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The TDA Board of Future DirectorsFocus receivedCommittee training at Rise’ Lyman, DDS, TDA

its March meeting on one of the most popular growth ismany vital to any thriving organization. The Texas Dental Association (TDA) Board is strongly social media websites:Membership Facebook. Although committed to the Membership goal within the “TDA 2009” strategic plan, which addresses continued growth. Board members already have personal profiles and are also I am proud to report that, as evidence of that commitment and for the second year in a row, the TDA received members of the TDA Facebook group page, they received following ADA awards in 2008: in-depth training on the manythe features and settings • Greatest Percentage Membership Net Gain: Texas had a net gain of 198 members in the year 2007. Facebook offers. • Top Constituent Dental Society with Greatest Percentage of Non-Members to Membership: Dental practices can benefit from utilizing this social Represents a conversion of 4.7 percent of non-members into membership at end of year 2007. media tool by creating a Facebook A fan pageDental is • fan Toppage. Constituent Society to Improve Retention Rate Percentage in 2007: Represents a 97 easy to set up and lets you group together patients, retention rate, which is an increase of 7 percent from the previous year. percentyour Association colleagues, or friends on one common page. The page can of New Dentist Members: Represents a gain of 111 new dentist members (those • Greatest Percentage be used to raise patient awareness ordentists to simply extend the years out of school). who are 1-9 doctor-patient relationship beyond the office setting. If you of our Association is the TDA Externship Program, which builds student awareness Another example of the commitment to the growth The TDA Board of Directors receives in-depth website,This you innovative should alsoprogram, consider adding link to your Facebook fanthe page. have an existing of organized dentistry. createda in 2007, offers students opportunity to gain insight into the different components training on Facebook, a social media website.

of organized dentistry including legislative and regulatory affairs, membership, governance, continuing education, and charitable dentistry and The TDA Facebook group page includes Association updates and current information. To join, please to gain a better understanding of their role as future leaders of the dental team. The program is open to dental students from each of the three visit dental schools in Texas. This year the externship program will take place June 20 – June 27 in Austin at the TDA central office. Asfuture an ongoing to Today enhance valueon andsocial benefits themedia Association, Check issues effort of TDA forthe articles and of new updates.the TDA Council on Membership developed a survey that was sent to all members in 2006. The results clearly showed that members have a high satisfaction rating with benefits such as the TEXAS Meeting, TDA publications, and the ability to participate philanthropically in the TDA Smiles Foundation. A great number of the discounted programs offered to members through the TDA Perks Program also received a high satisfaction rating. In accordance with the strategic plan, the Council on Membership, will survey members again in 2009. Participation from all members and a collaborative effort between the ADA, TDA, and local component societies are the keys to successful membership recruitment and retention. We encourage every member to get involved whether it is by attending local meetings, taking part in Give Kids a Smile! Day activities, volunteering at a Texas Mission of Mercy, or participating in TDA Legislative Day activities in Austin. Each member matters and is essential to the continued growth of our Association and of organized dentistry. This is the seventh and final in a series of articles focused on the TDA’s accomplishments guided by the strategic plan. To view the entire plan, log in at and click on “TDA 2009” under “Current Issues” on the member homepage. For more information, please contact Lyda Creus The(512) TDA443-3675. honored State Senator Florence Shapiro (R-Plano) with Molanphy, staff liaison to the Future Focus Committee, at the TDA central office, the Association’s most prestigious award, the Excellence in Advocacy Award, at a banquet in Dallas last month. Mission: To be The Voice of DenTisTry in Texas Sen. Shapiro was recognized for her efforts to help pass Senate Bill 455, which aimed to improve patient access to dental care by enabling dentists to delegate additional duties to dental assistants. Public Organizational

State Senator Florence Shapiro Honored with TDA Excellence in Advocacy Award




(L-R) State Sen. Florence Shapiro (R-Plano) accepts TDA’s Excellence in Membership Advocacy Award presented by Council on Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Dentists will value chair Dr. Richard Black membership of El Paso. and participation in the TDA.

