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About our Contributors... Miss Betty Desire has been entertaining anyone who would listen in Bellingham for nearly 10 years, and is proprietor of The Betty Pages, the monthly publication that you are reading at this very moment. It is her hope that your perusal of the Betty Pages will enrich your life one chuckle at a time.

Naomi Steele graduated Whatcom Community College with an Associates in Visual Communications -Graphic Design but prefers more hands on tinkering such as wire craft & random projects (of which she has many still to finish). She believes that everyone has a right to pursue their happiness as long as it doesn’t harm others

Queer Film Historian Bichoo Vrishchik (Scorpio Scorpion) has published in Film Quarterly Sight and Sound, International Film Guide, Filmfare, Youth Times, and Manshots. With a BA from Pacific Lutheran College (1959) and a MA from San Francisco State College (1968), he has also taught film at Western Washington University.

Writer Bridget Adams currently resides in Washington State but that is always subject to change. Lucky enough to be a full-time, if poor, writer, she is most likely somewhere in front of her computer with a cup of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Staff Photographer John Phillip, after 40+ years of television production work John has settled down in B’ham to semi retirement. He now drives late night shuttle for WWU and has revised his love of photography. His education touched on Theology, pre-med, law enforcement, fire protection engineering and film production. John likes to keep broad horizons.  “Don’t Dream It, Be It”

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Betty’s Corner

Betty Desire, The Betty Pages

because of Religion. There is literally no secular

“But this issue isn’t about just what I believe.

argument against allowing gay and lesbian citizens

It’s about respecting others, including people who

equal access to civil marriage. All of the arguments

may believe differently than I. It’s about whether

against equality are Religion based.


everyone has the same opportunities for love and

Haugen is a devout Christian, and had to wrestle

companionship and family and security that I

with her beliefs to make her decision on this bill.

have enjoyed.

Her statement of support is a must read for all who strive to reconcile religious convictions and public policy. Here it is in its entirety. For several weeks now, I have heard from the people of my district. They’ve shared what’s in their hearts and minds.

Well it looks like February is turning out to be for lovers after all. As I write this the Washington State legislature is poised to vote on and send to the

other’s beliefs. All of us enjoy the benefits of being

also received a number of very negative comments

Americans, but none of us holds a monopoly on

from both sides.

what it means to be an American. Ours is truly a

“For some people, this is a simple issue. I envy them. It has not been simple or easy for me.

certain social issues, and today my children take

25 vote in the Senate guaranteeing passage. The

exception to some of mine. Times change, even if

governor has already stated she will sign the bill. It

it makes us uncomfortable. I think we should all

looks like our own Washington will be the 7th state

be uncomfortable sometime. None of us knows

in the nation to grant equal marriage rights to it’s

everything, and it’s important to have our beliefs

gay and lesbian citizens. I never thought I would

questioned. Only one being in this world is

live to see this day happen. After all it has only

omniscient, and it’s not me.

have promised to file an referendum to overturn this law. The National Organization for marriage has promised to spend a quarter million dollars to defeat Republicans that cross over and vote for this law. Millions are going to flow into the State from outsiders on both sides of the issue. All

big tent, and while the tent may grow and shrink according to the political winds of the day, it should never shrink when it comes to our rights as individuals. “Do I respect people who feel differently? Do I not feel they should have the right to do as they want? My beliefs dictate who I am and how I live, but I don’t see where my believing marriage is between a man and a woman gives me the right to decide that for everyone else. “I’ve weighed many factors in arriving at this

“I have very strong Christian beliefs, and personally I have always said when I accepted the Lord, I became more tolerant of others. I stopped judging people and try to live by the Golden Rule. This is part of my decision. I do not believe it is my role to judge others, regardless of my personal

decision, and one of them was erased when the legislation heard today included an amendment to clearly provide for the rights of a church to choose not to marry a couple if that marriage contradicts the church’s view of its teachings. That’s important, and it helped shape my decision.

beliefs. It’s not always easy to do that. For me

“My preference would be to put this issue on the

personally, I have always believed in traditional

ballot and give all Washingtonians the opportunity

marriage between a man and a woman. That is

to wrestle with this issue, to search their hearts as

what I believe, to this day.

