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Sterling silver charms from $25

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June 2013

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Shelley Mozelle

business and EVENT COORDINATOR Josh Sanchez

copy editor Vanessa Juarez

EDITORIAL DESIGN COVER: UTEP Head Coach Sean Kugler Special thanks to the Larry K. Durham Center for hosting The City

BluePanda Design Studio

web producer/Staff writer Daniel Bell

Magazine crew for photo shoot.



Dav Anmed

Lisa Carrejo


Christian Uribe

Josh Sanchez

Henry Quintana

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EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Felipa Solis, Ladonna Apodaca, Michelle Wilson, Jannet Bustillos, Grace Neuhaus, John del Rosario, Michelle Cromer, Adrian Vaquera, Patrick Martínez, Candace Vasquez, Adair Margo, Andrés Rodríguez, Cassie Jean Johnson, Daniel Bell, Meagan Kinley, Kyle Alvarado, Josh Sanchez, Michael Graham.

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Cassie Jean Johnson

June, 2013



in and out



His Prerogative For Hardworking Fathers By ADRIAN VAQUERA



Discover the Smartest Timepieces By JOSH SANCHEZ


Toys for Grown-up Boys

The Newest Gadgets on the Market By JOHN DEL ROSARIO


Take a Mancation Deep-Sea Fishing and Vegas Golfing Courtesy of




Weekend Getaway Vacation Must Haves for Men By THE CITY



Real Men Drink Rosé

Add this Refreshing Wine to your Summer Menus By VIC POULOS



The Gentleman’s True Tobacco

An Intro to the Culture of Smoking Cigars By JOHN DEL ROSARIO


Grill On!

Master the Barbecue Pit Courtesy of







Old Glory Memorial

Manly Mixology Become Cocktail King

It Takes a Village to Raise a Flag





A Celebration and a Reunion

The Grand Opening of the G.W. Bush Library By ADAIR MARGO

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June, 2013




Zuill Bailey on ‘Diversity’ Album



Twenty-Something, Profitable and Awesome

EPSO Conductor Bohuslav Rattay

The NEXT Generation of El Paso’s Businessmen

Local Cellist Collaborates with Emily Bear By THE CITY






Dating Tips for Men from a Woman


Ace the First Date

Find Your Inner Warrior





Here’s to Mud in your Eye!

There’s a New Maestro in Town

Men and Meditation

6 Steps to Stress Reduction By MICHELLE CROMER



The Power of a Father’s Words





Men in Business

My Story of Forgiveness and Reflection

Daniel Hernandez is in London, England







Keepers of the Classics By ANDRÉS




Real Madrid



UTEP’s New Head Football Coach Sean Kugler By MICHAEL C. GRAHAM 6



Healthcare Reform Replacing Myths with Facts



Liquid Facelift By MARCO A.




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June, 2013

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June, 2013


"I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman." ~ ANAIS NIN


t is a particular pleasure, as a woman, to get to edit a men’s issue. In fact, it is the great pleasure of the magazine world — and by extension of being a reader — to be able to step outside one’s own feminine world and dive into the man’s world. This month we feature a wonderfully diverse array of men, all admirable and distinct in handsome ways. This month it’s a man’s world, you won’t hear me say that often, and we dedicate the entire issue to you men. Enclosed you will find everything an El Paso man needs. We’ve enlightened you in watches of the future, those that let you know when you’ve missed a call, another that allows you to pay for lunch with the wave of a wrist, and of course the solar powered. Replacing retired UTEP Head Football Coach Mike Price, who spent eight years with the Miners, Sean Kugler has some big shoes to fill and since he wears a size 15 that redefines the cliché. I have a secret crush on Mike Price and I fondly remember the day in March of 2005 that we shot Coach Price for the cover of the El Paso Magazine. If you’ve ever spent time in the magazine office, you are familiar with my constant remark of “well, back in the day…” I wanted my only football magazine cover memory to be preserved, like fine wine, reverently framed on my office wall never to be replaced or removed. But as time moves forward, and life changes we welcome another football coach to UTEP, Head Coach Sean Kugler. In person, he’s mammoth, a giant. He’s one of those six-footers who carry themselves a shoulder taller than any of my friends, with a confidence that makes


Vin Diesel look insignificant. He’s got a nice air about him. He’s the kind of man who, if you were neighbors, you’d stop by for a lawn chat and a cold drink. He’s easy going, strong in his beliefs, stands 6’4” and has shoulders that fit nicely into a 4X shirt (I know this because I accompanied Josh, our male fashionista in the magazine’s office, as he shopped for Kugler’s clothing for the cover shoot). Kugler is one of those men we refer to as “The Big Boys,” but still a gentle giant. His piercing blue eyes welcome your communication, but make no mistake, when it comes to football; he’s not the gentle giant anymore. His direction is clear. Over a month ago I attended the Price’s Give ‘Em Five event where Coach was the guest speaker. There were over 200 in attendance and as he spoke without notes it was clear that his speech wasn’t practiced, it was lived first-hand. His style and direction is about integrity, leadership and accountability. He realizes the responsibility that has been placed on him from every parent that loans him their young man for a short time. They expect him to give their sons a fair chance at football, strict discipline, but most importantly an education. It’s the same expectations he has of the coaches who will now teach his two boys in their college football careers. Head Coach Sean Kugler comes highly decorated with a list of accomplishments that include three seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers and a trip to the Super Bowl. He acknowledges that he’s had the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches in the business. Kugler must have

learned something from all of them because Boise State head coach Chris Petersen said of him, “There’s absolutely no question that he’s the best football coach I’ve ever been around.” With open arms, we welcome him and his family to our city. Unless you live under a rock, everyone is familiar with the Mitchell Marcus Senior Night, Coronado vs Franklin Basketball Story. Some would have called the moment a “turn over”, but those of us close to the story know that it’s really an “assist”. This story is so monumental and allows the world, since all went viral, to familiarize themselves with the quality of high school athletes El Paso parents raise. Each month we wanted to have our own voice about the story, but it never ended. There was always a...'did you hear'...and 'guess what else' that we seemed unable to find a timely wrap up if you will. Enjoy gentlemen,

this issue is for you

April 2013















with others through her current endeavors. Ad-

had a love affair with the movies since she

a native El Pasoan who has been a practicing

ditionally, Grace is back on the El Paso airwaves

could walk and writes a weekly article about

psychic and metaphysician for over twenty five

every Thursday morning on 92.3 the Fox with

film, “Felipa’s Picks,” for the El Paso Times

years. Her insight and abilities have helped

Double Trouble in the Morning with Jojo and

and KOFX Radio every Thursday. Her father,

many people gain a better sense of direction

Victor Cruz. Grace has a Bachelor’s Degree in

the late choreographer Antonio Triana took his

and understanding of their own lives.

Metaphysical Sciences and is currently pursu-

daughter to soundstages all over Hollywood.

ing her Master’s Degree in Divinity.

She traipsed down Hollywood Boulevard with

She is able to provide insight into areas such

him and nothing was more enticing than a

2. FELIPA SOLIS - Felipa has more than

bag of popcorn and a movie at the Grau-

finances, and personal growth and spirituality.

30 years of broadcast experience working

mann’s Chinese Theater or the Pantages. Her

Grace is known for her honesty and down-to-

at KTSM TV Newschannel Nine, the NBC

mother, Rita, continues the dance tradition,

earth approach. Today, Grace gains a sense of

affiliate in El Paso, Texas. A member of the

and teaches the art of Spanish Dance at the

personal fulfillment from sharing her insight

Broadcast Film Critics Association , she has

University of Texas at El Paso.

as romance and relationships, career direction,


April 2013


Along with a love of films and dance, Felipa

Texas. He remained with this firm for 19 years.

Tribune, The Messenger, Fever Magazine,

takes tremendous pride in El Paso. She vol-

In private practice Vic has tried over 100 jury

Lady Gent Code Magazine, City Beat Maga-

unteers for a number of community organiza-

trials and is a member of the State Bars of New

zine, and What’s Up Magazine. He writes in

tions. Most importantly, she is “Mom” to

Mexico and Texas. He subsequently formed

the space between punchline and epiphany,

21-year-old Gabriel, a senior at Loyola Univer-

his own firm and has been a member of the

and describes his style of writing as “pro-

sity, in Chicago, Illinois. The family is excep-

firm of Volk Poulos & Coates LLP from 1997

phetic.” He sees love as an act of civil diso-

tionally proud of the Miguel Solis Scholarship

to present. Vic has also been an owner in

bedience. He is a lover.

through the El Paso Community Foundation,

several local businesses to include Saturn of

in memory of her late husband .

El Paso, Spira Shoes, Untied Bank of El Paso, Momentum Interactive, and a previous local


- Andrés

Rodríguez, a native El Pasoan, is currently a

3. CANDACE VASQUEZ- Fostering an in-

restaurant named Renelli’s. He has served on

student of Spanish and English and American

satiable wanderlust and a genuine love of aes-

numerous civic boards to include, the El Paso

literature at UTEP, where he’s part of the

thetics, native El Pasoan, Candace Vasquez,

Zoo Society, The El Paso Club Board, The Paso

Student Publication’s editorial staff. Andrés

attributes her love of design and trend to the

del Norte Group, the El Paso Police Foundation

enjoys photography, writing, reading and

stacks of Vogue and Architectural Digests

Board, and the Texas Wine and Grape Growers

all things film and television. He is also ob-

that seemed to accumulate in her home as a

Association Foundation Board of Directors. In

sessed with collecting books and visiting

young girl. Aside from time spent lusting over

2000, Vic planted grapes on 10 acres of land

art museums. Upon graduating, he hopes to

beautiful real estate, sample sales, and exotic

in Canutillo, Texas, and subsequently built

continue writing while teaching high school

getaways, Candace spends her time soaking

Zin Valle Vineyards winery, which produces


in family life with her tall, dark, and handsome

over 1,300 cases of wine per year. Vic is also

husband and precocious and verifiably ador-

an importer of French and Italian wines and

able 1-year-old son. On the cusp of obtaining

lectures extensively on wine. Vic writes a bi-

home with a single mother, my sister and I

a BA in Business Marketing, Candace hopes

weekly column for the El Paso Times on wine

were always taught to express ourselves. My

to give back to this city which has so fully

as well. His current hobbies include writing,

mother’s rule was to be confident, no matter

enriched her life in so many ways.

fly fishing, and restoration of antique aircraft.

what. We have always been comfortable talking

He enjoys aerobatic flying.

to our mom about everything. There’s no filter

4. ADRIAN VAQUERA - Tenacious, dedicated,

9. JANNET BUSTILLOS - Growing up in a

in our home, which is why I’m so free-spirited.

6. DAVID ANMED - Contributing Photog-

I love expressing myself and telling it like it

rapher David Anmed hails from Chihuahua,

is. I enjoy sex and living life to its fullest. I’m

or classified, Adrian has been referred to as a

Chihuahua, where he was born in 1975. After

flattered to be able to write and teach others

complex individual by his social group - someone

obtaining a college degree in marketing, David

about having a healthy sex life.

that you must get to know to understand. A

went on to join the workforce in the business

refined gentleman and successful member of

world, but along the way, he developed a

the corporate world, Adrian provides a unique

passion for photography. In 2009, David took

look into the world through the marriage of his

the leap and began shooting his own portraits

exhibiting over 400 artists from a dozen coun-

traditional, yet avant-garde perspective.

full time. David’s work can be seen throughout

tries. She became especially devoted to the

this issue of The City Magazine El Paso, includ-

artist and writer Tom Lea, founding the Tom

5. VICTOR POULOS – Victor Poulos was

ing the cover shot.

Lea Institute in 2009. Adair is the author of

ed the University of Kansas and law school in

7. JOHN DEL ROSARIO - John Del Rosario

served as Chairman of the President’s Com-

is a product of American imperialism. He

mittee on the Arts and the Humanities during

was in the Army Judge Advocate General’s

hails from the island of Saipan in the North-

the presidency of George W. Bush. She was

Corps from 1977 -1980 and assigned to the

ern Mariana Islands. The Northern Mariana

awarded the Aguila Azteca from Mexican

!st Cavalry Division at Ft. Hood, Texas as a Trial

Islands list his wit and charm as their second

President Felipe Calderon in 2007 and the

Counsel prosecuting felony criminal cases.

and fifth largest exports, respectively. He is

Presidential Citizens Medal from George W.

a senior Print Media major and Philosophy

Bush in 2008.

and driven, Adrian Vaquera Silva is a force to be

reckoned with. Not someone to be categorized

In 1980, Vic Left the Army and entered private

minor at the University of Texas at El Paso.

practice with Mayfield & Perrenot in El Paso,

He has written for Borderzine, the El Paso

the Adair Margo Gallery from 1985-2010,

books on Tom Lea and Jose Cisneros, and

born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He attendTopeka, Kansas at Washburn University. Vic

10. ADAIR MARGO – Adair Margo owned



April 2013









11. PATRICK L. MARTINEZ - Patrick L. Martinez is a native of El Paso and is currently

a Personal Trainer at New You Fitness & Yoga Studio on EL Paso's west side. His certifications include:  Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association Certified MMA Conditioning Coach, International Sports Sciences Association Certified Fitness Trainer, and a National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association Certified Heart Rate Performance Specialist.  Patrick is currently serving his twelfth year in the military

with every shot bringing myself closer to that perfection I live for. Digital photography has been a part of my life for a long time now and my experience has given me the opportunities to capture models, nature, corporate events, musical artists, weddings, and more recently for the past three years journalism, all the time striving to become a professional in my field and bring an artistic touch to my work. In the long run I plan to be part of a prominent publication that will allow me to travel the world and do the thing I love most.

the fashion business. Fierro was later called to work for CH in the PR department and helped organize the fall 2009 fashion show. Yubia returned home and established her own company, OTTO Fashion Event Coordinator Fashion PR - Fashion Styling.

14. MICHELLE CROMER - Michelle Cromer

grew up in Texas, but no longer has big hair. A wife and mom, bestselling author, salsa dancer in training, Michelle conducts workshops in which participants learn how to tap into a deep

and has incorporated his passion for fitness into

13. YUBIA FIERRO - Yubia Fierro studied

well of spirituality, serenity, and purpose. A

Fashion Design in the prestigious Istituto

woman of contradictions, Michelle believes

and creating fitness challenges with students

Marangoni in Milan, Italy. She continued her

that spirituality and capitalism can co-exist, that

and faculty. His clients range from boxers,

education with a Fashion Marketing degree at

you have to sit still to get somewhere, and that

mixed martial artists, high school athletes, and

the Art Institute of Phoenix and later returned to

– despite her best efforts – there are some ques-

parents of all ages.

Milan to follow her passion for fashion styling

tions for which the answers only come when

through an Image Consultant course. While

you stop asking. She lives with her husband and

studying, she interned at Carolina Herrera living

two boys in El Paso, where you can’t walk to

in NYC for a semester where she learned about

the mailbox without stumbling into a mountain.

his job as a military recruiter. He is working with various area high schools in training athletes

12. ROBERT CORRAL - For over twelve years I have been practicing and polishing my skill

15. MICHAEL C. GR AHAM , J.D., CLTC, AIF® President, Graham Capital Strategies, LLC.Owner, The Graham Law Firm, PLLC - After graduating from Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas, Michael graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a major in English. He then served five

years on the U.S. Navy as a nuclear power trained surface warfare officer, during which time he served in the guided missile destroyer USS Scott (DDG 995) and on the carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 72). After his active duty service, he attended Texas Tech University, where he cocreated the nation’s first joint degree program in law and financial planning, becoming the first graduate of the program in May of 2002.



April 2013

He is married to his beautiful wife Heather,

that his purpose in

and they have five children.

life is to help others in whatever line of

16. NOE A. LOPEZ M.ED, LPC - Noe is a li-

work he chooses.

censed psychotherapist in private practice in

He returned home

El Paso, Texas. under New Leaf Counseling.

to share the stories

He practices with a pragmatic and eclectic

of local El Pasoans

approach with a realistic ideology. He is a

to inspire and initiate

single father that knows how to balance life


as a parent and life as a single guy. Originally from Denver, Colorado, but raised here in El Paso, he is very loyal to his city and those


- Nitzburg spent 25

closest to him. He can be contacted through

years as a TV Sports director for KVIA-TV

his website, or by email at

and KDBC-TV. He was also the TV “voice of

the Miners,” at UTEP football and basketball games. Additionally, Bob worked for ABC's

17. DANIEL BELL – Born and raised in El Paso,

Wide World of Sports and the CBS Sports

Daniel currently works as an intern for The City

Network. For the past 20 years, Bob has been

Magazine. After graduating from El Dorado

a TV-Radio Account Executive/Political Director

High School, he went on to study Engineer-

for Entravision Communications-El Paso. He

ing at Columbia University in New York City.

also does “The Miner Minute” twice daily on

During his time in The Big Apple, he experi-

KOFX-FM “The Fox”.

enced a world unlike any other and realized



19. CHRIS ORQUIZ - was born and raised in El Paso, Texas and has been a lifelong musi-

cian and writer. He has played in many local bands, most notably with a punk rock band called Stressed Out. During the 90s he spent many years video documenting El Paso’s underground punk rock scene, always making sure to keep the footage as raw and real as possible. While he continues to write and play music, what he most enjoys is being a father and spending time with his family and 7-yearold son.


June 2013

22. MEAGAN KINLEY is from Little Rock,

Arkansas in the deep heart of the South. While working on her English education degree from the University of Central Arkansas, she spent her free time running Division I Cross Country and Track as a UCA Bear. After graduating, she moved




here to El Paso with her husband and two lovable German Shepherds. She loves traveling, art, volunteering and exploring. 23. KYLE ALVARADO - A burgeoning


now resides with his lovely wife and

native Cassie Jean Johnson has returned

daughter near Detroit, Michigan. After a

to El Paso after graduating in December

couple of years in the automotive industry,

dictions to reading, Louis C.K., and the

from The Fashion Institute of Design and

Jerry launched JVDA Photography and

comma. A recent graduate from UTEP,

Merchandising in Los Angeles and now

covers all major automotive events in the

he earned his degree in English and

works at The City Magazine in El Paso.

‘Motor City.’ These events have included

American Literature, with a minor in

She is a visual designer and enjoys trave-

a number of major auto shows, the Dream

Communication Studies. Splitting his

ling, having fabulous dinner parties and

Cruise and even a Gumball Rally. Jerry

time between writing, career hunting,

spending quality time with her family.

specializes in automotive and street pho-

and powernaps, he hopes to turn his

tography and is excited to share photos

passion for writing into a professional

from a recent trip to El Paso in this issue.

career one day.

21. JERRY VILLAGRANA is an El Paso native and proud UTEP graduate who

professional, Kyle must confess his ad-

we make

better websites


design video

By Cassie Jean Johnson

June, 2013


For men, this is the summer of style and detailed clothing statements. Take a chance with brightly colored, patterned shirts to freshen up your wardrobe and look! IN: Spot-Diamond, Bandanna

OUT: Sad, Solid-Colored Shirts

Printed Shirts

For men, this is the summer of style and de-

Add some trend and playfulness to your ward-

tailed clothing statements. Solid-colored shirts

robe by trying out these quirky and tasteful but

are out, and make a boring fashion statement.

fun patterns for spring and summer. Different

Take a chance with brightly colored, patterned

shades of cobalt blues for shirts are a must

shirts to freshen up your wardrobe and look! To

have this season for men’s attire. To really make

make an even bolder sophisticated statement,

an impression, add a pair of brightly colored,

pair your look with classic loafers. With new

sleek trousers to complete your look. Be bold

elongated silhouette loafers, any outfit you

by stepping out with this fun summer trend.

have will be escalated to casual but polished.

IN: Bow Ties Bow ties are a summer must have and are replacing regular ties this season. Bow ties are certainly making a come back with a fresh, new approach. Look for bow ties that show off various patterns, designs and shapes. Adding a bow tie to your suit, as opposed to a regular tie, transforms your look from average, to spiffy and sophisticated. Add even more color and interest to your suit by including a matching, bright handkerchief to pull the whole look together. OUT: Tired Ties Ties have been around forever, and always seem to be a hassle to put on. Yes, ties look very sophisticated and are work appropriate, but it’s nice to have different attires to choose from when dressing for work or an evening out. Drab ties are certainly not creating any interest for your outfit. Bow ties are fun, yet elegant at the same time, and you don’t have to be overly dressed in a suit to wear one. All you need is a nice dress shirt, a matching jacket and slacks to make it a complete look.


IN: Messy, Yet Dressy Hair Professional, put together looks doesn’t necessarily mean sleeked backed hair weighed down with gobs of gel. If you are tired of the same look at work, try a new a style with your hair. Ever so slightly tousled hair is in for men, and sure to redefine your summer style and look! Give your hair a little lift and texture with a volumizer, which can be found at any local drugstore. Don’t forget to complete your new look by keeping your clothing professional and tailored, so your overall image isn’t untamed or messy. OUT: Sleek, Perfectly Combed Over Hair Having a perfect, polished look doesn’t mean having slicked-back hair. This hairstyle has been an everlasting trend amongst men, especially in the workplace. Change is exciting and essential, so why not take less time to get ready every morning, but still maintain a handsome, classic look as well.

IN: Scotch

ing clients at work or you home, take it up a

What better way to entertain clients or guests

notch and show your decadent side. By doing

at your home, then kicking it old school and

so you are showing you have sophistication,

conversing over a nice glass of scotch? Scotch

while not being overbearing about it.

is an empowering drink, that some of the most elite men in history were seen drinking. It is not only a sign of power, but shows you mean business as well. There has always been something significant about seeing a man holding a glass of scotch, showing his stature in the world and that empowering confidence. OUT: Boring Beer Having a brewski among your guy friends is

Scotch is an empowering drink, that some of the most elite men in history were seen drinking

always a good time, but it’s important to have a professional drinking side too. When entertain-


in an d out

IN: Outdoor Family Time Now that summer is here, it’s time to take it outdoors! Whether it’s a family trip to the zoo or camping out in your backyard, there are endless summer activities to choose from. Be active this summer with sports like backyard volleyball tournaments and softballs games that are perfect for outdoor family barbecues! Remember, you can never go wrong with a nice, relaxing pool party followed by movie night with the kids. OUT: Couch Potato This summer, make an effort to enjoy more fun in the sun! Teach your kids how to play fun sports or work on your child’s pitching arm. Try Frisbee or just playing catch with your kids for an afternoon full of fun and excitement! It will prove to be a blast for you, the kids, and can function as a workout too. It’s a win-win situation for all involved. Drawing with chalk on the sidewalks and blowing bubbles are always a must for sunny days. Make this summer break one full of wonderful memories.

| By Adrian Vaquera |


June, 2013

This month's grooming product selection is dedicated to the hardworking fathers who understand that family comes first.


his month, the products selected

Shave: Baxter of California

RECOMMENDED FOR: Every. Single. Man.

serve as the perfect gift to oneself

Super Close Shave Formula

The refining correction intensifier can turn the

or that special man in your life. This

Baxter of California launched its Super Close

oldest of prunes into the ripest of grapes.

Father's Day, give them the ability to indulge

Shave Formula to provide just that - a super

themselves, turning an otherwise mundane

close shave! This products works by provid-

and exhausting grooming regimen into a relaxing and enjoyable process.