American Academy of Restorative 2008-2009 TDA Board of Directors Dentistry TDAYour member Meet TDA named Staff president TDA’s new Finance Director MK’s Notes Dee DeeBoard Delagarza Congratulations toPractice TDA Tip of the Evidence-based Component Societies Month Streamline Your Insurance Claims TSBDE Rule Update Speeding up confirmation of benefits and eligibility


TSBDE Rule Update Journal for News Requirements dental office radiograph machines Special Oral Cancer Issue Development Membership In Management the News of Oropharyngeal Image This push for flexibility is a win for both patients and dentists, says Sen. TDA members in the news Mucositis Pain Shapiro. “It just makes sense to allow trained and certified assistants to perform these procedures; it creates more efficiency and allows dentists to see a higher number of their patients, thus increasing patient access to top dental care.”

Objectives 1. Improve perceived value and benefits of membership in TDA. a. Increase members’ knowledge about the impact and benefits of TDA membership. “Senator Shapiro is a true champion of oral health and organized b. Ensure that components are an integral aspect of the membership process. says TDA immediate past president Dr. Hilton Israelson. c. Create greater awareness of the availability of the Peer Review,dentistry,” Ethics & Judicial, and Risk Management benefits. “Her efforts during the 81st legislative session increased the efficiency d. Actively promote adherence to the Code of Ethics. of the dental team which will increase access to oral health care.” e. Enhance communication with members and non-members. f. Build student awareness of and interest in organized dentistry and membership in TDA. g. Ensure ongoing contact with students throughout dental school. h. Work closely with dental school faculty. i. Evaluate number of nonmember dentists who attend and participate activities TDA Smiles (L-R) TDAin 5thTDA District (Dallas(TEXAS County) Meeting, president Dr. Foundation programs, etc.). Hedley Rakusin of Dallas and TDA past president Dr. Hilton Israelson of Richardson visit with State Sen. Florence Metrics Shapiro in Dallas last (baseline month. of 68.5% in January 2007); increase 1. Seventy percent of active licensed dentists in TX will be members of TDA by 2009 membership retention rate to 97 percent by April 2007 (baseline 96% in 2006). a-d. Increase the number of dentists serving on component peer review and ethics and judicial affairs committees to attain a participation rate of 2-5 percent relative to the total number of component society members by August 2009. 2. Ninety percent of TX dental school graduates actively licensed in TX will be members of TDA five years after graduation (89% dental student conversion from the graduating class of 2005 in Texas). 3. Increase the number of member dentists actively participating in TDA by 1 percent a year (as measured by a variety of means – participation at TX Meeting, TMOM, TXDDS, FSI programs, DENPAC participations, TDA legislative day) with annual report to TDA Board by the Council on Membership. For4.the fourth consecutive year, the Texas Dental Establish baseline of nonmember participation at TDA activities (CAS, TDA Smiles Foundation, Membership) Association won awards at the American 5. Established baseline of members’Dental understanding of and satisfaction with the benefits of their TDA membership through Member Association (ADA) and (completed Retention Nov 2006), re-evaluate % increase at that time for 2009. Benefits andRecruitment Services Survey Conference held March Chicago. 6. Sixty-five percent18-20 of allinfull-time faculty will be TDA members by 2009 (2006 baseline = 63%).

TDA Receives ADA Membership Awards

TDA received awards for the Greatest Net Gain of New

Medicaid in My TDA 2014: AnOffice? Update Yes, I Think So! Workforce Richard M. Smith, DDS TDA Smiles Foundation TDA Smiles Foundation Tyler Texas Mission of Mercy TMOM gains ardent advocate successful Nobel Biocare’s 2010 Healthy Smiles Ask the President Golf Classic scheduled Incoming President’s message Hilton Israelson, DDS San Antonio District Dental Let’s Talk Society Outgoing President’s message Past presidents honored A. David May, Jr., DDS

