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ISSUE 49 // JULY 2016


HOW TO… Stamford & Rutland’s sport and lifestyle magazine

Make the perfect Pimm’s Spot a Barn Owl Get stronger hamstrings

Wh at A Wate r - f u l

Wo r ld!

Our guide to the best aquatic adventures in our region

ISSUE 49 // JULY 2016

Will’s Walk Braceborough Woods

Doing Bird Ospreys, Twitchers and Rutland’s Birdfair

Sweet Emotion www.theACTIVEmag.com

Revealed: the truth about sugar


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Grafham Wate r Centre

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Land & Water Activities

Family Days Holiday Clubs

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Editor’s Letter TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN, doesn’t it? Remarkably, it is four years to the month since the London Olympics, and four years to the month since we launched Active. These two seismic events (well, both at slightly different ends of the Richter Scale perhaps) were not unconnected. We thought that with the games inspiring people to get out and be more active, there would be interest in a magazine devoted to sport, health and fitness, and so it has proved. I’m incredibly proud of what we have done in that time – interviews with the likes of Seb Coe, Stuart Broad and other major stars, competitions that have given away thousands of pounds of prizes, with thousands of readers taking part, lots of good advice on health and fitness, and hundreds and hundreds of local clubs, organisations and people featured. What we wanted to do when we started was produce a local magazine that had the feel of a national publication, with photography, design and writing of that standard. We wanted a magazine that, while free and therefore dependent on advertisers for revenue, didn’t feel like one of those local mags that seems to be one long advertorial from start to finish. I hope we’ve succeeded in that, because while we are extremely grateful to everyone who has spent money advertising with us, the reason they get good results is because our readers like what we do and respond in kind. Our readers. What a bunch! Active has an amazing readership (and by that, I mean you). You’re not the types to just sit at home on the sofa with a coffee, idly leafing through the magazine, but are the sort of people who are doers: you get out and try things, you’re open to new ideas, you see something you like and then act on it. As a result, whenever we feature anything, we get lots of response and lots of emails with ideas and offers to come and see what you are doing. So most of the content in Active has been inspired by you, and for that we thank you very much indeed for all your help and enthusiasm over the last four years. Enjoy the issue! Steve

Twitter // @theACTIVEmag Facebook // www.facebook.com/theACTIVEmag

Publisher Chris Meadows chris@theactivemag.com Editor Steve Moody steve@theactivemag.com Deputy editor Mary Bremner mary@theactivemag.com Production editor Julian Kirk julian@theactivemag.com Art editor Mark Sommer mark@theactivemag.com Contributors Martin Johnson, William Hetherington, Jeremy Beswick, Julia Dungworth Photographers Nico Morgan, Pip Warters Production assistant Gary Curtis Advertising sales Lisa Withers lisa@theactivemag.com Sarah Stillman sarah@theactivemag.com Amy Roberts amy@theactivemag.com Editorial and Advertising Assistant Kate Maxim kate@theactivemag.com Accounts accounts@theactivemag.com Active magazine, The Grey House, 3 Broad Street, Stamford, PE9 1PG. Tel: 01780 480789

If you have information on a club then get in touch by emailing editor@theactivemag.com. If you would like to stock Active magazine then email distribution@ theactivemag.com. If you would like to discuss advertising possibilities please email advertise@ theactivemag.com. Active magazine is published 12 times per year on a monthly basis. ISSN 2049-8713 A Grassroots Publishing Limited company. Company registration number 7994437. VAT number 152717318 Disclaimer

Copyright (c) Grassroots Publishing Limited (GPL) 2016. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or be stored in any retrieval system, of any nature, without prior permission from GPL. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of GPL or its affiliates. Disclaimer of Liability. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained in this publication at the time of going to press, GPL and its affiliates assume no responsibility as to the accuracy or completeness of and, to the extent permitted by law, shall not be liable for any errors or omissions or any loss, damage or expense incurred by reliance on information or any statement contained in this publication. Advertisers are solely responsible for the content of the advertising material which they submit and for ensuring the material complies with applicable laws. GPL and its affiliates are are not responsible for any error, omission or inaccuracy in any advertisement and will not be liable for any damages arising from any use of products or services or any action or omissions taken in reliance on information or any statement contained in advertising material. Inclusion of any advertisement is not intended to endorse any view expressed, nor products or services offered nor the organisations sponsoring the advertisement.

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We provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including:

Wealth management advice to help you gain the advantage

• Investment planning • Retirement planning • Inheritance Tax planning For further details contact William Bryant on:

Tel: 01780 668117 Email: william.bryant@sjpp.co.uk www.bryantwealthmanagement.co.uk

Manor House Farm Woodford Tel: 01832 730073

Email: enquiries@wychwoodcabinetmakers.co.uk www.wychwoodcabinetmakers.co.uk

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project further

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0845 308 2004 forsalesignanalysis.co.uk

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independenceassured For Sale Sign Analysis confirms that this advert is a fair and accurate representation of the information found between the dates shown. The quantity of For Sale and Sold signs does not necessarily equate to the number of completions.

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ISSUE 49 /// JULY 2016



Make the perfect Pimm’s, plus strawberries with a twist


The seasonal delights on offer outdoors


Another tasty recipe from Riverford Organic

23 DAY IN THE LIFE OF... Boat builder James Tovey


Great things to do locally for all the family


Discovering more about Rutland’s birdwatching scene



Activities to keep you and the kids amused this summer


How to strengthen your hamstrings


More from our nutritionist on eating healthily


Tips and products to help you look great


Essential gear for the summer



The Sunday Times writer recalls infamous sporting villains


We head to Braceborough Woods


We try out Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill in Elton


Our focus on the latest achievements from local pupils

68-74 ROUND-UP

How clubs in the area are faring

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MAKE THE PERFECT PIMM’S Pimm’s is the ultimate summer drink and is the perfect accompaniment for picnics and barbecues – and so good with a large bowl of strawberries. Ingredients 50ml Pimm’s No 1 150ml lemonade Fresh mint leaves Chopped strawberries Sliced lemon Chopped cucumber Lots of ice Method Fill your tall glass with ice, add the mint, chopped fruit and cucumber. Pour in the Pimm’s, top with lemonade and stir. To make a jug do exactly the same, keeping the mixture one part Pimm’s to three parts lemonade.

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Make a lavender bag Lavender is in full bloom now so to keep the fabulous scent with you all year round, make some lavender bags – they will make you think of long summer days when the nights draw in. Cut bunches of lavender and secure with a rubber band. Hang them somewhere warm to dry for a few days and then remove the buds with your fingers. Put them in a shallow dish and leave for a few more days. You can either buy small organza bags online (they are very cheap and pretty) or make your own; they are ideal for using up pretty scraps of material, linen is best. Cut five-inch squares of material and simply sew on three sides and leave a large opening at the top. Turn them the right way out and fill with lavender. Then either sew up the opening or tie with pretty ribbon. Embellish them how you want or keep them simple. They make ideal gifts. Pop one in your linen drawers, or hang them from coat hangers, to keep everything smelling wonderful. Lavender is also a huge deterrent to moths – they hate the smell.




Make strawberries with a twist July means English strawberries are in season. And they’re hard to resist being so juicy, succulent and tasty. If you don’t grow them in your garden there are lots of pick your own places locally so we’ve found a deliciously simple, slightly different recipe to enjoy the fruits of your labour. And don’t forget the health benefits of strawberries – excellent sources of vitamins C and K, as well as providing a good amount of fibre, folic acid, manganese and potassium. So enjoy them while feeling virtuous. STRAWBERRIES WITH LIME AND PEPPER SYRUP Ingredients 2 limes 100g golden caster sugar 2 tsp crushed black peppercorns 450g ripe strawberries, hulled and halved Method Pare the zest from the limes using a vegetable peeler then put in a pan. Squeeze both the limes and add the juice to the pan with 3 tbsp water, the sugar and crushed peppercorns. Heat gently until the sugar dissolves, boil, then remove from the heat. Spread out the strawberries in a serving dish, pour over the hot syrup and allow to cool. The syrup will become pink. Serve at room temperature with ice cream and balsamic syrup drizzled over.

12 St Leonards Street Stamford, PE9 2HN

Tel 01780 654321 • www.classicstamford.co.uk

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THE POPPY Fields scattered with bright red poppies are a common, and iconic, scene at this time of year. The poppy is an annual, and a very successful one. An opportunist plant, its seed lies dormant until the soil is disturbed – hence its success in wheat and barley fields that are ploughed and tilled every year. They are synonymous with loss and remembrance – the association began on the battlefields of France and Belgium in the First World War.

THE BARN OWL Regarded by many as our most beautiful owl, the barn owl is widespread locally but mostly dependent on nest boxes to maintain its numbers as old barns have been converted into dwellings and hollow trees removed from the landscape. Even with this help the population fluctuates as cold winters and a lack of prey reduce numbers. Barn owls are regularly reported from the west of Rutland, but Rutland Water is probably the most reliable local site to watch hunting birds. They have recently been noted on the outskirts of Stamford and the surrounding villages. Barn owls are usually seen at night in the glare of car headlights but they will hunt on winter afternoons and in daylight when they are feeding young. Voles and mice are the main prey and they depend on the rough grassy areas where these mammals thrive to make a living. They scan the grass in low flight, hovering and dropping down on to their prey. When food is plentiful barn owls may attempt two broods and lay large clutches

– one Rutland pair laid nine eggs in 2014 – but not all the young are likely to survive and in most years local ringers handle broods of three or four.

Hedgehogs Everyone knows what a hedgehog looks like, even though, sadly, they are no longer a familiar sight. Until recently very common in gardens and parks, they are the gardener’s friend as they eat many pests including caterpillars and slugs. Sadly, gardens have become less hedgehog friendly with sturdy fences preventing free movement. They can grow up to 30cm long and weigh almost 2kg, with sturdy bodies, short legs and a pointed head with small eyes. The short, sharp, stiff spines are what identifies them and, if threatened, they will roll into a ball which is virtually impossible to penetrate. Mainly active at dusk or at night, they are normally only seen from May to October as they hibernate over the winter due to lack of food.

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North Shore, Whitwell Harbour LE15 8BL Daily from 25th March to 10th April 2016 Every Day from May - September (Weekends - April and October)

*Afternoon Sailing * Coach Parking *Cream Tea Cruise *Licensed Bar *Coffee Mornings *Disabled Access *Commentary

Fare: £9.00 Adults / £6.00 Child (3-15 years) Family: 2 adults + 2 children £26.00 For group rates and enquiries please contact us. rwcruises@gmail.com www.rutlandwatercruises.com Tel: 01572 787630

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BEEF, ASPARAGUS AND GREEN BEAN STIR FRY INGREDIENTS 150g Jasmine rice Salt and pepper 1 orange 1 tbsp honey 2tbsp tamari soy sauce 250g asparagus 125g flat green beans 1 large or 2 small garlic cloves 1 chilli Piece of fresh ginger 2 spring onions 2 tbsp sesame seeds Oil for frying at a high temperature 300g beef stir fry strips


Rinse the rice in a sieve. Transfer to a pan with a lid. Add 500ml water and a good pinch of salt. Bring to a low boil, cover and cook to 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and keep covered; leave to steam for a further 10 minutes.

Peel and finely grate the ginger and peel and crush the garlic. Halve, deseed and finely slice the chilli. Trim and chop two spring onions into thin pieces at an angle.


Put the sesame seeds in a wok. Heat them gently, stirring often until toasted for 1-2 minutes (2). Transfer to a small plate and keep to one side.

Once the rice has boiled and steamed you’re ready to stir fry. Season the beef with a little salt and pepper. Heat 2tbsp of oil in a wok. When hot add the beef and stir fry for two minutes.


Add the asparagus and beans (3). Stir fry for a minute. Add the spring onions, chilli, garlic and ginger. Stir fry for a minute.

Meanwhile prepare the stir fry ingredients. Juice half the orange. Mix in a small bowl with the honey and ½ the tamari.

Add the orange and honey mix with 3 tbsp or so of water to make a little sauce. Stir fry for one minute then remove from the heat. Taste and add a little more orange juice or tamari sauce if required, and a little extra salt if you like.


Wash the asparagus. Bend each stick until they snap. Discard the bottom toughest part and chop the rest into 3-4cm lengths. Wash the beans, trim off any stalk tops and slice on the diagonal into 1-2cm pieces (1).

RECIPE BOXES Riverford recipe boxes are a simple and inspiring way to cook. Every week, we deliver everything you need to make three tasty organic meals. Inside each box, you’ll find the freshest, seasonal organic produce, step-by-step recipe cards and all the ingredients in exact quantities. The recipes are quick to cook and ideal for weeknights – most are ready in under

Serve the stir fry with the sticky rice sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. Delicious!

Peel and finely grate the ginger on top.

Tip: the tamari soy sauce is gluten free. It is also quite salty so add half to start with then add the rest to your own taste.

45 minutes. Think well balanced and nutritious, with a few treats thrown in. Our cooks come up with nine new recipes every week, so there is always plenty of choice. There are three different varieties of recipe box - choose from vegetarian, quick, or original. A box for two people ranges in price from £33 for the vegetarian box, to £39.95 for the quick and original boxes. Delivered straight to your door, with everything you need to cook

included, generous portion sizes, and three delicious meals per box they offer great value for money. No waste. No missing the vital ingredient. All you have to do is cook. Visit: www.riverford.co.uk/recipebox to

find out more or call 01803 762059.

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THIS MONTH CONGRATULATIONS GO TO…. Sacrewell Mill has won Project of the Year for its restoration of the 18th Century watermill (pictured right). The award, from the East of England Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), reflects the restoration of what was an ‘at risk’ building. It will now be entered into the grand final in October. A Cambridgeshire women’s charity has raised almost £12,000 for Dimbleby Cancer Care. They did it by running, riding or walking 5 or 10km every day in May. The charity Every Day in May was set up by Sally Pinnegar six years ago and has raised

almost £100,000 since then. More than 65 people took part and clocked 10,382 km between them. Jason Leonard, rugby legend and current president of the RFU, took part in the Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo in June (pictured below). By cycling the 80 miles, along with his peloton, he raised £10,000 for the ATLAS Foundation that he co-founded along with other rugby heavyweights. He was supported by Rutland Cycling who provided him with a bike and support along the way.


Albar’s Den Albar’s Den – the Gift Emporium is a fabulous little shop in the heart of Oakham. It really is an Aladdin’s cave full of unique gifts for the home, garden and lifestyle. And that’s before we mention the jewellery, handbags, cashmere wraps, candlesticks and diffusers. They also sell the most amazing artificial flowers including peonies and hydrangeas. Pop in and have a look around, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye and it’s just perfect to find that special gift. High Street, Oakham.

