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ISSUE 48 // JUNE 2016


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Breakfast al fresco Recover after events Get your back better

Big Kids and L i ttl e K i d s . . . How to entertain the children this summer, and have fun yourself too! WIll’s Walk Barrowden and Wakerley Woods ISSUE 48 // JUNE 2016

League of their own Summer rugby comes to Rutland 06

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Editor’s Letter IN THIS ISSUE, WE REVEAL THE WINNER OF our Cycling Hero competition, run in association with Rutland Cycling. I won’t ruin the surprise, but it’s fair to say that the winner is undertaking quite a special challenge, for a very good cause, and we wish them all the good fortune in the world. What is especially gladdening is the numbers of readers who voted. We had a shortlist of 12 riders, all attempting very worthy expeditions, and more than 2,000 of you got involved to vote for your favourite. We’re bowled over by that. There was nothing to gain by voting other than simple, selfless human decency and wanting to see somebody else succeed. So many thanks to all of you for contributing. It shows what a cracking bunch of people read Active – positive, optimistic and enthusiastic. So with summer finally starting to seep through the clouds and up from the ground, I’m in a good mood. Until, that is, the kids come out with that immortal phrase ‘there’s nothing to do, I’m bored’. Fortunately, help is at hand. We’ve compiled pages and pages of activities you (and I!) can do to keep them, and yourself, entertained this summer. The forecasters are claiming this summer is going to be a scorcher, although they seem to either plump for that or freezing and wet each year, with nothing much in between. Let’s hope they are right this time though, because I have a very long list of things to do and places to go now. Enjoy the issue! Steve

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Newstead, Stamford ÂŁ725,000 Mill Cottage is a fine example of a mature family home in a wonderful riverside setting in the small hamlet of Newstead on the outskirts of the historic market town of Stamford. Flexible accommodation is provided throughout ideal for a growing family. The large kitchen/breakfast room boasts an impressive vaulted ceiling and patio doors leading onto the swimming pool. Further accommodation includes a sitting room, dining room, snug/ play room, utility room, shower room, study and family Bathroom, five bedrooms, two having ensuite facilities. Stunning setting with river and stream bordering two sides of the property

Moray Close, Stamford ÂŁ240,000 Finished to a high standard by the current owners, this three bedroom semi-detached family home is set in a cul-de-sac location which offers good access to the Malcolm Sargent Primary School. The accommodation briefly comprises Entrance porch, hallway, lounge diner, kitchen, family room, landing, three bedrooms and a family bathroom. To the front of the property is a block paved and gravelled driveway which provides off street parking and leads to the single garage. The rear garden is immaculately presented and features a patio and decked areas.

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28.4% Agent 2 - 14.7% Agent 3 - 13.7% Agent 4 - 8.4%


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Agent 5 - 7.4% Agent 6 - 7.4% Agent 7 - 5.3%


0845 308 2004

Agent 8 - 5.3% Agent 9 - 4.2% Others - 5.3%

independenceassured For Sale Sign Analysis confirms that this advert is a fair and accurate representation of the information found between the dates shown. The quantity of For Sale and Sold signs does not necessarily equate to the number of completions.

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ISSUE 48 /// JUNE 2016



Host the perfect barbecue, plus a healthy breakfast sundae


The seasonal delights on offer outdoors


Another tasty recipe from Riverford Organic

23 DAY IN THE LIFE OF... Artist Barbara Taylor-Harris


Great things to do locally for all the family


We visit Rutland’s new (and only) rugby league side




Activities to keep you and the kids amused this summer


How to recover from extreme events


More from our nutritionist on eating healthily


Tips and products to help you look great




Essential gear for the summer


The Sunday Times writer on sporting underdogs


We head to Barrowden and Wakerley Woods


We try out The Horseshoe at Thurlby


Our focus on the latest achievements from local pupils

68-74 ROUND-UP

How clubs in the area are faring

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Specialists in bespoke construction projects, from extensions to entire new builds as well as period property restoration. Working with a trusted team of local craftsmen to create the property of your dreams

Thorpe Construction Ltd Tel: Stamford (01780) 749599 l Email: l Find us on Company registered in England No. 8917848

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FLAMING JUNE At the first sight of sun the British throw caution to the wind and light the barbecue. It’s something of a tradition, and even if it means sitting huddled up in your overcoat, shivering round the fading embers – you will have fun. But, there’s nothing better on a lovely, balmy summer’s evening than to invite friends round, light up the barbie and sink a few beers – or

Pimm’s if I had my way. And what’s even better, barbecues bring out the inner domestic god in men – so leave them to do the cooking. To avoid food poisoning make sure that the grill is hot enough. A good tip we have found to test the heat is to hold your hand as low over the coals as you can and count ‘one gin and tonic, two gin and tonics…’ until you can’t hold it

there any longer. If it’s really hot, it’s a one or two, medium three or four. If you get to five or six it’s not warm enough so be patient, stoke it up and have another beer while it heats up. And remember, let your meat rest for about 10 minutes when it comes off the grill. The juices will reabsorb into the meat making it more tender.

Breakfast al fresco What better way to start the day on a sunny morning in June than to sit outside eating breakfast while reading the papers? The Any Day Breakfast Sundae is healthy, delicious and so easy to make... Ingredients 2 tbsp mixed fruit salad 2 tbsp low fat Greek yogurt 1 tbsp low sugar granola 1 dessert spoon whole hazelnuts 1 dessert spoon dried cranberries 1 tsp date syrup or honey (optional) Layer the fruit, yogurt, syrup, granola, hazelnuts and cranberries in a glass and enjoy!

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Are you constantly hungry, feel exhausted and/or have mood swings? Do you suffer from regular gut discomfort? Or, you just can’t seem to lose weight and keep it off? Making small changes Also, if you are struggling to lose weight, why not to the foods you eat ask me about Metabolic could lead to big changes in your health! Balance natural weight loss programme? ®

We can work together to identify exactly the right foods you need to optimise your health in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. Let me guide, support and encourage you towards a happier, healthier you!

It is a 3-month, personalised nutritional programme based upon your own unique biochemistry, to promote wellbeing and healthy weight management. There are no meal-replacements or shakes, just real food you can buy from your local supermarket. 07725 972927 Please call for a FREE 15-minute chat to discuss your health goals and see if nutritional therapy might be for you.

5 year Lifestyle Retreat

A flexible holiday ownership from £5000 one off payment or interest free purchase options, over 12 months Set on the edge of Rutland Water in the smallest county in England, close to picturesque market towns of Oakham, Uppingham and Stamford and 7 miles from the A1. A flexible holiday ownership in your chosen property and week each year offering you a guaranteed holiday at a fixed cost.

Benefits of Ownership • One off payment with nothing to pay for the remainder of your ownership • Guaranteed yearly holiday in the unit you purchase, or exchange for a worldwide holiday (Please see below, RCI)

• Concessionary use of the full Leisure facilities at Barnsdale all year round for you and your family • Food, Beverage, Spa and Hotel discounts • Free yearly membership to RCI for you to exchange your week • Rental on your week of ownership or offer of use to friends and family should you not be using your week • Option to extend ownership after 5 years subject to availability

BUY 2 SPRAY TANS FOR £30 Toft Country House Hotel, Toft, Bourne PE10 0JT t: 01778590506

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Full details and terms and conditions; Contact 01572 757 901 BHH Resorts Ltd. Stamford Road, Oakham, Rutland. LE15 8AB

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Activelife NATURE

COW PARSLEY At this time of year every hedgerow seems to be full of cow parsley, a hollow stemmed, tall white flowering plant that grows rapidly in the summer. It likes shady habitats and has become a very popular plant in many urban gardens because of its delicate lacy white flower and prolific growing habit. It is sometimes referred to as Queen Anne’s Lace.


Bats Sit in the garden at dusk at this time of year and more oen than not you will soon spot a bat or two flitting about, particularly if you live in an older house. Bats are the only mammals that can fly and oen live in barns or in the eaves of houses during the summer. But don’t worry as they are harmless and a welcome sight on a warm summer evening. There are 17 different species in the UK, the most common being the tiny pipistrelle. Bats feed on insects and feed on the wing whilst using a form of sonar energy to navigate. They have incredible hearing. Bats hang upside down so that they can spread their wings before take off and use less energy by falling downwards rather than leaping up in the air.

Many a Sunday lie-in has been disturbed by the monotonous ‘coo-coo-cuk’ of a collared dove. Smaller than a wood pigeon with a grey-brown body and a black half collar at the back of the neck, the collared dove is now a common resident in many suburban and rural gardens. This has not always been so; the species first nested in Norfolk in 1955 following a remarkable spread across Europe from the Balkans over the previous 30 years. The first Rutland birds arrived in 1964. The nest is usually well hidden in a conifer or ivy covered tree, a flimsy platform of twigs holding a clutch of two white eggs. Collared doves have an extended breeding season from March to September with up to five broods sometimes being reared. Like other pigeons and doves, collared doves are seed eaters and large flocks gather on farms where grain is stored or livestock fed. Tighter controls have reduced

these food sources and gardens are now a major habitat with birds mopping up seed below feeders. Favoured gardens may attract several pairs, although numbers have fallen in some areas as sparrowhawks have taken advantage of a welcome addition to the diet. Terry Mitcham

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12 St Leonards Street Stamford, PE9 2HN 12 St Leonards Street Stamford, PE9 2HN

Tel 01780 654321 •

Tel 01780 654321

12 St Leonards Street Stamford, PE9 2HN

Tel 01780 654321 •

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30g dried mushrooms 1 tbsp capers 400g salad potatoes Salt and pepper 15g parsley 1 lemon 25g plain flour 1 egg 300g dried breadcrumbs 4 pork escalopes Oil for frying

Add the parsley. Finely zest enough of the lemon rind so you have 1tsp worth and add that. Season with a little salt and pepper. Put to one side. Take three shallow dishes. Put the flour into one, crack and beat the egg into another and put the breadcrumbs in the third, mixed with a little salt and pepper. Dip the pork escalopes first in the flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs to coat them (1).


Put your oven on to 180/gas 4. Heat a thin layer of oil in a frying pan. Add the pork escalopes. Fry on a medium/high heat until golden on both sides (about two minutes per side). Transfer to a baking tray and keep warm in the oven (2).


Boil a kettle of water. Put the dried mushrooms in a bowl and pour over enough boiled water to cover them. Leave to soak. Put the capers in a separate bowl and cover with cold water.

Wash and thinly slice the potatoes lengthways, about 1cm thick. There’s no need to peel them. Put in a pan, add a couple of pinches of salt and bring to the boil. Cook until just tender (about 5-7 minutes), then drain.

Clean the mushrooms and thinly slice them. Peel and finely chop or crush one large or two small garlic cloves. Wash the parsley. Shake or pat dry then chop.

Wipe out the frying pan. Add a splash of more oil and the mushrooms. Fry them for three minutes, then add the potatoes and fry for a further 2-3 minutes until the mushrooms have softened. Add the garlic, stir for one minute (3).


Add the dried mushrooms and their soaking liquor. Cook the mixture down until the liquor has almost all gone.

Serve the mushrooms and potatoes with the escalopes. Sprinkle over the chopped capers, parsley and lemon.

Once the potatoes are cooked, drain the capers and finely chop them. Transfer to a small bowl.

RECIPE BOXES Riverford recipe boxes are a simple and inspiring way to cook. Every week, we deliver everything you need to make three tasty organic meals. Inside each box, you’ll find the freshest, seasonal organic produce, step-by-step recipe cards and all the ingredients in exact quantities. The recipes are quick to cook and ideal for weeknights – most are ready in under 45 minutes. Think well balanced and

nutritious, with a few treats thrown in. Our cooks come up with nine new recipes every week, so there is always plenty of choice. There are three different varieties of recipe box - choose from vegetarian, quick, or original. A box for two people ranges in price from £33 for the vegetarian box, to £39.95 for the quick and original boxes. Delivered straight to your door, with everything you need to cook included, generous portion sizes, and three delicious meals per box they offer

great value for money. No waste. No missing the vital ingredient. All you have to do is cook. Visit: to

find out more or call 01803 762059.

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22/05/2016 15:45


LOOK OUT FOR THE RUNNING BIRD Michael Gent, a trustee of the Pelargos Foundation, is planning to run 10 half marathons in five days during the last week of June. And to make it more interesting, he’ll be dressed as a stork! Michael, a teacher at Witham Hall School, will run from his home in Stamford to Witham, teach all day and then run home again –13 miles each way. He will be accompanied by other members of the Pelargos Foundation – set up by Stamford School old boys to raise money for charity and have fun at the same time. This year they are supporting Team George and Save the Children. Look out for Michael, dressed as a stork, and give him a wave. To donate to the charity visit http://uk.virginmoneygiving. com/10in5

Smiling through the pain Congratulations to Stamford Badminton Club which has raised £300 for the children’s cleft charity Smile Train by competing in the Rat Race last month. The 10-man team gave it their all and completed the 13-mile course in six hours.



FREE BIKE SAFETY CHECK AT RUTLAND CYCLING To celebrate National Bike Week (June 11-19), Rutland Cycling will be offering a free bike safety check all week – a great opportunity to get your bike checked over ready for the summer. The free check-up, which usually costs £20, will be carried out by a Rutland technician who will inspect your bike and components to make sure it’s roadworthy – think of it as an MOT for your bicycle. Visit to find your nearest store, or call 0330 555 0080.

Four ladies from Rutland and Leicestershire have recently paid their annual visit to the Mother of Peace Community in Mutoko, Zimbabwe. The centre was opened more than 20 years ago for children orphaned by the HIV/Aids epidemic. Belinda Dade and her friends have been regular visitors and spent two weeks over Easter visiting the children. The ladies took lots of equipment with them such as skipping ropes, rounders bats and balls, art and craft materials and musical instruments so they could do lots of activities with the children. Belinda and her friends would like to thank the various independent retailers from Stamford and Oakham who generously donated items to take to the orphanage.

Classic Stamford Classic Stamford in St Leonard’s Street is much more than just windows and conservatories – it offers a total home improvement service. Visit the premises to see some fabulous kitchen layouts, as well as garage doors and virtually whatever you can think of. Established in 1992 in St Neots, it has been in St Leonard’s Street for nine months and is now one of the largest independent home improvement companies of its type in East Anglia. It is also one of only 36 out of 13,000 registered double glazing companies which has achieved a BSI Kitemark for installing windows and external doors. Starting out as a one-man band, Classic now employs 38 people and offers a full building service. To find out more visit www. or pop in to see them at 12 St Leonard’s Street, Stamford.

