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ijld: 15 AMk 30 - SATURday, AUGUST 26, 2017


Tel: 604-591-5423

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Saturday - August 26, 2017


PRO-4X model shown*








Sukh Garcha

Sree Menon

Omar Bajwa

Serving you in Punjabi, Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean






It’s all Good at Applewood

Offers available from August 1 – 31, 2017. ^Representative finance offer based on a new 2017 Sentra S MT/2017 Micra SR MT/2017 Versa Note SMT/2017 Pathfinder S 4x2. Selling price is $15,773/$17,313/$15,623/$33,918 financed at 0%/0%/0% APR equals 72/72/72/60 monthly payments of 219/$240/$217/$565 monthly for a 72/72/72/60 month term. $0 down payment required. Cost of borrowing is $0 for a total obligation of $15,773/$17,313/$15,623/$33,918. $1,750/$500/$500/$500 Finance Cash included in advertised offers on 2017 Sentra S MT/2017 Micra SR MT/2017 Versa Note S MT/2017 Pathfinder S 4x2. +Standard Rate Finance Cash discount of $4,000/$2,000/$2,500/$5,000/$5,000/$3,000 will be deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes and is applicable only to customers financing any 2017 Sentra SR Turbo/2017 Micra/2017 Versa Note/2017 Maxima/2017 Pathfinder/2017 Rogue S FWD through NCF at standard rates. The cash discounts cannot be combined with lease or finance subvented rates or with any other offer. Certain conditions apply. Models shown $27,923/$18,813/$21,373/$50,418/ $37,918/$59,395 Selling price for a new 2017 Sentra SR Turbo CVT (RL00)/2017 Micra SR AT/2017 Versa Note SL/2017 Pathfinder Platinum 4x4/2017 Rogue SL Platinum (PL00)/2017 Titan Pro-4X. *Representative monthly lease offer based on a new 2017 Rogue S FWD at 1.99% lease APR for 60 months equals monthly payments of $254 with $1,495 down payment, and $0 security deposit. Lease based on a maximum of 20,000 km/year with excess charged at $0.10/km. Total lease obligation is $16,754. Lease Cash of $750 is included in the advertised offer. Payments cannot be made on a weekly basis, for advertising purposes only. All Pricing includes Freight and PDE charges ($1,600/$1,600/$1,600/$1,795) air-conditioning levy ($100), applicable fees, manufacturer’s rebate and dealer participation where applicable. *25% MSRP Cash Credit is a cash purchase credit that: (i) is applicable only to the retail purchase of a 2017 Nissan TITAN model (excluding TITAN XD models) during the offer period; (ii) cannot be combined with lease, finance or other offers; and (iii) will be deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes. Value of Cash Credit is calculated based on vehicle MSRP, plus freight, A/C and tire charge. Bonus Cash amount referenced is applicable only on the 2017 TITAN Crew Cab Platinum Reserve (3CPG87AA00) with an MSRP of $66,300, plus $1,795 freight & PDE, $100 A/C and $17 tire charge. 2017 TITAN Crew Cab Platinum Reserve (3CPG87 AA00) model shown. Dealer may sell for less. License, registration, insurance and applicable taxes are extra. Offers are available on approved credit through Nissan Canada Finance for a limited time, may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers except stackable trading dollars. Vehicles and accessories are for illustration purposes only. See your dealer or visit See your participating Nissan retailer for complete details. Certain conditions apply. ©2017 Nissan Canada Inc.


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Power of Attorney



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#252-8138 128th St. Surrey


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ijld: 15 AMk 30 - SATURday, AUGUST 26, 2017


Tel: 604-591-5423

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Excavation Drain Tile Site Servicing Gravel & Sand Farm Work

Demolition Back Filling Landscaping Grading




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nwl hr roz PrYzr irvr dw pu`l iesqymwl krn vwly frwievrW nMU 1500 fwlr pRqI swl Pwiedw hovygw[ PrYjr irvr dy port mYn pu`l qoN hr roj lg-Bg 121,000 vwhn gujrdy hn qy eysy qrW golfn eIAr pu`l qoN lg-Bg 40,000 vwhn hr roj gujrdy hn[

• Pre-Approval • Residential • Construction Mortgage

• New Purchase • Re-Finance / Switch • Line of Credit

Ishwinder Sandhu Mobile Mortgage Specialist

     Contact me today to find out more


Ishwinder Sandhu


Excavating & Demolition Ltd. • Demolition • Backfilling Excavating • Drain Tile Installation • Digging Lots • Land Clearing • Site Preparation

ď ąď łď €ď Źď ‰ď ˘ď ‹ď “ď€ ď Ť ď ?ď ­ ď ‚ď ˛ď Żď łď šď ˇď Żď §ď€ ď Žď  ď ­

ď ‚ď ľď Šď °ď ?ď ¤ď ˛ď€ ď Šď łď ?ď ‡ď€ ď łď šď ‹ď Żď Ž 604-516-6280 ď …ď ­ď ˛ď ‰ď Ťď€ ď Šď łď ?ď ‡ď€ ď ˘ď ľď €ď ´ď ˛ 604-767-4399


Saturday - August 26, 2017




Premium per month for $500,000 coverage starting from


35 40 45 50



An Independent Insuranc


An Independent Insurance Broker


gYr kwnUMnI FMg nwl kYnyfw ‘c dwKl hox vwilAwˆ nUM srkwr ny id`qI cyqwvnI


$66.13 $103.50 $174.60 $289.80

$48.24 $74.25 $125.10 $202.95

Rates for non smokers as per March 1st, 2017. Rates are subject to change without any given prior notice, Conditions apply Based on your current health and family history, you may qualify for further discounts on your premiums.


Best Rates in Market Age 65 $1890.70 Age 80 $2947.37

Age 60 $1259.25 Age 70 $2602.45

Rates are based on coverage $100,000 for 365 days with$0 deductible without any pre-existing conditions.

Get your FREE No Obligation Quote Call: BALJEET DOSANJH 604-808-6834


mwˆtrIAl-kYnyfw vloˆ pRvwsIAwˆ dI vDdI Life • C Editor (India): igxqI nUM kwbU hyT krn kIqIAwˆ jw rhIAwˆ Jaswinder Cheema Best Insurance Rates koiSSwˆ qihq kYnyfw dy 2 ilbrl kYbint +91-9316126819 Premium per month for $ mMqrIAwˆ ny somvwr nUM kYnyfw-AmrIkw srh`d +91-9915161501 dw dOrw kIqw[ ies dOrwn aunHwˆ ny gYr-kwnUMnI FMg nwl pYdl srh`d pwr krn vwly aunHwˆ lokwˆ Marketing and Sales: nUM cyqwvnI id`qI, ijnHwˆ kol dyS ‘c dwKl hox Ravinder S[ Cheema: 604.715.3847 25 Non smoker $ sMbMDI koeI PrI pws vgYrw nhIˆ huMdw[ Shamir Doshi: 604.649.7827 35 Non smoker $ iemIgRySn mMqrI Aihmd husYn nwl sYˆtHarminder Kaur: 778.708.0481 Parminder Dhillon: 778.859.9234 brnwrf-fy=lwkovy ivKy srh`d dw dOrw kr rhy 45 Non smoker $ jnqk sur`iKAw mMqrI rwlP gu`fyl ny ikhw ik 55 Non smoker $ Layout: ieh muh`qvupUrn hY ik lokwˆ nUM kYnyfw dy kwnUMn Avee J Waseer sMbMDI cMgI qrHwˆ pqw hovy[ aunHwˆ ikhw ik AsIˆ Rates effective from Sept 8, 2015. Rates are s ies kwnUMn nUM lwgU krvwaux leI pUrI qrHwˆ nwl Premiums Pre-Press: are based on ‘STANDARD’ vcnb`D hwˆ Aqy lokwˆ nUM socxw cwhIdw hY ik health and family history, you may qu Iftikhar Ahmed srh`d pwr krn dI aumId iek loVIˆdI jwˆ lwBkwrI cIz hY[ kYnfw ‘c dwKl hox vwly Contributing Writers: hr ivAkqI nUM sur`iKAw jwˆc Aqy iemIgRySn Dr N.S. Mangat mulwˆkx pRikirAw ivcoˆ lMGxw hovygw[ AsIˆ Jagjit Singh Diwana Best Rates in ieh XkInI bxw rhy hwˆ ik bwrfr srivisz eyjMsI, Awr. sI. AY`m. pI. Aqy isvl suswietI Age 50 $1186.25 A Contact: jQybMdIAwˆ qwlmyl qihq kMm kr rhIAwˆ hn Age 70 $2555.00 A Phone: 604-591-5423 qwˆ ik kYnyfw dy lokwˆ dw iemIgRySn pRxwlI ‘c Fax: 604-591-8615 Rates are based on coverage $100,000 fo Brosw hor mzbUq # kIqw jw -sky [ ieh- it` pxI Street, 215 7928 128 without any pre-existing conditions ----------------------------------------pRDwn mMqrI jsitn (York tpUfo dy Business AYqvwr nUM id`Centre) qy aus Publication Mail Agreement No 428336012 ibAwn nwl rldI hY, ijs ‘c aunHwˆ ny ikhw sI undeliverable Canadian Get your FREE No O Surrey BC V3W 4E8 Return ik gYr-kwnUMnI FMg nwl kYnyfw ‘c dwKl ho rhy Addresses to Circulation Dept. Call: BALJEET DOSANJH SrnwrQIAwˆ nUM irhwieS dI Pwst trYk shUlq nhIˆ imlygI[ #202 - 7028, 120 Street, # 215 - 7928 - 128 S aunHwˆ ikhw ik srkwr lMGy mhIinAwˆ dOrwn Surrey BC V3W 3M8 (York Business Ce hzwrwˆ SrnwrQIAwˆ ‘c hoey vwDy nUM lY ky vI All advertising in The Asian Star is subject to the publishers’ Surrey BC V3W 4E icMqq hn[ikaUihk srh`d ‘qy pRvwsIAwˆ dI approval and the advertiser agrees to indemnify the publishers against claims arising from publication of any igxqI Agsq mhIny ‘c 3800 qk phuMc geI advertisement submitted by the advertiser. hY, jo ik julweI mhIny nwlo ikqy v`D hY[





Life • Critical • Disability • Travel • Medical • Dental • Super

Best Insurance Rates for Your Mortgage Term 30,

Saturday - August 26, 2017



kYnyfw dI nMnHI iKfwrn, mu`kybwzI dy mukwbly ‘c rOSn kIqw dyS dw nwˆ Albrtw— kYnyfw dy sUby Albrtw dy Sihr eyArfrweI ‘c rihx vwlI 10 swlw b`cI ny ivSv m`kybwzI dy mukwbly ‘c dUjw sQwn pRwpq kIqw hY[ aus ny QweIlYˆf ‘c ho rhy mu`kybwzI dy ‘XUQ vrlf muey QweI cYˆpIAniSp’ ih`sw ilAw sI qy auh cwˆdI dw qmgw ij`q ky AweI hY[ AYimlI ivgnIault nwˆ dI ieh b`cI jd vwps Awpxy Sihr prqI qwˆ ies dw in`Gw svwgq kIqw igAw[ ies b`cI dw Bwr Bwvyˆ 34 iklo hY pr ies ny kYnyfw dw nwˆ rOSn krn dI izMmyvwrI moiFAwˆ ‘qy cu`kI sI, ijs nUM ies ny vDIAw qrIky nwl Apxw ilAw hY[ aus ny GsuMn mwr-mwr ky Awpxy ivroDI nUM ip`Cy htw id`qw[ aus dy pirvwr Aqy koc ny ikhw ik ieh b`cI bhuq ihMmq vwlI hY Aqy pUry joS nwl KyfdI hY[ ieh b`cI 6 swl dI aumr qoˆ hI ies Kyf ‘c ih`sw lYˆdI rhI hY[

