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Celebrating Literacy in our Community

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Board of Directors

Dear Friends of Literacy, The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and TLC is buzzing with busy students. Summer has quickly become our busiest and favorite time here at TLC. We are thrilled to be in our second year of the summer SOAR program, providing 8 weeks of academics to students at risk of summer learning loss. Visit page 8 for all the details on this fantastic program. We are proud to have increased the intensity of our program and offer more support to students. We served 449 students last year. 80% of our students attended programs at least two days a week. The average student received 103 hours of support. Our impact in numbers for 2018-19 are outlined on pages 3 and 4. As we celebrate the growth and success of our students, due to our incredible corps of volunteers, we are also looking to the future of TLC. Our Board of Directors is excited to announce the launch of our Legacy Literacy Society. We encourage you to learn more on page 10. Help us ensure the longevity of TLC through planned giving. Thank you to each of you for your continued support of Teton Literacy Center. We are excited to collaborate and grow together. Sincerely,

Peter French, President Bill Best, Vice President Amy Staehr, Secretary Patrick Trucco, Treasurer Alex Dawson Joannie Epstein Jeff Heilbrun Jack Krouskup Debbie Schlinger Jim Thorburn Cristine Wehner

Honorary Board Members Bill Maloney Berte Hirschfield Maggie Scarlett

Laura, Soltau, Executive Director


Peter French, 2019-20 Board President


Staff 2018 - 2019

Changing lives through the power of literacy

Laura Soltau Executive Director

Michael Kasper Program Coordinator

Kristin Livingstone Associate Director

Kristen Jovanelly Program Coordinator

Carisa Barnett Afterschool Program Manager Lina Collado Family Literacy Program Manager Liz King Development Coordinator Anja Carlson Program Coordinator


A literate community is one which members have the literacy skills necessary to not only function, but to thrive.

McKenzie McBride Program Coordinator Kate Roberts Program Coordinator John Tannis Program Coordinator

What We Do FA M I LY L I T E R AC Y

Esperansa Gomez Americorps Volunteer

T U TO R I N G K-12th grade Volunteer 1-1 tutoring Interventional & remedial Individualized Volunteer training & management Parent communication & support School year & summer Interest based literacy



Pre K – 8th grade Parents with children FA M I LY Afterschool clubs E N G AG E M E N T Parent education – ESL/ABE/GED/Work study Summer camps Intensive preschool Family book clubs Afterschool support K-6th grade Parent workshops PACT (Parent/Child Together) Scaffolding from 1-1 tutoring Parent workshops Project based learning Self-sufficiency goals Includes STEM content Home visits Community Partners Practice Kindergarten

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of students and families have created an at-home reading practice

328 families


community partners

34,000 32,000 30,000 26,000


490,000 2010










minutes read by students during out of school time.

*based on 15 minutes an hour of programming PAG E 3 | T E TO N L I T E R AC Y C E N T E R

98% of parents saw an improvement in their child’s confidence as a learner


The average tutoring student experienced 10 months of growth in 6 months or 25 hours of tutoring.


volunteer hours

student hours





1,030 books donated to families


volunteers 2 0 1 8 – 1 9 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 4

Tutoring Program Student Success Stats: •

100% of volunteers surveyed enjoyed their experience tutoring at TLC.

The average student experienced 10 months of growth in 6 months, 25 hours of tutoring.

Number of Students: 112 Number of Volunteer: 95 Student Hours: 1,953.5


– TCSD Teacher

A Tutoring Story Introducing, Tiffany and her tutor, Kris! Tiffany joined TLC programs as a Practice Kindergarten student in 2017 and continued in both our Enrichment and Tutoring programs. Tiffany was then selected to join our SOAR Pioneers Cabin last summer, providing her with year-round learning that allowed her to start first grade reading at grade level! Upon diving into our mid-year data, it became clear that Tiffany has made significant growth this year—indeed, Tiffany has shown 8 months of growth in just 4 months! Her growth illustrates the effectiveness of TLC and our ability to help students gain two months of literacy growth for every month they spend in our tutoring program. Tiffany is currently reading 3 months ahead of the benchmark for her grade level! Tiffany will continue to work with Kris, who provides a safe, caring and fun environment. With Kris’s support we hope that Tiffany will finish the school year above grade level and ready to go into the summer season more ready to learn than ever!