July Journal News in the Xerostomia Management Head and Neck Radiation Patient Tooth Whitening: A Clinical Review TDA Historical Perspectives Around the State Dentists, dental hygienists, and the dental May team 6–9 TDA’s 140th annual session The 2007 C.T. Rowland Award The TEXAS Meeting Orthodontic case report San Antonio The El Paso Dental Conference May 9 TDA Board of Directors Around the State San Antonio August 14: May 21 &Meeting 22 TDA Board TDA Smiles Austin, Texas Foundation Smiles on Wheels October Goliad 15-19: ADA Annual Session San Antonio, Texas

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Click & Connect Update Profile TDA Express – Membership Info – Features Ask a Colleague Personal Web Page – Features – Contacts TEXAS Meeting Photos (L-R) Accepting the awards on behalf of TDA are ADA staff member Mariann Swan, ADA Council on Membership chair Dr. Terry Buckenheimer, DCDS executive director Ms. Jane April Journal Evans, Greater Houston Dental Society membership coordinator Ms. CeCe Broussard, TDA Member Services & Administration director Ms. Lee Ann Johnson, San Antonio District Dental Volunteer for ‘08 ADA Society council chair Dr. James Bone, ADA Council on Membership member

The TDA update it’sofstrategic plan Dentists, thewill Greatest Percentage Non-Members to with another statewide retreat in August of 2008. Membership, and the Greatest Net Gain in Membership categories. Since 2006, the TDA has received 14 awards from the ADA for recruitment and retention efforts. The TDA would like to thank component society leaders, volunteers, and staff for their hard work which, in partnership with TDA, contributes to the continued growth and success of the Association.

Dr. JeanTDA’s Bainbridge, TDA Council on Membership In 2003, Texas Dental Association members from across the state develop first strategic plan, TDA 2009. chair Dr. Wayne Woods.

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4/13/10 10:40 PM

TDA 2014: An Update Lisa B. Masters, DDS, TDA Future Focus Committee

Workforce This is the third of eight articles highlighting the objectives and goals in TDA’s current strategic plan, “TDA 2014.” The Texas Dental Association (TDA) monitors critical issues impacting the practice of dentistry in Texas — most importantly those related to workforce. The TDA believes that all Texans are entitled to comprehensive and consistent dental care and that an effective teambased delivery model, headed by a dentist, is the key to delivering optimal oral health care services to the public. Consequently, TDA’s strategic plan includes a goal related to workforce. The current plan, “TDA 2014,” describes the workforce goal as: “TDA will ensure that the oral healthcare needs of all Texans are met by an effective and efficient delivery system with the dentist as the head of the dental team.” In the 2008 TDA House of Delegates, TDA members and leadership reinforced a commitment to that goal by approving a resolution modestly expanding the scope of practice for dental assistants while preserving the dentist’s role as head of the team. Subsequently, in 2009, during the 81st Texas Legislature Regular Session, the TDA initiated SB 455 that improves access to dental care by enabling dentists to delegate additional duties to dental assistants.

All Texas dentists may now delegate, under direct supervision, the placement of pit and fissure sealants to dental assistants certified by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE). Dental assistants may also apply fluoride varnish and obtain TSBDE certification to perform coronal polishing. However, it is important to note that coronal polishing may not be billed as a prophylaxis when an assistant simply polishes the teeth. A dentist or hygienist must also remove plaque, calculus, and stains from the teeth in order to bill for the procedure. Furthermore, dental assistants may make dental radiographs and provide interim treatment for certain minor emergencies when the dentist is not physically present in the office (general supervision). Treatment for minor emergency conditions includes re-cementing temporary restorations and replacing orthodontic brackets. After such treatment, the supervising dentist must schedule a followup appointment with the patient to evaluate the need for further treatment. Overall, these additional dental assistant duties fit nicely into the dental team model and will help organized dentistry ensure that each and every Texan has all-inclusive dental care led by the dentist – the only team member with the comprehensive education required to diagnose, prevent, and treat dental disease.

Alliance of the TDA Supports Student Scholarships Alliance of the Texas Dental Association (ATDA) supported two scholarships awarded at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School (UTHSCSA) Student Scholarship Recognition Luncheon in February. UTHSCSA dental students Jeff Shao and Lauren Day received the scholarship. The ATDA Memorial Committee was originally formed in 1947. The committee established three separate selfperpetuating funds entitled the Alliance of the TDA Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund at UTHSCSA, Baylor College of Dentistry – Texas A&M Health Science Center, and the University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston.

