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2011 TEXAS Meeting Every Member Matters

TDA Election Rise’ Lyman, DDS,Largest TDA Future Focus Committee Records growth is vital to any thriving organization. The Texas Dental Association (TDA) Board is strongly Results Number of Membership committed to the Membership goal within the “TDA 2009” strategic plan, which addresses continued growth.

Registrations the following ADA awards in 2008:

Inside Inside Medicaid in My Office? 2011-12 TDA Board of Yes, I Think So! Directors Richard M. Smith, DDS

Dr. J. Preston Coleman I am proud to report that, as evidence of that commitment and for the second year in a row, the TDA received TDA President American Student Dental The House of Delegates TDA Smiles Foundation • Greatest Percentage Membership Net Gain: Texas had a net gain of 198 members 2007. Association convenedinatthetheyear 141st TMOM gains ardent advocate • Top Constituent Dental Society with Greatest Percentage of Non-Members to Membership: UTDB Student Named Annual Session of the A total of 13,010 dental Represents a conversion of 4.7 percent of non-members into membership at end of year 2007. professionals registered for the Dental Association Ask thePresident President • Top Constituent Dental Society to Improve Retention Rate PercentageTexas in 2007: Represents a 97 2011 TEXAS Meeting, the Incoming President’s message this month percent Association retention rate, which is an increase of 7 percent from earlier the previous year. in San TDA’s 141st annual session, May TDA Smiles • Greatest Percentage of New Dentist Members: Represents a gain of 111Antonio. new dentist members (those Hilton Israelson, DDSFoundation 5 – 8 in San Antonio. This is the Dallas Texas Mission of Mercy dentists who are 1-9 years out of school). Dr. Michael L. Stuart largest number of registrants to TDA President-elect Let’s Talk exampleregistered of the commitment to the growth of our Association is the TDA Externship Program,Members which builds date Another and 92 percent of thestudent Houseawareness TDA Perks message Outgoing President’s of organized dentistry. This innovative program, created in 2007, offers students the opportunity to gain insight into the different components online prior to the meeting. elected the 2011-12 of organized dentistry including legislative and regulatory affairs, membership, governance, continuing education, and charitable dentistry and A. David May, Jr., DDS TDA officers, including: to gain a better understanding as 2011 futureTEXAS leadersMeeting of the dental The program is open to dental students from each of the three Therole May exhibit team. floor featured 417 booths Preston’s Press Attendees had access to more of their companies. dental schools in Texas. externship 330 program will take place June 20 – June 27 in Austin at the TDA office. TDA central president Dr. J. than 100 clinicians andThis 200 year therepresenting 2008-2009 TDA Board of Directors As anand ongoing effortprogram to enhance the value and benefits of the Association, the TDA Council on MembershipPreston developed a surveyofthat sessions, the 2011 Coleman Sanwas sent TSBDE Rule Update to all members in 2006. The results clearly showed that members a high satisfaction rating with benefits such as the TEXAS Meeting, TDA covered the gamut of educational opportunities for the entire have dental team. Online CE verification Meet Your TDA Staff Antonio, TDA presidentpublications, and thearea ability to participate philanthropically in the registration proved to be an added benefit. in the TDA Smiles Foundation. A great number of the discounted programs offeredDr.toRon Collins TDA’s new Finance Director TDA Secretary-Treasurer members through the TDA Perks Program also received a high satisfaction rating. In accordance with the strategicelect plan,Dr. theMichael Council L. on Membership, Dee Dee Delagarza Stuart of Sunnyvale, will survey members again in 2009. Non-member dentists from Texas had the opportunity to attend the TEXAS Meeting at a Participation from fee all members and a collaborative effortfeebetween ADA,were TDA, local component societies are the keys to discounted registration (registrants using the discounted in 2008the – 2010 notand eligible TDA secretary-treasurer Congratulations to TDA successful membership andnon-members retention. Weattended. encourageThe every member involved whether it is by attending for the 2011 discount),recruitment and 103 TDA TDA Board to of get Directors and Dr. Ron Collinslocal of meetings, Component Societies taking part Give Kids a Smile! Day to activities, at a Texas Mission of Mercy, or to participating in TDA Legislative Day activities Council onin Annual Session continue supportvolunteering activities to increase TDA membership and Adhesive Dentistry and Houston, TDA speaker in Austin.the Each member is essential to the continued growth of our Association and of organized dentistry. promote value of the matters TEXASand Meeting each year. Endodontics: Materials, of the house Dr. Glen This is the seventh and final in a series of articles focused on the TDA’s accomplishments guided by the strategic plan. To view the entire plan, Streamline Your Insurance Claims Clinical Strategies, and log at click on “TDA 2009” under “Currentinto Issues” on C the&member For more information, contact D. Hall ofplease Abilene, and Lyda Creus Thisinyear, 417 boothsand representing 330 companies expanded Halls D. Thehomepage. TDA Pavilion Speeding up confirmation of benefits Procedures for Restoration of Dr. Glen D. Hall Molanphy, liaison to information the Future Focus Committee, at the TDA central office, and (512) 443-3675. provided anstaff “all-in-one” booth about TDA membership benefits services, TDA editor Dr. Stephen and eligibility TDA Speaker of the House Access Cavities: A Review DENPAC, TDA Perks Program, and TDA Smiles Foundation. R. Matteson of San TSBDE Rule Update Antonio. Mand ission : TDr. o be The Voice of DenTisTry The support of the TDA leadership president Ronald L. Rhea was invaluable to the work in of Texas

