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By Betty Desire, The Betty Pages

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By Bridget Adams

102 Years of Sky to Sea Hollywood & Bollywood Vs Independance By Bishoo Vrischik

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Miss Betty Desire has been entertaining anyone who would listen in Bellingham for nearly 10 years, and is proprietor of The Betty Pages, the monthly publication that you are reading at this very moment. It is her hope that your perusal of the Betty Pages will enrich your life one chuckle at a time. Writer Bridget Adams currently resides in Washington State but that is always subject to change. Lucky enough to be a full-time, if poor, writer, she is most likely somewhere in front of her computer with a cup of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Queer Film Historian Bichoo Vrishchik (Scorpio Scorpion) has published in Film Quarterly Sight and Sound, International Film Guide, Filmfare, Youth Times, and Manshots. With a BA from Pacific Lutheran College (1959) and a MA from San Francisco State College (1968), he has also taught film at Western Washington University. Naomi graduated Whatcom Community College with an Associates in Visual Communications -Graphic Design but prefers more hands on tinkering such as wire craft & random projects (of which she has many still to finish). She believes that everyone has a right to pursue their happiness as long as it doesn’t harm others

Staff Photographer John Phillip, after 40+ years of television production work John has settled down in B’ham to semi retirement. He now drives late night shuttle for WWU and has revised his love of photography. His education touched on Theology, pre-med, law enforcement, fire protection engineering and film production. John likes to keep broad horizons.  “Don’t Dream It, Be It”

The Bellingham Alternative Library is an educational cooperative and lending library which is run by and for its members. We work to support any manifestation of a counter-culture and maintain a space free of oppression. Open Tuesday-Saturday: Noon-5:00pm & 306 Flora St. Bellingham, WA 98225

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Betty’s Corner Betty Desire, The Betty Pages

May is here and with it flowers and blossoms and beauty everywhere, but with the beauty comes weeds and crabgrass. Consider the antics of Republican State Senator Sharon Brown from Kennewick. She and 9 of her Senate cohorts have introduced a bill that would “allow businesses the right to deny services or goods if they felt doing so was contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, or matters of conscience. This bill would not apply to people protected from discrimination by Federal law such as race or religious preference....who does that leave? You guessed it! “The Gays! Senator Brown says she wants to protect people and religious organizations from legal persecution. She says “there is a glaring lack of protection for religion in State law” Really? Citizens of Kennewick will you please explain why you send this woman to represent you in Olympia? Do the majority of you actually agree with her?

This all stems from a lawsuit against a florist in Richland who refused to sell flowers to long time patrons of her store because the flowers were for that gay couples wedding. Washington State added sexual orientation to its civil rights statute in 2006 meaning that it is against Washington State law to refuse to sell goods to someone based solely on their sexual orientation. Even though marriage is legal for same sex couples in Washington the florist in Richland doesn’t want her flower arrangements to be a part of a ceremony she doesn’t believe in. She will sell to her gay patrons if the flowers are for the dining room table but not if they are for their wedding. Really? Remember this gay male couple WERE long time customers of hers. If your a Gay and your shopping there will you have to sign an affidavit stating that the lavender begonias you are purchasing are for the sitting room and not an alter? Will you have to swear that the tulips you purchase are for a dinner party and not a wedding reception? Why does it matter how the flowers sold are used? There are Pagans in Richland. Oh yes there are! Are they going to be refused flowers? Wait no they will be protected from that because Paganism is a Federally protected Religious choice. It’s just the Gays who will have to shop somewhere else, if there is somewhere else. There are those in our community who are saying drop the lawsuit and go to another florist shop in Richland for your wedding flowers I say no. If you are going to sell to the public in this state you must not discriminate period.

OK enough about weeds and crabgrass let’s talk beauty! Ski to Sea is upon us! Read about it here in the Betty Pages. I will be walking with PFLAG in the grand parade. I am so looking forward to the festivities! Catch me at the block party....I think I will decorate Taylor’s bike for the kids parade on Saturday the 18th It is wonderful to live in an accepting inclusive city. We are spoiled here you know. I am proud to be numbered among the ‘hamsters! Take care all!

Betty Desire

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

This bill to legalize refusal to sell goods and services based on “religious belief, philosophical belief, or matters of conscience won’t get a hearing unless a special session is called, which seems very likely. Here are the names of the other Senators who have signed on to this bill Janea Holmquist Newbry, Mike Hewitt, Jim Honeyford, Don Benton, Barbara Bailey, Mike Padden, John Braun, John Smith, Ann Rivers, and Linda Evans Parlette. If you live in their district let this “gang of 10 ”know you are paying attention don’t let them water down Washington’s civil rights law by pandering to radical fundamentalist Christian businessmen. When I buy goods from a store what I do with the items after I leave that store is none of the shopkeepers concern.


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In The Mix Bridget Adams

Until next month, Poppets, take care of you – and each other.

