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Jennifer Harris Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist Making Moves in NC & Beyond! Travel Safely Amidst Worldwide Chaos Business Showcases: Check Out Several Local Organizations Generational and Business Diversity: The Secret To Business Excellence

Remodeling Ideas that Are Sure To Fire Up Your Home Healthy and Fit Kids Six Signs You’re Already Ahead Of The Game Advertise or Exposure? March/April 2018


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Offering "Before" and "After" school care, while promoting a "healthy learning" atmosphere is what Appletree is all about! Give your child the gift of learning in a structured environment while you are away!

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Inside This Issue Greetings! First off, Thank You for taking time out to read The City Insight Magazine! We cannot do it without you! In this issue you will find insight on how to travel safely amidst global chaos, remodeling ideas for your home, how to negotiate your salary effectively for your upcoming interview, and even how to choose the builder that is right for you. Additionally, you will find a great cover story feature on Jennifer Harris - Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist. You will also be able to read various business showcases which highlight entrepreneurs and organizations that have a positive impact on others, while working in their fields of expertise. So are you a consumer or business owner? Or perhaps both? What industry are you interested in the most? Is it beauty, community, food, sports, or maybe the health industry? Maybe finances or legal? Whatever your interest, we ask you to allow us to be a positive source of information for these industries. The City Insight is looking forward to connecting you to products and services from our partners and clients. Thank you for patronizing and supporting small businesses and non-profit organizations in the community! Supporting each other is certainly the key to success in any economic climate. To receive promotions, freebies, giveaways, and discounts from our clients, we ask that you signup to our eNewsletter. Click here. Thank you again! The City Insight, Inc.

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DON’T MISS Generational and Business Diversity: The Secret To Business


Remodeling Ideas That Are Sure To Fire Up Your Home


Six Signs You’re Already Ahead Of The Game


Travel Safely Amidst Worldwide Chaos


Healthy & Fit Kids


Business Showcase: One Blood Movement of Unity


Generational and Business Diversity: The Secret to Business


Rick Murcer: The Man Behind Manny


Remodeling Ideas That Are Sure To Fire Up Your Home


Six Signs You’re Already Ahead Of The Game


Travel Safely Amidst Worldwide Chaos


Business Showcase: Weddings Made To Order


Business Showcase: Don Feely Photography


Healthy & Fit Kids


Being Stylish For Success Without Breaking The Bank


Business Showcase: Paul’s Barbershop: Making The Community Look Good


How To Negotiate Your Salary Effectively


Some Helpful Tips If You Are Considering Having Your Home Built


Wave Season 2018: The Importance of Travel Insurance For Those Booking Cruises This Year


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Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist, Jennifer Harris ...Page 24

By Siobhan McIntyre As a Johnston County, NC native, race was always salient for Fred Foreman. Familiar with the county’s racist history, he was often made painfully aware of the difference between his brown skin and the whiteness of his classmates and contemporaries. Remembering the hatred and discrimination he witnessed and experienced in his childhood and determined to break the cycle, Foreman felt compelled to make a positive change. That change manifested as The One Blood Movement of Unity, established in April 2015. One Blood is a nonprofit organization driven by one goal: to make the world a better place for everyone. The One Blood Movement unifies all races based on the understanding that we all are God’s children— 8

one human race. The movement is rooted in expressions of hope and phileo love for one another instead of hate. Celebrating beauty in diversity and harmony in all walks of life, One Blood promotes justice, equality, human rights, good governance, and reconciliation within communities and beyond. The organization’s overarching vision is to build relationships among all ethnic backgrounds. It stresses the importance of building harmoniously and walking in integrity while pursuing good deeds, which can be as simple as smiling at one another without dissimulation. The One Blood community is committed to working together to change the unethical mindsets plaguing society, one city at a time.

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One Blood hopes to establish itself as a pillar of love, unity and inspiration in Johnston County and eventually, the entire nation. Thus far, it has made tremendous strides in not only identifying the problem of racism, but also using comprehensive empirical studies and highquality data evaluation to examine societal trends and develop an effective solution. The organization is making its mark as a driving force in the community. One Blood’s mission is more than just speaking the change; its number one purpose is putting vision into action by investing into the lives of children who are the future of our world. In addition to engaging in corporate prayer for the community, One Blood facilitates turkey drives every Thanksgiving, feeding and clothing 140 people in 2017. Further, through the Lunch Buddy program, the organization helps local public schools and group homes in Wake and Johnston counties. As the founder of One Blood, Fred Foreman is a firm believer that the most potential rests in the most impressionable minds— the minds of our children. According to Foreman, children are more powerful than society thinks. In fact, he would argue that a child is powerful enough to change an adult’s mind. In an effort

to nurture the hearts of those who hold the keys to our future, One Blood provides the youth with necessary creative outlets. So far, they have held two football and soccer camps and hosted a family fun day. Foreman is still deeply troubled by racism, especially in a country that claims to be unified. Nonetheless, he plans to expand the organization’s reach to include mentorships and speaking engagements that encourage children not just to exist, but to thrive, in spite of societal stigmas and stereotypes. Foreman hopes that through communal effort, One Blood can begin a domino effect that will have positive impact on generations to come. To reach Fred Foreman, you can call him at 919.262.4174 or visit his website at .

