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beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


Editorial Welcome to this week’s editorial, A word of warning … it is a long editorial however it is an important one that looks at our Councillors and reveals more of Volpolitical 16 September 15th goings 2017 on than they would like revealed. Coffee in hand ? Then read on… the backroom Vol 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018

Quite often, sitting in the gallery and watching council meetings I am reminded of Gullivers Travels and the intraLilliputian quarrel over the practice of breaking eggs. The story goes that traditionally, Lilliputians broke boiled eggs on the larger end. However we learn that a few generations ago, an Emperor of Lilliput, the Present Emperor's great-grandfather, had decreed that all eggs be broken on the smaller end after his son cut himself breaking the egg on the larger end. The differences between Big-Endians (those who broke their eggs at the larger end) and Little-Endians had given rise to "six rebellions... wherein one Emperor lost his life, and another his crown". Observing the councillors it is easy to see their big team colours of Liberal BLUE, Tenacious GREEN and an Indistinguishable CARNIVAL that is a meld of them all. The underlying and important question is what end do our Councillors crack their eggs as an all important vote is looming where they all get to vote for the new Deputy Mayor. Some time ago we all apparently agreed that it was a great idea to vote for a popularly elected Mayor for a four year term. Bugger if he/she turns out to be a dud leaving ratepayers to just ride it out until the next election. The position of Deputy Mayor is voted on as a yearly term and presently Councillor Anthony Mayne is in the robes. The first time around it was a neck-to-neck between Mayne and Constable with Mayne winning out by one vote. The second time Mayne was unopposed. Whilst being a Deputy Mayor doesn't bring any financial benefit it does bring the benefit of gaining confidence in chairing meetings, honing skills of thinking on your feet and also being the default go-to for comment as has been the case with Councillor Mayne being interviewed by the media. But the Deputy Mayoral election looms once again and already the rumbles are being heard behind closed doors and whispers are softly echoing along council corridors that Councillor Mayne will be ousted. Not because he is a poor performer because he isn't. No, more than likely he will be ousted because he is a good performer and is starting to gain the inner strength and the temerity to actually challenge the Mayor, the General Manager and the Executive staff of Council on a variety of matters. Most recently he has been publicly asking some very pointed questions around the Rural LEP on behalf of community members who continue to advise that there is something stinky going on that is worth a good look. And he is having a good look in nooks and crannies and turning over rocks and the more he looks the more disquiet is bubbling to the surface. Beagle Editor…….. Lei Parker 0405100257 All Enquiries please email PO Box 3029 Tuross Head, NSW 2537 Copyright © South Coast Beagle Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. The Beagle Weekly is owned by SOUTH COAST BEAGLE PTY. LTD.

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


Editorial ‌ con$nues And staff don't like that and they do not appreciate having to explain themselves. After all they are in charge and are the constant with councillors coming in with great aspirations to bring change and then disappearing after a term realising Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018 there was little if any hope of "opening the hatches and turning the ship around". Recently, on the matter of the $750,000 grant by Andrew Constance Councillor Mayne was advised, during a council meeting that the Member for Bega had placed a clear condition on the money stipulating that it could only be used specifically for one option only and that no other (cheaper) alternate route or method of construction was to be considered. Much to the surprise of all Councillor Mayne has shown an audacity in asking the Director of Infrastructure for the said document and the wording of the condition Following a recent cycleway committee meeting he is now seeking further confirmation that Council is in fact NOT using the grant money to construct kerb and guttering adjacent to the path route as being "part and parcel" of the path project. Councillor Mayne has a strong voice and is often the only councillor who asks public speakers, presenting their issues to a meeting, meaningful and empathetic questions. For that he is considered a pariah by many of his councillor peers and staff who clearly indicate, with their visible displeasure, that they crack their eggs at the other end. Coming in close behind Councillor Mayne as being "on the outer" are Councillors McGinlay and Constable who also often openly demonstrate their independent thought questioning the rhetoric of council briefings and reports. Both councillors, like Mayne, spend a good degree of effort in talking to the community and try to best inform themselves of the cross section of concerns and opinions rather than simply relying on the opinion of staff and rubber stamping reports as delivered. Council is a numbers game and the side with the most numbers wins. Representing the Big Enders of Gullivers Travels are Innes, Brown, Pollock, Tait and Nathan with James Thomson no doubt being groomed to be the next shining light as he climbs the political ladder. Coincidental the Executive staff of Council also happen to crack their eggs at the Big End (and for that matter so do most of the NSW State Government bureaucrats). Combined they represent a formidable team. Challenging the Big Enders are our three forthright Little Enders attempting to do what Councillors should which is to best represent the community in an inclusive, open and transparent way. So the vote for Deputy Mayor fast approaches and the bets are being laid with pundits saying it will be the shining light of James Thompson voted in as Deputy Mayor by his Big Ender peers. Basically Brown has had his day and continues to irritate Innes with his oft-reminders of when he was Mayor. Next Big Ender is Jack Tait who has little in the way of the skill set required to step up to the Mayoral Seat and take over when the Mayor is away on kingdom visits. This leaves Big Ender Maureen Nathan who would beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


Editorial ‌ con$nues equally find the position of Deputy Mayor more than difficult. Then there is Rob Pollock who does have the skills and the capacity to be Deputy Mayor and for that matter Mayor as well however he might not have the inclination to throw his hat inVolthe for a leading role in what is building to be one of the most ridiculed Eurobodalla Council terms seen since the 16ring September 15th 2017 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018 Great Eurobodalla Council Dismissal of the 1980's. So the only option left as a contender from the Big Ender team is James Thomson. Though green it is suggested by keen Council observers that he will be strongly encouraged by his Big Ender peers to throw his Akubra into the ring as "he will have it in the bag with numbers" and will be supported and groomed into the role. ‌. There is little doubt that Anthony Mayne will want to continue as Deputy Mayor. He likes the role, he is good at it and he has proven himself to be able to manage a Council meeting, speak clearly and to be at best, generally informed of issues or indicate genuinely that he will pursue matters. But he is only one of three Little Enders and the numbers don't look good. In fact the odds of Big Enders voting for a Little Ender is Buckleys however there is a brewing disquiet building around the Mayor's recent very public castigation of councillors for their having dared to criticise the "absolutely disgraceful" public library spending of the NSW Government. Councillors are also known to be annoyed by the Mayor's recent public announcement over the Narooma NAB issue that saw her deliver her own opinion without consulting with Councillors to formulate a Council opinion. For her to reveal that Council had investments of $15m was irresponsible. Whilst the media suggested a "veiled threat" it was of interest that the total loan debt with NAB is greater than their investments by several million dollars. Rather than attacking NAB and suggesting that they were deserting the town it would have been far better to do as Anthony Mayne suggested (via a source) to Business Chamber presidents on Tuesday that Council thank the NAB for their commitment and contribution to date, respect that it is a considered business decision and then, on vacating the premises invite other banks, both corporate or community to step in, offering, as they would to any enterprise, support and advice to assist with applications and administration. The recent loss of her Mayoral Report, with a vote of eight against one, also showed that all the councillors are collectively standing up to her and no longer allowing her to run her own race. So what will happen when the Deputy Mayoral vote comes around in September? Many wish that it was a vote for the Mayor and not Deputy Mayor but they will have to wait another two years for that. Until next , Lei

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018



Council and Narooma School of Arts work together by Laurelle Pacey Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Narooma School of Arts 28 April December 7th, 2017and Eurobodalla Shire Vol 48 27th 2018

Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last Thursday that supports a coordinated, collaborative and strategic approach to developing creative arts infrastructure in Narooma and the Shire.

