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ISSUE 14 // JUNE 2016


HOW TO… South Leicestershire’s sport and lifestyle magazine

Breakfast al fresco Recover after events Get your back better

Big Kids and L i ttl e K i d s . . . How to entertain the children this summer, and have fun yourself too! Foxes’ Parade Picture Special: Leicester’s Day of Days



ISSUE 14 // JUNE 2016

COVER 48 Edit .indd 116

WIll’s Walk Ullesthorpe and the Claybrookes

22/05/2016 16:32

Cabinet Makers

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project further

Manor House Farm Woodford Tel: 01832 730073

Email: enquiries@wychwoodcabinetmakers.co.uk www.wychwoodcabinetmakers.co.uk

Editor’s Letter THE INCREDIBLE SUCCESS OF LEICESTER City, Tigers’ resurgence and the county cricket side winning a few games got me pondering this question: is there a greater sporting county in Britain than Leicestershire? The conclusion I came to, using highly scientific levels of bias and guestimates is there isn’t. And it’s not just predicated on the remarkable tale of Ranieri & Co in this season of seasons. There are wider considerations... For a start, let’s discount London, as it’s an entity of its own, set apart from the rest of the country. So what about Lancashire and Yorkshire, the two northern sporting powerhouses? Both are clearly pretty decent on football and cricket, but not really anywhere on rugby union (although the parochial league gets a look in). The south west? Strong on rugby union, average at cricket but nowhere with football. The south? No decent rugby sides. More locally Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire fall down on at least one of the big three sports. But then there’s more to it than that. Leicestershire boasts basketball, speedway, motor sport, is strong on local football, cricket and rugby but crucially it is home to country sports and equestrianism too. That’s what makes the county unique. Nowhere is there a spread of sports represented at the highest levels that cater for people across the entire social spectrum. I think geography has something to do with it: being slap bang in the middle of the country, with beautiful rural places and urban centres means that Leicestershire takes in sport from everywhere, so embraces all sporting budgets, cultures and tastes. So there it is. Indisputable evidence that Leicestershire is The Greatest Sporting County in Britain. I might get some T-shirts printed. Anyone else want one?

Publisher Chris Meadows chris@theactivemag.com Editor Steve Moody steve@theactivemag.com Deputy editor Mary Bremner mary@theactivemag.com Production editor Julian Kirk julian@theactivemag.com Art editor Mark Sommer mark@theactivemag.com Contributors Martin Johnson, William Hetherington, Jeremy Beswick, Julia Dungworth Photographers Nico Morgan, Pip Warters Production assistant Gary Curtis Advertising sales Lisa Withers lisa@theactivemag.com Sarah Stillman sarah@theactivemag.com Amy Roberts amy@theactivemag.com Leigh Chapman leigh@theactivemag.com Editorial and Advertising Assistant Kate Maxim kate@theactivemag.com Accounts accounts@theactivemag.com Active magazine, The Grey House, 3 Broad Street, Stamford, PE9 1PG. Tel: 01780 480789

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Enjoy the issue! Steve

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3 SL ed letter OK.indd 117


21/05/2016 15:42

Proudly supporting

Sport • Music • Food • Fun

Friday 29th July

12 noon, Stamford School Main Field





Advanced tickets only: www.bglsportbash.co.uk

• 12m climbing tower • Circus workshop • Giant slide • 45m inflatable assault course • Giant slide • Mini golf • Bungee run • Archery • Pothole caving experience • Gladiator challenge • Little One’s bouncy castle • Live band - To be confirmed • Sky diving display • Street performers

• Grasmere - Hog roast, burgers and sausages • The Stamford Deli • Gino’s ice cream van • Sweet stall • Tea and cakes tent • Pimms tent • Bateman’s beer tent • Burleighs Gin trailer

Event Partners

Hospitality table enquiries: info@dcrevents.co.uk

FREE build

fees w in ith th g control is adv ert

01780 672007 nu-look.indd 1

20/05/2016 13:48

own all it ckle king d to

ears, ns it and ctor

ly is ople. ped heir

f the brick ians send ials, s of o list mag

ring see new gers, be a and


ISSUE 14 /// JUNE 2016



Host the perfect barbecue, plus a healthy breakfast sundae


The seasonal delights on offer outdoors


Another tasty recipe from Riverford Organic


Nutritional therapist Sheila Storer


Great things to do locally for all the family


Picture special as team bring Premier league trophy home



Activities to keep you and the kids amused this summer


How to recover from extreme events


More from our nutritionist on eating healthily


Tips and products to help you look great




Essential gear for the summer


The Sunday Times writer on sporting underdogs


We sample the delights of The Dirty Duck in Ullesthorpe


We head out to Ullesthorpe


Our focus on the latest achievements from local pupils

62-66 ROUND-UP

How clubs in the area are faring

6 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

6 SL contents OK.indd 6

22/05/2016 15:36

PARAGRAPH 55 APPROVED GRAND DESIGN Newton Harcourt, Leicestershire.

A unique opportunity to build a stunning home within a private woodland setting; preliminary works have taken place with a design and construction team in place and the possibility of continuing with the programme filming schedule. The design of the house is in part derived from the traditional Elizabethan H plan of the village Manor House to the north and will consist of a central hall surrounded by four rooms, which form the base at ground floor level of four towers. This arrangement keeps the footprint to a minimum so maintaining the maximum amount of woodland with the main visual link through to Wistow Church to the south.

Plot guide price ÂŁ650,000

Fine & Country Market Harborough 36 High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 7NL Tel: +44 (0)1858 463747 | Email: harborough@fineandcountry.com

Active Ad_220x285mm_Mrkt Harb.indd 1

11/05/2016 17:30

8 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

10-11 AL Opener OK.indd 8

22/05/2016 15:38


/// J U N E 2 0 16 9

10-11 AL Opener OK.indd 9

22/05/2016 15:39


FLAMING JUNE At the first sight of sun the British throw caution to the wind and light the barbecue. It’s something of a tradition, and even if it means sitting huddled up in your overcoat, shivering round the fading embers – you will have fun. But, there’s nothing better on a lovely, balmy summer’s evening than to invite friends round, light up the barbie and sink a few beers – or

Pimm’s if I had my way. And what’s even better, barbecues bring out the inner domestic god in men – so leave them to do the cooking. To avoid food poisoning make sure that the grill is hot enough. A good tip we have found to test the heat is to hold your hand as low over the coals as you can and count ‘one gin and tonic, two gin and tonics…’ until you can’t hold it

there any longer. If it’s really hot, it’s a one or two, medium three or four. If you get to five or six it’s not warm enough so be patient, stoke it up and have another beer while it heats up. And remember, let your meat rest for about 10 minutes when it comes off the grill. The juices will reabsorb into the meat making it more tender.

Breakfast al fresco What better way to start the day on a sunny morning in June than to sit outside eating breakfast while reading the papers? The Any Day Breakfast Sundae is healthy, delicious and so easy to make... Ingredients 2 tbsp mixed fruit salad 2 tbsp low fat Greek yogurt 1 tbsp low sugar granola 1 dessert spoon whole hazelnuts 1 dessert spoon dried cranberries 1 tsp date syrup or honey (optional) Layer the fruit, yogurt, syrup, granola, hazelnuts and cranberries in a glass and enjoy!

1 0 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

12 SR AL Occasional OK.indd 10

22/05/2016 15:42



MARKET HARBOROUGH’S VERY FIRST GIN BAR IS NOW OPEN ABOVE THE WATERFRONT ON THE CANAL BASIN • Award winning speciality gins • Cocktails, sparkling wines and champagnes • Newly decorated and refurbished interior • Open Wed - Sat evenings from 5pm

It’s the perfect place to get together after work or to meet up with friends. You can even reserve seating, call to book. Call 01858 434 702 or visit waterfrontharborough.co.uk for more details. LONDON DRY GIN

11.indd 1

20/05/2016 14:23

Activelife NATURE

COW PARSLEY At this time of year every hedgerow seems to be full of cow parsley, a hollow stemmed, tall white flowering plant that grows rapidly in the summer. It likes shady habitats and has become a very popular plant in many urban gardens because of its delicate lacy white flower and prolific growing habit. It is sometimes referred to as Queen Anne’s Lace.


Bats Sit in the garden at dusk at this time of year and more oen than not you will soon spot a bat or two flitting about, particularly if you live in an older house. Bats are the only mammals that can fly and oen live in barns or in the eaves of houses during the summer. But don’t worry as they are harmless and a welcome sight on a warm summer evening. There are 17 different species in the UK, the most common being the tiny pipistrelle. Bats feed on insects and feed on the wing whilst using a form of sonar energy to navigate. They have incredible hearing. Bats hang upside down so that they can spread their wings before take off and use less energy by falling downwards rather than leaping up in the air.

Many a Sunday lie-in has been disturbed by the monotonous ‘coo-coo-cuk’ of a collared dove. Smaller than a wood pigeon with a grey-brown body and a black half collar at the back of the neck, the collared dove is now a common resident in many suburban and rural gardens. This has not always been so; the species first nested in Norfolk in 1955 following a remarkable spread across Europe from the Balkans over the previous 30 years. The first Rutland birds arrived in 1964. The nest is usually well hidden in a conifer or ivy covered tree, a flimsy platform of twigs holding a clutch of two white eggs. Collared doves have an extended breeding season from March to September with up to five broods sometimes being reared. Like other pigeons and doves, collared doves are seed eaters and large flocks gather on farms where grain is stored or livestock fed. Tighter controls have reduced

these food sources and gardens are now a major habitat with birds mopping up seed below feeders. Favoured gardens may attract several pairs, although numbers have fallen in some areas as sparrowhawks have taken advantage of a welcome addition to the diet. Terry Mitcham

1 2 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

14 AL Nature OK.indd 12

22/05/2016 15:43

13.indd 1

20/05/2016 14:23


1 4 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

14-15 recipe pages OK.indd 14

22/05/2016 19:39


30g dried mushrooms 1 tbsp capers 400g salad potatoes Salt and pepper 15g parsley 1 lemon 25g plain flour 1 egg 300g dried breadcrumbs 4 pork escalopes Oil for frying

Add the parsley. Finely zest enough of the lemon rind so you have 1tsp worth and add that. Season with a little salt and pepper. Put to one side. Take three shallow dishes. Put the flour into one, crack and beat the egg into another and put the breadcrumbs in the third, mixed with a little salt and pepper. Dip the pork escalopes first in the flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs to coat them (1).


Put your oven on to 180/gas 4. Heat a thin layer of oil in a frying pan. Add the pork escalopes. Fry on a medium/high heat until golden on both sides (about two minutes per side). Transfer to a baking tray and keep warm in the oven (2).


Boil a kettle of water. Put the dried mushrooms in a bowl and pour over enough boiled water to cover them. Leave to soak. Put the capers in a separate bowl and cover with cold water.

Wash and thinly slice the potatoes lengthways, about 1cm thick. There’s no need to peel them. Put in a pan, add a couple of pinches of salt and bring to the boil. Cook until just tender (about 5-7 minutes), then drain.

Clean the mushrooms and thinly slice them. Peel and finely chop or crush one large or two small garlic cloves. Wash the parsley. Shake or pat dry then chop.

Wipe out the frying pan. Add a splash of more oil and the mushrooms. Fry them for three minutes, then add the potatoes and fry for a further 2-3 minutes until the mushrooms have softened. Add the garlic, stir for one minute (3).


Add the dried mushrooms and their soaking liquor. Cook the mixture down until the liquor has almost all gone.

Serve the mushrooms and potatoes with the escalopes. Sprinkle over the chopped capers, parsley and lemon.

Once the potatoes are cooked, drain the capers and finely chop them. Transfer to a small bowl.

RECIPE BOXES Riverford recipe boxes are a simple and inspiring way to cook. Every week, we deliver everything you need to make three tasty organic meals. Inside each box, you’ll find the freshest, seasonal organic produce, step-by-step recipe cards and all the ingredients in exact quantities. The recipes are quick to cook and ideal for weeknights – most are ready in under 45 minutes. Think well balanced and

nutritious, with a few treats thrown in. Our cooks come up with nine new recipes every week, so there is always plenty of choice. There are three different varieties of recipe box - choose from vegetarian, quick, or original. A box for two people ranges in price from £33 for the vegetarian box, to £39.95 for the quick and original boxes. Delivered straight to your door, with everything you need to cook included, generous portion sizes, and three delicious meals per box they offer

great value for money. No waste. No missing the vital ingredient. All you have to do is cook. Visit: www.riverford.co.uk/recipebox to

find out more or call 01803 762059.