I have, and to make the choice for themselves. But

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

from Camano Island signed on to become the

Of course if passed those who oppose equality

“Not everyone will agree with my position. I

very heartfelt, from both sides of the issue. I’ve

ago I took exception to my parents’ beliefs on

members of the Gay Lesbian community began.

beliefs, and having people respect that freedom.

people will remember that we need to respect each

sex marriage. Senator Mary Margaret Haugen

a mere 43 years since the push for equality for

live according to our own personal and religious

“I have received many letters, emails, phone calls,

“To some degree, this is generational. Years

laws were overturned by the Supreme Court and

country has been about having the freedom to

understand and respect that. I also trust that

Governor for her signature a bill legalizing same

been 12 years since the last of the nation’s sodomy

“For as long as I have been alive, living in my


Betty’s Corner continued I do not know that there are the votes to put it to a ballot measure. So, forced to make a choice, my

Page 3 Model Photo by

Todd at ASA Photography

choice is to allow all men and women in our state to enjoy the same privileges that are so important in my life. I will vote in favor of marriage equality. “I know this announcement makes me the socalled 25th vote, the vote that ensures passage. That’s neither here nor there. If I were the first or the seventh or the 28th vote, my position would not be any different. I happen to be the 25th because I insisted on taking this much time to hear from my constituents and to sort it out for myself, to reconcile my religious beliefs with my beliefs as an American, as a legislator, and as a wife and mother who cannot deny to others the joys and benefits I enjoy. “This is the right vote and it is the vote I will cast when this measure comes to the floor.”

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

Thank You Senator Haugen!

Break out your tennis shoes and wallet this will be an exhausting and expensive political fight

Betty Desire

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In The Mix Bridget Adams

I’ll let you in on a secret, Poppets: I am a lobster. What does that mean? It means I am hard and crusty on the outside and total mush on the inside. Which also means I’m a sucker for romance, and yes, embarrassingly, Valentine’s Day. I know the arguments. It’s a corporate holiday; it’s all about money; Hallmark and DeBeers have us by the short hairs. Whatever. I love it. When I was single, I would buy myself chocolates and take long, candle lit bubble baths. Now that I’m married, we celebrate very similarly, only I’m no longer alone in that bath. Yep, romance is wonderful. Love is wonderful. Valentine’s Day is wonderful. And … what if we could make it more than just a money-maker for Whitmans chocolates? There’s a national movement trying to do just that. Marriage Equality USA,, and California Faith for Equality have joined together to encourage a national day of awareness, Request Marriage (, on February 14, 2012. Marriage is the ultimate representation of romance, so what better way to celebrate romance than with marriage? On Valentine’s Day this year, those of us who are not married are being urged to apply for marriage licenses. Yes, even those of us in Washington state who have domestic partnership rights.

Finally, maintain your own quiet dignity. This is not about making a scene. This is about making a statement. Those are two very different things. Do not give them any reason to disregard you as crazy, or belligerent, or just one of “those” people. If you are a straight couple, you can show your support, as well. The website recommends going to the County Auditor’s office, request a marriage license, and then handing it back, explaining that it isn’t fair that LGBTQ couples cannot marry and so you won’t be filing today. Another option is to simply go down and be there. Witness and stand in support. Hell, you don’t even have to be part of a couple to do that much. I know that Washington is moving toward making same-gender marriage legal, and that makes me proud. Governor Gregoire has announced that she will throw the weight of her office behind passing the law. Good. She should. But that doesn’t mean we should take anything for granted. Make the statement that marriage equality is vital to wider goal of overarching equality. Make the statement locally, so that it can resonate regionally and nationally. Marriage licenses can be obtained at the Whatcom County Auditor, 311 Grand Avenue, Suite 103, Bellingham, WA 98225. Make me proud, Poppets. I know you will. Until next month, take care of you.