102 Years of Ski to Sea

2013 marks the 102nd anniversary of what is now known as The Ski to Sea Race. Unlike today's race, comprised of teams and individual relay sections, from 1911 to 1913 the race from the mountain to town was an individual competition, The first race was won by Joe Galbraith who completed the it in a car driven by Hugh Diehl finishing in 12hrs and 28 minuet.(does Diehl Ford ring a bell?) the most interesting tale of that first race was the misfortunes of Harvey Haggard. According to the Bellingham Herald account of the time Harvey was the first racer off the Mountain a full 40 minuets ahead of his nearest competitor. He boarded the special train that would take him back to Bellingham which meant the other racers would have to find another way to town. Exhausted, Harvey striped naked for a soothing rubdown then as the train rumbled around a corner in Maple Falls a mammoth Red Bull exploded from the underbrush and stood right in front of the oncoming train. The collision was a dandy; the train derailed and the coach car flipped up and over yet no one was hurt. Harvey was pulled out of the wreck a bit shaken and decidedly naked. Standing up the resilient 20 year old declared I'm alright but I am afraid I've lost the race. none the less he donned his clothes and hitched a ride with a passing horse and buggy. By the time Harvey reached Maple Falls, he had to be lifted out of the buggy and on to the back of a waiting Horse which galloped at breakneck speed to a car waiting in Kendal. Unfortunately the horse took one look at the automobile and froze with fright. Harvey flew over the Pony's head and landed in a heap. His driver picked him up and put him in to the car and raced to Bellingham. They arrived back at the Chamber of Commerce at 11am to the cheers of an astounded crowd,who passed the hat and raised $50 for the persevering racer. The chamber added another $30, and Glacier and Maple Falls threw in a whopping $100 dollars. (health care was much less expensive in 1911) and Harvey was crowned King of Glacier.. Harvey won the race in 1912, perseverance pays off! After the race of 1913 won by Paul Westerlund, the event went dormant until it was revived in its present form in 1966. Hopefully this year won't involve train wrecks and frightened horses! I talked to Erica Duncan about this years festivities and she said “If you are new to the area the best place to be is at the finish line in Marine Park in Fairhaven at the end of Harris Street” There is a Block Party at Boundary Bay Brewery on Friday May 24 but you will need to get there early because it fills up fast that event starts at 5pm. Don't miss the Grand Parade at noon Saturday May 25th and remember the “kiddie “ parade on Saturday May 18th There are so many activities the whole week that the best thing to do is to visit the ski to sea website. Our drag organization has it's King and Queen of the Sea's Pageant that weekend as well much to do so little time!

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

In case you hadn’t noticed, Poppets, I have been silent recently on samesex marriage. There’s a reason for that. If you’ve been reading my articles for any length of time, you know I am a proponent of marriage equality. I’m a proponent of all kinds of equality, have even written about marriage equality here before, which is why I think many people have been confused by my recent silence. First, let me say that I am still in favor of marriage equality. The benefits that will be bestowed upon couples once we acknowledge this basic right are vital. They are indeed rights, which means the debate should be moot, because humans cannot bestow rights on other humans; they simply exist. So, no, I haven’t changed my mind about marriage equality and still believe in it. Strongly. But here’s the thing – I am distressed and angry over how all-encompassing it has become. Just as I have written about my support of marriage equality, I have also written of my anger over the fact that we, as a community, cannot seem to stay focused long enough to care about anything else. To change anything else. We weren’t able to support McDonald’s or JC Penney when they supported us. Why should I have faith we can stay focused on everything else beyond marriage equality that still needs to happen. Because there is so much else that still needs to happen. Marriage equality will not end bullying in schools. Will not protect people from being fired, or evicted, or beaten. Will not prevent parents from disowning their LGBTQ children. Will not keep parents from losing custody in divorce proceedings. Will not address the homelessness faced by LGBTQ youth. Will not allow transgendered men and women to be respected as their correct gender, regardless of the bodies they were born into. Marriage equality would not have even prevented the man who was arrested

last month for refusing to leave his partner’s hospital room. They each had the other’s medical power of attorney. Legally, he was the person who was supposed to be making those decisions anyway, married or not. He was still arrested. Tell me again how important marriage equality is? Now, Poppets, I want to be wrong. I want this to be the first step. I want us to achieve this goal and rally around the next one. I want this to be the issue that unites us, that actually makes us the community we claim to be. And if that is how it works, I will stand on every mountaintop I can find and shout that I was wrong. Okay. Maybe that’s a bit melodramatic. I will, however, step up and announce it here. With great happiness. I just don’t think I’m going to be wrong. I think – I fear – we are going to get this milestone and then...forget. We will have gotten what we wanted and we will move on, without much thought to the bullies, or the employers, or the landlords, or the parents. To the LGBTQ people who really haven’t been able to think about marriage because they were trying to get by day to day. Every now and then, we will change our facebook avatars so we can feel good about ourselves, but this level of engagement? This level of commitment? I don’t believe we will keep it up. Life and death. Legal recognition. Basic human dignity. Respect. The ability to put food on our family’s tables. Rally around these issues, Poppets. Rally around them the way we’ve rallied around marriage. Children are dying, bullied to the point of suicide, and even flat out murdered. Tell me again how important marriage equality is? Look, I’m not saying marriage isn’t important. I’m not. I believe it is. We just cannot let it be the only important thing, the most important thing. Let’s use it as a first step, a really solid starting point. And then let’s get things done. We can do this, Poppets. Prove me wrong. Please.


