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Dr. John Valenza chosen to lead newly renamed Every Member Matters “UT School of Dentistry”

Rise’ Lyman, DDS, TDA Future Focus Committee

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John A. Valenza, DDS, has been named dean of The of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Membership growth is vital to University any thriving organization. The Texas Dental Association (TDA) Board is strongly (UTHealth) Dental Branch, effective Wednesday, Junegoal 1 – within the samethe day the school becomeplan, known as “UT Schoolcontinued growth. committed to the Membership “TDA 2009”will strategic which addresses of Dentistry at Houston.” UTHealth President Giuseppe MD, announced the appointment I am proud to report that,adasinterim evidence of that Colasurdo, commitment and for the second year in a row, the TDA received during graduation exercises May 20.ADA awards in 2008: the following Valenza has been serving •as interim dean since 2009,Membership and he is theNet firstGain: alumnus appointed dean school’s 106-year Greatest Percentage Texas had a net gaininofthe198 members in the year 2007. history. Recently, he led the successful drive to change the name of UTHealth’s oldest school from “Dental Branch” to • Top Constituent Dental Society with Greatest Percentage of Non-Members “School to Membership: of Dentistry,” a name it held from 1943-55. The school’s initials willpercent be “UTSD,” and it will remain part of the health science Represents a conversion of 4.7 of non-members into membership at end of year 2007. center. • Top Constituent Dental Society to Improve Retention Rate Percentage in 2007: Represents a 97 Valenza A Houston native, Valenza attended The University of Texas at Austin and graduated from UT Dental Branch in 1981. He percent Association retention rate, which is an increase of 7 percent from the previous year. completed a general practice residency in Tennessee, where he also practiced and served on the faculty of Meharry Medical College • Greatest Percentage of New Dentist Members: Represents a gain of 111 new dentist members (those School of Dentistry. He joined the Dental Branch faculty in 1987. dentists who are 1-9 years out of school). Valenza initiated the nationally recognized General Practice Residency program with Memorial Hermann Hospital, and he has held a number of Let’s Talk Preston’s Press Another example of the commitment to the growth of our Association is the TDA Externship Program, which builds awareness leadership positions, including director of advanced education, associate dean for patient care, and executive associate dean. He isstudent responsible for many innovations, electronic patient records andindigital enhanced simulation, faculty practice, clinical credentialing, clinic rounds,Outgoing President’s message of organized including dentistry. use Thisofinnovative program, created 2007,imaging, offers students theclinical opportunity to gain insight into the different components Rule Update theorganized current mobile dental van, andlegislative expandedand community outreach and clinics. of dentistry including regulatory affairs,programs membership, governance, continuing education, and charitable dentistry and A. DavidTSBDE May, Jr., DDS gain Valenza alsounderstanding led the design of and construction of a new, state-of-the-art buildingisand Faculty Life Center. scheduled to open in midto a better their role as future leaders of the dentaldental The program open to dental studentsBoth fromareeach of the three CODE Meets with the Austin 2012. schools in Texas. This year the externship program will take place June 20 – June 27 in Austin at the TDA central office. dental 2008-2009 TDA Board of Directors Hisanresearch focused on the application of benefits technology andAssociation, informaticsthe in TDA dentalCouncil practice,onasMembership well as clinical simulation. Under hiswas watch, City Council As ongoinghas effort to enhance the value and of the developed a survey that sent the school’s Open to Healthinfundraising initiative has had continued success,have and he created a successful podcast series, UTDB to address issues at the school and to all members 2006. The results clearly showed that members a high satisfaction rating with benefits such asV-flash!, the TEXAS Meeting, TDA Meet Your TDA Staff enhance relationships with the school’s alumni, organized dentistry and Smiles the community. publications, and the ability to participate philanthropically in the TDA Foundation. A great number of the discounted programs offered to

