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Annual Report



In 2016, The Cancer Foundation provided financial assistance and resource navigation to 544 individuals across its 18-county northeast Georgia service area

In 2016, The Cancer Foundation provided $242,000 in financial assistance 1 out of every 3 Americans will face cancer in their lifetime

2.5x Cancer patients are two-and-a-half times more likely to declare bankruptcy than those without cancer

Since incorporating in 2008, The Cancer Foundation has helped more than 2,200 patients living in northeast Georgia

THANK YOU Sponsors

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Gaines, Jr. Drs. Neal & Ann Marrano Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Schoenfeld

INTRODUCTION MISSION The Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help alleviate the

WHO WE ARE The Cancer Foundation (TCF) is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides emergency financial assistance for basic life needs such as housing, utilities, food and medications. The ultimate goal of TCF is to provide emergency monetary assistance to cancer patients living in northeast Georgia.

financial burden of cancer for eligible patients.

VISION To eradicate the financial hardship for all northeast Georgia residents who are diagnosed with cancer.

WHY WE WERE FOUNDED The physicians of University Cancer & Blood Center, LLC founded TCF in 2005 after treating a growing number of patients in need of financial assistance. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family suffers, not just emotionally, but also financially. Thus, the Financial Assistance Program helps alleviate a cancer patient’s immediate financial crisis and the debilitating stress that stems from their diagnosis. TCF wants to improve the quality of life for cancer patients living in our community.

YEAR AT A GLANCE Annual TCF Board of Directors retreat for strategic planning.

MARCH The seventh annual Cocktails: A Season of Spice & Ice raised a record-breaking $140,000



Bi-annual TCF BBQ raised $1,125 for patients.

JANUARY FEBRUARY TCF kicks off Friends of the Foundation!

APRIL Bi-annual Products in Oncology Fair at Athens Country Club.

TCF received $1,040 from Heyward Allen Toyota's "No Shave November" program.

DECEMBER AUGUST We reached a milestone 2,000 patients helped with our financial assistance!


Camilla Bracewell led the charge to a record-number of 200 volunteers for the eighth annual Tri to Beat Cancer.


We have given ONE MILLION dollars in financial assistance!


We are chosen as beneficiary of the second annual Tanger Pink Gala and Fit for a Cure 5K.


We kicked off the March to a Million endowment campaign with a generous donation from Jim Wallace and Jessica Wallace Tolbert.

NOVEMBER First annual Donor Appreciation Dinner at LRG Provisions. We appreciate our donors!

MESSAGE FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR "TCF is stronger due to our ever-growing community that donates in support of our local mission." Dear Friends, Looking back on the past year, one word comes to mind: growth. 2016 was a remarkable year for The Cancer Foundation (TCF). We continued to meet the growing need for our assistance by approving every eligible patient that applied. Our dedicated board of directors, donors, staff and volunteers have done a tremendous job of expanding our outreach and assistance offered to patients, while strengthening awareness and fundraising. In October, TCF reached an incredible milestone of providing one million dollars of financial assistance to cancer patients living in northeast Georgia. TCF’s sole focus is providing assistance to cancer patients when they need it most. While proud of this major million dollar accomplishment, we also need to recognize with gratitude the referring professionals who direct patients to our Financial Assistance Program. Our spring fundraiser Cocktails: A Season of Spice also had a record year, raising over $140,000 in one night. We doubled our ticket sales with 400 attendees and had marvelous silent and live auctions. Tri to Beat Cancer Triathlon in August is now one of the top three largest races in Georgia. This year, we had our largest crowd todate, counting over 700 athletes and 200 volunteers. In 2016, TCF kicked off it’s first-ever endowment campaign: March to a Million. Two generous donors stepped forward to make a $250,000 match donation. By the end of 2016, over $780,000 was raised for the future of TCF. With the substantial growth the Financial Assistance Program has seen over the past five years, this endowment guarantees TCF will help cancer patients through the decades. Our constant goal is to help patients who are choosing between paying for treatment and paying their electric bill. Chemotherapy or food? Radiation or ability to afford gas to drive to treatment? Your donations truly make it possible for TCF to accomplish its goal and erase the questions. TCF is stronger due to our ever-growing community who donates in support of our local mission. We look forward to continuing the good work of 2016 in 2017 by helping even more local cancer patients through their journey. Thank you wholeheartedly for supporting TCF. With gratitude,

Kimberly Liebowitz, Executive Director The Cancer Foundation






2016, we allocated $200,000*


for patient financial assistance and helped more than

525 local cancer patients.

*The actual amount was surpassed by $42,000 and 19 patients.

FOOD The Cancer Foundation relies on its network of referral professionals, social workers and program ambassadors to serve patients in need in a timely manner via the Financial Assistance Program. Most patients are approved for assistance within 48 hours!





In 2016, The Cancer Foundation counted 918 individual donors.

Average assistance amount given in 2016 per patient $444.


80 patients applied for and received additional funding over the $500 initial maximum amount.






