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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Family time is priceless - The most important time we have! A time where memories are made, a time to laugh and play together. At The Applewood Auto Group we recognize all the families that make up our company by stopping business for one day to enjoy some time together laughing, playing and building memories.

ALL OF OUR LOCATIONS WILL BE CLOSED SUNDAY, JULY 16TH FOR OUR ANNUAL FAMILY PICNIC. We will see you all back for regular business on Monday with full smiles and full bellies!

It’s all Good at Applewood 13220 Smallwood Place

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Saturday, April 25, 2015 6:42:48 PM

Vol 16 - Issue 24

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weekend winds could spread BC’s 582 wildfires Gusty winds forecast for the B.C. Interior this weekend could spread 582 BC wildfires to new parts of the province, an official warns, as thousands of evacuees remain unable to return to their homes. “Definitely toward the weekend some cold fronts are coming in and bringing some stronger wind patterns,” said Darron Campbell, director of the Emergency Operations Centre for the

Cariboo Regional District. “Most of those weather patterns seem to be in the western part of the region, over in the Chilcotin and the north Cariboo, in areas that have not seen a lot of activity to date,” he said. Campbell said officials are already preparing for any potential issues, including a prescribed burn near Williams Lake on Wednesday night. Continued on Page 9...

Hindu man’s love for a woman turned him into a terrorist

Indian scientists find supercluster of galaxies ‘Saraswati’

An investigation has revealed that love and not terror had forced Sandeep Sharma alias Adil - the LeT man held in Kashmir last week - to convert to Islam. Sources said that Sharma had converted and took the name of Adil to marry a woman he had fallen in love in Kashmir. Sandeep left his home town Muzaffarnagar and moved to Punjab six years ago in search of an employment while he was still a teenager. Having learnt the nuances of gas metal welding from his father before his death, Sandeep found work in Patiala. Continued on Page 9...

A team of Indian astronomers has discovered an extremely large supercluster of galaxies, as big as 20 million billion suns, which they have named Saraswati, Pune-based Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) said on Friday. This is one of the largest known structures in the neighbourhood of the universe, 4,000 million light-years away from Earth and roughly more than 10 billion years old, IUCAA said. Continued on Page 8...

Indian man shoots and kills wife for serving his dinner late An Indian man reportedly fatally shot his wife after she was late in serving him dinner. Ashok Kumar, 60, returned drunk to his home in Ghaziabad, near Delhi and demanded food from his wife, Sunaina. When the 55-year-old refused to serve him immediately, a fight broke out between the couple, their son is said to have told police. Mr. Kumar became “infuriated” at the delay, his son Rinku, 32, told The Times of India, adding that

he had threatened her with the gun before shooting her. Ms. Kumar was rushed to hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Authorities said Mr. Kumar had confessed to the shooting after his arrest. Rinku told the newspaper that his children were asleep in the other room. “Around 9 p.m., my father returned home drunk and asked my mother for dinner around 11 p.m. A quarrel broke out between them as my mother refused

to serve food immediately,” he said. “Infuriated over the delay, my father whipped out a gun and threatened her. I, my wife and [my brother] Tinku tried to intervene. But he opened fire and the bullet hit my mother on her head. She collapsed at the spot.” Police officer Rupesh Singh told the BBC that Mr. Kumar “used to drink every day” and his wife had wanted to talk to him about his habit, but “he wanted dinner immediately.”




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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Choice,• Residential Best Service. & Commercial Mortgages

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JAGDISH SINGH Notary & Immigration Consultants

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Immigration Services Notary Public

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JAGDISH SINGH* B.A., LL.B., (Pb.U) * Former advocate Punjab High Court

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By Kenneth Green and Joseph Quesnel The Fraser Institute Given the desire for green energy, you would think a Green Party leader would support more hydro power for Vancouver. Or for export to the United States and Alberta, which would allow Alberta to reduce emissions. That would mean the Site C Dam, a hydroelectric project under development and previously supported by B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, would be a slam dunk. But Weaver has apparently had an epiphany about the dam. He now finds it economically unattractive (citing lower costs for wind and solar power), and potentially an infringement of First Nations rights. However, wind and solar power are intermittent sources at the whims of nature. That means you must have 100 per cent backup power at peak consumption levels to displace renewable output when it slumps. And then there’s the cost. According to the 100 U.S. Energy Information Administration, 100 the 2016 “levelized” cost of hydroelectricity 95 was US$64 per megawatt-hours (MWh), a 95 common billing unit for energy, for projects 75 coming online in 2022. When you remove 75 the tax credits given to wind and solar power, you find that solar photovoltaic is projected to25cost $73.60 per MWh, and onshore wind costs $56 per MWh, comparable to natural 25 gas. 5 VICTOR BAINS 5 But you can’t just swap out gas or hydro for 0 renewables because you must maintain 100 0 per cent redundant power capacity for renewables, in a way you don’t have to for hydro or natural gas. Continued on Page 7... # 202 - 7028, 120th Street, Surrey, BC V3W 3M8 Ph: 604-591-5423 Fax: 604-591-8615 E-mail: Editor: Umendra Singh Associate Editor: Chhavi Disawar Marketing and Sales: Ravinder S. Cheema........604-715-3847 Shamir Doshi....................604-649-7827 Harminder Kaur...............778-708-0481 Parminder Dhillon..........778-859-9234


The Only Names You Need To Know

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BC Greens should support Site C dam, for everyone’s good

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simpson, thomas & associates

Saturday, July 15, 2017

• Brain Injury • Paraplegia

• Whiplash • Quadriplegia

Ov ------ 11,0 er --- 00 AN E $4 ---- IC ST 00 --- BC IM MI ---- CLA ATE LLI ---- IM D ON --- S H IN ---- AN SET ---- DLE TLE ---- D ME ---NT • Spinal Cord Injury S • Fatal Accidents


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Bernie Simpson, C.M.

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Stephen C.M. Yung

Anthony is Managing Partner at Simpson Thomas & Associates. Anthony has extensive experience in motor vehicle cases for 30 years.

Stephen is a Partner at Simpson Thomas & Associates. He has considerable experience dealing with a vast range of injuries and family compensation claims.

Bernie is a Founding Partner at Simpson Thomas & Associates. Member of Order of Canada. Recipient of Queen's Jubilee Medal. Representing only the victims of car accidents for close to 50 years.

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Our new office address will be:

Suite 1301 – 808 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC

(Our phone, fax, and email addresses will remain the same)

Visit our website for answers on all questions related to ICBC Claims.



Saturday, July 15, 2017

Calibri controversy: Why a Microsoft font could topple Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, whose family is accused of offshore tax evasion and ownership of illegal assets, is in hot water after investigators found that key documents purportedly signed by his

politician daughter Maryam in 2006 made use of Microsoft’s Calibri typeface – which wasn’t made widely available to the public until 2007. The Sharifs have been the subject of a corruption investigation ever since last year’s Panama Papers leak, which implicated them in a graft conspiracy. On Tuesday, a columnist for Pakistani newspaper Dawn tweeted a screenshot from a report, created by an investigative team set up by the country’s Supreme Court, which lays bare the font faux-pas. That specific section of the report laid out the conclusions of forensic handwriting expert Robert W. Radley of the Londonbased Radley Forensic Document Laboratory, Dawn reported. However, the Sharif clan’s supporters have claimed that the Calibri typeface was indeed

available in 2006, prompting Dawn to do some digging. “ reached out to Lucas de Groot, the designer credited with creating the font, to weigh in on whether the font was available in February 2006 (when the document was signed) or earlier, as claimed by Maryam Nawaz supporters, or 2007, as claimed by pretty much the rest of the internet,” read a Dawn follow-up report. A representative for de Groot told Dawn that while beta versions of Calibri were in fact published in 2006, “early Windows betas are intended for programmers and technology freaks to see what works and what doesn’t,” concluding that it is “extremely unlikely” that someone would access fonts on a beta version of Windows and copy them for use in official documents. Font consultant Thomas Phinney echoed those sentiments in a Quora post, stating, “Be aware that pre-release versions of Windows are not generally used for typical office documents; just because it is physically possible that Calibri could be in a random document dated to 2006 does not make it at all likely.” Nonetheless, Sharif, who is serving his third term as prime minister, has written off the report’s legitimacy. “The JIT [Joint Investigative Team] report about our family businesses is the sum of hypotheses, accusations and slander,” Sharif said according to Reuters. “Accusations amounting to billions are being made here but no wrongdoing has been proven.”

Punjabi Parents, let your children learn Punjabi If your child is going into grade 5 this September, please make sure your child chooses Punjabi as the second language. Your child, then will continue to study Punjabi from grade 5 to grade 8. If your child doesn’t choose Punjabi, he will be offered French as second language. It is therefore, very important that your child chooses Punjabi as the second language. In BC, every student is required to take a second language in grade 5. They can continue studying Punjabi in high school from grade 9 to 12. After studying Punjabi in school, the students will be able to communicate with their parents, grandparents, and Punjabi community as a whole. According to the Census Canada 2011, Punjabi is the 2nd most-spoken language in British Columbia. It is also the 3rd mostspoken language in Canada. Being bilingual in English, Punjabi will

increase your child’s career opportunities. If he becomes a professional like doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, contractor, dentist, the knowledge will help him/her communicate in Punjabi with their clients. This will help bilingual professionals to earn goodwill of their clients and help develop their business. Punjabi students, who neglect to choose Punjabi as their second language in grade 5, often repent and feel bad about the missed opportunity-to learn Punjabi from grade 5 to grade 8 in school. Knowledge of Punjabi will also help them keep their identity and culture. They say, “Loose your mother tongue, loose your culture.” So parents, take it as your duty to make your children chose Punjabi as a second language in grade 5 this September. Prof. Kuldip Pelia - Tel. 604-339-2654

Ria Money Transfer adds Tens of Thousands of Locations to Indian Network to Serve World’s Largest Diaspora Group • Ria launches partnerships with three of India’s leading cash remittance payout agents • Customers in India gain access to tens of thousands of new locations to receive remittances from friends and family in Canada • Partnerships provide Ria’s customers with a high-quality cash payout network in the top remittance receiving country in the world

Ria Money Transfer (“Ria”) the third largest money transfer company in the world and subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) has signed direct partnership agreements with three of India’s leading cash remittance payout agents, Paul Merchants Limited, Weizmann Forex Limited and Transcorp International Limited. Ria’s new principal agents are wellrecognized in India and each have more than 15 years’ experience in the money transfer sector. With the addition of these agents, Ria will upgrade its cash payout network during the next 12 months by adding tens of thousands of high-quality retail and non-banking financial company (NBFC) locations across India. The robust and ubiquitous payout network will provide Ria with increased brand recognition, while providing tremendous convenience and accessibility for beneficiaries to easily receive cash remittances. Juan Bianchi, CEO & President of Ria Money Transfer, said: “India is the top receiving country for family remittances, receiving $62.7 billion1 in 2016. Millions of households are largely dependent on these

transfers for family maintenance, savings and investment and we are proud to be the link that connects our customers in Canada to their loved ones in rural and urban centers across the country.” Speaking at a press event in Toronto, Rosario Escarpita, Managing Director for the Americas of Ria Money Transfer, added: “We are pleased to say that Ria has one of the best services in Canada to send money to India. With the addition of our new agents, Ria has also raised the quality of its existing Indian payout network to provide customers with a ubiquitous spread of locations to receive remittances from their loved ones. We warmly welcome our new partners to the Ria family.” Ria already has a strong network worldwide, including in top remittance sending countries where many Indians reside. In Canada, customers can make transfers to India at thousands of Ria agent or store locations across the country, and can search for their nearest location by visiting In addition to cash pick-up, Ria also offers bank deposit services which allow customers to transfer money to any bank account in India.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

BC Greens should support Site C dam, for everyone’s good Continued from Page 4... Weaver said a major reason for his change of mind was the indigenous rights the project will threaten. Of note are sacred cultural sites for the nearby Prophet River and West Moberly First Nations. The construction of Site C involves a highway realignment through a 4,000-to-5,000-year-old gravesite and sweat lodge. Of course, the route should be changed to avoid these cultural sites, if possible. At a minimum, the B.C. government should compensate the communities and pay for a respectful grave relocation. However, indigenous communities are not only only among those affected. Other nearby landowners face expropriation for the construction. But power dams are clearly legitimate public purposes that justify expropriation. And even indigenous opponents of the project admit there have been thousands of hours of consultation meetings with First Nations and other affected parties. Five First Nations have signed impact benefits agreements and one is in negotiation. Two First Nations are still firmly against the project and have taken the government to court to stop the project - and have failed each time. Those First Nations also lost a Federal Court challenge and, on June 29, the Supreme Court declined to hear two appeals that sought to delay Site C project. Treaty and aboriginal rights are extremely important but like any rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, they’re not absolute. They must be balanced against other rights and competing critical interests. To many, including Canadian courts, the Site C consultation was meaningful and extensive. The B.C. government and BC Hydro met and discussed the project, its impact, and how to mitigate any impacts to treaty rights or any damage to the environment. Compensation, land transfers and job opportunities were always on the table. The Fraser Institute has documented how positive partnerships with First Nations on resource development help make provinces more attractive to investment, which benefits everyone involved. In the case of mining, for example, the Fraser Institute showed how 45 mining partnerships between First Nations and resource companies in Saskatchewan helped turn that province into a mining investment magnet.

We have a team of professional and experienced lawyers to assist you.

AweI.sI.bI.sI. Aqy prsnl ieMjrI klym swfy kol mwihr Aqy qzrbykwr vkIlW dI tIm quhwfI shwieqw leI hwzr hY[ AsIN pMjwbI, ihMdI Aqy aurdU ivc g`l krdy hW

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Why more and more indians can’t have kids Mumbai resident Janhavi climbed several rungs of the corporate ladder before deciding to have a baby three years back. Months however turned into years as Janhavi, now 38, spent lakhs of rupees at various infertility clinics to get pregnant. “I have tried as many gharelu nuskas (home remedies) as tests looking for genetic abnormalities and ovarian antibodies, but without success,” she says. Janhavi isn’t the only one. Infertility experts say a growing number of career women come to them in their late thirties and forties wanting a baby . “Women now get married at a later age. They are well qualified and have economic as well as career compulsions that lead them to delay childbearing,’’ says infertility specialist Dr Aniruddha Malpani. And, while it is not uncommon to hear about women having their first baby at 35, a percentage of them have problems conceiving. “With increasing age, the quality of eggs decreases and so do the chances of pregnancy,” says specialist Dr Hrishikesh Pai. The typical corporate lifestyle -with both wife and husband busy with work-related tours - affects quality time that a couple spends with each other. Couples don’t get an opportunity to try at the most fertile period of the month, say doctors.

It is estimated that infertility affects 10 to 14% of the Indian population. “The figure has more or less been steady, with the main addition being the group of career women who try for a baby later than women in previous generations did,” says Dr Duru Shah, president of ISAR (Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction). ISAR secretarygeneral Dr Ameet Patki fears the numbers

could be higher in India’s urban addresses: one in every five to six couples could have some fertility - related problem. Medical science has advanced so much that men with poor sperm count can now father a baby, but experts blame unhealthy lifestyle choices -smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs - among Indians for the queues at infertility clinics. Age is just one

of the culprits, as Dr Shah puts it. “Smoking is one of the worst as it reduces the quality of eggs,” he says, adding that surveys have shown that more women smoke than before. Incidentally, the reason female infertility is more talked about is because it is more common, say doctors. Male infertility is responsible for 40% of the infertility cases. And, like with women, male fertility too is affected by lifestyle and environmental factors. “Men take supplements for body building which is known to reduce the sperm count,’’ says Dr Patki. Thanks to environmental pollution caused by plastics, there are also chemicals that can interfere with the endocrine (or hormonal) system; many studies have linked these endocrine disruptors to male children suffering from undescended testes or hypospadia (a congenital condition in males in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis). “Many couples we counselled confessed that they were into recreational drugs and didn’t realise that taking these would affect their fertility,’” says Dr Patki. The urban phenomenon of processed food, too, contributes to infertility as it lacks folic acid.

“Obesity and polycystic ovarian (PCOD) also lead to infertility,” says Dr Pai who has clinics in both Mumbai and Delhi. Studies have shown that PCOD is more common in north India than in the south. “In some north Indian cities, where I have clinics, I found that every second patient has PCOD,” says Dr Pai. “Some overweight women undergo bariatric surgery in order to get pregnant,’” he adds. While urban India has lifestyle to blame for infertility, infection is still the big causative factor in rural India. “In rural areas, women undergo abortion or even delivery at unhygienic centres that could cause infection in the fallopian tubes, leading to infertility,” says Dr Shah. Tuberculosis is another major reason for fallopian tube-related complications. Dr Malpani, however, offers a different view. “Victim blaming is a big issue across India. People tell women that they are unable to conceive because they don’t eat healthy or work too much. It is unfortunate that women feel stressed and inadequate due to the inability to have babies,” he says. “I have had women crying and asking if they are too fat or if the anti-acne medicine they used previously is responsible for infertility.”

Indian scientists find supercluster of galaxies ‘Saraswati’ Continued from Page 3... Its mass extends over the scale of 600 million light years, it said. Scientists of this institute were also involved in the path-breaking discovery of gravitational waves last year. The supercluster was discovered by Shishir Sankhyayan, a PhD student at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune, Pratik Dabhade, IUCAA research fellow, Joe Jacob of the Newman College, Kerala, and Prakash Sarkar of the National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. Their findings were published in the latest issue of The Astrophysical Journal, the premier research journal of the American Astronomical Society. “Superclusters are the largest coherent structures in the cosmic web. They are a chain of galaxies and galaxy clusters, bound by gravity, often stretching to several hundred times the size of clusters of galaxies, consisting of tens of thousands of galaxies,” the IUCAA said in a statement. Sankhyayan said this “newly-discovered Saraswati supercluster” extends over a scale of 600 million light-years and may contain the mass equivalent of over 20 million billion suns.

A cluster could roughly have galaxies ranging from 1,000 to 10,000. A supercluster could have clusters ranging from 40 to 43, he added. “Our own galaxy is part of a supercluster called the Laniakea supercluster,” the IUCAA said. Joydeep Bagchi from IUCAA, the lead author of the paper in the journal, and coauthor Sankhyayan said they were “astonished to spot this giant wall-like supercluster of galaxies”, visible in a large spectroscopic survey of distant galaxies, known as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Sankhyayan said the data was then analysed, following which the discovery was made. “This supercluster is clearly embedded in a large network of cosmic filaments traced by clusters and large voids,” Bagchi said. He said previously “only a few comparatively large superclusters” had been reported, such as the Shapley Concentration or the Sloan Great Wall in the nearby universe. “The Saraswati supercluster is far more distant,” Bagchi said. The two hoped that the work would help shed light on “perplexing questions” like how such matter-density clusters had been formed billions of years ago.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weekend winds could spread BC wildfires Continued from Page 3... “Certainly we have a window of opportunity over the next few days to prepare any new areas that might become a problem over the weekend,� Campbell. “Areas north of Prince George should get a good soaking today but a strong, southwesterly flow and moderate instability will generate a risk of thunderstorms over the central Interior as well, including the fireaffected areas of the Cariboo,� said Wagstaffe. The potential for moderate, gusty outflow winds is likely to outweigh the positive affects from local rainfall, she said. On Friday and Saturday, the hot, dry conditions that fuelled the fires earlier this week are forecast to return, she noted, before the next, stronger cold front arrives Saturday night. “Gusty winds ahead and behind the front could further complicate the fire situation in the central and southern interior,� she said. Daytime high temperatures will drop by five to eight degrees across the Interior by the end of the weekend as the cooler air mass settles in, but there is no soaking rain in the weekend forecast, said Wagstaffe. In an effort to protect public safety, all recreation sites and trails in the Cariboo Fire Centre area have been closed. The closure will remain in effect until further notice and any members of the public

currently using recreation sites within the Cariboo Fire Centre are advised to leave.100 Campfires have already been banned 95 across the province and dozens of provincial parks in the fire zone have been closed. 75 100 Since last Friday, more than 14,000 people have been forced from their homes by 95 wildfires, and thousands more have been warned to be ready to leave at a moment’s 25 75 notice if the situation gets worse. Since April, 78,000 hectares have 5been burned by 602 wildfires, officials said 0 25 Wednesday. The entire province remains under a 5 state of emergency issued by the provincial government last week, and air quality 0 advisories issued by Environment Canada remain in effect for larger areas of the Interior. A break in the weather in recent days has allowed firefighters to make progress, cutting the number of wildfires from about 220 earlier this week to 183 on Wednesday. But Al Richmond with the Cariboo Regional District says shifting winds did fan flames toward a rural area southwest Williams Lake on Wednesday night. Just before 5 p.m. local time, the Cariboo district issued a new evacuation order for South of the Chilcotin River to Fletcher Lake. The district has also published an interactive map of all 17 areas under evacuation orders or alerts.

Hindu man’s love for a woman turned him into a terrorist Continued from Page 3... During the winters, a large chunk of young men moves down to Himachal, Punjab and other parts of the country from Jammu and Kashmir. The contractor told cops that Sharma worked in power grids and he had sent him and three others to Kashmir. “While Asif and Yogesh returned to UP after work, Sandeep fell in love with the daughter of a retired subinspector there,� the contractor said. As the woman’s family didn’t allow the marriage due to Sharma being a Hindu, the LeT member allegedly converted to Islam at a local mosque in presence of some maulvis and subsequently got married.

He also formally changed his name to Adil, an officer said. Adil then took to commercial driving in Anantnag and Pulwama apart from his welding works to make money but could only make around Rs 300 per day. Around this time, Adil met Shakoor, an LeT operative, who offered him a huge chunk of money and used his welding abilities to rob ATMs. Sandeep Sharma was given arms training by Lashkar-e-Taiba. Having a driving licence in his original name, Sharma was used as a driver by terror operatives in the Valley to move weapons from one location to the other, stated the report quoting the interrogation report.

Consumers feel pinch as banks pass on full BoC hike, but not all the cuts The country’s major banks are passing on the full weight of a 0.25-per-cent increase from the Bank of Canada, despite the fact that, on the way down, consumers only received a portion of the central bank’s discounts. Vince Gaetano, a principal at mortgage broker, questioned whether Canada’s major banks were gouging consumers with the move, which affects about a quarter of Canadians with a mortgage tied to prime. “It’s quite simply greed,� said Gaetano. “There is always a focus on profits and getting more money out of the pockets of Canadians. The last Bank of Canada decrease of 0.25 per cent only garnered a benefit of 0.15 per cent to Canadian borrowers. This happened the last two rate decreases.� Royal Bank of Canada was the first out of the gate with an increase, raising its prime lending rate from 2.7 per cent to 2.95 per cent. The other major banks followed with increases throughout the day.

“After careful consideration of a range of factors, we are increasing our prime lending rate in line with the Bank of Canada overnight rate by 25 basis points to 2.95 per cent, effective July 13,� RBC said in an email to the Financial Post. “The Bank of Canada Rate is one reference point that we use to set our prime rate and is not the sole driver of the bank’s funding costs. In a persistently low rate environment, funding costs have steadily increased over the past few years.� Traditionally, the prime lending rate at most major banks has tracked the Bank of Canada’s overnight lending, but there have been points where it has diverged. In 2015, over the course of two rate cuts, the major banks decided not to match the full cut twice — the 0.2-per-cent spread has not been recovered since. Back in 2008, when the late Jim Flaherty was finance minister, the Bank of Canada cut the prime lending rate by 50 basis points, only to see the banks agree to pass on half the rate cut.



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Saturday, July 15, 2017

‘Sanity’ returning to Toronto housing market, as Vancouver, Calgary show recovery: Royal LePage "Sanity" started returning to the Greater Toronto Area's real estate market in the second quarter, while home sales in Greater Vancouver and Calgary showed signs of recovery, Royal LePage says in its latest national survey and forecast. On a country-wide basis, Royal LePage said that sale information from 53 of Canada's largest markets showed the aggregate price of a home increased 13.8 per cent year-over-year to $609,144 in the second quarter. For the rest of this year, the real estate firm is forecasting that the national aggregate price of a home will increase by 9.5 per cent in 2017 to $617,773 compared with the end of 2016. The aggregate price represents a weighted average of the median values for sales in the two-storey, bungalow and condominium

categories. "Following a period of unprecedented regional disparity in activity and price appreciation, we are now seeing a return to healthy growth in the majority of Canadian housing markets," said Royal LePage chief executive Phil Soper. "The white-hot markets are moderating to very warm; the depressed markets are beginning to grow again," Soper said in a release. "Sanity began to return to the Greater Toronto Area, where a slowing of both price appreciation and sales activity was evident," Royal LePage said in its release. "In Greater Vancouver and Calgary, home sales began to recover after significant market downturns." Royal LePage said growth in prices and sales slowed in the GTA in the April-

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June period, as falling affordability and government legislation pushed many buyers to the sidelines, which "at least temporarily" brought some balance to the market. "For the first time in years, buyers are able to include reasonable conditions in their offers and multiple bid situations are somewhat less frequent," Soper said. During the second quarter, the aggregate price of a home in the Greater Toronto Area rose 24 per cent to $837,232, while the price of a home in the City of Toronto jumped 22.8 per cent year-overyear to $843,590. In Toronto's surrounding suburbs, including Vaughan, Oshawa,

Richmond Hill, Markham, Mississauga and Oakville, prices showed increases ranging from 23 per cent to 27 per cent. Looking ahead, Royal LePage said the Toronto area market is projected to finish 2017 with a price gain of more than 18 per cent over the end of 2016. The aggregate price of a home in the GTA is projected to hit $862,264 for the fourth quarter of this year. The majority of Ontario's housing markets are expected to continue seeing strong yearover-year growth for the remainder of 2017, led by continued double-digit increases in the Golden Horseshoe, the real estate firm said.