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Generational and Business Diversity: The Secret to Business By Abonni D. Anthony, MBA

Identify what makes you uniquely awesome and be true to who you are without compromising. If you deliver that to your customers with authenticity and passion, you will be able to connect. Do not worry if all of your words did not come out perfectly, as others can feel the intent of your engagement. Each customer is uniquely awesome as well, find that uniqueness and speak only of those things you can genuinely admire. A liar will fill the air like the aroma of a cut onion. Look past the age, gender, ethnicity and even the religion to create a professional partnership that expands your market to a new plane. Excellent customer service must meet the customers’ needs, match their purpose and speak to their vision. Business diversity is an exchange between individuals, maintaining a balance no matter what product is in hand. Learn to speak to the vision of the businesswoman, Charique L. Richardson, desiring to level the playing field for women in sales. Do so without losing 10

sight of the web developer, Bryan Tomlinson, who spends his days living his dream. Make an effort to learn how to communicate effectively with every generation. Business constantly changes, as do people. Innovatively decide to meet this challenge head-on. Whatever your business is, ask yourself: what can you offer the cosmetic consultant, Kimberly Gunter, that is trying to earn a living, or the clean cloth consultant, Laurice Brannon, wanting to fund world missions? Do not talk these entrepreneurs out of their money but listen to their needs and give them what propels them toward their goals. How do you speak differently to the teenage henna tattoo artist, Amaija Fields, then you would to the cosmetic director in the prime of her career, Jennifer Ijeoma? Businesses lose sight of their objective preferring one customer over the other and missing the opportunity to explore a new market.

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Lead with authority in your area of expertise to give the customer confidence that his or her money is well spent. Customers that walk away should teach you about your leadership style and also give you resolve to stay authentic. Commonality does not exude value. However, fear of being too exclusive will rob you of an opportunity to exhibit greatness to the few. Use your unique leadership style to direct customers in what is best for their goals and vision. Learn to wrap their objectives in your expertise and deliver something that only cooperative synergy can produce. Discern the needs and vision of your customers to offer each a unique and satisfying buying experience. Improve your

professional development to serve two entrepreneurs simultaneously like Adrienne Kennedy and Melita Quick who sell the same feminine products. Be specific in your communication to each so that they hear and comprehend the value of your service. Enter the world of the travel guru, Elsi Niciema, and the skin care guru, Karen Martinez, and speak to their vision as if their world were your own. Treat each customer as if they are your only. Give to the tax professional, Arishonne Anthony, what will make her marketable in her arena. Be the best at what you do and do not let the intimidation of talking to new people stop you from ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE!!!!

Rick Murcer: The Man Behind Manny!

By Joshua Henry

If you are a fan of fiction and mystery, it is likely you have heard of Manny Williams. Manny is a tall, good-looking, small-town detective and workaholic who spends his time juggling the responsibilities of family life and his dedication to, bordering on obsession with, solving gruesome crimes. He also happens to be complete fiction—he is the protagonist of a series of novels written by Rick Murcer. Rick Murcer grew up with a fierce imagination. One might expect such a vivid imagination from someone who spent most of his childhood nosedeep in comic books and novels, reading an average of 60 books a year. However, after graduating from Michigan State with a degree in environmental science, Murcer’s life took a path away from fiction. He spent several of the subsequent years working in customer service, working with Ford Motor Credit and even spending years as the Vice President in charge of mortgage servicing company. However, Murcer found that those jobs were very stressful; as he puts it “there is only so much stress the human body can handle.” So, at 55, he had enough and was ready for a change. Thus, Manny Williams was born! The idea of Manny Williams stems 12

from Murcer’s disdain for protagonists that come across as good guys but end up being less than upright. He wanted a character that had flaws like a real human being but was more a hero than the all-too-common “antihero” that was saturating the market. Consequently, Manny is a workaholic who is obsessed with using his talents to solve his cases. His struggle to balance his professional and personal life is a struggle that is relatable to most readers, so it does not detract from the good qualities in his character! Murcer also noted how thankful he is for Ted Miller Brodgen who was one of the first supporters of his Manny Williams series when his first book, “Caribbean Moon,” had not yet taken off. This initial support proved extremely important and ultimately spurred Murcer to an unexpected level of success, selling around 50 copies a day. There are now nine installments of the series, which has sold millions of copies. Each novel focuses on a different geographical area, taking Manny all over the world from Las Vegas to the Caribbean. In the fifth novel, “Carolina Rain,” Manny is taken to the beaches of North Carolina. Home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, as well as some of Murcer’s family, the

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Carolinas, where Murcer spent some of his time growing up, was a perfect backdrop for some of Manny’s adventures. It is no coincidence that Murcer’s foray into storytelling would be in the area of fiction and mystery. While he is an avid Stephen King and Dean Koontz fan, he found that murder mysteries and thrillers were simply more marketable stories. It also didn’t hurt that Murcer had a knack for writing in this genre. So, what is next for Rick Murcer? Having recently sold his books “Drop Dead Perfect” and “Perfect Sinners” to Amazon, Thomas, and Mercer, he currently has a Christian thriller in the works called “Between Skies.” Murcer feels that the world needs more Christian books talking to the reader instead of preaching at them. The idea for this novel has

been swimming around Murcer’s head for a while, and according to him, the process is going very smoothly. Without giving too much away, Murcer describes the novel as something different that focuses on real people with real problems with the added excitement of murder mystery. Above all, Murcer would like to instill one piece of advice in those who think they have missed out on their chance to achieve a dream--Never give up! At 55, and struggling to figure out what was next for him, Murcer never imagined that a year later he would sell 600,000 copies of a book that would spawn a popular series. He doesn’t want people to feel that their dreams are dead at 55, 60, or beyond! He puts it best: “if you put in the work and do what you are supposed to, then God will bless it.”

Remodeling Ideas That Are Sure to Fire Up Your Home! By Karen Womack

Tired of the same off white walls and mini blinds? Want to jazz up your space but not sure where to start? With a little bit of free time and some honey-do labor, you can have your home looking like a completely different place. If you have a weekend free, here are some ideas to consider.

the room look like a professional decorator had a hand in it.