Family Literacy Program Student Success Stats:

Number of Students: 153 (43 children and 110 adults) Number of Volunteers: 9 Student Hours: 10,633

100% of TLC families were reading at home, with their child by the end of the year.

100% of our TLC parents attending English Classes regularly felt more involved and connected with their community after participating in our Adult program for 9 months

100% of our TLC pre-k parents felt that their child was ready for entering Kindergarten in the Fall.

A Family Success Story Isabel is a mom of four: Samantha, Isaac, Katrina, and Elvis. Isabel first came to TLC in fall 2018 to enroll her youngest, Sami, into Literacy Lab. Through our Family Literacy program, Isabel also enrolled in our ESL evening classes. Through ESL classes and our Language Exchange Program, Isabel has worked on her goals of becoming a more independent parent by expanding her vocabulary, feeling confident speaking in English and becoming better at using a computer. Isabel works over 40 hours at her full-time job in town, helps her children with homework, takes care of her mother, mother-in-law, father, and bakes in her free time for her own baking business! After almost two years of ESL, reading every night from her ESL book and meeting with her Language Exchange partner, Isabel has been able to expand her vocabulary so much that she felt comfortable in applying for a job promotion, which she received! As she states, “Today, I feel the strongest version of myself, and I owe it all to TLC’s support”. Isabel also attended parent workshops focused on financial literacy and computer skills, so she can one day take her baking business as her full-time job and do what she loves every day!


- Neyvi Loaeza

2 0 1 8 – 1 9 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 6

Enrichment Program An Enrichment Story Students in our Movie Magic Enrichment Club at TLC aimed to answer one question during their session: How do we effectively tell a story through film? In exploring this driving question, the students went through the entire process of writing a story, including crafting themes, plots and character development. They studied set and costume design using books and movie trailers and used this knowledge to create their own. They worked together to direct each other and their films, integrating the many social-emotional skills required for group projects.

Number of Students: 265 Number of Volunteers: 14 Student Hours: 16,831

The final outcome was two wonderful movies – one about circus performers and corndogs, the other about a magical teacher and his students turned vampires!

Student Success Stats: •

100% of parents believe that TLC provides a safe and engaging space for their student(s) after school. 98% of parents have seen an improvement in their child’s confidence as a learner since starting at TLC.



– TCSD Teacher


Success Stats:

TLC provides year round support through intensive summer programming SOAR is an 8-week intensive academic summer program that prepares students for their next school year and beyond by focusing on high level literacy, vocabulary and math instruction and applying the skills students learn through enrichment opportunities. Teton Literacy Center launched this program in 2018 to extend services to atrisk students. SOAR collaborates with the local school district and community partners to provide a high quality educational experience and connect lifelong learning to the classroom. SOAR works to combat the average 2-3 month learning loss that low income students see during summer months. Mornings are focused on academics through differentiated reading and math instruction, while afternoons integrate STEAM efforts and community field trips.

98% of students K-7th illustrated maintenance or growth in reading, as opposed to average 2 months of summer reading loss.

The average student gained 2.7 months in reading during the 8 weeks.

100% of students K-2 illustrated maintenance or growth in math.

SOAR summer program (K-7th) : 71 Students

Practice Kindergarten (entering K): 59 Students

Total number of student hours: 10,383

Middle-Class Student Low-Income Student Advanced by One Month


Fall behind by 2-3 Months


Same Rate of Progression During School Year

3 2 1 0

This program is funded through the generous support of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.



SOAR at TLC was developed out of Teton Literacy Center’s strategic planning process. A community need task force was created which consisted of TLC staff, board members and community members including school district personnel. After looking at our current efforts and needs in our community, it was determined that summer was an opportunity for intensified student support. SOAR was born.