To ta l

M illi on

M ar ch


Ev en ts

In di vi du al D on or

G ra nt s


Ki nd


Extenuating circumstance expenses related to cancer treatment greater than $500 initial maximum limit.

18-40 6% 80+ 5%

61-80 47%

41-60 42%

58% of patients helped had annual, household incomes less than $15,000.

41-60 42%


Clarke Walton Madison Barrow Elbert

61-80 47%



1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

18-40 6%

3 4



Hispanic 3% Asian 1%



African American 42%

30% 20% 10%

African American 43%

White 55%

White 54%


Prostate 10%

0% M ed ic at io Eq n ui pm en In t su ra nc e N ut R en rit t/M ion or tg ag e U Tr til an iti es sp or ta tio n

Hispanic 3% Asian 1%

Colon 16%

Colon 10%

Breast 37%

Breast 23%

Lung 19% Lung

PATIENT PROFILES Betty Watson After being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, Betty Watson’s social worker, Paige Campbell of University Cancer & Blood Center, referred her to The Cancer Foundation (TCF). TCF assisted Betty by paying her high health insurance premium. She had gotten behind on her premium because of the high costs associated with her cancer diagnosis and treatment. Betty says, “I was so stressed before you helped and so afraid of losing my insurance.” Because Betty is living on a fixed income, our assistance in paying her insurance premium helped her tremendously. Betty was denied from other assistance services so without TCF, she said, “I would be sitting at home worrying about how I would pay my bills.” Betty wants people to know, “Please donate. Cancer is happening to someone and there is someone out there who needs your help.” Betty loves to stay busy by keeping her two grandsons. She FaceTimes with her six month old grandson who lives in Washington every night, and watches her four year old grandson when he does not have school. Betty wants others to know that TCF really helps cancer patients and that if you are in need of assistance you should talk to your social worker and see what services they recommend for you.

“I was so stressed before you helped and so afraid of losing my insurance.”

Larry Wehunt Larry Wehunt started his fight with prostate and bone cancer in June 2013. In November 2014, Larry decided it was time to ask for help paying bills since the cost of traveling to Athens for treatment had drained his savings, and his family couldn’t help anymore. It was Athens Area Urology RN Clinical Coordinator, Glenda Rampley, who told Larry about The Cancer Foundation and what it could do to help him with emergency financial assistance. “It was so quick. My sister helped me fill out the application and get it to my doctor, and the next day [Stacey] told me you were giving me a food card, a gas card, and paying my propane bill. My gas tank was sitting on empty and my propane tank for my house was empty, and I was afraid of not getting to treatment or not being warm. Then, The Cancer Foundation came along and paid that.” Larry says the hardest part about dealing with his cancer has been accepting the diagnosis. “I’ve always been a do it yourself kind of person. Now, I’m having to accept that I have cancer, I need treatment, and that I can’t do everything myself—sometimes I have to have help. It helped me feel better just knowing The Cancer Foundation was there and willing to help someone like me, and other cancer patients, out.”

"My gas tank was sitting on empty and my propane tank for my house was empty, and I was afraid of not getting to treatment or not being warm. Then, The Cancer Foundation came along and paid that.”

Idonia Derrico Idonia Derrico was diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma on October 22, 2014, after a flu shot injection site became painful with no relief. After a biopsy by Dr. Claude Sportes in Augusta, her cancer diagnosis was confirmed. He recommended an intensive and financially exhaustive treatment regimen of radiation and chemotherapy. Idonia’s daughter, Shirley Fortson, decided to have some of her mother’s treatments in Athens and was contacted by Athens Regional Health System social worker Lisa Riley about their need for financial assistance to help complete Idonia’s treatment. Since applying and being approved for assistance, Shirley said her mother “has not missed a single appointment and some of her tumors have even shrunk. We were struggling and The Cancer Foundation stepped up to help my mother get to treatment. You are helping the less fortunate.”

“If not for you I would have had to pick up more shifts from work which would mean my mother would have missed treatment. Because of you, she was at every appointment.”

Idonia is deaf and Shirley has carefully handled all appointments, checkups, and medications for the past year for her mother. “After talking with Stacey at The Cancer Foundation I realized that we are not alone. You are truly here to help.” To The Cancer Foundation’s donors, Shirley says, “You are making a difference in someone’s life this way. My mother is the sweetest soul, our family backbone, and would quite literally give you the shirt off her back.” Without The Cancer Foundation, Shirley says this past year would have looked very different. “If not for you I would have had to pick up more shifts from work which would mean my mother would have missed treatment. Because of you, she was at every appointment.”