Hollywood & Bollywood VS. Independance - A GAY FILM BIBLIOGRAPHY Bishoo Vrischik

Onir however feels “disillusioned”: “Despite winning a National Award, I don’t think I will ever make a film like I AM [qv] again. “Selling the films to studios, finding exhibitors, distributors, channels have really left a bitter taste... Be it women or people from a particular region, everyone is stereotyped here. Mainstream cinema mocks all kinds of minority.” Madhur Bhandarkar, director of the gayfriendly PAGE 3 (2005) and FASHION (2008) claims. “I think it’s a scenario changing for the better.” Indian actors who have portrayed gays in Hindi films, if you want to check them out on Wikepedia, include Irfan Khan, Rahul Bose, Purab Kohli, Sanjay Suri, Harsh Chhaya, Sameer Soni, Saquib Saleem and Randeep Hooda.

*       *        *

But things are changing more quickly in independent, short, documentary and regional Indian film. Here are notes on nine Indian films shown at the 2013 Bangalore Queer Film Festival. Rich Hushing’s LOVE SONGS, a documentary conversation, deals with “certain uncertainties,” including queerness, in human relationships. Oliver Husain’s ITEM NUMBER (qv) is that song and dance by one man and

three women in identical pastel green dresses with matching umbrellas. Pradipta Ray’s RAAT BAKI (THE REST OF THE NIGHT) tells delightful tales of three couples, only one of them straight, getting together for one evening and ‘raat baaki’. Rankaj Gupta’s CAN YOU SEE THE REAL ME is a short documentary on the cross-dressing hair stylist Sylvie. Sankhajit Gupta’s IN-BETWEEN DAYS, a 59-minute documentary on two transgender friends in Kolkata, made me wish I’d spent more time studying queer Kolkata life, so less refined and more earthy it is than Rituparno Ghosh’s gay features. In Diana Morris’ LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED three gay women discuss and approach the coming Apocalypse. Nicholas Grandi’s SNARKY BAUDELAIRE is nine minutes of experimental poetry-film, a collaboration between the director and the poet Joshua Muyiwa. Also, from the U.S, Fawzia Mirza and Ryan Logan’s three-minute THE QUEEN OF MY DREAMS deconstructs Shakti Samanta’s Hindi film ARADHANA (WORSHIP, 1969) as Mirza’s lesbian fantasy, intercutting shots from that film with newer, queerer footage. Arshad Khan’s TAMASO MAA JYOTIR GAMAYA (FROM DARKNESS, LEAD ME TO LIGHT) is a too-fashionable, unintentionally hilarious lesbian tail involving family honor and death by an irate brother. (A woman in front of me complained about the actresses in this one, “They couldn’t possibly be lesbians. Their fingernails are too long.” Later, at another festival the two actresses, one in black leather and the other in more femme attire, confirmed that the fingernails were indeed a blooper.) Santhosh Souparnika’s ARDHANAARI, 111 minutes, is a sort of Malayali SHAMNAM MOUSI (AUNTY DAWN, qv) with a bigger budget, much hijra lore, and too many soap opera complications. The late Thilakan, a popular South Indian character actor, drew applause from the queer Bangalore audience, as the leader of a group of hijras. And then there is Rohan Kanawade’s LONELY WALLS, in Marathi. When his wife dies a gay father finds it difficult to keep his hands off his fully-grown gay son. Trying to befriend the son, the father gifts him an expensive camera and suggests the son invite his friends over for a drunken birthday party. Late that night, the lonely son asks to sleep with the father, who has not come out to his son. The father is unable to restrain himself. The next morning, the son’s reaction is extremely negative. He soon returns the expensive camera and announces that his employer has transferred him to Delhi. In a voice-over, the father acknowledges that the son himself undoubtedly asked for the transfer. The father is left alone, unable to trace his former lover, without his son or wife, regretting that one drunken night with his son. At thirty-eight minutes in black and white, this is the only gay Indian film that I know that also involves incest, and it does not make sexuality a laughing matter. Nor does it not solve a problem that may be more widely spread in India than generally acknowledged. And then things get complicated. Danny’s short film, JUDAS KISS, has the same script as the identically titled film that won Zach the same contest years ago, when Zach himself was known as Danny

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

Sony Pictures Los Angeles’ “studio mogul” Amy Pascal recently suggested, “How about next time when any of us are reading a script and it says words like fag, faggot, homo, dyke -- take a pencil and just cross it out. “Can’t we depict men and women who just so happen to be gay -- perhaps a lawyer or soldier or business executive or scientist or engineer.” And, writes Aakanksha Naval-Shetye, in “’Gay’teway to Bollywood!” in DNA (DAILY NEWS AND ANALYSIS, Mumbai, 28/3/13) “things are as bad, if not worse in Bollywood.” Recently in Karan Johar’s STUDENT OF THE YEAR (2012), at the fictional St. Teresa College (a sort of glorified Riverdale High, as in ARCHIE COMICS), Rishi Kapoor as the dean kept a photo of John Abraham (qv) in his room and and lusted after Coach Shah (Ronit Roy) to amuse the audience. To columnist Rajeev Masand, “Many of our films legitimize gay slurs [by] making [gay] sexuality the laughing matter.” Trade analyst Komal Nehta agrees, “One almost always expects a man with alternate sexuality to be effeminate with peculiar mannerisms, which is not really the case. “A segment of the industry might feel that by depicting such characters in their films they have actually brought them out of the closet. This is not completely untrue. [But why] can’t it be the hero’s hunky best friend who happens to be gay and not be the laughing stock of the buddy group?” Directors Onir and Rituparno Ghosh (qv) “are making changes,” while actress Shabana Azmi (who kissed actress Nanita Das in Deepa Mehta’s FIRE, qv) believes, “it’s when you can laugh at someone without offending them that’s real maturity... But at least they’ve been spared malice in our films.”