1 8 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

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22/05/2016 15:48

You don’t need a bat, racket or expensive kit for this exercise. Just a ball.


sofas, sofa beds, chairs & stools headboards made to size

Why not look after someone’s dog while they’re away.

Become a host with Barking Mad It’s great fun, all of the benefits of dog ownership without the emotional or financial commitment. We carefully match dogs to your home.

Kerry Wells 01780 322008

T: 0116 277 9705

18 Leicester Road, Blaby, Leics, LE8 4GQ

FREE brochure available


 Newly extended facilities  Evening & weekend appointments  Nurse clinics including weight control and dental care  Separate cat waiting area  Pet Health Club plans available  Free Puppy Preschool classes  Extensive parking (including disabled and parent/child)  24 hour emergency service on site

Caring for your best friend

To celebrate being awarded Cat Friendly Clinic gold level status we’re offering FREE cat clinics with practice ‘Cat Advocate’ and Registered Veterinary Nurse, Rachel Bell.*

Oakham Veterinary Hospital, Ashwell Road, Oakham, Rutland LE15 7QH

Small Animal: 01572 722646 Equine: 01572 722647

*Offer is valid from 1st June - 30th June (inclusive). Phone our Reception team to book a nurse consult and quote ‘Rutland Living CFC offer’.

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Find us on Facebook

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18 Orange Street, Uppingham, Rutland LE15 9SQ

Displaying a large choice of artwork in

For ages 4+


& 10am - 4pm Sun during ROS

North Street East Gallery is supporting Rutland Open Studios during JUNE 2016 with 15 artists exhibiting at the gallery

t: 44. (0)7768478736

Thu 21 & Fri 22 July 11am & 2pm Ticket Office: 01536 470 470


Box Office 01780 763203 or Book Online at Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St Mary’s Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire. PE9 2DL

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20/05/2016 13:39


THE HEAT IS ON… Mark Alderson of Frognall is planning to compete in the Marathon des Sables. The race across the Sahara Desert is going to be a tough challenge but Mark should be able to manage it as he trains three times a week with Stamford Striders and has spent almost every weekend this year racing, including two marathons (Manchester and London). Mark has already raised hundreds of pounds for a charity close to his heart, The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, and hopes to raise much more by taking part in the Marathon des Sables. Army reservist Mark has also set himself another challenge – to complete the tough Physical Training Instructor’s (PTI) course, and as he’s over 40 years old he will be one of the oldest to do so.

Mark will be keeping us updated with his progress over the next few months. To support Mark and The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, visit markaldersonrunningforcancer.

52 IN 52


Two friends who met while competing in the Marathon des Sables last year have set themselves the challenge of competing in the 436-mile Yukon Arctic Ultra – the race that’s dubbed ‘the world’s coldest and toughest ultra’ in February 2017. Mike Cookson and Matt Weighman have been training hard this month and have started to increase their miles gradually. They are also working on their strength training so they have a good base to work from. As well as training they have been planning their forthcoming challenge, deciding which

The gang are still hard at it in their quest to try 52 different sports in 52 weeks. Carys ran the Barcelona Marathon, her first one, and finished in a respectable 5 hours and 11 minutes, despite injuring her hip, and was delighted at her achievement. Alec completed an adults’ gymnastics session and Holly enjoyed a rowing session with the captain of the Anglia Ruskin University rowing team in Cambridge. So far they have raised £1,730 for Cancer Research UK. The team is still looking for different sports to try, particularly equestrian and water sports, and clubs to sponsor a session, so please get in touch with them. Challenge52.

races to compete in throughout the year, approaching businesses to see if they can offer support/sponsorship and working with the charities they are going to support to get as much coverage as possible. If you would like to offer some support or sponsorship please do get in touch. To find out more about what the lads are up to, and the charities they are supporting (Macmillan Cancer Support and Dogs Trust), follow them on their social media sites: Twitter – @One3niners YAU, Instagram – @one3niners, or on their website at

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22/05/2016 15:56

pl an Se Sc NE s fo e ie W r o nc £4 u r e Bl m oc k

Year 7 students are proud to organise and host our

Open Evening - Thursday 30 June 2016 5:30pm until 9:00pm

Children in Years 4 and 5 Find out what it is like to be a student at Bourne Grammar School, including: • What subjects do you study? • What after-school clubs can you join? • What is the food like? • How much homework is there?

Parents and carers Come and find out about: • 11+ testing • How to apply for a place • What Bourne Grammar School can offer your child from Year 7 through to Sixth Form

Further information can be found under News & Events at:

Best atmosphere … Best support … Best results bourne grammar.indd 1

12/05/2016 10:28


A day in the life of



rt has been important to me throughout my life. I had very supportive and encouraging parents and my dad used to drive me around the countryside to get inspiration and take me to Saturday school at an art college. When I was 18 people said I should have a ‘proper job’ rather than become a professional artist, so I went to a teaching college which trained me as a teacher and artist. I had a long, very varied career in education teaching in primary schools, becoming an acting head and then a headteacher. I was a national committee member of the Design and Technology Association and chair of the National Association for Primary Education. I became a registered inspector, leading teams inspecting primary schools around the country and later ran my own inspection company. Consequently I didn’t have much time for my own art. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after treatment I retired. It was time to reevaluate my life and return to art. I started going to a watercolour class but it wasn’t for me as I found flat paper uninspiring so I decided to experiment with texture. Some cardboard from a bookcase became the starting point for my first mixed media picture, and I began experimenting with a variety of materials, including semi-precious stones. Over the last decade I have developed an expressive and impressionist style characterised by high texture. Occasionally I’ll challenge myself to do a more realistic painting. I love doing commissions because they are always an enjoyable challenge. I run demonstrations and workshops for art groups and individuals. On my travels Some inspiration comes from my imagination but usually it’s from something I have seen. I find travelling very inspirational and take photographs for reference and carry small sketch books. I become totally absorbed and can paint for hours in my studio in Lyddington and at my house in Spain. I exhibit in the UK and Spain, where they also have Open Studios. I took part in the international artists’ day in the area near the Picasso Museum in Malaga. I was the only English artist and it was great fun painting outside and talking to the public. I do Rutland Open Studios every June since they started 10 years ago. I held them at my studio but now use Victoria Hall Gallery in Oakham because it is a purpose-built gallery

‘Over the last decade I have developed an expressive and impressionist style characterised by high texture’ and allows me to exhibit a wider range of my work. There’s a taster exhibition on June 5 at the Rutland Show for Rutland Open Studio and my exhibition ‘Breaking Creative Boundaries’ runs from June 3 to 12, from 10am to 4pm. I am chair of Art in Lyddington. It started as a small exhibition for local village artists which ran alongside the annual fete. Both grew so much that the Art in Lyddington exhibition became a separate entity held in October. It’s an open exhibition with a very good reputation and artists’ space fills up very quickly. Most profits go to the church and local charities. Last year we sold £9,000 of work and we only take 10% commission, which is much less than galleries. As it’s a local open exhibition any artist can enter and some are encouraged to exhibit for the first time. It’s a high quality, fine art exhibition with a different range of work each year and we showcase different mediums such as fine art, textiles or wood. I am a very experimental and like to keep up with new technology. In much of my recent work I have used a 3D pen that you can use to sculpt in the air or add to paintings. The pen

looks like a glue gun, and you put plastic in one end which heats up and comes out as molten plastic. I then get 30 seconds to work with it before it sets. My work features on the 3D Doodler website now and another blog for a plastics manufacturer. I’ve also helped crowd fund a new pen. Normally you use hot plastic, which is difficult for children, but this new pen uses ink that goes through ultra violet light and turns into plastic. I think it may be the future as it’s much safer. I am planning some work using it for my next exhibition. I like to paint for a few hours every day. A painting can take on a life and narrative of its own. I use lots of different layers so my paintings take time to develop depth. As an artist I am always looking at how the technical aspects can make my paintings successful. I want a far horizon, tonal perspective with darker colours in the foreground, a dynamic composition using diagonal lines that lead the viewer’s eye in and a variety of texture. My paintings are always an expressive, emotional response to the stimulus. I like to be experimental and more cutting edge.

/// J U N E 2 0 16 2 3

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22/05/2016 16:05

fé UK




’s be Cyclin st


boardman bikes experience centre

wood lane tugby leicester le7 9we tel: 0116 259 8063

24.indd 1

relax and shop for premium ski wear, cycle wear, road bikes and mountain bikes

opening times monday - closed tuesday 10 - 5 wednesday 9 - 9 thursday 10 - 5 friday 10 - 5 saturday 8.45 - 5 sunday 8.45 - 5

20 1 6


come and enjoy the great vibe at cafe ventoux for breakfast, lunch and teas

the region’s favourite destination cafe

Camping prices start from £2 per night. Discounted entry into Sacrewell attractions. Easy online booking…

Make a night of it with outdoor theatre at Sacrewell 18 June-Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles 30 July-The Wizard of Oz. See website for details

20/05/2016 13:39


WHAT’S ON There’s lots going on in your area this month, why not try some of these? ■ Harringworth village has a busy month ahead, with open gardens and afternoon tea being held on June 12 between 2pm and 5pm. Enjoy an afternoon strolling around the village admiring attractive gardens and then indulge in some delicious homemade cakes in the village hall. The village fete will be held at the Manor House on June 25 and on the same day The Flying Scotsman will be crossing the viaduct twice, before 10am and after 8pm. ■ Stamford and District Lions Club is holding its family fun day on Sunday, June 26, between 10am and 4pm on the recreation ground in Stamford. There’s lots for the family to do including a

busker’s corner where anyone can come along and show off their talent. There’s also a car boot sale, hog roast and beer tent. Entry is free. ■ Stamford Chamber Orchestra invites you to join them at their summer concert on July 2 at 7.30pm and enjoy a glass of wine afterwards. For tickets and more details contact www. ■ Giant Store Rutland, part of Rutland Cycling, is supporting a new race team – Team Giant Store Rutland/Wattbike. The new team, all from the East Midlands with busy full-time jobs, will be competing against the best riders in the UK in the National A and B races, with a big focus on the classic races in the UK. ■ Stamford Amateur Musical Society will be performing Sister Act at The Corn Exchange between June 8 to 11. Also appearing this month is Music for Sue, a fund-raising concert in aid of Thorpe Hall, a Sue Ryder hospice, performed by Stamford Corn Exchange Players’ choir and guest. This will be on June 25 at 7.30pm. For more information visit www.

and the categories, go to www. photography-competition. Entry is free and the closing date is September 30. Send your entry to photos@eastonwalledgardens. It’s also sweet pea week at Easton Walled Gardens between July 3 and 10. Visitors will have the chance to see more than 100 different varieties and enjoy the fabulous scent and sight and, if the weather is kind, you can pick your own bunch.

■ Fancy going on a bug hunt? Join the education team at Ferry Meadows on June 3 to go on a mini beast hunt. You need to book a place so ring 01733 234193 for more details, or visit ■ The Easton Walled Gardens are teaming up with Savills and running their Halcyon Days competition again this year. They are on a nationwide hunt for amateur photographers who encapsulate Britain at its best. All photographs will be displayed in a large exhibition with the winner receiving £500. To find out more information,

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Feature /// Rugby league

A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN The Rutland Rabbitohs are a new rugby league team looking to bring the summer sport to those missing their rugby fix over the close season. Jeremy Beswick reports Photography: Pip Warters

AT THIS TIME OF YEAR, the rugby clubs of Rutland and Stamford are normally silent, almost forlorn places. Hibernating for the summer, wasted as a sporting resource, they gloomily await their autumnal awakening. Those who love the game, players and supporters alike, try to find other ways to fill their Saturday afternoons and, for some, the wait for the new season seems just too long. But something is stirring in Rutland. A bold initiative that, if successful, will mean our grounds stay open, much-needed bar receipts will continue to flow and we’ll have rugby in the sunshine and for the whole year round. For rugby league – as opposed to union – is a summer game. Rutland is, or should I say was, the only

county in England without a league side before the council’s Mark Croston, Oakham’s Barbara Crellin and Stoneygate’s Ben Eshelby decided to put that right. The result is a team that will shortly play its first competitive match of the 13-man game – the Rutland Rabbitohs. I went along to watch them train at the showground in Oakham. Ben told me: “I thought it would be a way to get more people involved playing rugby – nothing wrong with that – and we might just end up as a nursery for the established union clubs. I didn’t really think a fully-fledged league side would come out of it but the response has been brilliant.” His mate Steve Farrow, an experienced hand having also played for Northampton Demons and (as we three unilaterally decided there and then) club captain for the day, wasn’t so surprised, pointing out “it just makes no sense at all playing no rugby in the summer”. The RFL, they told me – doubtless keen to complete its clean sweep of the counties and seeing that as strategically important – has certainly taken notice and is standing by with financial and other support on its way, which will certainly be of great help as they rapidly get themselves up and running. We were joined by player/coach Damian

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Wealth management advice that is simply par for the course

Proud to support Burghley Park Golf Club We provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including: • Investment planning • Retirement planning • Inheritance Tax planning For further details contact William Bryant on:

Tel: 01780 668117 Email: Website:

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Feature /// Rugby league Le

League is a faster paced game than union, but ball handling skills and tackling are common to both. The Rabbitohs need more players to make up a full squad

McColgan, who pointed out: “We’re going to be the first all-Rutland side, bringing together rugby people from Uppingham, Oakham and all over the county – with maybe a few from other places with a rugby tradition such as Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings as well.” Damian had been a union player until he went north to university and tried his hand at the other code. “It’s not that one is better than the other – they’re just different,” he told me. “But playing league, I really enjoyed the relatively open space with more ball handling time. It’s a faster game and back then, certainly, the professional players were fitter and more skilful.” The rivalry between the two codes is a friendly one nowadays, but it wasn’t always thus. League broke away in the 1890s, seeking to compensate working players who otherwise couldn’t afford the time off to play and train. Union remained a ‘gentlemen’s’ amateur game