Hair: Davines Hair Detox Scrub

ing a protective and hydrating cushion

With active natural ingredients like artichoke

between your skin and your blade,

"phytoceuticals," jojoba oil and silica parti-

allowing your razor to glide free-

cons, this formula concoction is rich in an-

So before you go buying that

ly across your face for a close

tioxidants and helps regenerate the scalp.

man of yours another necktie he

and comfortable shave. In ad-

This shampoo is more of a detoxifying scrub

will never wear or a power tool

dition, the botanical extracts

that is intended to provide a gentle and deep

that he can only use to do more

such as tea tree oil and witch

cleansing of the scalp removing pollutants,

hazel provide antiseptic proper-

while protecting against free radicals. You de-

ties that help to extinguish razor burn

tox your body through cleanses and diet, why

back-breaking work, choose to cater to him in a different way - one that will yield benefits for him and for yourself - espe-

and replenish moisture, while the pepper-

not detox your head? After all the count-

cially if that man is your significant other. After

mint and menthol refresh and soothe the

less gels, waxes hairsprays and hair teas-

all, who wouldn't like a more polished and re-

skin long after the morning butcher rou-

fined looking gentlemen on their arm?

tine. ($16;

ing you put your head through, a little detox can go a long way. To use, simply lather, rinse and repeat if necessary. ($30;

Facial Cleanser: TwinLuxe Daily

RECOMMENDED FOR: all men who

Detox Face Wash & Mask

want a close and comfortable shave

This multi purpose formula serves as

that invites the closest of touches, but

RECOMMENDED FOR: those junk-

a professional, deep-cleansing, bacte-

don't want to shave off six layers of

ies who had put their hair and scalp

ria-fighting face wash, and as a detoxi-

their skin to achieve it.

through years of chemical abuse and brush mistreatment. It’s Betty Ford for your head.

fying, pore-cleansing mask that helps balance your skin all in one bottle. To

Skin Refiner: Biophotonic Brad

use as a face wash, simply work into a

Essential Elixir Pore-Tightening Serum

Fragrance: Gentlemen

lather and apply onto your skin in a cir-

Brad Essential Elixir Pore Tightening serum is

Only by Givenchy

cular motion, avoiding contact with

more of a refining correction intensifier that

A modern homage to the

the eyes and rinse. To use as a mask, apply

addresses a shopping list of facial woes in-


a generous amount to your face, allow-

cluding aging, lines, wrinkles and sagging,

launched in 1974, this classic

ing the product to penetrate and break

dryness, oiliness, acne and breakouts, hy-

fragrance is designed for the



through the dirt and oil, nourishing and

per-pigmentation and dark spots, large

man of today. Composed of Vetiver, Patchouli

soothing the skin as the perfect pre-

pores and dullness. The ingredients to

and leather notes, this fragrance provides a

shave preparation with two uses that

this formula are packed with alpha and

woodsy undertone or background with dancing

produce amazing results, this one solu-

beta acids that help skin look smooth,

hints of spice provided by the primary scents

tion is the perfect addition to any man's

radiant and visibly tightened. To use,

of green mandarin, pink pepper, nutmeg and

grooming regimen. ($38;

all you have to do is smooth over your

birch leaves. This reinterpretation of the classic

face and neck with your fingertips after

cologne is meant to inspire and awaken the

cleansing twice a day. This simple ad-

refined gentlemen qualities within the most

dition to your daily routine will help fade

barbaric of men. ($59 for 1.7 oz;

RECOMMENDED FOR: the men who live by the idea that killing two birds with one stone is best. This is one product with

the appearance of spots, scarring and discol-

two separate usages that both yield fantastic

oration, while facilitating healthy cell turn over

RECOMMENDED FOR: men who want a fra-

results. Simply said, its magic in a bottle.

and regeneration amongst a million other ben-

grance to match their simple, sophisticated

efits. ($95;

and adventurous characteristics.


WATC H ES | By Josh Sanchez |


June, 2013


3 2





arty McFly may have time-traveled to the future, but had he traveled to the year 2013, he would have found an age of social media, technology-driven, information savvy, inter-webbed modern living. His watch alone would have seemed ancient compared to the watches that are out there today. Watches that go beyond tell-

ing time, that are designed for our modern-day needs, and aimed to make our lives easier and us faster, better people are all around us. Here is a look at a variety of men’s watches that are taking technology and modern-day living to another level, whilst making men’s wrists look good. Functionality and modern technology meet style and sleekness, without breaking the bank.






(starting at $50)



This stylish watch allows for you to forget


This watch is a great piece for the hiker. With

your wallet and debit card at home. The Perry

Not only are smartphones touch screen now,

Trakbak technology it automatically reverses

Go comes with a unique eight digit VITAnum-

so are watches. Check out the sleek Kenneth

your coordinates 180 degrees with the push

ber that you can use to establish a contact-

Cole Rubber Strap Touch Screen Watch. It’s all

of a button, telling you exactly how to get back

less payment account. Once setup you will

the functionalities of today’s modern watches

to your starting point. Never get lost again with

be able to pay for lunch or gas with the wave

with touch-sensor technology.

the amazing GPS functions of the Switchback.



of a wrist.


G-SHOCK ARRAY (starting at $99)

METAWATCH (starting at $179)


Casio watches with solar technology, receive

Get the watch, download the app on your iP-

The Nike+ FuelBand goes beyond the use of

thermal and electrical energy that recharges

hone or Android, connect and start. Let your

a regular watch and uses a sports-tested ac-

the watch batteries through solar panels on

watch tell you who is calling without having

celerometer to measure your movement in

the face of the watch. Casio G-Shock watch-

to reach for your phone. You can even see

NikeFuel, a universal metric of activity. Set

es offer a variety of selection from “Classic”

what song you are listening to on your watch

daily goals, see your progress, connect with

to “Aviation,” all with a variety of solar tech-

and find out when your phone’s battery is low

friends and live a healthy, active lifestyle.

nology. Never have your watch run out of bat-

with a simple glance at your wrist. The ben-

tery again.

efits? Save time and phone battery.


June, 2013

Take a Mancation Gather up your bros and spend some quality guy time with either one of these great vacation ideas. Are you looking for dirtunder-your nails, bravery-testing adventure on the high seas or laid back luxury on the greens and fairways of Sin City? Well, we have something for the adventure seeker and the pleasure seeker.

( If you're a pleasure seeker, see page 31)

Deep-Sea Fishing Experience the Lure of this Exhiliarating Sport | By MATT VILLANO, courtesy of WWW.TRAVELCHANNEL.COM |

W 28

hether it's the dramatic thrill of

pastime has increased in popularity, a num-

the hunt or the constant heave

ber of U.S. fishing outfitters have put togeth-

of the ocean, few sports are as

er full-service (this means tackle is included),

exhilarating as deep-sea fishing - even for an-

multi-night charters to some of the deepest

glers who have fished rivers for years. As the

water around. Here's a sampling.

June, 2013

T R AV E L A large galley (which guests must use on their own) boasts a coffee maker, toaster, microwave oven, gas stove and electric frying pan. There's also a large kitchen table and spacious bathroom; the boat carries adequate fresh water for showers once a day. After the trip, rent snorkel gear and dive the vibrant Key West Marine Park where even first-timers can spot colorful tropical fish and tiny briny lobsters. Cap the night with a pub crawl along historic Duval Street, home of the original Margaritaville CafĂŠ. Supergun Charters WHERE: OXNARD, CALIFORNIA

Close to the mainland of Southern California,

Gulf of Alaska

yet seemingly worlds apart, Channel Islands National Park encompasses five islands and

Alaska Sea Adventures

Back on shore, take a day or two to explore

some of the best deep-water fishing in the


Petersburg -- a town so obsessed with its

Pacific Ocean. One of the best ways to get

With halibut the size of motorcycles and

Scandinavian heritage that some call it "Little

there is on a two-day chartered fishing excur-

salmon that can weigh as much as small

Norway." Food options here are slim, but the

sion with Supergun Charters.

children, the Gulf of Alaska is a deep-sea

Northern Lights Restaurant near the marina

fisherman's dream. Perhaps this is why the

has the basics covered. After dinner, head to

Supergun's 46-foot Bertram Flybridge Sport-

six-night, seven-day Silver Salmon Fishing

the Harbor Bar for a pint of - what else? -

fisher departs Channel Islands Harbor in Ox-

excursion with Alaska Sea Adventures is

Alaskan Amber beer.

nard and heads due west until it's directly

one of the most popular fishing trips in the Northwest.

over thousand-foot canyons that run close to Andy Griffiths Charters WHERE: KEY WEST, FLORIDA

shore. Here, crew members catch some live squid for bait and encourage guests to use it

The adventure leaves from Petersburg, a

When Highway 1 ends in Key West, Florida,

to angle for everything from white sea bass,

small fishing town on the Inside Passage.

the only way to continue west is by boat.

calico, yellowtail bass and halibut.

Aboard the 60-foot M/V Alaska Adventurer,

That's where Andy Griffiths Charters comes

the crew heads west, powering through the

in handy. The outfitter runs two and three-day

At night, from the aft deck, the view of the

whale-infested waters of the Icy Strait and

overnight fishing charters from Key West to

pock-marked heavens on a clear night is

into the gulf for some serious fishing. When

Dry Tortugas National Park.

spectacular. Downstairs, relax below deck

the water's calm, the depths teem with all

in two spacious staterooms before emerg-

manner of sea life, from halibut to black cod.

Most of the fishing in the Tortugas revolves

ing for a home-cooked dinner and a movie on

When the sea rages, the crew heads east to

around coral reefs and shipwrecks. With bait

the 28-inch digital flat-screen surround-sound

the passage, where salmon abound.

supplied by the outfitter, guests angle their

system. The boat also boasts two heated

own rods for snapper, grouper, cobia, amber-

showers and a decent-sized bathroom.

A gyro-stabilized fishing platform on the

jack, kingfish, sharks and barracudas. Some-

boat's aft deck is just a few steps from a com-

times, in up to 200 feet of water, the captains

Before heading home, stop back at the harbor

fortable salon, dining table, large freezer and

choose to troll, in an attempt to catch mahi

and grab a meal at The Whale’s Tail, a seafood

a fully-stocked refrigerator. Down below, four

mahi, sailfish, wahoo or tuna.

restaurant with legendary lobster taquitos,

private staterooms, three bathrooms and

and a stellar view of the marina. Another diver-

two hot-water showers provide inn-quality

All six of Griffiths's 43-foot motor vessels

sion: the Maritime Museum, which celebrates


sleep only six, making the bunk-style accom-

the art of model shipbuilding and displays the

modations seem spacious for those onboard.

life's work of master modeler Ed Marple.


Gloucester harbor, Massachusetts Channel islands, Oxnard, California

Yankee Capts

lions of cod, pollack and hake. Provided the

wHErE: glouCEsTEr,

weather cooperates, two days here yields at


least 20 hours of good fishing.

movie "A Perfect Storm" knows how much

The ship itself is old but cozy. Renata Salva-

New England fishermen revere the fish-filled

dor grills up eggs and hamburgers in the gal-

waters around Georges Bank in the Gulf of

ley's kitchen like at any greasy spoon. Luxury-

Maine. Yankee Capts, an outfitter in Glouces-

seekers, take note: to call accommodations

ter, Massachusetts, leads two-night, two-day

barebones would be, at best, an understate-

fishing charters to the wrecks in this area all

ment. Still, for those seeking an authentic,

summer long.

boat-bunk experience, the berths work fine.

The trips depart from West Gloucester Har-

Celebrate the big catch in Gloucester at Al-

bor. It's an eight-hour ride to the Banks them-

chemy Bistro, an upscale spot that serves

selves. There, Capt. Greg Mercurio angles

wood-fired pizzas and, of course, fish. Then,

the M/V Yankee Capts over secret shipwrecks

in homage to the fishermen who've died at

that lie in anywhere from 60 to 300 feet of

sea, head to the Crow’s Nest, a watering hole

water. These spots are home to literally mil-

that just might be saltier than the sea itself.

Anyone who's read the book or seen the

30 30

Celebrate the big catch in Gloucester at Alchemy Bistro, an upscale spot that serves wood-fired pizzas and, of course, fish.

June, 2013

( If you're an adventure Seeker, see page 28)

The Ultimate Golf City The Fairways of Las Vegas



n Las Vegas, it’s easy to get blinded by the

Plus, when you add the golf experience to

bright lights, superstar names, and green

everything else that defines Las Vegas, you

felt tables and forget about the emerald

get what golf insiders like to call the World’s

green fairways and greens of the city’s many

Ultimate Golf City. And thanks to a still-shaky

golf courses. But don’t fall into that trap (golf

economy, there may not be a better time to

pun intended). More than 60 golf courses

stay and play in the entertainment capital of

stretch from the area around the Strip to

the world. Here is a range of options for dif-

such other Nevada cities as Mesquite (77

ferent budgets.

miles north), Boulder City (30 miles south) and Laughlin (90 miles south).

High Rollin’ The high rollers live on these courses, many

The biggest and most-respected names in

times earning comp rounds due to large

golf have twirled golf design magic in Las Ve-

gambling credit lines, but each is also open

gas, including such master architects as Tom

to the public with some restrictions. Golf/

Fazio, Pete Dye and Rees Jones, and player/

room packages are available, and fees to play

designers like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer,

start at $225.

Billy Casper and Raymond Floyd.


T R AV E L Cascata features a stunning clubhouse com-

Wynn Las Vegas Golf and

plete with a “river running through it” and

Country Club is located in

a Rees Jones course to match. The course

the shadows of the Wynn

weaves through desert mountains and of-

and Encore resorts, and

fers a private journey on each hole. Groups

only those staying there

find themselves isolated from other golfers.

have access to this course,

In a 2009 ZAGAT survey, Cascata earned

an oasis located seconds

top-ranked status among all golf courses

from the bustle of the Ve-

in America. Rio Secco Golf Club is a sister

gas action. It features lush

course to Cascata and was also designed

trees, a jaw-dropping wa-

by Jones.

terfall on the 18th hole, and

June, 2013

Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

conditions that are PGA Shadow Creek was once called the “World’s


St. Andrews, Carnoustie and Royal Troon among others. The Postage Stamp hole from

Best Golf Course” by the Robb Report, a respected luxury publication. Golfers leave

TPC Las Vegas has hosted PGA Tour events.

Royal Troon makes you feel the same shiver

stunned at this secluded and secretive course

The course features canyon holes and long

down your spine as the pros standing on a

that was seemingly plopped down from Car-

carries over rough desert gorges.

tee during a British Open. And the Road Hole from St. Andrews features a replica Open

olina (pine trees, lakes, lush vegetation) into the barren Vegas desert. Recently, Michael

Themed Courses

scoreboard and thick rough. Desert Pines

Jordan held a star-studded tournament here

Three themed courses operated by Walters

comes complete with pine trees and wa-

and called it one of his favorite courses in the

Golf pay homage to the many themed hotels

ter holes in the middle of the desert. Bear’s

world. Those staying at an MGM Mirage hotel

along the Strip. Bali Hai Golf Club features

Best Las Vegas features 18 of Jack Nicklaus’

can play here where the rate includes a limo

tropical golf from the South Pacific. Royal

favorite holes from courses that he has de-

ride to the course.

Links Golf Club provides replica holes from

signed from around the Southwest.

Cascata Golf

Bali Hai Golf Club


Shadow Creek

Value Rollin’ Las Vegas provides alternatives for those unwilling to spend too much on a round, with rates starting at $59. Three Pete Dye-designed golf courses at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort are known for a deal that includes range balls, lunch and 50 percent off rental clubs. The three courses feature a kinder, gentler Pete Dye. Still, some of Dye’s dastardly design can be found at the par 3, 15th hole on The Wolf Course; it’s similar to the infamous 17th at TPC Sawgrass.


June, 2013



rom a watch that can tell you who’s calling to the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR camera, these hot, techy gadgets will make any man’s eyes grow wide with wonder.

When it comes to toys, guys never grow out of them. The toys just get more sophisticated and more imaginative. Some guys dig cars, some play guitars and most of us, regardless of specialized interest, just plain love gadgets. Here's a list of what’s new and groundbreaking in the high-tech world for Father's Day or a surprise late graduation gift.


June, 2013



console (at least anytime soon), all games

Canon EOS Rebel SL1

In the age of the smart phone, it is natural

are free to try so you never have to buy

Advertised as "the world's smallest and light-

that other things get the "smart" treatment.

blindly again. The variety of games is remark-

est DSLR camera" (clocking in at about 14

Enter Pebble, the Kickstarter-funded watch

able and will only grow as the system gains

ounces), this camera is great for the beginner

popularity. At around a third of the

photographer or the casual vacationer who

of the future that connects to any smart phone via Bluetooth.

When it comes

cost of a brand new big-name con-

simply wants to up the ante on the quality

Once connected, you can view

to toys, guys

sole, it's a rather small investment

of pictures taken. Specs include a newly-de-

incoming calls with ID, email

never grow

in entertainment, but more impor-

signed Canon 18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS-

notifications, the weather and

out of them.

tantly, a big investment in the fu-

C) sensor, Canon DIGIC 5 Image Processor,

ture of gaming.

an ISO range of 100-12800, a 3.0" Clear View

alerts from Facebook and Twit-

LCD monitor II and Full HD Movie Mode. For

ter. It's a great way to keep informed when your hands are full. It's also perfect for work-

Tylt Vu

those who don't speak "camera," suffice it

ing out, as you can switch songs playing on

Only time will tell if wireless chargers will be

to say that it's pretty darn impressive. High

your phone without having to pull out your

the future or a cute little experiment in wire-

quality and high portability, it is a great place

phone. You can also monitor your pace, dis-

less technology. But for the time being, while

to start for any aspiring photographer.

tance and speed while cycling and running

the novelty is still fresher than a CNN news

with built-in apps. The watch face is also

story before they fact check their sources

Philips Fidelio HTL9100 Soundbar

customizable with around a dozen options to

and eventually report the contrary, they're

Surround sound doesn't have to come with

choose from. The rechargeable battery lasts

the future. The Vu by Tylt is a fresh take on

all of that complex wiring any longer if you

anywhere from two to seven days, depend-

the wireless smart phone charger coming in

pick up this nifty system by Philips. The Fide-

ing on usage. And, like every good watch, it's

four colors (as opposed to the boring black

lio HTL9100 Soundbar is the first sound bar


and metallic colors of other chargers) and

to feature detachable battery-powered wire-

even has the ability to hold your device at a

less surround speakers that, when removed,

Ouya Gaming Console

45 degree angle for ease of viewing. With a

switch the system from virtual surround

For the gamer in your life, this new gam-

soft touch surface, you don't need to worry

sound to 5.1 channel surround sound. Placed

ing console, which will be released late

about scratches on your phone. Its multiple

either horizontally or mounted on a wall, the

this month, is an incredibly affordable re-

inductive charging coils allow you to place

system's intelligent orientation sensor picks

imagination of what gaming could be. The

your phone on it at any angle and still get

up on its positioning and adjusts the sound

console, itself, is about the size of a Rubik's

a charge. The super new device was avail-

for optimal performance. With two HDMI

cube with a controller the size of any nor-

able for pre-order in April and ships out this

ports, it can connect to any media system or

mal gaming controller. Powered by the An-

month. Be one of the first to get your hands

game console. Also, for music it can connect

droid platform, all games are downloaded,

on this charger, which also makes for a sleek

wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

so you'll never have to buy an expensive

desk ornament, with or without your phone

physical copy of a game again. Though most


big-name games will not be available for the


| By the city |


his summer, be prepared for every trip you take with a suitcase full of pieces that will make you look good and put together. Great pairs of jeans and chinos is just the foundation; do not be afraid of some colorful bottoms this summer. Keep it simple and layer tees, wovens, knits, and jackets for an interesting mix. Add a pop of bright neon to elevate an outfit. Sometimes it’s easiest to work with solid colored pieces, but don’t be afraid of a nice, printed woven. Gentlemen, invest in a modern satchel and watch to really complete your summer look.

Model: ALEJANDRO HERNANDEZ (Wilhemina Bazaar Model) Wilhelmina Bazaar Model Photographer: DAV ANMED Stylist: YUBIA FIERRO Hair: DAVID PULIDO at Hunter Quartermane Salon Skin: CLAUDIA CASTILLO


Special thanks to the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in the heart of downtown El Paso for hosting The City Magazine’s crew for our Weekend Getaway fashion shoot.

shirt: sTONE ROsE Jeans: diEsEL iNdUsTRy Belt and shoes: sALVATORE FERRAGAMO satchel: BURBERRy Watch: MiChAEL KORs

w E E K E N d G E T AwAy

shirt: hUGO BOss Pants: 7 FOR ALL MANKiNd shoes: LACOsTE
















| By ViC Poulos | What is it about rosÊ that makes people think of cheap, pink swill that's primarily designed just for women? Is it the color? Is it that most people (DEPENDING on your age) have less than fond memories of Mateus, Tj Swan, Boone’s Farm, Bartles & james or Reunite?



June, 2013


hether you're male or female, if you've never tried a good, dry rosé, you're truly missing out –

particularly in the summertime, when they offer a refreshing counter to the outside heat. Over the last decade or so, dry rosé wine is becoming more and more popular among wine drinkers across the country, and it's even gaining some popularity among men and the same wine connoisseurs who once snubbed it. As consumers enjoy rosé more and more, winemakers are also taking notice and producing more types, or varietals, of rosé. Now you can find a good, dry rosé on just about every fine restaurant wine list you come across.

What is a rosé?

When a rosé is made through “bleeding,” the

Rosé denotes neither a grape varietal nor

winemaker removes most of the pink juice

a grape region, and in some countries it's

at an earlier stage and ferments it separately

called rosado or rosato. In France it is called

from the large batch of “must,” which is a

rosé, after the “flower of romance,” which is

substance containing grape juice, skins and

the rose, of course. Rosés are usually pink

other parts of the grape.

in color, but depending on the grape varietal used and the wine-making techniques, a

The final method to make rosé wine is by

rosé can range from a pale orange to a vivid,

simply blending a red wine with a white


wine. This method is seldom used and is generally frowned upon by most win-

The most popular type of rosé however, is

emakers. The exception to this is rosé

white zinfandel, but that's not what we're fo-

champagne, which can be very good, and

cusing on here – we're focusing on dry rosé.

is my favorite type of sparkling wine or Champagne!

How is rosé made?

There are three main ways to make rosé wine

Rosé can also be made from many

– through skin contact, bleeding or blending.

different types of grapes, but the most common are zinfandel, syrah, grenache,

In the skin contact method, red grapes are crushed and their skins are left to remain in contact with the juice for a period just long enough to turn the juice pink – typically just

pinot noir, mourvedre or cinsault.

When do I drink a rosé?

One of the big draws of a rosé is that it can

two or three days. Then it all goes through

possess some of the hearty characteristics of

the pressing process, by which the skins

a red wine and the lightness of a white wine.

are discarded.

'Refreshing' is the word I hear most often when someone tries a rosé for the first time.

Most importantly, the skins of the grape contain tannin, which is a major factor in the final

Rosé is finding its spot “in the sun” as a

taste of dryness in a rosé.

summer wine. Many people describe the fla-

vor or finish as being very mineral-like. While “minerality” is a controversial word in wine, the finer rosés from the Tavel or Bandol regions of France are often described based on their minerality. Regardless of the proper descriptor, its crispiness and lightness make it a great wine to have by the glass in hot weather. Call me a wine “sissy” if you want, but truth be told, real men are starting to enjoy rosé! I enjoy a good rosé even in the cooler months, when paired with the right food.


June, 2013

Locally-Owned Businesses August 2013 Don’t Miss This!

D!!’! !!!! !!! L!!!!!!!!w!!d Bu!!! !!!!!! !r!fi!! !!!!!! !! !!! Au!u!! !!!! I!!u! !f !!! C!!! !!!!!!!!! Adv!rti!!!! d!!d!!!! f!r !!!!u!!!! !! !!!! !!!!!!! !d!ti!! !! Ju!! !! !! !!!! !!!! u! !!d!! !! w! !!! d!!!u!! !!!!!!!!! !r!!!!d ju!! f!r !!u! Rosé denotes neither a grape

!!!! !! !!! !!!!!! f!r !! !!!! !r!! bu!!!!!!!! !! f!!!ur! !!!!r !!!d!! !!rv!!!!! !!d !!!r!!!! R!!!!r!! !!!w! !!!! r!!d!r! !!!d !! u!! !!!! !!!! !f !ub!!!!ti!! !! ! !!r!!u! r!f!r! !!!! !u!d! w!!! d!!!d!!! w!!r! !!!! !!k! !!!!r bu!!!!!!! A!!!!! !!!! !!r!!!!d !ub!!!!ti!! w!!! !!v! !!ur bu!!!!!! !!!! v!!!b!!!!! !! r!!d!r!! !ur !!!! !f d!d!!!!!d !!!!! r!!r!!!!!!tiv!! !! !!!k!!! f!rw!rd !! w!rk!!! w!!! !!u !! !r!!!! ! !u!!!! !dv!rti!!!!!! !!!! !!!!! !!ur !!!d!!

varietal nor a grape region, and in some countries it's called rosado or rosato.

Food pairings

When it comes to pairing food with rosé, try to remember this – just like rosé is neither red or white wine, it's also neither “fish nor fowl” but actually pairs well with both! My personal favorite pairing with rosé is shellfish and salads, but here are some other options: • Antipasto • Goat cheeses • Prosciutto with melon or fruit • Lobster • Clams

Contact The City Today! Co !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• Chicken cacciatore A wonderful selection of rosé wines can also be found at Spec’s here in town. The price is usually between $10 and $15. Try a Loire Valley or southern Rhone rosé from France, or a nice rosado or rosato from Spain or Italy. Greece is producing some excellent rosé as well.