‘The MOU acknowledges the work the School of Arts organisation has already achieved in developing arts infrastructure in Narooma,’ said Council General Manager Dr Catherine Dale. ‘Council supports the commitment, ownership and investment they have already dedicated to the Arts and values an ongoing partnership with them in developing future arts infrastructure in Narooma.

Above: Eurobodalla Shire Council ESC Acting Director - Community Arts and Recreation Kim Bush Kim Bush and General Manager Dr Catherine Dale, with Narooma School of Arts committee representatives Joy Macfarlane and Laurelle Pacey after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Thursday.

‘We see great value in the plans the School of Arts committee has developed to date. Council is able to strongly support future funding opportunities to realise shared strategic outcomes to meet the community’s needs and aspirations.’ The School of Arts management committee welcomes this initiative.

‘Part of the MOU is that Council would also assist us with professional advice on funding applications as well as on infrastructure project management and associated activities, should the organisation decide to proceed with plans for a new Community and Arts Centre,’ said School of Arts committee spokesperson Laurelle Pacey. The Narooma community owns and manages its own land and buildings dedicated to the Arts (Memorial Hall /Kinema, School of Arts’ Studios and SoART Gallery). They are held in trust for the community by Narooma School of Arts & Soldiers' War Memorial Hall Inc. and managed by a voluntary committee. The Hall is leased to the Griffiths to operate as twin cinemas and as a venue for the performing arts.

Entries are open for the annual Eurobodalla Business Awards which allow our Shire to shine a bright light on some of the outstanding businesses and business people in our towns and villages. Business owners can find out how to enter and how to prepare an award winning submission at information sessions being held this week and next in Batemans Bay, Mogo, Moruya, Narooma and Tilba, and you can find out details of these sessions on the ‘What’s On’ calendar on Council’s website. Businesses can submit one or more entries in the categories of outstanding young employee, outstanding young entrepreneur, outstanding business leader, start-up superstar, four categories of excellence in small business, excellence in business and local Chamber of Commerce. You can also find out more about the awards and the winners from 2017 and 2016 at The information sessions will be held: Mogo: Monday 16 July, 5-6pm at Mogo Aboriginal Lands Council, 32 Sydney Street, Mogo Narooma: Tuesday 17 July, 5-6pm at The BUNKR, 4-6 Noorooma Cres, Narooma beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018



Batemans Marine Park Pilot Launches With Community Focus Member for Bega 15th Andrew Vol 16 September 2017Constance has welcomed the official start of the Batemans Marine Park pilot project, with the 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 local community and environment set to benefit from the new approach to marine management. Mr Constance said the Batemans Marine Park Advisory Committee met on 11 July to participate in a workshop to take the first step to developing the new draft management plan. “The new approach to marine planning puts the community right at its heart. A new management plan to replace existing zoning and operational plans is being developed but we want to ensure we consider the social, cultural and economic values of our marine park, as well as its many environmental values,” Mr Constance said. “It’s the first time we have looked at a marine park through the lens of threats and risks. In this workshop, the Committee will identify values to be conserved by the marine park and the biggest threats to those values. “The Committee will be joined by four new members filling vacant positions representing aquaculture, recreational fishers, marine conservation and marine science. All members will play a critical role in this pilot process, providing a voice for the local interests in the initial planning stages.” “The Committee represents the views of a range of groups from local government, marine conservation and science to Aboriginal committees, tourist and scuba groups and commercial and recreational fishers. “We will engage with other community members and stakeholders via surveys and workshops to further inform the values, threats, draft management objectives and management actions. “Throughout the pilot process we’ll also draw on information previously collected from the community through the Marine Estate Community Survey and State wide Threat and Risk Assessment.” Mr Constance said existing management rules including zoning arrangements will be reviewed as part of the development of the draft management plan. “Zoning is an important part of marine management as it helps us conserve the environment, manage conflicting uses and enhance community enjoyment of our natural resources. “At the end of the day, we want to ensure that the zones in the marine park are closely linked to the threats and risks to the marine environment but we won’t be making any final decisions without extensive community and stakeholder feedback. We are committed to using this pilot to prepare a management plan that has clear objectives and actions that respond to what locals consider to be the priorities for the park,” Mr Constance said. A draft management plan will be released for public consultation for two months, where the community will have an opportunity to consider and comment on the plan. For more information, visit

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018



Humpty Dumpty fundraiser Helps Moruya District Hospital acquire a Panda Neonatal Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018 Resuscitaire Unit valued at $32,500 July 13, 2018 The Humpty Dumpty Foundation’s Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn has made a significant difference to hospitals and health services right across Australia including Moruya District Hospital. The event, now in its 18th year, raised a record-breaking $2.7 million which will help Humpty donate much-needed medical equipment to many of the 383 hospitals supported by the charity. The Panda Neonatal Resuscitaire Unit for Moruya District Hospital’s Maternity Unit is one of the many pieces that will be donated to Australian hospitals and health services as a result of this event. The Panda Neonatal Resuscitaire Unit is vital for providing infants with a purpose built examination bed. It includes a warmer and special monitoring devices, and can be stocked with other equipment to provide oxygen, needed for resuscitation, in treating critically ill babies. This life-saving equipment will be used daily.

Rock n Roll Thursday is on its way. This is a social learn to dance group with a flexible structure for all levels but has a strong focus on beginners to help grow interest. It doesn’t matter if you have never danced before, we will get you rockin. You can just show up on the day. But it would be nice if you let us know you're coming, especially if you're flying solo, so we can plan to have a balance of men to women in every group. $10 per person 7.30pm to 9.30pm Thursdays Batemans Bay Community Centre

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018

$500 donation to Batemans Bay Hospital Auxiliary Brad Rossiter Chair & Founder of the Eurobodalla Renal Support Group & Organ Donor Awareness donates $500.00 to the Batemans Bay Hospital Auxiliary. Brad is the Patron of the Bay’s Hospital Auxiliary and he also is the Chair of the Eurobodalla Health Service Community Representative Committee (EHSCRC). You will find Brad at The Bridge Plaza Batemans Bay every Friday.


community EYES DOWN AT 2PM TILL 4PM. Cost: $20 which includes 2 raffle tickets. “Chocolate lines� and house prizes valued at $10 as a Voucher or gift. Pink games are a $20 movie voucher. 3 Trivia Questions $5 for more prizes. Raffle tickets 3 for $5. Great prizes on offer.

Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018

The Mega Robotics Raffle will be drawn on the 14th July at the club about 4pm All Proceeds will help the Robotics Teams travel to and compete in the State and National Competitions This years RoboCup Junior Australia Nationals are being held in Melbourne. The Moruya High School Robotics team will be competing in the three categories being OnStage, Soccer and Rescue

Hail winter dump for the Bay region A trough over southern parts of the South Coast this afternoon bought a solid dump of hail to the Batemans Bay region from Surf Beach through Caseys beach and into the Bay generating serious thunderstorm activity that lingered enough to leave a thick layer of hail before moving offshore. Image by K. Odgers

A little bit closer: A Narooma Blues Festival in October 2019 Tuesday night at Club Narooma saw a good turnout of interested members of the Narooma community interested in hearing more of the proposed rebirth of a blues festival in Narooma. Attending were members of the Narooma Chamber of Commerce executive, Councillor Phil Constable and members of Eurobodalla's Tourism and events team along with a solid core of locals to hear details of an event that is now on the table as a very possible drawcard for the town that will showcase Narooma and its surrounds to those who also love their music. The Narooma Chamber of Commerce & Tourism and the Eurobodalla Shire Tourism & Events Team have been working behind the scenes to support a new event proposed by Australian National Events who specialise in the design, planning and delivery of high quality, unique and exciting events. David White of Australian National Events explained that Narooma was very well positioned to provide the venue and that the community, if it were to support the proposal, could get behind the festival as both attendees as well as the beneficiaries that would see cafes full, shops trading and accommodation full to capacity. He remarked that the blues attracted an older demographic, a bracket with disposable money and the intention of the festival was to encourage new visitors to the area with an event that would encourage them to spend giving a positive economic return by lifting the profile of the region. beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018



Narooma Forest Rally When: 21st Jul 2018 10:30am-7:00pm Where: NATA Oval, Bluewater Drive and the surrounding State Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018 Forests Cost: Spectators are free. The forests surrounding Narooma will be filled with the action and thrills of the Narooma Forest Rally in July 2018. Returning for its 5th year, the rally is a round of the NSW Clubman Rally Series, the NSW Development Rally Series, the NSW Hyundai Rally Series and the ACT Regional Rally Series. With a bumper field of 60 cars, the event showcases the best rally drivers from the east coast of Australia in a wide variety of vehicles, including the ever popular classic rally cars like Ford Escorts and Datsun 1600’s. Information regarding the event can be found on our website or you can keep up-to-date on the Brindabella Motor Sport Club Facebook page

Quota is coming to Moruya The President and members of the Quota Club of Batemans Bay are looking for new members and to that end will be hosting a morning coffee and cake at Les Gourmandises in Moruya. We hope to welcome along interested people who have some time on their hands to help in the local community. We would like to shout each of you a coffee and cake at the lovely Les Gourmandises patisserie in Moruya. Please find time to come along so that we can let you know about the great work that Quota is doing in the local community. We already help each of the schools in Moruya and have given funds to assist the Moruya Hospital. Our latest donation was to the South East Women and Childrens Service and we will be helping with their winter appeal for food and household items. The Quota club has been working in the Eurobodalla Shire for over 40 years and we would like to continue to help those people in the local community who are disadvantaged. So come along and meet us and have a delicious morning tea on us - we will be there from 10.30am on Wednesday 25th July

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beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


Reading—history Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of 13 July 1918, provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society: Vol 16 September 15th 2017

KIORA SALE. – Mr. will run motor cars to the Kiora sale on Wednesday next, leaving Moruya at 11.30.ON the 28 April December 7th,Weatherby 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018 24th July a gift afternoon and Cinderella dance will be conducted by the War Chest Committee for Xmas parcels for the Boys at the front. RIDING ACCIDENT. – On Friday last week, a little daughter of Mr. Cam Mercer fell from a horse onto a stump, with the result that her right arm was broken in two places above the elbow. She was brought to Cobargo for surgical attention, and is doing well. – ‘Chronicle.’ SPINNING INDUSTRY. – The Hon. Secretary of the Red Cross Society has been notified that Miss Kidson, an instructress of spinning will arrive in Moruya in a few days. Anyone wishing to join the circle, as well as others interested, are invited to attend a demonstration of this fast growing industry in the Shire Hall on Tuesday afternoon next, the 16th inst. At 3 p.m. Mrs Jermyn, the supervisor of the circle, or the Secretary, will be pleased to receive names of intending members. BATEMAN’S BAY. – A tragic accident resulting in the death of Percy Roberts, aged 19½ years, occurred at the local sawmill just at knock-off time on Friday afternoon last. The deceased, who had only entered upon duty at the mill at midday that day, was in the act of rolling the opposite half of a divided log off the saw stage, using his foot from beneath to achieve the purpose, when the nearer part fell forward, its whole weight coming across his body. Death was instantaneous. The sad happening cast a gloom over the whole town where the young fellow, with his parents, has always resided. PAPER BUSH FIRES. – With the continuous long spell of dry weather and westerly winds with which this district has been visited, extending over several months, it has become imperative that the very greatest caution should be observed in the use of fire in the open, otherwise bush fires of a very ruinous character will devastate the whole country side, and the dry grass the only fodder our already hungry stock have to tide them over the severity of the remaining winter months, will be consumed, and our cattle inevitably perish. CORRESPONDENCE.From W. McIntosh, asking for repairs to the fence of the Shire Hall Paddock. The Engineer was instructed to have the fence repaired temporarily.From T. Annetts, Mogo, asking for repairs to road leading to his property. The Engineer was instructed to have the work carried out, provided the writer renders fair assistance.From I. J. Stormon, Eurobodalla, asking the Council to make a road to his property known as Olsons. The Clerk was instructed to inform the writer that the Council could not carry out the work asked for, being on private property. Nineteen 100 years ago booklets containing articles for the years 1899 to 1917 are available ($5 ea) from the Society’s rooms. Copies of local newspapers from the 1860s to date can be viewed at the Society’s Family History Research Centre (Ph 4474 3224) situated at the rear of the Museum in Campbell St. Moruya (

