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JULY 2010



TDA Provides Funds to Community Non-Profits (L-R) Pictured in a dental room at CCA in Lewisville are Adult Health Center director Ms. Doris Scales and dental assistant Ms. Kellie McDaniel.

Each year, your Texas Dental Association utilizes interest earned from its relief fund to provide financial assistance to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations affiliated with dentistry. Potential applicants submit letters of interest and an associated budget to the TDA Board of Directors. Below are brief summaries of this fiscal year’s successful applicants.

Christian Community Action in Lewisville

Christian Community Action (CCA) is a faith-based non-profit that has provided food, housing, medical care, and vocational training for 37 years. The Adult Health Center provides low-cost medical care across Denton County. Dr. Robert Sikes established the dental clinic in 2003. Last year, routine dental services were provided to 300 patients, and 164 patients received dental hygiene services.

Inside TDA Smiles Foundation Williamson County Texas Mission of Mercy TDA 2014: An Update Leadership Development San Antonio New Dentist Committee Receives Award TDA Publications Receive Award

Funding from the TDA will provide supplies and equipment to provide dental services and dental hygiene to clients.

AAPD Names TDA Member to Board

Community Health Center of Lubbock

Evidence-based Practice Tip of the Month

The Community Health Center of Lubbock provides medical and dental services to the underserved in Lubbock and surrounding communities.

MK’s Board Notes

There are three dental clinics in the city of Lubbock and one mobile dental unit that travels to four adjacent counties (Garza, Crosby, Lynn, Terry) to provide services to those in need. The dental clinics provide services to both children and adults. As a participant of the First Dental Home initiative, children as young as 6 months can be treated. All patients are eligible for a sliding fee scale which is administered based on income, and the center accepts all state program dental insurances including Medicaid and CHIP. Funding from the TDA will provide much needed Cavitron equipment in order to more effectively serve the community with preventive services.

Money Matters

(L-R) Pictured at the Community Health Center of Lubbock are dental hygienists Ms. Heather Roschetzky, Ms. Jennifer Hatton, and Ms. Laurie Levario.

Dentists Who Care

Dentists Who Care operates the Mobile Dental Unit that visits elementary schools throughout the Rio Grande Valley. A total of 140 dentists will volunteer a day of their time to participate with the program.

Conflicts of Interest in Research: Is Clinical Decision-Making Compromised? An Opinion Paper Fluoride Varnish: The Top Choice for Professionally Applied Fluoride

Funding from the TDA will provide supplies and equipment.

Texas Medicaid — TDA Dentists Making a Difference

HOPE Clinic in Alvin

HOPE Clinic opened in April 2008 and provides care for low-income, uninsured patients. All dentists and staff support volunteer their services. Daily expenses are met by patient fees (patients pay a flat fee of $5 to $15 per visit) and private donations. Funding from TDA will provide supplies and equipment.

August Journal News

Around the State

Dr. Gary W. Mayfield of Friendswood and Ms. Maria Lopez volunteer at the HOPE Clinic, Inc. in Alvin.

Drs. Adam Lalonde of Los Fresnos and Grayson Sellers of Port Isabel team up with dental assistants to assist a total of 50 students in Port Isabel and Brownsville in June 2010. Dentists Who Care collaborated with Cameron Community Projects to provide X-rays, oral exams, cleanings, fluoride treatment, sealants, and cavity fillings.

TDA Conducts Council, Committee, and Affiliates Training A total of 46 members of the various TDA councils, committees, and affiliates attended a training session hosted by TDA president Dr. Ronald L. Rhea at the Marriott Austin South on Friday, July 16. Attendees reviewed duties and provided an overview of their council, committee, or affiliate’s projects for the upcoming year. They also received

a legal issues orientation from Ms. Penny Hobbs of McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore; a strategic plan overview from TDA Future Focus Committee chair Dr. R. Lee Clitheroe; a budget process and reimbursement overview from TDA secretary-treasurer Dr. Ron Collins; and a rules and resolutions overview from TDA speaker of the house Dr. Glen D. Hall.

