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ijld: 15 AMk 24 - SATURday, JuLY 15, 2017


Tel: 604-591-5423

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Saturday - July 15, 2017

Family time is priceless - The most important time we have! A time where memories are made, a time to laugh and play together. At The Applewood Auto Group we recognize all the families that make up our company by stopping business for one day to enjoy some time together laughing, playing and building memories.

ALL OF OUR LOCATIONS WILL BE CLOSED SUNDAY, JULY 16TH FOR OUR ANNUAL FAMILY PICNIC. We will see you all back for regular business on Monday with full smiles and full bellies!

It’s all Good at Applewood 13220 Smallwood Place

15257 Fraser Highway

19820 Fraser Highway

16299 Fraser Highway

19764 Langley Bypass





(604) 357-3547

(604) 357-3549

(604) 357-3564

LANGLEY (604) 502-7301

(604)357-3553 8232601


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Power of Attorney



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#252-8138 128th St. Surrey


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ijld: 15 AMk 24 - SATURday, JuLY 15, 2017


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Excavation Drain Tile Site Servicing Gravel & Sand Farm Work

Demolition Back Filling Landscaping Grading




Tel: 604-591-5423

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• Pre-Approval • Residential • Construction Mortgage

• New Purchase • Re-Finance / Switch • Line of Credit

Ishwinder Sandhu Mobile Mortgage Specialist

     Contact me today to find out more


Ishwinder Sandhu


Excavating & Demolition Ltd. • Demolition • Backfilling Excavating • Drain Tile Installation • Digging Lots • Land Clearing • Site Preparation

ď ąď łď €ď Źď ‰ď ˘ď ‹ď “ď€ ď Ť ď ?ď ­ ď ‚ď ˛ď Żď łď šď ˇď Żď §ď€ ď Žď  ď ­

ď ‚ď ľď Šď °ď ?ď ¤ď ˛ď€ ď Šď łď ?ď ‡ď€ ď łď šď ‹ď Żď Ž 604-516-6280 ď …ď ­ď ˛ď ‰ď Ťď€ ď Šď łď ?ď ‡ď€ ď ˘ď ľď €ď ´ď ˛ 604-767-4399


Saturday - July 15, 2017




Premium per month for $500,000 coverage starting from


35 40 45 50



An Independent Insuranc

EntwrIE— kYnyfw ivc iBAwnk sVk hwdsy Life • C dw iSkwr hoey pMjwbI nOjvwn nUM lokwˆ dI mdd Editor (India): dI loV hY[ rxjIq isMG nwmI ieh nOjvwn 23 Jaswinder Cheema Best Insurance Rates +91-9316126819 meI, 2017 nUM iBAwnk sVk hwdsy dw iSkwr Premium per month for $ +91-9915161501 ho igAw sI[ tr`k frweIvr rxjIq hwdsy vwly idn tr`k ivc swmwn lof krky phwVI Marketing and Sales: dI Flx v`l jw irhw sI[ rsqy ivc aus dw Ravinder S[ Cheema: 604.715.3847 25 Non smoker $ tr`k bykwbU ho igAw Aqy swhmxy Awauˆdy vwhnwˆ Shamir Doshi: 604.649.7827 nwl tkrwaux qoˆ bcx leI auh phwVI dy hyTwˆ 35 Non smoker $ Harminder Kaur: 778.708.0481 v`l if`g igAw[ hwdsy ivc rxjIq bc qwˆ Parminder Dhillon: 778.859.9234 45 Non smoker $ igAw pr aus dy gMBIr s`twˆ l`gIAwˆ[ hwdsy kwrn auh lkvy dw iSkwr ho igAw[ aus dw 55 Non smoker $ Layout: K`bw moFw Aqy pslIAwˆ tu`t geIAwˆ[ Avee J Waseer rxjIq AwpxI pqnI, do b`icAwˆ Aqy mwqwRates effective from Sept 8, 2015. Rates are s ipqw dw pwlx poSx krdw sI[ ies smyˆ Premiums Pre-Press: are based on ‘STANDARD’ rxjIq dw ielwj c`l irhw hY Aqy auh Awpxy health and family history, you may qu Iftikhar Ahmed pirvwr dI dyK-Bwl krn qoˆ Asmr`Q hY[ dUjy pwsy aus dI pqnI, rxjIq dI mwqw jo Contributing Writers: ik kYˆsr dI mrIz dI dyKBwl kr rhI hY[ Dr N.S. Mangat rxjIq dw pirvwr kYnyfw ivc iek bysmYˆt Jagjit Singh Diwana Best Rates in ivc ikrwey ivc rih irhw hY[ au`Qy vHIlcyAr nhIˆ iljweI jw skdI, ijs krky vI rxjIq Age 50 $1186.25 A Contact: nUM kwPI muSiklwˆ dw swhmxw krnw pY irhw hY[ Age 70 $2555.00 A Phone: 604-591-5423 pirvwr dy iek im`qr ny ‘go PMf mI’ pyj ‘qy Fax: 604-591-8615 Rates are based on coverage $100,000 fo jw ky rxjIq dI mdd leI gu wr lgweI hY qwˆ Street, # 215 - h7928 - 128 without any pre-existing conditions ----------------------------------------jo PMf iek`Tw krky(York pirvwr nU M vH I lcy A r dI Business Centre) Publication Mail Agreement No 428336012 phuMc vwly Gr ivc iSPt kIqw jwBC sky Aqy aus 4E8 Return undeliverable Canadian Get your FREE No O Surrey V3W Addresses to Circulation Dept. dy pirvwr dI AwriQk mdd kIqI jw sky[ Call: BALJEET DOSANJH rxjIq nUM ibhqr izMdgI dyx Aqy du`K dI GVI #202 - 7028, 120 Street, ivc aus dy pirvwr dI bwˆh PVn leI dwnI # 215 - 7928 - 128 S Surrey BC V3W 3M8 s`jxwˆ qoˆ mdd dI ApIl kIqI geI hY[ rxjIq (York Business Ce dy dosq ny ikhw ik aus leI rsqw bhuq lMbw All advertising in The Asian Star is subject to the publishers’ Surrey BC V3W 4E Aqy muSiklwˆ BirAw hY pr ies nUM kuJ suKwlwˆ approval and the advertiser agrees to indemnify the publishers against claims arising from publication of any zrUr kIqw jw skdw hY[ ies leI hr CotI qoˆ advertisement submitted by the advertiser. CotI mdd pRvwn hovygI[


An Independent Insurance Broker


kYnyfw ‘c izMdgI leI pl-pl sMGrS kr irhY pMjwbI, dwnI s`jxwˆ nUM mdd dI ApIl


$66.13 $103.50 $174.60 $289.80

$48.24 $74.25 $125.10 $202.95

Rates for non smokers as per March 1st, 2017. Rates are subject to change without any given prior notice, Conditions apply Based on your current health and family history, you may qualify for further discounts on your premiums.


Best Rates in Market Age 65 $1890.70 Age 80 $2947.37

Age 60 $1259.25 Age 70 $2602.45

Rates are based on coverage $100,000 for 365 days with$0 deductible without any pre-existing conditions.

