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Faith. Perseverance. Confidence. Cooperation. Respect. Joy. Love. These are just a few of the words children see in the engraved pavers they cross leading to the front door of The Cabbage Patch. Once inside, they find a world of possibilities where loving volunteers and caring staff are committed to helping them discover their Godgiven potential. These children have big dreams and ambitions, no matter their life circumstances. Through the investment of time and the development of caring, mentoring relationships, The Cabbage Patch helps them see their dreams are attainable and their futures are bright. Throughout these fall and winter months, the children and youth at The Cabbage Patch have engaged in a plethora of activities and programs designed to help them learn and grow. They’ve explored their love of dance and pursued improved fitness and health through Youth Development/ Recreation. They’ve gained a new appreciation for reading and history in Educational Opportunities. Wherever their interests lead, we delight in their individuality and continue to seek to provide ways they can explore their dreams and ambitions.



This fall, Educational Opportunities created additional incentives for The Cabbage Patch children and youth to read with the introduction of “Friday Movie Nights.” Each week a book is selected and every day boys and girls sit down with staff members to read a chapter of the book during storytime. This time allows the children to discuss what they’ve read and explore themes and development. At the end of the week, they’re rewarded with a “Movie Night” and get to watch the movie that corresponds with the book. Books and movies covered so far include The Lorax, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. This creative approach to learning is attracting new members and helps The Cabbage Patch draw more children into the Educational Opportunities program.

People always say ‘the book is way better than the movie’ and I always thought they were crazy! But, turns out the books can be pretty cool after all.

– Aaron, Age 11

Thanks to a recent grant from the UPS Foundation, The Cabbage Patch computer lab will soon have new computers. Additionally, new computers and Rosetta Stone Software have been purchased for the new “Language Lab.” These new computers and software will be used to improve literacy skills for students in Educational Opportunities.

This fall, ACT prep classes were back in full swing. Fourteen Cabbage Patch participants will take the ACT in December. While this will be the first time taking the test for some of these youth, others who have taken it before have worked with The Patch to improve their scores. ACT and college prep classes are one way The Cabbage Patch encourages our participants to pursue their dreams of a higher education.


PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT This fall saw new and returning programs in full swing in Recreation and Youth Development. New programs included “Garden Girls,” Knit Café” and “Women’s Club!”— all aimed at teaching new hobbies and improving self-esteem for girls of all ages.

In September, The Cabbage Patch hosted its first “Open Mic” night to allow children and youth to showcase their talents. When a staff member asked who wanted to start the show, a 10-year-old boy raised his hand first and explained he wanted to share how he felt about The Cabbage Patch:


The Youth Performing Arts School at Manual High School has been connected to The Cabbage Patch since 2010, when Lora Ruttan first taught dance during a summer camp. This fall, Ruttan brought the Master Class from the school to teach the boys and girls at The Cabbage Patch a dance routine. The gym was buzzing with activity as the YPAS students engaged with the kids, and The Cabbage Patchers even took the opportunity to teach these master students a few moves of their own!



Gary Allen Love, a 15-year employee at Ford Motor Company, a student earning his degree in education, and father of four, is living proof of The Patch’s mission to “profoundly change lives.” At the young age of 11, The Cabbage Patch captured his heart and made a lasting impact on his life. “The first time I visited The Patch I was hooked,” Gary said. “From that day on whenever the doors were open, I would be there. I went to The Patch consistently for more than seven years.” The programs and services offered at The Cabbage Patch kept Gary busy. “During my time at The Patch I played basketball, softball, and participated in model car club with Mr. Chin,” he said. “During the summer The Patch became my home since I attended almost every camp they offered. The staff really loved every kid as their own.”

The Cabbage Patch taught Gary how to become a better team player in life, and through the relationships built, he learned the true meaning of love and friendship. “The Patch will always have a place in my heart because of the friendships I had and continue to have today. The friendships I developed during my time at The Patch are still some of my strongest. Those relationships were instrumental in my development.” When Gary attended The Cabbage Patch, a theme consistently discussed was “Winning for Life.” As an adult, Gary said the phrase has taken on a whole new meaning. “As a child I thought being a winner meant you had the best job and the biggest house, but as I matured, winning for life means trying to be a better person than I was the day before and trying to be a role model to my kids like the role models I had at The Cabbage Patch.”