– at least officially – until 1995 and for much of the intervening century the factions were at loggerheads. Being paid for playing league would have meant a lifetime ban from union. Our photographer, Pip, told me his grandfather had played union for Pocklington under his real name, Percy Warters, and league for Hull Kingston Rovers under the pseudonym Percy Rivers for years. League men would say the fact that he got away with it was indicative of the average IQ of the posh lot at Twickenham. Damian continued: “I’ve seen plenty of players in union games around here whose skills would transfer across really well.” Indeed, if you look closely at our photos, you’ll see the odd pair of shorts or socks that will look strangely familiar to local union watchers, but there are of course differences, said Damian. “You’ll come across different tactics with set positions for different attack scenarios. Front on

tackling as opposed to from the side at union and so on. League is also relentless, with far fewer stops and starts for set pieces such as line-outs and scrums, so aerobic fitness and stamina are key.” Watching them train, it was amusing to see the union lads struggle with the rules and unfamiliar plays but the speed and skill of the game came across strongly. Apart from cross-code recruits, there were a couple of northern exiles as well. Lee Turford was one of those and had played in his youth. He echoed Damian’s view that “it’s a quicker game and you see more of the ball”. Now 44 and, like me, carrying a bit of weight, he insisted he was there “just for the training, not to play in matches” but I’ll take any bets against him being on the bench, if not starting, for their first friendly, although son Connor, just 16 and also training, told me his mum might have something to say about that. There were 12 of them that day on what was admittedly a damp, cold evening but they’ll need a squad of 20 to play competitively, so recruitment continues. You’ll need to be fit and over 16 but if you’re a keen sportsman, you don’t have to have played rugby before to be welcome here and to give it a go. See their Facebook page if you fancy it. Like union, this is a sociable sport with all retiring to the bar for a pint after training. “Sometimes I wish it was instead of training, and it’s only fair we put some money into Oakham RFC’s till, as they’ve let us borrow their facilities for free,” said Steve Farrow. So, they’re only drinking for the good of the game and to pay back a favour, you understand. Later this year there will be team trips with tickets guaranteed by the RFL to Wembley for the Challenge Cup Final and to Old Trafford for the Super League Grand Final. Their first friendlies – against Northampton Demons and London Skolars – are in the pipeline and will be the acid test of how much progress they’ve made, according to Ben. After that their entry point to competition is the Regional Amateur League. Damian was bullish, saying that in a year’s time they will be a real side playing proper fixtures. Their ambitions don’t end there either, as the next plan is to build up a juniors or youth section. Damian finished the session by reminding all 12 of that figure of 20 players needed for a match-day squad. “So bring your mates along next week.” If you’re missing playing your usual winter game, or if you’re a keen sportsman with an eye for the ball, bring yourself along. And make some new mates. I wonder if I’m too old at 59.... Want to join in? Call Ben Eshelby on 07800 967927 or visit the Rutland Rabbitohs Facebook page.

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Parties for Kids

Range of parties to suit all ages

Party host on hand so parents can relax

Guaranteed come rain or shine

Try the fun Water Walkerz

For more information contact our Friendly team on: 01572 820830

20% OFF Parties for Kids Voucher This voucher entitles you to 20% OFF any dry side party booked and attended before 31 August 2016 at Leicester Road, Uppingham LE15 9SE. Centre Terms and Conditions apply. Non transferable. Subject to availability. Voucher only valid on stated dates. Under 8’s must be accompanied. Pool rules apply, details from reception. Voucher has no cash value. 1 Voucher per booking

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Feature /// Gear



Get the ultimate protection from the elements on and off the trail with the Adrenaline ASR GTX, Brooks’ most versatile all-terrain shoe. Equipped with a breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, this all-season runner is always at the ready no matter what the weather throws at you. Price £125 From Leicester Running Shop

2. Stand-up paddle board


Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport across the globe and the current surge of interest is being dominated by inflatable SUPs, with Brit brand Red Paddle Co taking the lead in both design and innovation. Red Paddle Co make boards for every type of rider and all ages, whether you’re a novice or an elite racer. Price £699-£949 From

3. Canvas Tipi play tent

If your children need a place to rest after a hard day hunting and gathering, or just want shelter from the harsh plain’s (garden) sun, then where better than their very own wigwam play tent? It is made of wood and canvas, is suitable for ages three and up and stands nearly two metres tall. Price £68 From


4. Jetboil FLASH cooking system

If you’re out hiking or camping and in desperate need of a brew or food, the innovative Jetboil FLASH cooking system is the ultimate outdoor cooking solution. With a combined burner and cooking vessel in one unit, the system can provide two cups of boiling water within two minutes. Everything you need is stacked and stored inside the 1.0 litre cooking cup for easy carrying. Price £75 From Cotswold Outdoor


5. 6.

5. Fabric waterbottle

Fabric’s waterbottle is an innovative design that fits directly to your bike without the need for a bottle cage using studs, allowing you to strip unnecessary weight from your set up or when you switch bikes. Price £9.99 From

6. Life Fitness Row GX trainer

Get ready for a full-body cardio workout with the Life Fitness Row GX trainer. With a Fluid Technology resistance system you can enjoy a workout that feels natural and smooth each and every time and, when not in use, is compact and easy to move around. Price £1,595 From

7. Dirty Dog sunglasses

Sunglasses can be very expensive and sometimes, especially when you’re out on the water, there’s the risk of them ending up at the bottom of the lake. Dirty Dog offer strong, light and well made pairs with good lenses to reduce the glare off the water. Price £44.99 From Rutland Watersports

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FOREMARK GARAGE We can service any make or model of car under manufacturers warranty save money and keep your warranty ask us for a quote

LOYALTY CARD 10% Discount and FREE MOT for life of the vehicle fo only £59.95 - ask for details





Up to 1300cc


£169.95 �

£199.95 �

1300cc - 2000cc


£179.95 �

£209.95 �

Above 2000cc or Diesel


£199.95 �

£219.95 �

Commercial & Motorhome




MOT only £25 with Major Service. All prices include labour, materials, consumables & VAT. 10% extra for 6 & 8 cylindar cars. � 20% extra for replacement of platinum plugs

Travis Perkins

9-10 Station Approach, Oakham LE15 6QW RO




Railway Statio

01572 757 254


Opening times: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5.30pm Sat: 8am - 12.30pm. Sun: Closed



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Guest column

Eddie, Eric and Maurice – the underdogs that stayed under Martin Johnson on the sporting no-hopers who didn’t do a City... o, somewhere in Hollywood a cigar-chomping producer is poring over a script, and is about five minutes into it when he comes out with a loud harrumph, bites clean through his stogie, crumples the pages up to a ball, and throws it into the receptacle known in America as the trash can. “Now let me get this straight,” he says. “You want me to finance a movie which involves some soccer club no-one’s ever heard of, supported by fans who speak with a funny accent and call each other ‘me duck’, and at odds of 5,000-1 with a leading scorer signed from some pop group called Fleetwood Mac… what’s that? Oh, Fleetwood Town, just as crazy… they win the Premier League. Are you guys for real?” As unlikely sports stories go, it’s difficult to place this one any lower than number one. Improbable enough for the bookmakers’ odds to reflect their belief that Elvis was more than twice as likely to turn up at the King Power Stadium than the Premier League trophy, and so impossible that Gary Lineker felt confident enough to announce that he’d mark the occasion by presenting Match of the Day in his underpants. Although, just like Paddy Ashdown promising to eat his hat if the general election exit poll was correct, he has bottled it. So far... I’ve tried hard to think of something, or someone, that could have topped the Leicester City story for being associated with the proverbial flying pig, but there aren’t many that spring to mind. Eddie the Eagle winning the Olympic ski jump would probably qualify, as it’s harder to conjure up a picture of some Olympic bigwig hanging a gold medal around Eddie’s neck than a vision of a couple of skies sticking out of a snowdrift. He was as cult a figure as there’s ever been in the world of underdogs, as I found out during a week at the Winter Olympics in Nagano back in 1998. Great Britain were so hopeless that they won just one medal – a bronze – in the four-man bobsleigh, but wherever you went in and around the town, and were identified as British, one of the locals would be sure to enquire about our unselected icon with the phrase: “prease. Where Eddie Eagroo?” The Eagle is a more famous British Winter Olympian than Torvill, Dean, Curry or any number of Scottish lady curlers – in the same way that (whisper it quietly) Leicester City’s most globally recognised striker is now Vardy and not Lineker. Another sporting story that might have run Leicester City close


is Maurice Flitcroft winning the Open. Maurice’s only handicap (he never had a golfing one) in his annual quest to win the oldest major was that he was hopeless, although it didn’t prevent him trying to sneak past the R&A’s qualifying regulations no less than five times. His first attempt came at Formby in 1976, when going round in 126 persuaded him to go away and practice for eight years before re-appearing as Gerald Hoppy from Switzerland. Reaching the halfway point of his first round in 63 shots before being rumbled. His final attempt came in 1990 when he entered as Gene Paychecki of the USA and, by this time, with the R&A on full Maurice alert, he had his collar felt as early as the third hole. Once again we invoke the imaginary commentary. “And here we are at St Andrews on the final hole. Flitcroft’s got 20 feet for birdie, a big break from left to right, and it’s on it’s way! It’s close! It’s very close! It’s in! The former crane driver from Barrow in Furness is the Open champion!” Let’s now go back to Sydney for the 2000 Olympics, which will forever be remembered for – well, okay, Redgrave perhaps – but, for me, Eric Moussambani from Equatorial Guinea. Eric the Eel was the lone swimmer in his 100-metre freestyle heat after a couple of disqualifications, and when the gun went off, Eric hit the water like some inebriated Benidorm holidaymaker. When he surfaced, like a submarine coming to periscope depth, he somehow got to the end of the first length without drowning, but for the second length you wondered whether he might have to be pulled out with a gaff hook and left to thrash around like a freshly landed North Sea cod. “And there’s 50 metres to go now! They’re neck and neck! Pieter van den Hoogenband and Eric Moussambani! I can’t split them! It’s going to be a fingertip that decides it! And it’s Moussambani! They’ll be dancing in the streets of Malobo tonight!” As a Newport County supporter, I almost came to be experiencing what those City fans must be feeling right now, when my boyhood heroes, qualifying for the European Cup Winners Cup through the dubious distinction of winning the Welsh Cup, almost reached the semi-finals after losing their quarter final 3-2 on aggregate to East German side Carl Zeiss Jena in 1981. I have never seen a more unlucky side than Newport in that second leg at home, when they hit the post or the bar about 15 times, and the goalie made roughly as many eyes closed saves with various parts of his anatomy. With a 2-2 away draw, 1-1 would have done it, but it ended up 0-1. We wuz robbed, but I make this promise now. If Newport go on to beat Leicester in the final of the Champions League, I promise that I will write the following month’s column in my underpants.

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New homes in


Buttercross Park

Buttercross Park Opposite Catmos College, off Barleythorpe Road, Rutland LE15 7EE

2 bedroom houses from

£184,995 - £226,995 3 bedroom houses from

£213,000 - £218,500 4 bedroom houses from

£249,995 - £382,995

The Perth - 3 storey living

5 bedroom houses from

Stylish city-style living in our 4 bedroom townhouses with open living spaces, a separate shower room and separate bathroom from only £236,995


The Haybarn Main Road, Barleythorpe LE15 7TZ

Barn Conversion 4 bedroom detached house

The Haybarn


Oakham Sales Office Opposite Catmos College, off Barleythorpe Road, Rutland LE15 7EE

 01572 722262 Sales Office open daily 10am - 5pm

...better, because we care

Prices and information correct at time of going to print. Images are for illustrative purposes only. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Barn Conversion 4 bedroom detached barn conversion £550,000 Reserve off-plan and receive £5,000 towards our ‘Just for you’ range to personalise your new home.*

2120 0516

Feature /// Competition

OUR CYCLING HERO WINNER: JASON SKINNER The Rutland Cycling and Active Cycling Hero winner recently picked up his prize. Now the training really begins, he told us... PICKING FROM OUR SHORTLIST of 12 Cycling Heroes, more than 2,000 Active readers voted and Jason Skinner of Bourne was chosen as the winner. Jason visited Rutland Cycling at Whitwell to pick up his prize and to get fitted by its experts. He said: “To win and to think of all the people who voted for me is actually quite humbling. I really appreciate their support. Now I’ve got to go out, get training and complete the challenge. It’s going to be really tough, but all the support I have got has made me really determined now. “The response has been amazing: I’ve had lots of people and business saying they will help out, with travel, kit, sponsorship and even offering to ride with me. And to be able to do it on a bike like this, with the expertise of the staff at Rutland Cycling to advise on training, diet and technique is invaluable. We’re aiming to do around 120 miles a day for more than two weeks, so we need to prepare really well.” Rutland Cycling’s David Middlemiss offered his congratulations to Jason. He said: “It’s a very brave thing he is doing, for a very good cause, and we wish him all the best. We’ll be supporting him along this journey in any way we can.”


“I am a novice cyclist and took up road cycling last Christmas. The longest ride I’ve done so far has been 52 miles. “For my 40th birthday this year I want to ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats and to cycle several stages of the Tour de France. These will be in preparation for my big adventure, to cycle from Bourne to Almeria in Spain. “It will be a fund-raising ride for Cancer Research – my mother has terminal cancer and moved to Spain for her last years. I thought the challenge of riding through France to her village in Spain would be tough, but nothing in comparison to the fight my mum is having.”


One bike. Come rain or shine, the Genesis Croix de Fer 20 Olive Green will take you almost anywhere thanks to its excellent blend of Tiagra components, TRP Hy/Rd-C brakes and Reynolds 725 steel frame. Fast and responsive on the road, yet stable and perfectly balanced, the Croix de Fer 20 is a real pleasure to ride on both smooth Tarmac and on terrain you’d normally reach for a mountain bike. The wider gear range and great trickle down tech in the new 2016 Tiagra creates a premium riding feel for a more affordable price. TRP Hy/Rd-C Brakes offer all the benefits of hydraulic disc brakes with standard cables.

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Feature /// Holiday activities

SUMMER FUN FOR BIG AND LITTLE KIDS… Never again will you hear the dreaded phrase ‘there’s nothing to do... I’m bored’ thanks to our rundown of great things to do in the East Midlands this summer

3 6 J U N E 2016 ///

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Feature /// Holiday activities


Kids will love visiting Rutland Water Park this summer because Sykes Lane offers an exciting adventure play area and mini golf, plus the fantastic beach. For a range of watersports and outdoor activities pop into Rutland Watersports at Whitwell too. Visit or call 01780 686800 for more information.


