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Catalogue of Works VOCAL/CHORAL Voice(s) and Piano The Nut Case of Songs (2006) - You’d better learn your alphabet, dear. Words by composer * - Tik Tak (Lebanese) Based on Children's poem by Bishop Gregoire Haddad - Les Chevaux de Bois. Based on poem by Paul Verlaine. - La Souris Couine. Lack of words by composer - How to Write your Suicide Note (2005) – a theatrical work for two voices and piano based in memory of Dorothy Parker. Dur: 6' - The Kiss (2007) for voice and piano. Dur: 1' - Off your Boots (2008) for two voices and piano. Dur: 2/3' Total Duration: 20'

Voice(s) and Ensemble Mawwal (2012) – soprano/mezzo, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, harp, percussion (Berio's Folk Songs line-up). 4' That's the Way to Do it (2009) - a theatrical game for two voices and puppets for viola, clarinet, cello, piano. Quadretti d’Orchestra (2005) – a mini opera in one act. for 5 singers and ensemble. Based on poem by Giulio Cesare Fantoni. Italian. 8' Voice(s) and Orchestra Penso a Te (2003) Words by Giulio Cesare Fantoni. Italian. 6' Guardami (2003) Words by Giulio Cesare Fantoni. Italian. 4'

Choir L’Ours Réglisse et le Sac a Malice (2005) for SATB a cappella 8-part choir.

LARGE ORCHESTRA Tmesis (2012/13) for symphony orchestra. 3' Dramaticule IV (2012) for 28 Western and Non-Western instruments. 6' Of Laughter and Forgetting (2012) for piano, middle-eastern instruments and symphony orchestra. 7'30" Mosaic (2010) – for classical orchestra. 8' The Elephant's Tooth (a prologue) - (2008) for clarinet and wind orchestra. 3'30" Le Fantôme de Rebecca Griffiths (2006) – for Wind, Brass and Percussion. 5' Burlesque (2005) – for symphony orchestra. 14'

LARGE CHAMBER / SMALL ORCHESTRA (7+players) Dramaticule III (2011) for sho and 7 bowed string instruments of Western and Non-Western traditions (Erhu, Kamancha, Kemence, Sarangi, Sho, String Quartet and Double bass). 5' Kilamuwa I of Zenjirli - (2007) for large ensemble (Orkest de Ereprijs line-up). 3' Qanoun Concerto – (2004) for Qanoun and sinfonietta ensemble

CHAMBER (Up to 6 players) Mannequin Losses (2013) for violin, cello, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano. 2' Ain Al-Roummaneh (2006/10) for violin & piano or cello & piano or voice & piano. 5' Dramaticule II (a nopera in 2 acts (2009), for cl,vc,pn. 7' Marionette (2008) for flute and piano. 6' Rapture (2008) for flute, violin and piano, 4' Metaphysical Enemy (2007) for piano duet, 4 hands, 1 piano, 10' Eating Clouds (2006) for String Quartet. 9' Dramaticule 1 (2006) for 2 pianos, 4 hands. 4' Ta’attalat Loughatul Kalami (2006) for female singing 'cellist and Piano. 5' Gothic Games (2004) for violin, piano and piano-accordion. 5’30'' Devil’s Possession? (2002) for Violin, Cello and Piano. 5'

SOLO Ostina-bush-to (2002) – solo piano, 1'

MUSIC for CONTEMPORARY DANCE PECK The Place Theatre Janurary 2007 (Collaboration with choreographer Aya Jane Saotome) Tender (R)age The Place March 2006 (Collaboration with choreographer Aya Jane Saotome)

MUSIC for THEATRE Arab Nights (dir. Poppy Burton Morgan) as part of Metta Theatre and Soho Theatre Production 2012 Twelfth Night (dir. Christopher Luscombe) Guildhall Theatre Production October 2005 Piece for Soprano, Piano & Squeaking Rubber Duck Guildhall Composers Concert March 2005 I Capture the Castle (dir. Christian Burgess) Guildhall Theatre Production October 2004

MUSIC for ART INSTALLATION 'Tanit' - art installation in collaboration with the London Sinfonietta and the Central School of St Martin's Art and Design, for Viola Solo (performed by Miranda Fulleylove) '1982' by Lebanese artist Aya Haidar - for Violin Solo (performed by Alda Dizdari)

MUSIC for SILENT FILM The Adventures of Prince Achmed – Lottie Reiniger (1926) – 65' Live Score for my ensemble: Ney/Percussion, Oud, Accordion/Qanoun, 'Cello and Violin

Catalogue of Works  
Catalogue of Works  

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