August 6 & 7 Dentists Who Care Conference South Padre Island August 13 TDA Board meeting Austin August 14 TDA Board meeting — Strategic Planning Austin August 13 & 14 Texas Mission of Mercy Waco

Click & Connect TDA Express – Features Personal Web Page – Contacts July Journal (L-R): TDA director Dr. Michael J. Goulding of Fort Worth, Communications Committee member Dr. David Tillman of Ft. Worth, and Council on Dental Education, Trade and Ancillaries member Dr. Ronald Lee of Colleyville.

(L-R): Council on Annual Session chair Dr. C. Roger Macias of San Antonio, TDA Smiles Foundation trustee Ms. Carol Woods of Georgetown, TDA senior director Dr. Lisa B. Masters of San Antonio, and TDA president-elect Dr. J. Preston Coleman of San Antonio.

TDA Member Serves on Board for American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)

TDA 2014: An Update Lisa B. Masters, DDS, TDA Future Focus Committee

Leadership Development

The AAPD inducted new officers at its annual session in May.

This is the fifth of eight articles highlighting the objectives and goals in TDA’s current strategic plan, “TDA 2014.” To be a successful organization, we must stay focused on our vision and continue to work towards achieving our goals set forth in our strategic plan, TDA 2014. It reaches out to the new and the seasoned members to create new leaders. The Texas Dental Association always welcomes new faces on its committees and councils and tries to entice more young people to be involved by creating opportunities for students to have an active role in organized dentistry. TDA Department of Member Services & Administration director Lee Ann Johnson works hard to make the student extern program a fun and inspiring experience. Students are part of a Board of Directors meeting, share important issues with the legislative team, and experience the planning for the TDA Smiles Foundation’s Texas Mission of Mercy and Smiles on Wheels events. In May 2010, the House of Delegates and the Board created a state student organization with chapters at each of the three Texas dental schools. This organization was not created to compete with American Student Dental Association (ASDA) but to increase the number of students who have the opportunity to be involved. Often, the students elected as class officers and ASDA officers remain the same individuals throughout the 4 years of dental school. We get reports that others would like to give it a try but find it hard to break in once the positions are filled. Our action — make more positions available! For those who want to get involved and are no longer a student, TDA has other avenues for development. During the summer, the Association hosts training for newly elected presidents and presidents-elect as well as a seminar for all council and committee members. These sessions prepare members for their new roles at both the local and state level by focusing on topics like how to lead meetings, develop actions items as they relate to the TDA 2014, and create a calendar of committee activities. Our goal is to provide many events that will encourage participation and new leaders to emerge from all areas of our membership. Feel free to contact the TDA staff for information about the many programs TDA has to offer.

Dr. William C. Berlocher of Corpus Christi Berlocher was named the AAPD’s immediate past-president. He has been an AAPD member for almost 30 years. Dr. Berlocher graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School. He is a fellow of the American College of Dentists and a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. The AAPD is a not-for-profit membership organization representing the specialty of pediatric dentistry. For more information, please visit the AAPD website at

SADDS New Dentist Committee Receives Award Dr. Josh Austin, chair of the San Antonio (SADDS) New Dentist Committee, accepted Austin the 2010 New Dentist Committee Outstanding Program Award of Excellence at the ADA New Dentist Conference. The conference was held June 24-26 in San Francisco, CA. Also in attendance at the conference were Dr. Sarah Tevis Poteet, ADA New Dentist Committee member, and Dr. Andrea Janik Keith, TDA New Dentist Committee member. Congratulations, Dr. Austin and the SADDS New Dentist Committee!

Happy, Healthy Smiles … That’s Our Mission!

Williamson County Texas Mission of Mercy Taylor Community Scores a “Mighty Ducks” Win!

Your TDA Smiles Foundation (TDASF) visited Williamson County June 11 and 12 for the fifth time since the inception of the Texas Mission of Mercy (TMOM) project in 2001, bringing 875 needy patients $517,161 in charitable care.

The smooth execution of TDASF mission events takes an enormous amount

The Taylor High School gymnasium of the Mighty Ducks served as an ideal venue, and with the help of hundreds of dental professionals and community volunteers, another success was counted for TDASF.

Austin, Dr. Kurt Loveless of Lubbock, Dr. Doug Bogan of Houston, Dr.

