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Porsche, Audi unveil all-electric models


Two dead after

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shooting in Burnaby home


C.’s Independent Investigation Office has been called in to an officer-involved shooting incident in Burnaby that left two men dead. Police have cordoned off the area of Frances Street and Esmond Avenue, where multiple gunshots were heard at around 7 a.m. IIO BC investigator Kellie Kilpatrick said multi police agencies, including the Burnaby RCMP and Vancouver Police, responded to a complaint of shots fired at the house. She said after negotiations failed, a man was shot in the house. The body of a second person, also found dead in the house, is being treated as a homicide. Several family members were taken out of the house and escorted to the Burnaby RCMP detachment, Kilpatrick said. “The priority is their wellness and safety and wellbeing,” she said at a press conference near the scene. Giselle Patella, who lives at the corContinued on page 6

Tel: 604-591-5423



Surrey RCMP too slow to respond to community tips, When asked for reaction to Gill’s claims, ommunity activist Meera Gill said activist says RCMP sent a statement to CBC news, but that Surrey


Evidence is RCMP are needed Gill too slow to respond said that the when concerned famRCMP know ily members call the which indinon-emergency line viduals are to offer tips about involved in their children. Gill, the violence, who is a mother of and said two, lives near Newmore should ton, where an elemenbe done to tary school was hit by Meera Gill speaks at a forum on violence in Surrey monitor bullets after a shooting on Tuesday evening them. “They need to take these kids — and that left one man injured. “The parents I’m not saying criminals, I’m saying kids — they’re saying, ‘I have an issue, I know that and put them aside somewhere and have a my kid is doing something fishy. Either I’ve conversation and watch them. They can’t just seen drugs or I’ve seen weapons in their let them go like this.” bags’” said Gill, whose organization has run public forums with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. “They call nonemergency. What’s the response time? Maybe there’s going to be a quick call within 10, 15 hours, but then the response time is going to be three weeks. “Can you imagine — three weeks — how much could go wrong, when there could be four shootings in 19 hours? It’s scary, it’s scary for every parent,” she said.

that statement does not address Gill’s assertion that response times are too slow. Instead, Surrey RCMP Investigative Services Officer Supt. Manny Mann said that they have laid a number of charges and seized weapons over the past six months. “We understand citizens are frustrated that we have not made arrests for the shootings themselves,” the statement said. “While our intelligence has identified persons involved in these shootings, we cannot make arrests without sufficient evidence to support a charge. “In order to do that, we need those who are involved and their friends and family to tell us what they know – this lack of Continued on page 7

Festival of Color

How the Fijian PM and local politicians were duped into awarding a bogus plaque


small time local radio host has duped the Fijian Prime Minister, Admiral (retd) Voreqe Bainimarama, Newton NDP MP Jinny Sims, Surrey-Green Timbers NDP MLA, Sue Hammell, and others into “awarding” her a bogus plaque and honor in front of dozens of people. The host, Annie, apparently managed to fool the organizers and the Fijian Prime Minister’s troupe as well as local NDP politicians into believing she was being honored with an award “from the government.” She told the Fijian side that the award was from the Canadian government and pointed to Jinny Sims as the one who had given her the award (even though Jinny Sims is an Opposition NDP MP and has nothing to do with the Canadian government) and she told the Canadian organizers and NDP politicians that the award was from the Fijian government. Continued on page 8

Fun times as color festival is celebrated at ISKON Hare Krishna Temple in Burnaby on September 13th. It was the festival of life with color, music, food, dance and fun. Photo: Chandra Bodalia

2 i Saturday, September 19, 2015



Kava-drinking driver wins case against ICBC

judge has ruled the Insurance Corporation of B.C. (ICBC) must replace the vehicle of a man who crashed into a fast-food restaurant seven years ago. According to a Sept. 3 B.C. Supreme Court decision, Mohammed Yusuf Venkataya, now 51, was visiting with friends on Oct. 12, 2008. The group of six talked, ate,

watched TV and drank kava. Kava is a South Pacific plant and a tea-like drink is made from the root of the plant. It is Fiji’s national drink and is often consumed at celebrations or ceremonies, though its use

is not regulated in Canada, according to the court document. Venkataya testified he was not feeling well the evening of the get-together and had a few bowls of fish soup, one bowl of kava and a

cup of tea. He said he and friends had consumed kava for several decades and that he’d normally have it one or twice a month. While driving home from his friend’s house after the get-tog e t h e r, Venka-

“It was a new country but it very quickly felt like home.”

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taya – a devout Muslim who does not smoke, drink or use any drugs – was about to turn right onto Scott Road from 88 Avenue. But that’s the last thing the driver remembered before being handcuffed and placed on the ground outside a Taco Time restaurant, where his vehicle had crashed into a building. Two police officers were in the area and witnessed Venkataya’s collision. They said they saw the driver hit a meridian and saw the tires spinning as the engine accelerated on the temporarily stuck SUV. They then saw the car break free, whiz by them, hitting several poles, signs, trees, a light standard and fire hydrant before slamming into the restaurant. The driver suffered minor injuries, but vomited several times after the crash. The car was severely damaged. The court heard Venkataya had a blood alcohol reading of zero and readily admitted to drinking kava, which HealthLinkBC describes as having a calming effect, “producing brain wave changes similar to changes that occur with calming medicines such as diazepam (Valium, for example).” At trial, ICBC’s lawyers argued Venkataya was dishonest about how much kava he had consumed. But Justice Peter Voith deemed Venkataya an “unusually direct” witness and believed his testimony. ICBC also argued that kava is an intoxicating substance that would have placed Venkataya under the influence at the wheel. There was also suggestion that the driver having taken Benadryl the same day, either alone or in combination, could have rendered him impaired. The judge, however, said ICBC failed to prove Venkataya was incapable of driving as a result of consuming a drug or intoxicating substance. “The whole of the evidence does not, on a balance of probabilities, satisfy that burden,” Voith said in his written decision.



Saturday, September 19, 2015 i 3

B.C. court interpreter delays lead to staying of drug charges

C Supreme Court judge has stayed charges against an accused drug trafficker because the Ministry of Justice’s repeated failure to find a competent Cambodian interpreter. Justice Douglas Thompson called Rong Kong Thim’s two-year legal language odyssey “one of those clearest of cases where the integrity of the judicial system is best protected by a stay of proceedings.” The Comox Valley man was charged in September 2013 with possession of cocaine and marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, as well as unlawful production of marijuana. Thompson acknowledged the seriousness of the charges. But after a series of adjournments and numerous attempts to find an interpreter — one of which led to a mistrial — the judge said he was left with no choice. “There comes a stage at which continuing the process comes at too high a cost to the reputation of the administration of justice,” Thompson said in oral reasons for judgment. “When is enough, enough? I conclude that line has been crossed.” Seven failed attempts According to RCMP, Thim was arrested getting off a ferry in Nanaimo, B.C. Police claimed he was in possession of a kilogram of cocaine. A search warrant at his residence allegedly turned up more cocaine and a Health Canada-licensed marijuana grow operation which was 300 plants beyond the licensed limit. He was detained at his first bail hearing, which Thompson said he apparently did not understand had been concluded. Thim needs a Khmer — also known as Cambodian — interpreter. The “deeply and firmly embedded” right to have an interpreter is considered fundamental to a fair trial. Thompson noted the right is guaranteed under Sec. 14 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The ruling details failed attempts to work with seven separate interpreters. One appeared by telephone instead of in person. Crown counsel indicated concerns about another. The fourth interpreter was discharged after a voir dire established that she didn’t possess a sufficient grasp of English to continue: Thompson declared a mistrial at that point, but proceedings continued. At some point, a Court Services Branch employee sent the judge a letter saying B.C. has no accredited Cambodian interpreters: “In fact, there is no accreditation process available for the Cambodian language at present.” ‘An embarrassing collapse’ The branch then brought two interpreters in from Washington state, but they withdrew from the trial after learning that a legal challenge to their competency could affect their work in the U.S.. “I concluded that Court Services Branch personnel has probably not informed the Washington state interpreters that they may have to testify to their competency,” Thompson said. “I expressed to them my opinion that it was unfair to them.” Thim spent the first six months of the legal process in custody and was later released on bail. Thompson said the accused had been accommodating, but that “through no fault of his own,” the matter had dragged on.

CREATION DATE: 09/10/15 MODIFICATION DATE: September 11, 2015 3:44 PM OUTPUT DATE: 09/14/15

4 i Saturday, September 19, 2015 By John Horgan


School Shooting Shows Leadership lacking In Public Safetyhave Crisis been getting from the B.C. Liberal govern-

A Surrey elementary school was riddled with bullets at six in the evening, a time when children could easily have been playing on the grounds. This latest violent shooting incident on Tuesday has shocked and outraged all British Columbians.Gun violence isn’t just happening in Surrey - earlier this month a 74-year-old grandfather and innocent bystander was killed in in Abbottsford, while a Vancouver city worker was killed in broad daylight in Burnaby in

July. However, the level of gun and gang-related violence in Surrey this year has reached epidemic proportions. This Strawberry Hill school incident was the third shooting in as many days in Surrey and is part of a public safety crisis that has been going on for months and has justifiably spread fear among Surrey residents. People have died, one defending his home, and residents are right to be concerned that these deaths won’t be the last.

This is unacceptable and Surrey and the Lower Mainland deserve better than what they’re getting from both senior levels of government. After months of being promised 100 new RCMP officers, there has been scant progress. The most recent public reports show that only six new officers from the promised 100 have been deployed. The B.C. Liberal government simply isn’t there for Surrey. Premier Christy Clark and her justice minister are sitting on their hands saying they’ve done all they can. That isn’t good enough. Justice Minister Suzanne Anton often claims that her government has increased the budget for the RCMP but earlier this year she was forced to admit that there was, in fact, no money for actual new police services to communities this year. No new money for Surrey, no new money for any community in need. We also need a renewed effort on gangs, and a targeted effort in specific communities to tackle the culture of silence. There is good work being done, but we aren’t doing enough of it. The anti-gang unit has its innovative End Gang Life program, and the schoolbased Wraparound program has been very successful - but the B.C. government pledged only enough funding to reduce this prevention program waitlist by half. Surrey also only has 10 school liaison officers for its 120 schools while Vancouver has 16 dedicated officers for fewer schools. These are the kind of initiatives we need to see expanded. But instead of expanding this vitally important work, last year the B.C. Liberal government cut the provincial policing budget. This forced the RCMP to cut $2.8 million from the anti-gang task force as a result, and at a time when Surrey already had a growing crime rate and one of the lowest ratios of police officers in the province. This has only gotten worse because the community’s population has continued to grow far faster than the provincial average. This failure of B.C. Liberal priorities is unacceptable. Our New Democrat Surrey MLAs have been proposing solutions to the crisis of not only gang-related and property crime but also homelessness, mental health and addictions issues through the Surrey Accord. The B.C. Liberal government could be doing more to protect families in Surrey, but they are neglecting the things that matter. Surrey parents shouldn’t have to worry that if they let their children play at the park they will be caught in crossfire. New Democrats will continue to fight for the things that matter and stand up on the issues that families face in their daily lives. Surrey deserves better than what they

ment. John Horgan is the B.C. New Democrat leader, and the MLA for Juan de Fuca

Saturday, September 19, 2015 i 5

6 i Saturday, September 19, 2015

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Two dead after shooting in Burnaby home

ner of Frances and Ingleton, said she was woken by two gunshots, followed by a pause and a third shot, around 7 a.m. Worried, she rushed to tell her husband not to leave the house and warned her teenaged children to stay down. Then she called 911. It was busy, the lines likely tied up both others also trying to get through, she said. When she got through a minute later, she was told police cars were already on their way. “I was obviously very frightened but I didn’t know if it was a random shooting from outside or from inside the house,” Patella said. Peeking out from her son’s upstairs window, she watched as dozens of police officers rushed to a house down the street. She then heard the bang as the tear gas canister was released, followed two or three rapid shots. “I had to be calm for my kids but I wasn’t really calm,” she said. “I didn’t know what was going on. I never in a million years thought my kids would grow up in a neighbourhood and have to witness this.”

neighbourhood and lives two blocks away, said she was surprised to hear there was a shooting in the area. Neither she nor her boyfriend heard the shots. She said when he left for work at 7 a.m. he saw families with children our on the streets and about 10 police cars. “It’s concerning,” she said. “Things like this don’t usually happen around here.” She said while it’s shocking she’s not to worried. “Stuff happens. Our communities are riddled with drugs, gang violence. I’d be more worried if it happens all the time.” Jianmarco Iuele, 20, who lives in the next block said he was awoken early by sirens and noticed a police car outside his house. He initially thought it was a minor incident, linked to his neighbours who argue all the time. But as he headed to Capilano University at about 8 a.m. he noticed the yellow police tape at Ingleton and Frances and officers milling about as far down as Boundary.

“My mom and brother and I were scared,” Iuele said. “We just moved here two months ago. It’s crazy. These things can happen in even quiet neighbourhoods.” The shooting occurred in the area known as

Police have cordoned off the block of Frances Street west of Ingleton Street.


Ex-B.C. Mountie, Ryan Hampton, guilty of possessing child pornography

yan Hampton, the former B.C. Mountie — and father of five — charged with possessing child pornography, has been found guilty. Hampton was charged with the possession of child pornography, breaching conditions and obstructing a police investigation in 2013. He was found not guilty of the obstruction charge. Justice Barry Davies sentenced Hampton (37) to ten-and-a-half months plus one day in jail but, after consideration of pre-custody detention and time served, he will only spend one more day incarcerated. On release, he will be transferred to Alberta to face outstanding charges in that province. Darcy McCarthy, 34, who grew up in the

BUDGET 2016 CONSULTATIONS SELECT STANDING COMMITTEE ON FINANCE AND GOVERNMENT SERVICES Chair: Wm. Scott Hamilton, MLA (Delta North) | Deputy Chair: Carole James, MLA (Victoria-Beacon Hill)

What are your priorities for the next provincial budget? The all-party Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services will be holding province-wide public consultations on the next provincial budget. British Columbians are invited to participate by: • Attending a public hearing • Sending a written, audio or video submission • Completing an online survey

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, October 15, 2015. For more information, visit our website at: or contact: Parliamentary Committees Office, Room 224, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC V8V 1X4; tel: 250.356.2933, or toll-free in BC: 1.877.428.8337; fax: 250.356.8172; e-mail: Susan Sourial, Committee Clerk

Willingdon Heights, an older community of single-family homes few blocks from the Vancouver border. The IIO has not released many details yet, but says investigators have been deployed and an update is expected later.

He must serve two years probation, and cannot not work or volunteer with children under the age of 16. He has been ordered to undergo counselling, and may not contact any of his five children (from two marriages) until that is successfully completed. During the trial, the court heard that Hampton, 37, was charged after his wife — fellow Mountie Valerie Little — brought a flash drive to her superiors filled with child pornography. Hampton was suspended and then arrested. He later resigned from the RCMP. Hampton’s lawyer argued that it was Little who should be on trial, accusing his client’s ex-wife of pursuing an elaborate plan to sabotage his career in order to win a positive divorce settlement.