Rights of disabled veterans ‘no less important than Khadr’s: Equitas A White Rock-based veterans-support organization is calling for improved compensation and restored pensions for disabled soldiers, in light of last week’s report that the Canadian government has settled a $10.5-million civil suit with Omar Khadr. Khadr is a Canadian citizen who, after being was taken to Afghanistan as a teenager by his father, was affiliated with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. He was detained by the U.S. for 10 years – mainly at Guantanamo Bay – after a 2002 firefight between American and Taliban forces in which Khadr, then 15, is alleged to have thrown a grenade that killed U.S. soldier Sgt. Christopher Speer. The July 4 reporting of the government’s wrongfulimprisonment settlement with Khadr

– which includes an official apology – has drawn criticism from some corners. However, Equitas Society, in an official statement issued Thursday, simply calls for equal treatment for the country’s vets, and calls on the federal Liberals to “uphold its obligations and respect the Charter rights of Canadian disabled soldiers.” In the release, Equitas “insists that the rights of disabled veterans are no less important than Mr. Khadr’s, or those of any other citizen.”


Saturday, July 15, 2017


BC man arrested, charged in California after 88 pounds of cocaine found A Vancouver man was arrested in Long Beach, Calif. after police found 88 pounds (40 kg) of cocaine in a car during a traffic stop.

On Tuesday around 11:46 a.m., police noticed a driver was “acting nervous”

during a routine traffic stop, according to Long Beach Police Department spokeswoman Nancy Pratt. Backup was called in before officers conducted a search of the driver’s vehicle. During the search, police pulled two large duffel bags from the car, containing a total of 35 bricks of cocaine. Each brick weighed approximately 2.5 pounds for a combined total of 88 pounds. The driver has been identified as Joel Benedict Medina, a 36-year-old man from Vancouver. Medina is now charged with possession for sales and transportation of cocaine, said Pratt. He remained in custody Thursday at Long Beach Jail and his bail has been set at $1 million.

Police bust suspected fentanyl processing operation in Abbotsford The Abbotsford Police Department say they uncovered a fentanyl processing operation during a search of a local residence on Wednesday night.

The APD’s drug enforcement united executed a warrant at a home in the 32000 block of Golden Avenue in Abbotsford and

seized a large quantity of drugs believed to be fentanyl, firearm magazines and ammunition, and about $1,000 cash. A 22-year-old man, who police say is a Lower Mainland gang conflict associate, was arrested and remains in custody. His name has not been released as charges are still pending. Abbotsford police say the investigation is targeting associates involved in gang violence and/or the trafficking of drugs. Police hope to disrupt the distribution of fentanyl. “Our intention is to focus on these individuals and their actions, which pose a significant risk to our community,” said Sgt. Monty McInnes of the APD drug enforcement unit. An APD forensic team remains at the scene collecting evidence.

Family sues U.S. after 11-hour detention at Canadian border, blames terrorist watchlist A family of six Americans say they were stopped at the Canadian border on their way back home to Minnesota. They handed

over their U.S. passports and the children’s birth certificates to a border patrol officer and waited in the car. Moments later, they say three border officials emerged from their office, guns drawn and pointed at the family. The children started screaming. Thus begins Abdisalam Wilwal and Sagal Abdigani’s account of their nearly 11-hour detention at the hands of Department of Homeland Security officials, according a lawsuit filed Thursday on their behalf by the

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and a private law firm, Robins Kaplan. The lawsuit contends that the U.S. government violated the constitutional rights of Wilwal, Abdigani and their four children by allegedly subjecting them to unreasonable search and seizure, and violating their right to due process when the family, all of whom are U.S. citizens, tried to reenter the United States on March 30, 2015. According to the lawsuit, Wilwal was separated from his family and handcuffed for nearly 11 hours — at one point passing out and requiring medical attention. He was questioned about his religious practices and travels, the lawsuit says, and was denied access to a lawyer or interpreter. The rest of the family was kept together. When Abdigani realized her 14-year-old stepson had his phone, she used it to call 911 for help. An officer confiscated the phone and police never came. Authorities searched the phone and took the boy to a separate area where he was given a pat-down. He was told to remove his clothes for a strip search, but he refused.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Richmond woman collects $9.5-million Lotto 6/49 jackpot Heling Huang has had an exciting few days on Cloud 6/49. Now the Richmond woman is looking forward to slowing down before figuring out

what to do with her $9.5-million jackpot in Saturday’s Lotto 6/49 draw. “The first thing I did after I realized I won was call my parents in China to tell them the news,” Huang said Tuesday after picking up her cheque at the B.C. Lottery Corp. offices in Vancouver. “They didn’t believe me at first.” “I need a good night’s sleep first before deciding anything,” Huang said. She said she is looking forward to spending more time with her family and living a happy and healthy life. The winning ticket was purchased at the Lottery Ticket Centre in Richmond Centre.

Fees go up to cross the Golden Ears Bridge Effective this Saturday, July 15, the cost of heading south or north across the Fraser River – between Langley and Maple Ridge – will cost between five and 15 cents more. TransLink issued a notice late Thursday morning, describing it as an “annual inflationary adjustment” as part of the Golden Ears Bridge tolling bylaw that came into effect in 2009 and is tied to the rise in the Consumer Price Index. The rates increase 1.6 per cent, which amounts to five to 15 cents depending on vehicle type. Cars will pay five cents more per crossing, while the cost for small trucks go up 10

cents, and the rate for large trucks goes up 15 cents. The only rate that remains unchanged is for registered motorcycles, but pay-asyou-go motorcycles will pay an extra five cents per crossing. Customers registered with a transponder from Quickpass or registered with combined billing with TReO will continue to receive the best rate, according to TransLink’s spokesperson Jill Drews. “Tolls are used to pay for the building, operations, and maintenance costs associated with the bridge,” she said in the release.

Canada 150: How a Bank Note Tells a Story The Bank of Canada is marking the country’s 150th birthday by issuing a commemorative bank note. You can buy some lunch with this special $10 bill, but take a good look at it first. Its visual elements are full of meaning and help to tell a story about our history, land and culture. Bordering the large window are 13 maple leaves representing each of Canada’s provinces and territories. The three metallic leaves at the bottom of the window reflect the leaves found on the shield of the coat of arms, which represent the many peoples of Canada At the bottom of the large window is an image of Owl’s Bouquet, a stone-cut and stencil print by acclaimed Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak. A Companion of the Order of Canada,Ashevak has produced artwork that has been featured on a Canadian stamp and coin, but never before on a Canadian bank note. Ashevak lived and worked in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, the last territory to join Confederation, in 1999. The pattern that appears across the top and bottom of the note is based on the distinctive Assomption, or arrow sash, which is an important cultural symbol of the Métis people. The sash also has significance to French-Canadian culture. Worn by habitants, the sash became a hallmark of the voyageurs and fur traders in the 18th century. Representing Canada through meaningful visual content is a key aspect of the Bank’s formal bank note design principles. The artwork by Ashevak, the arrow sash pattern and the portrait of Senator James Gladstone—who represents the role of

Indigenous peoples in government—allow the Canada 150 bank note to represent First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. The note also depicts Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir GeorgeÉtienne Cartier and Agnes Macphail, three parliamentarians who’ve made significant

contributions to Canada’s political history. In addition, the note incorporates symbols of Canadians’ military service, including a vignette of the Hall of Honour, the central corridor of the Centre Block, and the Memorial Chamber Arch of the Peace Tower, both on Parliament Hill. Today, the Hall of Honour is decorated with various plaques commemorating the original Parliament building (destroyed by fire in 1916), Confederation and the First World War. The Memorial Chamber was dedicated in 1927 to all Canadians who died in military service during the First World War. It has since come to honour all Canadian men and women who gave their lives in service to their country. The Canada 150 note began circulating on June 1. In all, 40 million commemorative notes will be distributed through Canada’s financial institutions. To get one, simply visit your local bank or credit union. Most of them will have a limited supply of these special notes to distribute over the counter. This is only the fourth commemorative note issued by the Bank of Canada in its 82-year history.


Saturday, July 15, 2017


Federal Court voids Canadian citizenship revocation for 312 people The Federal Court has nullified government attempts to strip Canadian citizenship from more than 300 people after an earlier judgment struck down key

provisions of the Citizenship Act introduced by the former Conservative government under Stephen Harper. The earlier ruling, in May, declared those provisions inoperative because they were an expedited process that deprived individuals of the right to an oral hearing and did not take into account humanitarian and compassionate considerations. As a result, in a decision on Monday,

Justice Russel Zinn voided the citizenship revocation of 312 individuals who had turned to the court after they were targeted in a sweep against people who had obtained their Canadian nationality through fraud. Another 14 similar court requests, which had not been filed in a timely manner, can apply for a deadline extension, Justice Zinn ruled. “It’s another judicial loss for the policies of the previous government,” Montreal lawyer Vincent Valaï, who represented some of the people in the case, said in an interview. He noted that the Conservative government liked to say that obtaining Canadian citizenship is a privilege, not a right. However, the ruling in May said that once acquired, citizenship is a right. “And because it is a right, you have to respect procedure fairness before revoking citizenship. That means the right to a hearing before an impartial judge,” Mr. 100 Valaï said. Another lawyer involved in the case, 95 Matthew Jeffery, called the provisions in the 75 law a “deeply flawed process.”

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Have one less child if you are serious about stopping climate change - UBC study 25 5 0

For one person to have any real impact on climate change, it would take some major sacrifices: give up the car, stop eating meat, avoid transatlantic flights and, most

importantly, have one fewer child than you had planned, according to a new study by a researcher at the University of British Columbia. So why then, the study asks, do Canadian high school textbooks still tell students to do their part by merely hanging their laundry and recycling? Especially since recycling, upgrading light bulbs and hanging laundry doesn’t cut greenhouse gas half as much as skipping out on a single transatlantic flight. The study, by UBC PhD student Seth


Wynes and Prof. Kimberly Nicholas at Sweden’s Lund University, was published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Research Letters. The research paper calls for education curriculums to be upfront about the real, often difficult, ways for individuals to reduce their footprints. The study surveyed Canadian high school textbooks from seven provinces and found that students rarely, if ever, learned about the most effective ways to reduce climate change. The study’s top four most effective tactics — going car-free (an annual savings of 2.4 tonnes of CO2), abstaining from meat (0.8 tonnes), flying one less transatlantic flight per year (1.6 tonnes) and having one less child (58.6 tonnes) — make up only four per cent of suggestions given to students. One textbook claimed that “making a 100 difference doesn’t have to be difficult” and 95 suggested swapping reusable shopping bags 75 for plastic ones to save five kg of CO2 emissions a year. “This is less than one per cent as effective as 25 a year without eating meat,” the study reads. “Examples like this create the impression 5 that the issue of climate change itself is trivial in 0nature.”

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Surrey woman facing numerous charges in flagger hit and run A 38-year-old Surrey woman is facing several charges in connection with the hit and run of two flaggers last month. Burnaby RCMP say a white SUV collided

with a flagger in the 7400-block of 10 Avenue near Kingsway at around 11:30 a.m on June 28. Video posted to social media showed

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the SUV trying to merge into traffic in a construction zone. The vehicle then ran into a flagger who appeared to be trying to stop the vehicle. When police arrived on the scene shortly after, they found one flag person had serious injuries and a second flagger had also been struck a littler further along in the construction zone. The second flagger’s injuries were minor and non-life threatening. The driver, who has been identified as Brenda Ouma Argay, did not stay at the scene. Shortly after the hit and run incident, police received a complaint about a woman assaulting two children on a nearby street in Burnaby. Police said after arriving at the scene of the alleged assault, they learned the suspect was the driver of the vehicle in the hit and run. The children involved were related to the suspect and staff from the Ministry of Children and

Family Development were called in and are now involved with the children. Argay has been charged with two counts of assault with a weapon, two counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, two counts of fail to stop at scene of accident,

and two counts of assault. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Burnaby RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Ex-astronaut Julie Payette formally introduced as Canada’s next GG Former astronaut Julie Payette says she is embracing her new role as Canada’s next governor general with humility, love of country and a promise to work for all Canadians. “I’m here to serve all Canadians of all backgrounds, of all walks of life, whether new or not so new,” she said. Payette expressed gratitude for having a second chance to serve her country, and said it will be a pleasure to meet and interact with Canadians from coast to coast to coast. “What a great day,” she said during a news conference with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau said Payette has dedicated her life to discovery, dreaming big and staying focused on the things that matter most. “These truly Canadian traits, along with her years of public service, make her unquestionably qualified for this high office,”

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he said. The 53-year-old Montrealer, who speaks six languages, will become Canada’s 29th governor general. Payette, who is also an accomplished athlete, pianist and choral singer, will succeed outgoing Gov. Gen. David Johnston. Trudeau said Payette will make an “extraordinary” governor general who will serve her country with dedication and inclusion and work for the cause of reconciliation with Indigenous people. As a 12th-generation Canadian, Payette said she embraces the core values of Canada: tolerance, openness and working together. She vowed to serve all Canadians, and as part of that will promote science, technology and the pursuit of knowledge. As to the required knowledge of constitutional matters, Payette said she will learn on the job with the help of experts. “I will do it with great humility,” she said. A computer engineer with a commercial pilot licence, Payette was picked from among 5,330 applicants in 1992 to be one of four new astronauts with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). She participated in two space flights to the International Space Station and served as the CSA’s chief astronaut between 2000 and 2007. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer

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issued a statement offering a “warm welcome and congratulations.” “Ms. Payette’s accomplishments are well known to Canadians of all ages,” he said. “She was a pioneer during a long career in the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), most notably becoming one of the first women in the Canadian astronaut corps, and the first Canadian on board the International Space Station.” “As a scientist, a former chief astronaut for the CSA, and a leading advocate for Canadian ingenuity around the world, Ms. Payette will be well-suited to play a leadership role in Canada as the next governor general.”


Saturday, July 15, 2017


Metro Vancouver regional parks on high fire alert Some activities in Metro Vancouver’s regional parks are restricted due to a “high” fire rating and hot, dry conditions in B.C.’s Lower Mainland. According to the B.C. Wildfire Service, a high fire danger means the forest is very dry and the fire risk is serious. Fires can begin easily and spread quickly. Extra caution should be exercised with forest activities. Tyler Langeloo, a park operations supervisor with Metro Vancouver, says park operators are posting signage about the danger and increasing patrols.

Restrictions vary according to the park, he said, but some examples include a ban on campfires in public fire rings and pits, limited use of barbecues, and a ban on smoking on trails. A provincewide campfire ban — which applies to all B.C. parks, Crown lands and private lands (but not regional parks like Metro Vancouver’s) — came into effect on Monday. Thankfully, Langeloo said, there haven’t been any major fires of note in the Metro Vancouver park system this year.

“We haven’t had any fires that I’m aware of and things have been good so far,” he said. Part of the reason, he said, is because there are a lot of people who use the parks who notify authorities quickly when they notice fire. “One of our first and best lines of defence is our public,” he said. “The people who use our parks are diligent about what they do

and reporting that back to us so we can deal with it quickly.” In contrast — in situations like the multiple fires currently burning in B.C.’s Interior — fires often get out of control because they start in very remote areas where no one sees them. If you do see smoke from a fire in a park, Langeloo says call 911 as the local fire authority will coordinate the response.

Help Surrey RCMP ID suspect in attempted bank robbery Surrey RCMP hope the public can help them identify a suspect in an attempted bank robbery. Police say on May 5 shortly after 11 a.m., a man entered a bank in Guildford, in the 10400-block of 152nd Street. According to police, the man handed a teller a note demanding cash but “for some unknown reason quickly left the bank empty handed.” The suspect is described as a Caucasian man in his late 20’s, 160 pounds, five feet four inches tall, with blond hair. At the time, the suspect was wearing black pants, clog-style plastic shoes, a reflective vest, a zip up fleece jacket, and a

white and black Nike baseball cap. Police say the suspect also has a tattoo on the left side of his neck, and on his wrists and fingers. Surrey RCMP’s Robbery Unit is leading this investigation. “If you recognize this man, call your local police right away,” said Corporal Scotty Schumann. “Bank robberies are not victimless crimes, as, staff can be traumatized by these events.” Anyone with more information is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-5990502. If they wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or

Innocent bystander caught in crossfire of Surrey drive-by shooting An innocent woman has been wounded in a car-to-car drive-by shooting in Surrey Sunday afternoon. At around 3:30 p.m., Surrey RCMP received multiple 911 calls reporting the occupants of a black Hyundai shooting at a

community of Surrey” Said Staff Sergeant Dale Carr, in a release. “I have said in the past that the same small group of people consistently place a stain on this great city and endanger its precious citizens.” Anyone who may have witnessed this event or witnessed the males fleeing from the area are asked to call the Surrey Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 604-599-0502 or to call Crime Stoppers.

W W W . G A R Y M A N G AT . C O M

red pickup truck in the 7700-block of 147 A Street. When police arrived, they found an adult female suffering from a gunshot wound. She is said to have a non-life threatening injury and is in an area hospital. The woman and her family are said to have been in a minivan when the shooting occurred. It has since been cordoned off by police tape. Shortly after the shooting incident, the red pickup truck was found torched along the 8900-block or 150th street. Two men were seen running from the burning vehicle. Surrey RCMP Serious Crime investigators believe this was a targeted shooting between two groups that know each other. The Lower Mainland District Forensic Investigation Section will be on scene to process the evidence. “We have spoken numerous times about an incident like this and now in this incident they were closer than ever to a catastrophe,this is very concerning behaviour to both the police and the

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bank of Canada raises interest rate for first time in seven years to 0.75%

Vedic Seniors Parivar Center members celebrated group birthday on 8th July, for 12 members born in May & June. Hon. Ken Hardie MP Fleetwood Port Kells was guest of honor.

Overdose warning system in Vancouver aims to alert users about potentially deadly drugs Medical health officers in the Vancouver area are aiming to quickly warn drug users about clusters of overdoses and batches of contaminated drugs based on reports from people who use illegal substances. Vancouver Coastal Health says the data will help staff decide what action needs to be taken to prevent fatal overdoses in the midst of an opioid overdose crisis. Sara Young, the health authority’s regional leader of mental health and substance use, says the pilot project has started testing an

online form and a texting service that can be used by people who have registered to receive alerts about overdoses. She says they can report information including the date of an overdose, the town or neighbourhood where a substance was bought, and its physical description. Participants can also upload a photo of the drug and its packaging and do not need to provide their names. Currently, information about overdoses is analyzed from multiple sources including emergency departments and overdose prevention sites.


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The Bank of Canada has raised its key interest rate as expected to 0.75 per cent — the central bank’s first move upward in the cost of borrowing in seven years. The bank’s target for the overnight rate — at which major financial institutions make one-day loans to each other — moved up by one-quarter of a percentage point from 0.50 per cent. In a statement accompanying the rate decision, the central bank said the Canadian economy has been robust, fuelled by household spending. “As a result, a significant amount of economic slack has been absorbed,” the bank said, adding that the remaining slack is expected to be gone around the end of this year, which is earlier than the bank anticipated in its April Monetary Policy Report. The move means consumers will likely pay more for borrowing such as variable-rate mortgages and lines of credit. In the wake of the rate hike, the Canadian dollar shot up. The loonie was up 1.05 cents at 78.48 cents US as of 4:33 p.m. ET on Wednesday. The daily average exchange rate for the Canadian dollar on Wednesday was 78.16 cents US, up 0.76 cents from Tuesday’s average. The interest rate increase had been widely expected after senior Bank of Canada officials signalled in speeches and interviews over the past weeks that lower rates had done their job, and the Canadian economy was performing well. Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday in Ottawa, Bank of Canada

governor Stephen Poloz acknowledged that the bank raised its key rate despite inflation currently lagging below its stated target of two per cent. Poloz said the bank considers that weakness in inflation to be temporary. “It is worth remembering that it can take 18 to 24 months for a monetary policy action to have its full effect on inflation. This

 

means that central banks must target future inflation by anticipating future deviations from target.” “It is about where we expect inflation to be,” Poloz told reporters. The bank is currently expecting a “modest overshoot” of the two per cent inflation target in 2019. RBC chief economist Craig Wright thinks the bank’s move signals a turning point to a longer-term trend in rising interest rates. “I think it’s the Bank of Canada having confidence that the breadth and durability of the expansion in Canada can sustain these small increases in interest rates,” Wright told.


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BC mayor warns residents of ‘false’ fire  marshals going door-to-door   Wednesday, there were no evacuation alerts

The mayor of a central B.C. city is warning residents about “fake” fire marshals going door-to-door, falsely telling people there are wildfire evacuation alerts in place. On Tuesday, Quesnel Mayor Bob Simpson posted on Facebook about the “disturbing” reports. More than 14,000 people provincewide have been forced from their homes by wildfire this week, but as of

or orders in Quesnel. Simpson said he spoke with womanand over Free estimates - aFast the weekend shortly after she dealt with one of the fake officials.

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“Her daughter was at home and this ‘fire marshal’ had knocked on the door, said they were on an alert and to be prepared. So the mum got a phone call from the daughter and came whipping home, then phoned me directly.” “We realized, after talking to the RCMP as well, we had a situation and we needed to let people know what was going on.” Simpson said the woman told him the impersonator was dressed in black with a high-visibility vest on top. “It certainly feels as though these are individuals scoping out the fringe area for inappropriate reasons,” the mayor said. “Unfortunately, we always have people taking advantage of emergency situations.” Officials do not go door-to-door for evacuation alerts. They will only do so when an official order is in place. “If you get a knock from someone saying there’s an alert, that should set you off right away,” Simpson said.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sage Hill victims were at the ‘wrong place at the wrong time,’ say Calgary police Calgary police have confirmed that a body found west of the city is the owner of a burned vehicle in which three other victims were located earlier this week. All four deaths are being investigated as a quadruple homicide. Acting Insp. Paul Wozney of the Calgary police major crimes section said Thursday that the body found near the intersection of Highways 8 and 22 on Wednesday is that of 26-year-old Hanock Afowerk. He was the registered owner of a black Chevrolet Cruze that was found on fire at a Sage Hill construction site on Monday. Police have also officially confirmed the identities of all three of the victims found in that vehicle: sisters Glynnis Fox, 36, and Tiffany Ear, 39, in addition to Cody Pfeiffer,

25. Wozney said all victims suffered “significant traumatic injuries.” While he did

not elaborate, he said it has been “surprising to some very seasoned investigators.” “This was a brutal set of circumstances

with regards to these homicides,” he said. Wozney said investigators are exploring the possibility that the three victims “were simply at the wrong place and at the wrong time with the wrong people.” “Fox and Ear were sisters that may have gotten caught up in a targeted attack against Afowerk,” Wozney said. Police noted the two women leave behind children and issued a message to family members of the victims. “The CPS would like to acknowledge the family members suffering in this tragic loss and offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the victims,” police said. Investigators believe Fox and Ear came to know the other victims “very recently.”

Police believe a photo posted to Ear’s Facebook page around 2 a.m. Monday was posted by her. “That posting helps us in our timeline,” he said. “When she posted that photo . . . that lets us know that she was alive at 3 a.m. Monday morning.” “It was just a matter of poor timing that this ultimately led to their untimely death,” Wozney said. Police continue to search for additional crime scenes, and investigators believe multiple people may be involved. He urged anyone who has information that could help with the investigation to contact police or share information anonymously through the homicide tip line or Crime Stoppers.