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


Reading—some local tongue in cheek

The Joe’s Creek Scrolls by Kim Odgers Joes Creek rises in the hills above Surf Beach on the southern edge of Batemans Bay before unhurriedly snaking its way Vol 16 September 2017escape to the ocean by a barrier of built-up sand dunes at Corrigans Cove. downhill only to be15th denied Vol 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018

In 2018 this largely uninteresting waterway is more of a ditch, a drain, a brackish polluted watercourse - more of a health hazard than a clean rainwater outflow. But it wasn’t always this way. Recently, a Council road grader, replacing piping channelling the course of Joes Creek beneath Ridge Road, uncovered several ancient earthenware vessels containing what appeared to be a number of papyrus manuscripts dating back to 2300BC describing in some detail the life and events of a now extinct people who had settled alongside what was then a significant fresh water river. Scholars from the ANU have recently finished the complex decoding of these ancient texts. This community who lived so long ago on the banks of Joes Creek led a simple unhurried life made up of mostly unproductive elderly folk discarded from a more privileged and important administrative centre several hours over the mountains to the west. The villagers of the Joes Creek hamlet were apparently good and wise people. Wisest of all was 500 year-old Noah. Noah had been elected head of the community council that sat in judgement on the many daily disputes. These disputes covered important issues such as the allowable height of village hovels, no-go areas for dogs, and where to park personal walking frames. This was very significant work and each villager was required to reward the Council by annually parting with part of their assets. Strangely these payments increased each year without a corresponding improvement in the work of the council. Parchment #4 of the Joes Creek Scrolls tells the story of Noah and of God’s command to build an Ark. “Noah!!”, came the booming voice. Noah looked around from his favourite fishing spot on what would later be known as Joes Creek. “No Noah, I’m up here”. Noah looked towards a blinding flash immediately above. “Good morning Lord, I haven’t heard from you for some time” ‘I am displeased Noah, your fellow villagers are guilty of two of the most important of the seven deadly sins – Sloth and Gluttony. I witness much drinking, over indulgence and wasteful unproductive inactivity. Worse, people seem to be enjoying themselves. I am going to send a great flood.” Stunned, Noah attempted unsuccessfully to reason with God only to shrink back from a thunderous volley of lightning bolts. “Lord, what must I do to serve you?” “Noah, you will build an Ark and to gather within two each of my precious godly creatures. All the details you need to know are chiselled on the stone plaque sitting behind you. You have 10 days before your own village and all surrounding villages will be flooded by sea rise. I will raise the temperature of the earth causing ocean warming and polar ice melt. It will be catastrophic. You have been warned.” “But Lord, this is genocide. Why should so many people die for their sins?” “Oh Noah, don’t fuss. 1600 years from now I will be sending my only son, Jesus, who will die himself for all of man’s sins. That should even it up”. That night Noah gathered his fellow villagers together. Jeremiah Hughes immediately stood and protested that it was not possible that the oceans could warm or rise. “I am a denialist and a supporter of the flat earth theory”, Jeremiah sputtered. “Sea rise is a conspiracy, fake news and a left-wing plot!” Methuselah Schneider suggested that the grey-headed flying foxes not be brought onto the Ark. “I have a premonition that these smelly, pesky critters will one day return in great numbers causing much discomfort and distress to those living here in the distant future”. Abraham Leslight questioned several of the specifications supplied by God. beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


Reading—some local tongue in cheek “Surely, there is no need to begin the building of the Ark 90 mega cubits above the current water mark. It is simply alarmist to think sea level will rise that much. I Vol 16 September 15ththat 2017 have heard settlements to the north of us believe 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018 that the flood, if there is to be one, will reach no more than a further 35 mega cubits.” Delilah Innes offered the compromise of 72 mega cubits above the current sea level. “That way we can be sure that the Ark can smoothly slip into the ocean at the newer level. It is also important here that we consider and respect the views of all, and that reasonable provision is made for public consultation. I suggest that a citizen’s jury be formed to assist our discussions. I am available to be chairperson.” Five days later God demanded Noah provide a progress report. “It’s a slow process Lord. There are regulations preventing trees of a certain width being felled to build the Ark, plus there are sensitivities relating to threatened habitat. Jeremiah Hughes is adamant that sea levels are actually decreasing and he has now taken up a position at low tide to hopefully net stranded fish and crayfish as the ocean retreats.” On the 5th day the oceans began to rise. On the 7th day the waters swept past 35 mega cubits. With the Ark less than half finished, Noah and his family decided to hold a summit with God and appeal to what is the highest court in the land – and the Universe. “Lord, what if we gave up our slothful and gluttonous ways? Would you cancel the great flood?” “Well, I might”, replied the omnipresent one “I do have a fair bit on my plate at the moment. But I would require you to close all of your alcohol outlets, abandon the golf course, unplug the Internet, stop watching Netflix and reality shows, and ban drinking what I think you call coffee.” A silence descended on Noah and his family as they contemplated what all this meant. What would life be like without golf, wine, the Internet, iPads, or coffee with a caramel slice? “Lord, I promise you – we will re-double our efforts to finish the Ark.”

EOC Winter Orchid Show When: 13th Jul 2018 9:00am - 14th Jul 2018 2:00pm Where:CWA Hall, 64 Queen St, Moruya When: Friday 13 July 9:00am to 4:00pm. Saturday 14 July 9:00am to 2:00pm. Pricing: Adults and children-FREE Eurobodalla Orchid Show will have hundreds of orchid flowers, of many different species and hybrids, on display to admire and photograph. There will also be orchid posies and orchids plants for sale and a raffle running throughout the event. Experienced members will give any needed advice on growing these beautiful plants. So, come along and be astounded by the beauty & variety of these plants.