The Need is Real It’s been an incredible year at The Cabbage Patch. Every afternoon, our hallways and classrooms are filled with children and youth actively participating in on-going programs and building relationships with caring staff and volunteers committed to helping them realize their full potential. At the time this newsletter went to print, we were very close to raising the $900,000 needed to receive a $300,000 Challenge Grant from the James Graham Brown Foundation and pay off nearly all the costs of our Room to Grow Campaign. With the end of the capital campaign in sight, we turn our focus to the Annual Fund, which is projected to run a deficit for the third year in a row. Mostly due to reduced distributions from our endowments, we’ve faced significant challenges in this current economic cycle. Through the guidance and leadership of our hard-working board, we’ve made cuts and trims where we can, taking special care to keep programs strong. The need is very real. Please make a generous gift prior to 12/31/12. The children of The Cabbage Patch need your help to blossom. As we draw closer to years end, it is not too late for you to make a difference in the life of Travon, Jasmine, Nick, and Nora. With your help, they can know the doors of The Cabbage Patch are open each day, welcoming them and providing opportunities to help them succeed.

J. Tracy Holladay Executive Director



BEING DOERS OF THE WORD Through the continued support of community churches, The Cabbage Patch is able to meet the needs of at-risk children and their families, especially during the holidays. Thank you to the following local churches who lend special assistance to make the holidays a little brighter for families in need. For almost eight years, Christ Church United Methodist members have taken Cabbage Patch Families shopping for winter coats and prepared Thanksgiving baskets for families in need. Continuing a history of volunteerism to The Cabbage Patch, members of Harvey Brown Presbyterian Church also take Cabbage Patch families shopping and provide Christmas baskets each year.

The connection between Second Presbyterian Church and The Cabbage Patch dates back over 100 years to our Founder, Louise Marshall. For decades, members have sponsored Patch families through Christmas shopping and Christmas Baskets. This year, as they have for many years, St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church adopted nine families in need, providing gifts and gift cards to cover the cost of food for the Christmas holiday.

In 2012, Southeast Christian Church continued its support of The Cabbage Patch, donating to the food pantry each month and providing a monthly meal for Patch Parents. Southeast Christian members have also helped beautify The Cabbage Patch and provided on-going support for Recreation and Youth Development programs.

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In October, Cabbage Patch volunteer Kate Holwerk was awarded a WLKY Bell Award. Each year, the Bell Awards are distributed to members of the community “who have shown the true ‘Spirit of Louisville’ through unselfish, humanitarian service.” Since 2007, Kate has donated more than 1,781 hours of her time to inspiring the children of The Cabbage Patch to reach their full potential. Kate is also the 8th Cabbage Patch Volunteer to receive a Bell Award. We congratulate and thank her for her extraordinary service. Past Bell Award Winners from The Cabbage Patch 1993

Judy Barcus


Steve Coffman


Lyle Browning


Julie Rowell


Don Calvert


Lea Fischbach


Denis Stewart


Kate Holwerk

Volunteer Superstars Throughout the year, The Cabbage Patch takes time to recognize our hard-working volunteers. This fall, we proudly recognized five volunteer “Superstars” who have contributed more than 100 hours of their time over the past six months to The Cabbage Patch. We thank them for their dedication and devotion to profoundly changing the lives of at-risk children and families.

