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Music and fashion represent the raw truth! Welcome to our music issue with cover girl Krystall Poppin who’s opened for the nationally known Hip Hop artist Cardi B and whose name and recognition is blowing up, giving her hometown of El Paso another local musical talent headed to the Grammy’s. As we brag about our creative talent, the marriage of the music issue and our fashion are a perfect unity. Our cover girl glams it up, stepping off the stage in her heavy black boots into our studio, where she comfortably puts on gold high heels and drapes her neck with shiny crystal jewelry as if she’s headed toward the red carpet. Memorize her name, she will be a household name soon.

As I write this, it’s New York Fashion Week, where the hottest New York runway shows are set to tell the world what the styles for the next year will be: the colors, the textures, the skirt hem length, the style of the pants we should be wearing. Be it straight and frayed at the ankle, or bell bottom with only a tip of the pointy toe of the bright colored show showing. They know all and we can’t wait to be told by the know-all’s so we can begin adding to our already over-stocked closet. I’m watching the Instagram post of my favorite designers and then -- as I multitask (we all know the brain can’t really multitask) -- another series of the early morning funeral of Queen Elizabeth ll comes.

I have an epiphany.

Every year there is a style change in the United States completely directed like a conductor directing an orchestra: we wait for the runway to tell us what we like, our new favorite color, what’s in fashion, and then -- the light goes on. Where is there never a style change? What group of women never let the New York runway tell them what is in season? The Royals! For them, style is sleek, ageless, and classic. Should we learn something from them? I say yes! There are photos from 10, 20, 30, and 50 years ago that we still love and want to wear today, we call this style timeless.

We’ve all used the word as a compliment, as an adjective that needs no definition. Ageless, makes no apologies.

Most of us have hairstyles, clothing styles, and wedding dress styles that we make excuses for when we look back on the pictures that don’t lie. We laugh as we say, “that was from the 80’s,” “wait, the 90’s made me do it.”

Excuses, excuses, excuses. We followed horrible trends and called it style. The Royals don’t have those excuses for style, they don’t follow trends. They remain timeless.

For 41 years, we’ve been fascinated by Princess Diana and what she was wearing. We still look back at her classic, timeless pieces that we would still wear today.

16 October 2022
“Your voice matters. Let’s hear it. Scan the QR code to send audio advice to the editors."
From the “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

The Royals’ style can be described as power-dressing, understated yet iconic and the style has remained a constant: a timeless staple, always managing to remain down-to earth and, of course, classic while exuding a sense of status.

Each of us is a work of art, we interpret that work in our own way. Style is the art that I believe defines our unique signature. Our styles develop throughout the years, we change favorite colors, we change occupations that curve what we wear, but one thing that doesn’t change, the cliché that says, “perception is reality.” No matter your style, know that the runway should not always make our choices and sometimes, just sometimes, styles that are simple and timeless just might be what we’ve been searching for as we look back at all the photos, of which we make excuses.

God bless the Queen for all she gave women on both sides of the ocean. She proved a woman had the power to lead a country, and she proved the power of respect from dignitaries on every continent. When women were just coming into themselves in the twentieth century, just reinventing themselves, she proved that she could always have the love for her family, be a mother and a wife, have the wisdom to rule a nation and all with the style of a woman. She is that timeless fashionable woman who will be remembered for hundreds of years.

Queen Elizabeth’s style was unique. Her look became famous for her brightly colored dresses and coats paired with a matching hat, accessorized with her square handbag, traditional pearl necklace and often a jeweled brooch. The Queen's style has become a powerful legacy of simple elegance.

Queen Elizabeth once said, “It must be seen to be believed.” She's one of the most photographed women in history and over the past 70 years has defined what it means to dress like a queen.

So, my thinking today when it translates to fashion is just what the queen taught us, you don’t have to be trendsetting or daring, to be iconic. You can simply be timeless.