Saturday, September 19, 2015 i 7

Death of B.C. aboriginal teen Paige under investigation


CMP have launched a potentially groundbreaking investigation into care workers who dealt with an aboriginal teenager whose tragic death sparked calls for an overhaul of the social services system. B.C.’s representative for children and youth, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, says police are investigating allegations detailed in her report on the death of Paige. The 19-year-old died after a childhood spent in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, exposed to constant violence and neglect. Paige was taken to hospital or detox at least 17 times after being found unconscious or incoherent; she changed schools 16 times; and she featured in more than 40 police files, mostly for public intoxication. But despite her contact with health-care workers, police and social workers, many of the incidents went unreported to the Ministry of Children and Families. B.C.’s Child, Family and Community Services Act makes it an offence not to report a child in need of protection. “It is important for me to know that the police are taking this section seriously,� said Turpel-Lafond. “I just welcome the fact that there is an investigation. It sends a very strong message out to everyone in the system that this duty is a serious duty.� ‘This may be a turning point’ Under Section 13 of the child welfare legislation, failure to report a child in need of protection is an offence punishable by a fine of $10,000 or up to six months in jail. But Turpel-Lafond said there has never been

a prosecution under the act. “This may a turning point,� she said. Paige has several serious health problems, including Marfan syndrome, a condition that left her legally blind without her glasses, in need of medication she could not afford and a requirement for continuing cardiac care. Turpel-Lafond called her investigation into Paige’s life one of the most troubling her office had ever conducted. She called for an end to the practice of housing aboriginal children in the Downtown Eastside. “Not only did she live in this abject squalor,� Turpel-Lafond said. “But my report said that possibly we actually hastened her demise by the very sad state of our social care system.� Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs president Grand Chief Stewart Phillip says native leaders wrote to police after Turpel-Lafond’s report demanding to know why charges had not been laid in relation to Paige’s death. “I’m really pleased to hear that they have actually initiated an investigation into this tragic matter,� he said. At the time Turpel-Lafond’s report was released, B.C. Minister of Children and Family Development Stephanie Cadieux said she was “horrified� by the allegations, but defended the actions of ministry staff. Cadieux wasn’t available for comment. A ministry spokesperson said they would “cooperate fully� with police agencies. NDP opposition leader John Horgan says an RCMP investigation into the “mishandling of an individual’s life� is a continuing theme with the department.

Surrey RCMP too slow to respond From page 1

been a significant hindrance to our investigations.� The statement ends with a plea

for anyone with information to call a tip line at 604-945-6566

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8 i Saturday, September 19, 2015 From page 1

How the Fijian PM and local politicians were duped into awarding a bogus award

Neither side checked with the other and no one bothered to look down at the plaque as they smiled on stage for the cameras – or they would have seen it was bogus. The plaque appears to have a “seal” of the BC government and states “Certificate of Congratulations presented to Annie ji (Katherine) honored as the ‘Embassador (sic) and the Voice of Fijians living in Canada by the Governments of Canada and Fiji”. Below the statement is a signature “Jinny” with the name of Jinny Sims, MP, Newton-North Delta. If even one of the politicians or organizers had see the actual plaque they would have been suspicious with the spelling error of “Ambassador” and the fact that two governments were apparently giving an award one person who has limited, if any, standing or credibility in the Fijian or South Asian community. The presentation took place at what was termed as the Fijian Prime Minister’s farewell dinner on a parking lot on 72nd Avenue in Surrey, next to new offices of Mortgage Alliance AAA Canadian Lending Company

Pre-K to Grade 12

last month. The farewell dinner was organized by the management of the mortgage company and they are as shocked as everyone else at the fraudulent misrepresentation. “This is shocking and believe me, we were fooled just as much as everyone else,” said Faiyaz Khan, of the Mortgage Alliance AAA Canadian Lending. The campaign manager of Jinny Sims has categorically denied that Sims had presented any awards or certificate or plaque to honor Annie. “That plaque is not from us and this whole thing is just very sad,” campaign manager, Lori Winstanley, told The Asian Star. She did not explain why Jinny Sims is not seeking a policeinvestigationg if someone fraudulently ahs used her name and signature on a plaque presented at a public event. Sims herself did not return the call to The Asian Star to clarify the situation but she gave an earlier interview to another media outlet in the Fijian community, which quoted Sims as saying that it was fraudulent and that the “claims are bogus and unacceptable.” NDP MLA Sue Hammell also said she had no hand in giving any awards or plaques




to Annie and said she and Jinny Sims had gone to the farewell dinner at the invitation of Annie and wound up on stage with the Fijian Prime Minister in the presentation of the bogus plaque to Annie. Hammell said in the hustle and bustle neither she nor any of her staff looked at the plaque or read what was written. “I was shocked when I was told about it,” she said. One MP Jinny Sims (left) and Fijian PM presenting the plaque of the main organizers of the to Annie (third from left). not picking up our phone calls,” he said. At Fijian PM’s visit to Metro Vancouver said that Annie had approached the dinner, Annie was sitting at a table with the organizers before the PM actually arrived Sue Hammell and Jinny Sims. She apparenthere and made a proposal that the PM award ly told the organizers that Jinny Sims had her with a “woman of the year award.” When come to the dinner to present her with the plaque on behalf of the Canadian government. At the same time, she told Hammell and Sims, that they were invited to witness the plaque presented to her by the Fijian PM on behalf of the Fijian government. “She was holding on to a box (presumably with the bogus plaque in it), all the time.” Hammell said. Annie kept on pestering the MC that the PM be invited to present the award. The MC eventually invited Annie, Sims, Hammell and other son Inscription on the bogus plaque to the stage “for a presentation.” Annie handed the box (apparently with the advised there was no such award, Annie plaque in it) to Sims to carry onto the stage. then proposed that she could come up with plaque. But the organizers rejected the idea, No one suspected anything. Once they were saying it would not look good for the PM to on stage, the Fijian PM was invited up to the present her with a plaque made up by herself. stage. According to one of his handlers, the She then said the PM could present her Fijian PM went up on the stage thinking he with the plaque presented to her already by was to be presented with a plaque (as had MP Jinny Sims. The organizer said they re- happened at other events). He was quite surjected this idea as well. But the organizers prised when the plaque was pulled out of the saw Annie at every event the prime minister box and he was asked to present it to Annie was at and they endeavored to ensure that she as the “Ambassador Award.” Annie, delirious did not get him to officially present her with with happiness that her scheme had worked, anything. However, at the farewell dinner, kept on repeating on stage “thank you all, I they were stumped because Annie was sitting love you all,” Her scheme became undone at a table close to the stage with Sue Hammell only through the actions of a very smart and Jinny Sims. Faiyaz Khan, who was in- photographer and TV producer, Atish Ram, strumental in organizing the farewell dinner, who managed to take a close up of the plaque said that Annie told him that the Canadian and what was written on it. Annie showed government, through Jinny Sims, had pre- the plaque to anyone again. But, according sented her with a plaque and she would like to some listeners of radio Fiji Mirchi, she the Fijian PM to present it to her. In return, started announcing on her programs that she she promised to run free advertisements on had been appointed the “Ambassador of Fiji” her radio program on “chip radio” Radio and anyone with any problems in Fiji should Mirchi Fiji. Khan said he agreed because An- contact her for help. The Fijian government nie told him the award was from the Cana- has clarified that no one in Canada, includdian government. “We had no idea that the ing Annie, ahs been appointed an ambassaCanadian government had not given her any dor f the Fijian government. The Fijian PM is apparently very angry and upset that he was award and that this was all bogus,” he said. He said Annie did not run the ads as taken advantage of in such a scheme. Annie, agreed and took $500 cash plus 30 free din- in a brief return phone call to The Asian Star, ner tickets to the event from him to run the insisted that the plaque of honor was given advertisements. “She still did not fulfill her to her by Jinny Sims for “35 years of compart of the bargain,” he said. “And now she is Continued on page 14


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Dr. Nisha Dogra of Advanced Genomics uses Science to pave a healthy lifestyle Shruti Prakash-Joshi


or Dr. Nisha Dogra, choosing to work for the betterment of the community was an easy choice. A Ph.D in molecular biology and having vast research experience in genetic mapping and Infectious diseases both in India and in premier universities in Canada and USA such as University of Montreal, University of British Columbia, Vancouver General Hospital, and Touro University,” Dr. Dogra didn’t think twice before giving up a lucrative career as a scientist and starting her own organization. “I always wanted to use my education and experience to help people understand their body in a better way. My passion for guiding people to lead a healthy lifestyle inspired me to take up this line of work,” said Dr. Dogra in an interview with The Asian Star recently. Born in Jammu to a family of doctors, pursuing healthcare for further education was a natural choice for Dr. Dogra. After completing her Bachelor of Sciences, majoring in life sciences, Dr. Dogra chose to further embellish her education in genetic engineering. “It was an emerging field of study at that time in India and I was fascinated by it,” said Dr. Dogra, adding that she was blown away by the fact that genes that you cannot see with your naked eye can play a very important role in regulating body systems without you being aware of this process. Dr. Dogra’s thesis was on gene expression and regulation of steroid bio transforming strains that paved the way for her to work as a scientist at Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, India. “My work at the institute concentrated on research at molecular level on infectious diseases and body’s immune system,” explained Dr. Dogra.

Dr. Dogra greatly emphasizes the importance of a strong immune system. “If we don’t have a strong immune system, infections can hijack our body. Interestingly, infections creep into our body system without our knowledge and slowly take over the body regulation and we still don’t realize that internally there is chaos being created” said Dr. Dogra. And therefore after years of research and holding important positions at University of British Columbia and University of Montreal, Dr. Dogra finally realized that her education would mean nothing, if she couldn’t directly help people strengthen their immune systems and guide them to lead a healthy lifestyle. And thus after still furthering her education by acquiring a Health Care Management degree from California, Dr. Dogra laid the foundation of Advanced Genomics-a preventive health care clinic in 2008. Advanced Genomics has numerous branches all over Canada and internationally but Dr. Dogra primarily functions from her office in Delta, BC. “If we understand the root cause of disease in the body at an early stage, and understand gene expressions and pathways of diseases, it is easy for a person to live a healthy life without being depen-

dent on medications throughout ones life,” explained Dr. Dogra. Advanced Genomics is not a diagnostic clinic and Dr. Dogra doesn’t dispense or prescribe medicines but uses a preventive approach to guide people. “If people know what’s going on in their body in a timely manner and use a customized nutritional plan, they can lead a healthy and happy life”, said Dr. Dogra. At Advanced Genomics clients follow a 52 weeks regimen which includes the clients and the client family’s medical, genetic and lifestyle history followed by some state of the art medical and genetic testing done at UBC and Life Labs. “Understanding your body’s bio-markers whether they are physical or genetic bio-markers are crucial in understanding individual’s state of health. After a comprehensive health assessment, we make a diet plan according to the test values for the client which propels the body to eliminate or manage the root cause of existing diseases,” said Dr. Dogra adding that a personalized prevention plan is especially designed for each individual. Dr Dogra’s services are covered under extended health


plan and the office is open to all who are concerned about living a healthy lifestyle. “When you are sick or suffering with chronic ailments, not only do you suffer, but your entire family suffers as well. Therefore I urge everyone to take advantage of the scientific advancement that have been made and take proactive steps to improve your life”, said Dr. Dogra. Advanced Genomics is located on 8425 120 St #203 and can be reached at (604) 593-503

Dr. Nisha Dogra



Vision Test and Eye Examination Available

ingHw tYst krvwaux leI jgjIq isMG DwlIvwl nUM Pon kro

We are located in Royal Square Mall

Serving the community for the last 16 years We Carry Major Brand Name Eye Glass Frames and Sun-Glasses, including:

# 26 C - 800 McBride Boulevard, New Westminster, BC V3L 2B8 (Near Safeway on 8th Ave., & McBride Blvd.)

Please call to book an appointment:

Ph: 604-525-3737 E-mail: Web:


10 i Saturday, September 19, 2015


Metro Vancouver immigration consultants faces sentencing hearing on fraud charges


anadian investigators allege “many” people gained Ca-

and his two businesses, New Can Consultants (Canada) Ltd. and Wellong International Investments Ltd. In October 2012, search warrants were executed at three locations: Wang’s residence, and offices in Richmond and Vancouver. The search resulted in the seizure of 90 boxes of evidence, 18 computers and “200 original Chinese passports, as well as copies of Chinese passports with alterations on them.” Wang was arrested in October 2014, and in July 2015 pleaded guilty to eight charges. He has been incustody since June. Seven other people were charged in February 2015 in connection with Wang’s unlicensed businesses, and their cases are before the courts.

Saturday, September 19, 2015 i 11


Off-duty cop investigated after child hit, killed

tudents at a Penticton school are mourning the death of a five-year-old classmate who was struck and killed by a pickup truck driven by an off-duty police officer. Holy Cross School identified the victim as Grade 1 student James McIntosh. “He was a fantastic kid,” principal Shawn Campbell said Wednesday. “He was a very lively kid, very intense kid at times, but boundless energy. One of these young people that everyone likes.” McIntosh was struck around 5 p.m. on Tuesday as he crossed an intersection at Highway 97 while riding his bike with his father and older brother, Campbell said. “As anybody would be, they’re just devastated by the loss,” he said after visiting with the family of the boy, who police initially said was four years old. A teacher from Holy Cross was one of the first people on the scene, Campbell said. The teacher comforted the older boy as the father, a paramedic, worked

to save his youngest son, before the kids’ mother arrived. She is also a paramedic. The officer involved in the collision is a member of the Penticton RCMP detachment, which has handed the investigation over to British Columbia’s police watchdog. Ralph Krenz of the Independent Investigations Office said the officer was making a right-hand turn when he struck the boy, who apparently was using the crosswalk correctly. Krenz couldn’t say what contributed to the collision. “Any and all factors in relation to the driver will be lines of inquiry for this investigation,” he said.= The IIO investigates incidents of serious injury or death involving RCMP and municipal police forces in British Columbia. The RCMP did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Staff at Holy Cross, an independent Roman Catholic school for kids in kindergarten to Grade 8, are keeping a close eye on students as they grieve their classmate.

nadian citizenship through altered passports and fake stamps obtained from an unlicensed Metro Vancouver immigration consultant set for a sentencing hearing Wednesday. Richmond man Xun “Sunny” Wang appears Wednesday in provincial court in Vancouver after pleading guilty in July to eight charges, including counts of fraud and making false Chinese passports. He also pleaded guilty to failing to report $2,722,305 of taxable income from the 2007 to 2012 tax years, and evading payment of $730,837 of federal income tax. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) alleged that roughly 165 of Wang’s clients were involved in a “significant immigration fraud — creating the fictitious appearance of Canadian residency to maintainpermanent-resident status and obtain Canadian citizenship.” The CBSA declined an interview, but warrant documents obtained by The Province provide details of their two-year probe into Wang. A 24-page report submitted by CBSA investigators to Crown counsel alleges that Wang “systematically altered passports in support of fraudulent applications for both permanent residence card renewal and citizenship, using a variety of techniques.” That report reads: “In many cases, clients became CaStop Worrying! It Is Easy If You Let the nadian citizens based on those false calculations and Professionals Deal With Your Debt Problems fake stamp impressions.” Asked how many of Wang’s  Make one Interest free monthly payment clients obtained Canadian  to all of your Bills citizenship through fraudulent means and what could  We Save All Your Assets happen to them, Citizenship and Immigration Canada  We give You A Solution Without Bankruptcy spokeswoman Sonia Lesage said: “It would be inappropriate for Citizenship and • CREDIT CARDS DEBT • COLLECTION CALLS Immigration Canada to • LINE OF CREDIT • LEGAL ACTIONS comment as this matter is • BUSINESS LOANS • GARNISHMENTS still before the courts.” Bar• REVENUE CANADA DEBT • SEIZURE OF ASSETS ry Cartwright, senior lectur(GST, PST, PAYROLL, TAXES) • INTEREST ON PAYMENTS er at Simon Fraser Universi• ICBC • NEED TO DO ty’s School of Criminology, • STUDENT LOAN BANKRUPTCY said citizenship obtained with bogus documentaCall Now For A Free Confidential Appointment tion could be revoked. Cartwright, who worked for years in immigration Registered Credit Consultant law, said: “If it’s egregious Email: enough, if the person knowingly had false visas in their passport to mislead people SURREY: ABBOTSFORD: 2 LOCATIONS TO ... they should have their 208-9200, Scott Road 200 A 2451 Clearbrook Rd SERVE YOU BETTER citizenship revoked.” In January 2012, the Criminal ALSO PROVIDING SERVICES FROM TORONTO, MONTREAL, WINNIPEG, EDMONTON & CALGARY Investigations Section of the CBSA began probing Wang We Provide Hope to the hopeless... We are your bridge to a DEBT FREE LIFE !





