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Year after year, volunteers and staff from The Cabbage Patch hear similar words of thanks over and over as they provide for families in need through the Christmas Basket Program. Christmas is a time of great hardship for many families served by The Cabbage Patch. Increased costs like higher electric bills push already-stretched budgets to the brink. Necessities like shelter, food, and clothing become difficult to provide, putting luxuries such as Christmas gifts for children on the back burner. The Christmas Basket Program allows The Cabbage Patch to share Christ’s love and compassion with parents like Jenny, who struggles to make ends meet despite her hard work to provide for her family. Jenny works full time as a dental assistant, but she has also worked as many as two side jobs over the past few years to provide for her children, ages 6 and 11. Last year, when her sister passed away, she welcomed her niece into her home — stretching her finances even further. This year, through the donations of dozens of volunteers and various sponors, about 80 families like Jenny’s will receive presents for Christmas and enough food to last for several weeks. “The Christmas Basket program is one way we let people know they’ve not been forgotten by God or God’s people,” said Doug Holm, a Senior Family Support Specialist. “This is one time of the year when we can make sure they experience God’s love.”

Your continued support of The Cabbage Patch Settlement House makes the Christmas Basket and dozens of other meaningful programs available to families who might otherwise feel forgotten. Thank you for helping us spread a message of Comfort & Joy, especially in this Christmas season.

Dear Friends, As our 103rd year of service draws to an end, we stop to celebrate our many blessings and offer thanks for your continued support of our programs and services. Because of you, children like Eric, Molly, Keisha, and hundreds more participate in meaningful programs every day at The Cabbage Patch. These programs instill valuable life lessons and build healthy relationships that make a profound difference in their lives. The Cabbage Patch continues to serve those less fortunate in our community in a spirit of Christian love — striving to help children meet their full potential in all areas of their lives and equipping them to step out into the world with the resources they need to be self-sufficient. You are allowing us to shape and mold these children into adults with a beautiful story to tell. Won’t you help them write their story by giving generously to our annual fund before December 31, 2013? In return, the staff and Board of Directors at The Cabbage Patch remain committed to careful stewardship of the resources you entrust to us. We thank you—along with the children and families we serve — for allowing us to “profoundly change lives.” Sincerely,

J. Tracy Holladay, Executive Director



As our summer camp program came to a close in early August, fall programming went into full swing, offering children and youth a variety of programs that expand their horizons and teach them valuable life skills.

The Photography Program is just one way The Cabbage Patch introduces children and youth to new hobbies, allowing them to explore their individual talents. For six weeks, volunteers and staff worked with each child twice each week, teaching concepts of composition, colors, close ups, and landscapes. At the end of the program, each child displayed their work for family, friends, and staff during an exhibit at The Cabbage Patch. Guest judges awarded prizes to every participant. The child who won “Best in Show” shared that he had never won anything before. “Oh wow! This is what it feels like to be a winner,” he said.

Allowing children and youth to tap into their creative talents pays off in big ways... Three children in the photography program received awards in Mayor Greg Fisher’s Photography Contest earlier this year, and on October 10th, 11-year-old Renora* won the Youth Award in Preservation Louisville’s Photography Contest.

*Names throughout this newsletter have been changed out of respect for the privacy of those we serve.



“I’m really glad I go here,” said Juan*, a 17-yearold who had just finished a college campus tour as part of the summer camp program in 2012. “I want to go to college, but my mom doesn’t support me,” he explained on the bus ride home. “She doesn’t think I can do it, and she won’t help me go unless I join the army. She probably wouldn’t want me being here.” But the staff at The Cabbage Patch saw great potential in Juan, and continued to offer him the positive encouragement he needed to pursue his dream of a college education. After that college campus tour, Juan began meeting with Cabbage Patch staff on a regular basis to discuss his options, search for scholarships, complete college applications, fill out his FAFSA, and re-take his ACT to improve his score. His hard work paid off. Thanks to a unique partnership that came to fruition this year, Juan was accepted into the University of Kentucky in the fall of 2013 and is the recipient of a $10,000 per year scholarship as well as a work study program that will provide him with spending money. Today, he is on track to graduate in 2017 with no debt. And he will have the support of The Cabbage Patch throughout his college career. “I want other kids to know that The Cabbage Patch is a great opportunity and a great way to find out what you want to do,” he told staff recently. “They have a lot of programs to offer. Everyone should take advantage of the Educational Opportunities Program. Don’t just play. Stick to your school work. I only got to go to The Cabbage Patch for a few years, but it was worth it.”


PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT Juan is one of up to 25 young people who will receive $100,000* in partial tuition assistance from The Cabbage Patch College Scholars Program. These funds help bridge the financial gap often created after student loans and grants have been applied toward college tuition, fees, and expenses. Personal attention and support are provided to each Cabbage Patch Scholar throughout their college career, greatly increasing their likelihood of graduation. *This includes $45,000 from endowed funds and annual contributions; $40,000 through a partnership with the University of Kentucky (which has committed $10,000 per eligible student in annually renewable scholarships); and other funding through the Downtown Optimist Club.

This fall, The Cabbage Patch hosted its second Very Involved Patcher (VIP) Party to recognize children and youth who make up our core membership. More than 100 children and youth qualified for this special recognition and received certificates in front of their family and friends. Special awards were also given to the Cabbage Patchers for Most Active in Education, Most Active in Recreation/ Youth Development, Highest Attendance, and Most Visits in the Last 12 Months. For many children who do not always receive recognition for their accomplishments, these awards are particularly special. Increased participation and regular attendance allow The Cabbage Patch to continue building healthy relationships, and teach new skills and values they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Above: Four College Scholars currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky and receiving scholarship assistance through a special partnership between the university and The Cabbage Patch.



Juwan Beppo and Kelley Gregg, both students at Notre Dame University, served as interns in The Cabbage Patch Educational Opportunities program this past summer as part of the school’s Summer Service Learning Project. “I would dare to say my summer at The Cabbage Patch was life changing,” said Juwan, a sophomore majoring in Sociology. “Before coming to The Patch I did not have any idea of what I would be doing in the future, but coming here I realized that I want to work with non-profits.” Kelley, who is studying Psychology and Education, also K predicts that she will also work with children in the future. “One of the things that I have learned from the staff [at the Patch] is to be patient and appreciate each kid for the special abilities that they bring to the table,” Kelley said. “Taking the time to really get to know each child is something that the staff is really good at and it is something that I will try to replicate when I am on my own.” Juwan said her experience taught her to “see service as a duty” and not expect rewards for it. “As a Christian, you should feel that this is what you are meant to be doing.”

Volunteer opportunities at The Cabbage Patch take many forms; but at the core of our volunteer program is the understanding that you will make a profound difference in the life of a child and his or her family. To learn more


about opportunities to volunteer, visit our website at or call our volunteer coordinator, Pam Satterly, at (502) 753-4457.


–Amy Russell, Client Service Director, Robert Half Management Resources

This year, Robert Half Management Resources will return to The Patch and host a Christmas Party. In 2012, they joined 30 other local churches, businesses, and individuals in providing 86 families and 296 individuals with food, clothing and gifts for Thanksgiving & Christmas.

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House thanks Second Presbyterian Church, Harvey Brown Presbyterian Church, Christ Church United Methodist, and St. Frances in the Fields Episcopal Church for their continued annual support of children and families during the Thanksgiving & Christmas seasons.



Thanks to the support of our sponsors, guests, and volunteers, the 10th Annual Cabbage Patch Auction (held on September 19, 2013 at The Gillespie) raised more than $136,000 to benefit Recreation/ Youth Development and Educational Opportunities programs at The Cabbage Patch.