/// J U N E 2 0 16 1 5

14-15 recipe pages OK.indd 15

22/05/2016 20:01


A DESERT TREK Brothers Nick and Simon Ralphs from Skeffington are swapping their suits for sand this November to trek 100km across the Sahara Desert to raise £5,000 for the MS Society, a charity dear to their hearts. They are training hard and can be seen on Skegness beach or on the beach at Rutland Water striding out with their rucksacks strapped to their backs to get them prepared for the event. The plan is to spend nine days trekking the 100km across the Sahara and the pair of them are looking forward to it despite the blistering heat and impending blisters. To support the brothers visit www. justgiving.com/Brother-s-Ralphs or text 70070 with code BROS98 £5 or £10. You can also join them on their challenge by signing up to www. mssociety.org.uk/ms-events/sahara-desert.

It’s all going well.. The seven eventers are doing well. So far, with two events under their belts, they have raised £1,500 for LOROS, Teenage Cancer Trust, Leicester Hospitals Charity and the John Humphries Memorial Trust. Their second event was the Tough Mudder Challenge which went very well. Everyone had trained very hard. Well done to Nakul Chauhan and his team of mudders in arms and Mark Deacon and his team from DMAF. That’s two events out of the way, but the third event is the one they’re all really looking forward to – on July 2 at Shree Prajapati Hall the team will be hosting a night of raas-garba (energetic and playful dancing that everyone can have a go at). You don’t need to be able to dance, the steps are easy to learn. Everyone is welcome and there promises to be a few special appearances too. www.7events.org/Raas-garba



Too Much Baggage Too Much Baggage in High Street, Corby Old Village, is the town’s only specialist luggage shop. They also sell fabulous handbags, all at reasonable prices. Established in May 2015, Linda is gaining a reputation for being very helpful and charming as well as stocking a great range of luggage. She worked for airlines for many years so offers good practical advice about travel and suitable suitcases. As she has so many contacts in the travel world Linda is always up to date with the latest restrictions so is a very useful lady to know. And don’t forget the handbags… 56 High Street, Corby Old Village, 01536 400058. You can find the shop on facebook under Too Much Baggage.

1 6 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

16 SL Active Life OK.indd 16

22/05/2016 15:47



sofas, sofa beds, chairs & stools headboards made to size

THIS IS A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME WHILST RAISING MUCH NEEDED FUNDS FOR A LOCAL HOSPICE Towering over the sandy plains of Tanzania stands Mount Kilimanjaro – the world’s tallest free standing mountain. This breath-taking trek will guide you up the tranquil Machane route where you will trek through deep forest, home to spectacular wildlife, stretching up to moorland and onwards towards glaciers before reaching the Uhuru peak. This will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life, join us and be part of this truly magnificent journey. For an information pack and full details of the schedule and costings please contact Paul Marlow Lakelands Hospice fundraising manager on 01536-747755 or paulmarlow@lakelandsdaycarehospice.org.uk

T: 0116 277 9705

18 Leicester Road, Blaby, Leics, LE8 4GQ


FREE brochure available


OPENING TIMES Open seven days a week 12 noon – 11pm Food is served from Tues – Sat 12-2.30pm & 6.30-9.30pm Sunday 12-4pm

The Red Lion is a friendly dynamic free house that prides itself on offering something a bit different and, we think, rather special.

Our team of chefs pride themselves in freshly prepared, locally sourced seasonal food delivered with warm friendly service. All of our bread, ice cream and desserts are homemade and we are constantly striving for

new and exciting dishes whilst ensuring that we never forget the Red Lion Classics that are so popular with our customers.

Put simply, we want to serve you exceptional quality food, drinks and service in beautiful surroundings.

With specially selected beers, wines and champagne, The Red Lion is the perfect venue for a quick drink or a great night out.

Call us on 01858 463571 Email theredliongb@gmail.com

THE RED LION I 5 Main Street, Great Bowden, Leicestershire, LE16 7HB I www.redlion-greatbowden.co.uk

17.indd 1

20/05/2016 14:23




Tel: 0116 251 8612


cellini.indd 1

19/05/2016 15:28


A day in the life of



y interest in nutrition started when I was training horses for point-to-point racing. To be successful you try and give them everything you can, including the healthiest food. Then I thought I ought to be doing this for my kids, too. I read an article about a three-day diet, which I tried, and it felt really good so I decided to find out more about courses in nutritional therapy. Once I’d qualified I worked from home and now I work at Archway Health Hub in Market Harborough. I see a lot of people who have been to the doctor but don’t seem to be getting any better, or don’t like the idea of going on medication. Very often something will trigger a problem, especially with auto-immune diseases. Or it can be a build up of too many different things starting to go wrong which your body can’t sort out. A lot of people find that consultations with their GP can be too quick and dismissive so it’s nice for them to have someone really looking into what’s going on. Very often I suggest tests. If someone is always tired they could be low in iron or vitamin D or B12, or it could be the thyroid. Then, if it were the thyroid, for instance, I’d investigate what was causing the imbalance. Food intolerances can cause fatigue. If the mitochondria in your cells, which help generate energy, aren’t working properly you can also suffer from fatigue. Heavy metal toxicity can block these cells and a hair analysis test will help to identify this. I recently attended a lecture on genetic tests which show that coffee, for example, is of benefit to some people but for others it’s a real disaster and can even help cause a heart attack. If you’re a slow metaboliser of coffee then you have a much bigger chance of having a heart attack, but you won’t know which way coffee acts on your body unless you find out genetically. I have a pack arriving shortly and I’m going to test myself. It’s a saliva test that costs about £200 and tests for 49 different genetic traits. Some sports people don’t thrive on high protein and are much better suited to a different diet, so by using genetic testing you get more accurate information about the way your body works and what it will benefit from. Eating well is a gradual thing – you start to make small changes and feel better. No-one can keep it up all the time and there will be lapses, but they become less of an issue. I often suggest supplements but it’s important to buy really good quality as the cheaper ones can have a lot of bulking agents in them.

‘Some sports people don’t thrive on high protein’

Training for the polo season I’ve just started to play polo in Langham. It’s the start of the season and I need to get fitter as it is exhausting. I’ve discovered I’m a sprinter not a long distance runner so I’m best doing very short bursts of exercise. I sprint as fast as I can then stop, rest and do it all again. I also skip and do star jumps. I’ve been doing yoga weekly for 15 years and feel very strong because of it. It’s good to keep varying your exercise routine because if you keep doing the same thing your body gets used to it, so it doesn’t have the same effect. Short bursts are good for people who feel tired after exercise or who haven’t got good adrenal health.

If you do more than an hour’s exercise then your adrenals start to get really tired especially if they’re not in tip-top condition. I try and see people for at least three months as it gives me a chance to see how things are going. Some people stay with me for years. I see a variety of people, from children upwards. Often women start to think ‘what about me?’ once they’ve got their children sorted. Sometimes people think it’s selfish to look after themselves, but it’s much better for everyone else if you’re well. For more information on nutritional therapy visit www.archwayhouse.co.uk

/// J U N E 2 0 16 1 9

19 SL Active Life OK.indd 19

22/05/2016 15:50

A jewellers of unrivalled passion and craftsmanship, specialising in repairs and commissions, alterations and remodelling, all carried out on the premises. • Repairs • Resizing in platinum gold and silver • Rhodium plating • Stone matching and replacing • Retipping and new settings

Sales, Service & Parts New & Second Hand Equipment Competitive Prices Advice on Garden Machinery

Mower Repair Shop 01536 526930 Find us on Junction 7 on the A14 at Kettering

• Certified diamonds • Insurance estimates T E

enquiries@wilkinsongoldsmiths.co.uk W

Fax: 01536 526934 Mobile: 07714 212748 Email: info@mowerrepairshop.co.uk Web: www.mowerrepairshop.co.uk

0116 2705375


4 Allandale Road, Stoneygate, LE2 2DA

JOIN. SHOP. SAVE. Costco Wholesale is a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. We provide a wide selection of merchandise, plus the convenience of speciality departments and exclusive member services, all designed to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one. We are confident in the quality and value of our products, and we stand behind them with our guarantee of satisfaction.

Join in the warehouse or online: www.warehouses.costco.co.uk/membership The annual membership fee for Standard Trade Membership is £20† (plus VAT), which includes a complimentary card for your spouse or domestic partner. The annual membership fee for Standard Individual Membership is £25† (plus VAT), which includes a complimentary card for your spouse or domestic partner.

Sign up for membership with this advert and receive a £10 Voucher! Costco Leicester only. Valid until 30/06/16.

Costco Leicester, Westmoreland Ave, Thurmaston, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 8PH

T: 0116 269 0730

E: marketing123@costco.co.uk


*Membership Criteria applies. Accepted methods of payment: cash, debit card, cheque or American Express. Membership must be obtained before purchases can be made. Prices correct at April 2016. †


20.indd 1

23/05/2016 10:53


WHAT’S ON There’s lots going on in your area this month, why not try some of these? ■ Wicksteed at War is back with a bang for 2016. The Midlands’ premier military history show for the whole family takes place at Wicksteed Park in Kettering on June 10-12. Entry is free. History is brought to life with hundreds of military vehicles on display as well as fly-pasts, battles and lots of entertainment. ■ Uppingham Feast Day takes place on Sunday, June 19. Held in the Market Place, High Street and Town Hall there will be live performances, music and, of course, lots of food. The event is free including an art and craft fair in the town hall and lots of entertainment around the town, starting at noon right through to 11pm.

■ Market Harborough’s community garden will be open as part of the Open Farm Sunday campaign on Sunday, June 5. Visitors are invited to Waterloo Cottage Farm between 10am and 3pm to find out more about the scheme and how organic fruit and vegetables are grown there. Entirely run by volunteers, people will be able to tour the community garden and take part in activities as well as tour the rest of the farm. The community garden is always looking for more volunteers so do offer your services and join a friendly bunch of people. To book your tour and find out more information, ring 01858 467158 or email info@ waterloocottagefarm.co.uk.

■ A new specialist pilates studio has opened in Market Harborough. The studio contains specialised equipment including a pilates chair and reformer machine. The studio at Archway Health Hub on Lubenham Hill is the only one of its kind in Market Harborough. Archway Health already runs popular pilates classes for all abilities and the new studio will mean that bespoke classes offering one-to-one sessions for clients of all abilities and with certain medical conditions are now available. To find out more information, or to book an appointment, visit www. archwayhouse.co.uk or call 01858 410820.

■ To celebrate National Bike Week (June 11 to 19), Rutland Cycling will be offering a free bike safety check all week – a great opportunity to get your bike checked over ready for the summer. The free check-up, which usually costs £20, will be carried out by a Rutland technician who will inspect your bike and components to make sure it’s roadworthy – think of it as being like an MOT for your bike. Visit www.rutlandcycling. com to find your nearest store, or call 0330 555 0080.

■ Elton John is making his first visit for 40 years to Leicester on Saturday, June 11. He will be appearing at the Fischer County Ground on Grace Road in an open air concert. There are still a few tickets available to see Elton, who has sold more than 250 million records. To buy tickets online visit www. theticketfactory.com or call the 24-hour credit card hotline on 0844 581 6915.

/// J U N E 2 0 16 2 1

21 AL whats on SL OK.indd 21

22/05/2016 15:57

Feature /// Victory parade

A DAY TO REMEMBER The people of Leicestershire hit the streets to celebrate one of the greatest stories in sporting history: Leicester City, Premiership champions Photography: Paul Marriott

2 2 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

22-27 SL Local OK.indd 22

22/05/2016 15:59

Nearly a quarter of a million people turned out to see the Premiership champions and trophy parade through the city in a remarkable end to a remarkable story. We were there to capture the jubilant atmosphere, partying and celebrations of a day the like of which may never be seen again. Were you one of the faces in the vast crowd?