Community Notes The Hotel Bellwether and Harborside Restaurant recently became the first TAG Approved hotel and restaurant in Bellingham! "TAG Approved was launched in 1997 to help accommodations effectively reach and sensitively serve the LGBT community. Today, more than 1,800 hotels are involved in the program, worldwide. Any LGBTowned or genuinely LGBT-welcoming accommodation (from small boutique hotels to large, flagged chains) may participate as long as the property meets TAG’s acceptance standards." http://www.tagapproved. com/index.php/accommodation/hotel_bellwether/ We take great pride in having been approved and look forward to supporting the local GLBT community where ever and whenever possible. If you have any suggestions on how we can further support the local GLBT community please let me know. -Thank you! Britton Braswell Hotel Manager p: 360.392.3176 f: 360.733.9376 tf: 877-411.1200

Safe Haven Room 7:00-8:30 PM

1013 Polte Road Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284 Central United Methodist Church

You, your friends and family are invited to join PFLAG Skagit on Monday, February 13 to talk about something close to our hearts: home. Forty percent of homeless youth are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or questioning. A short new film from In the Life, shares information about this issue. Cyndi Lauper is wonderful to watch but the real stars are the young people in this hopeful film. The documentary also discuss some important new research from the Family Acceptance Project. We are inviting our local leaders to join us to discuss their outreach, and we will share what home means to us. Please join us.

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w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

Now, there are some very important rules, should you and your partner choose to participate. First and foremost, be polite. This is not an aggressive or antagonistic event. The people behind the counter are simply doing their jobs. They do not make the laws. They are not the enemy. Many of them fully support the rights of LGBTQ peoples. Do not harass them for doing their jobs.

Second, but equally important, do not block straight couples who are successful at obtaining marriage licenses. The whole movement is about gaining that very right, not about taking it away from anyone else. If you engage them at all, do so in order to celebrate with them on their happy day.


Community Notes



Contact: Marie Biondolillo Winter Commission Public Relations Phone: 360.255.9953

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Annual Multimedia Exhibition “Winter Commission IV: Disaster” to Take Place Saturday, February 25 at Spark Museum of Electrical Invention in Downtown Bellingham Bellingham, WA -- January 2011 --The Winter Commission is an annual art and music exhibition showcasing local artists, filmmakers, musicians and authors. All of the art and music shown at Winter Commission is conceived and created during Bellingham’s long, bleak winter. This year, we’re exploring the theme of disaster across multiple mediums—from film and sound to canvas and paper. On February 25, Spark Museum of Electrical Invention (1312 Bay St. in downtown Bellingham) will host our gallery exhibition as well as live music performances, short film screenings, art installations and more. “Winter Commission IV: Disaster” begins at 7 p.m. The show is open to all ages until 10:30 p.m., after which it is 21+ only. Entry is free, but there is a $3.00 suggested donation. A cash bar benefiting Spark Museum of Electrical Invention will be available, as well as delicious local food from the Mount Bakery. The Winter Commission will feature more than 40 artists and crafters, including Aaron Brick, Aireekah Laudert, Amanda Bloom, Amanda Kalkwarf, Andrea Heimer, B.J. Ott, Brian Tichelaar, Brittany Beug, Cameron Jennings, Cassidy Bloom, Cheri Hepker, Chris Murphy, Corey Urlacher, Erin Clancy, Eli Loomis, Genevieve Gonska, Gillian Myers, James Mey, Jen Dranttel, Jess Flegel, Jessica Bonin, Jessyca Murphy, Jonny McIntyre, Jubal Sather, Kat Houseman, Lenae Day, Libby Chenault, Lindsay Kohles, Mackenzie Boetes, Mark Heimer, Nora Hughes, Paul Kearsley, Peter Scherrer, Scott Rickey, Sheana Sisselman, Steeb Russell, Tal Connor, Tammy Findlay, Toby Stanger and Will Canepa. Installations will include an exhibition of paintings based on historical disasters, a Rescue Station with free hot chocolate and people dressed as St. Bernards, a kids’ Make Your Own Disaster Collage table, a fire-themed photobooth, a Make a Hank handkerchief station and a bomb shelter relaxation area. Seattle poets and authors Kate Lebo and Elissa Ball will emcee and