June Journal News

Latex and Non-Latex Requirements for dental office Orthodontic radiograph machinesElastic Force Loss Due to Cyclic Temperatures In the News TDA members in the news Dr. Stephen R. Matteson 2011 TDA House of Delegate TDA Editor Addresses News July Journal

the Council on Annual Session and the many volunteers. The 2011 host society, District 20, was a very important member of the planning and on-site facilitation team. Dr. Lisa Masters of San Antonio For a complete list of Public appreciated. and her team’s organizationalAdvocacy skills and commitmentOrganizational were outstanding and very much Development Manpower the elected 2011-12Membership Excellence


The 2012 TEXAS Meeting is scheduled May 3 – 6 in San Antonio. Program information will be Membership available in late summer and housing information will be available December 1 on Dentists will value membership and participation in the TDA.

TDA Board of Directors, please see page 3.

Objectives 1. Improve perceived value and benefits of membership in TDA. Tooth Whitening: A Clinical Review a. Increase members’ knowledge about the impact and benefits of TDA membership. b. Ensure that components are an integral aspect of the membership process. TDA Historical Perspectives c. Create greater awareness of the availability of the Peer Review, Ethics & Judicial, and Risk Management benefits. Wheels and the This is the sixth in a series of articles to keep you informed of the Texas Federal law specifies three main components of meaningful use: Dentists,Smiles dentalon hygienists, d. Actively promote adherence to the Code of Ethics. Mineral Wells — June 11 Medicaide. Electronic Record (EHR) and dental team EnhanceHealth communication withIncentive membersProgram and non-members. continuing implement healthofinformation initiatives The use of certified EHR in a meaningful manner. f. efforts Buildtostudent awareness and interestexchange in organized dentistry and•membership in aTDA. New of Directors C.T.Board Rowland Award across Texas. incentive program incentive payments dental to g. The Ensure ongoing contactprovides with students throughout school. • The use of certified EHR technology for electronic exchange ofThe 2007 Orientation Orthodontic case report Work closely dental school faculty. use of certified Medicaidh.providers for the with adoption and meaningful health information improve quality of health care. Austin — June 23 i. Evaluate number of will nonmember dentistsreference who attend and participate TDA (TEXAS TDAtoSmiles EHR technology. Future articles focus on helpful websites, • inThe useactivities of certified EHRMeeting, technology submit clinical quality Foundation programs, etc.). The El Paso Dental Conference health information exchange, meaningful use for dentists, certified EHR and other measures. Metrics Board of Directors Meeting technology for dental practices, and other relevant topics of interest to 1. Seventy percent of active licensed dentists in TX will be members of TDA by 2009 (baseline of 68.5% in January 2007); increase Austin — June 24 dentists and health information technology (IT). by April 2007 (baseline 96% Stages membership retention rate to 97 percent in 2006). of Meaningful Use a-d. Increase the number of dentists serving on component peer review and ethics and judicial affairs committees to attain a and PresidentsAugustPresidents 14: The Texas Health andrate Human Commission (HHSC) is of component participation of 2-5 Services percent relative