TDA’s new Finance Director July

members through the TDA Perks Program also received a high satisfaction rating. In accordance with the strategic plan, the Council on Membership, Dee Dee Delagarza will survey members again in 2009. Participation from all members and a collaborative effort between the ADA, TDA, and local component societies are the keys to Congratulations to TDA successful membership recruitment and retention. We encourage every member to get involved whether it is by attending local meetings, Cone Societies Beam Computed Component taking part in Give Kids a Smile! Day activities, volunteering at a Texas Mission of Mercy, or participating in TDA Legislative Day activities Tomography in the Diagnosis in Austin. Each member matters and is essential to the continued growth of our Association and of organized dentistry. This is the seventh in a series of articles to keep you informed of the Texas What are some of the criteria that must be met for an EHR This is the seventh and final in a series of articles focused on the TDA’s accomplishments guided by the strategic plan. To view the entire plan, of Dental Disease Claims Streamline Your Insurance Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program and continuing product to become certified? log in at and click on “TDA 2009” under “Current Issues” on the member homepage. For more information, please contact Lyda Creus Speeding up confirmation of benefits efforts to implement health information exchange initiatives across Texas. The The testing criteria that each certified EHR must pass include over 45 Molanphy, staff liaison to incentive the Future Focus Committee, the TDA Hispanics with Disabilities in incentive program provides payments to Medicaidatproviders forcentral the office, (512) 443-3675. and eligibility

Texas Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program

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test points. Some key points are whether the EHR: Texas Congressional Districts adoption and meaningful use of certified EHR technology. Future articles will • Can incorporate lab test results; focus on helpful reference web sites, health information exchange, meaningful • Can maintain an active medication list as well as a medication allergy list;TSBDE Rule Update Mission : practices, To beandThe oice of DenTisTry in Texas use for dentists, certified EHR technology for dental otherV relevant • Includes a drug-drug / drug-allergy interaction check; Requirements for dental office topics of interest to dentists and health information technology (IT). • Provides data encryption when exchanging electronic information; radiograph machines • Delivers electronic discharge instructions; and The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is helping Organizational • Public Calculates and submits clinical quality measures. New Board of Directors Development Membership Manpower Advocacy In the News Image physicians, dentists and health care providers sign up forExcellence new incentive Orientation payments for using electronic health records. Doctors who establish electronic TDA members in the news If you are interested in reading the full listing of all testing requirements, Austin – June 23 Membership health record systems that meet federal standards can earn up to $63,750 in go to Dentists will value membership participation inbegin the TDA. Medicaid incentive payments over sixand years. Providers can enrolling in Board of Directors Meeting the Objectives program now, and the first payments started in May. What are the standards that must be met for each criterion?

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July Journal News


Improve perceived value and benefits of membership in TDA.

Each of the over 45 criteria has a lengthy and detailed test procedure

Austin – June 24

Tooth Whitening: A Clinical Review Why certified EHR members’ technology is required for evaluating conformance with the set of standards and certification criteria a. Increase knowledge about the impact and benefits of TDA membership.

Presidents and PresidentsMany questions regarding technology forth in the Final Rule for Health IT, mentioned above. For example, for b. providers Ensure have that components are an EHR integral aspect ofand the how membership set process. TDA Historical Perspectives its certification fits into the Texas Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. The elect Conference & an EHR to meet the requirements for a drug-drug / drug-allergy interaction c. Create greater awareness of the availability of the Peer Review, Ethics & Judicial, and Risk Management benefits. certification of an EHR is a pre-qualifying requirement to participating in Dentists, dental hygienists, and the check, the EHR must automatically and electronically generate and indicate Component Presidents d. Actively promote adherence to the Code of Ethics. the incentive program. Here are some of the answers to your questions about real-time notifications at the point of care, among other requirements. To dental team e. Enhance communication with members and non-members. Meeting certified EHR technology as provided by HHSC. the details in forTDA. any of the certifying criteria, please click on the “Test f. Build student awareness of and interest in organized dentistry andread membership Council & Committee Affiliate Procedure” document listed next to each criterion at http://healthcare.nist. The 2007 C.T. Rowland Award g. Ensure ongoing contact with students throughout dental school. Training gov/use_testing/effective_requirements.html. Why does the EHR technology used by providers need to be Orthodontic case report


Work closely with dental school faculty.