administer emergency dance breaks. A singer-songwriter circle including Aleah SpringSnow, Lonely Accordion, Hillary Susz, Marc Griffin and Jonny McInytre will perform songs about historical disasters. Other music includes Tom Petty cover band the Wrecks (members of Connecticut Four, Vanna D and the Calamity and The Mechanical Dolls); Italian ‘60s pop cover band Il Gatto Curiouso (members of Burn Up, PRND, I Love You Avalanche, The Shrapnelles and Lumpkins); The Great Karaoke Research Council Sing-Along, a demonstration of live karaoke computer program KRC 2.0 featuring 10-15 acoustic guitarists performing interactively with the audience; and theatrical death folk orchestrations by City of Lost Children (members of Scary Monster & the Super Creeps, Bright Weapons, Pirates R Us.) The evening will also include a selection of short films curated by Trailer Wars host, filmmaker and podcaster Christopher Patton, including work by himself, Tyler Swank (Imperius Rex Productions), Sean Meyer (Bug & Stink Productions), Jessyca Murphy (Mao Mao Productions), Luke Chmura (Pink Shirt Productions) and Marie Biondolillo (YouAreWeAre Productions). We’ll wind up with a dance party seen over by DJ Moonboot, Platonic DJ and LJBC that will include disaster themes as well as cathartic but danceable hits. About the Winter Commission: The Winter Commission began a little over four years ago as simply a group of friends and a deadline. It was a way to get excited and motivated during the dreary winter months. Now in its fourth year, the Winter Commission continues to evolve and expand its membership and ambitions. This year’s Winter Commission is sponsored by Spark Museum of Electrical Invention and Whatcom All-ages Arts & Music.



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The Comics!

Cafe Noir Studios for The Betty Pages Daren X Eris: Inflated Valentine

Shannon Devine

hello lover-boys!

taking you out to eat for valentines was the least cheesy idea i could come up with!

tommy? i thought you worked at the silk cafe!? i needed some extra hours! so how fine.

is the day treating you both?

so romantic! i wish i had a man right now! i bet you’re going to have the night of your dreams!

give up daren, there is no avoiding the cheesiness today!

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we even have heart-shaped cheesecake!


Puppy Kindergarten! i learned bite inhibition at 18 weeks old in puppy kindergarten at tails! -meg

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/@@' â&#x20AC;˘ ;(9 â&#x20AC;˘ #/4-9 â&#x20AC;˘ 358+

McKay's TapHouse

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Queer Me: A Gay Film Bibliography

Bichoo Vrischik

What is the difference between reality (life?) and fantasy (cinema?)? Is all that I perceive as say, ‘gay,’ really, ‘gay?’ Do ‘straight’ men find all male eroticism gay? On the same page of TIMEOUTBENGALURU (16/9/11) that mentions the Swabhava (Own-becoming, or Gay) Film Nights in Bangalore, Nithin Manayath states that in India, on YouTube “more identifiably straight men put ... up videos of male-on- male erotic horse-play than gay identified men [because] if you are gay, erotic expression is restricted to private spaces of homes, club and parties.” One example he mentions is “the recent butt caressing action between [Indian cricketers] Gautham Gambhir and Ishant Sharma” following a match. It is still available on YouTube -- but is it ‘gay?’ In THE TIMES OF INDIA (21/12/11) Srijana Mitra Das claims that slightly foreign female dancers, like Helen (Richardson), and in the 1970s as India’s schizophrenic sex complex faded, the heroine supplied Hindi films’ sex appeal “in tangerine trousers ... plastic pearls and notorious cholis [Indian bustiers, or] soaked to the skin by obliging showers... Instead, in the 1990s as India liberalized, its heroines became wimps ... waiting to be rescued by know-it-all Lotharios.