Tahir Malik




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Vancouver’s city manager and highest paid employee dismissed & given a $556,000 severance

he parting of ways between Bal- Robertson maintained Ballem’s delem and the city was announced parture was an opportunity to bring Tuesday in a release, citing Ballem’s “new eyes, fresh ideas” to city hall, as departure as the result of a “senior leader- it follows the recent departures of the ship transition at City Hall” that had been heads of engineering, city planning, voted on and decided by city council ear- and community services departments. lier in the day at an in-camera meeting. “This was a move that we needed to make on Shortly after the announcement, May- council to make sure we had this opportuor Gregor Robertson spoke to reporters. nity to change leadership in a number of our “Today, I am announcing significant key positions at once, so there’s some synchange in our city’s management team ergy there to that change,” he said. with the departure of Dr. Pen“The new team that we will hire ny Ballem,” Robertson said. has an opportunity to get a fresh “Council has decided that gostart.” Robertson took issue with ing forward, after seven years, a question citing criticism of Balwe need a fresh approach lem as a “bully” because of her as we look to tackle some of management style. He called her the city’s largest challenges.” “a force of nature” who “got an Ballem’s contract, which had enormous amount of work done.” been in place since January Penny Ballem “She’s obviously had a very long and 2009, did not have a renewal or productive career as a public serend date. Terms of the contract note that vant and I think we were lucky, seven years Ballem could be terminated at any time, ago, to attract her to the city of Vancouver to with or without cause. Should Ballem be do her best work,” he said, citing Ballem as terminated without cause, her contract a key figure in the “remarkable turnaround said, up to a maximum of 20 months’ no- of the finances of the Olympic Village.” tice or up to 20 months’ pay in lieu was Coun. George Affleck said Ballem’s disrequired. In accordance with her contract, missal was an indicator of what he believes Ballem will receive severance of $556,000. is flawed Vision Vancouver management. According to Robertson, Ballem was not “With Penny Ballem no longer in that posiasked to resign, and he did not believe tion, we have no city manager, we have no she intended to retire. Ballem was noti- head of engineering, no head of planning, fied of her dismissal immediately after the no head of community services. What does decision was made by council, he said. that say about our mayor?” Affleck asked. “It When asked if Ballem had any clue that says they’re not doing a very good job of it. a termination was forthcoming, Robert- Affleck said he wouldn’t be surprised if son said she “was aware we (council) were Ballem’s replacement is “another politconsidering this as part of council busi- ical appointee from Vision or the NDP ness in camera.” “As to details beyond or someone who’s a friend of Vision.” that, it’s HR matters and I’m not going to “I would hope that a politician would leave get into the nitty gritty of it,” he added. the HR to the HR, but I’m highly skepti-

Mother of murdered child was once ‘great friends’ with the suspect 2 yeras old Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette’s grieving mother says she was once “close friends” with the man accused of killing the girl and her father, but the two fell out of touch.

Hamori said police will not be releasing details about the scene where Hailey’s body was found, “in the interest of the investigation.” Insp. Derek Williams added that police are still conducting “a number of searches” to gather evidence in the case. When asked if the suspect knew Hailey’s mother, Williams said investigators are “still exploring” all possible connections. Hailey had been the subject of an AMBER Alert after her abduction, as many hoped she might still Hailey Dunbarbe alive. Blanchette Cheyenne Dunbar, 20 That hope Cheyenne Dunbar, 20, says she used to be turned to heartfriends with Derek Saretsky, 22, but the two break at a candlehaven’t spoken for three years. Saretsky was light vigil in Blairarrested on Tuesday and charged with two more late Tuesday, counts of first-degree murder and indignity to when the crowd a body. The charges stem from the deaths of learned Hailey was Dunbar’s daughter and ex-boyfriend in Blair- no longer missing, more, Alta. “We were great friends,” Dun- and had been found Derek Saretsky, 22 bar told reporters on Wednesday afternoon, dead. Victim serafter police announced the charges against vices informed those gathered at the candlelight Saretsky. “It tears me apart knowing friends vigil of the discovery, and shortly thereafter, would do something like that.” Hailey Dun- police revealed the news at a news conference. bar-Blanchette, 2, was taken from her father’s Alberta RCMP called off their wide-reachhome at approximately 3:30 a.m. Monday, ac- ing AMBER Alert Tuesday evening. cording to RCMP. Witnesses reported seeing On Wednesday, Hamori defended the use and a white van speeding away from the scene. timing of the RCMP’s AMBER Alert, calling Hailey’s father, Terry Blanchette, 27, was it a “critical tool” in the investigation, with found dead at the home by a family member. certain criteria that must be met before it is Hailey’s body was later found dumped issued. “AMBER Alert works and was critical in a rural area outside Blairmore. to resolving this situation,” he said, adding RCMP Supt. Tony Hamori an- that it only took three hours to issue the alert. nounced the charges at a news con- A white van was also recovered in the inference in Blairmore on Wednesday. vestigation. Witnesses had reported see“We have determined that Mr. Saretsky was an ac- ing a white van with a large antenna quaintance of Terry Blanchette’s,” Hamori said. speeding away from the Blanchette home Dunbar said she was not aware that Blanch- around the time of Hailey’s abduction. ette and Saretsky were acquainted. She and Friends and neighbours said the father and Blanchette had been in an “on-and-off ” daughter appeared to be a happy family who relationship for the sake of their daugh- were often seen playing in the front yard ter, and she had never been in a physi- of their home. One staffer at the restaurant cal relationship with Saretsky, she said. where Blanchette worked said he was a deDunbar is co-operating with police. voted father who “lived for his little girl.”

Moved recently? Make sure you’re ready to vote. Federal election day is Monday, October 19. Are you registered to vote? Most voters are already registered. But if you’ve moved recently or are planning a move before election day, you may need to update your address. With an up-to-date registration, you’ll get: • a personalized voter information card that tells you when and where to vote • faster service at the polls Check and update your registration at today, or call 1-800-463-6868 ( TTY 1-800-361-8935). Elections Canada has all the information you need to be ready to vote.

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Father suffers serious injuries in Abbotsford road rage

local family has been devastatMostly concerning, MacDonald ed after a road rage incident sent said, are serious head injuries he susa father to hospital with seri- tained, likely from the hit and run. ous head injuries, Abbotsford police say. “The wife is feeling very conflicted beThe 38-year-old man was riding shotgun cause she’s the one that pulled over. in his wife’s vehicle, with their teenage son She’s traumatized and the teenage son in the backseat, when they noticed a red or is just beside himself,” said MacDonburgundy-coloured vehicle driving aggres- ald. “It’s absolutely heartbreaking.” sively behind them at 7 p.m. on Sunday. Police continue to search for the suspect, Abbotsford police spokesman Const. who is described as a non-white male in his Ian MacDonald said the husband pulled 30s, five-foot-10 tall with a medium build. out his phone to record the If found, the driver incident when things took a could be facing mulAggressive dramatic turn for the worst. tiple charged related driver assaults “The victim was trying to capto the assault, roband runs over bery and hit and run. ture the behaviour but it was man apparent to the suspect what he Minutes before the was doing,” said MacDonald. during a roadincident, witnesses Words and gestures were side incident in told police that the exchanged between occudriver was aggresAbbotsford pants of the vehicles, eventusively and dangerally leading to both cars pulling over at ously passing other vehicles after traffic side of Harris Road, near Gladwin Road. was stopped at a nearby train crossing. As the husband continued to take phoMacDonald said one of the witnesses, one tos or video of the altercation, police of the first to pull over and provide assisallege the suspect walked over the pas- tance to the victim, had earlier pulled off senger side of the family’s car, smashed the road because he felt the suspect would in the window and assaulted the father. either hit his car if he didn’t or collide with The suspect then grabbed the man’s phone on-coming traffic trying to make a pass. and started making his way back to his car. If drivers find themselves facing an agMacDonald said the father got out of gressive and dangerous driver, MacDonald his car and tried to stop the suspect from urges people to contact police immediately. stealing his phone, but was then run over Any other witnesses of the inciby the suspect’s car as he made his getaway. dent, or anyone with information The man was rushed to hos- about the suspect or his whereabouts, pital with several facial injuries are asked to call Abbotsford Police. and fractures from the incident.


Mounties investigate shooting at Surrey elementary school

man is in hospital following an apparent targeted shooting at an elementary school in Surrey last Tuesday evening. Shortly after 6 p.m., Surrey RCMP responded a report of shots fired at Strawberry Hill Elementary School in the 7600-block of 124 Street. Officers found a 22-year-old man with what appeared to be a gunshot wound. The man, who is known to police, was taken to hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. Police said the shooting appears to be a confrontation between two groups associated to two vehicles. The incident is Surrey’s third shooting in four days.

Cpl. Scotty Schumann of Surrey RCMP said the investigation is still in its early stages and that it’s too early to tell if the incident is connected to other recent shootings. “We can say that the incident appears to be targeted given just two vehicles were involved,” Schumann said in a statement. “We’re hoping that anyone with information about these two groups will come forward and help us advance the investigation.” Surrey RCMP’s Major Crime Unit and forensic investigators were on the scene Tuesday night canvassing the neighbourhood for witnesses and other evidence. Anyone with more information is asked to contact Surrey RCMP at 604-5990502 or Crime Stoppers, if they wish to remain anonymous, at 1-800-222-8477.

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14 i Saturday, September 19, 2015


BC Job Makers driving economic growth throughout the province

Pictured above are the family members of Village Talhan, District Jalundhar, Punjab celebrating the 23rd annual memorial of Sant Nihal Singh and Sant Harnam Singh with the new Indian Consul General Rajiv Chander and Consul Amarjit Singh in Richmond Photo: Chandra Bodalia

This month’s Job Makers include two successful businesses contributing to economic growth in Northwestern B.C., a growing Vancouver Island cidery and an organic baby food maker that landed a big investment on Dragon’s Den. BC Job Makers tell the stories of these diverse and growing business ventures investing in their communities and creating jobs. By profiling BC Job Makers, government is showcasing the diversity and strength of the economy while giving entrepreneurs a venue to share their success stories. What ties Job Makers together is inspiration, hard work and a strong desire to be successful. B.C.’s September Job Makers include:

Lapointe Engineering Ltd. (Kitimat): Growing northwest firm promotes quality of life. Click here: Coast Mountain Communications (Terrace): Creating long term jobs in t e l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s . Love Child Organics (Whistler): Organic baby food made with love. More here: Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse (Saanichton): Raise a glass to Sea Cider! More here: Why It Matters: BC Job Makers provide an economic sense of certainty by investing in our province and building the economy to support British Columbia’s f a m i l i e s .

How the Fijian PM and local politicians were duped into awarding a bogus plaque From page 8 munity service” on behalf of the Canadian government. She was silent when asked to define one particular work or project she did that could be defined as “community service.” When advised that Jinny Sims had denied giving her any plaque, she called Sims “a liar” and said she would provide evidence of the award given to her by Sims. But she did not turned up at pre-arrangement appointment to show “the proof ” to The Asian Star. A spokeswoman for Radio Fiji Mirchi said that Annie had quite the station but refused to answer any other questions. “Ask Annie,” she said. Faiyaz Khan said that when people started calling him about the award at the farewell dinner organized by him, he questioned Annie and she told him that “it was an error by the person who designed the plaque, just forget it and move on.” But Khan said he refused to forget it as he feels that the community was taken advantage of and the Fijain PM and local politcians were fooled. “I never heard of her before. She is not the Voice of Fijaisn or anything like that,” he said. Khan said he is very angry as he feels that the PM, the local politicians and the whole community has been duped. “Now she is not even answering her phone and is claiming that she is sick as she had a stroke,” he said. This maybe another of her tricks to avoid answering questions. She also told him that she has “burned” the plaque because it created too much controversy. He said he is calling meeting tomorrow to discuss the whole issue with the intention of asking RCMP to investigate the fraud on the community. He further said that people should not give money to Annie, expecting to get things done in Fiji. Annie, who calls herself Annie “ji” Singh, in an apparent attempt to get people to use the honorific term “ji” at the end of her name (similar to someone adding the term ‘sir’ or ‘lady” in front of their names.) She was a host at Radio Fiji Mirchi in Surrey until she quit recently and also appears on RED FM on the Fijian program Saturdays 7am to 9am.



Saturday, September 19, 2015 i 15

Omar Khadr can remove electronic bracelet, visit family in Toronto, orders judge

ormer Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr no longer has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, and will be allowed to visit his grandparents in Toronto and speak to them in a language other than English, a judge ruled today. Justice June Ross of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench also ordered the removal of monitoring software on the laptop computer Khadr uses for school. The software is interfering with the operations of the computer and Alberta Justice has been unable to help resolve the problems. When Khadr makes the trip to Toronto this fall, he must travel with his lawyer and meet with authorities there, Ross ruled. She called the conditions faced by Khadr “unusually restrictive.” Khadr, 28, was released on bail in May pending an appeal in the U.S. of his conviction for war crimes, including the murder of an American soldier. He has been living in Edmonton with his lawyer, Dennis Edney. Last week, Ross agreed to alter some of Khadr’s bail conditions to allow him to attend early morning prayers and a night class. The judge said she wanted to hear from Khadr’s bail supervisor before considering his other requests. The bail supervisor said Khadr has followed all his bail conditions up until now.