Austin – June 25 “certified”? i. Evaluate number of nonmember dentists who attend and participate in TDA activities (TEXAS Meeting, TDA Smiles How do I determine if my EHR is certified? Can another group, The El Paso Dental Conference ProvidersFoundation and patientsprograms, must be confident etc.). that the electronic health Texas State Board of Dental information such as the CCHIT, certify my EHR? Metrics technology products and systems they use are secure, can

maintain data confidentiality, can work with other systems to share patient Examiners All2009 EHR (baseline systems and technology must be2007); certified specifically for 1. Seventy percent of active licensed dentists in TX will be members of TDA by of 68.5% in January increase information, and can perform a set of well-defined functions. Confidence the EHR Incentive Program by the ONC and its authorized certification Austin – August 5 membership retention rate to 97 percent by April 2007 (baseline 96% in 2006). in health IT systems is an important part of advancing health IT system organizations. The Certified Health IT Product List is available at http:// a-d. Increase the number of dentists serving on component peer review and ethics and judicial affairs committees to attain a adoption and realizing the benefits of improved patient care. This is a list of all complete EHRs and EHR Who Care Conference AugustDentists 14: participation rate of 2-5 percent theon total number society members by August 2009. To this end, the HHS Secretary issuedrelative a Final to Rule an initial setof ofcomponent modules that have been certified for the purposes of this program. For South Padre 2. Ninety percent ofcriteria TX dental school graduates licensed in TX will be members of TDA after (89% TDA Board Meeting Island – standards and certification on July 13, 2010. This actively Final Rule provides instructions on how to usefive the years website andgraduation obtain a CMS EHR Certification conversion the graduating class ofcapability, 2005 in Texas).Number, at August 5 & 6 Austin, Texas assurancedental that anstudent EHR system offers from the necessary technological 3. Increase number of member actively participating in TDA CMS%20EHR%20Certification%20Number020711.pdf. by 1 percent a year (as measured by a variety of means functionality, andthe security to help providersdentists satisfy the meaningful use Smiles on Wheels participation at TX Meeting, TMOM, objectives– for the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.TXDDS, FSI programs, DENPAC participations, TDA legislative day) with annual October 15-19:

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report to TDA Board by the Council on Membership. Texarkana – August 5 & 6 If my product is currently not on the list, what do I do? ADA Annual Session 4. Establish baseline of nonmember participation at TDA activities (CAS, TDA Smiles Foundation, Membership) What does it mean that an EHR technology product is certified? Vendors can submit their EHR products to the certifying bodies to Established baseline of members’ understanding and satisfaction benefits of theirHospitals TDA membership through Member 5.To provide assurance to eligible professionals (EPs) andofeligible hospitals with be the tested and certified. and practices that have developed their San Antonio, Texas Benefits andtechnology Services Survey (completed Nov 2006), re-evaluate % increase at that time or forproducts 2009. can also seek to have their existing systems (EHs) that the EHR they adopt will assist their achievement own EHR systems 6. Sixty-five ofof allthe full-time faculty will be TDA members by 2009 baseline 63%). of meaningful use, percent the Office National Coordinator for Health or (2006 products tested =and certified. Complete EHRs may be certified, as well

Click & Connect Click & Connect

Information Technology (ONC) developed a certification program for EHR as EHR modules that meet at least one of the certification criteria. Once a technology. It also established how outside organizations can become ONCproduct is certified, the name of the product will be published on the ONC The TDATesting will update it’s strategic plan with another statewide retreat in August of 2008. Update Profile Authorized and Certification Bodies (ONC-ATCBs). web site – Join – Membership Info ONC-ATCBs are required to test and certify that certain EHR Insisting on certified EHR technology ensures security, consistency, and us on Facebook technology are compliant with the standards, implementation specifications, privacy for the patient, while increasing widespread efficiencies for a practice and certification criteria adopted by the HHS Secretary and meet the or hospital. This ultimately leads to better healthcare outcomes and cost Ask a Colleague definition of “certified EHR technology.” The ONC-ATCBs certify complete benefits as we move healthcare forward. Follow – Features us on Twitter EHR systems and EHR modules. It should be noted that providers who use Should you want to investigate other questions pertaining to EHR a combination of EHR modules must install an appropriate combination of certification, please see the FAQs presented by CMS at http://questions.cms.TEXAS Meeting Photos modules that fully supports meaningful use criteria and qualifies for a Centers or Get LinkedIn by the ONC at for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) EHR Certification Number., search “Texas 512&mode=2&objID=2886&PageID=19629. Volunteer for ‘08 ADA For more information, call the Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership Dental Association” Center 1-800-925-9126, Option 4. In 2003, Texas Dental Association members from across the state develop TDA’s firstContact strategic plan,atTDA 2009.