1 8 J U LY 2 0 16 ///

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sofas, sofa beds, chairs & stools headboards made to size

T: 0116 277 9705

18 Leicester Road, Blaby, Leics, LE8 4GQ



FREE brochure available


Book for Burghley Running across four days from September 1 to 4, the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials is one of the premier equestrian and social events in the international sporting calendar. Featuring some of the best horse and rider combinations in the world, the event stretches across the magnificent parkland of Burghley House and boasts the ultimate retail therapy experience of 600 handpicked pop-up trade stands. Two days of dressage, where horse and rider take to the main arena to showcase their control and elegance, kick off the sporting spectacle. This is followed on the Saturday by arguably the most exciting and eagerly anticipated event, the cross country, which sees competitors test their nerve around Burghley’s famously demanding course of undulating grounds and imposing solid fences. The competition comes to a climax on Sunday with horses and riders returning to the main arena to battle it out in the show jumping contest. Here the winner of the Land Rover Perpetual Trophy is determined. Land Rover Burghley is also prized for its extensive shopping avenues, pavilions and food walks catering for every guest. The shopping village offers a wide variety of unique goods including artisan cheeses, equestrian paraphernalia, sculptures, the most comfortable of walking boots and much more. 2015 saw 160,000 visitors pass through the gates of Burghley Estate over the four days of competition and this year looks to be just as good. Visit www.burghley-horse.co.uk to secure your tickets.

Celebrating 5 Years Anniversary


NOW £20

BUY 2 SPRAY TANS FOR £30 Toft Country House Hotel, Toft, Bourne PE10 0JT t: 01778590506

/// J U L Y 2 0 16 1 9

19 SR Active Life Burghley ad OK.indd 19

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B eetro o t catering & events Professional Catering, Locally Sourced

Visit our Gardens of Delight Open to the public Tuesdays to Fridays 11am—4pm Tea Room open 11am—4pm for light lunches and afternoon tea

Keith MicKleburgh oundle • northamptonshire

tel: 07921 672076 info@beetrootcatering.co.uk • www.beetrootcatering.co.uk

Available for:

For information on house opening dates, times and admission fees W: www.deenepark.com T: 01780 450278 E: admin@deenepark.com

•weddings •corporate •private dining “ Many guests commented on the food and the attentiveness of the waiting team”

The Kings Head in Stamford is now



Fresh produce menu Roast dinners Rotated ale selection Craft beer


ALE HOUSE • KITCHEN • COURTYARD To book please call: 01780 753 510 or email: info@kingsheadstamford.co.uk

20.indd 1

Search Kings Head Stamford on

24/06/2016 12:23


…AND ALSO FOR MARK Mark Alderson from Frognall is keeping on running. He’s in training for the Marathon des Sables, a race across the Sahara, and is certainly putting in the hours. Running virtually every weekend, he has recently competed in the Langtoft and Eye 10ks and was fortunate as the temperature was 28 degrees for one of them – good training for the Sahara! He runs whenever he can at the Parkrun in Oakham (he’s also a volunteer there) and has run a couple of trail races in Teesdale and the Lake District. In fact, there’s only one weekend this year when Mark hasn’t run so far. Visit www.justgiving.com/ markaldersonrunningforcancer

MILE AFTER MILE AFTER MILE… Mike Cookson and Matt Weighman, aka the one3niners, have been telling us a bit more about their training for the Yukon Arctic Ultra, which covers 430 miles. The friends, who met on the Marathon des Sables last year, have already raced more than 100 miles so they know what they are in for. They know that, despite it being an ‘ultra marathon,’ they will not be doing an actual lot of running. Sheer distance, conditions and the fact they will be carrying their possessions means that this won’t be possible. So they are training hard just to be able to cover large distances, day after day, in miserable conditions while pulling a heavy sled. They are making sure the training is setting their legs up to be able to cope with 12-18 hours on their feet for 13 consecutive days. They have to get plenty of mileage under their belts, walking and running and being able to cope with tired legs. They plan to increase distances every week and, as the race gets closer, start dragging a large tyre behind them to get used to pulling the pulk. Weights and flexibility training will also

be included, but at the moment it’s all about time on the legs. Matt has completed the 48km Glen Lyon Ultra and Mike has done the Yorkshire Three Peaks. In August they will both do the 48km Peak Skyrace. To keep up to date with their journey visit www.one3niners.com.

52 IN 52 This month some of the team have gone back to their roots in Rutland. Lucy and Alec took part in an open day with Greetham Vikings petanque club – Alec proved to be so good at it, winning his match, that he has since played for the team. Carys has got over the hip injury she sustained during the Barcelona Marathon and has taken part in a paintball tournament in London. Tennis and cricket are their next challenges and they are still looking for swimming and equestrian opportunities, so if you can help get in touch. The team has raised £1,730 for Cancer Research so far. To donate visit www.justgiving.com/ Challenge52.

SORRY… We mentioned last month that Stamford Badminton Club had raised money for Smile Train by competing in the Rat Race but we got the figure wrong. They raised £3,000 rather than £300.

/// J U L Y 2 0 16 2 1

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For Full First Aid and Emergency First Aid courses and others. We have training rooms at The Oakham Enterprise Park and we can come to you. Please give us a call to discuss your needs. All courses are competively priced with day rates for block bookings.

Suite 1 Unit 23B Oakham Enterprise Park Ashwell Road Oakham Rutland LE15 7TU Tel No 01572 335025 mobile 07568 182 535

Walkrite, Runrite, Feel Right Musculoskeletal Specialist Podiatrists

Clinics in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire

Walkrite incorporates the best clinical care and technology to alleviate painful lower limb conditions of all descriptions.

• Foot/Ankle Pain

Expert clinical knowledge and the latest techniques are combined to alleviate your symptoms and get you on the move again.

• Biomechanical Assessment

• Sports Injuries • Children’s Foot Pain • Video Gait Analysis • Gait Re-Training • Custom-made orthoses • Customised sandals • Footwear/Trainer Advice

ENQUIRIES: 01733 559161 info@walkrite.co.uk Nicola Blower BSc(Hons), MChS, MFPM RCPS(Glasg), MSSF

John Chadwick BSc(Hons), FCPM, FFPM RCPS(Glasg)


22.indd 1

24/06/2016 12:28


A day in the life of


‘I’m day so p esse



y first industry experience of boats and ships was a holiday job working for Portbury Maritime Supplies in Portbury docks and then at Avonmouth docks in Bristol. I helped in the warehouse, often hand-loading containers with crates of beer and delivering stores to merchant and container ships in places as far apart as Anglesey, Falmouth, Southampton and even the London docks when sugar was still unloaded there before the apartments were built. After studying on a fine art foundation course, and also archaeology to post-graduate level, I signed on at the International Boat Building Training College in Lowestoft. It was excellent training and the IBTC and the Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy are often quoted as being the Oxford and Cambridge of the wooden boat building world. In building and repairing wooden boats, gaining a working knowledge of tree species, their properties, strengths and durability is essential. During a day’s work, it’s also vital to understand the compound curves and structural requirements you’re dealing with. If a keel needs to come off and half the glass reinforced plastic needs replacing, a builder must be able to restore the shape back in without excessive trial fitting. In a modern yacht marina, using the 70-ton boat hoist to lift a 40ft yacht isn’t cheap and no owner is happy to see bills mount up from repeated tests. One day I might be refurbishing a wooden dinghy, the next a 39ft yacht might need major structural work. I may have to replace lights up the mast, sew an eye into a length of running rigging or replank a 52ft double diagonal teak hull where each plank can cost as much as the average person’s weekly wage. I’m often outside all day, in all weathers, so planning jobs is essential. Beware the quick fix People often work on their own boats. They like to be self-sufficient and capable so if they’re stuck out at sea they know they can fix problems. But sometimes they take on tasks they don’t know enough about. Often a patch or quick fix – usually well intentioned – has to be undone before a proper repair can be made. Rarely, but unfortunate nevertheless, an owner might grind the gel coat off the bottom of a boat thinking they are doing the right thing and don’t realise they’re creating a big issue that will take the boat out of action. Boats have traditionally not only been made

from wood but also other materials including tarred leather, bamboo, and papyrus bark usually combined with various naturally occurring resins. A method for mass production of glass fibre was discovered in the 1930s and during WWII a proto-polyester resin was developed. Today’s boat builder has to deal with polyesters, epoxy resins, fillers, sealants, mastics, preservatives, paints and anti-fouls as well as understanding the pitfalls of incompatible combinations and progressive environmental legislation. A wooden boat benefits from maintenance year in, year out to prevent smaller issues becoming repair necessities. When starting work on an unfamiliar boat, you don’t always know what you’re going to find. Occasionally there can be a delight amongst the woodworm, mushrooms or rotten wood slathered in epoxy. One of the boats I’m working on at the moment – a BB11, 20ft day sailor – had painted decks but when her owner pressure washed them he found, underneath the delaminating epoxy glass, a 3mm mahogany veneer to the marine ply decks. We’ve now sanded and varnished them and she looks great. The beauty of wood I prefer wooden boats because you can see and understand the structure as part of the boat’s aesthetic, and the end result and sailing quality is usually a beautiful experience – they’re much

more buoyant and lively in the water. Boats can be made of many species but generally British boats are made of teak, oak, larch, mahoganies, Douglas fir and Iroko: if I had the choice it would be great to build a whole boat out of teak as it’s so durable, but it’s too expensive. I’ve built a couple of boats from scratch for myself and took them down to the Beale Park boat show on the Thames. One was used as a hire boat on the Nene for Trek Kits in Oundle and ‘Birdie’ is an 11ft 6in wide planked sailing skiff which I designed specifically as a stable river and lake boat with a mast and rig that can be put up or down very quickly. I wanted to explore the advantages of a small traditional carvel hull over a lighter skittish boat. That said, Birdie could be made in light marine ply and would make a good yacht tender. I named her after Henry Robertson Bowers, a member of Scott’s party to the Antarctic who was known for his toughness, dependability and cheerfulness. He had a beak-like nose, hence his nickname Birdie. I used to have a folk boat which is a 25ft keel boat with beautiful lines and deep keel. I’d like another one of those again. At the moment I share an Achilles 24ft boat with a friend but we haven’t had a chance to sail it yet this year which is a bit frustrating. In an ideal world I’d build loads of wooden boats but unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day. www.jgctovey.co.uk

/// J U L Y 2 0 16 2 3

23 SR Active Life OK.indd 19

24/06/2016 07:49


TREATMENTS OFFERED: Sports Injury Pain Management for Back, Knees, Shoulders, Pre Menstrual Pain etc Emotional treatment Nutritional Advice and Food Testing

t: 07701008431 e: iansheppard12@btinternet.com www.iansheppard-sportsrehabilitation.com

12 St Leonards Street Stamford, PE9 2HN 12 St Leonards Street Stamford, PE9 2HN

Tel 01780 654321 • www.classicstamford.co.uk

Tel 01780 654321

12 St Leonard

Tel 01780 6543


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classic fireplaces.indd


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GIVE MONEY THE MARGINAL GAINS TREATMENT Look after the ‘one per cents’ and the returns on your investment will be gold medal winning, says William G Bryant Next month the Great Britain cycling team will attempt to win more gold medals at the Rio Olympics than they managed in London in 2012. Part of their success comes from the ‘marginal gains’ philosophy Sir Dave Brailsford developed for road and track: he has achieved astounding results, helping the British cycling team win eight gold medals at London 2012 and back to-back Tour de France victories. So successful were his riders that he was accused of using rounder wheels by the French. Brailsford’s success has been built on the idea being if you can just get one per cent better at each aspect of performance, the overall gain will be significant. This is never truer than in the world of finance. An extra 1% return could mean doubling your investment six years

earlier, assuming you manage to get a return of 4% versus 3%, based on a £100,000 investment. This dramatic difference in outcome is due to one of Warren Buffet’s best loved financial principles – compounding – and highlights the importance of achieving the best financial performance possible, especially given the recent changes in pension legislation. The extra one per cent could be the difference between affording that Lamborghini when you retire, or not. How can we aim to get extra investment performance? Well, how about applying Brailsford’s principles to your financial situation by combining better financial advice with better tax efficiency and better fund management? This means making sure you get professional

advice early, taking advantage of annual tax allowances and making sure you have a process in place to ensure the best fund managers are looking after your money. The average fund under-performs the index all of the time (source: The case for index fund investing for UK investors, Vanguard Research March 2014), passive funds (index trackers) always under-perform due to costs, and past performance is no guide to future returns and you may get back less than the amount you invested. But by having a mechanism in place to select the best fund managers, monitoring them to make sure they are performing as they should and changing them when necessary, you can give your investments a sporting chance to out-perform. To receive a complimentary guide covering wealth management, retirement planning or inheritance tax planning, produced by St. James’s Place Wealth Management, contact William Bryant of Bryant Wealth Management of St. James’s Place Wealth Management by telephone on 01780 668 117, email william.bryant@sjpp.co.uk or visit www. bryantwealthmanagement.co.uk

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per person for any sports hall and outdoor court hire Every Monday and Tuesday 6 June - 26 July

Terms and conditions apply (see website for details), offer excludes squash court hire.

Book your court by contacting our friendly reception team.

01572 820830 ussc@uppingham.co.uk www.sportscentre.uppingham.co.uk

Summer events

Medieval Mondays

Every Monday throughout the summer holidays at Oakham Castle 10am—4pm See our website/Facebook page for details Talk: Castles in Leicestershire and Rutland 26th July; 7.30pm—9.30pm £3.50 (pay on arrival) Monarch’s March (part of the National Archaeology Festival) 27 July; 10am start from the Museum £2.50 per child (pay on arrival)

Castle Lane, Oakham, LE15 6DR Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund


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WHAT’S ON There’s lots going on in your area this month, why not try some of these?

■ Singles in Stamford runs monthly speed dating events at The Theatre Lounge. It’s a fun evening with the chance to make new friends or meet that ‘certain someone’. See www.facebook.com/ SinglesinStamford for details. ■ A unique interactive hearing exhibition will be taking place at The Marriott Hotel in Peterborough on Tuesday, July 19. Radio 2 broadcaster Johnnie Walker and Mat Gilbert, president of the England Deaf Rugby Union, both interesting and entertaining speakers, will be present. The aim of HearClear Expo 2016 is to give people the opportunity to experience some of the most advanced hearing solutions available. You can have your hearing tested and even have ear wax removed. Various charities will also be present including Hearing Dogs and the British Tinnitus Society. Entry is free. Find more details at www. hearclearexpo.co.uk. ■ The Wizard of Oz is coming to Sacrewell on July 30. There will be plenty of audience participation. Bring a picnic as gates open at 5.30pm. To book tickets visit www.seetickets. com or www.sacrewell.org.uk ■ Stamford Brass is holding its summer concert at The Corn Exchange in town on July 9 from 7.30pm. It will be an evening of

We need you! Can you help at this years Canter for a Cure at Burghley? If so please let us know, email: dawn.taylor@medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk

Sponsored 6 mile ride Sunday 17 July 2016

and August. Make sure you visit the tea room while you’re there – the cakes are delicious. See www.deenepark.com for more information. ■ Café Ventoux is building an open air theatre and will be presenting ‘Ventoux, the true story of Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani on Mont Ventoux’ on July 23 at 7.30pm. To find out more and to book tickets visit www.cafe-ventoux.cc/ outside-the-cafe.