Get your FREE No Obligation Quote Call: BALJEET DOSANJH 604-808-6834






Life • Critical • Disability • Travel • Medical • Dental • Super

Best Insurance Rates for Your Mortgage Term 30,

Saturday - July 15, 2017



l`iBAw igAw dunIAw dw sB qoˆ AwlsI dyS inaUXwrk— Awls mnu`K dI sB qoˆ v`fI kmI hY[ AwlsI mnu`K Awpxy mMzl q`k phuMcx leI bhuq smwˆ lwauˆdw hY[ bhuq swry dySwˆ ivc mnu`K AwlsI huMdy hn Aqy do kdm pu`txy vI aunHwˆ nUM BwrI l`gdy hn[ iesy kVI qihq dunIAw dw sB

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kIqI hY[ Kojkrqwvwˆ dw kihxw hY ik hwˆgkwˆg dunIAw dw sB qoˆ AYkitv (srgrm) dyS hY[ hwˆgkwˆg dy lok ij`Qy hr roz AOsqn 6,880 kdm qurdy hn, au`Qy hI ieMfonySIAw dy lok mihj 3,513 kdm hI qurdy hn[ SoDkrqwvwˆ ny 111 dySwˆ ivc mOjUd 7.17 l`K mobweIl Ponwˆ nUM trYk krdy hoey lokwˆ dy qurn-iPrn dw fwtw iek`Tw kr ky ieh st`fI kIqI hY[ ies st`fI muqwbk dUjy dySwˆ dy mukwbly ibRtyn dy lok ij`Qy kwPI AYkitv nzr Awey, ie`Qoˆ dy lok rozwnw AOsqn 5,444 kdm qurdy hn, jo ik 5 iklomItr dy brwbr hY[ jykr Bwrq dI g`l kIqI jwvy qwˆ Bwrq dy lok vI izAwdw AYkitv nzr nhIˆ Awey[ st`fI muqwbk BwrqI 4,297 kdm roz qurdy hn[ Bwrq dy mukwbly cIn Aqy jwpwn dy lok izAwdw AYkitv nzr Awey[ SoDkrqwvwˆ ny ies st`fI zrIey motwpo qoˆ injwq pwaux leI mdd aupl`bD krvweI hY[ fwtw qoˆ pqw l`gdw hY ik ijnHwˆ dySwˆ ivc lok izAwdw qurdy hn, auh motwpy dy G`t iSkwr huMdy hn[

   

Laminate for Sale @ 0.99 / sq.ft

• Laminate • Carpet • Engineered Wood • Tiles • Vinyl • Large Selection of Hardwood Floors


Free estimates - Fast and quality work

Happy: 778-855-7027 Ph: 604-593-7027 12971 - 80 Ave., Surrey, BC


kwr / tr`k / motrswiekl tYksI jW eyAr bryk dw lwiesYNs pMjwbI ‘c lYx leI sMprk kro

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AwtomYitk hweIvy tr`k - no gyAr no kl`c AOrqW vwsqy sunihrI mOkw, hux qusIN kwr dI qrWH ibnW gyArW qoN klws 1 dw lwiesYNs lY skdy ho jy tr`k dw lwiesYNs lYxw cwhuMdy ho pr AMgryzI nhIN AwauNdI jW G`t AwauNdI hY, bu`k dyK ky Gbrw jWdy ho qW fro nw, huxy Pon kro

604 614 5365

SO EASY Learning School

lrinMg lwiesYNs dI iqAwrI kMipaUtr nwl krvwauNdy hW W W W . G A R Y M A N G AT . C O M

Gary’s Holistic Restoration Centre

h t l a e h r u o Get y ck! on tra

ORTHOMOLECULAR - FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE Permanent Cure to Chronic Diseases, like Diabetes I, II, Arthritis, Heart Diseases, Gastric Problems, Skin Diseases, Allergies and more within 2 months. Absolutely NO SIDE EFFECT

f`rkÊPIlfÊm`eIkroskopIÊn`lÊl`eIvÊbl@fÊivSlySxÊ hoimApYQIÊn`lÊkudrqIÊiel`j,ÊhrblÊmYfIsn,ÊE`wurvYd,ÊnYcropYQI,ÊEqyÊ inaUtrSIEnlÊsl`hÊmSvr`,ÊrIPlYksolojIÊEqyÊEYkUpRYSrÊm`ilSÊE`idÊÊ • mot`p` • dm` • strok • gTIE` • ifpRYSn • icMq

•Êm`eIgRyn • kYNsr • Proctitus • heIprtYnSn • idlÊdIÊibm`rI • ElsvryvtvÊkorlIvts

• nS`ÊCf`aux`Ê • cmVIÊdyÊrog,ÊcMblÊE`id • Q`ier`iefÊdIÊsm@isE` • gYstRYikÊsm@isE` • ijgrÊdIÊsm@isE` incl. Celiac, kronz • E.N.T.Êsm@isE` • pRostrytÊdIÊsm@isE` • f`iebItIsÊiksm-I qy II EqyÊhorÊbhuqÊkuJ • E.D. PCOS koeI sweIf iePYkt nhIN

hr iksm dy purwxy rogW dw kudrqI ielwj isrP 2 mhIinAW ivc krvwaux leI A`j hI Pon kro:

604.808.8769 5700 120 ST, SURREY BC

isrPÊEpuieMmYNtÊn`l svyryÊ9ÊvjyÊqoNÊS`mÊ7ÊvjyÊq@k hPqyÊdyÊs@qyÊidn

40Ês`l~Êd` qzrb`Ê


Certified Nutritionist & Homeopath M.A., C.N.P., R.O.H.P (Canada) Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner


Saturday - July 15, 2017

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Saturday - July 15, 2017


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íÅÂÆÚÅðœ çÆ ĂƒÂśĂ˛Ă… ùÂÆ Õù¯òðâœù ÇòŸÚ Ö¯ù¡ ÇçŸüÆ ÔË

* Home * Auto * Business * Commercial * Trucking Your Certified & ExpertAdvisor

ĂƒÂšĂ‡Ă–ÂłĂ§Ă° Ă‡ĂƒÂłĂ˜ Çןù


Sukhinder S. Gill MSc, B.ED 604.724.4700

Ôð ü𡝠çÆ Ă‡Ă‚ÂłĂ´ÂŻĂ°Ă‹ÂşĂƒ ÏԚü ÔÆ Ă˛Ă…Ă‡ĂœĂŹ ðœà Óüœ ÕÆüÆ ĂœÂťĂ§Ă† ÔË àðŸÕ Ă ĂĽÂś Ă Ă‹Ă•ĂƒĂ† ÚùÅÀ°ä òÅÇùà  çÆ Ă‡Ă˘ĂƒĂ Ă‡ĂŹĂąĂ Ă† Ă‡Ă‚ÂłĂ´ÂŻĂ°Ă‹ÂşĂƒ òÆ Õðçœ ԝĂ? Ă‡Ă•ĂƒÂś òÆ ü𡝠çÆ Ă‡Ă‚ÂłĂ´ÂŻĂ°Ă‹ÂşĂƒ ÕðòÅÀ°ä ĂĽÂŻÂş êÇÔù ĂƒĂ…Ăš ÇŸÕ òÅð ĂˇĂ°ĂˆĂ° ÇÎù¯Ă?

#114-6377-168th St., Surrey, BC V3S 3Y2 (Next to Fruiticana) Tel: 604.372.0170

DMJ Painting Ltd.

Just one call for your all painting needs * Old & New Homes * Town Houses Appartments * Commercial & Residential * Interior & Exterior * Any kind of Paint Job

* Stucco Paint * Spray Painting * Pressure Washing * Sky Paint for Ceiling * Fence Painting * Rolling Painting

           Â Â?Â? Â




10 Years of Experience

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Million Million Million Million


$302 /YEAR $346 /YEAR $407 /YEAR $467 /YEAR

Discounts vary due to circumstances individualand circumstances requirements. Discounts maymay vary due to individual policy requirements.and Ratespolicy subject to change without notice Rates subject to change without notice.