Happy, Healthy Smiles … That’s Our Mission! TMOM Turns 10! Texas Mission of Mercy (TMOM) celebrated its 10th anniversary at the TEXAS Meeting in San Antonio on May 6, 2011. In the past 10 years volunteer dentists, dental staff and community volunteers have provided 17,478 people with $7,158,159 worth of free dental care. This is an amazing achievement that could not have happened without all of our wonderful volunteers!

Nobel Biocare Healthy Smiles Golf Tournament The Nobel Biocare Healthy Smiles Golf Tournament was a huge success! There were over 80 players at the Pecan Valley Golf Course on Friday, May 6th, enjoying the beautiful weather and some healthy competition. And, for those of you wondering, A&M won the “Bragging Rights” campaign so the shirts were maroon! Gig’em Aggies!

Thank you so much for your support.

(L–R): Bill Gerlach, Mike Stuart, Larry Herwig, Hedley Rakusin

(L–R): Mark Peppard, Kavin Kelp, Jeff Shell, Stan LaCroix

2011 Annual Session Award Highlights Narrative by Paul H. Schlesinger. Photos by Jowdy Photography and Paul H. Schlesinger.

2010-11 TDA Awards Committee Dr. Karen E. Frazer, Chair, Senior Director, Southeast Division Dr. Larry D. Herwig, Senior Director, Northeast Division Dr. Lisa B. Masters, Senior Director, Southwest Division Dr. Robert E. Wiggins, Jr., Senior Director, Northwest Division

Gold Medal for Distinguished Service Dr. S. Jerry Long of Houston (left) is this year’s recipient of TDA’s highest honor. Dr. Long, a general dentist, has held countless leadership positions throughout his career. These include serving on the TDA Board of Directors (1993-1995), chairing the TDA Council on Governmental and Legislative Affairs (1996-1999), and chairing TDA’s Council on Legislative and Regulatory Affairs (2003-2007). He currently serves on the ADA’s Strategic Planning Committee, and chairs the ADA Audit Committee. He will be completing his 4-year term as the ADA 15th District Trustee this October. He is looking forward to adding a fourth partner to his dental practice, continuing church, civic, and political projects, as well as taking his oldest grandson to San Francisco for this year’s leg of their annual tour of major league baseball stadiums. Presenting the award is TDA president Dr. Ron Rhea.

New Dentist Leadership Award Dr. Sarah A. Tevis Poteet of Dallas (left) is TDA’s outstanding new dentist leader of the year. She graduated from the UTHSC San Antonio Dental School in 2003, and has been very active on local and national levels as well as within her community. She currently serves on the ADA Committee on the New Dentist, and operates a general office practice in Dallas. Presenting the award is Dr. Larry Herwig.

Certificates of Merit

50-Year Members

Dr. Teresa Grygo (left), dental director of the Healthcare for the Homeless Houston Dental Clinic, accepts a Certificate of Merit on behalf of the Clinic. The organization is recognized for its efforts to serve the dental health and welfare of the disadvantaged population in the Houston area. It is Houston’s only full service, no cost, dental clinic for the homeless.Presenting the award is Dr. Lisa Masters.

Bottom row, seated, from left: Drs. Harold Phillip Schultz, Donald G. Hanna, Ronald V. Glauser, Edgar Goodbar Harris, Raymond Richard Kirsch, Tommy L. Russell, Eugene M. Kouri, Hal Harrison “Bud” Ramsey, and Otis Edward Henisey. Middle row, from left: Drs. Gerald William McDougal, Don Terrell Henderson, William Gray Montgomery, William Kenneth Horwitz, Willie H. Heitman, Frank R. Miller, Robert M. Anderton, and Don Kenyon Bulloch. Back row, from left: Drs. Roger G. Ortiz, Kurt William Meyer, Robert Giles Lewis, Clarence J. Shumbera, Charles Arthur Ernst, Walter Joe Thomas, Gordon W. Hamilton, Paul Isaac Worley, and Loyd Lee Harris.

Life Members

Drs. Travis Miller (left) and James Landis (right), president-elect and president of the Dental Society of Southeast Texas, respectively, accept a Certificate of Merit on behalf of the Ubi Caritas Dental Clinic. The Clinic is recognized for its efforts to serve the dental health and welfare of the disadvantaged population in the Beaumont area. It is the only full-time clinic in the Beaumont area dedicated exclusively to serving the uninsured. Presenting the award is Dr. Lisa Masters.