A special thanks to everyone that helped make it happen, including the amazing local event committee, FTWOODS Construction, St. David’s Community Health Foundation, our three contributing dental labs, including long-time TDASF supporter Seretti Dental Labs of Austin, and the Taylor Police Department. This collaborative effort helped relieve pain and restore smiles for so many.

missions manager Judith Gonzalez and her daughter Vicki, and Dr. Richard

of work behind the scenes. (L-R) Beneath the spotty shade of the trees at the TDA Extension Building on Saturday, June 5, Ms. Paula Loveless of Lubbock, Dr. Kent Macaulay of Round Rock, Mr. Cameron Whitney of David Woodburn of Amarillo, Dr. Beverly Zinser of Georgetown, TDASF missions associate Melinda Biggs, Ms. Diane Bogan of Houston, TDASF M. Smith of Amarillo prepare for the Williamson County Texas Mission of Dr. Russell Owens of Fort Worth shares a chuckle with a patient in the triage area.

Dr. Colin Lathrop of The Woodlands previously worked as a dental student at TMOMs and brought his talents and great attitude to Taylor as a dentist. He provided more than $30,000 in charitable care with the help of dental assistant Teri Coufal of Georgetown. Their Three children at the mission edu-play with one team accounted for over section of the Cavity Free Corral, a program funded 6 percent of the entire by the United Ways of Texas. event’s production!

Press, Press, and Even More Press! Within the TDA 2014 Strategic Plan is a goal addressing public image. Your TDASF plays a vital role in the accomplishment of this goal by increasing the amount of positive media exposure for TDASF, and hence, Texas dentistry. To date in 2010, the TDASF has executed two Smiles on Wheels, one Fluoride Fest, and two TMOMs. These four events have yielded a huge amount of press coverage that TDASF has not experienced in the past. TDASF is fortunate to enjoy coverage from the Austin American-Statesman, Lampasas Dispatch, Killeen Daily Herald, Mason County News, Taylor Daily Press, Tyler Morning Telegraph, and the Tyler Courier Times — frequently with front page, fullcolor spreads! Extra, extra! There’s more to come!

Mercy in Taylor.

TDA Smiles Foundation Holiday Cards Is it really time to begin planning for the holidays already? Indeed, it is! This year, consider honoring your friends, family, colleagues, and patients with a gift to warm their hearts. For a small $25 donation each, a hand-made, die-cut holiday card will be sent directly to each person on your recipient list with turnkey handling from the TDASF staff. Or, the staff can send the cards to you in bulk for your own processing. It’s a fabulous way to honor those who support your practice through business or personal means and serve as a lovely gift to bestow upon your loved ones. And, yes! The contribution is fully tax deductible! It’s simple to do: • Option One: Log onto, purchase your cards, and share your giving list with us. We’ll hand process, hand address, stamp, and mail out your gifts on your behalf. Finally, a truly hassle-free, one-stop shopping experience! • Option Two: Send us an order form printed from the same website with your payment enclosed, and we’ll send your cards in a package to your office for personal handling. Thank you for planning to make the TDASF the recipient of your holiday honorariums and part of your practice’s ongoing annual celebration. We appreciate your support.

July 2010 / TDA Today / 2

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7/22/10 3:53 PM

MK’s Board Notes Mary Kay Linn, TDA Executive Director

MAY 5, 2010 SPECIAL CALLED MEETING Non-Policy and Board Policy Resolutions

Appointments 137-2010-B: Appointed Dr. Steven W. Spivack to the Council on Annual Session. 138-2010-B: Appointed Dr. Jacqueline M. Plemons to the Council on Dental Education, Trade and Ancillaries.