courtesy of CGI effects and breakaway three-wheel rickshaws, Ajay strides in slow motion to his motorcycle photographed from a low angle rolling his hips like a model on a fashion runway. It is very difficult at this moment to call what I perceive as gay as ‘not gay.’ (Many of these films are remakes of Tamil films, where the emphasis is more on violence than male eroticism; BODYGUARD was also made in Malayalam.) Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, born 1972, in DESI BOYZ (q.v.) offer more male appeal, after their first film together, Pryadarshan’s GARAM MASALA (HOT SPICES, 2006). So does Ranveer Singh in Rohit Shetty’s LADIES VS. RICKY BAHL (2011), spritzing himself in his undershirt, and with his shirt slung around his neck sauntering out of the ocean well enough to conquer four women. “Welcome,” Das rightly concludes, to a Hindi fantasy world “where the hero is the sexiest thing on screen.” But again, does everyone perceive this as ‘gay?’ To a straight audience, is it still just horseplay? Classic Indian drama is often about kings, and in those dramas the king is the first character on stage. In the only female-oriented hit of 2011, Milan

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

“Hit by India’s newfound fascination for gyms, heroines went from ‘healthy’ girls to thin [fashion models, and] the female sex’s vanishing meant the arrival of the sexy male star,” who was also often a model, buffed up at the gym. Oozing “overt machismo ... intelligence” and quirkiness, the main three were Muslim, all last- named Khan -- Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh. “Suddenly cinema revolved around male cleavage, metrosexuality, see-through shirts, six-pack abs, [and] boyish pouts ... the truth is, our sex symbols are now wholly male. Female viewers aren’t complaining. And judging by the roars of approval when Salman Khan takes his shirt off, neither are the men.” Actually Das is a bit behind the times. Salman is now 46 and, while the buttons popping off his shirt and its complete removal is the climax of his latest film, Siddique’s BODYGUARD (2011), he’s by now rather soft and flabby, despite flexing his biceps in semi-close-up. Shah Rukh and Aamir are also 46, and while Shah Rukh remains the quirkiest, Aamir has the intelligence, opting out of the commercial race and producing and acting in more independent, smaller films . Earlier in 2011, Salman ripped fourteen T- shirts off his body on an Indian TV GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS Special. This all began perhaps in Pryadarshan’s HERA PHERI (MONKEY BUSINESS, 2000), with Sunil Shetty, born in 1961, an actor so narcissistic that he tended to pull his female costars into his cleavage, and Akshay Kumar, born 1967, a martial artist. By 2004 Aksay and Salman were bumping their butts together in grass skirts dancing in David Dhawan’s MUJHE SHADI KAROGI (MARRY ME). Now Ajay Devgan, four years younger than the Khans, in Rohit Shetty’s SINGHAM (a name, LION-LIKE, 2011) first appears as entirely naked, his upper body and tits shining like all of India, and the lower half of his body is revealed as covered only in a second shot from another angle. When he prepares to fight villains twice his size, he again removes his shirt, his nipples now visible through an undershirt. Victorious,

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m


w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m


300 W. CHAMPION STREET, DOWNTOWN BELLINGHAM w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

Queer India - continued Luthria’s THE DIRTY PICTURE, Vidya Balan created a sensation playing the real-life 1980s southern ‘sex’ star Silk Smitha, who committed suicide at 36. Mahesh Bhatt, who has made a career of directing his own romances on screen, in THE TIMES OF INDIA (24/12/11) warns Vidya: “All the heroines who have conformed to the age-old diktats of the male chauvinistic culture have got paid much more than the gutsy girls who dared to subvert the status quo. [Even today heroines conform] to the system by which the male star spearheads the narrative ... Whoever has chosen to take the road less travelled has found herself alone ... This is the price one has to pay for breaking or making your own rules.” So is today’s Hindi film ‘queer?’

to HIV. One hijra was not allowed in Madhya Pradesh to run for mayor as a woman because “the court refused to recognize her as” one. Says another, God “might have seen in me a special strength to endure such hardships.”

