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TDA Kicks Off 2010 with Highest Membership Every Member Matters Rise’ Lyman, DDS, TDAin Future Focus Committee Numbers History Membership growth is vital to any thriving organization. The Texas Dental Association (TDA) Board is strongly As we enter into thecommitted new decade, to TDA’s the Membership goal within the “TDA 2009” strategic plan, which addresses continued growth. membership numbers are higher I am proud tothan report that, as evidence of that commitment and for the second year in a row, the TDA received ever before in TDA’sthe history. As ofADA awards in 2008: following 8400 December 31, 2009, TDA’s membership • Greatesttotal Percentage Membership Net Gain: Texas had a net gain of 198 members in the8133 year 2007. is 8,133! This represents a net• increase of 108 Top Constituent Dental8200 Society with Greatest Percentage of Non-Members to Membership: 8025 members from 2008, and in the current economic Represents a conversion 8000 of 4.7 percent of non-members into membership 7872 at end of year 2007. climate, shows the strength of• theTop tripartite system Dental Society to Improve Retention Rate Percentage in 2007: Represents a 97 Constituent 7671 7800 and the value of organized dentistry. percent Association retention rate, which is an increase of 7 percent from the previous year. 7466 7441 7600 7380Represents a gain of 111 new dentist members (those Greatest Percentage of New Dentist Members: Other areas of growth include• contributions 7310 7304 7400 school). dentists to DENPAC, charitable care provided by who the are 1-9 years out of7182 TDA Members 7200 TDAAnother Smiles Foundation, visits to TDA’s website example of the commitment to the growth of our Association is the TDA Externship Program, which builds student awareness and social networking sites,innovative and an increase in created in7000 of organized dentistry. This program, 2007, offers students the opportunity to gain insight into the different components exhibitors at dentistry the TEXAS Meeting. 6800 membership, governance, continuing education, and charitable dentistry and of organized including legislative and regulatory affairs, to a better understanding of their role as future leaders6600 of the dental team. The program is open to dental students from each of the three Thegain TDA Legislative Department successfully dental schools in Texas. This year the externship program will take place June 20 – June 27 in Austin at the TDA central office. oversaw the passage of TDA’s dental assistant bill, As an ongoing to enhanceSession the value benefits of the Association, the TDA Council on Membership developed a survey that was sent SB 455, during the effort 81st Legislative inand 2009. to all membersinina 2006. The results showed that members have a high satisfaction rating with benefits such as the TEXAS Meeting, TDA Impressively, non-election year,clearly DENPAC publications, theupability to participate philanthropically in the TDA Smiles Foundation. great number of the programs offered to TDA Membership increased by 951 Amembers from 2000 to discounted 2009. contributionsand were $18,000 over 2008. members through the TDA Perks Program also received a high satisfaction rating. In accordance with the strategic plan, the Council on Membership, Thesurvey TDA Facebook groupinpage, will members again 2009.which started in June 2009, is now up to 235 members. Participation from all members and a TDA’s collaborative effort between the ADA, TDA, and local component societies are the keys to Twitter account has 44 followers; LinkedIN has We encourage every member to get involved whether it is by attending local meetings, successful membership recruitment and retention. 32; and 313 members use TDA Express as their taking part in Give Kids a Smile! Day activities, volunteering at a Texas Mission of Mercy, or participating in TDA Legislative Day activities homepage. The TDA website receives averageto the continued growth of our Association and of organized dentistry. in Austin. Each member matters and isanessential of 25,000 month. This ispageviews the seventhper and final inIna 2009, series oftraffic articles focused on the TDA’s accomplishments guided by the strategic plan. To view the entire plan, to increased by 58click percent over 2008. log in at and on “TDA 2009” under “Current Issues” on the member homepage. For more information, please contact Lyda Creus Molanphy, staff liaison Future Focus Committee, at the TDA central office, (512) 443-3675. held to 10the charitable care events, In 2009, TDASF seven more than in 2008. The value of charitable care provided increased from 2008-09 by 28 percent for a total of $1,219,210.Mission: To be The Voice of DenTisTry in Texas