Supported by

Burghley Estate, Stamford PE9 3JY

brass classics and old and new favourites. For tickets ring the box office on 01780 766455. ■ Canter for a Cure is taking place at Burghley Park on July 17. The organisers are looking for volunteers to help marshal the event and for riders to join in this six-mile sponsored ride. The charity to benefit from the event is Medical Detection Dogs. These dogs are trained to save

lives and to detect human disease. To find out more, offer your services, or join the ride email dawn.taylor@ medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk ■ Deene Park, just outside Corby, is a beautiful house in a fabulous setting. The gardens are renowned for their layout and setting. Looking their best at the moment, the gardens are open Tuesday to Friday between 11am and 4pm throughout July

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Feature /// Bird watching

2 8 J U L Y 2 0 16 ///

28-31 Local feature SR.indd 28

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DOING BIRD With Birdfair, the world’s biggest nature event, taking place in Rutland soon Jeremy Beswick trains his binoculars on our feathery friends Photography: Pip Warters

LIVING IN THE BEAUTIFUL countryside around Stamford and Rutland as we do, you’d have to be immune to the charms of nature not to get out and enjoy it from time to time. I know I do, but I’ve never really been that much of a birdwatcher so I was fascinated to hear about Birdfair, the annual extravaganza based around Rutland Water that attracts 25,000 people from all over the world and is known as ‘The Birdwatcher’s Glastonbury’ and claims to be ‘the world’s biggest nature event’. Run by the RSPB and The Wildlife Trust, it has raised more than £4 million since 1989 for global conservation projects. It runs this year from Friday to Sunday (August 19-21) and, with such a major thing happening on my own doorstep, it seems a shame to miss it. However, being a complete novice I thought I should find out a bit more about bird watching first and so I met up with my fellow Active contributor Terry Mitcham at Lyndon Reserve, home of Rutland’s Osprey Project, to see what all the fuss is about. Driving down the single track road to the centre, a wonderful vista of the water opens as you approach the building itself, bright, airy and peacefully nestling gently in the woods with a dramatic sculpture of an osprey outside. Terry told me he’d been a birder for decades, having grown up in the Lincolnshire countryside. “As a child I was always out about in the fields all day. The birds were all around me, so active and busy doing things and such a variety. I was fascinated,” he said. These days

Terry is a bird recorder for the Rutland Natural History Society, leads guided walks and has published a book – 50 Rutland Birds – so I knew I was in expert hands. As we went into the building my attention was drawn to the wide-screen TVs showing live footage of one of the seven osprey nests that the centre manages. The male had just brought a fish to his young who were tucking in hungrily, assisted by their mother, as we were joined by project officer Paul Stammers. “We brought our first osprey down from Scotland 20 years ago,” he told me. “The last breeding pair in England had been in Somerset in the 1840s.” The centre is undoing the harm that we had done to the birds in that century as gamekeepers blasted them out of existence because they took the fish. The relationship between man and birds has been a complex one and not always benign. Ironically, bird reserves began in order to support the shooting of game, though as Paul pointed out “what helps game birds also helps wild birds”. The Romans believed that the flights and calls of birds could foretell the future, which is neatly echoed today as science uses changes in bird population to signal environmental change and predict our own future. Terry agreed: “Survey work and counting birds is like an early warning system for the environment.” Paul’s father had been a gamekeeper, but it was this that spawned his interest in

/// J U L Y 2 0 16 2 9

28-31 Local feature SR.indd 29

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racEviEw rEStaurant

racEviEw piZZa paSta

School SummEr holiDayS


racEviEw rEStaurant Entry, racE programmE, StartEr anD main courSE



See Stripey Wipey or Dave the Clown entertain every Wednesday evening Including Face Painting, Badge Making and Craft Activities for the Kids

Open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening Visit peterboroughgreyhounds.com

Call 01733 29 69 39

AA all cafe, brilliant all cafe, Abrilliant brilliantBar allday day cafe, Restaurant, Cafe’, -day Ensuite restaurant and bar restaurant and bar restaurant andRoad bar Accommodation - Glaston on Morcott on the A47 at Morcott onthe the-A47 A47at atall Morcott (A47), Morcott Open day!

Open for Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch, Afternoon Teas, Snacks and Dinner. Reguilar Live music & Entertainment 15th July - Join us for the launch party of our wood fired pizza oven! Live entertainment ...Shhh....Elvis is in the house! plus WE WE ALSO CATER FOR WEDDINGS WEALSO ALSOCATER CATERFOR FORWEDDINGS WEDDINGS disco, Pizzas & Hog Roast - £19.95 per person - Please book! AND AND SPECIAL FUNCTIONS ANDSPECIAL SPECIALFUNCTIONS FUNCTIONS Charity Charity Cabaret Night 23rd April raising money for Team George CharityCabaret CabaretNight Night23rd 23rdApril Aprilraising raisingmoney moneyfor forTeam TeamGeorge George

30.indd 1

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Feature /// Bird watching


Le and below

Author Jeremy (le) at the Lyndon Reserve, home to the Rutland Osprey Project

conservation. “You’ll see otters, stoats, dragonflies, badgers, butterflies and all sorts of wildlife here too,” he continued as we watched the feeding station through an enormous window, warm and dry inside the centre. Within ten minutes he and Terry had pointed out well over 20 different species of birds. “That’s one of the things that makes Rutland so attractive to birders,” said Terry. “There are so many different habitats that attract different types. Reservoirs, woodlands, farming areas, footpath hedges and we’re one of the key areas of the country for wildfowl. During the spring and autumn passages you can see 20 types of waders alone.” One of the species that Paul and Terry were pleased to see thriving was the tree sparrow, a rather more attractive bird than the house sparrow we’re more familiar with. “They’re under pressure because pesticides kill the insects they’d eat in the summer and weed killers mean there’s not enough of the weed seeds they eat in the winter,” Terry explained. As attractive as the view from the window was my eyes kept going back to the ospreys. With a wing span approaching six feet they really are spectacular. Part of the centre’s remit is to use the dramatic attraction of these birds to get youngsters involved in nature more generally, open their eyes to the countryside

and hopefully raise their interest in conservation. Looking through the visitors’ book I read comments from kids on school trips, some from the inner cities and it was clear that that’s working. “I had a wonderful time”, “The ospreys were wonderful”, “It was absolutely great”, “I’d love to come again” is just a small sample and their work doesn’t stop there. Paul explained that the ospreys over-winter in Gambia, a flight of 3,500 miles. They’ve involved schools over there as well and now English schoolchildren are speaking to their equivalents over Skype and both sides are getting involved, which has meant, for example, that the Gambian children have decided for themselves to clear the beaches of old fishing nets and other items harmful to the birds. This year’s Birdfair will include a talk entitled ‘20 years of Rutland ospreys’ and water cruises with TV naturalists to view them at first hand. The good cause this year is conservation in a Madagascan forest which is home to not only rare birds but also threatened species of lemurs, frogs and other wildlife. My time at the centre had passed in a flash but I’m sure I’ll be back. Bird watching is a great way to get out and about and also do my bit for the environment. How would Terry recommend I get started?

“It’s a cheap hobby. £100 will buy you a very adequate pair of binoculars and a field guide. Get a feeder up and get to know the birds in your own garden first. Put out a variety of foods – sunflower seeds, fat or suet and mixed seed, but avoid the cheap mixes that have too much wheat in them to bulk them up or you’ll end up with pigeons.” That feeder’s already been bought and will be going up soon. As Act for Wildlife puts it: “Conservation starts at home in our back gardens,” and Terry agreed: “The more people get involved the more we’ll learn. And the more we learn the more we’ll be able to save them for our children and grandchildren.”

USEFUL WEB SITES Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust www.lrwt.org.uk Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust www.lincstrust.org.uk Rutland Natural History Society www.rnhs.org.uk Leicestershire & Rutland Ornithological Society www.lros.org.uk Rutland Water Osprey Project www.ospreys.org.uk Birdfair www.birdfair.org

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Traditional Boatbuilding & Yacht Repairs

GRP – Paint – Finishes and Spars – Specialist Carpentry Structural Timberwork – Custom Projects

Mob: 07896 062961 www.jgctovey.co.uk I jgctovey@aol.com










LEARN TO DIVE AGES 8+ Join Our Club! We Organise Dive Trips and Holidays A WIDE RANGE OF STOCK AT COMPETITIVE PRICES Diving Snorkelling Air Soft / Shooting OTHER SERVICES Air Filling up to 300 Bar Learn First Aid

12 St Leona 12 St St Leonards Leonards Stree 12 Stree

0 TelTel 0178 01780 Telwww.classics 0178

12 St12 Leonards Street St Leonards Street Stamford, Stamford, PE9PE9 2HN2HN

12 St Leonards Stre 12 St Leonards Street Stamford, PE9 2HN Tel 01780 654321 Tel 01780 01780 654321 ••www.classicstamford.co.uk www.classicstamford.co.uk Tel 654321 www.classicstamford.co.uk • Stamford, PE9 2HN 12 St Leonards Street ww www.classics Tel 01780 654321 • www.classicstamford.co.uk

www.classic 32.indd 1

classic fireplaces.indd


classic fireplaces.indd 1 classic fireplaces.indd 1

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Feature /// Gear


The complete travel bundle with everything your kids need for your next trip, including the Trunki Trixie roll-along suitcase, a PaddlePak swimbag and a SnooziHedz set for snuggling in during the journey. Currently with 45% off, and available in pink or blue. Price £39.99 From trunki.co.uk




2. Frog 43 Union Jack bike

The ideal first bike for kids, the Frog 43 Union Jack 14-inch bike combines a light aluminium frame with quality components to ensure the flames of love for cycling are set ablaze. Suitable for riders aged three to four years. Price £195 From www.rutlandcycling.com



3. La Selva hamper

This stylish wicker hamper has everything you need for a romantic picnic for two... plates, glasses and cutlery, plus lots of space for the all-important bottles and great food. Price £45 From johnlewis.com

4. Outsunny sail shade

It will get sunny this year, we promise, and when it does this portable 4m x 3m shade will come in very useful, whether you’re in the garden, camping or out for a picnic. Price £22.98 From manomano.co.uk



5. Water Babies towel

Made from 100% heavyweight cotton towelling and specially designed for swim time, these snuggly hooded towels help make drying fuss free. The softly lined hood will keep them warm and cosy as they dry and with special spaces for their Water Babies chapter badges, it’s a great way to show off your baby and toddler’s swimming achievements, too! Price £20 From www.waterbabies.co.uk


5. 6.

6. Santa Cruz Bronson 2 C S carbon mountain bike

Santa Cruz’s Bronson 2 C S builds on the great Bronson to create an enduro machine with the latest geometry and revised VPP linkage for improved control and reliability. Price £3,998.99 From Rutland Cycling (Whitwell store)


7. 6.

7. Sea-doo Seascooter Aquaranger

The latest Aquaranger has improved performance that will get you through the water in style while scuba diving or snorkeling. This model has increased depth rating up to 10m and a cruising speed of up to 2.5mph, and even has a GoPro Mount. Price £329.99 From seascooteruk.com

8. On Cloudventure trail shoe

The first trail running shoe line from the award-winning Swiss brand offers an incredibly light and flexible shoe while ensuring superior cushioning and advanced grip. Price £125 From on-running.com


/// J U LY 2016 3 3

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FOREMARK GARAGE We can service any make or model of car under manufacturers warranty save money and keep your warranty ask us for a quote

LOYALTY CARD 10% Discount and FREE MOT for life of the vehicle fo only £59.95 - ask for details





Up to 1300cc


£169.95 �

£199.95 �

1300cc - 2000cc


£179.95 �

£209.95 �

Above 2000cc or Diesel


£199.95 �

£219.95 �

Commercial & Motorhome




MOT only £25 with Major Service. All prices include labour, materials, consumables & VAT. 10% extra for 6 & 8 cylindar cars. � 20% extra for replacement of platinum plugs

Travis Perkins

9-10 Station Approach, Oakham LE15 6QW RO




Railway Statio

01572 757 254


Opening times: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5.30pm Sat: 8am - 12.30pm. Sun: Closed



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24/06/2016 12:23

Guest column

Cheats never prosper – well, not every time... Martin Johnson picks the most infamous sporting villains hile it would be fair to say that the national pulse rate didn’t amount to much more than a flicker during the first half of the cricketing summer, the arrival of Pakistan for the Test series has aroused everyone’s interest. Spectators, sponsors, the Serious Fraud Office, Interpol and a fair number of shady bookmakers in Lahore and Karachi. The last time Pakistan were here it resulted in investigations into spot fixing and jail sentences for three of their side. One of whom, Mohammad Amir, is back after having his five-year ban from the sport commuted. The spot fixing issue in cricket is by no means confined exclusively to Pakistan, although they certainly have the longest rap sheet, which, if you ask me, is mostly down to boredom. When I was last in Faisalabad the headline item in the town’s entertainment guide was ‘An Exhibition of Pastels By Nizan Dahini’, which would be enough to drive anyone down to the underground bookie’s office. One of the more amusing aspects of Mohammad Amir’s return to international cricket was the snort of condemnation coming from one of Pakistan’s former players, Shahid Afridi. This is a bloke who was once caught ball tampering in Australia by sinking his teeth into the ball, although in fairness perhaps he thought it was a Cox’s orange pippin; and in a Test match against England was caught on camera digging up the business area of the pitch with his spikes. Although again, I don’t want to make too much of it in case he was auditioning for Strictly Come Dancing. You have to go back a long way to find an England v Pakistan Test series that didn’t involve cheating allegations – from both sides – so what better way of warming up for the latest one than by watching the European football championships? When it comes to cheating in sport, you can’t beat a game of footie. I’ve often wondered whether scientists, if they weren’t otherwise engaged tackling global warming or finding the cure for cancer, would like to have a crack at solving some of the world’s other great issues, such as why footballers are prone to falling over for no apparent reason. Are they, for instance, born with an affliction of the inner ear which affects balance? Or does it happen the other way round? You become a footballer and suddenly you can’t stop falling over. For no apparent reason. The other oddity is that is only happens in the workplace. Football also lays claims to perhaps the most celebrated act of cheating ever recorded, namely Maradona’s ‘hand Of God’. It is


peculiar to football that – outside of England at any rate – it was regarded as clever rather than devious, and in Argentina it even qualified as revenge for the Malvinas. But let’s be fair, cycling gives football a good run for its money, and if you wanted to crown someone as the world’s greatest sporting cheat, then Maradona would face serious competition from Lance Armstrong. Then there are athletes, many of whom, I used to believe, were an inspiration to us all by their willingness to give blood, until I discovered that they only did so on the strict understanding that they got a pint or two straight back in again... only with an extra dose of red corpuscles, or whatever it is that makes you run faster. It is, though, entirely possible to cheat at athletics without becoming a reverse blood donor, as demonstrated by a female runner in the Boston Marathon back in 1980 who hurtled through the winner’s tape in a time that took the breath away. It wasn’t her breath that was taken away, however, as she showed as much sign of exertion as someone who’s just taken the dog for a walk, and it finally transpired that this was result of her having utilised a oneday travel card and had made half the journey on the underground. The Olympics will shortly be with us and it’s fair to speculate that more than a handful of gold medals will be dishonestly acquired. Of all the Olympic cheats, Ben Johnson is probably the highest profile, but the gold for cheating goes to the Russian fencer Boris Onischenko, who had his epee wired to light up – and get recorded as a hit on his opponent - when the tip hadn’t actually touched anything. Let’s face it, there isn’t a sport out there in which people aren’t tempted to cheat, and while I have no intimate knowledge of the minor sports, discovering that some croquet player had been caught taking something a bit stronger than Junior Disprin, would come as no huge surprise. Recently, tennis has been in the spotlight with Maria Sharapova coming into the confession room to sort of confess, but not quite. There was some kind of tosh about a hereditary ailment that once affected a second cousin for about 10 minutes, so as a precaution her doctor told her to take some medicine at around 30 times the dose required. And Maria, being a simple soul, did as she was told. She is appealing against her two-year ban, but I am led to understand that a certain organisation is considering launching an appeal against her appeal. Namely, the Noise Abatement Society.  Martin Johnson has been a sports journalist and author since 1973, writing for the Leicester Mercury, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times. He currently writes columns for The Rugby Paper and The Cricket Paper, and has a book out called ‘Can I Carry Your Bags?’.