SBOT wants dialogue and action on Surrey’s transportation future The vital question of how to fund

transit projects in Surrey is a priority. With the federal election underway and no clear answer on how to move forward from the recent Metro Vancouver Congestion Tax Plebiscite it is time for Surrey to show leadership. On September 30, 2015, the Surrey Board of Trade will host a Leadership Surrey Dialogue: Surrey’s Transportation Future with a focus on next steps for Surrey to improve its transit and transportation system. A panel of speakers will discuss the immediate, mid-term and long-term transportation needs of Surrey. The panelists are: Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner, former BC Premier Mike Harcourt, Director of the SFU-CITY program and prominent commentator on transit and transportation issues Gordon Price, and Bill Wehnert, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Fraser Surrey Docks and Chair, SBOT Transportation Advocacy Team. “The resounding NO vote from the Metro Vancouver Congestion Tax Plebiscite is still ringing in our ears but we cannot afford to sit still on important transit and transportation infrastructure growth in Surrey,” said Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade. “That is why we have assembled this panel to get the business community activated

on how to move transit in Surrey forward and to do so quickly.

Omar Khadr, living in Edmonton with his lawyer pending an appeal in the U.S. of his conviction for war crimes, has now had his bail conditions relaxed. (Terry Reith/CBC) He had requested that the electronic monitoring bracelet be removed because it was interfering with his ability to play soccer. Khadr had to follow a condition where he could only speak to his family in English and in the presence of a chaperone. However, his grandfather doesn’t speak English. Khadr’s mother and one of his sisters made pro al-Qaeda remarks in the past. But Khadr’s lawyers say they aren’t even in Canada. He told the judge that his client is now mature enough not to be influenced by their views. The Crown argued last week that it is in the public interest for Khadr to keep wearing the monitoring bracelet. The Crown also opposed the visit to Ontario, but said if the request was to be granted, there should be restrictions on who Khadr can see.

Premier Christy Clark and BC Liberal MLAs and supporters at a fundraising dinner organized by Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap. Photo: Chandra Bodalia

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Vancouver needs more townhomes, Vancity report says

new study released by Vancity Thursday morning shows that just nine per cent of Metro Vancouver’s housing inventory is attached homes with three bedrooms, the kind of homes most suitable for families. That is not nearly enough, experts say, because these properties are most in demand for young families looking to get in to the market. Even worse, according to the report, less than 10 per cent of those properties hit the market for resale in 2014. This is precisely the type of property that young families want, said Gavin Duffus from the Urban Development Institute. “If you’ll zone all single family neighbourhoods to allow townhomes, that would open the door for townhome development,” Duffus said. Townhomes in short supply, expensive The shortage means the prices are also inflated, the study said. In August, the average townhome in the Met-


ro region went for more than $500,000. Andy Broderick from Vancity said people who own a one-bedroom apartment or condo and want to upgrade to a three-bedroom would need to take on a large amount of debt. Other highlights of the report include: •Last month, 17 per cent of Metro Vancouver sales were attached properties (primarily townhomes) with a benchmark price of over half a million dollars. •The 2014 median annual household income for dual-income millennial families in Metro Vancouver was about $65,500, which means they can afford housing that’s priced around $384,000. • Most apartments and condominiums — the most affordable home ownership option — are not suitable for families; in 2014, 91 per cent of apartment units had two bedrooms or less. •Millennials who already own a one-bedroom apartment or condo and want to upgrade to three bedrooms with access to a yard


Plumber Paul Myers donates $25M to Lions Gate Hospital

orth Shore plumber Paul Myers has made what is believed to be the largest individual donation to a hospital foundation in British Columbia. The 82-year-old gave $25 million to the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, which will be used redevelop the 268bed hospital, located in North Vancouver. “I’m just a plumber who worked hard and had some good luck in my life,” said Myers in a release issued by the foundation. “When I thought about where I could have the greatest impact, I immediately thought of Lions Gate Hospital ... and knew this is where I wanted to make a difference.” In 1954, Myers joined Keith Plumbing and Heating Company Ltd. as an apprentice and by 1970 he owned the outfit, which he transformed from a resi-

dential plumbing contractor to one of B.C.’s and the Yukon’s largest mechanical contractors, employing up to 200 people, according to the company’s website. His philanthropy will help provide the best patient care in the province, said B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake. “We thank him for his amazing gift, and recognize the role of the community, partners, and generous people like Paul play in providing great health care to residents of the North Shore,” Lake is quoted as saying in the release. Plans to redevelop Lions Gate Hospital have been ongoing for the past five years. “This type of ongoing community participation is essential to us achieving our vision for LGH,” said Mike Nader, chief operating officer of Vancouver Coastal Health.

Wayne Gretzky to endorse Harper despite not being allowed to vote


espite being denied the ability to vote, former hockey great Wayne Gretzky is expected to endorse Stephen Harper later today at an event at the Carlu in Toronto. This summer, 1.4 million Canadians living abroad lost their right to cast ballots in the Oct. 19 federal election. At a Conservative campaign event held earlier today in Calgary, where the Conservative leader was accompanied by NHL player Sheldon Kennedy, a reporter asked Harper about The Great One’s inability to cast a ballot. “Obviously, we want to make sure that we have fair rules to make sure that Canadian elections are decided by Canadian residents,” Harper said. “I’ve never heard Mr. Gretzky challenge that particular notion.” Gretzky is a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen, but he spends most of his time in the United States. The Great One is expected to endorse Stephen Harper, although he is not allowed to cast a ballot. (Screen grab/ CANADIAN PRESS/Liam Richards ) At the United for Ukraine Gala held in Toronto in 2014, Gretzky praised Harper for his support of the Ukraine. “It’s really amazing … the leadership we have right now. One of the greatest prime ministers ever,” Gretzky said. It’s not the first time that Gretzky has publicly endorsed a Conservative candidate. He also waded into the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership campaign, endorsing Patrick Brown. “I have known Patrick Brown for a number of years now,” Gretzky said in a statement. “Hard working and dedicated, Patrick is a strong Conservative. He has the passion and vision to lead Ontario.” In other celebrity endorsement news, Canadian actor Donald Sutherland openly supported the NDP earlier in the week. “Put in Mulcair… or if you can’t put in Mulcair put in Trudeau’s son, Justin,” Sutherland told CP24, as he promoted Forsaken at the Toronto International Film Festival. The veteran actor, who is the the son-in-law of NDP founder Tommy Douglas, has been an outspoken critic of federal voting restrictions



Uber accused of price-fixing in $150M lawsuit by Edmonton taxi companies

he group — which includes the Greater Edmonton Taxi Services, Alberta Co-op Taxi Lines, and 24-7 Taxi Line — filed the suit Monday. They accuse the company of intentionally flouting city of Edmonton’s bylaws regulating vehicles for hire as well as the Traffic Safety Act and the federal Competition Act. The claim accuses Uber of allowing drivers to operate vehicles-for-hire without proper driving licenses or commercial insurance, despite being explicitly informed they were acting in violation of the city’s rules. It also cites city regulations that say vehicles-for-hire must have a metering device approved by the municipal government, and must be registered as a taxi broker. The cab companies’ lawsuit further alleges that Uber has also conspired to violate section 45 of the Competition Act by fixing prices. It claims that under the act, Uber is considered a competitor to its drivers — since Uber, not the individual drivers, set the prices for fares, the lawsuit says the company “has unlawfully conspired with the Defendant Drivers to fix prices of (vehicle-for-hire) services” in Edmonton. Uber has long said that its drivers are not full employees, but should be considered independent contractors. The suit claims that if this is the case, Uber is still price fixing by setting the prices charged by competing drivers. The lawsuit asks for $150 million in general damages, due to economic

Jacky Chen, round-theworld cyclist, reunited with bike stolen in Vancouver


Taiwanese man cycling round the world has been reunited with his bike, which was stolen in Vancouver, after a CBC reporter made enquiries with police. Jacky Chen was 5,000 kilometres into his trip when his bike was stolen from a backyard at Oak Street and 16th Avenue, where it was chained up overnight last Thursday. Chen, 37, reported it missing on Friday, but to no avail — until Thursday, when CBC reporter Belle Puri called Vancouver police for response to Chen’s story. Officers realized they had stopped a 24-year-old man riding the same bike last Friday night. They had seized the bike, but had been unable to identify it as Chen’s because he hadn’t provided them with a serial number. After the connection was made, Chen was overjoyed to retrieve his bike. His pannier racks are gone and his tire is flat, but over all, he says, it’s all good. “It’s just like my partner, a portion of my trip. So, many thanks.” Chen has been cycling round the world since June, when he left his job as an electrical engineer in Taiwan and started his pedalling trek in Anchorage. Inspired by the writings of a Japanese man who cycled the globe Chen says his trip has been three years in the making.

harm the companies say they have suffered due to Uber ignoring city bylaws. As well, it seeks an injunction to stop the company and its drivers from operating in a way that violates the bylaws. Uber has not filed a statement of defence. The company declined to comment on the lawsuit. Edmonton may become the first city in Canada to legalize the service; city councillors are expected to debate a bylaw this week that would regulate ride-sharing companies. However, both Uber and taxi companies have dismissed the proposed bylaw. Uber said it would be too much of a burden on drivers, while cab companies say it creates an unfair advantage for the company.


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WHL hockey in Surrey?

he president of the Newton Business Improvement Association wants to bring the Western Hockey League to Surrey. Philip Aguirre has laid out the BIA’s 20-year plan for Newton, which includes a new arena and a hockey team the whole city can get behind. “It’s soon going to be the largest city in B.C. and I think it’s about time that Surrey had its own team,” Aguirre said. “I think it’s very feasible to have a Triple A Junior hockey team in Surrey that would compete against the Vancouver Giants. Bring them to Newton, the heart of Surrey, and congregate the entire community around that and use it for a catalyst to revitalize Newton.” Aguirre wants to transform Newton into an arts hub and entertainment destination for everyone who lives south of the Fraser River. His vision includes light rail transit,

park space with the potential to host outdoor concerts and a market district. Aguirre wants to inject some life into the corner of King George Blvd. and 72nd Avenue. One of the challenges he faces is the strip mall on the southwest corner, which has become a notorious hangout for drug dealers. The property, which is owned by Gateway Casinos, was left in tatters when the city denied a proposal for a $100-million casino. Most of the restaurants and shops in the plaza boarded up their storefronts and left. All that is left now is a bingo hall owned by Gateway, an insurance business, a dry cleaner and a dollar store. Gateway Casinos appeared before council this week to discuss zoning issues in the hope of moving forward with development plans. The company won’t give any clues as to what those plans could be.

18 i Saturday, September 19, 2015



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Teranet Canadian house price index rises 5.4% in August

ot markets in Vancouver, Toronto and Hamilton pushed the TeranetNational Bank Canadian house price index up by 5.4 per cent for the year to August. The index, a composite based on resale prices in 11 Canadian cities, has been at an all-time high for six consecutive months. The Vancouver, Hamilton and Toronto component indexes were all at historical highs, reflecting seller’s markets in those three cities The index for Vancouver shows prices up 9.7 per cent in the past year and 0.9 per cent on the month. That’s not as big a jump as the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board reported for August, in part because the sale of new properties is not included in the Teranet price. In Toronto, prices were up 8.7 per cent for the year and in Hamilton, 8.8 per cent. The Hamilton market is being pushed higher by proximity to Toronto and people priced out of the Toronto market are seeking cheaper real

Average house price jumps 8.7% to $433,367 in August


Professional and Award Winning Service

he average price of a Canadian home sold in August hit $433,367, an increase of 8.7 per cent in the past year, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association said Tuesday. CREA said that beyond prices, more homes were sold during the month, too. Sales rose by four per cent compared to August last year. August is typically a busy month for home sales. The number last month marked the third-highest sales figure on record, after 2005 and 2007. As the realtor group has reiterated, Toronto and Vancouver continue to skew the national average higher. “Prices continue to rise in Ontario and British Columbia, where listings are either in short supply or heading in that direction,” says Gregory Klump, CREA’s chief economist. August was the third best month on record for home sales in the last 10 years across Canada, CREA said. (Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg) Stripping out those cities, the average Canadian home was worth $338,755 in August, with the year-overyear gain reduced to 4.2 per cent. Across the country, the sales-to-listings ratio was at 56.7 per cent. CREA says a reading between 40 and 60 suggests a market that is “balanced,” with a number higher than that range suggesting a seller’s market, and one below suggesting the buyers have the advantage.

estate there. But the Vancouver, overall Canadian Toronto, Hamilton housing market is very remain strong, uneven, with increases below the 5.4 per cent while average in Edmonton, prices dropped in Calgary and Victoria. 5 other cities 4 i Saturday, July 25, 2015 Prices are down on the

year in Halifax, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg and Quebec City. Calgary’s housing price index has been unpredictable this year as trouble in the oilpatch has resulted in layoffs and debt-burdened

consumers attempting to sell their homes. Teranet reports house prices are still up slightly on their values this time last year — 0.9 per cent — but they soared 3.9 per cent in August. That could reflect higher value homes being sold in a month where the number of house resales plummeted.

2 i Saturday, September 19, 2015

real estate / finance


Overvalued home prices could put new owners at risk

hen Hilliard MacBeth sees construction cranes rising above condos across Canada, the bearish housing analyst thinks: seven per cent. That’s the percentage of gross domestic product represented by Canada’s annual investment in housing, or roughly $120 billion of $1.8 trillion in GDP. However, in light of a recent Economist magazine analysis that tracked Canada’s housing prices as being overvalued by 35 per cent, MacBeth says it’s clear the world is forecasting grim tidings for Canadian real estate. In fact, if the Economist’s figures are any indication, experts warn, Canada could be facing the kind of devastation the U.S. went through when its housing bubble burst in 2006. “Our bubble is bigger,” says MacBeth, author of When the Bubble Bursts: Surviving the Canadian Real Estate Crash, noting U.S. investment in housing topped out at six per cent of GDP before the crash. “At seven per cent, our exposure as a percentage of total economic activity is higher, and then we’ve got this nationwide obsession with buying homes and condos,” he said from Edmonton. The Economist isn’t alone in its assessment. Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz suggested in December that the country’s housing market could be overvalued by as much as 30 per cent.

The ratings agency Fitch and the International Monetary Fund also warned about overvaluation of Canadian properties. According to MacBeth, those best positioned to weather a possible market correction would be debt-free millennials — those between the ages of 18 and 34 — still looking to buy. Longtime homeowners ‘in good shape’ “If they haven’t bought yet, their best strategy is to save up more for a down payment, and wait for the housing bubble to burst,” he said. MacBeth also feels that those homeowners belonging to the baby boom generation, those between the ages of 55 and 69, “should be in good shape,” so long as they’ve accrued healthy home equity over the years. Read The Economist’s story on global housing markets “But, there are a few categories of baby boomers who could get into trouble with retirement because they borrowed equity in their homes” for renovations, or for co-signing mortgages for their children to become first-time owners. He projects as much as a 50 per cent drop in house prices to match current income levels. As for who may be in the toughest position? “That would be people who bought recently,” he said. “Those in the Generation X group, between 31 and 54, who, in my research, I discovered they have the highest exposure to real estate and the highest household debt levels, as well as the smallest amount of savings” in tax-free savings accounts, mutual funds and the stock market.