Membership Statistics

A total of 12,310 dental professionals attended the 2009 TEXAS Meeting in San Antonio. The TDA’s Public Organizational Development Membership Manpower Advocacy education annual conference provides continuing Image Excellence for all members of the dental team, as well as the Membership state’s largest display of dental products and total of the value of charitable care provided by TDASF has increased steadily since 2001. services in the TEXAS Meeting Exhibit Hall. Dentists will value membership and participation inThe theyearly TDA. Objectives 1. Improve perceived value and benefits of membership in TDA. a. Increase members’ knowledge about the impact and benefits of TDA membership. b. Ensure that components are an integral aspect of the membership process. Partnering Provide Homes forReview, Head Start Children in Texasbenefits. c. Createto greater awareness Dental of the availability of the Peer Ethics & Judicial, and Risk Management d. Actively promote adherence to the Code of Ethics. As many readers already know, TDA has been working with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry along with the e. Enhance communication with members andofnon-members. Texas Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the Texas Academy General Dentistry, the Texas Department of State Health Services f. Build student awareness of and interest in organizedAssociation dentistry and membership TDA. for Texas children enrolled — Oral Health Branch (OHB), and the Texas Dental Hygienists’ to establish dentalinhomes g. Ensure ongoing contact with students throughout dental school. in Head Start — the DHI. Dr. Paul Kennedy, Jr., heads the DHI Steering Committee with Dr. Tommy Harrison serving as TDA’s liaison. h. Work closely with dental school faculty. Work is i.well underway to placeof every Head Start child into dental and home before thein2011 andMeeting, to createTDA an extensive Evaluate number nonmember dentists whoaattend participate TDAlegislative activitiessession (TEXAS Smiles network of dentists willing to provideprograms, needed dental Foundation etc.).care to Head Start enrollees. In December 2009, representatives from organized dentistry, Head Start, and the Metrics OHB met to finalize the first stage of dentist recruitment. 1. Seventy percent of active dentists TX will membersinofthe TDA by This 2009is(baseline of 68.5% in January 2007); increase By February 2010, invitations willlicensed be mailed askingindentists tobe participate DHI. an excellent opportunity for participating dentists to membership retention rate to 97 percent by April 2007families (baseline 96%iningood 2006). build their practice while helping Head Start children and their engage oral health habits that will follow them for a lifetime. a-d. Increase the number of dentists serving on component peer review and ethics and judicial affairs committees to attain a Please consider becoming in thisrelative very worthwhile Forofmore information, Dr. by Paul Kennedy, participation rate involved of 2-5 percent to the totalproject! number component societycontact members August 2009.Jr., at (361) 992-9500 or Diane Rhodes TDA,percent or (512) 443-3675. 2. at Ninety of TX dental school graduates actively licensed in TX will be members of TDA five years after graduation (89%

The Head Start Dental Home Initiative (DHI)

dental student conversion from the graduating class of 2005 in Texas). Increase the number of member dentists actively participating in TDA by 1 percent a year (as measured by a variety of means – participation at TX Meeting, TMOM, TXDDS, FSI programs, DENPAC participations, TDA legislative day) with annual report to TDA Board by the Council on Membership. 4. TDA secretary-treasurer Dr. J. Preston Coleman will not seek re-election at TDA the May 2010Foundation, TDA HouseMembership) of Delegates. Therefore, the position is Establish baseline of nonmember participation at TDA activities (CAS, Smiles open nominations. 5. for Established baseline of members’ understanding of and satisfaction with the benefits of their TDA membership through Member Only an active,and life, Services or retiredSurvey member in good standing of this Association be eligible. A curriculum Benefits (completed Nov 2006), re-evaluate % shall increase at that time for 2009.vitae (CV) must accompany a letter of intent and the nominee also have to faculty sign a conflict of interest statement. We (2006 requestbaseline that nominations 6. Sixty-five percentwill of all full-time will be TDA members by 2009 = 63%). are made as early as possible so that membership eligibility can be verified and the House of Delegates can be prepared for an informal vote. 3.

Official Call for Secretary/Treasurer Nominations

Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer are enumerated in thewith Bylawsanother and includestatewide the following: retreat in August of 2008. The TDA will update it’s strategic plan • • • • • •

Serve as chair of the Budget Committee; Serve as chair of Assets Management Committee; Examine income and expenses of TDA and report at each Board meeting; Ensure that House of Delegates and TDA Board minutes are maintained; Serve as a non-voting member of TDA Executive Committee; and Perform other duties as specified by the Board of Directors.