Above Rates Includes: * Senior Discount * Claims Free Discount * New Home Discount * Mortgage Free Discount * Home Production Discount * Deductible Applicable * Monthly Payment Plan

Ă ĂƒĂ„ Ôð ü𡝠çÆ Ă‡Ă‚ÂłĂ´ÂŻĂ°Ă‹ÂşĂƒ Ă˛Ă…Ă‡ĂœĂŹ ÕÆÎü Ă“ĂĽÂś Õðçœ ԝĂ?



ĂƒĂ…Ă˘Âś çøüð Ôøüœ çœ ĂƒÂźĂĽÂś ÇçÊ ĂƒĂ˛ÂśĂ°Âś I Ă˛ĂœÂś ĂĽÂŻÂş Ă´Ă…ĂŽ I Ă˛ĂœÂś üŸÕ ֚Ÿù¡çœ ÔÊĂ?

Call us to Save minimum 10% or more on your Insurance 604-351-6539



YORKOFFICE) BUSINESS CENTER, CLOVERDALE Shopping Plaza, SURREY (HEAD LANGLEY COQUITLAM COQUITLAM VANCOUVER ABBOTSFORD #134-17455 - Hwy 10 #103-8399-200 St. 454-West Broadway, Eagle Ridge Plaza, 405-1192 Burquitlam #120-12888-80TH AVE., SURREY HEAD 526 Clarke Road, Coquitlam Landowne Dr, Coquitlam SURREY LANGLEY VANCOUVER Ph: 604.576.6648 Ph: 604.507.6666 Ph: 604.882.6000 Ph: 604.939.2425 Ph: 604-942-3555 Ph: 604-876-0126 Ph: 604.744.0360 1 minute away from AirCare


134 -17455, Hwy 10 160-20728 Willoughby Town Center Dr #404, 552 Clarke Rd 405-1192 Lansdowne Dr 454 West Broadway 604-939-2425 31696 South Fraserway 604-576-6648 604-882-6000 604-876-0126 604-942-3555 604-507-6666

#120, 12888 - 80th Ave.

128th St

80th Ave.

AMC Insurance

130th St. •


Saturday - July 15, 2017

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Win a HOUSE! Win a CAR! ~ Plus Win ~




Prizes may not be exactly as illustrated.


BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY AND BE ENTERED INTO OUR SECOND EARLY BIRD DRAW! SECOND EARLY BIRD DEADLINES: Phone, Online, Fax, Mail, by 9pm: JULY 15 – CALL NOW! Retail, by Store Closing: JULY 8 – DEADLINE PAST! On-site PNE Grounds and Mall, by Closing: JULY 19


604-678-4663 • 1-877-946-4663

For rules of play, visit


Chances are 1 in 849,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize. BC Gaming Event Licence #93962

Know your limit, play within it. Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111

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Kristi Gordon, Global BC


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Saturday - July 15, 2017


ic`ty dy mwmly ‘c ivroDI swDdy rhy vwr-vwr inSwny pr dwKl cwrjSIt ‘c nhIˆ hY mjITIAw dw nwˆ We have a team of professional and experienced lawyers to assist you.

AweI.sI.bI.sI. Aqy prsnl ieMjrI klym cMfIgVH — pMjwb dI isAwsq ‘c iqMn swlw qk Cwey rhy 6000 kroV rupey dy fr`g rYkyt mwmly ‘c eI. fI. ny AwpxI splImyˆtrI cwrjSIt sI. bI. AweI. kort ‘c dwKl kr id`qw hY[ ies cwrjSIt ‘c AkwlI dl dy sInIAr AwgU qy swbkw kYbint mMqrI srvn isMG iPlOr, aunHwˆ dy pu`qr dmnbIr iPlOr qy swbkw mu`K sMsdI sk`qr (sI.pI.AY`s.) AivnwS cMdr smyq 12 lokwˆ dy nwˆ Swml hY pr nSy nUM lY ky ivroDI iDr vloˆ lgwqwr inSwny ‘qy rhy swbkw kYbint mMqrI ibkrm isMG mjITIAw dw nwˆ nhIˆ hY[ cwrjSIt ‘c jgjIq cwhl qy aunHwˆ dIAwˆ keI kMpnIAwˆ dy nwˆ vI Swml hY[ eI. fI. dy ifptI fwierYktr inrMjn isMG vloˆ dwKl kIqI geI A`T hwzr qoˆ v`D pyjwˆ dI cwrjSIt ‘c d`isAw igAw hY ik ies mwmly ‘c 62 kroV rupey (klYktr ryt) dI pRwptI hux qk zbq kIqI geI hY[ mwmly dI AglI suxvweI 25 julweI nUM hovygI[ jwxkwrI dy muqwbk 6000 kroV dy fr`g rYkyt dI jwˆc AwKrI pVwA ‘qy phuMc geI hY[ Ajy qk dI jwˆc ‘c mjITIAw dw nwm nhIˆ Awauxw ijQy AkwlI dl leI rwhq dyx vwlI g`l hY, auQy ivroDI iDrwˆ leI hYrwnI vwlI ikauˆik ivroDI iDr hmySw hI ies mwmly ‘c mjITIAw ‘qy is`Dy inSwny swDdI rhI hY[ izkrXog hY ik swl 2012 ‘c fI. AY`s. pI. jgdIS Bolw dI igRPqwrI qoˆ bwAd ieh mwmlw surKIAwˆ ‘c AwieAw sI[ 2013 ‘c eI. fI. ny mwmly dI jwˆc SurU kIqI sI[ ies mwmly ‘c AY`n. fI. pI. AY`s. eykt dy qihq 78 AY`P. AweI. Awr. drj SurU hoeI sI[

swfy kol mwihr Aqy qzrbykwr vkIlW dI tIm quhwfI shwieqw leI hwzr hY[ AsIN pMjwbI, ihMdI Aqy aurdU ivc g`l krdy hW

PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS 205 - 7134 King George Boulevard Surrey, BC V3W 5A3

T 604 449 7500 TF 1 888 449 7573


604 449 7501

We are 100% committed to providing you and your family the best financial strategy.

` Mortgage Insurance ` Critical Illness Insurance ` Disability Insurance

` Life and Retirement Planning ` Estate Planning ` Health and Dental Insurance

` Super Visa Insurance ` Visitor and Travel insurance ` RRSP & TFSA

Call us to insure, secure and make a difference in your life. MANMOhAN KAUR SEKhON

YOU CAN PLACE YOUR TRUST IN US!, m.phil. life and health insurance advisor


b.a.(hons.), m.a.,ll.b. life and health insurance advisor ® Registered trademark owned by Desjardins Financial Security


604-592-7550 | 21900 Westminster hwy, suite 210, richmond, bc v6v 0a8 |



Saturday - July 15, 2017

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ijLafdf smF tIvI df luwqPL AuTfE aqy pRogrfm lwBx leI smF GtfE. • vfies-pfvrz irmot • ieMtgrytz sports aYp • bwicaF leI ivsLysL ikwzjL jLon • aMqr-igafnI msLvry

Shaw nUM sivwc kro aqy BlueSky TV lE





pRqI mhInf pihly sfl leI ieMtrnYWt 150 dy bMzl vflf, 2- sfl dy ValuePlan nfl.ˆ

bMzl kImq: $79.90/ mhInf pihly sfl leI, $129.90/ mhInf dUsry sfl leI, inXmq ryt $145/ mhInf.

ijLafdf jfxkfrI leI, 1-866-776-3470 `qy PLon kro jF `qy jfE.