Calgary police recover three bodies after burning car put out in new subdivision

The bodies of three people were found Monday after firefighters extinguished a burning vehicle in a northwest Calgary neighbourhood. Calgary police say it appears one of the victims was a male and the other two were female. None of the victims has been identified and autopsies are scheduled over the next few days. “As you can imagine, the vehicle was fully involved, so there was extensive damage,” said police spokeswoman Emma Poole. “The medical examiner will be assisting us with the identification process.” The homicide unit is investigating while police try to determine if the deaths were the result of an accident or criminal activity. The fire was put out about 7 a.m. and by mid-day yellow police tape surrounded a construction site in the new subdivision of Sage Hill. “It’s a fairly new community. My understanding is there’s quite a bit of construction around there,” Poole said. Police identified the car as a black, 2011 Chevrolet Cruze. A police forensic unit van was set up Monday morning outside the wooden frame of a building under construction and vans from Calgary Fire Department investigators and the medical examiner’s office were also on the scene. Tarps were draped to obscure the view of the burned-out vehicle and there were black scorch marks on the outer wall of the building. Officers in blue jumpsuits and gloves could be seen at the site. One was taking photos from atop the building. Glea MacDonald said she’s used to being woken up by noise from the construction site behind her house, but Monday morning was different. She said she was roused from her sleep by sirens and then heard a loud bang.




Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ontario looking for public input on $15 minimum wage Ontario’s bid to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour — a move that is feared by businesses but has the support of some prominent economists — is being put to the public this week. The Liberal government’s proposed legislation on labour reforms, which also includes equal pay for part-time workers, increased vacation entitlements and expanded personal emergency leave, starts committee hearings Monday that will travel the province. The bill would boost the minimum wage, which is currently set to rise with inflation from $11.40 an hour to $11.60 in October, up to $14 on Jan. 1, 2018, and $15 the following year. Businesses are strongly opposed to the increase, particularly the quick pace of it. A coalition of groups including the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Restaurants Canada and the Canadian Franchise Association are sending Premier Kathleen Wynne a letter Monday, slamming the “arbitrary” increase. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it “was the responsible path to take” by settling with Omar Khadr. A group of Tim Hortons operators is seeking $500 million in damages from Restaurant Brands International, which owns the coffee chain. “Many Ontario employers, especially small businesses, are now considering closing

their business because they do not have the capacity to successfully manage such reforms,” they write. “The business community was wholly aligned with your government’s previous approach, which allowed for increases to the minimum wage that were predictable and protected against arbitrary political decision-making.” Business groups had been calling for the government to first perform an economic analysis, and have now commissioned their own, which the coalition said will be complete next month. “To plan effectively and protect jobs, employers need predictability and time to adjust the cost of other inputs where we can,” the coalition writes. “There is no way to absorb and adjust to a 32 per cent hit in less than 18 months.” Karl Wirtz, the CEO and founder of a packaging company in Brampton, Ont., said he may have to consider bankruptcy. “This is something that has got me scared out of my mind,” he said. While businesses’ concerns are understandable, he said, studies show that increasing the minimum wage increases people’s purchasing power, as well as consumption and economic activity in general. “So in that sense it’s stimulative to the macroeconomy,” he said.

Larry Potter and the 139,364 Timbits: A year in MP entertainment expenses Members of parliament spent almost $1.3 million of public money on events, wining-and-dining, and coffee during the last fiscal year. Hidden in MP expense reports are face-painting, a band called the Junkyard Symphony, a company called Larry Potter Magician, ice cream trucks and a variety of other items that added flavour to parliamentarians’ most expensive parties. Two of the most popular purchasing choices, Tim Hortons and the parliamentary restaurant (located on Parliament Hill), were responsible for 2.4 and 4.1 per cent of total spending, respectively. MPs spent $31,461, as a collective, on Tim Hortons. That’s equivalent to 139,364 Timbits (tax included). There was little love for other coffee shops. Starbucks raked in just under $3,000, while Ottawa chain Bridgehead pulled about $1,000 of business from House of Commons expense accounts. Second Cup and Timothy’s pocketed a few hundred bucks apiece. Dining at the parliamentary restaurant was, not surprisingly, a typical expense. MPs spent $53,191 there between April 2016 and March 2017, with some bills hitting many

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The Canadian dollar soared to a level not seen in nearly a year after the Bank of Canada announced it was hiking its key lending rate for the first time since 2010. In a highly anticipated move, the central bank says it’s raising its benchmark rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 0.75 per cent. In equities, the Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX composite index was flat, dipping 5.15 points at 15,143.99 after climbing more than 100 points earlier in the session. The index was led by gains in Canada’s real estate and consumer staples sectors.

In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average was up 123.07 points at 21,532.14, a record high. The S&P 500 index was ahead 17.72 points at 2,443.25, while the Nasdaq composite index climbed 67.87 points, or more than one per cent, to 6,261.17. In commodities, the August crude contract advanced 45 cents to US$45.49 and August gold gained $4.40 at US$1,219.10 an ounce. The September copper contract jumped a penny at US$2.68 a pound and August natural gas was down six cents to US$2.99 per mmBTU.

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hundreds of dollars. This year’s prize for the biggest liquor bill goes to the prime minister himself. Justin Trudeau expensed $523 at SAQ (Quebec liquor store) for a constituency event in February. The biggest bill from Ontario, at LCBO, was $338 from Conservative MP Garnett Genuis, for a staff event in September. All told, MPs spent at least $7,000 on such libations. Aside from regular schmoozing costs, many MPs hosted oneoff events, like summer barbeques, Canada Day celebrations or other big occasions, often playing host to hundreds of guests. Of countless events held by MPs, usually in their ridings or in Ottawa, 126 cost more than $1,000 and half of these were held during the parliamentary summer break. Only five events came up to more than $5,000. The most expensive was an end-of-year barbeque held by Liberal MP Sonia Sidhu. According to her office, it was an occasion to check in with about 1,400 or 1,500 constituents at the end of her first year on the Hill — a standard outdoor BBQ, though it cost $7,367.

Loonie soars amid rate hike announcement




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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Judge rejects request to freeze Omar Khadr’s assets An Ontario Superior Court judge has rejected a bid to freeze Omar Khadr’s assets, saying there’s “no actual evidence” he might fritter away settlement money before having to deal with a $134-million US judgment against him. The decision came a week after it was announced that Khadr received an apology and financial settlement from the Canadian government that reportedly totals $10.5 million. “We do not have one law for Omar Khadr and another for all other Canadians,” Justice Edward Belobaba wrote in his decision. “The law, including the law for obtaining a prejudgment freezing order, applies equally to everyone.”

The request for an injunction came from the widow of Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, a U.S. special forces medic killed in Afghanistan in 2002 and former sergeant Layne Morris, who was wounded in the same incident. Speer’s widow, Tabitha, and Morris were awarded $134 million US in damages in 2015 by a Utah court in their wrongful-death suit against Khadr and have filed an application in Ontario Superior Court to have that judgment recognized and enforced. Belobaba said obtaining such an injunction to freeze one’s assets is a “drastic” and “extraordinary” remedy and that the onus was on the applicants to prove there was a real risk that Khadr might hide or dissipate his assets.

Justin Trudeau is a Omar Khadr “groupie” says injured US vetran Retired U.S. special forces sergeant Layne Morris says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an Omar Khadr “groupie” and that the prime minister “jumped at the opportunity” to apologize and pay the former Guantanamo Bay detainee $10.5 million in compensation. Morris was blinded in one eye during the 2002 firefight in Afghanistan involving Khadr. U.S. Special Forces Sgt. Christopher Speer was killed in the same battle. “If you are a supporter of Omar Khadr, a groupie so to speak, and Mr. Trudeau certainly falls into that category, then you look for any excuse possible. And you pick and choose from the legal opinions that are out there on what you need to do, and he was more than happy, jumped at the opportunity, to pay Omar Khadr $10.5 million,” Morris said in an interview. “This was a deliberate attempt by Mr. Trudeau and the Canadian government to not only pay Omar, but to do so in a way surreptitiously,” he said. Morris told host Rosemary Barton that the Canadian government gave Khadr a head start and attempted to “shield” him from any kind of legal process Morris’s legal team brought forward. “They have picked their side, and I guess that should be no surprise, but it doesn’t mean it is any less disturbing or upsetting,” Morris said. Last Friday, the Canadian government formally apologized to Khadr and announced


a settlement package. Khadr was suing the government for $20 million in damages, following a 2010 Supreme Court of Canada decision that Canadian officials had failed to uphold Khadr’s rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms while he was detained at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. On Saturday, Trudeau addressed the settlement in his closing G20 press conference, saying the charter protects all Canadians “even when it is uncomfortable.” “This is not about the details or merits of the Khadr case. When the government violates any Canadian’s charter rights we all end up paying for it,” said Trudeau. Morris said he doesn’t think Khadr’s rights were violated and called the 2010 Supreme Court of Canada judgment a “legal opinion.” In an interview that aired on Friday, Khadr told Barton he hopes the government’s apology will help restore his reputation, but that he is sorry if it causes some people pain. “It doesn’t cause me pain. It makes me angry,” said Morris. “There is a simple way to make things right. All he has to do is sign that cheque over to Tabitha Speer and I am sure he’ll feel better. His conscience will be clear.” “It won’t bring her husband back, but it certainly will honour his memory and he can at least feel for the rest of his life that he’s at least tried to make amends for the horrific crimes he has committed,” said Morris.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Vancouver byelection to cost more than $1 million A byelection to replace Vision Vancouver Coun. Geoff Meggs will likely be held in October and cost more than $1 million, according to Mayor Gregor Robertson, who also suggested voters could be going to the polls at the same time to elect school trustees. Meggs, who was elected with Robertson in 2008 as part of a Vision majority, announced Tuesday that he resigned to accept a position as chief of staff for NDP premier-designate John Horgan. The Vancouver Charter dictates the byelection must be held within 80 days of city council appointing a chief election officer, which will likely happen at council’s last meeting this month. “The timing from there is 80 days to a Saturday, so that would put the byelection roughly in mid-October,” Robertson told reporters Wednesday on the back steps of city hall. “We’ll wait and see what happens in terms of the provincial government’s decision on whether the school board will be going to byelection, as well. That remains an unknown.” If that scenario were to unfold, the costs would be shared by the city and school board,

said Robertson, noting that’s typically what happens in a general election. Robertson reiterated his recommendation that Vancouver have a democratically elected school board. In October 2016, then-education minister Mike Bernier fired the Vancouver school board of trustees for failing to comply with the School Act and adopt a balanced budget on time. All nine trustees were replaced with former Delta superintendent Dianne Turner, who remains on the job. Last month, former Vision trustees Mike Lombardi and Patti Bacchus confirmed they intended to return to their previous posts, whether by provincial reinstatement or a byelection. With Tuesday’s news that Meggs resigned, Bacchus has since said she is considering running for the empty seat. The last civic byelection in Vancouver was held in 1992 when the NPA’s Lynne Kennedy won a seat after COPE’s Bruce Yorke resigned from council because of ill health. Previous to that race, a byelection also involved Yorke occurred in 1985, when Philip Owen contested the results of the close general election after he lost by a couple hundred votes.

Judge rejects request to freeze Omar Khadr’s assets An Ontario Superior Court judge has rejected a bid to freeze Omar Khadr’s assets, saying there’s “no actual evidence” he might fritter away settlement money before having to deal with a $134-million US judgment against him. The decision came a week after it was announced that Khadr received an apology and financial settlement from the Canadian government that reportedly totals $10.5 million. “We do not have one law for Omar Khadr

and another for all other Canadians,” Justice Edward Belobaba wrote in his decision. “The law, including the law for obtaining a pre-

judgment freezing order, applies equally to everyone.” The request for an injunction came from the widow of Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, a U.S. special forces medic killed in Afghanistan in 2002 and former sergeant Layne Morris, who was wounded in the same incident. Speer’s widow, Tabitha, and Morris were awarded $134 million US in damages in 2015 by a Utah court in their wrongful-death suit against Khadr and have filed an application in Ontario Superior Court to have that judgment recognized and enforced. Belobaba said obtaining such an injunction to freeze one’s assets is a “drastic” and “extraordinary” remedy and that the onus was on the applicants to prove there was a real risk that Khadr might hide or dissipate his assets. “There is no actual evidence before the courts of any real risk that the respondent is about to remove assets from the jurisdiction to avoid the possibility of a judgment or is otherwise dissipating his assets to frustrate the claims of actual or potential creditors.”

Jagmeet Singh tops NDP leadership endorsements, but front-runner status yet to be confirmed With the support of more elected New Democrats than any other candidate, Jagmeet Singh appears to be the party establishment’s betting favourite to take the leadership. But it is not yet clear whether the NDP’s grassroots will follow suit.

Prior to his withdrawal last week from the race to replace Tom Mulcair as NDP leader, Peter Julian topped the ranking of endorsements. That title now goes to Singh. Including current and former legislators from both the provincial and federal wings of

the NDP, Singh has 17 endorsements — well ahead of Charlie Angus’s 11, Guy Caron’s five and Niki Ashton’s four. While endorsements only go so far in delivering actual votes to a candidate, they can be a barometer of who those within the party hierarchy think is most likely to win. Singh surged ahead on Tuesday when he announced the endorsement of a clutch of B.C. MLAs, many of whom are expected to be tapped for cabinet when provincial NDP Leader John Horgan is sworn in as premier next week. As memberships between the provincial and federal wings of the NDP are shared, endorsements from those provincial wings can carry as much weight as the backing of a federal bigwig. Singh’s announcement came just days after Julian’s departure from the race. Up until March 31, the last date for which fundraising data is available, Julian was the most successful fundraiser in his home province of British Columbia by a significant margin. The endorsements suggest Singh is well-placed to pick up much of that support.






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Sri Lankan navy rescues elephant washed out to sea

Kabul to host peace summit after deadly violence Kabul will host a multinational peace conference in Afghanistan on Tuesday, as the capital reels from a wave of bombings and clashes that left more than 100 people dead and hundreds wounded in the last

week. Much of Kabul remains on lockdown ahead of the conference, labelled the “Kabul Process”, with tighter than usual security including more armed checkpoints and armoured vehicles patrolling the streets, and tight restrictions on civilian traffic.

Representatives of around two dozen countries will attend the meeting, which aims to build international support on ways to restore security in the conflict-torn country, the government said on Monday. “The Kabul Process is meant to reach a consensus with the region and the world for peace in Afghanistan,” said presidential spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazawi. Kabul has been on edge since a truck bombing last Wednesday in the highly fortified diplomatic quarter killed at least 90 people and wounded hundreds, the deadliest attack in the city since 2001. Four more people were killed on Friday when hundreds of protesters incensed by the bombing clashed with police, prompting officials to beat them back with live rounds in the air, tear gas and water cannon. The protesters, holding a sit-in for a fourth day today near the bombing site, have demanded the resignation of Afghanistan’s security chiefs, including national security advisor Hanif Atmar.

Indonesia’s president signs decree to ban radical groups Indonesia’s president has signed a decree giving the government the power to ban radical organizations, in a move aimed at outlawing groups behind an apparent rise in the political clout of hardline Islam. The measure announced Wednesday by the country’s top security minister follows months of sectarian tensions in the world’s most populous Muslim nation that shook the government and undermined its reputation for practicing a moderate form of Islam. It amends an existing law regulating mass organizations, allowing the government to sidestep a potentially lengthy court process to implement a ban. It is likely that Hizbut Tahir, a group that campaigns for Indonesia to adopt Shariah law and become a caliphate, is among the targets of the decree after the government announced in May that it planned to ban the group. Wiranto, the coordinating minister for politics, security and law, said the decree is

aimed at protecting the unity and existence of Indonesia as a nation, and not at discrediting Islamic groups. Wiranto, who uses one name, said the decree was signed by President Joko “Jokowi’’ Widodo on Monday. New York-based Human Rights Watch condemned the move, calling it a “troubling violation’’ of the rights to freedom of association and expression despite it being supported by moderate groups such as Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization. Indonesia researcher for Human Rights Watch, Andreas Harsono, said the government already has the power to take legal action against any group suspected of violating the law. “Banning any organization strictly on ideological grounds ... is a draconian action that undermines rights of freedom of association and expression that Indonesians have fought hard to establish since the Suharto dictatorship,’’ Harsono said.

Sri Lanka’s navy has rescued an elephant that got into difficulties after being washed out to sea, a spokesman said Wednesday, calling it a “miraculous escape”. Chaminda Walakuluge said the navy mounted the 12-hour rescue after spotting the elephant struggling to stay afloat around eight kilometres (five miles) off the island’s northeast coast. Divers aided by wildlife officials approached the distressed animal and tied ropes to it before towing it gently to shallow waters near the coast, where it was

released late on Tuesday. Walakuluge said the animal had likely got swept into the sea while crossing the Kokkilai lagoon, a large stretch of water that lies between two areas of jungle. “They usually wade through shallow waters or even swim across to take a short cut,” he said. It is a miraculous escape for the elephant.” Photos posted on the navy’s website show the animal trying to keep its trunk above the water as divers approached it.

Jealous husband blindfolds and chops off wife’s fingers A jealous husband is facing life in prison after chopping off his wife’s fingers because she began studying for a degree without his permission. 30-year-old Rafiqul Islam from Bangladesh blindfolded his wife 21-year-old Hawa Akhter and taped her mouth, telling her he was going to give her a surprise present. Instead he made her hold out her hand and cut off all five fingers. One of his relatives then threw Akhter’s fingers in the dustbin to ensure doctors could

not reattach them. Islam had warned his wife there would be ‘severe consequences’ if she did not give up her studies.

UNHCR chief urges Myanmar to grant Rohingya citizenship The head of the UN refugee agency urged Myanmar on Friday to grant citizenship to the Rohingya, a stateless Muslim minority in the Asian country where sectarian violence has displaced tens of thousands since 2012. On his first official visit to Southeast Asia, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi this week met communities in the towns of Sittwe and Maungdaw in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, home to a large population of Rohingya Muslims. He also met Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s de facto leader. Rakhine State in west Myanmar has seen the most serious religious violence in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar since the military began to end its decades of strict rule,

with hundreds of Rohingya Muslims killed and more than 140,000 people displaced there in communal unrest in 2012. Tensions have risen again in recent days after village administrators were murdered and troops killed three people while clearing a Rohingya militant camp. “It’s important to work on granting citizenship to the Muslim community, that has been deprived of citizenship for many years,” Grandi told reporters in Bangkok. Myanmar’s government regards the approximately one million Rohingya as illegal migrants from neighbouring Bangladesh and denies them citizenship, even though Rohingya families have lived there for generations.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Inter-state gang of cheats busted in Fazilka The police today claimed to have busted an inter-state gang involved in making fake driving licences and registration certificates (RCs). Two of its members were arrested, while about 60 fake insurance papers and government stamps were seized. Superintendent of Police (Investigation) Mukhtiar Singh said Sukhdev Singh of Jodhpur village in Kotkapura subdivision and Inderjit Singh of Baba Farid Nagar, Bathinda, were arrested. Sukhdev runs a shop of document writers

VB summons BJP leader’s son The Vigilance Bureau (VB) has summoned senior BJP leader Tikshan Sud’s son Jived Sud in the Hoshiarpur land acquisition scam. Jived and his partner Akhil Sud have been told to appear on Monday regarding transactions to the tune of Rs 2.5 crore, credited to the account of their firm, SS Engineering. Vigilance SSP Sareen Kumar said, “Another suspect, Anju Gupta, has been told to appear tomorrow. She had received Rs 4.5 crore for land acquisition.” One of the main accused, Prateek Gupta, had been detained by immigration officials at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, on July 3 when he was trying to go abroad. More than Rs 15 crore were made by Prateek in lieu of land acquisition for fourlaning of the National Highway. He had transferred the amount to various accounts, including those of his father’s firms. He had credited sums of Rs 1.75 crore and Rs 75 lakh to SS Engineering. RTI activist Rajeev Vashisht, who had exposed the scam, said, “Prateek opened an account with a bank in Hoshiarpur and the whole amount received against land acquisition was credited into it. The account remained operational for only 24 days.”

Debt forces 3 to commit suicide Three farmers committed suicide in Bathinda and Mansa districts today. They were reportedly depressed over not being able to repay the money they owed to commission agents and cooperative societies. Kuldip Singh (55) of Kuti village had been missing since Tuesday. His family’s search for him ended this morning when the farmer’s body was recovered from a drain adjacent to the village. Paramjit Singh, SHO, Sangat police station, said, “Villagers noticed the body after the water in the drain receded. Preliminary investigation pointed at the possibility that he consumed some poisonous substance and jumped into the drain. In another case, Gurmail Singh (40) of Kotbhara village consumed a pesticide at his home early this morning. In another case, Krishan Dev of Saspali village in Mansa district jumped into the Bhakra canal to end life.

outside the office of the District Transport Officer, Bathinda, while Inderjit is an exserviceman. Mukhtiar said the duo was charging Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,000 each for preparing fake driving licences and RCs. On a tip-off, both were arrested near the Abhun village bus stand, the SP added. It is suspected that the gang was operating in Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh), Sirsa (Haryana) and some districts of Punjab. The accused have been booked under Sections 420, 465, 467, 468, 471 and 120-B of the IPC.


90 govt employees found absent in surprise check About 90 government employees were found absent during a surprise checking in the district in the past two days. Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) Harbir Singh conducted a surprise checking of seven offices and found 36 employees absent. Those included 11 were from the office of the Executive Engineer, Janauri Chauhal village; four from the office of the Executive Engineer, Shah Nehar Extension; nine from the Executive Engineer’s office, Shah Canal; two from the Superintending Engineer’s office, Kandi Canal; four from the Executive Engineer’s office, Intensive Investigation; and six from the Superintending Engineer’s office, Dholbaha village.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Anupam Kaler found 21 employees absent from the offices of the District Education Officer, Deputy Director (Dairy), Divisional Soil Conservation Officer, District Research Officer, Assistant Tax and Excise Commissioner, District Ayurvedic and Unani Officer, and District Food and Supply Controller. Besides, 10 employees were found absent during a checking by Assistant Commissioner Amarjit Singh, while 23 were not on duty by District Revenue Officer Amanpal Singh. Deputy Commissioner Vipul Ujwal said the purpose of a surprise checking was to ensure the attendance of employees.



Saturday, July 15, 2017

2 lakh arms licences issued in 10 years under scanner The Punjab Police are reviewing all arms licences issued in the past decade after two modules of terrorists and criminals were found carrying licensed weapons. Senior police officials said norms were bypassed in issuing licences, allegedly under political pressure. “The number of licences doubled to 4 lakh from less than 2 lakh in 2007. Most of the new licences carried recommendations of the Akali legislators or halqa incharges. All cases will be probed,” the officer said. A senior officer said, “Last month, a terror module was busted. Two former terrorists and TADA detainees had a licence to carry

weapons. We were astonished to find that persons with a criminal background had got arms licence. The licences were recommended by politicians.” The police also found that a former Akali MLA had recommended licences of many persons with a shady past. Gurpreet Singh alias Gopi and Amna Seth, named in last year’s murders of a Dera Sacha Sauda follower at Burj Jawahar Singh Wala village (Faridkot) and a self-styled godman in Rajasthan, were found to have arms licences. “We are verifying the recommendations made in this case, besides looking into all arms licences issued in the past 10 years,” said an officer.

SGPC launches ‘kar sewa’ for Bluestar victims’ The SGPC here today launched “kar sewa” for the “martyrs’ gallery” dedicated to those killed during Operation Bluestar, despite objections by Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh. The gallery will be set up in the basement of Gurdwara Shaheedan at the Operation Bluestar memorial in the Golden Temple complex. Among those present were Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh, SGPC chief Kirpal Singh Badungar, Golden Temple head priest Jagtar Singh, DSGMC chief Manjit Singh GK and Damdami Taksal head Harnam Singh Khalsa. A series of “akhand path” was started in the name of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who once headed Damdami Taksal. The “akhand path” would also be held for others who were killed in the 1984 operation. About 220 of them have been identified so far. Capt Amarinder Singh had recently stated that the SGPC was bent upon disrupting the peace of the state by raising the gallery at the

SAD’s instance. Badungar sought the CM’s intervention to deliver justice to the innocent Sikhs killed in the 1984 riots. “Capt Amarinder had submitted his resignation in protest against Operation Bluestar, but later he opposed the setting up

of the memorial. Now, he is opposing the martyrs’ gallery,” he added. Meanwhile, the Akal Takht Jathedar did not address the gathering. It is learnt that several radical Sikh organisations had told the SGPC that they would stage a protest if Giani Gurbachan Singh delivered an address.

