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TDA Prepares for Legislative Day in February


Many dentists participate in the TDA grassroots initiative by becoming key contacts, contributing to Every Member Matters DENPAC, and becoming experts in oral health policy, but the most important day for dental advocacy is

Rise’ Lyman, DDS, TDA TDA Legislative Day.Future Focus Committee



TDA Smiles Foundation

Medicaid in My Office? Yes, I Think So! Evidence-based Tip of the Month Richard M. Smith, DDS

Legislative Day, being held in Austin on Wednesday, at the Intercontinental F Austin Membership growth February is vital to20, any2013, thriving organization. The Stephen Texas Dental Association (TDA) Board is strongly Hotel, presents a unique opportunity for member dentists and spouses to participate in the political process. committed to the Membership goal within the “TDA 2009” strategic plan, which addresses continued growth. During the morning program members willtobereport introduced issues of facing duringand the for legislative I am proud that, to as the evidence thatdentistry commitment the second year in a row, the TDA received TEXAS Meeting Preview session. Members will then deliver this message to legislators the following ADA awards induring 2008:Capitol visits that afternoon. TDA Smiles Foundation TDA in Council on Legislative Greatest Membership Net Gain: Texas had a net at gain 198 members the year 2007.and Regulatory Affairs Chair The TDA relies on its members• to be the facePercentage of the profession making these one-on-one meetings theofCapitol Health Exchanges Dr Richard Black of El Paso addresses the 250 attendeesTMOM at gainsInsurance ardent advocate Top Constituent Society with and Greatest Percentage of Non-Members Membership: theto 2011 Legislative Day in Austin, Texas. To register for very important. The 83rd Texas• Legislature will have a Dental large number of firstsecond-time legislators. It is this year’s event,2007. visit a conversion of 4.7 percent into membership of year TDA Perks crucial that Texas dentists establish Represents strong relationships and continue to carryofthenon-members message of organized dentistry. at end Ask the President • Top Constituent Dental Society to Improve Retention Rate Percentage in 2007: Represents a 97 Registration for TDA Legislative Day is stillAssociation open and transportation to the event is available the following component Incoming President’s percent retention rate, which is an increasethrough of 7 percent from thelocal previous year. societies: President’s Prosemessage • Greater Houston Dental•Society — Contact: Jayneof Fuller, Greatest Percentage New713-961-4337, Dentist Members: Represents a gain of 111 new dentist members (those Hilton Israelson, DDS • San Antonio District Dental dentists Society — Contact: 210-732-1264, who are 1-9Linda years Shafer, out of school). EDitorial: Thoughts from Your ED • Dallas County Dental Society — Contact: Keri Lee, 972-386-5741, Let’s Talk Another example of the commitment to the growth of our Association is the TDA Externship Program, which builds student awareness Fororganized more information to register for TDA Legislative Day, Outgoing message TDA President’s Member Spotlight of dentistry.orThis innovative program, created in please 2007, visit offers students the opportunity to gain insight into the different components