In THE NAVIND TIMES (26/11/11) Vatsal Varma deplores the “prejudice, disgust, and derogatory remarks” hijras, or kinnars, India’s traditional homosexuals, receive. “The worst part,” to one hijra, “comes when even your mother doesn’t accept you.” What has been overtly gay in Indian life for 4000 years is its now more than one million hijras, i.e., biological or psychologically motivated cross- dressers. In the MAHABHARTA (c. 500BC) Aravan, the son of the great warrior Arjuna, wishes to spend his “last night on earth in matrimony” and Krishna obliges him by becoming the beautiful Mohini (q.v.); in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, hijras thus call themselves Aravanis. In the RAMAYANA (c. 500BC) Lord Rama “conferred upon [hijras] the special power to bless people on all auspicious occasions” when they remained standing in one position after he accidentally asked only men and women to go about their daily lives during his exile. In Islam, writes Varma, “the grave of Prophet Mohammad” has been guarded by eunuchs for six hundred years as its entry is prohibited “to any man or woman.” It is ironical “that people who were so revered in ancient times” now live in slums, are uneducated beggers and prostitutes, the cheaper ones more vulnerable

Bangalore seems more aware of its hijras than any other Indian city, even in its cinema. (More on Bangalore later.) In Upendra’s SUPER (2011), a hiphop dance instructor names movements made by boys as “boying” (in the subtitles) and those by girls as “girling.” The class clown asks what they are called when performed by hijras and is thrown out of class, and the instructor is so inept a dancer he ends up in a wheelchair. In Krish Joshi’s GANDHI SMILES (2011), an improvement on 12 ANGRY MEN (it’s no longer a trial but a ‘live’ TV discussion of social problems, with the guilty and the innocent among its 12 members, intercut with shots of the reaction of the ‘TV’ audience’) someone suggests that there should be not just separate toilets for men and women but also for hijras; Joshi cuts to a shot of appreciative hijras applauding.

Yet, another, Laxmi Naraya Tripathi, appeared on the Indian version of the BIGG BOSS TV series. In the state of Bihar, hijras have been employed to collect taxes by “singing and dancing loudly at the defaulter’s doorsteps.” Their ration cards in Tamil Nadu are marked ‘T’ for Transgender, and on national ballots ‘O’ for Others. Bangalore University “has reserved [a] quota of one seat in each of [its] post- graduate courses” for ‘TGs,’ i.e., Transgenders.

A small step, perhaps, toward accepting what is really ‘gay.’

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Specials every day of the week! Monday: Microbrew Pints @ $2.50 Well drinks & shots after 10 @ $2.50 2 all-beef hotdogs @ $1.00 Tuesday: Top Shelf Bourbon @ 4.00 BBQ pulled-pork sandwich @ $1 Wednesday: Top Shelf Tequila @ 4.00, 2 Tacos @ $1.00 Thursday: Top Shelf Vodka ® @ $4.00 Friday: Jagermeister @ $4.00 Saturday: Top Shelf Gin @ $4.00 Sunday: $4.00 Brunch (Includes Biscuits and Gravy, Quiche, Cheesy Grits & Eggs Benedict), Double Bloody Mary @ 4.00, Cap’s Coffee (Java, Whiskey, Bailey’s) @ 4.00, Mimosas @ $3.00 and HAPPY HOUR ALL EFFING DAY!!!

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GLBT Organizations in Whatcom and Skagit Counties ISCEE The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Evergreen Empire is affiliated with the International Court System and has been actively raising money for charity for over 30 years by sponsoring drag shows and pageants. The group is open to all regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, seeking to provide social activities and community service opportunities for gays, lesbians, and their friends and allies in Whatcom, Skagit and San Juan Counties. Leather, Levi & Bear Social Monthly gathering of men who like Leather, Kink, and Unabashed Masculinity. Second Saturday of the month, Rumors Cabaret, 7:30 to 10:30. Info 360.380.6409 This website includes a gay resource guide for Bellingham located at www.

Triskeli Guild The Triskeli Guild is Bellingham’s BDSM group that promotes community and education for safe, sane and consensual play. They encourage participation by all sexual preferences, race and age 18 and up people. They meet monthly every 2nd Tuesday, at Pandora’s Box at 314 W. Champion St. at 7 m. Queries—

Whatcom County PFLAG Whatcom County Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays meets the 2ND Thursday of each month, 7pm at First Congregational Church, 2401 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham. For more information and events visit

Washington Gender Alliance A support and educational organization for anyone dealing with issues of gender identity or expression, and the people in our lives. We have weekly Open Support meetings in Bellingham and Everett. For more information, please write to us at info@ or call 360-445-2411, or visit our web site at www.WashingtonGenderAlliance. com.