She was a true sense of a lady and to her I curtsy. 17 October 2022 @shelleymozelle 915-590-7900 1387 George Dieter Dr. Building C El Paso, TX 79936 Dr. WorldWide Surgery Center Southwest Plastic Surgery GOLD WINNER BESTCOSMETIC SURGERYPRACTICE 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 @RealDrWorldWide RealDrWorldWide @RealDrWorldWide @RealDrWorldWide

The arts never fail to be exciting, and creating this issue was an absolute thrill. It’s no secret that Shelley and I are both drawn to over-thetop, outstanding, visual, auditory, and every other kind of sensory stimulation that sets our souls on fire -we’re creative people who love to live loud.

The work of the artists featured in these pages speak for themselves, but let me tell you how fun it was to speak to them.

From an interview with Bordalo II as a crane installed the 64-foot mountain lion mural downtown, to an intimate interview with the rockers from Sparta ahead of their tour, to our photoshoot with Krystall Poppin -- it’s clear the arts are alive and well in El Paso. Each conversation circled back to the importance of mental health, community, and taking care of the people, places, and things that matter most.

The cover shoot with Krystall and her glam team was a dream-come-true for us creatively -- who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon with beautiful dresses, shoes, and jewelry then shoot with Jordan Licon? I think you’ll find that Krystall is as interesting as she is talented and hardworking -- she’s also undeniably cool.

I’m fascinated by the process of creation and growth of artists.

Since before the pandemic, I’ve been drawn to the idea of creativity within containment that includes the response of the artist.

What do people do when they’re forced to stay still?

(I go crazy.)

Acclaimed German writer Goethe wrote that if you want to prove yourself an artist, you must take control

of the muses, meaning that the artist must act rather than waiting idly for inspiration to strike.

For Sandy Skoglund, whose exhibit in Marfa you just have to see, it was important to take a look back in order to cope with a confusing present and even more uncertain future. The result was her exhibit called “Outtakes” that examines the passage of time through a contemporary eye using a combination of photography, sculpture, and tableau.

This month we also hear from local artists like Sarai Pagliasotti, who is an accomplished artist and educator the community is so fortunate to have. Her essay explores the art of being an artist in El Paso and the ways in which empathy drives creativity while also improving connections between people.

It’s no coincidence that this issue also highlights local beauty and personal transformation businesses, for what is art without beauty or beauty without art? Boring, and we aren’t about that life.

We profiled Borderland experts that range from luxury retailers to hair stylists to medical aestheticians and more, each with their own mission to help El Pasoan’s achieve their vision of beauty.

Amber Lanahan’s editorial on Luna Isabel, El Paso’s Confidence Queen, is sure to boost your spirits as Luna’s aplomb, smile, and style glow like sunshine on a warm autumn afternoon.

More than anything, the people in these pages inspire us to think and color outside the lines, strut down the street like it’s fashion week, and dare to be the most dynamic versions of ourselves.

What else can I say?

Lights. Camera. Fashion.

20 From the
“Your voice matters. Let’s hear it. Scan the QR code to send audio advice to the editors."
October 2022
Call 915-479-PUCK (7825) or visit for more information. NA3HL vs Texas RoadRunners | Oct. 14-15 NAHL vs Lone Star Brahmas | Oct. 21-22 UPCOMING HOME GAMES EL PASOEL PASO RHINOSEL PASO RHINOS


22 October 2022 Erin COULEHAN Managing Editor Luna ISABEL Orlando SAPIEN Amber LANAHAN Margo LEPE Marium ZAHRA Jordan LICON Sarai PAGLIASOTTI Jamiah DANCIL Claudia FLORES
Daniel HERNANDEZ John HORTA 23 October 2022 OCTOBER 2022 VOLUME 104 contents Features Here and Now 30 Inside the Paradox IMMERSIVE ART EXPERIENCE
80 A Look Through the Lense WITH A CONFIDENCE QUEEN
70 Beauty and Beats
84 Sparta on Writing Albums and Your Own Rules
102 Teen Makeup & Skincare Essentials
24 The Worth Within Healing
30 8070

The Worth Within Healing Inner Beauty

Hurt people are said to hurt people, but what happens when you never heal the wounds inside?