Archways – If you have interior doors in your house that you never close, consider making them into archways to open up the rooms to make them appear more spacious. Archways are relatively simple to create and don’t involve too much Paint – Don’t be afraid to try time. Simply figure out which side something bold. Rich colors, of the doorway is best to expand especially reds, greens and golds by considering wiring in the wall are definitely the rage when it and spacing of the archway. You comes to paint colors this season. begin by removing the molding If you are considering a bold paint around the doorway, cutting away color for a small room, don’t worry the sheetrock to the desired width about feeling closed in. Pick one – it should align with another stud main wall and paint it the darker in the wall – and removing any excolor then paint the other walls a posed studs. You will need a new lighter variation of the same color top brace and a new top piece of or one that coordinates well with molding on each side of the door the other colors in the room. If to accommodate the new width. you love the floral print in your You will also need additional floor sofa, choose a dark color from the covering for the exposed space. fabric and paint the wall behind You can buy customized pieces at the sofa that color with the other your local floor covering dealers walls picking up the background especially made for this project. color in the fabric. This makes ...continued on next page. 16

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Doors - If archways are not a feasible option, consider replacing some of your older, plainer doors with new ones. There are so many different styles of doors, for both interior and exterior, which have the added bonus of being energy efficient as well. Replace those plain wood doors with the new aluminum ones with the glass panel inserts. They come in a variety of colors and never need painting. Shelving – Nothing says style like built in shelving. If you know your way around power tools this is the project for you. With all of the beautiful styles of trim and molding readily available, you can make your shelving as decadent as you please. If you aren’t the handy type, visit your local cabinetry dealer for ideas and prices for your shelving project. Either way, built-in shelving adds value and style to any home. Fixtures – Updating old light fixtures and ceiling fans can totally change the look of any room. Take out that shiny brass ceiling fan with the school house globe and replace it with something exotic. Toss in a few new house plants and you’ll 18

think you are in a Caribbean bungalow. Install some small recessed lights in that dark corner, put a cushy chair and ottoman with it and you have a great reading nook. Walls – If you are an empty nester and don’t need all those bedrooms, consider knocking out a wall here or there, opening up your master bedroom or giving that guest room the feel of a suite. Have someone check to make sure the wall in question isn’t a load bearing wall and be careful of the electrical lines. This can also add value to your home. A few large rooms are better than many small ones. Remember to add things in your home that reflect your personality. If you are a collector, find a novel way to show off your collection. If you have loads of family pictures, pick one wall and cover it with frames of various sizes and shapes. It gives the room character and allows you to enjoy your beloved photos as well. Jars and vases are great ways to display your collections of sea shells, marbles or even cool looking rocks and stones picked up on various vacations. So whether you are handy or not, there are plenty of ways to add fire to your décor. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and experiment with color; you just might discover that perfect room!

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Six Signs You’re Already Ahead of the Game By Karen Womack

Picking a career and finding meaningful work can be the two of the most difficult things to do! Continue reading to learn how you can get ahead in your career. Let’s admit it: trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life is one of the most stressful things you can do when you’re in your early to mid-twenties. For many, finding work that’s both interesting and meaningful is difficult, even beyond the age of 30. How are you supposed to know whether you’re on the right career track? Here are six ways to know if you’re on the right track and a few steps ahead of your peers. You’ve Set Career Goals You have one, three, five, and ten-year career goals. You’re no longer questioning yourself and you’ve learned to listen and trust your instincts. You’re confident in your choices and you feel aligned with the work you’re doing. Advertise or Exposure?


You’re Passionate About Your Work You’re excited to go to work when you wake up in the morning. You’re doing what you’re passionate about and you know you’re making a difference in your community. You’re simply doing what you love. Even if you didn’t receive a paycheck, you’d still want to do it because you’re passionate about it. You Don’t Multitask While You’re At Work You focus on one task a time and you only want to produce your best work. When you’re given a project, you complete it well and in a timely manner. You only want to complete a task knowing that you’ve given it one hundred percent of your effort and energy, not something that is mediocre. You Consistently Challenge Yourself To Do More You’re constantly pushing your boundaries by challenging yourself. You seek challenges beyond your comfort zone so you’re engaged and don’t get bored. You Have The Right Social Circle And Professional Network You surround yourself with the right people, those who are smarter, more experienced, and knowledgeable than you are so you’re constantly learning and seeing the world from different views. You Volunteer In Your Community You’re involved in your community and passionate about serving others. When you’re happy with your career choice and your work is meaningful, then you’ll want to help others in your community. Plus, you’ll gain invaluable leadership and team-building skills that will serve you well for years to come.

Travel Safely Amidst Worldwide Chaos By Aminah Thompson

Regardless of race, gender or religious affiliation, there is one thing we can all agree on—the level of turmoil in the world around us seems to be increasing daily. We frequently turn on the TV to find reports of new scams and schemes, terror attacks, domestic and foreign; and the list of places and things to watch out for and avoid seems to get longer by the minute. Whether traveling across the country or the world, when you set out on your journey, chances are, some friend or family member will caution “travel safely.” Despite the fact it may be more dangerous to travel to the other side of your own city than to the other side of the globe, there is simply something about world travel, a fear of the unknown, perhaps a perceived antiAmerican sentiment that heightens our sense of caution. We forget that many cities around the world thrive on tourism and most natives

can be quite welcoming if visitors are cognizant of local culture and show a basic level of respect. Thus, traveling, even amidst the daily increase in chaos does not have to be scary. It can continue to create a sense of peace and cultural enlightenment as long as you keep in mind a few simple tips. Don’t be afraid You can’t believe everything you see on TV—the world is not nearly as dangerous as the media makes it seem. There are sketchy people and situations everywhere, not only when you get a certain distance away from home. It is essential to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings, but don’t let that be the focus of your trip. Most people are approachable and willing to help you out, or just preoccupied enough to leave you alone. Just like you would at the grocery store in your neighborhood, use common sense and you will be fine.