June, 2013

IO |


June, 2013

“Cigar smoking is akin to enjoying a nice fine wine,” said Pastor Crespo, owner of La Casa del Puro Cigar Lounge at 216 W. Franklin Avenue. “Cigars are smoked to savor the flavors. When you take a draw from a cigar, you allow the smoke to billow and roll through your mouth so you can absorb all the flavors of the cigar.”


ccording to a 2009 survey by the Substance

out of places like the Dominican

Abuse and Mental Health Services Administra-

Republic, Ecuador and Nicaragua

tion, there are over 13 million cigar smokers

make these cigars, mostly by

in the country, generating $8 billion in retail sales in the

hand in a time-consuming and

U.S. alone. If you’re not already a part of that over 13

labor-intensive operation.

million, then let this be an introduction into the art and culture of cigar smoking.

But with all the variety, how to choose one? “I like to match the

If you’re already curious about trying it out, there is a

individual’s palate with the cigar,”

chance you may have been a smoker at one time or

Crespo said. “One of the first things

another. Cigar smoking, though, is an entirely different

I ask them is if they’re a cigarette smoker.”

beast unto itself from cigarette smoking. “Premium ci-

If you’re a heavy cigarette smoker, you’re going to have

gars have natural nicotine levels in the leaves,” Crespo

a pretty hardened palate which means you’re not going

said. “It does sedate you. But cigarettes are made for

to be able to enjoy the flavors of a nice, mild cigar.”

one purpose: to be a nicotine delivery device.” The sheer variety of cigars is astounding. The different One may have trouble wrapping his or her head around

shapes they come in and their varying strengths will

the idea of pleasure derived from savoring the flavors

each affect your overall experience. Though several cigar

of a cigar, hidden in its smoke, as opposed to a more

periodicals like Cigar Aficionado or Cigar Press

direct end of light-headedness from cigarettes. Never

may give reviews of cigars, the only opinion

inhaling? Tasting smoke? That sounds more like dealing

that matters is that of the smoker, Chavez

with the air quality in urban China.

said. Both Tobacco Tin locations carry an impressive stock of cigars from all around the

“I am not advocating that cigars are any healthier for you

world, most notably Davidoff cigars, which

or that it is a better option,” Crespo said. “People smoke ci-

are often lighter in flavor and are what

gars on occasion. They enjoy them moderately. One to two

Chavez would recommend to the first

cigars per week are the average cigar smoker’s intake.”

time smoker looking to play it safe. The Tobacco Tins are the only shops in

“Cigars are true tobacco,” said Geraldo Chavez, co-

town that carry them and there

owner of Tobacco Tin on both 745 S. Mesa Hills Drive

are only less than 200 that do

and 1021 Airway Boulevard. “I’ve never inhaled. I bet my

in the world, according

lungs are cleaner than your average cigarette smoker.”

to Chavez.

Cigars are made from layers of aged and fermented tobacco leaves that are tightly rolled. Companies based

HOY FOX LEXUS (4.75x10.5) 5.13.pdf



2:27 PM


June, 2013

In the music video for his 1998 hit, “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” Will Smith sported a cigar in his mouth proclaiming, “I just bite it for the look. I don’t light it.” What a chump. As for Crespo’s La Casa del Puro, it is the city’s only cigar lounge. “I’m here to promote the cigar culture–the camaraderie amongst cigar smokers,” Crespo said. “This is what I call a cigar smoker’s refuge. It’s a place to escape the harsh elements of El Paso like the extreme heat or spring winds.” The lounge provides customers a place to smoke

2013 RX 350 $399/MO

right when they buy their cigar. With a monthly membership fee, one can even join the club, which allows access to the upstairs lounge complete with comfortable chairs, a number of flat screen TVs, a game room, bar and fridge. You may also enjoy weekly stand-up comedy showcases and the company of like-minded individuals. The Tobacco Tins and La Casa del Puro are not the only cigar carriers in the city. With several spread across the city, including a mammoth such as


Spec’s, there is no shortage of reasons not to pick one up, or a few, to try or celebrate a triumph.

11165 Gateway West – El Paso, TX 79935 (915)598-0007 – (888)238-5997

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June, 2013

foo d

Become King of the Backyard this Father’s Day by showing the family your skills on the grill. Put aside the typical hamburger and hotdog recipes for these selections that put a twist on traditional grilling foods. You’ll have the entire family wondering when you managed to become a grill chef with all of the other tasks on your plate. These recipes can be served together as a barbecue junkie’s dream meal or stand on their own. To all the manly men out there, fire up the barbecue pit this summer and get your grill on!

Grilled Potato Skins

The word “barbecue” actually comes from the indigenous Taino people of the Caribbean, who would smoke or dry meat over a frame made of green sticks.


Just about everyone loves these delicious

1. Cut each potato lengthwise into four wedg-

appetizers. They’ll make a great sidekick to

es. Cut away the white potato portion, leaving

serve outside over a grilled meal with friends.

¼ in. on the potato skins. Place skins on a mi-

This recipe yields 4 servings or 8 appetizers.

crowave-safe plate. Microwave, uncovered,

Total time to prep/cook: 30 min.

on high for 8 to 10 min. or until tender. 2. Combine the butter, rosemary, salt and


pepper. Brush over both sides of potato skins.

2 large baking potatoes

3. Grill potatoes, skin side up, uncovered,

2 tbsp. butter, melted

over direct medium heat for 2 to 3 min. or un-

2 tsp. minced fresh rosemary or ½ tsp. of

til lightly browned. Turn potatoes and position

dried rosemary, crushed

over indirect heat; grill 2 min. longer.

½ tsp. salt

4. Top with cheese. Cover and grill 2 to 3 min.

½ tsp. pepper

longer or until cheese is melted. Sprinkle with

1 cup (4 oz.) shredded cheddar cheese

bacon and onions. Serve with sour cream.

3 bacon strips, cooked and crumbled 2 green onions, chopped

Nutritional facts: 1 serving (2 each) equals

Sour cream

327 calories, 16 grams of fat, 35 grams of carbohydrates, 12 grams of protein


Fresh food tip: Compared to

1. In a small bowl, combine

the more firm texture of most

These colorful mushrooms are so satisfying

the grape tomatoes, mozza-

commercially produced moz-

they’re almost a meal in themselves. They

rella cheese, basil leaves, ol-

zarella, fresh mozzarella is soft

can also be served with a small garden salad

ive oil, salt and pepper; cover

and moist. The flavor is mild,

or as a hearty side dish. This recipe yields four

and chill until serving.

delicate and somewhat milky.

servings. Total time to prep/cook: 30 min.

2. Spritz mushrooms with

Fresh mozzarella is usually

cooking spray. Using long-

shaped into balls and stored in


handled tongs, moisten a

brine. After buying fresh moz-

2 cups grape tomatoes, halved

paper towel with cooking oil

3 oz. fresh mozzarella cheese, cubed

and lightly coat the grill rack.

3 fresh basil leaves, thinly sliced

3. Grill mushrooms, covered, over medium

2 tsp. olive oil

heat or you can also broil. Grill mushrooms

Nutritional facts: 1 serving equals 133

¼ tsp. salt

for 6 to 8 minutes on each side or until tender.

calories, 8 grams of fat, 9 grams of

¼ tsp. pepper

4. Spoon ½ cup of tomato mixture into each

carbohydrates and 7 grams of protein

4 large Portobello mushrooms (4 to 4 ½ in.),

mushroom cap.

Grilled Portobellos with Mozzarella Salad

zarella, it should be refrigerated in the brine and eaten within a few days.

stems removed Cooking spray



June, 2013

Ribs with a Kick The meat just falls of the bones of these slowly barbecued spareribs. This recipe yields five to six servings. Prep time: 30 min. Grill time: 2 hours, 5 min. Ingredients 2 medium onions, chopped 2 tbsp. butter 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 cup packed brown sugar 1 cup water 1 cup spicy ketchup 3 tbsp. white vinegar 3 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp. Liquid Smoke, optional 2 tsp. ground mustard 2 tsp. chili powder 1 tsp. paprika ½ tsp. cayenne pepper 1 tsp. salt ½ tsp. onion salt ½ tsp. garlic salt ½ tsp. pepper 5 to 6 lbs. pork baby back ribs Directions 1. To make the sauce, sauté onions in butter until tender in a large saucepan. Add garlic and cook 1 minute longer. Stir in brown sugar, water, ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, Liquid Smoke, mustard, chili powder, paprika and cayenne. Bring to a boil. 2. Reduce heat; simmer for 10-12 minutes or until thickened, stirring occasionally. Remove from the heat. 3. In a small bowl, combine the salt, onion salt, garlic salt and pepper; sprinkle over ribs. 4. Grill ribs, covered, over indirect medium heat for 1 hr. and 45 min or until tender. 5. Set aside 1 cup of barbecue sauce for serving. Brush some of the remaining sauce over ribs. Cook 20 minutes longer, turning ribs occasionally and basting with sauce. Serve with reserved sauce. Nutritional facts: 1 serving equals 889 calories, 55 grams of fat, 54 grams of

After World War II, the outdoor patio grill created a new kind of space for American families. It associated food with recreation and relaxation. By the 1950s, family dynamics and parenting attitudes were changing, encouraging fathers to spend more time at home with their family – in their new suburban backyards. The new, outdoor grilling space defined a special role for men in meal preparation - while they “manned” the grill to cook the meat for the main course, the women worked primarily in the kitchen to make the side dishes. And that’s why the grill is usually dad’s terrain!

carbohydrates and 43 grams of protein 56


June, 2013

Zesty Grilled Corn This recipe is a definite crowd-pleaser at summer gatherings. It’s easy to make the day before and just pop on the grill during the picnic. This recipe yields six servings. Total prep/cook time: 30 min. Ingredients

2. Place each ear of corn on a 13 in. x 12 in.

1/3 cup of butter, cubed

piece of heavy-duty foil. Drizzle with butter

2 tbsp. prepared mustard

mixture. Fold in edges of foil and seal, leav-

2 tbsp. prepared horseradish

ing space for expansion of steam.

1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

3. Grill, uncovered, over medium heat for

¼ to ½ tsp. lemon pepper seasoning

five to six minutes on each side or until

6 ears of sweet corn, husked

corn is tender. Carefully unwrap foil. Enjoy!


Nutritional facts: 1 serving (1 each)

1. In a small saucepan, melt butter; add

equals 173 calories, 11 grams of fat,

the mustard, horseradish, Worcestershire

8 grams of carbohydrates,

sauce and lemon pepper seasoning.

3 grams of protein

10630 Montwood at Lomaland 915-629-7707 |

June, 2013


Become Cocktail King with these Recipes for the Man’s Man

| By

What makes a cocktail inherently "manly?"


ere are some questions to consider: Does its name end in "-tini" but doesn't begin with M-A-R (See:

James Bond)? Would your grandpa never be caught alive with it in his hand? If you ordered it at a country bar, would the band screech to a halt, prompting everyone to turn your way in suspicion of your motives right before a cartoonish chase sequence? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the drink in your hand probably reeks of a girly, flower-inspired fragance. 58


Another good criterion would be if it was

igate this drink territory very carefully. These

based off of one of the more "manlier" spir-

may put hair on your chest... which isn't a

its: whiskey, tequila, gin and vodka. Now,

very savory look on women, in general.

what makes those spirits manlier than the rest? The answer: mostly an historical asso-


ciation with the men in its country of origin.

Lynchburg Lemonade - Named for the

Vodka in Russia is legit, but in America, it's

home of the Jack Daniel's distillery

only as manly as LMFAO songs get, which

1 part Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey

isn't saying much.

1 part sweet and sour mix 1 part triple sec

Whether you've got a fully-stocked home bar

4 parts lemon-lime soda

and are looking to switch it up or are looking to get adventurous on a night out, allow The City to make some suggestions of classic

DIRECTIONS: Shake all ingredients with

ice and strain into a glass.

recipes and fresh takes on old ones for your next foray in manlier hard liquors. Ladies,


June, 2013

DIRECTIONS: Shake all ingredients and

pour the entirety into a glass. Mexican Martini The Taco Bell of cocktails 2 oz. tequila 1 1/2 oz. orange liqueur 2 oz. sweet and sour mix 1 oz. lime juice 2 oz. orange juice 1 splash lemon-lime soda 2 olives Lynchburg Lemonade


Mexican Martini

DIRECTIONS: Shake all ingredients with

ice and strain into a glass. Garnish with the Hole-In-One - A spin off of the Manhattan

Billionaire's Margarita -

1 3/4 oz. Scotch whiskey

If you're feeling opulent

3/4 oz. vermouth

5 oz. crushed ice


1/4 tsp. lemon juice

1 oz. tequila

Spicy Sandstorm - For the daring

1 dash orange bitters

1/2 oz. Grand Marnier

1 oz. gin

2 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice

1 oz. Scotch whiskey

1 lime wedge

Splash of Tabasco

DIRECTIONS: Shake all ingredients with

ice and strain into a glass.

The Manhattan - The classic that you probably haven't had in a while, if at all 2 1/2 oz. bourbon whiskey 3/4 oz. sweet vermouth 1 dash Angostura bitters 1 maraschino cherry 1 twist orange peel

DIRECTIONS: Stir in vermouth, bourbon

and bitters with two to three ice cubes. Strain into chilled glass with cherry placed in it. Twist orange peel carefully over the drink to release essential oils into the drink and use the remainder of it as garnish. Tequila Italian Margarita - A new take on an old classic 1 oz. amaretto almond liqueur 2 oz. sweet and sour mix 1/2 oz. tequila 1/2 oz. triple sec

DIRECTIONS: Shake all ingredients with

ice and strain into a glass.

2 olives.

A few pinches of ground pepper


DIRECTIONS: Shake all ingredients with

ice and strain into a glass.

June, 2013

Vodka Harvey Wallbanger Old-fashioned cocktail from the 1950s

Typhoon -

1 oz. vodka

A classic preparation for a classic spirit

1/2 oz. Galliano herbal liqueur

1 oz. gin

2 oz. orange juice

1/2 oz. Anisette 1 oz. lime juice


Harvey Wallbanger


Espresso Martini

DIRECTIONS: Mix ingredients with ice

Chilled Champagne

cubes and strain into glass.

DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients, exclud-

Bold Ginger -Tart refreshment with kick

ing the Champagne, and shake. Pour into

1 1/2 oz. vodka

glass and fill the rest of it with Champagne.

3/4 oz. lime juice 3/4 oz. ginger syrup

Negroni -

Ginger ale

Espresso Martini - Why mix with energy

On the fancier side of gin cocktails

5 mint leaves

drinks when you have espresso?

1 1/2 oz. gin

1 1/2 oz. vodka 1 oz. cold espresso

1 1/2 oz. Campari

DIRECTIONS: Muddle mint leaves and

shake with vodka, lime juice and ginger syr-

1 1/2 oz. Kahlua

Orange slice or twist for garnish

up. Pour into glass and fill the rest up with

1 oz. white creme de cacao

1 1/2 oz. sweet vermouth

ginger ale.

DIRECTIONS: Shake all ingredients with

ice and strain into a glass.

DIRECTIONS: Shake all ingredients with

ice and strain into a glass.

June, 2013




Located on the corner of Diana and Gateway North stands a 180-foot flag pole, on a patch of land known as Old Glory Memorial, where the stars and stripes sway proudly in the desert sun. The site, maintained by Jimmy Melver and his all-volunteer group, is dedicated to educating American citizens about the importance of the flag, while serving as a monument to those who have lost their lives in past wars.

“I’m very proud of what that flag symbolizes. My stepfather was a GI, who married my mother in Japan,” Melver said. When he and his family moved to America in the early 1950s, he didn’t speak English. That, along with his Japanese origin, caused trouble for him in school. “Everyone picked on me, I was beat up, tripped, spit on—you name it. They called me a ‘dirty Jap.’ I told my mother to never speak to me in Japanese again.” After becoming a naturalized citizen and being drafted for the Vietnam War, Melver, a deeply patriotic man, worked with El Paso Natural Gas Company for 30 years. Unfortunately, Melver was let go six months shy of retirement. As fate would have it, he would later get a job at the YMCA, a few minutes from his home. After the September 11 attacks, when emotions and patriotism were at a high, two men who knew Melver asked him to help raise funds to put a flag pole on the northeast side of El Paso. It took about two years for Melver and four others to raise the funds, secure the land, construct the flagpole, and purchase two flags. “After leasing the land from El Paso Community College, we

had to level out the land—it was on a steep slope coming off the freeway. After putting a call out to the community for their excess dirt, we slowly leveled about six acres of land.”


June, 2013


Select photographs courtesy of "If it wasn’t for our generous contributors, Old Glory Memorial would not be the site it is today. It’s in the generosity of our contributors over the years that have also given Old Glory the various monuments to our fallen heroes in past conflicts."

But the donations didn’t stop there; almost everything on

On all major holidays, the flagpole bears a 5,000-square-foot

the site has been donated or purchased through generous

flag and surrounding the perimeter of the pole, are flags

donations. From the dirt donated, to the concrete donated

representing all fifty states and the six territories.

by Stanley Jobe that supports the pole, to the RV that

Melver has two big projects he hopes to get funding for:

Melver operates out of on the site, the community has

The first is to pave the area that surrounds the site, and the

embraced Old Glory and wants it to succeed. “If it wasn’t

second is to install a monument dedicated to those who

for our generous contributors, Old Glory Memorial would

served or lost their lives during the Vietnam War. However,

not be the site it is today. It’s in the generosity of our con-

it’s his dream to have a building at the site to showcase

tributors over the years that have also given Old Glory the

the awards that Old Glory has received since its inception.

various monuments to our fallen heroes in past conflicts.” Aside from a variety of fundraising activities—at the time, Over the years, people have donated generously to the site,

Melver was selling raffle tickets to help pay for much needed

and what was once a plot of land now has the signature

light renovations—the Fourth of July party at Old Glory

flag pole and monuments to World War I, World War II,

Memorial is the site’s biggest fundraiser. “We have food

the Korean War, victims of the September 11 attacks, and

and games and at night, families can see the firework

a monument to fallen women warriors.

display from Cohen Stadium."


"Most importantly, it creates a place for families to celebrate America’s great holiday,” Melver said. Melver admits that maintaining the site and the search for a major sponsor is hard work, but the sense of pride that the flag brings to him, and the patriotism that the flag sends through the El Paso community is more than worth it. “My volunteers are on the older side, and we realize that young people are busy, so we work with local ROTC groups, the Border Patrol and the JP office to arrange for help,” Melver said. “However, we’ll accept anyone who wants to help with open arms. Old Glory Memorial is a small way to thank those who give us the freedoms we enjoy, but it serves as a memorial to those who lost their lives protecting our freedom. The flag means everything to me.” On Flag Day, which takes place June 14, the Old Glory Memorial will display the 5,000-squarefoot flag, the 50 state flags, the six Armed Forces Services flags, and the six territorial flags. To witness the stars and stripes in all their glory, take a trip out to the Old Glory Memorial at Highway 54 North (take Exit 28) and Diana Drive.


The Opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center The opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum felt like a big family reunion – and not just because five living presidents were there. Several thousand guests were mingling on the lawn of Dallas Hall when Dee and I arrived on the SMU campus, where the presidential library and museum is located, the evening before the dedication. We’d come to know many of the guests there since meeting the Bushes in 1994. 66

Maggie and John Hager were there. Like Laura and George, they’re the new grandparents of Margaret Laura “Mila” Hager. Maggie smiled as she pointed out that Mila was born to Henry Hager and his wife, Jenna Bush Hager (the Bushes’ daughter), before Prince William and Kate Middleton’s child, who isn’t expected until July. Former Michigan Governor John Engler and his wife, Michelle, talked about their triplet girls now in college. I recalled visiting their state with Laura in 1999, watching a star shower on a cold November night in Frankenmuth.

Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. Ann Johnson, who headed the Art in Embassies Program for the State Department, introduced us to His Excellency Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah of Kuwait, who was there to pay respect to both Bush Presidents since “41,” George H.W. Bush, freed his country from Saddam Hussein. Marci Armstrong, Associate Dean of SMU’s Cox School of Business, shared her surprise at seeing women in hijabs on campus until she realized they were Fellows at the Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative. They were there to gain leadership skills they could use in their own countries during the Arab Spring, a wave of popular uprisings that has swept the Arab world in recent years.


Yes, it was a reunion of family and friends, but with a re-

here were family members like Robert Welch,

frain - Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and

Laura Bush’s cousin, who filled me in on the draw-

the other gold.

ings by late El Paso artist Jose Cisneros that he has

hanging in his home. We also saw close friends like Jan

George W. and Laura Bush walked on stage to enthusiastic

and Joey O’Neill, who introduced Laura and George Bush

applause on the eve of the dedication, introduced by their

for the first time in the back yard of their Midland home.

friend and former Commerce Secretary Don Evans, who now heads the George W. Bush Foundation.

Joey lent former President Bush the W.H.D. Koerner painting “A Charge To Keep,” which depicts a man on horseback

George was excited and grateful - excited about the dedi-

called to duty, charging over a hill. It hung beside his desk

cation of a beautiful building designed by a great architect,

in the Oval Office for eight years, as did El Paso artist Tom

Bob Stern, and grateful for the more than the 300,000 do-

Lea’s painting “Rio Grande,” a reproduction of which now

nors who helped pay for it all – up front. “An unusual ac-

hangs in the museum’s re-creation of the Oval Office.

complishment in these times!” he said.


He thanked everybody for coming, noting too many foreign dignitaries to recognize them all. “I wouldn’t know how to pronounce their names anyway!” he said, then hesitated before blurting out “Okay, SAAKASHVILI,” referring to former Georgian

his overriding belief is that every human being longs to be free and that freedom is a gift from god.

was expected. He couldn’t have led without a great first lady, one the world had come to love and whom he loved, too. He said he did not miss the politics of Washington, D.C. though he wanted to stay involved in issues important to people’s lives

President Mikheil Saakashvili. have a dad who taught him how to be a man

– economic prosperity, education, global

Then he announced he’d heard “41” was

and a mom who taught him the confidence

health, the environment. His overriding belief

there. “Where are you, Dad?” he asked, spot-

to speak his mind – “sometimes getting both

is that every human being longs to be free

ting his father seated in his wheelchair toward

of us into trouble,” he quipped.

and that freedom is a gift from God.

the edge of the tent. “I LOVE YOU, MAN!” He was thankful to have been given the

A centerpiece of the new library is Freedom

He talked about the values he learned from

chance to lead a great nation, as one to whom

Hall, where a lantern is raised high above the en-

two loving parents and how lucky he was to

much had been given but from whom much

trance of stone columns and a trinity of paned


The View offers a newly revitalized menu, ensuring phenomenal bursts of avor coupled with stunning views of the Sun City. Stop by and see for yourself why we call it the “Terrace in the Sky”. glass bays. It shines like a beacon against the sky, yet remains of human scale. It is modern, but reflects the classical past. As Laura Bush said, the Bush Library and Museum are about “looking to the past to engage the future.” The morning after the dedication, Condoleeza Rice spoke to visitors drinking coffee before a tour of the museum began. She shared that before she left Washington, she asked for a personal tour of the National Archives, a benefit of serving as Bush’s secretary of state. After reading the familiar words at the top of the Declaration of Independence, she said: “It is an angry, raised fist document, and those who are already calling the Arab Spring an Arab Winter forget the struggles our own country went through.” Encouraging a “long view of history,” she admitted the difficulties ahead in the world. Those fighting for their freedom need friends. “And,” she said, “there is no better friend than George W. Bush.”