Continued on Page 11

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A Gay Film Bibliography continued tary Feature of 2012. It lost to Malik Benjelloul’s SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN; none of these three documentaries are available as of this writing from Film Is Truth, but I assume they may be soon.       *      *      * BQFF 2013 also presented nine Indian films, including Oliver Husain’s 16-minute ITEM NUMBER, a satirical song-and-dance by one man and three women in pastel green dresses with matching umbrellas, and six films from neighboring countries(qv), including the 2-hour documentary on Chinese drag queen Madame Bi Langda, Qiu Jiongiong’s MADAME (2010). From it I learned that even in China enormous wigs will make a large face look smaller, but that then 20-centimeter heels are needed to keep the performer from looking like a midget. Also, smoking on stage can add to a drag queen’s melancholy mood. There were also two documentaries from Africa, Chris Belloni’s I AM GAY AND MUSLIM from Morocco, and Katherine Fairfax Wright and Malika Zouhali-Worrall’s CALL ME KUCHU (2012), on the fight to keep homosexuality from being a capital offense in Uganda. David Kato, an avowed ‘kucho’ (homosexual) fought against this bill in this heavily Americanized evangelical Christian country until he was murdered, before the film was complete. (More recently, a Ugandan evangelical has accused Barack Obama of being gay, following Obama’s positive comments on gay marriage.) But the centerpiece, or at least the closing film of BQFF, was a seedy yet surprisingly hopeful fantasy of filth from the Philippines, Khavn De La Cruz’s MONDOMANILA (2010). Coke is snorted, money is stolen, young boys sell themselves, roasted rats are eaten, lesbian twins “the Cute Cunties” are voyeurized and a one-armed pimp dwarf does handstands, while a pederistic Dr. Pepper plays a Liberaced piano and drums on plastic bottles before he is shot to death in flagrante in a shower by his underage lover’s elder brother -- all followed by a happy song-and-dance featuring the entire cast, including the murdered pederast in the shower, covered in blood, one eye out of its socket, with umbrellas (unlike those in the Indian ITEM NUMBER turned inside out) until the central family takes a dip in the ocean and disappears, cleansing us all. This is De La Cruz’s thirty-second digital feature, a co-production (like several of these films), this one with the German company Rapid Eye Movies. Film Is Truth doesn’t have any De Le Cruz films yet, but I’m going to e-mail them as soon as I figure out their complicated e-mail format. You can phone them and ask for any film by an obscure director that you would like.  

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

Reyes. A campus guard, old man Welds (Dale Bower), knowing far more than he should, may act as the original Danny/Zach’s conscience. The new Danny’s father also mysteriously appears, asking junior not to show his film as it involves father-on-son child abuse. Danny Jr. must decide not only whether or not to show the film, but between two lovers, neither of them Zach, but the rich and manipulative Shane Lyons (Tino Descamps) and the more sincere Chris Wachowsky (Sean Paul Lockhart, better known as the underage gay porn star Brent Corrigan, who has previously worked with the Cobra (EVERY POOL BOY’S DREAM), Pink Bird (VELVET MAFIA 1&2), Active Duty (DRAFTED 3), Jet Set Men (GETTING LEVI’S JOHNSON), and (as Fox Ryder) Falcon (THE PORNE ULTIMATUM) studios: there is a book on Lockhart’s role in the murder of Cobra owner Bryan Kocis, Andrew E Stoner and Peter A. Conway’s COBRA KILLER: GAY PORN MURDER (Magnus, 2012). Two rival porn producers eventually received life sentences, having failed in their attempt to free Lockhart from Kocis and make their own use of his talents on screen.) As the final evening of the film competition arrives, the new Danny must make his decisions and the old Danny has to decide whether or not to let the younger win with his plagiarized film. Or, are the two Dannys the same person, separated by time? After the resolution (I hate spoilers, so I won’t spill it) the old Danny returns to Topher Shadoe (i.e., Shadow?), to be told that he, Danny, used to have sex with himself. So the whole film may be a literary or filmic conceit. There are some bare backs in simulated sex scenes; if you want to know that spoiler, you can order JUDAS KISS from Wolfe Video, purveyors of much soft-core gaydom. There were actually sixteen U.S. films at this year’s BQFF, eleven shorts, five documentaries, and two more fiction features. The best feature, Ira Sachs’ KEEP THE LIGHTS ON (2012), already available at Film Is Truth, homages bits of gay film history (Jack Hazan’s 1974 A BIGGER SPLASH, Bill Sherwood’s 1986 PARTING GLANCES) into the writer-director’s semi-autobiographical account of his dysfunctional relationship with a literary agent (now lawyer), ending like Woody Allen’s 1972 ANNIE HALL. The other fiction feature from the U.S., Cary Cronenwett’s MAGGOTS AND MEN (2009) re-configures Sergei Eisenstein’s BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (1925) as a temporary homosocial utopia, its leader in love with another sailor. Casting “female-to-male transgender actors,” Cronenwett attempts to illuminate “the gender revolution taking place in our society.” The two most impressive feature-length documentaries from the U.S were Mark Freeman and Nathaniel Walter-Koh’s TRANSGENDER TUESDAYS (2012), on the first Public Health clinic for transgenders in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district (opened in 1993, it now serves over 1500 patients) and David France’s HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE (2012), two hours of archival material, much of it previously unseen, on the creation and achievements of ACT UP and its splinter group TAG (Treatment Action Group) during the 1990s. HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE was shown on the final afternoon of BQFF, the day before it was up for an Oscar in Hollywood as the Best Documen-


