/walk race preparation. The B SAFE Swimming Program educates people from

• We cater large or

outlying areas about water safety near canals.

small events Then there’s this “little” race that began with one young girl at Braden’s school simply saying, “Let’s have a race to remember Braden.” The Annual Braden Aboud Memorial Run/Walk has grown into the largest race in the Southwest and is the single largest competitive children’s

Italian.Kitchen. West www.theitaliankitchenelpaso.comm

race in the nation. Last year the event drew over 11,000 entries, including team entries where a portion of the money raised was given directly back to the schools. This money funded climbing walls, soccer and volleyball equipment and culinary and archery programs, all of which would not be possible otherwise. This year, for the first time, corporate team sponsorships are being offered. Helen of Troy, Rudolph Chevrolet and Whole Foods have already jumped on board, with the money raised being dispersed to the charities of their choice.

J. Salvador Saldivar, MD, MPH, FACOG, FACS

The Braden Aboud Foundation embodies all that is good and generous in the human spirit, in Braden’s spirit. All of these endeavors began with his life and continue with the support of friends, family and community. The Abouds are quick to express gratitude toward a community that, “Embraces people and catches you when you fall.” They still don’t have a plan and continue to believe that all of this is, “God-driven and bigger than we are.” There’s definitely something, or someone, very, very special at work here. Thank you, Braden.

SPECIALTY AREAS • Robotic & laparoscopic minimally invasive gynecologic oncology surgery • Complex pelvic & abdominal surgery • Female reproductive tract cancers-vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovarian, fallopian tube • Fertility-sparing gynecologic surgery • Hereditary reproductive tract cancers

Interests • Cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer • Genetic risk assesment and testing • Chemotherapy & Radiation • Colposcopy & HPV vaccinations

• Genital tract fistula management • Evaluation & treatment of lower genital tract dysplasias • Sentinel Lymphadectomy for gynecological cancers

Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 7th, it truly is an EVENT you don’t want to miss!

RGU Westside 7420 Remcon Circle Building C, El Paso, TX 79912



Charity Register

April, 2017

April Opportunities to Give & Support


Our Colors Run Together El Paso 5K Event: On April 2nd from 7 in the morning to noon, The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation hosts an inaugural 5K at Cohen Stadium to celebrate all cancer survivors and to honor those whose journey has ended. All proceeds will remain in El Paso, and fifty percent of the



money raised will be used in health services and funding programs for all types of cancer.


$15 for kids 5-12, $35 adults. Prices increase $5 on race day. Find more

information at or call 915-526-7660.

Tutu’s For Kidneys 5K Run/Walk- Health fair Event: On April 8th from 8 in the morning to one in the afternoon at Ascarate Park as Amigo Kidney Foundation of El Paso launches their inaugural Tutu’s for a health fair and 5K run/walk.

Contests Editorial Extras Things to Do Sneak Previews

Details: Admission is $25, and you can sign up through or call 915-929-6222. 19th Annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake Fundraiser Benefitting Big Brothers & Big Sisters Event: On April 22nd from noon to six in the evening at Bowl El Paso, eat, drink, dance, and bowl for El Paso youth. This all day event will raise money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring services of El Paso.

Details: This event is free, but you are welcome to help raise money through the activities that will be offered there. Visit or contact Rebecca Romero at 915-544-4203.

Stuff the Truck Event: On April 22nd from nine a.m. to four p.m. and April 23rd from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., join the Salvation Army at Barnett Harley-Davidson as they help STUFF the Truck as part of their spring donation drive. These resources help the Salvation Army serve El Paso families in need. Proceeds will benefit the shelter programs of the Salvation Army.

Details: This event is free. Enjoy raffles for a MasterCool for your home, or dinner at Texas Roadhouse for every 20 pounds of donations of used clothes, housewares, furniture, and appliances you bring.

9th Annual Run/Walk for Autism Awareness Event: Autism Society of El Paso hosts their 9th annual run/walk for autism awareness on Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon at Ascarate Park. Learn about autism and help raise money for the local chapter and the families they assist.

Details: Register through their Facebook page, The Autism Society of Texas-El Paso,

Like Us!

The38City Magazine El Paso Texas

under their events page. Prices for teams and prices range for autistic teams and nonautistic teams.

April, 2017

This month on Your Real Estate Adventure...

It doesn't look good.

Your interest rates are starting to rise.



But time is of the essence!!!!

Is there any hope?

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KBYREE Real Estate Agents.

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Volume One, Series Four


April, 2017




April, 2017


ational Geographic describes a giraffe as the world’s

tallest mammal, one that is “fascinating in the way that

it roams the open grasslands in small groups of about half

a dozen”. However, to some the word giraffe has an entirely

different meaning. Giraffe, an incubator that personifies that of the female uterus, kept my baby alive for nearly three months.

At the early gestation of 25 weeks, I was admitted to Providence Memorial Hospital at two centimeters dilated with my amniotic sack bulging. Taking myself to the emergency room for some abnormal symptoms resulted in the scariest week of my life. I was transported to Providence from another hospital because they had Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) capabilities so that, if my daughter was born, we would be at the most well-equipped hospital in the area. I was quickly given shot after shot. A shot to stop contractions, a shot to protect the baby’s lungs, and an IV was placed for magnesium to also stop contractions. It seemed like my world was crashing and there was absolutely nothing I could do but lay—practically upside down—and pray that my baby stayed inside. This was Monday. By Sunday morning I was given the news that I was

going to have to deliver the baby to save both of our lives. A doctor from 41

Expecting a Miracle

April, 2017

the NICU came up to my room to explain what

tiny little hand that could barely wrap around my

Until you have experienced this kind of

would happen with my baby and her chance

pinky made my heart sink. She was only 1 ½

miracle, you really never understand. We

of survival—a very low 35% chance that she

pounds and smaller than a Barbie doll. Machines

can describe intense, intricate details to our

would ever come home with us. Devastation

surrounded her, cords hung from every inch of

families and friends, people can come and

filled my entire world as I knew it.

her tiny, transparent body keeping her alive. I

visit, but the journey is never understood by

cried at the miracle in front of me. My first child

an outsider the way it is for us as parents. To

Delivery came and after several pushes, our

laid there on life support and we had no idea

me, the hardest part of the whole experience

daughter was wheeled off to the NICU. It was

what the future held. It was the scariest, but yet

are the days you don’t want to talk about

hours before I could see her, and holding her

most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

it. The days you find out news that’s not so


Expecting a Miracle

April, 2017 great and you have no desire to share. The

are now, is how nothing was sugar-coated

After 104 days, our beautiful girl came home

majority of our days we spent more time

when information was given. We were sat

with us. Though the road ahead is still long

in prayer knowing God was the only one

down by her doctor the day after she was

in terms of her development and health,

who fully understood and had a plan for our

born and he went from head to toe, even

her father and I are amazed at how far she

daughter from the beginning.

with drawings, describing the possibilities

has come and the fact that she is even alive

as well as probabilities of what we should

today to smile and laugh at us. I couldn’t

When someone hears the news that they

expect. If it weren’t for the support of the

imagine a day without her huge smile and

are expecting a baby, a fear of preterm birth

staff, I truly believe we wouldn’t be here

precious giggles.

is not usually the first thing that comes to

today to tell this story. The nurses were

mind. I’ll admit, my mind was overwhelmed

I believe it is so important to understand the

when I visited the NICU for the first time.

extremely high percentage of preterm births

Where our daughter started was in the very

here in El Paso. The preterm birth rate in El

back room of the NICU so, during each of

Paso County, found in a study conducted by

our visits, we had to walk by many other

Dr. Michael Cardwell, M.D. at the Department

babies and parents that were hurting much

of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Texas Tech

like we were. For over three months we

University, is an astounding 14.2%. This

visited this place. We learned to consider it

exceeds the national and state of Texas

our second home. From blood transfusions,

rates of 12.7% and 13.1%. Dr. Cardwell also

to requiring oxygen longer than anticipated,

found that, while there are evidence-based

to her dreadful heart surgery to close a valve

diagnostics and therapeutics available in our

that failed to close on its own, every day

county for healthcare providers to offer

brought a new challenge and, with that, an

to high risk pregnant women, they

even stronger faith. As time went on, we

are not nearly as utilized as they

began to see her reach milestones. For

should be. He proposed a Preterm Birth Prevention Clinic to help those

an NICU parent, milestones are much

who are at risk for preterm births. In

different than those of a healthy term

his findings, he found that a recently

baby. To us, every gram she gained made us light up the room with

developed preterm birth prevention

our smiles. Every centimeter

clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah saw

she grew in length melted our

results of a remarkable 28%

hearts. Right before our eyes,

decrease in preterm births. You

this once lifeless, tiny baby

can read more of his study at

fought for her life and proved

how much miracles really This year, consider participating

do happen.

in El Paso’s March of Dimes event to support premature babies

The NICU staff at Providence


like ours. You can raise money


daughter. During my week long stay leading

never just there for our baby—

through their website for your

up to her birth, each doctor or nurse that

they always ensured we were

own walk and proceeds go

saw me always made sure I was well aware

as comfortable as possible and, even

of what was going on with my body and my

on days we were a little down, never failed

and programs to end premature birth, birth

baby. A doctor from the NICU came up to

to notice and ask if we were okay or if they

defects and infant mortality. We enjoyed

my room to inform me of what we would

could help. Every day, things got a little

walking in the event last year and can’t wait

be expecting once our daughter made her

easier with their help and receptiveness. I

to do it again with our daughter this time!

arrival. Once we had her, I can’t begin to

will forever be thankful for these people that

Spreading awareness of premature birth in

describe how amazing the NICU staff was

saved our daughter’s life.

our city begins with us.

to funding lifesaving research

to all of us. What I loved the most, now that I can look back on those days from where we


Gift of caring

Local Girls Scouts Team with Area Military and Sponsors to Deliver A Very Sweet Message


April, 2017

“Sending deployed military a ‘taste of home’ is truly one of the sweetest ways to show we care, so hosting and helping to present this annual event at Luemar Logistics is an honor and privilege,” states Marcos Lozano, Sales & Development Director for Luemar. Not only do recipient military get to enjoy a classic American treat as a result of this program, but the Girl Scouts who sell more than 8 boxes of cookies for this worthwhile cause, earn the GIFT OF CARING patch, to sew onto their uniforms. Even more important than the patch, Diane

vehicles, accompanied by a Brigade Line

Flanagan, Chief Executive Officer for the

ceremony and celebration.

Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest adds, “Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program our

Partnering in this year’s local GIFT OF

girls develop five essential lifelong skills: goal

CARING program are The Girl Scouts of

setting, decision making, money management,


people skills, and business ethics. These are

New Mexico and West Texas}; Fort Bliss;

all 21st century business and finance skills

Holloman Air Force Base, the American Red

that will aid them in future circumstances.

Cross and Luemar Logistics, the host of our

irl Scouts across the country use a little

With the Gift of Caring program our girls are

area’s 2017 program event.

initiative and a LOT of Girl Scout cookies

learning to give back to the community.”