of organized dentistry including legislative and regulatory affairs, membership, governance, continuing education, and charitable dentistry and David L. Doerre, May, Jr., DDSDDS, Burkburnett from dental laboratories to dentists, but the materials and components used A. David to gain a better understanding of their role as future leaders of the dental team. The program is open to dental students from each of the three to make many devices will be taxable. These taxable materials include alloys, dental schools in Texas. This the device externship willwent takeinto place June 20 – June 27 in Austin at the TDA central office. TSBDETDA RuleBoard Updateof Directors As reported in November, the year medical exciseprogram tax (2.3%) ceramic, resins, stock abutments, and individual denture teeth. Furthermore, 2008-2009 ongoing1,effort enhancesignificant the value lobbying and benefits of the Association, the TDA Council on Membership developed a survey that was sent effectAs onanJanuary 2013.toDespite efforts by the sleep apnea devices and snore guards made in domestic dental laboratories must to all members in Association 2006. The results showed that members have a high satisfaction rating with benefits such as the TEXAS Meeting, TDA TDA Staff American Dental (ADA)clearly and other members of the dental be listed with the FDA and are therefore taxable. Imported restorations made byMeet Your January publications, anddental the ability to participate the TDA Smiles Foundation. A great number of the discounted programs offered to industry, many products and devicesphilanthropically are not exemptedinfrom the tax. foreign dental labs (all foreign dental labs are required to be listed with the FDA) TDA’s new Finance Director members through the TDA Perks Program also received a high satisfaction rating. In accordance with the strategic plan, the Council on Membership, Journal News will also be taxable (2). On survey December 5, 2012, theinInternal Dee Dee Delagarza will members again 2009. Revenue Service (IRS) released its final rules Participation on the medicalfrom device tax (MDT) opting not toeffort createbetween a special the ADA, For dentists, appears to applysocieties to equipment, allexcise members and a collaborative TDA, the andtax local component are thematerial, keys to and supplies, such Layered Socket Grafting™ Using rule governing dental devices. The definition of “taxable device” to TDA as restorative materials, hand instruments, surgicallocal instruments, successful membership recruitment and retention. Wemedical encourage every member to get involved whether it is by attending meetings,and endodonticCongratulations as stated in the final rules are those devices listed by the Food and Drug an Anorganic Bovine Bone fillingofmaterials (2).participating Additional items affected by the tax include nitrous and Component Societies taking part in Give Kids a Smile! Day activities, volunteering at a Texas Mission Mercy, or in TDA Legislative Day activities Administration (FDA) in the Code of Federal Regulations at 21 Certified delivery systems gas, computer equipment used for diagnostic Mineral-Collagen Composite in Austin. Each member matters and is essential to the continued growth ofoxygen our Association and ofand organized dentistry. Federal 872 — and Dental Devices. purposes, x-rayguided equipment, CT the systems, ThisRegister is the seventh final in a series of articles focused on the TDA’s accomplishments by thesensors, strategiccone-beam plan. To view entirecaries plan,detection Streamline Your Insurance Claims imaging andplease CAD/CAM machines (2). According to the final and IRS rules, the“TDA MDT2009” is a manufacturer’s excise tax on the devices, log in at click on under “Current Issues” memberhandpieces, homepage. For moreequipment, information, contact Lyda Creus Surgical endodontic of benefits Speeding up confirmation and the manufacturer of aFocus taxable medical device responsible Molanphy, staff liaisonortoimporter the Future Committee, at theisTDA central office, (512) 443-3675. management of an invasive To review a list of dental device categories, please visit For and eligibility for reporting and paying the tax. Dentists are not responsible for assessing more information regarding the “retail exemption” and “facts and circumstances” cervical resorption class 4 with or collecting the tax. However, dentists may experience an increase in the test, visit the recent ADA Excise Tax Alert at trioxide aggregate: A TSBDEmineral Rule Update Mdevices ission : Tolaboratories be The(ie, Voice of DenTisTry in Texas cost of materials and finished dental as dental Resources 6-year follow-up Requirements for dental office manufacturers) adjust prices to accommodate the tax (1). 1. American Dental Association News. Dentists Not Responsible for Medical Device Excise Tax.

Medical Device Excise Tax in Effect

The National Association of Dental Laboratories advisory reported that domestically made crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers, Organizational and orthodontic Manpower Advocacy appliances such as retainers will not be subject to the taxExcellence at the point of sale


radiograph machines December 18, 2012. Available from: Domino, D. How will new medical device tax affect U.S. dentistry? DrBicuspid. December 19, Public Development Membership 2012. Available from: In the News Image mID=312139.


Texas Program Medicaid/CHIP Dentists Dental will value membership and participation in the TDA.

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February 8 TDA Smiles Foundation Fluoride Fest Burnet

July Journal News

As of December 1, 2012, most children and young adults age 20 and younger enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) started Objectives receiving their dental servicesvalue through of the 2 of state selected dental plans: DentaQuest and MCNA Dental. 1. Improve perceived and1benefits membership in TDA.