East Carlton Country Park is set on the edge of the beautiful Welland Valley – a great place for a family day out. Country walks and picnic, cafe and heritage centre, craft workshops and Corby Woodland Project will be delivering a range of wood workshops suitable for all age groups. East Carlton Country Park, Market Harborough Road, LE16 8YF Tel: 01536 770977.


During the school holidays Uppingham Community College opens up its facilities with a number of sports camps running for 5-11 year olds. Children can sign up to multi-sport camps or can attend specialist Spanish football or rackets camps. Details can be found on extra-curricular page of the college’s website at or contact Rob Lewin, student activities co-ordinator, at Lewin_R@ucc.rutland.sch





There’s a family fun weekend on June 10-12 at the Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre in Kelmarsh. This is a special opportunity for families to enjoy a weekend in peaceful surroundings. Activities include art, drama, outdoor games and teenage workshops. Either visit for the day or the whole weekend. Camping is available as well as bed and breakfast accommodation. For details call 01604 686778 or visit

Come rain or shine Barnsdale Hall Country Club has the facilities to lock down the most energetic child for the day. Nestled on the edge of Rutland Water, Barnsdale holds the key ingredients to a fun-filled family day out. Facilities include swimming pool, crazy golf, tennis, pitch & putt and squash. Book now by contacting leisure reception on 01572 771314.


Enjoy a great day out exploring one of the country’s largest maize mazes at Wistow, set in eight acres of living maize and sunflower crop. It’s great exercise for mind and body, and perfect for all ages with staff/office outings even more popular than school trips. Visit

We have some beautiful villages in this region. Barrowden is one. You can take the kids to the community shop and cafe for ice creams, handmade chocolates, healthy smoothies and milkshakes, while there’s a lovely, safe seating area outside. Nearby is the the recreation ground where you can watch the cricket at weekends, or feed the rare breed sheep in the meadow by the shop or the ducks on the pond by the pub. Idyllic.

Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome is home to the Cold War Jet Collection which includs a Victor, Hunter, Canberra, Comet, Lightnings, Starfighter, Mystere, Sea Vixen, Buccaneers, Provosts, Super Guppy, Iskra and a Jaguar. It’s a plane anorak’s dream.


Corby Woodland Project will be delivering a range of wood workshops for children and adults alike at East Carlton Country Park. Activities will cover woodcarving, batik, whittling, pinhole photography, printmaking and bird box making. Places are limited, so contact 01536 464019 for more information or to book a place.

3 8 J U N E 2016 ///

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HEAR_active_A4advert_v2_Layout 1 05/05/2016 13:49 Page 1



0800 298 7265

Tuesday July 19th 2016


n n i e W a l k e r, M B E

HEARCLEAR EXPO – Bringing you hearing aid manufacturers, medical experts, charities and celebrities. Also the latest in hearing technology, products and information for anyone with a hearing need – of any nature.

We will be joined by Johnnie Walker MBE, Radio DJ and broadcaster - who will be sharing his personal journey of hearing loss; Josephine Marriage PhD, a clinical paediatric audiologist with a research background and local favourite, Kev Lawrence, Breakfast Presenter with Heart Radio, who will be compèring the day.


don’t Miss your opportunity to:


phin e



• talk to professionals/manufacturers and try out products




• seek advice, help and support • Listen to presentations




• Book a FrEE hearing test appointment (on the day) • Have your ears checked and, if necessary, syringed


• Enjoy a fun and informative day out

Contact e: t: 0800 298 7265

10.00am to 5.00pm at The Marriott Hotel, Peterborough Sir Henry Royce Suite, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, PETERBOROUGH, PE2 6GB Some of our sponsors and exhibitors include:

0800 298 7265 •

Feature /// Holiday activities


With six interactive galleries, the UK’s largest planetarium, unique 3D simulator experience and the iconic 42m high Rocket Tower, the award-winning National Space Centre in Leicester is an out of this world experience. Visit


There are three different sports camps running this summer around the Corby area: golf, athletics and football. They are suitable for all ages and abilities, and a great way to keep the kids active this summer. For more information on dates, prices and venues contact 01536 464042 or email


Need help looking after your children this summer? Every weekday this summer (excluding bank holidays) the SPLAT holiday club will be running at Lodge Park Sports Centre near Corby for 6-14 year olds. This is an Ofsted-registered holiday club, with lots of exciting activities including sports, arts and crafts, games and lots more. For more information or to book, call 01536 400033.


Finding a quiet swimming pool for children to get confidence swimming can be hard. Edith Weston Academy’s is ideal for children as it is one metre deep from end to end. It has newly refurbished changing rooms, trained lifeguards and an excellent swimming teacher. It can be used for parties and family swims and on Friday mornings there is a parent and toddler/baby session for just £3. Contact Kate in the school office on 01780 720025 or email office@


Corby Heritage Centre has exhibitions and displays that reflect the rich and diverse cultures of the community and their heritage across the region. Visit Corby Heritage Centre on a Thursday or Friday this summer and take part in making one of our creative activities to make a WW1 medal, periscope or a Zeppelin. Corby Heritage Centre is located at 75-77 High Street, Old Village, Corby, NN17 1UU.


There is a lot to do at Nene Park, Peterborough, and to give visitors a taste of some of the activities they are running an ‘Aim High’ day on July 24 where you can have a go at new outdoor activities – test your climbing skills on the climbing wall, navigate spider mountain or traverse the climbing boulder. Alternatively, you can have a go at archery, or try the off-road segway course. For further information, visit the website at or call 01733 234193.


Playbus covers the UK for anything to do with children’s parties. It offers a wide variety of activities from soft play to pamper/princess parties in a bus, alongside petrol quad bikes, electric go-karts and all sorts of different inflatables, too. Call 01733 351925 or visit www. for more information.


Every Monday this summer, go along to the Boating Lake, Cottingham Road, Corby, from 10am-12pm and enjoy a range of different activities in its ancient woodland. Sessions delivered by a highly skilled ranger include shelter building, mini beast hunting and guided walks. For more information or to book, contact 01536 464042.


Join a tiny snail on her trip round the world in

Tall Stories’ magical, musical adaptation of the fantastic picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Follow the snail’s journey, as seen through the eyes of an adventurous young girl and her sea-faring father. Thu 21 & Fri 22 July 11am & 2pm, £12.50. Call 01536 470 470 or visit


Fancy doing something a bit different with the kids this summer? Then why not hire out their very own fire engine. It’s ideal for birthday party treats or a special trip to the cinema or their favourite restaurant. The fire engine can seat up to eight in the rear cab and it comes with music and lights. It can also be hired with a PlayStation or an X Box to play on. For those that are a little younger you can even book it with Fireman Sam and many other favourite children’s characters. Call 01733 348122 or visit www.

4 0 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

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22/05/2016 16:12

STEAM ON RUTLAND WATER Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 June 10am - 5pm

Grafham Water Park Marlow Car Park Grafham Huntingdon PE28 0BH

Rutland Water Park Sykes Lane, Empingham, Rutland LE15 8QL

Pitsford Water Park Causeway Car Park Brixworth Road, Holcot Northampton NN6 9SJ

Tel 01780 686800



SCAN NOW py of your co Pick up tivity c a r e m our sum from our t bookle the s within facilitie om the fr h g u Boro 16 June 20 27th of

To find out further information and prices please visit the ‘Holiday Activities’ web page or contact the Culture & Leisure Team.

Visit: Tel: 01536 464042

SPLAT! | Sport & Play Development | Corby International Pool | Lodge Park Sports Centre | East Carlton Country Park | Heritage Centre | West Glebe | And more...

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20/05/2016 13:38


from 5. 30pm

Feature /// Holiday activities

WIN AN INTRODUCTION TO SAILING WORTH MORE THAN £150 Fancy being the next Ben Ainslie? Well now you can. Having taken over the running of Nene Outdoors, located at the Lakeside Centre at Ferry Meadows, earlier this year, Nene Park Trust is offering the chance to win a private ‘introduction to sailing’ lesson for up to three people. The lesson will last two hours and include all the equipment necessary to get you out on the water. A perfect way to keep the kids entertained this summer and learn a great new skill at the same time. There are also five runner-up prizes of one-hour pedalo hire up for grabs. Head to to enter.


Summer Fun at Sacrewell includes a daily programme of events including the Sacrewell Lamb National, duck racing, pond dipping, walks and trails. The team will also be adding in some extra activities on a daily basis to challenge, educate and help you to make the most of your summer at Sacrewell. Speak to them about a seasonal membership by calling 01780 782254.


The Eis Bar Stamford offers freshly made waffles alongside 22 flavours of gelato plus a long list of deliciously decadent milkshakes including Oreo, Ferrero Rocher and After Eight flavours. A fun retro environment with enthusiastic staff. The only place to cool down this summer is 5 Castle Street, Stamford, PE9 2RA. Telephone: 01780 238264.

What’s on offer at Ferry Meadows? Imagine somewhere beautiful, safe and unspoilt where you can walk, cycle, play, horse ride, ride a train, go fishing, exercise the dog, jog, push the buggy and explore endless meadows, lakes and woodland: all less than three miles from Peterborough city centre. Also on offer are three play areas catering for different ages and an events programme with lots of activities for children including trails during school holidays and orienteering courses for older children. After all this activity you can relax at one of the cafes, find a nice spot for a picnic or fire up on one of the barbecue stands. Lakeside provides a hub for activity and relaxation within Ferry Meadows as the home for Nene Outdoors, a watersports and outdoor activity venture, Rutland Cycling and Lakeside Kitchen and Bar, a contemporary dining and function venue. Aimed at younger children, the Otter playground provides an exciting play space to explore and enjoy with fun play equipment ideal for smalls. Visit the website at for more information.


Get your kids enrolled in cricket coaching classes: Tom Flowers Cricket Coaching was set up to bring high quality coaching to East Leicestershire and Rutland. Level 3 coach Tom (ex-Sherborne School cricket master) and his team provide all-year round services including one-to-ones, academies, masterclasses and summer camps. Visit or call 07815 647892.


On a hot summer’s day it’s hard to beat an old-school outdoor pool and Peterborough Lido offers fantastic outdoor swimming, sunbathing terraces, children’s play area and al fresco café. A family ticket costs £16.50 and £26 including food with free swimming for the under fives all summer. Call 01733 864761 or see for more information.


Rockingham Castle is truly remarkable: from William the Conqueror to the modern day its incredible history and grounds are worth exploring by all the family. And the view over Rutland and Leicestershire has to be seen to be believed. Visit www. to find out more.

/// J U N E 2016 4 3

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4 4 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

44-45 SL SR Fitness Opener OK.indd 44

22/05/2016 16:30

GET A FAIR HEARING Are you one of the 10 million people in the UK with hearing loss? A major new local exhibition could help... One in six people in the UK – around 10 million in total – suffer some form of hearing loss, and quite often it creeps up without sufferers even noticing. In everyday life, people often get used to asking others to repeat themselves, have the TV or radio up louder than they realise, or even rationalise not hearing others’ comments by thinking they are mumbling. Generally there are two types of hearing loss, depending on where the problem lies... Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the sensitive hair cells inside the inner ear or damage to the auditory nerve, and occurs naturally with age or as a result of injury. Conductive hearing loss is when sounds are unable to pass from your outer ear to the inner ear, often because of a blockage such as ear wax, glue ear or a build-up of fluid from an ear infection, or because of a perforated ear drum or disorder of the hearing bones. But there is help at hand. There’s a major exhibition on Tuesday, July 19, at The Marriott Hotel in Peterborough called HearClear Expo 2016, in which visitors of all ages will be able to try out the latest technology designed to help improve hearing, and talk to experts about their issues. BBC Radio 2 broadcaster Johnnie Walker MBE, Worcester Warriors number 8 Mat Gilbert (the UK’s only profoundly deaf professional rugby union player) and Heart Radio breakfast presenter, Kev Lawrence, will be there on the day to discuss how they have coped with a hearing impairment. In addition, leading industry professional and clinical paediatric audiologist, Josephine Marriage, will be presenting alongside the national children’s charity Auditory Verbal UK. “HearClear Expo’s aim is to give people the opportunity to touch and experience first-hand some of the most advanced hearing solutions available to them,” explains Mike Stanley, managing director of Healthy Hearing. “This event will bring together hearing aid manufacturers, medical experts, charities and celebrities to present the latest in hearing technology, high tech accessories, information and offer help and advice to anyone with a hearing need – of any nature. “Whatever their situation, whether they have difficulty hearing, are completely deaf, suffer with tinnitus or simply need wax removing, help, advice, direction and solutions will all be available under one roof on the day.” Visitors can book their free ticket or find out more by contacting: 0800 298 7265 or by visiting:

/// J U N E 2 0 16 4 5

44-45 SL SR Fitness Opener OK.indd 45

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4 6 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

46-47 Fitness OK.indd 46

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Firstly you need congratulating on completing your extreme event. Not only is it a test on the day, but it’s the hard run-up and preparation phase that has probably been the hardest bit. Now another crucial part of the whole experience is the recovery. If you get that right, the whole event will have been a complete experience for you as an athlete: you have earned the right for some serious downtime and the ability for you to recover will determine the real long-term outcome. It is extremely important that you rest and recover properly. Once you have crossed the finish line and received your medal and celebrated, the next stages are crucial. Initially, there are a few simple steps to follow. Firstly, quickly change your clothes and footwear. Your clothes will be wet from either rain or the sweat and fluid released from your body and your feet will be swollen. Put on some loose footwear and let your feet breathe. Your body will immediately go from feeling like it is in the Bahamas to feeling like you are at the top of a big hill in Scotland, maybe even the Antarctic. You will be cold and clammy so get a blanket on you to prevent your temperature dropping rapidly. Then you need to put your feet up because your body needs blood flow. Make sure you are stable enough to be on your own and lie on your back (ideally somewhere dry) and put your feet up for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this several times during the day. While you are resting, you quickly need to take on calories/recovery food. Your body has just lost an awful lot of fluid, nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants and enzymes and these need replacing to help your blood sugars return to a normal rate. One important thing to note, however, is that during extreme runs such as marathons or obstacle races, blood flow is pushed away from your stomach to working muscles, so it is important to give your digestive system some time to return to its normal working condition before you sit down and have a large meal. Grabbing a bag of chips or fast food before going home to sit on the sofa can slow your recovery for days. Refill your body with a small amount of easily-digested carbs and protein, either in the form of a solid or a liquid, taken little and often. Take snacks with you to the race and, if you can, arrange for someone to meet you at the finish line as you probably won’t be the only athlete that wants food in a hurry. Once your stomach feels ready and has had time to recover, eat well. Next you need to look after your body. Realise whether you need to seek help or

whether you can self-manage the strains that your body has just gone through. Look after your injuries – treat your blisters, ice any inflammation, deal with any pain and get a light massage in the next 48 hours if you can – but make sure the therapist knows what you have just participated in and ask them to be gentle. If that’s not possible, self massage will be effective but, once again, being gentle will be the key as the aim is to help your body relax, flush out the toxins and aid blood flow to enhance your recovery. When you are home or back at the hotel, your aim should be to relax, replenish, rehydrate and have a shower or bath. A cold or hot bath will be brilliant to promote recovery. A good night’s sleep will be hard on the first night as you’ll be shattered but sore. Keep plenty of fluids beside your bed and keep your feet elevated. The following day is normally when the fatigue and soreness will kick in. Your body is still in recovery and while frequent rest is needed, total rest is your enemy. The tissue needs to repair and it’s important to stay active. By this we mean a pool session for an easy swim, a short spin on the bike, a casual walk or a very light jog. No matter how good you feel, limit yourself to three to four miles maximum, providing you didn’t pick up any bad blisters or muscle strains; an altered gait on walking and running will create a number of issues you won’t like. It is important you can differentiate between acute injury and muscle soreness and, if in doubt, seek medical attention. Light activity will improve circulation and help flush out metabolic waste and aid oxygen and nutrients flowing to your muscles again. Initially it would be wise to avoid heavy stretching techniques, especially if not warmed up, as your muscles will be tight and delicate and over-stretching will lead to micro-tears. Light stretching will be effective after your light activity focusing on stretching your Achilles’ tendon, calf complex, hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes. Maintaining mobility, replenishing with good nutritious food, rehydrating, looking after your body and resting is the key to your recovery.