By the Numbers:







GRADES Source: Cooper, H., Borman, G., & Fairchild, R. (2010) “School Calendars and Academic Achievement.” In J. Meece & J. Eccles (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Schools, Schooling and Human Development (pp. 342-355). Mahwah, NJ: Eribaum.

2 0 1 8 – 1 9 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 8

Thank You Volunteers Stephan Abrams William Allen Noah Barnhart Mila Berry Martha Best William Best Erica Bowditch Nick Boyer Eliza Bradford Thomas Brewer William Broeder Anna Brown Maureen Brown Quentin Bruno Kathy Buchner Joseph Burke Katherine Bush Carter Callaway Lisa Carpenter Ann Carruth Andy Carson Nancy Carson Marina Chapeton Menjivar Lori Clark-Erikson Laura Coe Nancy Collister Kiersten Davis Alex Dawson Lezly Diaz Morillon Leela Dubois Megan Dufault Mila Dunbar-Irwin Lilly Duqutette Joannie Epstein Madison Ewing

Jane Fairbairn Tashi Ferris Scott Fossel Peter French Nancy Gardiner River Gayton Kendyl Gersten Gerson Giron Nova Amy Glenn Esperansa Gomez Kevin Grange Julie Greene Kris Gridley Hannah Haag Paul Hansen Rachael Harrower Kade Hatten Sue Hebberger Jeff Heilbrun Marena Herr Vivian Herr Berte Hirschfield Holly Hunter Ragan Jolly Michael Kasper Robin Keeler Sarah Kerr Caitlin Keys Jack Krouskup Jane Kusek Gina Kyle Alex Lang Brendan Levine Warren Levy Martha Lewis

Our volunteers motivate, encourage, and support students and families with reading and writing development. They instill a love of learning in our students of all ages. They are instrumental to the success of TLC and our students. Thank you! Kate Lucas Sawyer Lucas-Griffin Amy Madera Hannah Maldanado Bill Maloney Carol Maloney Robert Markstein America Martinez James Mathieu Kiva McConaughy-Munn Mark McKew Kristin McMillian William BcPeak Sara McWhirter Finley Miller Burt Mills Seana Minuth Abby Moore Kendall Nelson Joanna Newman Tom Offut Nick Olmstead Shelley Olson Camilla “Millie” Peck Cassandra Penning Cindy Perry Ben Phocas Sophie Porter Natasha Poutiatine Melissa Reichert Lisa Ridgeway Peter Rosenberg Leila Sandlin Edye Sauter Maggie Scarlett

Debbie Schlinger Sarah Shea Samantha Smith Rose Spaulding Kim Springer Gabrielle St. Clair Amy Staehr Anne Stalker Perri Stern Rachael Stewart Lynn Straker Cassandra Taylor Sienna Taylor Kerri Thomas Jim Thorburn Patrick Trucco Juliet Unfried Claudia VanRemoortere Ben Vincent Rick Walls Jeff Ward Cristine Watson Rhonda Watson Madeline Webb Lynn Wegner Cristine Wehner Robert Wemple Dabney West Sara White Kate Wienman Mike Wierda John Williams Diane Winder Nathan Wunner Bob Zelino

Make a difference in the life of a student. Become a volunteer today!

Volunteers are matched based on interests, schedule, abilities, and program needs. No experience necessary. For more information, please call 733-9242 or email PAG E 9 | T E TO N L I T E R AC Y C E N T E R

Volunteer of the Year - Debbie Schlinger

Teton Literacy Center would like to recognize Debbie Schlinger as TLC’s Volunteer of the Year! Debbie has been a Teton Literacy Center board member and volunteer tutor since 2014. She has played an integral role in our organization, ensuring we continue to thrive and serve our community. She is an incredible support within all of our programs at Teton Literacy Center. She consistently goes above and beyond by attending TLC events and workshops, and she even performed in Jackson’s Got Talent (side note: she’s an amazing tap dancer). Debbie is a huge asset to our tutoring program serving her student and helping us recruit volunteers. She provides a safe, fun and educational space for her tutoring student. Her student’s reading level has grown from a Kindergarten level to well over a first grade reading level! This significant growth can be attributed to Debbie’s patience, kindness and overall approach to teaching/tutoring. She also uses her experiences as a librarian and English teacher to work with our preschool students each month by providing storytime. Sometimes, she even comes dressed as the character of the story! If you take a look around the classroom while Debbie reads outloud, you can see every student hooked to her every word, with a big smile on their faces and loving literacy through Debbie. Thank you to Debbie and all of our volunteers.