Nominations are to be mailed to Dr. J. Preston Coleman, TDA Secretary-Treasurer, Texas Dental Association, 1946 South IH-35, Suite 400, Austin, Texas 78704; or e-mailed to TDA Executive Director Ms. Mary Kay Linn, (According to Article V, Section 10 of the Constitution of the Texas Dental Association and the TDA Bylaws, Chapter IV — Section 30, Chapter V — Section 40, Chapter VI — Sections 10, 20, 30, 70, and 90). In 2003, Texas Dental Association members from across the state develop TDA’s first strategic plan, TDA 2009.

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TSBDE Rule Update Journal News Requirements for dental office radiograph machines “Legacy of Leadership” In the TDANews Membership Issue TDA members in the news Articles and Quotes from TDA Members July Journal News Tooth Whitening: A Clinical Review

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TDA Historical Perspectives February 5 & 6hygienists, and the Dentists, dental dental team TDA Board of Directors Meeting Austin The 2007 C.T. Rowland Award Orthodontic case report February 12 The El Paso Dental Conference Fluoride Fest, Lampasas

Around the State February 13 Smiles14: on Wheels, Lampasas August TDA Board Meeting Austin, Texas March 26 & 27 TDA Board of Directors Meeting October 15-19: Austin ADA Annual Session San Antonio, Texas March 27

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TDA Member Competes in Triathlons Around World Dr. Michael Dwyer of Spring runs a successful periodontics practice. He also runs marathons and participates in triathlons around the world. And, he’s not stopping anytime soon — he’s 60 years young. Dr. Dwyer started his running career with the Boston Marathon in 1978. After years of participating in the 26.2-mile competitions, he began triathlons, a combination of swimming, cycling, and running. He says these multi-sport endurance events are much easier on his joints and crosstraining keeps us all in better health. A nine-time USA Triathlon All-American, he has competed in four triathlons around the world since August 2009. The first triathlon was the USAT Age Group National Championship in Tuscaloosa where he finished sixth in his age group (60-64 years) with a time of 2 hours, 33 minutes. This qualified him for the ITU World Age Group Championship in September 2010 in Budapest, Hungary. The 2008 USAT Age Group National Championship in Vancouver, British Columbia, qualified Dr. Dwyer for the ITU World Age Group Championship in September 2009 in Australia. The event included one mile swimming, 25 miles biking, and 6.2 miles running (the Olympic distance). He placed 10th in his age group (60-64 years), completing it in 2 hours, 25 minutes. Sixty-year-old Dr. Michael Dwyer of Spring competes in the USAT National Championships in 2009 in Tuscaloosa, AL

In October 2009, he finished first in his age group (60-64 years) in the Toyota U.S. Open Triathlon, which was also the Olympic distance, in Dallas with a time of 2 hours, 31 minutes, 31 seconds.

Finally, in November 2009, Dr. Dwyer competed in the Ironman World Championship 70.3 in Clearwater, Florida. He finished the 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run in 5 hours, 14 minutes, 43 seconds, placing 14th in his age group (60-64 years). And, he’s not done.

In the News Wichita Falls Dentist Volunteers Services Dr. John R. McDavid of Wichita Falls serves at the Community Healthcare Center’s dental van during the Festival of Lights celebration in November. The dental van services the local schools in Wichita County and surrounding counties. Dr. McDavid and other volunteers visit schools and provide dental screenings and full restorative services to students.

Additions to TDA Editorial Review Board The editor is proud to announce two new additions to the TDA Editorial Review Board, Drs. William F. Wathen of Weatherford and Douglas B. Willingham of Salado, both previous TDA editors.

His 2010 schedule is not complete, but participation in this year’s USAT Nationals and the ITU World Championship in Budapest are firmly scheduled.

Dr. Wathen served as the Texas Dental Journal editor 1975-86, and Dr. Willingham served 1986-93.

“I’ve been very blessed with a supportive wife, dedicated training partners, and overall health from our God,” Dr. Dwyer says. “The first wealth is health and nutritional biochemistry is tantamount.”