to the total number society members by Incentive August 2009. In the Medicaid EHR Program, it is not necessary to elect Conference 2. Ninety percent of TX dental school graduates actively licensed in TX will be members of TDA five years after graduation (89% TDA Board Meeting helping physicians, dentists and health care providers sign up for new achieve meaningful use for the first year of participation in the student from the graduating class of 2005who in Texas). Component Presidents incentivedental payments forconversion using electronic health records. Doctors Austin, Texas program. Providers can receive the first year of incentives by adopting, 3. Increase the health numberrecord of member dentists actively participating in TDA by 1 percent a year (as measured by a variety of means Meeting establish electronic systems that meet federal standards implementing, or upgrading to a certified EHR system. – participation at TX Meeting, TMOM, TXDDS, FSI programs, DENPAC participations, TDA legislative day) with annual Council can earn up to $63,750 in Medicaid incentive payments over 6 October 15-19:& Committee Affiliate report to TDA Board by the Council on Membership. Training years. beginofenrolling in the program now, andactivities the first (CAS,To ADA Annual Session receive more than one Membership) year of Medicaid incentives, providers must 4. Providers Establishcan baseline nonmember participation at TDA TDA Smiles Foundation, AustinTexas — June 25 payments are expected in May. 5. Established baseline of members’ understanding of and satisfaction withgothe benefits of their TDA throughbyMember beyond purchasing and membership installing a system demonstrating theySan Antonio, Benefits and Services Survey (completed Nov 2006), re-evaluate % increase at that time for 2009. are meaningfully using that system. To fully demonstrate meaningful 6. Sixty-five of all full-time faculty will be TDA members by 2009use, (2006 baselinemust = 63%). According to the percent Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP), a provider satisfy the three stages of meaningful use criteria.

Texas Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program

Around the State

Around the State

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“Meaningful use” (MU) means that providers are using their certified The following sections outline the three stages as they are currently EHR technology in ways that can be measured in quality and quantity The TDA will update it’s strategic plan with another statewide known: retreat in August of 2008. UpdateJoin Profile us on Facebook with the following goals: – Membership Info • • • • •

Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities. Engage patients and families in their health care. Improve care coordination. Improve population and public health. All the while maintaining privacy and security.

Stage 1:

Ask a Colleague Follow us on Twitter – Features Focuses on health data capture, using that data to track key clinical conditions, sharing that information for care coordination, and TEXAS Meeting Photos initiating the reporting of clinical quality measures and public health Get LinkedIN information., search “Texas Volunteer for ‘08 ADA Dental Association” Continued on page 3

In other words, simply using an EHR is not sufficient. Providers must use2003, it in Texas ways Dental that benefit patient care and safety. In Association members from across the state develop TDA’s first strategic plan, TDA 2009.