Workforce is also on the national dental agenda. The TDA recently hosted a very successful State Strategy Conference where participating states were able to exchange information about legislative and public relations strategies designed to preserve the dentist’s role as leader of the dental team. All in all, workforce issues will remain integral to the access to care debate when the Texas Legislature meets again in 2011. During the 82nd Legislative Session, the TDA and its legislative team will continue working dilligently to uphold the TDA’s workforce policy preserving the dentist as head of the dental team.

(L-R) ATDA Memorial Committee member Ms. Patricia Nield, ATDA Memorial Committee chair Ms. Sharon Bryant, scholarship recipient Jeff Shao, ATDA member Patti Taylor and her husband Dr. Ben Taylor, both of San Antonio. Not pictured is scholarship recipient Lauren Day.

The San Antonio District Dental Society (SADDS) held its general meeting in February in San Antonio. A yearly tradition at this meeting, the SADDS honors its past presidents. (L-R, Top Row): Drs. Robbie Henwood 2006-07, Mike Westwood 1993-94, Ron Tietz 1989-90, Dan Peavy 1983-84, Jack Martin 1994-95, Glenn Walters 1990-91, Risé Lyman 2008-09, Leighton Wier 1987-88, Richard Smith 1977-78, Sheryl Beltrane 2007-08, Warren Branch 2002-03, Anthony Sabino 2003-04, John Cochran 1982-83, Thomas Uribe 2005-06, and J. Preston Coleman 1998-99. (L-R, Bottom Row): Drs. Ronald Trowbridge 1996-97, Eugene Hickey 1972-73, Dudley Hayes 1960-61, L.T. Pratt 1968-69, Light Cummins 1957-58, Charles Bruchmiller 1984-85, and Argyle O’Brien 1975-76.

Happy, Healthy Smiles … That’s Our Mission! The TDA Smiles Foundation’s Felix Crawford Endowment Fund scholarship recipients for the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School are pictured with Dr. Ken Kalkwarf, dean. Congratulations to James Doyle and Noora Ayyash!

(L-R) Pre-dental students Sarah Hawley, Courtney Norman, Lucas Shipman, Baylor firstyear dental student Preston Greer, and Darla Carter, dental assistant to Dr. David Nichols, pour-up models to make flippers at the event.

(L-R) UTDB third-year dental students Amanda Glowgowski and Giao Le work a chair at the Bethesda Health Clinic.

Golf Anyone?

Tyler TMOM6 = Six Times as Nice!

Nobel Biocare’s 2010 Healthy Smiles Golf Classic hosted by the Texas Association of Orthodontists and benefitting TDASF is set to tee-off at 7:30 AM on Friday, May 7, 2010, during the TEXAS Meeting in San Antonio.

Since the first-ever Texas Mission of Mercy (TMOM) in Tyler in November 2001, TDASF visited the area five more times — in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, and most recently March 2010. Tyler TMOMs are unique events that utilize the “Distributed MOM” model — in lieu of a single, central location for all services, individual dental offices are used along with charitable clinics to provide services to hundreds of area residents.

An 18-hole round at Pecan Valley’s Golf Course will be followed by lunch and an awards ceremony. The single player fee is $199, while foursomes enjoy a small team enrollment discount of $750. Tournament sponsorships are still available, offering your business a great way to reach hundreds of prominent dental professionals. If you are interested in serving as a sponsor, e-mail smiles@ A very limited number of play slots remain at the date of content remission as well. Please join us and have fun while helping your Foundation!

Volunteers treated almost 475 patients and provided almost $300,000 in charitable dentistry! Our thanks to the following organizations and dentists for the use of their space: The Tyler Junior College School of Dental Hygiene; Tyler Oral and Facial Surgery; Olympic Plaza Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; St. Paul Children’s Clinic; Tyler Endodontics; Smith Dental Care; Chip Swinney, DDS; Nathan Hughes, DDS; Timothy Smith, DDS; and the Bethesda Health Clinic. Students from University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston and Baylor College of Dentistry – Texas A&M Health Science Center attended. A special thank you to Dr. David Nichols for his leadership in making these events possible!

