Making Connection Through Literacy- Teton Literacy Center 2020-21 Annual Report

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2 0 2 0 - 2 1 A N N UA L R E P O RT

Making Connections Through Literacy

Dear Friends of Teton Literacy Center, Thank you for taking the time to celebrate with us the successes of this past year at Teton Literacy Center. This report highlights the successes of our students, parents, volunteers, and staff. These successes are a result of this community’s generosity. They are a result of the hard work of students and families. They are a result of collaboration. Our hope is that this report brings these important stories forward. The past year was something I could never have imagined. The lessons learned continue to become apparent; including the understanding and perspective that innovations can be driven by crisis. At TLC, we are incredibly proud of the way our center has responded to the

recent pandemic, growing achievement gap, inequitable systems and more. Our community and team have created new ways to expand learning and reach students and families in need. By leveraging partnerships, we have amplified the intensity of our services, increased summer and out of school time learning, and helped to meet the changing needs of our families. Every hour counts, every day can make a difference. The work is not done. Together we can ensure that every student has the skills and tools to succeed.

Laura, Soltau, Executive Director

Staff 2020-21 Laura Soltau Executive Director

Liz King Development Coordinator

Hannah Branch Program Educator

Carisa Barnett Director of Operations

McKenzie McBride Early Literacy Manager

MacKenzie Moore Program Educator

Lina Collado Director of Outreach

Sam Neirman Enrichment Manager

Tania Jimenez Program Educator

Marina Chapeton Family Resource Manager

Becca Williams Early Literacy Coordinator

Anna Szalay Program Educator

Anja Carlson Tutoring Manager

Board of Directors 2020-21 Bill Best President Jack Krouskup Vice President Amy Staehr Secretary Patrick Trucco Treasurer

Dick Collister Alex Dawson Joannie Epstein Peter French Jeff Heilbrun

Cassie Hoffman Debbie Schlinger Jim Thorburn Cristine Wehner Whiteley Wheeler

HONORARY BOARD MEMBERS Bill Maloney Berte Hirschfield Maggie Scarlett

Student Success and Impact 444



Changing lives through the power of literacy.


417 319


2,585 27 86



VISION: 100% Literate Community A literate community is one which members have the literacy skills necessary to not only function, but to thrive.


459 567







27,350 71,000 $




STUDENTS were served in TLC tutoring programs this year, the most in TLC history. The use of virtual tutoring for some students opened up access and more opportunities to program support.


OF PARENTS saw an improvement in their child’s confidence as a learner due to participating in TLC programs


OF VOLUNTEERS felt successful in helping their student gain confidence.

Tutoring Program


The value and impact of the relationships built through our tutoring program was extremely evident this year as students navigated the realities of hybrid learning during a pandemic. Indeed, for some of our students, this relationship was the glue that held them together and the support provided in their sessions extended far beyond literacy.

Eighth grade student Lupe, who has been meeting with her tutor since 2015 is an excellent example of this (they are pictured here together in 2018!). Lupe, alongside her family, was quarantined for over thirty consecutive days this winter, obviously impacting her school attendance and performance. During this challenging time, her relationship with her tutor proved invaluable. TLC staff connected her with tech resources, supports at JHMS and within the community, all of which were reinforced by her tutor. Her tutor also checked in with Lupe every day to encourage her to do her homework, reach out to teachers and just plain be a listening ear and voice of encouragement.

TLC IS A NECESSARY SERVICE FOR OUR COMMUNITY! With all the communication gaps in traditional instruction, TLC fills in those gaps and provides a safe, non-judgmental approach to improve reading and writing skills. ~ TLC Parent

WE LOVE TLC The staff and their desire to help students who are struggling is amazing. During the pandemic, you were able to move the platform to Zoom, though not ideal, still a wonderful experience as it continued to provide stability and connections for our son ~ TLC Parent


Number of Students: 136 Number of Volunteers: 61

Student Hours: 2,194 Volunteer Hours: 934

Family Literacy Program


FAMILY FOCUS: As our families embraced a new year filled with COVID-19 safety precautions and uncertainty, many families increased participation at our center and excelled without hesitation. Anely Vazquez and her twin boys are the perfect example. Sahid and

Santiago attended Literacy Lab. Upon graduating, both boys could fully communicate their needs to their teachers and parents, in either Spanish or English! Anely participated in our ESL and LEX adult programs and surpassed two English language levels in one year. Through our programs, Anely felt empowered to reach for her dream career, and secured an English online course to start building her own hair and nail salon in town. As she stated, “Teton Literacy Center has helped my boys feel ready to enter Kindergarten next year, and has helped me grow in my personal life, as well as in my career.”