Photos Courtesy of Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest | By: MARIE MOORE |





Location: 9155 Billy The Kid St., on the east

to show their appreciation for our men and women in uniform. The ‘GIFT OF

On Saturday, May 6th, members of the public

side of El Paso, near Zaragosa and North Loop.

CARING’ program allows customers who

are invited to join Girl Scouts who sold these

Time: 11 a.m.–12 p.m.

don’t want to buy cookies for themselves, or

cookies and official military representatives,

who choose to buy for both themselves and

sponsors, the press, military and Scout

GSDSW will deliver all Gift of Caring boxes.

others, to support the Girl Scout Organization

families at Luemar Logistics’s facilities, to

For more information about the event or the

that sends these cookies abroad.

enjoy complimentary refreshments and

Girl Scouts, call Aggie Reyes, Girl Scout

witness thousands of boxes of cookies

Product Sales Director at 1-800-895-7390 or

being loaded onto American Red Cross





as a golf or tennis member at significantly reduced initiation fees with a generous incentive package. March 1 - June 30, 2017

Regular Membership

Initiation fee now only $1,000

compared to $10,000. After 2 years, mandatory initiation fee $2,325 to receive regular membership certificate (payment plan available).

FULL PRIVILEGE of the Club for you & your family Full access to golf, tennis, swimming, dining, fitness. Offer available to first 30 applicants only.

Two COMPLIMENTARY rounds of golf PLUS $150 Gift Card

Tennis Membership

FREE Membership AND $150 GIFT CARD! Initiation fee WAIVED for the first 20 applicants.


Private Lesson, Clinic and Round of Golf

El Paso Country Club • 5000 Country Place, El Paso, Texas 79922 • (915) 584-1111 •

Brenda Waters, Membership Director

Andy Khatami, General Manager / COO


Yvette Schermer, Marketing Director

#LoveElPaso Highlighting the corners of our city one post at a time...





#LoveElPaso so we can discover your post! 114 likes


April, 2017


Doctors Worth Knowing

“Given one well-trained physician of the highest type he will do better work for a thousand people than ten specialists.” -William J. Mayo Most understand the dedication of time, effort and resources required to attain the noble ranking of ‘physician.’ What we don’t often hear about is the passion that drives their desire to provide care for others and improve one’s quality of life, of which underlie this huge achievement. The following pages do just that. Our ‘Top Doctors’ are not only passionate about their fields, it’s the patients they’re driven to care for that are the catalyst for their vision, all while serving to propel our city forward through the latest advances in medical care and innovative technologies.

SOUTHWEST CENTER FOR STEM CELL & R E G E N E R AT I V E M E D I C I N E Jose Luis Villarreal, M.D., P.A. El Paso … The future is here! And it’s called Southwest Center for

arising from sports injuries, just to name to name a few. What’s more,

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine. Under the direction of Dr. Jose

stem cell therapies are totally and completely natural. Our bodies

Luis Villarreal, an uncommonly, triple-board certified pain management

contain fat tissue and bone marrow that contain an abundant amount

and anesthesia specialist, this new center’s game-changing approach

of stem cells and proteins that not only have incredible therapeutic

to pain management delivers cutting-edge stem cell regenerative

applications, they are simple to “harvest.” Adult stem cells derived

therapies that are proving to prolong, even rule out, the need for

from the body’s basic elements work to boost the body’s natural ability

expensive and painful surgeries. A native of El Paso, the Stanford

to heal itself in a dramatic and powerful way.

University graduate pursued his M.D. at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas before undergoing extensive

Stem cell and regenerative medicine can provide complete and

training in his areas of specialty. What followed is a slew of accolades

total healing without the invasiveness, downtime and cost of

that includes being the very first fellowship-trained, board certified

typical surgeries. With deductibles higher than ever, patients pay

Pain Specialist in El Paso and has treated chronic pain patients in our

high costs to have surgeries that are sometimes preventable and

area since 1995. In fact, Dr. Villarreal established his practice in his

can be more affordable.

hometown because it was an “underserved area” and today, by way of the most innovative medical advances known to our area, the Sun

The cutting-edge therapies at Southwest Center for Stem Cell and

City pain specialist is paving the way for regenerative medicine right

Regenerative Medicine are, unequivocally, a gift to the community

here in our own backyard!

through Dr. Villarreal’s commitment to excellence in care and his vision for the center, where he affirms, “I would like to see it grow [into] a

A growing array of regenerative treatments including stem cells is

center where both staff and providers are dedicated to stem cell and

showing to have tremendous healing capabilities. Dr. Villarreal now

regenerative medicine.” With plans for additional locations in the near

offers stem cell and other regenerative therapies for painful arthritic

future, let’s make no mistake, Dr. Villarreal is giving El Pasoans a bright

joints, spinal issues, soft tissue and cartilage repair and conditions

future, today!



Jose Luis Villarreal, M.D., P.A. Southwest Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine 5652 N. Mesa St. El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 351-1155


Ruben Ramirez-Vega, M.D., M.S.C.S. With one of the highest rates for liver disease, if not the highest in the state, El Paso can now count on the expertise offered by Dr. Ruben Ramirez- Vega, the only private Liver Specialist in our city. Did we mention he’s also an expert in gastroenterology? Bring them together and you’ll find a physician who’s passionate about providing excellence in care for patients who draw from both his specialties. Commonly known as Dr. Ramirez, the Burges High School graduate completed his M.D. at Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juárez, followed by his residency in Internal Medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, where he served as House Staff President in his second year, and House Staff Vice-President and Chief Resident during his third year. His fellowship training followed in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, where Dr. Ramirez was elected as Chief Fellow, and subsequently, completed a Master of Science in Clinical Sciences (MSCS) at UT Southwestern. He’s published in various international medical journals, and conducts ongoing multicenter and international clinical trials. On top of that, he obtained a Liver Transplant Specialist degree at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, before bringing back his numerous credentials to an area where he “knew there was a need for liver services and to collaborate with local Gastroenterologists.” Today, Dr. Ramirez “guides the care of the patient” through a multidisciplinary approach which can now be done here in El Paso. Patients used to travel elsewhere for care, even for just routine visits, which was not only costly, it was draining on already weary patients. Often, patients couldn’t afford to travel for the care they needed. “In the past, patients were being lost to follow up,” Dr. Ramirez explains. That has since changed as he evaluates patients; as the first step in a treatment process involving the comprehensive and direct management of patient care via an integrated network of local specialists and referral centers who, together, review a case and ultimately navigate patients through their care path. A recipient of the Pillars of Public Health Award 2017 by the City of El Paso Department of Public Health, the America’s Top Physicians of 2015 award by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, as well as the notable Physician of the Month for the Hospitals of Providence in November of 2015, we can bet that this is a physician whose patients’ needs are met expertly, thoroughly and with the highest regard. Although once hard to come by, Dr. Ramirez delivers to our Sun City a level of patient care that’s truly, one of a kind! Ruben Ramirez-Vega, M.D., M.S.C.S. Gastroenterology and Liver Consultants of the Southwest P.A. 1700 Curie St., Ste. 4400 El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 525-9194




Muneer E. Assi, D.O., FACOI 1700 Cliff Dr., Bldg A., Ste. 100 El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 351-6200



Muneer Assi, D.O., F.A.C.O.I. Although our city’s medical community is thriving, that’s not always

vision to promote diversity within osteopathic medicine, especially

been the case. Despite the current boom in healthcare, El Paso

among Hispanics and Native Americans, and is committed to positively

presses on with a well-documented shortage of physicians and

impacting the availability of healthcare through the development and

roughly half that of the U.S. average. There is, however, a silver lining

retention of locally trained, and highly needed, physicians.

for our residents that comes by way of Dr. Muneer Assi and his vision at the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in Las Cruces,

That brings us to osteopathic medicine’s special emphasis on

N.M, which broke ground in 2015 as one of our nation’s newest

preventative care and “whole person” approach, which focuses on

medical colleges. Driven by its mission, “Para la gente y el futuro”

the “integration of the entire body’s systems.” MD’s and DO’s are

(“For the people and the future”), BCOM is focused on improving

both fully licensed practitioners capable of prescribing medicine,

healthcare in the Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico through

performing surgery and specialize in areas of interest. D.O.’s also

the pursuit of osteopathic medical education that aims to increase

receive special training in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT),

physician diversity and retention in our area, all while improving

which involves using the hands to diagnose and treat illness. That’s a

access to healthcare in our region.

win-win for our area as we anticipate the first BCOM graduating class, right around the corner in 2020, and the huge leap forward it signifies

A proud El Paso native, Dr. Assi graduated from Baylor University with a

for our region. As Dr. Assi asserts, “By having more professional

BS in Biology before earning his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

schools in the area, more professionals will stay here and make our

degree from the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Ft. Worth,

community better.” And with that, we can proudly look to Dr. Assi

Texas, and is board certified in Internal Medicine and a Fellow of the

and BCOM’s passion and dedication to fostering healthcare access

American College of Osteopathic Internists. Dr. Assi completed his

through regional medical education as the promise for a “vibrant

residency in Cleveland, Ohio and was in practice there until returning

medical community” and a much brighter Sun City!

home to El Paso in 2000 to begin his new private practice. He also serves as BCOM’s Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine and their

Interested in a career in osteopathic medicine or contributing to

Regional Assistant Dean for El Paso. Today, Dr. Assi shares the BCOM

BCOM? Visit for information.

Copyright 2017 Dekker/Perich/Sabatini


Dr. Jose D. Burgos and Dr. Marcelo Chauvet UCare Urgent Care Clinic. 3051 N. Zaragoza Rd. El Paso, Texas 79938 (915) 401-8019

Jose D. Burgos, MD, MBA Marcelo Chauvet, MD The newest state of the art urgent care facility to open in the far east side is the UCare Urgent Care Clinic. Opened in October of 2016, it is the brainchild of Dr. Marcelo Chauvet and Dr. Jose Burgos. Both Burgos and Chauvet bring years of experience in offering the highest standards in medical care. Both doctors are products of the Texas Tech School of Medicine and worked at University Medical Center for several years before opening UCare. They know firsthand the unique health care needs of this border community. They also recognize that the ever-expanding far east side of El Paso was the perfect location for their facility. There is a shortage of clinics like UCare and their goal is to provide an option for health care needs without the elevated expenses and copays from emergency rooms as well as the businesses in the area who need a place to go for work related injuries. A very experienced nurse practitioner is on staff to assist with patient care, as are two x-ray technicians, two receptionists and an office manager who make up the team at UCare. The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. They offer the possibility to schedule an 54 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING

appointment online but everybody is welcome to walk-in


Dr. Salvador Saldivar RGU Cancer Center Gynecology Oncology Surgical Group & Radiation Center 7420 Remcon Circle, Bldg. C-3 El Paso, Texas 79912 Appointments: (915) 225-2060 After Hours: (915) 298-1023

J. Salvador Saldivar, MD, MPH, FACOG, FACS A proud El Paso native, Dr. Salvador Saldivar of RGU Cancer Center

Inc. for their da Vinci® Surgical Systems, and is skillfully practiced in

embarked on a mission to bring his top-notch training and credentials

laparoscopic (minimally-invasive) surgeries.

to our community in the pursuit of delivering leading-edge cancer care to an area in need. Among a number of distinctions, this gynecologic

With an 80 percent focus in robotic/minimally invasive surgery, Dr.

oncologist trained at the likes of MD Anderson Cancer Center,

Saldivar offers the most advanced medical, radiation and surgical

currently ranked one of the top cancer centers in the U.S., as well as

oncologic services at a single location along with warm, compassionate

the British Columbia Cancer Agency in Canada, of which he credits

and caring staff. Upholding his vision for a comprehensive cancer center

to have “molded his foundation.” Specializing in cervical, uterine,

and a product of world renowned hospitals whose physicians prove to

ovarian and vulvar/vaginal cancers, Dr. Saldivar is also an expert in

be our nation’s best, Dr. Saldivar is well on his way to pioneering the

robotic surgery and serves as a training proctor for Intuitive Surgical,

most innovative cancer care facility right here in our own Sun City.