/// J U N E 2 0 16 2 3

22-27 SL Local OK.indd 23

22/05/2016 15:59

Feature /// Victory parade

2 4 J U N E 2016 ///

22-27 SL Local OK.indd 24

22/05/2016 16:00

/// J U N E 2 0 16 2 5

22-27 SL Local OK.indd 25

22/05/2016 16:01

the region’s favourite destination cafe



Courses led by eCB level 3 Coach Tom Flowers ex leicestershire County Cricket Club and First Class playing experience


Melton Mowbray CC: 30/31 May & 27-29 July Barkby united CC: 1-3 June, 25 July, 3-5 Aug, Hallaton CC: 20-22 July The langtons: 10-12 Aug & 16 Aug Bowden CC: 9 Aug & 17-19 Aug, 1 Aug (girls only) Market Harborough CC: 22-24 Aug egerton Park CC: 8 Aug Times: 10am – 4pm Ages: 8-16 All abilities and experience welcome, equipment supplied if needed. Courses inClude: • Batting, Bowling & Fielding drills • skills/drills • Prizes • Guaranteed Fun & enjoyment

20 1 6



Delivering camps since 2008 to players & clubs across Leicestershire

come and enjoy the great vibe at cafe ventoux for breakfast, lunch and teas

Summer Cricket Camps 2016

opening times monday - closed tuesday 10 - 5 wednesday 9 - 9 thursday 10 - 5 friday 10 - 5 saturday 8.45 - 5 sunday 8.45 - 5

’s be Cyclin st


boardman bikes experience centre

wood lane tugby leicester le7 9we tel: 0116 259 8063

(All coaches on the course eCB level 2 qualified & dBs checked with a wide range of experience)


Twitter - @Tflowerscricket


Tom Flowers Cricket Coaching

relax and shop for premium ski wear, cycle wear, road bikes and mountain bikes

ing book Early able advis ’T N – DO OUT! MISS

To book your place call Tom on 07815 647892 or visit www.tomflowerscricketcoaching.com for more information

26.indd 1

20/05/2016 14:22

Feature /// Victory parade

/// J U N E 2 0 16 2 7

22-27 SL Local OK.indd 27

22/05/2016 16:02

Lutterworth High School

Parties for Kids

OFSTED Outstanding 11-16 Academy in Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Where learning comes ďŹ rst 01455 552710


Range of parties to suit all ages

Party host on hand so parents can relax

Guaranteed come rain or shine

Try the fun Water Walkerz

For more information contact our Friendly team on: 01572 820830 ussc@uppingham.co.uk www.sportscentre.uppingham.co.uk

20% OFF Parties for Kids Voucher This voucher entitles you to 20% OFF any dry side party booked and attended before 31 August 2016 at Leicester Road, Uppingham LE15 9SE. Centre Terms and Conditions apply. Non transferable. Subject to availability. Voucher only valid on stated dates. Under 8’s must be accompanied. Pool rules apply, details from reception. Voucher has no cash value. 1 Voucher per booking

Running Shop Run by Runners Large Shoe Range I Gait Analysis Friendly Service I Clothing Accessories 146A Clarendon Park Road, LE2 3AE 0116 2708447

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Feature /// Gear



Get the ultimate protection from the elements on and off the trail with the Adrenaline ASR GTX, Brooks’ most versatile all-terrain shoe. Equipped with a breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, this all-season runner is always at the ready no matter what the weather throws at you. Price £125 From Leicester Running Shop

2. Stand-up paddle board


Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport across the globe and the current surge of interest is being dominated by inflatable SUPs, with Brit brand Red Paddle Co taking the lead in both design and innovation. Red Paddle Co make boards for every type of rider and all ages, whether you’re a novice or an elite racer. Price £699-£949 From redpaddleco.com

3. Canvas Tipi play tent

If your children need a place to rest after a hard day hunting and gathering, or just want shelter from the harsh plain’s (garden) sun, then where better than their very own wigwam play tent? It is made of wood and canvas, is suitable for ages three and up and stands nearly two metres tall. Price £68 From notontheshighstreet.com


4. Jetboil FLASH cooking system

If you’re out hiking or camping and in desperate need of a brew or food, the innovative Jetboil FLASH cooking system is the ultimate outdoor cooking solution. With a combined burner and cooking vessel in one unit, the system can provide two cups of boiling water within two minutes. Everything you need is stacked and stored inside the 1.0 litre cooking cup for easy carrying. Price £75 From Cotswold Outdoor


5. 6.

5. Fabric waterbottle

Fabric’s waterbottle is an innovative design that fits directly to your bike without the need for a bottle cage using studs, allowing you to strip unnecessary weight from your set up or when you switch bikes. Price £9.99 From rutlandcycling.com

6. Life Fitness Row GX trainer

Get ready for a full-body cardio workout with the Life Fitness Row GX trainer. With a Fluid Technology resistance system you can enjoy a workout that feels natural and smooth each and every time and, when not in use, is compact and easy to move around. Price £1,595 From johnlewis.com

7. Dirty Dog sunglasses

Sunglasses can be very expensive and sometimes, especially when you’re out on the water, there’s the risk of them ending up at the bottom of the lake. Dirty Dog offer strong, light and well made pairs with good lenses to reduce the glare off the water. Price £44.99 From Rutland Watersports

7. /// J U N E 2016 2 9

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Organised by

Principal sponsor



GREAT EASTERN RUN SUNDAY 9 OCTOBER 2016 One of the UK’s top half marathons Fantastic spectator support Flat and fast historic city centre route Family entertainment and more!


UKA 2016 - 14702


Anna’s Hope Fun Run 10am


Media Partner














PCC Peterborough GER Active magazine FP Advert 220x285mm.indd 9















Half Marathon 10:30am





Title charity

26/04/2016 09:53


Great Eastern keeps on running Major running event opens for entries and has a new charity partner One of the region’s biggest running events, the Perkins Great Eastern Run, is open for entries. The Peterborough-based half marathon has grown every year since it was relaunched in 2006, and now attracts more than 5,000 entrants and over 1,000 fun runners. Organisers have also announced a raft of new sponsorship deals and charity associations for this year. To coincide with the official launch of the 2016 race, Perkins and Peterborough City Council have agreed a three-year extension to the existing sponsorship agreement, securing the race’s future through to October 2018. “We’re proud to be associated with such a prestigious community event which brings together thousands of runners from across the city and region for both the half marathon and the Anna’s Hope Fun Run,” said Richard Graves, marketing promotions manager at engine builder Perkins. Also, the Jane Tomlinson Appeal will be the race’s half marathon title charity and is of particular note as the founder had strong links to Peterborough. Before her death in 2007, Jane raised £1.85 million for children’s and cancer charities through a series of physical challenges. Although Jane spent most of her life in Yorkshire, she spent a period of time living in Peterborough when her husband Mike worked in the city. Their daughter Rebecca was born at Peterborough District Hospital. Rebecca, who will be running the half marathon on Sunday, October 9, said: “We’re so excited that the Perkins Great Eastern Run has

chosen to support the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. “My parents moved to Peterborough not long after they got married and I was born there, so the city will always be really special to me. To know that the city is helping to carry on mum’s legacy now is really touching for me. “I’m really looking forward to being there and running the event for myself. I’ve read about what a fast course it is so I’m hoping for a PB. It would be great if people can join me by getting behind the appeal this year.” Launched back in 2002, the Jane Tomlinson Appeal has now raised more than £7.6million for charity supporting a range of organisations both local and nationally. Annette Joyce, service director for city services and communications at Peterborough City Council, which organises the race, said: “Jane was an inspirational woman who dedicated her life to supporting charities and good causes, despite suffering from cancer. “If you are running this year’s half marathon and are looking for a charity to raise money for then consider the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. All proceeds raised by runners in the charity’s name will be shared between local causes.” The Jane Tomlinson charity joins the other race partners including Anna’s Hope, the official charity of the 5km fun run. In the Anna’s Hope Fun Run, Junior Challenge prizes are on offer to schools and other organisations that can encourage the most entrants, and those that raise the largest amount for the charity.

 If you are thinking about taking part in the 2016 Perkins Great Eastern Run but need help to get you prepared, why not go along to one of the free training evenings? Runners of all abilities are welcome to attend the sessions that take place at the Peterborough Embankment athletics track. The sessions have been organised by Advance Performance and are held in conjunction with experienced runners and coaches from local running clubs. Each training session begins at 7pm with a warm up. Runners will be divided according to level of fitness and aspirations before being taken for a training run. Free parking is available at the Regional Fitness and Swimming Centre car park and the athletics track has changing facilities. Training sessions take place on every other Wednesday from July. The dates are: July 13 July 27 August 10 August 24 September 7 September 21 October 5  For further information, email: perkinsgreateasternrun@peterborough.gov.uk

To register for the Perkins Great Eastern half marathon and the Anna’s Hope fun run visit www.perkinsgreateasternrun.co.uk

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Family Weekend




Relaxation, meditation, and fun 10 - 12 June 2016


Embroidered & Printed Clothing & Accessories

Cool Cats Clothing creates personalised Sports & Leisurewear using high quality Embroidery, Digital Transfers & Screen Printing technology. Call us now and get your artwork set up FREE!

www.coolcatsclothing.co.uk sales@coolcatsclothing.co.uk Tel: 01832 270446

Open Morning Thursday 9th June 9.30am-11.30am If you would like more information or to organise a tour on a separate day please contact

01858 545237

Kelmarsh Nagarjuna Kadampa

Meditation C e n t R e


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Guest column

Eddie, Eric and Maurice – the underdogs that stayed under Martin Johnson on the sporting no-hopers who didn’t do a City... o, somewhere in Hollywood a cigar-chomping producer is poring over a script, and is about five minutes into it when he comes out with a loud harrumph, bites clean through his stogie, crumples the pages up to a ball, and throws it into the receptacle known in America as the trash can. “Now let me get this straight,” he says. “You want me to finance a movie which involves some soccer club no-one’s ever heard of, supported by fans who speak with a funny accent and call each other ‘me duck’, and at odds of 5,000-1 with a leading scorer signed from some pop group called Fleetwood Mac… what’s that? Oh, Fleetwood Town, just as crazy… they win the Premier League. Are you guys for real?” As unlikely sports stories go, it’s difficult to place this one any lower than number one. Improbable enough for the bookmakers’ odds to reflect their belief that Elvis was more than twice as likely to turn up at the King Power Stadium than the Premier League trophy, and so impossible that Gary Lineker felt confident enough to announce that he’d mark the occasion by presenting Match of the Day in his underpants. Although, just like Paddy Ashdown promising to eat his hat if the general election exit poll was correct, he has bottled it. So far... I’ve tried hard to think of something, or someone, that could have topped the Leicester City story for being associated with the proverbial flying pig, but there aren’t many that spring to mind. Eddie the Eagle winning the Olympic ski jump would probably qualify, as it’s harder to conjure up a picture of some Olympic bigwig hanging a gold medal around Eddie’s neck than a vision of a couple of skies sticking out of a snowdrift. He was as cult a figure as there’s ever been in the world of underdogs, as I found out during a week at the Winter Olympics in Nagano back in 1998. Great Britain were so hopeless that they won just one medal – a bronze – in the four-man bobsleigh, but wherever you went in and around the town, and were identified as British, one of the locals would be sure to enquire about our unselected icon with the phrase: “prease. Where Eddie Eagroo?” The Eagle is a more famous British Winter Olympian than Torvill, Dean, Curry or any number of Scottish lady curlers – in the same way that (whisper it quietly) Leicester City’s most globally recognised striker is now Vardy and not Lineker. Another sporting story that might have run Leicester City close