Tooth Whitening: A Clinical Review

a. Increase members’ about the impact and benefits TDA membership. On December 14, 2012, the Texasknowledge Dental Association (TDA) participated in aofsuccessful Dental Implementation Roundtable meeting hosted by the Health and February 9 b. Ensure that components integral aspectHHSC’s of the membership process. to working with dental stakeholders to address issues that impede Human Services Commission (HHSC). are Thean meeting showed continued commitment TDA Historical Perspectives TDA Smiles Foundation Mission greater of the of programs. the Peer Review, Ethics & Judicial, and Risk Management benefits. efficiencyc.and Create effectiveness ofawareness the Medicaid andavailability CHIP dental Dentists, dental hygienists, and the d. Actively promote adherence to the Code of Ethics. of Mercy HHSC appeared very receptive to hearing concerns about the transition of Delta Dental (a former contractor) patients into the 2 dental plans. HHSC continues dental team Enhancedata communication with members and non-members. Burnet to analyzee. assignment submitted by the TDA. For previous Delta Dental patients, HHSC temporarily suspended through February 28, 2013, the f. that Build student awareness of by and interest organized dentistry membership in TDA. requirement a patient must be served their MaininDentist. Please continueand to see your patients as scheduled. If a patient has an appointment, but you are The 2007 C.T. Rowland Award g. as the Ensure withcan students dentalcallschool. not shown Mainongoing Dentist,contact the patient contactthroughout the dental plans’ center and the assignment will be made immediately. February 20 Orthodontic case report h. Work closely with dental school faculty. TDA Legislative Day Additionally, participating dentists that towho helpattend avoid retroactive denialsinfor claims, dentists must verify eligibility i. HHSC Evaluatereminds number of nonmember dentists and participate TDA activities (TEXAS Meeting, TDAthrough Smiles MEHIS/Your Texas Benefits Card Foundation AND with the patient’setc.). dental plan on the date services are rendered. programs, The ElAustin Paso Dental Conference Metrics Medicaid Dental Foster Care February 21 & 22 1. Dental Seventy percent of activefor licensed dentists TX will be members of TDAJanuary by 200931,(baseline of 68.5% in January increaseon February 1, Delta is still the contractor the Foster Care,inSTAR Health program through 2013. DentaQuest will assume2007); responsibility TDA Board of Directors retention rate tocontact 97 percent April 2007 (baseline 96% in 2006). 2013. If membership you need further information, STARbyHealth at 1-866-912-6283. a-d. Increase the number of dentists serving on component peer review and ethics and judicial affairs committees to attain a Austin HHSC Medicaid Stakeholder Meetings in January 2013 August 14: participation rate of 2-5 percent relative to the total number of component society members by August 2009. City Timeactively (AM) licensed in Time (PM) Location(s) 2. Ninety percent Date of TX dental school graduates TX will be members of TDA five years after graduation (89% TDA Board Meeting Click & Connect dental student conversion of 2005 in Texas). Lubbock Wednesday,from the graduating 9 am - class 11 am n/a Texas Dept. of Agriculture Austin, Texas 3. Increase the number of member dentists actively participating in TDA by 1 percent a year (as measured by a variety of means January 23, 2013 3410 4th St, Main Conference Rm, Lubbock, TX Join us on Facebook – participation at TX Meeting, TMOM, TXDDS, FSI programs, DENPAC participations, TDA legislative day) with annual Amarillo Thursday, 10 am - 12 noon n/a Kids Inc., October 15-19: report to TDA Board by the Council on Membership. January 24, 2013 2201 E. 27th Bivens Rm, Amarillo, TX ADA Annual Session 4. Establish baseline of nonmember participation at TDA activities (CAS, TDA Smiles Foundation, Membership) Houston Tuesday, 9 am - 11 - 3the pm benefits ofSouthwest MHMR of Harris CountyMember San Antonio, Texas 5. Established baseline of members’ understanding of am 1 and satisfaction pm with their TDA membership through Follow us on Twitter January 29, 2013 7033 Southwest Fwy Rm B, Houston, TX Benefits and Services Survey (completed Nov 2006), re-evaluate % increase at that time for 2009. Corpus Christi percent Wednesday, faculty will 9 ambe- TDA 11 am members byn/a County Public Health District 6. Sixty-five of all full-time 2009 (2006 baselineNueces = 63%). January 30, 2013 1702 Horne Rd, Auditorium, Corpus Christi, TX

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Medicaid Orthodontic Care it’s strategic plan with another statewide retreat in August of 2008. The TDA will update

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Update Profile, search “Texas Please advise your patients seeking Medicaid orthodontic services to do the following as directed by HHSC: – Membership Info 1. Contact the Medicaid patient’s managed care plan (DentaQuest, MCNA Dental) for assistance in finding a Medicaid dentist on the patient’s plan to accept Dental Association”

the orthodontic case. The contact information for each dental plan is listed below. Ask a Colleague 2. If the Medicaid patient is unable to receive assistance from the appropriate managed care dental plan, then the parent/guardian needs to call HHSC’s Office – Features of the Ombudsman at 1-877-787-8999.