Number of Students: 122 Number of Volunteers: 9


OF TLC FAMILIES were reading at home with their

TLC IS LIKE FAMILY TLC is like family for us! My daughter now loves to read when she would never want to pick up a book. Thank you, TLC giving me the opportunity to learn a new language! We are so grateful ~ TLC Parent

Student Hours: 9799 Volunteer Hours: 199

child by the end of the year.


OF TLC PRE-K PARENTS of students graduating this year felt their child was ready to enter Kindergarten in the fall.

2 0 2 0 – 2 1 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 3 2 0 2 0 – 2 1 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 3



saw improvement in their child’s problem-solving skills due to participating in TLC programs.


AFTERSCHOOL CLUBS based in 11 different themes provided.

300+ HOURS

of parent programming provided

Enrichment Program


TLC has been working strategically to retain and engage our middle and high school students in programming once jobs and staying home unsupervised become options. Strong staff-family relationships; increased evidence of the importance of out-of-school time engagement, and college and career readiness; and student-led learning opportunities have been key to the early successes of this programming SPARK, our middle school Enrichment program, is a career exploration club that allows middle school students to choose, research and experiment with various skill sets and careers that they

might not otherwise have the option to explore. This year, students explored various art, engineering, cooking, and entrepreneurial career paths through hands-on learning. After exploring through student directed projects, students reflected on what high school and post-secondary education they would need to pursue these career paths professionally. A great success of this program has been seeing students get excited about their futures and connect the need to pursue college to have the life they want!

through workshops, family literacy nights and parent participation.

A FUN, ENGAGING ENVIRONMENT TLC does a great job connecting students with support within the community. Students get exposure to new ideas and concepts in a fun, engaging environment. ~ TCSD Teacher

Number of Students: 219 Collaborative Partners: 17 PAG E 4 | T E TO N L I T E R AC Y C E N T E R

Student Hours: 12,414 SOAR Student Hours: 5,585

By the Numbers:

Summer SOAR 2020 SOAR (Summer Opportunities in Academics and Recreation) is an 8-week intensive summer program for students entering 1st grade through 8th grade. SOAR aims to mitigate the “summer slide” where nationally students face a two to three-month skill loss in reading and math. TLC provided additional summer programming to entering kindergartners through our Practice K Program and 2nd-10th graders in our summer tutoring

Summer Totals

program. Summer 2020 was the first year TLC offered high school programming during the summer and 6 students participated. Due to COVID safety measures, SOAR students were split into two cohorts and received 6 weeks of in-person instruction. SOAR was the first in-person programming students received after school closures. Teaching safety measures and supporting students’ socialemotional needs were prioritized alongside academic instruction.

Students 137

Hours 5,585

Hours 3.458



Middle-Class Student


Low-Income Student


2.5 TO 3 YEARS

Advanced by One Month

Students 31

Fall behind by 2-3 Months





Same Rate of Progression During School Year

Hours 149



SOAR at TLC students gained an average of


OF SOAR AT TLC STUDENTS showed growth in reading compared to maintenance or loss in skills


OF SOAR AT TLC STUDENTS showed growth in math compared to maintenance or loss in skills

2 Source: Cooper, H., Borman, G., & Fairchild, R. (2010) “School Calendars and Academic Achievement.” In J. Meece & J. Eccles (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Schools, Schooling and Human Development (pp. 342-355). Mahwah, NJ: Eribaum.


ATTENDANCE RATE during Summer 2020 .


Students 56


Students 46

1 0 K


2nd 3rd GRADES

4+ months 1.3 months IN READING




Hours 1,887

Online Learning


OF SOAR AT TLC STUDENTS Continued with TLC during the

during the 2020 eight-week summer program.

school year.