Literacy Legacy Society Student Story Teton Literacy Center is excited to announce the formation of the Literacy Legacy Society. This group is dedicated to ensuring a lasting legacy of education and literacy support in our community. This society is a way of building a testament to the lives and values of the community that has supported this center since the beginning. Including Teton Literacy Center in your planned giving and estate planning is ensuring the children and families of our community have access to high quality educational resources for years to come. Together we can close the achievement gap. Live a legacy. Leave a legacy. Thoughtful planned giving is an ideal way to support Teton Literacy Center as it allow for future revenue streams that will sustain TLC programs. Planned giving options create legacies for both our donors and for TLC. There are numerous planned giving options including:

I started using Teton Literacy services when I was in middle school. I needed help with my English class and math class, so they provided a tutor. I worked with her all year and I was able to develop new skills. My tutor would also help me with anything I needed and in other subjects in school. Through this experience, I learned that it important to ask for help and that there are resources in the community that can help me succeed. Teton Literacy Center helped me create a future that included life-long learning. After I graduated from Journeys School I decided to attend the University of Wyoming. I recently graduated with a degree in Human Development and Family Science. I enjoy working with families and children. This summer I chose to come back to TLC for my internship hours and give back to our community. I chose TLC because it’s an organization that truly helps kids and families. During my time here I have been able to learn and grow in many different ways. I have also been able to see the impact that TLC has on our community.

• Bequests: A bequest is a testamentary gift by will or revocable/living trust that enables the donor to keep assets during lifetime, but support TLC through a lasting legacy. This is one of the most common vehicles for planned giving. Bequests can take a variety of forms including designating a specific amount of money, a particular asset, a percentage of the total estate, or a residual gift. • Gifts of Retirement Plans/IRAs: Teton Literacy Center can be designated as a beneficiary for all or a portion or all of a retirement plan. Designating TLC as the recipient of your “qualified charitable distributions” through IRA rollovers is also a vehicle for planned giving. • Gifts of Life Insurance Policies: Teton Literacy Center can be easily added as a beneficiary to life insurance policies. TLC can also be gifted the policy directly. • Charitable Lead and Remainder Trusts: These planned giving options allow for donors to pass assets to their children and grandchildren while also supporting the sustainability of Teton Literacy Center through a significant gift.

2 0 1 8 – 1 9 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 1 0

Teton Literacy Center works closely with our community to provide high quality services efficiently. We are partners in community collaboratives, like System of Care and System of Education, to help move our community forward while ensuring we aren’t duplicating efforts.Thank you to our partners for working with us towards our mission. 2018-19 Collaborative Partners Art Association of Jackson Hole

Financials 2018-19 Revenue Sources Foundations and Grants 12%

Contracts 3%

Expenses Overhead Expenses 5%

Bridger Teton National Forest Central Wyoming College Children’s Learning Center Dave Hansen White Water Fine Dining Group

Individuals 33%

Grand Teton National Park Grand Teton Music Festival Hole Food Rescue Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling

Events 17%

Jackson Hole Children’s Museum Jackson Hole News & Guide Lindley Rust Photography National Museum of Wildlife Art

Program and Operating Expenses 23%

Government 35%

Teachers & Personnel 72%

Nightingale Nursing School Persephone Bakery Pet Partners Sean Williamson with U.S. Navy Air Forces Slow Food of the Tetons Snow King Resort Teton County Library

Total Revenue $1,042,339

Total Expenses $723,395

(This does not include non-operating revenue of $13,747 of interest and $70,000 of donations from multi-year pledges to the 2016 Sustainability Campaign)

Teton County Pet Partners Teton County School District #1 Teton Youth and Family Services University of Wyoming PAWS of Jackson Hole PAG E 1 1 | T E TO N L I T E R AC Y C E N T E R

Teton Literacy Center is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that has operated through the generosity of this community since 1992. Located in Flat Creek Business Center at 1715 High School Road # 260, we own our building and operate rent free. We derive our revenue from charitable giving by individuals, foundations, family trusts, community organizations, corporations, and state literacy programs. The generous support from our funders enables us to offer our programs free of charge.