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pMjwbI s`iBAwcwr nwl juVy do ivSy pVHwey jwxgy[ pihlw ivSw ‘m`D Aqy mwfrn pMjwbI swihq’

 

Laminate for Sale @ 0.99 / sq.ft

• Laminate • Carpet • Engineered Wood • Tiles • Vinyl • Large Selection of Hardwood Floors


Free estimates - Fast and quality work

vrkrW dI zrUrq

Happy: 778-855-7027 Ph: 604-593-7027

kYnyfw dI XUnIvristI ‘c pVHweI jwvygI ‘vwirs Swh’ dI ‘hIr’ ibRitS kolMbIAw— kYnyfw ‘coˆ iek vwr iPr pMjwbIAwˆ dy mwx nUM vDwaux vwlI ^br AweI hY[ ieQoˆ dI ibRitS kolMbIAw XUnIvristI ‘c hux

 

nwl sMbMDq hovygw, ies ‘c ividAwrQIAwˆ nUM mShUr pMjwbI ik`swkwr vwirs Swh dw ik`sw ‘hIr’ pVHwieAw jwvygw[ dUjw ivSw ‘fwkUmYˆitMg pMjwbI kYnyfw’ hovygw[ ies ivSy sMbMDI klws ‘c ividAwrQI pMjwbI mUl dy kYnyfIAnwˆ dy ieiqhws bwry jwxkwrI iek`TI krngy qy ies jwxkwrI nUM fwkUmYˆtrI dw rUp dy ky pyS krngy[auˆJ qwˆ pMjwbIAwˆ ny kYnyfw ‘c qkrIbn hr Kyqr ‘c m`lwˆ mwrIAwˆ hn qy AwpxI mwˆ-bolI qy s`iBAwcwr nUM izMdw r`Kx leI keI auprwly kIqy hn pr iksI kYnyfIAn XUnIvristI v`loˆ pMjwbI BwSw Aqy pMjwbIAwˆ nwl juVy iviSAwˆ nUM pVHwauxw smUh BweIcwry leI byh`d mwx vwlI g`l hY[

12971 - 80 Ave., Surrey, BC


kwr / tr`k / motrswiekl tYksI jW eyAr bryk dw lwiesYNs pMjwbI ‘c lYx leI sMprk kro


AwtomYitk hweIvy tr`k - no gyAr no kl`c AOrqW vwsqy sunihrI mOkw, hux qusIN kwr dI qrWH ibnW gyArW qoN klws 1 dw lwiesYNs lY skdy ho jy tr`k dw lwiesYNs lYxw cwhuMdy ho pr AMgryzI nhIN AwauNdI jW G`t AwauNdI hY, bu`k dyK ky Gbrw jWdy ho qW fro nw, huxy Pon kro

604 614 5365

SO EASY Learning School

lrinMg lwiesYNs dI iqAwrI kMipaUtr nwl krvwauNdy hW W W W . G A R Y M A N G AT . C O M

Gary’s Holistic Restoration Centre

h t l a e h r u o Get y ck! on tra

ORTHOMOLECULAR - FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE Permanent Cure to Chronic Diseases, like Diabetes I, II, Arthritis, Heart Diseases, Gastric Problems, Skin Diseases, Allergies and more within 2 months. Absolutely NO SIDE EFFECT

f`rkÊPIlfÊm`eIkroskopIÊn`lÊl`eIvÊbl@fÊivSlySxÊ hoimApYQIÊn`lÊkudrqIÊiel`j,ÊhrblÊmYfIsn,ÊE`wurvYd,ÊnYcropYQI,ÊEqyÊ inaUtrSIEnlÊsl`hÊmSvr`,ÊrIPlYksolojIÊEqyÊEYkUpRYSrÊm`ilSÊE`idÊÊ • mot`p` • dm` • strok • gTIE` • ifpRYSn • icMq

•Êm`eIgRyn • kYNsr • Proctitus • heIprtYnSn • idlÊdIÊibm`rI • ElsvryvtvÊkorlIvts

• nS`ÊCf`aux`Ê • cmVIÊdyÊrog,ÊcMblÊE`id • Q`ier`iefÊdIÊsm@isE` • gYstRYikÊsm@isE` • ijgrÊdIÊsm@isE` incl. Celiac, kronz • E.N.T.Êsm@isE` • pRostrytÊdIÊsm@isE` • f`iebItIsÊiksm-I qy II EqyÊhorÊbhuqÊkuJ • E.D. PCOS koeI sweIf iePYkt nhIN

hr iksm dy purwxy rogW dw kudrqI ielwj isrP 2 mhIinAW ivc krvwaux leI A`j hI Pon kro:

604.808.8769 5700 120 ST, SURREY BC

isrPÊEpuieMmYNtÊn`l svyryÊ9ÊvjyÊqoNÊS`mÊ7ÊvjyÊq@k hPqyÊdyÊs@qyÊidn

40Ês`l~Êd` qzrb`Ê


Certified Nutritionist & Homeopath M.A., C.N.P., R.O.H.P (Canada) Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner


‘imMnI pMjwb’ khwaux vwly knyfw ‘c iSlpw ny ieMJ DUMm-Dwm nwl mnwieAw 70vwˆ AwzwdI idhwVw muMbeI— hwl hI ‘c Bwrq ny Awpxw 70vwˆ AwzwdI idhwVw mnwieAw Aqy ies qoˆ bwAd hux bwlIvu`f Adwkwrw iSlpw SYtI ny torwˆto ‘c vI Bwrq dI AwzwdI dw jSn mnwieAw[ iSlpw ny torwˆto ‘c AwzwdI idhwVy dy jSn dy mOky ‘qy iqrMgw vI lihrwieAw[ torwˆto ‘c Bwrq dI AwzwdI dy 70 swl pUry hox ‘qy iek pRogrwm AwXoijq kIqw igAw, ijs ‘c iSlpw Aqy aunHwˆ dy pI rwj kuMdrw bqOr mu`K mihmwn phuMcy[ iSlpw ny ies jSn dIAwˆ qsvIrwˆ Awpxy ieMstwgrwm ‘qy SyAr kIqI[ knyfw nUM imMnI pMjwb ikhw jwˆdw hY, Aijhy ‘c iSlpw ibnwˆ fwˆs kIqy ikvyˆ rih skdI sI[ iSlpw ny Kud gly ‘c Fol lY ky KUb fwˆs kIqw[

Saturday - August 26, 2017

Sok smwcwr / Obituary bhuq duKI ihrdy nwl d`isAw jWdw hY ik hrijµdr isµG mwhl, spuq ` r svrgvwsI bµqw isµG mwhl Aqy svrgvwsI surjIq kOr mwhl, ipµf mwhlw, izlHw jlµDr, 17 Agsq, 2017 ƒ Akwl clwxw kr gey[ auh Awpxy cOqwlI swl ivAwhuqw jIvn ip`CNo , AwpxI pqnI, surjIq kOr mwhl, iqµn b`c,y do dohqy, iek poqw, iek poqI Aqy bhuq irSqydwrW smyq iek ivSwl pirvwr ƒ ip`Cy C`f gey hn[ aunWH ny Awpxy s`qr swlW dy jIvn ivc Awpxy nrm SbdW, idAwlU suBwA Aqy AxQ`k isAwxp nwl bhuq idlW ƒ CUihAw[ ijhVw vI aunWH ƒ imilAw, aunWH qoN pRBwivq ho ky igAw[ auh AwpxI Cwp hr iek jIA ’qy C`f gey[ pirvwrk sUqrW Anuswr aunWH dw sskwr 27 Agsq igAwrW vjy, irvrsweIf iPaUnrl hom, 7410 hwpkot rof, fYltw ivKy hovg y w[ aunWH dI Aµiqm Ardws Aqy Bog 12:30 vjy rws strIt gurdvwry, 8000 rws strIt ivc pwieAw jwvygw[ It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Harjinder Singh Mahal,

ivdy I nylateqBanta w ny Singh kYnyfMahal w dIand ‘prweIf pryKaur f’Mahal ‘cofilAw ih`sw son ofS the the late Surjit Village Mahal

District Jalandhar, passed 17th,vI2017. mwˆtrIAl— AwierlY ˆf Aqy away kYnyfw on dy pRAugust Dwn iPr frpoHe kwˆ leaves dI ij`qbehind nhIˆ hohis vygI[ AsIˆ of ny44mwˆyears, Surjit Mahal, grandchildren, mMwife qrIAwˆ trIAl ‘c Kaur gyA pry f ‘c three ih`sw children, nPrq dyfour iKlwP hor mzbUq Aqyhisie`loving kju`t ho ky siblings and aˆflarge extended family him dearly. In his 70 years he ilAw[ AwierlY dy pihly gyA pRD wn mMqwho rI will KVy miss hovwˆgy[ touched many lives with words, and his patient ilE vrwfkr ny jnqk qOr his ‘qy kind Awpxy gyA selfless trUfnature o ny ikhw,’’AsIˆ swfy wisdom. ipAwr Aqy Hebwry left ad`ilasting impression touched. will be hox sAw hY[ sPYd rMg on dI everyone pYˆt Aqy he iviBM nqw rwhIˆHe qwkq nUM homissed r mzbUqdearly. krwˆgy[ jUn Funeral be held am on Riverside hlky nIlyservices rMg dI will kmIz pw kyat 11:00 kYnyfIAn ‘cSunday AwierlYAugust ˆf dy pR27th Dwn mMatqrI cuxy gey ilE pRFuneral Dwn mMqHome rI jsitn Aijhy 7410 Hopcott Rd Delta. A prayer service (bhog) willvrwfkr follow at 12:30 trU fo atnyRoss iesStreet slwnw pihly ivdySI nyqw pm Temple, 8000 Ross Street. smwroh ‘c sqrMgI JMfw hn, ijnHwˆ ny kYnyfw lihrwieAw[ dI prweIf f ‘c pirvwr nwl duK sWJw krn leI Pon kro / For more information pleasepry call: aunHwˆ ikhw,’’A`qvwd ih`sw ilAw[ aunHwˆ ny 604-438-8058 dIAwˆ AijhIAwˆ Gtnwvwˆ kYnyfw Aqy Awpxy inMdxXog hn[ ies qrHwˆ dyS dI ieh ivSySqw iek guAwˆFI nUM dUjy koloˆ d`sI ik iviBMnqw v`K krn dIAwˆ koiSSwˆ hI aunHwˆ dI AslI kIqIAwˆ jwˆdIAwˆ hn pr qwkq hY[