We may look different on the outside, but most of us have more in common than we think. When it comes to insecurity, anxiety, low self-esteem, worry, fear, negative selfconcept, inferiority complex, impostor syndrome, feelings of unworthiness or naysayers, each of us truly is a work in progress – should we decide to arise from that which is trying to decimate us.

The flip side is there is healing in debridement.

Often used in wound care, the term may be unfamiliar, yet it can go even deeper when used in different contexts. Oxford defines debridement as the medical removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue.

We all have certainly been faced with hardships, which have likely caused us to hit a place of “why me?”

Perhaps you have found yourself as the victim of hurt, or even as the aggressor. Nevertheless, it is time to rise up. There is no quick fix to these kinds of problems. Words hurt and harmful actions have the potential to leave a lasting effect, but even affliction can have a purpose.

Naturally, it may be tough to brush off, at times. Another person’s hurt and anger can even cause us to believe negative thoughts about ourselves. Someone else’s negativity and poor patterns have power, unfortunately, especially if we allow it to affect the selfworth we possess. Having said that, we can dwell on what is wrongly said and done to us for the rest of our existence or we can use it to transform us.

October 2022 25

We can either worry about what is not in our control or we can use that towards creating something better.

Each of us can learn from our pain, though it may take time and work, but in everything, there is a lesson and a purpose. What may be said or done to us may not be our fault, but what we choose to do with the effects of it is our responsibility. Our personal duty is to navigate through any insecurities, fear or doubt within. It is imperative to understand that where there are question marks in life, there is also space for self-worth and trust.

Have you ever stood on a bridge? If so, you quickly learn you must cross it.

As we find ourselves more than halfway into this year, let us be aware of how we are crossing to the other side of 2022. Finding the confidence to make it, despite challenges, can be grueling year after year. If you woke up with breath in your lungs today (no matter the state), there is a reason for it. You have a purpose and are called for a time such as this. What once bound you does not need to grip you and you can choose to let go. Every day, each of us has a choice to make: Give in to stress or use the challenges we face to develop for the better.

The work to transform how we think, feel and act, while also taking control of how we view ourselves and who we may be on the inside -- no matter what others say or think of us -- is a never-ending job.

When we intentionally and diligently labor for our own rebuilding, the circumstances around us indefinitely flourish, as well.

Growing up can be exhausting, no matter your age. The ultimate goal, however, is to mature stronger and healthier than those who paved the way. If you have ever been confronted with something so draining that you wondered if you would ever find joy again, trust this – you can and you will.

You are deserving of peace inside and with that, those around you are also sure to benefit from it.

The journey towards discovering health, happiness and love within starts with you. It may take time and be challenging, but do not give up or get in the way of what is best for you. Take hold of those thoughts. Work hard at rebuilding yourself. You owe it to yourself to make the you of tomorrow prouder and better than the you of yesterday.

something is being reconstructed, the process seems uncertain

26 October 2022
at first. YOUR LASHES WEST EL PASO 6801 N. Mesa Street Suite B2 El Paso, TX 79912 (915) 603-5825 EAST EL PASO 13371-20 Eastlake Blvd. Suite 305 El Paso, TX 79928 (915) 800-7502 BOOK NOW! 10D Volume Hybrid Half Class Half 6D Volume 12D Volume FIRST FULL SET OF LASHES SHOW US A PICTURE OF THIS AD AND GET (ONLY AVAILABLE AT OUR EAST EL PASO LOCATION) 6D Volume Classic Lash

Set realistic and healthy goals to meditate on that will encourage and uplift you along the way. Take notes on the progress, as you set out to work at those goals. Trust the process, but most importantly, breathe.

Everything that has breath, has life.