4201 Camelot Heights | El Paso, TX 79912 | | (915) 351-2660

June, 2013

Sean Kugler is UTEP’s New Head Football Coach


| Interview by Michael C. Graham | Photography by DAV ANMED |

n Monday, May 20, the new head football

served as the assistant head coach

coach at UTEP, Sean Kugler, took some time

and offensive line coach during

out of the never-ending off-season job of re-

Boise State’s magical 2006 sea-

cruiting to visit with me about being back in El Paso,

son, which culminated in the

college football in general, and how his previous expe-

undefeated Broncos defeating

riences have shaped him into the coach he is today. As

the Oklahoma Sooners in the

this issue is focused on men’s issues and concerns,

Fiesta Bowl, on a game-ending

we felt a feature about the new man steering the ship

“Statue of Liberty” 2-point conver-

at UTEP would be a great fit.

sion; a play that would later win play of the year at the 2007 ESPYs. He

For those of you that don’t know much about Coach Ku-

then returned to the NFL, spending

gler, let me fill in some blanks. He played football here

three seasons with the Buffalo Bills,

at UTEP, and was part of the 10-win season Coach Bob

and three seasons with the Pitts-

Stull put together in 1988 that went to the Independ-

burgh Steelers, including a trip to

ence Bowl. After a few high school coaching stints, he

the 2011 Super Bowl.

began an eight-year run of coaching in various capaci-


ties, before departing for the NFL and five years with

He has two sons that play foot-

the Detroit Lions, coaching the tight ends and offen-

ball, Robert and Patrick. Robert is

sive line. During that period, Coach Kugler served first

currently a center for the Purdue Uni-

on the staff of Marty Mornhinweg, and later with Steve

versity Boilermakers, and Patrick will

Mariucci. He left the NFL after the 2005 season, and

be graduating high school in a couple

June, 2013


I do believe that when football is going strong, that the energy brought to the university is second to none.

of weeks and will play on

Coach’s answer to my comment, however,

Michael Graham: Let me start with the obvi-

Saturdays for the Univer-

provided a succinct insight into him as a man,

ous question: How is it being back in El Paso,

sity of Michigan. Once

and as a coach. He said, “Really not much

what changes have you noticed, and have you

graduation is complete,

to my story, Mike…it is all right there like an

had any opportunity to come back at all since

Coach Kugler’s wife,

open book.” It is more than a little refreshing

you left in 2000?

Patsy, and his daughter,

to find someone who lives in the public eye

Kali, will join him here in

(in any capacity) to have such a candid and

Coach Sean Kugler: I haven’t been back in

frank attitude.

13 years, since I left in 2000. So much has

El Paso.

changed throughout El Paso, especially here I mentioned to Coach Kugler

And that certainly spilled over to our con-

by the university. The campus transformation

that I purposefully did not do

versation, particularly about football. I can’t

itself is amazing. The area around campus,

much research into his personal

tell you how many games they will win this

on Mesa, all of the restaurants and bars, it

life, as I prefer to only write about

year, or any other year, but I can absolutely

just seems that everything is thriving and

what he, or anyone else that we

say this. Coach Kugler is committed to build-

flourishing, which really caught me off guard

interview, is comfortable shar-

ing a football program, with kids of character

a bit. When I left, they had not even begun

ing. I had found numerous stories

that play the game with discipline, and play

construction on the Larry K. Durham [Center]

about his sons’ high school athletic

it fiercely. They are going to be physical, and

yet, so this was my first opportunity to see it.

careers and their accolades, but

they are going to come right at you. I, for one,

I of course had followed UTEP football very

wanted to simply write what Coach

am excited to see them play, and can’t wait

closely, but to come back and see how every-

for the season to start.

thing had changed was really neat.

wanted to say about his family.


June, 2013


We are going to go out there and fight for it each week.

MG: So, you probably know better than most

2000, when we won the conference champi-

tain set of standards, and if they don’t, they

coming into this job that the perception is

onship when I was coaching, it was the same

aren’t going to be a part of this program. We

that UTEP is a basketball town, primarily

thing. I am just a supporter of UTEP athletics

are hoping that translates to wins on the field.

since Coach Haskins was here and built a tre-

in general, in all sports. But I do believe that

mendous legacy. Consistent football success

when football is going strong, that the energy

MG: So, staying strictly with football, have

has been missing. We have good seasons,

brought to the university is second to none. I

you had a chance to look at the conference?

and then we have not very good seasons,

have seen it first hand.

Teams going out, teams coming in, and it looks like the brand of football may be chang-

and year-to-year consistency has been tough to find. What do you see as the key to build-

MG: What do you feel the key pieces are for

ing...perhaps following the trend of going

ing a consistent program; what are those key

UTEP going forward?

wide open on the offensive side of the ball. How do you view that element?

pieces of the puzzle? SK: Well, from our standpoint, the program is SK: Well, first of all, I don’t ever feel like we

going to be based on discipline and account-

SK: Well, the conference make up is definite-

compete with the basketball program. I am a

ability. We are going to try to get the types of

ly different than when I was coaching here

big supporter of the basketball program, and

players that we feel will be successful on and

last. When I was last here, we were in the

I think that when all of UTEP athletics is suc-

off the field, and we are going to try to devel-

Western Athletic Conference (WAC), with a

cessful, we help each other and we feed off

op those players while they are here. It is an

whole different group of teams. There are

each other. I know when I was here as a play-

old fashioned approach, recruiting high school

only a few teams that carried over. But, no

er, the season we went 10-2 and went to a

players and developing them, but that is what

matter what conference you are in, those are

bowl game, the basketball program was roll-

we are going to do here. While the players are

the teams you have to play, and you have to

ing and we were rolling and it was exciting. In

here they are going to have to adhere to a cer-

develop new rivals within that conference.



June, 2013


So, if you look at teams like North Texas and

approach. We are going to be a physical, two-

UT San Antonio, there is an opportunity to

back team. We are going to play a little old

develop new rivalries in areas that we recruit.

school football, and right now that is not the

I am not going to sit there and worry about

norm [in college football]. Again, we are hop-

what conference we are in, or how it is devel-

ing that approach gives us an advantage.

oping or where it is going. We are going to play whomever we are going to play, whether

MG: If you look around the college football

we stay in this conference or if we switch

landscape, over the last ten years or so, the

conferences down the road. I am excited to

number of perennial powers running tradition-

be in Conference USA, and I think it is a very

al, pro-style, west coast offenses, is getting

strong conference right now, and if things

smaller and smaller. It seems even traditional

change in the future we will just roll with the

schools, Michigan for a period, and Ohio State


with Urban Meyer at the helm, are opening up the offensive side of the ball.

MG: You have tremendous experience at the college level and in the NFL. How have you

SK: The spread is the trend, but if you look at

seen the college game change over the last

last year’s national championship game, the

10 to 20 years?

two teams in it were the two most physical teams: Alabama and Notre Dame. If you look


SK: Wow, quite a bit. Since the last time I

at the NFL and at the last Super Bowl, the two

was in the college system, there are more

teams in it were the two most consistently

spread offense teams, more zone-read of-

physical teams: San Francisco and Baltimore.

fense teams, and more option teams. The

Football is still a physical sport, and the tough-

transformation of the quarterback position

est team still wins. If you play with strong de-

from a pro-style position, to a running quar-

fense, sound special teams, and you are able

terback, has been dramatic. We are going to

to run the ball, that is still a recipe for winning,

buck the trend, again, with an old-fashioned

so we are going to take a different approach.

June, 2013


MG: Has the family moved down yet? How

MG: Those schools, Purdue and Michigan,

do they like El Paso?

and the Big 10 in general, seem to line up with your coaching style and philosophy in

SK: My family doesn’t get here until mid-


June because my youngest son does not graduate high school until then, and then he

SK: That is their style. My sons had most of

goes off to the University of Michigan, and

their formative years when I was coaching in

once he is all settled in there my family will

Detroit, and every game on television was

move down. I have two sons that play foot-

Notre Dame or Michigan or someone from

ball. My oldest son Robert is the center at

the Big 10. From a young age they grew up

Purdue, and Patrick will be headed to Mich-

saying they wanted to play in the Big 10, and

igan as a center as well. They both have

they both fulfilled their dreams, and I am

strong football backgrounds and have

proud of them for that.

had a lot of success, winning three state high school championships.

MG: As far as UTEP goes, what do you see

They are well rounded, on and off

as the biggest challenges in getting the pro-

the field. They are both excel-

gram to a success level that you want? What

lent students, and really

are the two or three biggest hurdles?

represent the types of players we are

SK: Well, anytime you have had a string


of losing seasons, you have to change the

be look-

mentality so that players expect to win. The

ing for

only way to do that is win. We have to go


out there and produce. To change a culture



or a mindset, you just have to do it through


experience and hard work, so that is what


ter Kali is

we are going to do.

twelve, and it will be her and my wife Patsy and I. This will be the first time I will be

MG: Are the athletes excited about the new direction and opportunities?

without my boys, which will definitely be a transition for me.

SK: The ones that want to work are. The ones that didn’t respond to the work ethic


Complete Event Solutions.




we expect, or the ones that didn’t respond to the standards we set on and off the field, are no longer with the program. But that is normal, anytime a new coach comes into a program you have to set your own standards. We have set those standards and the guys that have responded are very excited. MG: How about your staff? All set and happy with how that worked out? SK: Yes, we have an outstanding staff. All are high-character people with strong football back-

Customized Design Full Service Event Rentals

grounds, a lot of experience, and are excellent teachers. We have a good mixture of some youth as well, and I am very pleased with the staff and what they have done this spring. MG: What is on your mind? Anything you want to share with the community? SK: Well, we are just working really hard on a day-to-day basis to put a team out there that

Delivery & Set Up included


PH. 915.694.3163

El Paso will be proud of and will respond to. El Paso is a blue-collar town. This is my third time back here, including playing and coaching, and I respect the El Paso work ethic, and we are going to try to respect that mindset. We are going to be a blue-collar team. We are not going to talk and make promises, we are just going to roll up our sleeves and get after it week to week, and do our best to win every game. How many wins that translates into I don’t know, but we are going to go out there and fight for it each week.

June, 2013


Kugler played football here at UTEP, and was part of the 10-win season Coach Bob MG: You have some great experiences working with

learn the right way to do it, sometimes you learn how

and for some great coaches, at all levels. What have

not to do it. But you try to draw from every experi-

you tried to learn from those experiences?

ence, and mold your own way of coaching and your own philosophy. I have done that, and I don’t try to be

SK: You try to learn something from every experience

anybody else but me. But I have had the opportunity to

that you are in. As a coach, I have tried to learn from

work with some of the best in the business, and I have

every coach that I have been with. Sometimes you

certainly tried to take away things from all of them.




| Photograped by RO BERT CORR

AL |


June, 2013

If you were decked out in purple the evening of February 12 at the high school basketball game between west-side rivals Coronado H.S. and Franklin H.S., the final play, initiated by Jon Montanez’s final inbound pass, would have been viewed as a turnover. the box score may have called it a turnover, but in Montanez’s heart, it was something greater than the willing surrender of the ball to the opposing team. It was an assist in more ways than our little west Texas town could have ever imagined.


he story went viral once CBS got a hold of this life-affirming act of sportsmanship and has since gained international attention. For those of you who

have been living under a rock for the last few months, allow me to catch you up to speed. With around a minute and a half left to play in the final game of the regular season, Coronado led it's rival Franklin by 10 points. Willing to take a chance on losing for his favorite player to shine, Coronado head coach Peter Morales put in team manager Mitchell Marcus who he had told to suit up before the game. Marcus, a player with a learning disability, had been team manager for three years and this was his first time playing a game with his team. Marcus’ Thunderbird teammates kept trying to give him opportunities to score passing him the ball from down court to where he was waiting on the opposite end just beyond the paint. He shot, he missed. He shot again and

calling out to Marcus, graciously tossed

“It’s a big rivalry,” Montanez said. “It’s an

missed once more. The final throw to Marcus

him the ball to pointing at the rim to shoot

all-out battle whenever we play. We get re-

was especially heartbreaking as he let it slip

it. At long last, Marcus shot and the crowd

ally physical because no one really wants to

away from him as it went out of bounds.

watched with excitement as it finally went

lose.” So physical, in fact, that minutes before

into the basket. The game ended as fans

Marcus was put on the floor, double technical

With around 13 seconds left to play, Marcus

from both teams rushed the floor, chanting,

fouls were called on both teams. “But when

was instructed to get in an open spot to shoot

“Mitchell! Mitchell! Mitchell!” while hoisting

they put Mitchell in the game, I didn’t know

near Montanez’s inbound pass. Montanez,

Marcus up on the crowd’s shoulders.

he was going to be suiting up. I found out he


“When Mitchell told me that the coach told him to suit up for the game he said, ‘I get to play. I’ll probably be in the first quarter. I just hope that I’m the one who scores and it’ll be in the paper”

was put in, it caught my eye and I kind of got

the first thing we do the next morning is look

While in Los Angeles for the Ellen Show,

teared up because I knew of Mitchell.”

at the scores in the paper and see who is

Justin Bieber’s manager was able to get

the high scorer. I’d give him the stats and he

both Marcus, Montanez and their families to

Though they met a number of times having

would double check to see that I gave him

a Clippers-Thunder game where they were

been members of the rival teams, their con-

the right stats.”

able to meet the stars from each team. The duo was even honored by City Council and

nection actually goes as far back as before their middle school days. “I saw him at some

He made it to the paper alright... and CBS,

at the Texas Senate floor at the hands of El

UTEP basketball camps,” Montanez said of

all over Facebook and Twitter, the Ellen Show,

Paso’s Senator Jose Rodriguez.

Marcus. “I thought that he deserved this.

and countless other media outlets who

He’s been on the team three years and just

picked up on this bright ray of sunshine to

Marcus was even able to receive an auto-

to see him suit up, I felt proud and excited

emanate from the Sun City.

graphed miniature car from NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, an autographed jersey from

for him.” The exposure even caught the attention of

Minnesota Timberwolf Kevin Love and even

The news of suiting up for the game was

some pretty big names that led to some

a letter from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

especially meaningful to Marcus, a lifelong

cool perks for Montanez, Marcus and their

of Staff, General Martin Dempsey. The Mar-

fan of the sport. “When Mitchell told me that

team mates. Both the Franklin and Coronado

cus family has even received paintings from

the coach told him to suit up for the game

teams got to meet and speak to Dallas Mav-

a painter from Ireland who heard about this

he said, ‘I get to play. I’ll probably be in the

erick Vince Carter before heading to Dallas to

story and was compelled to paint scenes

first quarter. I just hope that I’m the one who

watch some of the Sweet Sixteen and Elite

from the game. Marcus’ mother said she still

scores and it’ll be in the paper,’” Marcus’

Eight college basketball games.

has a dining room table filled with gifts.

mother Amy explained. “After every game,


His following internationally may have been impressive, but it was his following on Facebook that led to the larger attendance at games. That game, the usual 10 or so people there for Marcus grew to around 50 with the knowledge that he was suiting up. Marcus regularly posted announcements for games encouraging people to come out to watch. “After every game, people would know they won because he would post, ‘Sleep like a winner,’” Mrs. Marcus said. “If he didn’t post it, it wouldn’t be good news.” The good news has been coming from all around. “A lot of people come up to me, tell me that what I did was awesome and that I should be proud of what I did,” Montanez said. “Older people have told me that there is hope left in the youth. For them telling me that, it’s just been a blessing.” With such a sincere act of sportsmanship in a story that rivals Rudy-levels of compassion and heart, you better believe that everyone who caught wind of the story, with faith in humanity restored, all slept like winners.

By Felipa Solis

By The City


June, 2013



lywood Bowl. The gifted young lady com-

World-renowned cellist and Artistic Director

Music Festival, Bear travelled to El Paso to

of El Paso Pro-Musica Zuill Bailey has been

record four of the songs with Bailey. They

an exclusive artist with Telarc/Concord Mu-

spent a day at the El Adobe Recording Stu-

sic Group since 2008. Six albums later, Bai-

dios, where they recorded "Northern Lights,"

ley was approached to record songs com-

"Tutti Cuore," "Italia," and the title song, "Di-

posed by Quincy Jones’ prodigy, 11-year-old

versity." Emily, accompanied by her moth-

pianist and composer Emily Bear. Bear's

er, Andrea, decided to stay an extra day

background is impressive, as she began to

to perform during "Bach's Lunch,"

play the piano at the age of 3 and started

the free weekly musical inform-

composing soon after. She has been fea-

ance sponsored by United Bank

tured five times on the "Ellen" show, and has

and the El Paso Museum of Art.

performed at the White House and the Hol-

The museum was filled to capacity.

posed 13 new songs, and the incomparable Quincy Jones mentored and inspired the youngster for this first jazz album released on the Concord Label. "Diversity" was recorded in Los Angeles, and it was decided that the songs needed the powerful sounds of the cello. In January, during the El Paso Pro-Musica Chamber

June, 2013

"DIVERSITY" WAS RECORDED IN LOS ANGELES, AND IT WAS DECIDED THAT THE SONGS NEEDED THE POWERFUL SOUNDS OF THE CELLO. "Diversity" was released in May 2013, and Bailey travelled to Los Angeles to participate in the release concert at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Quincy Jones introduced his prodigy, Bailey performed and “Diversity� immediately rose to the top of the jazz charts. Bailey also travelled to New York City for the east coast premiere of the album. The performance there was held at the cool nightclub "Le Poisson Rouge." Bailey performed there before, including in a solo concert to release his Bach Cello Suites album, which soared to the Number 1 spot on the classical billboard charts. Zuill Bailey has other recordings planned for release in the next year on the Telarc/ Concord label. In the meantime, he is heading up the Sitka Summer Music Festival in Sitka, Alaska, which is held on the beautiful Island each June, and is also the Artistic Director of the Northwest Bach Festival in Spokane, Washington.



Formerly known as The West Texas Food Bank El Paso Branch

16 years in El Paso

1 distribution center in El Paso

Member of Feeding America

2012 YTD 4,011,877 pounds Distributed

YOU are invited!

On Thursday, June 20, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger is going to team up with the new Cappetto’s Italian Restaurant at 2711 Stanton St. (near Cincinnati) for one day. Come and check out your old Italian favorite in its new location on this day and

50% of their sales will go to our Food Bank for those El

Pasoans who cannot afford to enjoy their favorite meal. We look forward to seeing you there!

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger 9541 Plaza Cir, El Paso, TX 79927 | (915) 298-0353 | Hours: Thursday hours 7:30 am–5:00 pm

Sponsored by:

By KYLE ALVARADO, Photograped by bernie maese


J.J. Childress works at raymond James by day and his business, Proper Printshop, by night.

Speak to j.j. Childress, Stephen Flores, Chris Alcantar, or Bernie Maese - all young, handsome twentysomethings - and you’ll be immediately disarmed.


n the surface, these guys - for they

As an undergrad, Maese

aren’t men yet - exude that youthful,

worked with Abercrom-

devil-may-care demeanor that usu-

bie & Fitch, but he eventually

ally reduces the twenty-something’s cred-

parted ways to focus on jobs in

ibility to zero. But, dig a little and ask them

his field. However, he ran into a prob-

about their business (you might be shocked

lem almost all college grads hit. Nobody

that they own one) and you’ll find yourself

was hiring and those that were, wanted ex-

engaged in a discussion fully demonstrat-

perience. “I searched for jobs in my field, but

ing that beneath those unwrinkled faces, are

none were hiring or I didn’t have the requisite

brains constantly humming with creativity

‘professional’ experience—despite my ex-

and astute business savvy.

perience running the podcast,” Maese said. “That’s when I decided to start off on my

“I like freelancing,” said Bernie Maese, 26,

own, freelancing, which led to the creation of

founder of Hawk & Hero Productions. “I’m a

Hawk & Hero.”

night owl, so most of my editing - which takes time - is done late at night when distractions

Since starting Hawk in June 2011, Maese said

are non-existent.”

that freelancing was tough at first, but he fell into a natural rhythm as referrals trickled in.

Hawk & Hero Productions, Maese’s one-man

“It was small jobs at first; I didn’t have the

photography and video production company,

necessary equipment. But life crept in and

evolved out of interests he developed and

bills made it hard to save for equipment,”

studied as an undergrad at UTEP. “I created

Maese said. “I began to sell a lot of things

the PayDirt Podcast, a weekly podcast show-

here and there to stay afloat but it was fine

casing UTEP by illustrating what the students

because I appreciated being able to stay fo-

miss out when heading home after class.”

cused on moving forward.”

Maese wrote, shot, edited and created the website for the podcast. “It was a labor of

Jump ahead to 2013 and Maese has steady

love that was supported all out of pocket

work with UTEP Athletics, where the majority

and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it,”

of his work comes from, and has also worked

Maese said.

with BMW of El Paso, Hybrid Fitness Gym, 87

Bernie Maese, 26, is the founder of Hawk & Hero Productions.

“We hold the keys, it’s not

the Cathedral Alumni Association



After a slow start,

someone above us - our fate is in

Central Business Association, to name only a few. Uti-


our hands. We set the bar for what we want to earn”

lizing his eye as a photographer, Maese was asked to photograph the guys for this article. The slow start to Hawk & Hero Productions reflects the same stilted beginnings that Insite founders



rals and expansion have helped their business grow. “We hit some roadblocks at the start, but we’ve had some solid cli-

ents and some great referrals. Recently, we’ve signed a celebrity makeup artist based in Hollywood, and we’ve just signed a client based in Seattle, I spoke with him on the phone

Stephen Flores, 26, and Chris Alcantar, 25, faced when

for a few hours and exchanged some emails - and now

they began their business in January of 2013.

he’s a client,” Alcantar said.

Insite Strategic Group, a small business specializing in

Insite Strategic Group seeks to stretch the client’s dol-

web marketing and advertising for other businesses in El

lar far by utilizing cutting-edge research, targeted demo-

Paso and throughout the country, utilizes the Internet and

graphics and the unique insight (get it?) that Alcantar

the team’s creative and critical research abilities to ex-

and Flores bring to the table. “Companies don’t take

pand a businesses reach outside of traditional marketing

the time to invest in online marketing, and when they

endeavors. While they have clients outside El Paso, they

do, they rarely update - that’s where we come in,” Al-

admit that the El Paso market is their bread and butter.

cantar said. “We make sure they’re on the front page of Google and that their money is spent in a clear and

Alcantar, who is also Flores’ cousin, said that there are

concise way that garners results.”

some limitations that the Internet has, namely, a lack of physical contact. “The Internet will never allow you to

Echoing Maese’s difficulty, Flores, who recently com-

shake someone’s hand, and physical contact is a part

pleted his MBA, also ran into the experience issue that

of business. But the reach and voice it gives a growing

plagued Maese. “Businesses want people with experi-

business is incredible.”

ence, but they also want fresh minds, it’s a Catch 22,”


June, 2013


Flores said. “Before Insite Strategic Group, I applied to dozens of places throughout the world with no luck - it was a challenge overcoming the real-world experience employers seek.” Flores said that starting a business gave him freedom and short-circuits the experience issue, but it comes with a few drawbacks, namely, a lack of sleep. “We hold the keys, it’s not someone above us - our fate is in our hands. We set the bar for what we want to earn,” Flores said. “It’s interesting holding your future and your livelihood. Having said that, I can call Chris at three in the morning and I know he’ll be up working -

Chris Alcantar (left) and Stephen Flores (right) own Insite Strategic Group.

Similar to Insite Strategic Group, The Proper

walked out with a home screen-printing kit.

Printshop, a screen-printing business located

Little did they know that that decision would

Alcantar thinks that El Paso is a great place to

near the downtown area, seeks to grow in El

grow into the flourishing creative force that

start and cultivate a business. “We feel there’s

Paso and spread its roots abroad by tapping

there business is now.

a great opportunity for small businesses to

into the unique culture.

we’re always working.”

“We kind of stumbled upon it,” Childress, 23,

take root in El Paso. There’s also the opportunity to help established businesses grow online

In 2009, J.J. Childress and his friend, Ste-

said. “We were making shirts for friends and

and expand. It’s an exciting precipice seeing

phen Escarzaga, walked into a Hobby Lobby

took small orders. Once we realized there’s

where El Paso was and where it’s going.”

for craft supplies, namely glass beads, and

a demand for it, we started reinvesting our

YOUR ENERGY PARTNER Tap into energy savings at and click on the sunny side


profits into new equipment, adding capacity, and better capabilities,” Childress said. “At the time, I had no idea what I wanted to do. But because of my education background, I knew whatever I did, I had to run it as a business in order to be profitable.” Since the birth of Printshop, Childress finished his undergraduate studies in accounting and finance. He recently completed his MBA, where he shared a class or two with Flores, and now works as a financial advisor at Raymond James. “It’s numbers during the day and this creative outlet in my free time,” Childress said. Childress believes that creating Proper Printshop and the effort put into cultivating a business from seed to tree, improves his work at Raymond James. “Printshop makes me a better financial advisor because I understand the concerns, it’s not just a portfolio - it’s someone’s hopes and dreams,” he said. Aside from taking orders, from custom oneoffs to large orders for businesses, Childress and his partners work to diversify and expand on the services offered by Printshop. One such diversification project is “Keep El Paso Loco.”