“2012 Superstars” Leslie Ellis • Judy Buckler • Lea Fischbach • Kate Holwerk • Kara Carmichael


Annual Cabbage Patch Auction



Jaquail Fowler struggled to adjust to the small, private college he attended on a basketball scholarship. He was ready to drop out, but being a Cabbage Patch College Scholar, staff members intervened, convincing Jaquail to finish his freshman year. He transferred to Bluegrass Community College, learned how to study and raised his GPA significantly. Jaquail then transferred to the University of Kentucky, where he is now majoring in kinesiology and plans become a physical therapist. Thanks to the generosity of more than 250 guests, the Ninth Annual Cabbage Patch Auction raised more than $100,000 to support programs and services that profoundly change the lives of 1,000-1,200 at-risk children and their families annually. More than $60,000 of the funds you helped raise directly support the Educational Opportunities Program and our College Scholars. These programs provide primary and secondary school tutoring, as well as enrichment programs and scholarship aid for 15-20 young adults like Jaquail. In addition to financial assistance for tuition, board and books, The Cabbage Patch provides emotional and spiritual support to our College Scholars through regular on-campus visits, emails, and phone calls.

The Cabbage Patch thanks the following individuals and businesses for their sponsorship support of the Ninth Annual Cabbage Patch Auction:

Bill & Rosalee Faris


The Cabbage Patch extends our gratitude to the following individuals who will rotate off the Board of Directors at the end of 2012. We thank them their years of service and support of The Patch.

Anita Barbee

Frances Scholtz

Howard Dohrman

William Blackford

Steve Smith

With 54-teams, Signature Holes, VIP opportunities, Food, Fun and so much more, this 3rd annual miniature golf event is one you won’t want to miss!

Putt fore The Patch April 17, 2013 Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center Sponsorships & Team Sales Available Now Contact Cathy Wachtel at 502.753.4427 or


HONORARIUMS & MEMORIALS Our thanks to the following donors who made gifts to The Cabbage Patch Settlement House in honor or memory of others July 1—October 31, 2012.


in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Anderson, III Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Robinson in memory of Ms. Olene Woods Bailey Sandra D. Bailey and Clarence Woods in memory of Mrs. Judith D. Brown Dewey and Lee Spong in memory of Mr. Donald D. Buchanan Mrs. Karen K. Buchanan Susan Buchanan Robert and Sarah McDade in memory of Alex J. Burch Burch Associates, Inc. Regina Burch in memory of Mr. James W. Chandler Roxanne Faye James in memory of Mr. Roosevelt Chin Bill and Jane Flanigan in memory of Mrs. Patricia Cole Maude and Walt Baker Nancy and Stuart Billington Greg and Catherine Cimino Mrs. William B. Clemmens Mr. Charles H. Coddington Patricia Cozine Mr. and Mrs. David W. Duhe Mrs. Victor H. Engelhardt Dr. and Mrs. Henry T. Fairleigh Ms. Sandra A. Frazier Ed Garber and Sharon Lamb Marti Glyer Ms. Suzanne G. Hammel Mr. Scott Hayworth Ms. Kathy Klopp Dianne Laffoon and Joseph Laffoon Ms. Louise J. Lear Louisville Chapter of A.N.G. Mr. Charles H. Moore, II Ms. Elizabeth Schaaf Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation Staff Mr. Michael Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Latham Speiden Samye and Darryl Stith Mary and Bill Stone Mr. and Mrs. William W. Thomason, Jr. Frank and Carolyn Warnock Mrs. Edith M. Wells in memory of Mr. Jim Crivits Dr. and Mrs. Bob M. DeWeese in memory of Mr. Andrew Denning Ms. Patricia Hill David and Sandra Schardein in memory of Dr. John C. Diebold Family of John Diebold in memory of Mr. Jeffrey L. Fulkerson Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Fulkerson in memory of Mrs. Mary Pat Garvey Rose Lowry-Duke in memory of Charles and Peggy Greenwood Jack & Ruth Teeple in memory of Bunch S. Griffin Ms. Eleanor Griffin

in honor of Mr. William D. Grubbs Alden Donor Fund in memory of Eleanor Lee Collins Hardy Tom & Janet Raderer in memory of Mr. Robert D. Logan Mrs. Nancy Campbell in memory of Paul Vernon Lucas Ms. Gayle K. Froelich in memory of Mr. Jerry L. Matthews Ms. Ingrid I. Callaway Fifth Third Bank Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Strange in memory of Helen C. McCafferty John & Carolyn Moses