*ies afrMBk BlueSky TV aqy ieMtrnYWt 150 pysLksL ivc Small TV plfn sLfml hY aqy isrPL nvyN gfhkF leI hY. nvyN gfhkF ny ipCly 90 idnF ivc, coxvIaF Shaw srivsjL (ieMtrnYWt, vIzIE jF Pon) jF bMzl nUM nhIN ilaf hoxf cfhIdf. pysLksL ibnF noits qoN bdlI jf skdI hY. idKfeIaF geIaF kImqF ivc tYks sLfml nhIN hY. pihly sfl dI poRmosLnl kImq $79.90/ mhInf isrPL nvyN gfhkF leI hY. mOjUdf gfhk 2 sfl dI ValuePlan `qy do sfl leI pRomosLnl kImq $129.90/ mhInf nfl ieMtrnYWt 150 aqyL BlueSky TV pRfpq kr skdy hn. poRmosLnl smyN qoN bfad inXmq ryt lfgU hoxgy aqy bdly jf skdy hn. sfry KyqrF ivc sfrIaF Shaw srivsjL AuplbD nhIN hn. quhfnUM ikrfey `qy idqf igaf jF quhfzf KrIidaf BlueSky TV XMqr aqy mozm nvF jF murMmq kIqf hoieaf ho skdf hY. jy quhfzI koeI vI srivs kYNsl huMdI hY qF quhfnUM Auh XMqr Shaw nUM vfps krnf pvygf jo qusIN nhIN KrIidaf hY. vwD qoN vwD bfrF (12) tIvI joVy jf skdy hn ijs leI iqMn (3) BlueSky TV HDPVRs hoxgy aqy hryk ivc iqMn (3) portljL hoxy cfhIdy hn. qusIN koeI vI Shaw srivs nUM awgy nhIN vyc skdy. ^2-sfl dy ValuePlan isrPL ieMtrnYWt aqy tIvI smJOqy nfl AuplbD hn ijs ivc BlueSky TV sLfml hY. ieMtrnYWt aqy BlueSky TV smJOiqaF leI ieMtrnYwt 150 jF iesqoN Aupr dy nfl nfl ilmitz tIvI df Gwt qoN Gwt ieMtrI srivs lYvl lYxf jrUrI hY. 2-sfl dy ValuePlan ivcoN, Shaw Pon srivsjL nUM iksy vI smyN bfhr kwiZaf jF sLfml kIqf jf skdf hY. ieMtrnYWt aqy BlueSky TV dy 2-sfl dy ValuePlan dy aDIn, gfhk kMplImYNtrI rYNtl BlueSky TV HDPVR aqy BlueSky TV portl pRfpq krngy jd Auh ieMtrnYWt 150 aqy Small TV jF ies qoN Aupr lYxgy. vrnf, mfisk rYNtl PLIs $15 pRqI mhInf pRqI BlueSky TV HDPVR aqy mfisk rYNtl PLIs $5 pRqI mhInf pRqI BlueSky TV portl lfgU hovygI. 2-sfl dy ValuePlan bfry ijLafdf jfxkfrI `qy dyKI jf skdI hY. © 2017 sfrIaF Shaw srivsjL `qy, sfzIaF vrqoN aqy pRfeIvysI pflsI dIaF sFJIaF sLrqF lfgU huMdIaF hn jo `qy hn. © 2017 Shaw Cablesystems G.P.

Saturday - July 15, 2017


Canada, USA, UK Australia Aqy New Zealand rihx vwly mwipE Gr iv~c Awpxy b~icAW nwl hmySW pµjwbI bolo 100


2011 dI knyfIAn mrdm-SumwrI dy AµkiVAW dy muqwibk pµjwbI knyfw dI sB qoN v~D bolI jwx vwlI qIsrI BwSw hY[ ibRitS kolµbIAw iv~c pµjwbI dUsrI sB qoN izAwdw bolI jwx vwlI bolI hY[ Albrtw qy auNtwirE iv~c vI pµjwbI bolx vwilAW dI igxqI qyzI nwl v~D rhI hY[ hux knyfw iv~c AµgRyzI-pµjwbI do-BwSIAw hoxw bhu~q zrUrI qy lwBdwiek ho igAw hY[ Awpxy b~icAW nwl pµjwbI bolx nwl quhwfy b~cy: 1. pµjwbI bolxw isK jwxgy[ ies nwl auh Awpxy dwdw-dwdI, nwnw-nwnI, Aqy hor pµjwbI bolx vwilAW nwl glbwq kr skxgy[ 2. nOkrI dI ArzI iv~c auh Awpxy do-BwSIey hox bwry il~K skxgy[ A~jk~l AµgRyzI-pµjwbI do-BwSIAW dI bVI mµg hY[ 3. Awpxy Kud dy kµm iv~c kwmXwb ho skxgy ikauNik pµjwbI bolx kwrn aunHW ƒ AwpxI brwdrI iv~c hI kwPI kµm iml jwvygw[ 4. ivAwhW SwdIAW qy iqauhwrW iv~c KulH ky ih~sw lY skxgy[ ijhVy b~cy pµjwbI nhIN bol skdy, auh Aijhy mOikAW qy bhu~q burw mihsUs krdy hn qy inmoJUxy ij~hy ho ky iek kony qy KVHy rihµdy hn[ 5. pµjwbI gIq sµgIq ƒ mwx skxgy[ 6. jdoN auh pµjwb dy dOry qy jwxgy qW pµjwbI dw igAwn hox kwrn auh Awpxy dOry cµgI qrW

Funds Available

75 100 mwx skxgy[ 7. AwpxI pCwx (identity) Aqy siBAqw 95 nwl juVy rihxgy[ bcpn qoN hI b~icAW nwl pµjwbI25 bolo[ 75 ies nwl aunHW iv~c pµjwbI bolx dI Awdq pY pwvygI[ pµjwbI bol skx dI Xogqw 5 qy auh KuSI qy mwx mihsUs krngy[ pµjwbI dw igAwn A~j dy smyN iv~c ie~k vfmu~lw hu~nr hY[025jvwn hox qy jdoN quhwfy b~icAW ƒ pµjwbI bolx dI Xogqw dy Pwiedy imlxgy qW auh quhwfy5 bhu~q Sukrguzwr hoxgy[ quhwfy vloN id~qI hoeI pµjwbI dI sugwq quhwfy b~cy AwpxI swrI au~mr0 vwsqy vrq skxgy[ ieh dyiKAw igAw hY ik pµjwbI nw bol skx vwly pµjwbI b~cy hIxqw dI Bwvnw mihsUs krdy hn[ A~j dy smyN iv~c hr ienswn ƒ G~to Gt do bolIAW AwauxIAW cwhIdIAW hn[ ieh XkIn kIqw jWdw hY ik isrP ie~k BwSw hI jwnx vwly lok Awpxy idmwg dw kyvl 20 pRqISq ih~sw hI vrqdy hn[ ies krky do -BwSIAw hoxw cµgw hY[ Asl iv~c quhwƒ ijµnIAW BwSwvW AwauNdIAW hox aunW hI cµgw hY[ A~j qoN hI Awpxy b~icAW nwl pµjwbI bolxI SurU kr idE[ pRoPYsr kuldIp pylIAw For Punjabi Learning resources, visit:

ailable (Against Real Estate only) rtgages at competitive rates

r further information: bI. sI. ‘c lwpqw hoieAw sI AwstrylIAn

nOjvwn, 7 swl bwAd pirvwr nUM 4-357-3477 ibRitS kolMbIAw— kYnyfw dy ibRitS kolMbIAw ivc bIqy 7 swlwˆ qoˆ lwpqw hoey AwstrylIAn nOjvwn dI lwS brwmd hoeI hY[ d`sxXog hY ik