FDA Warns of Complications with Teething Gels Containing Benzocaine The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received reports of methemoglobinemia, a rare but serious blood disorder that is associated with pain relievers, including teething gels, that contain benzocaine sold under the brand names Anbesol, Hurricaine, Orajel, Baby Orajel, Orabase, and generic brands. Methemoglobinemia is a serious blood disorder that reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood stream and, in severe cases, can lead to death. Symptoms, which could possibly follow a single application of benzocaine with concentrations as low as 7.5 percent, include pale, gray or blue-colored skin, lips, and nail beds; shortness of breath; fatigue; confusion; headache; lightheadedness; and rapid heart rate. The FDA is advising health care professionals to refer to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for teething, which recommend giving infants and toddlers a chilled (not frozen) teething ring or gently rubbing or massaging the gums with a finger instead of using benzocaine to relieve the symptoms. For more information, visit the FDA website at and the ADA website at

American Student Dental Association Names UTDB Student as President Third-year dental student Adam Shisler of Houston has been elected national president of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA), becoming the first University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston (UTDB) student to hold that post. He was elected earlier this year at the ASDA Annual Session in Anaheim, CA. Shisler is an experienced ASDA member, having served as class delegate, vice president, TDA delegate, district trustee and president of the UTDB chapter. His 1-year term as ASDA president began immediately and will be followed by a year in an advisory role as immediate past president. As the national president, Shisler will be the official voice of the ASDA’s 17,000 members to organizations such as the American Dental Association (ADA), American Dental Education Association, European Dental Student Association, The Academy of General Dentistry, specialty organizations and governmental agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. NOTE: Effective June 1, 2011, the University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston will assume its new name, The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston (UTSD). The School of Dentistry is part of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth).

Perks Partner News New Perks Glove Partner Offers Introductory Special TDA Perks Program’s new glove partner, The Glove Group, (replacing The Glove Club), is offering a special to TDA members to kick off the program. Place an order by June 30th for one case (10 boxes) of any Kimberly Clark product, and you’ll receive two free boxes of Kimberly Clark’s Lavender, Sterling or Purple gloves. Order online at, (click on “categories,” “Texas Dental Association Perks Program,”) or by calling: (800) 570-1492. If you call, be sure to mention your TDA membership. For more information regarding this special, please visit, or contact The Glove Group. Questions? Call TDA Perks Program at: (512) 443-3675.

Happy, Healthy Smiles … That’s Our Mission! Donated Dental Services is in Need of Volunteers! If you are unable to attend one of the TDA Smiles Foundation (TDASF) mission events, please consider becoming a member of the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. As a DDS volunteer, you would see DDS patients in your office as you would a typical patient. The difference is you donate your time and services, and TDASF pays any lab bills the patient incurs. This program is open to Texas residents who are 55 or older and/or are permanently disabled. The patients are thoroughly screened, and a DDS coordinator will contact your office when a patient needs dental care. Together, you will determine if you can treat that patient. This program’s current waiting list is more than 3 years long because there are not enough volunteer dentists in the program. That means people in desperate need of dental care are unable to see one of our volunteer dentists for 3 years — a person who is approved for the program in 2011 might not make it to a volunteer dentist until 2014. If you are able to help by becoming a volunteer DDS dentist, we will only ask you to see one patient a year, and of course you always have the option to see more. For more information on this program or to sign up as a volunteer DDS dentist, please e-mail the TDASF DDS coordinator Ashley Authement at May 2011 / TDA Today / 2

Dallas Texas Mission of Mercy TDASF staff and volunteers arrived for set up of the Dallas Texas Mission of Mercy (TMOM) on Thursday April 14, 2011, at The Potter’s House church south of downtown Dallas. All prepared for a big impact weekend. Starting at 8:00 AM, the staff and volunteers unpacked the trucks, and in approximately 7 hours, a 49-chair dental office, complete with registration, triage, digital X-ray, and removable department, was ready for patients. More than 100 dentists from the Dallas area and all over the state, along with a great group of hygienists and more than 600 volunteers, came together to serve on Friday and Saturday, resulting in dental treatment, education, and caring for 1,047 low income patients. Volunteers provided more than $587,000 worth of dental services. What a great way to spend a weekend! A sincere thank you to these supporters of the Dallas TMOM:

A patient shows off her new smile at the TDASF TMOM Dallas last month.