Where there is life, there is an opportunity to celebrate. Recognize the small triumphs. You may not be where you would like to, but as you keep working towards better, you will continue to develop new skills and new strengths. Hope may have seemed absent at one point, but healing takes time and generates new growth. Challenge yourself today to make it your mission to never allow your wounds to become hardened and infected. Instead, find the tools and courage to tend to them, in order to help them alleviate and birth new substance.

27 October 2022
Oct 28th 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM 5915 Montana Ave. El Paso, TX. Resolve and Reinvent Stand with Estela Casas cancer foundation Women’s Luncheon

El Pasoan Offers Free

Areola Reconstruction for Breast Cancer Survivors

| By: TCM STAFF | October 2022

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Month, we delved into the world of areola reconstruction that is typically the final phase of breast reconstruction after cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, the areolas are often removed along with the rest of the breast tissue when a mastectomy is performed.

Technological innovations have resulted in the development of realistic reconstruction that can be performed through a number of techniques. During these procedures, providers do their best to match the size, shape, texture, color, position, and projection in order to achieve natural-looking aesthetics.

In El Paso, Ana Square of Ana Square Microblading and Permanent Makeup offers areola reconstruction services to breast cancer survivors in the region -- totally free of charge. The City Magazine sat down with her to learn more.

The City Magazine

What can you tell readers about areola reconstruction and the services that you offer?

Ana Square

I’m a micropigmentation artist, and I work with everything that has to do with, basically a form of tattooing, but recreating natural eyebrows, eyelashes, hair for people with alopecia, and also areola.

Areola reconstruction is for breast cancer survivors or people who had a reconstructive surgery, like a cosmetic procedure, and maybe they don’t like their scarring or results. For breast cancer survivors, it’s a service that I don’t charge for. How it works is that it’s a recreation of the 3D effect of the areola, including the nipple. So, it’s a lot of shading. Once it’s done, you can easily be fooled into thinking it’s a real areola, which is the beauty of this. Arreola can be very ultra realistic, and it’s kind of like the cherry on top once they’re done with all their reconstructive and plastic surgeries. It’s very satisfying and a form of closure for the survivor as well.


What’s it like for you to be able to perform this invaluable service?

AS I started doing permanent makeup about eight years ago and I was kind of scared to do arreola even though I’ve always been a painter and have always had a love for art and colors. I was a little bit scared because I thought it was going to be a lot for me emotionally. Although it is very emotional, it has this amazing way of paying it forward. The survivors have this amazing way of sharing their stories, which helps me enjoy the whole process. I really love seeing how something as small or irrelevant -compared to what they’ve been through -- can make them so happy. Usually they don’t have happy results after procedures, and this is instant gratification. I feel blessed that I’m able to work with breast cancer survivors and that they trust me with their areola reconstruction.


What’s it like as an artist to work on the human canvas?


I think each part of the body has different challenges. Eyebrows, lips, and eyes are all small areas and are not flat, so I have to work with different skin types and different textures. With breast cancer, it’s even more challenging due to the fact that most survivors have a lot of scarring. Some don’t, and are blessed with amazing healing but some of them are more challenging and it takes a little more experience and patience.


How long does the areola reconstruction process take?


It’s surprisingly quick. It depends on the client, it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours. It could be just one, and I have to make sure that the areola is as symmetrical to the other one as possible. Usually, unlike other permanent makeup procedures, arreola doesn’t need touch ups. Most of the skin that they have on their breast comes from a skin graft from their bellies or another part of their bodies that’s a dryer type of skin that’s not exposed to sunlight, so it lasts longer.


What’s your message for readers who areinterested in the procedure but not quite ready to make an appointment?


I’ve been to different cancer survivor groups and was really surprised that most of them don’t know that this is available. They thought it was whatever their plastic surgeon or oncologist recommended, so I’ve been trying to go to the different doctors and groups to let them know I’m offering this service and not charging for it. Most survivors don’t realize how satisfying, quick, and amazing they’re going to feel.