Using your smartphone, DentaQuest Medicaid Provider Call Center: 1-800-896-2374 TEXAS Meeting Photosscan this barcode MCNA Medicaid Provider Call Center: 1-855-PRO-MCNA (1-855-776-6262); Email: to access the New Texas Dental Program TDA Member Webpage Volunteer for ‘08 ADA TDA website. The TDA’s Committee on Access, Medicaid & CHIP continues refining the Texas Dental Program webpage on the member side of the TDA’s website. It will be a

“one-stop shop”Dental for Medicaid/CHIP dental information from thedevelop state and the dental plans and should be2009. available by the end of January 2013. In 2003, Texas Association members from across the state TDA’s first strategic plan, TDA

Health Insurance Exchanges This is the eighth in a series of articles to keep you informed about the Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) in Texas. The HIX is an online marketplace tool enabling consumers to shop, compare, and enroll in a health insurance plan. Future articles will focus on helpful reference websites and other information about the HIX. In November 2012, Governor Rick Perry officially notified the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that Texas will not be establishing a state-based HIX. Thus, it appears almost certain that Texas will have a federallyfacilitated exchange starting in January 2014. Texas also indicated to HHS that it will use Blue Cross Blue Shield Best Choice PPO as its default health insurance benchmark plan within the HIX (ie, the largest plan by enrollment in any of the 3 largest products in the state’s small group market). However, Best Choice PPO does not have an adequate pediatric dental benefit as required under the Affordable Care Act’s Essential Health Benefits, and Texas will most likely be required to supplement the benchmark plan with the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Plan. On December 26, 2012, the TDA submitted comments to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at HHS regarding HHS proposed rule titled “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Standards Related to Essential Health Benefits, Actuarial Value and Accreditation.” The TDA stated that HHS should offer clear and effective HIX guidance so that officials involved in establishing exchanges maximize competition by ensuring transparency on price, benefits, consumer protections and network adequacy. Overall, the goal should be to offer consumers a meaningful pediatric dental benefit that is both affordable and accessible. The TDA continues to be involved in HIX development and will publicize new information as it becomes available. For questions or comments, contact TDA Policy Manager Diane Rhodes at 512-443-3675,

Perks Partner News

May 2-5, 2013

New General Manager for TDA Financial Services

TDA Financial Services, Inc. (FSI) General Manager David Baker retired at the end of December 2012 after 15 years of service to TDA. Donovan Osio is FSI’s new general manager effective the new year. FSI is the wholly-owned TDA affiliate that manages TDA Perks Program. Osio

Perks to Bring Popular New-Dentist Symposium to San Antonio

TDA Perks Program presents its third new-dentist symposium, “Creating Your Successful New Office,” in conjunction with San Antonio District Dental Society on January 25, 2013, at Grand Hyatt San Antonio. Perks will also bring the highly acclaimed program to TEXAS Meeting 2013 in May. Visit to learn more, or call 512-443-3675. The symposium is open to and is free of charge to all TDA members.

Promote Perks Program Continues its Beta Test

TDA Perks Program’s Promote Perks Program (PPP) beta test is well under way, with 9 months left to go. PPP is giving a handful of district societies an opportunity to share in Perks’ profits. Its goal is to effect growth in Perks’ income through district society bolstered promotion of Perks and its TDA member benefit programs. The additional promotion will be provided by and take place in local societies, with the goal of increasing TDA-member participation in Perks programs. If, after a year, Perks’ profits are increased as projected, societies participating in the beta test will receive a share of the increase in profits. Upon its successful completion, PPP will be opened up to all TDA component societies. For more information, visit