April 2010 / TDA Today / 2

TDAT April 2010.indd 2

4/13/10 10:40 PM

MK’s Board Notes Mary Kay Linn, TDA Executive Director Below is a summary of actions of the TDA Board of Directors during the February 5-6, 2010, meeting with TDA president Dr. Matthew B. Roberts presiding.

Non-Policy and Board Policy Resolutions

Appointments 81-2010-B (NP): Appointed Drs. Glen D. Hall, Hilton Israelson, Ronald L. Rhea, J. Bradley Loeffelholz, Donna G. Miller, and Lisa B. Masters, with Glen D. Hall serving as chair, to the Task Force on NLRB Review. BUDGET ISSUES 89-2010-B (NP): Approved the 2010 surplus allocation as recommended by the Budget Committee. 90-2010-B (NP): Approved items more than $400 over budget: $118,682 total. MISCELLANEOUS 100-2010-B (NP): Appointed Drs. Karen E. Frazer, Robert E. Wiggins, Lisa B. Masters, and Larry D. Herwig, with Karen E. Frazer serving as chair, to the Relief Fund Grant Board Work Group. OUT-OF-STATE TRAVEL 91-2010-B (NP): Approved out-of-state travel for members of the TDA Council on Annual Session and Department of Annual Session to attend other dental meetings to scout prospective speakers and investigate on-site facilitation activities, exhibits, and social events. 92-2010-B (NP): Approved out-of-state travel for Dr. Matthew B. Roberts, president; Dr. Ronald L. Rhea, president-elect; Ms. Mary Kay Linn, executive director; Dr. Richard C. Black, chair of the Council on Legislative and Regulatory Affairs; Mr. Jess Calvert, director of public affairs; and Ms. Diane Rhodes, policy manager, to attend the ADA 2010 Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. on April 12-14, 2010.

Policy Resolutions

BUDGET ISSUES 88-2010-B (P): Approved adoption of the TDA 2011 Proposed Budget totaling $6,309,055. MISCELLANEOUS 86-2010-B (P): Directed that the TDA submit a Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) dental proposal to the Health and Human Services Commission outlining the Association’s suggested revisions to the existing CHIP dental benefits. 87-2010-B (P): Resolved the TDA provide the nomination application to members interested in serving on various state panels. The TDA will consider applicant licensure status and other criteria when deciding whether to submit a letter of recommendation from the Association. 93-2010-BS (P): Approved the invitation list to the VIP Reception at the Annual Session. Directed that other complimentary ticket requests be approved and budgeted to the appropriate agency by the TDA Board of Directors as the requests are made. 94-2010-BS (P): Authorized the Council on Annual Session to establish fees, with approval of the Board of Directors, for all TEXAS Meeting Sessions to support accurate assignment of meeting rooms/classroom space and the quality of the program. 97-2010-B (P): Established categories for annual session registration guidelines. 98-2010-B (P): Resolved that faculty from the dental schools continue to be invited to participate as clinicians and provide input on current and timely topics for continuing education sessions at the TEXAS Meeting. 99-2010-B (P): Approved no smoking in all official meetings of the Texas Dental Association, including social functions. 101-2010-B (P): Authorized the TDA to seek legislation and/or regulation prohibiting the inclusion of language in contracts with dentists that requires providers to restrict fees on services which are non-covered, or nullifying the requirement that they comply with such contract language. 103-2010-B (P): Approved awards for presentation at the 2010 annual session. 104-2010-B (P): Approved Service Recognition Awards to be given in memory of Drs. Felix C. Crawford and Christopher F. Anderson. 106-2010-BS (P): Authorized the TDA to offer continuing education to its members and teams on the dentist side of the website and free peer-reviewed, health-related information to the public on the public side of the website.