October 2022

Inside the Paradox Immersive Art Experience


inding a passion could take a lifetime, and even at times, once a decision is made, questioning such a decision could lead some in a different direction that could result in a life full of satisfaction.

For local artist, Laura Turón, 35, leaving behind her decision to pursue a career in engineering for art has become one of the most significant milestones in her career.

Turón became aware of her passion for art during her childhood years through coloring books and sculpture that later led her to pursue a career as a multidisciplinary artist.

“When I was a child, I remember the feeling of when I got my first coloring book, then a few years later taking an art workshop painting a clay sculpture of a turtle. Later looking at a realistic drawing of a wolf that one of my

“Introspection, reflecting on finding myself and experimenting with the different processes of creating art pieces, learning new things helped. Taking risks little by little, growing with my art, the people I meet, and being consistent with carrying on with my ideas and working with the community,” Turón said. “I stay true to myself and work not being afraid to take risks, being vulnerable, never stop believing in myself, and working to bring art to the community.”

The Paradox Immersive Art experience, which initially opened in August 2021 in the Socorro Mission Trail, will be featured in the central area at 210 Poplar inside of Toma Galleries and Studios during the Fall/ Winter season of the current year, according to Turón.

“The exhibit will feature some of the art installations that I presented in Socorro,

Paradox Traveling Art bus with a new exhibit featuring work from painter Zoe Spiliotis (Las Cruces) and students from EPCC titled ‘El Paso Colors.’ Interactive projections by David Delgado, an art exhibit by Isadora Stowe (Las Cruces), and Chicano glitch projection by Ruben Briseno Reveles (Sacramento, CA),” Turón said.

According to the artist, the Arts Activate Program from the Museum and Cultural Affairs Department of El Paso is the organization supporting the exhibition. Aside from the collaboration, Turón said the entrance to the show is $15 for adults and $10 for children. The artist added that 10 percent of all proceeds will go toward the Toma Galleries and Studio, a project that supports emerging artists, students, and

October 2022
Inside the Paradox Immersive Art Experience 31

local artists by providing an affordable studio space and affordable gallery space to artists and creatives to rent for events.

Apart from the Paradox Immersive Experience, Turón’s impact on the community was also visible through the Unity sculpture at a roundabout on Country Club Rd. and Memory Lane in the Upper Valley.

Turón mentioned that in 2019 her work was selected by the Public Art Committee of El Paso to be the artist in charge of creating the sculpture in blue and white colors that represent the importance of water, the Rio

32 October 2022
Inside the Paradox Immersive Art Experience

Grande, and its historical significance to the area.

“This sculpture represents the unity of the community by starting a conversation about the stories of the water surrounding the area, and the memories created by visiting and growing up in El Paso and interacting with the river and water canals,” Turón said. “The

exact location of the sculpture is encoded into the design by setting the angles of the repeating lines equal to the latitude and longitude map coordinates.”

Turón shared that the lines on the sculpture were generated by inputting the geographical coordinates into an advanced algorithm developed by scientists at the EMLab at UTEP. 33 October 2022
Visit now and receive a complimentary tasting of any three wines you choose. WHERE THE EDGE OF TEXAS MEETS THE SOUL OF TUSCANY Live music every Saturday and Sunday! 7315 Canutillo-La Union Rd. (915) 877-4544 urs - Sun 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

“The algorithm is being used for 3D printing and to invent structures that control light and electromagnetic fields in new ways,” Turón explained. “The use of the algorithm represents the worldclass science and technology happening in El Paso. The collaboration between the EMLab and me further represents unity across different cultures and disciplines in the El Paso community.”

As for her new projects, the local artist shared that she is working on her latest installation called “Sound Sensory” that will feature LED lights that respond to sound and movement. The exhibit planned for March/ April of 2023 also collaborates with Genuine Reference Record Studios and Professor Jesus J. Gutierrez, alongside UTEP students.