/// J U L Y 2 0 16 3 5

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Feature /// Watersports

3 6 J U LY 2016 ///

36-43 FEATURE Watersports OK.indd 36

24/06/2016 07:58

WHAT A WATER-FUL WORLD! We might be a long way from the sea, but there is still so much to do in and on the water in the region this summer

/// J U LY 2016 3 7

36-43 FEATURE Watersports OK.indd 37

24/06/2016 07:58

Feature ///Watersports


The Leicester Line of the Grand Union Canal takes a quiet, meandering course through rolling hills and unspoilt countryside. What is now called the Leicester Line comprised two canals which were bought by the Grand Junction Canal in 1894: the Leicestershire & Northamptonshire Union Canal and the ‘old’ Grand Union Canal. Foxton Locks is a well-known waterways landmark, and its 10 locks are often busy with narrowboats, while the side-ponds, which provide water to the flight, are havens for nature. The Foxton Inclined Plane is a unique bit of waterways history – a boat lift that once raised and lowered working boats on a steep slope in water-filled tanks. The Leicester Line has arms to Market Harborough and Welford. At Union Wharf in Market Harborough, red-brick industrial warehouses have been transformed into arts and crafts workshops, creating a hive of cultural activity. www.canalrivertrust.org.uk


Experience the thrill of fizzing across the water’s surface at high speed with Charnwood Waterski & Wakeboard Club. A relaxed and family-friendly club welcoming both members and guests, it is based at a beautiful lake on the outskirts of Leicester and is run by a committed group of enthusiasts dedicated to boat-towed water sports. www.cwwc.org.uk


Rutland Water, as you might expect, is offering a huge number of activities on the water this summer. There are weekly open water swim sessions, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards or canoe hire at Rutland Watersports, while on August 6-7 the National Watersports Festival for juniors arrives at Whitwell and offers a brilliant way to get into watersports. For families with younger (five and under) children, the beach and Lands’ End kids’ play park at Sykes Lane offers a great day along with the chance to build sandcastles on the shores of Rutland Water. Then there is the launch of the UK’s largest Aquaglide inflatable aqua park. With huge potential for epic fails and total wipeouts, Aqua Park Rutland will offer one of the most entertaining ways to enjoy the Great British outdoors this summertime, whatever the weather. Launching on July 9 and open for just eight weeks until September 4, the park features 16 fun obstacles to climb, jump, crawl, chute, launch, slide and splash through. This adventure course provides an action-packed

experience that offers a challenge to all, from the average active through to super fitness fans. Tickets for the park are £15, offering a 55-minute experience to tackle the obstacles, balance beams, climbing walls, trampolines and blast bags. Designed for a super-soaking good time, with the emphasis on splashings of fun for all, the course features obstacles such as Cyclone, the colossal Revolution, Jungle Jim and the Summit Express which promises to deliver a really splashy landing. As an active attraction, visitors to Aqua Park Rutland need to be ready for the physical challenge and must be aged 6-plus and over 1.1m in height and able to swim 50m in a buoyancy vest to take part. Buoyancy vests are provided and wetsuits are available to hire additionally for £5. Richard Drinkwater, co-founder of Aqua Park Rutland, said: “We know the British summer can’t promise to be a sizzler, but whether rain or

shine we can promise Aqua Park Rutland will serve up an awesome experience! “We’ve already had a massive response from the local community and we’re already experiencing high demand for tickets.” www.anglianwater.co.uk/leisure/water-parks/ rutland


Corby East Midlands International Pool is one of the best swimming facilities in Britain, and as such it has a host of events and programmes on this summer. There’s a junior loyalty card offer allowing kids to be able to swim for just £1. The pool also has lots of other activities to get involved in taking place from July 25 to August 26, ranging from one-to-one swimming lessons, diving taster sessions, rookie lifeguard, intensive group swimming lessons and lots more. Tel: 01536 464643, www.corby.gov.uk

3 8 J U LY 2016 ///

36-43 FEATURE Watersports OK.indd 38

24/06/2016 07:59

HEAR_Active_June16_ART#2_Layout 1 16/06/2016 11:25 Page 1


TICKETS 0800 298 7265

Tuesday 19th July 2016 Joh

HEARCLEAR EXPO – Bringing you hearing aid manufacturers, medical experts, charities and celebrities. Also the latest in hearing technology, products and information for anyone with a hearing need – of any nature. BBC Radio 2 broadcaster and national treasure Johnnie Walker MBE, Mat Gilbert, Vice President of the England Deaf Rugby Union and former number eight with the Worcester Warriors, who is the UK’s only profoundly deaf professional rugby union player and high profile Heart Radio breakfast presenter, Kev Lawrence will be headlining on the day adding glitz and showbiz to the unique one day exhibition. All three will be discussing how they overcame their hearing loss. In addition, leading industry professional and clinical paediatric audiologist, Josephine Marriage, PhD, will be presenting alongside the national children’s charity Auditory Verbal UK.

• Take advantage of a free hearing test/ear check • Learn about signing, lip-reading and get to befriend a hearing dog • Hone your footy skills with Peterborough United’s deaf football teams





• Watch live demos of technology designed to help you hear better in all activities



• test out state-of-the-art hearing technology and learn how to cope with tinnitus


Don’t Miss your oPPortunity to:


n n i e W a l k e r, M B E



phin e






BOOK YOUR FREE TICKETS TODAY Contact e: info@hearclearexpo.co.uk t: 0800 298 7265 or by visiting www.hearclearexpo.co.uk

10.00am to 5.00pm at The Marriott Hotel, Peterborough Sir Henry Royce Suite, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, PETERBOROUGH, PE2 6GB Some of our sponsors and exhibitors include:

0800 298 7265 • WWW.HEarcLEarExPo.co.uK


an overnight stay at the prestigious George Hotel of Stamford including champagne on arrival, à la carte evening meal and breakfast.

Feature /// Watersports


Watermead Country Park is one of the best sites in Leicestershire for bird watching and nature study, and hosts a number of local clubs offering windsurfing, sailing and model boating on its various lakes. For the fisherman, season permits can be obtained for John Merricks Lake, King Lear’s Lake and the Lily Pond. Day tickets can be purchased from on-site staff (on the bank) for King Lear’s and the Lily Pond. www.leicscountryparks.org.uk


You slip under the surface. As you draw in that first breath, instinct is temporarily suspended. Your senses shift as hearing, touch, smell and taste are rendered virtually redundant, leaving you with only sight. With breath-taking reefs, impressive wrecks and new places to explore, it’s the only sense you need. Welcome to the world of scuba diving. If you want to try diving for the first time or gain your first diving qualification, Dive Rutland has a whole range of PADI Specialty Diver Programmes including boat diver, dry suit diver, deep diver, search and recovery and night diver courses. Tel: 0845 5195464, www.diverutland.com

The swimming pool at Edith Weston Academy is ideal for children learning to swim as it is one metre deep from end to end. It has newly refurbished changing rooms, trained lifeguards and an excellent swimming teacher, and is available for pool parties and family swims throughout the year. On Friday mornings during term time it runs a parent and toddler/baby session for just £3. Tel: 01780 720025, email office@edithweston. rutland.sch.uk


Hinckley Canoe Club runs sessions on local waters during the summer and pool sessions during the winter. It also has a registered youth section and is also affiliated to the British Canoe Union. www.hcc-online.co.uk

FROM PEDALOS TO PADDLEBOARDS Located on Gunwade Lake in Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, Nene Outdoors offers an extensive range of watersports activities to suit the needs and abilities of all visitors. Family-friendly craft include kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards and rowing boats as well as the ever popular swan pedalos, or for those who fancy a bit more of a challenge, sailing and windsurfing under the watchful eye of their professional instructors. Pay-and-play hire and training courses are available every day throughout the summer holidays. www.neneparktrust.org.uk/neneoutdoors


Grafham Water has plenty of fun-filled, action-packed days out on offer this summer. Family days and taster sessions give you the chance to have a go at anything from stand-up paddleboarding to high ropes. To develop your skills further, you can take courses from beginner level to expert in sailing, windsurfing, paddlesports, powerboating or climbing. To keep the children occupied during the long summer holidays, why not book them into ‘Discover Club’ – the hugely popular holiday club for 8s and over? Tel: 01480 810521, www.grafham-water-centre. co.uk

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Grafham Water Park Marlow Car Park Grafham Huntingdon PE28 0BH www.anglianwater.co.uk/leisure

Rutland Water Park Sykes Lane, Empingham, Rutland LE15 8QL

Pitsford Water Park Causeway Car Park Brixworth Road, Holcot Northampton NN6 9SJ


Tel 01780 686800

Have YOU visited Corby East Midlands International Pool? Facilities Available

Holiday Activities available, check ou t the website fo r more info !

• 50m 8 lane main pool splits into 25m pool and 2 additional pools with variable depths.

Activities including

• 20m 4 lane Learner Pool

• Swim fit

• Fun pool with Pirate ship (for under 8’s)

• Deep and shallow water workouts

• 63m Aqua tube Body Ride

• Supervised diving sessions

• Diving boards: 1m and 3m spring and 5m fixed

• Surf & Turf

• 70 station Gym • Studio classes • Health Suite with sauna, steam and spa pool

• Swimming lessons • Disability and additional needs sessions • Parent & Toddler sessions

• Crèche


• Cafe • Meeting room available for hire • Swimming products available to buy from reception

Leisure Membership and Junior Leisure Membership available

Corby East Midlands International Pool Parkland Gateway, George Street, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 1QG 01536 464643 www.corby.gov.uk/corbypool

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Corby East Midlands International Pool

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Summer fun for 2016 at Uppingham

With more than 30 different courses and camps for children and adults in the summer holidays, there really is something for everyone! Art, Music, Drama, Technology, Science, Creative Writing, Nature, History, Baking, Sport… Residential options are offered on all courses held in the summer. Subsidised places are available on a number of courses courtesy of the Windmill House Trust. For further information or to book: www.uppinghamsummerschool.co.uk summerschool@uppingham.co.uk

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01572 820800

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

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Feature /// Watersports GET A HOT TUB

You don’t always have to travel for water-based fun. Hot tubs and swim spas are relaxing, warming and great for a wind-down after a hard day. Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are some of the best in the world, and are sold locally by Aqua Performance, a subsidiary of 158 Performance based in Tallington – a firm that sells high performance jet skis, jet boats and the remarkable flyboards. These self-cleaning hot tubs clean 100% of the water every 15 minutes, allowing you to spend more time with family and friends and create more time for what matters: relaxation. Tel: 01778 341144, www.158performance.co.uk


Inspire2tri has partnered with Anglian Water to bring open water swimming for health and for sport to Rutland Water (Whitwell site). It offers weekly Sunday morning swimming from 8:30am-10:30am from May to September for both triathletes and recreational swimmers. Booking is essential but you pay on the day. www.inspire2tri.com.


Nene Extreme Adventures offers canoeing and kayaking trips from its base at the picturesque Oundle Wharf. Its range of boats includes stable and rugged single kayaks, inflatables and open four-man canoes suitable for families, and can be hired by

the hour or by the day. The option to camp overnight makes it perfect for bonding with the kids over the campfire after a beautiful paddle on the River Nene. Alternatively, they can collect canoes that are dropped off at designated points along the river, meaning you need never paddle upstream – the ultimate luxury! Tel: 01832 272050, www.neneextreme.co.uk


You don’t have to travel somewhere exotic to go cruising. The Rutland Belle sails from Whitwell on the north shore of Rutland Water and calls in at Normanton on the south shore. Visitors can enjoy the scenery from the water, amidst the sailors, anglers and waterbirds, while listening to commentary highlighting points of interest, and taking in morning coffee, afternoon tea or even a drink at the bar. You might even see an osprey or two as well. Tel: 01572 787630, www.rutlandwatercruises.com


Water Babies are fun, innovative baby swimming classes that provide a lifetime of water confidence and precious memories. A unique experience for you and your baby, they teach your little one to swim through highly structured lessons, including clear progressions, aims and objectives and detailed lesson plans for each chapter of our programme. Water Babies have won again the What’s On 4 Little Ones Best National Baby & Toddler

Development Activity 0-2 years 2015, and classes are held across the region. Tel: 01664 567302, www.waterbabies.co.uk/ contact/leicestershire-and-rutland


The Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre offers 15 acres of adventure on the edge of the River Soar on the north edge of Leicester, with excellent facilities for all sorts of waterborne activities. It has a sailing society, based at Watermead Country Park, holds canoeing courses at its base on the River Soar, and was named British Canoeing Centre of the Year 2015. There is a flotilla of other boats to try too, including kayaks, bell boats, katakanus, stand up paddleboards and even the opportunity to try your hand at raft building. www.lopc.co.uk


Uppingham School Sports Centre’s 25-metre pool is not just for lane swimming – it holds water-based parties for children and adults. At its Water Walkerz Party, giant inflatable Zorbs provide a fantastic fun, action-packed pool party for people to enjoy. Hosts run the show, setting up pool games including races, underwater searches and shooting hoops, making this party wet ‘n wild! Water-based activities are designed for ages eight-plus and can be arranged for any occasion. Tel: 01572 820 830, www.sportscentre. uppingham.co.uk


Holme Pierrepont Country Park is home of the National Water Sports Centre. Set in 270 acres of parkland, it is one of the UK’s hidden gems with a huge amount of activities, both on and off the water. Take part in the vast range of watersports this summer; from white water tubing and rafting, to wakeboarding, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, rowing and power boating. And once you’ve tried all of the watersports, why not dry out on all of the other activities, including the Sky Trail High Ropes Course, Segways, ECombat and FootGolf to name a few. Or make a weekend of it and stay in a teepee or camping arch on the campsite. Tel: 0115 982 1212, www.nwscnotts.com