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Trust your instincts That little feeling in the pit of your stomach that something just doesn’t seem right or the “fleeting” thought that passes through your head are not to be ignored. When you hear the little voice that tells you to take a certain precaution, or avoid a particular route, no matter how faint the voice—listen! Wake up with the sun The early bird catches the worm. Not only can you get to the hotel breakfast before the other guests have picked it over, but you can see a beautiful sunrise and get to the best attractions without having to contend with big crowds. The locals that are up early will tend to be honest, hardworking individuals, so you can use this time to meet people and explore areas you wouldn’t necessarily go at night. You hear of far less crime and questionable behavior in the morning. Be friendly…but not too friendly! Smile! It sounds so simple, but it goes a long way. Of course, you shouldn’t seem overly inviting to strangers, you needn’t ask them to your hotel or divulge too much personal information, but as the adage goes, ‘you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.’ When you are taking public transportation, introduce yourself to the driver. If you say hi, preferably in the local language, and tell him your destination, he likely will look out for you—alert you when it’s time for you to get off or keep an eye out for you if anything happens. Avoid unnecessary attention We have seen celebrities post 22

photos on social media wearing expensive jewelry, then get robbed shortly thereafter. We should not blame someone for her own peril, but one also should not put a target on her own back. If you’re going to carry a bag, it should be a tattered bag—not something that looks like it’s protecting valuables. Don’t wear your headphones while walking around; not only does it make you a target for thieves by signaling that you have electronics, but you also become less aware of your surroundings. Keep your old cell phone or buy an inexpensive prepaid phone for travel. It might not be as fast or fancy as your typical smartphone, but if its lost, stolen, or ends up on the bottom of the ocean, it won’t be such a devastating loss. More importantly, you won’t be drawing extra attention to yourself. If you need to pull out your map or get directions, don’t do it on the street. Slip into a store or a cafe, ask the proprietor, and get your bearings there—looking lost is never a good look! Be open-minded. Show respect From the corner store to the opposite corner of the world, one of the most critical things anywhere you go is respect. Don’t judge the lifestyles of others, particularly when you’re unfamiliar with a tradition or condition. Embrace different cultures and people, welcome new experiences, listen to divergent viewpoints and don’t assume that your way of thinking is superior. You might not agree, but you would be surprised what you can learn from people you meet during your travels—locals and other travelers. Don’t underestimate the role that

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basic manners can play in keeping you safe. The people around you, in the hotel, in the restaurants, walking through the city streets will likely not target you, and may even seek to help you if you’ve shown humility and respect. Stay in touch When loved ones implore you to keep in touch or tell them when you get there, do it! Check in periodically at let them know if you plan on traveling to a different location. Remaining connected with your friends and family is vital in case of an emergency, but more so because keeping those connections can provide you a sense of calm while you navigate the unknown. One of the best resources to ensure your safety while planning a trip is the US State Department travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories. html. The color-coded map tells you the risk level of your intended destination. In areas that require increased caution, consider booking group tours or traveling with a private guide. Finally, you may want to buy travel insurance, which covers not only your belongings and possible trip interruption but also illness and injury. Undeniably, a lot can happen while ziplining through the jungle, exploring a city’s nightlife with the locals or taking in the wonders of the world. But don’t let a fear of the unfamiliar dissuade you from a once in lifetime experience.

Jennifer Harris

Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist Making Moves in NC and Beyond! By Joshua Henry

Born and raised in Wake Forest, NC, Jennifer Harris was inspired to get into the real estate business by her innate love of homes. Spending time as a child going to the Parade of Homes and seeing all of the beautiful houses had a real impact. After earning her degree in business management with a concentration in marketing and engineering from NC State, Harris spent several years working as a network engineer. However, when many of those jobs began getting shipped overseas, she realized it was time to have a backup plan. That is when she decided to reinvent herself and decided to pursue her ever-present passion for homes in the world of real estate. Over a decade later, Harris still remembers the first home she ever sold—her uncle’s house in Southeast Raleigh. She sold it in less than two weeks! It was such a monumental occasion for Harris that she is still in contact with those buyers who remain her clients to this day. It was from this that she launched a great career. So, what makes a great realtor? Harris says that it is all about how the realtor sees the client. If a realtor is simply in it for the money, this is detrimental to all parties involved, in the long run. Harris views the realtor as an important component in building a future for a family. The right realtor will not only help a family find a home, but she will ultimately be deciding where someone’s children go to school and whether the home becomes a money pit or a stepping stone for the future. Without the right negotiation skills and foresight into

market trends, a realtor isn’t doing all she can for a family! She needs to have the right skills and become their trusted advisor to guide them through the process. Having thrived in the business for 14 years means that Harris is either very passionate about selling homes or very good at it. If you ask her, it is both! She recalls when she purchased her first home. She describes an excitement that can only be associated with the thrill of getting the keys to your own home. That excitement was tinged for Harris as there were so many details to manage in the transaction. With all of the little minutiae to handle, she felt that her experience was dampened, and vowed to help other people by providing them the services she wished had been available to her. For Harris, it is not about the commission or the glory of selling a home but about finding people the home of their dreams. Of course, nothing is ever achieved without a little help. Harris has surrounded herself with a team comprised of individuals of all nationalities and age groups. By having a diverse team, Harris feels they can help anyone and everyone who needs a home—from older generations looking to downsize, to first-time homebuyers. Now, many may be wondering if buying a home in today’s economy is truly worth it. While the market and economy are important factors in the home-buying decision, Harris feels it is more than that. To her, real estate is a piece of history that will

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“If a Realtor is simply in it for the money, this is detrimental to all parties involved, in the long run.�

bring a family together. It is something that can help create memories that will be passed on through generations. Also, there is a sense of accomplishment that comes with arriving home and knowing it’s yours. That pride transcends into other aspects of life, which can lead to better educational experiences, better jobs, and stabilizing relationships. People feel they are getting their piece of the “American dream.� The passion for being her own boss stems from watching her mother growing up. Her mother, an educator, was always pursuing something beyond her initial career, like selling insurance, making clothes, or chaperoning Girl Scouts. Constantly watching her mother handle paperwork, attend meetings, and read motivational books sparked a passion in Harris to do as much as she could in her community.