McKay's '4* TapHouse w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

/<+;9/)<+8? .;89*'?! 5)'2 8:/9:9 '4*+2:/);9/) /4*;954:

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McKay's TapHouse

   '9:'62+:8++: â&#x20AC;¢ +22/4-.'3 â&#x20AC;¢  - 


w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

TripMadam - Letting it all hang out Panhandler Bob

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

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When I woke up this morning under the bridge behind Kyoto’s, I didn’t know I was going to spend the afternoon away from collecting cans and panhandling for spare change, to interview the musicians of TripMadam. The life of Bellingham’s homeless is not easy but nothing in that life prepared me for this. I first heard this band while trying to bum cigarettes (a term I take offense to) in front of Tubbs in Downtown Bellingham (by my favorite downtown alley, a category not in the Cascadia weekly’s best of ). I decided then and there that I would finally put my English degree from Western Washington University to work and write about this band. When a week later I ran into a guitarist busking by the horseshoe café by the name of T Slammer, his guitar licks sounded oddly familiar as did his vocals. Later over a brown bag shrouded bottle of whiskey he told me he had been the guitarist for the band I had heard in Tubbs, we spoke about my idea of writing a piece about them and he said he would talk to the band. Local rock band TripMadam has been playing since 2009, but only since November 2012 with their present line up. The band fronted by panty melting singer / Guitarist (Jared) J. Fox, who started the band originally with Ryan (the loveable Meerkat) Holland, who returned after a two year break, Bassist Mike (The Honey Badger) Honeycutt, a fairly recent addition and newest member guitarist and backup vocalist Taylor (T-Slammer) Galley, (who requests we don’t ask how he got his name) replaced Akon/ Aaron Kirby currently of Amish Warfare. They’re hard driving Seattle sound is tempered by there a strange combination of self-deprecating humor and professionalism. “We feed off the energy of the crowd at shows, and they feed off ours on stage. It creates a weird synergistic feedback loop,” says oddly philosophic Taylor (T-Slammer), something that his scruffy long hair and disheveled appearance does its best to mask. Who then launched into a surreal diatribe about Cambodian lady/boys, and freaking out about bras in salad bowls (apparently a problem that comes up often with him?). “We want to take this to the next level!” says front man J Fox. “We’re musicians, it is a calling. It isn’t like we got up and said we want to play music, it is something in us, and we need to do I, we don’t have a choice.” Jared lit a cigarette and leaned forward, “I played with Taylor in another project, Ryan was there in the beginning and Mikey was a happy accident,” he said blowing Mike a kiss. “If I swung that way man, that would have done it for me.” Mike winked back. “I feel like this is where I need to be, these guys are like my dysfunctional family.” “What dyslexic family?” Ryan Manically chimed in. “that’s weird.” “No, dysfunctional, Ryan.” “Oh that makes more sense…. Oh look shiny” Ryan then began playing with the dog near him.

“And that was Ryan,” Mike stated. “I think drummers have to have ADHD.” “What? Me?” Ryan said grinning, looking disturbingly like Quagmire from Family Guy. “Ryan likes shiny things,” said J Fox. “We like to call his condition ADOS which stands for attention deficit oh shiny, he has the attention span of a fruit fly when he isn’t on the drums. It is worse when he is nervous.” The rest of the interview followed along the same lines, with discussions of everything from the possible causes of the loss of the American honey bee populations, the ineptitude of Washington state politicians to develop any real policies for marijuana regulation, to waxing poetic about the inner politics of Bellingham’s’ vagrant community. They plan to be touring this fall, “because we couldn’t get our own reality TV show,” said J Fox. Something I feel is a true loss to the genre, due to the pain in my ribs from interview. Though I think they could only be aired on HBO, or one of the porn networks due to content. Their comedy behind the scenes is completely lost to the fans when they are on stage. The strange dysfunction somehow morphs into a carnival of sound and showmanship, which leaves the crowd panting and damp, with the sheen of post orgasmic sweat. Ryan’s ADHD, makes him a machine of a drummer with a stage personality that seems to be a cross between curious George and Animal from the Muppet Show that the moniker Meerkat seems to fit. Mike the introspective Bassist pounds out his bass lines with his ubiquitous lollipop in his mouth, almost in his own world, his boyish grin the only hint of the pure bliss he feels when on stage. T-Slammer tears up the chords with a mathematical precision that speaks to his classical musical upbringing, and strict self-discipline with all things musical (even if in no other part of his life). J Fox, who seems to be at home in most environments, truly shines on stage as if it is his true habitat. Singing with the soul of a fifties blues musician, but with a Seattle style gravel growl, and evangelical charisma. Their songs though very much their sound which has been said to be similar to Alice in Chains, with a pearl jam like resonance that bellies their Pacific Northwest upbringing. Ballads like Ashes (he wrote for a Indy movie score), and I know (that has a video on their web site) speak to the pain and hope where songs like Love and Bullet and Long Island State of Mind whip up the crowd into a pulsing mass of pumping fists and bouncing heads. I left the flophouse that the band uses in Ferndale as their base of operations, in the steady drizzly mist of April. As I walked through the streets on my way home, in an alcohol induced haze, I reminisced on the events of the past few hours. I relived the music, the stories, and the laughter, took another drag from a rolly I made from the bands butts and realized: my drinking problem had a band.