Turón added that she is also collaborating on a new project with the Theater and Dance

October 2022
Inside the Paradox Immersive Art Experience TheCityTicketsisElPaso’sONLY locally owned ticketing companyFINDALLYOURFAVORITESConcerts Sports Theater Family-FriendlyANDMORE OF MISSING OUT? HAVE A FEAR Purchase your Event Tickets and Promote your own event HERE Want to add your own events? Contact Mari VanPelt at Learn how to and get built-in marketing support

Departments at UTEP, led by faculty members Kimberly McKean and Georgina Escobar.

“I am participating as a guest artist designing postcards and boxes for that project; these will be placed throughout El Paso to collect letters, poems, and other personal stories from the community. These postcards will later be installed inside Paradox Traveling Art as an art installation,” Turón said.

“The idea is part theatrical play and part immersive experience. The project will culminate in a community art installation inside the bus and a theatre production to be presented in October 2023 in a new work about place and displacement, things said and left unsaid, and the beautiful complexity of life on the Frontera.” 35 October 2022
Inside the Paradox Immersive Art Experience Specializing in treatment for mood disorders up-to-date treatments and technology in El Paso (915) 307-5796 | 1122 Montana Ave El Paso, TX 79902 | Alfredo H. Arellano PMHCNS-BC, PA Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) & Psychiatric Clinic Healing Minds, Helping Hearts aapsychelpaso Alfredo H. Arellano Mental Health Services Alfredo Arellano Psychiatry - TMS El Paso Alfredo Arellano Fort Bliss & Hauling& Hauling ® Appliances Sheds Machinery Tires Electronics Fences O ce Furniture Bath Fixtures Auto parts Cardboard & Paper Hot tubs Grills Patio Furniture & more Matresses Swing sets Furniture Pianos Construction Debris Carpeting WHAT WE HAUL AWAY 915-317-5402 844-GET-JDOG 37 October 2022 DON’T LET ALLERGIES LIMIT YOUR LIFE EAST EL PASO 1560 Lomaland Drive El Paso, TX 79935 (915) 444-8394 WEST EL PASO 211 Bartle Drive Suite 108 El Paso, TX 79912 (915) 303-5522 NORTHEAST EL PASO 4659 Cohen Avenue Suite B El Paso, TX 79924 (915) 751-1152 request an appointment today allergies asthma immunology access_allergy AccessAllergy

Answering the Call of the Wild with Art


If one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, then the discards of a community can lead to the creation of magnificent works of art with an important environmental message. Over the summer, world-renowned Portuguese muralist Bordalo II traveled to El Paso to install a massive 64-foot 3D trash mural of a mountain lion as part of his international series called “Big Trash Animals.”

The installation came to be thanks to the work of Green Hope Project and partners at Franklin Mountain Investments and the Paso del Norte Community Foundation.

Green Hope Project was founded in 2019 by high school art teacher Candace Printz. The organization was sparked by her desire to expand and enhance the work of her school’s environment / art club called “Your World Project” that was established in 2014.

The club promotes environmentalism, the arts, and education and operates under the belief that positive change can be made by uniting efforts, identifying global problems, and persisting until solutions are found.

The club’s work has inspired the local community and business sector.

“The Paso del Norte Community Foundation is honored to partner with Green Hope Project and the remarkable high school students who envisioned a giant recycled art mural by worldrenowned Bordalo II for our region. We are grateful to Franklin Mountain Investments, City Environmental Services and Museums and Cultural Affairs Departments, and Downtown Management District for their partnership to make the vision a reality,” said Tracy J. Yellen, Chief Executive Officer at Paso del Norte Community Foundation. “As a fund of the PdNCF, Green Hope Project invites individuals, 39

corporations, and foundations to consider a gift to this worthwhile project. Tax-deductible contributions will support the installation and on-going maintenance of the mural.”