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4 i Saturday, September 19, 2015

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Wedding reception for Anmol and Hargun took place in Vancouver last week. Photo: Chandra Bodalia

Happy 65th birthday of Harbhajan K. Ghuman was celebrated in Surrey last week. Photo: Chandra Bodalia

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8 i Saturday, September 19, 2015


EI rolls swell by 10,500 more people in July


he number of people receiving employment insurance benefits increased by 10,500 in July and has risen by 36,100 in the past 12 months, Statistics Canada said today. But the jobless rolls aren’t increasing evenly across the country. Most of the increase in July was in British Columbia and Ontario, where the number of beneficiaries rose 3.9 per cent and 3.6 per cent, respectively. The number of people receiving jobless benefits declined by 2.5 per cent in Manitoba and 1.5 per cent in Newfoundland and Labrador. Alberta has seen a growing number of EI recipients for several months now, but that growth slowed in July. The province’s

Save On Meats owner sued by Vancouver Community College


he company owned by the entrepreneur behind the landmark Save On Meats business in Vancouver is being sued by Vancouver Community College over allegations of a contract breach and misuse of funds. In 2012 Mark Brand Incorporated approached VCC and the City of Vancouver with a proposal to build the “Vancouver Incubator Kitchen”, or “VIK” at the Save on Meats store on West Hastings Street, according to court documents. The idea was VCC students would get a place to learn to cook, while community groups and non-profits would be granted use of the facilities for food preparation. Court documents filed by VCC claim the college put up $300-thousand, and the City of Vancouver and Mark Brand Inc. were to contribute another $100-thousand each, for a total project funding of $500 thousand.

B.C. to study feasibility of Sunshine Coast fixed link


he Government of B.C. will study the costs and benefits of a possible highway link between the Sunshine Coast and Metro Vancouver, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone announced today. “We’ve heard from stakeholders from Powell River to the Sunshine Coast that highway access is important for attracting tourism and investment,” said Stone. “Over the coming months, we’ll look at the opportunities available and see how the costs and benefits stack up against the existing transportation options.” A number of potential connections will be explored, with options ranging from a highway link around Jervis Inlet, to direct bridge connections along the coast. The costs and benefits of each will be assessed, and compared with ferry services. West Vancouver-Sea to Sky MLA Jordan Sturdy will also meet with local governments and community leaders on the Sunshine Coast and in the Sea to Sky to further gauge community interest in a highway link. “While there are many who will embrace a more non-stop connection to Metro Vancouver, there are others who won’t want to see such change,” said Sturdy.

EI number increased by 1.8 per cent in July from June’s level. But over the longer term, the number has skyrocketed — there are now 72.2 per cent more people on EI in Alberta than there were a year ago. Currently, 52,700 people receiving EI benefits in Alberta, a figure that has increased for nine months in a row. Most of the increase in July came from the metropolitan area of Edmonton (up 4.6 per cent), with the number of beneficiaries totalling 17,800, marking a ninth consecutive monthly increase. There was little change in Calgary and a slight increase of 1.6 per cent for the rest of the province

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Surrey crash A major crash took place at the corner of 96th Ave and King George Blvd on Wednesday afternoon, stopping traffic for hours.

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20 i Saturday, September 19, 2015


Harper explains his ‘old-stock Canadians’ comment at Leaders’ debate

onservative Leader Stephen Harper elaborated on what he meant when he alluded to “old-stock Canadians” during last night’s leaders’ debate, saying it refers to “Canadians who have been the descendants of immigrants for one or more generations.” Harper used the term Thursday while responding to an allegation from Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau that the government had scrapped health-care services for refugees. The Tory leader asserted that the measures imposed by his government to deny special health care to people whose claim for refugee status had been denied were supported by new immigrants and “old-stock” Canadians alike. His retort immediately drew ire on social media as many people seemed confused about what the phrase actually meant.

Syrians flee while 100,000 Saudi tents sit empty, and other reasons to fear for humanity

Trudeau pounced on Harper’s use of the term during his post-debate scrum, telling reporters that “once again Mr. Harper is playing the politics of division.” “The fact that he referred to something called old-stock Canadians demonstrates that yet again he is choosing to divide Canadians against another,” the Liberal leader said. Conservative spokesman Kory Teneycke said after the debate that he doesn’t “think there’s any insult or malice in that phrase” and during a Friday campaign stop in Calgary, Harper expanded on his controversial answer. “There is no reason why — no reason why — we should give a special health-care plan, bet- Tent city in Saudi Arabia: these air conditioned tents could hold three million refugees. ter than received by ordinary Canadians, audi Arabia has 100,000 empty, It says the tents are laid out neatly, meato people who are clearly not legitimate air-conditioned tents sitting un- sure eight metres square, are fireproof, inrefugees and who have been judged as used while thousands of Syrian ref- clude a kitchen and bathroom, and could such,” he said. ugees continue to bake in overcrowded house three million people. According to camps, but refuses to make them avail- the Brookings Institute, the wealthy Arab able. The news site TeleSur reports that the states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and 20-square-km tent city of Mina is used just UAE have not taken a single refugee, while a few days a year to provide beds for Hajj European countries struggle to deal with pilgrims and sits empty the rest of the year. a flood in the hundreds of thousands.


NDP releases poll saying Trudeau is 11 points behind in his home riding of Papineau


new poll commissioned by the New Democratic Party suggests Justin Trudeau could be in trouble in his home riding of Papineau in the Oct. 19 election. The CROP poll handed to the media Thursday shows NDP candidate Anne Lagacé Dowson leading Trudeau in voter intentions. Support for Dowson was pegged at 46 per cent compared to 35 per cent for Trudeau, the Liberal Party leader. Running third is the Bloc Québécois candidate Maxime Claveau with 10 per cent support among poll respondents, while Conservative candidate Yvon Vadnais has five per cent. The Green Party candidate, Danny Polifroni, is sitting at four per cent. The poll was based on telephone calls to 375 voters in the riding from Sept. 11-14. It has a margin of error of five percentage points, 19 times out of 20. Pollsters also asked voters who they think would be the best prime minister. A total of 50 per cent picked NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair while 26 per cent said Trudeau. Twenty-four per cent had no answer or refused to answer.


Former gang member sues gov’t for jail beating

former gang member is suing the B.C. government, claiming he endured a brutal five-hour beating by fellow inmates, just steps away from a guard desk at Surrey Pretrial Services Centre. A civil suit filed last week by Abbotsford’s Daniel Cunningham alleges he suffered brain damage and multiple broken bones after other prisoners forced him into a cell and kicked, punched and stomped on him. “The plaintiff had his head forced into the toilet water several times in an attempt to drown him,” the court document reads. “He was forced to lick his own blood off the shoes of his attackers and clean his blood off the floor and walls using his clothes.” Cunningham, 35, claims he was knocked out at least three times and sometimes pretended to be dead. He said pretrial centre guards failed to respond to his screams or notice he wasn’t in his cell. He said they also didn’t respond when other inmates were egging on the attack, yelling to “knock his teeth out,” “kick him in the face” and “drown him in the toilet.”

He allegedly screamed repeatedly and banged on the closed cell door. The claim says the cell where the assault took place was about three metres away from the guard control desk. He alleges he was hidden under bags and clothes when guards did their checks, and they didn’t intervene until his cellmate activated an alarm. The lawsuit says Cunningham was arrested and remanded to Surrey Pretrial Services Centre in April 2015 on drug trafficking charges. He pleaded guilty on June 11 and was sentenced to six months jail, promising in open court to leave gang life. Because of an outstanding robbery charge, however, he was returned to the Surrey centre. He says he expressed concern about the return and told pretrial staff that “if it became known that he intended to leave the lifestyle, he would be at risk of violence from members or affiliates of the Red Scorpions.” He was returned nonetheless. Cunningham accuses the guards of negligence and misfeasance for “knowingly permitted the assault.” He is seeking damages for his injuries and for violations of his Charter rights. He is now in protective custody. None of the allegations have been proven in court.



NDP promises 4 years of balanced budgets in fiscal plan

DP would raise corporate tax rate to 17% from its current level of 15% Leading the polls by a razor-thin margin, the New Democratic Party is promising four years of balanced budgets in a bid to reassure voters that the party is throwing off its socialist past. The NDP released a broad overview of the costs of its campaign platform in a budget-style briefing for reporters in Ottawa Wednesday, presented by former Saskatchewan finance minister Andrew Thomson and a number of other high-profile NDP candidates. The plan claims that costly promises such as its signature plan for subsidised daycare will be paid for by an increase in corporate taxes to 17 per cent from 15 per cent, which the party says is still below the G7 average. That increase, it says, will increase revenues by $3.7 billion annually. In addition, the NDP will eliminate the Conservative income-splitting plan and roll back the increase of tax-free savings account allowances. Combined, those rollbacks would increase revenues by about $2 billion annually. The NDP would also eliminate what it calls “tax loopholes” such as breaks on stock options available to CEOs. Together, the NDP claims that its measures would add more than $7

billion to federal revenues each year. At the same time, a New Democratic government would add more than $5 billion a year in new spending, with $3 billion of that going to infrastructure. Even so, the party claims that the budget would show a “modest surplus” of between $3 billion and $4 billion in each of the four years of an NDP mandate Money from each surplus would be used for increased investments in infrastructure, health-care programs and debt reduction, Thomson said. “The NDP plan is based on longterm thinking that will strengthen the middle class today and into the future,” said NDP candidate Peggy Nash, who joined Thomson on stage. Nash added that Conservative Leader Stephen Harper “is hitting the snooze button” on the economy, while the Liberals under Justin Trudeau are “hitting the panic button” in their respective visions for the country’s future. The figures also include money to reverse the Conservatives` plan to gradually slow the rate of increases in federal health-care transfers that would mean as much as $36 billion less for the provinces over the next decade. Thomson and Nash, however, would not say whether any contingencies would be put on the transfers

Patrick Brazeau pleads guilty to simple assault, cocaine possession


Former Conservative senator formally acquitted of sexual assault charge

atrick Brazeau pleaded guilty

to simple assault and cocaine possession at the resumption of his criminal trial today in Gatineau, Que., but the senator was formally acquitted of sexual assault. Brazeau, 40, entered the plea this morning in Quebec Court, after the Crown and defence reached an agreement last week on on how to settle the matter. Brazeau set to plead guilty to simple assault, cocaine charges The former member of Stephen Harper’s Conservative caucus is now a step closer to regaining his Senate seat, as both his lawyer and the Crown prosecutor have asked Judge Valmont Beaulieu to give Brazeau an absolute discharge, which means he would walk away with no criminal record. Gerard Larocque, Brazeau’s lawyer, told Beaulieu that if his client receives

the discharge “his chances are excellent” of returning to sit as a senator. Beaulieu said he would consider the request and hand down Brazeau’s sentence on Oct. 28. ‘Weak’ testimony from alleged sexual assault victim The sexual assault charge stemmed from an alleged incident two years ago in western Quebec. The female complainant, whose identity is protected, claims Brazeau pushed her down stairs, choked her, hit her head against a wall, spat on her and sexually assaulted her. She testified she feared for her life during the alleged fracas with Brazeau.

Crown prosecutor Sylvain Petitclerc said Tuesday there was not enough evidence to go forward with the sexual assault accusation.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

i 21

Niqab ruling to be appealed to Supreme Court, Tories say

onservatives doubled down citizenship ceremony — accompanied by on their position that women her lawyers “just in case.”​ The Conservashould not wear face coverings tive campaign moved swiftly on Wednesduring citizenship ceremonies, saying the day, lining up key Tory heavyweights to government would take the matter to the reassert their position on the niqab, less Supreme Court, while vowing to reintro- than 24 hours after suffering the latest in a duce the niqab ban within 100 days of series of losses before the courts. Chris Alre-election. On Tuesexander issued a one-line day, the Federal Court statement saying the govof Appeal dismissed ernment will seek leave to the government’s apappeal the case to the Supeal of an earlier Fedpreme Court of Canada. eral Court ruling that In June, with days to declared the ban on go before Parliament adface coverings at such journed for the summer, ceremonies was unthe Conservatives prolawful. The decision Zunera Ishaq posed legislation requiring stemmed from the case of Zunera Ishaq, all would-be Canadians to show their face a 29-year-old woman with devout Mus- while taking the oath of citizenship. The lim beliefs who came to Ontario from Oath of Citizenship Act died on the order Pakistan in 2008. She refused to take paper. Denis Lebel, Stephen Harper’s lieupart in a citizenship ceremony because tenant in Quebec, said during a morning she would have to show her face under a news conference in Trois-Rivières, Que., ban introduced in 2011. The three-judge that a re-elected Conservative governpanel ruled from the bench, saying they ment would reintroduce legislation within wanted to proceed quickly so that Ishaq the first 100 days to ban the niqab during could obtain her citizenship in time to citizenship ceremonies. Lebel said that vote in the Oct. 19 federal election. One citizenship isn’t just a privilege, but also of Ishaq’s lawyers, Marlys Edwardh, said brings with it the responsibility to clearly the Immigration Department would be identify oneself when taking the oath. contacted this week so she could attend a

22 i


Saturday, September 19, 2015







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--------------------------------------MOSAIC Seniors Club provides free activities for immigrant seniors age 55 and above. We also provide workshops and individual support on topics relevant to seniors. We run activities such as walking clubs, English conversation classes and field trips. Come make new friends, practice English, get information and have fun! Volunteer language support available in many languages. For more information, or to register, call: Burnaby South: 5902 Kingsway || 604 438 8214 Basic computer classes, English conversation circles, Persian calligraphy, DIY class Burnaby North: 2055 Rosser Avenue || 604 292 3907 English conversation circles, Taichi class Vancouver: 1720 Grant St || 604 254 9626 ext 273 English conversation circles, basic computer classes For the Vancouver location, there is priority for Permanent Residents. -------------------------------------------Vedic Seniors Parivar Centre of Vedic Hindu Cultural Society Surrey invites South Asian Adults/ Senior members and also non members, even family members to come and watch the Bollywood Movie MORNING WALK - on big screen free on August 23rd 2015 ( Sunday ) at 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm at Shanti Niketan hall of Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple 8321 - 140th street Surrey BC. A retired professor Anupam Kher experiences his morning walk changes his life forever, when he meets his once a classmate and friend Sharmila Tagore. A beautiful and heart tugging tale of two families who are so different from one another, yet connected through a special bond. Light snacks and tea will be served during intermission.Please contact Surendra Handa Coordinator Tel. 604 - 507 - 9945 for further information.