Frank Agullo, MD, FACS and Humberto Palladino, MD, FACS Successful partnerships require vision, hard work, and respect.

Southwest Plastic Surgery has managed to combine cutting edge

These have been the main elements brought together by a dynamic

technology with a personal touch. Their use of social media has

duo, Dr. Humberto Palladino and Dr. Frank Agullo. They have been a

provided them a platform to showcase procedures and enlighten the

perfect match from the very beginning, joining their skills, creativity,

public. “I always thought it would be so interesting if we could show

and genuine care to create a practice like no other. What began as a

people what we do in the operating room, says Dr. Palladino, “That’s

friendship, has grown into one of the most innovative and successful

what we do all the time.” The combination of procedural expertise

practices, Southwest Plastic Surgery.

and genuinely caring attention creates quite literally, a “picture perfect” experience.

Both doctors have a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over many years of education and travel. They have traveled the

Dr. Frank Agullo and Dr. Humberto Palladino

world bettering the lives of countless people, creating smiles and

Southwest Plastic Surgery

giving hope. “It’s 30 minutes of my time, which makes a lifetime

10175 Gateway Blvd. West, Ste. 210

of difference for those kids,” says Dr. Agullo. Locally, the doctors

El Paso, Texas 79925

perform cleft lip and palate pro-bono work at an El Paso clinic once a

(915) 590-7900

month, committed to “giving back” to the community.






Now Open!

Convenient access to fast, accurate diagnostic imaging at The Hospitals of Providence Children’s Imaging Center.

We use advanced imaging technology to produce images using low dose radiation. Our certified technologists and doctors strive to reach an accurate diagnosis all while helping your child through imaging tests by providing a relaxed and child-friendly environment. The Hospitals of Providence Children's Imaging Center offers a variety of services, including: • • • •

General diagnostic radiology (X-ray) Computed tomography (CT) Magnet resonance imaging (MRI) Ultrasound

Get accurate, comfortable imaging for your child today. Pediatric sedation is also available. You can request an appointment or get answers to your questions by calling (915) 577-7888 between 8am and 5pm.

The Hospitals of Providence


1901 N. Oregon, Suite 101 El Paso, TX 79902 Phone (915) 577-7888 Fax (915) 577-1678 /ChildrensProvidence

April, 2017








| By: LLOYD HAMILTON photos courtesy of: ROCK STEADY BOXING |

W April, 2017

ith all the stay-fit buzz swarming throughout our communities, outstanding programs and startup fitness gyms flourish for those in pursuit of healthy lifestyles. Of the recent El Paso start-up gyms, one in particular tailors to the elderly who struggle with

Parkinson’s disease. The new gym, Rock Steady, is a

“move therapy” gym that offers physical and speech

therapy services and operates as the counterpart to the

gym’s shadow (non-contact) boxing program. Gym owners, Kathy and Steve Brooks, began Rock Steady to give the community a place to come and exercise boxing techniques in an environment accustomed to the clients’ needs while at the same time, providing a healthy dose of challenge by increasing their stamina to a level they did not know could once again be attainable. Kathy’s idea to start this gym stems from a journey where she combatted Parkinson’s disease alongside her father when he was first diagnosed. Kathy at the time was studying physical therapy while she encouraged and supported her father. She received her certification in physical therapy methods for Parkinson’s as well as a certification for Power Life, another physical therapy method for Parkinson’s. She recounts, “It was in this course where they displayed the ‘Rock Steady’ video and I was so happy to realize that this is what I had been looking for.” She also said that she was not impressed or pleased with the treatments for Parkinson’s at the time, so it led her to start the Rock Steady gym. New research conducted on the disease of Parkinson’s states that if an activity involving high intensity is performed, especially when removed from a comfortable setting, results of managing the disease are much more sustainable. Shadow boxing is beneficial to Parkinson’s in that it improves handeye coordination, balance and mobility. In Rock Steady boxing classes, Kathy and Steve focus on customizing exercises to specific problems that members with Parkinson’s have. “So within the


Ro ck St e ady


April, 2017

April, 2017

Ro ck St e ady

first thirty minutes of class we generally work on posture to extend their backs by incorporating stretching and mobility exercises, which could be done from the floor, sitting on a mat or standing and sitting. Stretching and mobility increases strength in the back as well as strengthening our trunk”. Rock Steady also challenges members by emphasizing mobility and balance in areas where they practice punching the bag; increasing hand-eye coordination and balance. “These classes also contain workouts to improve arm and leg strength. Other classes teach members how to get up after falling down while some require a lot of bag work where boxers practice a wide variety of techniques, including heavy bags and seed bags. At some point in time, clients pair up taking turns hitting and holding the bag with each other.” Gym community plays a major role at Rock Steady as well. Clients are intentional in getting involved by encouraging each other to finish the workout strong and to keep pushing forward. Community is so vibrant that members at the gym do not miss an opportunity to sing “Happy Birthday” to each other either. Kathy and Steve confessed, “Our clients are like cheerleaders for one another.” Prior to beginning the exercises, Kathy ensures that members join to huddle for get-to-know-you icebreakers. This really helps lead the clients into pre-determined workouts that contribute to the well-being of each other’s involvement. Their social groups are so tight knit that when they go home, they often research their disease in order to discuss their findings with other gym members. Good accountability describes their realization in knowing they are not alone in the fight against Parkinson’s. Rock Steady Gym has altered the ability of El Paso’s elderly to take on challenging workouts enabling them to both stay fit as well as combat illness and diseases like Parkinson’s. Now, the community is able to enjoy life and maintain a healthier lifestyle, where they can spend more time in activities they enjoy, like visiting with extended family, or venturing out of the house with friends and colleagues. For a long time coming, fitness gyms of all sorts are spreading throughout the city. Rock Steady is one gym where the integrity of physical fitness could be regained for the elderly who are working to secure a healthy lifestyle that embodies new friends, community and partnerships in combating illnesses together.


People of

April, 2017

When you’re feeling sick, do you head to the doctor’s office or do you wait it out? | By: JACQUELINE AGUIRRE |

me nt at th e VA to ma ke an ap po int Jo e Ju arez : “I ha ve I’d jus t ra th er th at ta ke s fo re ve r! to se e a do ct or an d de al wi th it! ”

it g e t s . how bad e e s o t ju s t h e y ’re : “ I w a it ecause t s b o t r n o a t S c l o Raque of the d M in e rv a t ’s a f ra id a h t y il m I have fa g n o s e s .” t h e r d ia o f o id a afr

Ma riss a Hur tad o: “I nor ma lly jus t don ’t go. Go wit h the Spr ite and Vic ks and you ’ll be ok! ”

Je re m ia h J. B lu e : “ I u s u a ll y w a S o If I c a n it u n t il I’ m s t ic k t o a on my dea h o m e re m thbed! edy, I avo id t h e d o c t o r .” 62

si c k “I d on ’t g et G on za le a ic el g An ne Ja ni a nk fu ll y! ” ve ry m uc h , th

April, 2017

“So good it should be a SIN”


April, 2017

The Talisker Whisky | By: LADONNA APODACA photography by: KRISTEN SCHWARTZ |

Atlantic Challenge

Photography by: Ben Duffy


April, 2017

T h e Ta l i s k e r W h i s k y At l a n t i c C h a l l e n g e 2 0 1 7


n December 14, 2016, brothers

All of these tribulations presented challenges

commented how emotionally overwhelmed

John and Kurt Schwartz set sail from

unto themselves, but with each issue the pair

he felt when he hugged his tearful mother,

the Canary Islands on their quest

were quick with survival-thinking, alternative

the person for whom their boat, The Bonnie

to complete the Talisker Whiskey

solutions and found themselves another mile

Rey, was named after.

Atlantic Challenge—a daunting 3,000-mile

closer to their destination of Antiqua. I asked about the simple things that 79

row across the Atlantic Ocean. (The first part of this story was first published in our Dec/

On March 3, after 79 days at sea, 32North

days at sea had made them grateful for.

Jan 2017 issue).

finally docked at dry land. Amid the cheers

The brothers laughed as they agreed at

of enthusiastic locals and teary-eyed family

how amazing it felt to take a hot shower.

In mid-February, I was fortunate enough

members, the Schwartz brothers finally

A cold beer and hamburger was their first

to talk to them via satellite phone while

ended their adventure. They were touched

meal of choice and the comfort of a warm

they were somewhere in the middle of the

by the unwavering enthusiasm from the local

bed provided for a surprising first night of

Atlantic. During that call, I was struck by how

people of Antiqua as they entered the harbor,

peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

energetic and jovial they sounded despite a

but more so by the months of dedicated

number of unfortunate events.

effort of the women in their lives.

John pointed out to me that they found it incredibly “eye-opening” what the human

At the beginning of the excursion, a bit of

body can go through in 79 days. Much like

concern set in when the brothers realized

the cancer patients, in whose honor they

they were running low on peanut butter.

were rowing via their nominated charity

Their MREs of good breakfast food was

The Samfund, it was clear to the brothers

dwindling fast and rationing was in short

that the strength to adapt in a challenging

order sooner than they thought. Beyond that,

environment is beyond belief. The brothers

and probably most importantly, they had a

found strength they didn’t know they had.

recurring power issue, lost their GPS and had They told me that they would draw back to

batteries that were running at only a fraction of full capacity.

They spoke with a great sense of humor

moments from this trip for the rest of their

about taking their first steps out of the

lives. They spoke about memories of burning

It seemed as though a lot of bad fortune

boat and learning to use their shaking “land

orange and red sunsets, the loneliness they

was in their way. For a period, there was no

legs” again. Despite their wobbly gait, the

felt during a storm, the rage and sheer calm

water maker, no cabin lights, no iPad and no

brothers walked to the nearby officials of the

of the sea and the beauty of the simple things

navigation light. They ran in complete darkness

Challenge and were immediately weighed

they value. For them, the challenge was a

and only charged their satellite. As they began

and informed that, between the two of them,

personal endeavor. Kurt commented, “This

to prepare the boat for the worst, they decided

they had lost a mass of 80 pounds.

time together was fantastic. We’ll treasure this experience forever.” To that, John piped

to switch back to a previous battery that had unexpectedly died earlier in the row and voila!