The dream of installing the mural came to fruition following years of work by Printz and her students at El Dorado High School, who participated in environmental education initiatives that include its annual “Trash to Treasure” recycled materials art competition. The local competition quickly gained international momentum and attracted attention from the likes of Chelsea Clinton and Bordalo II.

Bordalo II’s mountain lion mural is the culmination of the organization’s work and the payoff of persistence.

“This has been years in the making and we are elated that Bordalo II was finally able to come to El Paso,” said Printz, President of Green Hope Project. Bordalo II used trash and recycled materials native to El Paso for the public art project that is located on the west wall of the ONE San Jacinto building in downtown El Paso.

The “Big Trash Animals” series centers on representations of native animal species constructed almost entirely of garbage, which the artist says are often the same materials that threaten the animals’ natural habitats. Bordalo II’s aim with the series is to create an emotional connection between the community and animals -- in El Paso’s case, mountain lions -that raises important questions regarding consumer habits, conservation, and environmental issues.

“I think trash is a very interesting material to work with, especially because it has a strong message behind it. When you say ‘trash,’

40 October 2022
“I think trash is a very interesting material to work with, especially because it has a strong message behind it. When you say ‘trash,’ what is the end of the line? If you can go to the end of the end and restartI think that’s very interesting.”

what is the end of the line? If you can go to the end of the end and restart - I think that’s very interesting,” said Bordalo II.

The Mountain Lion Foundation reports that the species once occupied the United States from coast-to-coast but are now found primarily in 14 western states, as well as a small endangered population in Florida. Mountain lion encounters with humans are rare (a person is more likely to be struck by lightning or drown in a bathtub than be attacked by a mountain lion). Reports of mountain lion sightings in urban and residential areas in search of food become more common as threats to their ecosystem become more severe.

Bordalo II’s downtown mural is a way to respond to the call of the wild’s cry for help.

“We expect that this project will create interest and inspiration for months to come, and we look forward to engaging with locals through community workshops, as well as the global arena, as we further awareness through conservation and environmental education efforts,” says Printz.

October 2022
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of Experiencing Life as an Artist

October 2022

Iam an Art Educator and an Artist. I have spoken about the benefits of studying the fine arts in school ad nauseum. We know artists are creative problem solvers. We know they can express themselves. We know they do not feel the need to abide by societal standards of aesthetics or behavior.

Arthur O’Shaunessy famously described us as, “the music makers” and “the dreamers of dreams.”

He, like most, labeled the misfits too, declaring artists as “world-losers and worldforsakers,on whom the pale moon gleams.”

Yet he declared artists as “the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems.”


So, what are the long-term benefits of being trained as an artist? What becomes of art students once they stop making or actively studying art? When is one no longer studying to be an artist and is just.... an adult? We have all seen the impacts on those unfamiliar with the arts, who have not experienced the humanities. Without the arts, empathy is lacking, and the result is greed or indifference. The misconception is

empathy and compassion are mistaken for “sensitivity.” And while an artist can often be sensitive, the talent (or burden) one is witnessing is the ability to connect. To feel and be okay with it.

In the classroom, an art student is, of course, taught technical skills, but most importantly they are exposed to diverse cultures and different perspectives. They are asked to see an issue through someone else’s eyes without having to accept it as their own. They are asked to provide feedback on an artwork they may not even find attractive or successful. Conversely, they are asked 43 October 2022

to listen to constructive criticism about their own artworks. The latter is a particularly grueling experience.

It is difficult enough to be criticized as an adult, remember the insecurities an adolescent feels?

The critique requires one to push back defensive impulses and keep their toes on

the ground. It is a skill that creates thick skin and fosters logic and reason. The result is a person who is not just being sensitive, it is one who is tolerant, carries conversations, and experiences others more deeply. It is learning to identify an emotion and control a reaction. It is a talent that bodes well for them once they move onto their “adult” lives as professionals and/or parents.

Which brings me to living as a professional artist.

There is bravery and remarkable stamina that is necessary when your trade requires not only your skill, but your ability to express and market yourself. I find it mystifying that artists are often seen as troubled when their very livelihood thrives on their processing of events, painful or not.