Thank you to the following for their sponsorship of the 10th Annual Cabbage Patch Auction. PRESENTING SPONSOR




SILVER SPONSORS Larry Cashen & Susan Turner

Hilliard Lyons



Business First Vintage Printing Systems Parking


Thank you to the following donors who made gifts to The Cabbage Patch IN HONOR of others from July 1, 2013 to October 31, 2013. Lorne and Caroline Belden Carol James Mr. Charles W. Dietsch Regina Schmidt Kate Holwerk Lu Harding Helen O’Mara Estate of Mary M. Bateman Mr. and Mrs. William P. Peak, Jr. Mrs. William P. Peak

Dr. and Mrs. William S. Smock and Family Mrs. William P. Peak Mrs. Mary M. Webb Ms. Ann E. Sutherland Lydia Yoo Mrs. Hyun Jin Yoo Renee Yoo Mrs. Hyun Jin Yoo

Your will is one way to illustrate and affirm the values and charitable priorities you have embraced throughout your life. You will need to provide your legal advisors with our correct legal name —The Cabbage Patch Settlement House, Inc. To learn more about giving gifts through wills or estate planning, contact Jennifer Scott at (502) 753-4446 or visit

Thank you to the following donors who made gifts to The Cabbage Patch IN MEMORY of others from July 1, 2013 to October 31, 2013. Peggy and Bob Beale Mr. and Mrs. William W. Hancock Alex J. Burch Burch Associates, Inc. Regina Burch Mrs. Virginia Cronan Nugent Clarke Mrs. Richard T. Burke Mr. and Mrs. William W. Hancock Mary T. Means Bobby Oscar Davis Ms. Dorothy A. Converse Mr. Ivan Diamond Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Falls Mrs. Mary Louise Freibert Paul Freibert and Patricia Schmitt Rose Lowry-Duke

Mr. Sherman Gelhausen Rose Lowry-Duke Dr. Louis O. Giesel, Jr. Anonymous Mrs. Beverly Abraham Mr. and Mrs. David L. Beckman, Jr. Fred and Wilma Bennett Theresa and John T. Bondurant Ms. Nancy Brown Mr. and Mrs. Greg CardwellCopenhefer David M. Carney and Family Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clark, IV Mrs. Andrew Clubb Virginia Copenhefer Thomas A. Courtenay, MD


HONOREES & MEMORIALS MEMORIALS Dr. Louis O. Giesel, Jr. (continued) Carolyn and Tom Diener David and Martha Driscoll Mr. Charles R. M. Farnsley Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fleisher Cynthia & Tom Frentz Ms. Jan Gable Ed Garber and Sharon Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Steve Grace

Craig and Merrell Grant Ms. Sandal H. Gulick Ken and Angela Hagan and Family Mr. and Mrs. William W. Hancock Dr. and Mrs. Homer A. Holt Jr. Ron and Carol Johnson David A. Jones, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jones, Sr. Mr. Thomas L. Jones Mr. Edward M. King Ellen K. Marshall Andy and Laura Means Mr. Ted Merhoff Dr. and Mrs. Howard C. Mitchell, Jr. Amy and Neil Mitchell Mr. Joshua O’Bryan Mrs. Karen Byler Overpeck Nancy and George Stablein Mrs. Catherine Sullivan Mr. Joel Tragesser Edie Wells Ms. Monica Whitehouse Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Whitehouse Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Wright, Jr. Charles and Peggy Greenwood Jack & Ruth Teeple Mr. Patrick H. Grimes Barbara and David Brewer Jackie Hall Joyce Hall Browning Mrs. Coleene Hamilton Mary T. Means


Mrs. Margaret Harvin Ms. Linda J. Eschenburg Mr. Jack Hays Edie Wells and Family Mrs. Martha F. Howerton Dana P. Burton Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Howerton Mr. Charles K. Mahaffey Mr. and Mrs. Zack S. Logan Mrs. William P. Peak Dr. Clara A. McClellan Edie Wells and Family Sylvia H. McDonough Mr. John A. McDonough Mrs. Mary Jo Osborn Anonymous Mr. S. Alex Parker Lida C. Parker Mr. George Partlow Caroline and Bill Davis Mrs. Carol Gray Mr. James Paton, III Mrs. Patrice E. Paton Dr. William P. Peak Mrs. William P. Peak Mrs. Suzanne R. Peterson Gary and Nancy Bailey Bill and Jane Flanigan Mr. Edgar A. Polley Connie Carlisle Polley Katie C. Privette Malcolm and Dee Privette