Students 49

Hours 91

2 0 2 0 – 2 1 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 5

Thank You Volunteers Our volunteers motivate, encourage, and support students and families with reading and writing development. They instill a love of learning in our students of all ages. TLC Volunteers are instrumental to the success of TLC and our students. Thank you! William Aepli Noah Barnhart William Best Erica Bowditch Anna Brown Maureen Brown Joseph Burke Andrew Carson Sarai Chapeton Lori Clark-Erickson Dick Collister Fernanda Costilla Kiersten Davis Alex Dawson Lezly Diaz Leela Dubois Joannie Epstein Hilary Flint Scott Fossel Kate Frederick Morgan Frederick Peter French Nancy Gardiner Morgan Graham Kevin Grange

Kris Gridley Hannah Haag Janice Harris Mackenzie Heator Sue Hebberger Jeff Heilbrum Vivian Herr Drew Higgins Cassie Hoffman Jessica Jaubert Jeffrey Johnston Laura Johnston Dean Jones Robin Keeler Sarah Kerr Jack Krouskup Avery Kyle Gina Kyle Katherine Lucas Sawyer Lucas Diane Mahin Kai McClennen Kimberly McMorrow Matthew Meiring Linda Melton

Burt Mills Becca Moll MacKenzie Moore Nick Olmstead Shelley Olson Allison Orechwa Sophie Porter Kerri Ratcliffe Lisa (Elizabeth) Ridgway Lizzy Robinson Debbie Schlinger Hannah Schuller Sarah Shea Rose Spaulding Kim Springer Amy Staehr Anne Stalker Lynn Straker Jim Thorburn Mary Tisi Patrick Trucco Jana Turner Juliet Unfried Claudia Vanremoortere Yadhira Vazquez

Robyn Vincent Kristin Vito Lynn Wegner Christine Wehner Robert Wemple Dabney West Whiteley Wheeler Mike Wierda Ben Williamson Diane Winder Jill Wright

PROUD SUPPORTER After being a volunteer with TLC for almost 20 years, I’m a proud supporter of all your programs and the impact they have on the kids in our community. Not only does TLC give kids the extra help they need to improve and gain confidence, it provides relationships and community connections and enrichment for the kids and families as a whole. - TLC Volunteer

Make a difference in the life of a student. Become a volunteer today! Volunteers are matched based on interests, schedules, and program needs. No experience necessary. Training and background checks provided. For more information, please visit our website at or call 733-9242.


Volunteer of the Year:


As a Teton Literacy Center volunteer, Lynn Straker is a huge asset to all programs within the organization and we are thrilled to recognize her as our Volunteer of the Year! Indeed, Lynn has played an integral role in disseminating college knowledge to TLC students and families. Her goal? Making college accessible for all students and families by connecting them with resources and educating them on the necessary steps. And through her work at TLC over the past year, she has done just that! Working to educate our high school students, Lynn has planned and led a number of multi-week small group sessions that provide students with crucial college and career information, from the basics to more in-depth topics such as financial aid. Lynn’s work with our high school students has been inspiring to say the least and the students love her. But, she hasn’t stopped there! Rather, Lynn also worked to plan and lead a college savings program with our preschool students and their families. Through this

program she also provided a piggy bank to all of our Literacy Lab students and introducing the concepts of financial skills and saving now for college. To complement this, Lynn also planned and helped lead an in-depth Parent Financial Workshop. These of course are just the highlights of Lynn’s efforts at TLC this year her contributions to TLC, our students, families and staff are endless, as is her obvious passion for this work! In sum, Lynn goes truly above and beyond as a volunteer, spending countless hours working alongside TLC staff to ensure students and families are provided ample resources for college and career readiness. From preschool to high school, she has done a phenomenal job of working with TLC students, always keeping them engaged while provoking knowledge growth. These efforts have been exceptionally well received by students and families who have been unable to access this type of intensive support elsewhere. Lynn’s efforts truly reflect Teton Literacy Center’s mission to change lives through the power of literacy and we are lucky to have her support!