Major Sponsors: Dallas County Dental Foundation, The Potter’s House, Baylor Oral Health Foundation, Pogue Foundation, Community Dental, Henry Schein Dental, Stern Reed Associates. Donations and Support by: J. Morita USA, Aribex, Dexis, Oral Surgery Associates of North Texas, Crest Oral B, Lonestar Dental Lab, Burkhart, T.D.H.A., Schepps Dairy, Dean Foods, Borden’s Dairy, Minyard’s, Salvation Army, Walker Reprographics, C.B.C Enterprises.

Hygienist Ms. Debbie Gray (left) provides charitable care for a patient at the TDASF TMOM Dallas in April.

Texas Medicaid EHR, continued

Preston’s Press

Eligible professionals must complete: • 20 total MU measures (see the CMS descriptions): 15 core objectives. 5 objectives out of 10 from a menu set. n n

J. Preston Coleman, DDS, TDA President 2011-12

-- AND --

Wow! What a Week!

• 6 total Clinical Quality Measures (CQM): 3 Core (or Alternate Core) CQMs. 3 additional CQMs chosen from a list of 38. n n

Some MU objectives are not applicable to every provider; therefore, they would not have any eligible patients or actions for the measure denominator. In these cases, the eligible professional or hospital would be excluded from having to meet that measure (e.g., dentists who do not perform immunizations). When providers enroll for the Texas Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, they must go to the enrollment portal and attest that they have adopted, implemented, or upgraded certified EHR technology. Each year after that, providers will need to update their information, including patient volume. For the first year of MU, which is the second year of participation in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, the reporting period is 3 full, consecutive months. Reporting in Year 1 will be done through attestation and may be yes/no or numerator/denominator attestation. Stage 2: Details on Stage 2 measures are expected to be released in 2012 and implemented in 2013. Stage 3: MU measures are expected to be released in 2014 and implemented in 2015. As the program progresses, providers will get more information on how to calculate and when to provide MU documentation.

Additional Resources

I had been told that the presidency of the TDA can be fast and furious but I never imagined this. Sunday, after the close of the House of Delegates and Board meeting, I was able to squeeze in Mother’s Day lunch with Sue Ann and all of my family. I was in flight to Washington, D.C., by 3:00 PM and we arrived at 9:30 PM. On Monday morning, Dr. Dan McCauley of Mt. Pleasant and I had breakfast with Congressman Ralph Hall from Northeast Texas. The Washington Leadership Conference began in the afternoon with a legislative issues review. The issues included “Patient Freedom to Choose Act” that would repeal the annual cap on flexible spending accounts; “The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act of 2011” that would repeal the McCarran-Ferguson Act exemption for insurance companies (introduced by Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS, R-AZ) and “Breaking Barriers to Oral Health Act of 2011” which would make a limited amount of federal funds available each year closer to the end users who are most effective in improving oral health in their local communities. The TDA Smiles Foundation is such an entity. For example, think of the difference a Smiles Foundation Texas Mission of Mercy could make by leveraging a $10,000 grant at $30 of care for each dollar of the grant. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the conference had several excellent speakers, and I was able to attend group meetings and discuss these issues with both of our Texas Senate Members and four of the Texas Representatives as well as Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS, of Arizona. On Wednesday afternoon, I arrived at the airport on time and boarded my plane to come home only to hear that there was bad weather in Dallas. The 2 hour and 45 minute flight turned into a 6 hour and 45 minute flight. This was followed by over booking due to a canceled flight, an overnight stay in the DFW airport, and a 6 hour and 40 minute flight from DFW to San Antonio on Thursday. My staff was on the ball and we finished with all of our patients by 7:00 PM. Friday morning Sue Ann and I were on our way to Amarillo for the installation of officers dinner at the Panhandle District Dental Society. The welcome and hospitality were UNFORGETTABLE! Before the installation I was privileged to present my ideas on the state of our Association and a glimpse of the year to come. After the installation and recognition of the 18th District’s new officers, I had the privilege of presenting the TDA Service Recognition Award to Dr. Kenneth Falk of Amarillo. I look forward to visiting all 26 of our component societies during the coming year.