Caroline M. Ewing Patty, Brad & Sarah Farnsworth Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Fischer, Jr. Good Shepherd School Good Shepherd School, 1st Grade Class Mrs. Lee Graham Mrs. John B. Gray Mr. and Mrs. William W. Hancock Mrs. Jo Ann Haney Mrs. Mary Dan Haney Mrs. Janice P. Harkess Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Helm Rev. and Mrs. J. Tracy Holladay Ms. Julie H. Howell

in memory of Sylvia H. McDonough Mr. John A. McDonough in memory of Katherine Merrell Charlotte Walford in memory of Ruthie Morris Dorothy C. Warren in memory of Mr. Shirley W. Palmer-Ball W. Fred Booker Thames Palmer-Ball in memory of Mrs. Thames Palmer-Ball Dr. and Mrs. Joe F. Arterberry Maude and Walt Baker Bob and Martha Ball W. Fred Booker Mrs. Barbara Brewer Lucy Button Ms. Kathryn D. Christopherson Mr. and Mrs. Tim Depenbrock Bob Durham and Families Roger Durham Mrs. Victor H. Engelhardt Ida Thames Walker Eranz

Mrs. Dorothy Krause Judy and Steven Lippmann Dorothy S. Mahon Nancy Walker Marchal Mr. Henry R. Martin Linda and Scotty McArthur Ms. Mary McCormick Ms. Rebecca McCrocklin Ms. Jean Miller Lynn and Karen Ogden Ms. Janet O’Malley Helen Palmer-Ball Mr. and Mrs. Junius W. Prince, III Mrs. John S. Rankin Mr. and Mrs. Calvert Roszell Grace Walker Sanders Mrs. Betty H. Schwartzel Mr. and Mrs. David T. Stosberg Ms. Rita Stosberg Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Strickler, III Ms. Bertha M. Timmel Ms. Adele M. Vinsel

Henry A. Walker, III Mrs. Edith M. Wells Julie Durham White in memory of Dr. Victor L. Priebe Maude and Walt Baker Mrs. John B. Gray in memory of Mrs. Juanita H. Record Ms. Karen R. Duncan Jacob Elementary Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Santos, Sr. Steve and Linda Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Tillett in honor of Mr. Jeff Roberts Mr. David Winfrey in memory of Mr. Charles J. Scholtz Mike Scholtz in memory of Mr. Dennis R. Schrecker Kenneth and Yvonne Hodge Mrs. Linda L. Schrecker in memory of Mrs. Sug Schusterman Brad and Carla Sue Broecker in memory of Mrs. Martha Jane Shaw Mrs. John S. Rankin Mrs. Edith M. Wells in memory of Mr. Raymond O. Sommers Maude and Walt Baker in memory of Mrs. Clare Marshall Stover Mrs. Lida C. Parker in memory of Mr. Edward R. Swartz Martha A. Swartz in memory of Mr. David S. Talbott Mrs. Edith M. Wells in honor of Mrs. Phyllis Ward Mrs. Stefi N. Chilton in memory of Mr. Steven W. Ware Dr. and Mrs. Bob M. DeWeese in memory of Ellen Watkins Edie and Mary Peyton Wells in memory of Mrs. Barbara Watson Peggy Kearns in memory of Mr. Y. Peyton Wells, III Bette Tague McCord in memory of Mrs. Polly Williams Dan and Bunny Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Brad M. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Jackson M. Andrews, IV Mr. Bill Andriot Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Arensman Mr. and Mrs. G. Breaux Ballard, III Lee and Vic Baltzell Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Barr Brooke Beadle Peggy and Bob Beale Nancy and Stuart Billington Bill and Weasy Blodgett Anne Bohne Mr. Gary Bockhorst, Sr. Roy and Ann Bowling Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Brown Ms. Laura Lee Brown and Mr. Steve Wilson Mr. Martin Brown, Jr.