Community Events “Tribute to David Marshall Exhibit” Sculpture Northwest and the Sculptors’ Society of British Columbia is sponsoring an outdoor sculpture exhibit in Big Rock Garden Park in Bellingham, Washington. Big Rock Garden Park is the city sculpture garden set in 2-1/2 acres of rhododendrons, azaleas and Japanese Maples.  It is beautiful any time of the year but is in full bloom at the time of the opening Thursday, May 9. Big Rock Garden Park has a 32 year history in Bellingham. The City of Bellingham purchased the property from the Drake family 20 years ago. After the city purchased the property a volunteer committee developed the annual sculpture exhibits. Sculpture Northwest, a non-profit organization of individuals committed to the promotion of outdoor sculpture, has received permission of the City of Bellingham Park and Recreation Department to develop a sculpture exhibit for the 2013 season. The 2013 exhibit is a “Tribute to David Marshall”, a Canadian sculptor who died in 2006. David lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was one of the founders of the sculpture exhibits at Big Rock Garden Park and an avid supporter of it as a venue for showing sculpture by Canadian artists. At least 10 of David’s Canadian colleagues are expected to submit works for the tribute exhibit. SEBASTIAN, the great Mexican sculptor with enameled steel works in 27 nations is participating with two works. He will speak at the opening ceremony on May 9. In years past he and David Marshall exchanged exhibits and visits between Mexico City and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In all 35 sculptures will be exhibited in the exhibit in addition to the 36 already in the permanent collection and we guarantee this will be an impressive art event. The Sculpture Northwest web site www.Sculpture feature the artists showing works in the “Tribute to David Marshall” sculpture exhibit.

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For additional information contact: Al Zimmerman - Sculpture Northwest Public Relations Director - 360.733.1997


Mount Baker Theatre in Bellingham, WA is proud to present comedian Paula Poundstone in concert Saturday, May 18th at 8pm. It’s impossible to attend a Paula Poundstone performance without marveling at her ability to interact spontaneously with audience members in conversations bound to garner riotous laughter. Armed with nothing but a stool, a microphone and a can of Diet Pepsi, Paula’s ability to create humor on the spot has become the stuff of legend. Little wonder people leave Paula’s shows debating whether the random people she talked to were “plants” – which, of course they never are, and complaining that their cheeks hurt from laughter. Paula continues to be the National Spokesperson for (ALTAFF), The Association of Library Trustees Advocates Friends & Foundations, a national network of enthusiastic library supporters who believe in the importance of libraries as the social and intellectual centers of communities and campuses. Paula is supporting libraries on a local level by partnering with promoters and the local Friends organization in cities where she performs. The local Friends group receives tickets for use in fundraising or promotions and Paula makes herself available for book signings of her book after the show. Says Poundstone: “It’s funny that we think of libraries as quiet demure places where we are shushed by dusty, bun-balancing, bespectacled women. The truth is libraries are raucous clubhouses for free speech, controversy and community. Librarians have stood up to the Patriot Act, sat down with noisy toddlers and reached out to illiterate adults. Libraries can never be shushed. If you haven’t been to your library lately, you’re over-due.” Poundstone's razor-sharp wit makes her a perfect fit as a regular panelist on NPR’s popular weekly news quiz show, “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me.” (2008 winner of the prestigious Peabody Award for broadcasting excellence) Her first book, "There’s Nothing in This Book That I Meant to Say," (with foreword by Mary Tyler Moore) is out in paperback and also is now available on audio. (Highbridge) Paula is hard at work on her second tome for the same imprint. (Harmony Books, a division of Ran-

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dom House) Paula’s commentaries have been heard on NPR’s “Morning Edition” and her blogs appear in the Huffington Post, and 23/6, as well as the NPR Opinion Page. Paula was recently inducted into the Comedy Hall of Fame. Chief Archivist of the Hall said she was unanimously chosen for “Her wit, insights, intellect and fantastic capacity to improvise helped to set the bar for all artists in stand-up in the modern era. Simply put, No literate history of comedy could be told without Paula’s voice. She also was just named to a list of top Unconventional People to Follow on Twitter. Awards and distinctions: First woman to perform at the White House correspondent’s dinner; first woman to win a cable ACE for Best Standup Comedy Performance. Paula is also an Emmy and Ace Award winner for Best Program Interviewer. TV appearances include several standup comedy specials (HBO, and Bravo), her own show on HBO and ABC, and all the major talk shows. In 2010 Paula was invited to serve as judge in the humor category of this year's Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The Awards are the largest, longest running recognition and scholarship program for teenage artists & writers. Paula has been recognized as one of Comedy Central’s 100 greatest stand ups of all time! Poundstone also released her first comedy CD: I HEART JOKES: Paula Tells Them In Maine, 60 minutes of hilarious comedy recorded live at the sensational Stone Mountain Arts Center – because as Paula says, “It’s very hard to do it any other way.” GET A LAUGH with Paula’s newest comedy CD: I Heart Jokes – Paujla Tells Them In Boston available at and Itunes Find Paula on Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and on her website Showtime: 8:00PM / Tickets: $39 / Call: 360-734-6080 / Visit: Mount Baker Theatre is located at 104 North Commercial Street Bellingham, WA 98225