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STRESS OUT! Feeling wound up and anxious? Why not try these tips which will help your body to better manage your state of mind? Do you feel nervous over the slightest thing and struggle to deal with certain situations? You’re not alone. More than 8.2 million people suffer with severe anxiety in the UK and according to research from the University of Cambridge, women are nearly twice as likely to experience anxiety than men. So what physical aspects can you change to reduce anxiety? 1 Watch the caffeine Caffeine is a stimulant which prompts your body to release the stress hormones making you feel more stressed and jittery than you should be. Also, caffeine is addictive. As the effect wears off, you will want another one and then you are back on that roller-coaster again of highs and lows. To minimise these effects, try cutting down gradually, substituting some of your usual drinks for healthier alternatives. It’s much better to cut down slowly over a few weeks. Begin by substituting decaffeinated coffee for half of your total intake per day, and then gradually change over to all decaffeinated. Then, slowly substitute other drinks, such as herbal teas and grain coffees. You should, ideally, eventually eliminate decaffeinated coffee as well because coffee contains other stimulants (theobromine and theophylline), which are not removed when the coffee is decaffeinated. 2 Increase your ‘feel good’ hormone We need to make sure that our levels of serotonin (the ‘feel good’ hormone) remain high. The body makes serotonin from tryptophan, which occurs naturally in foods such as dairy products, fish, bananas, dried dates, soya, almonds and peanuts. The manufacture of serotonin depends on how much tryptophan is transported into your brain. Combining the foods mentioned above with unrefined carbohydrates, such as brown rice, wholemeal bread or oats, helps the body to release insulin to help tryptophan uptake to the brain. A good example would be to kick start your day with eggs and wholemeal toast for breakfast. 3 Steady your sugar levels Balancing blood sugar is essential in lowering stress because the crashes in sugar levels which happen through the day (due to long periods without food and not eating the right foods) stimulates the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol to be released. This is because these stress hormones, apart from helping you to run away from a tiger, can

also mobilise your glucose (which has been stored as glycogen in the liver) back into the blood stream. This is why you can feel more jittery and irritable when blood sugar plummets. So, ensure you have a small meal every two to three hours that contains protein (eat breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack mid morning and one mid-afternoon). For example, a hard-boiled egg, 10-12 almonds, a small can of tuna and brown rice. This will stop those roller-coaster highs and cravings for sweet foods. Because your blood sugar isn’t allowed to drop, your body will no longer have to ask you for a quick fix. As your blood sugar steadies, so will your mood swings and stress levels will lower. 4 Up your fish intake Nutritionist Cassandra Barns explains: “Almost 60% of our brains are made up of fat, and about half of that fat is DHA omega 3 fatty acids, which really can only be found in fish. This is why fish is often known as a great source of ‘brain food.’ “Omega 3 are known as ‘essential’ fats because our bodies do not make these so we must rely on external sources for these nutrients, such as eating oily fish, or taking a supplement. I’d recommend taking Quest Vitamins Super Omega 3-6-9 which provides a balanced blend of the omega 6 fatty acids. “These essential fats are crucial in order for the brain cells to actually ‘pick up’ our neurotransmitters (i.e. serotonin) so that they can be utilised by the brain cells and play their part in our mood, increasing happiness and reducing anxiety.” 5 Get a good night’s sleep Sleep is a significant part of living a healthy lifestyle, and many of us simply do not get enough. Stress, sleep and anxiety are all related. Martina Della Vedova, a nutritionist at Nature’s Plus UK says: “If we don’t get enough sleep we can find it harder to adapt to challenging situations, and when we can’t cope as efficiently with stress it can be harder to have a good night’s rest. “Magnesium is known as ‘nature’s tranquiliser’ and is needed to relax our muscles and nerves, which helps us to fall into a peaceful sleep. To ensure you’re getting enough magnesium try and include plenty of magnesium-rich foods in your diet such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds, fish and leafy green vegetables. “I’d also recommend taking the new KalmAssure Magnesium Powder. This is a naturally chelated magnesium which is very easy to absorb and easily delivered to the tissues.”

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HAM IT UP TIPS FOR STRONGER HAMSTRINGS AND THE REASONS YOU NEED THEM, BY FUNCTION JIGSAW’S LAUREN DOBSON Have you previously, or do you currently, suffer with a knee injury, weak knees or recurring knee pain? A strength imbalance between your hamstrings and quads increases your risk of injuries, such as muscle strains and ligament sprains especially around the knee joint. THE ANATOMY The hamstring group consists of three muscles – semimembranosous, semi-tendinosous and bicep femoris. The quadriceps muscle group consists of four muscles – vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, vastus intermedialis and rectus femoris. The ‘quads’ have a larger muscle bulk and are used more frequently, but the quads and ‘hammys’ work together to move the hip and knee. Hammys flex the knee and extend the hip and run along the back of the thigh attaching the hip and knee. Quads meanwhile, do the opposite. They extend the knee and flex the hip joint and are located on the front of the thigh. THERE ARE MANY EXERCISES TO IMPROVE YOUR HAMSTRINGS The hamstring muscle group consists of type two muscle fibres which assist in explosive movements such as acceleration or jumping. It is important to work on hamstring strength and muscular endurance to reduce the risk of injury. Hamstring strains often occur while running. When you run, your knee straightens which means quads contract and hamstrings lengthen. If our hamstrings are weak, the quads will pull the hamstring group faster than it can lengthen and that can cause damage to your joints, muscles or ligaments. Weaker muscles also fatigue quicker and therefore may result in greater strength imbalances and further injury. A common injury caused by poor

hammys/quads is the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) sprain/rupture – the most common knee injury. Straight-ahead sports such as jogging, swimming and cycling place little stress on the ACL. However, sports such as football, basketball, tennis and rugby that involve cutting, planting and changing direction movements in which the ACL plays a vital role, put athletes at greatest risk of injury. This is especially true when there is poor hamstring strength to support the motion. Current research suggests that our hammys should be around 65% of our quad strength under a concentric contraction. This means that if the quads can lift 10kg under a shortened contraction, the hammys should be able to lift 6.5kg. A concentric contraction is where the muscle shortens under tension and the area where the muscle originates from, to where the muscle attaches to, becomes shorter. A concentric quad contraction in the gym would be a leg press or resisted leg extension. The hammy/quad will be different depending on how functional the movement is. In functional motions, hammys are to be around 50-80% of quad strength. WAYS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR HAMSTRINGS Broad jumps/double leg jumps Similar to a long jump technique. Feet fixed in a parallel position hip width apart, bending knees and hips backwards into squat position, big push forwards to jump and land double leg with a nice soft and controlled landing to absorb the force. Glute/hammy bridges Laying on back with knees bent at around 80-90 degrees, heels flat on the floor, raise hips high keeping shoulders and heels in contact with the floor, engaging hammys and glutes, control motion back down to the ground.

Good morning Feet hip width apart, knees in 10-15 degrees of flexion, keeping back flat, lower back down to a range that doesn’t give too much of a pull on the hamstrings or that the flat back cannot be maintained. Stiff leg dead lifts Stand on one leg holding it straight, raise other leg off the floor with knee bent, keep back flat and reach to the floor to touch toes, again to the point that you feel a mild ‘pull’ or loose control of maintaining a flat back. Nordic hammy curl Kneeling down with feet anchored, straight torso, slowly lower self down until loss of control. Make sure you use your hands to prevent hitting your face on the floor, and work in a comfortable range that doesn’t cause pain. All of these exercises can be progressed with weights or resistance bands but be sure to get advice on what sets and reps should be performed and balance them out with other exercises and activities. If any of the exercises cause pain, do seek professional advice. Lastly, but most importantly, make sure that hamstrings and glute complex are loose, mobile and warmed up correctly before training. You can also input stability exercises such as single leg balance, walking lunges or wobble board activities to help improve coordination and progress muscle building in combination with hamstring strengthening. For more information and exercise plan advice speak to the professionals that can help with your improvements.

@FunctionJigsaw info@functionjigsaw.co.uk www.functionjigsaw.co.uk

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Summer is back, and with it an array of new fashion hitting the high street, with cut outs still high on the agenda. From cold shoulder and crop tops to backless dresses, it’s enough to strike fear in even the most confident fashionista. To help you on your way, Kevin Stokes, an instructor at British Military Fitness (www.britmilfit.com), has put together the best shoulder, back and stomach toning exercises that will get you rocking this season’s fashions with confidence... EXERCISES TO ROCK THE COLD SHOULDER TOP Beloved by celebrities from Rosie Huntington-Whitely to Kendall Jenner, people are baring their shoulders left, right and centre this summer. If you’re not ready to show off your shoulders, press-up variations will help, says Kevin. “Press-ups challenge your muscles in three different directions, and are the best exercise for toning the shoulders without bulking up.” The press-up • Get into a high plank position. Placing your hands firmly on the ground, directly under your shoulders, brace your core and engage your glutes and hamstrings so your body is straight. • Lower your back keeping it flat and your eyes focused in front of you. Draw your shoulder blades back and down and keep your elbows tucked close to your body and lower yourself to the ground. • Keep your core engaged and push back to the starting position. The pike press-up • Start in press-up position above, with hands in a wide diamond and fingers pointing toward each other. • Bend at waist, lifting hips up and coming onto toes so your body forms upsidedown ‘V’. Bend elbows to lower head toward hands. • Push back up and repeat. EXERCISES TO WORK THE CROP TOP A summer classic, the crop top is showing

no sign of going out of fashion anytime soon, which can be a dream or a nightmare depending how confident you are baring your midriff. “When it comes to getting a flat stomach, diet will play a big part,” advises Kevin, “however, abdominal exercises will help tone up the area.” The classic crunch • Lie on your back with your arms either crossed over your chest or by your head and raise your legs to form a 90-degree angle at the hip and knee joints. • Slowly raise your shoulders off the floor by contracting your stomach muscles. • Make sure that your eyes stay focused straight ahead and that your neck is kept in line with your spine but relaxed. The leg raise • Lie on your back with your shoulders pressed towards the ground and arms by your side. You can tuck your hands under the small of your back if this is more comfortable. • Engage your abs and with both legs straight, raise up your legs until they are at 90 degrees. • Keep abs engaged and lower both legs down until they are hovering just a few centimetres off the ground before raising back up. EXERCISES TO BOSS THE BACKLESS DRESS As this year’s Oscars proved, the back is the new cleavage. You might not be going to an award ceremony anytime soon, but there are still plenty of backless summer dresses on the high street to take your pick from. “The back can be overlooked in strength training, but a strong back is essential for good posture. And the best part is, most exercises only require your own body weight to be effective.” says Kevin. Reverse snow angels • Lie face down with arms relaxed. • Keeping the shoulders seated tightly and arms locked out, raise the hands overhead

• Keep hands and arms a few inches off the ground. • Return the hands to the sides, keeping the arms locked out and shoulders seated tightly in the socket. Dorsal raises • Lie face down with hands at the temples, as if you were doing a (reverse) sit-up. • Take a deep breath in and raise your chest off the ground. • Hold briefly, then lower to the ground. THE WORKOUT PLAN Kevin continues: “To get the most out of these exercises, you need to combine them in a plan that will ensure the maximum toning of your target areas and optimal fat burn. Try this 25-30 minute workout three to five times a week and see the results. Beginners should start with the lower set and rep scheme and progress each week.” Circuit 1 Press-ups – 15-20 reps Abdominal crunches – 15-20 reps Reverse snow angels – 15-20 reps Perform each exercise one-after-another without rest. After one circuit rest for one minute. Repeat three to five times and then move on to circuit 2. Circuit 2 Pike press-ups – 15-20 reps Leg raises – 15-20 reps Dorsal raises – 15-20 reps Perform each exercise one-after-another without rest. After one circuit rest for one minute. Repeat three to five times and then move on to the HIIT workout. HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout Interval sprints (these can be done either by running, rowing, or cycling). Sprint all out for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat for 10-20 minutes. To sign up for a free trial with British Military Fitness, go to www.britmilfit. com/try-bmf-for-free

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48-49 Fitness OK.indd 49

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should come from these categories. Extrinsic non-milk sugars, on the other hand, cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate and lead to poor appetite and tooth decay. They are detrimental to health if eaten in large quantities and should be limited. FRUIT JUICES AND SMOOTHIES Although drinking fruit juice does count towards your five-a-day, it should be limited to one glass (200ml) per day as it is an extrinsic non-milk sugar, which can lead to the above health issues. Stick to natural fruit juice from concentrate and avoid those with added additives and preservatives. If you are making your own smoothie, try adding some vegetables and seeds to bulk it out, rather than making it solely with fruit, to reduce the sugar content. If you are buying a smoothie, only opt for freshly made and make sure you read the ingredients list carefully.

SWEET EMOTION Despite the panic over sugar levels in food, nutritional adviser Helen Cole reckons it is an often misunderstood food group This time last year, the nation was sent in to panic mode over the great sugar debate, and now that the initial worry has died down it seems a good time to highlight and properly digest the facts which, incidentally, have never changed. Often, when a new health concern is issued the focus tends to be on that single component and we forget to look at the bigger picture. ‘Balance’ is the word that springs to my mind whenever we are told to avoid certain food groups – it’s all about balance. I cannot claim to never eat sugar; I have a very sweet tooth. But I can claim to eat it as part of a balanced diet and try to stick to natural sugars as much as I can. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Sugar falls into two main categories – intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic sugars are the simple sugars naturally occurring in plant-based foods such as fruit and vegetables. They have not been broken down and are still contained within the plant cell, hence the term ‘intrinsic’. Extrinsic sugars are those which are no longer contained within the plant cell and are the result of juicing, if taken from fruits and vegetables. To mix things up a bit more, there are two

types of extrinsic sugars – those found in milk and dairy products (extrinsic milk sugars) and those extracted from plant foods, such as fruit juice, honey and processed foods and drinks (non-milk extrinsic sugars). SO, WHICH SUGARS ARE OK TO EAT? When looking at our overall diet, we should not be cutting out any major food groups or nutrients. There have been mixed views over whether we should be eating fruit or not due to the amount of sugar it contains. While eating too much fruit will increase your sugar intake, you would struggle to consume many of the essential vitamins and minerals it contains elsewhere. The same goes for milk and dairy – unless you have a milk allergy or intolerance, there is absolutely no health benefit in cutting it out. If you are trying to lose weight, stick to low fat options, but check the label and make sure that the fat has not been replaced by sugar or some other form of sweetener. Intrinsic and extrinsic milk sugars are essential to good health. Milk and dairy provide us with nutrients such as protein and calcium, while fruit and vegetables are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Most of the sugar we eat

KEY WORDS AND QUANTITIES TO LOOK OUT FOR ON FOOD LABELS Added sugar should contribute to no more than 5% of your total daily calorie intake. In an ingredients list, sugar added to food can be called any of the following: Glucose Sucrose Maltose Corn syrup Honey Hydrolysed starch Invert sugar Fructose Molasses HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? When checking labels, the sugar content is found in the ‘Carbohydrates (of which sugars)’ figure and is normally given as a “ per 100g quantity: More than 22.5g of total sugars per 100g is high 5g of total sugars or less per 100g is low. Anything between these two figures is considered medium. So, if we learn to get the balance right, we can all eat well and be well! Information in this article is provided by Future Fit Training and figures are taken from the NHS guidelines. Cole Nutrition offers a full dietary analysis to identify the requirements for each individual. Together, we look at current eating and lifestyle patterns or habits and identify possible changes in realistic and achievable terms. Whatever your lifestyle, Cole Nutrition will endeavour to find the perfect balance for a happy, healthy you. If you would like to book a consultation or find out more about what we offer, please contact Helen Cole on 07966 050 193, email colenutritionh@gmail.com or visit the website at www.colenutrition.co.uk.