San Antonio

2013 TEXAS Meeting Registration, Housing NOW OPEN Lisa B. Masters, DDS, MS, TDA Council on Annual Session The TDA Council on Annual Session wishes you a happy and prosperous 2013. Mark your calendar now to attend the TEXAS Meeting, May 2-5! It’s a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues, see the latest and greatest products and services, and take some outstanding continuing education courses. The 2013 TEXAS Meeting can accommodate all of your team’s continuing education needs. Housing opened in December, and meeting registration opened in January. The December 2012 issue of your Texas Dental Journal included the TEXAS Meeting housing form. Yes, it’s time to reserve your hotel room! We are fortunate enough to offer 15 hotel options for TEXAS Meeting attendees. Right now you can get the best rates at the best downtown hotels. Even my local San Antonio friends need to stay downtown — the meeting is just more fun when you stay and play! Let’s all be a tourist in San Antonio! Reserve your hotel room as soon as you can. This is especially true if you are looking for certain amenities or special price ranges. And, you will have a much better chance to book a block of rooms “together” – for your staff, family and friends. Book them now! The TDA staff and council members have worked extraordinarily hard to make the 2013 program better than ever with a mix of new and exciting speakers presenting more than 200 lectures and workshops to meet the continuing education needs of your team. Some courses and most workshops fill up quickly. Register now to confirm your continuing education curriculum. Review your January 2013 Texas Dental Journal or your TEXAS Meeting registration brochure to secure your housing and registration today. Visit Your TEXAS Meeting will be bigger and better than ever, and we expect a record-breaking crowd for an incredible event! You don’t want to miss it! See you in San Antonio!

Evidence-Based Practice Tip of the Month

TSBDE Publishes New Business Promotion Rules The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) recently adopted new Business Promotion Rules (ie, advertising) under 22 Texas Administrative Code §§108.50 — 108.55 and §§108.57 — 108.63 as published in the December 7, 2012 issue of the Texas Register. This marks the near end of a more than year-long process by which the TSBDE’s Advertising Rules Ad-Hoc Committee updated the agency’s advertising rules based on emerging technologies and issues in the business promotion of dentistry and dental practices. Although a majority of the new rules were approved by the board for final publication in the Texas Register, the TSBDE withdrew proposed new 22 Texas Administrative Code §108.56 Certifications, Degrees, Fellowships, Memberships and Other Credentials and re-posted it in the Texas Register for additional public comment prior to final board approval and adoption. The new rules are modeled in part after the American Association of Dental Board’s (AADB) Guidelines on Advertising. In addition to the generally accepted guidelines promulgated by the AADB, the rules address the communication of specialty practices to the public, the inclusion of professional awards and honors in advertisements, and recommendations regarding website publications. A significant change in the rules is that the publication of patient testimonials is now permitted. Overall, the newly adopted rules protect the public from false, misleading or deceptive advertisements and give the TSBDE’s licensees clear guidance as to restrictions on advertising. The new rules will be effective on May 1, 2013, in order to give licensees ample time to comply with the new requirements. The February, March, and April issues of the TSBDE Update will be devoted to analyzing and summarizing all sections of the new rules. For more information, please contact TDA Policy Manager Ms Diane Rhodes at 512-443-3675,

Stephen R. Matteson, DDS, FICD, TSA Editor Risk Groups for Latex Allergy A 2009 article in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association listed risk groups for allergy to latex dental gloves: “The prevalence of these reactions is higher among health care professionals, those with a family history of atopy, history of irritant or allergic eczema, hay fever, spina bifida, spinal cord injury, surgery before 1 year of age, history of multiple surgeries, congenital urogenital abnormality, intestinal malformation, female gender, and latex-fruit syndrome: allergy to avocado, banana, chestnut, kiwi, pineapple, peach, apricot, cherry, melon, grape, papaya, passion fruit, potato, tomato and celery (1).” The entire article can be accessed at: issue-4/279.pdf. Reference 1.

Kean T, McNally M. Latex hypersensitivity: a closer look at considerations for dentistry. J Can Dent Assoc. 2009 May; 75(4): 279-82.

happy, healthy smiles...that’s our mission! 2012 Scholarship Recipients

(L-R) Pictured are TDA Smiles Foundation Board of Trustee Member Dr Herbert Wade, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Dentistry (UTSD at Houston) students Andrea Sauerwein and Michael Rasmussen and UTSD at Houston Dean Dr John A. Valenza.