To Our Wonderful Volunteers! There is no question,TLC programs looked a bit different this year -- we had virtual tutor pairs, staff-led small groups and we were also fortunate to be able to support our older students via contracted STEM tutoring. The Adult ESL classes also took to the virtual setting, and five parents graduated on to the next level. We were grateful to be able to offer our Literacy Lab Preschool and our after school clubs physically, instilling some sense of normalcy here at TLC, though even those programs looked slightly different (and were sadly sans volunteers). However, despite these tweaks, we are feeling overwhelmingly successful this year! Indeed, we served a record breaking 136 students in our tutoring program. Even more exciting, 100% of students showed growth this past school year! Ninety percent of parents said they saw an improvement in their child’s reading this year, and 98% stated seeing an increase in their child’s confidence as a learner. And we couldn’t have done this without your support! This year you provided our students with a familiar face, laughter and mentorship.We wanted to draw your attention to these stats as a reminder that what you all do every week for TLC has huge impacts on the students we serve. We wanted to say thanks for an incredible year, and we look forward to seeing you in the fall! ~ With Gratitude, The TLC Team

2 0 2 0 – 2 1 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 7

Teton Literacy Center works closely with our community to provide high quality services efficiently. We are partners in community collaboratives, like System of Care, Human Service Council and System of Education, to help move our community forward while ensuring we aren’t duplicating efforts. Equally important are our partners who support our direct program effort. Thank you for working with us towards our mission.

Financials 2020-21 Revenue Sources

Expenses 5%




2020-21 Collaborative Partners Base Camp


Children’s Learning Center Grand Teton Music Festival Grand Teton National Park Hole Food Rescue






Inversion Yoga Jackson Hole Children’s Museum JHCS Volunteer Club Joy Summer Camp




National Elk Refuge


National Museum of Wildlife Art Pet Partners Snow King Mountain Resort Teton County School District Teton County Library Teton Raptor Center

Total Revenue $1,380,633

Total Expenses $829,641

TLC is grateful for the generosity of this community, foundations and COVID relief grants that contributed to an increase in TLC revenue 2020-21. This revenue, coupled with efficiency in costs due to remote learning, has allowed us to add to our reserve, as well as expand staff to accommodate growing demand. Our TLC reserves are critical in ensuring long-term sustainability.

Teton Science School University of Wyoming Wells Fargo


Teton Literacy Center is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that has operated through the generosity of this community since 1992. Located in Flat Creek Business Center at 1715 High School Road # 260, we own our building and operate rent free. We derive our revenue from charitable giving by individuals, foundations, family trusts, community organizations, corporations, and state literacy programs. The generous support from our funders enables us to offer our programs free of charge.

Thank You Donors! Support from our donors allows the Teton Literacy Center to further our mission of changing lives through the power of literacy. Contributions directly support the FREE programs we provide to the families and children of Teton County, Wyoming. We are grateful for the gifts we received from the following donors between July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021. We apologize for any errors or omissions.

Laura & Stephan Abrams *

John & Eileen Berner

Mary Kate Buckley

Robbi Farrow & Brad Abrams

Carol & Dennis Berryman

Joseph Burke

Tom Addis

Martha & William Best

Marian & Dennis Butcher

Kimberly & Zahan Billimoria

Joyce & Dan Butcher

Julie Birrer

Doug Brown & Lorie Cahn

Lea Bonnecaze *

Jill Callahan *

Dean Bosacki & Joanna Newman

Ralph Callaway

Laurie Boss

Janet Olivares-Gama & Gamaliel Campuzano

Thomas & Tina Bourdeaux

Betsy Carlin & Becky Watson *

Bruce & Elizabeth Bowen

Barbara Carlsberg *

Bowen Family Foundation, a Donor Advised

Lisa Carpenter

Joe Albright and Marcia Kunstel Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Laurie Andrews & Perk Perkins Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Anonymous (14) * Mary & Dan Armour * Barbara & Gerald Aronowitz Vickie & Charles Atwater Joan Baldwin * Bank Of Jackson Hole * Anna Barker Victoria & Phil Barret * Fio & Matt Beal * Lesley Beckworth * Emily Bedrosian Carrie Bell & Cameron Hieronymus Gainor & Joseph Bennett Patti Berlin * Sheila & Robert Berner