24 swlw Evyn rUnI 14 Agsq 2010 'c ibRitS kolMbIAw dy Sihr grYf Poks dy iek hspqwl qoˆ lwpqw ho igAw sI[ aus dw pirvwr AwstrylIAw jwx qoˆ pihlwˆ qkrIbn 6 mhIny kYnyfw 'c irhw Aqy aus dI Bwl krdy rhy[ rUnI hspqwl 'c hI

Awpxw btUAw Aqy bYg C`f igAw sI[ kwPI Koj qoˆ bwAd jdoˆ auh nhIˆ imilAw qwˆ aus dw pirvwr AwstrylIAw prq igAw[ AwstrylIAw prqx qoˆ bwAd vI pirvwr bI. sI. AiDkwrIAwˆ nwl sMprk ivc irhw[ bI. sI. AiDkwrIAwˆ ny aumId zwhr kIqI sI ik aunHwˆ dw bytw ij`Qy vI hovygw sur`iKAq hovygw[ aus qoˆ bwAd grYf Poks dy mYˆbr Aqy bcwA tIm aus dI Bwl 'c l`gI rhI[ bI. sI. AiDkwrIAwˆ dIAwˆ swrIAwˆ aumIdwˆ tu`t geIAwˆ[ ipqw Swron rUnI ny Pysbu`k post zrIey ies g`l dI puStI kIqI ik aus dy byty rUnI dy mnu`KI AvSyS hwrfI mwaUˆtyn qoˆ imly hn[ fI. AY`n. ey. tYst qoˆ ieh swP ho igAw ik ieh rUnI hI hY[ aunHwˆ leI ieh Kbr Bwvuk kr dyx vwlI sI Aqy iek cuxOqI BrI sI[ EDr bI. sI. AiDkwrIAwˆ ny ies Kbr dI puStI kIqI[

pRYSr vwS Aqy rUP irpyAr v`fy pRYSr nwl Gr DuAwE[ AsIN C`qW, gtr klIn, frweIvyA Aqy ivMfovwS krdy hW qs`lI

PRI AYstImyt

purwxIAW C`qW bdldy Aqy C`qW dI murMmq vI krdy hW

bKS kMm

hor jwxkwrI leI dljIq isMG rwey nMU sMprk kro:



• Complete Drywall Service, • Complete Basement Renovation • Full Office Renovation • Plumbing / Heating / Carpentry • Electrical, Painting, Tiling • Laminate Flooring • Steel Framing & T-Bar

Call For A Free Estimate


Davinder Hans


Private Mortgage Available !!!

Friday, March 17, 2017 10:39:45 AM

Private Mortgage available at low rates. 1st/ 2 nd /3rd Mortgages. Borrow up to 80% value of Property. Bank Rules not applicable here. Bad Credit/ Less Income- No problem… Call- Mortgage Consultant,

Rajan Saggi, AMP Saggi Financial Solutions Inc.

75 100

25 75


The Mortgage Group Canada Inc.



Custom Homes, Management & Renovation




Licensed - Insured - Bonded Fully Licensed • Alarm Response Construction Site • Commercial Buildings Special Events Services • Marriage Events • 24 / 7

loAr mynlYNf Aqy Pryzr vYlI eyrIey ‘coN isikErtI gwrf dI zrUrq hY cMgI qnKwh - rwief dw pRbMD hoxw zrUrI hY


Security Ltd.

Rajinder S. Bhatti


President / CEO

(24/7) / 6710 - 130 A St., Surrey, BC V3W 8J3 | Fax: 778-282-8066

0 25




Saturday - July 15, 2017

DrqI nUM bcwaux leI nwsw bdl dyvygw AYstRwief dw pMD

Get High Demand skills Training Now!

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Certificate

Sage 50 Accounting 604-339-2654 Surrey City Centre


5 Years variable closed

vwiSMgtn— iksy sMBwivq iklr AYstRwief (gRih) dy DrqI nwl tkrwaux dI Gtnw dI sMBwvnw hmySw bxI rihMdI hY[ ies nUM ikvyˆ twilAw jwvy, ieh idKwaux dy mksd nwl nwsw dI Xojnw Pir`j dy Awkwr dy pulwV jhwz nUM golI dI gqI nwl 9 guxw qyzI nwl pulwV c`twn nwl tkrwaux dI hY[ nwsw dw mMnxw hY ik ies qrHwˆ krn nwl auh Awpxy pMD nUM bdl lvygw[ nwsw ny ikhw hY ik DrqI dI r`iKAw leI ieh AYstRwief ifPlykSn qknIk dy pihly imSn nUM AkqbUr 2022 ivc Aqy iPr swl 2024 ivc krygw[ ies imSn dw nwˆ fbl AYstRorwief rIfweyrykSn tYst(DART) r`iKAw igAw hY[ vwiSMgtn ivc nwsw dy dPqr ivc plynytrI ifPYˆs APsr ilMflI jwnsn ny ikhw ik DART(fwrt) nwsw dw pihlw imSn hovygw[ ies ivc kwienyitk ieMpyktr qknIk dw pRdrSn kIqw jwvygw[ ijs ivc iksy AYstRwief nUM ih`t kr ky aus dy pMD nUM bdilAw jwvygw[ ieh pRXog iksy

sMBwivq AYstRwief dI t`kr nwl DrqI nUM bcwaux leI kIqw jwvygw[ ies leI iffImws AYstRwief nUM cuixAw igAw hY, ijs ivc krIb 780 mItr Awkwr dw iek bofI iffImws ey, Aqy krIb 160 mItr dw iffImws bI bofI Swml hY[ fwrt imSn

nUM swl 2020 ivc lwˆc kIqw jwvygw Aqy ieh iffImws bI nwl tkrweygw[ iffImws isstm dw swl 2003 ivc brIkI nwl AiDAYn kIqw igAw hY[

AmrnwQ A`qvwdI hmlw inMdxXog hY : AmrIkw vwiSMgtn— AmrIkw dy trMp pRSwsn ny ikhw hY ik kSmIr iv`c AmrnwQ Xwqrw dOrwn hoieAw A`qvwdI hmlw inMdxXog hY[ d`Kx kSmIr dy AnMqnwg ijlHy iv`c somvwr rwqI hoey A`qvwdI hmly iv`c s`q AmrnwQ XwqrIAwˆ dI mOq ho geI sI Aqy 19 lok j^mI hoey sn[ ivdyS mMqrwly dy bulwry hIQr nyEeyrt ny ie`k p`qrkwr sMmyln iv`c ikhw, auh Awm nwgirk sn[ aunHwˆ dw kql audo kIqw igAw, jdoˆ auh Ardws krn dy Awpxy AiDkwr dw pRXog kr rhy sn Aqy ieh g`l ies hmly nUM inMdxXog bxwauˆdI hY[ ieh swfy leI icMqw dI g`l hY[ AsI hmly iv`c lokwˆ dI mOq hox au`qy du`K pRgt krdy hwˆ Aqy jwn guAwaux vwly lokwˆ dy