Her father, a veteran of the Army 82nd Airborne, was also an inspiration. Growing up, her father worked for a local Raleigh company, and in his spare time he had Harris and her siblings enrolled in sports and other activities in the community. He always pushed his children to set goals and not settle for anything less than the best in life. He encouraged them to “J.U.M.P” standing for “Jesus had disciples, Understand that you are enough, Master your craft, Push past the pain.”

The lessons she learned from her parents helped Harris to form the nonprofit Winning Warriors Foundation, as well as Jennifer Sold it LLC and the Purse Power Network LLC. The Winning Warriors Foundation was a way for Harris to honor her loving veteran father. He was the type of man who, finding someone in need, would go above and beyond to help. The name pays homage to her dad, the greatest warrior in Harris’s life. Established in 2017, the Foundation has already helped numerous veterans throughout North Carolina to avoid homelessness, pay bills, buy weekly necessities, and has provided transportation to appointments and to visit loved ones. This past month, Harris celebrated her birthday by holding a fundraiser, the proceeds of which went entirely to the foundation. The event included live music, a DJ, celebrity guests, and a celebrity chef who is also a veteran. The theme was red and black to honor heart health month. While Harris hasn’t really celebrated her birthday the past few years, she plans to make this birthday fundraiser an annual event to highlight the foundation. She is hoping to raise enough money for five vehicles in the near future, which would go a long way in helping get veterans where they need to be. Also, Harris hopes that one day the Foundation will be able to give away a house to homeless veterans and establish a facility for veterans to get business skills training and to network with other veterans. She also hosts an annual Veterans Gala each November. Meanwhile, Harris’s other business,

Purse Power Network LLC encompasses a network of amazing women. She and her team teach women about real estate investing, foreign currency trading and entrepreneurship through empowerment. The goal of the organization is to help women gain financial freedom. From stay-at-home moms to corporate businesswomen, Purse Power Network aims to empower women to earn more, learn more, grow more, and leave a legacy for their families. Harris travels around the country to network with different amazing women and groups and spread this message of empowerment. Each year she hosts a conference that brings women together—the next one is scheduled for June 2018. If you ask Harris, she will tell you that a real turning point in her career, and life, came several years ago when she heard about Oprah Winfrey’s “Life You Want” tour. She believed in positioning herself to win, so she purchased a VIP ticket to the event. During Due to her VIP status, Harris was invited to attend a private meet-and-greet with Winfrey. When Winfrey first saw her, she immediately high fived her and said “Oh, you’re my ‘Amen Girl.’” After having had a picture of herself and Winfrey on her vision board for about seven years, that magical moment forever changed Harris’s life. The next day during the event, Winfrey facilitated a “life wheel” exercise—requesting that participants fill out a wheel that evaluated how happy they were with certain aspects of life (family, career, etc.). Winfrey immediately recognized Harris in the front row and asked her to participate, calling her on stage to share her wheel with thousands of people. It was another defining moment that changed Harris’s life and instilled in her the importance of having the courage to take her life by

the wheel and continue to empower others. Oprah isn’t the only celebrity that Harris has encountered in her work. Harris has rubbed elbows with Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Master P, whom she had the pleasure of interviewing, Kevin Harrington the original shark from Shark Tank, and Jack Canfield, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” who interviewed Harris last year. Interacting with these and other influential people has allowed Harris to learn so much about how to make a change in the community and world.

Anyone hearing Harris’s background and dedication to her craft can clearly see that she works hard to help others and takes pride in making a change in the community. However, when asked to describe herself, Harris said she was merely a country girl, born and raised in North Carolina with the best parents anyone could hope for. She is friendly, genuine, and loves getting to know people and helping others. As a two-time teen suicide survivor, Harris has made and kept her commitment to God to help as many people as possible to have a second chance at life! Harris has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. She plans to publish a book in the very near future, has a possible YouTube channel in the works, as well as a potential coaching series. For now, she is still working hard to get people in the home they desire. As Harris puts it “It’s not the size of the home that matters, but the size of the heart in that home that makes all the difference!” If you know of a veteran or first responder in need of a job, healthcare, transportation, or a place to stay, please contact the Winning Warriors Foundation by emailing If you would still like to volunteer or get more information, you can visit and you can also keep up with the foundation by texting “VETERAN” to 9193553909. Also, Harris and the Purse Power Network have a free gift for you—a powerful purse assessment that women can take to evaluate where they are in their finances, what they would like to learn and what next steps to take. To take this free assessment, text “PURSE” to 9193553909. Or, to learn more about the Purse Power Network in general, visit 30

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“Giving brides their wedding day back by taking the work away!” By Siobhan McIntyre Some of the most successful businesses happen accidentally when a hobby turns into a dream job. That was the case for wedding planner Jen Murphy’s company, Weddings Made to Order. A graduate of N.C. State, Murphy holds a degree in social work. While working in the mental health field, she took on a side job at Pier One Imports and developed an eye for design. Murphy always loved home décor, but the decision to start her business was initially inspired by her family. While assisting with a family member’s wedding, Murphy realized just how overwhelming wedding design details could be. Seeing how stressed out her relatives were with wedding planning on top of life’s other obligations, she wanted to help other brides alleviate some of that pressure. Thus, WMTO was born. At WMTO, Murphy uses her social work background to cater to the individual needs of each of her clients, creating charming, personal celebrations with thoughtful décor and beautiful fresh flowers. Each wedding design is different because no two brides are the same. A self-proclaimed “rebel,” Jen Murphy encourages her brides to embrace their own unique vision for their special day, giving them as much creative license as possible while staying true to her design aesthetic. She loves enriching the lives of her brides, but she says the most rewarding part of

the job is including her daughter, her “mini-me,” in the entrepreneurial process. ”I am a single mother who wants something different for myself and my daughter,” she says. “I love showing her that she can follow in my footsteps if she wants to. I tell her all the time, ‘You can do whatever you want to do in this world. Just do it!’” Murphy is definitely leading by example. Her designs were featured in Weddings magazine by a local venue, Finnigan’s Run Farm, and she is currently working on a bride-focused DIY project called Wedding in a Box (WIAB). Within the next year, she plans to partner with another design consulting company to encourage other women to start their journey to entrepreneurship. To learn more about WMTO, visit