“We want to start different conversations,

skill set is needed and those skills need to

bring different voices into the community,

be cross-applied. In some ways it’s a paradox,

and trigger interactions through ‘Keep El Paso

but it’s beneficial.”

Loco,’” Childress said. It’s this paradox that the guys are tapping It might come with the territory of youth,

into. Through education, past experiences

but these guys believe that adding to their

and do-or-die action, they are leading the way.

already robust skill set, makes them even

It’s funny to think that conversations with the

more versatile in the 21st century business

guys frequently vacillated between high-brow

world. Small examples: Maese keeps an

business concepts, marketing strategies and

eye on tutorials and inspirations to keep his

development plans, to obscure “Arrested De-

craft in tip-top shape, Insite Strategic Group

velopment” references, the notorious web-

is taking Photoshop certification classes

site 4chan, and “Iron Man 3.”

to add a level of creativity to their deep “With ‘Loco,’ we tell small business own-

research abilities, and Proper Printshop is

However, at the end of the day, one thing is

ers’ stories. We realize starting a business is

looking to take sewing classes to add to

certain: These men - for they aren’t guys any-

a struggle. It’s not easy, but it’s rewarding,”

their rapidly growing repertoire.

more - are the future of business in El Paso, partaking in ventures that simultaneously

he said. Childress has big plans for “Loco,” he hopes to expand and spin it off as its own

“You see it sports-wise,” Childress said.

seek to generate revenue while being artisti-

501(c)(3) nonprofit, to fuel ideas and connect

“Choose a sport, pick a position, and master

cally fulfilling.

artists, businesses and El Pasoans in a mean-

it. But the pace that technology and the econ-

ingful way.

omy is moving, that needs to change, a vast

Barnett BMW Motorcycles of El Paso 8229 BURNHAM RD EL PASO, TX 79907-1524 915-592-6599



June, 2013

June, 2013





June, 2013

“ My dad is a musician, my uncle is a musician, my grandfather was a musician. They put you on an instrument when you’re four years old and you don’t really have a choice. It just sticks with you the rest of your life. ”


or those who expect a symphony con-

I applied, and something clicked. And you go

destined. “It was chosen for me,” he said. “My

ductor to embody the intense musical

through all the process, you have to send your

dad is a musician, my uncle is a musician, my

genius of the great composers with

resume, you have to send DVDs, and they call

grandfather was a musician. They put you on

the charm of an international man of mystery,

people around to check up on you. I got lucky

an instrument when you’re four years old and

Bohuslav Rattay does not disappoint. That is, if

to be invited, one of the last five, and came

you don’t really have a choice. It just sticks with

one imagines a baritone James Bond playing

here in October (2012) and did the concert and

you the rest of your life,” he said with a smile.

the bassoon and being partial to motorcycles

it seemed like I clicked with the orchestra.”

“I don’t think that I’d be good at anything else anyway, so it’s probably for the best.”

and table tennis. Rattay’s excitement about his three-year conAfter a grueling, two-year search involving

tract with EPSO is palpable. “I’ve been guest

After completing his studies at the Prague

applications, interviews and auditions, The

conducting quite a bit, so I’ve been on the road,

Conservatory of Music, Rattay came to the

El Paso Symphony Orchestra has found its

kind of living out of my car, so I’m finally looking

U.S. in 1993 as a graduate student, study-

Maestro in Bohuslav Rattay. The 40-year-old

toward something that will feel like a home,”

ing at Rice University and the Peabody Insti-

Czech native will become the seventh conduc-

he said. “I know this is a big organization and

tute of Music. He has become known for his

tor in the symphony’s 82-year history.

I can help them fundraise money. The people

groundbreaking concert programs, which have

are cool and nice. It’s a cool city; it’s small but

featured visual elements and audience discus-

big. It’s kind of the gem of West Texas.”

sions. The Maestro will continue to conduct

“We as conductors, running around the world

symphonies in Midland, Michigan and Lake

or United States, scan the applications and see what’s opening, and it’s usually chairs

As a little boy in Prague, a city known for its love

moving from one to another,” Rattay said. “So

of music and the arts, Rattay’s path was pre-

94 94

Charles, Louisiana during his tenure in El Paso.

June, 2013


Rattay is curious to see how the El Paso audience will react to his programs, and takes great interest in the public’s input.

“Every community is different, and some communities will enjoy more contemporary music, some don’t, and that takes time to learn all that,”

he said. “You can do research, you can do all that, but

you have to go through the process to find out. Some communities will say, ‘Don’t bring any modern music to us, because we just don’t want to listen to that crap,’” he said with a chuckle, remembering feedback he has received in the past, saying for the most part, the criticism tends to be polite. “Some people will come backstage and say the orchestra played it really well, but it’s not our cup of tea to listen

to.” As for the type of music that he listens to himself, Rattay is open to almost anything, including freestyle jazz and Latin rhythms, although he jokingly draws the


June, 2013 line at Justin Beiber. “I’m a romantic at heart, and I grew up in Czech (Republic) and Eastern European music is mostly Romantic music,” he said. “Russian, Eastern European, Czech, Tchaikovsky, Dvorák, I love these composers. If it’s good, I find appreciation for it.” Rattay is looking forward to El Paso becoming his home, and has been searching for a house with his girlfriend. “She’s pretty excited,” he said. Rattay is confident that his Indiana-bred partner will have no trouble acclimating to their new surroundings. “She’s a singer, an operatrained soprano. She’s bilingual - she speaks Spanish pretty fluently,” he said. “Even though she’s American, she got a degree in Spanish as well. She loves the Latino culture.” Although symphony performances are seen by some as stuffy and boring events catering to a select few, it would be hard to pin those assertions on EPSO’s new Puma-wearing conductor. “For those that have never been to a symphony, just come and check us out,” Rattay urges.

“We’ll have some really cool stuff coming up this season.” And don’t be afraid to let him know what your impressions are, he says. “I like to chat with people afterwards; it’s fun to hear what their thoughts are. I welcome everybody to come backstage to say hello. Tickets aren’t expensive. Come at least once. Who knows? You might like it.”

“is man's

Lights, Camera, Action

will be music to your business' ears” - D/S


(915) 694-8863




| By Patrick L. Martinez, Certified Fitness Trainer |


he warriors stand ready in formation.

into ice-filled pools

The war paint drips from their face

has gained immense

as the blazing sun glares down upon




them like a mother who just caught her child

last couple of years.

stealing from her purse. Their bodies tense


from nervous excitement as they await the

“warrior” to “mudder,”

unknown. What army or mystical creature will

these events draw huge

they be forced to do battle with? From a dis-

crowds, participants and

tance, the brightly-colored armor worn by var-




ious tribes creates a variegation that would scare even the most deadly of adversaries.





They await the battle cry. 3…2…1…GO!

ticipated in the Gladiator Dash in Las Cruces. This

Find Your Inner Warrior

Ok, so there is no army or mystical creature

was the first time I par-

to face. But that doesn’t stop the weekend

ticipated in such an event

warriors from forming their own armies

and I was impressed with

with a team, but you still have to challenge

with their own uniforms ready to do battle.

the turn out and even more impressed with

yourself to overcome fatigue as you maneu-

This new craze of running miles of obstacle

the experience. While there are thousands

ver through obstacles and still find the intes-

courses, swimming through mud, jump-

of people participating, the only competition

tinal fortitude to inspire your teammates to

ing over fire, climbing towers, and jumping

you have is yourself. You may choose to run

do the same.



June, 2013 Events like these have become part of the

this, I would recommend running two to

evolution of fitness. I embrace the change

three times per week, alternating between

and so should you. As men, we biologically

street running and trail running to train your

have a competitive nature and what bet-

legs for uneven terrain. If you don’t run of-

ter way to feed that need than to compete

ten, then start off with one mile at a time

against yourself. The true test of a man is not

at a slow pace. These events aren’t sprints

to expose the weakness of another man, but

so you really don’t have to worry about the

to expose the weakness in

speed for now. Most of the obstacle courses

himself. I speak from experi-

require upper body strength so train by do-

ence by saying that we tend

ing bodyweight exercises such as pushups

to stick to what we’re good

and pull-ups. If you’re already in peak physi-

at. We do the same routine in

cal condition, then challenge yourself to fin-

the gym because it’s com-

ish the course in record time. Either way,

fortable. We say, “Hey, I

you’ll get a great workout, you’ll challenge

look good in a t-shirt, so

yourself to doing something new, and you’ll

I must be doing some-

have a great story to tell at work on Monday

thing right.”

morning. So take a break from the gym and get muddy. Get your warrior on!

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone with events like this one. We will never attain perfection and we can only hope to maintain progression. So don’t be afraid to try one of these events. You will be surprised how much it will test you mentally and physically, while being enjoyable at the same time. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, CrossFit athlete, runner, or biker, these events will challenge your aerobic capacity and muscular endurance. I myself run three times a week, but I was tested because I had to run in sand and, at times, uphill. So what did I learn? I should alternate between street running and trail running. I found a weakness in my training and now I know what I need to do to improve. Still, it’s not wise to go into an event like Gladiator Dash or Tough Mudder without being physically prepared. To train for an event like



June, 2013



Do you keep going on first dates that never lead to a second date? Have you asked yourself more than once what went wrong? Let's face it, first dates can always be nerve racking and most men could use some helpful tips when it comes to dating. For all the single men out there, here’s a helpful guide of dos and don’ts, from a woman’s perspective, to ace the first and second and third dates. DON’TS:

1. Ex who? This is definitely one of the cardinal rules in the dating world. Don't EVER talk about an ex! I can't emphasize this enough. Talking about the ex on your first date can be so uncomfortable, and nobody


thought, if he's asking me, how many other


great, you can make the move for a peck, but


women is he asking? If the date is going absolutely no tongue. 5. Don't be cheap: Dating a cheap man has to be one of the biggest turn offs. If you can't

wants to hear why your last relationship didn't work out. If the topic is brought up,

"the truest characters of ignorance are vanity,

afford to go out then re-schedule, but don't

steer away from talking about it, and change

pride and arrogance."

be cheap. Please don't be the one asking what the drink specials are or leaving less

the subject ASAP. 3. Put the phone down! There is nothing

then a 20 percent tip.

2. Arrogance: Don't be arrogant. I know there

more disrespectful than being on your phone

is a fine line between being confident and

while having dinner. You're trying to impress

6. TMI: Please try to stay away from TMI (too

cocky, but make sure you know not to cross

this person, and whatever it is, it can wait.

much information). It's understandable that

it. This goes hand-in-hand with talking about

If it's that necessary to answer your phone,

you might be nervous but becoming too chat-

money. Nobody cares how much money you

excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

ty can make you reveal too much. This can make it awkward for your date, and you don't

make or what kind of expensive habits you have. No woman wants to date a jerk who

4. Going home together Never ask a wom-

want to reveal all of your dirty laundry within

constantly brags about being well off. There

an to go home with you after your first, sec-

the first 10 minutes. You should try asking

is nothing sexier than a generous, humble

ond or third date. Any kind of heavy sexual

some of the questions instead.

man. As English novelist Samuel Butler said,

comments is a terrible first date idea. I always



7. No sticky subjects: Refrain




politics, religion and moral issues. It's just common courtesy to not speak about

June, 2013


4. Dress to impress: Make


Leave the Crocs (which no-


sure you dress to impress.


body should ever own), and your holey jeans at home.

this, especially on a first date. These topics

First impressions are everything. I have girl

can be very touchy subjects and make people

friends who primarily take note of a man’s

uncomfortable to speak about.

shoes and have rejected him just based on that first, bad impression.

8. Don't be negative: Ugh! There is nothing more annoying than having a “Negative Nan-

5. Listen: When you're getting to know your

cy” in the room. Make sure you're not com-

date, make sure you're not prepping the next

plaining or have something negative to say

thing to say while she's talking. Instead, ask

about everything. Listen, we all have things

her a question to get her to expand on what

that frustrate or overwhelm us, but talking

she was just talking about. This will let her

about it on your first date is not the ideal time.

know that you're interested and paying atten-

I can guarantee you that a girl will run at the

tion to her.

first sign of negativity. 6. Ask her out: If you feel that the date has DOS

gone great, don't hesitate to ask her on a

1. Be sober! Do everyone a favor and please

second date. Say, "I had

do not get drunk. Having a couple of drinks

a great time tonight,

can be acceptable, but once you start ap-

and I’d like to see

proaching tipsy, it becomes a blunder. If you

you again." Don't

are the driver, you put your date in a very

let the idea of re-

awkward position. Make sure you think be-

jection intimidate

fore you drink. Hopefully you're over your frat

you. If she rejects

boy days.

you, oh well. At least you did your

2. Always, always be a gentleman: I don't

part in trying to see

know what is going on with society nowa-

her again.

days, but chivalry got lost somewhere along the way, which is why I have to emphasize how important it is for a woman to meet a gentlemen. We like to feel special, so buy her flowers and open the door for her. You will be surprised how far these small gestures can get you. 3. Think outside the box: Don't be afraid to have a non-traditional first date. While going to the movies and dinner can be nice, it can get old. Just make sure you let us know what your plans are, so we can wear the perfect outfit.


By Michelle Cromer



he typical American man works an average of

Like learning any new skill, meditation takes practice.

8.73 hours per day and according to a new study

Here are a few simple steps that will have you on your

published in The Lancet, most men are also un-

way to meditating:

der “job strain” or stressed out. The findings also showed that men who experienced job stress have a 29 percent

1. Find a comfortable place to sit. Make sure

greater chance of developing heart disease. Stress, which

that your back is straight and upright so that your attention

increases your blood pressure, could lead to a long list of

can be on your practice and not on the pain in your back.

other heart-damaging side effects, researchers explained. 2. Set a time period. Like learning any new skill, mediIf you can’t control your workload, you can beat the harmful

tation takes practice. Try five minutes a day at first, then

effects of stress by developing a simple meditation practice.

after a few days increase your meditation practice to 10 minutes, then 15. Twenty minutes is proven to be enough

People who meditate have fewer doctor visits and can

time for the stress-reducing benefits of meditation.

lower their blood pressure, cholesterol and stress hormones. They have less heart disease, less depression,

3. Eliminate distractions. Turn off your phone,

and increased confidence. They are calmer and for rea-

computer, and distance yourself from anything that will ask for your attention. 4. Set your focus. It is important to have a solid focus point, like your breathing. Have a word that you breathe in and a word that you breathe out. For example, breathe in to the word “so” and breathe out to “hum.” It really doesn’t matter what word or mantra you focus on, but you need

sons still unknown, meditation seems to slow down the

to have something to return to when your mind gets hi-

aging process.

jacked with thoughts, and you will get hijacked.

Meditation is essentially deep relaxation. It’s a distinct way

5. Begin. Close your eyes, set your focus, breath in and

of learning how to be present from moment to moment

out to your mantra. When your mind gets hijacked, re-

and offers us a way to turn inward to find a calm and quiet

lease those thoughts and return to your breath.

place. Meditation is the awareness of the flow of reality, space and time. Unlike philosophy, which strives to achieve

6. Develop a practice. Schedule meditation into your

order through mental reasoning alone, meditation looks for

busy schedule and honor that daily appointment.

a deep acceptance - a knowing that comes from the mind.


June, 2013

| By CHRIS ORQUIZ | Father's Day is celebrated throughout the United States

and it's a day that can take on a different meaning for each person. On this very special day, most will get to


remember waiting for my dad to walk

and aunt. My father decided we should walk

through the door to visit with my grand-

and talk outside in the visitor’s courtyard to

mother, my aunt and myself in the lobby. We

get some sun. I remember climbing up on one

sat on one of many tables in that fairly large

of the cement benches that were out there

will not have the opportunity. Many that are far from

visitor’s room. The room was filled with so

and then calling out to my dad to make sure

home might have to settle for a phone call to wish their

much clatter I couldn’t even really hear myself

he saw me jump off with out getting hurt. I

dad a Happy Father’s Day, while some of our fathers

when I spoke. I asked, “When is he going to

was feeling really proud of my little dare

are no longer with us, though their advice and memory

get here?” My grandmother gave me a serious

devil achievement.

will always be.

look and said she'd give me some change to buy something from the snack machine if I sat

After a while, the guard, looking

With Father’s Day coming around the corner, I’d like to

spend time with their beloved dads but sadly, others

patiently. I tried my best to obey but I could

like someone incapable of ever

share my story – one of a father who was a great man,

hardly contain myself. I missed him so much.

smiling, came out to tell us visit-

reminded of one particular hardship my family went

though he had his own flaws. Reflecting on him, I am

ing hours were almost over. As When the guard brought him through the door,

the time to say our goodbyes

through and how it affected me. What’s more important

I launched at him like a missile. It felt good

drew closer, we walked

though is how we overcame that, eventually bringing

to finally see and hug him. I must have been

back into the lobby and I

my father and I even closer together as I allowed myself

about four or five years old.

grabbed my dad's hand

to forgive him. As you read on, I hope you will take some

I had so much to tell him,

so he could leave with

time to appreciate your dad this Father’s Day.

as did my grandmother

us. I didn't know he


June, 2013

didn't have the freedom to just leave that place. He had a hurt look on his face when he told me he had to stay but would be looking forward to our



"I loved my father dearly and I know I will never forget him."

Thoughts were racing through my mind like cars in the Indy 500, “No! No! We are going the wrong way! We need to be driving back toward the place where

next visit. As the guard walked him behind the grey metal door again,

my dad is! Why…why can't he come home

my dad turned to look back at me through a

with us?” I sulked down in my seat and just

small window on that door. He had this look

held my head down, not saying a word the

of uncertainty in his eyes, then he smiled, and

whole drive home. In fact, no one else in the

then he was gone. It was as if, at that very

car really said much either. The memory of that

moment, when I saw him look back at me

day haunted me the rest of my life like a ghost

through the glass, time stopped and a pho-

of many regrets.

tograph was snapped and that small window was the picture frame.

Years later when my dad got out of jail, my mother was no longer married to him but my

I didn't really grasp the concept that we were

sister and I would visit him some weekends at

in a federal prison and that he wasn't going to

my grandmother's house. Not once did I bring

be coming home for a while. Confusion quickly

up his time in prison. I never asked him why

took over my mind and as happy as I was just

he was sent there or how it felt to be there.

moments before, now I was overcome with

I just never built up the courage to talk about

sadness and I felt as if the tears would soon

it and he never talked about it either. Life just

pour out of my eyes. I fought very hard to hold

went on and my father’s time in prison seemed

them back. This place, I found out years later,

forgotten, like a chapter in a book that was

was a prison for people who had committed

erased, like pages ripped right out from the

white-collar crimes, but all kinds of criminals

middle of a novel.

transferred through and to it. We drove down the road away from there and then made a

Fast forward to many more years after that.

right turn onto the main highway. I got up on

I was about to become a father myself and

my knees in the back seat of the car to look out

was worried if I'd be a good one. Financially,

the back window. I kept my eyes on that crude-

things were not going well for my girlfriend and

looking structure for as long as I could until it

we worried about where we would live and if

grew smaller and smaller and then eventually

we'd be ready for the day my son would be

just faded out of sight. Although the prison

born. For the first time in my life, I began to

was no longer visible, the image of it would

have anxiety attacks. During an attack I would

be forever etched in my memory.

feel the air escape from my lungs and not

June, 2013


often say when he greeted someone. That was practically his trademark. I’ll never forget the way he looked down at my son and how my son looked right back up at him. That would be the first and last time my son ever saw his grandpa because a couple of weeks later my dad died in a terrible car accident. Now, I'm a pretty jaded jerk sometimes who finds it hard to cry for a lot of things, but when I got news of his death, I cried like I was four years old again. When the heart and mind take a debilitating jolt like that and you are thinking only of the massive loss, it is possible to forget where you are or what you were doing right before. It’s almost like a vinyl record skipping during the play of a song, the heart missing a beat, or like watching a poorly-edited film where very crucial parts were cut out. In that instant of sadness and pain I didn’t even realize that I be able to breathe. Rooms would shrink and

During one of our face-to-face conversations I

walls would start closing in as if to crush me.

finally brought up that day I visited him in prison

Once, while taking a shower, I suddenly felt

and told him about how it really hurt me for a

as if I was drowning and I had to quickly turn

long time that he was out of the picture. I told

the water off.

him that I had lost him once as a kid and I never wanted to lose him again. His eyes became

A once brave man, I had now become a little

teary and he apologized for putting my sister,

scared child. I couldn’t stop asking myself, “Will

my mom and I through that. Then he said he

I be a good father? What if I can’t do this? What

thought about us every day he was locked up.

if I let them down?”

It felt good to get all of that off my chest and I'm sure it did the same for him. It was like a

For my sanity, I made desperate phone calls

huge boulder that I was pinned under for so

to those closest to me, asking for help when I

long was finally lifted off of me.

felt an anxiety attack coming on. I was embarrassed to admit I was feeling weakness and

About four months after that conversation,

needed help, but it was necessary. I would call

my son was born. Having my girlfriend and

my girlfriend, or my mother but I found myself

newborn son both at home with me was the

also calling my father a lot for advice. I would

happiest time in my life. It was an exciting time

ask him if he ever felt the same way when

because we were starting a new chapter in our

he first got news my mother was pregnant

lives. Those terrible anxiety attacks took a train

with me (I was the first born and my parents

out of town and never came back.

were both 19 years old

at the time).

He always gave me a

positive per-

My father came over to visit a couple of days

spective and assured

me that

later with a thousand smiles and so excited

everything would

work out

to see his baby grandson. That night, my dad

fine. Somehow


spent some time carrying my son and playing

that from him


with him at our house. I remember him saying

seemed to help

calm me.

to my son, “Welcome to El Paso!” as he would


had fallen to the ground and had to be helped back up to my feet again.

"Will I be a good father? What if I can’t do this? What if I let them down?" I often think of that conversation we had a few months earlier, all the good advice he had given me and the closure we had both received to a painful memory. It’s almost like we were getting things off our chests that we held in all those years because his time here on Earth was coming to an end. I needed to have that conversation. He also needed to have that conversation. I loved my father dearly and I know I will never forget him. This Father’s Day, maybe it is time for you and your father to talk about and release past hurts or laugh and smile over great memories you have shared. Either way, cherish your dad this Father’s Day because life is too unpredictable not to.


Hoy Fox Mercedes-Benz

“integrity is not just doing the

offered by Mercedes-Benz so that they can

honesty, loyalty and integrity. “I have learned

right thing when people are

make an informed decision.

over the years that integrity is not just doing the right thing when people are looking, but

looking, but choosing to do the right thing when you know you

As a sales consultant for Hoy Fox Mercedes-

choosing to do the right thing when you know

can do the wrong thing and get

Benz, Robertson has a strong belief in providing

you can do the wrong thing and get away with

away with it.”

an elite customer service experience to his

it,” Robertson said.

clients. “I love being able to talk and interact


he average American goes about six to

with people from every social status, race and

eight years in their car before deciding

belief. The most rewarding part about serving

HERSHEY ROBERTSON Mercedes Benz Sales Consultant 1122 Airway Blvd El Paso, Texas 79925 O.915-778-5341 x 333 C.915-355-4156 F. 915-772-0545

to purchase a new one. This means

the people of El Paso would have to be helping

that looking for a comfortable, reliable and

them get the vehicle they want and making

suitable car for your needs is more important

sure it was a great experience every step of

now than ever. Hershey Robertson at Hoy Fox

the way,” Robertson said.