Mrs. Betty Ann S. Ross Edie Wells Mr. William C. Sanford Mrs. Marian E. Sanford

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Schmidt Regina Schmidt Mrs. Sug Schusterman Carla Broecker Mr. Edward Sickles, III Bettie Watson Mr. Milton R. Snyder, III Dr. and Mrs. William P. Cubine Mrs. Louise F. Steinbock Caroline M. Ewing Mr. Alexander Farnsley Talbott, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Leuenberger Edie Wells Mrs. Polly Williams Mrs. Ellen M. Timmons Mr. Marion C. Wright Ms. Jenny Hicks Edie Wells

Thank you to the following donors who made gifts to The Cabbage Patch IN SPECIAL HONOR of others from July 1, 2013 to October 31, 2013.

Lloyd “Pappy” Redman Ben and Kay Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Arnold June Bertram Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Garren Mr. and Mrs. Al Gustafson Ken, Maxine, Steve and Scott Lutz Ted and Sandy Mason Mrs. Edythe M. Reisser Dr. and Mrs. Peter E. Tanguay

in honor of the birth of Annmarie Catherine Mullin Johanna Camenisch for the birthday of Mary Cronan Oppel Jim and Eleanor Oppel in memory of the birthday of Polly Williams Mr. and Mrs. Brad M. Adams

All gifts are deeply appreciated. If through an error any names were omitted, please accept our apology. Please contact The Cabbage Patch so that the appropriate corrections can be made.

April 16, 2014

Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center Don’t miss out on Louisville’s one-of-a-kind miniature putting experience, offering 18 custom-designed miniature putting holes, food, fun, and so much more. Each putt helps The Cabbage Patch make a profound difference in the life of an at-risk child or youth.

Sponsorship & Team Sales Available Now Contact Cathy Wachtel at (502) 753-4427 or

More info:

The Cabbage Patch extends our gratitude to the following individuals who will rotate off the Board of Directors at the end of 2013. We thank them for their years of service and support of The Patch.

Bob Horton

6 years of service

Mark Pfeifer

6 years of service

Emily Lawrence 6 years of service

Yandell Wood 6 years of service

Cynthia Frentz 3 years of service

Doug Owen

3 years of service

The Cabbage Patch is a local charity meeting the needs of local at-risk children and families. Because The Cabbage Patch is not a Metro United Way agency and chooses not to participate in funding streams that can create dependency, such as government grants, we must rely on individual donors, like you, to finance our 1413 SOUTH SIXTH STREET LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 40208 CABBAGEPATCH.ORG 502.634.0811

programs. Won’t

you please help by giving generously?

2013 Board of Directors Rob Crady, III, President Walt Kunau, President Elect George Bauernfeind, Treasurer Mary Beth Boehnlein, Secretary Sid Anderson, III Jennifer P. Arington Junis L. Baldon Gregory P. Braun James E. Brown J. Larry Cashen Ken Coulter, Jr. Bill Faris Charlie Farnsley Lea Fischbach Cynthia B. Frentz Melissa Gernert James A. Giesel Kim Glass Heather Graff Gregory S. Haus Robert L. Horton

Lainey Jurich Emily Lawrence Patrick Murphy Douglas H. Owen, III Mark Pfeifer, M.D. Amy Russell Chip Snyder Cathy Sullivan Edie Wells Patty West Yandell Wood Board Member Emeritus Ted Merhoff Executive Director The Rev. J. Tracy Holladay

This Christmas season, give a gift that is meaningful, lasting, and life-changing to your friends, family, and loved ones. When you give a honorarium gift of $20 or more to The Cabbage Patch(per honoree), we will send each honoree one of four Christmasthemed cards designed by children in the art program at The Cabbage Patch with a personalized message.

This gift of Love always fits, never has to be returned, and will make a profound difference in the lives of at-risk children and their families. Donate online:

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Louisville, Ky Permit No. 1907

2013 PatchWorks Winter Newsletter  
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