MAY 9, 2010 REGULAR MEETING Non-Policy Resolutions

Appointments 1-2011-B (NP): Appointed Drs. Matthew B. Roberts, J. Preston Coleman, Ron Collins, Dr. W. Kenneth Horwitz, to the TDA Holding Company Board. 2-2011-B (NP): Appointed Drs. Lisa Masters, Wayne Woods, Donna Miller, Joshua Austin, and William Wathen are to the Public Relations Task Force with Dr. Lisa Masters serving as chair. 3-2011-B (NP): Established a Relief Fund Interest Grant Process Board Work Group to formulate a recommended application process for the Relief Fund Interest Grants. Appointed Drs. Karen E. Frazer, Robert E. Wiggins, Lisa B. Masters, and Larry D. Herwig with Dr. Karen E. Frazer serving as chair. BUDGET ISSUES 6-2011-B (NP): Approved a $2,000 contribution to the campaign for Dr. Patricia L. Blanton for Second Vice President of the ADA. The election will take place at the 2010 ADA Annual Session in Orlando, Florida. OUT-OF-STATE TRAVEL 4-2011-B (NP): Travel approved for Dr. Ronald L. Rhea, president, the president-elect, and Ms. Mary Kay Linn, executive director, to attend the 2010 South Central States Leadership Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, on May 14-15, 2010. 5-2011-B (NP): Travel approved for Ms. Mary Kay Linn, executive director, Mr. William H. Bingham, legal counsel, Ms. Lee Ann Johnson, director of member services and administration, and Ms. Donna Cortez, executive affairs manager, to attend the ADA Management Conference in Chicago, Illinois, on July 19-22, 2010.

JUNE 18, 2010 REGULAR MEETING Policy Resolutions

BUDGET ISSUES 26-2011-B (P) 2/3 vote required: Approved the Board to establish stipends. Rescinded Resolution 100-2007-H. MISCELLANEOUS 22-2011-B (P): Rescinded 20 out-of-date resolutions: 101994-H, 21 1970 H, 34-1981 H, 39-1994-H, 45 1985 H, 47-2001-H, 52-1981-H, 52 1995 H, 54 1982 H, 612003- H, 86-1998-H, 62-2003-H, 71-1989-H, 75-1990-H, 76-1991-H, 81-2001-H, 86-1998-H, 93-1997-H, 125 1990 H, 161-2003-H, 200-1999-H. 23-2011-B (P) 2/3 vote required: Directed the Council on Dental Education, Trade and Ancillaries, maintain a Placement Information Service and the service be available at no cost to all TDA members in good standing and dental students in Texas dental schools. Rescinded Resolutions 741984-H and 64-1976-H. 24-2011-B (P): Restated that the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) should accredit only dental schools in the U.S. and its territories. Rescinded Resolution 1722003-H. 25-2011-B (P): Restated policy that upon the death of a practicing dentist, the heirs of the deceased dentist should be permitted to conclude the affairs of the practice including the sale of any remaining assets. Rescinded Resolution 94-1990-H. 27-2011-B (P): Approved amended Goals and Objectives of the TDA 2014 strategic plan.

Non-Policy Resolutions

Appointments 7-2011-B (NP): Approved the 2010-11 Board Liaisons: Council on Annual Session, Dr. Robert E. Wiggins, Jr.; Council on Constitution and Bylaws, Dr. John W. Baucum, III; Council on Dental Economics, Dr. Kathleen M. Nichols; Council on Dental Education, Trade & Ancillaries, Dr. Michael J. Goulding; Council on Ethics and Judicial Affairs, Dr. Karen E. Frazer; Council on Membership, Dr. Donna G. Miller; Council on Legislative & Regulatory Affairs, Dr.