5 Years fixed closed

irSqydwrwˆ pRqI sMvydnw pRgt krdy hwˆ[ iesy qrHwˆ, keI AmrIkI sMsdwˆ ny vI hmly dI inMdw kIqI[ kwˆgrs dy mYˆbr ivl hrf ny ikhw, myrI sMvydnwvwˆ AmrnwQ Xwqrw A`qvwdI hmly dy pIVqwˆ Aqy aunHwˆ dy irSqydwrwˆ nwl hY[ ieh hmlw inMdxXog hY Aqy ies dI inMdw kIqI jwxI cwhIdI hY[ kwˆgrs dI mYˆbr SIlw jYksn leI ny tvIt kIqw, AmrnwQ XwqrIAwˆ au`qy hmlw hYrwn krn vwlw hY[ Drm ie`k mOilk Aqy mwnv dw AiDkwr hY[ jwn rYtkilP, ijm kostw, tyf poey, jwn kulbrsn Aqy qulsI gbwrf smyq kwˆgrs dy keI hor mYbrwˆ ny ies hmly dI inMidAw kIqI[

Saturday - July 15, 2017


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sl`hÊmSvr`ÊiblkulÊmuPq vDyryÊj`xk`rIÊleIÊsMprkÊkro:

604-445-4700 hrbilstÊpI.ÊrUbl


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srI tr~toÊ nvINÊid@lI pMj`b 604-445-4700 905-874-3333 98766-74569 98185-65141 visit us:

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Saturday - July 15, 2017

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27 l`K ‘c ivikAw pYˆisl nwl bixAw gwˆDI jI dw ic`qr lMfn— pYˆisl nwl bixAw rwStr ipqw mhwqmw gwˆDI dw ic`qr AMdwzn kImq qoˆ krIb 4 guxw izAwdw 32,500 pwaUˆf (krIb 27,04,148 rupey) ivc inlwm hoieAw hY[ ieh ic`qr gwˆDI jI dy jIvn kwl ivc 1931 ivc bxwieAw igAw sI[ ies ivc gwˆDI jI nUM zmIn ‘qy ibTw ky ku`J ilKdy idKwieAw igAw hY[ mMinAw jw irhw sI ik ieh ic`qr 6.72 l`K qoˆ 10.09 l`K rupey drimAwn inlwm ho skdw hY[ ic`qr nUM audoˆ bxwieAw igAw sI, jdoˆ gwˆDI jI lMfn ivc golmyj sMmyln ivc Bwg lYx Awey sn[ ies nUM ic`qrkwr jwn hynrI AYmSivtIj ny bxwieAw sI[ mMglvwr nUM ieQy sUQby nIlwmIGr ivc ies ic`qr qoˆ ielwvw gwˆDI jI h`Qwˆ nwl ilKy gey p`qrwˆ dI vI inlwmI hoeI[ ieh p`qr aunHwˆ ny suBwS cMdr bos dy v`fy Brw Aqy suqMqrqw sMgrwm synwnI Srq cMdr bos dy pirvwr nUM ilKy sn[ ienHwˆ ivcoˆ iek p`qr gwˆDI jI ny AwpxI

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Saturday - July 15, 2017


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ICC Accounting Services Inc.

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ICC ACCOUNTING_Gurnek Banger_2


  Â? Â?Â

Cell: 778-895-7444

Ph: 604-597-0991 • Fax: 1-800-732-0519 8740 - 140A St., Surrey, BC V3W 0M4 E-mail:


Saturday - July 15, 2017

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Saturday - July 15, 2017


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Saturday - July 15, 2017

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Saturday - July 15, 2017


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Saturday - July 15, 2017

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Save up to $17,147! NEW 2017 CHEVY CRUZE SEDAN



6 Speed Auto, A/C, remote Start, Sunroof, Power Group, 10 Airbags, Convience Pkg #7CR8267R

Heated Seats, True North Edition, Remote Start, A/C, Pwr Sunroof, Rear Vision Camera, XM Radio #7EQ3991D

6 Speed Auto, A/C, FWD, Remote Start, Leather Seats, Pwr Sunroof, Rear CrossTraffic Alert, Chromed Wheels #7EN7647M

MSRP $30,250




MSRP $34,545




MSRP $35,530







2.8L Diesel, Rear Vision Camera, Heated seats, Spray-on bedliner, FWD, Collison Alert #7CN6601M

5.3L V8, Nav, Rear Vision Camera, 20" Aluminum Wheels, KODIAK EDITION, Remote Start, Power Group #7CK9231R

6.6L V8 Duramax Diesel, Pwr Sunroof, Box Liner, Nav, Heated Seats, Fog Lamps, Chrome Bumper, Deep Tinted Glass #7SI4113M





MSRP $50,490

Taxes and $549 documentation fee excluded. Offer ends July 31st, 2017.

MSRP $55,315






MSRP $87,430





604.324.7222 400 S.E. MARINE DR.


S H O P 2 4 / 7 O N L I N E @ D U E C KG M . CO M

Saturday - July 15, 2017


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Saturday - July 15, 2017

Saturday - July 15, 2017


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Saturday - July 15, 2017

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More than 50 years of experience in Sight Testing

Eyeglasses • Sunglasses • Contact Lenses


2450, Mc Callum Rd. Abbotsford, BC (Near CIBC Bank)

r offe

HOURS: Weirect Monday to Friday: 10:00am - 7:00pm d g



Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Special offer








Hour ce Smoest prrevscriiptions


7900 $12900 $19900

Some restrictions may apply Limited time offer

Some restrictions may apply Limited time offer

CLEAR COOL OPTICALS_2 Friday, February 10, 2017 11:31:49 AM


Some restrictions may apply Limited time offer

25% to


OFF on

Designer Frames

Staff: Jaspreet, Mark, Margaret, Paul & Surjit


sight testing F Free Free eye pressure test trial contact lenses R Free Free evaluation of eye E health for contact lenses Free evaluation of eye E health for contact lenses

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when you purchase complete pair of eyeglasses/ sunglasses or annual supply of contact lenses.

­ € ‚Â?    

Some restrictions may apply

Satisfaction Guaranteed

kI quhwnUM AYnk lgw ky vI isrdrd rihMdw hY, A`KW Q`k jWdIAW hn[ dUr jW nyVy TIk nhIN id`Kdw? iesdy kwrn hyT il`Ky ho skdy hn:1. glq pRYsikRpSn 2. glq ifspYNnisMg 3. glq Prym 4. glq iksm dy lYnz


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Saturday - July 15, 2017


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Saturday - July 15, 2017

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Saturday - July 15, 2017


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C.S.T. Consultants Inc.

BC Helps Parents Boost their Education Savings! Start saving for your child’s future education in a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) and receive up to $8,400 in government grants.1 Open a CST RESP now and you’ll start receiving the Canada Education Savings grant (CESG). The CESG can add up to $7,200 to your child’s RESP. When your child turns six, they can receive an additional $1,200 from the B.C. Government.

lok qyl lgw ky isrhwxy ‘qy so jwˆdy hn Aqy bwAd ivc aus ‘qy Awpxw ichrw r`K lYˆdy hn ies leI isrhwxy ivc mojUd gMdgI ichry ‘qy lg jwˆdI hY Aqy muhwsy ho jwˆdy hn jy qusIˆ vI isrhwxy nwl mUMh nUM F`k ky soˆdI ho qwˆ AwpxI ies Awdq nUM qurMq bdl idE[ 3. SYˆpU: roz SYˆpU krn nwl vwlwˆ nUM kwPI nukswn phuMcdw hY Aqy vwlwˆ dI kudrqI nmI vI Kqm ho jwˆdI hY[ hPqy ivc isrP 2-3 vwr SYˆpU kro[ ies nwl vwl vI swP rihxgy Aqy aunHwˆ nUM koeI nukswn vI nhIˆ phuMcygw[ 4. hyAr pRofkt dw iesqymwl : keI lok vwlwˆ dI KUbsUrqI vDwaux dy leI keI hyAr pRofrts dw iesqymwl krdy hn ijvyˆ sIrm jwˆ kMfISnr[

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kMfISnr dw imSrx iblf-ien! p~ky rMg! krIm vrgI idK ifgdw nhI! iKlrdw nhI! ieko bwks keI vwr vriqAw vriqAw jw skdw hY!