TDA Smiles Foundation congratulates Andrea Sauerwein and Michael Rasmussen for being the 2012 TDASF (Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation) scholarship recipients. Both Sauerwein and Rasmussen are students at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Dentistry.

Burnet Texas Mission of Mercy The Burnet mission will be held February 9, 2013. Dentists, dental hygienists, and community volunteers are needed. If interested, please visit or call 512-448-2441.

Baylor University 2012 Winner of the TDASF Bragging Rights Challenge

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is with the Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation (TDASF) Bragging Rights Challenge. Every dollar you donate on behalf of your alma mater supports charitable dental care programs in Texas. The alma mater that raises the most money for TDASF will be recognized at the TDA annual session, highlighted at the TDASF Healthy Smiles Golf Classic, and will maintain school bragging rights for an entire year! If green is not your color and bears aren’t your thing, then DONATE now! GO BAYLOR BEARS! Don’t miss out on this opportunity! To donate, 105 contact the TDASF office at 512-448-2441 or visit

Errata The TDA Smiles Foundation regrets the inadvertent inclusion of incorrect information in an article in the November 2012 TDA Today. The correct number of patients seen at the Mt. Pleasant TMOM was 143.

January 2013 / TDA Today / 2

David L. Doerre, DDS Burkburnett, Texas

TDA Member Spotlight

President’s Prose


r David L. Doerre of Burkburnett often takes a stroll down memory lane. He takes with him his dental plaster and dental tools and gets to work. In his free time, Dr Doerre constructs miniature replicas of homes and buildings near and dear to his family and friends. He calls them his Memory Lane houses.

“Everyone I’ve given something to has been amazed,” Dr Doerre says of his unique gifts. “They love it, and it’s something special for me.” The first Memory Lane house that Dr Doerre created was for his wife, Gay, about 20 years ago. The couple has been married for 31 years and has 2 grown daughters, Jammie and Toni, and 2 grandsons, Boston and Quade. Dr Doerre is a general dentist and received his degree from the University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston in 1980. He is currently the chair of the TDA Council on Membership. Dr Doerre says Gay would set up little villages among her Christmas decorations. He thought, “I could just make that!” And, so he did. Pouring a big block of dental plaster, he drew an outline and used his Jack Rabbit drill and other dental tools to whittle and chip away at the mold. The final product was an 8”x6”x5” replica of their home. Dr Doerre continued the hobby, creating miniature versions of his childhood home in Kansas and the 4-corner country store and gas station that his mother-in-law’s family owned in Kentucky.

Michael L. Stuart, DDS, TDA President One of the most important events in the Texas Dental Association is held every 2 years in Austin. Of course, I am talking about the TDA Legislative Day! This year’s Legislative Day will be on Wednesday, February 20 and will be very important to the legislative agenda of our Association. We always have a good attendance for Legislative Day and some of our local components even lease buses to make it easy for their members to attend. I hope YOU will make every effort to attend this year’s event. If you have not ever attended a TDA Legislative Day, you will be very impressed with the organization and agenda as planned by our Council on Legislative and Regulatory Affairs. Following a delicious breakfast, we will have the opportunity to hear from some of the most important legislators and officials in our Texas state government. Our council members and lobbyists will provide detailed information on our goals with important legislation affecting Texas dentists. Then, we will all march to the State Capitol to meet with our senators and representatives for the most important grassroots effort Texas dentists have. I hope you will take the time out of you busy week to join fellow dentists in this most important effort. WE NEED YOU! I’ll see you there!

EDitorial: Thoughts from Your ED

“I utilize everything I learned in operatory and labs,” he says, joking that he was not accepted to dental school for his brains, rather his dental aptitude. “After all, I scored a 99% on perceptual motor ability.” He recalls practicing for his dental admission tests by carving on small pieces of chalk. A broken piece resulted in a failing grade. The chalk test was discontinued prior to his admission, but the years of practice paid off for his career and his hobby. Dr David Doerre of Burkburnett creates a replica of the mountain cabin where his daughter was married in Estes Park, CO.