June 2011 / TDA Today / 2

Bottom row, seated, from left: Drs. P. John Lincoln, Gary Varris Halm, Ronald J. Rainosek, Gary S. Barr, Dennis M. Plunk, Donald R. Powell, Richard D. Rowntree, Russell H. Schlattman II, and Dwayne E. Beeler. Middle row, from left: Drs. Paul Stanley Harvey Jr., Edward H. Hobbs, Norman Lewis Mason, William Reagan Birdwell, Milton W. Phair, Kenneth A. Rees, James Wesley Chancellor, Forrest Mann Dunn, and Folger B. Vallette III. Back row, from left: Drs. Raymond E. Gonzalez, A. David May Jr., Richard M. Smith, Vernon R. Nesmith, Joe W. Potter, Ronald L. Rhea, Lee P. Oneacre, Victor Press, James D. Terry, F. Jerry Dunn, Craig C. Pettey, Samuel O. Dorn, David B. McBurnett, Sanford J. Fenton, and Clifford R. Bell.

Legislative Update The 82nd Texas Legislature adjourned sine die on May 30, 2011. As predicted, this regular session of the legislature was one of the most difficult in recent history due to the enormous budget shortfall, redistricting, immigration reform, voter identification, and a host of other contentious issues that dominated the agenda. Governor Perry called the legislature back for a special session on May 31 to finalize several issues that were not completed during the regular session, namely fiscal matters that are needed to complete the state budget. Despite much turmoil at the State Capitol during the regular session, the TDA passed Senate Bill 554 which prevents insurance companies from setting fees on services they do not cover. It is important to note that although the bill has passed the House and Senate, it is not enacted until the governor signs it or June 19 passes (deadline for Governor Perry to veto legislation). The TDA is also very pleased to report that no additional cuts were made to Medicaid dental or CHIP dental during the regular session. Again, it is important to note that the legislature is currently in special session and funding decisions and changes can be made. The TDA legislative team will continue to work Senate Bill 554, dental budget-related items, and all TDA legislative items until the process is fully complete. A comprehensive article on legislative matters will be printed in the July TDA Today.

TDA Welcomes New Hire Lauren Oakley is excited to join TDA’s Member Services Department as the new publications coordinator. She will be working with the editor and managing editor to produce TDA’s monthly publications, the Texas Dental Journal and TDA Today. Lauren has prior experience in association magazine production as well as copy writing and editing, graphic design, and website management. Before working at TDA, Lauren was employed as the communications coordinator at the Texas Academy of General Dentistry located in Round Rock, Texas. In 2009, Lauren earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a focus on multimedia from the University of Texas in

Preston’s Press J. Preston Coleman, DDS, TDA President 2011-12 Welcome to our newly elected directors: Dr. Yvonne Maldonado (SW) from El Paso is a 1996 graduate of UTDB; Dr. Jean Bainbridge (NE) from Dallas received her dental degree in 1982 at the University of Missouri, Kansas City; Dr. Gregory Oelfke (SE) practices in Houston and graduated from UTDB in 1972; Dr. David Woodburn (NW) hails from Amarillo and is a 1972 graduate of UTDB. I had a unique opportunity to visit with each of these outstanding leaders and I am looking forward to our orientation day, Thursday, June 23. As we begin our new board year I would like to focus on the TDA 2014 goal of “Organizational Excellence”. The Finance and Audit Committee has kept us focused on the quality of financial management in our organization. The result of the December 31, 2010 audit, the first audit by Maxwell, Locke & Ritter, is a good example. One would think that having an annual audit done by a new firm would be cumbersome, but the TDA and its subsidiaries were given a clean audit report and the auditors commented that there were no significant deficiencies in internal controls. In addition to accolades from the auditors for our staff’s attention to detail and cooperative assistance, they reported that the financial reporting, financial procedures, and the position of the TDA “are in very good shape”. The auditors were quick to commend our Director of Finance, Ms. Delagarza, for the orderliness of the financial reports and her assistance. It was brought to the attention of the auditors that some TDA board members in recent years have had significant challenges in making sense of the financial reports they receive. The auditors did not suggest that the reports were flawed or that they needed to be redesigned. The auditors recommended that the TDA Board use a consultant to better educate to board members on how to read financial reports and understand the “big picture”. The auditors recommended Greenlights for Non-Profit Success of Austin. It was my intention to begin our work with Greenlights with our board member orientation on June 23. All board members would attend, but scheduling and preparation to consult with TDA (a 501-C6 organization) would take more time than was available. As a result, we are rescheduling the Greenlights presentation to the August board meeting. We look forward to advancing our Organizational Excellence with Greenlights.