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018



Eggshell Skull - a review by Trevor Moore IVol had16seen Bri Lee15th on The September 2017Drum a few weeks back and I was impressed with her 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 2018 erudition. But27th there was some backstory that she hinted at on the program. She had been abused as a child and had written a book about it. That book is Eggshell Skull. The eggshell skull rule is, so I learn from the book a well-established legal doctrine in common law. The rule states that the unexpected frailty of an injured person is not a valid defence to the seriousness of any injury caused to them. The implication of this is that everyone is the same at law. It seems a pretty good idea. Lee’s point, or at least what I see as her point, is that women and men are not treated equally before the law. It is coincidental that as I write the reverberations of a scene from the Senate last week are echoing in the halls of those that matter … and, indeed, those that don’t. There is a senator whose name is Leyonhjelm who has behaved, and continues to behave, in a manner that I find utterly amazing. He alleges that another senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, remarked that “all men are rapists.” There is no evidence that she said this but this Levonhjelm remarked that she should, therefore, “stop shagging men.” When she called him out on this he told her to fuck off. He is refusing to apologise possibly because politically he might have nothing to lose and possibly even something to gain. It’s more likely that he won’t apologise because he is a moron of the first order. Had he been employed in the private sector he would have been well-disciplined, possibly even losing his job. My sympathies are entirely with Hanson-Young who is taking it head-on and accusing him of “slut-shaming.” It is the concept of “slut-shaming” that is one of the threads in Bri Lee’s book. There are double standards at work in society. Let me be the first to admit that these standards have not always been obvious to me. I am a man and I have no doubt that I have benefitted from these double standards. Lee makes the point, as have many before her, that in cases of sexual assault it seems to be perfectly OK to ask a woman what she was wearing, how she was walking, whether she was smiling … these are questions for which there is no real equivalent in relation to a male. The recent rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon caused the police to suggest, inter alia, that women consider what routes they take when out alone. This was met with the criticism, entirely justified in my view, that no woman should have to change her behaviour to prevent or reduce the risk of sexual assault. It is men who need to change, Not, of course, all men but those men who seem to think that it is OK (as my father might say) to take advantage of a woman. I found Lee’s book confronting for two reasons. I think one reason is valid and the other is not; it says more about me than perhaps I would like to admit. Lee was abused when she was about 12 by a friend of her brother who was, at the time of the offence, about 18. I have never been abused unless you count living through the institutional violence and bullying that was part of an English public (that means private) school. As a result, I cannot know what the consequences of such an experience are. Lee describes these with confronting candour. There is a part of me that wanted to tell her to just get on with it, stiff upper lip and all that. That part of me is a product of my upbringing; bad shit happens, and you just have to get over it and get on with it. But the part of me that is wrestling with embedded societal injustice understands why Lee felt the way she did (and perhaps still does). She describes the impact of losing one’s self esteem, of doubting one’s capacities and capabilities with alarming frankness, almost brutally. Quite what it cost her to put into words the things that she felt as a consequence of her abuse I cannot even begin to fathom. The second confronting theme is about the way the Australian judicial system works (or perhaps doesn’t work). Perhaps other justice systems are no different. Continues…... beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


Reading Continues….. She writes about her year as a legal assistant to a judge who she refers to, delightfully, as Judge. Her job was to accompany Judge15th around Vol 16 September 2017the country and to make sure that he can do his work effectively and efficiently. She describes 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018 several cases of abuse that come before the court. Now, you can accuse her of bias; her sympathies are clearly with the complainants in these cases and not with the defendant. But it is important to separate the facts of a case from the process by which justice is, or possibly is not, done. She describes the process of her own case and one is left feeling that there has to be a better way. When it comes to a female (possibly a juvenile) complainant and a male defendant the odds appear to be stacked against the complainant. School of Rock is a wonderful feel-good movie that should be required viewing for anyone wishing to be classed as a human. In the movie Jack Black, as the main character, tells a class of children that they might as well give up because, while things used to be good, The Man ruined it all. Bri Lee is a tiny voice crying out against The Man. The gender of this mythical being is important. It is always The Man. The Man is not only in our judicial system. It is in a religious organisation that places its own “rules” above those of the state and whose senior officials can be found guilty of conniving in crimes against minors but are not fired. It is in a religious organisation that wants to put its own rules (that it tries to glorify by the term canon law) above the law of the Commonwealth. Put aside the prejudices and entitlements you have learned and think about all this. The world we live in is not fair, but it bloody well should be. Lee’s book is well-written and, because it is a confronting and challenging read, and you should read it.

Batemans Bay Antiques and Collectibles Fair When: 14th Jul 2018 9:00am - 15th Jul 2018 2:00pm Where: Batemans Bay Basketball Stadium, Hanging Rock Place, Batemans Bay When: Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Sunday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Cost: $5.00 per adult. $12.00 for families. Accompanied children under 12 years free. Set in beautiful Batemans Bay on the unspoilt NSW south coast, this Antiques and Collectibles Fair is a must. Be seduced by the variety of antiques and collectibles from a large number of Australia’s dealers. You will see Bottles, Ceramics, Dolls, Jewellery, Kitchenalia, Tools, Vases and much more. Want to know what your antique is worth? Valuations will be available. $5 per item or three for $10. Enjoy delicious meals and refreshments while you buy, sell or trade.

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Gadfly 43 By Robert Macklin I was waiting for a taxi outside an Adelaide hotel when a tall, relatively well dressed, young man approached and said, ‘Excuse me, could you spare me some small change?’ Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018

Well, of course I could but I was so taken aback that I said, ‘No’ and he turned away. It’s been on my conscience ever since. When I told Zeru, my Ethiopian taxi driver about the encounter he said Adelaide had many people begging and sleeping rough. And when I mentioned it on Facebook, friends from around the country responded with similar stories. But here’s the thing: I was in Adelaide to attend the launch of the third of our three new Air Warfare Destroyers which together cost some $9.2 billion. Moreover, they’re the forerunner of a planned ‘continuous naval shipbuilding plan’ announced by PM Malcolm Turnbull, to cost some $95 billion over the next decade and a bit. Zeru couldn’t get over it. ‘Oh, Mr Robert,’ he cried, ‘ninety billions of dollars! Just think what we could do with all that money…billions, you say, not millions…billions…oh Mr Robert…’ ‘Watch the road, Zeru.’ The program incorporates the $56 billion for twelve new submarines, $35 billion for nine new Frigates and about $4 billion for 12 Offshore Patrol boats. Then to service and maintain them for their 30-year life cycle will cost the usual three times the initial build. So in 2018 dollars we’re talking roughly $380 billion. And that’s provided we don’t have a war that requires them to be replaced if the worst happens. Now, I don’t have a problem with that kind of spending. In fact, the way global warming is accelerating I think we’ll need every last warship to deter the millions of climate change refugees who would otherwise be making for our coastline. But for the next few days I couldn’t help thinking about those homeless people in our cities and what just a fraction of that money would do to house and feed them. Then, as these things do, it faded from the mind as other domestic events crowded in. But then last night I happened to catch the national treasure, Jennie Brockie on her SBS Insight program talking with a room full of Australians – mostly women – really doing it tough. Indeed, many of them were actually going hungry in the weekly quest to put food on the table for their kids. Good, decent women who had fallen on hard times, whose hearts were as big as the Ritz but were breaking under the endless strain. Then the lady from Foodback told the audience that no fewer than 3.6 million Australians needed their help. And still ‘hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren go hungry in Australia each year’. That, my friends, in a country as rich as ours, is a damned disgrace. And I haven’t heard a squeak about it from any politician from any party at any level of government – local, state or federal. That’s worse. I still think the spending on our naval defences is fully justified. It’s the first duty of government to keep its people safe; and a combination of good diplomacy backed by firm deterrents is the sensible way to go. But at the same time, no rich country that lets its kids go hungry is worth a tuppenny damn. I really thought we were better than that. Robert Macklin has carved out a unique place among Australia’s literary biographers and historians. He has won numerous literary prizes including the 2009 Blake Dawson award for business literature with Peter Thompson for their classic THE BIG FELLA – the Rise and Rise of BHP Billiton. His Kevin Rudd: The Biography was shortlisted for the ACT Book of the Year; and he has won three Cri4cs Circle Awards for his military biographies and histories. He has completed a lecture tour of three Chinese universi4es based on his works and is presently wri4ng a history of Australia/ China rela4ons over the last 200 years. He presently divides his wri4ng 4me on fic4on, non-fic4on and screenplays between Canberra and Tuross Head on the NSW South Coast. beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


what’s on—fishing Your up to date Tackle World Moruya Fishing report Moruya and Tuross River Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Vol 28 December 7th, 2017