Saturday - August 26, 2017


kYnyfw ‘c zIkw vwiers, hVkMp EntwrIE— zIkw vwiers ny ijQy dunIAw dy keI dySwˆ ‘c Awpxw ‘jlvw’ ibKyirAw hoieAw hY , auQ31-Aug. y hI kYnyfw06 vI/2013 ies dI lpyt qoˆ bc nhIˆ July sikAw[ hwl hI dy hPqy ‘c kYnyfw ‘c zIkw vwiers dw iek mwmlw swhmxy AwieAw hY, ijs nwl kYnyfw ‘c hVkMp mc igAw hY[ ivMfsr AYsYks kwauˆtI hYlQ XUint dy krmcwrIAwˆ ny iek kIVw l`iBAw hY, ijs nUM eyfIz eyijptI m`Cr ikhw jwˆdw hY, ijhVw ik izAwdwqr mnu`KI vwiers kyswˆ ‘c pwieAw jwˆdw hY[ iek Koj ishq AiDkwrI mMndw hY ik auprokq m`Cr dI d`KxI EntwrIE ‘c pRjwqI pxp

* Home * Auto * Business * Commercial * Trucking Your Certified & ExpertAdvisor

ĂƒÂšĂ‡Ă–ÂłĂ§Ă° Ă‡ĂƒÂłĂ˜ Çןù


Adwlq ny ikhw sI ik DwlIvwl nUM 30 swlwˆ dI szw hoxI cwhIdI hY pr bcwA p`K dI mMg ‘qy aus dI szw Gtw id`qI geI[ quhwnUM d`s deIey ik DwlIvwl nUM 2014 iv`c kYnyfw ‘c igRPqwr kIqw

s y a D 7 ek! a We o 9pm 9 am t Tr uck Insura nc & Pro-Rate e


Sukhinder S. Gill MSc, B.ED 604.724.4700

Ôð ü𡝠çÆ Ă‡Ă‚ÂłĂ´ÂŻĂ°Ă‹ÂşĂƒ ÏԚü ÔÆ Ă˛Ă…Ă‡ĂœĂŹ ðœà Óüœ ÕÆüÆ ĂœÂťĂ§Ă† ÔË àðŸÕ Ă ĂĽÂś Ă Ă‹Ă•ĂƒĂ† ÚùÅÀ°ä òÅÇùà  çÆ Ă‡Ă˘ĂƒĂ Ă‡ĂŹĂąĂ Ă† Ă‡Ă‚ÂłĂ´ÂŻĂ°Ă‹ÂşĂƒ òÆ Õðçœ ԝĂ? Ă‡Ă•ĂƒÂś òÆ ü𡝠çÆ Ă‡Ă‚ÂłĂ´ÂŻĂ°Ă‹ÂşĂƒ ÕðòÅÀ°ä ĂĽÂŻÂş êÇÔù ĂƒĂ…Ăš ÇŸÕ òÅð ĂˇĂ°ĂˆĂ° ÇÎù¯Ă?

kYnyfw ‘c iek hor pMjwbI ny kIqw kwrw, AmrIkI Adwlq ny suxweI ieh szw brYˆptn— kYnyfw dy Sihr brYˆptn ‘c rihx vwly pMjwbI mUl dy ivAkqI nUM AmrIkw ‘c nSw qskrI krn dy doS ‘c 20 swlwˆ dI szw suxweI geI hY[ 47 swlw DwlIvwl nUM AmrIkw dI Adwlq ny 130 imlIAnz dI frgz qskrI dy doS ‘c ieh szw suxweI hY[

íÅÂÆÚÅðœ çÆ ĂƒÂśĂ˛Ă… ùÂÆ Õù¯òðâœù ÇòŸÚ Ö¯ù¡ ÇçŸüÆ ÔË

rhI hY[ izkrXog hY ik zIkw vwiers ijQy iek vwr pxp jwˆdw hY auQy ieh iBAwnk rUp Dwrn kr lYˆdw hY[ Ç

#114-6377-168th St., Surrey, BC V3S 3Y2 (Next to Fruiticana) Tel: 604.372.0170

igAw sI[ puls ny d`isAw ik swl 2006 Aqy 2011 dy ivckwr kokIn Aqy BMg dI v`fy p`Dr au`qy smgilMg dy doSwˆ qihq aus nUM Cy hor ivAkqIAwˆ smyq kwbU kIqw igAw sI[ aus nUM lgBg do swlwˆ qk kYnyfIAn puls dI ihrwsq ‘c hI r`iKAw igAw Aqy iPr ApRYl 2016 iv`c doSwˆ dw swhmxw krn leI hvwlgI qihq AmrIkw dy spurd kIqw igAw[ keI hPiqAwˆ mgroˆ AdwlqI dsqwvyzwˆ qoˆ ieh is`D ho igAw ik DwlIvwl iKlwP lgwey gey A`T doSwˆ ‘coˆ auh iek dw ksUrvwr hY[ aus dw ieh doS sI ik aus ny G`t qoˆ G`t pMj iklo kokIn AmrIkw nUM brwmd kIqI[ ieh isrP doS hI nhIˆ hn, DwlIvwl ny mMn vI ilAw hY ik ies swjS qihq aus dI izMmyvwrI ienHwˆ niSAwˆ nUM trwˆsport krky AmrIkw brwmd krn dI sI [ ies qoˆ ielwvw aus ny 3,000 iklo kokIn dy nwl-nwl niSAwˆ dIAwˆ hzwrwˆ golIAwˆ Aqy sO pOˆf BMg splweI kIqI[

DMJ Painting Ltd.

Just one call for your all painting needs * Old & New Homes * Town Houses Appartments * Commercial & Residential * Interior & Exterior * Any kind of Paint Job

* Stucco Paint * Spray Painting * Pressure Washing * Sky Paint for Ceiling * Fence Painting * Rolling Painting

           Â Â?Â? Â




10 Years of Experience

  Free estimates - Fast and quality work






$450,000 $550,000 $650,000 $750,000

$315,000 $385,000 $455,000 $525,000

1 1 1 1

Million Million Million Million


$302 /YEAR $346 /YEAR $407 /YEAR $467 /YEAR

Discounts vary due to circumstances individualand circumstances requirements. Discounts maymay vary due to individual policy requirements.and Ratespolicy subject to change without notice Rates subject to change without notice.

Above Rates Includes: * Senior Discount * Claims Free Discount * New Home Discount * Mortgage Free Discount * Home Production Discount * Deductible Applicable * Monthly Payment Plan

Ă ĂƒĂ„ Ôð ü𡝠çÆ Ă‡Ă‚ÂłĂ´ÂŻĂ°Ă‹ÂşĂƒ Ă˛Ă…Ă‡ĂœĂŹ ÕÆÎü Ă“ĂĽÂś Õðçœ ԝĂ?



ĂƒĂ…Ă˘Âś çøüð Ôøüœ çœ ĂƒÂźĂĽÂś ÇçÊ ĂƒĂ˛ÂśĂ°Âś I Ă˛ĂœÂś ĂĽÂŻÂş Ă´Ă…ĂŽ I Ă˛ĂœÂś üŸÕ ֚Ÿù¡çœ ÔÊĂ?

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YORKOFFICE) BUSINESS CENTER, CLOVERDALE Shopping Plaza, SURREY (HEAD LANGLEY COQUITLAM COQUITLAM VANCOUVER ABBOTSFORD #134-17455 - Hwy 10 #103-8399-200 St. 454-West Broadway, Eagle Ridge Plaza, 405-1192 Burquitlam #120-12888-80TH AVE., SURREY HEAD 526 Clarke Road, Coquitlam Landowne Dr, Coquitlam SURREY LANGLEY VANCOUVER Ph: 604.576.6648 Ph: 604.507.6666 Ph: 604.882.6000 Ph: 604.939.2425 Ph: 604-942-3555 Ph: 604-876-0126 Ph: 604.744.0360 1 minute away from AirCare


134 -17455, Hwy 10 160-20728 Willoughby Town Center Dr #404, 552 Clarke Rd 405-1192 Lansdowne Dr 454 West Broadway 604-939-2425 31696 South Fraserway 604-576-6648 604-882-6000 604-876-0126 604-942-3555 604-507-6666

#120, 12888 - 80th Ave.

128th St

80th Ave.

AMC Insurance

130th St. •


Saturday - August 26, 2017

ieMglYˆf dy v`K-v`K Sihrwˆ ‘c iemIgRySn ny k`isAw iSkMjw lMfn -brqwnIAw ‘c gYr-kwnUMnI FMg nwl rih rhy lokwˆ iKlwP iek vwr iPr qoˆ iemIgRySn ivBwg ny iSkMjw k`isAw hY[ bIqy kuJ idnwˆ qoˆ dyS Br ‘c Grwˆ Aqy kMmkwr vwlIAwˆ Qwvwˆ ‘qy CwpymwrI ‘c qyzI ilAwˆdI hY[ dyS Br ‘coˆ BwrqI, pwiksqwnI, bMglwdySIAwˆ smyq keI dySwˆ dy 200 qoˆ vD lokwˆ nUM igRPqwr kIqw igAw hY[ swaUQwl ‘c kYstn rof smyq iqMn Qwvwˆ ‘qy hoeI CwpymwrI ‘c 8 lokwˆ nUM igRPqwr kIqw hY, ijnHwˆ ‘c 5 BwrqI hn[ iemIgRySn ivBwg v`loˆ ‘AwpRySn mYgnIPweI’ ADIn jnvrI qoˆ 30 jUn qk 253 Grwˆ nUM inSwnw bxwieAw igAw sI, ijnHwˆ ‘coˆ 200 qoˆ vD S`kIAwˆ nUM igRPqwr kIqw igAw[ 24 Grwˆ dy mwlkwˆ nUM jurmwny lgwey gey hn[ puls muqwbk igRPqwr kIqy bhuqy lok BwrqI nwgirk sn pr ienHwˆ ‘c pwiksqwnI, A&gwinsqwnI, cInI Aqy AlbwnIAwˆ Awid vI Swiml hn[ swaUQwl ‘c hoeIAwˆ iqMn CwpymwrIAwˆ dOrwn kYstn rof dy do Grwˆ ‘coˆ 37, 48 swl dy 5 ivAkqI Aqy iek 34 swlw AOrq nUM igRPqwr kIqw igAw hY[ ijnHwˆ ‘coˆ iek AOrq dy do mrd ijnHwˆ dI aumr l`gBg 40 swl hY, aunHwˆ dy vIzy dI imAwd ^qm ho cu`kI sI, jd ik bwkI brqwnIAw ‘c ZYr-kwnUMnI FMg nwl dw^l hoey sn[ ienHwˆ swirAwˆ nUM dyS ‘coˆ k`Fx leI pRikirAw SurU kr id`qI geI hY[ jd ik Grwˆ dy mwlkwˆ nUM vI jurmwnw noits jwrI kr id`qy gey hn[ do hor BwrqI ivAkqIAwˆ nUM vYˆtvrQ rof qoˆ igRPqwr kIqw igAw hY, ijnHwˆ ‘coˆ iek 31 swlw ivAkqI dy vIzy dI imAwd pu`g cu`kI sI, auh Kud brqwnIAw