Service Recognition Awards

Alliance Service Recognition Award

Outgoing Past President Dr. Mathew B. Roberts of Crockett (left) served on the TDA Board of Directors as president-elect, president, and past president from 2008-2011. Presenting the award is Dr. Lisa Masters.

Outgoing Vice Presidents

Dr. Craig S. Armstrong of Houston (left) is recognized for his tireless commitment to the writing and presentation of the 2010 Council on Dental Practice Minority Report to the American Dental Association Board of Trustees. Presenting the award is Dr. Lisa Masters.

Dr. James H. Hill of Dallas (left) is recognized for his years of tireless involvement and dedication to peer assistance and recovery for Texas dentists. Presenting the award is Dr. Larry Herwig.

Mrs. Jill Kralicke of Colleyville (left) receives recognition for serving as president of the Alliance of the Texas Dental Association, 2010-2011. Presenting the award is Dr. Lisa Masters.

Incoming President Award

Outgoing President Award

Dr. J. Preston Coleman of San Antonio (right) assumes the presidency of the TDA at the Sunday House of Delegates. Turning the office over to him is outgoing president Dr. Ron Rhea.

Dr. Ronald L. Rhea of Houston (right) joins the “club” of TDA past presidents with the official Past President’s Pin, presented by past president Dr. Matthew B. Roberts, at the Saturday past president’s breakfast.

(L–R): Drs. Donna G. Miller of Waco, John W. Baucum III of Corpus Christi, Kathleen M. Nichols of Lubbock, and R. Lee Clitheroe of Sugar Land. Each served on the TDA Board of Directors from 2008-2011.

Outgoing Council Members

Ms. Martha S. Phillps (left), executive director of the Georgia Dental Association, is recognized for her tireless work on behalf of the Austin Group and successful efforts in protecting the practice of dentistry. The Austin Group is a coalition of like-minded states who are determined to keep in check the spread of midlevel providers in the dental profession. Presenting the award is TDA president Dr. Ron Rhea.

Dr. Ron Rhea (right) receives the Outgoing President’s Award from new TDA president Dr. J. Preston Coleman at the Sunday House of Delegates.

Host Society Chair

Mr. Benjamin Eric Cozad (right) of TAMHSC Baylor College of Dentistry is presented the TDA Outstanding Senior Dental Student award for his leadership, academic accomplishments, professionalism, ethical conduct, and volunteer activities promoting dentistry. Presenting the award is Dr. James S. Cole, dean of the dental school.

(Photo courtesy Ms. Nelda Potter, UTHSCSA Dental School.)

(Photo courtesy Mr. Brian Schnupp, UTDB.)

(L–R): Drs. Jan M. Rollow of Dallas — Peer Review; David L. Doerre of Burkburnet — Membership; Glenn R. Walters, Sr., of San Antonio — Dental Education, Trade, and Ancillaries; Don A. Lutes of Mount Pleasant — Constitution and Bylaws; and William S. Nantz of Beaumont — Annual Session.

(Photo courtesy Ms. Moira Allen, TAMHSC BCD.)

Outstanding Senior Dental Student Awards (presented at the dental schools)

Ms. Summer C. Ketron (right) of UT Dental Branch Houston is presented the TDA Outstanding Senior Dental Student award for her student leadership, academic accomplishments, professionalism, ethical conduct, and volunteer activities promoting dentistry. Presenting the award is Dr. H. Phillip Pierpont, the associate dean for student affairs.

Ms. Elena Koshman (left) of UTHSC San Antonio Dental School is presented the TDA Outstanding Senior Dental Student award for her student leadership, academic accomplishments, professionalism, ethical conduct, and volunteer activities promoting dentistry. Presenting the award is Dr. Kenneth L. Kalkwarf, dean of the dental school.