One of the most emotional moments for both

They were back to full power!

men came as they hugged their parents. Kurt

in that he indeed agreed. 65

April, 2017


Look It gets hot in El Paso—it’s a known fact.

But this season, we’re making it hotter with clothes from our local boutiques. There’s


nothing like bright colors, intricate patterns and some nice warm colors to complement the weather and our clear blue skies. Like Nelly said, “It’s Getting Hot in Here.”


Deepin the Desert

April, 2017

Look found at



April, 2017

Look found at


April, 2017

Look found at


Look found at


April, 2017 Look found at


Spiritualit y

April, 2017

Healing with a Shamanic Journey | By: MICHELLE CROMER |


April, 2017

to knock, through a big, wooden, adobe door came the most expressive eyes. They were the color of dark blue sapphire; the color of a river hurrying to join the great ocean. And like the ocean they were iridescent, a true blue, with little specks of gold glistening through them. They were full of warmth.

After I returned home, I witnessed the most incredible metamorphosis taking place inside

Dark hair with her head held high, she

of me, as I learned to shed the pain, grief,

waltzed by me with effortless saunter. Five

guilt, fear and anger of cancer that was

foot seven, willowy and a face cut right from

ravishing my body, mind and spirit.

the pages of a men’s magazine. Something radiated from within that immediately put me

There is so much less of me now: less

at ease.

ego, less anger, less envy, less desire, less attachment. But there is more of me: more

She had a kind of understated beauty; perhaps

love, more joy, more compassion, more inner

it was because she was so disarmingly

peace, and more gratitude. I understand now

he essence of truth sits at the

unaware of her beauty. Her white Irish skin

that spiritual healing doesn’t mean the illness

edge of every story and the story

was completely flawless. She was all about

never existed, it means the illness no longer

is what connects us and allows

simplicity, making things easy, and helping

has the power to control my life. I have the

us to help each other to heal and

me to relax. Perhaps that is why her skin

ability to endure, with the right attitude,

to find peace. My healing tale includes not

glowed so, it was her inner beauty that lit her

whatever I have to face in my daily life, and

just the healing of my physical body, but also

eyes and softened her features. When she

to rise above them.

the recovery of my spirit through the ancient

smiled and laughed I couldn’t help but smile

therapeutic use of a shaman practitioner.

along too, even if it was just on the inside. To be in her company made me feel like I was

My hope was that the shaman could help

outside being warmed by the summer rays.

me with the spiritual imbalance I was feeling from the trauma of having melanoma skin

Acting on the concept that you can’t heal

cancer and four surgeries on my face. I met a

what isn’t there, this beautiful shaman

shaman years ago while traveling in Peru and

explained that we would journey together to

learned that shamanism is the oldest healing

find and bring back the parts of my soul that

spiritual practice dating back 30-40,000

were needed to make me whole again. She

years. It is a complex phenomenon and

would also be looking for a guardian spirit

the practitioner is considered a messenger

who was willing to come and give me power

between the human world and the spirit

to restore balance and harmony.

worlds. They treat ailments by mending the soul and thus restoring balance on all levels.

I layed down and she started playing a

The shaman enters other realms to obtain

drum, which shifted my awareness and

solutions, and their techniques illustrate

consciousness. At times, the sound could

that the core shamanic experience is really

be as quiet as a tiptoe or as loud as a roll of

simple, timeless and universal.

distant thunder and the reverberating sound echoed deep within me, awakening my inner

After a trusted doctor and friend referred

spirituality and giving me back the rhythm

me to a shaman practitioner in Santa Fe, I

of life. This profoundly personal journey

anxiously drove there, arriving at the end of

taught me that I am both here and there:

a dark winter’s day. A light snow was falling,

both ordinary and divine, and to celebrate the


the air was moist and cold and the sidewalk

meaningful mystery of illness and healing. To

mushy under my feet. Right as I was about

celebrate the very existence of me.


72 72

April, 2017

11165 Gateway Blvd. W, El Paso, Tx 79935 (866) 970-3779

7200 Viscount Blvd, El Paso, Tx 79925 (915) 209-5745


April, 2017


the Bear

Necessities | By: ART AGUIRRE |


s you walk into

be the coolest job in the entire zoo and Carrie

the Africa area

is the full-time enrichment coordinator at the

of the El Paso Zoo

El Paso Zoo with that very responsibility.

and reach the zebra exhibit, you might see one of the

Carrie’s path to enrichment started in high

zebras pushing an odd-looking

school, where she knew she wanted to work

tube around with their nose

with animals but wasn’t quite sure at what

and then eating something off the ground.

capacity. She took her passion for animals

This contraption is just one example of the

and pursed a degree in biology from Keene

enrichment provided to animals at the zoo.

State College in New Hampshire. Upon

Animal enrichment is defined as providing

graduating, she applied for an internship with

animals with an opportunity to use their

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, where she

natural behavior as they would in the wild,

worked with large exotic cats, many of which

including foraging for food, mating and

were rescued from the pet trade.

courtship, climbing, digging, making nests and even playing.

She turned a six-month internship into a 10year job where she was able to create and

If you ask the staff, the responsibility of

establish an enrichment program for large cats.

coordinating all the enrichment activities may 74

April, 2017


One of the Strongest

Independent Financial

& Retirement Planning

Teams in West Texas and Southern New Mexico

Investment Management Financial Planning Executive Benefits Estate Planning Insurance Employee Benefits Wealth Accumulation Voted 2013 Broker/Dealer of the Year! After ten years, she decided she wanted to

So sometimes we’ll put a feeder, inside of

diversify her experience with animals and

a feeder, inside of a feeder to challenge the

because she had established the enrichment

animals and make them use their natural

program at Turpentine, she was qualified

instincts to get their food.”

and hired as the enrichment coordinator for

5925 Silver Springs Dr., Suite B 915.587.7777 Fax: 915.587.0535 Securities offered through Investors Capital Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC, 230 76Broadway, Lynnfield, MA 01940. (800) 949-1422 Advisory Services offered theough Investors Capital Advisory. Guidance, Dedication....

the El Paso Zoo. Carrie has been with the

When designing enrichment, Carrie focuses

zoo for six years and during that time she

on getting the animals to use the biological

has expanded the enrichments she brought

tools they would use in the wild. For

over from Turpentine and provides them to a

example, the sun bear enrichment focuses

variety of species at the zoo.

on getting her to tear something apart with her claws. The hogs are using their snouts

“We put a tremendous amount of effort to

to dig into the soil to get things out. The

keep our animals stimulated, and part of that

elephants are having to reach up or out into

is recreating their struggle when looking for

things with their trunks. The zoo ensures that

food whether it is physical, mental or both.

the enrichment program focuses on all five

April, 2017

sense of an animal. For example, they use different extracts, herbs and spices to stimulate the animals’ sense of smell and in terms of sound, they’ll sometimes play tracks of lions caroling or howling to recreate what the lions would hear in the wild, stimulating their behavior through sound. If you ask Carrie what her favorite part of enrichment coordination is, the answer is easy. “For me, it’s the ‘a-ha’ moment when you’re training an animal and they finally get it. You can see it in their eyes, just like kids, where they’re like, ‘I understand what you want.’ And from there, it opens up a brand new world for them because then we can offer other enrichments based off their newly-learned behavior.” The one thing Carrie and the other keepers made clear is that enrichment is a vital part of keeping animals healthy and happy. “It’s not about giving them a ball to play with like you do with your dog. It’s about doing the research on each species, pinpointing their natural behaviors and creating an activity or challenge that allows them to use those behaviors.”




April, 2017



There is definitely some truth to the statement: men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Most arguments between couples usually stem from pitiful misunderstandings, it all stems from different communication styles which I will explain more in detail. Being able to distinguish the different areas of communication between you and your partner can help your relationship.

man in a relationship is more direct when trying to get their point across, while a woman tends to put others’ needs before her own. Women and men simply have different




emotionally. They separate work, relationships,

and everything else. Women like to think of the “big picture” in which they connect all aspects of their lives and one event to another.

minds. I hate to break it to you ladies, but men just don’t function

It’s all about the details for women. We have a


great memory for details, meaning we are more

for men, don’t get defensive. Instead, respond with

sentimental then men. Who would have guessed?

more empathy and ask questions that will further

Men process information differently, impeding them

encourage her to talk it out. As long as a woman feels

from remembering specific details. Ladies cut your man some

that her emotions are being heard and understood she

slack next time he doesn’t remember a little detail.

will automatically feel better. A man on the other hand,

more than trying to play the mind reading game.



their emotions they tend to expect their significant other to read

say it. Believe me a man will appreciate directness and honesty


women like to think of the “bigger picture.”

communication styles. Since women aren’t always direct with

that way. If you want something to be taken care of, you blatantly

2 3

A woman tends to say too much and he doesn’t say enough. When a woman stresses, she needs to vent. She can be melodramatic and use phrases like, ”I can’t believe they

could do this to me,“ “I would never!” Word of advice

when he feels stressed he goes into quiet mode. Just

Listening vs. solving. If a woman has a problem

like we expect men to be understanding we must do the

a man usually comes to the rescue and offers an

same. Give him his space. Men don’t know how to open

immediate solution. Often a woman is just looking

up about their emotions, he will eventually come around

for understanding and validation. We should

to it. Just be patient.

consider a new rule of thumb in which men offer compassion first and then try to help. On the contrary women should offer men help and then compassion.



Men are great at compartmentalizing, while

When it comes down to it ... men ask and women hint. A

6 7

For women it’s all about reminders. We don’t necessarily have to be reassured how much you love and appreciate us every hour, but a gesture of love here and there is important. A

man should keep doing nice gestures as he did when he was pursuing her. Let’s not get it twisted. Men can still be emotional creatures. The truth of the matter is that men can be sensitive and emotional too; the only difference is they don’t like showing

it. A woman should never assume that her man doesn’t have feelings like hurt or rejection.

April, 2017

! K C A IT’S B

red Powe


9 2 L I ) . P . I $5 OFF . R V r P o f A (Noon

PM 8 – 1 PM












@ SU



Artist Spotlight


April, 2017

April, 2017

l e b A edo

c u a S E | By: KRYSTA AYERS |

very last Thursday of the month,

downtown El Paso comes alive at

night with a certain, undeniable vibe. Galleries stay open, artists frame their work to showcase personal art, booths stand to sell hand-

made products, and the rest of us,

talentless hands and all, get to take in the

beauty, the chaotic and colorful world that is art. Kegs are huddled in corners, appetizers are left out on white clothed tables and conversations revolve around perspectives and meanings—no small talk about the weather. Not only are you exposed to local art, but most of the artists are there, engaging and talking about their work. One such artist is Abel Saucedo. In the middle of Texas Avenue, no streetlights to guide you in any way, his studio serves as a gallery and workspace. Huge six by six and four by four feet finished paintings decorate the wall on display. While his current project, elevated in the middle by a huge easel, is left as a conscious display of progress for the public to also view. This current project depicts a Mexican Border Patrol agent riding a horse. “I’m almost done with it. I need to add the border wall here in the background,” Saucedo says, pointing to the bottom of the canvas, “and the Mexican flag.”