Below is a summary of actions of the TDA Board of Directors during the March 26-27, 2010, meeting with TDA president Dr. Matthew B. Roberts presiding.

In The Loop

Non-Policy and Board Policy Resolutions

Appointments 123-2010-B (NP): Approved reappointment for an additional term for the following TDA Smiles Foundation Board members: Dr. Barry J. Currey, Dr. Herbert L. Wade, Jr., Dr. Beverly B. Zinser, and Ms. Carol Woods. 128-2010-B (__): Approved the 2010-11 Council nominations. 129-2010-B (NP): Approved the 2010-11 Committee appointments. BUDGET ISSUES 117-2010-B (NP): Approved the TDA Building Committee to proceed with the building renovation of the TDA Extension. 122-2010-B (NP): Approved allocation of $3,237.75 from the 2009 Relief Fund interest to each of these organizations: Christian Community Action - Adult Health Center Dental Program, Community Health Center of Lubbock, Dentists Who Care, and the Hope Clinic. 136-2010-B (__): Authorized $250,000 from the TDA Building Fund to renovate the TDA Extension and reimburse the fund over a 10-year period plus interest. MISCELLANEOUS 114-2010-B (NP): Approved the amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the North Texas Dental Society, District 4. 115-2010-B (NP): Approved the amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Greater Houston District Dental Society, District 8. 118-2010-B (NP): Directed the TDA to develop an oral health education training module, referring to the American Dental Association Community Dental Health Coordinator core competencies, that may be disseminated to Promotoras and social workers employed by Community Health Centers. Also directed the TDA to continue researching the impact of delegating additional duties to dental assistants while under the supervision of a Texas licensed dentist. 119-2010-B (__): Approved a Service Recognition Award be presented to Dr. Arthur H. Jeske for his dedication and service as Acting Editor of the Association, February – June 2009. 121-2010-B (NP): Established a Public Relations Task Force to investigate, interview, and identify a public relations firm to develop a plan and timeline to address public image through electronic and social media campaigns. 126-2010-B (BP): Defeated the resolution that the current Personnel Committee be replaced by a new standing committee of the Board of Directors, the Central Office Oversight Committee. 127-2010-BS (BP): Added a new subsection to Chapter VII, Section A, subsection 9 of the Bylaws of the Texas Dental Association. 134-2010-B (NP): Directed the TDA to send a letter to the Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner expressing the Association’s concerns about potential Medicaid provider fee reductions. 135-2010-B (NP): Appointed members of the Public Relations Task Force.

Policy Resolutions

BUDGET ISSUES 113-2010-BS (P): Approved funding for cancellation insurance to cover a possible budget projection shortfall due to weather, labor strikes, airline strikes, structural damages to convention center and hotel venues and other disasters beyond the control of the Texas Dental Association, except for acts of terrorism and communicable diseases, for the TEXAS Meeting. MISCELLANEOUS 116-2010-B (P) 2/3 Vote Required by House of Delegates: Amended the Texas Dental Association Bylaws, Chapter IX. COUNCILS AND COMMITTEES, Section 10, to include the addition of a new “C. Texas Dental Association Student Organization”. Also amended the Bylaws to include a new section, “Texas Dental Association Student Organization,” that details the organization’s purpose, composition, terms, duties, and general membership. 120-2010-B (P): Approved inclusion of an additional Public Image objective in the 2014 TDA Strategic Plan: Increase the value and knowledge of the importance of the TDA brand to the dentist and to the public. 124-2010-BS (P) 2/3 Vote Required by House of Delegates: Amended “Chapter I, Membership; Section 70. Dues; (d)” of the Bylaws of the Texas Dental Association to adopt the same graduated dues structure as the American Dental Association to begin with the graduating class of 2011. 131-2010-BS (P): Directed the TDA to support legislation mandating that Texas children enrolled in public school receive a comprehensive oral examination completed by a Texas licensed dentist. 132-2010-B (P): Directed the TDA to pursue legislation to create a deferred compensation retirement plan for Medicaid dental providers. 133-2010-B (P): Directed the TDA to pursue legislation to create a temporary charitable license for out-of-state dentists in good standing.