is Maurice Flitcroft winning the Open. Maurice’s only handicap (he never had a golfing one) in his annual quest to win the oldest major was that he was hopeless, although it didn’t prevent him trying to sneak past the R&A’s qualifying regulations no less than five times. His first attempt came at Formby in 1976, when going round in 126 persuaded him to go away and practice for eight years before re-appearing as Gerald Hoppy from Switzerland. Reaching the halfway point of his first round in 63 shots before being rumbled. His final attempt came in 1990 when he entered as Gene Paychecki of the USA and, by this time, with the R&A on full Maurice alert, he had his collar felt as early as the third hole. Once again we invoke the imaginary commentary. “And here we are at St Andrews on the final hole. Flitcroft’s got 20 feet for birdie, a big break from left to right, and it’s on it’s way! It’s close! It’s very close! It’s in! The former crane driver from Barrow in Furness is the Open champion!” Let’s now go back to Sydney for the 2000 Olympics, which will forever be remembered for – well, okay, Redgrave perhaps – but, for me, Eric Moussambani from Equatorial Guinea. Eric the Eel was the lone swimmer in his 100-metre freestyle heat after a couple of disqualifications, and when the gun went off, Eric hit the water like some inebriated Benidorm holidaymaker. When he surfaced, like a submarine coming to periscope depth, he somehow got to the end of the first length without drowning, but for the second length you wondered whether he might have to be pulled out with a gaff hook and left to thrash around like a freshly landed North Sea cod. “And there’s 50 metres to go now! They’re neck and neck! Pieter van den Hoogenband and Eric Moussambani! I can’t split them! It’s going to be a fingertip that decides it! And it’s Moussambani! They’ll be dancing in the streets of Malobo tonight!” As a Newport County supporter, I almost came to be experiencing what those City fans must be feeling right now, when my boyhood heroes, qualifying for the European Cup Winners Cup through the dubious distinction of winning the Welsh Cup, almost reached the semi-finals after losing their quarter final 3-2 on aggregate to East German side Carl Zeiss Jena in 1981. I have never seen a more unlucky side than Newport in that second leg at home, when they hit the post or the bar about 15 times, and the goalie made roughly as many eyes closed saves with various parts of his anatomy. With a 2-2 away draw, 1-1 would have done it, but it ended up 0-1. We wuz robbed, but I make this promise now. If Newport go on to beat Leicester in the final of the Champions League, I promise that I will write the following month’s column in my underpants.

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Feature /// Competition

OUR CYCLING HERO WINNER: JASON SKINNER The Rutland Cycling and Active Cycling Hero winner recently picked up his prize. Now the training really begins, he told us... PICKING FROM OUR SHORTLIST of 12 Cycling Heroes, more than 2,000 Active readers voted and Jason Skinner of Bourne was chosen as the winner. Jason visited Rutland Cycling at Whitwell to pick up his prize and to get fitted by its experts. He said: “To win and to think of all the people who voted for me is actually quite humbling. I really appreciate their support. Now I’ve got to go out, get training and complete the challenge. It’s going to be really tough, but all the support I have got has made me really determined now. “The response has been amazing: I’ve had lots of people and business saying they will help out, with travel, kit, sponsorship and even offering to ride with me. And to be able to do it on a bike like this, with the expertise of the staff at Rutland Cycling to advise on training, diet and technique is invaluable. We’re aiming to do around 120 miles a day for more than two weeks, so we need to prepare really well.” Rutland Cycling’s David Middlemiss offered his congratulations to Jason. He said: “It’s a very brave thing he is doing, for a very good cause, and we wish him all the best. We’ll be supporting him along this journey in any way we can.”


“I am a novice cyclist and took up road cycling last Christmas. The longest ride I’ve done so far has been 52 miles. “For my 40th birthday this year I want to ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats and to cycle several stages of the Tour de France. These will be in preparation for my big adventure, to cycle from Bourne to Almeria in Spain. “It will be a fund-raising ride for Cancer Research – my mother has terminal cancer and moved to Spain for her last years. I thought the challenge of riding through France to her village in Spain would be tough, but nothing in comparison to the fight my mum is having.”


One bike. Come rain or shine, the Genesis Croix de Fer 20 Olive Green will take you almost anywhere thanks to its excellent blend of Tiagra components, TRP Hy/Rd-C brakes and Reynolds 725 steel frame. Fast and responsive on the road, yet stable and perfectly balanced, the Croix de Fer 20 is a real pleasure to ride on both smooth Tarmac and on terrain you’d normally reach for a mountain bike. The wider gear range and great trickle down tech in the new 2016 Tiagra creates a premium riding feel for a more affordable price. TRP Hy/Rd-C Brakes offer all the benefits of hydraulic disc brakes with standard cables.

/// J U N E 2016 3 5

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Feature /// Holiday activities

SUMMER FUN FOR BIG AND LITTLE KIDS… Never again will you hear the dreaded phrase ‘there’s nothing to do... I’m bored’ thanks to our rundown of great things to do in the East Midlands this summer

3 6 J U N E 2016 ///

36-43 FEATURE Family holiday OK.indd 36

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Feature /// Holiday activities


Kids will love visiting Rutland Water Park this summer because Sykes Lane offers an exciting adventure play area and mini golf, plus the fantastic beach. For a range of watersports and outdoor activities pop into Rutland Watersports at Whitwell too. Visit www.anglianwater.co.uk or call 01780 686800 for more information.


East Carlton Country Park is set on the edge of the beautiful Welland Valley – a great place for a family day out. Country walks and picnic, cafe and heritage centre, craft workshops and Corby Woodland Project will be delivering a range of wood workshops suitable for all age groups. East Carlton Country Park, Market Harborough Road, LE16 8YF Tel: 01536 770977.


During the school holidays Uppingham Community College opens up its facilities with a number of sports camps running for 5-11 year olds. Children can sign up to multi-sport camps or can attend specialist Spanish football or rackets camps. Details can be found on extra-curricular page of the college’s website at www.uppinghamcollege.org.uk or contact Rob Lewin, student activities co-ordinator, at Lewin_R@ucc.rutland.sch





There’s a family fun weekend on June 10-12 at the Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre in Kelmarsh. This is a special opportunity for families to enjoy a weekend in peaceful surroundings. Activities include art, drama, outdoor games and teenage workshops. Either visit for the day or the whole weekend. Camping is available as well as bed and breakfast accommodation. For details call 01604 686778 or visit www.meditation-nagarjuna.org.

Come rain or shine Barnsdale Hall Country Club has the facilities to lock down the most energetic child for the day. Nestled on the edge of Rutland Water, Barnsdale holds the key ingredients to a fun-filled family day out. Facilities include swimming pool, crazy golf, tennis, pitch & putt and squash. Book now by contacting leisure reception on 01572 771314.


Enjoy a great day out exploring one of the country’s largest maize mazes at Wistow, set in eight acres of living maize and sunflower crop. It’s great exercise for mind and body, and perfect for all ages with staff/office outings even more popular than school trips. Visit www.wistow.com

We have some beautiful villages in this region. Barrowden is one. You can take the kids to the community shop and cafe for ice creams, handmade chocolates, healthy smoothies and milkshakes, while there’s a lovely, safe seating area outside. Nearby is the the recreation ground where you can watch the cricket at weekends, or feed the rare breed sheep in the meadow by the shop or the ducks on the pond by the pub. Idyllic.

Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome is home to the Cold War Jet Collection which includs a Victor, Hunter, Canberra, Comet, Lightnings, Starfighter, Mystere, Sea Vixen, Buccaneers, Provosts, Super Guppy, Iskra and a Jaguar. It’s a plane anorak’s dream. www.bruntingthorpeaviation.com


Corby Woodland Project will be delivering a range of wood workshops for children and adults alike at East Carlton Country Park. Activities will cover woodcarving, batik, whittling, pinhole photography, printmaking and bird box making. Places are limited, so contact 01536 464019 for more information or to book a place.

3 8 J U N E 2016 ///

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HEAR_active_A4advert_v2_Layout 1 05/05/2016 13:49 Page 1



0800 298 7265

Tuesday July 19th 2016


n n i e W a l k e r, M B E

HEARCLEAR EXPO – Bringing you hearing aid manufacturers, medical experts, charities and celebrities. Also the latest in hearing technology, products and information for anyone with a hearing need – of any nature.

We will be joined by Johnnie Walker MBE, Radio DJ and broadcaster - who will be sharing his personal journey of hearing loss; Josephine Marriage PhD, a clinical paediatric audiologist with a research background and local favourite, Kev Lawrence, Breakfast Presenter with Heart Radio, who will be compèring the day.


don’t Miss your opportunity to:


phin e



• talk to professionals/manufacturers and try out products




• seek advice, help and support • Listen to presentations




• Book a FrEE hearing test appointment (on the day) • Have your ears checked and, if necessary, syringed


• Enjoy a fun and informative day out

Contact e: info@hearclearexpo.co.uk t: 0800 298 7265

10.00am to 5.00pm at The Marriott Hotel, Peterborough Sir Henry Royce Suite, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, PETERBOROUGH, PE2 6GB Some of our sponsors and exhibitors include:

0800 298 7265 • WWW.HEarcLEarExpo.co.uK

Feature /// Holiday activities


With six interactive galleries, the UK’s largest planetarium, unique 3D simulator experience and the iconic 42m high Rocket Tower, the award-winning National Space Centre in Leicester is an out of this world experience. Visit www.spacecentre.co.uk.


There are three different sports camps running this summer around the Corby area: golf, athletics and football. They are suitable for all ages and abilities, and a great way to keep the kids active this summer. For more information on dates, prices and venues contact 01536 464042 or email sports.development@corby.gov.uk.


Need help looking after your children this summer? Every weekday this summer (excluding bank holidays) the SPLAT holiday club will be running at Lodge Park Sports Centre near Corby for 6-14 year olds. This is an Ofsted-registered holiday club, with lots of exciting activities including sports, arts and crafts, games and lots more. For more information or to book, call 01536 400033.


Finding a quiet swimming pool for children to get confidence swimming can be hard. Edith Weston Academy’s is ideal for children as it is one metre deep from end to end. It has newly refurbished changing rooms, trained lifeguards and an excellent swimming teacher. It can be used for parties and family swims and on Friday mornings there is a parent and toddler/baby session for just £3. Contact Kate in the school office on 01780 720025 or email office@ edithweston.rutland.sch.uk.


Corby Heritage Centre has exhibitions and displays that reflect the rich and diverse cultures of the community and their heritage across the region. Visit Corby Heritage Centre on a Thursday or Friday this summer and take part in making one of our creative activities to make a WW1 medal, periscope or a Zeppelin. Corby Heritage Centre is located at 75-77 High Street, Old Village, Corby, NN17 1UU.


There is a lot to do at Nene Park, Peterborough, and to give visitors a taste of some of the activities they are running an ‘Aim High’ day on July 24 where you can have a go at new outdoor activities – test your climbing skills on the climbing wall, navigate spider mountain or traverse the climbing boulder. Alternatively, you can have a go at archery, or try the off-road segway course. For further information, visit the website at www.neneparktrust.org.uk or call 01733 234193.


Playbus covers the UK for anything to do with children’s parties. It offers a wide variety of activities from soft play to pamper/princess parties in a bus, alongside petrol quad bikes, electric go-karts and all sorts of different inflatables, too. Call 01733 351925 or visit www. deckerbus.co.uk for more information.


Every Monday this summer, go along to the Boating Lake, Cottingham Road, Corby, from 10am-12pm and enjoy a range of different activities in its ancient woodland. Sessions delivered by a highly skilled ranger include shelter building, mini beast hunting and guided walks. For more information or to book, contact 01536 464042.


Join a tiny snail on her trip round the world in

Tall Stories’ magical, musical adaptation of the fantastic picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Follow the snail’s journey, as seen through the eyes of an adventurous young girl and her sea-faring father. Thu 21 & Fri 22 July 11am & 2pm, £12.50. Call 01536 470 470 or visit www.thecorecorby.com.


Fancy doing something a bit different with the kids this summer? Then why not hire out their very own fire engine. It’s ideal for birthday party treats or a special trip to the cinema or their favourite restaurant. The fire engine can seat up to eight in the rear cab and it comes with music and lights. It can also be hired with a PlayStation or an X Box to play on. For those that are a little younger you can even book it with Fireman Sam and many other favourite children’s characters. Call 01733 348122 or visit www. prestigefireenginehire.co.uk.