For The Love of Tarot Kevin Walder

Š2013 Kevin Walder - All Rights Reserved - Kevin Walder is available for phone and email Tarot consultations and may be contacted by email at:

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McKay's TapHouse

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This article is the beginning of a column which will deal with Tarot in all its aspects. We will talk about the many uses of a Tarot deck. We will discuss what Tarot is and what Tarot is not. We will demystify this tool without making it vulgar or common. Other common forms of divination currently in use include the Runes the I-Ching Ogham sticks, Tea Leaves, and Divining Rods. All have evolved over centuries of use into modern tools which are used today to access our inner wisdom and guidance from beyond. The Tarot is a form of divination known as Cartomancy, or the use of cards. A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards and this differentiates a Tarot deck from other Oracle decks which may contain any number of cards. The ďŹ rst Tarot decks appeared early in the 15th century in Italy. As the Renaissance began many cultural advances were being made. During this period of history most of society was still illiterate so symbolism and art were used to communicate and express ideas. A Tarot deck would deďŹ nitely have been a luxury which could only have been available to the nobility or the rising merchant class. One aspect that I always enjoy remembering when reading the Tarot is that at this point in history most of the world was an agrarian society. People understood life and time in a very different way than we do today. People in that period of time did not live by deadlines and with a concept of linear time, they dealt with cyclical time advancing from planting season to harvest to winter to planting season to harvest and so forth. When I ďŹ rst began to explore the Tarot I was advised to ďŹ nd a deck that resonated with me, a deck whose artwork spoke to me and upon purchasing it to pull out the little white book inside toss it in the garbage and never look at it again. Fortunately I did not do that or I would probably have never advanced beyond the total frustration I felt for the ďŹ rst week or two of owning a Tarot deck. If the thought of memorizing 156 meanings for every deck you own turns you off then having a simple system will help.

When I approach the Tarot I am seeking guidance and answers that are available to my higher self but not yet in a form I might consciously comprehend. I am more interested in being open to the story that is being told by the cards than I am in forcing a particular meaning on the cards themselves. The joy of reading the Tarot is that moment when the layers are peeled away and allow us to glimpse the answers that lie beneath. It is my hope that with some basic information and a lot of intuition and an open mind and heart the Tarot can be a valuable friend. In the coming weeks we will explore the Tarot together. We will learn the differences and the similarities between decks. So grab your favorite Tarot deck and get ready for some fun, it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to be work, it can be the most entertaining and fulďŹ lling exercise you do.


Sun Time at last

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Here we are again in the beginning of what I hope to be a wonderful Bellingham summer. I think we got a little cheated out on our last couple summers with the lack of actual sun time we had but if you think about it the winter times where also very mild as well. Considering both puts us right about in the fairness of conditions. Either way it’s still paradise to me. I for one am hoping to see more sun. Speaking of the sun coming out its time to brush the dust off your sunglasses and the cobwebs from your bathing suit. Yes lets enjoy any sun time we get and be ready for it cause around here you never know when that sun might just come out. Oh and if your looking for a new bathing suit and Mr. Budget is still haunting you. There’s a new store in town. Well actually it’s been here for quite awhile it’s just that I just realized its fortunes and am new to it. Besides Value Village (my favorite shopping place) and Goodwill I’m enjoying “Labels”. Just another option for shopping for clothing. And you know how I love options for clothing. Just say’n. Ok so one of the frequent questions that people ask me is                     “ Is that your real hair?”   Sadly enough, no. As much as I’d like it to be it is not. Even if I were able to grow my hair out as long as I have it I’d look more like Bozo the clown…. Oh wait, some people might think I already do. :D My hair is so curly it actually grows out instead of down. If the word “fro” comes to mind then yes, exactly. A lot like Art Garfunkel, for those who know the singer. I know there are incredible things that can be done with hair these days to accommodate my interest but I do believe my request is beyond possibilities. I am more than content dealing with the cumbersome of details regarding the upkeep of my…. synthetic hair. For those who saw my hair as real I am sorry to let you down. My real hair is actually brown, well, these days it’s probably more gray than brown now. I keep it short not just because it’s easier to hide under my black hair but because I’m really not fond of my curls. So please if you happen to see me again somewhere understand that my black hair is how I’d like to be remembered.                                 The tree attack   I was on my way to Neighbors (Seattle club) one night. Walking along the sidewalk minding my own business when all of a sudden a tree branch reached out and literally snatched the hair right off my head. Needless to say I was shocked. The tree branch actually had enough finesse that it took me three more steps before the shock had set in. The embarrassment was plenty especially after I patted my head in wonder as to what happened. With all the dignity I had left, I walked back

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to the tree, pulled my hair out of the branch that was still holding it firm in the tree, and put it back on and continued to strut my way to Neighbors. Looking at the bright side of things I figure it was only the 20 people around that saw what happened and the rest of the population of Seattle had no idea. My secret malfunction was safe. Thank you for so much support The beginning of last year was when I brought my bybrid but out of the closet and showed myself to Whatcom county. It was a fantastic year for me but I am now seeing resistance towards my appearance. I will always be and will continue to portray myself as a hybrid for as long as I can despite the resistance I am fighting. Hopefully more and more people will see that it’s not the gender that they see in me but the person within. I have been told there was nothing wrong with me before this change. I hope one day they see me, as there’s still nothing wrong with me. Well, accept for the usual human mistakes & plunders I will always continue to make. I can’t tell you how many time I’ve fallen in my heels. :D   Marcy

The Comics! Shannon Devine •

The sun is finally out!