April, 2017


April, 2017 This is an ode to a famous painting of Napoleon, “Napoleon Crossing the Alps,” by Jacques-Louis David. With the same tone and feeling, the soonto-be-finished piece is undeniably political and speaks to many of the intersecting events and emotions that have occurred in recent times. The music in the background lends to happier, upbeat rhythms, adding both an encouragement of work and focus on what is going on in the various paintings instead. Originally from El Paso, Saucedo graduated high school from Cathedral and continued his education at UTEP, where he graduated with a degree in sculpting. In the past he has used this to create art out of piñatas—a disturbingly real representation on the horrific events that were going on across the border. His medium now, however, has now switched to painting. Coordinating different spectrums of colors, Saucedo says his paintings have political, narrative and spiritual themes. “I think [artists] have a responsibility. I think my paintings have a responsibility to represent our

Experience the new

915.307.4159 | 5825 N. Mesa St.


t s i t r A have several roles. Whatever pays the bills and doesn’t kill the

. l u o S 84

April, 2017 culture within this time and culture.” His passion and dedication are entwined in the words as he speaks them. A popular painting of his can be seen at International Bar, also in downtown El Paso. The exposed brick wall to your right is decorated with a painting containing the saddest eyes. The painting is of a man wearing a backwards baseball cap and dark shirt. A portrait painting, using a dark color scheme, the eyes are what draw you in. In them you see sadness, a lifetime of pain and living. “I think if you live in El Paso and come downtown, you have seen Andre before,” Saucedo says about the man in the painting. Andre is a homeless man that Saucedo saw around a lot and felt compelled to paint after talking to him. “The paintings create themselves. Once it feels forced, I stop,” Saucedo says while

8690 Edge of Texas St. El Paso, TX 79934 | 915.822.3343 Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm | Sunday 11am-8pm | Closed on Thanksgiving

continuing to paint his Napoleon piece. He says that over the years as a painter and artist, he has matured with his work. Besides having the role as a painter and an artist, Saucedo also teaches science at St. Patrick Cathedral School. “Artists have several roles. Whatever pays the bills and doesn’t kill the soul.” It is apparent throughout his work—the several paintings hanging in his studio depicting pop culture, religion, oppression and more—that his soul has not been killed. “Art is meant to be seen,” he says and adds, “I think my favorite part of painting is the anticipation to see what the next painting will be.” And as he looks towards the future through his art, we can stand in his gallery and reflect upon the present.



4631 Hondo Pass (915) 775-4494

9521 N. Loop Dr. (915) 858-4408



480 N. Resler (915) 587-4408

750 N. Carolina (915) 594-4424

Abel Saucedo’s studio and work can be seen at 108 Texas Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79901 and at


April, 2017




here’s a lot to be said about the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Honestly, this picture should say it all. By combining the earthy sweetness of roasted purple grapes with the classic and warm flavors of caramelized onions, these tartlets are guaranteed to make waves at your next event. Seemingly distant, the grapes and onion go great together. They’re teamed up with a fresh bite of feta and the aromatics of fennel seed. I normally don’t make hors d’oeuvres, but it’s warming up outside and cookout season is approaching fast. Finger foods are a great way to chip in at a cookout. Firstly, you’re not the guy who showed up empty handed. Secondly, they’re delicious! What makes this even better is that you can buy the puff pastry pre-made, making this a no-sweat dish that’s unique and fulfilling. Take a step away from the usual and bring something new to the party. Not feeling the grapes? Substitute any stone fruit in their place; that leaves you open for options such as peaches, nectarines, plums, mangoes, or cherries. All options work well and will leave you wanting more!

Roasted Grapes & Pearl Onion Tarts w/ Feta and Fennel Ingredients:


1 bag white pearl onion

1. Preheat oven to 350

3/4 cup purple grapes (whole)

2. In a small saucepan, combine the oil, butter, herbs and garlic. Heat on low, stirring often.

1 clove Garlic

3. Bring a small pan of water, filled half way, to a boil. While water heats, prepare an ice bath

3 fresh sprigs rosemary 3 fresh sprigs thyme 4 fresh leaves sage 1 tablespoon fennel seeds 1/2 cup feta Pre-baked mini puff pastry tarts (12 pack)

on the side. 4. Once water boils, add whole onions to water. Allow boiling for no more than one minute. Remove quickly and add directly to ice bath to stop the cooking process. 5. Once cooled, use a paring knife to remove rough end of onions and pinch the intact side to push out skinless onion centers. 6. Once peeled, set aside in bowl and combine with grapes. Strain the oil/butter mixture directly

3 teaspoon Butter

over the onions and grapes along with a pinch of salt and pepper. Toss and bake on a lined

1/2 cup olive oil

baking sheet for roughly one hour, stirring half way through, or until onions have caramelized


and grapes have blistered. 7. Fill your prebaked puff pastry with as much as they can take or as little as you see fit. Top with feta and a sprinkle of fennel seed. Reheat if necessary, as they are best served warm.


April, 2017

April, 2017

TCM Pet of the Month highlights our readers’ best friends!


Owner: Ale Guerrero Max turned a year old this past December. At such a young age he’s already attended his first Chihuahua game and loved it! He loves his Mexican culture and celebrates it



with pride. He’s also a soccer fan!



INSURE YOUR HOME, AUTO, BUSINESS & FAMILY Allstate Insurance Company 1050 Sunland Park Dr. B-800 El Paso, TX 79922 P: (915) 706-2711 Is your pet TCM’s next Pet of the Month?

After Hours: 1-800-Allstate

Send a photo and short story with why you think your pet belongs in this page to

24-Hour Customer Service


April, 2017




Spring 2017



| By: YARITSA ROSARIO | t’s time to hang up our winter coats, box up our winter boots

and get ready for the new

spring season approaching. This

spring, pink shades, stripes and

statement sleeves are dominating the fashion runways.

All shades of pink have made a huge statement in the fashion world as of recent and will continue to do so for the rest of 2017. Designers like Celine and Valentino are using the color in their garments to demonstrate strong femininity instead of gushy-girly moments. The domination of the color has also been attracted by contemporary designers like Jay Godfrey, Amanda Uprichard and Generation Love. From thin pinstripes to bold colorful stripes, it’s all about the stripes this season. With the timelessness and versatility this trend offers, you can expect a different style of stripes for everyone. Stripes will be seen in maxi dresses that can be taken to the beach, 70s and 80s inspired crop tops and muted palettes, as well as oversized menswear-inspired pinstripe shirts.

fa s h i o n i s ta

April, 2017

If it doesn’t make a statement, it’s not a sleeve. Whether it’s bell-shaped or balloon, sleeves are coming at us in a huge way this spring. The statement sleeve trend was inspired by futuristic vibes, the 80s and Edwardian times. New York-based contemporary clothing brand, Petersyn, emphasizes this trend by adding oversized sleeves to their tops to create an exaggerated silhouette. The fashion world is giving skinny jeans a break and kicking flare denim into high gear. There was once upon a time when wearing denim that didn’t go past your ankles was something to be made fun of, but now-it’s all about the cropped flare look and everyone from celebrities to





shamelessly strutting them and making it a part of their everyday attire. You can expect contemporary denim brands like Frame and Current Elliot to demonstrate this trend in the best way. We can’t forget about our sunglasses in the Sunny City, protecting our eyes from all the sun rays while also adding glamour to our wardrobe. Classic sunglass styles like aviators will always be a part of our collection, but this year it’s all about stepping outside of the box. Designers are recreating the look of the aviator to keep it interesting by adding double rims for a futuristic look, as well as an ombre lens for a more chic appearance. The perfect circular lenses are a must-have pair that gives off retro vibes and come with dark lenses. The Australian based eyewear designer, Le Specs, does the perfect job of staying on top of all the hottest trends with an affordable price tag and a huge following, with celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid rocking them.



Knight & Co. Daily Face Wash This foaming cleanser is perfect to rinse the dirt away, the aloe juice refreshes and helps avoid redness on your face. The rose oil helps with hyperpigmentation and leaves your face smelling extra pretty (NOTHING WRONG WITH SMELLING PRETTY!). This face wash can be used in the early morning and right before you go to bed. After using it, apply some moisturizer on your face and you will see how smooth your face feels. Get it at for $28.



His Prero

April, 2017

h i s p r e r o g at i v e

Uncle Harry’s Ayurvedic Face Cream Dab a little of this face cream (which is also perfect for your body) since it has jojoba as a main ingredient and will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Its natural essentials oils will restore those dry regions that need extra help and extra moisture. Buy it at for $12.

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Journeymen Deodorant Spray


The soothing aloe vera, hazel and chamomile are sure to refresh that stinky area under your arm. This spray is perfect to refresh and soothe if you’re armpits are feeling a little irritated, it’s paraben free so it won’t cause any rashes or redness. The scent is woodsy and very manly leaving an all-natural scent on those hairy friends of yours. Spray it on your clean underarms but first get it at for $18.

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Promescent This little spray is well, a little help for men when it comes to the bedroom situation. A little spray on the south area, can help to improve your enhancement and last longer so your partner can enjoy a little bit more (you’re catching our drift? We really don’t want to be more explicit) the bottle is small and discrete, so no pain when you order it online at $19.95.


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edgar April, 2017



April, 2017

Where Are They Now?

| By: DENISE NELSON-PRIETO photos courtesy of: EDGAR PABLOS |


ative El Pasoan, Edgar Pablos, is a Renaissance man in the world of film. His resume spouts an impressive array of accomplishments, chief among them writer, producer and director.

He, and writing partner Judith Cummings, founded Tribesmen Pictures in 2007 in Los Angeles. Together they’ve created screenplays, feature films, documentaries, commercials and much more. Tribesmen has contributed to more than 200 video projects for various media outlets. An American-born son of Mexican immigrant parents, Pablos is steeped in the Latino immigrant narrative. His bi-cultural upbringing allowed him to maintain a strong Latino identity, with a unique border flare. He recounted pivotal moments during his childhood, which were often set against the backdrop of Hollywood blockbusters.

Location scout with the El Paso Film Commission

“I remember the first movie I went to was for a friend’s birthday party,” he reminisced. “We went and saw Star Wars [A New Hope]. That movie had a strong effect on me.” A year later, his interest was piqued further after seeing the original “Superman.”