Matthew B. Roberts, DDS, TDA President 2009-2010 As my TDA Today messages wind to a close, I thought a brief look back over the last year to reflect on the events that have filled the months might be appropriate. I began last June with the end of the 81st Legislature Regular Session in Austin, a success for the Texas Dental Association in anyone’s book. Your Association partnered with several groups to help with the Franchise Tax reform and supported some much needed funding for the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. The expanded functions of our dental assistants were the jewels in the crown of this legislative session. During the summer the central office had three great externs — senior dental school students who learned the inner workings of the Association. From that group came the genesis for a new student organization that our House of Delegates will hear about next month. Two Board of Directors meetings took place during the summer months and most of the councils and committees continued or began their work for the year. With the end of summer came the Dentists Who Care conference. After a 1-year suspension due to Hurricane Dolly in 2008, the annual conference was back and better than ever. Fall brought the annual El Paso Dental Conference and the American Dental Association (ADA) Annual Session in Hawaii. Dr. John Findley wrapped up his year as ADA President and did so in fine fashion. His work for 2 years on our behalf may never be fully recognized, but is without a doubt greatly appreciated by our members here in Texas. The winter months were notable for one very important beginning. From the ADA Lobby Conference in South Carolina to the first-ever State Strategy Conference in Austin last month came the seed that has grown into a multi-state strategy group now known as The Austin Group. This coalition of states believes that current ADA policy regarding allied personnel should remain strong. While others want to change the workforce model, The Austin Group is voicing concern over non professional providers and the push by numerous organizations to change our practice model. Spring has now arrived and my tenure is at an end. I have visited 24 of the 26 district dental societies and enjoyed my travels immensely. My goal now, as in the beginning, was to provide information in as many ways as possible for you, the member. Until next month stay in the loop and enjoy the fine articles within these pages.

Evidence-Based Practice Tip of the Month Stephen R. Matteson, DDS, Editor Take a look at this article on Larrazabal C, et al. Influence of oral hygiene and smoking on pain and swelling after surgical extraction of impacted mandibular third molars. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2010 Jan;68(1):43-6. Enter the pubmed identification number (PMID 20006153) in the pubmed search box to read the abstract. They showed that lower tooth brushing frequency before and after the extractions and smoking after the surgery were associated with greater pain during the first postoperative week.

Registration 2010 TEXAS Meeting William S. Nantz, DDS, Chair, Council on Annual Session This year’s continuing education programs once again provide exciting and informative speakers for dentists, staff, and guests. A lot of opportunities are available for you if you have not registered. Review courses and social events on-line at and come to on-site registration at the convention center prepared to register. Knowledgeable registration staff members are there to process your paperwork and complete your registration. On-site registration hours: Wednesday, May 5 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM Thursday, May 6 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Friday, May 7 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday, May 8 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Those who have completed your registration, PLEASE NOTE: Course handouts are only available on-line — print your materials before leaving for San Antonio. Go to to download your handouts. Your badge number is your user name and your zip code will be your password. Complimentary parking will once again be available at the Alamodome in Lot B and Shuttle Service will run from 6:30 AM until 9:30 PM on Thursday, and 6:30 AM until 6:30 PM on Friday. Thanks to the many volunteers of the 2nd, 7th and 9th District Dental Societies, our hosts for 2010. Their efforts help make the meeting run smoothly. We couldn’t do it without them. See you in San Antonio!


The editorial staff inadvertently omitted the source for the photographs featured in the February 2010 TDA Today article titled “Southwest Dental Conference Shatters Attendance Records in its 83rd Year.” The photos should have been credited to “Wade Barker”. April 2010 / TDA Today / 3

TDAT April 2010.indd 3

4/13/10 10:40 PM

TSBDE Rule Update This recurring section is designed to help TDA members keep up with important Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) rules, other regulations, and state law affecting their practices.

Question: I am a general dentist wanting to enter into a paid referral agreement with a dentist specialist in my city. Is that permitted in Texas?