‘coˆ clw igAw hY, jd ik iek 56 swlw ivAkqI brqwnIAw ‘c ZYr-kwnUMnI FMg nwl dw^l hoieAw sI[ iemIgRySn ivBwg Anuswr swaUQwl ‘c pihlwˆ vI Aijhy AwpRySn huMdy rhy hn[ ij`Qy bhuq hI ^sqw hwlq ‘c lok ikrwey ‘qy rihMdy hn[ Aijhy

pRDwn mMqrI trUfo ny vI dyiKAw sUrj gRihx Etwvw— 99 swlwˆ bwAd AmrIkw ‘c pUrI qrHwˆ idKweI dyx vwlw sUrj gRihx crcw dw ivSw irhw[ AmrIkw ‘c ieh pUrI qrHwˆ nwl idKweI id`qw, hwlwˆik kYnyfw dy ku`J hI ih`isAwˆ ‘c ieh idKweI id`qI[ kYnyfIAnz ‘c vI ies nUM dyKx dw pUrw-pUrw auqSwh sI[ kYnyfIAn pRDwn mMqrI jsitn trUfo ny vI sUrj gRihx dyiKAw[ bhuq swry lokwˆ vwˆg aunHwˆ ny vI gRihx dyKx vwly Kws cSmy dI vrqoˆ kIqI[ Etwvw ‘c pwrlImYˆt iemwrq dy swhmxy KVHy trUfo dI ieh qsvIr crcw dw ivSw bxI hoeI hY[ aunHwˆ ny AwpxI qsvIr Pysbu`k ‘qy swˆJI kridAwˆ iliKAw,’’dYt vwz AmyizMg’’ [ trUfo ny hlky nIly rMg

dI kmIz pihnI hoeI sI[ quhwnUM d`s deIey ik ieh gRihx kYnyfw dy ku`J hI ielwikAwˆ ‘c dyiKAw igAw[ keI Qwvwˆ ‘qy ies nUM dyKx leI Kws pRbMD kIqy gey sn[

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torwˆto— hwl hI ivc swhmxy Awey iek AiDAYn ivc ikhw igAw hY ik ijnHwˆ AOrqwˆ nUM grB-AvsQw dOrwn hweI bI. pI. dI iSkwieq rihMdI hY, aunHwˆ nUM Biv`K ivc idl nwl juVIAwˆ gMBIr bImwrIAwˆ Aqy ifpRYSn dw iSkwr hox dw Kqrw vD rihMdw hY[ ienHwˆ ivc Awm AOrqwˆ dy mukwbly idl dIAwˆ gMBIr bImwrIAwˆ hox dw Kqrw du`gxw ho jwˆdw hY[ pMj guxw q`k Kqrw : AijhIAwˆ AOrqwˆ ivc grB AvsQw qoˆ bwAd ifpRYSn dw iSkwr hox dw Kqrw pMj guxw q`k vD jwˆdw hY[ ‘mYkigl XUnIvristI’ dI fwktr kYfItyt sonIAw gRwˆfI

ny d`isAw ik ieh AiDAYn d`sdw hY ik grB AvsQw dOrwn hweI bl`f pRYSr dIAwˆ iSkwieq vwlIAwˆ AOrqwˆ dI lMmy smyˆ q`k ingrwnI krn dI loV hY qwˆ ik aunHwˆ nUM idl dIAwˆ bImwrIAwˆ dy Kqry qoˆ smwˆ rihMdy bcwieAw jw sky[ mwˆ Aqy b`cy dohwˆ leI Kqrnwk : AiDAYn ivc ikhw igAw hY ik grB AvsQw dOrwn hweI bl`f pRYSr kwrn pRIklYˆpsIAw vrgI gMBIr siQqI dw vI swhmxw krnw pY skdw hY, jo mwˆ Aqy b`cy dohwˆ leI Kqrnwk swbq ho skdw hY[ ieh AiDAYn pihlI vwr grB Dwrn krn vwlIAwˆ 146748 AOrqwˆ ‘qy kIqw igAw[

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Saturday - August 26, 2017


pRDwn mMqrI trUfo ny BwrqIAwˆ nwl ieMJ mnwieAw Bwrq dw AwzwdI idhwVw

mwˆtrIAl— kYnyfw dy sUby ikaUibk dy sMGI ielwky pwipinaU ‘c pRDwn mMqrI jsitn trUfo ny BwrqIAwˆ nwl Bwrq dw AwzwdI idhwVw mnwieAw[ pRDwn mMqrI jsitn trUfo ie`Qy BwrqI pihrwvy ‘c idKweI id`qy[ aunHwˆ ny jwmxI rMg dw kFweI vwlw kuVqw-pjwmw pihinAw sI[ aunHwˆ ny ies qsvIr nUM swˆJy kridAwˆ Bwrq Aqy kYnyfw dI mzbUq dosqI hmySw brkrwr rihx dI kwmnw kIqI[ auˆJ trUfo ny AiDkwrq rUp ‘c Bwrq nUM AwzwdI idhwVy dIAwˆ mubwrkwˆ pihlwˆ hI dy id`qIAwˆ sn[ ies qoˆ ielwvw hux aunHwˆ ny pwipinaU ielwky ‘c lokwˆ nwl ies KuSI nUM swˆJw kIqw[

We have a team of professional and experienced lawyers to assist you.

AweI.sI.bI.sI. Aqy prsnl ieMjrI klym swfy kol mwihr Aqy qzrbykwr vkIlW dI tIm quhwfI shwieqw leI hwzr hY[ AsIN pMjwbI, ihMdI Aqy aurdU ivc g`l krdy hW

kYnyfw kb`fI k`p 2017 XU ky PYfrySn ny ieMglYˆf PYfrySn nUM v`fy Pwsly nwl hrwieAw

torMto— 27vyˆ kb`fI k`p dw dUsrw mukwblw XU ky PYfrySn qy ieMglYˆf PYfrySn ivcwly KyifAw igAw[ pMjwb dI dUjI DrqI AKvwaUx vwly kYnyfw dy Sihr torMto ivKy kYnyfw kb`fI k`p 2017 dI AYqvwr nUM peIAwˆ Swndwr kb`fIAwˆ nwl Agwz ho igAw[ ijs 'c g`BrUAwˆ ny Awpxy sfOl srIrwˆ dI pySkwrI kridAwˆ drSkwˆ dw mMn moh ilAw[ styfIAm pUrI qrHwˆ drSkwˆ dI gVHgVwht nwl gUj irhw sI qy auh AwpxI-Awpxy tIm dy iKfwrIAwˆ dI pUry joS nwl hOslA&weI kr rhy sn[ auprokq mukwbly 'c hwlwˆik ieMglYˆf PYfrySn tIm dy iKfwrIAwˆ nUM hwr dw swhmxw krnw ipAw pr aunHwˆ ny AwpxIAwˆ kb`fIAw qy dwA nwl drSkwˆ nUM kIlI r`iKAw[ ieh mYc XU ky PYfrySn ny ieMglYˆf PYfrySn nUM 37.5-29 nwl Awpxy nwˆ kIqw[

PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS 205 - 7134 King George Boulevard Surrey, BC V3W 5A3

T 604 449 7500 TF 1 888 449 7573


604 449 7501

We are 100% committed to providing you and your family the best financial strategy.

` Mortgage Insurance ` Critical Illness Insurance ` Disability Insurance

` Life and Retirement Planning ` Estate Planning ` Health and Dental Insurance

` Super Visa Insurance ` Visitor and Travel insurance ` RRSP & TFSA

Call us to insure, secure and make a difference in your life. MANMOhAN KAUR SEKhON

YOU CAN PLACE YOUR TRUST IN US!, m.phil. life and health insurance advisor


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604-592-7550 | 21900 Westminster hwy, suite 210, richmond, bc v6v 0a8 |



Saturday - August 26, 2017

kYnyfw ‘c bhuqy AwrzI ivdySI kwmy AwpxI ies kmI kwrn huMdy hn T`gI dw iSkwr torwˆto— Awpxy pirvwr nUM AwriQk p`Koˆ mzbUq krn dy ierwdy nwl AwrzI ivdysI kwmy kYnyfw dy Kyqwˆ ‘c kMm krn leI Awauˆdy hn pr ieQy ruzgwr dyx vwilAwˆ v`loˆ kIqw jwˆdw SoSx aunHwˆ dw l`k qoV idMdw hY[ ivdySI kwimAwˆ nUM aunHwˆ dw bxdw mihnqwnw nhIˆ id`qw jwˆdw Aqy kMm vI izAwdw krvwieAw jwˆdw hY[ aunHwˆ nUM rihx leI vI tu`tw mkwn id`qw jwˆdw hY[ auh lok ies dI iSkwieq vI nhIˆ krdy, jy ikqy auh ihMmq krky iesdI iSkwieq kr vI idMdy qwˆ suxvweI nhIˆ huMdI[ EntwrIE ‘c kwimAwˆ dy AiDkwrwˆ leI kMm krn vwlI jQybMdI ‘jsits Pwr mweIgRyˆt vrkrz’ dy pRbMDk ikRs rwmsrUp dw kihxw sI ik AwrzI ivdySI kwimAwˆ Aqy kYnyfIAn lokwˆ leI v`Ko vKry h`k qYA kIqy gey hn[ Awpxy

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pRqI mhInf pihly sfl leI

$84.90/ mhInf dUsry sfl leI

2- sfl dy ValuePlan^ nfl. inXmq ryt $105/ mhInf.

ijLafdf jfxkfrI leI, 1-866-556-7065 qy PLon kro jF qy jfE. *pysLksL ibnF noits qoN bdlI jf skdI hY. idKfeIaF geIaF kImqF ivc tYks sLfml nhIN hY. poRmosLnl kImq $49.90/mhInf pihly sfl leI aqy $84.90/mhInf dUsry sfl leI isrPL nvyN ieMtrnYWt gfhkF leI hY ijhnF ny ipCly 90 idnF ivc ieMtrnYWt nhIN ilaf hoxf cfhIdf. (“ nvyN gfhk”) poRmosLnl smyN qoN bfad inXmq ryt lfgU hoxgy aqy bdly jf skdy hn. nvyN gfhkF vloN 2–sfl ValuePlans dy afrzr ibnF sQfpqI PIs dy Xog hn jF Auh ibnF PIs qoN afpxy ieMtrnYWt hfrzvyar nUM afpxy-afp sQfpq krn dy Xog hn. dUsrIaF srivsjL aqy hfrzvyar afrzrF leI $100 dI sQfpqI PIs lfgU hovygI. afpxy-afp sQfpq krn vfly gfhkF leI, sLfml kIqIaF jF nvIaF srivsjL leI ibilMg cwkr, XMqr dI sQfpqI dI qfrIKL jF afrzr krn dy 14 idn bfad sLurU hovygf. sfry KyqrF ivc sfrIaF Shaw srivsjL AuplbD nhIN hn. kUnYksLn dI spIz mOzm XMqr, gfhk dy XMqr dI Xogqf, iblizMg vfieirMg, ieMtrnYWt tRYiPLk aqy vfqfvrxI hflfqF nfl bdl skdI hY. jy quhfzI koeI vI srivs kYNsl huMdI hY qF quhfnUM Auh XMqr Shaw nUM vfps krnf pvygf jo qusIN nhIN KrIidaf hY. ^2-sfl dy ValuePlan isrPL ieMtrnYWt smJOqy nfl AuplbD hY. pihlF kYNsl krn dI PIs lfgU huMdI hY aqy 2-sfl dy ValuePlan dy bfkI rihMdy mhIinaF dI igxqI nUM pihlF kYNsl krn dI PIs ($15 pRqI mhInf isrPL ieMtrnYWt smJOqy leI) nfl guxf krky ihsfb lfieaf jfvygf. 2-sfl dy ValuePlan bfry ijLafdf jfxkfrI `qy dyKI jf skdI hY. † zfAUnloz spIzjL `qy aDfrq. qusIN koeI vI Shaw srivs nUM awgy nhIN vyc skdy. ©2017 Shaw Communications Inc. sfrIaF Shaw srivsjL `qy, sfzIaF vrqoN aqy pRfeIvysI pflsI dIaF sFJIaF sLrqF lfgU huMdIaF hn jo `qy hn.