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Business Showcase: Don Feely Photography By Siobhan McIntyre

Upon meeting Don Feely, one would assume that he belongs in front of a camera rather than behind it. Everything about him says “take my picture,” from the way he dresses to the kind smile that reaches his eyes. Feely always looks photoshoot fresh, but he’d much rather take your picture. He founded Don Feely Photography, LLC in January 2017, and while some may still consider him a rookie in the photography world, he already has a vast repertoire. Vibrant family photos, sentimental maternity shoots, fun baby photos, and polished headshots fill his website (and yes, he does landscape and event photography too). Feely brings the camera, you bring your favorite outfit, and he’ll help you find the best pose to get ready for your close-up. At Don Feely Photography, you get what you pay for...and then some. He takes each photograph with top-of32

the-line equipment and meticulous attention to detail. Feely, a selfproclaimed people person, makes every client feel special. Merely satisfying his clients is not enough, as far as he is concerned. When you leave a Don Feely session, you should be amazed! He has a wide variety of backdrops available to fit every mood and his high-quality cameras, and pristine lighting assure a flawless finish. Whether capturing a sprawling landscape or a growing family, he approaches each session with a clear vision in mind and works tirelessly to give each photograph a timeless touch. He takes great care to represent his clients well, and he is patient with his craft to ensure that he gets the perfect shot every time. Lights, camera, action! For Feely, photography is not just a hobby or a source of extra income; it is an opportunity for him to leave a lasting legacy. He has already

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accomplished a lot in his first year of business, but he recognizes that to have longevity in the field, he has to challenge himself to continually grow and evolve. He appreciates that photography is a complex discipline, one that is rapidly expanding and changing as technology advances. He takes pride in sharing his knowledge of the craft while simultaneously building and improving the skills he has already learned. In the spirit of learning and teaching, Feely hopes to one day turn his passion into a family affair. He wants to pass his love for the art of photography down to his children and grandchildren. He also plans

to use photography to give back to his community. As his business grows, he aspires to expand his philanthropic vision and facilitate photoshoot fundraisers to raise money for organizations that are near and dear to his heart, such as the National Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association. Don Feely puts tremendous effort into making high-quality photos of which his customers can be proud. He considers it a privilege to be able to capture candid, honest moments and turn them into memories that his clients can cherish for a lifetime. To view his full portfolio, visit

Healthy & Fit Kids By Marcus McCall

Too many children are victims of the 21st century lifestyle; fast foods, Xbox or Playstation games, hours of television, and reduced Physical Education programs in our schools. Our children are being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, headaches, and a host of other conditions mostly caused by diet and lifestyle habits. Many of our children are overweight or obese, so even those that appear to be height and weight proportionate can be in poor health. Heavier than average children have a greater chance of becoming obese adults. Statistics indicate there are significant health costs associated with being weighty and sickly. And if left unchecked, these conditions increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes in adolescents, but also heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure and cancer in later years. The American Liver Foundation and other experts estimate that between 2-5% of American children older than age 5, nearly all of them obese or overweight, have the condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease often has no early symptoms in children or adults, but a fat belly is one indication. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, or heart problems often accompany the disease. As fatty liver disease progresses, these symptoms can also appear: Symptoms *Chronic fatigue or weakness *Abdominal discomfort, such as cramping or nausea *Confusion or difficulty thinking *Bruising or bleeding easily, including nosebleeds *Reduced appetite and weight loss Concerned parents can request a blood test for liver enzyme levels. Also, a doctor can check the abdomen to see whether the liver is enlarged by ordering a scan or ultrasound. 34

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Prevention *Exercise & eat a balanced diet to lose weight slowly but steadily *Control diabetes and cholesterol with medication and diet *Avoid alcohol, drugs and supplements that can damage the liver Genetics, diet and exercise level all play an important role in getting healthy. Liver disease is most prevalent among Hispanics, relatively rare among African-Americans, and more common among boys than girls. With fatty liver disease becoming more common in adults, many experts predict it will become the top cause of liver transplants by 2020. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) states this generation will not outlive their parents due to their lifestyle. We need to address and correct the situation now in order to help children develop healthy habits that they can use to make their futures full of wellness with a higher quality of life. An investment today in our children’s overall fitness will pay tremendous returns for their futures. The benefits of exercise yield great results such as stronger bones and muscles, being more attentive in school, lowers cholesterol, increases self-confidence, more restful sleep, reduces blood pressure, decreases risk of diabetes, burns more calories, increases cognitive ability and lowers the risk of injuries. Participate in a more active lifestyle to improve health. It’s not only good for you but it benefits our children too! Healthy and Fit Kids is a program designed to serve the youth of North Carolina with weekly workouts to promote a healthier lifestyle, fitness, and positive nutritional habits with enduring results. Marcus McCall is a licensed personal trainer who has worked with kids at youth centers throughout North Carolina as well as professional and college athletes. He is a graduate of Shaw University.