4 0 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

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STEAM ON RUTLAND WATER Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 June 10am - 5pm

Grafham Water Park Marlow Car Park Grafham Huntingdon PE28 0BH www.anglianwater.co.uk/leisure

Rutland Water Park Sykes Lane, Empingham, Rutland LE15 8QL

Pitsford Water Park Causeway Car Park Brixworth Road, Holcot Northampton NN6 9SJ


Tel 01780 686800



SCAN NOW py of your co Pick up tivity c a r e m our sum from our t bookle the s within facilitie om the fr h g u Boro 16 June 20 27th of

To find out further information and prices please visit the ‘Holiday Activities’ web page or contact the Culture & Leisure Team.

Visit: www.corby.gov.uk/holidayactivities Tel: 01536 464042

SPLAT! | Sport & Play Development | Corby International Pool | Lodge Park Sports Centre | East Carlton Country Park | Heritage Centre | West Glebe | And more...

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from 5. 30pm


Feature /// Holiday activities

WIN AN INTRODUCTION TO SAILING WORTH MORE THAN £150 Fancy being the next Ben Ainslie? Well now you can. Having taken over the running of Nene Outdoors, located at the Lakeside Centre at Ferry Meadows, earlier this year, Nene Park Trust is offering the chance to win a private ‘introduction to sailing’ lesson for up to three people. The lesson will last two hours and include all the equipment necessary to get you out on the water. A perfect way to keep the kids entertained this summer and learn a great new skill at the same time. There are also five runner-up prizes of one-hour pedalo hire up for grabs. Head to www.theactivemag.com/competitions to enter.


Summer Fun at Sacrewell includes a daily programme of events including the Sacrewell Lamb National, duck racing, pond dipping, walks and trails. The team will also be adding in some extra activities on a daily basis to challenge, educate and help you to make the most of your summer at Sacrewell. Speak to them about a seasonal membership by calling 01780 782254.


The Eis Bar Stamford offers freshly made waffles alongside 22 flavours of gelato plus a long list of deliciously decadent milkshakes including Oreo, Ferrero Rocher and After Eight flavours. A fun retro environment with enthusiastic staff. The only place to cool down this summer is 5 Castle Street, Stamford, PE9 2RA. Telephone: 01780 238264.

What’s on offer at Ferry Meadows? Imagine somewhere beautiful, safe and unspoilt where you can walk, cycle, play, horse ride, ride a train, go fishing, exercise the dog, jog, push the buggy and explore endless meadows, lakes and woodland: all less than three miles from Peterborough city centre. Also on offer are three play areas catering for different ages and an events programme with lots of activities for children including trails during school holidays and orienteering courses for older children. After all this activity you can relax at one of the cafes, find a nice spot for a picnic or fire up on one of the barbecue stands. Lakeside provides a hub for activity and relaxation within Ferry Meadows as the home for Nene Outdoors, a watersports and outdoor activity venture, Rutland Cycling and Lakeside Kitchen and Bar, a contemporary dining and function venue. Aimed at younger children, the Otter playground provides an exciting play space to explore and enjoy with fun play equipment ideal for smalls. Visit the website at www.neneparktrust.org.uk for more information.


Get your kids enrolled in cricket coaching classes: Tom Flowers Cricket Coaching was set up to bring high quality coaching to East Leicestershire and Rutland. Level 3 coach Tom (ex-Sherborne School cricket master) and his team provide all-year round services including one-to-ones, academies, masterclasses and summer camps. Visit www.tomflowerscricketcoaching.com or call 07815 647892.


On a hot summer’s day it’s hard to beat an old-school outdoor pool and Peterborough Lido offers fantastic outdoor swimming, sunbathing terraces, children’s play area and al fresco café. A family ticket costs £16.50 and £26 including food with free swimming for the under fives all summer. Call 01733 864761 or see www.vivacity-peterborough.com/lido for more information.


Rockingham Castle is truly remarkable: from William the Conqueror to the modern day its incredible history and grounds are worth exploring by all the family. And the view over Rutland and Leicestershire has to be seen to be believed. Visit www. rockinghamcastle.com to find out more.

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4 4 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

44-45 SL SR Fitness Opener OK.indd 44

22/05/2016 16:31

GET A FAIR HEARING Are you one of the 10 million people in the UK with hearing loss? A major new local exhibition could help... One in six people in the UK – around 10 million in total – suffer some form of hearing loss, and quite often it creeps up without sufferers even noticing. In everyday life, people often get used to asking others to repeat themselves, have the TV or radio up louder than they realise, or even rationalise not hearing others’ comments by thinking they are mumbling. Generally there are two types of hearing loss, depending on where the problem lies... Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the sensitive hair cells inside the inner ear or damage to the auditory nerve, and occurs naturally with age or as a result of injury. Conductive hearing loss is when sounds are unable to pass from your outer ear to the inner ear, often because of a blockage such as ear wax, glue ear or a build-up of fluid from an ear infection, or because of a perforated ear drum or disorder of the hearing bones. But there is help at hand. There’s a major exhibition on Tuesday, July 19, at The Marriott Hotel in Peterborough called HearClear Expo 2016, in which visitors of all ages will be able to try out the latest technology designed to help improve hearing, and talk to experts about their issues. BBC Radio 2 broadcaster Johnnie Walker MBE, Worcester Warriors number 8 Mat Gilbert (the UK’s only profoundly deaf professional rugby union player) and Heart Radio breakfast presenter, Kev Lawrence, will be there on the day to discuss how they have coped with a hearing impairment. In addition, leading industry professional and clinical paediatric audiologist, Josephine Marriage, will be presenting alongside the national children’s charity Auditory Verbal UK. “HearClear Expo’s aim is to give people the opportunity to touch and experience first-hand some of the most advanced hearing solutions available to them,” explains Mike Stanley, managing director of Healthy Hearing. “This event will bring together hearing aid manufacturers, medical experts, charities and celebrities to present the latest in hearing technology, high tech accessories, information and offer help and advice to anyone with a hearing need – of any nature. “Whatever their situation, whether they have difficulty hearing, are completely deaf, suffer with tinnitus or simply need wax removing, help, advice, direction and solutions will all be available under one roof on the day.” Visitors can book their free ticket or find out more by contacting: info@hearclearexpo.co.uk 0800 298 7265 or by visiting: www.hearclearexpo.co.uk

/// J U N E 2 0 16 4 5

44-45 SL SR Fitness Opener OK.indd 45

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4 6 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

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Firstly you need congratulating on completing your extreme event. Not only is it a test on the day, but it’s the hard run-up and preparation phase that has probably been the hardest bit. Now another crucial part of the whole experience is the recovery. If you get that right, the whole event will have been a complete experience for you as an athlete: you have earned the right for some serious downtime and the ability for you to recover will determine the real long-term outcome. It is extremely important that you rest and recover properly. Once you have crossed the finish line and received your medal and celebrated, the next stages are crucial. Initially, there are a few simple steps to follow. Firstly, quickly change your clothes and footwear. Your clothes will be wet from either rain or the sweat and fluid released from your body and your feet will be swollen. Put on some loose footwear and let your feet breathe. Your body will immediately go from feeling like it is in the Bahamas to feeling like you are at the top of a big hill in Scotland, maybe even the Antarctic. You will be cold and clammy so get a blanket on you to prevent your temperature dropping rapidly. Then you need to put your feet up because your body needs blood flow. Make sure you are stable enough to be on your own and lie on your back (ideally somewhere dry) and put your feet up for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this several times during the day. While you are resting, you quickly need to take on calories/recovery food. Your body has just lost an awful lot of fluid, nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants and enzymes and these need replacing to help your blood sugars return to a normal rate. One important thing to note, however, is that during extreme runs such as marathons or obstacle races, blood flow is pushed away from your stomach to working muscles, so it is important to give your digestive system some time to return to its normal working condition before you sit down and have a large meal. Grabbing a bag of chips or fast food before going home to sit on the sofa can slow your recovery for days. Refill your body with a small amount of easily-digested carbs and protein, either in the form of a solid or a liquid, taken little and often. Take snacks with you to the race and, if you can, arrange for someone to meet you at the finish line as you probably won’t be the only athlete that wants food in a hurry. Once your stomach feels ready and has had time to recover, eat well. Next you need to look after your body. Realise whether you need to seek help or

whether you can self-manage the strains that your body has just gone through. Look after your injuries – treat your blisters, ice any inflammation, deal with any pain and get a light massage in the next 48 hours if you can – but make sure the therapist knows what you have just participated in and ask them to be gentle. If that’s not possible, self massage will be effective but, once again, being gentle will be the key as the aim is to help your body relax, flush out the toxins and aid blood flow to enhance your recovery. When you are home or back at the hotel, your aim should be to relax, replenish, rehydrate and have a shower or bath. A cold or hot bath will be brilliant to promote recovery. A good night’s sleep will be hard on the first night as you’ll be shattered but sore. Keep plenty of fluids beside your bed and keep your feet elevated. The following day is normally when the fatigue and soreness will kick in. Your body is still in recovery and while frequent rest is needed, total rest is your enemy. The tissue needs to repair and it’s important to stay active. By this we mean a pool session for an easy swim, a short spin on the bike, a casual walk or a very light jog. No matter how good you feel, limit yourself to three to four miles maximum, providing you didn’t pick up any bad blisters or muscle strains; an altered gait on walking and running will create a number of issues you won’t like. It is important you can differentiate between acute injury and muscle soreness and, if in doubt, seek medical attention. Light activity will improve circulation and help flush out metabolic waste and aid oxygen and nutrients flowing to your muscles again. Initially it would be wise to avoid heavy stretching techniques, especially if not warmed up, as your muscles will be tight and delicate and over-stretching will lead to micro-tears. Light stretching will be effective after your light activity focusing on stretching your Achilles’ tendon, calf complex, hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes. Maintaining mobility, replenishing with good nutritious food, rehydrating, looking after your body and resting is the key to your recovery.

@FunctionJigsaw info@functionjigsaw.co.uk www.functionjigsaw.co.uk

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Feature /// Competition



Run for all the family! Win a £170 pass to the most exciting new family running event this summer We’ve teamed up with Rat Race, organisers of the best extreme running events in the UK, to offer a family ticket to its incredible new event, Runstock, which takes place on July 29-31. HOW TO ENTER Visit www.theactivemag.com/competitions and fill in your details by May 31. The draw for the winner will take place on June 1. What is Runstock? An off-road running festival based at Boughton House in Kettering. Runstock is aiming to raise a whopping quarter of a million quid for Children with Cancer UK. Entrants are challenged to run as many laps of the 5km course as possible within eight hours. The idea is to clock as many laps as you wish within the time limit, on your own or with your team – taking it in turns or all running together – you choose! The more laps you run, the more is raised for Children with Cancer UK, recorded live

on-screen with a giant totaliser. When you sign up to take part in Runstock, you will be asked to set up a charity fund-raising page. The organisers would like as a minimum for all runners to pledge to raise £10. Over and above that, it’s up to you. The idea is to make a pledge ‘per lap’ and aim to run your heart out until you’ve reached your target. From fun runner to ultra runner and from rugrats to racing rats, Runstock packs a 5km lapped course into a glorious summer festival format. Suitable for runners from 5 to 85: go ‘fast’ or ‘fun’ as you make your way round. The fast lane is for running; the fun lane is peppered with oddball activities.

and do. Camp next to your car all weekend if you like, bring the picnic gear, the bat ‘n’ ball and get the whole clan along with you. So how does the run work? The 5km looped running course features a fast lane and a fun lane. Do as many laps as you like within the time limit and choose to go ‘fast’ or ‘fun’ as you make your way round. The fast lane is for running; the fun lane is accessed alongside and is peppered with oddball activities. Expect crazy obstacles, music, water features, a massive slip ‘n’ slide and other fun stuff. The fun lane is designed with stuff for the teenytinies all the way up to the big and brave. What if you don’t win our fabulous prize? Never fear, you can always enter the event anyway. To enter online visit www.ratrace. com/runstock2016

Fun for your running family From Friday evening until midday on Sunday, enjoy your very own summer festival, complete with professionally-run camping village, hot showers, live music stage, huge beer tent and tasty food. There’s loads of things for the kids to see

/// J U N E 2016 4 9

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know how, and once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be great. 8. Start buying seasonal produce – whether you live near a farm shop or a supermarket, you should be able to buy some delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables. This also helps you to offer yourself the variety, depending on what is in season at that given time. 9. Eat with your eyes – if something is visually pleasing, it generally tastes so much better and what can be more colourful than a plate full of vegetables or a bowl full of fruit? Presentation is key, so add colour to your meals and present it in a way that makes you want to eat it. 10. Get the family involved – let your children help you to chop the fruits or vegetables for your salads; you never know, they might even want to try some themselves!