Etwvw — 13 swlwˆ ‘c pihlI vwr kYnyfIAnwˆ dw mMnxw hY ik auh ibRtyn Aqy jrmnI dy mnu`KI AiDkwrI pRqI AmrIkw nwloˆ vD Awm hn[ ieh Kulwsw iek srvyKx ‘c kIqw igAw[ bPYloA ‘c nYnos irsrc Aqy styt XUnIvristI AwP inaUXwrk v`loˆ bwey-nYSnl irlySniSp dy kYnyfIAweI Aqy AmrIkI Dwrxwvwˆ dy 13 swl dy nqIijAwˆ dI ieh qwzw jwxkwrI hY[ srh`d dy dohwˆ pwsy kIqy gey srvyKx dOrwn lokwˆ qoˆ pu`iCAw igAw sI ik ikhVw dyS mnu`KI AiDkwrwˆ dy bwry ‘c sB qoˆ nyVy hn[ kYnyfw dy 40 PIsdI lokwˆ ny ikhw ik kYnyfw mnu`KI AiDkwrwˆ dy mwmly ‘c sB qoˆ nyVly sbMD r`Kdw hY, aus qoˆ bwAd jrmnI 25 PIsdI Aqy AmrIkw 16 PIsdI hY[ ‘’AsIˆ mnu`KI AiDkwrwˆ dIAwˆ Dwrxwvwˆ ‘c AmrIkIAwˆ Aqy kYnyfIAnwˆ ‘c iek nwtkI bdlwA dyiKAw hY[ vwiSMgtn ‘c volro ivlsn ieMtrnYSnl sYˆtr Pwr skwlrz ‘c globl swQI polIstr ink nYnos ny ikhw, ‘’AsIˆ ieh jwxkwrI jwrz buS dy smyˆ qoˆ ie`kTI krnI SurU kr id`qI sI[‘’ rwStrpqI fonwlf trMp dy qihq hux dI igxqI jwrz buS dI qulnw ‘c G`t hY, jdoˆ auh A`qvwd iKlwP lVweI CyV rhy sn[ ieh hI dubwrw pu`Cy jwx ‘qy 43 PIsdI AmrIkIAwˆ ny ikhw ik AmrIkw mnu`KI AiDkwrwˆ dy mwmly ‘c sB qoˆ izAwdw kYnyfw nwl sbMiDq hY[ ies qoˆ bwAd ibRtyn (30 PIsdI), Prwˆs (9 PIsdI), jrmnI (6 PIsdI), cIn (5 PIsdI), jwpwn (4 PIsdI), mYksIko (3 PIsdI) Swml hn[

Saturday - August 26, 2017






3 sqMbr AYqvwr Anniversary







1 FREE ieflI Aqy mydU vVw

Awpxy pirvwr nwl AwE Aqy b`icAW leI PRI igPt pwE


#4 - 13560 - 77 Ave, Surrey (in MJM Furniture Building)


Saturday - August 26, 2017

skoSIAw bYNk nwl A`j hI shI SurUAwq kro

Get High Demand Skills Now!

QuickBooks Training for Business Owners, Employees, and Students

Sage 50 Accounting


Prof. Kuldip Pelia (12 years experience)


5 Years variable closed

kYnyfw iv`c nvyN Awky v`sy lokW leI,Awpxy supny s `c krn q oN pihlW kwnUMnI jwxkwrI qoN lY ky cMgy AwriQk jIvn q`k p`ujx leI keI qrHW dy svwl mn iv`c AwauNdy hn quhwfy supny pUry hox ies leI munisP SYrlI, fwierYktr AwP mltIkl-crl bYNikMg (skoSIAw bYNk) vloN kuJ suJwA quhwfy leI hn:1. auhnW vsIilAW nwl juVo jo quhwfy pirvwr nUM Awvws krn iv`c mdd kr skdIAW hn: Aijhw krn leI bhuq kuJ ho skdw hY jdoN qusIN kYnyfw phuMcdy ho - ie`k Gr, nOkrI, skUlW, ie`k bYNk l`Bo - ieh jwxnw AOKw ho skdw hY ik ieh ik`Qy hY? skoSIAw bYNk dI inaUkmr hYNfbu`k quhwnUM hr cIz dI qyz Aqy Awswn phuMc idMdI hY ijvyN ik: srkwrI jwxkwrI Aqy shwieqw, nOkrIAW Aqy krIAr, ishq, sur`iKAw Aqy quhwfy h`k, is`iKAw Aqy isKlweI, kYnyfw iv`c dUqwvws Aqy hor 2. kYnyfIAn bYNk Kwqw KolHo Aqy cMgI kRYift ihstrI bxwE: BwvyN ieh quhwfw pihlw mhInw hY, jW kYnyfw iv`c quhwfw pihlw swl - quhwfw kRYift ihstrI bhuq mh`qvpUrn hY. ieh ie`k irkwrf hY ik qusIN ikMnI cMgI qrHW nwl ipCly krzy jW krzy nUM bMd kr id`qw hY. ieh q uhwfI pihlI kRYift kwrf dI KrId, lon jwW lweIn qoN SurU huMdI hY iksy bYNk qoN krYift cMgI kRYift ryitMg bxwaux nwl quhwfy Biv`K nUM pUrw krn iv`c quhwfI mdd krn leI ie`k lMmw sPr imlygw iv`qI tIicAW, ijvyN ik Gr KrIdx vyly mOrgyj nUM sur`iKAq krnw. keI iksm dy kRYift kwrf quhwfI


5 Years fixed closed

mdd krn dy leI quhwnUM ienwmW dI kmweI krn jW G`t ivAwz nwl vwps kFvwaux leI auplbD hn 3. Awpxy b`icAW nUM skUl iv`c dwKl kro: jnqk is`iKAw quhwfy tYksW duAwrw Adw kIqI jWdI hY Aqy ies leI muPq hY Aqy kYnyfw iv`c hr b`cy leI auplbD mwipAW nUM Awpxy b`icAW (Awm qOr qy 4-17) jdoN qusIN Awpxy ielwky dy skUl jW skUl borf dPqr phuMc jWdy ho kYnyfw dI srkwr vY`bsweIt ie`k shwiek swDn hY 4. Awpxy Biv`K leI Xojnw bxwE: quhwnUM CyqI hI pqw l`gygw ik qusIN Aqy quhwfw pirvwr nvyN rutIn iv`c sYtl ho gey hn kYnyfw Aqy lMmy smyN dy tIicAW bwry socxw SurU kr dyvygw - ie`k Gr KrIdxw, pYsy nUM pwsy r`Kxw quhwfy b`cy dI is`iKAw Aqy quhwfI irtwiermYNt iv`c invyS krnw. ie`k iv`qI Xojnw hox nwl ie`k mh`qvpUrn huMdw hY quhwfI iv`q nUM kMtrol krn leI q`q. skoSIAw bYNk ie`k mYipMg tUmrI tUl dI pySkS krdw hY qusIN Awpxy Biv`K leI ie`k Anu- kUilq Xojnw bxwaux leI ie`k slwhkwr nwl imlo. slwhkwr ivhwrk dI pySkS krdy hn skoSIAw bYNk dw stwrt rweIt pRogrwm nvyN Awey lokW dw smrQn krn leI iqAwr kIqw igAw hY[ swfIAW bRWcW iv`c 55 qoN v`D BwSwvW bolIAW jWdIAW hn kYnyfw Br iv`c, skoSIAw bYNk nvyN Awey lokW dI m`dd krn leI vcnb`D hY ijs nwl kYnyfw nUM Gr vrgw mihsUs huMdw hY nvyN Awey lokW leI stwrt rweIt pRogrwm bwry hor jwxn leI, qy jwa

Saturday - August 26, 2017


pMjwb ijMnI AwbwdI vwly ies dyS ny BwrqIAwˆ qoˆ kmwey Arbwˆ fwlr! mYlbOrn— GuMmx, pVHn Aqy kMm dy ilhwj nwl bhuq swry lok AwstRylIAw hI jwxw psMd krdy hn pr kI qusIˆ jwxdy ho quhwfy koloˆ ies dyS ny ikMny not kmwey hn[ pMjwb ijMnI AwbwdI vwly ies dyS ny Bwrq dy sYlwnIAwˆ dy dm ‘qy Arbwˆ fwlr dI kmweI kIqI hY[ ies dw kwrn hY au`Qy dy sYr-spwtw Kyqr dw vDIAw hoxw, jo ivdySI sYlwnIAwˆ nUM Awpxy v`l AwkrSq krdw hY[ sYr-spwtw auh Kyqr hY, ijs nwl dyS dI