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Feature /// Competition



Run for all the family! Win a £170 pass to the most exciting new family running event this summer We’ve teamed up with Rat Race, organisers of the best extreme running events in the UK, to offer a family ticket to its incredible new event, Runstock, which takes place on July 29-31. HOW TO ENTER Visit and fill in your details by May 31. The draw for the winner will take place on June 1. What is Runstock? An off-road running festival based at Boughton House in Kettering. Runstock is aiming to raise a whopping quarter of a million quid for Children with Cancer UK. Entrants are challenged to run as many laps of the 5km course as possible within eight hours. The idea is to clock as many laps as you wish within the time limit, on your own or with your team – taking it in turns or all running together – you choose! The more laps you run, the more is raised for Children with Cancer UK, recorded live

on-screen with a giant totaliser. When you sign up to take part in Runstock, you will be asked to set up a charity fund-raising page. The organisers would like as a minimum for all runners to pledge to raise £10. Over and above that, it’s up to you. The idea is to make a pledge ‘per lap’ and aim to run your heart out until you’ve reached your target. From fun runner to ultra runner and from rugrats to racing rats, Runstock packs a 5km lapped course into a glorious summer festival format. Suitable for runners from 5 to 85: go ‘fast’ or ‘fun’ as you make your way round. The fast lane is for running; the fun lane is peppered with oddball activities.

and do. Camp next to your car all weekend if you like, bring the picnic gear, the bat ‘n’ ball and get the whole clan along with you. So how does the run work? The 5km looped running course features a fast lane and a fun lane. Do as many laps as you like within the time limit and choose to go ‘fast’ or ‘fun’ as you make your way round. The fast lane is for running; the fun lane is accessed alongside and is peppered with oddball activities. Expect crazy obstacles, music, water features, a massive slip ‘n’ slide and other fun stuff. The fun lane is designed with stuff for the teenytinies all the way up to the big and brave. What if you don’t win our fabulous prize? Never fear, you can always enter the event anyway. To enter online visit www.ratrace. com/runstock2016

Fun for your running family From Friday evening until midday on Sunday, enjoy your very own summer festival, complete with professionally-run camping village, hot showers, live music stage, huge beer tent and tasty food. There’s loads of things for the kids to see

/// J U N E 2016 4 9

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know how, and once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be great. 8. Start buying seasonal produce – whether you live near a farm shop or a supermarket, you should be able to buy some delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables. This also helps you to offer yourself the variety, depending on what is in season at that given time. 9. Eat with your eyes – if something is visually pleasing, it generally tastes so much better and what can be more colourful than a plate full of vegetables or a bowl full of fruit? Presentation is key, so add colour to your meals and present it in a way that makes you want to eat it. 10. Get the family involved – let your children help you to chop the fruits or vegetables for your salads; you never know, they might even want to try some themselves!

FIVE-A-DAY MADE EASY Nutritional adviser Helen Cole on how to get more fruit and vegetables into your daily diet We all know we should be eating five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, but some of us are less inspired than others (and what is a portion anyway?). Here we look at some simple yet effective ways to ensure we are topping up on our fruit and veg and it doesn’t mean we have to gnaw our way through five apples every day... TOP TIPS ON TOPPING UP 1. Buy a good variety of fruits – keep your fridge and fruit bowl stocked up on a variety of different fruits to give yourself choice. Not only does this mean you will not tire of eating the same thing every day, it is colourful and visually pleasing and therefore more enticing. 2. Keep a supply of chopped vegetables and/or a bowl of fruit salad in the fridge – for an instant, healthy snack when your blood sugar levels dip. It may even stop you reaching for the biscuit barrel. 3. Include fruit in your breakfast – make a quick ‘any day breakfast sundae’ using

some of the fruit from your prepared fresh fruit salad. 4. Stock up your freezer – with berries, kale and spinach, ready to add to a smoothie at any time of day. 5. Add more vegetables to some of your favourite recipes – roast a tray of vegetables (for example peppers, courgettes and carrots) and add them to bolognaise, casseroles, chilli, omelettes, jacket potatoes and, if you’re making a stir fry, just throw in a few more veg. 6. Serve a side salad wherever you can – or pile a generous handful of rocket on top of any pasta dish. This will add colour, making it look more appealing and will give the appearance of a more generous portion. 7. Hide new vegetables in soup - this might be the best way to start cooking those vegetables you aren’t too sure of. Start with things such as onions, parsnips, butternut squash, swede, sweet potato, carrots and mushrooms. Follow a recipe, or be creative with what you have. Soup is easy when you

WHAT IS A PORTION? ONE portion = 80g = any of these 1 apple, banana, pear, orange or other similar sized fruit 2 plums or similar sized fruit A grapefruit or avocado 1 slice of large fruit, such as melon or pineapple 3 heaped tablespoons of vegetables (raw, cooked, frozen or tinned) 3 heaped tablespoons of beans and pulses (however much you eat, beans and pulses count as a maximum of 1 portion a day) 3 heaped tablespoons of fruit salad (fresh or tinned in fruit juice) or stewed fruit 1 heaped tablespoon of dried fruit (such as raisins and apricots) 1 handful of grapes, cherries or berries A dessert bowl of salad A glass (150ml) of fruit juice (however much you drink, fruit juice counts as a maximum of 1 portion a day) Above all else, experiment, have fun and enjoy, rather than dread, eating your 5-a-day!! Information in this article is provided by Future Fit Training. Cole Nutrition offers a full dietary analysis to identify the requirements for each individual. Together, you look at current eating and lifestyle patterns or habits and identify possible changes in realistic and achievable terms. Whatever your lifestyle, Cole Nutrition will endeavour to find the perfect balance for a happy, healthy you. If you would like to book a consultation or find out more about what they offer, please contact Helen Cole on 07966 050 193, email or visit the website at

5 0 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

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Embroidered & Printed Clothing & Accessories

Cool Cats Clothing creates personalised Sports & Leisurewear using high quality Embroidery, Digital Transfers & Screen Printing technology. Call us now and get your artwork set up FREE! Tel: 01832 270446

Summer Edit

16 Mill Street • Oakham • Rutland • LE15 6EA •

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90 DAYS TO HEALTH NIRVANA: PT 2 The food has been planned, the gym sessions booked, but can Active’s Chris Meadows stick to Joe Wicks’ health regime? The beauty of Joe Wicks’ The Body Coach 90-day shift, shape and sustain plan is that you can fit it into your lifestyle. You choose when you want to train, and whether to do it at home or in the gym, and then you plan the meals you like around it. An early morning workout was the only way I’d consistently be able to go to the gym, so I set the regular alarm for four to five times a week. Once up in the morning it’s time for a quick glass of water and a protein shake. Not something I’ve ever had to endure before, but they’re not too bad (just as long as you don’t buy the non-flavoured one). Getting to the gym at 7am for the first time was a bit of a shock to the system. But you’re only there for 30 minutes and have various workout options you can choose from while you’re there. I tried the hill-climbers initially but couldn’t lift my arms for two days after. So I’ve since stuck mainly to the trusty rowing machine. It’s also an option on the Microsoft Band so you can track your progress. After a gentle five minute warm-up, during which another gym-goer kindly suggested that I made the Concept 2 look like it was sinking, it is then into 12-15 reps of 30 seconds of as high intensity rowing

as you can, followed by 45 seconds rest, or gentle rowing – which I opt for to keep the timer running. After a warm down you’re done, and back home in time for a post-workout protein shake, selected vitamins and breakfast. Having opted for the early morning workout I then have to choose one of the higher carbohydrate options for breakfast. As with sticking with the rowing machine in the gym, I’ve not been too adventurous as yet with the meal choices. There are quite a few options, but having already spent a considerable amount of money on ingredients it is more cost-effective to eat similar meals. The protein refuel pancakes aren’t too bad, although I can’t say I’d order them in a restaurant. Throughout the rest of the day you’re allowed a couple of snacks from another set list including nuts, fruit and beef jerky along with a few other options. And your other two meals must come from the low-carbohydrate option. There are some nice options – the satay chicken is a winner. The salmon fishcakes were good the first time round, but they’ve been a bit of a battle since. I’ve still got a freezer full though, living up to Joe’s ‘prep like a boss’ mantra.

In terms of results, cutting out carbs (and booze to an extent!) has had a fairly dramatic effect, having lost about a stone in the four weeks of phase one. And I feel healthier. However, this plan requires a huge amount of commitment, something I’ve not managed on occasion, but even at those times it’s making me opt for a healthier option. Another challenge is that because the food is weighed out specifically to the instructions supplied on the plan it makes some of the meals tricky to cook for others in the household without having to cook two meals separately, which could lend itself to a considerable amount of washing up. Now that phase one is complete it’s time to send back my results to my support hero, Samantha, who will then plan the next phase…

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OPENING HOURS: Monday: Closed Tuesday: 12pm-8pm Wednesday: 12pm-8pm Thursday: 12pm-10pm Friday: 12pm-10pm Saturday: 12pm-10pm Sunday: 12pm-10pm

01780 238264 5 Castle Street, Stamford Lincolnshire

Walkrite, Runrite, Feel Right Musculoskeletal Specialist Podiatrists

Clinics in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire

Walkrite incorporates the best clinical care and technology to alleviate painful lower limb conditions of all descriptions.

• Foot/Ankle Pain

Expert clinical knowledge and the latest techniques are combined to alleviate your symptoms and get you on the move again.

• Biomechanical Assessment

• Sports Injuries • Children’s Foot Pain • Video Gait Analysis • Gait Re-Training • Custom-made orthoses • Customised sandals • Footwear/Trainer Advice

ENQUIRIES: 01733 559161 Nicola Blower BSc(Hons), MChS, MFPM RCPS(Glasg), MSSF

John Chadwick BSc(Hons), FCPM, FFPM RCPS(Glasg)

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THE FINISHING TOUCHES You’ve done all the hard work in the gym, playing sports and getting fit, so now is the time to reap the benefits and add the finishing touches... Edited by Mary Bremner

BRIGHTEN UP THE LBD The LBD (little black dress) is most women’s go-to when it comes to failsafe dressing, and who can blame us when you think of how elegant Audrey Hepburn always looked in hers? We know we look safe, slim and elegant in a well cut black dress, but it can sometimes be a little bit too safe and, dare I say it, a bit plain. But don’t ditch the black dress, add accessories instead to brighten up the look to make all the difference. The easiest wow factor to add to a black dress is some funky shoes. Showstopper shoes are an absolute must – they can be as bright or as glittery as you like as the LBD is so plain. Topshop do some great ones at the moment that won’t break the bank or go to designer Charlotte Olympia for some really ‘in your face’ options. Interestingly, fashion from the ’90s is coming back in a big way... patterned or sparkly hosiery is becoming popular but be careful they don’t clash with the showstopper shoes. Large earrings or a choker – but never together – are very ’90s and also add a certain something to the LBD. Both are back on trend at the moment so there are lots to choose from. A statement handbag can overhaul your look dramatically. Clutch bags are ideal for evenings and there are so many to choose from... fringed, embellished, metallic, foldover or velvet. There is so much choice and you won’t have to spend a fortune to make an impact. What is also ideal about stand-out accessories is that you can mix and match them. The same LBD will look different each time you vary the accessories. One day it could be funky shoes and big earrings, then it could be choker and sparkly tights. It’s the perfect way to feel like you have a new outfit on each time!

5 4 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

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And finally... The latest fashions to show off

MILL WHEEL SPA The spa is situated just outside Leek with fabulous views over the Peak District. Joined on to the Three Horseshoes country inn, the spa is small and intimate with attentive staff and a lovely outside area with plenty of seating. Despite being small it offers unique treatments. The Beach Hut replicates the benefits of being on a beach in the sun. The 25-minute experience takes you from dawn to dusk whilst lying listening to the sound of the sea. Great for beating away the winter blues, and very relaxing.

The mill wheel dominates the spa, paying homage to the history of the building. Various steam and heat rooms are located around it. The Rasul experience is not for the claustrophobic but my skin did feel beautifully soft after the experience. The highlight of my stay was the Heaven bee sting facial. I came out looking refreshed and well, better than I ever have when having a facial before. I would thoroughly recommend the treatment.