Thank You Donors July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 Donors

Support from our donors allows the Teton Literacy Center to further our mission of changing lives through the power of literacy. Contributions directly support the FREE programs we provide to the families and children of Teton County, Wyoming. We are grateful for the gifts we received from the following donors between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Marcia Kunstel & Joseph Albright Amangani Madonna Ames Marilyn & Marc Andersen Virginia & Calvin Anderson Anonymous (15) Betty & Shaun Andrikopoulos Anonymous Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Bev Aoki Susan & Geoff Armstrong Stephen Arnold Barbara & Gerald Aronowitz Deborah Atkinson Jamie Attanasio Azadi Fine Rugs Téa Bajraktarevic Jennifer & Eric Balsa Bank Of Jackson Hole in Memory of Rick Lawton Brady Barkdull Cindy Bartz Pilar Bass Fio & Matt Beal Robert Bell Belvedere Foundation Cynthia Bennett Patty Berlin Sheila & Robert Berner Eileen & John Berner Betsy & Joseph Bernfeld Anne Berry Charitable Fund Carol & Dennis Berryman

Mary & K.C. Bess Martha & William Best Kimberly & Zahan Billimoria Julie Birrer Susan Blasko JoAnn & Peter Blomberg Molly Bloom Julie Borshell Dean Bosacki Laurie & Virgil Boss Shelley & Thomas Botts Bruce & Elizabeth Bowen Bradford S. Mead & Katherine L. Mead Charitable Foundation Katie Colbert Brady & Chris Brady Lindsay & Jackson S Brandenburg Alison & George Brokaw Angela Brooks Linda & Tony Brooks The Brooks Foundation Layne Brown Lorie Cahn & Doug Brown Mary Kate Buckley Cassandra Buckner & Matthew White Joseph Burke Cathie & Bruce Burkland Janice & Edward Bushnell Joyce & Dan Butcher Marian & Dennis Butcher DJ Callahan Ralph & Megan Callaway Sophie Caminiti Faye H Campbell Janet Olivares-Gama & Gamaliel Campuzano Canvas Unlimited Heather Carleton Betsy Carlin & Becky Watson Brenna Carmical Mike Carmical Holly Carmical Kaitlyn Carmical Lisa Carpenter Judi & Ken Carpenter Andrew Carson Carroll Cavanagh Mary Chaffin

Jordan & Matt Chandler Kelly & Bud Chatham Shirley & Ed Cheramy Chevron Humankind Matching Geneva Chong & David Barnett Lori & Joseph Cipro Rocio Cisneros Donna Clark Frances Clark Susan Clarke Mickie Cochrane Christine Coleman Collister Family Fund Old Bill’s Fun Run Operating Fund of the Community Foundation Of Jackson Hole Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Competitive Grants Program Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Katharine Conover Katie Coogan Jacque Cook Eugenie Copp Cindy Corona & Eduardo Rodriquez Carrillo Helen & Mike Cottingham Lori & Todd Crabtree Mary Curran Julie & Paul D’Amours Carrie Davenport Maria & Peter Davidsson Maria Davidsson Seadar Rose Davis Anonymous Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Alexandra Dawson & Greg Gricus Deborah & Jon Dawson Alois De Vos James & Virginia Dean Susie & Pete Dennis The Riverbend Fund Guy Dove, III Maggie Dreyer Susie Dunnagan Nancy Eaton & Jeff Van Ee Alisssa Ehrenkranz Ehrenkranz Family Foundation Emily Eldredge