Mercedes-Benz serves the people of El Paso by providing them with a, “relaxed and hassle-

Buying a car is not simply a transactional occur-

free buying experience…” He says that he is

rence, and Robertson realizes this. He puts a

able to provide his clients with the knowledge

lot of time into making sure that his clients and

of the different models and packages that are

potential clients trust him to treat them with



110 By DANIEL BELL photograph by ROBERT CORRAL


Hoy Fox Infiniti

“[Achieving] the #1 Customer

Since 1988, Sanchez has been managing

is able to provide an unmatched customer

Service Index was hard work and

service in the automotive industry – starting

service experience. “[Achieving] the #1 Cus-

even harder to maintain, but it’s

out in a Goodyear in Southern California. “From

tomer Service Index was hard work and even

the challenge that I’m willing to

that point, I’ve lived by the words ‘be the best at

harder to maintain, but it’s the challenge that

take in order to keep it that way.”

what you do,” Sanchez said. At Hoy Fox Infiniti,

I’m willing to take in order to keep it that way.

he has truly lived up to that phrase. He was

Customers’ word of mouth is our greatest

magine this, you’re running 10 minutes

recognized by the Better Business Bureau for

advertisement, and I treat everyone the way I

late to work with coffee in one hand and

superior customer service in 2012 . For the last

would like to be treated at his or her place of

briefcase (or purse) in the other and you get

17 months, the dealership was number one

employment,” Sanchez said.


into your car only to find out that something is

in customer satisfaction out of 200 dealers.

wrong. Well, if you are driving an Infiniti from Hoy Fox, then the first person you would be

As a devoted husband and father of four,

calling is John Sanchez. John Sanchez is the

Sanchez’s passion for cars extends beyond

Service Manager for Hoy Fox Infiniti and deals

his work and into his personal life. He is widely

with car care, repairs, detailing and much more.

known for his custom car building expertise

As a part of the Hoy Fox team, Sanchez is

and was featured in Lowrider Magazine for

devoted to delivering superior customer care

his 1981 Lincoln Mark VI. With a deep under-

to Hoy Fox Infiniti car owners.

standing of his customer’s needs, Sanchez


JOHN SANCHEZ Infiniti Service Manager 7200 Viscount Blvd El Paso, Texas 79925 D.915-771-5023 O. 915-775-8585 F. 915-781-1500






Ruhmann Law Firm

“I personally represent my clients. I do everything I can to help them. My job is about helping to put the client’s life back together.”


n today’s chaotic world, disaster can strike at literally any moment. In their everyday lives, people are hoping everything will turn out alright and, most of the time, things are okay. But for those who have experienced tragedy, injury or loss, the emptiness and desperation can be all-consuming. For times like these, having an attorney with compassion and integrity can make a huge difference for the individual or family left in the wake of a lifechanging event such as a car wreck. Charles Ruhmann is a lawyer with these attributes and more. He truly cares about the people who come to him for help. “When my clients meet with me, they meet with me. I am not a just a figurehead. I am actually the one in the courtroom representing them in court.” Ruhmann, a graduate from Baylor University, received his doctor of jurisprudence from St. Mary's School of Law in San Antonio, Texas. He met his wife in law school and together they moved to El Paso in 2004. Since then, he has been practicing law and representing clients for almost a decade and is licensed to practice in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. He has two offices, one in El Paso and the other in Las Cruces. Charles is an active member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and El Paso

County Trial Lawyers Association where he has served as president in 2009 and 2013. He is also affiliated with the El Paso Bar Association, where he is currently serving on the board. “My practice is about the client. I am here to provide help and hope for those in need of legal assistance. These people often do not have anybody to help them. When a person or a family has lost a loved one or their main provider, their lives are literally destroyed,” Ruhmann said. “My job is to protect and help these people who do not know what to do or where to turn. I can sleep at night because at the end of the day I know I am doing everything I can to help them.” "My hand will always be extended to help. I believe that if you are in a position or have the ability to help someone, then it is your moral duty to do so," Ruhmann said.

RUHMANN LAW FIRM EL PASO 5915 Silver Springs, Bldg. 6B El Paso, Texas 79912 Phone: (915) 845-4529 Fax: (915) 845-4534 Toll: (888) 357-4529 LAS CRUCES 827 N. Armijo Las Cruces, NM 8805 Phone: (575) 526-4529 Fax: (575) 526-4534




by Steve Russell

Functional elegance – a space

ficient. Trying to find the tie that he wanted

viable business on its own and he has plans

saving cabinet designed for fine

became a game of hide and seek. “I wanted to

to develop more luxury items for the active


try to organize my ties in a way that I could see

business man. With the watch and accessories

them all, because I could never find the one I

cabinet as it’s flagship product, Gentlemens

atches rank amongst the top three

was after.” Steve said. He soon realized that

Gear is poised to become a name brand in

most recognized things about

this idea applied to men with many watches

men’s luxury products, and Steve Russell couldn’t be happier!


men. What they wear on their

and other accessories as well. The Gentlemens

wrists says a lot about them. But just because

Gear watch and accessories cabinet is a multi-

they wear one watch doesn’t mean they can’t

functional storage unit that provides an elegant

admire the rest. Gentlemens Gear by Steve

and efficient solution to that problem. Steve


Russell has released its cornerstone product

recently applied for a patent on his unique

Visit our website for the local retailer near you

that stores fine watches, neckties, pens, and

cabinet design.

cufflinks in a stylish and unique manner. With the help of Chuck Bain (facing page), After garnering a collection of more than 70

Steve realized that his idea for Gentlemens

neckties, Steve realized that the conventional

Gear products could mean that his ambition

way of storing them was unrealistic and inef-

to organize his own items could become a



114 By DANIEL BELL photograph by ROBERT CORRAL


Turning ideas into reality

“One of the most rewarding things

The creative mind at the helm of Bain Design

the Soniclean vacuum has been awarded 11

is when my clients become suc-

Inc. is Chuck Bain. In college he studied In-

patents and has 7 pending. It is sold nationwide

cessful because of my work. That’s

dustrial Design at the University of Illinois.

through dealers and retail outlets.

how I measure my success."

“Industrial design is like architecture but for products. I loved it and as a result I made it my

Bain attributes his success to the trust that his

veryone has an idea, but not all of those

life’s work," Bain said. “My job is to take ideas

clients place in him to take their ideas and turn

ideas come to fruition. Bain Design Inc.

and make them happen. It’s a unique blend of

them into something real. “One of the most

serves to transform ideas into reality

art and engineering.” Steve Russell’s product

rewarding things is when my clients become

on the preceding page is an example.

successful because of my work. That’s how I


by providing professional design services to

measure my success,” Bain said. Above all,

individuals and industry. Founded in 1981 in West Dundee, Illinois, Bain Design Inc. has

The latest product from Bain Design Inc. is

Chuck is an advocate for building and maintain-

since been designing and developing products

Soniclean, the world’s first vacuum that uses

ing creativity in kids, noting that it starts at

in the consumer, industrial, medical and trans-

a patented sonic technology in the vacuum

home and, in his case, lasts a lifetime.

portation fields. Bain Design Inc. has worked

platform. By vibrating at 12,000 vibrations per

with brands such as PaperMate®, Sharpie®,

minute, the Soniclean vacuum is able to loosen


Swingline® and others, turning ideas into actual

more dirt and particulates in carpeted floors and

5919 Mira Hermosa Dr.

products that are sold worldwide.

clean up to 400 percent better than traditional

El Paso, Texas 79912

vacuums. Completely designed in El Paso,

(915) 760-8632





Vascular Surgeon

“It’s my passion and dedication

As the only practicing vascular surgeon in El

“I try to have a very laid back and relaxed ap-

that sets me apart. I really enjoy

Paso, Gomez is a true expert in his field and

proach to life—inside my office and outside it

taking care of my patients. My

has written more than 40 publications on the

too. It’s my passion and dedication that sets

team and I commit ourselves en-

science of vascular medicine.

me apart. I really enjoy taking care of my patients. My team and I commit ourselves

tirely to them.”


Gomez takes his practice seriously but what xcellence in medicine carries a whole

entirely to them.”

he loves most are his patients.

new meaning in Dr. Edward R. Gomez. His more than 30 years of practicing

“I love interacting with my patients. Getting to


medicine and his commitment to the El Paso

work with them on a daily basis is truly what I


community has made him one of the most

love about my job. I am a specialist, but I’ve had

1700 N. Oregon Suite 550

beloved doctors in the city.

patients approach me and ask me to be their

El Paso, Texas 79902

primary care physician,” Gomez said.

(915) 532-7804

Gomez began his career as an Army Surgeon at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Brooke

When he has time off, Dr. Gomez enjoys nothing

Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston.

more than returning home to his cattle ranch

After 21 years of service he returned home to

and spending time with his wife Elizabeth, his

El Paso and has been perfecting his work as a

son Patrick, and his daughter Lacy. Together,

vascular surgeon for the last fourteen years.

they raise registered Black Angus cattle.





June, 2013

ARMANDO MEDRANO “We are known for our experience

Medrano said. "We ensure that Jewel Gallery

The Jewel Gallery offers everything you could

and for excellence in customer

is run with integrity, competence, loyalty

want or need from a jewelry store and more.


and prestige."

Medrano and the Jewel Gallery invite you to


come and experience the jewel of a lifetime, orn, raised and educated in El Paso,

Jewel Gallery, also aptly referred to as El Paso's

located in the heart of El Paso - the Jewel of

Armando Medrano has worked to earn

Galleria for Fine Jewelry, seeks to serve and

the Westside.

a reputation of having a strong work

meet a multitude of needs. "We carry the finest

ethic in his role as co-owner of El Paso's very

bridal lines and fine jewelry," Medrano said.

Member of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce

own Jewel Gallery. A graduate of UTEP and a

"We will soon be introducing Verragio Bridal

A+ Rating With El Paso BBB

diamond graduate of the prestigious Gemo-

sets, a beautiful bridal line, along with pieces

logical Institute of America (GIA), Armando,

by Parade Jewels In Design, which was more


alongside his wife, Linda Medrano, built

recently featured in Elle Magazine and movies

7134 N. Mesa

Jewel Gallery from the ground up and upon

such as ‘The Vow’ and ‘The Odd Life of Timothy

Colony Cove II

a foundation of hard work, dedication and a

Green.’” Jewel Gallery is also partnered up with

El Paso, Texas 79912

sincere love of the industry and the city they

Nominations Italy, a beautiful sterling silver line,

(915) 845-7740

call home. "We are known for our experi-

which was the jewelry of choice for the 2013

ence and for excellence in customer service,"

Academy Awards ceremony gift bags.



117 117


Ernesto Herrera

“our friends become our clients

services company in marketing insurance

and our clients become friends.”

and investments. After meeting the girl of his

El Paso?' We can live and do business pretty

dreams, the current CFO of The Herrera Group,

much anywhere but have decided to call El Paso

he Herrera Group, located in the historic

Nora Herrera, Ernesto decided to stay in El Paso

home. Being based in El Paso has allowed us

El Paso building at 1011 N. Mesa, is

for only one year to get married and save up

to find the balance in life… Working with our

a boutique firm dedicated to helping

for law school. However, through his work he

friends has provided us the ability to find time

their clients (privately-held businesses and suc-

realized that El Paso was underserved in the

for our family as well as giving back to the El

cessful professionals) make financial decisions

areas that he now works in. As a result, he

Paso that has given us so much in return.”

regarding their legacy planning, tax minimiza-

decided to open The Herrera Group. Herrera

tion, and assisting them in planning for one of

would make the biggest sale of his life that

their biggest decisions, exiting their business

would define a major turning point, convincing


or careers. This is all done while maintaining

his wife to leave her cushy, salaried job to run

The Herrera Group

their family governance and values.

the financial side of their company.

1011 N. Mesa St.


nesses and dreams. [Most people ask], ‘Why

El Paso, Texas 79902 CEO of The Herrera Group is Ernesto Herrera,

Herrera said that the most rewarding part of his

a UTEP graduate with a degree in finance and

career is, “[The fact that] our friends become

economics. After college, Herrera immediately

our clients and our clients become friends. I

started working with a Fortune 100 financial

work for the well being of their families, busi-



(915) 351-9696




“We enjoy, most, the relationships

The firm was founded on the belief that El

under an independent advisor platform allows

we are blessed to cultivate with

Paso has a need for a wide range of ser-

SWA the opportunity to place the client’s in-

our clients and genuinely assist

vices and expertise for wealth management.

terest before the company’s – a model that

them with the challenges that life

Every member of their team is instilled with a

differentiates them from other firms in town. At

brings that affect both their per-

strong service model philosophy that enables

SWA, the most rewarding part of serving their

sonal life and financial goals."

them to develop meaningful relationships

clients is, “the ability to see them achieve their

with their clients and their families. By doing

goals one step at a time as they help shape

trategic Wealth Advisors (SWA) was

so, Strategic Wealth Advisors is able to more

the growth of this community.”

founded in 2008 as a wealth manage-

intimately understand the financial goals and

ment company serving the people of El

objectives of their clients, noting that, “We

Paso. Since then, Strategic Wealth Advisors has

enjoy, most, the relationships we are blessed


been providing financial services that help their

to cultivate with our clients and genuinely

Terrace Gardens Office Park

clients generate and grow their wealth during

assist them with the challenges that life

600 Sunland Park

their careers. In addition, SWA works with their

brings that affect both their personal life

Building One, Suite 100

clients to make sure that the distribution of

and financial goals.”

El Paso, Texas 79912


(915) 532-8885

their wealth upon passing happens in the most tax efficient way. Among the wealth manage-

With over 80 years of experience in various

ment services that SWA offers are investment,

sectors of the financial services field, SWA

financial, tax, insurance and estate planning,

can serve their clients in multiple disciplines

distribution of estate and asset protection.

of wealth management. Choosing to operate





Club of El Paso

Caring for the

Clubs of El Paso to graduate from high school

All clubs have the low fee of $4 a year and

youth of the city

with a plan for their future. The use of the

do not turn kids away because of an inability

“success equation” that combines academic

to pay. Currently, 1,200 children and youth

or nearly 85 years, Boys & Girls Clubs

achievement, character and leadership develop-

are served through the after school programs

have been providing the children of El

ment, and healthy lifestyles education helps the

and an additional 1,000 children and youth are

Paso with an environment where they

clubs achieve their mission: “To enable young

served through outreach activities by the hard

can have fun, be safe and learn outside of their

people, especially those that need us most, to

work of the Clubs of El Paso.

homes and schools. The first club was estab-

reach their full potential as productive, caring,

lished in 1929 as The Boys Club. In 1990, the

and responsible adults.”



Boys & Girls Clubs of America opened to girls and now offer youth development programs

Erik Baray, Marketing and Development


for both boys and girls.

Manager of the Boys & Girls Club of El Paso,

801 S. Florence

helps make this mission a reality. If you

El Paso, Texas 79901

All youth, ages 6-18, are welcome with a special

would like to know how you can make a

(915) 532-7410

focus on children and teens from struggling or

difference by volunteering or sponsoring a

disadvantaged circumstances. Their goal as

child, please contact Erik at Boys & Girls

a community-based organization is for every

Clubs of El Paso at (915) 532-7410 or visit

young person who comes to the Boys & Girls today!






Benny’s Pawnshop

“I have a passion for my business.

intrigued by the pawn business. He started

has taken Benny’s to new heights by opening

I've been working at this for 40

from scratch…and worked very hard to build

new stores all over the city. Together with his

years. I've seen a lot of changes

the store,” said Saul Frank, Benny’s son and the

brother-in-law, Don Glickstein, and their 55

as we've grown from one store

current owner of Benny’s Pawnshop.

employees, the Benny’s team works everyday to offer El Pasoans the services they need.

to seven…I wake up every morning and can't wait to get to work.”

Benny Frank spent many years building Benny’s Pawn Shop before retiring in 1983. “When I

“Our customers are like family. Our employees

or 67 years, Benny’s Pawnshop has

was a little kid, I used to go to the store with

will greet customers by their first names. It's

been a fixture in the El Paso commu-

my dad…While he would go through his books

more than just business,” Frank said.

nity. Started by Benny Frank in 1947,

and paper work, I would pick up instruments

when he returned home to El Paso after

and ask questions. I grew up with the pawn


serving in the U.S. Army, Benny’s Pawnshop

business in my blood…I decided to carry it

Phone: (915) 532-1182

is a family-operated store serving the El Paso

on,” Frank said.

Fax: (915) 532-9551


4030 Montana Ave.

community by offering quality merchandise and short-term loans, as well as community out-

Today, Saul manages and oversees the financial

El Paso, Texas 79903

reach and service. “My father had always been

end of the business. From 1983 to today, Saul





Lariat Builders Group

“I will go to great lengths to

company that offers an unparalleled service

Quintana’s dedication to quality, service and in-

make sure that every one of my

to our customers. When it comes to handling

tegrity is evident in many ways and his effort to

customers is treated like a million

insurance claims, we truly are the experts,"

stand apart from others is notable. “Our satis-

dollar customer.”

Quintana said.

faction as a company comes from rebuilding people’s lives, financial reward is just a byprod-


aving worked as an insurance execu-

Quintana and his team are continuously faced

tive for one of the area’s largest and

with catastrophic situations, and as a group,

most prestigious insurance brokers,

they pride themselves on feeling rewarded


Carlo Quintana’s experience and efforts paid

when they can rebuild a life that has been af-


dividends the day he formed Lariat Builders

fected by unforeseen tragedies. “We have an

11394 James Watt Ste. 614

Group in 2010. The company is a roofing and

unwavering commitment to ensuring that our

El Paso, TX 79936

reconstruction contractor that specializes in

customers have the most positive experience

915-599-9898 Fax

damage reconstruction for residential and

they could possibly have when going through

915-256-5890 Phone

commercial properties that have suffered de-

these tough situations, it’s our job to ensure the

struction caused by fire, wind, water, hail, and

customer feels as comfortable and informed

other unexpected catastrophes. “My extensive

as possible each and every step of the way,”

insurance background allowed me to create a

Quintana said.



uct of doing a good job for our customers.”




“I learned early in my career to

Associates from Herlin Equipment and has con-

A mainstay in El Paso for decades, Massey

always do what you say you are

tinued to build the legacy. Since then, Massey

Johnson, Associates have been, and continue

going to do. Business success is

Johnson, Associates has added offices in both

to be, securely anchored by their deep El Paso

that simple.”

Albuquerque and Denver, in addition to their

roots. “You have to be willing to change what

local office in El Paso.

you do to survive because business always gets


harder…it never gets easier,” Johnson said.

assey Johnson, Associates was officially founded in 1974 by Winston

“The products we sell are more often found

“But I learned early in my career to always do

Johnson and Billy Massey after

in hospitals and schools,” Robert Johnson

what you say you are going to do. Business

merging with Herlin Equipment, whose pres-

said. “We are manufacturer’s reps for about

success is that simple.”

ence in El Paso dates back to the 1920s. Acting

30 companies all across the United States.”

on behalf of manufacturers, Massey Johnson,

Representing and selling products from various


Associates began to make a name for them-

large manufacturing firms including Elkay,

6923 Industrial

selves amongst those in the world of manu-

Raypak and Zurn Industries, Massey Johnson,

El Paso, Texas 79915

facturer’s representatives. Propelled by their

Associates specializes in diversity and sells

(915) 774-0040

commitment to excellence, and fueled by the

everything from water coolers, stainless steel

knowledge and experience of their founders,

sinks and cooling towers to boilers, to plumbing

Massey Johnson, Associates continued to

wholesalers and mechanical contractors found

grow. In 1989, Robert W. Johnson, Winston

in and around the area.

Johnson’s son, purchased Massey Johnson,





Sofrito Personal Chef and Catering

“Food is my passion. My art in

In 2007 he decided to close his pool business

for adults and children. Guzman's international

cooking is making people happy.”

and got a job at different corporate restau-

cooking classes for children teach kids every-

rants in the city. In 2009 he got a job at Café

thing from math, reading, and instruction skills

o many of us food is means to an

Central with Chef Armando Pomales, who saw

to the history of the food itself.

end, but to international Chef Ernesto

Ernesto's true potential.


“My style of cooking is taking what I know

Guzman it is art. Guzman has worked

all over El Paso and the Americas from Mexico

“I dedicated myself to my work. Work was

and making it my own—still keeping it simple

to the far-reaches of Canada, learning and fine-

school for me. I didn't have time or the option

with presentation and seasonings that El Paso

tuning his unique style of cooking that concen-

to go to Culinary School. After work, I would

knows. I try to combine different flavors. That's

trates on a fusion of culture.

read cook books and magazines to do anything

my style.”

I could to get more practice.” ERNESTO GUZMAN

Guzman got his start owning a pool business and working as a pool technician and builder.

Since then, Guzman has worked in dozens of


“I used to cook and grill for my pool clients in

prominent restaurants around town holding po-

the summer. I would do it for free just because

sitions like executive chef. Today, Chef Ernesto

(915) 996-3133

I enjoyed cooking. One time one of my clients

owns Sofrito Personal Chef and Catering and

On Facebook, search for “SofritoCatering”

told me I should charge because he just loved

works with The View Restaurant, which holds

the food,” Guzman said.

cooking classes Sunday through Wednesday





Salon Totale

“My success is owed to always

After opening his salon in 1983, Emilio Ortiz

tion comes from their customers’ face when

educating myself in the complete

Jr. traveled the world learning the newest

they see their personal transformation. “It’s

beauty industry with the most up-

and most popular trends in the industry. “My

all about loving your job and not seeing it as

to-date techniques and products."

success is owed to always educating myself in

work!” Ortiz said.


the complete beauty industry with the most up-

alons are a dime a dozen, but it’s not

to-date techniques and products. (This allows

Celebrating 30 years of business is an achieve-

everyday that a salon celebrates it‘s

me) to be able to provide our clients with their

ment to be proud of and Innovations by Emilio

30th anniversary. Innovations by Emilio

best look,” Ortiz said. “To me, what I do is not

attributes their success to their devoted clien-

is celebrating this incredible milestone as one

just a job, it’s being a complete artist designing

tele. “This journey will continue for many more

of the best full-service salons in El Paso. Of-

from head to toe.”

years to come, as the internal passion still lives in my heart!” Ortiz said.

fering services from traditional haircutting and award-winning color formulations (which he

With a creative and talented staff, Innovations

brings from his master classes in Europe) to

by Emilio is proud to serve not only the city


resurfacing facials, oxygen treatments, four-

of El Paso, but also loyal customers from sur-

3800 N. Mesa, Suite C-5

layer facials and much more. Innovations by

rounding areas such as Juárez, Las Cruces,

University Hills Plaza

Emilio has what you need for your complete

Chihuahua City, Mexico City and other places

El Paso, Texas 79902

makeover including his own cosmetic line -

like New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Dallas

P: (915) 544-5054

D’Emilio cosmetics!

and Albuquerque. Their passion for what they

F: (915) 544-0767

do translates into their work. Their satisfac-





Premium Used Auto Dealership

“The thing I love most about our

Leading the effort to putting El Pasoans in

about our business is the kind words we hear

business is the kind words we

the car of their dreams is Rod Stogner. He at-

from each customer. After every purchase

hear from each customer. After

tributes the success of Stogner Auto Sales to

they say the same thing, ‘this has been the

every purchase they say the same

the bond created between their knowledgeable

easiest car buying experience I have ever had!’”

thing, ‘this has been the easiest car

staff and the customers. “Fifty percent of our

Stogner said.

buying experience I have ever had!’”

business each and every month is from repeat buyers or referrals,” Stogner said. According

Stogner Auto Sales thanks their dedicated

urchasing a car can be a stressful ex-

to Stogner, Experian has ranked Stogner Auto

and hard working team as well as the whole

perience for some people, and that

Sales as the fastest growing new or used car

city of El Paso for their support and continued

stress is amplified even more when

dealership from El Paso to Las Cruses. With a


considering a used car. However, Stogner Auto

user-friendly website and a free CARFAX with

Sales is defying all stereotypes of the typical

every vehicle, Stogner Auto Sales makes it


used auto dealership by giving their custom-

easy to find an affordable premium used car

5192 Doniphan

ers a stress-free car buying experience. As a

suited for your needs.

El Paso, TX 79932


(915) 581-9955

premium used auto dealership, Stogner Auto Sales specializes in imports along with a variety

At Stogner Auto Sales, they invest a lot of

of other vehicles. They can honestly say that

time into checking the vehicles they purchase.

they have cars in excellent condition because

They realize that treating their customers with

they believe, “it’s not how you sell something,

honesty and integrity makes the car buying

it’s how you buy it.”

experience enjoyable. “The thing I love most




RICK BUSTILLOS “I love seeing people succeed, lose weight and become healthy.”


Hardcore Fitness Center gym members, Hardcore Fitness Center has

Starting Hardcore Fitness Center allowed

something for you!