Michael Kors wrap dress £165

Ruffle feather sandals £52

THE BOWEN TECHNIQUE The Bowen Technique was developed in the 1950s and is only really becoming known now in this country. It’s a very gentle form of bodywork and can be used on anyone, including babies. The idea is that the technique helps the body re-align and retrieve its memory to return to a balanced state. I had read that Bowen seems to get very good results and can be used to treat almost anything, not just back problems... stress, respiratory problems and hormone imbalances, headaches, jaw problems and ears can all be treated. Bowen has been, up to now, often a last resort, but patients are getting results so it is becoming more popular. I visited Vicki Ball at her practice just outside Ryhall. Calm and kind, Vicki ran through my medical history, what I had come to be treated for and explained the Bowen Technique and what she would do. It was an interesting technique, gentle

yet powerful. Vicki would make the Bowen moves, a rolling movement, as I breathed out and then leave me for a couple of minutes which allows time for the message to go from your muscles to the brain and back. It sounds odd but as I lay there and could feel the muscles reacting, and then settling down again. This was repeated for about an hour with Vicki working on different parts of my body. But don’t be fooled that nothing has been done to you. That evening I felt quite achy, a good sign as my body was showing that it had been worked on. The next day I was quite tender, but a couple of days later I felt a great improvement. Three sessions are recommended, two a week apart and the third about four weeks later. Don’t treat the Bowen Technique as a last resort, move it to the top of your list. Sessions cost £40. Call 01780 482244 or visit

Heidi Klein clutch bag £140

Swarovski dot pierced earring jackets £69

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Organised by

Principal sponsor



GREAT EASTERN RUN SUNDAY 9 OCTOBER 2016 One of the UK’s top half marathons Fantastic spectator support Flat and fast historic city centre route Family entertainment and more!


UKA 2016 - 14702


Anna’s Hope Fun Run 10am


Media Partner














PCC Peterborough GER Active magazine FP Advert 220x285mm.indd 9















Half Marathon 10:30am




Title charity

26/04/2016 09:53


Great Eastern keeps on running Major running event opens for entries and has a new charity partner One of the region’s biggest running events, the Perkins Great Eastern Run, is open for entries. The Peterborough-based half marathon has grown every year since it was relaunched in 2006, and now attracts more than 5,000 entrants and over 1,000 fun runners. Organisers have also announced a raft of new sponsorship deals and charity associations for this year. To coincide with the official launch of the 2016 race, Perkins and Peterborough City Council have agreed a three-year extension to the existing sponsorship agreement, securing the race’s future through to October 2018. “We’re proud to be associated with such a prestigious community event which brings together thousands of runners from across the city and region for both the half marathon and the Anna’s Hope Fun Run,” said Richard Graves, marketing promotions manager at engine builder Perkins. Also, the Jane Tomlinson Appeal will be the race’s half marathon title charity and is of particular note as the founder had strong links to Peterborough. Before her death in 2007, Jane raised £1.85 million for children’s and cancer charities through a series of physical challenges. Although Jane spent most of her life in Yorkshire, she spent a period of time living in Peterborough when her husband Mike worked in the city. Their daughter Rebecca was born at Peterborough District Hospital. Rebecca, who will be running the half marathon on Sunday, October 9, said: “We’re so excited that the Perkins Great Eastern Run has

chosen to support the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. “My parents moved to Peterborough not long after they got married and I was born there, so the city will always be really special to me. To know that the city is helping to carry on mum’s legacy now is really touching for me. “I’m really looking forward to being there and running the event for myself. I’ve read about what a fast course it is so I’m hoping for a PB. It would be great if people can join me by getting behind the appeal this year.” Launched back in 2002, the Jane Tomlinson Appeal has now raised more than £7.6million for charity supporting a range of organisations both local and nationally. Annette Joyce, service director for city services and communications at Peterborough City Council, which organises the race, said: “Jane was an inspirational woman who dedicated her life to supporting charities and good causes, despite suffering from cancer. “If you are running this year’s half marathon and are looking for a charity to raise money for then consider the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. All proceeds raised by runners in the charity’s name will be shared between local causes.” The Jane Tomlinson charity joins the other race partners including Anna’s Hope, the official charity of the 5km fun run. In the Anna’s Hope Fun Run, Junior Challenge prizes are on offer to schools and other organisations that can encourage the most entrants, and those that raise the largest amount for the charity.

 If you are thinking about taking part in the 2016 Perkins Great Eastern Run but need help to get you prepared, why not go along to one of the free training evenings? Runners of all abilities are welcome to attend the sessions that take place at the Peterborough Embankment athletics track. The sessions have been organised by Advance Performance and are held in conjunction with experienced runners and coaches from local running clubs. Each training session begins at 7pm with a warm up. Runners will be divided according to level of fitness and aspirations before being taken for a training run. Free parking is available at the Regional Fitness and Swimming Centre car park and the athletics track has changing facilities. Training sessions take place on every other Wednesday from July. The dates are: July 13 July 27 August 10 August 24 September 7 September 21 October 5  For further information, email:

To register for the Perkins Great Eastern half marathon and the Anna’s Hope fun run visit

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Feature /// Great walks

Barrowden and Wakerley Woods One of Rutland’s finest villages makes a great base for this walk to Wakerley Woods and back, as Will Hetherington discovers Photography: Will Hetherington

Difficulty rating (out of five)


Barrowden is one of Rutland’s very finest villages with a vast green criss-crossed by a series of narrow roads, the quintessential English village pub, a duck pond, a seemingly endless number of stunning limestone cottages and some grander houses to boot. And on top of all that there is the rather impressive Barrowden & Wakerley Community Shop which is run by volunteers and offers a range of services from locally produced food and drink to jewellery and free wi-fi in the coffee shop. It’s a great example of what can be done when a community pulls together. So in fact if you haven’t got long or just want a village stroll you could do worse than parking somewhere near the village green or shop and strolling around the village for half an hour. Either the pub or the shop will cater for your refreshment needs and on a warm sunny day you will be hard pressed to find a more classically English village. However, I went a bit further on my stroll. I parked near the Exeter Arms on the village green and made for the south east corner of the village and Mill Lane where the footpath drops straight

out of the village, past Barrowden Mill and over the Welland. This is another beautiful spot and the dog loved her swim in the river here. From the river the path heads south over a sheep pasture and then up a farm track into Wakerley. I was in for a long walk so I turned right here but you can just as easily turn left and go and amble through Wakerley before returning to Barrowden via the lovely old stone bridge over the Welland. For the longer version walk along the road out of Wakerley heading west (there is a footpath which cuts the corner across a couple of fields but it doesn’t really add anything). Keep going for nearly half a mile and then turn left on to the metalled road heading uphill towards the woods and Spanhoe Airfield. This well established road is approximately half a mile and from the top there are good views of Harringworth Viaduct and the Welland Valley below. Wakerley Great Wood and the adjoining smaller woods (Laxton Wood, Wood Hollow, Town Wood, Adams Wood and St Mary’s Wood) have a large network of paths interlinking throughout the whole area. So once you get to the top of the road you can turn into the woods at any point but if you stay on the footpath you will eventually come to a left turn which takes you through the south west corner of the woods and out past Laxton Hall and along to Laxton Lodge Gates before turning north and back in to the

woods. Whichever route you choose it’s important to keep your bearings and ultimately aim to leave the woods on the northern edge where the road runs back into Wakerley. Once you have left the woods look out for the stile in the hedge on the left which leads to the path down and around Wakerley church. The views from here on a sunny day are quite stunning. After you pass the church the path drops down into Wakerley and you can walk down over the stone bridge over the Welland. Don’t miss the stile on the left immediately after the bridge as this leads to the path which runs diagonally uphill across the pasture and back to Barrowden.

Clockwise, from above

Barrowden and Wakerley Community Shop; this walk crosses the Welland twice; Barrowden village green; Wakerley church

5 8 J U N E 2 0 16 ///

58-59 Walk feature SR OK.indd 58

22/05/2016 16:26


Where to park Somewhere near the Exeter Arms on the village green in Barrowden. Distance and time If you do the whole route taking in Laxton Hall it’s a little bit more than six miles and will take two hours, but you don’t have to go that far and the stroll to Wakerley and around the church and back is about two miles. Or you can just amble around Barrowden. Highlights Barrowden is a beautiful village with a thriving community shop and decent pub. Wakerley Woods are a great place for the whole family to explore. And Wakerley church is stunning on the way back.


kerley Barrowden & Wa op is run by Community Sh provides volunteers and produce at excellent local ces for competitive pri ll as residents, as we e. walkers, of cours


Lowlights Navigating the woods can be a challenge but if you have a map and a sense of direction you should be OK. Refreshments The excellent Barrowden & Wakerley Community Shop is well worth a visit. And the Exeter Arms sits proudly at the top of the village green in Barrowden. Difficulty rating Four paws. The six-mile route is a serious walk but it’s mostly good going underfoot. There are shorter options. The pooch perspective The two crossings of the Welland near the beginning and end are both good opportunities for a refreshing dip and drink. There are sheep in the pastures but the woods are great for dogs. For your own safety and navigation make sure you have an OS map with you when you go out walking. You won’t regret it.


/// J U N E 2 0 16 5 9

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Food Served: Tuesday - Saturday 3 Changing Cask Ales 12-2.30 & 5.30-9 The Horseshoe | Peterborough Road | Thurlby | Bourne | PE10 0EL | 01778 421576 | Sunday 12-5pm Warm Friendly Atmosphere

Feature /// Sportsman's Dinner

The Horseshoe, Thurlby Matt and Will savour some tasty pub food classics at this recently renovated pub Matt This was on my patch when I was a schoolboy in Bourne more than a few years ago. We used to come out here for a sneaky drink, thinking nobody would ever know. But in retrospect, I suppose they probably did. Like I say that was the best part of 15 years ago and not surprisingly the whole place has changed a lot since then, with a smart new outdoor eating and drinking area on the way in from the car park. And inside there is a mixture of the traditional pub with a slightly more formal dining area. Will I imagine you’ve changed a bit in the intervening years too Matt – and I’m sure it’s all for the better! There has clearly been significant investment in recent times. When I popped out this way for a dog walk not too long ago on a Sunday afternoon there was hardly a space to be had in the car park. Being on the main road between Market Deeping and Bourne makes it very convenient for a lot of new housing estates in the area, as well as all the other established villages and towns. But once you’re inside you would never know it’s on the main road – it feels surprisingly secluded. Matt It’s a decent pint of Marstons EPA, as expected, and I was very tempted by the chicken

Wellington on the specials menu. Unfortunately it seems like everybody else was too because it’s sold out. Never mind – always a sign of a popular dish which is cooked to order. There were plenty of other options and my starter of Cornish brie and black pudding with pesto drizzle and salad (£5.45) was more than ample. Will The same goes for my smoked mackerel with a big hunk of fresh bread, garlic mayonnaise and salad. And my pint of Thwaites Lancaster Bomber is excellent – I will definitely find space for another one. There’s a fair few other people in here and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. The two ladies serving are doing a great job and that really helps to generate the hospitable atmosphere. Matt The homemade steak and ale pie with a suet crust and vegetables (£10.95) was another big portion but it also had plenty of flavour and the suet crust made it even more appetite busting. I’ve got no complaints about that at all. Will My ribeye steak with a peppercorn sauce and chips (£16.95) was very tasty, although the steak was more medium than medium rare. I suppose it’s always worth stressing how you

want the steak cooked if it’s important to you. After two very filling courses I was happy to look at the naughty board (as they call the pudding menu here) but in all honesty I couldn’t manage to eat anything else. Matt I could have been tempted to order a pudding, but you were right – it certainly wasn’t necessary. But Baileys crème brûlée or sticky toffee pudding stuck out, among some traditional offerings such as spotted dick and banana split. It’s good to see some old favourites like this on the menu. Will It’s obvious that The Horseshoe is doing good business and I can see why. The recent investment has created a very pleasant environment and the staff make sure the customer’s every need is taken care of. The kitchen is producing some pub classics with lots of flavour and nobody is going home hungry. On top of all that the beer is in good nick, too.

The Horseshoe Peterborough Road, Bourne, PE10 0EL. 01778 421576.

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Creative Commons

FITSTEPS Rutland Launch Girls Only Classes Rutland FITSTEPS instructor, Amy Whearity, is launching girls only 7 week projects for girls aged 11-18 in Oakham and Uppingham. The project will target girls that lack confidence when it comes to PE and Sport. FITSTEPS is a dance based exercise class inspired by Strictly Come Dancing Stars; Natalie Lowe, Ian Waite and Swimmer Mark Foster. The class contains elements from many well-known ballroom and Latin dances, mixed together in a fun and energetic way that anyone can take part in- even if you can’t dance! Local instructor Amy Whearity has been teaching dance for many years, and became a FITSTEPS instructor in November 2014. After leading sessions at the Rutland Girls’ Can project in December 2015, Amy saw the need for a new class- aimed at young females that don’t like to take part in PE or sport at school and that have no interest in becoming part of a sports club or joining a gym. She believes that FITSTEPS can be the perfect environment for girls to keep fit and healthy. The new FITSTEPS sessions have been specifically designed to meet this need. Classes will start right from the basics, allowing girls to build their confidence each week, along with the intensity of the dance movements, enabling fitness levels to improve gradually. Girls will be encouraged and supported by the instructor Amy, to achieve personal goals and will receive rewards such as shopping vouches, sportswear and drinks bottles for achieving their milestones. Classes will host a “no pressure” atmosphere and a supportive and social environment to encourage the girls’ confidence. All music will be current and age appropriate and will provide the perfect background sound to motivate and inspire the participants.

active rutland.indd 1

The first project will commence Friday 10th June at Uppingham Town Hall, 5-6pm. Booking is essential. The second project will take place in September 2016 at Brightways, Catmose Campus in Oakham also 5-6pm, dates TBC. The cost to take part in a 7 week project is £28/£4 per session. Amy will also be starting a Mums and Tots project in January 2017 at Uppingham Town Hall. Get in touch for more details. Don’t worry if you don’t fit into either of these projects, there are plenty more options available. Amy teaches open classes in and around Rutland. Seaton Village Hall on Monday’s at 9.30am, Gretton Village Hall on Wednesday’s at 6pm and Lyddington Village Hall on Thursday’s at 10am. Contact Amy Whearity for all inquiries. Call: 07951 066 635 Email:

For further details about other sports and physical activities taking place throughout Rutland, please visit the Active Rutland website on or alternatively get in contact with a member of the Active Rutland Team on or 01572 720936.