AwriQk qr`kI qwˆ huMdI hY pr nwl hI sQwnk lokwˆ nUM ruzgwr vI imldw hY[ jykr pMjwb dy sYr-spwtw Kyqr v`l sUbw srkwr vI ieMnI hI gMBIrqw nwl iDAwn dyvy qwˆ sUby dI qr`kI dy nwl-nwl ruzgwr dy mOky vI vD jwxgy[ quhwnUM d`s dyeIey ik ‘AwstRylIAn ibaUro AwP stYtyitks’ muqwbk, AwstRylIAw dI AwbwdI isrP 2 kroV 46 l`K hY[ AwstRylIAw ny kmwey 1.3 Arb fwlr mwrc 2017 qk Bwrq qoˆ 2 l`K 74 hzwr 500 lok AwstRylIAw gey, jo ik ipCly swl nwloˆ 15.3 PIsdI izAwdw hn[ ies dOrwn BwrqI sYlwnIAwˆ ny AwstRylIAw ‘c 1.3 Arb fwlr qoˆ izAwdw Krc kIqy, ijs nwl AwstRylIAw dI ArQ ivvsQw nUM v`fw huMgwrw imilAw[ AwstRylIAw dy vxj mMqrI ny ies dI jwxkwrI idMdy hoey ikhw ik Bwrq AwstRylIAw dy sYrspwtw Kyqr dw Aihm ih`sw hY[ aunHwˆ ny ikhw ik 2020 qk AwstRylIAw dy ArQcwry ‘c BwrqI sYlwnIAwˆ v`loˆ 1.9 Arb fwlr dw Xogdwn hox

dI aumId hY[ mMqrI stIv isEbo ny ikhw ik pRDwn mMqrI mYlkm trnbu`l ny AwstRylIAw dy sYr-spwtw ieMfstrI ‘c BwrqIAwˆ dI mh`qqw nUM smJdy hoey AwnlweIn vIzw ArzI dI suivDw SurU kIqI hY[ aunHwˆ ny ikhw ik Bwrq AwstRylIAw dw mh`qvpUrn vpwrk Aqy invyS swˆJydwr hY Aqy Awaux vwly smyˆ ‘c dohwˆ dySwˆ dy sMbMD hor izAwdw mzbUq hoxgy[

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A1 HERBAL AYURVEDIC CLINIC *ÊEprySnÊqoNÊpihl~ÊiekÊv`rÊzrUrÊimlo *ÊifskÊdrdÊ:Êl@kÊivcoNÊl@qÊivcÊdrdÊj`xI ÊÊ(rIhÊdIÊdrd)Êj`xIÊkyÊmxkyÊih@lxyÊj~Êv@Dxy *Êsrv`eIklÊdrdÊ:ÊDOxÊivcÊdrdÊj~Êb~hÊivcÊ ÊÊdrdÊj~ÊisrÊivcÊdrdÊrihxI *ÊgoifE~Êd`ÊdrdÊ:Êau@Tx-bYTxÊj~ÊqurnÊiPrnÊ ÊÊn`Êskx`,ÊgoifE~ÊivcÊsozÊj~Êh@fIE~Êd`Êv@Dx`Ê ÊÊj~ÊG@sx`,ÊgTIE`,ÊjoV~ÊdIE~Êdrd~ *ÊstrYs,ÊpytÊdyÊrog,Êilvr,ÊcmVI,Ê *ÊhrÊqrH~ÊdIÊEYlrjI,Êmoc,Êcu@kÊj~ÊDrnÊdyÊpYx` *ÊhrÊqrH~ÊdIE~Êzn`n`Êibm`rIE~,ÊrsOlIE~,Ê ÊÊp@QrI,ÊmhInyÊd`Êv`D`ÊG`t`| *Êk`l`ÊpIlIE`ÊqyÊhorÊn`-mur`dÊbIm`rIE~ÊijnH~Ê ÊÊd`ÊqusINÊiel`jÊkrv`ÊkyÊinr`SÊhoÊcu@kyÊhoÊq~Ê ÊÊiekÊv`rÊs`nUMÊsyv`Êd`ÊmOk`ÊidAÊEqyÊTIkÊhoÊ ÊÊkyÊpRm`qm`ÊdyÊguxÊg`vo| *Ês`f`Êqzrb`ÊpIVHIÊdrÊpIVHIÊhYÊ *ÊhrÊqrH~ÊdIÊkmzorIÊd`Êp@k`Êiel`jÊ *ÊnbzÊdyKÊkyÊs`rIÊibm`rIÊd@sÊidMdyÊh~

sl`hÊmSvr`ÊiblkulÊmuPq vDyryÊj`xk`rIÊleIÊsMprkÊkro:

604-445-4700 hrbilstÊpI.ÊrUbl


srI tr~toÊ nvINÊid@lI pMj`b 604-445-4700 905-874-3333 98766-74569 98185-65141 visit us:

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Funds Available

ailable (Against Real Estate only) rtgages at competitive rates

r further information:


Saturday - August 26, 2017

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cuniXMg ny ikhw, ‘’pwiksqwn dihSqgrdI dy twkry leI mohrI irhw hY qy bhuq kurbwnIAwˆ kIqIAwˆ hn… aumId hY ik sRI trMp dw nIqI &Yslw i^`qy iv`c sur`iKAw qy siQrqw nUM hulwrw dyx vwlw hovygw[‘’

Private Mortgage Available !!! Private Mortgage available at low rates. 1st/ 2 nd /3rd Mortgages. Borrow up to 80% value of Property. Bank Rules not applicable here. Bad Credit/ Less Income- No problem… Call- Mortgage Consultant,

Rajan Saggi, AMP The Mortgage Group Canada Inc.

Saggi Financial Solutions Inc.


Saturday - August 26, 2017


pwik dy swbkw PM nvwz SrIP dI pqnI nUM gly dw kYˆsr 100

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95 Adwlq vloˆ AXog Tihrwey jwx qoˆ bwAd nYSnl AsY ˆblI leI prcw BirAw sI[ Kbrwˆ 75 muqwbk kulsum dI aumr krIb 65 swl hY[ auh mYfIkl jwˆc leI Acwnk hI lMfn rvwnw hoeI 25sI[ iPlhwl aunHwˆ dI ishq bwry ‘c koeI izAwdw jwxkwrI nhIˆ imlI hY[ 5 izkrXo g hY ik pwiksqwn dI suprIm kort vloˆ 0nvwz srIP nUM AXog Tihrwey jwx qoˆ bwAd aunHwˆ dI KwlI hoeI sIt qoˆ pwiksqwn dI s`qwDwrI pwrtI SrIP dI pqnI kulsum jwˆ aus dI bytI mrIAm nUM KVHw krn dIAwˆ Atklwˆ sn[

ICC Accounting Services Inc.

• •  

•    •  Â?Â?Â?Â? •  Â?Â?Â?


  Â? Â?Â

Cell: 778-895-7444



Ph: 604-597-0991 • Fax: 1-800-732-0519


8740 - 140A St., Surrey, BC V3W 0M4





ICC ACCOUNTING_Gurnek Banger_2 Friday, March 17, 2017 10:47:08 AM

Specializing in: • Reefer • Dry Vans • Heated Loads Now hiring owner, operator and drivers - good pay, waiting time and medical benefits Iqbal Kang 778-883-5264 Opportunity for Ph: 604-593-1474 Fax: 604-593-1475 new drivers 8058 - 156 St., Surrey, BC V3S 3R5


Saturday - August 26, 2017

ib`lw inaUXwrk vwly dy bxy vYj Aqy nOn-vYj KwixAW dw AnMd mwxo




#8-32650 LOGAN AVE., MISSION spYSl qMdUrI iP~S, iPS pkOVy, qMdUrI ickn, btr ickn, sIK kbwb, pnIr it~kw, SwhI pnIr, Coly BtUry, ibrzwnI, slwd, ickn ivMgs, proNTy, smosy, pwsqw, vYjI pkOVy Aqy hor bhuq kuJ[

vYj/ nOn vYj QwlI

spYSl 3 lwrz pIzy


Any 3 toppings to choose from +can of pop

$29 ALL MEAT TOPPING Peppeorni, Italian Salami, Italian Sausage, Bacon, Canadian Ham, Julienne Chicken, Ground Beef, BBQ, Tandoori or Butter Chicken

.95 pickup only

.99 Veg

Daal, Paneer, Raita, Rice, Naan & Salad


.99 Non-Veg

Daal, Raita, Chicken/ Goat, Nan & Salad

ALL VEGGIE TOPPING Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Red Onions, Mushroom, Black Olives, Baby Spinach, Pineapple, Banana Peppers, Jalapeno Papers, Chilli Peppers, Ginger, Cilantro

hr mOky leI AwpxI mMn psMd dI kytirMg bhuq hI vwijb rytW qy gurduAwrw swihb, mMdr dI kytirMg dy spYSl ryt sB qoN vDIAw hor jwxkwrI leI Pon kro:

itPn srivs bhuq hI vwijb rytW qy

blvMq pUMnI 778-255-1535

Saturday - August 26, 2017


srIrk SoSx mwmly ‘qy AwieAw sI.bI.AweI. kort dw PYslw, fyrw muKI doSI krwr gurmIq rwm rhIm nUM ryp mwmly ivc doSI krwr id`qy jwx qoˆ bwAd hwlwq hor ivgVdy nzr Aw rhy hn[ pMckUlw ivc pRdrSn kr rhy fyrw smrQkwˆ ivc lokwˆ dI mOq dI Kbr hY[ fyrw pRymIAwˆ vloˆ puls ‘qy pQrwA kIqw jw

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AMimRqsr kort ‘c ibkrm mjITIAw qy sMjy isMG hoey Awmo-swhmxy AMimRqsr— AkwlI nyqw ibkrm mjITIAw v`loˆ drj kIqy mwnhwnI kys dI suxvweI leI mMglvwr nUM Awp nyqw sMjy isMG Aqy mjITIAw AMimrqsr kort pu`jy[ ies dOrwn ibkrm mjITIAw ny ikhw ik Awp nyqwvwˆ dI Adwlq swhmxy bolqI bMd ho jwˆdI hY Aqy auh sB AwpxI jwn b`cw ky B`j rhy hn[

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Saturday - August 26, 2017

kYptn qy Swh dI mu`C dw bxygI svwl gurdwspur izmnI cox luiDAwxw(cImw)- pMjwb dy srh`dI izly gurdwspur dI izmnI lok sBw cox Awaux vwly idnwˆ ‘c s`qwDwrI kwˆgrs pwrtI Aqy dyS ‘qy rwj krdI Bwjpw leI iek qrHwˆ dy v`kwr dw svwl bx jwvygI ikauˆik ies sIt ‘qy BwrqI jnqw pwrtI dy aumIdvwr ny cox lVnI hY Aqy Bwjpw ieh dwAvw kr rhI hY ik dyS ‘c Bwjpw dI cVHq ho rhI hY pr pMjwb ‘c ijs qrIky nwl AkwlI-Bwjpw gTjoV dI Srmnwk hwr hoeI hY, aus nUM lY ky Bwjpw dI ikrikrI hoeI sI pr gurdwspur qoˆ Bwjpw dy AY`m. pI. ivnod KMnw dy idhwˆq qoˆ bwAd ieh sIt KwlI hox ‘qy Bwjpw leI iPr iek v`fw iemiqhwn ieh sIt bx rhI hY ikauˆik gurdwspur lok sBw sIt ‘qy kyvl btwlw sIt nUM C`f ky bwkI swrIAwˆ sItwˆ qoˆ kwˆgrsI ivDwiek ij`qy hn[ ies sIt nUM lY ky ij`Qy Bwjpw ieh sunyhw dyxw cwhuMdI hY ik 2019 ‘c au`qrI Bwrq dy pMjwb rwj ‘c muV kml dw Pu`l iKVygw, auQy kYptn AmirMdr isMG vI cwhuMdy hn ik 2019 ‘c kyˆdr ‘c kwˆgrs srkwr bxn dw mu`F bMnHx leI gurdwspur qoˆ lok sBw cox ij`q ky kwˆgrs dI JolI ‘c pweI jwvy, ies leI aunHwˆ 15 Agsq ‘qy gRwˆtwˆ ‘qy AYlwnwˆ dI JVI lgw ky gurdwspurIey

bwgo-bwg kr id`qy hn[ ies sIt nUM lY ky rwjsI mwhrwˆ ny ikhw ik Awaux vwly idnwˆ ‘c Bwjpw dy kOmI pRDwn Aimq Swh Aqy pMjwb dy mu`K mMqrI kYptn AmirMdr isMG dI mu`C dw svwl bx skdI

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puls ‘qy isAwsI dbwA pw ky srkwrI qOr ‘qy kIqIAwˆ jw rhIAwˆ hn byAdbIAwˆ : mjITIAw

Licensed - Insured - Bonded Fully Licensed • Alarm Response Construction Site • Commercial Buildings Special Events Services • Marriage Events • 24 / 7

loAr mynlYNf Aqy Pryzr vYlI eyrIey ‘coN isikErtI gwrf dI zrUrq hY cMgI qnKwh - rwief dw pRbMD hoxw zrUrI hY


Security Ltd.