FIVE-A-DAY MADE EASY Nutritional adviser Helen Cole on how to get more fruit and vegetables into your daily diet We all know we should be eating five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, but some of us are less inspired than others (and what is a portion anyway?). Here we look at some simple yet effective ways to ensure we are topping up on our fruit and veg and it doesn’t mean we have to gnaw our way through five apples every day... TOP TIPS ON TOPPING UP 1. Buy a good variety of fruits – keep your fridge and fruit bowl stocked up on a variety of different fruits to give yourself choice. Not only does this mean you will not tire of eating the same thing every day, it is colourful and visually pleasing and therefore more enticing. 2. Keep a supply of chopped vegetables and/or a bowl of fruit salad in the fridge – for an instant, healthy snack when your blood sugar levels dip. It may even stop you reaching for the biscuit barrel. 3. Include fruit in your breakfast – make a quick ‘any day breakfast sundae’ using

some of the fruit from your prepared fresh fruit salad. 4. Stock up your freezer – with berries, kale and spinach, ready to add to a smoothie at any time of day. 5. Add more vegetables to some of your favourite recipes – roast a tray of vegetables (for example peppers, courgettes and carrots) and add them to bolognaise, casseroles, chilli, omelettes, jacket potatoes and, if you’re making a stir fry, just throw in a few more veg. 6. Serve a side salad wherever you can – or pile a generous handful of rocket on top of any pasta dish. This will add colour, making it look more appealing and will give the appearance of a more generous portion. 7. Hide new vegetables in soup - this might be the best way to start cooking those vegetables you aren’t too sure of. Start with things such as onions, parsnips, butternut squash, swede, sweet potato, carrots and mushrooms. Follow a recipe, or be creative with what you have. Soup is easy when you

WHAT IS A PORTION? ONE portion = 80g = any of these 1 apple, banana, pear, orange or other similar sized fruit 2 plums or similar sized fruit A grapefruit or avocado 1 slice of large fruit, such as melon or pineapple 3 heaped tablespoons of vegetables (raw, cooked, frozen or tinned) 3 heaped tablespoons of beans and pulses (however much you eat, beans and pulses count as a maximum of 1 portion a day) 3 heaped tablespoons of fruit salad (fresh or tinned in fruit juice) or stewed fruit 1 heaped tablespoon of dried fruit (such as raisins and apricots) 1 handful of grapes, cherries or berries A dessert bowl of salad A glass (150ml) of fruit juice (however much you drink, fruit juice counts as a maximum of 1 portion a day) Above all else, experiment, have fun and enjoy, rather than dread, eating your 5-a-day!! Information in this article is provided by Future Fit Training. Cole Nutrition offers a full dietary analysis to identify the requirements for each individual. Together, you look at current eating and lifestyle patterns or habits and identify possible changes in realistic and achievable terms. Whatever your lifestyle, Cole Nutrition will endeavour to find the perfect balance for a happy, healthy you. If you would like to book a consultation or find out more about what they offer, please contact Helen Cole on 07966 050 193, email colenutritionh@gmail.com or visit the website at www.colenutrition.co.uk.

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Easystart Ltd is a nationwide battery wholesaler with three depots across UK. Head Office is in Corby with further outlets in Manchester and Belfast. Established 20 years ago this October, Easystart is a family business with staff who have grown up around Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. Easystart has a proud local tradition to match over 150 years of battery experience amongst its staff. As a family business, Easystart holds customer satisfaction at its core and with that possesses the flexibility to service its own retail counter, small local business’ all the way up to national and international companies. Easystart stocks batteries for a wide range of applications from engine starter, electric vehicle, industrial and off-grid. The brands sold are high quality with original equipment specifications which offers trade customers peace of mind knowing they are supplying quality products to the end user.

Easystart supplies batteries for: Cars Motorbikes Commercial Vehicles Agricultural & Lawnmowers Golf Trolleys / Buggies Mobility Scooters / Wheelchairs Leisure / Caravan Solar Industrial Access Platforms & Lifts Floor Cleaning Standby Power / UPS

Tel: +44 (0)1536 203030 Mob: +44 (0)7515 483310 Email: cillian@batt-man.co.uk

 Newly extended facilities  Evening & weekend appointments  Nurse clinics including weight control and dental care  Separate cat waiting area  Pet Health Club plans available  Free Puppy Preschool classes  Extensive parking (including disabled and parent/child)  24 hour emergency service on site

Caring for your best friend

To celebrate being awarded Cat Friendly Clinic gold level status we’re offering FREE cat clinics with practice ‘Cat Advocate’ and Registered Veterinary Nurse, Rachel Bell.*

Oakham Veterinary Hospital, Ashwell Road, Oakham, Rutland LE15 7QH

Small Animal: 01572 722646 Equine: 01572 722647

*Offer is valid from 1st June - 30th June (inclusive). Phone our Reception team to book a nurse consult and quote ‘Rutland Living CFC offer’.



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An eye for winners Thoroughbred Purchase, Management and Consultancy Blandford Bloodstock has helped their clients achieve international success on the racecourse, at public auction or creating a bloodstock portfolio. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you through the thoroughbred industry to help you achieve your goals. Call us today and see how we can help.

Blandford Bloodstock 6a Rous Road, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8DL

www.blandfordbloodstock.com Blandford purchase Jack Hobbs winning the 2015 Irish Derby Gr.1

Tom Goff: +44 (0)7720 879 034 Richard Brown: +44 (0)7733 122 007 Stuart Boman: +44 (0)7980 461 814


Established as one of British racing’s top trainers First Royal Ascot Winner June 2015 Over £1m in domestic prize money in 2015

39% individual winners from runners in 2015

Consistent top UK trainer

The Office, Trillium Place Stables, Birdcage Walk, Newmarket, Suffolk, England, CB8 0NE Tel: +44 (0)1638 662968 | Fax: +44 (0)1638 663888 Email: david@davidsimcock.co.uk | Web: davidsimcock.co.uk

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90 DAYS TO HEALTH NIRVANA: PT 2 The food has been planned, the gym sessions booked, but can Active’s Chris Meadows stick to Joe Wicks’ health regime? The beauty of Joe Wicks’ The Body Coach 90-day shift, shape and sustain plan is that you can fit it into your lifestyle. You choose when you want to train, and whether to do it at home or in the gym, and then you plan the meals you like around it. An early morning workout was the only way I’d consistently be able to go to the gym, so I set the regular alarm for four to five times a week. Once up in the morning it’s time for a quick glass of water and a protein shake. Not something I’ve ever had to endure before, but they’re not too bad (just as long as you don’t buy the non-flavoured one). Getting to the gym at 7am for the first time was a bit of a shock to the system. But you’re only there for 30 minutes and have various workout options you can choose from while you’re there. I tried the hill-climbers initially but couldn’t lift my arms for two days after. So I’ve since stuck mainly to the trusty rowing machine. It’s also an option on the Microsoft Band so you can track your progress. After a gentle five minute warm-up, during which another gym-goer kindly suggested that I made the Concept 2 look like it was sinking, it is then into 12-15 reps of 30 seconds of as high intensity rowing

as you can, followed by 45 seconds rest, or gentle rowing – which I opt for to keep the timer running. After a warm down you’re done, and back home in time for a post-workout protein shake, selected vitamins and breakfast. Having opted for the early morning workout I then have to choose one of the higher carbohydrate options for breakfast. As with sticking with the rowing machine in the gym, I’ve not been too adventurous as yet with the meal choices. There are quite a few options, but having already spent a considerable amount of money on ingredients it is more cost-effective to eat similar meals. The protein refuel pancakes aren’t too bad, although I can’t say I’d order them in a restaurant. Throughout the rest of the day you’re allowed a couple of snacks from another set list including nuts, fruit and beef jerky along with a few other options. And your other two meals must come from the low-carbohydrate option. There are some nice options – the satay chicken is a winner. The salmon fishcakes were good the first time round, but they’ve been a bit of a battle since. I’ve still got a freezer full though, living up to Joe’s ‘prep like a boss’ mantra.

In terms of results, cutting out carbs (and booze to an extent!) has had a fairly dramatic effect, having lost about a stone in the four weeks of phase one. And I feel healthier. However, this plan requires a huge amount of commitment, something I’ve not managed on occasion, but even at those times it’s making me opt for a healthier option. Another challenge is that because the food is weighed out specifically to the instructions supplied on the plan it makes some of the meals tricky to cook for others in the household without having to cook two meals separately, which could lend itself to a considerable amount of washing up. Now that phase one is complete it’s time to send back my results to my support hero, Samantha, who will then plan the next phase…

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THE FINISHING TOUCHES You’ve done all the hard work in the gym, playing sports and getting fit, so now is the time to reap the benefits and add the finishing touches…. Edited by Mary Bremner

BRIGHTEN UP THE LBD The LBD (little black dress) is most women’s go-to when it comes to failsafe dressing, and who can blame us when you think of how elegant Audrey Hepburn always looked in hers? We know we look safe, slim and elegant in a well cut black dress, but it can sometimes be a little bit too safe and, dare I say it, a bit plain. But don’t ditch the black dress, add accessories instead to brighten up the look to make all the difference. The easiest wow factor to add to a black dress is some funky shoes. Showstopper shoes are an absolute must – they can be as bright or as glittery as you like as the LBD is so plain. Topshop do some great ones at the moment that won’t break the bank or go to designer Charlotte Olympia for some really ‘in your face’ options. Interestingly, fashion from the ’90s is coming back in a big way... patterned or sparkly hosiery is becoming popular but be careful they don’t clash with the showstopper shoes. Large earrings or a choker – but never together – are very ’90s and also add a certain something to the LBD. Both are back on trend at the moment so there are lots to choose from. A statement handbag can overhaul your look dramatically. Clutch bags are ideal for evenings and there are so many to choose from... fringed, embellished, metallic, foldover or velvet. There is so much choice and you won’t have to spend a fortune to make an impact. What is also ideal about stand-out accessories is that you can mix and match them. The same LBD will look different each time you vary the accessories. One day it could be funky shoes and big earrings, then it could be choker and sparkly tights. It’s the perfect way to feel like you have a new outfit on each time!

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And finally... The latest fashions to show off

MILL WHEEL SPA The spa is situated just outside Leek with fabulous views over the Peak District. Joined on to the Three Horseshoes country inn, the spa is small and intimate with attentive staff and a lovely outside area with plenty of seating. Despite being small it offers unique treatments. The Beach Hut replicates the benefits of being on a beach in the sun. The 25-minute experience takes you from dawn to dusk whilst lying listening to the sound of the sea. Great for beating away the winter blues, and very relaxing.

The mill wheel dominates the spa, paying homage to the history of the building. Various steam and heat rooms are located around it. The Rasul experience is not for the claustrophobic but my skin did feel beautifully soft after the experience. The highlight of my stay was the Heaven bee sting facial. I came out looking refreshed and well, better than I ever have when having a facial before. I would thoroughly recommend the treatment. www.millwheelspa.co.uk

Michael Kors wrap dress £165 www.cavells.co.uk

Ruffle feather sandals £52 www.topshop.com

THE BOWEN TECHNIQUE The Bowen Technique was developed in the 1950s but is only really becoming known now in this country. It’s a very gentle form of bodywork and can be used on anyone, including babies. The idea is that the technique helps the body re-align and retrieve its memory to return to a balanced state. I had read that Bowen seems to get very good results and can be used to treat almost anything, not just back problems... stress, respiratory problems and hormone imbalances, headaches, jaw problems and ears can all be treated. Up to now, Bowen has often been a last resort, but patients are getting results so it is becoming more popular. My practitioner ran through my medical history, what I had come to be treated for and explained the Bowen Technique. It was an interesting technique, gentle yet powerful. The Bowen move, a rolling movement, was made as I breathed out

and I was then left for a couple of minutes which allows time for the message to go from your muscles to the brain and back. It sounds odd but as I lay there I could feel the muscles that had been worked on reacting, and then settling down again. This was repeated for about an hour with different parts of my body worked on. But don’t be fooled that nothing has been done to you. That evening I felt quite achy, a good sign as my body was showing that it had been worked on. The next day I was quite tender, but a couple of days later felt a great improvement. Three sessions are recommended, two a week apart and the third about four weeks later. I would say don’t treat the Bowen Technique as a last resort – move it to the top of your list – it is very effective. Sessions cost about £40. For details visit www.bowen-technique.co.uk or call 01205 319100.