Well, looks like it’s already raining again...

let’s go look for some hot guys at the bay.

Dammit! Why do we live in Bellingham?

GLBT Organizations in Whatcom and Skagit Counties ISCEE The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Evergreen Empire is affiliated with the International Court System and has been actively raising money for charity for over 30 years by sponsoring drag shows and pageants. The group is open to all regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, seeking to provide social activities and community service opportunities for gays, lesbians, and their friends and allies in Whatcom, Skagit and San Juan Counties. Leather, Levi & Bear Social Monthly gathering of men who like Leather, Kink, and Unabashed Masculinity. Second Saturday of the month, Rumors Cabaret, 7:30 to 10:30. Info 360.380.6409 This website includes a gay resource guide for Bellingham located at www.

Triskeli Guild The Triskeli Guild is Bellingham’s BDSM group that promotes community and education for safe, sane and consensual play. They encourage participation by all sexual preferences, race and age 18 and up people. Queries—triskeli@ Evergreen AIDS Foundation Evergreen AIDS Foundation provides support services for people living with

Washington Gender Alliance A support and educational organization for anyone dealing with issues of gender identity or expression, and the people in our lives. We have weekly Open Support meetings in Bellingham and Everett. For more information, please write to us at or call 360-445-2411, or visit our web site at Sean Humphrey House A housing unit for people who need assistance living with HIV/AIDS in Bellingham. For more information call 360-733-9357 PFLAG of Skagit County Support meetings for Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people and GLBT individuals are held at Central United Methodist Church, 1013 Polte Rd, Sedro-Woolley on the second Monday of every month at 7 PM. For directions and information all 360-856-4676 and for additional information and events check online at Bellingham Radical Faeries Community of queerfolk interested in lifestyles celebrating queer sexuality, spirituality and sustainability of the natural world. 18+ recommended. Meets every Saturday at Noon at Trapeze in the Bellingham Market on Cornwall h t t p : / / g r o u p s . y a h o o. c o m / g r o u p / BellinghamRadicalFaeries/ Cascade Rainbow Community Cntr is a community of LBGQT people that enjoy each other’s company. We gather every Friday @ 6:30 PM for community, sharing of food, conversation, ideas, and current events. Each Friday is either game or movie night. The group has a lending library, Pride participation, and educational support. We are located at The Center for Spiritual Living @ 1508

N 18th St., Mount Vernon, WA. For information call (360) 840-8499 and for additional information checkout and subscribe to our Facebook Page. Whatcom County PFLAG Whatcom County Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays meets the 2ND Thursday of each month, 7pm at First Congregational Church, 2401 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham. For more information and events visit www. WCC’s Queer Straight Alliance is committed to supporting the GLBT community by promoting awareness of queer issues and entertaining and educating students and staff of WCC. We can be reached at wccqsa@gmail. com. Whatcom County KINK is a group to help organize events, munches, help if you have items to sell, or just a way for people to get to know each other. Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of the month at Rumor’s Cabaret. Happy Spankings! WWU LGBTA The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance at Western Washington University is a student organization which supports lesbians, gays, bisexuals, people who identify as transgender, and their allies; in the various stages of their coming out process, in the creation and affirmation of positive self identities, and in the promotion and defense of their human and civil rights. The LGBTA is located on Western’s Campus in Viking Union 515 and is open from the first day of Fall quarter until the last day of Spring

quarter. For information call 360-6506120. Mount Baker Planned Parenthood Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood proudly demonstrates its commitment to the LGBTQ community in all of our educational and service areas, by partnering with LGBTQ service organizations and through sponsorship and participation in Bellingham Pride. Our goal is to ensure that every individual has the information, services, and freedom to make healthy, responsible decisions about sex, sexuality, and parenthood. We offer comprehensive reproductive care, affordable STD testing and treatment and annual exams. Sliding scale available. Make an appointment on-line! Bellingham Clinic: (360)734-9095 Mount Vernon Clinic: (360)848-1744

Support Education Healing Advocacy counseling Safety planning Legal assistance Support groups Trainings and Workshops 24-hour helpline: 360.715.1563/877.715.1563 Talk to us in-person: 1407 Commercial St. Bellingham, WA

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4th Corner Poly Polyamory is the practice or acceptance of having more than one loving, honest relationship at a time. We’re a friendly, welcoming group for people involved in or curious about polyamorous relationships. Our group consists of and welcomes diverse sexual and gender identities . This is a family, kid-friendly get-together for sharing experiences and desires—not a dating or swing scene. we meet every 4th Thursday evening at alternating locations. For more information: http://groups.

HIV and AIDS who reside in Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan and Snohomish counties. Bellingham: 115 Unity St. 360-671-0703, Everett: 2709 Wetmore Ave. 425-740-3000


Throw Back

MONDAY Karaoke

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1 HighLife


1.25 PBR Pints $ 3.75 FireBall $


2 wells 9 - 11

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THURSDAY 80’s & 90’s $

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