Punjabi women jailed for lying to US grand jury Two Indian-origin women in the United States have been sentenced to two years in prison each for making false declarations before a grand jury. Harjit Kaur Johal, 50, and Jasvir Kaur, 47, were sentenced by US district judge Garland Burrell. According to evidence presented at trial in March 2017, the two participated in a series of unemployment and disability fraud schemes in Yuba City. The organisers of the schemes were Mohammad Nawaz Khan, Mohammad Adnan Khan, Mohammad Shahbaz Khan, and Mohammad Riaz Khan. The organisers set up a series of farm labour contracting businesses that purported to provide labour to harvest crops in Sutter and Yuba counties. The organisers then sold fraudulent paystubs to other people, including the defendants, and reported false wages to the Employment Development Department (EDD). The purchasers of the paystubs would

subsequently file for unemployment or disability benefits with the EDD based upon the fictitious wages. Because the amount of the benefits that the EDD pays is based upon the claimant’s prior earnings, the participants would pay the Khans to report high wages to the EDD. In 2014, Johal and Kaur were subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the fraud scheme. During their testimony, when questioned about their wages, they falsely stated under oath that they picked peaches for Ray Khan and that they did not commit fraud. Testimony from individuals with knowledge of Ray Khan’s real employees established that he did not employ the defendants. Evidence presented at the trial showed the defendants had reported chronic back and knee problems in prior disability claims with the EDD and were not capable of doing the physically intensive work required by peach picking.

SYL: Bains asks parties to join hands Lok Insaaf Party (LIP) legislator Simarjit Singh Bains said here today that various parties should come together on the SYL issue and ensure that Punjab was not forced to share its water. Addressing a press conference, Bains said

the Congress government should call an emergency session of the Vidhan Sabha and table a Bill that must be passed unanimously. “Once the Bill reaches the President, he would take a call on whether Sections 76, 77 and 78 of the Reorganisation Act, 1966, are unconstitutional as far as Punjab is concerned,” said Bains.

The legislator added that former CM Parkash Singh Badal should ask his daughterin-law Harsimrat Badal to resign from the Union Cabinet as a mark of protest on SYL. “Not a drop of Punjab’s water will be shared with any state. I am ready to face police lathis in the state’s interests,” he added. Fight for river waters to continue: Badal Muktsar: Former Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Thursday said the SAD had always tried its best to save river waters of the state and would continue to do so. “State Congress leaders were in attendance when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had performed the groundbreaking ceremony of the SYL canal whereas we, the SAD leaders, had staged a protest,” he said. Badal toured some villages in the Lambi Assembly constituency on Thursday and visited some houses to condole the death of their family members. When asked if all political parties in the state should join hands on the SYL issue, he said: “It will be seen when the final stage comes.”


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Violence and arson attacks in Darjeeling A GTA office was set on fire and several vehicles were damaged in Darjeeling today as the indefinite shutdown in the hills entered the 29th day. The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) office for travel and tourism in Chowrastha of Mall Road in Darjeeling was set ablaze by pro-Gorkhaland supporters early morning. Several government vehicles were also damaged near the Darjeeling station by unidentified men last night. A railway station in Gayabari area of Kurseong was set on fire by pro-Gorkhaland supporters this morning. A forest bungalow near Teesta river was also set on fire today. The convoy of state tourism minister Gautam Deb was also attacked on the way to Darjeeling’s Panighatta where the minister was going to attend a programme on the occasion of poet Bhanubhakta Acharya’s birth anniversary. Meanwhile, responding to the call of the Gorkhaland Movement Coordination Committee (GMCC), a writer and a singer returned

No construction within 100m of Ganga between Haridwar and Unnao A 100-metre area on either side of Ganga between Haridwar and Unnao (Uttar Pradesh) will be a “no-construction, nodevelopment zone”, the National Green Tribunal ruled on Thursday while ordering a green compensation of Rs 50,000 on anyone dumping waste in the river. In a 543-page judgment on advocate MC Mehta’s petition on Ganga pollution, the NGT also directed that no dumping or landfill could come up within 500 metres of the river or its tributaries in the Haridwar-Unnao stretch. The tribunal imposed a complete prohibition on disposing of municipal solid waste, electronic-waste or bio-medical waste on the floodplains or into Ganga or its tributaries in the same stretch. The bench, headed by NGT chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar, also directed that while diverting the water from Haridwar to the Ganga canal or elsewhere, the minimum environmental flow in the main river should not fall below 20% of the average monthly lean season flow. It also directed UP government to ensure that 86 drains specified in the judgment, as well as other major drains and seweage lines connecting to Ganga must be dredged, cleaned of sludge and the waste removed within six weeks from Thursday. The bench called for a change in strategy, observing that government schemes in the past that have spent hundreds of crores on Ganga clean-up have failed, even as the river continues to become dirtier. The bench said Ganga needs a plan that is “technically feasible, economically viable and practically executable with tested modern technology, appropriate technical inputs from stakeholders and expert institutions as to performance and planning, free from fundamental errors”. The NGT said industries could extract groundwater only after seeking permission from the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA). The bench also allowed state governments to raise money from the people, if need be, to fund Ganga clean up. “We also grant liberty and, in fact, it shall be desirable for every local authority to recover environmental conservation charges from the public or a class of people responsible for generating higher sewage,” and directed state governments to identify and demarcate the floodplains on the stretch based on the 25year flood line.

the awards given to them by the state government. The GJM and pro-Gorkhaland supporters today celebrated the birth anniversary of noted Nepali poet Bhanubhakta Acharaya. Hundreds of Pro-Gorkhaland supporters today took out colourful rallies reciting poems written by Bhanubhakta Acharya and carrying placards in favour of separate state of Gorkhaland. Internet services remained suspended for the 26th day. Except medicine shops, all the shops, restaurants, schools, colleges, hotels and private offices remained closed. The police and the security forces maintained a tight vigil at all entry and exit points. ‘Hold tripartite meet’ CPM general secretary Sitraram Yechury on Thursday said Union Home Minister Rajnath Sigh must convene a tripartite meeting of representatives of the Centre, state government and GJM leaders to restore peace in the region.



MLA arrested after ‘misbehaving’ with woman IAS officer The ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) legislator B Shankar Naik was on Thursday arrested for allegedly misbehaving with a woman IAS officer and Mahbubabad District Collector Preeti Meena during an official programme on Wednesday. Nayak, who represents Mahabubabad constituency, was later released on bail. The TV channels showed Nayak grabbing the arm of the Collector and speaking in a rude manner during the launch of a plantation drive in the district. Based on a complaint from the official, the Mahbubabad police booked the MLA for assault and intent to outrage modesty. The MLA went to the police station in the morning and was arrested and later released on bail. CM K Chandrasekhar Rao took a note of the incident and asked the MLA to personally apologise to the Collector.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

India developing nuclear arsenal with an eye on China: US experts India continues to modernise its atomic arsenal with an eye on China and the country’s nuclear strategy which traditionally focused on Pakistan now appears to place increased emphasis on the Communist giant, two top American nuclear experts have said. An article published in the July-August issue of the digital journal- After Midnight has also claimed that India is now developing a missile which can target all of China from its bases in South India. India is estimated to have produced enough plutonium for 150–200 nuclear warheads but has likely produced only 120– 130, wrote Hans M Kristensen and Robert

S Norris in the article — “Indian nuclear forces 2017”. India’s nuclear strategy, which has traditionally focused on Pakistan, now appears to place increased emphasis on China, the two experts claimed.

High Court cancels bail to 89-yr-old convict The Delhi High Court today cancelled the bail granted on medical grounds to an 89-year-old convict serving life term in a 1984 anti-Sikh riots case and asked him to surrender on July 17. A Bench of acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Anu Malhotra issued the direction after the CBI opposed the extension of the suspension of the sentence of retired naval officer Captain Bhagmal. The agency, in its status report, said Bhagmal’s medical reports showed that he does not suffer from any chronic disease and the ailments were common at his age. “The convict does not deserve any leniency and his application for the extension of the suspension of the sentence may kindly be summarily dismissed with costs in the interest of justice,” it said while opposing the

bail plea. Taking note of the CBI’s contention, the Bench said that it did not find any ground to extend the convict’s bail. It directed Bhagmal to surrender on July 17. The convict was already on interim bail since March 24 on medical grounds. Bhagmal, through his counsel, had stated that he was suffering from enlarged prostrate for which he had to undergo surgery which would require him to remain hospitalised. Bhagmal, ex-Congress councillor Balwan Khokhar, Girdhari Lal and two others were held guilty in a case relating to the murder of five members of a family in Raj Nagar area of Delhi Cantonment on November 1, 1984, after the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi. They had challenged the sentence awarded by the trial court in May 2013.

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The Sensex today went past the 32,000mark for the first time ever, soaring over 232 points, and the Nifty closed at a new peak of 9,892 as inflation hit a record low, offering the RBI leeway for a lower policy rate. The 30-share BSE index took 33 sessions to rise 1,000 points before it finally went beyond the psychologically significant 32,000. Higher Asian and European stocks provided fodder after the US Fed chief, in a House testimony, signalled that the approach to higher rates would be steady, prompting investors here to buy more. Retail inflation for June hit a historically low 1.54 per cent and industrial output growth for May slumped to 1.7 per cent, boosting chances of a rate reduction by the Reserve Bank at its upcoming August policy meet. The macro numbers were released after market hours yesterday. The BSE Sensex settled at a new peak of 32,037.38, up 232.56 points, or 0.73 per cent. It surpassed its previous record of 31,804.82 touched yesterday. In the past four days, the index has gained 676.75 points. The broader 50-issue NSE Nifty spurted 75.60 points, or 0.77 per cent, to close at a

fresh lifetime high of 9,891.70, bettering its earlier record 9,816.10 hit yesterday. Both indices rose for the fourth consecutive session.

Traders said ample liquidity in the market was driving the current phase of the rally amid optimism over earnings from blue-chip companies. Consumer goods and banking stocks had a good day. The FMCG index rose the most by surging 1.58 per cent, followed by capital goods and banking. Foreign investors have been pumping in sizeable money into domestic markets. Foreign portfolio investors bought shares worth a net Rs 361.25 crore yesterday.

Opposition to corner govt on GST, farm suicides The government will face a united Opposition in Parliament as the monsoon session begins this Monday. Led by the Congress, 17 Opposition parties, which recently fielded Gopalkrishna Gandhi as their joint candidate for the August 5 VicePresidential poll, will also coordinate on Parliament strategy issues mainly on “political vendetta against non-NDA leaders and the grim internal and border security situation”. TMC leader in the Rajya Sabha Derek O Brien said the Opposition discussed the need to corner the government on vendetta, GST consequences and demonetisation, farmers’ suicides, lynchings, and security scenario in the coming session from July 17. “The meeting of 18 Opposition parties to discuss the VP poll candidate lasted 90 minutes on July 11. Of the 90 minutes, 15 minutes went in finalising the name of Gopalkrishna Gandhi. Later, we discussed

the ongoing political and security situation, vendetta against Opposition leaders, GST, and farmers’ suicides. It was decided to coordinate a floor strategy inside Parliament and attack the government outside through the social media on these issues,” Derek o Brien said. The Opposition leaders will meet regularly during the monsoon session to chalk out their strategy, as they had done during the Budget session. CPI and CPM leaders also acknowledged the need to counter the ruling NDA on “use of probe agencies against Opposition leaders, lynchings in the name of cow protection and atrocities against Dalits”. D Raja of the CPI said, “Everyone was concerned on the current political situation and will take on the government jointly.” The TMC said the BJP was using the CBI and the ED to target all Opposition leaders.

Over 100 infiltration bids foiled in Kashmir CASH!


Sensex past 32k, Nifty at new peak


Noting that there is significant success in thwarting infiltration bids by terrorists from Pakistan this year so far, the Centre today revealed that of the total 120 attempts from across LOC in Jammu and Kashmir only in 19 cases the forces failed to neutralise them. Sources in the security agencies claimed of over 250 active terrorists in the Valley, more than 50 per cent are from Pakistan, mostly belonging to Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and the rest are from Hizbul Mujaheedin. Incidentally, since the security forces have intensified anti-terror operations in J&K, they have gunned down 104 terrorists this year so far. The figure is almost double the number of killings that took place last year, sources revealed. In the past three months, the forces managed to kill nearly 62 terrorists in operations based on precise intelligence inputs; the numbers are expected to hit an all time high by year-end. June was particularly successful for the forces with 30 killings, while 17 terrorists were hunted down in May and in July (till now) 14 have been neutralised. Combined security forces believe that operations targeting terrorists will get a push in the next

few months. A district-wise review of terror activities has put the total number of terrorists to 258. Of these, 122 are locals and 136 Pakistanis. In Shopian, Kulgam, Pulwama, Awantipora and Anantnag districts, locals outnumber Pakistani terrorists and are heading terror cells. Between 2013 and 2015, as many as 136 terrorists were killed. Sources said the focus was on hunting down the local recruits, who have flooded the terror ranks in the past one year. “Most of the terror activities are being led by locals,” said an official.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Nurses investigated for posting nude photos A picture of a woman wearing a nurse’s uniform and allegedly performing sexual acts has prompted the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to carry out an investigation. The picture, and another, went viral on social media. Health and Medical Services Ministry’s permanent secretary Philip Davies confirmed to this newspaper yesterday that an investigation was being carried out. In one picture, a woman wearing a nurse’s uniform is seen in a compromising position with a nude man. She is believed to have taken a selfie, while in the act. However, her face and that of her partner were covered by whoever posted the picture. The other picture is also of a woman wearing a nurse’s uniform, with an identification card allegedly performing a sexual act.

“One of the nurses pictured was involved in a disciplinary matter which was investigated and resolved some time ago,” said Mr Davies. “The conduct of the second nurse, which it is believed may involve inappropriate use of ministry resources, is currently under investigation and will, if necessary, be addressed via our routine disciplinary processes.” The pictures of the two nurses allegedly performing sexual acts while in uniform have drawn a lot of attention on social media, with people also making various comments. Chief of intelligence and investigations, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Biu Matavou said yesterday that police would only conduct investigations on nude pictures posted online if an official complaint was lodged by someone. He added police were aware of the nurses photos posted online.

Former minister silent on claims against MP Forner education minister Dr Mahendra Reddy has declined to comment on an investigation his ministry carried out in 2015 allegedly on one of its staff members who is now a government member of Parliament. According to the investigation report sighted by this newspaper, the investigation was in relation to alleged abuse of office by the MP who was employed by the ministry in the Western Division at the time. According to the report, the alleged offences committed by the MP were: * allegedly falsifying an official document to try and claim for school money for school

visits that were never made; * allegedly abusing authority by asking certain staff members to sign documents and claim for money for school visits that were never made; and, * abusing authority to influence a volunteer to make claims to obtain money through the initial claim for school visits that were not made. Yesterday, when the MP was questioned by this newspaper outside Parliament on the investigation report, the MP replied it was just allegations.

New Crop Strategy to be implemented The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with its stakeholders will soon implement a new Crop Strategy which is expected to pave the way forward for Fiji’s crop sector over the next five years.

The Crop Strategy provides resilient and sustainable livelihood opportunities for farmers, particularly youth and women,

operating in a dynamic environment and contributing to the food and nutritional security of Fiji. While speaking at the Crop Strategy Validation Workshop, Ministry of Agriculture Permanent Secretary Jitendra Singh says the Crop Strategy will facilitate the modernisation of the crop sector through a stronger partnership between the government and private sector and enhance stronger market linkages between growers, processors and exporters. The workshop was attended by exporters, farmers, agro‑processors and representatives from the regional organisations, banks, the Fiji Crops and Livestock Council.

Service providers were selling chicken curry for $75 Parliament has been told that some service providers on Denarau were selling chicken curry for $75. This was highlighted as the Service Turnover Tax Amendment Bill was tabled in parliament today. Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya says the amendment in the bill seeks to reduce the Service Turnover Tax from 10 to 6% and also ensures that the amount of the Service Turnover Tax that is being paid is clearly and separately shown on a tax invoice or receipt issued for the payment of any prescribed service. He says it also ensures that the Service Turnover Tax is only charged once by a

People can continue to expect cold nights in the coming days. The Nadi Weather Office says a high pressure system is located in far South West of Fiji which is directing cool air over the group. Monasavu recorded the lowest temperature last night which was 13.5 degrees celsius. Nadi recorded 18 degrees, Sigatoka was 15.4

After intense debate, scrutiny and long sitting hours for four days, Parliament passed the Government’s $4.35 billion 2017-2018 National Budget. Economy Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum moved the motion for a third reading of the 2017-2018 Appropriation Bill to be read a third time and passed. The 2017-2018 National Budget, which outlines State spending and revenue for the new financial year, was passed by 32 votes while 14 MPs voted against and four did not vote. Speaker Dr Jiko Luveni congratulated the MPs for their contribution to the important parliamentary process of passing the budget.

The Ministry of Economy has stated to the Auditor General’s Office that it is putting in place strategies to ensure that there is no delay in clearing goods from the wharf. This is after the audit by the Auditor General’s Office noted in 2016 that a container shipment consigned for the Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Services via Suva wharf remained uncleared by the Fiji Procurement Office for






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“Parliament has now passed the 20172018 National Budget and I congratulate all honourable members for their contribution to this significant and integral process,” Dr Luveni said. Last night Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the budget was a matter of building blocks. He said the budget was several years of work and could not be done overnight. “A lot of the announcements we made in the budget are things we planned two, three years ago and the right time came along for them to be implemented.” He thanked the Prime Minister for his strong and decisive leadership.

Report reveals that container shipment not cleared for 253 days due to oversight



degrees, Nausori recorded 17.5 degrees, Suva was 19.7 degrees, Lautoka recorded 18 degrees, Labasa was 19 degrees, Kadavu recorded 17 degrees while Keiyasi was 15.3 degrees. The lowest temperature recorded this month was in Monasavu last Thursday night which was 12 degrees. The temperature is expected to go down in the coming days.

2017 Budget passed


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Koya says this amendment is something that needs to be done and it is not making Fiji an expensive destination.

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prescribed service. The Minister went to say that the amendment will allow tourists to be only charged once for an outsourced service provided by a hotel.

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253 days due to an oversight. The report says that the Ministry had to pay $48,984 for the uncleared item. The Ministry of Economy says that the bond checking has been reintroduced whereby stakeholders and shipping agents’ permission are requested for warehouses to be physically inspected for any pending government consignments that need to be cleared.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Nawaz Sharif rejects demands for resignation Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today refused to resign despite demands for his exit in the wake of a damning report by the Panama case probe panel that recommended filing of a graft case against him and his family. While addressing an emergency Cabinet meeting here, Sharif, 67, termed the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report a pack of “allegations and speculations”, Dawn Online reported. Pointing to the opposition parties who have been demanding his resignation following the release of the report, Sharif said: “The people of Pakistan have elected me and only they can remove me

from this post.” Sharif claimed that his family “earned nothing after entering politics, but lost a lot”. The language used in the JIT report displays malafide intentions, he said. “Those demanding my resignation on false and unwarranted claims should first look at themselves,” Sharif said and announced that that he would not resign on demands of conspirers. According to the paper, the Cabinet members suggested that Sharif must fight the legal battle to vindicate himself in the Panama Papers case.

‘Pak must be held accountable for working against US interests’ Frustrated with Pakistan’s duplicity over its relationship with the US, a top American lawmaker has said Pakistan must be held accountable for continuously working against the interests of the US. “The US has been reluctant to cut ties or meaningfully confront Pakistan over its treachery because the supply line that keeps the coalition fed and equipped in Afghanistan runs through Pakistan,” Republican Congressman Ted Poe said in an op-ed in The Washington Times titled ‘Pakistan’s long history of duplicity’. “However, this key link does not come free and has even been severed by Pakistan on multiple occasions after violent incidents between their forces and our own,” Poe alleged. Poe said in order to put pressure on

Pakistan+ , he has recently introduced two anti-Pakistan legislations in the US House of Representatives. One of the legislation calls for revoking major non-NATO ally (MNNA) status of Pakistan, which was granted to it in 2004 by the then president, George Bush, in an effort to get the country to help the US fight alQaida and the Taliban. The second legislation would require the State Department to assess Islamabad’s long history of cooperating with terrorists and determine whether or not Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism “Pakistan must be held accountable for the American blood on its hands,” said Poe, who is a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and serves as chairman of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Non-proliferation and Trade.

Congressional panel to consider tougher riders on US aid to Pakistan A key U Congressional panel is set to consider a proposal that could impose tougher riders on civil and military aid to Pakistan and make such assistance conditional on Islamabad showing satisfactory progress in the fight against terrorism. The tougher language on Pakistan forms part of the 2018 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations draft bill which will be considered by the House Appropriations Committee later on Thursday. The bill provides $47.4 billion in both regular discretionary and overseas contingency operations (OCO) funding. This is $10 billion below the fiscal year 2017 enacted level, when counting additional funds provided in the Security Assistance Appropriations Act of 2017. Within this amount, the OCO funding

totals $12 billion, which supports operations and assistance in areas of conflict such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. “In the wake of ever-growing international threats and challenges — such as North Korea’s recent missile test — it is more important than ever for the US to invest in robust diplomatic and global efforts to ensure stability around the world and the security of our nation and our allies,” House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen said. “This bill will target funding where it’s needed the most, ensure US dollars are being put to good use to expand democracy and peace, and provide critical humanitarian assistance in war-torn, disaster-affected, and impoverished areas of the world,” Frelinghuysen said.

Panamagate: ‘Sharif’s daughter gave false documents to mislead SC’ Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif ’s daughter Maryam Nawaz submitted fake documents and misled the Supreme Court, the JIT, which probed the Panamagate graft case, alleged on Tuesday. Submitting fake documents is a criminal offence under Pakistan laws. The JIT found that Maryam’s family was living beyond the known means of income and recommended launching a corruption case. Maryam is the ultimate beneficial owner of the Avenfield apartments. She never declared the ownership of these overseas properties, submitted fake documents and misled the SC, the JIT said. The JIT sent what was presented by Maryam as “original documents” to a lab in London

for examination. The lab stated the type font used to produce both certified declaration was “Calibri”. “However, Calibri was not available before 31st January 2007,” the lab said.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ten Indians killed in Saudi Arabia fire At least 10 Indians were killed and six others injured on Wednesday when a major fire ripped through a windowless house in Saudi Arabia. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in New Delhi said officials of Indian consulate in Jeddah are rushing to Najran following the incident. “I am aware of the fire tragedy in Najran in which we have lost 10 Indian nationals and six injured are in the hospital,” she said in a tweet. Her response came after a woman, Vidya S, sought the external affairs minister’s help to bring back the mortal remains of one of those killed in the incident. “I have spoken to Consul General Jeddah.

Najran is 900 Kms from Jeddah. Our staff is rushing by the first flight available. “Our Consul General is in touch with the Governor of Najran. He is updating me on regular basis,” Swaraj said. Apart from the 10 Indians, another person was killed whose identity was not immediately known. Earlier, the Arab News, quoting the Saudi civil defence, said that 11 workers killed and six injured in the blaze in southern Najran city were all from India and Bangladesh. “Firefighters put out a blaze in an old house lacking windows for ventilation. Eleven people died of asphyxiation, and six others were injured,” in the southern province of Najran, the civil defence said in a tweet.

Indian-American doctor couple killed in plane crash in Ohio In a tragic incident, an Indian-origin psychiatrist couple were killed when their private plane crashed in the US state of Ohio, police officials said on Wednesday. Umamaheswara Kalapatapu, 63, and his wife Sitha-Gita Kalapatapu, 61, both of Logansport, were killed in the crash, according to a media release from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The Piper Archer PA-28 piloted by Umamaheswara is believed to have crashed sometime between 10:36am and 12:30pm on Saturday, July 8, the release said. The release goes on to report that Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation with assistance from the Civil Air Patrol located the

crash scene in an abandoned retention pond near the village of Beverly in southeastern Ohio. Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt Garic Warner said in an interview on Monday that the crash occurred about 3 miles northwest of Beverly. Searchers found the wreckage Saturday afternoon. There was no word on what caused the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating. The Kalapatapus were psychiatrists and owned Raj Clinics, with offices in Logansport, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lafayette and Kokomo.

Can’t overlook what is happening in Myanmar Myanmar should let the UN fact-finding mission probe the alleged human rights violations by the country’s military and security forces, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has said, underlining that the international community cannot overlook the situation there. Myanmar said late last month that it would not grant visas to members of a commission appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate human rights violations by the country’s state security forces, including the recent abuses in Rakhine State.The US mission to the UN said violence in Rakhine State against ethnic

and religious communities continues to claim lives and there are allegations of sexual violence against women and children. “No one should face discrimination or violence because of their ethnic background or religious beliefs. It is important that the Myanmar government allow this fact-finding mission to do its job,” Indian-origin Haley said in a statement here. She said the international community cannot overlook what is happening in Myanmar and “we must stand together and call on the government to fully cooperate with this fact-finding mission”.