Bustillos to continue to do what he loves most – health advocacy for the El Paso com-

osing weight and being healthy is

Rick Bustillos, owner and founder of Hardcore

munity. With the help of many mentors, small

hard. Anyone that has tried knows the

Fitness Center, worked in the medical field for

gyms, personal trainers and friends, Rick has

struggle that comes with changing your

13 years and assisted surgeons on intricate

created a space that allows people to trans-

habits for the better. At Hardcore Fitness

surgeries for the past six years. After hurting

form and live healthy lives. “I love seeing

Center, your well being is their number one

himself at one of his old gyms, Bustillos went

people succeed, lose weight and become

priority. With a determined team of trained

through countless procedures until finally his

healthy. Seeing my clients sweat, work hard

professionals, your dream of getting healthy

doctors suggested placing rods and screws

and push through and then come to me and

and fit is within reach.

in his back to get him functioning again. His

say, ‘I feel great, Rick!’ is my greatest satisfac-

experience in the medical field had taught him

tion,” he said.

Hardcore Fitness Center prides itself on pro-

the repercussions of this route and after much

viding personalized training with some of the

thought and consideration, Bustillos decided to


best trainers in El Paso. They offer a diverse

forgo the intensive treatment and rehabilitate

4400 N. Mesa, Suite 7

range of training techniques that include circuit

himself. “I’m in the best shape I have ever

El Paso, Texas 79912

training, power lifting, aesthetic training and

been, and my back doesn’t bother me one

(915) 355-6246

"Simply Fit" weekly meal plans by the Nu-

bit,” Bustillos said.

trition Kitchen. From first timers to veteran





RVMJ Law Firm

“Its gorgeous mountains, land-

as among the best firms for trial attorneys,

tation, and employment litigation. “By operat-

scapes, community pride and kind

quality, and value.

ing four fully staffed offices in Texas and New Mexico, our lawyers are able to better service

people made choosing El Paso as As a highly experienced trial lawyer, Jeff Ray has

our clients by engaging in the representation

increasingly taken on cases that are large and

and trial of civil lawsuits throughout Texas, New

he choice to open his first legal practice

complex in several states. Jeff strongly believes

Mexico and the southwest.”

in 1989 in the Sun City was appar-

that “with the utmost will and devotion, it is

ent for Jeff Ray. On the eve of its

possible to uncover even the most remote detail

25th year anniversary, the law firm of Ray,

in a case.” He has obtained many successful

Valdez, McChristian & Jeans and some of its

jury verdicts for his clients. Most recently, the

members, continuously hold the highest rank-

firm made the highly coveted nation’s Top 100

ings among law firms by the major national

verdict list for 2012. Jeff is recognized by the

rating services for many consecutive years,

National Law Journal for his successful efforts

including the AV Preeminent Peer Review

in obtaining a $20 million dollar verdict, which

Rating, Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register

is the #1 Fraud Verdict in Texas.

a home an easy choice for me.”


of Preeminent Lawyers, Best Lawyers of America, Texas Super Lawyers, and American

Jeff embraces the challenges he undertakes

Board of Trial Advocates. The firm has been

as trial counsel in many complex cases in the

recognized by its clients and organizations

areas of product liability, commercial, transpor-



EL PASO 5822 Cromo Drive El Paso, TX 79912 PH: (915) 832-7200 ALBUQUERQUE 6605 Uptown Blvd. NE Ste. 240 Albuquerque, NM 87110 FORT WORTH 101 Summit Ave. Suite 705 Fort Worth, TX 76102 SAN ANTONIO 1250 NE Loop 410 Suite 700 San Antonio, TX 78209



times the human element is lost. “We’ve gone

With high report delivery times, you can expect

believes in “treating patients

to great lengths to make our facility a beautiful

most exams dictated and faxed the same or

the way we would treat our

place and hire nice people," Dr Boushka said.

following day. With high quality services and


Making their patients feel comfortable is a

dedicated staff, Diagnostic Outpatient Imaging

number one priority for this dedicated and

is here to ensure that you have a good experi-

Since its inception in 1999, Diagnostic Outpa-

skilled team. Among the services that they

ence at their clinic.

tient Imaging has been providing El Pasoans with

provide are 1.5 Tesla MRI, open MRI, 16 slice

quality radiological imaging services. As a full-

CT, ultrasound with 3D, digital mammography,

service imaging center, owned and operated by

digital X-ray, bone density and in November of


radiologist, Dr. William M. Boushka, Diagnostic

2013 they will be the only private practice in El

6065 Montana Dr., Suite A-6

Outpatient Imaging believes in “treating patients

Paso to provide 3 Tesla MRI.

El Paso, Texas 79925 Office: (915) 881-1900

the way we would treat our family…” Remaining true to their values, Diagnostic Outpatient

With all El Pasoans in mind, Diagnostic Outpa-

Imaging is dedicated to serving El Pasoans

tient Imaging is centrally located on Montana

with high quality work done with high quality

across from Bassett Place, just 15 minutes

equipment and a personal touch.

away from most places in El Paso. With ex-

Fax: (915) 771-9345

tended evening hours and Saturday appointDiagnostic Outpatient Imaging realizes that the

ments available, patients have plenty of time

radiology field is so technology driven that many

to schedule their radiological imaging needs.





Carlos Aguirre

“We are proud of our food and

"Throughout the years, Ay Caramba has set

also planning to offer franchise opportunities.

service and most importantly, the

itself apart by being one of the first Mexican

"We are extremely proud of our restaurants,"

community of El Paso that has

restaurants to also introduce Mexican seafood

Aguirre said. "We are proud of our food and

given us the opportunity to serve

dishes," explained Carlos Aguirre, owner of Ay

service and most importantly, the community


Caramba. "Our delicious Coctel de Camaron

of El Paso that has given us the opportunity

(shrimp cocktail) has been a favorite since it

to serve them and continue delivering the Ay

y Caramba, as its name implies,

was introduced in 2000. Since then, lovers of

Caramba experience."

offers an environment filled with

Mexican seafood frequently visit our restaurant


excitement, surprise and happiness.

for other seafood items, such as seven mares

To join their customer list and to receive infor-

Founded in 2000, Ay Caramba provides an

soup, a traditional seafood soup, fish fillets

mation about weekly specials and coupons,

inviting family environment punctuated with

prepared with garlic, spicy diabla sauce, or

please visit

traditional Mexican and festive decor. It is also

even sautéed vegetables for a lighter option." AY CARAMBA

worth noting that each of their three locations offer well-stocked bar areas for guests that are

Having grown from one location to three since

looking for a relaxing place to unwind after a

its inception, Ay Caramba has been serving

(915) 533-3377

long work day.

El Paso food lovers for over thirteen years.

8001 N Mesa St.

Along with plans to expand to the far eastside

1926 Montana Ave.

of El Paso and the northeast, Ay Caramba is

6874 Doniphan Dr.





Orthopedic Surgeon

“I try to be on the cutting edge

Dr. Johnson returned to El Paso in 2003 and

"There are two aspects of medicine. There is

of medicine and practice the best

worked in a couple of different work environ-

the science and then there is the art. I try to

techniques that medicine has to


set myself apart in both aspects: good bedside manner when serving patients as well as in

offer.” “I discovered large groups of doctors weren't

the actual technical aspect of diagnosing and

hen searching for an orthopedic

for me because it was like working for a corpo-

performing surgery. What sets me apart is my

surgeon, you want the best. Dr.

ration and it was very difficult to get anything

skill and my desire to continually get better for the patients I serve,” Dr. Johnson said.


Keith Johnson is one of the city's

done. In 2008, I actually left and started my

foremost doctors, offering years of experience

own practice. It's been a huge learning experi-

and cutting edge technology. A native El Pasoan,

ence. In medical school, you learn everything

Johnson graduated from the University of Notre

about medicine and nothing about business.


Dame in 1994 with a degree in biochemistry

It takes a lot of resilience and determination

1300 Murchison Drive, ste. 310

and went on to study medicine in Nashville,

to be successful in both,” Dr. Johnson said.

El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 838-3888

Tennessee at Meharry Medical College. When he realized he wanted to become a surgeon,

Dr. Johnson is more than your average M.D.

he returned to his home state of Texas and

Outside of giving every patient 100 percent, he

completed his orthopedic specialty training at

tries his best to be friendly and compassionate.

the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA). By MEAGAN KINLEY Photograph by ROBERT CORRAL



MIGUEL AND SUSAN GUERRA TOTAL ORTHOTIC AND PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS, INC. “We want to make a difference one person at a time.”


hen El Paso native Miguel Guerra was in his last semester at the University of Texas at El Paso he knew he wanted nothing more than to open his own business. But when a chance encounter with an orthotic and prosthetic specialist walked into Guerra’s life and offered him a job, Miguel’s career trajectory was changed forever. After just a short time working in the orthotic and prosthetic field, Guerra knew that he had found his life’s calling. He quickly signed on for another semester at UTEP, completed the remaining credits and graduated a semester later with a bachelor’s in business administration and was accepted to the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas to study orthotics 132


and prosthetics, where he received a bachelor of science degree. After returning to El Paso, Miguel and his wife Susan opened their own business. “He has always wanted to own his own business. We applied for a loan, and with an abundance of faith and a lot of hard work it all came together,” Susan said. Today, Miguel and Susan’s dream of Total Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions, Inc. has been in business for nine years and has two locations. In 2008, Miguel was even awarded the Small Business Person of the Year award by the Small Business Administration. Total Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions is a family-operated orthotic and prosthetic

business in the city. Miguel is also a unique specialist because he both sees his patients and works in the lab to personally make the orthotics and prosthetics. “Our patients feel at home here. We take that extra step to make our business personal.” TOTAL ORTHOTIC & PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS, INC. 900 E. Yandell Dr. El Paso, Texas 79902 Phone: (915) 541-8677 Fax: (915) 541-8678 1393 George Dieter, Suite C El Paso, Texas 79936 Ph:915-595-0730 Fax: 915-595-0732



Real Estate Group

“The real estate business is always

and big client base.” Acosta and his team are

Houston and San Antonio within the next 16

changing; my team and I do every-

committed to serve their clients’ needs and

months,” Acosta said.

thing we can to change with it. We

povide great customer service. Their focus

understand our clients’ needs."

is helping any client buy or sell a home and

In ten years David and his team have built a

recently he opened a commercial property divi-

business that specializes in helping the people

elebrating 10 successful years in

sion. They also stay up to date with the latest

of El Paso with any real estate need. “People

business, David, his staff and team,

technology using their website, Facebook,

like the service we provide. The real estate

continue to help families and individu-

video conferences, text messages, and more

business is always changing; my team and I

als accomplish their goal of selling and buying

to stay connected to their clients and offer them

do everything we can to change with it. We

residential and commercial real estate.

as much information as possible.

understand our clients’ needs.”

David Acosta began his journey ten years ago

Today their business is expanding.



when he to the United States from Juarez, Mexico.

“We began helping clients buy new construc-

ERA Real Estate

tion and now we help them sell it and buy their

780 N. Resler

Acosta started from scratch. “When I first

new one. Most people who choose to sell their

El Paso, Texas 79912

started in El Paso, I didn’t know anybody.

property, they refer us continuously and text us,


Networking is such a big part of this job, but

email us or send us a Facebook message …

through a lot of hard work we have built a solid

we are now in an expanding phase to Austin,





Where professionals come to play!

"El Paso is my home, and I want to

Fitted for DJs, bands, comedy acts, art shows

a unique space that combines fun, food and

grow with El Paso. This city is on

and even poetry readings, The Network is

networking. “El Paso is my home, and I want

the cusp of being recognized na-

always delivering a good time. You can leave the

to grow with El Paso. This city is on the cusp

tionally and I strongly believe its

blazer in the car, loosen up your tie and prepare

of being recognized nationally and I strongly

because of the talent and culture

yourself to enjoy an evening with friends, food

believe its because of the talent and culture it

it offers with today’s artists, musi-

and tons of socializing. Planning a big party or

offers with today’s artists, musicians and young

cians and young entrepreneurs,”

event? The Network is happy to provide you

entrepreneurs,” Montes said.

with a private room for you and your guest. The


owntown El Paso offers great business

Redroom is perfect for your special evening of


opportunities, professional develop-

celebration, but reserve it fast as their ultimate

317 E. Mills Ave.

ment and, best yet, fun and entertain-

goal is to turn this space into a coffee shop

El Paso, Texas 79901

with breakfast and Wi-Fi.

ment! The Network, a new downtown hotspot, is providing a relaxed and cool venue where the professionals come to play. With great food and

Spearheading this exciting venture are owners

an amazing staff, The Network is the perfect

Angela Feathers, Frankie Montes and Joe Her-

place for your lunch or after-work happy hour.

nandez. With the help of close friends, hard work and perseverance, this trio has created




QUARTERMANE SALON "It's the ambitious drive to not be

each of the stylists have tested their skill in


mainstream that sets this place

other markets such as California, Texas, and as


far off as Hawaii. Although all of this makes the

El Paso, Texas (915) 581-1227


salon quite unique, it's the ambitious drive to fter nearly a quarter century in the

not be mainstream that sets this place apart.

image industry, Quartermane shows

DAVID PULIDO JR. (915) 999-0620

no signs of slowing but instead is

David Pulido Jr., who is also lovingly known

bringing a dramatic new conceptual twist to

as "David Paul," has been a prime example of


his industry. The concept is called "Utmost," a

an ingenious stylist whose accolades are too

spiritual cultivation process that unifies those

numerous to count. David is a true Star Stylist

The Woodlands, Texas (281) 401-9471

who work within the salon "leaders," as Quar-

of Quartermane Salon, and most importantly,

termane calls them, to become the utmost

a proponent of this "Utmost" concept. With

and the best that they can be in all aspects

leaders such as David, the concept hopes to

of life. What makes Quartermane Salon stand

birth another salon in El Paso, along with a

alone isn't its boutique atmosphere, the many

salon in The Woodlands, Texas and concepts

exceptional stylists it boasts, or the fact that

for two other major Texas cities.




Hernandez graduated from Eastwood H.S. in 1987

Hernandez with Nancy O'Dell of "Entertainment Tonight"

Hernandez working on the set with Christina Aguilera.

Where Are They Now?

Daniel Hernandez is in London, England

A serendipitous journey has led this Eastwood High School grad to work with celebrities, actors and performers from the Golden Coast to way across the pond in London, England. By MAGGIE ASFAHANI HAJJ

Daniel Hernandez, who originally hails from

and “Dude, Where’s My Car?” Though his life

the Sun City and graduated from Eastwood

may seem one of glamour and excess, Her-

or most people, the opportunity to jet

High School, has been a wardrobe stylist for

nandez is ever thankful for his blessings, and

around the world doing the job they

artists and personalities such as Pink, Nancy

never strays far from his roots.

love while hobnobbing with celebrities

O’Dell of Entertainment Tonight, Ricky Mar-

in the process is nothing more than a fever

tin, Christina Aguilera and No Doubt. He has

His path to success was an unusual and not

dream fueled by too many hours of reality TV

also has worked as a costume designer on

particularly well-planned one, but Hernandez

programming. For one El Pasoan, however,

a wide variety of films, including “The Girl

found serendipity to be a friend. “I had just

that dream has become true.

with the Dragon Tattoo,” “Wedding Planner”

finished school at UTEP and I had applied to

F 136

Hernandez in Barcelona, Spain.

with film and TV production. After receiving a

"I never saw myself as leaving El Paso. I love El Paso.”

MFA in painting, Hernandez’s original plan of taking on minimal projects while working on his art fell by the wayside. “I was really blessed to work nonstop,” he said. “One thing led to another, and I got these amazing projects. I got on with the right people. I just had to say yes to everything, and say yes to the people I felt were the right people for me as well. It turned out to be an amazing experience, and I got to

grad school,” Hernandez said. “I was working

meet amazing people and travel the world

at GECU as a bank teller, and it was a lot of

and see things that people never see.”

fun. I was making like $8.50 an hour and I was like, ‘Woo hoo! That’s a lot of money!’”

Along the way, Hernandez even spent a sum-

As much as Hernandez enjoyed his work,

mer at Yale University as part of the Norfolk

something bigger called out to him.

Summer School of Art and was a visiting student at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste

“I never saw myself as leaving El Paso. I love

in Munich, Germany.

El Paso,” he said enthusiastically. “I wasn’t

Hernandez on the set of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" in London.

“You are always changing, and should always be changing. That’s how you progress.”

one of those people that said ‘I want to get

Hernandez knows that he is lucky, and al-

out of this place.’ I thought, ‘I’ll just try to go

though he might not readily admit it, he is the

to grad school and see what happens.’” Her-

architect of his own charmed destiny. “I am

Hernandez may not have had a specific life

nandez grew up in a family that valued hard

so blessed,” he said. “I just take the opportu-

and career plan, but he is sure of what moti-

work over anything else, so his decision was

nity that is in front of me. I don’t know how I

vates him. “I grew up in a fear-based house-

not straightforward. “I grew up fairly simply,”

started to do that.”

hold. I have to counteract that fear by saying,

he said. “It wasn’t about dreams or anything.

‘yes,’” he said. “I never used to try. I put in

It was, ‘Get a job.’” With the encourage-

Now living in London with his partner, Her-

about half an inch of effort into all that work,

ment of mentors at UTEP, Hernandez ap-

nandez is focusing on the creation of a new

and it just came to me. In the 14 years I was

plied and was accepted to UCLA on an 80

line of T-shirts and hoodies to be sold through

in L.A. doing that work, the most I ever had

percent scholarship.

his website, As with

was one month off of not being able to find

everything he does, Hernandez brings a posi-

work, which is almost unheard of. It all just

Even as a grad student, his strong work ethic

tivity and exuberance to this next phase in his

flowed to me; it all just came.” Hernandez

was evident. Although his professors and fel-

adventures. “A large part of my life is now as

learned to live life to the fullest with the help

low students derided him for it, Hernandez

a househusband, which I never would have

of a simple motto. “You could always quit, or

quickly found a job at the Beverly Center Mall

thought [would happen],” he said. “You are al-

they could always fire you,” he said. “But if

to offset the tuition not covered by his schol-

ways changing, and should always be chang-

you don’t try, nothing’s going to happen.”

arship. He began in the Studio Services office

ing. That’s how you progress.”

of Bullocks (Now Macy’s), which was involved


| By Andrés Rodríguez|


June, 2013


Lloyd Bohn is standing by his red 1966 Oldsmobile 442 talking about how four years ago he became involved with the Southwest Classic Car Club, El Paso’s only car club that focuses on original and unmodified cars, when a man approaches him to ask if he’s sold his “jag.” “I haven’t,” Bohn, the club’s membership chairman, says as he continues to talk about cars. It’s the morning of the second Sunday of May, and at the Coronado Shopping Center parking lot on Mesa Street they are all talking about cars. A group of original car aficionados gather every month for Caffeine and Octane, an event that Bohn, an MRI technologist, helped put together in 2010 along with Charles Roybal. “He was building a Cobra in his garage and I stopped by and I said, ‘I thought that was a Cobra” and we started up a conversation. Between the two of us we hatched this,” Bohn said. “This concept started in California where they call it Cars and Coffee and they do it in Las Cruces also. I just changed the name and I send the flyer every month. This is what results.” “When I see a father and son together and a father is showing his kid what these older cars are like, that makes it worth while”

Many of the car owners present at Caffeine and Octane are members of the Southwest Classic Car Club as well, which besides hosting the monthly event also holds monthly meetings and organized driv-

‘70s.” However, not all of the members have

ing tours. “(We tour) just about anywhere. We took a run up to Sparky’s in Hatch (New Mexico) here recently. Once a year we have what we call our Run to the Mountains where we go up to Ruidoso,” Bohn said. “Recently, Darrel here took us to St. Clair Winery & Bistro in Mesilla.” The SCCC began in 2005 when some members of the Horseless Carriage Club broke off to begin a different club with the mission to collect, restore and drive cars with historical

cars, all they need is to have an interest in value

them, Bohn said. “Our membership is ec-

in their original condition.

lectic, we do all kinds of stuff,” Bohn said.

According to SCCC Webmaster Bob Docken-

“We’re all kinds of people and it’s multi-

dorf, the club currently has 40 members and

generational. We have kids who have grown

over 150 collector cars in pristine and driva-

up with the club and go on out to be adults.”

ble condition. Dockendorf says it’s important that these cars are in their original condition.

Larry Lunsford, SCCC member, joined the

“(It’s) the way they would have been seen in

club because of his love for Mustangs. “I

their days of glory,” he said. “Our members’

have an old Mustang and I wanted to be part

cars run generations from the early 1900s

of a car club and this is a pretty cool club,

through the ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘60s and even

it’s a lot of friendly people. We do a lot more



than just hang out with the cars,” Lunsford said. Ken Whitmire, SCCC secretary, drove his ‘68 Plymouth Satellite to the gathering. He bought it from a cop in Carlsbad, New Mexico. He owns six Old Classics and he does all the mechanical work himself. “It’s something you enjoy. Something you enjoyed as a kid, fast cars, fast women and you couldn’t get out of that habit,” Whitmire said, jokingly. Mark Kaplan, a SCCC member and owner of a ‘69 Pontiac, sees the club and the events they put together as an opportunity to educate younger generations. “It’s great to have the opportunity to be around classic gentlemen in their classic cars. For me, what’s fun about these shows is having the opportunity to have younger kids stop by and learn about classic cars,” Kaplan said. “When I see a father and son together and a father is showing his kid what these older cars are like, that makes it worth while.” Bohn concluded that although members of the club might have their jobs to take care of, they make time to also care for their cars. “Some people play golf, some people take vacations, we just work on cars,” he said. For more information, visit


Here at M!X, we have every luxurious service you could ever want or ask for. Our hair salon, nail salon, spa and sauna, and third story restaurant and viewing terrace are all meant for one thing, making you feel extraordinary. Don’t delay and call today and book your appointment now! 4201 Camelot Heights Dr. by N. Mesa | El Paso, Texas 79912 | (915) 351-0032 | | Like us on Facebook!

Local Artist Spotlight

REAL MADRID El Paso native Steven Madrid is the fearless face of one of the city’s most exciting young bands | By rYan HEaPE |


mong the Lowbrow Palace’s many

next 30 minutes, this seemingly of-its-time

as Madrid and bassist Danny Alcantar come

charms is its capacity for the theatri-

local band shows off something rare in 2013:

across in conversation, they aren’t afraid to

cal. Its pyramid-like stage is intimate

ambition. But it’s not something their front-

cut loose with their live set. “There are some

man, Steven Madrid, will readily admit to.

punk ethics involved too,” suspects Alcantar.

enough to host unknowns, while bringing

“That comes from our background.”

dancers and moshers alike closer to each other. But the pit-and-rafters arrangement lends

Madrid, a 22-year-old El Paso native, is a de-

itself well to a band as sonically immense as

cidedly eccentric performer. “We really just

Madrid and Alcantar grew up, like many El

the post-"Battle Born" Killers, who played a

don’t want to be that band who bores eve-

Pasoans of their generation, spending many

(not so) secret show there on May 6 right after

rybody,” he said during the late-night phone

afternoons and puppy love-blessed evenings

a set at the Abraham Chavez Theatre.

conversation we had. When Madrid started

at the old Western Playland amusement

WSTRN PLYLND during his time in Austin,

park near Ascarate Park that was dismantled

Naturally, it is at Lowbrow on a brisk March

Texas, he manned the bass guitar as part of

and moved to another location in 2008. “It

night that I see El Paso four-piece WSTRN

a duo. He returned to El Paso last summer,

was somewhere we all went as kids,” Ma-

PLYLND for the first time. Three of the four

and fleshed out the band as a four piece with

drid remembers. “Now that we’re all old

members prime the crowd with synth rushes

Madrid keeping only the mic for himself. On

enough and we’ve been to other cities and

and reverbed guitar at first, and for a local in-

stage, he moves like a drunk cross-pollination

seen bigger and better things, it’s weird to

die band, everything seems to be proceeding

of Julian Casablancas and Ian Curtis, leaping

think about Western Playland. First off, it’s

as expected. And then a double-denimed wild

off of drum sets while alternating between a

a silly name for a theme park. Naming the

person hops on stage, grabs a mic and for the

strained punk snarl and a softer alto. As chill

band WSTRN PLYLND was kind of a joke—


Photo cou

rtesy of V a



an inside joke we have with El Paso kids. But there’s absolutely a lot of nostalgia there for us.” The current roster in WSTRN PLYLND has held together for two months now, and though Madrid is pleased with the rapport forming, he still considers their sonic ideal a few iterations away from realization. “It’s nice because we finally have a direction now, but we’ve got a long way to go to get that specific sound we want for ourselves.” Their only recorded song, “Bahia Kino,” which has been on YouTube since last September, is three minutes of wavy, intricately-textured pop that channels New Order by way of Smashing Pumpkins and Wild Nothing. Through the reverb and delay, impressive details emerge—hypnotic guitar winds and billows as the thick bass rumbles and balances Madrid’s woozy and forlorn (and tastefully unintelligible) vocal. It is promising and thoughtfully-crafted music from a young band, but it reveals a small fraction of their personality. When asked about the

b a n d ’s inspirations, Alcantar fumbles various genres and descriptors. “Right now we’re listening to everything from classic punk to recent punk to postpunk to some new wave and dark wave stuff. We’re reluctant to confine even a single song to just punk or just post-punk. I think everybody in the band gravitates toward rougher garage sounds and, like, 'wavy' stuff,” Alcantar said. I walked away from their show that night at Lowbrow with just “vaguely punk rock, danceable synthgaze” scribbled in the notes I wasn’t yet aware I would need. The puzzling variety of traditional descriptors in play suggests a band unsure of itself. That WSTRN PLYLND are nothing if not convinced of their musical facility and dedicated to playing memorable live shows trivializes such a concern. Sometimes their sound is a melting pot (“Bahia Kino”); on “What You Are,” it’s a mosaic of driving punk chords sharing space 143

June, 2013 with towering synth melodies. As they continue to grow, their identity is becoming less a spattering of influences and more hinged on a distinct personality—Vampire Weekend will agree that’s a feat seldom accomplished in the indie world.