For more information, please contact TDA editor Dr. Stephen R. Matteson,

San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic Housewarming a Success Alliance to the Texas Dental Association (ATDA) members attended the San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic’s (SACDC) “Housewarming” Open House at its new 12,000-square foot facility in September 2009. SACDC provides multi-disciplinary care for the homeless and qualified low-income adults from the community. Founded in 1986, the clinic grew from one chair to eight and, up until now, operated in a 4,700-square foot facility. Last year, SACDC recorded more than 24,000 patient visits for more than 7,000 unduplicated clients, yet the clinic employs only six full-time staff and part-time employees. All services are provided by professional volunteers: dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, sterilization specialists, and office personnel. Free dental services include exams, X-rays, oral health education, cleanings, fillings and extractions. Prosthetics include dentures, bridges, and partials. The new clinic includes 16 dental chairs, surgical rooms with track lighting, X-ray rooms with new chairs, recovery chairs with oxygen (if needed), cabinetry, hospital grade sterilizer and sterilization with instrument washers, a complete lab for making partials and dentures, as well as computers, furnishings, and office space for dentists and other volunteers. Attendees to the open house include Drs. Ken Krueger, Brad Bruchmiller, James Chancellor, Dirk DeKoch, Norma Partida, and ATDA members Ms. Pat Krueger, Ms. Mary Coleman, and Dr. Pat Chancellor, all of San Antonio. To donate or volunteer, contact SACDC executive director David Phipps, (210) 226-8041, or visit

Happy, Healthy Smiles …

TMOM Lubbock

That’s Our Mission!

More than 1,000 Lubbock residents received an early holiday gift of charitable dental care through TDASF’s Texas Mission of Mercy (TMOM) at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center November 13 and 14, 2009. TMOM Lubbock was the 19th such event hosted by TDASF.

TDASF Supports Dental Education

Each year, the TDA Smiles Foundation (TDASF) rewards scholarships to two students at each dental school across the state from the Felix Crawford Endowment Fund. This year’s $1,000.00 scholarship recipients are pictured here with University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston (UTDB) Associate Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs Dr. Phil Pierpont, TDASF Grants Committee chair Dr. Herb Wade, and UTDB Interim Dean Dr. John Valenza. Congratulations to UTDB’s honorees, first-year dental students Danny Cano and Jay Littlefield.

Mark your Calendars and Join TDASF on Its Travels Across the State in 2010! (Calendar subject to change.) Fluoride Fest Lampasas: Friday, February 12 Smiles on Wheels Lampasas: Saturday, February 13 Texas Mission of Mercy Tyler: Friday and Saturday, March 26 and 27 The Rock Climbing Wall Star of the South Dental Conference in Houston: Thurs, Fri and Sat, April 15 – 17 The Healthy Smiles Golf Classic TEXAS Meeting in San Antonio: Friday, May 7 Smiles on Wheels Goliad: Saturday, May 22 Texas Mission of Mercy Taylor: Friday and Saturday, June 11 and 12 Smiles on Wheels Brady/Mason: July dates and final location TBD Texas Mission of Mercy Waco: Friday and Saturday, August 13 and 14 Smiles on Wheels Cactus: Saturday, September 25 January 2010 / TDA Today / 2

More than 1,000 volunteers provided more than $600,000 in care during the 2-day event, making it the largest event in “value-of-care-provided” in the history of the TMOM program!

ATDA member Ms. Mary Coleman is pictured with Dr. James Chancellor at the SACDC’s open house.

Among TMOM Lubbock’s impressive numbers was the completion of 32 root canals. Dr. Chad Sargent of Lubbock (far right) ran an impressive endodontic “assembly line” in one of the three area dental vans onsite with the help of dentists like Dr. Jennifer Molandes of Cypress (seated next to one of their patients) and Dr. Doug Bogan of Houston (not pictured) who completed fillings once the rubber dam was in place.

Permian Basin District Dental Society president Dr. J. Teresa Wade of Andrews worked a chair alongside other professionals at the event. In the wake of the event, she sent a note to a TDA staffer: “I went to TMOM in Lubbock to help. Now I’m hooked … I totally didn’t get the importance until this weekend.” A team effort is needed to execute a TDASF TMOM event.

Learn more about the TDASF programs and view footage from TMOM Lubbock at the TDA Video Library on Or, visit and search “Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation Video.” “Get hooked” along with thousands of other dental professionals across Texas!