Fund of the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

John & Ann Carruth

Patti Boyd *

Nancy & Andrew Carson

Katie & Chris Brady

Sarah & Andy Cavallaro

Lindsay & Jackson S Brandenburg

Kelly & Bud Chatham

Estelle Brendle *

Shirley & Ed Cheramy

Penny & Tom Brewer

Children’s Learning Center *

Margaret & Andrew Brigham

Carey & Sean Clark

Linda & Tony Brooks

Frances Clark *

Brooks Foundation

Tim Cline

Maureen & David Brown

Christine Coleman

Ned Brown *

Collister Family Fund of the

Frank Brummer

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole * 2 0 2 0 – 2 1 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 9

Nancy & Richard Collister

Nancy Eaton & Jeff Van Ee

Margot Walk & Jerry Freeland

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Diana & Mike Eden

Cathy & Peter French

Gloria & Ross Edwards *

Julianne & Ed Fries

Joannie and Steve Epstein

Are & Lisa Friesecke

Competitive Grants Program Community Emergency Response Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Phibbs/Petersen Donor Advised Fund of the

in honor of Byung and Young Lee

Lynn & Foster Friess

Joannie & Steve Epstein *

The Lynn and Foster Friess Family Foundation *

Jacqueline & Christian Erdman

Becky & Tom Frisbie

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole *

Lori Clark-Erickson & Chris Erickson

Joyce Frye & Douglas Ross

Youth Philanthropy Program Fund of the

Laura Escobar & Adan Alcantar

Galliope Creative Movement *

Amy Dulin & Mario Espinosa

Heather Gardiner in honor of Nancy Gardiner

Scott Cooley

Tom & Andrea Evans *

Julie & Fred Gaston

Eugenie Copp and Ken Overfield

Tania & Tom Evans *

The GE Foundation

Cindy Corona & Eduardo Rodriquez Carrillo

Cathie Evans *

Shawna Gersack

Grace Cosgrove

Robin & Guylan Evans

Julie Ann Giacobassi & Zach Hall *

Helen & Mike Cottingham

Kymber Everett

Scott & Pam Gibson

Cougar Fund

Rob Everett

Nikki Gill

Darcy Cox

Roxanne & Tom Factor

Martha & John Gilmore

Alicia & Jeff Cox

Factory IT

Kathleen & Michael Glover

Genevieve & Keith Cozzens

Nancy & Mike Faems

Susan Mick & Bob Gordon

Creative Curiosity *

Farmor Foundation

Flynn Govern

T Crosson *

Kirsten & Derek Farney *

Alexandra Dawson & Greg Gricus

Katherine Crothall

Virginia Faulkner-Monks

Deirdre & Vance Griffith Fund of the

Laura Cuddie *

Martha Feagin

Julie & Paul D’Amours

Cynthia & Alex Felton

Louise & Ralph Haberfeld

Katie Dahlgreen *

Jean & Richard Ferguson

Maho Hakoshima & Peg Gilday

Parker Dalzell

William Field and Jodie Pond

Michael Halloran *

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

AnnaMarie Daniels

Donor Advised Fund

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Mary Rawls Cooke Berkeley

Mitch Dann

James Fifles

Peggy & Kirk Davenport *

Lynn Finkel

Kay Stratman & Paul Hansen

Alexandra Dawson & Greg Gricus

Alice & John Finley

Leslye & David Hardie

Susie & Pete Dennis

Kenneth Finn

Carol & John Harkness

Paula & Art Denton

First Republic Bank

Mrs. Suzanne Harris

Ashley DiPrisco

Joanna & Mark Fishman

Hawkins, Kominsky, DeVries and Assoc

Nisha & Stephen DuBois *

Sam & Mareike Fitz

Bruce Hawtin *

Karent Wattenmaker & Steve Dunbar

Sheryl & Jeff Flug

Mara & Doug Hayden

Kelly Eagan

Petria & Scott Fossel

Susan & John Hebberger

Ian Eastman & Beth Henninger Eastman

Frances R Dittmer Family Foundation

Tracey & Jeff Heilbrun

PAG E 1 0 | T E TO N L I T E R AC Y C E N T E R

and Richard D. Cooke, Jr. Fund #1

Maria Hernandez

The Kern Family