Aaron Washburn, TDA Executive Director After spending the last 2 months in different states, my family has finally made the transition to Texas. My kids have started school, the house is getting unpacked, and we are establishing new routines and traditions. I am settling into new traditions professionally as well. The TDA has a long history, and a stellar reputation. You have a hugely talented staff, and dedicated doctors volunteering their time and talents on behalf of their profession. I am honored to join the group and looking forward to working for you. My goal is to help lead a staff that meets the strategic plans of its Board, councils, committees, and members, and supports an Association that members continue to be proud to be a part of. As we transition into a new year, I hope to see many of you any of the numerous TDA events (Legislative Day, the TEXAS Meeting, etc.). I hope you enjoy the services we provide, and most importantly that we are exceeding your membership expectations. TDA is constantly working to improve the value of your membership. I will do my best to keep you updated on new programs, expanded services, legislative victories, and outstanding public missions through regular updates in the TDA Today.

The pastime is time consuming, he admits. He sets up shop in the garage, turns on the radio and spends 75-100 hours at his workbench on each project. “When I get to working, I lose all track of time.”

If there is anything we can do to enhance your membership experience, don’t hesitate to let us know. I look forward to beginning a new year at TDA, and the transitions ahead.

Board Notes

September 15, 2012, special called meeting

Dr Doerre’s most recent project was a miniature replica of the log cabin in Estes Park, CO, where his daughter Toni was married in June 2012. It belongs to her husband’s family.


48-2013-B: Approved Board to enter into negotiations with Aaron Washburn for the position of the TDA executive director. November 2-3, 2012, meetings


“I went around and took pictures of the house,” he says, recalling how the greatest challenge was that he did not include shrubbery on the model he made. That’s where he usually leaves his signature mark, as a dentist: a small, perfectly carved molar. On this particular replica, he carved the tooth into the rocks on the fireplace, and his daughter had to search for it. “It’s fun for them to figure out where it is.”

Dr Doerre (right) sits with his son-in-law Blake Barnett in front of a replica of the Barnett family mountain cabin in Estes Park, CO. Dr Doerre took pictures of the cabin to recreate it for his daughter, who married Blake on the front steps of the cabin.

This recurring section highlights the lives of TDA members outside of the office. If you have an interesting story about yourself, if you are working on a project that your peers might find interesting, or if you have a hobby that keeps you busy, please contact TDA Managing Editor Nicole Scott,, 512-443-3675.

ADMINISTRATION 55-2013-B: Discontinue services of Slaughter and Associates and hire the services of Bland Garvey Eads Medlock + Deppe, PC Capital Advisors. 56-2013-B: Purchase and install 4 roof ventilators for the TDA Conference Center. Financial implication: $3,500 (Building Fund). 57-2013-B: Purchase and install 11 air conditioning units on the third floor of the TDA building. Financial implication: $50,000 (Building Fund). 42-2013-B: Repave the parking lot and repair curbs of the TDA Conference Center. Financial implication: $16,326.52 (Building Fund). 58-2013-B: On an annual basis, budget for the maintenance of the TDA buildings and deposit monies in the Building Account to maintain the TDA buildings. Financial implication: $105,979. 72-2013-B: Expand TDA Committee on the New Dentist from 4 to 6 members. Financial implication: $3,000 (2013 Contingency). 65-2013-B: Revised a non-voting liaison of the Committee on the New Dentist. 71-2013-B: Revised Bylaws to include revisions to Committee on the New Dentist. BUDGET 60-2013-B: Approved items over budget. Financial implication: $15,492. MISCELLANEOUS 59-2013-B: Approved legislative agenda for use during the 83rd Texas Legislature in 2013. 64-2013-B: Rescinded Resolution 36-1961-H. 66-2013-B: Amended Bylaws, Chapter VI, Elective Officers, Section 90-A, Duties. 67-2013-B: Amended Bylaws, Chapter, Chapter I, Membership, Section 30, Definition of “In Good Standing.” 68-2013-B: Amended Bylaws, Chapter V, Board of Directors, Section 40. Powers and Duties, Subsection A. Powers, paragraph b. 69-2013-B: Amended Board of Directors Manual, Section IV, Rules of Procedure, Mail Ballots. Rescinded Resolution 84-2004-CCBL-B. 70-2013-B: Amended Bylaws, Chapter IX, Councils and Committees, Section 90, with a new section title, Transaction of Business, and a new subsection B. 73-2013-B: Defined the TDA’s directives and scope of work with the Texas Department of Insurance. 75-2013-B: Approved editorial changes to the TDA 2014 strategic plan. 77-2013-B: Honored the San Antonio District Dental Society with a special recognition award. Financial implication: $150. OUT-OF-STATE TRAVEL 61-2013-B: Approved travel for Dr Richard C. Black, chair of the Council on Legislative and Regulatory Affairs; Mary Kay Linn, executive director; Aaron Washburn, new executive director; Jess Calvert, director of public affairs; Diane Rhodes, policy manager; Nora Del Bosque, legislative consultant; and Susan Ross, legislative consultant, to attend the 27th Annual American Dental Association Lobbyist Conference on November 29, 2012, to December 1, 2012 in San Diego, CA. 62-2013-B: Approved travel to other dental meetings for members of the TDA Council on Annual Session. January 2013 / TDA Today / 3