Vol 48 April 27th 2018 Luderick have been on the bite in the Moruya system this past week. Quarry wharf and the northern side of Moruya bridge have been two hot spots.

Freshly pumped nippers or green weed are both working under a float with 4lb fluorocarbon leader. Estuary Perch are scaDered throughout both river systems and have been caught as far down as the boat shed at Tuross. Early morning, late aEernoon and well into the night they are taking poppers and walk the dog style surface lures. In the day you will catch them around heavy structure like oyster leases and snags. Paddle tail and grub tail soE plasGcs are the way to go during daylight hours. Some nice winter WhiGng have been caught right up the back of Tuross. Fresh squirt worms are a must to be successful at this Gme if the year. The odd Flathead has been picked up driEing the channel near the boatshed at Tuross. The new squidgies range of soE plasGcs in bloodworm have worked well. Rocks and Beaches The rock fishing has been preDy good lately. Very nice size Drummer and Groper are coming in at Moruya heads and Bingie area using fresh crabs for bait. Coila and Congo beach are fishing well for Salmon either spinning slices or fishing full pillies on a gang hook rig. Bream are also being caught in the guDers using yabbies and worms for bait. Local divers have been reporGng good numbers of Crays and Abalone not far off the rocks. If geJng in the cold water isn't your thing, our locally made cray pots are in-store and working a treat! Tight lines my friends and remember “every day’s a good day for fishing … “Team Tackle World Moruya Tight lines my friends and remember “every day’s a good day for fishing … “ Team Tackle World Moruya beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


What’s on—coming up

FABBA “Australia’s Vol 16 September 15th 2017 ultimate 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27thABBA 2018 tribute band” in Moruya 20th July By popular demand the crew from FABBA are coming back to Moruya to entertainment the mass of ABBA fans. A party for all ages that love their ABBA music!! It was a memorable evening last time with a packed dance floor all night! Tix on sale at The Waterfront $20

"South Coast Metalheads & McEwen M&T proudly presents: THRASH ATTACK! If head snapping riffs, mosh stomping beats whet your metal appetite, then this banger is for you. Better late than never, Adelaide's thrash bangers Hidden Intent play Moruya for the first time! Like the riotous music they play, HIDDEN INTENT have been carving their way through the masses with their unabashedly unapologetic '80sthrowback thrash metal, a form of music that wholly embraces its American and European roots in the Bay Area, Scandinavian and Teutonic thrash scenes. Being lauded for their "energetic" live show and the "party thrash" they play for their audiences, they combine with Canberra maniacs Hostel, Clarity of Chaos and Inebriator for what will be the most thrashable show of the year!!! Friday 3rd of August at The Moruya Waterfront Hotel from 8PM Pre-sale tickets just $12.00 at or $20.00 on the door

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what’s on You’ve asked for Country so The Waterfront is deliverin!!!! Vol 16 September 15th 2017

28 April December 7th, 2017 14 July, Vol 48 27thnight, 2018 This Sat NEILLY RICH are coming down to Moruya.

One of Australia’s leading Country duos and bands NEILLY RICH are heading our way. Free entry, let’s support country music and if they get a solid crowd they are thinking of putting on an entire weekend of country music.

It’s alive and it’s on tonight, Club Narooma, 7pm. Local hero Tim Burke with Doug Stuart, the fabulous Seaside Ukulele Orchsetra, vocalist Linda Smith making her first appearance at Club Muzo,

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


what’s on—at a glance Jeff Martin - Stars in the Sand Tour @ Milton Theatre Saturday 14th July 8:00pm - 11:00pm Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 Martin, December 7th, 2017and guitarist of the iconic Canadian band, The Tea VolJeff 48 April 27th 2018 lead singer

Party, will hit the road on a series of solo acoustic dates. The Stars In The Sand tour will bring an exciting element for fans with a release of an EP available exclusively at the shows. The 4 track EP will feature original compositions with Moroccan musings, and some of the sounds were actually recorded in Morocco 3 years ago. The show will feature some of these tracks along with a few other fresh additions to the set. Jeff Martin's reputation as a live performer is world renowned and these shows will be a powerful musical journey not to be missed. Joining Jeff on all shows will be exciting 23 year old, Multi-Instrumentalist Mitch King

The Canberra Recorder and Early Music Society are hosting an early music weekend workshop at Four Winds. Over 35 musicians are gathering to explore music from the 16thCentury – the Renaissance Period. The inspirational Barbara Jergen – a celebrated music teacher and performer – will lead, with Alexandra Bailliet-Joly, who is also a wonderful recorder player, conductor and educator. The workshop culminates in a free concert at 4pm Sunday, which will showcase the pieces the musicians have explored, and some smaller ensemble pieces.

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gig guide

Your Beagle Gig guide of What's on in the Eurobodalla this weekend Vol 16 September 15th 2017

28 April December 7th, 2017 Jul - Platinum Duo @ Batemans Bay Soldiers Club Vol13th 48 27th 2018 Jul 13th - Peter Rich @ JJ's at the Marina Jul 13th – Dave Newman @ Club Catalina Jul 13th - Karaoke @ the Malua Bay Bowling Club. Jul 13th - Sol Duo @ Club Narooma Jul 13th - Club Muzo at Club Narooma.