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National Pool


Qualification Including External Defibrillator Monday 1st August to Saturday 6th August 2016 Must be over 16 years old 08.30am - 5.00pm contact:



01572 490 030 Catmose Sports Centre, Huntsmans Drive, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6RP

CELEBRATE 80 YEARS AT THE LIDO! Summer fun starts at the Lido


Take a dip in Peterborough’s only outdoor heated swimming pool, and enjoy our NEW children’s play area and alfresco café.





£5.80 £4.10


FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE or phone 01733 864 761 Bishop’s Road, Peterborough. PE1 1YY

Feature /// School sport

UCC holding its own in sport Competing against many larger schools on the sports field, Uppingham Community College is more than holding its own and over the past five years has developed a range of sports and activities available to both its students and the wider community. COMPETITIVE SPORT The UCC teams primarily compete in the Rutland and Melton Varsity League and continue to perform well, winning 14 of the competitions this season already. In particular, the year 7 teams have done well with the girls winning the basketball, cricket, football, netball and table tennis leagues and the boys winning the rugby tournament. UCC also competes well against the private sector schools in a number of sports including girls’ rugby, equestrianism and netball. The U15 girls’ rugby team only started this season and has already come runners up in the Northampton Saints Elite 7s competition and third in the area schools finals. The UCC equestrian team consistently picks up awards in the national schools competitions and has qualified for the Challenge Final at Hickstead on the June 3. The U15 netball team also recently won an invitational tournament hosted by Uppingham School.


UCC’s equestrian team are regular winners

The college also has a number of pupils including Teddy Wilson (karting), Issie Odom (trampolining), Kian Heron (kickboxing), Aidan Stewart (karate) and Jovan Kangrga (tennis) who compete at a national level. LEADERSHIP ACADEMY UCC currently runs one of the largest sports leaders programmes in the county. Students have the opportunity to attain national leaders awards in badminton, football and tennis. They can also take the level 1 and level 2 sports leaders award and use these skills to deliver sports festivals for local primary schools. This year alone, more than 100 students have gained

OAKHAM MARKS DofE DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY Oakham School celebrated the diamond anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme by hosting an inspiring talk of adventures from across the globe by Rebecca Stephens MBE, the first British female to reach the summit of Everest. Oakham is renowned for offering the Duke of Edinburgh Award, having run the scheme for the last 56 years, for being the first school to reach 1,000 Gold Award holders, and to have achieved an astonishing 5,000 awards in 2011. Rebecca, who was also the first British woman to scale the Seven Summits (the highest mountains on each of the seven continents), praised the school for “embracing the Dof EAward with such enthusiasm”.

sports leaders qualifications through the leadership academy. TALENT INSPIRATION PROGRAMME Sixteen UCC pupils from years 8-11 have been selected by the Youth Sport Trust to take part in the 2016 Talent Inspiration Programme. The event will be held from August 31 and aims to help talented sportspeople ‘unleash potential’. They are: Ollie Lewin, Hannah Matthews, Herbie Kinder, Ellen Marson, Kate Bucyzinski, Jake Evans, Noah Oliver, Oliver Lisk, Joe Mortley, Patrick Clennett, Harry Belmonte, Max Fletcher, Tom Horton-Bell, Max Maculey, Will Matthews and Naomi Ogbe.

England call for gymnast Lottie Having started the Easter holidays with a great performance at the English Gymnastics Championships at Loughborough University, Stamford High pupil Lottie Smith concluded her holidays by performing at the prestigious British Championships held at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. She was the youngest senior gymnast in the competition which also served as an Olympic trial for some of GB’s top performers. Lottie performed without major error and finished in 12th place on the beam. As a result of her performances in these major championships, Lottie has been selected for the 2016 England Squad and will attend several camps throughout the year in Aldershot.

/// J U N E 2 0 1 6 6 5

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Be e t ro o t catering & events Professional Catering, Locally Sourced Keith MicKleburgh oundle • northamptonshire

• Freshly Made Sandwiches • Quiche and Garnish • Pork Pie and garnish • Home Made Cakes • Fruit Smoothies • Milk Shakes • Plants and Flowers Gifts for all and Greeting Cards Locally sourced produce Lovely Garden Surroundings indoor and outdoor eating area

SHOP HOURS: Weekdays 8am - 6pm Saturday 8am - 4pm Sundays 10am - 1pm

Phone: 01572 748748 - “Highly Recommended”

Swimming Pool at Edith Weston Academy

tel: 07921 672076 •

Available for:

•weddings •corporate •private dining “ Many guests commented on the food and the attentiveness of the waiting team”

Little Ospreys Nursery at Edith Weston Academy

Our swimming pool is ideal for children learning to swim as it is 1 metre deep from end to end We have newly refurbished changing rooms, trained lifeguards and a swimming teacher offering after school swimming lessons. We can offer this out to the community for parties and family swims and on Friday mornings we run a parent a toddler / baby session for just £3. If you would like more information, swimming lessons or to hire out the pool please contact Kate in the school office on 01780 720025 /

66.indd 1

Our fantastic early years provision for 2 year olds runs daily. We provide opportunities for child-led play and exploration in a safe, caring and stimulating environment. Visits welcome.

Contact Kate in the school office on 01780 720025 /

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Feature /// School sport

Stamford in national hockey final Stamford School’s under 14 hockey side capped off a fantastic season with a memorable day at the national hockey finals at London’s Olympic Park, coming second. The Lee Valley Stadium, the home of England Hockey, was the stage for the finals, where the top eight schools from around the UK were placed in two pools of four with the top two sides from each group contesting the final. The team made a great start with a 2-0 victory over northern qualifiers Wilmslow High School in their opening game, goals coming from brothers Kieran and Cormac Calnan. The second game pitched the side against one of the favourites Repton School. A tense encounter ensued which needed brilliant defending from Sulaiman Saleem and Fergus Cato to keep Repton at arm’s length for most of the contest. Though they did manage to score seconds before half time. The U14’s bravely fought back and were rewarded when Ben Pearson scored a penalty flick with just 60 seconds remaining to save the game. Game three saw Stamford take on RGS Guildford knowing that a place in the final went

COPTHILL TEAM HITS THE SLOPES Copthill’s first ski team recently attended the ISA Schools Ski Championships at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead and came away as mixed team champions. Representing the school in Uffington were Luke Harriss, Callum Marshall, Libby Bird and Henry Randall. Nearly 200 children competed in the junior event, many who have regular ski lessons with their schools at the Snow Centre. Libby and Henry secured individual bronze medals in their age groups. The U12 boys category was the largest with 49 competitors, Callum finished eighth and Luke thirtieth in their first competitive race event.

to the winner. With captain Eddie Harper and Caius Headley controlling the midfield goals soon followed, with striker Joey Evison netting four times in a faultless performance to fire Stamford through to face the pre-tournament favourites Whitgift in the National Final. In the final a Whitgift goal after three minutes put the U14’s on the back foot. A second on the stroke of half time gave Whitgift a commanding

lead. Harry Tidswell and Eddie Harper led a great second half fightback and despite numerous chances the opposing keeper couldn’t be beaten. The final whistle signalled the end of what had been a fantastic journey for the side. Director of hockey Jack Cropper said “The boys were a credit to the school and should be hugely proud. This group has a bright future and deservedly ended up in the top two.”

Top hockey players in action It’s been an exceptional few weeks for Oakham’s top hockey players – winning national matches with their club teams. Lucas Ward was part of the winning men’s side in the England Hockey Cup final, playing for Beeston Hockey Club, while Abi Rawlins, Alice Huddlestone and Maddie Pearce (pictured below) were all part of the winning England Hockey U18 Girls’ Cup team, again playing for Beeston Hockey Club. Both Alice and Maddie scored in the final, helping the final score of 3-0. Ali Eatch defended exceptionally well to help deliver an International series win vs Ulster & Scotland, with OO Caitlin Jeffries part of the winning Investec Women’s Cup team with Clifton Ladies. “This is an exciting time for Oakham School hockey, with so much individual and collective success, it ranks us as one of the leading hockey schools in the UK,” said director of hockey Ashley Denman.

Maiden expedition for Explorers At the end of April Stamford Explorers took their maiden trip to Fineshade Woods. A new initiative at the Stamford schools set up to give year 7-9 students the chance to explore the amazing natural sites and activities the UK has to offer, students built shelters, slept outdoors, cooked over open fires and lit fires with different pieces of equipment. They also learned how to use knifes and other bush craft tools. SES’ director of outdoor education, Edward Smith, was thrilled with the start of the programme: “On each of the weekends and days out the students go on through Stamford Explorers the activities they undertake will enable them to progress mentally and physically from the experiences.” /// J U N E 2 0 1 6 6 7

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Roundup The scores, star performers and stats from a month in local sport


Bourne skipper Morgan gets off to a flyer BY JEREMY BESWICK


ourne have made an impressive start to the season in both league competitions, not least because of some heroics from skipper Peter Morgan in the Sunday format. Against last year’s Rutland Division One champions Uppingham, opener Morgan carried his bat for a superb 270 that included 10 sixes. In fact, all four of their opening fixtures were emphatic wins, including a crushing defeat of Stamford Town in the local derby – the home side dismissing Stamford for just 66 and then reaching that meagre total for the loss of just one wicket. The highlight of their opening fixtures in the Saturday Lincs Premier Division also came against reigning league champions, this time in the form of Bracebridge Heath. Morgan was again the top scorer, although with a more modest 57 as Bourne made 220 and then dismissed Bracebridge for 136; Colin Cheer and Ben Collins bagging nine wickets between them. They also progressed to the

finals day of the Twenty/20 Cup with another derby victory, this time against Market Deeping. Leading the way was that man Morgan again with 60 from 26 balls as they reached 161 in a rain-reduced 15 overs, Deeping falling 60 runs short in reply. Burghley Park opened their Saturday account with a narrow win at Eaton Socon, having looked second favourites for much of the match. They managed only 110 all out in 31 overs, leaving their opponents almost twice as many to knock off the runs in and their attack did not start well as the home side reached 60 without loss. However, coming on as first change, Nick Cowley changed the game with figures of five for eight from his spell. Spinners Robert Emery and Gareth Hook then polished off the tail to leave Eaton marooned on 86. Following that victory skipper Michael Jones had predicted that in their next fixture against Ramsey they would “need to show more application and patience with the bat as they look to beat a team who will surely be

challenging for the league title again,” but it was their bowlers who struggled with discipline, conceding 48 extras out of Ramsey’s total of 193. Nevertheless, their reply started well and the match went down to the last over with two to win and one wicket left. Alas for Burghley, they “fell agonisingly short” as Jones put it as the last man was out to the second ball. Jones went on to highlight those extras as “the fatal flaw” in their performance. After three successive promotions to reach the First Division of the Leicestershire and Rutland League, it’s unsurprising that Uppingham have found life at the higher level challenging. They opened with a loss at home to Loughborough Town but the performance was not without its compensations, restricting their visitors to 212-8 which skipper Jamie Dumford called “a not insurmountable target” although he highlighted “missed opportunities in the field” as they were “sloppy with dropped catches and misfields”. They managed 175 in response; Sam Hodson

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Contact: Tom Hindmarch T 01780 750888 E 14 ALL SAINTS’ STREET, STAMFORD, LINCOLNSHIRE PE9 2PA

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21/05/2016 16:16

The Foxes have made an impressive start to the new season, building on the discernible, if marginal, improvements of their last campaign. The more insiders I speak to the clearer it becomes that a new winning culture now pervades the club from top to bottom – and both on the field and off it. The ground itself has improved with new investment and the backroom staff are buzzing, matching the new zip to performances on the field. So what’s all this optimism down to and can it last? I spoke to rising star Aadil Ali who, at the age of 21, averaged nearly 40 with the bat in the Championship last year and he proved to be an insightful and eloquent interviewee. “We’ve definitely caught hold of the momentum from Leicester City’s success in the Premiership,” he told me. “We would have won all of our four opening fixtures if it hadn’t been for the weather and we’re unbeaten and top of the league.” Where has this marked improvement come from? “The credit has to start at the top and (chief executive) Wasim Khan. We had to change the culture before we could change the cricket. Now there are targets we set ourselves and beliefs we live by. Priding ourselves on our attitude in the field and looking out for each other. Our three new signings and Macca (elite performance director Andrew McDonald) have really made a difference.” There’s certainly no lack of ambition. “It’s early days, but we’re all in a good place right now and if you ask us our aim, it’s to win all three trophies,” continued Ali. “Most of all, we want to be promoted – and this year we really believe it, even though it’s a harder task now with only one team going up this season.” What also boded well, and illustrated the new team spirit, was his response to my question about his personal aspirations for the season. “Just to play as many games for Leicester as I can. If I’m in the team and the team is winning then I’m doing the right thing, irrespective of statistics and averages. Even if it’s to be lively in the field, just as long as the team wins.” The early evidence is that this squad has strength in depth, too. The touring Sri Lankan side who came to Grace Road and played a Fox’s team that had nine changes from the county match against Northampton might have thought this would be a gentle warm up for their series against England, but the home side soon had the visitors struggling at 192-8. Michael Burgess then made 98 for

and Martin Bennett steadying the ship after a poor start and then Patrick Latham and Harry Butchart getting them close with a stand of 60 from 50, but the return of Loughborough’s opening bowlers at the end proved their undoing. Dumford summed it up: “An entertaining game, played in a good spirit that has left town with no illusions as to the challenge Division 1 will provide”. A second loss away to Sileby followed before they entertained Newtown Linford. The omens were not good with three regular bowlers missing and the visitors accordingly piling on 303 batting first. However, town’s own innings got off to a flying start with newly-promoted opener Sam Hodson and regular Martin Bennett putting on 91 before two partnerships involving Dumford added a

Neville Chadwick Photography

Vox Fox


Leicestershire Foxes were in NatWest T20 action against Northamptonshire Steelbacks under the floodlights on May 20, losing out in a rain-affected match

Leicestershire on his first class debut to ensure the tourist’s bowlers also knew they’d been in a match, and they’d have been relieved to escape with a draw in the end. All in all, it promises to be a more rewarding experience being a supporter this season. If the city responds in the same way as it has to its footballers, something quite special might be about to happen. Jeremy Beswick

further 100 runs before the unlucky captain was run out at the non-striker’s end from a deflected drive (from a no ball to boot) – an incredibly unlucky turning point in the match. However, the remaining batsmen showed great character to salvage a losing draw by closing the innings on 262-8 to garner two league points. “Causes for optimism, a much improved batting effort and a first draw,” was Dumford’s summation. His optimism proved well placed as their next match saw them notch up their first win, away to Leicester Banks. Sounding more upbeat he reported “This looked like the town side we have become accustomed to seeing over the last couple of years as the fielding was sharp and catches held.”