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------------------------------------Culture & Conversation Night August 27 MOSAIC Vancouver, 2nd floor, 1720 Grant St‘ 604 254 9626 ext 488 Karen Legal Information Workshop: Employment Standards Learn about your rights in the workplace. Topics include: minimum wage, parental leave, working hours, statutory holidays, filing complaints as well as the rights of caregivers, employees and employers. There will be sample scenarios to explore. August 30 1–3pm Our Lady of Mercy Parish, 7455 10th Ave, Burnaby Joy 604 438 8214 ext 211 -------------------------------------Vedic Seniors Parivar Centre of Vedic Hindu Cultural Society Surrey invites South Asian Adults/ Senior members and non members also to attend a Powerful Presentation - Exercise for a Healthy Life Style with a Focus on Healthy Heart by Monika Tsia Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Amy Sangha Physiotherapist both working for Fraser Health in Cardiac Rehablitation and Prevention Program at Jim Pattison Out Patient/ Surrey Hospital. They will explain Health related Fitness and will demonstrate you, how to perform different types of Exercise for Healthy Life Style. Monika Tsia and Amy Sangha will answer all your questions about Health related Fitness. Tea and light snacks will be served after the Powerful Presentation. Please contact Surendra Handa Coordinator Tel. 604- 507- 9945 for further details. ------------------------------Vedic Seniors Parivar Centre of Vedic Hindu Cultural Society Surrey invites South Asian Adults/ Senior members and non members also to attend a Powerful Presentation - Exercise for a Healthy Life Style with a Focus on Healthy Heart by Monika Tsia Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Amy Sangha Physiotherapist both working for Fraser Health in Cardiac Rehablitation and Prevention Program at

i 23

Jim Pattison Out Patient/ Surrey Hospital. They will explain Health related Fitness and will demonstrate you, how to perform different types of Exercise for Healthy Life Style. Monika Tsia and Amy Sangha will answer all your questions about Health related Fitness. Tea and light snacks will be served after the Powerful Presentation. Please contact Surendra Handa Coordinator Tel. 604- 507- 9945 for further details. ------------------------------------Vancouver’s 42nd Chariot Festival of India 11:30 to 1:00pm Sunday, August 9, at 2nd Beach in Stanley park, Vancouver --------------------------------------------Free Community Workshops & Activities August 1–16 English & Multilingual August 1: Powell St Festival August 8: Korean Cultural Heritage Festival August 27: Wood Boat Festival Meet up location will be confirmed upon registration 604 438 8214 --------------------------------------Vedic Seniors Parivar Centre of Vedic Hindu Cultural Society Surrey invites South Asian Adults, Senior members and also non members to come and attend Meditation for Anxieties ( Worries ) to retrieve your ‘’ Inner Child ‘’ so that you can become whole as a person and learn better self care, by Dr. Jaswant . S . Bhopal a Psychiatrist, Physician & Spiritual Preceptor on August 2nd 2015 ( Sunday ) from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm at Shanti Niketan hall of Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple 8321 - 140th Street Surrey BC. Please bring yoga Matt. with you, Dr. Jas Bhopal will answer all your questions about Meditation for your better self care after the Meditation. Tea and light Snacks will be served in the end. Please call Surendra Handa Coordinator Tel. 604- 507-9945 for further information. --------------------------------------Free Multicultural Activities All are invited to Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society’s (PICS) wrap up event for “Many

24 i

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Business / Finance

Federal surplus is good political news for both Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair


ow rare it is, especially during an election campaign, to see any kind of agreement between two political rivals considered ideological opposites, particularly on anything related to the budget. But Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair both praised as “good news” the figures released Monday by the Finance Department showing that Canada posted a surplus of $1.9 billion for the 2014-15 fiscal year. Harper, not surprisingly, was a little more praiseworthy of the numbers than Mulcair, calling it “incredibly good news.” “I see zero to little risk that we will have anything other than a surplus for the second year in a row, based on the trajectory we are on,” said Harper. The Conservative leader’s buoyant mood was hardly surprising, as the sur-

plus ends six years of deficits under his watch and allows him to boast that the books, under his economic stewardship, are in the black. It also comes on the heels of last month’s Finance Department report that said Canada was in a $5-billion surplus for the April-to-June period this year. Mulcair has pledged to balance the books But the numbers are also a political boon for Mulcair. He has unveiled some pricey campaign promises, including billions of dollars to

fund a national daycare program and enhanced health care, all while pledging to balance the books, or, in fact, bring in a surplus within the first year of an NDP government. Tom Mulcair says a federal budget surplus will help an NDP government start on the right foot.0:43 Mulcair, who has faced questions about his ability to pay for these costly pledges, can

now peg some of his spending plans on the so-called “surprise” surplus and better-than-expected revenues. The NDP leader. who will release a full costing of the party platform on Wednesday, admitted as much today, saying the surplus bodes well for the NDP’s commitment to balance the budget. The numbers, he said, mean the “NDP is going to be starting off on the right foot by proposing to have a balanced budget, talking to Canadians about what we can accomplish together in health care [and] quality, affordable $15-a-day child care.’’ Never mind that some economists like Unifor’s Jim Stanford were downplaying the news, telling CBC’s Carole MacNeil that the surplus figures in a budget of this size amount to a “rounding error” and that today’s “very political announcement” had little economic significance. Craig Alexander, vice-president of economic analysis for the C.D. Howe Institute, agreed

Federal Reserve holds U.S. interest rate steady


he Federal Reserve kept its benchmark rate unchanged on Thursday, dashing hopes among some economists that America’s central bank would hike lending rates for the first time in nine years. The Fed kept its funds rate in a range between zero and 0.25 per cent, the same level it’s been at since December 2008. “The committee anticipates that it will be appropriate to raise the target range for the federal funds rate when it has seen some further improvement in the labour market and is reasonably confident that inflation will move back to its two per cent objective over the medium term,” the Fed’s open market committee said in a statement.


The main reason for the decision to hold off hiking is continuing gloom about the global economy which is looking even more uncertain than usual at the moment. Signs of a sharp slowdown in China have intensified fear among investors about the U.S. and global economy. And low oil prices and a highpriced dollar have kept inflation undesirably low. Central bankers at the Fed meet every six weeks to decide on America’s monetary policy. After standing on the sidelines since slashing rates to the bone in the last recession, there was much speculation that the central bank might move to raise interest rates for the first time in nine years.

OECD slashes estimate of Canadian growth to 1.1% in 2015

he OECD has lowered its estimate for Canada’s economic growth this year to 1.1 per cent — revised downward from its June estimate of 1.5 per cent — as global growth stagnates. Its June estimate was itself revised downward from the 2.6 per cent growth for this year it projected in late 2014. The Paris-based economics organization says that lower prices for oil, coal and metals are hampering countries that depend heavily on commodity exports, such as Canada and Australia. It has also lowered its estimate for Canada’s economic growth next year to 2.1 per cent, a decline of 0.2 of a point from June. The news came amid signs of a better outlook for the manufacturing sector in Canada. Statistics Canada reported Wednesday

that manufacturing sales rose 1.7 per cent to $52.2 billion in July, led by a 5.6 per cent gain in the auto sector. That comes on top of a gain in May of 0.7 per cent and June of 1.5 per cent, with both numbers revised upward. But the OECD points to uncertainty around China’s future and the vulnerability of emerging economies with debt in U.S. dollars as big question marks for 2015 and 2016. “Global growth prospects have weakened slightly and the outlook is clouded by important uncertainties,” said OECD chief economist Catherine Mann in her quarterly assessment of global prospects. “Emerging economies have vulnerabilities that could be exposed by rising U.S. interest rates and/or a sharper-than-expected slowdown in China,

Business / Finance

Average debt load up 2%, but for seniors the figure jumps by 4.9% in a year


new study from credit firm Equifax says seniors are increasing their debt loads at a much faster pace than the population at large, something that’s sure to lead to problems down the line as their incomes aren’t likely to keep pace. The Equifax report released Tuesday calculated that Canadians owed a total of $1.568 trillion in consumer debt, including mortgages, in the second quarter. Consumer debt excluding mortgages amounts to $21,164 per adult Canadian, a figure that has risen two per cent in the past year. But people over the age of 65 are taking on more debt at a much faster pace than the population at large. Seniors, who Equifax defines as those aged 65 and older, increased their debt loads by 4.9 per cent in the second quarter of this year, which ended in June. Regina Malina, a senior director of insights at the credit firm, said the average Canadian senior owed just under $15,000 at the end of June, the company’s data shows. That figure wouldn’t include any mortgage debt, but rather just represents debt on top of anything they owe on their homes. Debt loads by province, and growth rate REGION

Average debt Growth rate

Ontario $20,793 Quebec $17,758 Nova Scotia $21,063 NB $21,449 PEI $20,853 Newfoundland & Labrador $22,055 Alberta $27,313


2% 3.8% 2.7% 3% 2.9%

2.6% -0.1%

$17,573 $23,347 $23,011 $21,164

2.9% 1.4% 0.4% 2%

“We have been observing that this segment has been increasing debt for a while now ... because it’s unusual to see seniors increasing their debt loads,” Malina said in an interview. “Seniors of today are behaving slightly different than the seniors of yesterday,” she said, adding that she suspects a lot of that consumer debt stems from having to help adult children or other family members with their own financial hardships. Seniors today are, by and large, also staying in the workforce later than usual. But increasing debt in one’s senior years is a troubling sign as most seniors can’t count on a higher income in their retirement than they saw in their working lives. “I’m curious to see if this is a trend for the next few quarters,” she said. “Their income level is certainly not increasing so this segment increasing their debt level is certainly concerning.” And although it remains low in absolute terms, there are some small signs that seniors are having trouble paying off all that new debt. Equifax considers people who are 90 days or more behind on their bills to be severely delinquent, and by that metric, the delinquency rate for Canadians aged 65 and up rose for the first time since 2010. The rate increased by 2.4 per cent during the quarter. It went down for all other demographic groups. Delinquencies are generally a lagging indicator of economic fortunes

$11B invested in renewable energy in Canada in 2014: report

nvestment in clean energy in Canada climbed 88 per cent in 2014 to nearly $11 billion, according to a report from Clean Energy Canada. Almost half that investment – about $4.5 billion – was in Ontario which adopted a green energy plan in 2009 and has been investing in solar and wind. But other provinces also moved forward to adopt renewables, including Quebec with $3.9 billion in investment, mainly in wind, British Columbia with $1.34 billion in hydro and Alberta with $930 million in wind investment. Clean Energy Canada was critical of the federal government for having its “head in the sand” on the shift to renewable energy. “Canada’s provinces — and, to be fair, cities — are presently doing almost all of the heavy lifting on clean energy. Ottawa has been focusing both its domestic and foreign policy efforts on getting Canada’s fossil


Manitoba Saskatchewan BC CANADA

fuels out of the ground and to market,” the environmental advocacy group said. It praised Ottawa for adopting updated emissions standards for vehicles, but said a more supportive government could help Canada establish itself as a leader in the sector. “How much more could Canada achieve with a supportive federal government? The answer is plain: A great deal.” Clean Energy Canada director Merran Smith pointed to President Obama’s clean energy initiatives, which are focused on fostering innovation and making America a global leader in the clean-energy race. “That’s the kind of tone that has been sorely lacking in the House of Commons,” Smith said.

Amazon unveils $50 tablet computer

mazon is dangling a $50 tablet computer in its latest attempt to lure consumers who can’t afford or don’t want the more expensive Internet-connected devices made by Apple and other rivals. The seven-inch Fire tablet unveiled Thursday marks the online U.S. retailer’s most aggressive attempt yet to undercut Apple, which has been the market leader since its first iPad went on sale five years ago. The least expensive iPad Mini, which has an eight-inch screen, currently sells for $270. Inc. isn’t trying to persuade anyone that its cheap tablet matches the quality of its own sleeker, higher-priced Fire HD alternatives, let alone the top-sell-

ing iPad line. But the Seattle company is counting on the new tablet’s low price to encourage more people to buy a device that will hook them on watching video, reading books, playing games and shopping on a computer that’s easy to carry wherever they go. In the process, Amazon is hoping consumers will buy more digital goods and merchandise from its store while also subscribing to its $100-per-year Prime service that offers a mix of videos, music and free shipping. “Our tablet focus is in and around content consumption,” said David Limp, Amazon’s senior vice president of devices.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

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26 i

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Minister’s offers prisoners ‘jail of choice’


ight under the nose of the district health authorities, private laboratories in Goniana are illegally admitting suspected dengue patients and treating them. Besides overcharging the patients, such laboratories and some private clinics are not even reporting the positive dengue cases to the district health authorities. For instance, Sikander Laboratory, which is situated just opposite a government-run Community Health Centre in Goniana, is treating a number of suspected dengue patients. Patients are informed about their fall-

ing platelet count and then treated by lab technicians and paramedical staff. A number of patients are put on glucose drips. Overcrowded with patients, the lab is even forcing some to lie on the floor. A patient said: “My platelet count has fallen much which I got tested from this laboratory. This is my third glucose drip. The Civil Hospital is overcrowded and private hospitals are charging too much. Here there is no fee for doctor. They only charge us for glucose”. Sources claimed that the private lab owners in Goniana town were overcharging from patients while the poor who were unaware

Bathinda private labs cashing in on dengue scare


ight under the nose of the district health authorities, private laboratories in Goniana are illegally admitting suspected dengue patients and treating them. Besides overcharging the patients, such laboratories and some private clinics are not even reporting the positive dengue cases to the district health authorities. For instance, Sikander Laboratory, which is situated just opposite a government-run Community Health Centre in Goniana, is treating


a number of suspected dengue patients. Patients are informed about their falling platelet count and then treated by lab technicians and paramedical staff. A number of patients are put on glucose drips. Overcrowded with patients, the lab is even forcing some to lie on the floor. A patient said: “My platelet count has fallen much which I got tested from this laboratory. This is my third glucose drip. The Civil Hospital is overcrowded and private hospitals are charging too much.

80% ineligible pensioners turn eligible in CM’s district

t least 80% of ineligible oldage pensioners have turned eligible after the revision of lists in the district represented by Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal. These eligible persons have even been paid the arrears for the period they were declared ineligible. The government had found 3.76 lakh ineligible old-age pensioners when it undertook first investigation of these cases last year. At least 75,506 cases were found el-

igible during reinvestigation. Arrears of previous months were given to pensioners only in Bathinda district while the benefit was denied in other districts. Bathinda and Muktsar districts represented by the Badals have gone through the third revision and now orders have been given for reinvestigation of ineligible pension cases for the fourth time. Sources say there could be only a handful of ineligible persons before the 2017 elections.

HC notice to Badals, Punjab gov’t on ‘conflict of interest’


ust over two months after the business interests of the Badals came under the judicial scanner with an anonymous writer questioning the permissibility of elected representatives owning commercial ventures, the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Thursday put the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and the state of Punjab on notice. Taking up the matter, the Division Bench of Justice Satish Kumar Mittal and Justice Mahavir Singh Chauhan also issued notice for December 10 to Orbit transport company. It came on a petition filed by

advocate H.C. Arora for directions to the state of Punjab, its Chief Secretary and other respondents to resolve the conflict of interest. Arora demanded that the Badals should not be included in the process of taking decisions regarding the state’s transport department and the state transport under-

takings till they had shares in the transport companies. Arora had earlier made it clear that he intended to file a petition in public interest exclusively on the issue of “conflict of interest” arising out of “substantial shares of Orbit Aviations and other private transport companies owned by Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal”. The developments had taken place less than six months after a 13-year-old girl died after her alleged molesters threw her off a bus owned by Orbit Aviation — a transport company owned by the Badal family. Arora and amicus curie R.S. Bains had made attempts to convince the Bench that the state of affairs in state transport undertakings in Punjab would not improve, unless the larger issue of conflict of interest was considered.