Top South African jurist got his start with help from Indian businessman An Indian-origin shopkeeper in South Africa has become a media sensation after the new deputy chief justice recalled his generosity over four decades ago when he was looking for a loan to fund his studies. Suleman Bux, 76, who at that time ran a small general store in Ixopo town, had forgotten about the young man with whom he had struck a deal to be a good student by giving him groceries for his family so that they could save what they would have spent on this for his studies. Recently-appointed Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Judge Raymond Zondo, 57, recalled how he had sceptically approached Bux when he started his studies in 1981, unsure of whether he or anyone else would give a loan to a 20-year-old man.

Without telling his family, Zondo approached Bux, who helped him with groceries for his family. After he began earning, Zondo tried to repay Bux but the shopkeeper, who is still running a wholesale store, told Zondo to rather finance some other young students. Zondo explained that he had been doing so ever since he finished his degree, inspired by his own experience with Bux, helping students with a range of financial difficulties to pursue their studies. Zondo’s emotional video at his installation to the second highest judicial post in the country recently went viral as he recalled Bux’s influence on his life, expressing a desire to meet him again after the fasting month of Ramadan was over.


Saturday, July 15, 2017


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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Salman Khan kisses Katrina Kaif, sings ‘Happy Birthday’

‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ song ‘Butterfly’ will remind you of ‘Jab We Met’

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan sprang a surprise for Katrina Kaif when he sang the “Happy Birthday” song for the actress, who will turn a year older on Sunday. Katrina and Salman were sharing the stage at the kick-off press conference of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Weekend and Awards here on Thursday evening. Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Anupam Kher, Kriti Sanon, Sushant Singh Rajput and Varun Dhawan too were on the stage and were talking about their IIFA experience one by one. When it was Salman’s chance, he consulted Anupam about when the “date” of the IIFA Awards was. Given his quick wit, Salman then added: “I am very bad with dates... The only date I remember is Katrina’s birthday.” He paused and added that it is Katrina’s birthday on July 16. He then started singing “Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Katrina”, before moving forward to give her a side hug and a peck on the cheek. Katrina, who will celebrate her birthday in the Big Apple, smiled away. Later, at a limited media gathering, when Katrina was asked a memorable thing she did when she was 18, she said: “I met Salman.” When Salman was asked what he is planning to do for Katrina’s birthday, he Katrina said: “It’s not a national event....”

Anushka Sharma shared a teaser of Jab Harry Met Sejal’s new song, Butterfly, on Instagram. We were surprised with the video’s resemblance to Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met’s (2007) song, Nagada Nagada, which features Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor.” Ali seems to have loved the feel of the old track so much that he decided to replicate it. Sharma’s outfit and hairstyle in the new song is similar

Angad Bedi to perform hardcore action in ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ Angad Bedi has taken up advance stunt training as prep for Ali Abbas Zafar’s Tiger Zinda Hai. This is the first time he is getting a chance to do hardcore action in a film. Angad has been rigorously training for the past month, ahead of the next schedule of the Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif-starrer in Morocco. The unit shoots later this month.

to Bebo’s. Sporting a pink suit, the NH10 actor looks adorable in the Punjabi kudi avatar.

Priyanka Chopra skips IIFA 2017 in New York, makes surprise visit to Mumbai While the who’s who of Bollywood is headed to New York for the 18th International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards, Priyanka Chopra slipped into Mumbai on Thursday morning. Considering PeeCee has made the Big Apple her home over the last two years, it’s surprising that she flew back to Mumbai at a time when the awards are happening in her backyard. Explaining her absence from the awards gala, a source says, “With (American series) Quantico and some international films, like Isn’t It Romantic? and A Kid Like Jake in her kitty, Priyanka now considers herself a Hollywood star. She perhaps thought it best to stay away from IIFA this year.”




Thursday, July 13, 2017 | | |

have you heard? Bollywood

Vivek Agnihotri’s Buddha In A Traffic Jam, Lom Harsh’s Yeh Hai India FESTIVE and Nirang Desai’s Tabeer be screened at the Festival of Globe 2017 Saturday, July 15, will 2017 CHEER in Fremont, California. The festival will run from August 5 to 13

Themed birthday clash Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi and Misha Kapoor are not even a year old, but their respective mothers, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Mira Kapoor, have apparently already pitted the toddlers against each other. Or so we hear. Sources say Mira wants Misha’s first birthday (August 26) to be a grand affair. The makers of Peppa Pig, the British pre-school animated TV series, have approached her for a theme party. The cartoon series, which started airing in

India in November last year, wants to create buzz around the show. Hosting a Peppa Pigthemed party for Shahid Kapoor’s daughter will help them gain popularity in India. Sources say Kareena too is keen on the same theme for Taimur’s birthday on December 20. But since it’s a few months away, Bebo wants to hold a meet-andgreet session with the cartoon figure when it comes to India. We totally adore Peppa though. Hope both can have him over.

Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss under fire A right-wing group in Tamil Nadu is demanding a ban on the Tamil version of Bigg Boss. Hosted by Kamal Haasan, the reality show went on air on June 25. The Hindu Makkal Katchi has filed a police complaint against the veteran actorfilmmaker and the contestants for “tarnishing Tamil culture.” They allege the participants dress skimpily and are mouthing foul language. The group wants the show to be pulled down immediately. They have also demanded the arrest of Haasan and the contestants for hurting the sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu.

Before taking off to New York for an awards gala on Tuesday, Sushant Singh Rajput spent time with the jawans of the Central Reserve Police Force in Manipur. The Raabta actor broke bread with the soldiers and exchanged inspiring stories of patriotism over the two days he spent in Imphal.




*ing: Sridevi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui



Munna Michael

*ing: Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui

He also participated in rifle training, combat training and obstacle racing. Given his obsession for fitness, he could pull off every activity. In an obstacle race that required him to jump over five feet and speed in and out of tyres, Sushant even managed to outrace an army jawan.


Gauri designing Varun’s pad After designing Ranbir Kapoor’s home and Karan Johar’s twins’ (Roohi and Yash) nursery, Gauri Khan is now working on Varun Dhawan’s bachelor pad. Yesterday, the star wife tweeted, “Delighted to welcome our first client as she puts together a great selection for Varun’s new pad. Love your choice Lally.” Gauri has opened a store at Juhu and Varun’s mom Lally dropped in to select the furnishings.

Just friends? Not many know that Neetu Chandra and actor-singer Karan Oberoi are buddies. Karan recently rendered her favourite track Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage from Dam Lagake Haisha (2015) and sent her a video link. As Karan was tied up with his film, Strawberry Point, he was unable to catch up with Neetu and also missed her birthday bash last month. So this was his way of making up. Are they just friends? Hmmm...

In the regiment

Priyanka Chopra and Rebel Wilson shooting for Isn’t It Romantic? at Central Park in New York. PeeCee began shooting for her third Hollywood outing yesterday

Coming up next Mozez Singh, who directed the Vicky Kaushal and Sarah Jane Dias-starrer Zubaan (2016), has begun work on his next project. He describes the film as a musical psychological thriller. It is said to roll in October with a mix of known and new faces. As he has a good ear for music, he can’t think of making a film without a series of songs.

New Released Bollywood Films July


Mubarakan *ing: Arjun Kapoor, Anil Kapoor

Akshay Kumar and telly actress Mouni Roy snapped on the set of Reema Kagti’s film Gold, which is being shot in London. Mouni is a far cry from her Naagin image. The snapshot was shared by the Khiladi’s fan clubs online



Jab Harry Met Sejal

*ing: Shahrukh, Anushka



Secret Superstar *ing: Aamir Khan

Saturday, July 15, 2017



Baadshaho song Mere rashke qamar:

Ajay Devgn and Ileana D’Cruz’s sneaky romance makes this soulful track highly sensuous Baadshaho‘s trailer created a great response because it talks about the time when emergency was imposed. Very rarely has that time period been dealt with in films. Now a new song from the film has been released which highlight the romance between Ajay Devgn and Ileana D’cruz. Nusrat Fateh Ali

Neither IIFA 2017, nor vacay with BF Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma is in NYC for Ranbir Kapoor

Well, looks like Anushka Sharma is NOT in NYC just for a vacation with her boyfriend Virat Kohli. The actress we hear is there for work and that’s another reason we will not see Anushka at the ongoing IIFA Awards 2017 in US. BollywoodLife in an earlier EXCLUSIVE report had confirmed that despite being in America, Anushka will be ditching the starry awards night. When pictures of Virat – Anushka exploring the US like normal lovebirds hit the internet, everyone went berserk and said how the couple was adding a lovey-dovey touch to IIFA. We revealed that the actress was in no mood to bond with her industry friends, but was instead making most of her time by being with BF Virat. We now have some more EXCLUSIVE details of Anushka’s stay abroad. It seems that the actress will be merging pleasure with some work too. We all know that Anushka is a part of Rajkumar Hirani’s Dutt biopic featuring Ranbir Kapoor. A source close to the film revealed, “Anushka is in US for Hirani’s Dutt biopic. She will be filming her scenes in the movie alongside Ranbir, who will join her on the sets soon.” We had earlier informed our readers that the Dutt biopic cast was will be filming some crucial scenes of their movie in US. From what we hear Ranbir will soon join Anushka there and Rajkumar Hirani will can Sanjay Dutt’s drug addiction phase there. Ranbir’s film Jagga Jasoos will release in India today. The actor will attend IIFA first and then join Anushka on sets. The duo will also be accompanied by Vicky Kaushal who plays Sanjay’s close friend’s role in this movie. Anushka will essay the role of a journalist in this movie. Looks like for Anushka Sharma any day it is Virat, work and then the starry award functions and mostly in the same order too.

Khan’s deep voice make this unusual love song heart-touching while Ajay and Ileana made sensuous. The video starts with both Ajay and Ileana confessing to each other. Rest is a montage of how their love story progressed. Those sneaky glances, sending each other love when nobody is seeing, secret moments

between the two and a lilting voice behind it make it a song worth a hear for sure. Ajay and Ileana’s chemistry will stir something in you. Both look good together in the song as well. The last scene where she drops her blazer and goes naked in front of him, you should pay attention to their eye-lock. It’s damn sensual.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bollywood Horoscope Aries


March 21 - April 20

Sept. 24 - Oct 22

This will not be the day to start new business ventures or make drastic changes in your career. You must strive to get the most important projects completed properly, rather than doling everything in a half baked way. You are best to work at home, clearing up overdue projects. You can’t win and they won’t listen. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.

You will get bored quickly, so make sure that you have scheduled enough activity to hold your interest. Don’t overindulge in anyway. Delays are evident. You can discuss your intentions and ideas with your colleagues or friends this week. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.



April 21 - May 20

Oct 23 - Nov 22

Don’t let any money slip through your fingers this week. Don’t exaggerate. Opportunities for new friendships are apparent. Regardless of your first reaction, the outcome will be favorable. Your lucky day this week will be Monday.

Secret affairs will only lead to heartache. Look into making changes to your personal papers and don’t neglect those bills that have been piling up. Read some books on self awareness. Upgrading at this point is not a bad plan. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.



May 20 - June 21

Nov 23 - Dec 22

Do not give your heart to someone who may not live up to your standards. You can’t lock your partner up and if you keep restricting their freedom you may be left out in the cold. Try to stay calm, and whatever you do, don’t nag. It’s time to reconnect with some of the people you used to know. Your lucky day this week will be Friday.


You can make gains if you look at longterm investments. Visitors may drop by unexpectedly, resulting in tension with your lover. Get some sound advice and help setting up a workable budget. Do not let lovers cost you money or take advantage of you. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.


June 22 - July 23

Dec 23 - Jan 20

Don’t share your dilemma with those you work with. Difficulties with older females in your family may turn out to be quit trivial after all. Your interest in helping others may take you back to school. You can make headway if you share your intentions with someone you care about. Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.


Kaalakaandi First Look: Yes! This Is Saif Ali Khan In A Fur Coat & Pony Tails

Make residential changes that will lift your spirits. Think before you act if you wish to avoid friction. Travel will result in new romantic attractions. Be prepared to step into the limelight if you wish to promote your ambitions. Your lucky day this week will be Monday.

You will be surprised as the makers of Kaalakaandi have revealed the first look of Saif Ali Khan from the movie and it is just too funny! Directed by Akshat Verma, the writer of Delhi Belly, who is directing a film for the first time, this dark comedy is based on the story of six characters from different worlds. A while back, Saif Ali Khan while talking to a section of media had said, “Kaalakaandi is a film I’m so happy to be a part of. It’s a

cross section of Mumbai with underworld goons, doomed bankers and idealistic lovers all mixed together in this karmic tale about love, crime and living a lifetime in one night.” The movie also features Deepak Dobriyal, Vijay Raz, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Sobhita Dhulipala, Akshay Oberoi, Isha Talwar, Shenaz Treasury, Shivam Patil, Amyra Dastur and Neil Bhoopalam. Shashwat Sachdev has composed the music.

Malaika Arora & Bruna Abdullah’s Bikini Avatars Are Too Hot To Handle!


June 24 - August 23

Jan 21 - Feb 19

Be prepared to lose friends or alienate loved ones due to your stubborn nature lately. You can make money if you put your mind to it. Romance may be likely if you travel. Stay calm and focus on things that will help you understand the situation better. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.


Keep an open mind when dealing with youngsters. Travel will initiate new friendships or love connections. Stress coupled with diet will add to stomach problems. Physical limitations are possible if you aren’t careful. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.


August 24 - Sept 24

Feb 20 - March 20

Pleasure trips will turn out to be better than anticipated. You can make money if you’re willing to push your ideas on those in a position to support your efforts. You can make new friends and get involved in new hobbies successfully. Don’t push your luck with your boss. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.

Restrictions may be difficult for you to live with, but try to do things by the book. You will feel so much better about yourself if you can control your addictions. You may have problems with children. You’re undergoing changes. Valuable information can be yours if you listen to those with experience. Your lucky day this week will be Monday.

Malaika Arora just made Friday oh-sohot! The sexy diva posted a throwback picture where she is enjoying in a pool like a water baby. Malaika wore a pink bikini inside over which she put on a black netted top. She looks sexy, doesn’t she?

Moving on from Malaika, here’s the Brazilian beauty, Bruna Abdullah who is flaunting her curves in this floral bikini. The actress shared the picture on her Instagram account with the caption “@ makeup ylekha this one is for you! Nikita Nikita Nikita lol...”

Bollywood personalities’ birthdays

priyanka chopra July 18

anaitha nair JuLY 19

naseeruddin shah JuLY 20

gracy singh juLY 20

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Ranbir Kapoor Gives A Hilarious Twist To Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut Controversy

mean it. I don’t know the truth.” For those who have come in late, we are the first to bring you the details of the HrithikKangana spat. Hrithik-Kangana mudslinging match began when Kangana was asked by a section of the media if it was Hrithik who was behind her ouster from Aashiqui 3. The fiery actress replied, “Many lame rumours are doing the rounds, even a dumbass can tell where these rumours are coming from. I don’t know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me, that chapter is over and I don’t dig graves.” Sometime later, Hrithik sent a legal notice to her through his lawyer Deepesh Mehta claiming that she has been tarnishing his image and her remarks amounted to defamation. Coming back to Ranbir Kapoor’s masti, we’re not sure how Hrithik Roshan will react to it!



At a recent interview with popular radio channel, Radio Mirchi, Ranbir and Katrina were asked to play “Guess Who” game (the one where one person holds the placard and the other person has to explain who it is). After Ranbir rightly guessed Tiger Shroff, Aamir Khan and Govinda’s names, it was Katrina’s turn to guess Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut’s names. While Ranbir easily hinted Hrithik and Sonam’s name in one go, it was Kangana where he got stuck. After a brief thought, Ranbir did the hook step of Hrithik’s Ek Pal Ka Jeena and then he gestured slitting his throat. Katrina immediately understood who it is and pat came the answer, “Kangana”. This left everyone in splits. Realising that his action might just backfire, Ranbir apologized and said, “I am sorry Hrithik I had to use your name. I wanted to win the game but I don’t











Saturday, July 15, 2017


Did you know Salman Khan was offered the role of a dwarf way back in the 90s? If you remember, we had you told that Aanand L Rai had wanted to work with Salman Khan first in the dwarf movie that he is making with Shah Rukh Khan now. But turns out that wasn’t the first movie that the

Tubelight star was offered which required him to play a vertically challenged guy. Back in the ’90s, when there was no one as handsome as him, Salman was offered a similar role and he had turned it down. Grapevine suggests the reason that prompted this action from him was that he didn’t feel he should do a role of such nature. The actor apparently felt that he

isn’t a tall guy anyway and playing a dwarf might not go well with his personality. But guess certain things are fated. He may not have played a dwarf in Rai’s film but he shot for a song with SRK who plays a dwarf in it. DNA had reported many months ago that Rai had first approached Salman for the film and apparently, the actor had even given a nod to the film. Talking to the daily, the director had confirmed, “Salman will be playing a dwarf in the film.� There were rumours then that he had walked out of the film and thus it had been shelved. Refuting all that, Rai had added, “The project was never shelved. Bhai is a busy man. We haven’t yet locked his dates. But he has heard the story and he liked it. He has okayed it.� But guess something happened and Salman wasn’t available for it. Now that makes us wonder if Salman bowed out of this project due to similar concerns. Well, as these actors believe, every role has a destiny and a star who will fulfill its destiny. Guess SRK was fated to play this role after all. As for Salman, do you want to see him in a film playing a dwarf guy?

Jagga Jasoos quick movie review:

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s chemistry saves the first half from being a tiring musical The adventure musical film from Disney’s stable Jagga Jasoos has finally released after a lot of delays. Our editor-in-chief Tushar Joshi is watching it as we speak and has given his impression of the first half of the film. It seems it has turned out to be a musical with a twist. He points, “Let’s get this straight. Jagga Jasoos is Bollywood’s first authentic musical. If you aren’t a fan of the genre then this might not be your choice of a film. Jagga Jasoos is also a totally different attempt at storytelling. Ranbir Kapoor plays Jagga, the boy with a stammer who can’t talk but only sings his way through conversations. The result is that every dialogue is a song! The film is a detective thriller made as a musical. Anurag Basu has his stamp all over the film, the familiar faces, comfortable terrain and his current muse – Ranbir Kapoor. Jagga tests your patience in the first half because as a musical the genre isn’t really explored in Bollywood. Katrina Kaif plays a narrator, a sutradhaar, who introduces us to the world of Jagga. Ranbir for the most

part looks dazed, confused and lost. He drives a strange looking object that looks like a mix between a broomstick and roller skates. The story of the film is told through chapters from a book depicting the various cases solved by Jagga. The issue being that

retaining interest in these chapters becomes tiring. The constant barrage of songs seems interesting at first but later starts getting on your nerves.� He further adds, “The second story which has Ranbir and Katrina trying to rekindle their chemistry sort of redeems the film. Jagga is a niche film with an experimental approach of storytelling. Hoping the second half has better stories to tell.� We too hope the second half manages to make it worth such a long wait for this film.



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Saturday, July 15, 2017


B-Town in NY, NY resident PeeCee in Mumbai! Oscar-favourite Priyanka skips desi IIFA in the US series] Quantico and some international films, like Isn’t It WHILE the who’s who of Romantic? and A Kid Like Jake in Bollywood is headed to her kitty, Priyanka now considers New York for the 18th herself a Hollywood star. She International Indian Film perhaps thought it best to stay Academy (IIFA) Awards, away from IIFA this year.” Priyanka Chopra slipped When day got in touch with her into Mumbai on Thursday spokesperson, she said, morning. Considering “Priyanka had not made any PeeCee has made the Big commitment to the awards show Apple her home over the organisers, so there’s no question last two years, it’s surprising of her skipping it. She’s in Mumbai that she flew back to as her Marathi production, Kay Re Mumbai at a time when the Rascala, releases today. PeeCee awards are happening in her and her mother Madhu will backyard. address the media at a Juhu fiveExplaining her absence from star this evening.” the awards gala, a source The actress is slated to leave says, “With [American Mumbai on Sunday, well after the awards event wraps up in New York. Shaheen Parkar


Shout-out for Shahid’s baby off IIFA awards Kapoor kicks off daughter Misha’s first birthday celebrations a month earlier in Big Apple, invites stars


HAVE you heard of the big party in New York once the IIFA awards is wrapped up? We’re talking about Shahid Kapoor’s bash for his darling daughter Misha. While the tiny tot turns one on August 26, the actor is all set to kick off her birthday celebrations a month in advance in the US. Shahid has already jetted off to New York with wife Mira and Misha for the awards gala, where he is toplining an act. An insider present in New York informs, “It was a surprise for everyone when Mira and Misha were seen accompanying Shahid to the awards show. With the gruelling schedule of Padmavati, he hasn’t been able to spend much time with his family. So, Shahid decided to make a holiday out of this work trip.”

‘Shahid has invited Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt for the do. He will also show his family around NY’ A source

Kapoor leaving for New York with wife Mira and baby Misha The source adds that while the actor will be busy with rehearsals till his big act on July 15, it will be strictly family time for him, post the gala. “Shahid will host a party kickstarting the celebrations of Misha’s first birthday.” We hear, it will be an intimate affair with close friends in attendance. “From the film fraternity, Shahid has invited Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt [Shahid’s co-star from Shaandaar] for the do. Shahid will also spend the next few days showing Mira and Misha around,” adds the source.


Uniting over gaana in Gaza

We stayed in Syria, travelling between Damascus and the port city of Latakia, doing some sight-seeing, shopping. PIC/GETTY IMAGES


n December 2010, I took a trip to Syria and Gaza. I was part of the first Asia to Gaza Solidarity Caravan, which united citizens and activists from 13 Asian countries in a solidarity caravan travelling from New Delhi, that planned to cross the Wagah Border into Pakistan, and then journey onto Iran, Turkey, Syria, Egypt and finally to Gaza, Palestine, by bus. We were supposed to be carrying medical aid and money that we had collected from our respective countries, and were to deposit these into the hands of the governing Hamas (yes, you read correctly, HAMAS) in Gaza. The delegation was an amazing collection of people. At 60, Indians formed the majority, followed by 35 Iranians and then, Malaysians. There were about five Pakistanis, but only two were active — the rest were ‘wife and children’. There were a constantly changing number of Jordanians, a couple of Iraqis, a few Turks, some from Bahrain, two enthusiastic Japanese delegates, and an ever-smiling gentleman from Azerbaijan. Crossing the Turkish border into Syria, we were supposed to move onto Lebanon but the Lebanese authorities refused visas to all the Iranian members of the group. So, while the organisers ironed out these diplomatic obstacles, we stayed in Syria travelling between Damascus and the port city of Latakia, doing some sightseeing, shopping and having a LOT of discussions on international issues. he dynamics of the group were interesting, especially in relation to the flags of the respective countries. The two Pakistanis suspected that the Indians had stolen one of the two Pakistani flags they were carrying. One Kashmiri (note not Indian, but a separatist kind of Kashmiri) tried to lay his hands on the Indian flag and do funny (read disrespectful) things with it. A gentleman from Benaras almost came to blows with the Kashmiri when I got our flag out of their warring hands, and hoisted it safely. The Malaysians were a hyper over-enthusiastic bunch who were sweet — except they cracked the same joke all day! The Kashmiri and one Pakistani kept taunting each other, while


the Bahraini turned out to be a kleptomaniac, stealing small items and snatching jewellery! The Indian delegation comprised two polar opposite sub-sects — one consisted of faithful, practicing Muslims belonging to groups like the Jamaat-e-Islami and the other, a motley group of Left-leaning trade unionists, students and a couple of liberal arty-farty types like yours truly. We kept up the stereotype of ‘The Argumentative Indian’: I mean the tradition of factionalism, back-biting, sectarian politics and general panchayati by successfully having bitter feuds on moral policing, imbibing of alcohol in countries where it was legal and everything else. Meanwhile, some young ‘liberal’ Indians were caught making out , but they were consenting adults, so not much could be done by the organisers. So, while there was a lot of solidarity for Gaza and Palestine, daily, more mundane affairs continued to divide the delegation deeply. hat finally united us was an Iranian song which went, “Belaaley yeh darr khoon khoftey, shaheedey dast us jaan shostey..” The liberal, left, non-Muslim Indian group picked up the song first from the Iranians and began singing it with gusto. Soon, the Malaysians learnt it too, though they had terrible pronunciation. And then, each nationality learnt this song. Every time an argument would be brewing, someone would begin to sing it and soon the whole 180-member delegation was clapping, whistling and hooting while singing a song pretty much no one understood. After spending a week in Gaza, everyone headed home. When I got back to India and free internet access, I googled our song-of-unity, and realised with irony that we had been singing a popular song called ‘Be-Pish’ from the Iranian Islamic Revolution 1979. Laughingly, I thought, indeed, music has no borders. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have and need a context.