For more information, the following resources are available: • CMS Meaningful Use: asp • MU Measures for eligible professionals: Downloads/ EP-MU-TOC.pdf • CMS Clinical Quality Measures: ElectronicSpecifications.asp • Texas Medicaid EHR Incentive Program: Home.aspx • Email • Call the TMHP Contact Center at (800) 925-9126 (option 4) For more information, call the TMHP Contact Center at (800) 925-9126 or the TMHPCSHCN Services Program Contact Center at (800) 568-2413.

Evidence-Based Practice Tip of the Month Stephen R. Matteson, DDS, TDA Editor

To Remove All the Caries or Not? That is the Question Check out this Cochrane Report on the topic of complete or incomplete removal of deep caries in asymptomatic permanent and primary teeth. Enter CD003808 into a Google search.

Announcing the 2011-12 TDA Board of Directors President Dr. J. Preston Coleman

President-elect Dr. Michael L. Stuart

Past President Dr. Ronald L. Rhea

Senior Directors Dr. T. Beth Vance (SW) Dr. Michael J. Goulding (NW) Dr. Arthur C. Morchat (NE) Dr. Rita M. Cammarata (SE)

Directors Dr. Yvonne E. Maldonado (SW) Dr. David C. Woodburn (NW) Dr. Jean E. Bainbridge (NE) Dr. Gregory K. Oelfke (SE)

Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Ron Collins

Speaker of the House Dr. Glen D. Hall

Parliamentarian Dr. David H. McCarley

Editor Dr. Stephen R. Matteson

Executive Director Ms. Mary Kay Linn

Legal Counsel Mr. William H. Bingham

Vice Presidents Dr. Lisa B. Masters (SW) Dr. Robert E. Wiggins, Jr. (NW) Dr. Larry D. Herwig (NE) Dr. Karen E. Frazer (SE)

May 2011 / TDA Today / 3

TSBDE Rule Update This recurring section is designed to help TDA members keep up with important Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) rules, other regulations, and state law affecting their practices. During the April 15, 2011, Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) meeting, the TSBDE adopted new sedation and anesthesia rules Chapter 110 — 22 TAC §§110.1 -110.9. The TSBDE worked on updating the rules through its Anesthesia Rules Ad-Hoc Committee which convened in 2009. The new rules are in accordance with the American Dental Association’s (ADA) sedation guidelines adopted by the ADA House of Delegates in 2007. The following information is taken from the TSBDE’s explanation of the new rules. The new rules consolidate sedation and anesthesia rules previously found in §§108.30 -108.35 and Chapter 110, Enteral Sedation. The most significant change from the previous rules includes the levels of anesthesia and sedation permitting. The permitting process now emphasizes the patient’s level of sedation rather than the route of medication administration. The new rules establish five levels of anesthesia and sedation permits beyond the standard dental license: Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Sedation; Level 1: Minimal Sedation; Level 2: Moderate Sedation (enteral sedation); Level 3: Moderate Sedation (parenteral sedation); and Level 4: Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia. The new rules will become effective June 1, 2011, and most levels of permitting will change in name only. Licensed dentists who lack sedation permits may continue to utilize local anesthetic and prescribe minor tranquilizers for anxiolysis. A licensed dentist who holds an active Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Conscious Sedation permit, Parenteral Sedation permit, or Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia permit on or before June 1, 2011, will have their permit automatically reclassified as a Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Sedation permit, Level 3 permit, and Level 4 permit, respectively, on June 1, 2011. Please refer to the June 2011 TDA Today for a detailed explanation of the new rules. For more information, please contact TDA policy manager Ms. Diane Rhodes at (512) 443-3675,