Girls to get tips on keeping marriage intact


will take off soon. A meeting orried over the rising with the DPI, Colleges, is becases of matrimonial ing held to give the final shape disputes and divorce to the project,” she said. Under in the state, the Punjab Women this project, girls would be menCommission (PWC) has planned tally prepared to tackle matto start pre-marital counselling sesrimonial blues on their own. sions in colleges. The aim is to cre“Our purpose is to tell girls that ate awareness among youngsters, they should not let any matriParamjit Kaur mainly girls, about the causes that Landran, Punjab monial issues crop up and if it led to matrimonial disputes and prewomen commission does, they should not immediventive measures. Another motive is ately approach the police. They should rathalso to make the girls aware of their rights er try to resolve the matter on their own to and legal remedies in case they face any doprevent divorce, ” Landran said, adding that mestic violence after marriage. Talking to still if domestic violence continued, the girls The Tribune, PWC Chairperson Paramjit would be make aware about their rights and Kaur Landran said the proposal was sent legal remedies available to them. She also to the state government following which it took serious note of the lethargic approach was decided to rope in colleges across the of police stations in not sending the copy of state for purpose. “The project, which will FIR to the Child Welfare Committee, which be akin to the Delhi Women Commission’s is mandatory to provide legal aid to and for initiative of educating girls on the matter, rehabilitation of rape victims.


Delhi faces dengue fever outbreak Doctors say patients are forced to share scarce hospital beds as state government struggles to cope with the outbreak.


he state government in the Indian capital, Delhi, has threatened to penalise hospitals after reports that they turned away dying children suffering from dengue fever. Two families have alleged in recent days that their children died after being denied treatment at hospitals. Delhi is in the grip of the worst outbreak of dengue fever in five years. More than 1,800 cases have been recorded in recent weeks, compared to 1,695 cases for all of 2010. Eleven deaths have been reported so far. Authorities have ordered surprise checks at private hospitals to ensure they do not turn away dengue patients and leaves of doctors have been cancelled as hospitals have been flooded with sick people.The order came after reports that two children died after prominent city hospitals refused to admit them. On Tuesday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made surprise visits to some hospitals and said action would be taken against those who turn away dengue patients. “It is heartbreaking. We

AR Rahman responds to ‘fatwa’ on Muhammad film


In 2013, there were193 deaths from dengue, and 440 from malaria according to government statistics. have become blind in the race to make more and more profit. We shouldn’t forget our humanity,” he was quoted as saying. “We are planning to come out with a law so that hospitals refusing treatment to an emergency

i 27

Modi swamped by DNA samples after Bihar “insult”


ens of thousands of people from Bihar in eastern India have sent DNA samples to PM Narendra Modi, accusing him of insulting people from the state. Officials say Modi’s office received dozens of mail bags containing nail clippings and hair in the past week. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar says Modi hurt the pride of Biharis by casting aspersions on him. Last month Modi said Kumar’s move to sever electoral ties meant

something was wrong with his “political DNA”. Kumar said the comment implied that the DNA of the people of Bihar was poor. He said they would send five million DNA samples to Modi in protest. Modi receives two-to-three mail bags every day, said the head of Delhi’s postal services. Each bag typically contains about 1,000 letters. But, according to a postal department official, they have delivered 47 bags to the prime minister’s office in the last few days.

Five things Indians want Modi to ask Zuckerberg


rime Minister Narendra Modi’s impending visit to Facebook headquarters has generated massive buzz in India. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s invitation to the prime minister generated 621,000 likes and 34,000 shares, while Mr Modi’s acceptance on his own Facebook page, was ‘liked’ 71,000 times and shared more than 5,000 times. And it didn’t take

long for the social media banter to start. Modi tweeted, asking people to send in their questions through the official Narendra Modi app. Indians quickly began drawing up a list of things they wanted Modi to tell Zuckerberg once he got there on 27 September, though not all of it had to do with “how communities can work together to address social and economic challenges”.

Har mahine bill wahi. Koi surprise nahi.

AR Rahman

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ndian musician and composer AR Rahman has responded to criticism against him for composing music for a film on Prophet Muhammad. Rahman’s response which he posted on Facebook said he composed the music in “good faith”. The Raza Academy in Mumbai said it issued a “fatwa” against Rahman and the Iranian director of the film Majid Majidi. The institute also wrote to the Indian government, seeking a ban on the film. The Oscar winning composer and musician was born a Hindu, but converted to Islam in 1989 at age 23, changing his



Congress blames Centre for bans, fatwas


he Congress accused the government of promoting a culture of bans and “fatwas” in a pluralistic India and said the Narendra Modi-led government and RSS affiliates were responsible for the recent disturbing trends. “Whether it is the threat to actor Rajnikanth by a Hindu outfit asking him not to do a certain film or the fatwa against composer AR Rehman, we see both these developments as two sides of the same coin. It is the result of a culture of intolerance which is being promoted by the present government,” Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said.

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We are Happy to Help you manage your health.

At Real Canadian Superstore速 we have qualified and well trained Pharmacist -not only to fill your prescriptions, but to help those medications work best for you. That is why when you come to us, we can discuss potential side effects of prescriptions, avoiding Interactions with other medications, over-the-counter products and the food you eat. 350 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver T: (604) 322-3727

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6 i Saturday - April 4, 2015

i 29

Many surprises in declassified Netaji files


ixty-four secret files relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose that could help throw light on his mysterious disappearance — an enduring enigma for seven decades — were today released by the West Bengal government, with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asking the Centre to follow suit. Fulfilling a longstanding demand by Netaji’s family members and researchers, the original files consisting 12,744 pages and containing many intriguing facts were unveiled at the Calcutta Police Museum, while digitised version of the copies were handed over to Netaji’s descendants and mediapersons at a ceremony attended by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Call-


Saturday, September 19, 2015

ing upon the Narendra Modi government at the centre to follow suit and publicise secret documents, Banerjee said the declassified 64 files contained letters supporting the theory that Netaji was alive after 1945 and that his family was snooped upon. “There are certain letters where many have said that Netaji was alive after 1945,” she said. An August 22, 1945, Tokyo Radio announced the ‘death’ of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in an air crash in Formosa (now Taiwan) on August 18, 1945, en route to Japan. But the crash theory has been rejected by scores of Netaji’s followers and admirers and claims of the revolutionary leader resurfacing continue to intrigue and divide Indians over the years.

Andhra links Godavari with Krishna

ndhra Pradesh witnessed a historic moment today when the decades-old dream of inter-linking of rivers was realised. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu switched on the pump at Ibrahimpatnam village near Vijaywada, releasing water from the Godavari into Krishna, an occasion that set off celebrations across the region. Though the idea of inter-linking of rivers has been on the drawing board for over six decades, it is the first time that the water from one river basin has been

successfully diverted to the other to meet the irrigation and drinking water needs in the backward regions. In the first phase, about 80 TMC of water from the Godavari will be transferred to the Krishna basin through a lift irrigation project constructed at Pattiseema village in West Godavari district. The water will be pumped into Polavaram canal, about 4 km, from where the water would reach the Krishna barrage at Vijayawada after travelling a distance

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(604) 303-0665 Richmond: 5333 No.3 Road Saudi diplomat accused of rape flees India under 4880 Victoria Dr. (604) 568-3890 Van-Victoria: Procedure: diplomatic immunity 3516 Kingsway Van-Kingsway: (604) 558-3689 Marinate the chicken with the ginger garlic paste and the yoghurt for 20 min. soak the cashew in warm water for 15 minutes.chop the onions and tomatoes. Heat 1 tbsp


102-22325 Mcintosh Maple Ridge:pieces. (604) oil to a pan. sear the chicken pieces in the hot oil for 1 minute on each side to a golden colour. remove the chicken in the same pan,Ave. add 1tbsp oil and380-2666 the chopped Saudi diplomat accused of raping 102-7655 Edmonds St. Burnaby: (604) 544-6777 and other Saudi nationals. onions. saute till a translucent pink. Addby thehim tomatoes, red chili powder, garamSaudi masala powder and cook on medium flame till the tomatoes are tender (approx. 4-5 (604) 497-0888 two Nepali women hired to work Surrey: 105-15155 101 Ave. denies thesoaked chargescashews and refused to a smooth paste. return to minutes). remove from flame and run inArabia a blender withallthe to make the pan and add the tomato puree. Bring to a boil and add (604) 492-2298 as domestic has for left4-5 India Johns St. Moody Ave. revoke diplomatic immunity the chicken pieces. help simmer minutes till the chicken is cooked. for Addthe theofficial, low fat cream and simmerPort for 2Moody: minutes.9-3130 Broil St the fenugreek leaves on a pan. crush the Van-E Hasting: 120 - 2741 E Hasting St.. (604) 559-9599 under diplomatic immunity, the foreign making it impossible for him to be tried in fenugreek leaves over the curry and remove from fire. serve hot. Abbotsford: 5-32298 South Fraser Way (604) 744-8898 ministry says. The women, aged 30 and 50, India. Analysts say his departure resolves a said they were starved and sexually abused diplomatic dilemma for India.

30 i

Saturday, September 19, 2015




Indian-origin sentenced in NZ to 6 yrs in prison for fraud

33-year-old Indian-origin man in New Zeland was handed down six-year sentence for defrauding over two million dollar from his own mother, business partners, friends and his doctor. Sanjay Kumar Joshi was sentenced at the High Court at Auckland on 27 charges related to dishonesty. More than 20 people were defrauded by Joshi’s crimes, which ranged from obtaining money by deception to using forged documents to obtain finance. His business partner Aaron Young was worst hit, losing out on nearly dollar one million, The New Zealand Herald reported. In 2012, Joshi also managed to dupe his doctor - who was granted interim name suppression - out of 477,000 dollar. “You even stole from your mother,” Justice Murray Gilbert said. Joshi swindled 9,000 dollar from her

credit card and later falsified his parents’ signatures to obtain funds more than 81,000 dollar from a finance company and 50,000 dollar from various suppliers in the automotive industry through deception. During sentencing Justice Gilbert asked what the defendant had done with all the money. “I have no instructions on that,” defence counsel Peter Kaye said. Joshi was adjudicated bankrupt in February last year and the judge accordingly opted not to order reparation. Justice Gilbert said the offending “involved a considerable level of planning and premeditation” and he felt no sympathy for his victims. “There’s no genuine remorse here. You wrote a letter to probation minimising your involvement and culpability,” he said.

Hindustani vocal music group to perform in Egypt An eight-member Hindustani vocal group will perform at 8th International Samaa Festival for Religious Chanting and Sufi music here, which will be held from 20-27 September across locales and cultural centres in Egypt. The group, led by Gurinder Harnam Singh, will be performing at Qubbat el Ghori, Talaat Harb Cultural Centre and at Cairo Citadel on 22, 23 and 25 September, respectively. The group will also participate in the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival that will be held at Cairo Citadel besides showcasing a performing at the Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Cultures (MACIC) on 24 September. All performances are open to public and are free of charge. The visit is organised by MACIC, Embassy of In-

dia, Cairo, in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. The participation from India assumes special significance as the artistes will collaborate with musicians from other countries to showcase the close cultural and religious bonds. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi has been regularly sending a singing group for participation at the prestigious Samaa Festival since its beginning. Gurinder Singh has won popular acclaim and several prestigious awards in India and has performed both in India and abroad (Middle East, UK, USA, Europe and Mauritius). She has also recorded music for leading music companies. Her repertoire includes Hindustani Classical music, devotional music.


Indian-origin MP appointed shadow chief secretary in UK

ndian-origin British MP Seema Malhotra has been appointed as the shadow chief secretary for Treasury by the newly elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. 43-year-old Malhotra became MP for the London seat of Feltham and Heston in 2011 in a by-election following the death of Alan Keen (Conservative). In August 2014, she was given the newly-created role of shadow minister for preventing violence against women and girls by the then Labour leader Ed Miliband. She will be shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s number two in the shadow Treasury team. Hammersmith-born Seema earlier worked in business consultancy, including for corporate giant PwC, before entering the parliament. Extreme left-wing MP Jeremy Cor-

byn was on Sunday elected leader of Britain’s main Opposition Labour Party in a landslide victory here. He gained 2,51,417 or 59.5 per cent of first preference votes - 40 per cent more than his nearest rival Andy Burnham, who got 19 per cent. Yvette Cooper was third on 17 per cent and Liz Kendall a distant fourth with 4.5 per cent of the votes. Corbyn’s victory marks a sea change in British politics with the far Left gaining control of a party that had defined itself as “New Labour” for years, having moved more towards the political centre ground, marking a departure from strong links with the country’s trade unions. The result has also sparked talk of a deep split within the Labour party that was thrown into turmoil by David Cameron’s shock May election win.

US President invites teenager student arrested for homemade clock to White House


Texas teenager taken away in handcuffs this week for bringing to his Dallas-area school a homemade clock that staff mistook for a bomb won a personal invitation from President Barack Obama on Wednesday to visit the White House. Ahmed Mohamed, 14, was accused of making a hoax bomb, police in Irving said. The Council on American-Islamic Relations said he is Muslim and the case serves as an example of the climate of hate and manufactured fear around the religion. The bespectacled Mohamed is a ninth grader who was led away in handcuffs and a Nasa T-shirt from MacArthur High School on Monday for a project he put together to impress his new high school classmates and teachers. On Wednesday, he became an Internet sensation. “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House?

Ahmed Mohamed, 14 at high school in Irving, Texas. We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great,” a message on Obama’s Twitter feed said. The White House invited Mohamed to participate in its astronomy night next month with NASA astronauts and other young people, spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters.



Man caught stealing ashes from crematorium

40-years old man who attempted to steal the ashes of slain high school student Simran Sumita Singh will appear at the Tavua Magistrates Court today. The man has been charged with one count of criminal trespass and a count of common nuisance. Just hours after the final rites were conducted for Singh, a student who tragically lost her life, police took in for questioning a man who tried to steal her ashes. Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said someone tried to steal her ashes on Sunday from the crematorium. “There is a report


illiam Walsh Apted has being disqualified from driving for life by the High Court in Suva. Justice Paul Madigan set aside the sentence passed by the Magistrates court on June 8, 2015 and delivered a fresh sentence pursuant to sections 262(1) and 256 of the Criminal Procedures Decree. Justice Madigan then handed a two-year imprisonment term suspended for three years and also Apted to pay an additional fine of $4000 on or before 30 September, 2015. Apted was charged after he drove a vehicle which was involved in an impact and the impact occasioned the death of a child, Georgina Work, 4, in February last year.