R. Lee Clitheroe; Committee on Access, Medicaid and CHIP, Dr. T. Beth Vance; Committee on the New Dentist, Dr. Lisa B. Masters; Communications Committee, Dr. Larry D. Herwig; DENPAC, Dr. Rita M. Cammarata; TDA Smiles Foundation, Dr. J. Preston Coleman; State Board of Dental Examiners, Dr. Matthew. B. Roberts. 8-2011-B (NP): Appointed Dr. Andrea Janik Keith to the Committee on the New Dentist. 9-2011-B (NP): Appointed Dr. Arthur C. Morchat, director, to the Future Focus Committee. 10-2011-B (NP): Appointed Dr. John W. Baucum, III, vice president, and Dr. T. Beth Vance, director, to the Assets Management Committee. 11-2011-B (NP): Appointed Dr. Rita M. Cammarata and Dr. Michael J. Goulding, directors, to the Budget Committee. 12-2011-B (NP): Appointed Dr. Robert E. Wiggins, senior director, as chair of the Sunset Review Committee. 13-2011-B (NP): Appointed Dr. Kathy M. Nichols, vice president, and Dr. Larry D. Herwig, senior director, to the Personnel Committee. BUDGET ISSUES 14-2011-B (NP): Authorizes the TDA enter into a settlement agreement and dismiss the pending appeal to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals providing for a general release of all parties, granting a neutral reference to the discharged employees, obtaining an agreement that two discharged employees will not apply for, nor be re-employed by TDA and authorizing the payment of not more than $900,000 to settle all matters. The president is authorized to execute all documents on behalf of TDA based upon the approval of such documents by attorneys for TDA. 20-2011-B (NP): Approved items more than $400 over budget: $11,423 total. 21-2011-B (NP): Authorized the TDA Board of Directors to renew and extend two promissory notes currently held by The Frost National Bank. The president and secretary-treasurer are authorized to execute the renewal and extension of the promissory notes. 30-2011-B (NP): Approved the TDA contract Galbraith Construction Inc. for the renovation for the TDA Extension. 35-2011-B (NP): Approved the transfer of $900,000 from TDA Bank of America to TDA Frost Bank. MISCELLANEOUS 29-2011-B (NP): Approved the Internal Affairs Committee to explore the development and implementation of training and educational courses for TDA volunteers and officers. 33-2011-B (NP): Approved the TDA Board to use the TDA website for unanimous consent voting instead of fax voting. 34-2011-B (NP): Requires the Executive Director provide the Personnel Committee a report on the written protocol for hiring and terminations, and possible options of sub contracting with a human resources firm to provide advice on hiring and termination procedures. The Personnel Committee will prepare a general written report to the TDA Board after each of the committee’s meetings. OUT-OF-STATE TRAVEL 19-2011-B (NP): Travel approved for Dr. Ronald L. Rhea, president; Dr. Matthew B. Roberts, immediate past president; and Dr. Richard C. Black, chair of the Council on Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, to attend the ADA 2010 Conference on Workforce Issues in Chicago, Illinois, on July 18, 2010.

Non-Policy Resolutions Defeated

32-2011-B (NP): Defeated resolution to allow all TDA Board members to have complete access to any information, report, or attorney-client report dealing with the TDA Board.

Referred for Further Study

31-2011-B: Referred to the Secretary Treasurer to consider discontinuing the ‘’ list serve service for TDA e-mail communication.

JUNE 25, 2010 CONFERENCE CALL MEETING Non-Policy Resolutions

BUDGET ISSUES 36-2011-B: Approved the letter regarding the settlement with the National Labor Relations Board claims against the TDA be approved and mailed with First Class postage to the TDA membership.