“PEOPLE NEED TO KEEP SUPPORTING LOCAL SHOWS AND EMBRACE A WIDER TASTE FOR MUSIC" Madrid also plays in local band Lake Of Fire, a spot he filled when their bassist and beloved local Richard Molina passed away last December. WSTRN PLYLND were among the many bands that played at the benefit show to honor the memory of Molina, considered by many to be one of the most influential (and adored) people in El Paso’s budding music scene. Molina’s passion was not lost on Madrid. “People need to keep supporting local shows and embrace a wider taste for music. Sometimes kids here get too comfortable with what they like. Right now, it’s easier to be in a band in El Paso and be original than in say, Austin. It has that going for it, but people have to stay open-minded.” Alcantar shares that cautious optimistism: “We’re all hungry for new faces and new bands and different kinds of bands. There have been a lot of good shows in the past year—I’m pretty proud of that—but it can be so much better.” It’s clear WSTRN PLYLND is a band with a healthy consciousness of their audience. Madrid explains his time in Austin on the brink of his 20s curtly. “I wasn’t going to school or anything. I met a lot of rad people. I started a band.” Don’t let him fool you if he doesn’t appear to be asking much from this music game. As soon as he scrambles up to the stage, pausing a moment to take in the crowd before jumping off of whatever platform is in reach, Steven Madrid can’t hide it any longer—he and his band have exciting plans for you. 144

Ton of Linens we’ ve got you covered

5800 Doniphan Street | El PA so, T x | 915 727 4587

June, 2013

The City Agenda June, 2013 JUNE 1- JULY 27


Dancing in the City The fourth annual outdoor dance concerts series takes place from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturdays at Arts Festival Plaza and features local and regional performers. Dance lessons are always from 7 to 8 p.m. with the dance party beginning right after. Info: 541-4481 June 1: Sobredosis del Sabor (Merengue) June 8: Alan Evans Trio (Funk) June 15: Azucar (Salsa) June 22: Texas Gypsies (Swing)



JUNE 1-23

El Paso Diablos Baseball


The American Association minor league team’s regular home game time is 7:05 p.m. (Sundays at 6:05 p.m.) at Cohen Stadium in Northeast El Paso. Info: 755-2000 or June 1-2: Gary Southshore Railcats June 7-9: Grand Prairie Air Hogs June 10-12: Amarillo Sox June 20-23: Sioux Falls Pheasants

1st Annual Great Futures Golf Classic All proceeds from this golf tournament and auction dinner will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of El Paso and will be held at the Coronado Country Club. Info:



Billy the Kid Festival San Elizario Art District Guild hosts the 4th annual festival named for the infamous outlaw at the San Elizario Historic District. The event celebrates Billy the Kid’s visit to San Elizario in 1876 to break out a friend from the old El Paso County Jail. Info: 851-0093 or


Academy Sports & Outdoors Sun Bowl International Soccer Tournament The 14th annual youth soccer tournament for boys and girls is June 7-9 at various fields throughout El Paso. Info: 533-4416 or


Alfresco! Fridays

The 11th season of free outdoor concerts are at 6 p.m. at Arts Festival Plaza in downtown El Paso. For info: 534-0665 or June 7: Fungi Mungle (‘70s) June 14: La Guira (bachata) June 21: Rod Crosby & The Intruders (classic rock)

Must see 9

JUNE 9-AUG. 11

Music Under the Stars 8


PrideFest 2013

The annual parade and festival in honor of National Gay Pride Month is noon to midnight at Cleveland Square, with the annual parade, “Hollywood Style!” at 10 a.m., traveling from Houston Park at 900 Montana, to Pride Square, 500 N. Stanton. Info: 146

The 30th summer concert series features local and international performers from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Sundays at the Chamizal National Memorial amphitheater, 800 S. San Marcial. Admission is free. Info: 541-4481 or June 9: Frontera Bugalu June 16: Desert Noises June 23: La Magiztral Sonora June 30: Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds


June, 2013






Big daddy Car show

El Paso Psychic Fair The fair is 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Hawthorn Inn, 1700 Airway. Admission: $5 for both days. Free admission with active duty military I.D. Info: 345-6245 or

Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino will host the annual Father’s Day event. Events include a car and motorcycle

jUNE 14-AUG. 10

‘Viva El Paso!’

The summertime pageant returns to McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre, 1500 McKelligon Canyon Drive, for its 36th season Fridays and Saturdays. The outdoor musical extravaganza highlights the four major cultures of the region: Native American, Spanish Conquistadors, Mexican and Western American. Showtimes and tickets TBA. Info:



Elephant Festival

The annual elephant festival that honors the El Paso Zoo’s biggest residents is from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Zoo, 4001 E. Paisano. Info: 521-1850 or

14th Annual Bowl for Kids’ sake





Zin Valle Free Music sundays

Zin Valle Vineyard, 7315 Hwy 28 in Canutillo (3/4 mile north of FM 259), hosts free live music 1 to 4 p.m. on selected Sundays. Enjoy wine tastings and music! Info: 877-4544 or June 16: James Springer June 30: Greg Gonzalez

Must see

Miss El Paso UsA The pageants for Miss El Paso USA and the Miss El Paso Teen USA will be held at UTEP’s Magoffin Auditorium. The pageants are the official preliminaries to the Miss Texas USA, Miss Texas Teen USA and Miss USA Pageants. Info: Laura’s Productions at 845-2894 or


show. Food and beverage booths, beer garden and live music also featured. Admission is free. Info: (575) 874-5200

Big Brothers Big Sisters’ charitable bowling competition will take place at Bowl El Paso, located at 11144 Pellicano. For more info and registration: 544-4203 or


Color My Cause 5K Erace 3 hosts the 5K “color” run/walk allowing participants to choose their own cause through five color zones. The run/walk will be held at 6900 Delta at Ascarate Park. Packet pick up begins at 6 a.m., run begins at 8:30 a.m., walk begins at 9 a.m, color party begins at 10 a.m. Charities to choose from include Child Crisis Center, Rio Grande Cancer Foundation, Paso Del Norte Children’s Development Center and Border Aids Partnership. cost: $45-$60. Info and registration:




‘dancing Backwards in high heels’ The Women’s Business Border Center of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presents the 9th annual Women’s Business Symposium from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Wyndham El Paso Airport, 2027 Airway. Info: 566-4066 or 147

28-29 JUNE

Downtown Street Festival The event encompasses the entire El Paso Convention Center area, including the Abraham Chavez Theatre and the Union Plaza District, with stages of live music, food, games and fireworks at 10 p.m. Tickets: $20-$35 Info: 544-9550 or


June, 2013


Myth: The ACA provides subsidies to illegal immigrants Fact: The ACA specifically defines who is eligible for federal payments, credits, and subsidies. Only U.S. citizens or nationals, and aliens lawfully present in the United States may receive federal payments, credits, or cost-sharing re-

Replacing Myths with Facts

ductions applicable toward the purchase of


through a state-based Exchange or Medicaid,

health insurance. Undocumented immigrants in the United States may not acquire insurance nor are they eligible for federal subsidies for health insurance.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in 2010 is incredibly broad in scope, so it's probably not surprising that there's a good deal of confusion about it, and a number of inaccurate and misleading claims that have been circulated. Here's some information to help separate fact from fiction.

Myth: You'll have to give up your current health insurance

Myth: Individuals have to pay taxes on their

Fact: If you have health insurance through

health benefits

your employer, or you have private insurance,

Fact: Nothing in the health-care law requires

you'll most likely be able to keep your present

individuals to pay income taxes on their health-

coverage. In fact, plans in existence on March

care benefits. Starting in 2018, an excise tax is

23, 2010, that haven't changed significantly

assessed to insurers of high-cost, employer-

are considered "grandfathered," meaning that

sponsored health plans with aggregate expens-

Myth: The health care law cuts basic Medi-

those plans are treated as qualifying health

es exceeding $10,200 for individual coverage

care benefits and services

insurance. But even if your plan is grandfa-

and $27,500 for family coverage. The tax does

Fact: Just the opposite is true. The ACA man-

thered, you'll benefit from some of the provi-

not apply to insured plan participants.

dates that no guaranteed Medicare benefits are

sions of the healthcare law. For instance, all

Other taxes that are part of the ACA include:

cut. In fact, the ACA expands Medicare benefits

plans, including grandfathered plans, must

• A tax of 10 percent on the amount paid for

to include a free annual wellness assessment.

allow coverage for adult dependents to age

indoor tanning services

Many important preventive screenings and vac-

26 and remove any lifetime dollar cost limits.

• A 20 percent tax (increased from 10 percent)

cines are now offered free of charge, including

Moreover, your insurance can't be cancelled

on distributions from a health savings account

screenings for colorectal cancer, cholesterol,

if you become sick, and your plan cannot

or an Archer medical savings account that are

and diabetes; mammograms, flu and pneu-

refuse to insure you if you have a pre-existing

not used for qualified medical expenses

monia vaccines; and counseling for smoking

medical condition.

• An increase in the Medicare Part A tax rate on wages by 0.9 percent (from 1.45 percent

cessation and nutrition therapy. The ACA also attempts to slow the increasing cost of Medicare

Myth: All small businesses have to provide

to 2.35 percent) on high-income individuals

premiums and ensure that Medicare will not

insurance to their employees

• An excise tax of 2.3 percent on the sale of

run out of funds. To help achieve these goals,

Fact: If you are a small business owner (meaning

certain medical devices

the health care reform law specifically targets

you employ fewer than 50 full-time equivalent

• A tax on large employers (more than 50 full-

Medicare fraud and wasteful overpayments to

employees), you are not required to provide

time equivalent employees) that do not offer

insurance companies, coupled with some cuts

health insurance to your employees. The "insur-

affordable health insurance to employees, and

in Medicare spending. If you're a participant in

ance mandate" applies only to large employers

• A tax on individuals who do not have qualify-

the Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plan,

having at least 50 full-time employees. On the

ing health insurance (many exceptions apply)

the ACA attempts to close the "donut hole"

other hand, if you're a small employer and you

in which plan beneficiaries pay full price for

do offer health insurance coverage to your

Myth: The ACA promotes end-of-life deci-

prescription drugs after exceeding a gap in

employees, you may be eligible for a tax credit.

sions for seniors

the annual coverage. The ACA provides a $250

The credit is available to employers that have

Fact: While early drafts of the law allowed

rebate and offers a variety of discounts and

25 or fewer full-time equivalent employees with

Medicare to reimburse doctors for talking to

federal subsidies through 2020, at which time

annual wages averaging less than $50,000 per

older patients about advance-care planning, no

participants will pay no more than 25 percent

employee, and that pay at least 50 percent of

such provisions made it into the final version of

out of pocket for most prescriptions.

the health plan costs.

the law. Nothing in the ACA forces seniors to


June, 2013

have consultations about end-of-life choices.

Myth: The health care law will lead to

On the other hand, the Medicare Modernization

government takeover of health care

Act of 2003 allows Medicare to pay for doctor's

Fact: While provisions of the healthcare law

visits with seniors in the first year of joining

place some responsibility on the government

the program, during which time patients may

to ensure that qualified insurance is available to

voluntarily discuss end-of-life planning as part

most individuals, there is nothing in the law that

of their visit. The ACA does provide Medicare

directly promotes government takeover of our

participants with free annual wellness visits

healthcare system. For instance, many mistak-

and personalized prevention plan services.

enly believe that state-based health insurance

These provisions afford Medicare participants

Exchanges sponsor only government-provided

an opportunity to discuss important issues

health insurance. In fact, these Exchanges are

such as hospice, home care, and additional

intended to provide a marketplace that brings

services available to seniors. However, the

together consumers looking to buy health

ACA does not mandate these discussions, nor

insurance with insurance companies looking

does it tell doctors what options to discuss

to sell health insurance.

with their patients. Beware of health care scams Myth: The ACA taxes all real estate sales

Probably due to the complexity of the law, many

Fact: This misstatement is somewhat under-

unscrupulous individuals are trying to scam

standable based on the applicable part of the

people based on the uncertainty of some of

law. Beginning in 2013, the ACA imposes a tax of

the law's provisions. For instance, you may get

3.8 percent on certain net investment income of

a call, e-mail, or visit from someone claiming

individuals, estates, and trusts that have income

that if you don't have health insurance, you'll

above the statutory amounts. As it relates spe-

go to jail. These same scammers may claim

cifically to home sales, the tax applies only if

to be government officials and offer to sell you

you have modified adjusted gross income over

qualifying health insurance. Their goal is to get

$200,000 (individual), or $250,000 (married, filing

unsuspecting and frightened individuals, particu-

jointly), or $125,000 (married, filing separately),

larly seniors, to divulge personal information. To

and it would apply only to any taxable gain that

protect yourself, never buy insurance without

results from the sale of your home. Since most

checking with your state insurance department

people are able to exclude $250,000 ($500,000

to be sure the seller is licensed and the policy

in the case of a married couple) in gain from the

is legitimate. Don't give out your credit card or

sale of a personal residence, the application of

bank card information, and don't give your Social

the tax is limited.

Security number to anyone you don't know.

Bobby Blanco

Partner & Director of Insurance & Estate Planning Wealth Management Advisor Strategic Wealth Advisors Terrace Gardens Office Park 600 Sunland Park, Building One, Ste 100 El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 532-8885 Office (915) 842-9532 fax (915) 588-7897 cell Views and opinions expressed are those of Bobby Blanco and are subject to change based on market and other conditions. The tax information contained herein is general in nature, is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal or tax advice. Always consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific legal or tax situation. Securities offered through Investors Capital Corporation, Member FINRA, SIPC Advisory Services offered through Investors Capital Advisory The views and opinions expressed in this article are soley those of the original author. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of The City Magazine.



June, 2013

LIQUID FACELIFT Full Injectable Correction for the Cosmetic Surgery Virgin | By MARCO A. GONZALEZ, M.D |

MARCO A. GONZALEZ, M.D. 5407 N. Mesa El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 845-3223 (FACE)


ore subtle but extremely effective

For those wishing to fill in cheeks that have

facial rejuvenation can be achieved

begun to appear hollow or gaunt, Sculptra®

without having to go under the knife.

is very effective at adding volume to sunken

A liquid facelift is often the term ascribed to

cheeks. The popular BOTOX® Cosmetic can be

renewing the skin of the face and reducing

used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and

the appearance of rhytids (wrinkles) and other

crow’s feet, and options such as Juvederm®,

signs of aging by using a combination of cos-

Restylane® and fat injections can add fullness

metic injectable treatments. Dr. Gonzalez at

to the lips as well as other facial features.

Plastic Surgery Envy Aesthetic Center offers

Before Juvederm

After Juvederm

a variety of liquid facelift options that can fill in

Duration of results varies depending on what

lines and wrinkles, add volume to facial features

areas are being treated and which inject-

for better contour, and augment the lips for a

able cosmetic enhancement is being used.

fuller, more sensual appearance. Dr. Gonzalez

However, most injectable treatments provide

directly administers injectable treatments in a

results that last anywhere from five to 12

safe, medical environment. Dr. Gonzalez has

months or more and in some cases much

been trained and educated at one of the most

longer. The effects can typically be maintained

respected plastic surgery institutions in the

with follow-up treatments. Generally, there is

world, and our number one commitment is to

no recovery time associated with injectable

your safety. Please contact the Plastic Surgery

filler procedures, and patients are often able

Envy Aesthetic Center to schedule a consulta-

to get back to their normal, daily routines im-

tion for a liquid facelift with Dr. Marco Gonzalez.

mediately after the procedure.

Before Liquid Face lift

After Liquid Face lift

After Liquid Face lift with make up


ASTROLOGY FOR MEN The Masculine Traits of the Signs

| By graCE THE PsYCHiC ladY |

Leo (july 23 to August 23) signs are generous, warm-hearted, faithful, loving, ambitious, dominant and gracious. Leos love luxury, pleasure and the spotlight but dislike laziness and criticism. Woody Harrelson and Arnold Schwarzenegger are Leos. Virgo (August 24 to September 22) signs are detailed, precise, tidy, observant, shrewd, loving, nurturing and devoted. They love equality, perfection and being active, but

Aries (March 21 to April 20) signs

Gemini (May 22 to june 22) signs are

dislike tardiness, vulgarity and hypocrisy. Sean

are enthusiastic, individualistic, outspoken,

adaptable, intellectual, witty, logical, sponta-

Connery and Richard Gere are Virgo men.

alert, ambitious, candid and adventurous.

neous, lively and inquisitive. They love flexible

They love action and spontaneity but dislike

thinking and fun but dislikes possessiveness

Libra (September 23 to October

waiting around. Timothy Dalton and Harry

and jealousy. Johnny Depp and Clint East-

23) signs are objective, intellectual, independ-

Houdini are Aries men.

wood are both Geminis.

ent, respectful, tasteful and charming. They

Taurus (April 21 to May 21) signs are

Cancer (june 23 to july 22) signs

distasteful things and bad behavior. Michael

patient, loving, reliable, warm-hearted, per-

are sensitive, caring, nurturing, protective,

Douglas and Charlton Heston are Libras.

sistent, gentle and loyal. They love security

love to be at home, and supportive. They

and routine and dislike risks, cheating and

love security, routine and family but dislike

Scorpio (October 24 to Novem-

waste. Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino are fa-

being away from home. John Cusack and

ber 22) signs are strong-willed, intense,

mous Taurus men.

Tom Cruise are Cancers.

deeply emotional, complex, lusty and percep-

love beauty and elegance but dislike conflict,


June, 2013

tive. They love mystery, secrets and privacy, but dislike surprises, deceit and being questioned. Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Gates are Scorpios. Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21) signs are impulsive, independent, talkative, outgoing, optimistic and charming. They love freedom and taking a risk, but dislike jealously, possessiveness and control. Kirk Douglas and Walt Disney are Sagittarians. Capricorn (December 22 to january 20) signs are attentive, ambitious, focused, honest, logical, patient and dependable. They love financial stability and security, but dislike flightiness, bossiness and playing games. Kevin Costner and J. Edgar Hoover are Capricorns. Aquarius (january 21 to February 18) signs are spontaneous, open minded, caring, tolerant and understanding. They love independence and good conversation, but dislike predictability, bores and tackiness. Paul Newman and John Belushi are both Aquarians. Pisces (February 19 to March 20) signs are enchanting, mystical, creative, easy going, instinctive and unselfish. They love feeling appreciated and needed but dislike noisy scenes, and having no sense of structure. Bruce Willis and Kurt Russell are Pisces.

The City Magazine MAY Issue Launch Party at The Sushi Place on Sunland Park | Photographed by JUNIOR MIRANDA

The City Magazine and Envy Aesthetic Center present

GIRLS NIGHT OUT Nip & Tuck in The City

With Lyle D. Weeks, M.D. & Marco A. Gonzalez, M.D. at the double tree hotel Photographed by Mario Arizpe

El Paso's YWCA Luncheon Fundraiser with guest speaker

SUZE ORMAN at The El Paso Convention Center Photographed by JOE LOUIS AGUIRRE

Millie Amaya Memorial Golf Tournament at The Coronado Country Club Special Thank You to Steve Fox | Photographed by Joe aguirre

7th Annual Braden Aboud Run/Walk at Zach White Elementary School | photographed by Joe Louis Aguirre

June, 2013

Carnitas Queretaro 1451 N. Zaragoza | 9077 Gateway 4001 N. Mesa | 6516 N. Mesa

Carnitas Queretaro is El Paso’s place for great Mexican Taste. It all started with a delicious pork recipe so successful that the owners decided to open a restaurant by the name of Carnitas Queretaro. The Carnitas are cooked in a large kettle and made fresh every day. Our objective is to serve great Mexican food. Customer satisfaction has been the main priority of this business. Carnitas Queretaro will continue to provide the best Mexican food and great customer service. We assure you our friendly staff will make you feel as if you were right at home.

The Rib Hut 2612 N. Mesa | 915.532.7427 Famed for its slow-cooked, mouth-watering barbeque. Try the big, beefy ribs or baby-backed, mesquite-smoked pork ribs. The brisket is always lean, smoked, and thinly sliced. The sausage is spiced perfectly and always juicy. The chicken fried steak is the best in the south west. Rib Hut also offers a tempting selection of steaks deliciously grilled to your liking, as well as the half-pound Angus steak burger, which is served with your choices of toppings and ice cold beer. The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff is friendly. The Rib Hut can cater any size party or event. Come see why Rib Hut has been El Paso’s favorite.


The Italian Kitchen West 450 Thorn Ave. | 915.842.0775

The Italian Kitchen West uses the finest homemade, gourmet ingredients to make your dining experience a real pleasure. Chicken Marsala, a local favorite for many years, is one of the finest Italian chicken dishes on our menu! It’s a real southwest food flavor fusion of Mexican-style green chile chicken wrapped in our world-famous pasta and topped with gourmet cheese. Of course never forget our signature dish, Meat Lasagna, a true blue ribbon dish of the Italian Kitchen for many years. The Italian Kitchen West caters large or small events and offers a private party room.

Opus World Bistro 7128 N. Mesa | 915.585.2221 Welcome to Opus World Bistro on El Paso’s West Side. Opus World Bistro appreciates fine dining and aims to entice your palates with Chef Michael Ross’s elegant, eclectic, and delicious menu creations. We offer a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, along with an elegant fine wine selection and superb service. Private party room, takeout menu and catering are all available. Prime Rib Father’s Day Brunch. Reservations suggested Please join us for Sunday Bunch with Endless Mimosas. 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.



5380 N. Mesa St. Suite 110 | 915.400.4550

5860 North Mesa, Ste. 130| 915.585.6888

Italians offers authentic cuisine with a friendly and elegant environment for all occasions. We offer a delicious lunch menu ranging from $7-10. Enjoy Pasta al Pesto Italian pasta with a botanical blend of basilico, garlic,olive oil and pine nuts sauce all paired with $4 pours of house wine every day during lunch. Dinner offers the romantic setting for a perfect night out with that special someone. Chef Keeley’s masterful creations and beautiful presentation will certainly impress your pallet. Made fresh every day, nothing canned, Italians is the experience. Italians does it fresher!


Amuse offers an enchanting atmosphere with a unique experience for every age with a restaurant bar and sushi lounge area. We offer an ambience that is new to El Paso with remarkable cuisine and impeccable service accompanied by alluring sounds. Great choices from either the sushi bar or full-fusion progressive American French-influenced kitchen. Join us every Tuesday for select $5 sushi rolls and Amuse burgers and every Wednesday for jazz night with select half-price wine bottles. We also present Saturday night soirees featuring Dj Mathew on the Rocks. Join us at 5860 N. Mesa Mon. 11-3 p.m. and Tues. -Thurs. 11-3 p.m. and 5-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday 11-3 p.m. and 5-2 a.m. 168

The City Magazine June 2013  

It's all about Men in The City Magazine's June 2013 issue!

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