In the News Birdwell to lead UTDB “Open to Health” initiative General dentist Dr. William R. “Bill” Birdwell of Bryan will serve as the new chair of The University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston (UTDB) “Open to Health” fundraising initiative, seeking support for scholarships, faculty endowments, community outreach, research, and a new building for the school. Dr. Birdwell joins vice chair Dr. S. Jerry Long of Houston in leading the effort that began under the chairmanship of Houston endodontist Dr. Stephen F. Schwartz, who stepped down in September 2010 after helping UTDB secure nearly $6 million in donations. Dr. Birdwell earned a bachelor’s degree at The University of Texas at Austin before enrolling at UTDB. After graduation in 1973, he served in the U.S. Air Force Dental Corps until he opened a private practice in Bryan in 1975. In 2001, Dr. Birdwell was named Texas Dentist of the Year™ by the Texas Academy of General Dentistry. He is a past president of the UTDB Alumni Association and in 2005 was named Alumnus of the Year. He is a member of ADA and TDA, and a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American College of Dentists, and the International College of Dentists. He has also served as president of the Brazos Valley District Dental Society. In 2009, Governor Rick Perry appointed Dr. Birdwell to a 6-year term on the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.

MAY 2011


EDITORIAL STAFF Stephen R. Matteson, D.D.S., Editor Nicole Scott, Managing Editor Barbara Donovan, Art Director Lauren Oakley, Publications Coordinator Paul H. Schlesinger, Consultant BOARD OF DIRECTORS J. Preston Coleman, D.D.S., President Michael L. Stuart, D.D.S., President-elect Ronald L. Rhea, D.D.S., Immediate Past President Vice Presidents Lisa B. Masters, D.D.S., Southwest Robert E. Wiggins Jr., D.D.S., Northwest Larry D. Herwig, D.D.S., Northeast Karen E. Frazer, D.D.S., Southeast Senior Directors T. Beth Vance, D.D.S., Southwest Michael J. Goulding, D.D.S., Northwest Arthur C. Morchat, D.D.S., Northeast Rita M. Cammarata, D.D.S., Southeast Directors Yvonne E. Maldonado, D.D.S., Southwest David C. Woodburn, D.D.S., Northwest Jean E. Bainbridge, D.D.S., Northeast Gregory K. Oelfke, D.D.S., Southeast Ron Collins, D.D.S., Secretary-Treasurer Glen D. Hall, D.D.S., Speaker of the House David H. McCarley, D.D.S., Parliamentarian Stephen R. Matteson, D.D.S., Editor Mary Kay Linn, Executive Director William H. Bingham, Legal Counsel TDA Today (USPS 022-007) is published monthly except for December by the Texas Dental Association, 1946 S. IH-35, Ste 400, Austin, Texas 78704-3698, (512) 443-3675. Periodicals Postage Paid at Austin, Texas and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to TDA TODAY, 1946 S. IH-35, Ste 400, Austin, TX 78704-3698. Annual subscriptions: Texas Dental Association (TDA) members, $5. In-state American Dental Association (ADA) affiliated, $15 + tax. Out-of-state ADA affiliated, $15. In-state non-ADA affiliated, $30 + tax. Out-of-state non-ADA affiliated, $30. Single issue price: TDA members $1. In-state ADA affiliated, $3 + tax. Out-of-state ADA affiliated, $3. In-state non-ADA affiliated, $6 + tax. Out-of-state non-ADA affiliated, $6. Contributions: Manuscripts and news items of interest to the membership of the Association are solicited. Manuscripts should be typewritten, double spaced, and the original copy should be submitted. Please refer to Instructions for Contributors in the annual September Directory of the Texas Dental Journal for more information. The Information for Contributors is available at tda. org. All statements of opinion and of supposed facts are published on authority of the writer under whose name they appear and are not to be regarded as the views of the Texas Dental Association, unless such statements have been adopted by the Association. Articles are accepted with the understanding that they have not been published previously. Authors must disclose any financial or other interests they may have in Member Publication products or services described in their articles. Advertisements: Publication of advertisements in this publication does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement by the Association of the quality of value of such product or of the claims made of it by its manufacturer.

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