Joannie & Steve Epstein Lori Clark-Erickson & Chris Erickson Cathie Evans Robin & Guylan Evans Roxanne & Tom Factor Nancy & Mike Faems Missy Falcey JH Farmers Market on the Square Martha Feagin Cynthia & Alex Felton Annie Fenn Marialice & Dillon Ferguson Jean & Richard Ferguson Bill Field William Field & Jodie Pond Donor Advised Fund Robin & John Fields Fifth Generation Inc. Jan & Larry Finch Lea & Gavin Fine Alice & John Finley First Interstate Bank Naomi & Roy Flack Sheryl & Jeff Flug Patricia Fontanini Amber Fontenot Petria & Scott Fossel Four Seasons Resort Nick Fouts Cathy & Peter French Julianne & Ed Fries Lisa & Are Friesecke Becky & Tom Frisbie Brendan Gallaher Jane Gallie Ines Garcia Bedolla Suzy Gardner Julie & Fred Gaston Renee Gault Doug & Cindee George Lynn & Donald Giant Scott & Pam Gibson Elizabeth Gieck Christy & Garth Gillespie Kimberly Gillett Martha & John Gilmore

2 0 1 8 – 1 9 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 1 2

Jeffrey Girard Kathleen & Michael Glover Loocie Glover Susan Mick and Bob Gordon Flynn Govern Colleen & Bob Grady Sarah Graham Amanda & Scott Grollnek Kathleen Gutierrez Louise & Ralph Haberfeld Anne & George Haefner Katerine Hager Maho Hakoshima & Peg Gilday Andrew Hall Julie Ann Giacobassi & Zach Hall Rachael Hall Leslye & David Hardie Pat Hardman Carol & John Harkness Mr. Joan Harris Karen Jerger & Chuck Harris Joan & Ron Harris Joan Harris Hawkins, Kominsky, DeVries and Assoc Carolynn & Bruce Hawtin Susan & John Hebberger Deborah & John Hechinger Jens Heig Tracey & Jeff Heilbrun Bill & Janet Helm Orquidea Hernandez Maria Hernandez Blanca Gonzalez & Saul Hernandez Barbara & Chuck Herz Jamil Higley Laura & Bob Higley Nancy Hoffman Cynthia Hogan Lannie & Bill Hoglund Padgett Hoke & Sam Zuckerman Nonprofit Wedding Registry Janelle & Will Holden Alison Horn Karen & Phil Horstmann Shawna & Tony Horton Stacy Hovinga Beatrice & Thomas Howard Carrie & Jack Howe Penney & A.C Hubbard Hughes Charitable Foundation Trent & Suzie Hultman

PAG E 1 3 | T E TO N L I T E R AC Y C E N T E R

Dawn & John Hummel Family Fund Maggie & James Hunt Carlyn & Laurie Hunter Rebecca Huntington J. William and Mary Helen Straker Charitable Foundation Jack and Carole Nunn Donor Advised Fund Susan & John Jackson Jackson Hole Book Traders Jackson Hole Children’s Museum Jackson Hole Institute Laurie & Don Jaekle Margaret & Aaron Japel Amanda Jean Jennifer Johnson Robyn Jones Ginger & Chip Jones Robyn Jones Chelcie Jonke Jorgensen Associates Diana Joy Karl M. Johnson Foundation Karns Family Fund Ellen & Michael Karpf Mary Kaufmann Mark Kelleher & Holly Hunter Kelleher Fred Keller Caroline & Ken Taylor Kirsten & Peter Kern Joffa & Bill Kerr Sarah Kerr Erik Kimball Erin Munk & Carson King Liz & Andy King Shan & David Kingston lyla Kirkpatrick Jeane & Roger Kirkpatrick Mary Lou & Richard Klene Kraig Kobert Edward Kolsky & Elizabeth Masek Leslie Kraft Patricia Krause Kroger Jennifer Kronberger Kay & Jack Krouskup Catherine Kruppa Jane & Charles Kusek Charitable Fund Gina & Ted Kyle Maggie & Dan Land Stuart & Jessie Lang Nancy Lang