TDA Member Feedback to the Editor

In The Loop

Stephen R. Matteson, DDS, Editor The editor asked for feedback on two subjects recently in an editorial in the Texas Dental Journal on mouth guards (December 2009) and in an “Evidence-based Tip of the Month” article about alveolar osteitis in TDA Today (November 2009). The editor received the following comments from TDA members with permission to post their responses. MOUTH GUARDS Dear Editor: I have seen the worst injuries in 1) baseball, 2) basketball, 3) karate, and 4) football. I think we sometimes send a mixed message to our parents by making mouth guards at little or no cost; that seems to imply little or no value. At the very least, I make a 0.150 vacuum-formed guard. The multilayered laboratory fabricated guards are sturdier to be sure but I am not personally aware of any compelling evidence that they are substantially better at preventing damage in most cases. I have the best compliance with clear guards that fit well and don’t rub the soft tissue. We should charge enough to impress upon our patients that these guards are an important part of their children’s safety equipment and not a fashion accessory!

Matthew B. Roberts, DDS, TDA President 2009-2010 Since my last TDA Today “In the Loop” message, I have visited five district dental societies, traveled to Austin for meetings with several dental stakeholders, and returned from the ADA Lobby Conference in South Carolina. Without a doubt, the two overriding concerns that I hear most about, not only from our members here in Texas but also members across the country, involve the healthcare overhaul in Washington D.C. and the encroaching expansion of scope of practice by “mid level providers”. When dealing with the healthcare overhaul I would recommend that each of you visit the ADA website ( for the latest information and status of the legislation making its way through the Congress, and to review the ADA’s position and policy regarding the ever-changing bill. I continue to ask each of you let your representative know your thoughts on this extremely important issue. Not only will this legislation affect the way we are able to treat our patients, it will also affect the very business model we work under on a daily basis. Dental insurance as we know it could very well disappear. The alternative may well be no insurance, taxes on dental services, and limits on coverage and fees. Stay engaged, and when asked, contact your member of Congress. There continues to be a strong push by nonprofit corporations and numerous foundations to promote a lesser trained provider of dental services. One foundation currently is promoting expanding the Dental Health Aide Therapist model to the lower 48 states from Alaska. We continue to be vigilant here in Texas and partner with other state associations when possible to combat the expansion of duties by unqualified personnel and second tier services to the citizens of Texas. We continue, I believe, to have the best dental practice act in the country — in fact, members of leadership at other state dental associations often tell TDA leadership about the respect they have for it. Until next month, Happy New Year to all and stay In the Loop.

Digital Dawning

Ed Wuensch, D.D.S., FAGD, New Braunfels

Mark Peppard, DDS, DENPAC Board of Directors

Dear Editor: In my early years in dentistry (the 1960’s) an article appeared in, I believe, the Texas Dental Journal concerning the number of dental injuries in Texas. This was about athletic injuries in kids before the requirement of mouth guards in interscholastic athletics and afterward. The numbers were unbelievable! I wish that I had kept the article. I had an orthodontic patient who had an injury while “wearing his mouth guard”. He later confessed to me that he really did not have it in when injured but was afraid of parental repercussions if he confessed. I would love to see that article if it is in the archives.

In my new roles as 15th District ADPAC board member and DENPAC board member, I had the privilege of attending the new State PAC Best Practices Conference hosted by the ADA in November. The purpose of the conference was to bring states together to highlight the successes and short comings of their political action processes as well as discover innovative methodologies to inform and involve their membership. A great team going by the name “Texas PAC Ratz” brought the house down with a very interactive and dynamic presentation entitled, “Growing Your State PAC: Best Practices.” This team, consisting of Dr. Warren Branch, Dr. Debrah Worsham, Leigh Ann Montague, and myself, received rave reviews. (L-R): DENPAC director Dr. Mark Peppard of Austin, One of the key note speakers, Mr. Monte Lutz of Edelman Public DENPAC past chair Dr. Debrah Worsham of Center, TDA Relations presented “Social Media and Its Impact on Grassroots DENPAC manager Leigh Ann Montague, and DENPAC chair Lobbying.” He brought home a message of extreme reality and timely Dr. Warren Branch of San Antonio make up the Texas PAC Rats significance that I feel is important for all our members to understand team at the ADA’s State PAC Best Practices Conference. — the importance of “Digital Advocacy.” Mr. Lutz fascinated attendees with his extensive analysis of the success of digital advocacy in both the Obama and McCain campaigns, but the delineation of the sheer facts of our media world is what shook the room beyond what we felt we knew.