(919) 792-9540 1030 N. Rogers Ln. Suite 119 Raleigh, NC 27610

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Being Stylish for Success Without Breaking the Bank By Aaron Andrews

In today’s fast-paced professional world it is important to stand out! While a stack of college degrees and a beefed-up resume can go a long way in getting the job of your dreams, appearance is just as vital! You may be a Harvard graduate with three PHD’s, but if you come in to work in sweats and your favorite band tee, it is likely you wont be taken seriously. You need to dress to impress, and here is how to do that on a budget! First things first, it is time to clean out the closet! You need to take stock of what nice clothes you already own and which ones are past their expiration date! While new fads are always emerging in the fashion world, it is a pretty safe bet that those shoulder-pads won’t be seeing the light of day again! Make a list of what you have and what you need! Now that you know what you need, it is time to shop! It can be tempting to hit up those designer boutiques, but your credit card statement 36

will thank you if you curb that temptation. Instead, hit up an outlet mall! These malls can have designer styles in lower prices. Raleigh has several great outlet malls where you can get a great price on those designer threads! Also, hit up vintage and smallbusiness stores! North Carolina has a thriving small-business community where you can find great clothes for a great cost. Plus, it is likely nobody in the office will have the same outfit! Also, there are a ton of online marketplaces where you can get last-season’s designs for a low-cost. Of course, you should know when to splurge a bit. Men should invest in a great suit and tie for those really posh business outings, while women should invest in a great handbag as well! No matter the budget, if you take the time to look around, you will find that hidden gem of a great outfit and truly dress for success while successfully avoiding bankruptcy!

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Paul’s Barbershop: Making the Community Look Good By Joshua Henry Looking a little worse for wear? Do you get confused for a caveman on your daily walk to work? Do you currently have more hair than your dog? If so, then perhaps it is time for a trip to Paul’s Barbershop. This traditional barbershop, owned and operated by Paul Engram, offers a wide array of barbering services like coloring, shampooing, cutting, and general hair care advice! Paul’s Barbershop was established on St. Patrick’s Day in 2008, talk about being lucky! While many barbershops and salons aim for a “cut & go” service, Paul’s has worked to create an environment that you won’t want to leave. So, you may come in for a haircut, but you will leave with lifelong friends and place you can depend on for great service! Paul’s Barbershop is also a large presence within the community. About 8 years ago, Paul’s partnered with K97.5 and Brian Dawson to give away backpacks and school supplies to kids and families throughout Raleigh. Not only was being part of that movement a great feeling for the business, but it also served to better the community and help it grow! On a more personal level, Paul has had the pleasure of watching his son grow and thrive within a business he has built! Seeing something blossom from an idea to a thriving business that provides for his family has been one of the more personal benefits for Paul! In fact, children seem to be a big part of the driving force for the barbershop as they participate in “Kuts 4 Kids”, a free haircut and school supply giveaway. Though Paul has seen success throughout the community, he is still just as thankful and humble as he was when he started some 11 years ago! Being able to keep a business alive and thriving, while also seeing his son step into a business role, has been a blessing for Paul and he cannot wait to see what the next 11 years have to offer. So, if you are in the neighborhood then stop by Paul’s Barbershop, the home of the $10 reg. brush cut! Advertise or Exposure?


Gaining weight was easy. Losing it's a lot harder...

but very much worth the effort.

You have to work at losing weight. Every day. But with every step, you lower your risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Because many of the nearly one million deaths each year from type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke could be prevented with a few lifestyle changes, including weight loss, regular physical activity and healthier food choices.

It’s not easy. But it is worth it.

Learn how you can help stop diabetes by losing weight, eating healthy and staying active. Visit or call 1-800-DIABETES.


One Step at a Time 7x10 V5a.indd1 1

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How To Negotiate Your Salarly Effectively By Ellen Graham

There are plenty of people in all industries who work for less than they are worth. This is mainly due to the fact that most of us are not educated in ‘the art of negotiation’ and because our employers are often rewarded for cutting costs through lowering salaries. If you are one of the people out there wondering what you’re worth, find out and do something about it. The first step in salary negotiation is to research your job position along with your experience, education, the area in which you work and compare them with the national standards for that industry. In other words, before you go asking for a raise or while you’re preparing for an interview, it is important to do your homework in order to insure that you are receiving fair wages for the job that you are doing. Ask your colleagues for advice, read some books on the subject or check the internet, but make sure you’re getting your information from a good source. You need to treat your job as an investment, and you wouldn’t invest in anything without the proper background knowledge of fair pricing. Would you? However, your financial worth is based on your job responsibilities, not just your credentials, so make sure you know exactly what is expected of you before attempting to negotiate. The more you’re helping the company, the more you are worth to them, and usually they know that, so you should, too. If you don’t feel like they know that, you should show them, especially if you’re asking for a raise, by presenting the information to them in an organized, respectful, professional manner. When planning this presentation, it is important to consider how your employer (or prospective employer) measures performance in this particular company. Use that information to display your worth. It is helpful to keep a journal of your achievements when you begin a job, so that if you feel your performance deserves rewarding, you can express that concretely to your employer. Advertise or Exposure?


Before entering an interview or meeting, there are a few things that are important to remember in order to keep your composure and come out of the meeting successfully. First, be honest with yourself about what you truly deserve. Be realistic with your requests. Secondly, be confident, positive and patient. This will display your professionalism and show that you know what you’re asking for. It will give you an upper-hand from the start. Also, remember that benefits factor into the equation. If you’re receiving a company phone, car, computer, health insurance, etc., then you need to deduct that from a typical salary that doesn’t include these things. Lastly, focus on your tone of voice, ensuring it is not too demanding or too passive. Speak persuasively. If you succeed in your attempt, make sure to get it in writing so that there are no discrepancies later with what you agreed on. An understanding employer should accept this as professional and organized. If you do not succeed, evaluate the meeting fairly and maturely. Try to determine the work performance that does merit salary increase. Ask your employer directly. He or she will respect your drive to succeed. Most importantly, realize that no salary is set in stone, and the likelihood of you getting what you deserve is good as long as you follow these important steps.