Lower Valley Energy

Barbara & Chuck Herz

Sarah & Renny Kerr

Katherine & Robert Lucas

Berte Hirschfield

Joffa & Bill Kerr

Lummis Family Fund of the

Nancy Hoffman *

Caitlin Keys *

Cassie & Pete Hoffman

Rachel & David Khoury

Sue Lurie

Cynthia Hogan

Kimball - Sturmberg *

Matthew & Erin Lusins Family Fund

Lannie & Bill Hoglund

Liz & Andy King

Nancy & John Luther

Katy Hollbacher

Carson King

Mark Lyon

Krista Hollis & Erik Kimball *

Jeane & Roger Kirkpatrick

Natalia & Thomas Macker

Davey Hough *

Lindsay & Matt Kissel

Donald MacNaughton

Beatrice & Thomas Howard

Sara Klein

Ann Trucco Magnuson & Pete Magnuson

Brit Hoyt *

Katherine Kline

Carol & Bill Maloney

Penney & A.C Hubbard

Kraig Kobert

Robert Markstein

Mary & Terry Hudgens

Ariel Koerber

Marina Marielle *

Hughes Charitable Foundation

Mary Coyne & Bill Kolasky

Adrienne & John Mars

Dawn & John Hummel

Edward Kolsky

Margery & Edgar Masinter

Hungry Jack’s *


Roberta & James Mathieu

Maggie & James Hunt

Kay & Jack Krouskup

Ruth & William McClure

Rebecca Huntington & Edward Finlay

Marcia Kunstel & Joseph Albright

Holly McCollister

Connie & James Huspek

Jane Davis-Kusek & Charles Kusek *

June & Mike McCollister in Memory

Jackson Hole Children’s Museum

Gina & Ted Kyle *

Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates

Maggie & Dan Land

Elizabeth & Gregory McCoy

Laurie & Don Jaekle

Joan Lapham

Amira Burns & Bo McDowell

Nancy Jarrell & Ed Smail

OSM Wyoming

Robin & Brian McGee

Jessica & Chris Jaubert *

Cammy Lawson & Sierra Lawson

Julie & Bob McLaurin

Annette & Bryan Johnson

Nancy Lee & John Clegg

Kate & Brad Mead

Sara Jane Johnson Fund of the

Florence Lemle

Carolyn Miller

Nina & Brian Lenz

Harriet & Ed Minczeski

Chelcie Jonke *

Jean & Jason Lewis *

Krista & Jed Mixter

Ginny & John Kanengieter

Martha & Barry Lewis

Susan & Joe Moore

Karl M. Johnson Foundation

James & Jean Lewis *

Rosalia & Jesse Morales-Pérez

Karns Family Fund

Adelaide & Jack Lewis *

Marguerite & George Moran

Mary & Randall Kaufmann

Beverly & George Leys *

Ruth Moran & Jim Rooks

Holly & Mark Kelleher

Jim Little *

Adriana & Stan Morgan

Katharine Conover & Fred Keller

Shoshana Kobrin & Ethan Lobdell

Miriam Morillon & Roney De La Cruz *

Kathleen Kelsey Macker

Lovett Contracting LLC

KJ & Craig Morris

Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation

Nick Lovett

Yoni & Stephen Neirman

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

of Paul and Esther McCollister Fund

2 0 2 0 – 2 1 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 1 1

Nelson Schwab Family Foundation

Leeann Prichard

Claudia & Michael Schrotz

Nancy Taylor

Nicci Nesmith-Hammerel and Jim Hammerel

Annie & George Putnam *

Amy & John Scott *

Tom & Linda Taylor

Mark Newcomb & Allison Von Maur *

Cindy Satagaj-Radda & James Radda

The Seidler Foundation

Jennifer & Michael Tennican

Joanna Newman

Merrill Ratajczyk in honor of Lynn Wegner

Ali Shafranek *

Allan and Frances Tessler Donor Advised Fund

Bill Newton

Susan Rauch

Sarah Shea

Teton County School District #1

Newton Foundation Donor Advised Fund *

Diane & Glenn Ray

Maggie Shipley

Rose & Ron Novak

Rosie & Shelby Read

Jane Gallie & David Shlim

Teton County School District No. 1

Jack and Carole Nunn Donor Advised Fund

Robyn & Randy Reedy *

Thomas Shumaker

Teton County Wyoming

Megan O’Brien

Story Clark Resor & Bill Resor

Priscilla & Barry Sibson

Teton Media Works

Julie & Hugh O’Halloran

Charles Resor

Michael Sillman