Joan Lapham George & Valerie Lefebre Florence Lemle Carol Lewis Jennifer Linder Tim Linger Neyvi Loaeza Elizabeth Lockhart Sharel Love Lower Valley Energy Katherine & Robert Lucas Brad Luense Irene & Alan Lund Sue Lurie Nancy & John Luther Deb Lutz Shirley Lutz Helen Macauley Jack MacGregor Sashie & Will MacNaughton Amy & Joe Madera Ann Trucco Magnuson & Pete Magnuson Alex & Macye Maher Carol & Bill Maloney Teri Manning Margery & Edgar Masinter Roberta Carney & James Mathieu Taya McClennen Holly McCollister in Memory of Paul and Esther McCollister Fund June & Mike McCollister in Memory of Paul and Esther McCollister Fund Carin McConaughy-Munn Elizabeth & Gregory Mccoy Nicki & Brendan McDermott Patty McDonald Robin & Brian McGee John McNaughton Bille Metzger Marian Meyers Donaldson Miele Millennium Networks, LLC Elinor & Scott Miller Susan & Mark Miller Corey & Jessica Milligan Tom Montgomery Susan & Joe Moore Rosalia Morales-Perez & Nestor Morales Rosalia & Jesse Morales-Perez Marguerite & George Moran Servanda Moreno Andraca

Barbara & Rick Morgan Miriam Morillon Munger Mountain Student Leadership Erin Munk Dean Munn Katie Murphy State Farm Insurance Claire Murray Ben Musser Dana & Carl Nagel Nancy Jarrell and Ed Smail Fund National Museum of Wildlife Art Mark Newcomb & Allison Von Maur Joanna Newman Newton Foundation Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Newton Foundation Donor Advised Fund Audra Nielsen Nolo Resources LLC Rose & Ron Novak Kacy & Scott O’Hare Ann & Richard O’Leary Charlotte O’neill Fran & Doug Ober Julie & William Obering Kevin & Shelly Olson Susan & Peter Ordway Gilman & Marge Ordway Donor Advised Fund Matt Ostdiek Shannon Overly Monica Overly Carol & Ed Owens Francesca Paolucci-Rice Hayden Paschen Margaret & Tony Paulus Pearl Street Bagels James Peck & Karen Youngblood Jared Perez Dulce Perez Tzompa Danielle Petriccione Leslie Petersen & Hank Phibbs Philadelphia Insurance Companies Sarah & George Phocas Lisa & Scott Pierson Tayloe Piggott Pike & Susan Sullivan Foundation Shirley & Paul Piper Tracy Poduska Matthew Potter Trish & Tim Preheim Clay Preheim & Stephanie Thomas Price-Downey-Buckland Family Foundation

Leeann Prichard Peggy & Greg Prugh Tamsen & Aaron Pruzan Cindy Satagaj-Radda & James Radda Kristie & Tom Ralston Jerry & Pamela Rankin Merrill & Jim Ratajczyk in honor of Lynn Wegner Diane & Glenn Ray Bert Raynes Robyn & Randy Reedy Jan Reid Karen & Michael Reid Maureen Renkes Nancy Resor Story Clark Resor & Bill Resor Chuck Resor Travis Rice Richard Rice & Francesca Paolucci-Rice Rebecca Rice Gudrun Rice & Charles Kerr Anne & Travis Riddell Nancy & Dick Riddle Lisa Ridgway Lynn & Al Ringer Gay Rivas Kate Roberts Kathy Robertson John Robinson Elisabeth Rohrbach Ashley Rooney James & Pamela Ross Rossetter Donor Advised Fund Rotary Supper Club Laurent & Lori Roux Gregory Rudin Karina & Brandon Ryan Corie Rybak Michael Sams Carol Chesney & Tim Sandlin Louisa & Chris Sandvig Ellen & Joe Sanford Felicity Sargent Alexander Sauer Maggie & Dick Scarlett Scarlett Family Foundation Becky & Tom Schell Jerry Schendel Barbara Zelazo & Michael Scher Debbie Schlinger Carol & Chuck Schneebeck