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t u o e p i w l a t o t a r o f w o n k o Bo £15

for 55 minutes

ADVANCED BOOKINGS www.aquaparkrutland.co.uk

DESKS AVAILABLE NOW Meeting Rooms also Available upon request.

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90 DAYS TO HEALTH NIRVANA: PART 3 New clothes have been needed for Chris Meadows’ new slimline look, but is boozing still holding him back? As I head into Cycle 2 of the Body Coach plan my weight loss stands at seven kilograms. A great start, and I’m very pleased with the results. It’s making all the hard work and early morning gym sessions worthwhile. But it’s not all great. Don’t get me wrong – feeling fitter and healthier is a good thing, a very good thing, but it once again comes at a price. The increased cost of food bills is one thing. But having now lost a reasonable amount of weight there is a secondary cost that was made very evident when I had to don my evening suit for a function recently. It was huge, and therefore required a quick dash to the local hire shop. I’m currently down to a few items of clothing that don’t resemble a billowing sail, so to prevent an issue if the wind picks up, I’ve had to start restocking the wardrobe. And despite the evercomforting words of friends of, “I wouldn’t worry, you’ll fit back into your old clothes in no time”, I plan to try and maintain a healthier lifestyle. I still have two cycles of the plan to go, so it was time for a pep talk. I caught up with the main man, Joe Wicks, again to find out a bit more about what may be in store for Cycle 2. The idea of me interviewing Joe swiftly went out the window, as the interviewer became the interviewee. Joe was energetically keen to

find out how I was getting on and if I was sticking to the plan. The beauty with Cycle 1 is that the workouts are quick: 20-30 minutes and you’re done. So they fit into any part of your day, and you then just tailor your meal plans around. It’s a great way to start and there are no excuses really. Joe explained that Cycle 2 introduces GVT, or German Volume Training. It’s essentially weight training, which is then teamed up with the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts to deliver maximum results. Rather than a 30-minute session in the gym though I’m now spending nearer an hour so it’s a lot more time consuming. The Microsoft Band has been great for the weights though. German Volume Training is all about 10 reps done in fairly quick succession so having the timer on my wrist is perfect, and it’s got a strength setting too. So I toggle between the rower and the weights with ease. The meals change in Cycle 2 as well. Weighing out food from the start made me realise just how much I was eating before. If you live on your own then you’ll have no issues with Cycle 1. But living with someone who isn’t on the plan is a bit more complicated, especially if you want to eat a meal together. My wife and I tended to double up on quantities to ensure I had my required quota, but Cycle 2 is much easier to

prepare meals together as you work on a ‘pick ’n mix’ method. There is now a greater focus on meals with carbohydrates and reduced fat. Joe explained that this cycle was more of a test phase to see whether my body reacted better to carbohydrates or fat. The results would then be tailored to suit in Cycle 3. He was then keen to find out if I’d seen any drop in body fat? Having lost just over a stone I was very pleased to be able to report back with the good news, although Joe isn’t a big fan of the scales for Cycle 2. His reasoning: “Once you start to build lean muscle it’ll slow down, and you don’t want to get disheartened that you’re not seeing results. Leave the scales alone now and look at the pictures you take at the end of Cycle 2. They’ll give you a better idea of your progress.” I knew the ‘are you giving it 100%?’ question was going to come up. In terms of the meals and HIIT, I can happily say yes. But in terms of going out for a few drinks with colleagues, friends or after a sports match - not so well. Joe commented: “It’s tricky to avoid all the bad stuff, it’s all about sustainability. You don’t want to be a complete hermit, I stay lean because I choose the right things off the menu if I’m going out. If you’re cutting booze down you’ll see really good results.’ However, Joe wasn’t so impressed that I’d only managed to not drink on one of the four Fridays in the first month (I think it may have been a couple more times than that too so I’m glad I didn’t tell him). Despite my feeble attempts to suggest that I’d made attempts to minimise the damaged by drinking gin and slimline tonic, Joe was quick to point out that, despite it being a reduction in calorie intake, it’s still alcohol and had I not drunk I’d have lost quite a bit more weight. “Alcohol inhibits your body’s fat burning ability,” he added. “If you want to see real progress, you need to hold back on the boozing and your body will really change shape.” Pub takings may be down then for the forseeable future…

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First for the





& Autocare Ltd 01572 822100 Unit 9, Fernie Court, Station Road, Uppingham LE15 9TX






Your adventure starts here Hire one of our canoes or kayaks on the beautiful River Nene from only £10 Nene Extreme Adventures The Wharf, Station Road Oundle, PE8 4DE

53.indd 1

Design your own paddling, climbing or bushcraft party for kids or adults

T: 01832 272050 office@neneextreme.co.uk www.neneextreme.co.uk

STEP INTO SUMMER • Westside Outside fully open for Summer, with 15 metre Monkey Bar Rig, Olympic Rings, Slam Balls, Climbing Rope, Battling Rope, Kettlebell Vertical Haul. • Gym use and studio classes are open to non members, everyone welcome. • Cardio area and resistance equipment • Large free weight area • Fully Air Conditioned Gym • New morning classes available • Sauna and Steam rooms • Highly experienced PTs • CRECHE Facilites • Free parking for all members. • Functional training area to include Powerplate, TRX and Boxing • Studio and Indoor cycling studio • Luxurious locker rooms with complimentary toiletries • Free nutritional advice and Full Body stat analysis available to all members • Full gym induction and programme review every 4 – 6 weeks

“With 20 years’ experience in the industry westside is a popular, friendly health club which has something for everyone.” CONTACT US TODAY: 01780 480651


Westside Health & Fitness Club West Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2PN

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THE FINISHING TOUCHES You’ve done all the hard work in the gym, playing sports and getting fit, so now is the time to reap the benefits and add the finishing touches… Edited by Mary Bremner

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS Men have never looked better – and that’s official! Men’s fashion and grooming is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK so we thought it was time to review a back wax and see what the ‘on trend’ man is wearing. Silhouettes are relaxed this season with plenty of loose fitting jackets and granddad shirts with no collars. Baggy linen trousers and shirts are proving popular for the summer. Shorts should be knee skimming and the neckerchief is back in a big way. It will take a brave man to don the Mary Jane’s (heeled shoes) that have been seen on the catwalk, but the more conservative (or sensible) can stick to the hooded parka, denim jacket and ubiquitous leather jacket that is an absolute classic. The James Dean look is

never far away and is making a bit of a comeback this year, along with a pair of ripped jeans, the more slashed the better! TAN SAFELY As I’m writing the rain is pouring down – as it has for much of this week – but we can dream of hot, sunny days to come. And sunny days mean high UV levels and the risk of sunburn. Suntan lotion is not just for holidays abroad, we need to protect ourselves at home as well – the British sun can be deceptively strong. Many face creams have SPF 25 in them so our faces should be protected, but if you are exposing parts of your body make sure you put sun protection on. There’s nothing better than having a light tan, but make sure you get it safely.

5 4 J U L Y 2 0 16 ///

54-55 SR Fitness beauty OK.indd 54

24/06/2016 08:13

And finally... The latest fashions to show off

Blue suede moccasin loafers £79 Gagliardi, Stamford

BACK WAXING I’ve never had a back wax so didn’t really know what to expect when I was asked to be a guinea pig and have it done. I was offered ‘intimate waxing’ or a back wax. Apparently ‘intimate waxing’ is quite popular but that was a step too far for me. I wasn’t sure how painful waxing was going to be as I’d heard horror stories but, being very dark haired, male grooming is something I have to pay attention to or I’d be walking round with a mono brow and hair sprouting everywhere. The Male Waxing Company sounded like a good name. I didn’t want to be sitting in a beauty salon waiting room surrounded by women gawping at me (that’s my perception, probably completely wrong). First things first, the salon’s a bit difficult to find, but simple when you know where it is above the spin room. Small, but with a

friendly atmosphere, I was made to feel very welcome by Sian. I took my shirt off, lay face down on the bed and she got started. Sian used two waxes on me to show me the difference in them. One was less painful than the other, being a non-strip wax that is normally used for more intimate or sensitive areas. Sian was quick and efficient and, apart from it stinging a bit (the second wax more so), there was nothing to complain about. I then had the soother treatment. Sian recommends I return in about three months for another wax. And I will – it was quick, easy and painless and great that the place was aimed at men. www.themalewaxingcompany.co.uk Unit 2, 113 Spalding Road, Deeping St James, PE6 8SD. 07982 422135 Prices are £25-£35 depending on the density of hair.

Islander canvas flip flops £20 www.gumbies.co.uk

Scotch and Soda twill chino shorts £64 www.cavells.co.uk

LUXURY PEDICURE I was in dire need of a foot treatment having spent much of last week on my feet, from early morning to late evening working at a show, so a pedicure was a very welcome treat. My feet were in desperate need so the foot spa at the beginning of the treatment, with added herbs, was a welcome relief. The smell from the crushed lavender and rosemary was wonderful. While one foot was in the spa my other foot’s cuticles were dealt with and my nails filed, then we swapped feet. Next my feet were treated to a scrub to remove the rough skin before they went back in the spa, and then it was a mask and massage – absolute bliss – I could feel all the aches and pains being soothed away.

To round it all off my nails were painted a very pretty colour, and there’s always lots of choice. I was fit to go once again and can’t stop admiring my very pretty toenails and rejuvenated feet. Cost £40.

Sixth June skinny jeans with distressing £50 www.asos.com

/// J U L Y 2 0 16 5 5

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24/06/2016 08:14

Proudly supporting

Sport • Music • Food • Fun

Friday 29th July

12 noon, Stamford School Main Field





Advanced tickets only: www.bglsportbash.co.uk

• Leicester Tigers - The Maul Roadshow • Giant slide • 7m climbing tower • Circus workshop • Mini golf • 45m inflatable assault course • Bungee run • Archery • Pothole caving experience • Gladiator challenge • Live band - Children of the Rev • Sky diving display • Street performers

• Grasmere - Hog roast, burgers and sausages • The Stamford Deli • Gino’s ice cream van • Sweet stall • Tea and cakes tent • Pimms tent • Bateman’s beer tent • Burleighs Gin trailer

Event Partners

Hospitality table enquiries: info@dcrevents.co.uk

Feature /// Event preview


BGL SPORT BASH IS BACK The annual star-studded cricket spectacle and family fun day returns to Stamford this month BGL SPORT BASH 2016, now in its fifth year, returns to Stamford School playing fields on July 29, with the organisers promising a fun filled day featuring free activities, live music, food and a star-studded cricket spectacle including a host of former international greats taking to the field. This year’s Sport Bash, now a firm fixture in Stamford’s social calendar, marks the first of a new three-year sponsorship agreement with major financial services provider, BGL Group. Chief executive Matthew Donaldson said: “We are delighted to continue our support of BGL Sport Bash. “As a locally-based company, many of our people live in Stamford and the surrounding area and we’re only too pleased to be involved with this fantastic community event that supports the likes of the Matt Hampson Foundation, Seb Goold Trust and the George Robinson Trust. Fingers crossed for the weather.’’ Organised by former England cricketer and Stamford Endowed School’s head of cricket, Dean Headley, BGL Sport Bash aims to support

charitable causes through the power of sport. Dean explained: “BGL Sport Bash is a fantastic day out for all the family. Last year we raised close to £40,000 for a host of charitable causes. “It’s great to see the local community come together in support of our event. We’ve added some amazing activities and events to our line-up this year and hope to raise even more money for a host of good causes including the Matt Hampson Foundation, the Seb Goold Trust and Team George.” Gates open at 11:30am, with visitors

encouraged to try their hand at a host of sportrelated activities including a climbing wall, potholing, archery, a bungee run and a 45-metre inflatable assault course. Leicester Tigers will also be attending BGL Sport Bash, bringing with them their roadshow vehicle, The Maul, the tackle bag and team mascot Welford. All activities are included in the admission price. On-going entertainment throughout the day includes the Humberts Cup Kwik Cricket competition, a skydiving display, street performers and music provided by cover band Children of the Revolution, with more acts to follow. A host of refreshments, sourced by the finest local food and drink vendors, including Grasmere, Stamford Deli, Batemans and Burleigh’s Gin, will be available to purchase throughout the day. Excitement is already building around the main event, a 20/20 cricket showpiece with a Dean Headley team competing against a Local Legends XI. The Dean Headley XI already boasts former international greats such as Simon Jones, Phil DeFreitas and Geraint Jones. Tickets for BGL Sport Bash 2016 are now available at www.bglsportbash.co.uk, priced at £10 for adults and £7.50 for children over 5, with free entry for children aged 5 and under.

/// J U L Y 2 0 16 5 7

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26/06/2016 11:13

Feature /// Great walks


Spa just to the Braceborough ods was once wo the of north famous in the st mo the one of llis famously Wi Dr d an land orge III here. Ge g Kin d treate

Braceborough Woods Well maintained woodland and one of the quietest villages in the area make for a very pleasant walk, as Will Hetherington discovers Photography: Will Hetherington

Difficulty rating (out of five)


If you take the Braceborough turn off the A6121 at Carlby, after approximately one mile you will come to Grange Farm and the footpath sign on your left hand side. From here take the path straight into the south eastern corner of the woods. It’s a well established dog walking area with two footpaths running in and out of it. But as long as you don’t stray from obviously well used walkways you can roam as you wish in this rather special woodland which benefits from sympathetic management for shooting, among other uses. There is a whole new plantation on the eastern

fringe of the woods which looks stunning with shafts of sunlight separating the fresh young trees. When you have explored the woods you can retreat to the car and call it a day but if you want a longer walk then there are two good options. You can walk west straight to Carlby on one footpath but it’s the only path so you will have to retrace your steps. So a better option is to take the northern one of two footpaths leading east to Braceborough. This goes right past Braceborough Lodge before crossing a couple of fields and leading to the edge of the village. The path back cuts back on the diagonal from this edge of the village but as you have come this far you may as well explore one of the quietest villages in the area before returning to the path back across the fields and the southern edge of the woods where you started.

Clockwise, from top

Braceborough is a quiet village but worth a detour; there’s a hint of Tuscany about this tree-lined avenue; Braceborough Great Wood is a great spot for a regular dog walk

5 8 J U L Y 2 0 16 ///

58-59 SR Walk feature OK.indd 58

24/06/2016 08:16

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION Where to park Either on the road near Grange Farm or in Braceborough if you prefer to start and finish in the village rather than the woods


Distance and time Even with a good walk around the woods it’s three miles and should take an hour.

Highlights Braceborough Great Wood is sympathetically managed, with a pleasing mixture of old and new trees giving different levels of light throughout the woods. There is something vaguely Tuscan about the tree-lined avenue leading to Braceborough Lodge and Braceborough itself is worth a look Lowlights It’s not the longest walk but you can add extensions and you won’t find much fresh running water Refreshments Nothing in Braceborough or Carlby so your nearest options are the Six Bells at Witham-on-the-Hill, the Hare & Hounds at Greatford or the Five Horseshoes in Barholm Difficulty rating Two paws. The paths are all clearly marked and this is flat land. The pooch perspective Great for giving the dog a run with some interest with no livestock around but there is a shortage of fresh water so on a hot day you might need to take some with you. For your own safety and navigation make sure you have an OS map with you when you go out walking. You won’t regret it.