Jul 14th - Platinum Duo @ Batemans Bay Soldiers Club Jul 14th - Jamie Parkinson @ Tuross Head Country Club Jul 14th – Crushed Ice @ Club Catalina Jul 14th - Sol Duo Moruya @ Moruya Bowling Club Jul 14th - Simmo @ Tomakin Sports and Social Club Jul 14th - One of Australia’s leading Country bands NEILLY RICH @ The Waterfront Jul 14th - Free Live Music at The Quarterdeck Narooma with James McQ Jul 15th - Robin Simpson @ Bodalla Dairy Shed 12:30pm to 4pm Jul 15th - Humbug at Tilba Valley Wines 12:30 onwards

Stay up to date with all that’s on at

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what’s on: visit our local markets: Tuesdays: SAGE Farmers Market at Riverside Park, Moruya 3pm - 5:30pm Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018

Wednesdays: JJs Market Night at the Batemans Bay Marina once per month 3rd Wednesday

Thursdays: Bermagui Growers Market is held in the lee of the Bermagui Fishermen's Wharf, Thursday afternoon from 3pm to 6pm. Batemans Bay Markets at the Batemans Bay Community Centre, Museum Place. 11:30am til 2pm

Saturdays: Moruya Country Markets at Riverside Park, Moruya From 7:30am to 1:30pm Tilba Growers Market 8am to 12pm Central Tilba Hall Quota Club's Malua Bay Market is the first Saturday of Every Second Month (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec) from 8-12.

Sundays: Marine Rescue @ Corrigans Beach Reserve - 1st Sunday 9-1pm Nelligen Markets—2nd Sunday 9:30 til 2pm Nelligen Mechanics Institute Dalmeny Meet The Makers Markets - 2nd Sun of month @ Dalmeny Community Hall 8.30am to 1pm. Rotary SUNDAY MARKETS @ Corrigans Beach Reserve - 3rd Sunday of the month 9-1pm For more info on Rotary Batemans Bay Sunday Market phone Neil Simpson on 0491117838 Narooma Rotary Markets - Last Sunday of the month and Easter Sunday - NATA Oval Narooma 9-1pm

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your cinema program for the weekend

Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018

Saturday 28th July SLACK BAY Director:Bruno Dumont Writers:Bruno Dumont (dialogue), Bruno Dumont (screenplay) Stars: Fabrice Luchini, Juliette Binoche, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi Summer 1910. Several tourists have vanished while relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Channel Coast. Infamous inspectors Machin and Malfoy soon gather that the epicenter of these mysterious disappearances must be Slack Bay, a unique site where the Slack river and the sea join only at high tide. There lives a small community of fishermen and other oyster farmers. Among them evolves a curious family, the Bréfort, renowned ferrymen of the Slack Bay, lead by the father nick-named “The Eternal”, who rules as best as he can on his prankster bunch of sons, especially the impetuous Ma Loute, aged 18. beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


At the cinema

Refugee Action Collective Eurobodalla presents a Winter cultural event & fundraiser Screening of Ai Weiwei's acclaimed new film

Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Human Flow 29 July at Narooma Kinema 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27thSunday 2018

Over 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war in the greatest human displacement since World War II. Human Flow, an epic film journey led by the internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to this massive human migration. The documentary elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact. Captured over the course of an eventful year in 23 countries, the film follows a chain of urgent human stories that stretches across the globe in countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, and Turkey. Human Flow is a witness to its subjects and their desperate search for safety, shelter and justice: from teeming refugee camps to perilous ocean crossings to barbed-wire borders; from dislocation and disillusionment to courage, endurance and adaptation; from the haunting lure of lives left behind to the unknown potential of the future. Human Flow comes at a crucial time when tolerance, compassion and trust are needed more than ever. This visceral work of cinema is a testament to the unassailable human spirit and poses one of the questions that will define this century: Will our global society emerge from fear, isolation, and self-interest and choose a path of openness, freedom, and respect for humanity? Amazon Studios and Participant Media present, in association with AC Films, Human Flow, a film directed by Ai Weiwei. Human Flow is produced by Ai Weiwei, Chin-Chin Yap and Heino Deckert and executive produced by Andrew Cohen of AC Films with Jeff Skoll and Diane Weyermann of Participant Media. Matinee - Sunday 29 July screening starts at 1pm with refreshments and discussion after the film Tickets $20 Book and purchase tickets from Narooma Kinema 44762352 Funds raised go to RAC Eurobodalla's refugee projects beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018



VICTOR EGO or THE BRAINSTORM @ The Murrah Hall Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 April December 7th, Vol 48 27th 7.00pm July 13,2018 14 2017

3.00pm July 15 Booking link:

Victor Ego is a ‘one-man’ play, conceived, written and performed by Patrick Dickson. Hugo is at work in his studio as he pulls together the essential ingredients of a ripping yarn which will become a best-selling novel. He conjures up a cast of characters and spices their relationships with betrayal, obsession, love, sacrifice and a dash of skullduggery. The beautiful, rugged seascape of the Norman Archipelago isn’t simply a back-drop; for Hugo it’s a powerful and unpredictable player in the drama of life and death. The play is both a distillation of a gothic romance and an exploration of the imagination and alchemy of one of the greatest literary figures of the nineteenth century. This production can only happen with the creative support of O’Punksky’s Theatre, a Sydney company Patrick has been associated with for nearly 30 years. The project also features the essential and welcome contribution of local media artists. Patrick Dickson is a well-known and well-respected Australian actor. He played a pivotal character in the ABC’s famous Seachange series and is extremely well known in the Sydney theatre circles. He also appeared in Janet King, Bridge Too Far, Home & Away and Rogue Nation

Free Concert: This Sunday 15 July 2018, 4pm – 5pm Windsong Pavilion, Four Winds Rd, Barragga Bay The Canberra Recorder and Early Music Society are hosting an early music weekend workshop at Four Winds this coming weekend. Over 35 musicians are gathering to explore music and tunes from the 16thCentury – the Renaissance Period. The highly energised and inspirational Barbara Jergen – a celebrated music teacher and performer will lead the weekend. Barbara will be joined by Alexandra Bailliet-Joly, who is also a wonderful recorder player, conductor and educator. The workshop culminates in a free concert at 4pm this Sunday 15 July, which will showcase the pieces the musicians have explored during the weekend, as well as some smaller ensemble pieces; including a work for eight voices (performed by the The Friday Choir) and eight recorders. Like the ‘Spring Sing’, which brings together local choirs in September, this is a wonderful example of how different communities come together at Four Winds to participate in and share their passion for music making. The theme of early music continues for our next Windsong Series Concert on Sunday 19th August 2018at 1pm during which former Four Winds Festival Artistic Director Genevieve Lacey (recorder) will perform music from the Renaissance Period, along with harpsichord and bassoon – more about that concert in future emails but tickets are selling fast….you can click here to book your ticket

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018



Gary Caldow exhibition Where: Narooma Library, Field Street, Narooma When: To Saturday 21 July 2018. Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Cost: 28Free December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 Gary's artwork can be viewed from 10am to 5pm during the week and 9.30am to 12pm on Saturday. The library is closed Sunday. Gary is a Narooma-based artist who grew up in the Northern Territory. Taking to painting later in life, he passionately explores his muses and the many seeming coincidences he has experienced over time. He has developed his own style and career highlights include his work being selected by judge Margaret Olley to hang with finalists in the prestigious Mosman Art Prize. You can hear Gary talk about his artistic journey at his floor talk at Narooma on Wednesday 11 at 2pm. For more information please contact Narooma Library: T: 02 4476 1164