Ron’s Ruminations Ronald L. Rhea, DDS, TDA President 2010-11 Since my installation on May 9, 2010, as president of TDA, I have been truly chewing my way across Texas. What in the world does that mean? Of course, the word “rumination” is derived from ruminant, a particular animal type of which we in Texas are greatly familiar, for example cattle and sheep. Also, goats, deer, and rarer things like elephants and hippos. These animals must literally chew for most of their day in order to process and digest the coarse grasses that are their natural diet. When humans ruminate, it is usually words which they are chewing, or chewing over a thought. Webster’s Dictionary likes “ponder” for a synonym. As president of the TDA, it seems people want to “think out loud” when they are giving me new ideas, requests, directions, criticisms, and so on. No one should take this job if such ruminations are not to their liking. It is from these pondering sessions that some of the best ideas come. So please, “Let us ruminate together!” My travels and visits have included the following: • I convened my first meeting of the TDA Board of Directors on May 9 following the closing of the House of Delegates. Then, I had a Mother’s Day lunch with my family at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio. • TDA executive director Ms. Mary Kay Linn, TDA president-elect Dr. J. Preston Coleman, and I attended the South Central States Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, on May 14 and 15. • Drs. Susanna Paoloski and Doug Terry, both of Houston, and I had lunch on May 19 to discuss issues of importance about the practice of dentistry in Texas. • The Panhandle District Dental Society meeting, May 20, in Amarillo was truly a wonderful ruminating event, this time on an exquisitely tender filet mignon, accompanied by dear friends from my old home town. I was privileged to do their installation of officers for the coming year. • Dr. Doug Bogan, president of the University of Texas Dental Branch (UTDB) Alumni Association of Houston and trustee for the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Greg Condrey, president of the Greater Houston Dental Society (GHDS), Dr. Rita Cammarata, immediate past president of the GHDS and TDA director, and I were on stage for the presentations of degrees for the new dentist and hygienist graduates of UTDB on May 21. • TDA vice president Dr. Lee Clitheroe of Sugar Land and I met for dinner on May 27 to discuss the Future Focus Committee of the TDA, which he now chairs. • June 11 and 12, I and many other TDA dentists delivered care to needy Texans at the Williamson County Texas Mission of Mercy in Taylor. • The weekend of June 17-19 was a busy weekend in Austin with the new Board member orientation on Thursday, TDA Board meeting on Friday, and the TDA President/President-elect’s Conference on Saturday. • July 8-10, TDA Annual Session & Meeting Services director Ms. Sandy Blum, my wife Kay, and I scouted the site for the annual session of the American Dental Association in Orlando, Florida. • The GHDS Board of Directors hosted me for dinner on July 13. • Governor Rick Perry, ADA 15th District trustee Dr. S. Jerry Long, and GHDS Legislative Action chair Dr. Phil Nauert, and I pressed the flesh at a fundraiser on July 14. • The TDA conducted council, committee, and affiliate training in Austin on July 16– 17. • TDA immediate past president Dr. Matt Roberts of Crockett, Council on Legislative & Regulatory Affairs chair Dr. Rick Black of El Paso, Ms. Linn, and I attended a Dental Workforce Conference at the ADA headquarters in Chicago on July 18. • Blank spots in these months were filled in with literally several hundred e-mails, text messages, and phone calls. It was a busy but productive beginning. Throughout all of these meetings, the ruminations to help me do my job were a masticatory delight! I learned a lot (and maybe even gained a few pounds)! I look forward to ruminating with you all in the coming year.

Evidence-Based Practice Tip of the Month Stephen R. Matteson, DDS, Editor

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in Endodontics Recent literature is available assessing the ability of cone beam computed tomography in endodontics. Check out the abstracts listed below. After accessing, enter the Pub Med Identification Number (PMID) to read these publications. 1. PMID: 20434040: Evaluation of root and canal systems of mandibular first molars in Taiwanese individuals using cone-beam computed tomography. CBCT reveals additional mesiobuccal roots and root canals of maxillary molars than periapical radiography. 2. PMID: 19567324: Accuracy of periapical radiography and cone-beam computed tomography scans in diagnosing apical periodontitis using histopathological findings as the gold standard. Maxillary molar roots are visualized better using CBCT in an in vitro study employing histologic verification of findings. 3. PMID: 17178504: Limited cone-beam CT and intraoral radiography for the diagnosis of periapical pathology. CBCT reported to identify periapical pathology more accurately than periapical radiography. 4. PMID 18436034: Comparison of periapical radiography and limited cone-beam tomography in posterior maxillary teeth referred for apical surgery. Thirty-four percent more periapical lesions were identified, expansion of lesions into the maxillary sinus was seen, sinus membrane thickening was detected and additional root canals were identified with CBCT. Randomized controlled studies are needed to verify the findings of these case studies, however, CBCT presents an enhanced diagnostic information in selected endodontic applications. July 2010 / TDA Today / 3

Money Matters Ron Collins, DDS, MAGD, TDA Secretary-Treasurer

From time to time, I will discuss various topics of interest concerning TDA finances as well as explain any progress of my goals. One of my first goals is to facilitate a workgroup of statewide members with particular interests in the area of finance. I will present this goal to the Board of Directors for consideration. If the workgroup is approved, I want the group to explore such areas as: 1) the TDA’s long range financial philosophy with goals;

Houston Dentist Wins Laptop in Perks Online Promotion TDA member, Dr. Stacey Block of Houston, is the lucky winner of TDA Perks Program’s recent online laptopgiveaway promotion. Dr. Block was one of several hundred visitors to TDA Perks Program’s website,, who registered for a chance to win a new “Perks-green” laptop. Perks Program board member, Dr. Tommy Harrison, presented the new Dell to Dr. Block last month at her Houston office.