/// J U L Y 2 0 16 5 9

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Enjoy a Summer of Sport WITH US...

The Euros We’ll be showing all home nation matches throughout Euro 2016 from 10th June.

Wimbledon Game, set, match – Wimbledon from 27th June.

Rio Olympics Enjoy over 42 sports from 5th August.

Tel: 01780 766 412 thebullandswan.co.uk

188x125mm LF Elton 25% Off Ad v1.indd 1

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29/03/2016 10:30

24/06/2016 12:22

Feature /// Sportsman's Dinner

Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill, Elton Matt and Will try some new flavour combinations at this familiar restaurant Will Summer is here so where better to decamp for supper than the fabulous surroundings of this former estate dairy which has been sympathetically converted? It still retains a rustic feel with a superb fireplace and wooden beams but it’s not too heavy and would work for lunch or dinner at any time of the year.

you, but they were all amazing. The natural option with some chopped shallots and a dash of tabasco is also hard to beat. I like the innovation of the tequila and lime but it didn’t stand out flavour wise, and the tempura battered oysters were delicious but these ingredients are so good it almost seems a shame to mask them.

the seafood ramen with mussels, king prawns, squid, udon noodles and a fried egg (£13.25). A ramen is a Japanese broth dish and they aren’t shy with either the portion or the chillies. I always have a childish glow of pride when a waitress compliments me on finishing a large dish, and this occasion was no exception.

Matt It has got some rustic touches but it’s also light and airy. It’s a lovely period building and they have used glass well with the existing stonework to allow the light to filter through. It’s certainly a smart spot for supper, and this Belhaven IPA is slipping down nicely too.

Will Right, now for the starters and my langoustine and salmon ravioli with a mussel beurre blanc and dill was superb. It was rich and packed with flavour yet not too heavy to fill me up before dinner. They are certainly serving up some treats tonight.

Matt I have no idea why she was surprised – after all, she must have seen the size of you and the look on your face when it arrived... but I have to admit I didn’t expect us to polish off that fantastic assiette of puddings too.

Will There are so many options on the menu it's a bit overwhelming but luckily the lovely waitress was on hand to steer us in the right direction. The combination of four different oysters to start with was magnificent. The options were natural, beetroot and horseradish, tempura, and tequila and lime. And at £9.95 for six they are certainly not over-priced. Despite all being incredible I can single out the beetroot and horseradish as my favourite. How about you?

Matt Yup, my sea bass and scallop ceviche with grapefruit, pomegranate, pea shoots and cumin popcorn (£7.25) was also very special; a really clever plate of food which was satisfying but not too filling either. My main course was grilled Loch Fyne langoustines with garlic butter, burnt lime mayonnaise and French fries (£17.95) and the flavour was delicious, although it’s always a bit of a challenge de-shelling each one quickly enough to eat them...

Matt Who knew that horseradish went so well with oysters? Sadly, I might have to agree with

Will I’m glad I went with my instinct (with a little help from the waitress) and plumped for

Will No, that took me by surprise too. And what a combination: burnt butter ice cream, chocolate and banana split, vanilla cheesecake, lemon meringue pie and orange polenta cake. Matt It might be part of a chain but this restaurant feels pleasingly independent and it would be hard to find fault with that meal.

Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill The Old Dairy, Elton Hall Estate, PE8 6SH. 01832 280298. www.lochfyneseafoodandgrill.co.uk

/// J U L Y 2 0 16

61 SR restaurantOK.indd 57


24/06/2016 15:40

Dementia Friendly Walks There are approximately 600 people in Rutland diagnosed with dementia and it is forecasted that by 2025 this figure will rise to approximately 1000 people. It has been proven that dementia friendly walks can benefit people with dementia and their carers. The Lincolnshire and Rutland Local Access Forums have been successful in attracting funding to train people to lead dementia friendly walks across the county. We are therefore looking to recruit volunteers to help us lead these walks. Dementia friendly walk leaders will receive two days training from Dementia Adventure, which includes: • • • • • • •

Learning about why exercise and walking outdoors in particular benefits people living with dementia. Using risk / benefit assessment to choose where and how to plan your walk. Understanding dementia and being able to answer people’s queries. Looking at why you want to be a walk leader, and the skills and responsibilities involved. Designing a walk and understanding the benefits. Getting outside and trying your hand at demonstrating everything you have learned. Understanding how the walks can be delivered in partnership with local organisations in order to reach your audiences.

Walk leaders will always work with another walk leader when taking part in a dementia friendly walk. Participants on the walk are in the company of their carer. The role may also include visiting day centres, care homes and dementia cafes to raise the awareness of these walks and to invite people to take part in them. If you are interested in finding out more about dementia friendly walk leader training, please contact Active Rutland on activerutland@rutland.gov.uk or 01572 720936.

Photography: Dementia Adventure

Active Mag Advert.indd 2

20/06/2016 16:28:16

FaME Classes Are you worried about falling or know someone who is? Would you like to work on your strength and balance? These classes could be for you! A progressive seated or standing exercise class tailored to individual needs and preferences, with an opportunity to socialise afterwards. Monday’s 2-3pm Inspire2tri, Studio Barn, St Mary’s Road, Manton, Rutland, LE15 8SU £3 per session

Coming in June / July 2016 at the Active Rutland Hub, Oakham Enterprise Park, Ashwell Road, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7TU For further information please contact Active Rutland on activerutlandhealth@rutland.gov.uk or 01572 758200



Active Mag Advert.indd 1


@ActiveRutland www.activerutland .org.uk

20/06/2016 16:29:14

Stamford Shakespeare Company 400 YEARS

of Shakespeare


Celebrations at Tolethorpe Hall

at Tolethorpe

7th June - 27th August For more information and to book online: www.stamfordshakespeare.co.uk

GALA NIGHT 6th August Celebrating an incredible 40 years of performing at Tolethorpe Hall with a production of Macbeth, the first play ever staged there.



Tickets for this performance are priced ÂŁ25 and include a free programme and glass of champagne or a soft drink. There will also be pre-performance entertainment, including jugglers, jesters, fire eaters, medieval magicians and minstrels, a harpist and a falconer with birds of prey.


☎ BOX OFFICE: 01780 756133

Feature /// School sport

SES sailors win championship Stamford Endowed Schools had a first when the senior (under-19) team won the Eastern region of the British Schools’ Dinghy Racing Association team racing championships at Rutland Sailing Club in June. The team (Alice Lucy and Jess Flint from Year 9, Jemima Leedham from Year 11 and Tom Proffitt, James Hayes and James Leetch from Year 12) had been training for the event on Saturday mornings with their coach, Dr Andrew Crookell, and fought hard to win the title in challenging conditions. They sailed in Fireflies against Oakham, Uppingham and Oundle, as well as Rugby and The Royal Hospital School, Ipswich, which has a special elite sailing academy. Team racing is often dubbed ‘chess on the water’ and Stamford had to out-manoeuvre each team in turn before reaching the final, a tense and closely contested battle of best of three races against The Royal Hospital School’s A team. Sailing captain James Leetch said: “The team really enjoyed the day’s racing and it was fantastic for us to get our first win in a major competition; it bodes well for future events.”

OAKHAM SHOOTING TEAM SWEEPS THE BOARD Oakham School’s full bore shooting team swept the board at the weekend as they competed in the Elmington Trophy, winning every available award! Held at Oundle School, Oakham found themselves competing against their hosts as well as Uppingham and Wellingborough. Oakham’s team shot so well, despite the very testing windy and rainy conditions, that they won every trophy available including: Team of 8 Winners, Team of 4 Winners, Cadet Pairs (Under 16) Winners, Best 300m Shot, and Best Overall Shot. The team are now setting their sights on the Schools Meeting at Bisley this month.

Brooke Priory adds Race for Life to list of summer events Brooke Priory School in Oakham is adding Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life to the timetable for the summer term, by hosting a special event on the school’s playing fields this month as part of Race for Life’s schools programme. Around 180 youngsters, aged from three to 11 years old, will join forces with parents, teachers and siblings, to take on cancer and walk, jog or run ( maximum 5km age dependent) in aid of Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work. Participants will be asked to make a donation to enter the event at the Brooke Priory Just Giving page. Elizabeth Bell, headmistress at Brooke Priory School, said: “Race for Life is a great addition to the school timetable. “The whole school is supporting the event so it will be a real team effort and a great day out for parents, pupils and staff, all whilst raising money for a seriously good cause.” /// J U LY 2 0 1 6 6 5

65 SR schoolsOK.indd 36

24/06/2016 15:39

UTCC Active Ad 125x90 final.qxp_Layout 1 21/06/2016 10:45 Page 1

Join and run for rsa A n nive


Anna’s Hope

Celebrity Cricket Family Sports Day

Team Anna’s Hope

in the 2016 Perkins Great Eastern Run Sunday, 9th October 2016

Thursday 11th August 2016

Uppingham Town Cricket Club, Rutland LE15 9SD





Sporting Activities and Fun Attractions from 1.30pm Demonstrations and tuition on Archery, Cricket, Fly Fishing, Football, Golf, Kickboxing, Netball, Rugby and Shooting. Cricket Coaching, Sporting Celebrities, Inflatable Fun Zone, Bat Making Demonstration, Food Court, Premier League Replica Trophy, Craft Stalls, Traditional Sweet Stall and more! U9s Cricket Tournament 2pm Teams from around the County


Team Anna’s Hope T-Shirt

Help Give Hope

to children in the region with brain tumours

for runners who pledge to raise over £50!

Celebrity T20 Cricket 5pm Rutland XI v Lord’s Taverners ‘Leicester Legends & Friends’ Captained by Paul Nixon

For tickets or for further information, please call 01572 758752 or visit the website: www.facebook.com/UTCCevents

For Anna’s Hope Fund Raising Pack contact admin@annashope.co.uk | Tel 01780 740492 To Enter visit www.perkinsgreateasternrun.co.uk www.annashope.co.uk Charity Reg No. 1116512

Adults - £5 Under 16’s - £2 Under 5’s - free Raising funds for Lord’s Taverners. Charity No. 306054

Pool Parties Hire the pool at Edith Weston Academy for £50 an hour. One metre deep from end to end, a maximum of 18 people in the pool at one time, trained aquatic rescuer on site, newly refurbished changing rooms.

We also offer the large hall and pool together for £90 for 2.5hrs. 01780

66.indd 1

If you would like more information, swimming lessons or to hire out the pool please contact Kate on 720025 / office@edithweston.rutland.sch.uk (term time) and 07980 282387 (during school holidays)

24/06/2016 12:25

Feature /// School sport

Burgeoning coaching academy for aspiring young cricketers A coaching academy run by an ex-Leicestershire player has been busy signing up aspiring young cricketers in the area. The founder, Tom Flowers, said his cricket coaching has been set up to bring high quality coaching to East Leicestershire & Rutland, serving Market Harborough, Melton Mowbray, Uppingham, Oakham and Stamford. He said: “We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver bespoke specialised coaching to players, aiming to provide increased quality contact time between the player and coach without diluting quality. “Our overall aim is to improve the standard of local cricket coaching around the area in line with our company ethos: ‘Maximising potential through hard work, simplicity and enjoyment’.” Coaching is led by Tom, who is a Level 3 coach and has played for Leicestershire CCC and Loughborough University, and is currently an ECB employed national coach. Tom’s past experience as Sherborne School master-in-charge of cricket means his team are

well trained in independent and state school coaching. The coaches can provide all year round services, including one-to-one sessions, winter academy programmes, small specialist groups, weekly club coaching, club-satellite school links,

professional masterclasses, session plans, coaches training and popular Summer Cricket Camps at various venues around the county.  Visit www.tomflowerscricketcoaching.com or call 07815647892 for all bookings and enquiries, including becoming a host venue for a summer camp.

Junior disabled athletes ready to go for gold Local young disabled athletes will be going for gold in Coventry on July 2 and 3 at the Typhoo National Junior Athletics Championships. The annual event is one of the highlights in the disability sports calendar with some competitors hoping their success might lead to a golden career in athletics. There have been seven qualifiers held over the last few months leading up to the nationals, with

pupils from Lutterworth High School, Babington College, Birkett House and Crown Hills Community College in the finals. Many elite disabled athletes began their own sporting success at this prestigious event, including Hannah Cockroft, Shelly Woods, Aled Davies and Hollie Arnold, who were spotted as potential world class athletes. The two-day championships at

the University of Warwick’s athletics track is organised by the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS). There is a full programme on offer, meaning athletes with a wide range of impairments can take part, something which is not often supported at many other events. Barry Horne, chief executive of EFDS, said: “We believe everyone should have a chance to be active,

at whatever level they choose to take part. “The Typhoo Junior Athletics Championships 2016 is one of our favourite events of the year and we know how much the athletes enjoy it too. That’s why it is great to see how many young disabled people will be part of the competition. Good luck to all involved!”  For more information, visit www.efds.co.uk.

BEATING THE RAT RACE FOR GEORGE One of the Stamford Endowed Schools’ boarding houses, Browne House, took part in the Rat Race at Burghley, raising more than £5,000 for the #teamgeorge charity. The team has successfully raised £5,140, eclipsing their original £5,000 target. Eddie Robinson, George’s younger brother who has been staying in the boarding house this year, was one of the students who took part. Browne housemaster, Leigh Ware, said: “The Rat Race proved a fantastic challenge for our sixth form boarders who have been training hard. “They showed great spirit in working together and supporting each other, exactly what boarding at Stamford School is all about. We thank everyone who has shown support.”

/// J U LY 2 0 1 6 6 7

67 SR schoolsOK.indd 36

24/06/2016 15:38

Roundup The scores, star performers and stats from a month in local sport


Oakham rue their form with the bat away from home BY JEREMY BESWICK


akham’s Saturday 1st XI has had a mixed start to the season, which will be something of a disappointment having come so close to promotion last year. That’s by no means beyond them this season yet – they lie fourth in the table – but captain Richard Martin is clear where they need to improve. He told me: “We started off very well and dominated some sides at home. We’ve bowled well but our batting lacks discipline when we travel.” Perhaps that’s partly because the Lime Kilns is one of the best batting tracks around, but Martin thinks that shots Oakham can get away with playing at home may not be suitable for more bowler-friendly conditions. He continued: “We need to rein in more on less accommodating wickets, play according to the pitch and pick our spots to score in. We’ve found ourselves trying to rebuild innings in the middle order which means we’re chasing the game and too often finding ourselves behind the eight ball.” Sponsored by Hindmarch & Co (Stamford) Ltd

One bright spot in the batting line up remains the irrepressible Cameron Flowers, averaging in the high 90s. “Cameron’s been whacking it to all parts,” said Martin. “He’s phenomenal and such a fantastic striker of the ball – so much so that sometimes the rest of us hardly need to bat.” We considered whether that meant the rest of the side weren’t getting enough batting practice in match conditions as a result, only half-jokingly. When all’s said and done, that batting line up has a lot of talent in it – ‘strength in depth’” was Martin’s phrase – so if they heed his advice I’m sure they’ll be in the mix for promotion at the end of the season. Uppingham’s three successive promotions meant they began the season unsure of what awaited them in the higher league. Now they’re a few games in I asked skipper Jamie Dumford for his assessment. “It’s not going too badly,” he told me. “We’ve only come across two or three sides that were clearly better than us at the moment.