Rajinder S. Bhatti


vDwieAw hY[ A`gy boldy hoey kYbint mMqrI nvjoq is`DU ny ikhw ik surjIq pwqr dI inXukqI nwl pMjwb klw pRISd dw ruqbw 10 guxw hor viDAw hY[

President / CEO

(24/7) / 6710 - 130 A St., Surrey, BC V3W 8J3 | Fax: 778-282-8066

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Saturday - August 26, 2017


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• Complete Drywall Service, • Complete Basement Renovation • Full Office Renovation • Plumbing / Heating / Carpentry • Electrical, Painting, Tiling • Laminate Flooring • Steel Framing & T-Bar

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DAVINDER HANS_PEPSI HOMES renovations Friday, March 17, 2017 10:39:45 AM


75 100

95 25 75 5

Custom Homes, Management & Renovation



Davinder Hans


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Saturday - August 26, 2017

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Canada Wide Clearance On Most 2017’s! NEW 2017 CHEVY SILVERADO DBL CAB 4.3L V6, A/C, Cruise, 2WD, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Pwr Windows, 6 Speakers #7SI0486M MSRP DUECK/GM DISCOUNT CASH PURCHASE DISC. GM C.CARD APP BONUS

$37,350 $4,600 $2,000 $1,000


Dueck CASH Price OR

Taxes and $549 documentation fee excluded. Offer ends Aug 31st, 2017.

$29,750 $81 WEEKLY SELECTION, VALUE & TRUST ...Since 1926!


604.324.7222 400 S.E. MARINE DR.

SHOP 24 / 7 ON L I N E @ D U E C KG M .C OM

Saturday - August 26, 2017


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� � � �                  Part time, Full time workers required New and Old Homes Call for FREE Estimates


SIDING & Gurjant Gill SUNDECK 604-613-9071

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Saturday - August 26, 2017

Saturday - August 26, 2017


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Saturday - August 26, 2017

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More than 50 years of experience in Sight Testing

Eyeglasses • Sunglasses • Contact Lenses


2450, Mc Callum Rd. Abbotsford, BC (Near CIBC Bank)

r offe

HOURS: Weirect Monday to Friday: 10:00am - 7:00pm d g



Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Special offer








Hour ce Smoest prrevscriiptions


7900 $12900 $19900

Some restrictions may apply Limited time offer

Some restrictions may apply Limited time offer

CLEAR COOL OPTICALS_2 Friday, February 10, 2017 11:31:49 AM


Some restrictions may apply Limited time offer

25% to


OFF on

Designer Frames

Staff: Jaspreet, Mark, Margaret, Paul & Surjit


sight testing F Free Free eye pressure test trial contact lenses R Free Free evaluation of eye E health for contact lenses Free evaluation of eye E health for contact lenses

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when you purchase complete pair of eyeglasses/ sunglasses or annual supply of contact lenses.

­ € ‚Â?    

Some restrictions may apply

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Saturday - August 26, 2017


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Saturday - August 26, 2017

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Saturday - August 26, 2017


isrdrd nUM dUr krn leI bxwE Gr ‘c ieh jUs A`j k`lH B`j dOV BrI izMdgI dy kwrn isrdrd hoxw iek Awm g`l hY[ Acwnk ‘c isrdrd hox iksI vI v`fI bImwrI dw kwrn bx skdw hY[ jykr smyˆ rihMdy ies dw ielwj nw kIqw jwvy qwˆ keI qrHwˆ dw nukswn ho skdw hY[ ies leI isrdrd hox ‘qy qurMq fwktr dI slwh lE[ qusIˆ Awpxy Gr ‘c vI kuJ qrIky Apxw ky isrdrd qoˆ Cutkwrw pw skdy ho[ A`j AsIˆ quhwnUM isr drd qoˆ Cutkwrw pwaux dy leI Gr ‘c jUs bxwauxÎ bwry d`swˆg, ijs dI mdd nwl qusIˆ AwswnI nwl ies sm`isAw qoˆ Cutkwrw pw skdy ho[ isrdrd dw kwrn— isrdrd hox dy keI kwrn ho skdy hn[ A`j AsIˆ quhwnUM kuJ Aijhy kwrn d`swˆgy, ijnHwˆ kwrnwˆ dy hox ‘qy qusIˆ ies jUs dI vrqoˆ kr skdy ho[ -kolf Aqy PlU -Qkwvt -poSk q`qwˆ dI kmI -qxwA -kMipaUtr qy izAwdw dyr q`k bYTxw - hwieprtYˆSn jUs bxwaux dI sm`grI— - A`Dw k`p inMbU dw rs - 1 cmc Sihd - 2 bUMdwˆ lyvyˆfr qyl bxwaux dI ivDI— ienHwˆ swrIAwˆ cIzwˆ nUM 1 k`p ‘c imlw lE[ ies qrHwˆ jUs iqAwr ho jwvygw[ ies nUM pIx qoˆ bwAd bhuq Awrwm imlygw[ ies jUs ‘c ivtwimn ‘sI’ Aqy AYˆtIAwksIfYˆt huMdw hY jo isrdrd nUM kMtrol ‘c r`Kdw hY[

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hux, quhfzy bwcy kol sMprk `c bxy rihx leI iewk qoN vwD qrIky hn. qyjL rPLqfr LTE `qy kfl, tYkst jF vIzIE-kfl kro. nfl hI, nvyN PLon `qy MyTab nfl $200* qwk dI bwcq vI kro.


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`qy Learn more at *4GB of data includes 2GB of bonus data per month. The bonus 2GB of data offer and the Save up to $200 on select phones with MyTab offer are available for a limited time and are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Bonus 2GB of data will be applied to Pay Before and Pay After lines for new activations on, or existing customers who migrate to, an “Eligible Plan” (current in-market $40, $49 or $59 plans) during the promotion period. Bonus 2GB of data will remain on your account as long as you remain an active customer on the Eligible Plan. To be eligible for the Save up to $200 on select phones with MyTab offer, you must activate a new service with or upgrade your phone to an eligible phone with a minimum $5/month MyTab Boost, and sign up on an Eligible Plan. If you downgrade from an Eligible Plan within 24 months, you will be charged a fee equal to all, or a prorated part, of the discount received. MyTab terms and conditions apply. Offers may not be combined with any other in-market offer, with some exceptions. Additional terms and conditions apply. Applicable taxes extra. LG G6 is a registered trademark of LG Electronics Inc. The Freedom Mobile name and logos and other words, titles, phrases, marks, logos, icons, graphics are trademarks of, or are used under license by, Freedom Mobile Inc.


Saturday - August 26, 2017

250 SE Marine Drive Vancouver 604-322-3702

14650 - 104 Avenue Surrey 604-587-8518

7550 King George Boulevard Surrey 604-599-3721

Saturday - August 26, 2017


grmIAwˆ ivc phwVwˆ ‘qy cmVI dw r`Ko Kws iKAwl

grmIAwˆ dIAwˆ Cu`tIAwˆ ivc TMFy phwVwˆ Aqy smuMdrI q`twˆ dI v`D qoˆ v`D vrqoˆ kro[ DUV-im`tI qoˆ bcwA leI skwrP dI vrqoˆ kro[ * qylI vwlwˆ ‘qy GuMmx-iPrn dw AnMd zrUr lE pr Aijhy mOikAwˆ ‘qy * smuMdrI q`t ‘qy Kwry pwxI ivc nhwaux qoˆ bwAd ichry leI grm pwxI ivc tI bYg fubovo[ tI bYg nUM htw ky bwkI bcy suMdrqw p`Koˆ jwgrUk rihxw vI zrUrI hY, ikauˆik smuMdrI q`twˆ nUM qwzy sw& pwxI nwl Dovo[ * snbrn dy pRBwv nUM G`t krn pwxI nUM TMFw hox idE Aqy bwAd ivc ies ivc inMbU jUs imlw Aqy phwVwˆ dI brP dy pwrdrSI sqhw ‘qy sUrj dIAwˆ ikrnwˆ leI ichry ‘qy TMFy du`D dI mwilS krky ies nUM kuJ smyˆ q`k ky vwlwˆ nUM sw& kro[ ies nwl vwlwˆ nUM mulwiem Aqy cmkdwr mYdwnI ielwikAwˆ dI bjwey izAwdw qyz huMdIAwˆ hn, ijs nwl C`f idE[ * vwlwˆ nUM sUrj dIAwˆ ikrnwˆ, hvy dy JoˆikAwˆ Aqy bxwaux ivc mdd imldI hY[ cmVI ivc jlx, kwlwpn, snbrn Aqy muhwsy vrgIAwˆ sm`isAwvwˆ ho skdIAwˆ hn[ Cu`tIAwˆ ‘qy jwx qoˆ pihlwˆ hI sUrj dIAwˆ qyz pYrwbYˆgxI ikrnwˆ nwl cmVI nUM hox vwly nukswn dI pRBwvI rokQwm dy aupwA krny cwhIdy hn, qwˆ ik suMdrqw dy ihswb nwl Cu`tIAwˆ duKdweI AnuBv dI Xwdgwr nw bxn[ smuMdrI pwxI nwl nhwaux nwl quhwfy vwl inrjIv Aqy aulJ skdy hn[ smuMdrI pwxI ivc nhwauˆdy smyˆ isr nUM topI nwl Fkx nwl Start saving for your child’s future education in vwlwˆ nUM sUrj dI grmI Aqy Kwry pwxI dy a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) and nukswn qoˆ pRBwvI qrIky nwl bcwieAw jw receive up to $8,400 in government grants.1 skdw hY[ smuMdr ivc nhwaux qoˆ pihlwˆ Awpxy vwlwˆ Open a CST RESP now and you’ll start receiving nUM Awm qwzy pwxI nwl cMgI qrHwˆ Dovo[ vwlwˆ dy the Canada Education Savings grant (CESG). The muswm Ku`lHy huMdy hn Aqy vwlwˆ nUM Dox qoˆ bwAd CESG can add up to $7,200 to your child’s RESP. smuMdr ivc nhwaux nwl vwlwˆ dw nukswn nhIˆ hovygw, ikauˆik vwl smuMdrI pwxI nUM kdy nhIˆ When your child turns six, they can receive an soKxgy[ auh pihlwˆ hI qwzy pwxI nUM soK cu`ky additional $1,200 from the B.C. Government. huMdy hn[ smuMdrI pwxI ivc nhwaux qoˆ bwAd vwlwˆ nUM hlky hrbl SYˆpU nwl Do idE Aqy SYˆpU SURJIT S. MADHOPURI qoˆ bwAd vwlwˆ ivc kMfISnr jwˆ hyAr sIrm Branch Manager dI vrqoˆ kro[ C.S.T. Consultants Inc. Branch 888 ieh aupwA ApxwE-* Du`p ivc jwx qoˆ 20 Tel: 604.594.7200 / Cell: 604.377.4171 imMt pihlwˆ ichry Aqy srIr dy swry Ku`lHy AMgwˆ Email: ‘qy snskrIn dw lyp zrUr kr lE[ * sMvydnSIl Aqy snbrn qoˆ pRBwivq cmVI ivc 30 jwˆ izAwdw AY`s.pI.AY`P. snskrIn dI vrqoˆ kro[ 1 The Canada Education Savings Grant matches 20% of the first $2,500 you contribute to your child’s RESP each year up to a lifetime maximum of $7,200. * grmIAwˆ ivc Cu`tIAwˆ dOrwn BC Training and Education Savings Grant (BCTESG) is a one-time $1,200 grant available to BC resident children born on or after January 1st, 2006. mwiescrweIzr, irhweIfrYˆt, klIˆzr hyf Children are eligible for the BCTESG on their sixth birthday. You have until the day before your child’s ninth birthday to apply for the BCTESG. Conditions apply. ™ The Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan is a registered trademark of the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation. kRIm Aqy bu`lHwˆ dw bwm nwl r`Kxw kdy nw Bu`lo[ The CST Plan is only sold by Prospectus. You can get copies of the prospectus from or by calling 1.877.333.RESP(7377). * grmIAwˆ dIAwˆ Cu`tIAwˆ dOrwn qylI cmVI nUM MH1100(2017-04) cmkwaux Aqy muswmwˆ nUM sw& krn leI skr`b