TSBDE Rule Update

This recurring section is designed to help TDA members keep up with important Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) rules, other regulations, and state law affecting their practices.

Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Approves Rule Changes The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) recently adopted 3 new rules and 1 rule change as published in the December 7, 2012, issue of the Texas Register. The effective date for the rules was December 16, 2012. A brief summary of the new and amended rules follows. 22 Texas Administrative Code §107.2 Effect of Child Support Payment Default on Licensure Application and Renewal: The new rule addresses requirements set forth in Texas Family Code §232.0135 Denial of License Issuance or Renewal. The rule states that the TSBDE will not grant a new license or renew the existing license of a child support obligor who has failed to pay child support for 6 months or more. The rule also outlines the conditions that must be met before a delinquent obligor may receive an initial license or renew an existing license. The rule defines license as a “license, certificate, registration, permit, or other authorization issued by the Board.” 22 Texas Administrative Code §107.3 Effect of Student Loan Payment Default on Licensure: The new rule addresses requirements established in Texas Education Code §57.491 Loan Default Ground for Nonrenewal of Professional and Occupational License. The rule states that the TSBDE will not grant renew of an existing license to a licensee who has defaulted on a student loan guaranteed by the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, defaulted on a repayment agreement, or failed to enter a repayment agreement. The rule also states the conditions that must be met before an obligor in default may be granted renewal of an existing license. The rule defines license as a “license, certificate, registration, permit, or other authorization issued by the Board.” 22 Texas Administrative Code §112.3 Limited Oral Evaluation: The new rule authorizes dentists , in conjunction with a federal, state, county, or city government health care program, a non-profit organization, or an educational institution, to perform non-diagnostic, non-comprehensive evaluations of individuals to screen for oral cancer and/or “evaluate” minors or underserved populations. The new rule defines a “limited oral evaluation (LOE)” and the standards of care expected of the dentist including record-keeping requirements (eg, informed consent). Specifically, the rule specifies that only a dentist is allowed to perform an LOE, although the rule does not prohibit a dental hygienist from collecting data or delivering fluoride or sealant treatments in conjunction with a dentist’s LOE. The TSBDE further clarified that it is beyond the dental hygienists scope of practice to screen, evaluate or diagnose any oral condition. However, the TSBDE encourages dental hygienists to continue to utilize their expertise to collect diagnostic and clinical data to assist the dentist in his or her evaluation or diagnosis. 22 Texas Administrative Code §112.1 Definitions and §112.2 Visual Dental Health Inspections: The amended rules address visual dental health inspections and the parties and purposes by whom and for which visual dental health inspections may be performed. The amendment to §112.1 clarifies the parties who may perform dental health inspections and introduces a limited oral health evaluation as an additional category of dental assessments. §112.2(b) addresses situations in which it may be appropriate for dental students and others affiliated with the dental profession to engage in visual inspections. The rule also states that dental hygienists and dental hygiene students may engage in visual inspections in accordance with the requirements of §112.2(b) and (c). A visual dental health inspection is a group activity for the purpose of making a “gross assessment” of the dental health status of group members. It is cursory and does not involve “making a diagnosis, providing treatment, or treatment planning.”

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