“Great beers, great food and a great atmosphere”

Oakham, who narrowly missed promotion in Uppingham’s place last year, had a perfect start in the league below them with three wins, only the rain preventing Oaks, or so it seemed, from notching up four from four as they needed only 70 runs from 35 overs when the heavens opened against Ibstock; Darren Jones the pick of the bowlers with a five-for. Cameron Flowers has starred again, with two centuries including a sparkling 160 off 60 balls against Leicester Ivanhoe on the opening day. Bowler Charlie Baker enjoyed himself against Lutterworth 2nds with six wickets, owing to him “bowling with his brain for the first time in his life,” according to veteran Graeme North. Isn’t it great when your mates are so happy for you when you do well?

Traditional pub food but so much better! Come and find out about our Gin Club! “Great beers, great food and a great atmosphere” Traditional pub food but so much better! Come and find out about our Gin Club! 01733 252 394 10 Woodgate, Helpston, PE7 7ED

“Great beers, great food and a great atmosphere” Traditional pub food but so much better! Come and find out about our Gin Club! 01733 252 394 10 Woodgate, Helpston, PE7 7ED

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/// J U N E 2016


bluebellhelpston 01733 252 394 follow us on twitter #bluebellhelpst

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The Tigers end trophyless BY JEREMY BESWICK


igers’ defeat to Saracens in the Premiership play-off semi-final, following their exit from Europe at the hands of Racing 92, means their season has ended with more of a whimper than a bang. However, for a side in transition to a new flowing style of rugby, to be in the mix at the end is not a bad return and bodes well for next season. A few days before the match Richard Cockerill told me: “This is it. This is the season for us. Apart from the long-term injured, everyone’s fit and available. Saracens will be favourites but we’ll have other ideas. We’re certainly good enough to win on our day.” He was, however, complimentary and full of respect for Sarries’ achievements. “They deserved to win in Europe and have had a fantastic season. Maro Itoje’s been brilliant.” Would they perhaps be jaded after such a momentous victory – and the celebrations that followed? “I know from my own experience they won’t even know that themselves until they’re out on the pitch playing,” said Cockers. Jordan Crane was hopeful they wouldn’t be quite at their best, however, tweeting: “Congratulations to Sarries – one hell of an effort. Make sure you party properly until at least Friday.”

A wide selection of coaches and buses available for hire ranging from 12 to 70 seats with seatbelts. Disabled access coach with a lift available.

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Jordan Crane is leaving Tigers aer 10 years

Good to see Crane still rooting for his chums as it’s been announced he’s leaving to join Bristol after a Tigers career spanning 10 years, 220 games and four Premiership winner’s medals. He and I sat down after training and I asked what he would miss most. “The Welford Road atmosphere,” he told me. “Sitting in the dressing room with the

Parties from £145.00 local to Peterborough Call 01733 351925 to book your party

Crumbie rocking and knowing how much the team means to the city.” He’ll miss the team too. “Unlike a lot of other clubs, the player turnover here is low, so you grow up in rugby surrounded by familiar faces. It makes it more special when you’re playing with your mates.” He could remember when he first signed and was watching Martin Corry from the stands. “He was unbelievable. I thought ‘I’ve got some opposition’. But when they told me a few games later they were giving me a chance in the first team – I’ll never forget that.” Earlier, Cockers had been asked what Jordan had brought to the club. “Blond hair, white boots and bad banter,” was his first reply, but then went on to say: “Jordie was always one of the first on the teamsheet. You won’t find a better guy in his understanding of the game and he’ll always put his body on the line. Perhaps our new style of play doesn’t suit him, but he’ll do a fantastic job for them.” At only 29 and with his new side resurgent we haven’t heard the last of Crane. “Bristol are an ambitious club with a long-term plan,” he explained. “It won’t come all at once but they want to be back up there competing with the very best – and I want to help them do that.”



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7 0 J U N E 2016 ///

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Kerry completes Badminton BY JULIA DUNGWORTH


erry Varley achieved a lifetime dream of completing her first Badminton last month. Kerry, from Ryhall, rode the 15-year-old Bluestone Luke at the prestigious Gloucestershire event. She had a slightly challenging dressage test on the Friday of the event and unfortunately suffered a couple of stops on the challenging cross-country course. They did, however, make the very daunting Vicarage Vee look like a Pony Club fence, and went on to finish a very credible 46th overall at this world class event. Simon Grieve from Tilton-on-the-Hill also competed at Badminton on his old campaigner, Cornacrew. They had a good clear cross-country round, but an unfortunate knock on an old injury prevented him from his first completion. Simon was reportedly absolutely fine by the Monday, so hopefully we will see them, Simon and Kerry at Burghley Horse Trials in September. The Burghley box office is already open at If you’re intending to go, there are tickets available now discounted from the gate prices and I would recommend buying show jumping tickets now as last year the had sold out by the middle of June.



Hen & Stag Nights Children’s Parties Prom Nights & Birthdays TV & Film Productions Weddings & Special Occasions Airport Transfers Shopping Excursions

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Milton Show was blessed with magnificent weather on Sunday, May 8. Milton Park also opened its gardens for the day and is a great family day out. As well as dressage, show jumping and a revamped clear round cross-country event, the organisers had put on a gymkhana (including a very coveted fancy dress class), dog shows, farriery classes and much more in their six show rings. As a Pony Club child it was the highlight of my year. Eleven-year-old Max Kettlewell from Stamford won the Novice Working Hunter Pony and then went on to win the championships on his pony Tommy. Max has had Tommy for a year and has had to work very hard on getting to know his new pony, who wants to do everything properly. Max was over the moon and along with his red rosettes also won a lovely silver trophy for the mantelpiece at home. JumpCross at Wittering has staged its first competition of the year, which was yet again a huge success with nearly 90 competitors running in six different sections – the smaller classes of the Grassroots and the Intro being the most popular with the competitors. Jade Devonshire from Peterborough was a popular winner of the Senior Grass Roots on

her horse Ebony. Emma Cooper won the Senior Intro, being the only clear round in her section. There is a competition or training on at Wittering every month now until the end of the season in October with great league prizes on offer. Dawn Ross is very busy at the moment. At the end of April she travelled up to South Lincs Riding Club, where she won and came second in a class to become Champion Working Hunter. Dawn is desperately trying to qualify for the Horse of the Year Show and has just driven to Notts County to do the Open Worker Qualifier at 1.15m, although an unfortunate steering incident stopped Dawn and Magnum taking the win. Dawn is also organising this year’s BS show at Ranksboro Polo Club on July 2, in conjunction with the Cottesmore Hunt. Last year it was a great show, so it is well worth a visit. And don’t forget the Rutland County Show this year takes place on June 5 at its new site at Oakham. Again it promises to be the highlight of the local scene, with much more than horses to watch, including scurry driving, sheep dog trials, birds of prey and much more.

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/// J U N E 2016

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• Your ovens cleaned like new. • Family owned business. • Ovens, Ranges, Agas, Hobs, Extractors, Microwaves, Fridges, Freezers, Dishwashers & BBQs. • No mess, odour or toxic products used, so the oven can be used straight after cleaning. • Fully equipped & insured specialist vehicles with dedicated cleaning equipment for removal of grease, fat and burnt on carbon. • Appointment to suit you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


G DALBY BUILDERS LTD All aspects of building & carpentry.

Work from handyman jobs to extensions and property new builds.

Electricians/Plumbers Loft Conversions Insurance works All Carpentry works

Renovations/Extensions Refurbishments Bathrooms/Kitchens New Builds/Plastering

We also supply & fit UPVC double glazed doors & windows as well as kitchens & bathrooms

Friendly, reliable, local family run business, with over 40 years experience.

For more information Call: 01780 482237 and 07780 712040 Email:

Insurance work undertaken. Free estimates & advice on all work

01572 829870 / 07960 984349


Domestic Cleaners Required Are You

Reliable, Honest and Trustworthy? Able To Clean To A High Standard? £8.00 p.h. F Local jobs We Are a Long Established Local Company Car essential F Part time hours to suit! Contact Jude on 0843 289 8825 or

Computer Repair

Could you use some help with your Cleaning, Ironing or both? Regular housework One-off spring clean Times and hours to suit you (Minimum of 2 hours per week) Set hourly rate – no hidden extras

Contact Jude on 0843 289 8825 or

Maid2Clean (Bourne) Ltd

Maid2Clean (Bourne) Ltd


Landscape Gardening

Paying over £750 for your motor insurance?


GET CAR INSURANCE FROM THE FEMALE DRIVING SPECIALISTS All policies incude: + Legal fees + Handbag loss + Mobile loss + Key repatriation All subject to terms and conditions

Call 0333 366 0714 now for fast professional service and a free no obligation quote

To advertise on the Market Place page call 01780 480789

Personal Trainer

B Freeman

• Hard and Soft Landscaping • Groundwork • Land Drainage • Turf Supplied • Top Soil and Various Aggregates Stamford, Bourne, Oakham, Market Deeping, Spalding and surrounding areas. CALL US NOW ON:

07703 337128 or 01780 238376 EMAIL: Find us on Facebook of visit

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// MARKET PLACE Plumbing

• Plumbing • Gas • Heating • Biomass • Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer

Tel: 01780 482 039 Planning


Secure Container Storage Between Stamford & Oakham

Short or Long Term Contract • 24 Hour Access • Locked Compound • Size 20ft x 8ft & 10ft x 8ft

01780 460465



Fox Taxi Airports Stations Local & Long Distance

01572 720 200 07884 385312


Reasons to choose Banks & Banks Local Business Personal service Extensive product range Unbeatable prices

Direct supply to your builder now available


KITCHENS 01780 250062

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THE 19TH HOLE Everything you need to know about local golf COURSE NEWS Charley Hull pays Rutland County a visit Rutland County Golf Club has launched an initiative to encourage more ladies to get into golf, and has received backing from international golf star Charley Hull. The club’s Imogen Huxley, currently back home from Alabama where she is attending university, played an exhibition match at Rutland County in front of a sizeable gallery against Charley. Imogen joined the club as a 10-year-old, was ladies champion aged 12 and then went on to captain the county girls’ team. The club is offering 25 free full memberships to any lady new to golf, who will then join a coaching plan which takes them to being a safe and confident player on the course. There are still a few places to be filled, so call Jo or Tracy on 01780 460330. Rutland County is also hosting a tournament for military teams. The Military Cup Competition in aid of Help for Heroes is taking place on August 4. North Luffenham sees membership climb North Luffenham is reporting that membership numbers have increased by more than 5% from the previous year, the first increase in members for a number of years. The club’s Malcom Hird said: “The new driving range is being used regularly, the course looks in great shape and the greens are better than any time in the last three years. Moreover,

over the past 12 months or so, a number of members have been working tirelessly on the course to improve conditions off the fairways.” On the playing front, John Fursdon and Richard Young’s excellent run in the Daily Mail foursomes came to an abrupt end with a heavy defeat against Gedney Hill. In the Sunday Medal for May, ninehandicapper Peter Barker won division 1 with a nett 72, leading home Dave Crooks on 73 (18), and Bob Dixon with 74 (12). Greetham’s May Medal Greetham Valley’s May Medal competition, held on the Lakes course, saw a fine win for Jack Chisolm who scored a nett 68, playing off 15; his round was a fine mix of pars and bogeys with a blemish only on the ninth hole. Second place went to Harry Sargood (19) who continued his fine run of form with a nett 70 with the result that he has also been cut to 18. Third place went to Bill Guest with a nett 72 and he likewise has had his handicap reduced from 20 to 18. Luc plays for Lincs Greetham Valley is celebrating another success in the junior squad as Luc Affleck received the call up to represent Lincolnshire Under 14s in a match against Leicestershire. Luc, who plays off 17, was selected to play in a match at Stapleford Park and was required to play two matches in one day and returned with one win.  Got any golf news, tips, recommendations or put in some stellar performances this month? Email Steve Moody –


Should you keep your head down to avoid a bad shot?

Gary Casey, PGA golf coach at Thorpe Wood Golf Club.. “People play bad shots and often say it’s because they were not keeping their head down. More often than not, it’s not about that. It’s about where the club head was, not your head! “The tricky thing is that golf is a side-on sport. So when you try to send the ball in the desired direction and try to force your head to stay down at the same time, you are going to restrict the rotation of your body. “So when you set up to the ball, knowing that you are facing one way, but want to send the ball at 90 degrees to the way you are facing, think about this: your head is attached to your shoulders, so let it swing through with them, rather than trying to forcing it to stay down. “Send the ball, allow your body to come through and don’t even think about your head. Keeping your head down is a myth.”

74 J U N E 2016 ///

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Suffering from muscular aches and pains?

We can help you get back on your feet. Our team of specialists can diagnose and treat a range of conditions for bones and joints: • Hip replacement

• Knee replacement

• Foot and ankle surgery

• Arthroscopy

• Ganglions

• Bunions

For more information call:

01733 842 304

w w w. r a m s a y h e a l t h . c o . u k

For everything you need to know about joining our Schools.

Stamford School

Stamford High School

(Boys 11- 18)

(Girls 11- 18)

Tuesday 21st June 10am – 12 noon

Wednesday 22nd June 10am – 12 noon

St Paul’s Street, Stamford PE9 2BQ

St Martin’s, Stamford PE9 2LL

Take a tour, observe lessons and discover what makes every day special.

To book your place onto a Discovery Morning,

01780 750311 or sign up at: call on:

Profile for Active Magazine

Active Magazine // Stamford & Rutland // June 2016  

SPORT, LEISURE, getting fit and staying healthy – Stamford and Rutland is buzzing with people full of energy. Reflecting what’s going on th...

Active Magazine // Stamford & Rutland // June 2016  

SPORT, LEISURE, getting fit and staying healthy – Stamford and Rutland is buzzing with people full of energy. Reflecting what’s going on th...