C.S.T. Consultants Inc.

BC Helps Parents Boost their Education Savings!

5 imMtw 'c vwlW nMU rMg kro!

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Saturday - August 26, 2017

vwr-vwr mUMh su`kx dI sm`isAw qoˆ Cutkwrw pwaux leI vrqo ieh nusKy nvIˆ id`lI— grmI ‘c vwr-vwr mUMh su`kdw rihMdw hY[ mUMh ‘coˆ lwr bxn dI pRikirAw hox dy kwrn mUMh su`kx dI sm`isAw rihMdI hY ies qoˆ ielwvw Qkwvt Aqy qxwA jwˆ iPr hwrmon ‘c bdlwA Awauˆdw hY[ jwˆ iPr mUMh su`kx dI

sm`isAw izAwdw Srwb jwˆ isgrt pIx dy kwrn ho jwˆdI hY[ ienHwˆ hI nhIˆ mUMh su`kx dI sm`isAw aunHwˆ lokwˆ nUM vI AwauˆdI hY jo iksy qrHwˆ dy aupcwr dy leI dvweIAwˆ dI vrqo krdy hn[ jy qusIˆ vI mUMh su`kx dI sm`isAw qoˆ prySwn ho qwˆ A`j AsIˆ quhwnUM kuJ GrylU nusKy d`sx jw rhy hwˆ ijnHwˆ nUM Apxw ky qusIˆ ies sm`isAw qoˆ Cutkwrw pw skdy ho[ 1. sOˆP sOˆP ‘c PlwvonweIfs q`q huMdy hn jo lwr dy auqpwdn ‘c shweI huMdy hn ies leI rozwnw sOˆP dy dwinAwˆ nUM cbwE[ ies nwl mUMh su`kxw bMd

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pqly vwlwˆ dI sm`isAw qoˆ ho prySwn qwˆ vrqo ieh nusKy nvIˆ id`lI— bdldy lweIPstweIl Aqy vDdy pRdUSx dy kwrn shI dyKBwl nw krn dy nwl vwl JVxw SurU ho jwˆdy hn Aijhy ‘c vwl pqly ho jwˆdy hn ies leI lVkIAwˆ keI qrHwˆ dy ibaUtI pRokts dw iesqymwl krdIAwˆ hn pr ies nwl koeI Kws Pwiedw nhIˆ huMdw[ Aijhy ‘c vwlwˆ nUM Kws dyKBwl dI zrUrq huMdI hY ienHwˆ GrylU nusiKAwˆ nUM Apxw ky qusIˆ ies sm`isAw qoˆ Cutkwrw pw skdy ho[ 1. Awˆvly dw rs ieh vwlwˆ dy leI bhuq PwiedymMd huMdw hY vwlwˆ nUM Gxw Aqy mzbUq bxwaux dy leI Awˆvly Aqy inMbU dy rs nUM imlw ky vwlwˆ ‘c lgwE[ 2. ipAwj dw rs hPqy ‘c 2-3 vwr ies rs nUM vwlwˆ ‘c lgwaux nwl vwlwˆ ‘c mzbUqI AwauˆdI hY? 3. vwlwˆ nUM ks ky nw bxo

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  JKM Framing Company qjurbykwr Aqy ibnHW qurjby vwly 

cMgI qnKwh, rwief dw pRbMD Aqy vDIAw mwhOl Kulwant Mann

Cell: 604-338-9954

iDAwn r`Ko ik vwl bxn smyˆ ienHwˆ nUM izAwdw ks ky nw bxo[ twiet bxn nwl vwl JVx lgdy hn[ 4. AYlovyrw vwl Dox ‘qoˆ GMtw pihlwˆ isr ‘c ies dI jY`l nwl hlky h`Qwˆ nwl mswj kro[ 5. kYstr qyl kYstr dw qyl Aqy nwrIAl dw qyl imlwE Aqy 10 imMt leI ies dI mswj kro[ 2 GMty bwAd vwl Do lE[ 6. poSitk Awhwr Aijhy ‘c poSitk Awhwr dI vrqo kro[ ijs ‘c ivtwimn Emygw 3 PYtI AYisf,bwieEitk Aqy kYlSIAm hox[ aus nwl vwlwˆ dI gRoQ vDdI hY[ 7. hyAr fRwier ig`ly vwlwˆ ‘c hyAr fRwier Aqy kMGI dw iesqymwl nw kro[

Surinder Mann

Cell: 604-720-2231

izMdgI dy nwl iKlvwV krdy hn[ AwE jwxdy hwˆ ienHwˆ Plwˆ nUM pkwaux dy leI ikhVy rswienwˆ dw iesqymwl kIqw jwˆdw hY Aqy ieh lokwˆ dI izMdgI nUM kI nukswn phuMcw skdy hn[

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Saturday - August 26, 2017


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Unit 202 - 12725, 80th Avenue, Surrey, BC


Saturday - August 26, 2017

dysI grl ipRXMkw dI ies qsvIr ‘qy micAw hVkMp, lokwˆ ny ikhw- ‘ies nUM k`Fo Bwrq ‘coˆ’ muMbeI— AwzwdI idhwVy dy mOky 'qy hr bwlIvu`f hsqI ny Awpxy PYˆs nUM soSl mIfIAw

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Saturday - August 26, 2017

rMgyh`QI bMd kmry ‘c nwnw pwtykr nwl PVHI sI ieh bwlIvu`f Adwkwrw, qwˆ kwPI BVkI sI mnISw muMbeI— bwlIvu`f AiBnyqrI mnISw koierwlw ny 1991 'c irlIz hoeI iPlm 'sOdwgr' nwl bwlIvu`f 'c AYˆtrI kIqI sI[ mnISw dw jnm 16 Agsq, 1947 nUM hoieAw sI[ ikhw jwˆdw hY ik kdy mnISw Kud qoˆ 20 swl v`fy nwnw pwtykr nwl APyAr nUM lY ky kwPI surKIAwˆ btor cu`kI sI[ hwlwˆik dovwˆ dy irlySn 'c aus smyˆ drwV Aw geI jdoˆ mnISw ny nwnw pwtykr nUM AwieSw julkw nwl bMd kmry 'c rMgyh`Q PVH ilAw sI[ ies qoˆ bwAd mnISw ny nw isrP nwnw nUM KrIAwˆ KotIAwˆ suxweIAwˆ sgoˆ AwieSw 'qy vI kwPI BVkI sI[ Kbrwˆ dI mMnIey qwˆ nwnw nwl AwieSw nUM dyK ky koierwlw ny dovwˆ nUM KUb burw Blw ikhw[ ies nwl g`l ieMnI izAwdw vD geI ik g`l ku`tmwr q`k phuMc geI sI[ hwlwˆik aus smyˆ nwnw ny iksy qrHwˆ mnISw nUM smJw-buJw ky mnw ilAw


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Canada Tent House We We rentrent tents for all & parties tents for functions any function

Portable Sinks, Luxury Washrooms, Flooring, Stage, LED Lighting. For marriage party, birthday party or any program contact:

Now Open


We Now Deliver To Your Job Site

‘Even to the Moon’

• Framing lumber • Plywoods • Insulations • Gyprock • Cedar • Hardie Sidings • Metal Roofing • Wall Cladding • Treated Lumber & Plywood • Landscape Supplies • Topsoil • Sand and Gravel

Call: MALKIT or SAM SANGHA 7am - 6:30 pm

CAN AM LUMBER Friday, March 17, 2017 10:36:14 AM

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Friday, March 24, 2017 11:02:32 AM

11635 - 130 St., Surrey, BC



Canada Tent House





U Pick up or We Deliver




Arjun Gill New work, new rate Tel: 604-598-2400

Can-Am Lumber Mill

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Best Service - Best Prices




Tel: 604-580-1415

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100 25 95 5 75 0

25 5 0 34

Saturday - August 26, 2017

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Sept. 4




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Accupoint chart

Full body air bags 3 D PU Leather

Foot roller Zero gravity 42 pcs air bags LCD Screen

crazyt fit massage

office massage chair

Zero gravity

Black and Red color

crazyt fit massage

Elec yoga mass

Hot line: 604-270-0030

2018 New !

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Foot roller Heated Back Deluxe Designer

Foot roller


5 years warranty

Blood Pressure Monitor

Business Class

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Against the wall save 1/5 space Rollers at Calves and feet Calf rest can be turned 900m assage on knees L track massage thigh and hips

*24 months term, taxes and apply fees not included.

First Class cabin

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3 D intense massage FREE Elec Top of the line yoga Includes all the mass functions shown above. Very beautiful, good for your deluxe house

Daily: 9 AM - 6:30 PM Cel: 778-895-8116

Since 1999 Youneed Enterprises Ltd.

Heated back

Calgary: Video and Sound (East west T&T) 403-781-7171

Saturday - August 26, 2017



Saturday - August 26, 2017

Punjabi Star - August 26, 2017  
Punjabi Star - August 26, 2017