April, 2017 “That’s the ultimate immigration story,” Pablos said. “In one part of the movie, Lois Lane asks him why he’s here, and he says ‘I’m here to fight for truth, justice and the American way.’” That was a particularly poignant message, as his parents and older siblings carried Resident Alien cards. Seeing the word “Alien” emblazoned on those cards created a certain dissonance in his young mind. He likened the mission of Superman to the desire of immigrants coming into the U.S to make a better life for themselves, while fitting in at the same time. “They come here and they want to belong; they want to be American,” he explained. “I know I did. Technically I was an American but I still felt like an outsider.” “Superman” was also responsible for instilling in Pablos the desire to become a filmmaker. A


April, 2017

Where Are They Now?

few years later, he learned of the film program at the University of Southern California. He found out George Lucas is an alumnus of the program and that solidified things. After graduating high school in 1991, he applied to the program. Due to stringent SAT score requirements, Pablos attended UTEP his freshman year. A year later, he was accepted at USC, but had to wait another two years to get into the ultra-competitive program. Along with the small pool of applicants accepted for the program, Pablos said program directors also took into account applicants’ mission essays. When he stopped writing he wanted to follow in the footsteps of film giants Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Richard Donner [of “Superman” fame], and gave them something much more personal and inspired, he was accepted in the program. “It wasn’t until I really figured out what I wanted to do as filmmaker . . . [which was to] tell border and Latino stories, stories of my culture,” he said. “At the time Spike Lee was big. I admired his films—they were important social-consciousness films, but they were a little too militant. I wanted to do those types of films but for Latinos.” He graduated from college in 1995 with degrees in film and religious studies, the major he declared while awaiting entry into the film program. He has used Bible-based parables and cautionary tales throughout his career as a screenwriter. “We’ve heard about and read about [those stories] all our lives, and they work very well in cinema,” Pablos said. “It’s about really taking a step back when you see a character go through something and how they handle it; we learn from that.” His foray into the professional filmmaking realm came a mere two days after he graduated from USC. He was hired to be a production assistant by two Disney


Where Are They Now?

April, 2017

producers, a job he kept for only three

Prohibition-era Walter Hill film “Last Man

a solid working relationship. Figgis co-

months due to lack of training.

Standing,” which was being filmed here.

produced Pablos’ short, “Agua Dulce.”

Pablos had admired Hill’s work for years. Pablos’ latest endeavor is the feature film

He was fired from that job, an event that turned out to have a glorious silver lining.

Another Hollywood heavyweight who took

“Horse Thief,” an autobiographical modern

notice of Pablos, was director Mike Figgis,

day Western which will be shot here. He’s

He came to El Paso to do some script writing.

best known for films like “Leaving Las

currently raising money for the project and

He became acquainted with a former film

Vegas,” “Cold Creek Manor,” “Time Code”

hopes to complete it by next year.

professor at UTEP who introduced him to

and others. Pablos worked with him as an

the costume designer on the hit of the 1996

assistant for several years, which secured


April, 2017





in registration

Come and Dance with us! Jazz • Ballet • Tap Hip hop • Aerial

Any questions? Call 915 585 1911 6910 North Mesa St#79912 (behind Dollar General)



April, 2017

Appropriate Dress for Church or Temple | By: JOANN WARDY | While we have become very relaxed in our dress, it is important to show respect when entering the house of God by dressing appropriately. Here are some tips: • No bare midriffs or transparent clothing • No tennis shoes or flip-flops. Save those for the beach and recreation • No low-cut or revealing dresses or blouses • No shorts Gentleman may wear a suit, a sport coat or a nice shirt and slacks (do not forget the belt). If you must wear jeans, make sure they are clean, pressed, without holes, worn with a belt and with shirttails tucked in. Ladies may wear a suit, dress, nice skirt or pants with a blouse or sweater. In doing so we are praising God and showing respect for ourselves and fellow worshippers. Joann Wardy owns and directs “The School of Etiquette and Enrichment” and was certified at “The Protocol School of Washington.” For children and adult class schedules call (915) 584-3930.

PRIME REAL ESTATE FOR SALE • 2.5 acres • Located in the beautiful Cielo Dorado Fly-In Estates • Option of using 4,000 ft. runway, tennis and racketball courts

For more information call or text


(915) 471-5275



April, 2017


125 Thunderbird Suite G El Paso, TX 79912 915 • 243 • 3139


April, 2017








ou may have heard the term before … “runner’s high.” And maybe you think

to yourself “Yuck, I hate running, I could never feel euphoria from that!” But it’s

our bodies’ natural instinct to want to run, because years ago, our ancestors once

depended on running to attain their food (pleasure source). So runners high occurs in

TRAVEL LIKE AN EXPLORER STAY LIKE A LOCAL Rooftop pool view over the city skyscape Eat at The Downtowner Restaurant

our bodies to push us through the run to attain our pleasure source. Believe me, once

you get it going, you too could find yourself on a runner’s high.

How to ease your way into running:

HOTEL INDIGO 325 N. Kansas St., El Paso, TX 79901 (915) 532-5200

Start with walking. Thirty minutes a day for about a week. Then work your way up to a speed walk the next week. The third week you can start to jog a few minutes and rest until you feel your breath catch up to you, then start jogging again. I recommend two minute jog, two minute walk for 30 minutes. Keep doing that until you feel you’re at a good place to do longer minute jogs. Keep adding them on until you’re eventually jogging for 30 minutes straight. When your endurance starts getting better, start to add speed with each run. Sooner or later you’ll be up to running 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 50 minutes etc.

How to stay motivated: Track your results. Write in a journal or on your phone what you did and how you felt every day. You’ll start to see that every entry is better every week. Remember not to get discouraged if you have a bad run one day. You’ll have days where you’re tired from life, but just get back on it the next day. Don’t give up! Buy a fitness tracker. Having goal steps to get to every day helps keep you motivated. Making a calorie burning goal is also very motivating. Trying to burn 300 calories in 30 minutes will really get your fire going! Get a coach. There are a lot of really great running coaches out there that can help you to fix your body posture so that your run is not so hard on your joints or muscles. They can teach you a lot about breathing, endurance, and recovery. Make sure you recover! Always stretch and roll-out your calves, ankles, hamstrings and quads, so that you don’t cramp up or get shin splints. Sign-up for a run. Having a goal run like a 5k for breast cancer awareness not only keeps you motivated, but makes you run for a good cause!

Achieving a runner’s high: Push yourself hard—but not too hard. When our bodies go into a state of being physically uncomfortable, we produced endorphins as a natural pain killer. Endorphins will produce a sense of being high and happy. But they will not mask the feeling of an injury, so find a sweet spot where you are comfortably challenged to achieve that euphoria. The reason it has been compared to being “high” is because your body naturally releases a naturally synthesized version of THC, which is the chemical response for the buzz that marijuana produces. Studies suggest that you can more easily attain this reaction when running at a challenging pace first thing in the morning. So set your alarm and buy some running shoes! It’s worth experiencing!



ast rolo gy

April, 2017

Today, it is more important than ever to take care of our mental, emotional and spiritual health. Day to day, we’re facing stressors head on- whether it’s the news or being stuck in infamous El Paso traffic; One of the worst things for your health is stress. Here are some ways to de-stress, customized to your zodiac sign!

by Your Zodiac Sign Aries is ruled by Mars which is a highly active planet—an

Libra This sign is known as “the Scales” and therefore

Aries is rarely a couch potato! Getting active and engaging

needs balance-yoga helps them reconnect with themselves

in some type of sport is your best way to unwind.

and restore harmony. Music is also helpful so get up and


Taurus is ruled by Venus so doing something relaxing

dance or sing out loud.

for yourself that deals with art and beauty are ideal. A visit to

Scorpio the Scorpion tends to hold their stress in and

the museum or a spa will do the trick to let out the tension.

needs time alone to rejuvenate themselves. Scorpio also enjoys getting lost in a movie to clear their mind.

Sagittarius the “Archer” is usually fun, adventurous and loves humor. Head to a comedy show or watch a good sitcom. Long walks are beneficial too.

Capricorn the “Goat” enjoys simple pleasures such as a nice meal or a massage. A pedicure is also helpful since Capricorn is grounded by their feet.

Gemini “the Twins” are known as the communicators,

Aquarius this air sign can benefit from many types of

so try expressing yourself with a nice journal. Keeping

artistic pursuits, varying from painting to dancing, or writing

the hands busy is key, but if writing is not your forte then

some poetry. Aquarius also enjoys board games—have a

maybe try some boxing or sparring.

Monopoly night.

Cancer this sign loves being home and is very creative. Being in the kitchen, cooking a homemade meal, can be therapeutic. Doing crafts or sorting through old pictures is also uplifting.



carries their stress in the back, so booking a nice

Pisces benefits most from water elements since they

massage would be ideal. Being outdoors and taking in

represent the fish. A nice swim in a pool, soaking in a hot

the sun is helpful. While laughter is great for most, it is

tub and a long walk on the beach puts them closest to

especially helpful to a Leo.

their element.

Virgo can benefit from some solitude when stressed.

Use the info provided above or seek out any other zodiac

Sitting down with a good book and some hot herbal tea

sign’s activities- you never know what you may enjoy. Take

is ideal. Some self-pampering, like getting a haircut or

time to make yourself a priority and truly live a more peaceful

manicure also sooths them.

life. Your health is your wealth and we should all treasure it!

April, 2017







Outer corsets You’ve seen them on celebrities and now you’re wondering if you can pull it off. Well, wearing corsets on top of your shirts is a trend that probably won’t be dying this spring. Not only does the corset help cinch your waist and rock

Making a Splash!

off a more flattering figure, but it also looks kind of

This spring is the perfect season to start

cool? You can opt for dozens of styles and materials

pulling out your favorite swimwear for that

and you can put them over your sweatshirts,

first pool party of the year. The versatility

blouses or t-shirt dress, we are sure that you won’t

of swimwear is that you can now treat it

be looking out of style.

like a regular piece of clothing to avoid getting dressed and undressed. You can treat a halter bikini like a crop top and just pair it up with some shorts or you can just layer it up with a spring jacket

Captain Caftan

and a skirt. For men, your swim trunks,

An easy way to dress up and look effortless is with

just treat them like shorts, put on some

a caftan—you can dress it up with heels if you’re

cool sneakers and t-shirt and you are ready

feeling fancy or just use some sandals if you’re

to go. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

feeling more casual. Put on a swimsuit if you’re planning on going to a pool party or some nice earrings if you feel like using it for a fancier place.


April, 2017





Stop Freckling-it

Was your BBQ cancelled?

Um fake freckles? Why do people think it’s cute to draw fake

Because that grill is messed up! It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to have

freckles on their face? I mean sure freckles are cute, but try

a decent smile. We know that braces and dentist appointments can be a

to pull them off with make-up, it’s just a very try-hard move.

little expensive, but there’s so many products for a nice smile now that

Let authentic freckled people rock their unique face traits

there’s no excuse to have a pearly smile. There’s whitening products

and if you don’t have any, well don’t fake it.

that range from about $20-$40 more or less and even products that will help you straighten your teeth little by little. Invest in a better smile because that’s always a good presentation card. Remember to always floss and brush your teeth after every meal!

TMI There’s nothing wrong with a little venting once in a while on Facebook, but when you try and decide to use FB as a personal journal, well your followers might find it awkward. Not everyone wants to know about your “haters” or how you had that awful fight with your significant other. Have family problems? Well, leave that for your diary because Facebook is not for you to get that serious.


Voted 2013 Broker/Dealer of the Year!

Investment Challenges of the Affluent Investor | By: TRAVIS HUGHES, FINANCIAL ADVISOR | High-net-worth investors face investment challenges that some would consider unique to their financial status. The fundamental tenets of investing apply equally to them as with any other investor, but the affluent investor needs to be mindful of issues that typically arise only from substantial wealth.

Let’s examine a few of these.