Heidi Klein clutch bag £140 www.archlabelagency.com

Swarovski dot pierced earring jackets £69 www.youstamford.co.uk

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Read the magazine first online at: www.theactivemag.com Connect with us on the following social media platforms: facebook.com/theactivemag





linkedin.com/company/ theactivemag

1 F E BRUA RY 2 0 14 ///

The Dirty Duck is a traditional English country pub with a fabulous award winning Thai restaurant Booking advisable Opening Times Bar opens 5pm - 11pm mon-fri 12pm - 12am sat 12pm - 10pm sun Kitchen opens 6pm - 10pm mon-sat closed Sunday

Please call 01455 209639

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Feature /// Sportsman's Dinner

The Dirty Duck Tim and Kate get a taste of Thailand in the heart of south Leicestershire Kate This isn’t our usual neck of the woods but I’ve heard plenty of good reports about the Dirty Duck, so I’m sure it’s worth the trip across to Ullesthorpe. It’s also beautiful countryside around here, made even more attractive by the sunshine on an early summer’s evening. Tim As our eldest daughter has been enjoying herself in Thailand for the last few weeks it’ll be interesting to try out some Thai food and experience some of what she’s enjoying. Kate Yes, but we’re not planning on experiencing the full moon party on Koh Phangan are we? Or at least, not this year! The landlord Jez ran a bar on the island for seven years and met his wife Mam there. He loves Thailand so much he goes back every year to catch up with friends, but luckily for the locals he’s revamped the old Swan pub into the Dirty Duck so they can all get a taste of Thai food. Tim I haven’t eaten a proper Thai meal for years and there’s so much on the menu I’m not sure what to choose. They offer set meals for two or four people which helps if you can’t make up your mind. As I’ve been gardening for so long today I missed lunch, I’m going to make up for it

now. The sharing platter with spring rolls, tempura prawns, fish and pork cakes, tempura pak (vegetables), chicken satay and sesame chicken toast should take the edge off my hunger (£7.50).

going to have chicken but you could have beef or prawn. People also rave about the homemade fish and chips here and you can have burgers or tortilla wraps with or without curry sauce, so there’s something for everyone.

Kate The dipping sauces are good. I particularly like the satay sauce – it’s smooth and not too sweet. And the soy sauce on the wontons (£5.50) is lovely too, not too sweet or salty. I’m not that fond of lemon grass though... sometimes I like it, and then at other times I’m not so keen.

Tim Jez is obviously getting things right. At 7.30pm on a Monday evening there are already plenty of customers in. They even let dogs into the bar, which is a plus, and they sell Pedigree and Timothy Taylor beers.

Tim It’s a very unusual taste, but I like it. The tom yam soup is full of lemon grass and lime leaves and normally I’m quite partial to a bowl of soup, particularly noodle soup, but I think I’ll pass and dive into the main course. I love ginger so I’m going for the pad khing beef stir fry with fresh ginger, black mushrooms and spring onions (£7.95). And pad kee mao – stir fried spicy rice noodles with onions, bamboo, fried green beans and chilli (£6.95). Kate Apparently the most popular dish on the menu is the panang curry (£7.95) which has a thick sauce, dried spices and coconut milk. I want to see what all the fuss is about and I’m

Kate The ginger is grated which is great because I’m not as big a fan of ginger as you and I don’t like finding a great big chunk of it in my dish. The black mushrooms are lovely too – really finely sliced. Sorry, I know that’s your meal, but I couldn’t resist a taste. My curry is quite hot so I’m not going to eat all the chillies as they’ll blow my head off, and the chicken and sauce are beautifully tender and creamy. The ingredients are very fresh and at under £10 for the main courses I think it’s exceptionally good value.

The Dirty Duck Main St, Ullesthorpe, Lutterworth, LE17 5BT. Telephone 01455 209639.

/// J U N E 2 0 16

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Feature /// Great walks


ndmill is Ullesthorpe Wi ck-built tower bri y ore -st six a without sails. mill, at present 00 and went It was built in 18 1890s. out of use in the

Ullesthorpe and the Claybrookes Classic Leicestershire countryside with some attractive villages along the way make this a worthy walk, as Will Hetherington discovers Photography: Will Hetherington

Difficulty rating (out of five)


I parked on Mill Road (you can’t miss it; there’s a great big mill to guide you) and took the footpath which leads north east straight out of the village from the right angle bend in the road. This almost immediately brings you on to the golf course, which is always an entertaining part of a dog walk. You can watch a few shots safe in the knowledge it’s not you embarrassing yourself out there. We can’t all be Rory McIlroy can we? The path runs along the edge of the dismantled railway and the golf course for the first quarter of a mile and there is a path along the old railway too by the looks of it, but I stuck to the footpath which soon heads out into open country with

some wetlands harbouring plenty of pheasants. Keep the railway on your immediate right almost until you reach Frolesworth Road when the footpath crosses over to the eastern side of the railway and is clearly marked to the road. If you want a longer walk you can carry on straight over the road and up to Leire but I turned left and walked along this quiet country lane for a quarter of a mile before taking the footpath off to the left just after Lodge Farm. From here drop down across a couple of fields until you come to another road. Turn left and walk along the slightly busier road for a couple of minutes until you see the path on the right dropping into some woodland. Stay on the path down to Claybrooke Mill. After the mill you can keep going until you hit the outskirts of Claybrooke Magna and turn left almost immediately towards Claybrooke Parva. Or you can bear left immediately after the mill and head straight for Claybrooke Parva. From here it’s a pleasant stroll back along the

leafy lane to Ullesthorpe, or you can take a detour on a couple of footpaths to the south which bring you into the bottom of Ullesthorpe. The village has an excellent pub, The Chequers Country Inn, and the Dirty Duck, so you have options for a relaxing drink in tranquil surroundings.

Clockwise, from above

Claybrooke Parva church; Ullesthorpe Mill in the background; typical Leicestershire rolling countryside; Ullesthorpe Mill

5 8 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

58-59 Walk feature SL OK.indd 58

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ESSENTIAL INFORMATION Where to park Mill Lane in Ullesthorpe. Distance and time Four miles/hour and a quarter

➛ ➛


Highlights Ullesthorpe, Claybrooke Magna and Claybrooke Parva are all lovely places. You get the chance to laugh at golfers having a bad round, although I didn’t see too many bad shots on my way past, sadly. Attractive rolling countryside with an emphasis on horses. Lowlights There are a couple of short stretches on roads but they aren’t very busy so it’s not a serious problem. Refeshments The Chequers Country Inn or the Dirty Duck, both in Ullesthorpe. Difficulty rating Three paws. Nothing too strenuous here with generally easy going underfoot and mostly gates rather than stiles. But it’s still a decent stroll. The pooch perspective No cattle but there are a few horses around and despite passing Claybrooke Mill access to water is limited.

For your own safety and navigation make sure you have an OS map with you when you go out walking. You won’t regret it. ©CROWN COPYRIGHT 2015 ORDNANCE SURVEY. MEDIA 055/15

/// J U N E 2 0 16 5 9

58-59 Walk feature SL OK.indd 59

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Stay Fresh

at your wedding! Looking to keep your wedding breakfast cool? ~ Want to keep your bubbles cool and crisp?

Without the hassle of clearing your fridge out for space.. ~ We’ll keep your celebrations fresh with our refrigerated trailers

We will deliver and collect the fridge trailer as part of the package so you can focus on your perfect day Contact us for further information

01780 751313 or 07875 543065 and let us deliver to you‌.

Email: contact@fresh-wheels.co.uk


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Feature /// School sport

Leicester High pupils step out Girls, old girls, parents, staff, ex-staff, governors, friends and family of Leicester High are setting off for their second annual ‘big walk’ at the end of this month. They are inviting everyone associated with the school to join them on a short or longer walk from 10.45am-1pm on Sunday, June 26. The walks will be marked and led by professionals

Spratton Hall pupils tee up Three pupils from Spratton Hall – Max Faulkner, Ethan La Porta and Jack Peters – dominated the inaugural ISGA (Independent Schools’ Golf Association) Salver Golf Competition at Wellington College in May. The competition was an 18-hole stroke play competition with a very strong field with 25 schools entering from all over the UK. Faulkner won the overall competition by five shots, La Porta came second in the stableford competition and Peters came first in the under 12 medal competition. Spratton Hall came third overall. A great achievement by each of them.

and start from Medbourne Village Hall. Meet at 10.45am sensibly clad in walking boots or stout shoes ready to complete the shorter or longer walk. On return they are hoping that everyone will bring a picnic which can be enjoyed in the grounds of the village hall. Tea, coffee and cake will be provided. It’s a school that focuses a lot of attention on

outdoor activities: from foundation, girls begin their outdoor education in the spinney, while in Year 7 girls undertake the Adventure Service Challenge and most girls in Year 9 complete Bronze DofE. Many go on to Silver and some complete Gold every year. Contact Mrs Martin for more information on 0116 270 5338 or email em@leicesterhigh.co.uk.

Lutterworth beat the blues Lutterworth College recently held a themed day in which students were invited to make a small donation to wear blue for the day. ‘Beat the Blues day’ aimed to raise awareness of mental health and to fundraise for current and future mental health projects in the school. The Mental Wellbeing Forum at the school organised the event and held a cake sale pleasing students and teachers alike. The cakes ranged from blue cupcakes, rocky road slices and even gingerbread men wearing Leicester City football kits made from icing. Through donations made from the non-uniform day and the cake sale, £909 was raised.  Four Year 7 students from Lutterworth College took part in the Salter’s Chemistry Festival competition at Leicester University. Working as a team to solve different challenges without any staff help, they did hands-on practical chemistry challenges in university labs and carried out investigations. Despite being the

only Year 7 team, the girls team of Emelia Wall, Georgia Sandford, Rebecca Pain & Amy Meikle came second to Northampton School for Boys.


Under 15 football cap for Sinead

Pitsford School’s new £2 million sports centre was officially opened recently by Colin Jackson CBE. The school also held a 24-hour inter-house cyclothon in the centre to celebrate its opening. Jackson, an Olympic silver medalist, double world champion, world record holder, 110-metre hurdler and star of Strictly Come Dancing, had some advice for the pupils: “Preparation for anything you do in life is key. Remember to prepare well and deliver what you are capable of. Make good use of role models around you and ask them what got them to the top of their game. Many of you will be fantastic at whatever it is that you set your heart and mind to. Be the best that you can be and enjoy what you do; that is the most important thing.” Large enough to hold four full-sized badminton courts, plus a fully-equipped cardiovascular fitness suite, café area and changing facilities, the sports centre offers a wide choice of sports facilities including volleyball, badminton and 5-a-side football together with panoramic views across the school’s 26 acres of parkland and sports fields.