Sileby for example, in all fairness, outplayed us from start to finish but we’re getting some good results and there’s no reason why we can’t be mid-table.” The team is a young one, so a season of consolidation and experience at this level bodes well for the future. “There’s nothing for the lads to worry about. Of late we’ve done better,” Dumford said. “The signs are encouraging and with a couple of tweaks we’d be a lot higher in the table. For example, we’ve dropped a lot of catches which is unlike us and I’m sure won’t continue. Also, we’ve had a number of winning draws which might have been outright wins – almost doubling our points tally if we’d just been able to prise the last batsmen out.” A case in point was their last home match, against Enderby. Batting first they reached 265, Jamie Richardson top scoring with 91 and in reply Enderby were soon reduced to 55-3 after wickets from Danny Dumford, Alex Ashwin and Patrick Latham. After a decent


4th - 8th JULY



6 8 J U LY 2 0 16 ///

68-69 SR cricketOK.indd 60

24/06/2016 15:38

Leicestershire’s recent win away to table-topping Essex means they’re still very much in the mix for the single promotion slot to the top tier in the County Championship. Clint McKay returned career-best figures of 8-84 in that match and coach Andrew McDonald was fulsome in his praise saying: “Clint was outstanding throughout the game. Every contest he delivers 100% and that’s all you can ask.” McKay himself was rather more down to earth, pointing out that it wasn’t all good as “I’ve got to buy a round for the boys”. The club’s Dan Nice and I reflected on their start to the season, and he suggested they’d played even better than their league position would suggest. “We’ve had some really bad luck with the weather recently in the four-day format,” he told me. “Sometimes, if you’re behind in a match it seems like a blessing but we’ve looked on course to win each and every time when the rain’s intervened, which is frustrating. “However, as Andrew McDonald tells the players, there’s nothing you can do about the weather. But the style of cricket we’re playing now means we’ll win lots of games.” One player who’s shown clear improvement this campaign has been bowler Ben Raine. “He’s really come on in the last couple of years,” said Nice, “and has been playing out of his skin.” Overall then, so far this season it’s been a case of Raine good, rain bad. They’ve been doing well at T20 too, but their form will be easier to assess aer their three home games in July – Derbyshire on the eighth, Notts on the 12th and Lancashire on the 15th. The evenings are proving to be a great success. Dan told me: “The more work-friendly starting time of 6:30pm that we’ve begun this season has really paid dividends with larger crowds enjoying all that’s on offer for a great family evening out.” That includes new food and drink outlets with burgers, hot dogs, curries from Spice Bazaar, children’s portions and healthy options available from a host of food outlets surrounding the field so it feels rather more like a gourmet festival than a cricket match. “We’ve also now got the ‘Foxes Den’ for kids,” Dan continued, “With a bouncy castle, face painting, a sweet shop and the chance to face our bowling machine.” Next to the den is a special portion of the ground that’s alcohol free and family friendly. At £30 for two adults and up to three children under 16, that’s a bargain.

stand from Enderby, two quick wickets put them at 106-5 – a position that meant there was only going to be one winner. Although the visitors were to reach a total of only 150 by the end, that final wicket eluded them meaning they reaped 10 or so points less than for an outright win, despite having “comprehensively outplayed” the opposition. Much the same was true of the matches against Leicester Banks and Houghton, so the stats back up Dumford’s assertion that, with only marginal improvement, they’re capable of climbing the table. Burghley Park is a club that seems to be going from strength to strength with improved performances from all sides this season and with the new Saturday second XI

Neville Chadwick Photography

Vox Fox


Ben Raine is enjoying a rich vein of form with the ball this season as Leicestershire remain in the mix for promotion to the top tier of the County Championship

One of the new signings Dan’s excited about is short-format specialist Cameron Delport, a South African that they’re looking to use to strengthen the batting in the one day and T20 sides. To get him used to English conditions they sent him up north last month to play for Tudhoe in the North East Premier League. Early indications are that those conditions suit him just fine as he played an innings to remember with 15 fours and 14 sixes on his way to 183 not out off only 77 balls – out his side’s total score of 260. I’m looking forward to watching him bat at Grace Road in his T20 debut - sounds like there’s going to be fireworks. Fireworks, now there’s an idea – I’ll just get back on the phone to Dan and suggest they’d make a perfect ending to their T20 evenings.

team notching six wins from seven. The firsts travelled to Ickwell on a weekend when the rain meant it was one the few matches to be played and thus offered a chance to close the gap to the top of the table. With the side sitting third and Ickwell close to the bottom confidence would have been high, but the day proved to be a setback due to a match winning performance by Harry Young. Burghley skipper Nick Cowley won the toss and the wet wicket left him in no doubt what to do. Things went well at first with Cowley himself bagging three wickets as Ickwell stumbled to 139-9 and the match seemed all over, yet heroics from Young, ably supported by number 11 Harry Rothband, saw a tremendous last wicket stand add over

Day Games: 10.00am Sixes Competition - 6.00pm Live Band on Friday Night

120 runs, Young finishing on 141 not out. In response, the Bears seldom looked capable of matching Ickwell’s total of 261, finishing on 209 with Young enjoying himself with the ball as well, bagging four for 41. Nevertheless, Burghley remain third in the table. This month sees the return of their ever-popular Cricket Week & Beer Festival, from Monday 4 to Friday, July 8. For most the cricket continues to be the main focus, with day games taking place from 10am The well supported sixes competition is in the evenings, featuring 16 local sides in the five-over matches. Plenty of real ales are on offer and a second bar has been added to ease the queues and they tell me the food will be even better.


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/// J U LY 2016

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Daniels in ‘up/down’ farce BY DEAN CORNISH


hile most of the country has been agonising over ‘in or out’, everyone at Stamford AFC has been slightly more pre-occupied with ‘up or down’, and sadly it’s ended with ‘down’ – almost two months after the end of the season. Stamford AFC were relegated after finishing fourth from bottom in the Evo Stik Premier Division, but that was only the start of the vertical hokey-cokey... Incredibly, Cinderford Town decided to not accept their promotion into the Southern Premier Division, and the Daniels therefore received an official reprieve as they were the ‘best’ of the 12 relegated sides, with the final day win against Mickleover Sports meaning that their 47 points was enough for a reprieve. Stamford fans and management rejoiced, with chairman Bob Feetham calling it “wonderful news” and “just reward for the effort put in by Graham Drury and his squad”. The reason for Cinderford’s refusal to accept promotion was clouded in mystery. Many presumed an unwillingness or inability to pay higher wages for higher standard players, and also having to deal with longer travelling distances across the larger geographical range of the Southern Premier Division.

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Conspiracy theorists, though, suggested that Cinderford had noted that Hereford Town FC had just got promoted into the division they were being promoted from, and the pay day of 4,000 thirsty Hereford fans was too good to miss out on. So, that was that… Stamford were awarded a reprieve and Drury spent the next three weeks putting together a cracking squad. Then, just as many Stamford fans were eagerly awaiting the start of the England v Wales game, the FA sent an email to Stamford advising them that Evesham United had appealed the decision, and therefore the Daniels’ reprieve had been reprieved (confused yet?). One may question why the relegation or otherwise of Stamford had any bearing on Evesham. Their appeal was based on the fact that Cinderford’s non-promotion meant that there was one too many sides in that division, and Evesham were therefore moved to another feeder league. Conspiracy theorists suggested they too weren’t happy to miss out on the impending travelling Hereford army, so decided to appeal. The FA looked into it, and deemed it not an option to ‘refuse promotion’ and

instead insisted Cinderford take their place in the Southern Premier Division. Feetham said:“This is absolutely devastating. To be told three weeks ago that we were reinstated into the NPL and then to have it all snatched away so long after is absolutely dreadful. For all of us involved, be it player, director or supporter, it feels like we have been relegated all over again. “I find it hard to believe that we have been notified only by email and there hasn’t even been a phonecall or an apology from anyone. It is shabby and certainly not the way I would do business.” Stamford now find themselves in the position of having recruited (and contractually paid for) a number of players who were expecting to play at a higher level. It’s a mess and could have easily been avoided had the Evo Stik League checked with the FA before agreeing to Cinderford’s non-promotion. The Daniels will now have to prepare for life in step 4 of the pyramid and look to get promoted back to the Premier Division on the field. They’ve kept Graham Drury, who has experience of promotion from this level, and the squad so far looks promising, with many of last season’s most popular players staying on.

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Rockingham rocks BY JULIA DUNGWORTH


ockingham Castle Horse Trials took place over the weekend of May 21 and what a great start to the summer it was, with only one day of rain – which seems to be somewhat of a record with the season being a bit of a washout so far. The Burghley Young Event Horse classes ran on the Friday with local rider JP Sheffield taking the four-year old section on Horatio. He was also third on First Kiss in the five-year old section, qualifying them both for Burghley. There was BS jumping, arena eventing and Pony Club jumping in the main rings over the rest of the weekend, with the main classes being the CICs. Kitty King again was on top form and took one of the big 2** on Vendredi Biats and David Britnell took the other on Continuity. Izzy Taylor took the first 1* riding SFS Legacy, with local rider Alexander Tordoff finishing seventh on Cool Jack. Roberto Scalisi took the second 1* on Topaze Du Plain. Local riders faired well with a few minor placings too. It’s easy to forget but the now local (Somerby) Andrew Hoy also won the Advanced Intermediate on Cheeky Calimbo. Sarah Mayhew from Stamford achieved one of her dreams at Rockingham and completed her first international competition on



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Angus Smales competing at Rockingham

Watervalley Anna’s Girl; they finished 39th, with a very respectable dressage. The 148th Rutland County Show ran on June 5, on probably the hottest day of the year so far. The show had a superb shopping area and so much for everyone to see and do with a lot of very well supported showing classes including working and ridden hunters. One of the highlights was the show jumping which

was slightly oddly not run in the main ring, although they had a very respectable turnout with a lot of the bigger local show jumpers coming to support. Holly Gillot had a great day winning the Polly Phillips Memorial Trophy in the 1.25 on Grennastown Sarco Luxhill, beating Andrew Saywell. Holly also had a first and second in the Foxhunter and a second in the Newcomers, beaten by Robert Smith riding Black Label. Victoria Branson riding Captain’s Delight won the Discovery and Mikki Bailey on Rhydcedan Reflection won the British Novice. Vere Phillips was also there supporting his most local show, coming second to Mikki in the British Novice on Avalon Sunset B and also third in the Discovery on Optimist I. Claire Robertson also had a great day on the four horses that she took, qualifying both Easy and Ezar for the Game Fair. Etti Dale has also qualified Simply Simon II for the British Novice Finals at Gatcombe in August, after he had a short break with being a bit under the weather. The combination had an impressive win at Stratford Hills having led after the dressage. Nicky Polson was also back on form to finish fifth on South Esk Cyrus.

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The picturesque sixth hole at Rutland Water

THE 19TH HOLE Everything you need to know about local golf COURSE NEWS Pro help at Luffenham North Luffenham now has Gary Casey, a PGA golf coach from Thorpe Wood Golf Club, offering lessons every Tuesday between 10am and 4pm. The club’s Malcolm Hird said: “He took his first lesson recently and played nine holes, saying how impressed he was at the quality of the course. We are all hoping that this will prove to be a very productive relationship.” Veterans defy the rain In conditions more suited to ducks, continual rain throughout the day had a major impact as the Veterans’ Cup was played on Greetham’s Valley course. Ever increasing numbers of over 70s contest this competition and this year more than 30 members took part. As a result of the weather, scoring was difficult. Third place was taken by Barry Shaw who totalled 30 points, second place went to Frank Hinch, also with 30 points, who took the place on countback, while the overall winner was a surprised Frank Macguire with 31 points. Frank was staggered to be top of the leaderboard given that he failed to enter a score on three holes in the back nine but a score of 19 points in the first half left him atop the table. Juniors continue to impress Junior members at Greetham continue to make the headlines in the club competitions. In glorious conditions for golfing, the June Medal was contested by more than 100 entrants and taking third place was junior Luc Affleck who, having recently earned his Lincolnshire county debut, scored a nett 69 and a handicap reduction from 17 to 15; his round included a well-earned birdie on the 13th, but a visit to the water on the final hole cost him a higher podium position.

Second place went to Nick Cunnington for a fine round of 67 (nett) and a handicap reduction to 2; as befits a golfer of Nick’s level his round was consistent throughout and a total of three birdies meant that he played the course in two under par (gross) for a nett score of 67. The overall winner, was another junior, Harry Sargood (pictured right), who has been playing increasingly consistent golf as his handicap comes down, almost on a weekly basis. On Sunday, Harry scored a nett 64 to win the competition along with a handicap reduction from 16 to 14. Tomson wins Rutland Water championship Rutland Water Golf Club hosted its club championship weekend with the course playing at its maximum length. A cool breeze on the first day meant scoring was tough and it was no surprise that there was a bunched leaderboard after play. With four holes to play the competition was between Paul Tomson and Graeme MacNaughton. Tomson, with a birdie three on the 15th, and a disastrous double bogey seven on the 16th for MacNaughton, sealed the result. In the end the victory margin of five was flattering but it was another convincing display from Tomson. He said: “It was touch and go towards the end, but the birdie on the 15th hole settled my nerves and after that I relaxed again. The condition of the course was excellent and the greens putted superbly.” Tomson is now focusing on reducing his handicap to scratch. In the nett category Scott Higgs was untouchable winning with a score of six under par, three clear of Simon Homer. In the

Ladies club championship Marion Clarke, last year’s winner and this year’s ladies captain, defended her title by edging out Sharon Baxter and Jane Littlewood by one shot with a solid score of 93. Haughton sisters on fire The Haughton sisters (pictured below) took two of the top three places in the Pat Holloway Trophy at Greetham Valley. Third place was taken by Isabel Haughton, playing off 24, who scored 38 points; Izzy was looking to finish with an even higher score (and probably first place) when she suffered two failures to score in succession on 15 and 16. This setback, however ,did not deter her from finishing strongly on the final holes. Second place went to Fay Taylor, playing off 25, with a fine 39 points in a curate’s egg of a round; Fay had a fine birdie on the 14th but regrettably followed this with a failure to score on the following hole. The overall trophy was won by Ellie Haughton (6) who also scored 39 points but won on countback. Ellie scored an amazing eagle on the long 13th hole as well as two birdies and the only blot on her card was on the eighth hole where she failed to score.

 Got any golf news, tips, recommendations or put in some stellar performances this month? Email Steve Moody – steve@theactivemag.com.

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Profile for Active Magazine

Active Magazine // Stamford & Rutland // July 2016  

SPORT, LEISURE, getting fit and staying healthy – Stamford and Rutland is buzzing with people full of energy. Reflecting what’s going on th...

Active Magazine // Stamford & Rutland // July 2016  

SPORT, LEISURE, getting fit and staying healthy – Stamford and Rutland is buzzing with people full of energy. Reflecting what’s going on th...