SURJIT S. MADHOPURI Branch Manager C.S.T. Consultants Inc. Branch 888 Tel: 604.594.7200 / Cell: 604.377.4171 Email:

1 The Canada Education Savings Grant matches 20% of the first $2,500 you contribute to your child’s RESP each year up to a lifetime maximum of $7,200. BC Training and Education Savings Grant (BCTESG) is a one-time $1,200 grant available to BC resident children born on or after January 1st, 2006. Children are eligible for the BCTESG on their sixth birthday. You have until the day before your child’s ninth birthday to apply for the BCTESG. Conditions apply. ™ The Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan is a registered trademark of the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation. The CST Plan is only sold by Prospectus. You can get copies of the prospectus from or by calling 1.877.333.RESP(7377). MH1100(2017-04)


Saturday - July 15, 2017

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Saturday - July 15, 2017


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Saturday - July 15, 2017

DmnIAwˆ nUM blokyj hox qoˆ bcwauˆdy hn ieh Awhwr

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  JKM Framing Company qjurbykwr Aqy ibnHW qurjby vwly 

cMgI qnKwh, rwief dw pRbMD Aqy vDIAw mwhOl Kulwant Mann

Cell: 604-338-9954

Surinder Mann

Cell: 604-720-2231

ieh Awhwr DmnIAwˆ nUM bMd hox qoˆ bcwauxgy 1. kIvI Aqy KrbUjw ienHwˆ dovyˆ Plwˆ iv`c AYˆtIAwksIfYˆt huMdy hn, jo Krwb kolystrOl dy sqr nUM G`t krdy hn Aqy DmnIAwˆ dI plOk nUM G`t krn iv`c mdd krdy hn[ ies leI roz ienHwˆ dovwˆ nUM KwE[

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Saturday - July 15, 2017


1994 ‘c s`lU dI izMdgI ‘c AwauxI sI hsIn plwˆ dI bhwr, pr AwpxI hI iek krqUq kwrn rhy AsPl muMbeI— bwlIvu`f AiBnyqrI qy slmwn Kwn dI swbkw pRyimkw sMgIqw ibjlwnI dw A`j jnmidn hY[ sMgIqw dw jnm 9 julweI 1965 nUM muMbeI 'c hoieAw sI[ sMgIqw A`j 52 swl dI ho geI hY[ aus dy jnmidn dy mOky 'qy AsIˆ quhwnUM ds rhy hwˆ aus dI izMdgI nwl juVIAwˆ AijhIAwˆ g`lwˆ, ijnHwˆ bwry qusIˆ Swied hI

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frwievr dI zrUrq hY goibMd srvr skUl, jo ik 8820- 168 strIt, srI ivKy siQq hY leI AYbtsPorf eyrIey vwsqy b`s frwievr dI zrUrq hY[ Pon jW eI-myl kro, jspRIq - 604.930.2122

AwiPs leI irsYpiSinst dI zrUrq hY PC Floors vwilAW nUM Awpxy dPqr leI iek irsYpiSinst dI qurMq zrUrq hY[ qnKwh qzrby Anuswr vDIAw id`qI jwvygI[ Pon kro - 604.593.7027 778.855.7027

kMinAw dI zrUrq AwstrylIAw ivKy pVH rhy 22 swl dy j`t is`K, k`d 5’11 lVky leI kYnyfIAn istIzn jW iemIgRYNt lVkI dI loV hY[ lVky dw pirvwr kYnyfw ivKy sYtl hY[ vDyry jwxkwrI leI 604 446 1614 qy sMprk kIqw jw skdw hY[

Unit 202 - 12725, 80th Avenue, Surrey, BC


Saturday - July 15, 2017

aurvSI rOqylw-Srqwˆ ‘c kMm krnw psMd nhIˆ kdy-kdy aurvSI rOqylw Awpxy sbMD ivc Awp hI mIfIAw nwl g`lwˆ krn 'c idlcspI lYˆdI hY[ aurvSI d`sxw ieh cwhuMdI hY ik bgYr i&lmI ipCokV qy jwxkwrI dy auh ies pwsy AweI hY[ nwl hI auh kihx l`gI ik mwpy cwhuMdy hn ik AOlwd nyk inkly qy mMizl 'qy phuMcy qy aurvSI nUM mMizl imldI dyK aus dy mwpy bhuq hI KuS hn[ iPr Awp hI kihx l`gI ik AYrI-ZYrI i&lm krn nwloˆ cMgw hY ivhly rih lvo[ ivhl dw ArQ hY ik ivigAwpn kro, tI. vI. 'qy jwvo, kMm vI, pYsw vI, ruJyvwˆ vI pr kI aurvSI ZYr-i&lmI g`lwˆ krn dy bhwny ieh swbq nhIˆ kr rhI ik aus kol Ajy Kws i&lmI kMm nhIˆ hY[ aurvSI KyqrI i&lmwˆ dI pRsMsw kr rhI hY[ cwhq aus dI mrwTI i&lmwˆ krn dI hY[ Awp hI imswl dy rhI hY ik mrwTI drSk ihMdI 'qy d`Kx dIAwˆ i&lmwˆ dy mukwbly G`t hn pr mrwTI lok i&lm isnymw Gr 'c jw ky vyKdy hn[ ies nwl mrwTI isnymw dI Awmdn ikqy izAwdw hY[ aurvSI rOqylw ny iPr Awpxy SOk dI g`l kIqI ik auh 'cYk vwlI topI' psMd krdI hY[ ieh SOk ausnUM dyv AwnMd dI purwxI i&lm 'ijaUlQI&' dyK ky jwigAw[ fYnmwrk dy Sihr kopnhygn qoˆ aurvSI hux 'cYk vwlI topI' iksy qoˆ mMgvw rhI hY[ b`J ky Srqwˆ ivc kMm krnw aus nUM psMd nhIˆ hY[ zrUr aurvSI iksy Kws i&lm dI aufIk 'c hY[ ies leI auh i&lmI g`lwˆ dI Qwˆ ieDr-auDr dIAwˆ g`lwˆ krky

CupI rusqm bxnw cwhuMdI hY[ Gr-bwr qy 'cYk vwlI topI' qwˆ bhwnw hY, g`l AslI mu`dy qoˆ twlx dw...[