The views expressed in this column are the individual’s and don’t represent those of the paper

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Saturday, July 15, 2017


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Classifieds / Jobs

Production Clerk required for production and distribution of window screens and must complete general office duties. Duties: Cut, shape and fit materials to make window and door screens; assemble parts and components to form final products; repair defective products for repair or recycle Check manufactured items for defects and conformance to specifications; answer calls; prepare invoice and collect payment. needs to use saws; drills and other small tools. Education: High School or GED; Spoken and written English The position is full time 8:30-4:30pm with some overtime during summer months. If you believe you have the necessary experience and skills, please submit your resume and references to info@ Vancouver Screens Ltd. #112 - 13085 115 Avenue Surrey, BC V3R 0C3 Phone: 604 - 520 - 6768 ------------ Apr 08-2017 Vacancies for Framer-Helper MN Framing Ltd. located at 6281 Knight Street, Vancouver BC V5P2V9 has an

immediate vacancy for Framer Helper. Job Title: Framer Helper Number of Vacancies: 1 Location of work: Job requires on-site at various job sites within the lower mainland. Job Type: Full time, permanent position with 30-40 hours per week. Overtime at the rate of 1.5 times after 40 hours per week. Compensation: $20 per hour Benefits: WCB Coverage with 4% vacation pay Key duties: • Load and unload construction material and taking them to job site, • Move tools, equipment from storage to job site; • Assist framer with forming and framing related work; • Help put up, level, and install building framework • Remove rubble and clean work areas, machines and equipment to maintain a clean and safe jobsites • Perform other related job duties as required Job requirements: Some experience as a labourer will be an asset but not mandatory. Training provided on site. Work conditions: • Physically demanding, handling heavy

NOW HIRING Bus Driver Gobind Sarvar School, located at 8820 – 168 Street, Surrey, B.C. is looking for a school bus driver living in Abbotsford area. If you are licensed to drive a school bus, please email your resume and driver’s abstract to: or call Jaspreet at 604-930-2122 for further details.

loads, combination of sitting, standing and walking • Able to work long hours, weekends and outdoor in various weather conditions Contact: If you meet the requirements, please send your resume at mnframing@ Only those who our basic expectations will be contacted for an interview. We thank you for your interest in our company! ------------ Mar 09-2017 Vacancies for Framer-Carpenter MN Framing Ltd. located at 6281 Knight Street, Vancouver BC V5P2V9 has immediate vacancies for Framer-Carpenter. Job Title: Framer-Carpenter Number of Vacancies: 2 Location of work: Job requires on-site at various job sites within the lower mainland. Job Type: Full time, permanent position with 30-40 hours per week. Overtime at the rate of 1.5 times after 40 hours per week. Compensation: $26 per hour Benefits: WCB Coverage with 4% vacation pay Key duties: • Read & Interpret blueprints, drawings & sketches to determine specification; • Estimate height, width, length & other

proportions; • Measure, cut, shape & assemble the major structural elements of a woodframed buildings using woodworking machines, power tools and hand tools; • Build house foundations, Construct building framework including wall, beams, partitions, floor, doorframes, ceilings; • Inspect and replace damaged framework or other structures and fixtures; • Be able to understand building materials and building codes; Job requirements: • Completion of High School • 2-3 years of experience in trade or completion of 3-4 year apprenticeship program Work conditions: • Physically demanding, handling heavy loads, combination of sitting, standing and walking • Able to work long hours, weekends and outdoor in various weather conditions Contact: If you meet the requirements, please send your resume at mnframing@ Only those who our basic expectations will be contacted for an interview. We thank you for your interest in our company! ------------ Mar 09-2017

LOOKING FOR CLASS 1 TRUCK DRIVER A trucking company, Planet Pride Logistics, located at 11411 Shell Road, Richmond BC V7A3W7 has immediate vacancies for 5 Long Haul Truck Drivers. Term of employment: Full time, Permanent Position Shifts: Weekdays, Weekends, Evenings Salary: $23.50 per hour for 50 hours per week, overtime after 60 hours of the rate of 1.5 times with Vacation pay of 4%. Requirement: Class 1 driving license with Air brake endorsement

Duties: Drive and operate company’s long haul trucks within all over Canada, receive and relay information to central dispatcher, maintain log book, bill of landing. Do pre-trip, en-route, posttrip inspection for any mechanical or body defect, reports incidents to the manager immediately and accurately. Please send your resume at planetpride.logistics@ or fax at 778-297-4402 Gill to Furmaan Kaur Gill

FOR LEASE Two retail units 3000sqft #130/140 - 304785 Cardinal Ave Abbotsford

(604) 725-6734 / (604) 595-1445

Saturday, July 15, 2017 South Asian Seniors - Carpet Bowling July 16th 2017 - 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm. Vedic Seniors Parivar Centre of Vedic Hindu Cultural Society Surrey invites South Asian Adults/ Senior members &even non members to come & enjoy the fun of Carpet Bowling a great exercise free of cost and make some new friends, on July 16th 2017 (Sunday) from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm at Shanti Niketan hall of Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple 8321 - 140th street Surrey B.C. Even if you have never played, Baldev Raj Kohli who is well trained, will teach you how to play Carpet Bowling & have great fun. All are welcome, tea & snacks will be served after the game is over.Project funded by Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program for Hindi speaking Seniors. Please call Surendra Handa Coordinator Tel. 604 - 507 - 9945 for further details. ----------------------------------------India Cultural Centre of Canada (Gurdwara Nanak Niwas), 8600 No.5 Road, Richmond, will be celebrating Canada’s 150th birth anniversary on Sunday, July 16th at 10.30 am. Dignitaries will be addressing the congregation about the significance of being a Canadian. Speakers will also be emphasizing the greatness of Canada. We are blessed to live in one of the most inclusive, welcoming and safe countries in the world. Join us in paying tribute to this great country of ours. For further information please feel free to contact Balwant Sanghera at (604) 836-8976. E-mail: b_

Community / News

----------------------------------------BC Federation of Labour offers free English classes in Richmond, Vancouver to promote safer workplaces Vancouver - The BC Federation of Labour is offering free English as an Additional Language (EAL) courses to help new English language speakers in the workforce and promote improved workplace health and safety. In Vancouver, the course runs from 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays for 12 weeks, starting July 4, at the BCFED office, 200-5118 Joyce Street, near the Joyce SkyTrain station. In Richmond, the course runs from 10 am to 2 pm Fridays for 12 weeks, starting July 7, at Richmond Multicultural Community Services office, 220-4351 No. 3 Road, at the Aberdeen SkyTrain station. The workshops are open to all workers or those seeking work throughout the Lower Mainland who want to improve their English language skills. At the same time, participants learn about workplace health and safety rules, their rights as workers, and employers’ obligations to provide a safe working environment. Upon completion, participants in the program receive a certificate and are invited to a graduation dinner. “This program is unique in Canada,” said Irene Lanzinger, president of the BCFED. “We’re trying to overcome any barriers that people have to accessing health and safety information to help make workplaces safer.” The program—which has been offered since 2008— started in response to high profile tragedies that highlighted the need for increased awareness of


health and safety rights and responsibilities for new Canadians with language or literacy barriers. In 2007, a van carrying farm workers was involved in a motor vehicle accident near Abbotsford. Three workers were killed, and 14 were seriously injured. In 2008, three immigrant workers were killed and two were left with permanent brain damage after inhaling toxic fumes at a Langley mushroom farm. The free courses are coordinated and run by the Federation’s Health & Safety Centre with funding from the BC Workers’ Compensation Board (WorkSafe BC). For more information or to register for the program, visit: ----------------------------------------Workplace Integration for Mature Individuals (WIMI 45+) PICS Society is providing an employment program called Workplace Integration for Mature Individuals (WIMI 45+), offering classes in the following: • Resume and cover letter building • Strengthen job search experience



22 year old, 5-11’ jatt sikh boy studying in Australia is looking for a Canadian Citizen or immigrant girl. Boy’s family is permanently settled in Canada.

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Canada Tent House Friday, March 24, 2017 11:02:32 AM

Unit 202 - 12725, 80th Avenue, Surrey, BC


• Mentorship in pairing with local professional of your original profession • Job placement assistance and follow up support • Develop Work Action Plan and employer engagement. This program partners with local community and business employers who provide one to one follow up support, up to date employment trends, and follow up assistance for up to 9 months. Call now to reserve a seat for ongoing sessions in Vancouver and Surrey today! Call for more information at: PICS WIMI 45+ Program Vancouver 8159 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V5X 3L2 604-324-7733 Ext. 230 PICS WIMI 45+ Program Surrey #205 – 12725, 80th Avenue, BC, V3W 3A6 604-596 7722 ext. 117 and 124 or via email:




have you heard?

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Hardcore stunts Angad Bedi has taken up advance stunt training as prep for Ali Abbas Zafar’s Tiger Zinda Hai. This is the first time he is getting a chance to do hardcore action in a film. Angad has been rigorously training for the past month, ahead of the next schedule of the Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif-starrer in Morocco. The unit shoots later this month.

Have you Heard?

Friday, July 14, 2017 | | |


Prakash Jha has begun work on his next film, Satsang, which takes on theSaturday, subject of religion. It will go on the floors next year. Jha’s last July 15, 2017 directorial project was the Priyanka Chopra-starrer Jai Gangaajal (2016)

Sona gets going in New York Sonakshi Sinha got to work as soon as she set foot in New York on Monday. The actor started shooting for Crazy Hum, Vashu Bhagnani and Wizcraft’s joint production, based on the events that will occur during the ongoing 18th International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards. Sonakshi has been filming with co-star Diljit Dosanjh around the Big Apple. She has also shot for a music video with the Punjabi singer-actor. Yesterday, Sona rang the bell at the NASDAQ stock exchange to kick-off the awards festivities. She joins the league of stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Preity Zinta and Arjun Rampal who have also had the honour. She is also slated to shake a leg with Dabangg costar Salman Khan at the awards show.

Let’s twirl and swirl Yesterday, Jacqueline Fernandez posted a pole dance video of hers on Instagram. Dressed in shorts and a bralette, the actress set the temperature soaring with her sexy moves as the video went viral. The actress wrote: “Burning the

Be on top of celebrity gossip with

midnight oil with my dance instructor Roksolana Chubenko.” Pole dancing is not exactly easy as it combines dance and acrobatics, but we must say the actress did a fine job and set new fitness goals.

Script is locked Producer Rahul Mittra, director Tigmanshu Dhulia and writer Sanjay Chauhan caught up with Sanjay Dutt at his home recently to lock the script of their upcoming venture, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3. Dutt plays a villain in the franchise, which had earlier outings in 2011 and 2013.

Living the character Last night, Sushmita Sen posted an unrecognisable snapshot of herself on Instagram. She wrote: “Our version of Khaleesi. The Game of Dragons. Muaah.” An Insta addict, Sush appears to be a Game of Thrones fan and its character, Khaleesi.

Juggling act

A BITE OF THE BIG APPLE Huma Qureshi, who is in New York for an awards event, has turned tourist soaking in the sights and smells of the city. The actress has been spotted taking snapshots on the busy thoroughfares to capture the bustle in the Big Apple

Yaariyan (2014) actress Rakul Preet Singh has been logging air-miles shooting for her Telugu, Tamil and Hindi assignments. Yesterday, she wrapped up a song shoot in Hyderabad for AR Murugadoss’ Spyder opposite Mahesh Babu. She is now in Chennai shooting for the Tamil film, Theeran Adhigaram Ondru, with Karthi. On July 15, she leaves for London for the shoot of Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary, which has Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee as co-stars.

Navya Naveli Nanda Unleashes Her Wild Side, Suits Up As A Cat Navya Naveli Nanda recently made headlines when she was spotted with a mystery man. The youngster was snapped with the man twice in a span of a few days. And now, we stumbled upon a picture of Navya posing with a friend wearing a cat suit. Looks like the lady is all set for a theme party and she definitely looks hot!

While Pahlaj Nihalani Fiddles, Pirated Prints Of The Banned Fifty Shades Darker Have Become Burning Hot Even as Pahlaj Nihalani’s ever-controversial Central Board of Film Certification, has clamped down on a documentary on the politician Anand Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party, bootlegged prints of Hollywood’s banned erotic thriller Fifty Shades Darker are now accessible for home entertainment viewing. Which just goes to the show India’s Censor Board could well have become a behind-the-times, ineffective watchdog. Cuts, bleeps of dialogue and ouright banning of movies continues, without taking into account the fact that times have changed. Nothing can be kept repressed in the era of internet and the digital boom. Even the Kejriwal documentary has already been screened at various festivals.

Nihalani, in a first, has also raised objections to films being screened at film festivals, here and abroad, without censor certificates. For five decades and more, films have been screened at the governmentsupported festivals in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Goa without submitting the entries to the board. Local festivals like the MAMI in Mumbai doesn’t have to follow the diktat suddenly demanded by Nihalani. Coming back to Fifty Shades

Darker – the second in the Shades series (Fifty Shades of Grey was banned here two years ago) – the reason for banning it was curious to say the least. Our censors contended that Fifty Shades Darker was cleared with an R-restricted certificate in the U.S. and in U.K.for those viewers who are over 18 years of age and above. The Indian censorship rules don’t have such ceritificates and so decreed that it was beyond their area of authority. That it could have been given an ‘Adults Only’ certificate, with some cuts if need be, didn’t figure in the censors’ scope of reasoning.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

i 5

Saturday, 2, 2016 Saturday, April April 2, 2016 i 5i 5

Vol. 6 No. 31 Saturday - April 2, 2016 - Tel: - Tel: 604-591-5423 E-mail: 604-591-5423 - -E-mail: Tel: 604-591-5423 E-mail: Vol. 6 No. 31 - Saturday - April 2, 2016 - Tel: 604-591-5423 - E-mail:

No. 31 -- JulySaturday Vol. 8 No.Vol. 24 -6 Saturday 15, 2017 - April 2, 2016

Vancouver’s skyline to rise amid an office-tower building boom

Vancouver’s skyline to rise amid an office-tower building IN boom Greater Vancouver AMONG TOP 10 SOLD, TOPamid 10 LISTED &office-tower TOP 10 DOLLAR VOLUME FVREB Vancouver’s skyline to rise an building boom next two years due to competition. it Suisse is optimistic his building tower tower is optimistic his building will will he $240-million $240-million Credit CreditSuisse/ Suisse/ Mr.Mr. Shokri others expectnext two years due to competition. it Suisse he Shokri andand others say say theythey expect The landlords who will likely suffer housing market The landlords who will likely suffer next two years due to competition. start to fill as the completion date gets closer. start to fill as the completion date gets closer. it Suisse tower is optimistic his building will SwissRealtower tower theheart heart many of the new towers to start signing SwissReal ininthe of of many of the new towers to start signing tenant he $240-million Credit Suisse/ Mr. Shokri and others say tenant they expect a result of the current boom are ownas aasresult of the current boom are ownThe landlords who will likely suffer Franz Gehriger, the CEO of SwissReal Franz Gehriger, the CEO of SwissReal start to fill as the completion date gets closer. downtown Vancouver will leases as they getget to completion. downtown to Vancouver will be heart leases as many they closer to completion. Thattenant SwissReal tower inbethe of ofcloser the new towers to startThat signing continues defybut ers of Shokri said. Asare ownersolder ofasolder buildings, Mr. Shokri As abuildings, result of Mr. the current boomsaid. GroupGroup who bought the the original historic who bought theCEO original historic Franz Gehriger, of SwissReal completed a ayear, sosofar,far, will is is partly in Vancouver, completedininless lessthan than year, but partly because companies intoVancouver, downtown Vancouver be because leases ascompanies they get closer completion.well, Thatnew developments in the suburbs, well, new developments in the suburbs, stock-exchange building in 2002 before parters of older buildings, Mr. Shokri said. As stock-exchange building in 2002 before partGroup who bought the original historic only tenant has upupthan totomove want to be in energy-efficient expectations: onlyone one tenant hassigned signed move to because benew, in new, energy-efficient completed in less a year, sowhich far,do do iswant partly companies in Vancouver, which have already experienced higher nering with Credit Suisse to develop it, said which have already experienced higher well, new developments in the suburbs, The has committed forfor a a10th buildings, to operate short timelines. nering with Credit Suisseinto2002 develop said stock-exchange building beforeit,partThetenant tenantonly hasone committed 10th of move buildings, tend to operate oninshort timelines. tenant has signed upof to in. tend which do wanton to be new, energy-efficient E-MAIL: SAMKAUSHAL@GMAIL.COM vacancy rates inhave recent years,years, may have the main group interested in leasing VancouRoyal LePage vacancy rates in already recent may have which experienced higher the a state AsAs he hesaid, prices in in the newnew thenering mainwith group interested in Credit Suisse to leasing developVancouit, said the370,000 370,000square square feet– –leaving leaving a stateofforofa 10th well, said, The feet tenant has committed ofwell, buildings, tend toprices operate onthe short timelines. trouble as they compete with each other.



#105-7928-128 St., Surrey BC E-Mail:



Grand Producer MEMBER ver office space these days is the technology WWW.SAMEERKAUSHALPREC.REALTOR vacancy rates in recent have trouble as they compete withyears, eachmay other. emptiness that is unusual for an office sky- buildings willCenturion come i Saturday, July 25, 2015down in the theoffice mainspace groupthese interested Vancoudaysinisleasing the technology the is370,000 square feetoffice – leaving of Saturday, Aslikely well, said, prices in in the new emptiness that unusual for an sky- a 4state buildings will likely come 4 i Julyhe 25, 2015down In Vancouver, the co-developer of the Cred- sector.ver Those companies make their deciscraper in this city. Even so, a huge shift in trouble as they compete with each other. In Vancouver, the co-developer of the Credver office space these days is the technology sector. Those companies make their deci100 View Lots emptiness thatso, is unusual for aninoffice sky- buildings will likely come scraper in this city. Even a huge shift 4 i Saturday, July 25, 2015down 12042 in 100AtheAVE In Vancouver,14333 business tenancy is 2-4 expected Open House Sun pm as the region the co-developer of the Cred- sector. Those companies make their deci55A Ave Potential scraperisinexpected this city. as Even a huge shift in business tenancy theso,region experiences something it has not seen be$2,200,000 PLA Done business tenancy is expected as experiences something it has not seen be-the region $1.79M fore: an office-tower building boom much For Sale in Hope experiences something it has not seen before: an office-tower building boom much of which is speculative construction rathNearmuch Kawkawa Lake Beautiful, well maintained New Homes nearby, Coming New Development just a few blocks away. Great Rare to find 24.25 Acres in the Heart of East Newton! Totally Great Investment Property Huge 12791 Square Feet Lot. For an office-tower building boom whichforis fore: speculative construction ratherof than specific committed tenants. Potential. Excellent Investment Property. Investors, Developers, Renovated 2 level home with 1 Workshop, 3 Big Steel Barns, future subdivision potential, please check with City of Surrey. Builders - Build Your Mansion, Rent Out, Assemble Land, or Enjoy the Peace SMALL PLANE HANGERS, GUEST SUITE, Secondary Suite House offers 5 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms. Completely Kettle Valley family home. built on a big Future which is committed speculative construction rather“This thanis kind forofofspecific tenants. uncharted territory for Van- 20280 and Quiet of good size parcel of land. Car Enthusiasts has the Huge 40'x50' registered with City of Surrey. Portable Offices, Nice Landscaping, Workshop (with Separate 200 Amp 3 Phase Powder), .Owner will Huge Parking space for your Trucks, Cars, Dump Trucks, Big hall renovated, Big Patio 35 x 18, Outbuilding Garage 25 x 14, New s q u a r e l o t o f s i z e Detached rent back either 1 k for shop or 4 k whole house.This house has lots of with bathrooms and lot more on these flat acres. Property connected Paint, New Flooring. No trees in the backyard, clean property. er ofthan for specific committed tenants. Hope BC. couver, ” said Mehdi Shokri, aterritory principal with “This is kind uncharted for Van- Road, Huge fenced Back Yard, Close to Highway 10, YMCA, Schools, to City Sewer and City water. Good holding property. Lots of future New Appliances. Close to both level of Schools, Public Transit, 135'x135'. Great view of renovations, Shopping, Transit, Parks. The Outdoor Pool is amazing for entertainment and potential. A 1 Zoning, presently in ALR 415 FEET FRONT ON 152 Skytrain, City Hall and Shopping Centre. Offers if any to be $7M “Thisteam isShokri, kindatofAvison uncharted territory Vana recently replaced liner. More than 36,000 Square Feet Lot with 2,000 the capital markets Young. presented on June 5, 2017 around 7 pm. Open House June couver, ” said Mehdi a principal with forAsking STREET. All measurements are approximate, buyer to verify. mountains and city lights! has Square Feet Plus of Living and Entertainment Space. Motivated Seller. 4, 2017 Sunday 1 PM to 4 PM. couver, ” said Mehdi Shokri, a principal with “But I don’t see a big disaster occurring. ” the capital markets team at Avison Young. The ICredit Suisse is onlyteam the at most Avison “But don’tthe seecapital a tower bigmarkets disaster occurring. ” Young. visible and furthest along of aasecond wave occurring.” “But I don’t see big disaster The Credit Suisse tower is only the most of new office towers planned fortower VancouThe Credit only the most visible and furthest alongSuisse of a secondiswave ver and somevisible key suburbs. A first cluster and furthest along of a second wave new office towers planned for Vancouofoftowers – some twooffice million square feet –for Here you will find an absolutely gorgeous home with all the bells Investors/Builders Alert.....Investment opportunity available in one of BeautifulVancou3 Level Elegant custom built Mega house on the Most Desirable Nortel Area of North Delta. Close to Schools, Better than a townhome.... 1/2 duplex in sunny south surrey. and whistles, 4 bedrooms, top of the line stainless steel appliances, of new towers planned ver built and downtown some key in suburbs. Athree firstyears. cluster Rectangular 9250 Square Feet 70'x132', over 5700 Sq. Feet Shopping, Transit, Medical, or Rent out, Great neighbours, RS 6 Great location, minutes to shopping, schools, parks and granite countertops, newer kitchen, cherry wood floors, Kohler Very Well Kept Home in one of the most desirable area of West Newton and Fully renovated Home, Bright and Spacious, New Crown moldings, Granite was the past covered area.12 Bedrooms with 7 Bathroom.Big Kitchen & Zoning, Huge flat lot in the heart of N. Delta. Excellent central transportation. Beautiful private sunny south facing backyard faucets, bathrooms (rain shower & steam shower), heated Counter tops, 4 bedrooms up, New Kitchen Appliances, Renovated Kitchen, ver and some key suburbs. A first cluster (Spice) on Main Floor with Big Family Room.Back location. Short walking distance to all levels of schools, shopping & with tall mature hedging for maximum privacy. Freshly bathroom floor downstairs, central air conditioning, newer hot water Three Sky Lights, New Flooring, New Drapes & Window coverings. Updated ofAnother towers – 11 some two million square feet – office developments areWok-Kitchen lane access. 5 bedrooms on the top floor and 3 full bathrooms. rec centre. Easy commute to Vancouver D/T. Finished basement has painted, this 3 bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath is the perfect solution tank, metal roof. Step out into the backyard with an outdoor in- Bathrooms, 2 Bed Room Spacious Ground Level Suite rented to good of towers in – some twothree million square Basement feet suites of– Two Bedrooms Each, 1 Bedroom & loads of potential for large family buy now and build or hold for to home ownership in sunny south surrey... Ample parking for ground pool, hot tub, outdoor bar, great for entertaining guests all tenants, Possibility to make another 1 Bed Room Suite, Presently Wet Bar. was built downtown theofpast Separate Entry, Spacious Double Garage, Big Driveway, Ample Parking, Nice proposed within blocks Credit years. Su-2Theatre Room for upstairs use. 2 Bedroom suite on main floor. possible future development. Measurements are approximate. North extra toys... Come by and see you will love it! Ask us about situated on almost half acre of pristine. Panorama Ridge property. Private Back yard, Covered Patio, Spiral stairs, Security Cameras. Close to Facing Property and Sunny South Facing Backyard. Call for details. was is built downtown in the past3 unauthorized three years. Extra large double garage for shop enthusiast. Close to all major all major routes, this home is a must see and Central Location, Close to basement suites, about $2100 per month. the city beautification package.... Great neighbours! Royal LePage out with its latest routes, this home is a must see. Bring in your fussiest buyer. Another 11 tower officeat developments isse’s Exchange Howe and Westare Shopping and Recreation Nearby. Walking Distance to Kwantlen University Anotherand 11 office developments are House Price Survey Pender streets, evenblocks while Forecast, the office-va-Suproposed within of Credit proposed within blocks of Credit Su- 56 Ave and it says Greater Vancouver 18120 9335 Prince Ch. cancy in the tower region atcontinues to inch 9267 132 St 8203 152 St isse’s rate Exchange Howe and West continues to be a sellers’ market, isse’s Exchange tower at Howe and West Highway 10 $949,900 up as a result of the firstwhile wave the of building. $899,900 Pender streets, even office-va$1,099,900 ledButbycommercial significant demand Penderbrokers streets, eventhefor while the office-vaOpen House say city is $1,999,999 cancy rate in the region continues to inch Open House condominiums. rate in the regiontowers. continues inchnext to new Kwantlen Sat,Sun 2-4pm Prime to location not to cancy be of populated by ghost upIt about as a result the first wave ofthebuilding. 2-4pm SPACIOUS HOME CLOSE TO SCHOOLS, SHOPPING, says compared to a year ago, College Campus. Zoned Light 2 Story 2,200 SF home situatedSun on a large 7,100 SF up as a result of the first wave of building. TRANSIT W BACK LANE ACCESS. This beauty features Prime location, heart of Cedar Hill area, Well Kept Rancher in the Cedar Hills. Easy to show. 3 Industrial, excellent building site for I-L spacious main floor with wide entry, inviting living room w walking distance to both schools, this is not lot in a family orientated neighbourhood. Home bedroom But commercial brokers saybrokers the city is aggregate priceBut of acommercial home in Greater 1 bathroom Rancher located in a very central gas fireplace, kitchen, spacious family room & full bath. features 4 good sized Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with say3 the city is location on a sizeable rectangular lot over 7,200 square feet. storey, light industrial building. Upstairs has 4 spacious bedrooms with huge walk in a drive by show your fussiest buyer, very a third R.I. bathroom downstairs. Spacious living Newer Kitchen, Good size Living room with dinning area and not about in tonot be about populated by ghost towers. closet in master bedroom. Basement features spacious 2 Vancouver the second quarter rose to be populated by ghost Primarytowers. building plans in place. All bedroom suite. Other features include double car garage, clean and well kept. Roof is 1.5 yrs old with area with newer flooring throughout, basement has lots of natural light,& laminate floors, double glazed windows, parking at back of the house, back lane access. warranty, hot water tank 2 months old. Great own spereate entry which could eaisly be converted parking for RV, trailer or 6 cars on paved driveway. Hot water 2.6 per cent to $1.1-million. measurements and spcs are extra Easy access to Richmond, Burnaby and Vancouver. Age tank and roof replaced in 2014. Located close to schools, bus into a suite. OPEN HOUSE SAT/SUN 2-4PM & All measurements are approximate, buyer to verify if private backyard, please call for showing. approximate. and parks in a great family area That is a marked slowdown from important. the double-digit growth in 2016. 17795 93a Ave 9791 132 St When broken down by housing Picture $899,000 type, the median price for a bungalow Coming Soon $1,799,900 was up 5.3 per cent to $1.3-million, for a two-storey house it fell 0.5 per GREAT FAMILY HOME AND INVESTMENT FOR THE FUTURE! This Corner lot 7850 sq.ft., 3 bedroom and 1 bath, newer 1.25 acre lot features a spacious 1,932 sf Rancher that has a great layout cent to $1.4-million, and for a condo good sized kitchen, original hardwood floor, East facing to open park. with 3 bedrooms, vaulted ceiling in the living room, a 3 car garage, extra beautiful Live in now, build your dream home in the future. Square storage shed and features a pool and hot tub. The Anniedale Tynehead has been approved and this lot is designated as High Density house located on 75 and the median price rose 12.4 per cent footage does not include 1br cottage (almost like a coach NCP Residential 25-45 Units per Acre - the highest density in the plan. This home) and easily rent out for as mortgage helper. Central well located property is completely flat and has no watercourses. This is a to $578,000. location close to 7Eleven, Fruiticana, No Frills, Shoppers great place to live in now and invest for the future. Port Kells NCP. 123 street of surrey. call Minutes to shopping at Guildford/Willowbrook Malls, Convenient access Drug Mart, Liquor Store and Mcdonald's and much more. to Port Mann and Golden Ears Bridges, Highway/Freeway 1. “The Greater Vancouver real for viewing Trade in with any property or business is welcome estate market defies all odds and 9351 182 St expectations in 2017,” Randy Ryalls, 4325 Victoria Dr 12669 93 Ave general manager of Royal LePage Port Kells, Surrey Vancouver Surrey Sterling Realty, said in a statement. 5 Acres - $5.9M “Overall, it’s tough for first-time $1,599,000 $1,588,888 For Lease & For Sale 5 acres in Port Kells Central location. Close to everything. 4 Beautiful updated 2 Storey Magnificent Home in Queen Park **VERY LARGE LOT** 2 storey w/ bsmt home on buyers to enter the real estate market in Little India Plaza Area of Surrey, 10,500 SF L.U.C. Lot.Custom Built, over 6000 26,000sqft lot with Sub-dividable potential, bedrooms uptairs plus 2 bdrm suite in basement. and a lot of prospective purchasers 8028 128 St, Surrey Anniedale NCP with 2 Walk to school, bus & shopping. Single garage SF With 5 Bedrooms, Big Rec Room, Huge Family Room, HOME Features include 7 bedrooms plus 2 baths Balcony, Patio, Big Covered Sundeck on Main, 2 Suites down (3 (1083SF) , #206 (1017SF) with extra parking space. Measurements are & 3 bedroom) rented to good tenants at $1250 and $950 per with private back yard, additional parking for RV are being priced out of the market houses both rented to #119 (1102SF), #120 approx. Buyer to verify if deemed to be month on month to month basis. 5 zone H/W radiant heat, parking available. Close to shopping, walking 8078 128 St Central vacuum, Solid oak cabs. Grand entrance, Circular distance to schools, public transit and easy important. Spacious and practical home. through highly competitive, #102(1158SF) , #106 (1258SF) driveway, Double Garage, Lots of Parking, RV Parking, Big long term tenants access to all major routes. Backyard and Storage 12X12. Double Spiral Stairs, 4 Skylights Lease available in York Centre Also multiple-offer scenarios, particularly within the well-priced condominium For Sale 13071 59 Ave 13909 56 Ave 6315 128 St segment that first-time homeowners Picture Picture $999, 0 00 $1,999,000 $1,299,000 Coming Soon Coming Soon 104 - 7511 typically favour.” Parkview As for the rest of the year, 120 ST DELTA Ryalls said, “We anticipate that This property is in the prime area of PANORAMA RIDGE. 18,241 sq ft corner lot in Boundary Park. 2 storey + basement home. Central This bright updated and friendly home with Gourmet Kitchen, ATRIA..This main floor Office / Retail is located south of 80th Avenue in the Scottsdale area with excellent visual exposure on Floors, Newer Vinyl Windows, Hot water tank and You can make your dream Castle on a huge lot, is in quiet Greater Vancouver will see home location close to park, schools, Hardwood S/S Appliances is truly a rare find! This home boasts 3 120th Street (Scott Road) Concrete construction. Separate neighbourhood with partial view. It has two fronts ONE This lot is designated multi family which HVAC units, front and backdoor access. 3 levels of residential transportation, and shopping. Easy Bedrooms with 2 Baths up, and a lightly converted 1 bedroom from 56th Ave and SECOND from 56A Ave. You can live gives it a very good future potential. 3 prices continue to increase for the that is now a thriving salon, down. The view from this home units above. Ample parking available for commercial units (42 or invest in half acreage home. Rhodo garden + access to US border, White Rock, Langley, issuite truly spectacular and on one of our many sunny days, you can reserved parking stalls for Commercial Units). This unit has bedroom solid rancher owner occupied. prestigious neighbourhood, makes this a terrific loc. tremendous exposure to Scott Road, Just opposite to Bus Stop, remainder of the year as more buyers Vancouver, and Richmond. Build your see all the way South/West to Vancouver Island not to mention ample parking available on site and great accessibility to all Good tenants and rented at $2000 per month plus utilities Lots of Parking. Call fore more details. the Sunsets which are absolutely the most beautiful you will ever dream home here ! Call for details. major transportation routes in the area. Rented to very good on month to month basis. re-enter the market, with inventory experience! Tenants. One of the best investment opportunity. shortages continuing to put upward pressure on prices.”

6964 152 St $6,299,000

14495 72 Ave $1,499,000

11144 84 Ave Delta $1,099,900

15410 20 AVE $829,000

7269 131A St $1,599,900

12851 99 Ave $899,900

6972 126 ST, SURREY, #1,269,000

10100 Helen Drive $760,000

7568 123 St $1,229,900


RF-12 Two Storey Home RF-12 Two Storey Home Lot - 10153 130A St Lot - 13050 101B Ave 5631 SQFT. $699,900 4505 SQFT $699,900 Ready to Build, Plans Ready Ready to Build, Plans Ready Call for more info Call for more info 14773 68 Ave $2,249,900

5920 181 St $949,900

Lots in Panorama Parkview - for further info, please call 604-897-9575



Saturday, July 15, 2017

Real Estate

‘Calm … not kill’ is the aim behind changing T the rules in Toronto’s housing market rules Vol. 6 No. 31

Jolly Arts -Custom painted wall murals for home, office or commercial establishments.

Changes to Toronto-area real estate rules were meant to “calm … not kill” the market, says Premier Kathleen Wynne, adding the province will continue to keep an eye on their impact. “We’re monitoring it closely,” said Wynne,

-Interior and decorative wall painting along with decorating design ideas.

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speaking to reporters at Queen’s Park. “It was a sophisticated response to an overheating of the market and we’ll see, over the coming months, what the impact has been. “I’m pretty confident that the range of things that we put in place is having the desired effect, and will continue to.” While housing sales in Toronto area remain up year-over year, they have nevertheless declined month-to-month since Wynne introduced new housing policies April 20, including a 15 per cent tax on foreign buyers and an expansion of rent controls. The real estate industry has urged the province and other levels of government

S 604-992-7253


*12110 56 Avenue



8 8,

9 $4

*#97 12778 66th Avenue

• 3 b/d, 2 bath • Private Backyard • Please call for details!

- Tel: 604-591-5423 -

he $240-million Credit Suisse/ SwissReal tower in the heart of downtown Vancouver will be completed in less than a year, but so far, only one tenant has signed up to move in. The tenant has committed for a 10th of the 370,000 square feet – leaving a state of emptiness that is unusual for an office skyscraper in this city. Even so, a huge shift in business tenancy is expected as the region experiences something it has not seen before: an office-tower building boom much of which is speculative construction rather than for specific committed tenants. “This is kind of uncharted territory for Vancouver,” said Mehdi Shokri, a principal with the capital markets team at Avison Young. “But I don’t see a big disaster occurring.” The Credit Suisse tower is only the most visible and furthest along of a second wave of new office towers planned for Vancouver and some key suburbs. A first cluster of towers – some two million square feet – was built downtown in the past three years. Another 11 office developments are proposed within blocks of Credit Suisse’s Exchange tower at Howe and West Pender streets, even while the office-vacancy rate in the region continues to inch up as a result of the first wave of building. But commercial brokers say the city is not about to be populated by ghost towers.

Mr. Shokri and others say they expect many of the new towers to start signing tenant leases as they get closer to completion. That is partly because companies in Vancouver, which do want to be in new, energy-efficient buildings, tend to operate on short timelines. As well, he said, prices in the new buildings will likely come 4 i Saturday, July 25, 2015down in the

E-mail: ads@the

next two years due to competition. The landlords who will likely suffer as a result of the current boom are owners of older buildings, Mr. Shokri said. As well, new developments in the suburbs, which have already experienced higher vacancy rates in recent years, may have trouble as they compete with each other. In Vancouver, the co-developer of the Cred-

to wait for an extensive period before intervening any further. “Let’s hit the brakes here,” said Tim Hudak, CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association and former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. “Let’s take a wait-and-see approach before any more demand interventions.” Toronto realtor David Fleming believes the housing market was already correcting itself before the government changes. “This is a market that likely would have cooled itself,” said Fleming of Bosley Real Estate. “What they’ve done effectively is just fasttracked what would have been a natural cooling.” Wynne spoke to reporters at Queen’s Park on Thursday morning before heading to Rhode Island to meet with U.S. governors to talk trade and promote cross-border economic ties at a national conference. She called the meeting “a really important moment for Ontario, in the context of Canadian-American relations. “The trade relationships between Canada and the United States, and Ontario and the United States, is critical to the well-being of both jurisdictions,” said Wynne, who will be joined by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “That’s really the underpinning of the conversations that I’ll be having with the governors and have been having with governors for the last number of months.”

WestCoast Realty TM

You’ve found a home





• 12 b/d, 10 baths, 4 kitchens • Private Backyard, great mortgage helper • 6200 sq ft finished space, Brand new, no GST • In-law suite and legal 2 b/d suite

Saturday - April 2, 2016


, 28



Vancouver’s skyline to rise amid an office-tower building

, 88





*119 13880 74 Avenue

• 3 b/d, 2 baths, 2 level • 2 parking, 2 patios, end unit • Call today !!


* 5990 131A Street • 9 b/d, 7 baths, 6 kitchens, Suite (1+1+2) • 4335 sq ft finished space • Custom Build, RF 12C • 2 bed coach house with back lane


*12921 102 Ave • 4 b/d, 2.5 baths • 9100 sq ft lot • Tons of parking • detach garage with 220V

UPDATED RANCHER *10173 Helen Dr • 3 b/d • 7512 sq ft lot • Call for details



8 86



* 8097 134 Street

• Licenced Group Daycare, CCR Zoning • Live Upstairs & work downstairs • 4,000 sf house, 8,600 sf corner lot, 17 years old • West Newton area, call for details!


*106 & River Rd

• 15,000 sq ft lot • 3,400 sq ft finished space

*95 & 118 St.

• 9,900 sq ft lot • 2,800 sq ft finished space


*7532 118 Street

• 6 b/d, 3 baths, 3 kitchens • Huge deck, double garage and carport • Newly renovated, 6000 sq ft corner lot

• Lot Size 9000 sq ft

*11679 96 Av.

• Walk out Basement • Ready to move in 2 months

• Finished Space 6500 sq ft •10 b/d, 7 baths, 4 kitchens • 2 suites, media room, spice kitchen


it Suisse tow start to fill a Franz G Group wh stock-excha nering with the main gr ver office sp sector. Tho


Saturday, April 2, 2016

i 5

Saturday, July 15, 2017 -

Real Estate

Foreign buyers tax had little impact on housing prices

Saturday - April 2, 2016

- Tel: 604-591-5423 -


couver’s skyline to rise amid an office-tower building boom

edit Suisse/ he heart of er will be , but so far, to move in. or a 10th of ng a state of n office skyhuge shift in s the region not seen beboom much uction rathted tenants. tory for Vanrincipal with vison Young. r occurring.” nly the most second wave for Vancoufirst cluster square feet – three years. pments are Credit Sue and West he office-vanues to inch of building. y the city is host towers.

Mr. Shokri and others say they expect many of the new towers to start signing tenant leases as they get closer to completion. That is partly because companies in Vancouver, which do want to be in new, energy-efficient buildings, tend to operate on short timelines. As well, he said, prices in the new buildings will likely come 4 i Saturday, July 25, 2015down in the

next two years due to competition. The landlords who will likely suffer as a result of the current boom are owners of older buildings, Mr. Shokri said. As well, new developments in the suburbs, which have already experienced higher vacancy rates in recent years, may have trouble as they compete with each other. In Vancouver, the co-developer of the Cred-

it Suisse tower is optimistic his building will start to fill as the completion date gets closer. Franz Gehriger, the CEO of SwissReal Group who bought the original historic stock-exchange building in 2002 before partnering with Credit Suisse to develop it, said the main group interested in leasing Vancouver office space these days is the technology sector. Those companies make their deci-

Despite a 15 per cent foreign homebuyers tax effectuated by the province last August, home prices in the Lower Mainland are poised to resume on an upwards trajectory, according to a house price survey released today by Royal LePage.

Funds Available

policy aimed at cooling the market last year, overall appreciation in the region has remained decidedly intact,” said Randy Ryalls, general manager of Royal LePage Sterling Realty, in a news release. “The market is back to facing a supply and demand gap.” The release says the provincial government’s effort to cool the market “had little impact on the broader economy.” Ryalls said the “only major factor” they have seen impact the market was the introduction of new mortgage rules, “which ultimately took between 20 to 30 per cent of buyers out of the market place.” “If we connect the dots, we’d realize that sales activity and pricing within the condominium market would have been much higher if the rules weren’t changed,” he said. Looking ahead, Royal LaPage is predicting that aggregate price of a home in Greater Vancouver will remain relatively flat, rising by 0.5 per cent year-over-year. The survey reports that properties in Surrey continued to appreciate in the second quarter, rising 7.4 per cent to an aggregate price of $759,837. The median price of twostory home, bungalow and condominium increased by 6.8 per cent, 9.5 per cent and 11 per cent, respectively.

ailable (Against Real Estate only) rtgages at competitive rates Using findings from the company’s second-quarter market survey, Royal LePage says the aggregate price of a home in Greater Vancouver rose 2.6 per cent year-over-year to an aggregate price of $1,181,309. The report found that the median price of a bungalow in Greater Vancouver increased by 5.3 per cent to $1,379,731 while a two-storey home prices slipped by 0.5 per cent yearover-year to $1,480,706. During the same period, the median price of condominiums saw increased by 12.4 per cent to $578,213. “While many onlookers expected outright year-over-year home price declines in light of the hasty implementation of governmental

r further information:


B.C. real estate: June home sales dip; still far above 10-year average The British Columbia Real Estate Association says June home sales fell short of record levels set last year, but demand remains well above average. The association says 11,671 homes sold in June, down 9.6 per cent from the same period in 2016. The total amount of money changing hands was $8.47 billion, a 5.6 per cent dip compared to a year earlier. The average price of a home continues to climb, nudging up to $726,000 last month, a jump of 4.4 per cent over June 2016. Association economist Brendon Ogmudson says the health of the B.C. housing market is

Private Mortgage available at low rates. st nd rd 1 / 2 /3 Mortgages. Borrow up to 80% value of Property. Bank Rules not applicable here. Bad Credit/ Less Income- No problem… Call- Mortgage Consultant,

Rajan Saggi, AMP The Mortgage Group Canada Inc.

Saggi Financial Solutions Inc.

HARJIT S. HEIR PREC Real Estate Professional


Century 21 Coastal Realty Ltd. 7928 128 St #105, Surrey, BC V3W 4E8

# 88 12711 64 Ave

$599,000 9463 134 St

Fabulous 3 bedroom plus games room town home at "Palette on the Park"! This one is like no other with 2 full bathrooms, powder room on main and a bonus powder room in games room installed by original developer! Spacious living/dining room with cozy fireplace. Open kitchen with eating area, family room and a walk out patio to a private fenced backyard, perfect for a BBQ! Great family location, close to school, transit and shopping! Best value around!

12424 80 Ave

8272 149a St

Centrally located 3 level Custom Built Home (7200 sq. ft. lot) in Queen Mary Park. This 2013 build house offers 9 bedroom, 8 bathroom. Offers top notch finishing, elegant tiled foyer, and extensive pot lighting throughout. Home features vaulted ceilings in living/dining room, and huge family room with floor to ceiling custom built-in cabinets and designer gas fireplace. Main floor features large bedroom with ensuite. Home offers impressive large kitchen with plenty of cabinets, gorgeous granite countertops, two level granite island with drop lighting, built-in stainless steel oven and microwave. Built-in gas cooktop with high-end exhaust fan and good size pantry. Spice kitchen features granite countertop. Fully finished 2+2 bedroom basement suite.

$749,000 11-6089 144 St

LOT #1 .......Fully serviced Lot in a prime location to built three level house. Lot ready in Oct 2017

$1,949,000 12347 224 St

Investment property in downtown area and potential for townhouses or apartment building. Currently rented for $2200 per month to nice tenant and will sell along with 12345-224St Maple Ridges . Strictly no door knocking and call for personal viewing.

$579,000 32097 Clinton Ave $779,000

New home in a prime location, built in 2016 without the GST. This is a beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom unit, 1407sq townhome with 1 covered parking spots and all the builder upgrades; including crown mouldings, solid surface countertops, stainless steel appliances and a fenced backyard. Close to all level of school,shopping,Bus stop, easy access to hwy and etc .Call today for the personal viewing

$949,000 8954 Edinburgh Dr $979,000

2 level well kept house located in Shaughnessy Estates. Main floor features an elegant living room, dining room, spacious kitchen, eating area, large family room and extra bedroom-use it as rec room, gym or home office! Upper floor features 3 large bedrooms, master bedroom has good sized walk in closet and 5 piece ensuite. Location is just a short walk to both levels of school, the bus and park. Offers huge level driveway, backyard has storage shed, private fenced and grassed backyard with patio. Newer roof, furnace and paint, there is nothing to do but move in. Built by McBranty Management, the quality of workmanship and materials is exceptional. Call today for your personal viewing! OPEN HOUSE JULY 08 & 09 SAT & SUN FROM 2 PM TO 4 PM


Huge LUC lot in the heart of Queen Mary Park! Immaculate, bright and spacious basement entry home. Main floor features large living & dining, kitchen with eating area, 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths upstairs which includes the master with ensuite & New Windows.Home is located in family oriented neighborhood, close to school, transit, parks, shopping. Offers new stainless steel appliances, new ceiling fans, double car garage and room to park 4 cars on driveway, covered deck overlooks fully fenced and landscaped backyard with large storage shed. Basement has one bedroom suite with separate entry, laundry and storage area. Call today for the personal viewing! OPEN HOUSE SAT JULY 15,2017 FROM 2-4PM

Location! Location! 4 level split located in heart of Abbotsford. Home offers 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, cozy gas fireplace in the family room, home office in one side of garage , huge living room and entertainment size dining room with hutch alcove, oak kitchen with stainless steal appliances with family sized eating area overlooking the family room. Features huge level driveway, backyard has 8'x10' shed, private fenced backyard with covered patio backing onto Clearbrook elementary school. Walking distance to elementary, middle & high schools, MRC Wave pool and arena. New blinds, new fence, covered patio roof is 4 years old. Laundry on main with sink. 5 feet crawl space for extra storage. 1 bedroom suite for mortgage help! OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY JULY 16,2017 FROM 1PM TO 4PM

RECENT SALES • 12766 68 AVE • 7117 134 A St • #27 7250 144St • 16569 59a Ave • #36 14453 72Ave • 3566 Thurston Pl • 8088 146 St • #30 13918 58 Ave • 12766 68 Ave • #2 14453 72 Ave • 13075 112 Ave • #5 13528 96 Ave • 19789 68 Ave • #6 6366 126 St • 13553 113 Ave • #79 6383 140 St • 7690 140 St • #9 6383 140 St

supported by a strong provincial economy and vigorous job growth. He says the lack of homes for sale is responsible for continuing increases in property prices. “Supply remains a challenge, which means most areas are seeing tight market conditions and significant upward pressure on prices,” Ogmudson says in a news release. Figures from the real estate association show when 2016 is taken out of the mix, residential sales in B.C. continue to rival the heights of the 2015 housing market, which was also well above the 10-year average for home sales.

Private Mortgage Available !!!