TRAVIS HUGHES CFP, CHFC, CLU, AEP, MSFS, REBC, RHU CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER HUGHES FINANCIAL GROUP 5925 SILVER SPRINGS, STE B EL PASO, TX 79912 O: (915) 587-7777 F: (915) 587-0535 C: 915-479-6666 The content is developed from sources believed to be providing accurate information. The information in this material is not intended as tax or legal advice. It may not be used for the purpose of avoiding any federal tax penalties. Please consult legal or tax professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation. This material was developed and produced by FMG Suite to provide information on a topic that may be of interest. FMG Suite is not affiliated with the named broker-dealer, stateor SEC-registered investment advisory firm. The opinions expressed and material provided are for general information, and should not be considered a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security. Copyright 2017 FMG Suite. Securities and advisory services are offered through Cetera Advisors LLC, member FINRA/ SIPC. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity.

Being Too Conservative

their intelligence, hard work, and self-confidence.

When an individual has more assets than they

This very success often carries over to the belief

think they’ll ever spend, there can be a tendency

that building or managing successful enterprises

toward conservative investment. This may result

is not dissimilar to managing great wealth. In

in lower long-term returns that may shortchange

fact, it can be quite different, requiring a whole

the impact of bequests to charities or the wealth

different body of knowledge and experience.

that will transfer to the next generation.

Too Many Advisors Collectibles

Affluent investors often place their investment

The affluent have a tendency to invest in their

assets with multiple advisors thinking that better

passions, and many collectibles have performed

results will arise from that. However, many of

well over the years. However, one common

the key needs for larger portfolios such as risk

mistake is not keeping up-to-date appraisals on

management and tax efficiency will suffer, since

record, which may have adverse consequences

there is no overarching view into the larger

with regard to estate liquidity and taxes.¹

picture of an individual’s entire portfolio. The independent actions by separate advisors, all

Concentrated Equity

with the best of intentions, may actually work to

Some senior executives accumulate large stock

sub-optimal outcomes.

positions in the company that employs them.² This creates a unique risk and potentially can be

With increasing wealth come even more unique

managed in several ways.

challenges beyond those covered by this discussion. Consequently, affluent investors

DIY Mentality

are encouraged to seek professional guidance

Some wealthy investors have achieved a high level

that may be best suited for their particular

of success in their careers in large measure due to

needs and circumstances.

1. The value of collectibles can be significantly affected by a variety of factors, including economic

downturns or markets that have little or no liquidity. There is no guarantee that collectibles will

maintain their value or purchasing power in the future.

2. Keep in mind that the return and principal value of stock prices will fluctuate as market conditions

change. And shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost.

Spring, 2014



Don Guevara

Faran Fronczak

Linda Ong

Daniel Marin

5, 6 & 10pm 107

April, 2017

Vianden Castle From ruin to restoration a european Treasure | By: MARIE MOORE |


April, 2017

t r av e l


ometimes, being a journalist has its perks! Being toured through the beautifully refurbished Great Assembly Hall, the Upper Chapel, Knight’s Study, Byzantine Gallery, Granary, Prison, Armoury and Kitchen of Vianden Castle by the town’s Burgermeister, was a special treat I will not forget—

and definitely one of the highlights of my humble writing career. From start to finish, it was an impressive tour. Massive high archways, timbered, vaulted ceilings, meter thick marble and stone pillars, opulent centuries-old tapestries, secretive dark chambers and sunlit Romanesque windows are all to be found in one of Europe’s most remarkable castles. It is an awesome edifice and just like the rest of Luxembourg, well worth a visit. Fascinating stories haunt the walls of this chateau. For example, one of its inhabitants, Mary of Spanheim-Vianden, is represented on her nearby tombstone with her hands clasped in prayer and her feet resting on a basset hound. Legend explains that when her father disappeared as a Crusader in the Holy Land, she ran amuck with the regent who threw her into a secret dungeon, intending to starve her into submission. The plan was foiled though because Mary’s


t r av e l


April, 2017

April, 2017

t r av e l

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beloved pet; the basset hound, brought his mistress food every day. She never gave in, and when her betrothed finally broke into the castle to find her, the little dog led him directly to Mary. Cool.

3D Brow Building Extensions And what is the story behind the castle itself? Well, the original stronghold dates back to the early 9th and 10th centuries when the first Lord of Vianden erected a primitive palace in the northeast region of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In the 13th and 14th centuries, the “House of Vianden� spread

Microblading Eyebrow Tinting Shape and Contouring Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Tinting

to eventually include 211 villages, hamlets and mills. During this local renaissance, its lords and ladies embraced and sponsored architectural and artistic excellence, accumulating a wonderful collection of art and finely crafted furnishings for the castle. In those days, murals adorned many of the original chapel walls but sadly, only a few remnants of these once colorful


private appointments 5925 Silver Springs, Suite D

El Paso, Texas 79912


t r av e l

April, 2017

frescoes remain. However, during the building’s restoration which started more than a century ago and continues to the present, serious efforts have been made to find and purchase several enormous ancient tapestries. My ‘guide’ seemed most proud of these priceless antiquities, lovingly hung in the great halls of Vianden. A lot of folks might think that a tapestry is just a fancy name for a rug, but I dare anyone to stand in front of the one which depicts a battle scene from the Crusades, and not be impressed. It’s hard to imagine that the ‘picture’ before you is woven thread and


April, 2017 not a brilliantly painted canvas. For me, the tapestries alone made my journey to this lovely little town worthwhile. The hero of this story is the Grand Duke William






commissioned a German Architect; Bodo Ebhardt, to rebuild the castle, which had wasted away to no more than ruins in 1905. William’s project reignited a spark of enthusiasm and historical perspective in the town’s people and marked the beginning of better days for local industry. Word traveled fast. The birth of a successful tourism industry followed and today, the castle at Vianden is the centerpiece of a rich, cultural landscape. In 1977, the State took official possession of the entire Castle property, spent a small fortune re-doing the roof and designated its use for special occasions and important cultural events. It is not always open to tourists but in most cases, if you are visiting when the grounds are closed, appointments may be made. In closing, it was August 1862 when Victor Hugo visited Vianden for the first time. He came back. Hugo was as inspired as I am. Years later, when he was exiled from his native land of Belgium, Hugo chose Vianden as his second home and the house where he lived, is now a museum filled with collectables and works from the time he spent there. My own tribute to Vianden pales in comparison but it’s just as heartfelt and I have no doubt at all that your visit will be just as inspiring as ours! A brief sidebar here: There is no butter,

Photography: David Parish

cheese or chocolate on this planet that I would compare to the gastronomic specialties I sampled in Luxembourg. The townspeople


serve them with friendly hospitality and pride … I believe that Grand Duchy cows have supernatural powers.

Hunter Quartermane 5925 Silver Springs Suite D, El Paso, Texas 79912 915.886.8497



y c n a

April, 2017

meeting you | By: PABLO DELGADILLO |

Sergio Valencia

Costumer Advisor and Technician for Acorn Stair lifts What’s your Job about?

state of their current stairs, the installation it depends on the

“My job consists in helping people that are in the need of stair

product they want to purchase, the installation is fairly quick,

lifts, and help them overcome the difficulty of regular steps,

people think we take ages installing them but it could take from

in case they’re senior citizens or disabled people. I go to their

around 3 to 10 hours, after that they’re ready to use”

homes and see the conditions of their stairs and see if our products will fit their homes properly”

Where would you take a visitor to have a good meal in El Paso?

Where’s your favorite family place in El Paso?

“I enjoy going to Cattle Baron right there by Joe Battle, the

“It’s going to sound really lame, but me and my family really like

steak is really good and if you’re not a big carnivore they have

to go to the movies, we love the movies. We take my daughter

other options like seafood. The ambience is good, and the

to see whatever kid friendly movie is playing and we just enjoy

food is pretty great too”

spending time with one another, sharing popcorn, soda and candy, we just like the whole cinematic experience.”

Who would you advise to get an Acorn Stair lift? “Senior Citizens are our main consumer, but I recommend it

How long does the process of installing a stair lift take?

to people that have difficulties going up and down stairs for

“First is like around two hours of consultation and check the

some sort of health situation.”

Violeta Magdaleno

Senior Designer/Interior Designer at A-1 Kitchens by Sierra What’s the most popular kitchen design El Pasoans choose?

around the border can inspire you. They inspire me so much

“Texans love traditional style, that’s the name of the kitchen

making my designs very unique and interesting”

style. Traditional style is considered, elegant classy, decorative with warm colors, very very popular in very high demand”

Where do you get your favorite food in El Paso? “Besides my mom’s delicious pozole, I really enjoy Joe Vinny

What made you get into interior design?

& Bronsons Bohemian Café their sandwiches and coffees are

“My mind is very creative, before going for such a fun career I

the best!”

would go into spaces and start changing and re-decorating it in my imagination. To be honest, I still do to this day, that’s how

What’s the thing you love the most about your job?

I knew I had to choose interior design.

“I love going into big beautiful houses, especially if they have stunning views and obviously it’s even better if I get to

How does living in the border inspire your designs?

decorate those houses!”

“The great thing about living here, is how the different cultures 114

April, 2017


April, 2017



Franklin Mountains Poppies Fest ::: April 1

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Castner Range-Franklin Mountains Join the celebration at the Museum of Archeology and explore the field of poppies and other marvelous desert plants. Admission: Free Info:

21st Annual Veterans Parade ::: April 5

9:00 a.m. Veterans Memorial Plaza Friends and family are welcome to honor their veterans. 2017 Grand Marshall will be introduced, lighting of candles, and a POW-MIA table ceremony will all be featured at this event. Admission: Free Info: or call 915-851-1682


Mozart’s Requiem ::: April 8

7:30 p.m. Abraham Chavez Theater The El Paso Choral Society brings you Mozart’s Requiem. Preformed by the El Paso Chorale, professional orchestra and world-renowned soloists. Admission: $10-$40 Info:

12 El Paso Chihuahuas Baseball ::: April 5

In The Mood ::: April 1

7:30 p.m. Plaza Theatre Get “In the Mood” for a trip back in time when the Swing Era was big and classics like Frank Sinatra, The Andrews Sisters, Harry James, and many others ruled. Don’t miss out on a fun-filled night! Admission: $54+ Info:

The Chihuahuas are back! Don’t miss your favorite tradition and head out to Southwest University Park for the 2017 Chihuahua season! April 6- 8 @ 7:05 p.m. April 9 @ 1:05 p.m. April 10 @ 11:05 p.m. Chihuahua vs. Tacoma April 18- 20 @ 6:35 p.m. April 21-22 @ 7:05 p.m. April 23 @ 1:05 p.m. April 24 @ 6:35 p.m.

Cirque Du Soleil: OVO ::: April 12-13

7:30 p.m. Don Haskins Center Experience Cirque Du Soleil as they head into a new ecosystem teeming with life through poetic energy set forth in motion. It tells a story of a mysterious egg of symbolism appearing in an ecosystem, sparking curiosity within the rest of the wildlife there. You don’t want to miss this! Admission: $40+ Info: or


Downtown Artists and Farmers Market ::: April 1-29

9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Union Plaza District Find delicious food, hand crafted art and exciting entertainment at the Downtown Artist and Farmers Market located in the Union Plaza District. Come and shop local!