Teton Toys *

Kacy & Scott O’Hare

Nancy Resor

Megan Slater

Teton Youth & Family Services

Julie & Will Obering

Richard Rice & Francesca Paolucci-Rice

Ann Smith *

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

Tea Obreht

Gina Ricks

Dorie & Randy Smith

Ali & Henry Wheeler

Kevin & Shelly Olson

Anne & Travis Riddell *

Adele Zieman & Dawson Smith

The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole

Gisele Olson & Jay Wright

Nancy & Dick Riddle

Teri & Mark Snell

Cindy & Jim Thorburn

Gilman & Marge Ordway Donor Advised Fund

Ridgeline Operations LLC

Melissa & Jason

Thursday Roundtable Fund of the

Annette & Noah Osnos

Lori Fields & Marlin Risinger

Mona Sobieski

Matt & Sandra Ostdiek

Grace Robertson

Kathryn & Jim Sobieski

Shirley Timmerman *

Matthew & Sandra Ostdiek

Rossetter Foundation

Laura & Will Soltau

Katherine Tomkinson

Monica & Peter Overly

Anne Rutherford

Sreyas Foundation

Town Of Jackson

Owens Law Office *

Ann and Steven Ryan

Amy Staehr

Barbara & Stan Trachtenberg

Sharene Garaman & Vincent Pacent

Corie Rybak

Jeanie Staehr

Juniper & Clint Troxel *

Biba and Jon Parker Foundation *

Crystal & Chris Sacca *

Jeanie & Fred Staehr

Mary Kay & John Turner

Adeline & Ben Pascal

Julie & Gary Sanchez

Abbie & Jim Stanford

Two Ocean Builders, LLC

Erika Pearsall & Ned Jannotta *

Carol Chesney & Tim Sandlin

Ryan Stanley

Juliet Unfried

Carol & Christopher Peck

Louisa & Chris Sandvig *

State of Wyoming

Amy & Steve Unfried

Karen Youngblood & James Peck

Elizabeth Sarthou *

Jennifer & Michael Stauth

Carolyn & Michael Vale

Eva Perrigo

Laurie & Thomas Saylak

Emilie & Ethan Steinberg

Ruth Valsing & Ronald Matous

Leslie Petersen

Maggie & Dick Scarlett

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Scarlett Family Foundation

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Corporate Visions, Inc.

Sarah & George Phocas

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Olivia, Hannah & Paul Vogelheim

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Lynn & John Straker *

Jade Walsh

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Deborah Schlinger *

Karla Swiggum

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Clay Preheim & Stephanie Thomas

Carol & Chuck Schneebeck

Swordspoint Foundation, Inc

Teresa & William Waterman

Price-Downey-Buckland Family Foundation

Carole-Malia Schneider *

Jeff Symonds *

Cristine & Stephen Watson

PAG E 1 2 | T E TO N L I T E R AC Y C E N T E R

Recreation District

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Madeline Webb Lynn & Ken Wegner in honor of Mike Silliman Lynn & Ken Wegner Cristine Wehner & Matt Brodzinski * Wells Fargo Bank Robert Wemple * Yvette & Robert Werner Dabney West Carroll & Berta Wetzel Whiteley & Nick Wheeler * Juliann Whelan Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Missy Whelan Katie & Steve White John Whitley Constance Wieneke & Richard Greenwood Ann & John Willott Claudia Bonnist & Terry Winchell Diane & Philip Winder Barbara & Jeffrey Wogoman Wolfensohn Family Foundation Peter Wood & Libby Crews Wood * Bill Wotkyns & Sara Flitner Cindy & Peter Wuerslin Wyoming Community Foundation Wyoming Early Childhood Partnership Wyoming Governors Residence Foundation Christy Yannelli * Greg & Dimmie Zeigler Isabel Zumel *

* Champion For Children Donor

2 0 2 0 – 2 1 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 1 3 2 0 2 0 – 2 1 A N N UA L R E P O RT | PAG E 1 3

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