No Syrian refugees allowed in Fiji


iji has no intention of bringing in Syrian refugees or refugees from any other country. This was the response of the Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola after questions were sent to him on whether Fiji had considered bringing in Syrian refugees or refugees from other countries. Ratu Inoke said the ministry did not have any plans to bring refugees into the country. “There is no truth in this that Fiji is considering to bring refugees from Syria,” Ratu Inoke said. There were reports that Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum was pushing the government to bring Syrian refugees to Fiji.

Say no to suicide, Minister urges students Students around the country will take a pledge today to live their lives to the full and not to be tempted by peer pressure into suicide when the going gets tough. Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy said this would be a discourse by students apart from the usual discourse by policy-makers and was not a hasty decision but rather the first step to national discourse. Mr Reddy said he would also reveal today the alarming stats of findings of where the root problem was in most complete suicide cases.

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The $100Million question that the Ministry of Finance can’t answer

hree weeks after the Ministry of Finance was to respond to the Public Accounts Committee on the use of $100million, there is still no response from the Finance Ministry. Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Professor Biman Prasad confirmed this yesterday.“No we haven’t received any response from Ministry of Finance yet and we’ll send another reminder,” Prof Prasad said.Finance ministry reps that were in a sitting of PAC on August 5, could not explain how funds were disbursed having said “they were not in a position to do so”.The ministry was given until August 31 to provide PAC with an explanation. Head 50 is a contingency fund where ministries can get funds from via the small grant scheme. This is where ad hoc funds

regarding this — of an individual attempting to steal her ashes,” he said. “Investigations into this are continuing.” A man was taken in for questioning by police. Meanwhile, the Singh family did not wish to make any comments regarding this incident. The 15-yearold of Naria, Rakiraki, was hacked to death last Wednesday, by a cane farmer. The man charged with her murder, Maloni Moceyawa, will appear at the High Court in Lautoka on September 28. He has been charged with one count of murder and one count of intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Man disqualified from driving for life


Saturday, September 19, 2015 i 31

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received by the ministry are deposited into a consolidated account and released to ministries.Deputy Auditor-General Atunaisa Nadakuitavuki had informed PAC the Head 50 was mainly for contingency things that did not appear in the budget and things that came up during the year.Those funds were used over the years without any acquittals being provided and that the Finance Ministry continuously released funds despite the non-provision of acquittals from ministries.“We haven’t received any response yet and we’re hoping to meet after Parliament to discuss the issue again depending on the availability of members after Parliament,” Prof Prasad reassured.He said this was the same for the request to the Public Enterprise Ministry in regards to the restructure at then Rewa Dairy (Fiji Dairy Ltd).

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22nd November: Arrival from India to Lahore Lunch and shopping. 23rd November: Day visit Kartar Pur, Rorri Sahib, Chaki Sahib and Lallo de khoi 24th November: Day visit to Dera Sahib and other Gurdwaras, shopping 25th November: Move to Nankana Sahib for Celebration stays overnight 26th November: Arrival Serena Hotel Faisalabad and rest. 27th November: Day visit: Day trip to Panja Sahib 28th November: Day visit to Sacha Soda 29th November: Return to India via Wagha Border


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Note: Programme subject to change according to local holidays


32 i Saturday, September 19, 2015

42 including 13 terrorists killed in Taliban attack on Pakistan air force base


2 persons were killed, 16 of them inside a mosque, and more than 30 injured when Pakistani Taliban carried out a deadly attack on a base camp of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in the northwestern city of Peshawar on Friday morning. The military said that the dead included 13 terrorists, army captain and three PAF technicians. It said that attackers, wearing explosives-laden jackets and carrying AK-47 rifles, hand-propelled grenades and mortars, entered the PAF base camp in Peshawar’s Badaber area after storming a guard post. After clearing their way, a group of them, attacked a nearby mosque, killing 16 worshippers there during morning prayers. “The militants were contained within a close area. Meanwhile, a group of terrorists rushed to a mosque and killed 16 people offering prayers inside,” said Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa, army’s spokesperson. He said that 13 terrorists were shot dead in the encounter that followed the attack. Bajwa said that militants had entered the base camp from two sides and were then divided into three groups. Moreover, he said that two army officers and eight soldiers were injured during an exchange of fire with terrorists. Locals said that they heard several explosions inside the base during Friday’s wee hours. In pictures: Terrorists attack Pak air force base Television pictures showed helicopters hovering above the base camp while ambulances ferrying dead and injured persons to hospitals. Sources at a military-run hospital in Peshawar said that 29 dead bodies were brought there and three of them were beyond recognition. Rescue officials said that 30 injured were taken to the city’s Combined Military and Lady Reading hospitals. “Six injured were brought into the hospital with three of them in critical condition,” said Dr Subhani, a medical superintendant.


Senate chief warns against another military takeover

as “high treason”, which is punhairman Senate Mian ishable with death. “I believe Raza Rabbani has that Article 6 has become rewarned that constitudundant. Our weaknesses have tional checks to prevent yet anothmade it redundant. In my eyes, er military takeover have become no constitutional clause can proredundant in the country which tect democracy, ” Rabbani said. has seen army rule for nearly half He said that only people of its 68 years of independence. of the country can stop the Raza Rabbani was winding up the army from seizing power. debate in the upper house to com“Only the people can protect memorate the International Day of Mian Raza Rabbani democracy provided they are Democracy on Tuesday. Opposigiven ownership of the system,” tion leaders had raised fears of increasing dishe observed adding that Pakistan could connect between the powerful military and not afford another military intervention. the government. In the past, the army had “No system other than democracy can toppled the civilian government four times keep the federation intact keeping in view to directly rule the country and the military the country’s internal and external situainterventions continued despite Article 6 of tion, ” he said. The last military ruler Pervez the 1973 constitution which criminalises the Musharraf took over in 1999 but was forced abrogation of the constitution by declaring it to resign in 2008.

Let’s talk about sex, says a daily newspaper


he idea of sex itself is taboo in Pakistan, a daily said on Wednesday, adding: “We need to talk about why it is so”. An editorial “Uncomfortable Truths” in The Nation said that the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) recently banned an advertisement of a contraceptive brand, calling it “immoral” and contrary to religious norms. The advertisement shows a large man approaching a roadside stall to ask for a small pack of contraceptives. He is followed by a second man, who grins as he requests a larger pack. The daily said: “We are fine seeing scenes of death and disaster, colourful dances and dramatic cases of violence in TV dramas, but a humorous ad promoting contraception is considered vulgar.” “We need to talk about why it is so. Why do we cringe at the mere implication of sex even in the legitimate arena of marriage?,” it said. In Pakistan contraception is portrayed as being

only for family planning and women’s health. “The fact of the matter is, that the idea of sex itself is taboo, even when an advert addresses it in the confines of a marriage without any mention of the word,” it said. The daily said that one can understand the immediate need to ban the advertisement. “It is too private a matter to be made into a humorous spectacle. But what is the solution?” According to the UN, a third of Pakistanis have no access to birth control even though its population is growing by more than two percent a year. “This is alarming. If we continue to grow like this, we are heading towards a collapse - famine, starvation, war,” the daily said. It noted that until now, any marketing we have seen has been as a public service message for family planning and women’s health.

IS militants destroy Af-Pak border


ilitants who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) said on Sunday they had attacked a paramilitary checkpoint along the Afghan border, in the first such assault claimed by a former faction of the Taliban in several months. A militant affiliated with the faction said the group attacked Damadola district of the Bajaur tribal area in Pakistan’s northwestern region, where the military has been battling an insurgency. “Our men destroyed the post, set it on fire and left it after our operation was complete,” he said by telephone. Two intelligence officials confirmed a checkpoint had been attacked, but there were no casualties. The government says that IS, a group founded in Syria and Iraq in 2013, does not have a credible presence in the country. Several smaller militant groups and factions of the Pakistani Taliban have, however, pledged allegiance to IS and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi since last year. So far, IS has not formally accepted any of those pledges, nor has its central leadership claimed responsibility for any attacks carried out in Pakistan. On Sunday , at least 12 militants were killed after military jets bombed the Mana area of Shawal Valley in northwest Pakistan, officials said. At least 10 people were killed and more than 50 injured on Sunday in Pakistan’s Punjab province when explosives carried by an apparent suicide bomber went off after the auto-rickshaw he was traveling in collided with a motorcycle. The blast happened in Multan district, some 350 kms from provincial capital Lahore. District coordination officer Zahid Salim Gondal said initial reports suggest the blast took place after the explosives carried by one of the passengers went off.

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UAW chooses Fiat Chrysler as target in U.S. contract talks


he United Auto Workers union said Sunday it chose Fiat Chrysler as its target company in ongoing contract negotiations with Detroit automakers. Fiat Chrysler — the smallest of the three companies — now becomes the focus of bargaining and could be hit with a strike if negotiations stall. A deal with FCA will also set a general pattern for contracts at General Motors and Ford. All three companies officially kicked off bargaining for new four-year contracts in July. The current contracts expire Monday but likely will be extended. The contracts cover around 140,000 U.S. factory workers. In a statement, UAW President Dennis Williams said all three automakers are “working hard” to reach an agreement and will continue negotiating even as the UAW turns its focus to


FCA. FCA confirmed its selection but said it would have no further comment. Kristin Dziczek, director of the industry and labour group at the Michigan-based Center for Automotive Research, says the choice of FCA — the smallest and least profitable of the Detroit Three — signals a different attitude at the UAW, which used to go after the most profitable automaker during negotiations. “This is the recognition that the union has had for a while, that you can’t destroy the companies and still have jobs,” she said. Still, this year’s talks were expected to be the most contentious in years because all three companies are healthy and making money. The union wants a piece of the profits in the form of hourly pay raises for longtime workers who haven’t had one in a decade.

Porsche, Audi unveil all-electric models to challenge Tesla

esla will soon face competition in the luxury all-electric car segment after Porsche and Audi unveiled new all-electric models at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Audi unveiled the concept car for its “e-tron quattro” vehicle, a sporty SUV, with a range of more than 500 km. Porsche showed the prototype of its first battery-powered sports car, titled “Mission E.” Similar in appearance to its iconic 911, it has an 800-volt electric powertrain with 600 horsepower that can accelerate to 100 km per hour in 3.5

seconds. “When we designed this car, we knew it had to be a real Porsche,” chief executive Matthias Müller said in an interview on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show. “It had to feel like a 911.” Neither Porsche or Audi will have these models to market until 2018. Tesla’s first luxury electric crossover, the Model X, starts delivery on Sept. 29, giving it a head start. Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller presents the new electric Porsche Mission E concept car ahead of the Fr an k f u r t M o t o r Show in Germany.

Saturday, September 19, 2015 i 33

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne to skip Frankfurt auto show


iat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne cancelled plans to attend the Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany, an indication that the company may be getting close to a contract agreement with the United Auto Workers union. FCA said Monday that Marchionne is staying in the U.S. to deal with business matters but gave no further details. The UAW’s contracts with FCA, Ford and General Motors were set to expire at 11:59 p.m. EDT Monday. Ford extended its contract indefinitely on Monday afternoon Harley Shaiken, a labour expert and professor at the University of California at Berkeley, said FCA and the UAW want to reach a tentative agreement before the deadline. He thinks Marchionne cancelled his trip in order to be at the table in case there are any last-minute hold-ups. On Sunday, the UAW announced that it had picked Fiat Chrysler as its target company in the contract talks. That means a deal with FCA could set a general pattern for contracts at General Motors and Ford. FCA could also be hit with a strike if negotiations stall. All three companies officially kicked off bargaining for new four-year contracts in July. The contracts cover around 140,000 U.S. factory workers. Kristin Dziczek, director of the industry and labour group at the Michigan-based Center for Automotive Research, said union members can expect some financial gains in this contract,

since all three companies are healthy and profitable. But they have to be careful, since automakers can move their operations to lower-cost countries like Mexico if their U.S. labour costs get too high. The union wants hourly pay raises for longtime workers who haven’t had one in a decade. It also wants to close the wage gap for entry-level workers, who make about half the $29 hourly wage of veteran employees. The wage gap benefits FCA the most, since 45 per cent of its hourly workers make entry-level wages. Only around 20 per cent of workers at Ford and GM make the lower wage. Marchionne has also been outspoken about wanting to eliminate the wage gap. Shaiken expects the new contracts will phase in higher wages or otherwise bridge the wage gap. All three companies also want to stick with profit-sharing instead of increasing hourly labour costs. During the past four years, workers have gotten annual profit-sharing checks; at FCA, those bonuses totalled $9,000 per worker. UAW President Dennis Williams and Marchionne, who greeted each other with a hug as the negotiations began in July, have both said they would consider it a failure if they can’t reach an agreement and workers strike. Workers at FCA — known as Chrysler before its 2009 merger with Fiat — went on a seven-hour strike during contract negotiations in 2007 but were prohibited from striking in 2011 under terms of a government-funded bankruptcy.

34 i Saturday, September 19, 2015

SOUTH ASIA Nepal to stay secular, proposal for a Hindu nation rejected A proposal to declare Nepal a Hindu state was overwhelmingly rejected by the constituent assembly this week which reaffirmed that the Hindu-majority nation will remain secular. The proposal made by pro-Hindu National Democratic Party Nepal to amend the constitution to make Nepal a Hindu state was rejected by more than two-thirds of lawmakers who declared that the country should remain secular as the constituent assembly resumed voting on individual articles of the draft constitution. After assembly chairman Subas Chandra Nembang announced that the proposal has been rejected, Kamal Thapa, leader of the National Democratic Party Nepal, demanded split voting. Thapa’s proposal for a vote received the support of only 21 lawmakers in the 601-seat constituent assembly.

UN seeks special court on Sri Lankan war crimes GENEVA: The United Nations commissioner for human rights, Zeid Raad al-Hussein, has called for the creation of a special court to investigate the war crimes committed during Sri Lanka’s 25-year-long insurgency in which between 80,000 to 100,000 people were killed. Hussein outlined horrific abuses during the conflict, including torture, executions, and sexual abuse by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, as well as suicide attacks, assassinations and recruitment of child soldiers by the LTTE. Presenting a 270-page report focu sing on the period from 2002 to 2011, Zeid called for the creation of a “hybrid special court” that would include foreign judges and investigators. The report recommends a range of measures to develop a comprehensive transitional justice policy to address the human rights violations of the past 30 years and prevent their recurrence.


Nepal approves new constitution

inister Sushil Koirala (third from right) and other MPs celebrated the vote late on Wednesday Nepal’s parliament has overwhelmingly approved a new constitution, which is due to come into effect on Sunday.As it was passed by 507 votes to 25, cheers broke out in the assembly. It comes after years of political wrangling, while Nepal was governed by an interim constitution after the monarchy was abolished in 2008. It will see Nepal divided into seven provinces but it angered minority ethnic groups who fear discrimination and sparked protests in which 40 died. Hindu groups have also been demonstrating, demanding that Nepal be declared a Hindu state - it became a secular republic after the monarchy was scrapped.

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36 i Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Asian Star September 19 2015  

The Asian Star is one of the most read South Asian newspaper in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver area and Fraser Valley, It has maximum readers...

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