Bonham Magness, D.D.S., Houston ALVEOLAR OSTEITIS (DRY SOCKET) Dear Stephen: I practiced general dentistry for 35 years and took out many teeth, including 3rds. The best product for dry socket, in my hands, was Alvogyl by Septodont. It looks like chewing tobacco, but it was a one-time placement and did not need to be changed out because it was, for the vast majority of the time, self-eliminating. It contains eugenol, butamben, and iodoform in a fibrous mass. Just irrigate the area, if possible, and do not pack it tightly as it may (rarely) stay too long and cause recurrent pain and irritation. If the patient is very comfortable, but has recurrent pain in a week or longer, check the socket for non-elimination of the Alvogyl. Normally, it provides rapid relief within a few hours and the patients are willing to put up with the taste since it greatly eases the discomfort. Once in a while, you may have to repack. Jim Glenn, D.D.S., Blanco Dear Editor: I thought I’d take an opportunity to reply to your request re: AO. I am a GP but I’ve been doing impactions for almost 40 years. I started to learn about this AFTER I got out of school. About 6 years ago, I sold my office in West Houston and began working for my son in his new office in Katy, Texas (a high growth western suburb). So I’ve done more impactions in the past 6 years than I did in the previous 15. In the early 1990’s, I had read about using clindamycin topical liquid applied to GelFoam in the sockets as a way to reduce AO. This did seem to help for a number of years. In recent years, it seems that dry sockets were not much affected by this treatment. In fact, it seems that I have a higher percentage than ever for no reason I’ve been able to figure. I would say that about 20 percent might be the rate (without taking an actual count). I do have a very effective treatment for AO. I learned this from a young associate dentist working for me almost 25 years ago. He trained back east and picked it up somewhere. I take a short piece of narrow gauze (I used to use Iodoform gauze, but it doesn’t seem to matter), cover it with a thin mix of IRM cement, roll it into a small cylinder & place into socket. I suppose ZOE would work just as well but I’ve only had IRM on hand for a very long time. The pain usually stops in 15-30 minutes, completely. I usually leave it in place for 4-7 days. It rarely comes out on its own and you usually need a pair of angled cotton pliers to access it. I know of one or two that stayed in for a month with no problems (college students). I would say it has been very effective 99.5 percent of the time. You can see that you don’t have ‘repack’ after 1 or 2 days as with some of the paste treatments. Blake McKaskle, D.D.S.

Did you know? More than 120 news publications shut down last year. „ Newspaper readership is down 30 percent. „ Broadcast news viewership is down 67 percent. „ More people get their news online than from newspapers. „ 300 million people in 60 languages are on Facebook, 50 million are on Twitter. „ 40 percent of all Americans will send a text message today; 90 percent of text messages will be read. „ 25 million “Millennials” (age 18-30) have signed a petition online. „ The 2008 political process involved 74 percent of Internet users. What does the information above tell us? Our organization and our membership better get digitally savvy quickly, because those that have control of our government and our professions are way ahead of us.

Survey Says: „ 90 percent of Congressional staffers are active online; average age is 31. „ 86 percent of candidates for mid-term 2010 elections have already utilized Facebook, Twitter and other digital media. „ In the last year, e-mail servers in our nation’s Capital were shut down twice due e-mail volume. What the statistics above show is a significant need for our members to understand and utilize these avenues of communication that will allow us to promote our position and protect our profession and livelihood.

Expect a New World of Speakers, Lectures, and Workshops in 2010 Victor Rodriguez, DDS, Council on Annual Session If you have seen the movie “Avatar”, you were treated to a wonderful, visually stimulating movie with powerful computer graphics. James Cameron’s epic movie about a human transformed to an alien figure mingling with the indigenous population is highly imaginative and incredible. However, the movie’s imagination and outstanding graphics pale in comparison to the exceptional list of lecture and workshop speakers for the 2010 TEXAS Meeting. Where else can you see an array of national and international speakers who are imaginative and creative in their delivery of dental topics to support your CE endeavors? Although you may see floating mountains, colorful plant life, or unique new animals in the movie, you’ll see colorful speakers, imaginative topics, creative lectures, and unique workshops at the TEXAS Meeting. In the movie “Avatar”, Jake Sully rallied his troops to fight the humans. The TDA Council on Annual Sessions wants you to rally your troops, your staff, and sign up for your chosen lectures and workshops before they fill up. Those who wait too long may find their first choices of lectures and workshops unavailable. Like Jake Sully inspired his new people, inspire your staff and register them early. Your staff will enjoy an exciting and eventful TEXAS Meeting in San Antonio. Do not delay in placing your hotel reservations. Take advantage of the special 2010 TDA rates and book your reservation early. After April 6, 2010, the hotels will release their blocks reserved for TDA and increase their rates. A housing form is available in the December 2009 and January 2010 issues of the Texas Dental Journal. For more information, visit or call TDA at (512) 443-3675. Look forward to seeing everyone at the TEXAS Meeting May 6-9, 2010! January 2010 / TDA Today / 3

TSBDE Rule Update This recurring section is designed to help TDA members keep up with important Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) rules, other regulations, and state law affecting their practices.