Ms. Susan Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Brown Brown-Forman Corporation Elizabeth and Patrick Bruenderman Mrs. Richard T. Burke Allen Bush and Rose Cooper Ms. Nancy Bush Mr. William H. Camp, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William P. Carrell, Sr. Will and Kathy Cary Cassidy Turley Harry K. Moore Ms. Barbara B. Castleman Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clark, IV Mrs. Nina Claytor Linda and Shaver Collins Barrie Blazer Conner Mrs. Chenault Conway Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Conway Jim and Mary Crain Mr. and Mrs. William S. Creason, Sr. Margaret S. Cregor and Cyrus S. Radford Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cummins Linda and Gordon Dabney Betsy & Rob Dalton Rebecca Daubert Ms. Callie Davis Caroline and Bill Davis Matt & Katherine Davis Mr. and Mrs. W. Garrett Dering Mr. L. D. Deters, Jr. and Ms. Penny Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dieruf Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Dohrman Mr. Robby Doll Ducks Unlimited Shirley Stark Engelhardt Mrs. Victor H. Engelhardt Caroline M. Ewing Mr. Matthew Fadel Mrs. Glenda Ford Mrs. Jean W. Frazier Ms. Sandra A. Frazier Elizabeth Freeman Ed and Debbie Galloway Dana German Mr. and Mrs. Sloane Graff, III Craig and Merrell Grant Mrs. Ann M. Grant Dr. Edward C. Graves Mrs. John B. Gray Louise Gray Mr. and Mrs. Orn Gudmundsson, Sr. Ms. Sandal H. Gulick Ken and Angela Hagan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hardesty Sara & Jim Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Helm Ms. Barbara O. Henlein Frances Heyburn Ms. Louise F. Hickox Kim & Brandon Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Randall Hockensmith Becca & Chris Hodshon Rev. and Mrs. J. Tracy Holladay Linda Crump John and Cathy Hollander Nancy and John Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Hume Anne Izard Ms. Barbara K. Jackson The Rev. Helen Jones

Mr. and Mrs. S. Paul Jones Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Kannapell Sarah & Paul Keith Ms. Lynne G. Kelly Rob and Laura King Ms. Patricia T. Kirchdorfer Mr. and Mrs. John S. Kirwan, Jr. Mrs. Philip M. Lanier Gary and Betsy Lavin Lawnco

Dietrich Parker Mrs. Patrice E. Paton Ms. Dorothy S. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Peter PNC Wealth Management Dr. and Mrs. C. Ray Potts Mona and Rick Powell Power Women Investing Julie & Jay Price Mr. and Mrs. Junius W. Prince, III

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Walker & Family Mrs. Louise R. Wall Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Wall, IV Carita Warner (Saturday Tennis Group) Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Waterfill Mrs. Mary M. Webb Edie, Caroline and Mary Peyton Wells Skip and Diane Werkmeister Mr. and Mrs. William F. West Norma Wiebe (Saturday Tennis Group) Ms. Lynn Wilkerson Ms. Karen Wunderlin Sara Wynkoop (Saturday Tennis Group) Bob and Nicki Yann in honor of Mr. David Y. Wood Alden Donor Fund The Community Foundation of Louisville

Special Occasion Recognition Gifts:

Mr. and Mrs. Cordell Lawrence, Jr. Mrs. Laurie Logan Mr. and Mrs. Hunter G. Louis Ann and Ray Lovelace Robin Lyninger Mr. and Mrs. Stanley K. MacDonald Ann and Grier Martin Mrs. Richard Mascarich (Saturday Tennis Group) Mr. and Mrs. Mark I. McCallum Charles (Mac) and Tori Murden McClure Sally and Wes McConnell Mr. Patrick McGinnis Mr. Ted Merhoff