Top 10% Achiever for 2014-2016 Vancouver Real Estate Board



#106 - 7565 132 St. Surrey, BC 604.572.3005




Saturday, July 15, 2017

Garry Grewal

Vol. 6 No. 31


Sutton Group - West Coast Realty


- Commercial Top Sales Award



- Highest Dollar Volume Award

FOR SALE New Listing


- Commercial Top Sales Award



New Listing

Spectacular! Estate home on 14.827 Acres of high yield blueberry farm. Luxury unfolds with the stunning front foyer, dual staircases, and elevated catwalk. The regal great room is situated next to a gourmet chef kitchen w/ separate wok kitchen & walk in pantry. A media room, yoga/ exercise room, 8 bedrooms & multiple entertaining roomsbusiness roundinout this spectacular upon southconvenience views of Bakeronorbusy the Busy home. well 20Gaze yearoutestablished Long established alterations and dry cleaning Metrotown, north views of the North Shore Mountains from outdoor patios situated both upstairs intersection of Aldergrove. Excellent sales, with Lotto, Uhaul excellent reputation, store has undergone andis true has low andrenovations down. This luxury at its best! The farm features healthy mature blueberry movingensuring supplies,steady moneycrops transfers and pizza.the Large retail Fully space and Reca throughout season. lease! Easy to operate perfect for ownervarieties operatorsDuke, or canElliott, be run be irrigation. Too much list! Book today! $4,999,900 othertoideas can bea showing incorporated. EasyAsking to operate. please do not trained competent staff already in place!automated Complete turn key location


Only 1 year beautiful franchise heart of Langley. Easy to run, 8318 cottSoldoad R Robins eringDonuts is medical offin the and other lease ofessionals pr anmake this anopportunity t excellent and prime area idealosmall business opportunity. Measurement purchase emium pr of�ice space ey, in Sur approx. Buyer to verify if deemed important. Please contact for more info. Asking $149,000 BC. o Set beed t y allcomplet b f 2016, this great chance to be your own boss. Please Do not approach staff. Asking approach staff please call agent for more info. measurements state if eel the and ete art concr st $119,000 approx buyer to verify. Asking $179,000 building BRAND will erNEWoff ae IN etail ofINDIA andPLAZA r UNITS LITTLEmixtur A very rare opportunity to own a beautiful Parisian feel Salon/Café in of�ice space oalone ofessionals t prin Surrey's looking ornew f retail plaza a on the corner of 80 and New For lease!!Stand building brand INDIAN RESTAURANT FORAbbotsford. SALE INWell ABBOTSFORD Historic established, with a loyal client Listing following this home or ftheir business. Space beautiful establishment ers offy all brunch,da ea. Lunch long erm and t Afternoon T 128th in Little India Plaza.Total 3500 sq ft which can be divided into two units of 2000 sq ft In addition, thiskey beautiful café offers so more! Reservations for Rare opportunity to purchase your own turn well established andmuch profitable Indian Cuisine is ed. limitoday Callor et f mor details.





and 1500 sq ft. Open spacious units lots of windows and high ceilings make these ideal retail units. Ample parkingOR and easy transit allowsRE for various ACREAGE F ALE S access.INZoning GINA ASKATCHEWAN -uses please contact S for more info.

Showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special occasions and even Private Wedding ceremonies. Wait...there's more! This beautiful treasure of a business offers gorgeous select apparel, furnishings, jewelry, linens, gifts, vintage treasures and home décor. A beautiful, breathtaking turnkey operation this is a chance to own a niche business created and established with love and a business owners delight don't miss this opportunity! Please oach do staff, not ealtor contact orappry f info required. Asking $75,000

restaurant in Abbotsford! The opportunity to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Full commercial kitchen and inside seating plus large volume of take out and catering services. Loyal community following and excellent reputation. Please contact for more details. Asking $399,000


CUSTOM TEEL S Robins &ABRICATION F in Surrey. Easy BUSINESS ORequipment ALEFSin Long established and recognized Donuts franchise to run, full bakery

Established custom abrication and soups, donairs business. aluminum eatwithGr opportunity ourcoffee to place this popular franchise alsosteel serves sandwiches, along thef classic baking and business with services that include: aluminum welding and repair, custom and stock trailers, that Robins is known Lowfabrication, lease, easy operation, opportunitygates, to besecurity your own boss! mobile welding service,for. crane fabricationgreat of residential bars andAsking much more! Mon– Fri operation closed on weekends. Please contact me for more details on this hard to $199,000 come by opportunity! Asking $149,000


Business with property. Ideal development/holding property opportunity! This lot is currently C-1 zoning.




Fantastic opportunity to run your own Pizza & Indian Cuisine Turn key Excellent opportunityfood, for arated full restaurant in busyopen tourist area aof Hope. Currently operating as Pizza and Indian business! 4.5/5 bylocation customers 7 days week, very busy can location take to out availability forkitchen seating if canopy, fryer, pizza oven etc. two units together Cuisine however be changed anywith cuisine if desired. Full with desired. Tons of tourists year round, central to major sites in Hope which can be subdivided for two businesses if desired. Please contact for more detailed information. Asking $89,900 and integral area near grocery stores, city hall, local police station, motels and cinema. Well established, great sales and a complete turn key operation that will not last long! Asking $199,000



Don't miss this chance to run your own buy Convenience store/Mini mart! This well established business is well or-ganized, excellent set up, with all your essential sundries for sale as well as lottery AND theEstablished licensingsince to sell at this Busyshop area nearand parks, 2011Pizza complete turnlocation! key retail meat in busy fast developing area of Clayton in Surrey. Beautiful schools, residences it is the perfect small business! Ample of shop, well maintained withideas excellent meats that built a reputation in the local area. Easy to run, excellent lease, opportunity to add your to quality an already turnhas key operation! Don't this great Asking $149,000 wellmiss established salessmall makebusiness this an idealprospect! opportunity not to be overlooked. Contact for more details. Asking $199,000





also includes a 110 seat pub, fully licensed resaturant and a Liquor store with lot size close to 45,000 sqft. Ideal for BC PNP or run your own business and achieve BUSINESS OR F SALE your entrepreneurial dreams! Contact for more details. Asking $2,599,000 Dream Pizza or ale FS the

Excellent location prime area Indian cuisine dine in and take out. Low lease high traffic area Contract for more details. Asking $109,000 PRIME OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE




monthl y evenue. Asking r




Large officeGREAT space currently used FRANCHISE as a classroomTUNITY setting ideal forOPPOR private college etc. However with


Great ranchise F 2 kitchens opportunity ed!area foryjust several office rooms, , front reception leaseBus it can belist used for various office uses. Coquitlam Center Mall or location oss Chop f N T Franchise! ont W last Asking long! $158,800



area. Excellent sales�inished and profit. Full service storebincluding UPS, cigarettes, worldt wide money Fully y side ataside orunits strotal af withappr Western union, slushies,sqft hot vegetables, halal meats, atm,t general oftransfersox. 5540 . vailable A or dogs, f fruits,sale. o Close Port ellscleaning K supplies Industrial ea. ary LowEas o accessleaseboth t surrounded by tons of groceries, and more. rent, excellent terms Highway 1 commercial hway Hig and Ptruck cr opportunity grab this residential buildingsaci�ic and businesses.ossing. Perfect turn key money making business before it is gone! Contact for more details. Asking $189,900


NEW Established & turn key Pizza & Curry restaurant for sale. PrimeLISlocation TING and restaurant serves traditional Italian classics in

complete turn key operation. Full kitchen in place and complete take out and

a fantastic atmosphere and ambiance. Perfect

Asset Sale- DBA "Pharmasave" RETAIL well established ACEfranchise VAILABLE SPoperating A since June 2012. Increasing annual script count of approx casual dining for locals as well as tourist traf�ic. Turn key operation ready for you to lease implement delivery service.Reasonable and ample parking space. Online ordering, 12,000/annum. Approx ground floor space 128 leasedEx space w/5 year, 5 in yr lease + 1 st right refusal to tenant plaza. 83212400 sq ft of ., Surrey. cellent location St 5yr, Asking $209,000 busy option to purchase the building. Open six days/week (6) doctor offices, High end Kroll software, and Oscar CRM software in your dreams as a restaurant owner! Asking $219,000 full website, social media presence all in place for you! Make your use. Lease area of 2,400 sq.ft. Customized tenancy improvements. OFFICE ACE SP ORBusiness ALE isFrun Sprofessionally by a Health Care Group Companypotential!vailable OwnerSFwill Contact me for more $899,000 entrepreneurial dreamsincome for more details. Asking $109,000 Approx.enormous expansion 3100 or provideftraining. of sale of�ice in ey.details. Asking space theClose a busiest to plaza Banquet Halls, true. Contact Surr DONAIR BUSINESS retailshops

& Asking

of�ices. $749,000


opportunity! ound Ideal etail/�loor Gr oom/of�ice showr r space 23 years Established Creditvestment Companyinthis for sale. Retailgrand Commercial collections, Judgments, in busy Surr Khalsa Business Center ariousat Tenancy Order Collection, loansbusinesses and outstanding invoices.Take$349,000 advantage of this unique niche uses. Asking business opportunity. Asking $229,000

Take vantage ad eat of high ceilings eys




(15299 VE)


vestment in Currently



opportunity o etail twefrontr stor units ey in al Plaza ocery leased e, Stor to o this or a Asking units is sale. Gr$899,000 f tw





2013-2014 FOR SALE



Close to busy intersection of 160 & 96th and directly opposite a The perfect family business awaits you! Easy to operate highschool and residences surrounding this is the perfect turn and ion prime location at 64 & Scott Rd Delta. Busy strip key opportunity to bring your ideas. This restaurant has full mall with Safeway as the main anchor next door. Easy commercial kitchen, area for some dine in seating and ample to manage, excellent lease, low overhead, loyal kitchen room for take out and catering. Can be converted to large client database, quality product and various cuisines luxury great store frontsituate retail location withacres tons ofwithclientele, Magni�icent estate don 8.5 over 8100 sq. ft of living space. Home includes 6 excellent make this a turn key opportunity. drive by 8andwashrooms, walking traffic. Please contact more and info. fruit bdrms, a separate guestforhouse stand. equipment 5 acres has blueberry plants as well. This stunning home possesses every luxury possible with high ceilings, crown molding, stainless steel Asking $109,000. Asking $109,000.

appliances,Granite counter tops, open �loor plan, large gym room, grand patio, sundecks, built in vacuum, top of the line security system, separate wok kitchen and much more! This gorgeous home is situated in the middle of serene farmland yet only two minutes away from Aldergrove Town centre and with quick access to Hwy #1. The second house is rented as well as fruit stall.Rare opportunity to advantage of this stunning PopularCall and today trendy for Vancouver basedviewing. retail bakery franchise Turn key opportunity to be a part of the Good Earth home! a personal



Coffee House Franchise! Prime corner location at Alma & W. Broadway this amazing franchise is the perfect opportunity to run your own franchise cafe/restaurant. With ethical trade coffees, healthy wholesome food menu, liquor licence and catering this beautifully designed location makes it a not to miss opportunity. Please do not approach staff . Asking $599,000 1000O 12,000 . T AIL S.F & RET ACEOFFICE AVAILABLE FOR ALE S ASE & LE







Established and reputable jewellers in Approx 3178 Sq ft of retail space available in


Retail and office units for lease in prime area at 8312 128 st. Large 8000+ sq ft space Hair alon S Business for sale perfect for Bar/restaurant/hall separate entrancearideal location! Inquire for moreyinfo! Located raseron , Hwy verdale F Cloea, ell w established business, o






Primet location for this 115 seat BarBLVD. & Grill withThe 20 patio seating asretail well. Liquor licence valid from (9:30 am - 1 and 2 am Sat & 8077 KING GEORGE perfect eas Sunday. Spacious kitchen withplaza enormous opportunity to expand and grow. Turn key operation, POS system in place, good corner unit in busy move in ready. Approx lease..ready to implement to thisof�ice business.or Staffretail are not to be approached Please contact for more details. 1200 sq forftyou perfect for your fastideas food, space. Easy access to highway, close to all Asking $99,000 amenities on Busy King George Hwy. Great Opportunity contact me today.




Established and popular Shawarama Palace offers in busy Sands Plaza Richmond brings quality fresh shawaramas, donairs, kebabs, falafels and more! Excellent reviews, busy location with 35 person seating and take out this location has taken the industry by storm! Complete turn key operation equipment. Asking $569,000f own Established auto y all new or bod shop our sale y! be boss y toda N L


IST W Well established ell anduto equipped e w Car A Center which IN G offers car &epair. inspection, service Over 24 years establishedcomplete Italian Deli also specializing in home made take home healthytruck meals such as lasagna, canneloni, meatballs, The ect perf opportunity our to own run businessy with a sausages and more. Catering services including meat, cheese and antipasto trays. Easy to run, beautifully maintained, excellent retail well ecognized r and established ve . automoti center Contact product line do ordersdetails. for corporate and personal gift baskets. Bring your ideas to this turn key business! Owners realtor orin which e fthey alsomor Asking $139,000

retiring do not approach staff please contact for more details. Asking $188,000 OFFICE ACE SP OR ASE F


152 .,Approx.




. 1100

of�ice or sqft


vailable space lease

OFFICE152nsd FOR LEASEstr Surr

ar on eet


inf a

Upstairs mezzanine office with separate 900120 sq ft. Perfect VEentrance Twashroom & S for Units small vailable a y Scott d at vebus Rfor more A . 93r & ox. $1300 Appr St t o120 750 . 1700 various office useon prime areaoad of Surrey. Contact details. per month. space vailable a






second �loor VE 95

�loor . eady o and Rve A

OFFICE FOR LEASE IN PAYALspace BUSINESS CENTRE . 4500 of�ice sqft vailable. ec. Rea, ara small

t mobasement in!

of�ice, oom


conference rof Surrey V y in nicel designed Office for lease: Located in theoom. heartery Payal Business Centre and , this office is�inished. UNIT reception OR FASE 72 full washroom. & 132 professionally designed. 5 offices, area,LEseparateONlunchT room and Available for lease. Opp JR Furniture. Good mix of warehouse and of�ice space. Centrally 1200 Sq ft. $2000 per month + GST located in light industrial zoning.






fundamentals of S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering & mathematics). This unique business offers in School

INVESTOR OPP ORTUNITY 2590 sqft . etail R ande Of�ic Sq. ft large Lot Fully space for sale Asking $649,000 7200 renovated home close to the CAFÉ FOR SALE


Well established .Baby Ultrasound Franchise, 3D/4D ultrasound (not diagnostic), Private clinic for pregnant moms. Full turn key operation this easy to run niche market business is perfect for individuals or couples with Medical/Health industry backgrounds. Beautifully set up office, low lease rate, excellent hours and easy to run with low overhead expenses. Professionals and New Immigrants with a healthcare background this is a perfect opportunity! Burnaby and Abbotsford locations available. Asking $125,000 each location

OFFICE SPACE FOR SALE Approx. 3100 SF of office space available for sale in the busiest plaza in Surrey. Close to Banquet Halls, retailshops & offices. Asking $749,000





Located in the heart of Surrey in Payal Business Centre, this office is professionally designed. 5 offices, reception area, separate lunch room and full washroom. 1200 Sq ft Gross lease $20.00/sq ft +gst.

ITALIAN RESTAURANT FOR SALE A treasure gem of Italian cuisine tucked away in Hope! Open for lunch and dinner this quaint restaurant serves traditional Italian classics in a fantastic atmosphere and ambiance. Perfect casual dining for locals as well as tourist traffic. Turn key operation ready for you to implement your dreams as a restaurant owner! Asking $219,000


heart of Surrey. Lots of traf�ic and close to

and much more.RCall to inquire further details on this turn key café in a prime tourist area. Asking $179,000 of�ice public transportation, restaurants,

franchise is located in Ocean Park Shopping Center near major anchor Safeway. This rapidly growing franchise currently has 22 locations within BC and Alberta. With unique product Imported from the US and UK this franchise is completely turn –key and full training provided. This easy to run business is perfect for a couple and for those wanting to try their hand at being an entrepreneur. Asking $79,900

95 Ave & 152 St., 940 sqft. of�ice space is available for Downtown 2 bed, bathspace for lease Within busy Triton Centre. Busy and growing area The core. perfect second floor2 office lease on 2nd including 3 small meeting room dream come true! This beautiful Café in the heart Unique and�loor established opportunity toof�ices, make your entrepreneurial 850 sq.ft home to use as a rental and reception. Also available 9400 sqft. space for lease. of White Rock is a small business owners dream! Tastefully decorated excellent breakfast and lunch menu and rarely makes this an ideal location for your office. Contact listing realtor for more details. 1985 Sq.ft. LOTS OF EXPOSURE. property. Asking $349,000

found…Liquor license as well! Outdoor seating back and front of premises, tons of parking and many, many more high rises coming in the area currently make this a business owners dream come true. Turn key business ready and waiting for you! Confidentiality agreement will have to be signed before viewing the business. Asking $149,900



Of�ice for eat vestment sale! In Gr #1 1016 Sq cellent xposure, Ft e op Ex t �loor of�ice y space Khalsa within the ,6960ey REDUCEDand Business Cent er x. comple ull ea F ar eddesignat or oom f classr space addition Established Donair food outlet in prime busy Perfect ving li space Attention learning centers, Early Childhood Education related businesses, Teachers and others with Educational with of�ice space. ake vantage T ad ons of ofxposure t om visual fr . 128th e af�ic High st tr area in Langley. Already steady clientele from thethat enjoy cornerwith of Yourftdream to 128 your and 84. CDWell established zoning allowsFranchise invprime location of Abbotsford. Close to residences and schools over 1000working sq children! 2 business Pizza backgrounds arrived. Reputable vestment gr in opportunity . $325,000.00 the own ous numer hasbusinesses ounding, surrand tons complex of eatand reputable bedroom with den 2traf�ic and lots of opportunity to expand the excellent turn key operation. Well maintained with front sitting area as well as full take out. Large commercial kitchen. sq ft of second vate �loor of�ices, droom,of�iceboar space. established Bricks 4Kidz Franchiseunit has over 320 franchises worldwide! This unique business can be run from home #2. 1920 bath corned in business further. Low lease, and great area reception ea,ar to chenette. kit boss cellent xposure, e op dreamst come �loor of�ice y space wit The perfect opportunity be your own and makeEx your entrepreneurial true! Asking $209,000 or elsewhere.dens. The exclusive Franchise territory for Maplemake Ridge,this Pitt the Meadows andturn Mission is for sale. Fantastic Harleen Gar perfect key operation to own Khalsa Business er Cent x. comple ake vantage T ad ons of of xposure t visual fr e om Asking recession proof$289,900 business Surr that enable children from 3-13+ learnbusiness and buildtoday! with Asking Lego bricks. Teach the 128th . st af�ic High xcomple location. centr busy your own $99,000 eattr vestment gr in opportunity . $550,000 Amazing LEARNING StCENTRE FORopportunity SALE to be your own boss! Surr 120

Established and reputable towing company that serves clients throughout the Lower Mainland. Ideal CAFÉ FOR SALE Workshops, After School Enrichment Classes, Week long Summer camps, Birthday Parties, pre School Classes and opportunity to run your own turn key business in a niche market. Contact for more details. Asking Kidz Night out programs. Please contact listing Realtor Well established turn key Cafe in prime tourist location of popular Harrison Hot Springs. 36 seats, casual country Asking $79,000 NEWNG for more info on this unique opportunity. Great opportunity to get into a Franchised and I Located in a busy commercial plaza in the $279,900 D LIST Investment Opportunity in Hope. atmosphere the perfect easy to operate Candy business! This established W UCEopportunity to be your own boss! Huge following and immensely popular breakfast NE NG I LIST

it Suisse tow start to fill a Franz G Group wh stock-excha nering with the main gr ver office sp sector. Tho


For sale Prime 1489 Sq ft office space for sale in busy retail/office complex in Surrey. Ideal PIZZA & CURRY RESTAURANT FOR SALE In den Mughal plaza Gar 2 units gem of Italian cuisine tucked away foravailable, a variety of office types. Visible and centrally located. Askinglong $350,000 term Aintreasure ox appr .Already 4875from 152 sqft leased to tenants, bequaint sold Hope! Open for lunch to and dinner this together. Asking

next two years due to competition. The landlords who will likely suffer as a result of the current boom are owners of older buildings, Mr. Shokri said. As well, new developments in the suburbs, which have already experienced higher vacancy rates in recent years, may have trouble as they compete with each other. In Vancouver, the co-developer of the Cred-


well established Grocery104A and convenience CUISINEIdeal business opportunity 17358 VEstore in busyAdowntown

Don't miss this rare opportunity to own your own busy Lighthouse Indian Cuisine Franchise! Prime location in Brickyard Station Plaza this fantastic business has Take out and dine in, beautiful décor, quality kitchen, Full Liquor license and full Indian Cuisine Menu. Complete turn key operation enables you to be your own boss with this established franchise. Contact me today for further info. Asking $389,000

E-mail: ads@the

opportunity o our be own t y boss Payal Business Centre. Two units excellent prime 13737 business center Surrey. ell this established w Pizza & Indian 96 ve, in entre A City C visual and retail exposure. Located in the heart in y. unning Langle R successfull y or f Complete turn key operation. This is a #705 $465,000, #706 Prime officevespace on streety�ixcellent level for a variety of uses including the Last ears withavailableyefor daillease. Perfect sales. of the Punjabi$335,000 Market. Close to Banquet halls, listing and info will only be inoffices, restaurants Close ys t arts or DaChurch Inn, Two adjoining of�ices a & building daycare,o martial use.estern CentralThe location &withBest great exposureWto Scott Rd. Contact confidential Beautifully built Westward Inn o also eyhound the closeGr t acrossupon omcompletion fr SMH. ht Can or be boug provided of an NDA. for more details. inside. Do not approach staff please contact LR station, taxi op st bus y stand and man leased ogether t orf otal a space t of for further apartments near y. cellent b Ex location & ey ation. turn oper Thisk is Asking $599,000 an 1600 . sqft ate. or separdetails. Asking $3.1 million opportunity o not be Asking t missed! $139,900


Your business opportunity awaits! Turn Key Panago franchise long established, excellent revenue being sold business with property! Great investment opportunity in Hope BC. Please do not approach staff contact for more details on this great franchise. Asking $569,000

2011, 2012 2006-2007 2011, 2012

Cupcakes specializes in whimsical cupcakes, cakes and other goods baked fresh daily. This popular franchise has the rare listing an opportunity to purchase two excellent locations: Oakridge 4 es, acr el Hot velopment and de Center Vancouver and Morgan Crossing South Surrey. Well site vailablea in the egina, City oflocations this is the R opportunity to turn established Picturesque location in the heart of beautiful British Columbia; this treasure oflocation, a running Saskatchewan. Prime notfor baking into the business of your dreams. your passion own run Contact forf more details. Both locations must be sold to be mor business consists ofy 32 rooms with the potential to expand up tomissed! 50orrooms.eItsContact together. Asking $498,000. details.


Established Indian Sweets and Restaurant business located in high traf�ic area of Scott Rd, Surrey. Excellent exposure well established Grocery/Convenience store withnonPerfect Wide ariety egetarian v corner v lot. Ample menu parking. eets.Currently with axpanded Can sw tobe egetarian add e dishes to v with menu. Catering services regular clientele. Complete turn key restaurant attached 4 bedroom 2 bathprovided living accommodation. High Seating traffic areaforan50. ideal investment opportunity. Please Cuisine great business opportunity! Asking $129,000

contact for more details. Asking $999,000

2006-2007 2004-2005 2008-2009 2004-2005 2013-2014 2008-2009

#106 Group 7565 132 St.,Coast Surrey. BC. Sutton - West Realty PH:604-572-3005 FAX: 778-574-4174 #106 7565 132 St., Surrey. BC. PH:604-572-3005 FAX: 778-574-4174

- Tel: 604-591-5423 -

he $240-million Credit Suisse/ Mr. Shokri and others say they expect SwissReal tower in the heart of many of the new towers to start signing tenant downtown Vancouver will be leases as they get closer to completion. That completed in less than a year, but so far, is partly because companies in Vancouver, only one tenant has signed up to move in. which do want to be in new, energy-efficient The tenant has committed for a 10th of buildings, tend to operate on short timelines. the 370,000 square feet – leaving a state of As well, he said, prices in the new emptiness that is unusual for an office sky- buildings will likely come 4 i Saturday, July 25, 2015down in the scraper in this city. Even so, a huge shift in business tenancy is expected as the region experiences something it has not seen before: an office-tower building boom much of which is speculative construction rather than for specific committed tenants. “This is kind of uncharted territory for Vancouver,” said Mehdi Shokri, a principal with the capital markets team at Avison Young. “But I don’t see a big disaster occurring.” The Credit Suisse tower is only the most visible and furthest along of a MASTER second wave PLATINUM of new office towers planned for VancouAWARD AWARD ver and some key suburbs. A first cluster of towers – some two million square feet – was built downtown in the past three years. Another 11 office developments are proposed within blocks of Credit Suisse’s Exchange tower at Howe and West Pender streets, even while the office-vacancy rate in the region continues to inch up as a result of the first wave of building. But commercial brokers say the city is not about to be populated by ghost towers.



Saturday - April 2, 2016





Vancouver’s skyline to rise amid an office-tower building

and retail shops. Established recently the

spa and salon offers modern décor up to DOOR MANUFACTURING BUSINESS FOR SALE date equipment/furnishings. Excellent

Profitable and well established door manufacturing companyturn handling commercial Asking and residential doors. key operation. $60,000 Full turn key operation Confidential listing NDA must be signed to obtain more info. Asking $589,000 29/07


Well established Vera's Burger Franchise located on busy Fraser Highway in Cloverdale. Well maintained establishment full turn key operation ready for you to be your own boss! Contact listing realtor for more details. Price : $199,000


Over 37 year well established Auto repair / Transmission Repair / car repair in the Lower Mainland. Large shop, 3 Bays, ample storage space available. Currently services all makes and models of re manufactured transmissions, automatic and standard, clutches, differentials. This is a confidential listing and NDA will be required. Please contact for more details. Asking $229,000 14/07

Asian Star - July 15, 2017  
Asian Star - July 15, 2017