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myK (22 mwrc qoˆ 21 ApRYl) ieh hPqw gocr gRhwˆ dy muqwbk drimAwny drjy dw Pl dyx vwlw jwp irhw hY[ lilq klwvwˆ iv`c rucI v`DygI[ mihmwn dy Awaux nwl ^uSI hoeygI[ soicAw kMm muSklwˆ nwl bxygw[ AiDkwrIAwˆ nwl gUVqw dw iqAwg krnw[ rojgwr dy Kyqr iv`c l`gy lokwˆ leI sihkrmIAwˆ nwl qwlmyl bxwauxw lwjmI hY[ ibRK (22 ApRYl qoˆ 21 meI) pirvwr dy jIAwˆ krky KuSI AweygI[ Dn dI iPjUl KrcI qoˆ bco[ bwhr GuMmx dw pRogrwm bx skdw hY[ ividAwrQIAwˆ dw mn pVweI iv`c l`gygw[ pRym sMbMD gUVy hoxgy[ vpwr iv`c lwB Aqy qr`kI dy mOky imlxgy[ smyˆ dI mMg hY ik qusI swvDwn ho jwE[ imQun (22 meI qoˆ 21 jUn) g`fI clwaux qoˆ pihlwˆ pRBU dw iDAwn krnw[ vwhn swvDwnI nwl clwxw[ Awpxy Kwx pIx dw iDAwn r`Kxw[ koeI Su`B smwcwr iml skdw hY[im`qrwˆ dw sihXog imlygw[ pr iksy qy A`Kwˆ bMd krky Brosw nw krnw, nhIˆ qy pCqwauxw pY skdw hY[ hwˆ, pirvwr v`loˆ CotIAwˆ motIAwˆ muSklwˆ pYdw ho skdIAwˆ hn[ AwriQk p`K mjbUq hovygw[ krk (22 jUn qoˆ 21 julweI) pwrtI dyx leI iqAwr ho jwE[ keI mhIinAW qoˆ ru`ikAw kMm bxygw[ nOkrI iv`c qr`kI dw Xog hY[ shuirAwˆ v`loˆ cMgw ivvhwr hovygw[ vpwrI vrg nUM ^ws lwB hovygw[ dunIAwˆ iv`c quhwfI vwh-vwh hovygI[ mwn-snmwn vDygw[ gRihsQ jIvn vI TIk clygw[ ividArQIAwˆ dy nqIjy aumId dy Anuswr hoxgy[ isMG (22 julweI qoˆ 21 Agsq) quhwfy jIvn iv`c nvwˆ auqSwh Aqy rMg Awaux vwly hn[ BYx Brw dw sihXog jIvn iv`c KuSIAwˆ lYky Aweygw[ vpwr iv`c kwmXwbI Aqy qr`kI imlygI[ ru`ky hoey kMm pUry hoxgy[ nOkrI pySw lokwˆ leI sPlqw dy rwh Ku`lHxgy[nOkrI iv`c quhwfI qr`kI sMBv hY[ qbIAq ku`J nrm rih skdI hY[ kMinAw(21 Agsq qoˆ 21 sqMbr) GrylU aulJnW Aqy qnwau vDygw! mn audws qy ASWq rhygw! Drm-krm dy kMMmW ivc ruJwn vDygw! Dwrimk kMmW ivc Dn Krc izAwdw hovygw! pqnI dI ishq Krwb rihx dy Xog hn! izAwdw gu`sw pirvwr ivc lVweI krwvygw[ im`qrwˆ nwl izAwdw smwˆ nw ibqwE[ qulw (23 sqMbr qoˆ 23 AkqUbr) mOsm dI mwr quhwfI ishq ivgwV skdI hY[ dUr dy irSqydwr quhwfy Gr Aw skdy hn[ QoVI ijhI lwprvwhI quhwnUM bhuq nukswn phuMcw skdI hY[ lwtrI qoˆ Pwiedw ho skdw hY[AiDkwrIAwˆ nwl gUVqw dw iqAwg krnw[ rojgwr dy Kyqr iv`c l`gy lokwˆ leI sihkrmIAwˆ nwl qwlmyl bxwauxw lwjmI hY[ ibRSck (24 AkqUbr qoˆ 22 nvMbr) rojgwr dy Kyqr iv`c l`gy lokwˆ leI sihkrmIAwˆ nwl qwlmyl bxwauxw lwjmI hY[ pirvwr dy jIAwˆ krky KuSI AweygI[ Dn dI iPjUl KrcI qoˆ bco[ bwhr GuMmx dw pRogrwm bx skdw hY[ ividAwrQIAwˆ dw mn pVweI iv`c l`gygw[ Dn (22 nvMbr qoˆ 21 dsMbr) pYrwˆ, l`qwˆ ivc kuJ qklIP rihx dI sMBwvnw hY[ izAwdw jldI Aqy Awpxy auqy izAwdw ivSvws quhwfI is`iKAw ivc AVcx dw kwrn bxygw[ qhwfy mqwihq quhwnUM prySwn kr skdy hn ku`l imlwky gRih quhwfy nwl hn[ kMm kwjI jIvn iv`c auqwr cVwA vyKx nUM imlxgy[ iksy kMm nUM jldbwjI iv`c krn qoˆ bco[ AwpxI vwxI qy kMtrol r`Kxw[ mkr (22 dsMbr qoˆ 21 jnvrI) quhwfy jIvn iv`c nvwˆ auqSwh Aqy rMg Awaux vwly hn[ BYx Brw dw sihXog jIvn iv`c KuSIAwˆ lYky Aweygw[ vpwr iv`c kwmXwbI Aqy qr`kI imlygI[ ru`ky hoey kMm pUry hoxgy[ nOkrI pySw lokwˆ leI sPlqw dy rwh Ku`lHxgy[ kuMB (22 jnvrI qoˆ 21 PrvrI) dunIAwˆ iv`c quhwfI vwh-vwh hovygI[ mwn-snmwn vDygw[ gRihsQ jIvn vI TIk clygw[ ividArQIAwˆ dy nqIjy aumId dy Anuswr hoxgy[ku`l imlwky gRih quhwfy nwl hn[ kMm kwjI jIvn iv`c auqwr cVwA vyKx nUM imlxgy[ iksy kMm nUM jldbwjI iv`c krn qoˆ bco[ AwpxI vwxI qy kMtrol r`Kxw[

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Saturday - July 15, 2017


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sB qoˆ pRBwvSwlI BwrqIAwˆ’ dI ilst ‘c idljIq duswˆJ ny bxweI jgHw

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msqwnI' aus dIAwˆ ieh i&lmwˆ aus leI KuSIAwˆ hI KuSIAwˆ lY ky AweIAwˆ[ hor qy hor do hwlIvu`f i&lmwˆ aus ny ivn fIzl nwl vI kr leIAwˆ

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Canada Tent House We We rentrent tents for all & parties tents for functions any function

Portable Sinks, Luxury Washrooms, Flooring, Stage, LED Lighting. For marriage party, birthday party or any program contact:

Now Open


We Now Deliver To Your Job Site

‘Even to the Moon’

• Framing lumber • Plywoods • Insulations • Gyprock • Cedar • Hardie Sidings • Metal Roofing • Wall Cladding • Treated Lumber & Plywood • Landscape Supplies • Topsoil • Sand and Gravel

Call: MALKIT or SAM SANGHA 7am - 6:30 pm

CAN AM LUMBER Friday, March 17, 2017 10:36:14 AM

5 0 0

Friday, March 24, 2017 11:02:32 AM

11635 - 130 St., Surrey, BC



Canada Tent House





U Pick up or We Deliver




Arjun Gill New work, new rate Tel: 604-598-2400

Can-Am Lumber Mill

75 0




95 5



Best Service - Best Prices




Tel: 604-580-1415




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Saturday - July 15, 2017

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Specializing in: • Reefer • Dry Vans • Heated Loads Now hiring owner, operator and drivers - good pay, waiting time and medical benefits Iqbal Kang 778-883-5264 Opportunity for Ph: 604-593-1474 Fax: 604-593-1475 new drivers 8058 - 156 St., Surrey, BC V3S 3R5

Saturday - July 15, 2017



Saturday - July 15, 2017

Punjabi Star - July 15, 2017  
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