JULY 2010

2) active versus passive investments; 3) a desirable ratio of dues versus non-dues income; 4) an examination of our budget process for any potential areas of improvement; 5) a risk assessment scenario of the entire TDA with planned contingencies, 6) a review of TDA’s insurance coverage; and 7) a definition of what constitutes reserves and a proper amount to be set aside. If you have experience in financial matters or know of a member who does, contact me with that information at In addition, if you have questions or concerns about TDA finances, I invite you to e-mail me with your inquiries or suggestions.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ronald L. Rhea, D.D.S., President J. Preston Coleman, D.D.S., President-elect Matthew B. Roberts, Immediate Past President Vice Presidents R. Lee Clitheroe, D.D.S., Southeast John W. Baucum III, D.D.S., Southwest Kathleen M. Nichols, D.D.S., Northwest Donna G. Miller, D.D.S., Northeast Senior Directors Karen E. Frazer, D.D.S., Southeast Lisa B. Masters, D.D.S., Southwest Robert E. Wiggins, Jr., D.D.S., Northwest Larry D. Herwig, D.D.S., Northeast Directors Rita M. Cammarata, D.D.S., Southeast T. Beth Vance, D.D.S., Southwest Michael J. Goulding, D.D.S., Northwest Arthur C. Morchat, D.D.S., Northeast

Texas Dental Journal and TDA Today Receive Journalism Awards

Ron Collins, D.D.S., Secretary-Treasurer Glen D. Hall, D.D.S., Speaker of the House Michael L. Stuart, D.D.S., Parliamentarian Stephen R. Matteson, D.D.S., Editor Mary Kay Linn, Executive Director William H. Bingham, Legal Counsel

The International College of Dentists (ICD) U.S.A Section awarded the Texas Dental Journal and the TDA Today newsletter with journalism awards.

TDA Today (USPS 022-007) is published monthly except for December by the Texas Dental Association, 1946 S. IH-35, Ste 400, Austin, Texas 78704-3698, (512) 443-3675. Periodicals Postage Paid at Austin, Texas and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to TDA TODAY, 1946 S. IH-35, Ste 400, Austin, TX 78704-3698. Annual subscriptions: Texas Dental Association (TDA) members, $5. In-state American Dental Association (ADA) affiliated, $15 + tax. Out-of-state ADA affiliated, $15. In-state non-ADA affiliated, $30 + tax. Out-of-state non-ADA affiliated, $30. Single issue price: TDA members $1. In-state ADA affiliated, $3 + tax. Out-of-state ADA affiliated, $3. In-state non-ADA affiliated, $6 + tax. Out-of-state non-ADA affiliated, $6. Contributions: Manuscripts and news items of interest to the membership of the Association are solicited. Manuscripts should be typewritten, double spaced, and the original copy should be submitted. Please refer to Instructions for Contributors in the annual September Directory of the Texas Dental Journal for more information. The Information for Contributors is available at Anonymous communications will receive no consideration whatsoever. All statements of opinion and of supposed facts are published on authority of the writer under whose name they appear and are not to be regarded as the views of the Texas Dental Association, unless such statements have been adopted by the Association. Articles are accepted with the understanding that they have not been published previously.

The Texas Dental Journal, TDA’s official publication, was awarded the ICD’s “Golden Pen, Division 1 Honorable Mention Award” for its outstanding series of “Geriatrics and Dentistry” articles in the Vol. 126, No. 7 issue (July 2009). The TDA Today, the monthly newsletter for the Association, received the ICD’s “Newsletter, Honorable Mention Award” for the Vol. 10, Nos. 1-11 issues (January – November, 2009).

aa de

The awards will be presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Dental Editors in October 2010 in Florida.


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swers An

urance ns


As your new Secretary-Treasurer, I have outlined a number of personal goals which I believe can be of benefit to the TDA, its members, and especially the House of Delegates conducting TDA business.

EDITORIAL STAFF Dr. Stephen R. Matteson, D.D.S., Editor Nicole Scott, Managing Editor Barbara S. Donovan, Art Director Paul H. Schlesinger, Consultant

July 2010 TDA TODAY