The March to a Million Endowment will ensure permanency for TCF to support cancer patients and their families for generations. This endowment will be reinvested, guaranteeing the principle steadily grows and TCF becomes more effective helping patients with cancer. Join our March to a Million and you can help financially desperate patients and their families get the help they need to hope again. ALUMINUM Richard and Loretta Goodson Jeff and Brooke Stortz COPPER Irvin and Becky Alhadeff Blaine Bostelman The Harris Foundation Terry and Emily Phillips Drs. Bradley and Cynthia Shepherd Dr. Jeffrey Thomas Tony and Elizabeth Townley

Thank You Donors ROCK Dan and Diane Davis Luther and Susie Harrison Foundation Tolbert-Wallace Endowment Jessica Wallace Tolbert and Jim Wallace

DOVE Robert S. Greer Don and Suzanne Leebern BRASS Brooks and Kimberly Arnold John and Susan Barrett Ray and Janie Bush Victoria DiPietro Dr. Petros Nikolinakos Jerry and June Smith Dr. and Mrs. James Splichal Dr. Glen and Marlo Wiggans


GENERAL CONTRIBUTIONS Athens Clarke County Charity Drive Tina Ackerman

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In honor of James R. Akins Peggy Alewine

In memory of Angela A. Russell, Thomas Alewine, Lauren Alewine, and Mrs. Alberta Malone Lewis and JoBeth Allen Pat and Gaile Allen Robert and Carol Allen

In memory of Evelyn Allen

Luther Atwater Gary and Barbara Ayer Cornelius and Julia Mae Bailey

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In memory of Frank Lawson Vance and Georgia Barnwell Benny and Mary Ann Barrett

In memory of Clifton Barrett Dan and Anita Barron

In honor of Elly Purvis and in memory of Linda Magnes

W.L. and L.A. Alworth American Legion Auxiliary Dr. Tracy Anderson

Cheryl Bartlett John and Michelle Barton Steve and Mary Barton

Joan Anderson-Randolph

Kevin and Melissa Bassett

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In honor and memory of family and friends

William and Barbara Andrews-Rice

Reggie and Shelia Beckham

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Frances Benefield

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In honor of Dr. Gordon Schoenfeld In honor of Dr. Vrana Pete and Elizabeth Argo

In honor and in memory of family members Athens Antique Motor Car Club

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Athens Area Cancer Auxiliary Athens Area Oncology Nursing Society Athens Diabetes and Endocrinology Athens Eye Associates Athens Seed Company Atlanta General Contracting

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MARCH TO A MILLION ENDOWMENT CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS The Adsmith Irvin and Becky Alhadeff Brooks and Kimberly Arnold Benson and Carolyn Briscoe Harry and Mary Ann Cooper Francy Coram Victoria DiPietro Homer and Linda Edwards Valerie Fagan Jag and Chris Gholson Joel and Laurel Gregory The Harris Foundation Mark Hodge Harold Hodgson Floretta Johnson Richard and Fran Lane Wayne and Cynthia Lester

Luther and Susie Harrison Family Foundation Malcom Development and Construction Neal and Ann Marrano James and Lyndie Miller

In honor of Dr. Mark Vrana

Drs. Richard and Barbara Schuster Jeff and Brooke Stortz Terry Phillips Firm, Inc.

George and Susan Dougherty

In honor of Nina Hopkinson, Chuck Hopkinson, Frances Hensley, JoBeth Allen, Stuart Fors, Mark Ebell, Sally Ross, Brooke Stortz, Gail Lopes, Gus Beniger, Jacy Rojewski, John Workman, Jeannine Collins, Ginny Lynch, Jim Shehane, Kay Giese, Kate Finch and in memory of Jim Stoudenmire, Jacob Hollis, Charo Garcia- Hurtado, Ken Bierma, John Hornberger, Roy Grob, and Randy Manning

In honor of Emily Phillips

Tony and Elizabeth Townley Joel Siebentritt and Carter Vest

In honor of Dr. Mark Vrana

Dr. Mark and Jody Vrana Jim Wallace Kimberly Whyte-Sloane Glen and Marlo Wiggans Paul and Angela Wiggans

GRANT CONTRIBUTIONS Allstate Foundation Emmanuel Episcopal Church Genentech Georgia Power Hart County EMC Foundation It’s the Journey Lois and Lucy Lampkin Foundation McKesson Foundation Schwab Charitable Terrell Family Foundation Tri County EMC Foundation Turner Family Foundation The Ulm Foundation Walmart Walton County Heath Care Foundation Wells Fargo

If you believe your name was omitted in error, please contact Gabrielle Dukes at or 706.308.7269.




Kimberly Liebowitz

VICE PRESIDENT John "Jag" Gholson

Haley Avery

Executive Director

Special Events & Communications Coordinator

TREASURER Alan Zielinski

Stacey Davis

PAST PRESIDENT George Dougherty

Gabrielle Dukes

DIRECTORS Linda Edwards Valerie Fagan Joel Gregory Mark Hodge Floretta Johnson Fran Lane Cindy Lester Nina Mobley Kirk Smith Brooke Stortz Andy Ullrich

Financial Assistance Program Administrator Prospect Researcher & Development Coordinator





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Profile for The Cancer Foundation

2016 Cancer Foundation Annual Report  

Annual summary of 2016.

2016 Cancer Foundation Annual Report  

Annual summary of 2016.