Claudia & Michael Schrotz Geralyn & Richard Schul Bill Schwartz Mary & Stanley Seidler Seidler Foundation & Friends Michael Sellett Michael Sells Cynthia Shafto Shepherd’s Foundation Jane Gallie & David Shlim Katherine & Jack B Shook Kelly & Carl Shuptrine Priscilla & Barry Sibson Sieglinde Fund Michael Sillman Silver Oak Barbara & John Simms Singleton Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Mallory Smith and Patrick Hattaway Janice Smith Dorie & Randy Smith Teri & Mark Snell Jason & Melissa Snider Kathryn & Jim Sobieski Mona Sobieski Laura & Will Soltau Spring Hill Suites Kim Springer St. John’s Medical Center Amy Staehr Jeanie & Fred Staehr Derek Stal State Of Idaho Mimi & Bobby Stein Emilie & Ethan Steinberg Kim & Simon Stertzer Chris & Meredith Stiehl Jack Stout Elizabeth Stout Ben Stout Lisa Stout Lynn & John Straker Robert Stubbs Carolyn & David Svendsen Karla Swiggum Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Caroline & Ken Taylor Linda and Tom Taylor Amy Taylor Jennifer & Michael Tennican

Terra Resort Group Allan and Frances Tessler Donor Advised Fund Teton County School District #1 Recreation District Teton County School District No. 1 Teton County Wyoming Teton Mountain Lodge/Hotel Terra Teton Toys The Alan J. Hirschfield Family Foundation The FOR Project LLC The Liquor Store of Jackson HOle Marc Sheftel Cindy & Jim Thorburn Joan & Walter Thulin Thursday Roundtable Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Carmel & Chris Tice Katherine Tomkinson Dolores Tomusk Mary Town Town of Jackson Stanford & Barbara Trachtenberg Donor Advised Fund Patrick Trucco Melissa Turley & Chris Stump Two Ocean Builders, LLC Amy & Steve Unfried Juliet Unfried Carolyn & Michael Vale Deb Vandervelde Claudia VanRemoortere Kim Vletas Vogelheim Family Fund Michele Voorhees Bonnie Voorhees Richard S Walls Walton Donor Advised Fund Kelli & Jeff Ward Astrid Warden Mary Beth Warren Cristine Watson Rhonda & David Watson Lynn & Ken Wegner Cristine Wehner & Matt Brodzinski Wendy & Chad Weiss Gary & Maryjo Weissman James Wells Wells Fargo Bank Robert Wemple Patrice Werner Dabney West

Sarah West Carolyn West West Family Charitable Foundation Carroll & Berta Wetzel Whiteley & Nick Wheeler Katie & Steve White Vicky & John Whitley Constance Wieneke & Richard Greenwood Cynthia Williams Mary Willis Ann & John Willott Maria Wilson Diane & Bayly Winder Barbara & Jeffrey Wogoman Wolfensohn Family Foundation Peter Wood & Libby Crews Wood Deborah Woodward Kristin Wright Cindy & Peter Wuerslin OSM Wyoming Wyoming Community Foundation Wyoming Grocer LLC Christy Yannelli Young’s Market Aimee & Matthew Zeleznik Joanie & Bob Zelnio

2 0 1 8 – 1 9 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 1 4

PO Box 465 1715 High School Rd. #260 Jackson, WY 83001

Non-profit Organization US Postage PAID Permit No Idaho Falls, Idaho

Photography by: Lina Collado and TLC Staff

Upcoming Events November 8, 2019 Jackson’s Got Talent February 2020 Sponsor a Reader Challenge

Student Success Stat: 80% of TLC students read at home at least 4 times a week after attending TLC programs, compared with 43% before starting programs.

TETON LITERACY CENTER | Changing Lives Through the Power of Literacy | 307-733-9242 | |

Profile for Teton Literacy Center

Teton Literacy Center Annual Report 2018-19  

Teton Literacy Center Annual Report 2018-19

Teton Literacy Center Annual Report 2018-19  

Teton Literacy Center Annual Report 2018-19