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Some Helpful Tips If You Are Considering Having Your Home Built By Aaron Andrews

In today’s real estate market, many home seekers desire fixer-uppers, but there are still those looking for a brand new home where they can introduce new memories of their family and the generations that will follow. That is why the concept of building from the ground up is becoming more and more common. The market is saturated with builders looking to create the custom home of your dreams. So, how do you pick the right one for you? Here is a simple guide on what to look for when choosing a builder. First, always make sure a builder is licensed and insured. There are tons of horror stories out there of people who start a project with someone, and they end up halted halfway through for not having the appropriate licenses to do the projects you want. These credentials should be the first thing you ask for. Even ask to see a portfolio of work they have completed so you can get a feel for what they can and cannot do. If you are taking the time, and money, to build a home then you want to make sure that home will last you a lifetime and more. Therefore, you want a builder who has substantive knowledge of high-quality products.

After all, this is a custom project that gives you plenty of choices in designing a home. So, you want a builder who knows all of your best options, from what material to use in your foundation down to the best doorknobs. Just as with most things, communication is key. You want to pick a builder that is accessible when you have questions or a special request. If an idea suddenly strikes you about how you want your archways, your builder should be available to you. You’ll also want a builder that will be in constant contact with you about updates and the general progress of the build. Not every builder is right for every build. It is crucial that you take the time to seek out that builder that will be the perfect fit for you and your new home!

Your inner artist is waiting. Open, private & signature parties, meetings, workshops & community events. Inquire about dates & times available. Now Open! Reserve Today! 3303 Rock Quarry Rd Suite 103 Raleigh NC 27610 (984) 200-7559 For reservations or more info go to 42

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Are you a business owner and seeking affordable methods of reaching your audience? Check out

LET US ADVOCATE YOUR BUSINESS: The City Insight believes in the betterment of small businesses and non-profit organizations. Join us today and participate as a Business Member for only $15 per month OR purchase a 2-month magazine ad for as low as $40. Or maybe you need graphic design, flyers, logo, brochure, or business card design? Contact us and we will provide a quote. Advertise or Exposure?


Wave Season 2018: The Importance of Travel Insurance For those Booking Cruises this Year Wave Season, the period when cruise companies provide some of the most attractive deals of the year, is in full swing. As would-be cruisers book their dream vacations, reminds anyone taking advantage of cruise bargains to remember to protect their purchases with a travel insurance plan. “Taking a cruise can be one of the greatest travel experiences, whether it’s a magical cruise with the family or an elegant river cruise on the Danube,” said Stan Sandberg, co-founder of “However, planning a cruise vacation brings forth special considerations. Missed connections en route to the departure port, severe weather and on-board medical issues can sink a vacation.” While many cruise lines offer some form of travel protection, comparing all available options can often improve cruisers’ coverage and save them money on their travel insurance. It’s very important to know what your cruise line’s protection plan includes, especially if you are purchasing airfare separately. Many cruise lines will not cover costs associated with a cruise departure because of a missed flight if you didn’t purchase the airfare through the cruise company, even if you purchased a cruise line cruise protection plan. offers plans which cover all of the costs of a cruise vacation, including airfare, hotels, and the cruise itself. 44

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Here are some ways travel insurance can protect cruise ship vacationers: When You Need to Cancel the Trip Before It Even Starts: When booking a cruise many months ahead of time, it’s impossible to predict what might happen as you approach your departure date. Unforeseen circumstances such as a sudden illness can result in travelers needing to cancel their trip at the last minute. A travel insurance plan with trip cancellation coverage can protect the financial loss of a cruise cancellation resulting from a wide range of unforeseeable covered reasons. Weather or Other Delays Cause You to Miss a Connection: Cruise ships run on tight schedules, and they will not cover any missed departure time. The leading causes of missing a cruise ship departure include delayed flights and adverse weather conditions, either between home and the cruise departure ports, or at actual ports of call. Travel insurance (via Missed Connection coverage) can reimburse travelers for a set dollar amount to re-book travel to catch up with their cruise at the next port. You Get Sick While On the Boat: If a traveler is injured or becomes sick, large vessels do offer medical facilities. However, they usually don’t have adequate personnel and equipment to treat serious wounds or illnesses. Some vacationers must return to land by medical evacuation, whether by helicopter directly from the ship or by plane from a port. This service can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more, and your regular health insurance generally won’t cover this. If a traveler is forced to seek medical treatment in a foreign country, most health insurers and Medicare will not cover foreign medical treatment under standard coverage. A travel insurance plan can cover the costs of covered medical treatment and emergency evacuations, if required. The most important thing to do after booking a cruise is to compare your options for cruise travel insurance: “Most cruise companies will offer a single travel insurance policy choice to their customers,” continues Sandberg. “Many cruisers find that these plans can be more expensive and offer less coverage than those we offer on, which is why comparing your options makes a lot of sense if you are going on a cruise.”

Having the Conversation About Addiction Recovery, Wellness and Citizenship Through Advocacy, Education and Support? Recover Communities of North Carolina May Have the Answer!

RCNC Vision: ● North Carolina promotes a culture that supports addiction recovery for individuals, families and communities ● North Carolinians seeking addiction recovery have access to the highest quality care, services, and support ● North Carolinians in addiction recovery are equal and valued members of our State

● North Carolinians in addiction recovery have opportunities to achieve their fullest educational, occupational and civic potential ● Recovery from addiction is a celebrated reality

We are here to help, visit us at: 5245 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27616 (919) 231-0248

We’re powered by what’s most important. At Duke Energy, we care about making a difference. Whether we’re volunteering with local charities, funding science and engineering programs in schools or investing in the future workforce with career training programs, we’re always powered by what’s most important – you. Learn more about how we’re powered by you at

March/April 2018 issue  

In this issue you will find insight on how to travel safely amidst global chaos, remodeling ideas for your home, how to negotiate your salar...

March/April 2018 issue  

In this issue you will find insight on how to travel safely amidst global chaos, remodeling ideas for your home, how to negotiate your salar...