Whatcom Community College’s Queer Straight Alliance is committed to supporting the GLBT community by promoting awareness of queer issues and entertaining and educating students and staff of WCC. We can be reached at

Sean Humphrey House A housing unit for people who need assistance living with HIV/AIDS in Bellingham. For more information call 360-733-9357 On Eagle’s Wings Counseling Sue Stackhouse offers counseling services to the GLBT community in Whatcom and Skagit County. For information call 360-599-2627 PFLAG of Skagit County Support meetings for Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people and GLBT individuals are held at the Skagit Valley Co-Op Bldg. at 202 S. 1st St. in room 309 (down town Mount Vernon) on the second Monday of every month at 7 PM. For directions and information all 360-856-4676 and for additional information and events check the website at Bellingham Radical Faeries Community of queerfolk interested in lifestyles celebrating queer sexuality, spirituality and sustainability of the natural world. 18+ recommended. BellinghamRadicalFaeries/

Whatcom County KINK is a group to help organize events, munches, help if you have items to sell, or just a way for people to get to know each other. Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of the month at Rumor’s Cabaret. Happy Spankings! Western Washington University LGBTA The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance at Western Washington University is a student organization which supports lesbians, gays, bisexuals, people who identify as transgender, and their allies; in the various stages of their coming out process, in the creation and affirmation of positive self identities, and in the promotion and defense of their human and civil rights. The LGBTA is located on Western’s Campus in Viking Union 515 and is open from the first day of Fall quarter until the last day of Spring quarter. For information call 360-650-6120.

Mount Baker Planned Parenthood Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood proudly demonstrates its commitment to the LGBTQ community in all of our educational and service areas, by partnering with LGBTQ service organizations and through sponsorship and participation in Bellingham Pride. Our goal is to ensure that every individual has the information, services, and freedom to make healthy, responsible decisions about sex, sexuality, and parenthood. We offer comprehensive reproductive care, affordable STD testing and treatment and annual exams. Sliding scale available. Make an appointment online! Bellingham Clinic: (360)734-9095 Mount Vernon Clinic: (360)848-1744

Counseling Education Programs Support Groups Children’s Services Parenting Classes Crisis Intervention Shelter Referrals Info and Referrals Legal Assistance 24-hour support There is NEVER an excuse for domestic violence or sexual assault.

We’re here to help. Free, safe, and confidential. 24-Hour Support (360)715-1563

The Betty Pages Copyright Notice While The Betty Pages and/or its contributors generally reserve all rights and privileges of copyright, several parts of this publication are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA. For more information and permissions, contact The Betty Pages at or send a letter to The Betty Pages, c/o Desire Enterprises, PO Box 2724, Bellingham, Washington, 98227-2724, USA.

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

w w w. t h e b e t t y p a g e s . c o m

4th Corner Poly Polyamory is the practice or acceptance of having more than one loving, honest relationship at a time. We’re a friendly, welcoming group for people involved in or curious about polyamorous relationships. Our group consists of and welcomes diverse sexual and gender identities . This is a family, kid-friendly get-together for sharing experiences and desires—not a dating or swing scene. we meet every 4th Thursday evening at alternating locations. For more information: http://groups.

Evergreen AIDS Foundation Evergreen AIDS Foundation provides support services for people living with HIV and AIDS who reside in Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan and Snohomish counties. Bellingham: 115 Unity St. 360-671-0703, Everett: 2709 Wetmore Ave. 425-740-3000


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The Betty Pages Feb 2012  

Cascadia's most inclusive alternative-lifestyle tabloid, Betty Desire, LGBT, Bellingham, Washington

The Betty Pages Feb 2012  

Cascadia's most inclusive alternative-lifestyle tabloid, Betty Desire, LGBT, Bellingham, Washington