9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. Veterans Memorial Plaza Enjoy some of the best vendors at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing Farmers Market as they offer lush variations of fruit, home goods, jewelry, and other fun finds every Saturday. While you’re there, enjoy a delicious brunch on the patio of the restaurant! You won’t be sorry!


Michael McDonald ::: April 4

7:30 p.m. Plaza Theatre Singer, songwriter, and five-time Grammy award winner Michael McDonald brings you classics from his Doobie Brothers hits like, “What A Fool Believes,” or solo songs like “I Keep Forgetting.” Admission: $38-$45 Info:


Ardovino’s Desert Crossing Farmers Market ::: April 5-30

Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music ::: April 14-16

8:00 p.m. Abraham Chavez Theatre Elmo and friends are back! This time, Jenny the new music teacher arrives on Sesame Street to find that all of her instruments are missing. Come find out what that mystery is, and help sing along as they go through their journey! Admission: $15+ Info:

Jewel Box Series: Bernabe ::: April 8

2:30 p.m. Philantropy Theatre Theater veteran Hector Serrano tells the story of a man whose love for the earth is rooted in the Aztec mythology. Admission: $16+ Info: or

April, 2017




Raymond Orta ::: April 14

8:00 p.m. Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center Raymond Orta brings you a unique style of Latino humor mixed with stories of growing up in the barrio, the “Man with A Thousand Voices” will keep you laughing all night! Admission: $25 Info:

2017 KCOS Art Auction ::: April 22-23

5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. An annual televised event where funds raised will go toward the top-notch and award-winning programming El Paso and Southern New Mexico has come to enjoy from KCOS, your local PBS station.


YWCA 24th Annual Women’s Luncheon ::: April 27

11:30 a.m. La Viña Winery YWCA of El Paso del Norte Region hosts its 24th annual Women’s Luncheon with special guest Ashley Judd, a strong advocate for women and girls and celebrator of power for all women. Judd will serve as the luncheon speaker. Info:


El Paso Comic Con ::: April 21-23

El Paso Convention Center “Fly Your Nerd Flag High” at the El Paso Comic Con! Celebrity appearances by Kevin Eastman, Lou Ferrigno, and many more will be at the convention. There will also be guest panels, autograph signings, cosplay, contests, and many other special activities to involve the entire family! Info:


The 1975 ::: April 21

8:30 p.m. Abraham Chavez Theater Get ready for UK band, The 1975! They have announced their spring North American headline tour in support of their #1 US and UK sophomore album, “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It”. Info: or 915-231-1100

La Viña Winery Spring Fest ::: April 22-23

12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. La Viña Winery La Viña’s annual Spring Fest returns with a wine tasting event at their winery in Anthony, New Mexico. For adults, ages 21+, enjoy nine samples with a complimentary wine glass. Music brought to you by Dusty Low, Austin Murphy, and many others. Admission: $20 Info:


Shen Yun

::: April 23

3:00 p.m. Plaza Theatre The Classical dance and music company based in New York, Shen Yun presents a world of awe as they take you back to the wonder of a lost world that was once known as “The Middle Kingdom” or as “The Land of the Divine”. Dragons, Phoenixes, emperors and the sound of music will enthrall the crowd while bringing a beautiful story. Info:

Sun City Craft Beer Festival ::: April 29

1:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. El Paso Convention Center Let the beer festivities begin! With over 150 craft beer brands to offer. Aside from craft beer, you can enjoy a variety of games and food to enjoy. Admission: $25+ Info:

Foam Wonderland 2017 ::: April 29

8:00 p.m. El Paso County Coliseum A touring concert series features world-class stage productions with DJs, and the largest foam machines in the world! Admission: $15-$30 Info:


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El Paso Child Guidance Center

Glow Fun Run JULY 16, 2016 | at ASCARATE PARK | Photographed by TOMMIE MORELOS



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Anson 11 $$-$$$

Edge of Texas

303 N. Oregon St. Ste. 110 | (915) 504-6400

8690 Edge of Texas St. | (915) 822-3343

Anson 11 is two exceptional dining experiences dedicated to the

Located in the far east, this is definitely worth the drive! Eat the best

military man, the gentleman and the food connoisseur that was

steak you’ve ever had and enjoy the saloon.


Anson Mills. For a downtown dining experience like no other, Anson 11 is the restaurant to go to. PR, H


El Taco Tote

The Downtowner $$


201 East Main St. | 2921 N. Mesa St. | 1000 Magruder St.

325 N. Kansas St. | (915) 532-5200

1461 N. Zaragoza | 9933 Kenworthy St. | 9910 Montana Ave. Eat like a downtowner. Found on the ground floor of the Hotel

3480 Joe Battle Blvd. | (915) 838-6000

Indigo, The Downtowner offers breakfast, lunch and dinner - the only breakfast spot available in downtown El Paso. The restaurant delivers

This is not fast food, this is Real Mexican Grill food that we’ve made just

great American taste with a twist of our Southwest flair. Savor the

for you, El Paso. Changing the face of Mexican food, we offer different

amazing dishes offered on the menu and enjoy a cold and carefully

variations of tacos ranging from: barbacoa, pork, chicken, shrimp, fish

crafted cocktail while enjoying the gorgeous views of downtown.

and much much more. Also on our menu, try our new veggie taco.

Prices: $ - Low Priced Patio/Outdoor Seating - O

$$ - Medium Range Dog Friendly- DF

$$$ - High Priced $$$$ - Exquisite Dining Party/Private Room - PR Happy Hour - H

To highlight your local restaurant in The City Local Eats email:


Mi Piaci





5411 N. Mesa, Suite 1 | (915) 875-0034

6232 N. Mesa St. | (915) 584-3621

Join Mi Piaci Ristorante Italiano for lunch or dinner with Chef/Owner

Winning Best Taco for Best of The City 2015 and Best Chips

Cosimo Baltaglia, who hails from Calabria, Italy, for the freshest

and Salsa in 2014, Avila’s has a savory Mexican menu that will

seafood, gourmet hand-cut Angus reserve steaks aged 21 days,

satisfy your cravings. We’re open for weekend breakfast, have

and gently homemade pasta from Italy. O

lunch specials available daily and a convenient pick-up window is accessible for family dinners on the go. PR

The Green Ingredient


201 East Main Street #201 | (915) 298-1010 The Green Ingredient is a restaurant that offers delicious, nutritious, personalized meals, teas and more. Offering people the real perspective of health, you can get balanced meals that are nutritious, free from additives, preservatives, GMO’s and extremely high quality. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Sunny’s Sushi $$ 910 E Redd Rd. | (915) 842-9508

Westside’s 3rd Hole


1035 Belvidere Suite 168 | (915) 584-5577 There’s no better place to relax and grab a bite to eat than W3H. Nominated as El Paso’s best tacos, stop by today and see why we’re becoming El Paso’s go-to spot for catching a game and eating some good food. “We saved you a seat.” Now with NFL Sunday Ticket on all screens. O, H

The State Line


1222 Sunland Park Dr. I (915) 581-3371

Winners of The Best of The City for Best Sushi, you don’t want

Enjoying delicious authentic BBQ from The State Line. Based on four

to miss out on what this restaurant is cooking up. With incredible

principles: offer the highest quality smoked BBQ, provide generous

hospitality and great attention to taste and detail, you can be sure

portions at affordable prices, offer friendly table and bar services and

to enjoy any dish you choose to eat. With weekday bento box lunch

celebrate the heritage of Texas. Come on by to enjoy!

specials from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., prepare your taste buds for the top-rated sushi in El Paso. O, DF



The Smokehouse BBQ, Ribs and More $$ The Arena Sports Bar and Grill


8414 North Loop Dr. | (915) 592-RIBS (7427)

2301 N. Zaragoza Rd. | (915) 270-9979 Meat lovers! Welcome to a little piece of rib-heaven in El Paso. The Original Crowd pleasing, signature burgers and other delectable eats from

Baby Back Ribs are just one of their specialties of the house with their

the new MVP! Hit a touchdown with “The Cowboy,” topped with

own original recipes; prepared fresh and slowly cooked to perfection using

savory cream cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped jalapenos. Wings are

apple wood during the whole process creating a magnificent flavor. H

grilled to perfection, then fried, and available in take-home party trays. Weekday lunch specials 11-2pm, plus Happy Hour and food specials 3-7pm, make for the perfect play on your day. Full menu with other tasty treats, full bar and more! H, O

King Crab $$$ 1700 N. Zaragoza Suite 154 | (915) 849-8697 You can’t get seafood like this anywhere else in El Paso. With Chef Pierre bringing his Cajun home-style cooking from New Orleans, the

The Notorious B.L.T. at Murray’s $-$$ 1580 George Dieter, Suite 105 | (915) 328-1808

seafood boils and dishes will leave your mouth watering for more. Fresh seafood is brought in twice a week. Come in and try for yourself. PR, H

Home to the ‘Best Cocktails’ of 2016 is also the spot for another El Paso favorite: The Notorious B.L.T. food truck at Murray’s are some of the best tacos you’ll find around town! Their Mexican street-style tacos have quickly taken Murray’s-goers by storm and are available daily until 11p.m. The perfect complement to their top-rated cocktails makes for an official, win-win bar experience! DF, H, O

Cattleman’s Steakhouse


3450 S. Fabens Carlsbad Rd. Fabens, TX 79838 | (915) 544-3200 This is a family-style restaurant located on a 46 square mile working ranch. Come savor our famous juicy steaks and mesquite-smoked BBQ while enjoying miles of desert scenery and spectacular sunsets! PR, O



Mesa Street Grill $$$

The Garden Grill

3800 N Mesa St., Ste D1 | (915) 532-1881


111 W. University Ave. | (915) 351-2121 Mesa Street Grill introduces their newest dessert creation – the Pineapple Crostata. This refreshing blend of pineapple, cinnamon and nutmeg is crowned with a cashew crumble and handmade sugar garnish. Taste this dessert once and it’s sure to become a summertime favorite. O, H, PR, H

Rulis International Kitchen

Enjoy American cuisine with influences from around the world. Try the popular green chili soup, sip on some wine after work or class and enjoy El Paso’s weather on our outdoor patio. Located inside the Hilton Garden Inn, this treasure is for all of El Paso to experience. O, H


4176 N. Mesa St. | (915) 313-4806 Take a bite out of any of the delicious plates being served at Rulis’ International Kitchen. As winners of Best Beer Selection for Best of The City 2015, there’s also a good reason to stay and drink. On Sundays try their savory Paella dish or stop in for Happy Hour Mon. - Fri. 4 – 7 p.m and Th-Sat 9 – 11 p.m. O, H, PR, DF

Prices: $ - Low Priced Patio/Outdoor Seating - O

$$ - Medium Range Dog Friendly- DF

$$$ - High Priced $$$$ - Exquisite Dining Party/Private Room - PR Happy Hour - H

To highlight your local restaurant in The City Local Eats email:

April, 2017

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