Answer: No. This question is addressed in Texas State Board of Dental Examiners’ (TSBDE) Rule 108.60 (a) – “False, Misleading or Deceptive Referral Schemes.” Subsection (a) of Rule 108.60 prohibits licensees (dentists and dental hygienists) from providing anything of value, including cash or gifts, in exchange for patient referrals. The full text of Rule 108.60 reads as follows:

EDITORIAL STAFF Dr. Stephen R. Matteson, D.D.S., Editor Nicole Scott, Managing Editor Barbara S. Donovan, Art Director Paul H. Schlesinger, Consultant

Rule 108.60 “False, Misleading or Deceptive Referral Schemes” (a) This rule prohibits conduct which violates Sections 102.001 through 102.011, and Section 259.008(8), of the Occupations Code. A dental or dental hygiene licensee shall not offer give, dispense, distribute or make available to any third party, or aid or abet another so to do, any cash, gift, premium, chance, reward, ticket, item, or thing of value for securing or soliciting patients. (b) This rule shall not be construed to prohibit remuneration for advertising, marketing, or other services that are provided for the purpose of securing or soliciting patients, provided the remuneration is set in advance, is consistent with the fair market value of the services, and is not based on the volume or value of any patient referrals. (c) A referral scheme is false, misleading or deceptive, if the scheme leads dental consumers to believe that they are receiving an impartial referral, when in fact they are not. Therefore, a referral scheme or service is false, misleading or deceptive if: (1) The primary purpose of the referral scheme is for economic profit and the service fails to conspicuously disclose same; (2) Advertising procured by the referral service is paid for and the service fails to conspicuously disclose same; (3) Participation in the referral service is limited to those who pay to participate and the service fails to conspicuously disclose same; or (4) The referral service fails to conspicuously disclose the approximate number of local dentists or dental hygienists receiving referrals from said service.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Matthew B. Roberts, D.D.S., President Ronald L. Rhea, D.D.S., President-Elect Hilton Israelson, D.D.S., Immediate Past President Vice Presidents Craig S. Armstrong, D.D.S., Southeast Johnny G. Cailleteau, D.D.S., Southwest J. Brad Loeffelholz, D.D.S., Northwest Arlet R. Dunsworth, D.D.S., Northeast Senior Directors R. Lee Clitheroe, D.D.S., Southeast John W. Baucum III, D.D.S., Southwest Kathleen Nichols, D.D.S., Northwest Donna G. Miller, D.D.S., Northeast Directors Karen E. Frazer, D.D.S., Southeast Lisa B. Masters, D.D.S., Southwest Robert E. Wiggins, D.D.S., Northwest Larry D. Herwig, D.D.S., Northeast

TDA Past President Named President of American Academy of Restorative Dentistry

J. Preston Coleman, D.D.S., Secretary-Treasurer Glen D. Hall, D.D.S., Speaker of the House Michael L. Stuart, D.D.S., Parliamentarian Stephen R. Matteson, D.D.S., Editor Mary Kay Linn, Executive Director William H. Bingham, Legal Counsel

Dr. Frank Eggleston of Houston was installed as president of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry (AARD) at its 80th annual meeting in Chicago in February.

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The AARD’s annual 2-day annual meeting is devoted to the exchange of clinical and academic information through lectures, clinics, and the camaraderie of members and guests from around the world. AARD is dedicated to the ethical and scientific practice of restorative dentistry and endeavors to have a membership composed of the leading teachers, researchers, and practitioners from around the world with a special interest in restorative dentistry. AARD contributes to continuing education with its “Annual Scientific Review” published in the July issue of the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. Dr. Eggleston joins other Texas dentists who have served as AARD president: Drs. Ralph Cooley, Ralph A. Boelsche, Jack H Swepston, David B. Lynn, Sr., E. Penn Jackson, Edward P. Allen, Amp W. Miller III, and Robert J. Cronin. Dr. Eggleston was TDA president 1994-95 and has been a member of TDA since 1970. He received the TDA’s Gold Medal for Distinguished Service in 2004, the Association’s highest honor.

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APRIL 2010


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