Sinead Samarczuk recently celebrated representing the England football team at under 15 level. Sinead, who is 15 and plays centre half for Leicester City, flew to Spain earlier this year to participate in a training camp where she played for England against Valencia. Subsequently she has featured for England in a friendly against Ireland at Bury’s Gig Lane stadium and more recently in the Bob Docherty international tournament in Wales. Mr Solly, head of Lutterworth College, said: “We are incredibly proud of Sinead’s achievements. She is a dedicated athlete with a lot of talent. She is an inspirational figure and role model for other students to look up to. She works very hard at school and we are delighted her abilities have been recognised with international honours.” /// J U N E 2 0 1 6 6 1

61 SL schools OK.indd 36

21/05/2016 15:44

Roundup The scores, star performers and stats from a month in local sport


The sun shines on Lutterworth BY JEREMY BESWICK


here was plenty of high quality cricket around this month, if you managed to dodge the showers that so often interfere with games at the start of the season. Metaphorically, the sun was shining on Lutterworth however. After finishing in second place behind Kibworth in the Everards Leicestershire and Rutland Premier Division last season, they reached top spot with a winning draw against Barrow. Batting first, they made a formidable 283 from their 50 overs with Lewis Hill, Ollie Pickering and David Dew all making significant contributions and they soon had Barrow’s batsmen struggling in reply. Doubtless there were feelings of resignation as the rain came to Barrow’s aid, as it wasn’t the first time this season the weather had conspired to deny new captain Nathan Welham’s men clear victories from dominant positions. However, the gods were a little kinder to them this time around and Barrow were forced to resume after two interruptions with four

wickets down for not much more than 50. Although they were just about able to survive the much-reduced remaining overs, the wide margin of the winning draw gained Lutterworth 21 points out of the maximum 30. As the season progresses it will be interesting to see if they can go one better this time, although Loughborough and Market Harborough, as well as Kibworth, will provide stiff opposition. One reason for optimism is that the side has been strengthened in the close season with the signings of Michael Turns and George Terry, the latter already having bagged a five-for since joining, so there is every justification to think they might be even more formidable opponents this year. Chairman Keith McCray told me: “The new lads are experienced cricketers and have performed very well with both bat and ball in what has been an encouraging start to the season.” In all Lutterworth have four men’s sides and a women’s team who, under the captaincy of Niki Patel, are looking to gain

who we are

promotion into their own Premier Division this season. One date for your diary is Friday, July 1, at 5:30pm when the club will have a Barmy Army XI playing against a Help for Heroes XI for the Jack Patrick Memorial Trophy. Former club member Jack died last year at the tragically young age of 20 and spent some of his last months raising money for Help for Heroes, who will be the beneficiaries of the day’s proceeds. Wasim Khan will be awarding the trophy, Billy the Barmy Army trumpeter will be serenading you and they hope to have some famous cricketers in attendance. Keep an eye on their Facebook and web pages for details as they develop but with food, drink and a bouncy castle it will be a great evening for all the family. That other new Lutterworth signing, Michael Turns, chipped in with a 74 in their match against Market Harborough, whose skipper Joe Gordon described Harborough’s own early performances as: “Not a bad start, with the runs and wickets shared around. We

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6 2 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

62-63 SL cricket OK.indd 60

21/05/2016 19:23

The Foxes have made an impressive start to the new season, building on the discernible, if marginal, improvements of their last campaign. The more insiders I speak to the clearer it becomes that a new winning culture now pervades the club from top to bottom – and both on the field and off it. The ground itself has improved with new investment and the backroom staff are buzzing, matching the new zip to performances on the field. So what’s all this optimism down to and can it last? I spoke to rising star Aadil Ali who, at the age of 21, averaged nearly 40 with the bat in the Championship last year and he proved to be an insightful and eloquent interviewee. “We’ve definitely caught hold of the momentum from Leicester City’s success in the Premiership,” he told me. “We would have won all of our four opening fixtures if it hadn’t been for the weather and we’re unbeaten and top of the league.” Where has this marked improvement come from? “The credit has to start at the top and (chief executive) Wasim Khan. We had to change the culture before we could change the cricket. Now there are targets we set ourselves and beliefs we live by. Priding ourselves on our attitude in the field and looking out for each other. Our three new signings and Macca (elite performance director Andrew McDonald) have really made a difference.” There’s certainly no lack of ambition. “It’s early days, but we’re all in a good place right now and if you ask us our aim, it’s to win all three trophies,” continued Ali. “Most of all, we want to be promoted – and this year we really believe it, even though it’s a harder task now with only one team going up this season.” What also boded well, and illustrated the new team spirit, was his response to my question about his personal aspirations for the season. “Just to play as many games for Leicester as I can. If I’m in the team and the team is winning then I’m doing the right thing, irrespective of statistics and averages. Even if it’s to be lively in the field, just as long as the team wins.” The early evidence is that this squad has strength in depth, too. The touring Sri Lankan side who came to Grace Road and played a Fox’s team that had nine changes from the county match against Northampton might have thought this would be a gentle warm up for their series against England, but the home side soon had the visitors struggling at 192-8. Michael Burgess then made 98 for

had a good win over Hinckley and it was 50-50 against Leicester Ivanhoe before the rains came to finish proceedings.” He was encouraged by their performance against Lutterworth, despite having to settle for a losing draw. “With two of our front-line bowlers missing through injury we did brilliantly to limit Lutterworth to 214,” he said. “We then had every chance to win it but two very good catches by their fielders in one over, both off balls that looked to be going for four, meant we had to shut up shop for the remaining overs to share the points. Had those catches not gone to hand it would have been a different story.” He picked out teenage debutant James

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Neville Chadwick Photography

Vox Fox


Leicestershire Foxes were in NatWest T20 action against Northamptonshire Steelbacks under the floodlights on May 20, losing out in a rain-affected match

Leicestershire on his first class debut to ensure the tourist’s bowlers also knew they’d been in a match, and they’d have been relieved to escape with a draw in the end. All in all, it promises to be a more rewarding experience being a supporter this season. If the city responds in the same way as it has to its footballers, something quite special might be about to happen. Jeremy Beswick

Lawton for special praise. It being his first match, Lawton has to suffer the indignity of being named as ‘Unsure’ in the bowling statistics, but his performance was anything but as he limited the strong Lutterworth batsmen to 21 runs from his five overs. Kibworth will be smarting that they’ve been knocked off top spot, however temporarily, as a defeat at the hands of Loughborough was their first in the league for almost a year – and it was at home, too. They had looked to be in a winning position having posted 205 – Sundeep Patel with 87 – and had Loughborough four down for under a hundred but were unable to break a stubborn fifth wicket partnership which proved their undoing.

The mood would not have improved the following week as a possible return to winning ways against Sileby was washed out with the match delicately poised, but they finally started to erase the trauma with a comfortable victory against Hinckley. To help further, they also progressed in the National Club Championship, a competition they have a great tradition in having won it twice, at the expense of Finedon Dolben and then Banbury, avenging a defeat to the latter in last year’s competition. They also reached the quarter finals of the Everards League Cup with a 68 run win over Leicester Caribbean. Let’s hope that June brings more Caribbean-like conditions for players and supporters alike to enjoy.


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/// J U N E 2016

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The Tigers end trophyless BY JEREMY BESWICK


igers’ defeat to Saracens in the Premiership play-off semi-final, following their exit from Europe at the hands of Racing 92, means their season has ended with more of a whimper than a bang. However, for a side in transition to a new flowing style of rugby, to be in the mix at the end is not a bad return and bodes well for next season. A few days before the match Richard Cockerill told me: “This is it. This is the season for us. Apart from the long-term injured, everyone’s fit and available. Saracens will be favourites but we’ll have other ideas. We’re certainly good enough to win on our day.” He was, however, complimentary and full of respect for Sarries’ achievements. “They deserved to win in Europe and have had a fantastic season. Maro Itoje’s been brilliant.” Would they perhaps be jaded after such a momentous victory – and the celebrations that followed? “I know from my own experience they won’t even know that themselves until they’re out on the pitch playing,” said Cockers. Jordan Crane was hopeful they wouldn’t be quite at their best, however, tweeting: “Congratulations to Sarries – one hell of an effort. Make sure you party properly until at least Friday.”

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Jordan Crane is leaving Tigers aer 10 years

Good to see Crane still rooting for his chums as it’s been announced he’s leaving to join Bristol after a Tigers career spanning 10 years, 220 games and four Premiership winner’s medals. He and I sat down after training and I asked what he would miss most. “The Welford Road atmosphere,” he told me. “Sitting in the dressing room with the

Crumbie rocking and knowing how much the team means to the city.” He’ll miss the team too. “Unlike a lot of other clubs, the player turnover here is low, so you grow up in rugby surrounded by familiar faces. It makes it more special when you’re playing with your mates.” He could remember when he first signed and was watching Martin Corry from the stands. “He was unbelievable. I thought ‘I’ve got some opposition’. But when they told me a few games later they were giving me a chance in the first team – I’ll never forget that.” Earlier, Cockers had been asked what Jordan had brought to the club. “Blond hair, white boots and bad banter,” was his first reply, but then went on to say: “Jordie was always one of the first on the teamsheet. You won’t find a better guy in his understanding of the game and he’ll always put his body on the line. Perhaps our new style of play doesn’t suit him, but he’ll do a fantastic job for them.” At only 29 and with his new side resurgent we haven’t heard the last of Crane. “Bristol are an ambitious club with a long-term plan,” he explained. “It won’t come all at once but they want to be back up there competing with the very best – and I want to help them do that.”

Show your support for local sport... Email advertise@theactivemag.com

T. 07932232114. E anna.pain@icloud.com

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/// J U N E 2016

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Glorious weather attracts point-to-point spectators BY JULIA DUNGWORTH


hat a glorious day the Melton Hunt Club had for its point-to-point event. Temperatures soared to 25 degrees – a little hot for the horses, but it did mean the crowds poured in to enjoy the sunshine at Garthorpe. Local rider and vet student Tom Chatfield Roberts pulled off another double: the first with eight-year-old She’s Real in the Mares and Fillies club members’ race and the second in the Open Maiden with the six-year-old Shempas Iron. Tom almost didn’t think he’d win until the last fence and was just a neck in front of second-placed Hurricane Vic. Jack Jones was crowned novice champion on Real Milan in his first season pointing in the Dodson and Horrell PPORA Novice Riders. He was over the moon with his win having been unseated twice in his previous runs. Local rider Jess Butler has made a temporary swap from her usual eventing career and been spotted racing at the Quorn point-to-point at Garthorpe. Jess is trying to raise money for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance. Jess knows she hasn’t got a great shot at winning, due to

Grant being an unsuccessful race horse, having raced four times and lost each time! However, they are having a great time earning money for charity, so please go to Jess’s Just Giving page if you would like to donate. Dominic Gwyn Jones is back on top form, having missed most of the season’s hunting after sustaining a very bad leg break in October which resulted in a metal rod being placed in his bone. He went on to be victorious in the inaugural running of the Ivan The Terrible Silver Spur Hunt Ride in Warwickshire. The much-coveted Silver Spur is a traditional hunt ride run over two-and-ahalf miles of old turf. Riding Another Puzzle, a 12-year-old ex-eventer, Dom beat Ollie Finnegan into second place, the action only happening in the last few fences: with Dom taking over for a five length lead past the post. Simon Grieve from Tilton-on-the-Hill also competed at Badminton on his old campaigner Cornacrew. They had a good clear cross-country, but an unfortunate knock on an old injury prevented him from his first completion. He was reportedly absolutely fine by the Monday, so hopefully we will see them, Simon and Kerry at Burghley in September.

The Burghley box office is already open at Burghley-horse.co.uk. If you’re intending to go, there are tickets available now discounted from the gate prices and I would recommend buying show jumping tickets now as last year the had sold out by the middle of June. Dawn Ross is very busy at the moment. At the end of April she travelled up to South Lincs Riding Club where she won and came second in a class to become Champion Working Hunter. Dawn is desperately trying to qualify for the Horse of the Year Show and has just driven to Notts County to do the Open Worker Qualifier at 1.15m, although an unfortunate steering incident stopped Dawn and Magnum taking the win. Dawn is also organising this year’s BS show at Ranksboro Polo Club on July 2, in conjunction with the Cottesmore Hunt. Last year it was a great show, so it’s well worth a visit. Don’t forget the Rutland County Show this year takes place on June 5 at its new site at Oakham. Again it promises to be the highlight of the local scene, with much more than horses to watch including scurry driving, sheep dog trials, birds of prey and much more.

Show your support for local sport... Email advertise@theactivemag.com 6 6 J U N E 2016 ///

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Profile for Active Magazine

Active Magazine // South Leicestershire // June 2016  

SPORT, LEISURE, getting fit and staying healthy – South Leicestershire is buzzing with people full of energy. Reflecting what’s going on th...

Active Magazine // South Leicestershire // June 2016  

SPORT, LEISURE, getting fit and staying healthy – South Leicestershire is buzzing with people full of energy. Reflecting what’s going on th...