Question: Are dentists required to carry malpractice insurance coverage in Texas?

Answer: Dentists are not required to carry malpractice insurance coverage in Texas. However, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners encourages every dental practitioner to carry an appropriate amount of malpractice insurance for the protection of the dentist.

EDITORIAL STAFF Dr. Stephen R. Matteson, D.D.S., Editor Nicole Scott, Managing Editor Barbara S. Donovan, Art Director

For more information contact Diane Rhodes at (512) 443-3675 or

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Matthew B. Roberts, D.D.S., President Ronald L. Rhea, D.D.S., President-Elect Hilton Israelson, D.D.S., Immediate Past President Vice Presidents Craig S. Armstrong, D.D.S., Southeast Johnny G. Cailleteau, D.D.S., Southwest J. Brad Loeffelholz, D.D.S., Northwest Arlet R. Dunsworth, D.D.S., Northeast Senior Directors R. Lee Clitheroe, D.D.S., Southeast John W. Baucum III, D.D.S., Southwest Kathleen Nichols, D.D.S., Northwest Donna G. Miller, D.D.S., Northeast Directors Karen E. Frazer, D.D.S., Southeast Lisa B. Masters, D.D.S., Southwest Robert E. Wiggins, D.D.S., Northwest Larry D. Herwig, D.D.S., Northeast

PCI—and “Why” First you had OSHA, then HIPAA; more recently, Red-Flag laws, and now PCI? What is it? PCI stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. For the most part, PCI focuses on protecting credit card numbers, and compliance with these regulations are required of every merchant that accepts credit cards as a form of payment.) The main impetus of the new regulations is deterring identity theft. Keep in mind that dental staff are often privy to sensitive personal information such as patient birthdates, socialsecurity, and credit card numbers. If you have not been contacted by your credit card processor yet, you probably will be this month. Most processors are charging an annual fee of $25 to $179. In order to meet PCI-security requirements, you’ll most likely be asked to log on to an authorized PCI website, and answer questions regarding whether you use a terminal (lowest level of compliance required) or an Internet-based system (which requires a higher level of compliance). Most dental offices that use a credit card terminal will only need to complete the questionnaire, write a short policy about how it protects its patients’ credit card information, and assign a designated PCIsecurity contact person. If you use a system that connects to the Internet for processing payments, you’ll need to provide the same documentation as above, but your questionnaire will be much longer.

J. Preston Coleman, D.D.S., Secretary-Treasurer Glen D. Hall, D.D.S., Speaker of the House Michael L. Stuart, D.D.S., Parliamentarian Stephen R. Matteson, D.D.S., Editor Mary Kay Linn, Executive Director William H. Bingham, Legal Counsel

Your written policy should, at minimum, reflect that: • All patient records containing credit-card numbers are properly secured and unavailable to others. • Credit card receipts and related records are properly shredded after your retention period expires. Keep signed receipts at least 6 months, in case you receive a chargeback and need to provide a signed copy. • Credit card processing batches are closed daily. Most processors have updated their software to truncate (show only the first and last four digits of a credit card number) both the merchant and customer copies of a receipt. This may have required a software download. Truncating both copies of a receipt is mandatory in California and Tennessee only. At this time, Texas law only requires that the customer copy be truncated.

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Several credit card processing companies are faxing and/or calling dental practices and telling them that their equipment is not PCIcompliant. These companies will not know what kind of equipment the offices have. They are simply using a marketing ploy to try to become their merchant processor. Nearly all credit card terminals are PCI-compliant, or are able to take a software download to become so. However, some pin pads will not be, because of their ability to store pin numbers (four-digit codes for debit cards). Most dental practices don’t have a pin pad. If yours does, please call your merchant processor to find out if it’s compliant.

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If you have additional questions regarding PCI, you may call your present processor, or you can call the TDA Perks Programendorsed credit card processing company, Best Card, at (877) 739-3952.


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