Opening Night ticket give away: Bay Theatre Player's Talking Heads The Beagle extends to its readers an invitation to be in the draw to win 2x double passes for the opening night performance of Bay Theatre PlayersTalking Heads ; 7:30pm on Friday 20th July at the Bay Playhouse, Gregory Street, Batemans Bay. The Beagle extends to its readers an invitation to be in the draw to win 2x double passes for the opening night performance of @s Talking Heads ; 7:30pm on Friday 20th July at the Bay Playhouse, Gregory Street, Batemans Bay. Winners will be notified by a representative of Bay Theatre Players

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018



A Story Circle and High Tea on Saturday 14th July at the Central Tilba Big Hall from 2 to 4 pm will be part of a suite of events to celebrate the 2018 NAIDOC Week theme, ‘Because of her, we can!’ Vol 16 September 15th 2017

28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 2018 Everyone in 27th the wider community, including men and children, are welcome to share in this unique opportunity to join in a story circle to celebrate Aboriginal grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and aunties for their valued role in their families and communities and for their rich and significant contribution to Australian cultural life

An open invitation is extended to all women of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage living in the Eurobodalla to be honoured at this event. There will be an Exhibition of History and Art from 9am in the Small Hall, which coincides with the CWA’s regular pop-up morning tea. It will feature an informative Yuin time-line display, exceptional photos and art from local artists and the children of the Little Yuin Pre-School and a fascinating display of historic NAIDOC posters. These events are presented by The Gulaga Reconciliation Group, a volunteer group of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal members from Broulee to Cobargo, who work together to provide opportunities at the local level for cross-cultural conversation and friendship. The group facilitated the Storytelling event ‘Gulaga, then, now and forever’ which showed to full houses in the Summer. This year’s NAIDOC events are proudly sponsored by Aboriginal Affairs, NSW. The day will conclude with an invitation to all for "Song, Silence & Campfire" from 4.30pm at Open Sanctuary, 242 Corkhill Drive, Tilba Tilba. Soup will be served in the early evening. Enquiries or Stuart on 0419 589 404.

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018



Featured Artist at The Gallery, Mogo: Hazel Hoffman Vol 16spirited September 15thCraft-artist 2017 Free Moruya Hazel Hoffman is featured for the month of 28 April December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 2018 July into August at The Gallery in Mogo.

Hazel creates her fascinating variety of craftwork using texture, colour, fibre, hand-made paper and paint, she is also accomplished at painting and printmaking. Originally from the UK, Hazel arrived in Sydney in her teens. She loved art from a young age but work and the responsibilities of raising a family restricted her opportunity to continue with her passion. Following retirement Hazel became involved with Art Central and the Eurobodalla Fibre and Textile Art Group (EFTAG). She says her work with textiles “kicked the whole thing off from there and I embraced the creative process”. The Gallery is showcasing her imagination ‘running hot’ with assemblage sculpture, spun fleece, felted fabrics, woven baskets, fun brooches, and jewellery made from found objects. One of her most beautiful works on display is an elegant, two toned grey, felted shawl, and another is a spring scarf made from a cleverly looped skein of multi coloured, spun wool. Not that her carefully planned projects progress as smoothly as expected. She says, “I often find I take off in an unprecedented direction and the end result is usually a surprise, which I call going with the flow”. This year Hazel has been working with found objects. She says, “I don’t like anything going to waste so I have been using up my stash of materials to weave large, multi coloured laundry baskets”. Formed into circular, cone like shapes, these baskets have proved very popular at The Gallery. Another example of recycling is her use of five python skins shed and collected on Hazel’s farm. She says, “I love the translucent, elastic quality of the python skin and how stretching it over a shape will exploit and enhance its diamond patterns”. In an extraordinary bust of a woman the skins have been stretched and glued over a head built from papier-mache and coloured tissue paper on a wire armature. It is finished with a hairline defined by plaited silk scarves, a flourish of emu feathers and a crown of second hand brass and coloured buttons sourced from the ESC Buy Back Centre or donated by friends.

beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018



Helen Okey exhibition Where: Batemans Bay Library, Hanging Rock Place, Batemans Bay Vol 16 September 15th 2017 When: Saturday July 2018 28 To December 7th,212017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 Cost: Free Ethereal blendings of people and chooks Rosedale photographer Helen Okey adds thee extra to ordinary. Her ethereal, transformative portraits of people and chooks feature in an exhibition at the Batemans Bay library which is running from 2-21 July. A flick through her portfolio of portraits at the exhibition shows suburban mums metamorphosing into Grace Kellys and backyard chooks into exotic , almost peacock like, creations. And the exhibition also features some exquisite, almost celestial, dancer portraits. A childhood dominated by the dressup box and a career in clothing and fashion design before studying photography have given Helen her classic and often quirky portraiture style. She likes photo shoots to be fun and it shows. Helen will conducting an Artist Residency at the Batemans Bay library on Tuesday 10 July from 10.30am- 12 noon where she will be revealing some of her retouching techniques and post production work on her computer.

Marian Webb exhibition Where: Moruya Library, Vulcan Street, Moruya When: Monday 2 July 2018 to Saturday 21 July 2018 Cost: Free Marian's artwork can be viewed during library opening hours. The library is also open 9.30am to 12pm Saturday and is closed Sunday. Head over to the Moruya Library to see the vibrant artwork of local artist Marian Webb. Marian is inspired by her connection to nature and earth. Exploring her love of what she sees in many different directions, Marian’s work covers a variety of mediums, from paint, wax and textiles to stich and paper. You can hear Marian talk about her work and art practice at Moruya on Thursday 12 July at 5pm For more information please contact Moruya Library:

2018 Call for Entries Now Open for the Basil Sellers Art Prize The Eurobodalla Shire Council proudly present the Basil Sellers Art Prize. Returning in February 2019 with a prize pool of over $25,000, the exhibition will feature works from around NSW and the ACT. The winning work will be acquired by businessman and philanthropist, Basil Sellers. The Call for Entries is now open until Monday 10 September 2018. Follow the link to view the terms and conditions and enter: The Basil Sellers Art Prize More information contact Indira Carmichael Coordinator Creative Arts Development: T: 02 4474 1061

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Waste Management

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beagle weekly : Vol 59 July 13th, 2018


Beagle Weekender Vol 59 13th July 2018  
Beagle Weekender Vol 59 13th July 2018