Other Awards


Dr. Lisa B. Masters (left) of San Antonio is recognized for serving as the host society chair. The San Antonio (20th) District Dental Society efficiently and graciously hosted TDA’s 141st Annual Session. Dr. Masters also served on the TDA Awards Committee, Board of Directors, and as president of the Society. Presenting the award is Dr. Karen Frazer.


Dr. Donald F. Cohen of Houston, Outgoing Council Member — Ethics and Judicial Affairs Kessler Dr. Teri B. Lovelace of Abilene, Outgoing Council Member — Dental Economics Black

Dr. Harvey P. Kessler of Dallas — Service Recognition for his years of volunteer service to the Texas Dental Journal as developer, coordinator, and editor of the Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Israelson Case of the Month series of articles. Dr. Richard C. Black of El Paso — President’s Award Roberts

Dr. Hilton Israelson of Richardson — President’s Award Dr. Matthew B. Roberts of Crockett — President’s Award



Mr. William H. Bingham of Austin — President’s Award Ms. Diane Rhodes of Austin — President’s Award

June 2011 / TDA Today / 3

TSBDE Rule Update

This recurring section is designed to help TDA members keep up with important Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) rules, other regulations, and state law affecting their practices. As we first reported in the May TSBDE Update, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) recently adopted new regulations (Chapter 110 — 22 TAC §§110.1 -110.9) regarding the requirements for obtaining and maintaining permits to administer dental anesthesia and sedation in Texas. Although the rules became effective June 1st, the TSBDE will not start enforcing requirements until January 1, 2012. This delay is intended to allow ample time for dentists to get any additional anesthesia/sedation certifications they need. To help dentists comply with the new requirements, the TSBDE added a webpage detailing the new requirements and the implications facing permitted dentists. The TSBDE’s dedicated webpage is: ntent&task=view&id=179&Itemid=158. For the next several months, the TSBDE Rule Update will be devoted to a specific section of Chapter 110. In totality, Chapter 110 is based on the current American Dental Association (ADA) Guidelines. The ADA Guidelines define permitting requirements on the level of sedation versus the route of administration. There are now five categories of permitting available: Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Conscious Sedation Level 1: Minimal Sedation — (Nitrous Plus One Enteral Drug) Level 2: Moderate Enteral — (Limited to Enteral Routes of Administration) Level 3: Moderate Parenteral — (Limited to Parenteral Routes of Administration) Level 4: Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia

The July TSBDE Update will include details about how existing permits will be impacted by the new regulations. For more information, please contact TDA policy manager Ms. Diane Rhodes at (512) 443-3675,

Proposed Changes to Texas CODE meets with Austin City Council Subcommittee on Medicaid Dental Program Final vendor (Dental Contractors) responses to the Public Health Health and Human Services Commission’s (HHSC) Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Texas Dental Program were due on May 10, 2011. As previously reported, HHSC is seeking the services of two or more dental contractors to commercially administer the statewide Medicaid/Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) dental programs beginning in March 2012. HHSC is conducting vendor oral presentations on June 8 and 9, 2011 and will make the tentative award announcement on July 1, 2011. The TDA continues to communicate program expectations and concerns to HHSC officials as they finalize selection of the dental contractors. At the time of this writing, the Texas Legislature has not finalized the budget and the TDA is still monitoring the anticipated funding for Medicaid/CHIP dental services. For questions or comments, contact TDA’s policy manager Ms. Diane Rhodes at (512) 443-3675 or

The Austin City Council subcommittee on Public Health and Human Services has been gathering information and discussing community water fluoridation and public health issues associated with fluoride. On Wednesday, May 18, this subcommittee hosted a facilitated discussion at Austin City Hall to hear from fluoride advocates as well as anti fluoridationists. The Council on Dental Economics (CODE) is the TDA entity charged with addressing community oral health issues including community water fluoridation. Dr. Delton Yarbrough, Chair, CODE, as well as Dr. Cecil George, MD, participated in the discussion voicing organized dentistry’s support of community water fluoridation. The subcommittee took no formal action and this issue is not currently before the Austin City Council for vote. CODE will continue to monitor this issue. CODE is available to assist component societies when fluoride issues arise. If you have comments or questions about fluoride issues in your area, then please contact CODE via Cassidy Neal at (512) 443-3675 ext. 152 or

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