Ms. Inez B. Merritt Gina Metzmeier Mr. Tom Meyer Ms. Eleanor B. Miller Dr. and Mrs. George P. Miller Mr. and Mrs. James S. Monohan, Jr. Ms. M. Elizabeth Monohan Moore Jewelry Carolina Murray Ms. Caroline Nugent Nugent Sand Company Ms. Martha Ormsby Mark and Karla Overdyk Elizabeth and Doug Owen Mrs. Joanne Owen Owsley Brown Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Ragan Mr. Kenneth Reutlinger, Jr. Mrs. Towns Richardson Mike and Cary Ricketts Mr. and Mrs. Calvert Roszell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ruch Mr. William S. Ruch Mr. and Mrs. William O. Rudd Mr. E. P. Rutledge Barbara and Halsey Sandford Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Schipke Ms. Lee H. Schmid Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Schoening Ronald and Kit Schultz John & Lynne Scott Will Scott Martha N. Selden Mr. Charles F. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle G. Spalding Mr. and Mrs. Lew Spears Mr. and Mrs. Latham Speiden Bill and Mary Stone Mr. and Mrs. Andy Stottman Mr. and Mrs. John Stough, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Strange, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Strickler, III Mr. and Mrs. Tony Swindall Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Thomas Margy and Preston Thomas Ms. Alice D. Thompson Sarah and Tom Thornton Katherine Tichenor (Saturday Tennis Group) Mrs. Ellen M. Timmons Willy Trible Mr. Thomas Tucker Mrs. Bonnie Turner Elizabeth L. Turner Ms. Mollie Turner Elizabeth Tyrrell (Saturday Tennis Group) Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Vaughan

for the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Davis Mrs. Bettie Watson in honor of 100th Birthday of the English Baptist Church James and Virginia Harrington for the birthday of Dr. Susan King Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. King for the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kummer Tom & Janet Raderer in honor of the birthday of Ms. Mary Lou Merritt Rose Lowry-Duke for the birthday of Mary Cronan Oppel Jim and Eleanor Oppel for the birthday of Mrs. Patrice E. Paton Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Allen for the 50th Birthday of Ms. Jennifer Scott Mr. and Mrs. George Bauernfeind Ms. Katherine M. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Dickman Shannon and Mark Doyle Bob Horton Mr. and Mrs. John L. Smart for the birthday of Ms. Elizabeth Speed Ward Carolyn Siler Browning Mr. Calvin R. Pinney for the birthday of Mrs. Phyllis Ward Carolyn Siler Browning Mr. Calvin R. Pinney

All gifts are deeply appreciated. If through an error any names were omitted, please accept our apology. Please contact The Cabbage Patch so that the appropriate corrections can be made.


The Cabbage Patch is a local charity meeting the needs of local at-risk children and families. Because The Cabbage Patch is not a Metro United Way agency and chooses not to participate in funding streams that can create dependency, such as government grants, we must rely on individual donors, like you, to finance our programs. Won’t you please help by giving generously? 1413 SOUTH SIXTH STREET LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 40208 CABBAGEPATCH.ORG 502.634.0811

President: Rob Crady, III Immediate Past President: Mark Pfeifer, M.D. Treasurer: George Bauernfeind Secretary: Anita Barbee, Ph.D. Sid Anderson, III James G. Beard Mike Bell William M. Blackford, IV Mary Beth Boehnlein James E. Brown Ken Coulter, Jr. Howard Dohrman Felisha Dowdy Bill Faris Charlie Farnsley Lea Fischbach Cynthia B. Frentz Melissa Gernert James A. Giesel Kim Glass Gregory S. Haus

Robert L. Horton Walt Kunau Emily Lawrence Douglas H. Owen, III Amy Russell Frances M. Scholtz Steven Smith Chip Snyder Edie Wells Patty West Yandell Wood Board Member Emeritus Ted Merhoff Executive Director The Rev. J. Tracy Holladay Printing by Publishers Printing Company

Stumped by what gift to give the “person who has everything” this Christmas? Give the gift of hope to an at-risk child at The Cabbage Patch by giving a gift in honor of a loved one, teacher, or friend. When you make a gift of $20 or more to The Cabbage Patch by December 17, we will send a card designed by a child in our art program to your honoree. What better way to spread Hope, Love and Joy in this holiday season?


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2012 PatchWorks Winter Newsletter  
2012 PatchWorks Winter Newsletter