They can take emotions out of themselves and arrange them in a way for our enjoyment.

They are the most emotionally mature people I have met. Perhaps it is not an artist who is troubled, but a public that is entertained by the misfortune of others and the artist knows what sells. It is the public who are dark and brooding. Perhaps it is a shared sadness that connects us all, especially in these times, and that I believe is the crux of art: creating deep connections with people who may have been trained to stay on the surface.

We have gone through so many generations who saw tears as weakness, secondguessing as foolishness, and making mistakes as embarrassing. So many of us have gone through our entire academic careers without learning to make connections to our own emotions let alone those of others.

As an educator and an artist, I see empathy as what will heal us.

So, what I believe is the greatest asset my background in art has given me is the ability to connect to diverse groups of people and appreciate their perspectives. In the coming years, the next generations, I see hordes of artists performing their jobs with empathy and compassion. I see groups of friends opening up and taking each other out of the proverbial boxes previous generations have taught them to pack others in. I see students learning and teaching others that they do not have to simply exist in their lives, they can create themselves. And they can do this as many times as necessary.

Experiencing life as an artist is living in hope, insisting it is not futile, and seeing potential in all people.

A Woman of Many Talents Photographer | Published Makeup Artist Model | Social Media Manager My Photography Ski s Include Product Photography Bourdoir Sessions Family Photos Graduation Photos And More! ANOTHACREATIVE B k Me SOYLUNAISABEL_ October 2022


Introspection in

‘Outtakes’ Exhibit


Answering the call to create art has been challenging for artists and other creatives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Creativity within the containment of isolation has produced an array of introspective projects that draw on the past while also bearing the present reality in mind that corresponds to a sense of time expanding and collapsing, like an accordion, for nearly three years. The seeming suspension of time has proven inspiring for artists and art lovers alike, creating an opportunity to take a daytrip a few hours east of El Paso.

Sandy Skoglund is an American photographer and artist lauded for her vivid and fantastical tableaux throughout the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s and is exhibiting through October 15th at RULE Gallery in Marfa. “Outtakes” exhibits sculptures and photos by Skoglund

that are visually-stimulating and artisticallyprovocative on a multitude of levels.

The surrealistic and meticulously-crafted scenes are made of varying props, sculptural elements, and human models photographed by Skoglund. Traditionally, the artist selected one photo to represent the work, with the remainder sent to Skoglund’s archives. “Outtakes” showcases photos of Skoglund’s most celebrated and innovative installations previously unseen by the public before the pandemic.

“In an uncanny way, the uncertain time during the pandemic created an exhilarating feeling of opportunity for me to look back instead of always looking forward,” she says.

Her itinerant curiosity drew her to revisiting “countless boxes in the classic yellow of the Kodak company” that housed her archived negatives -- all of the artistic outtakes -- that


revealed new meaning in the present. For Skoglund, the process was emblematic of the many vagaries of life and the oscillation between ambiguity and clarity amid a world of doubt and uncertainty.

Ultimately, the exhibit is an examination of time.

“When I say ‘time,’ I am thinking about a lifetime, and the process of thinking back over the years rather than anticipating the future,” says Skoglund.

“The pandemic was a gift of time to those who survived, and a brutal subtraction of time for those who did not. In both cases it was completely unexpected, sudden, shocking. Like an accident.”

Although the cosmic mathematics of time may seem random or accidental, art is intentional.

October 2022
Artist Encourages Introspection in ‘Outtakes’ Exhibit 48

The photos in “Outtakes” embody themes of repetition and abundance that can be found throughout Skoglund’s work, and can be likened to dozens of crackling kernels of corn in which each piece combusts in its own expression. The displayed images celebrate archetypes of visual bounty that also present alternatives to what was once the artist’s ideal composition of the tableau.

“I never had given myself permission to look back and re-experience those fleeting moments that happened during a photoshoot. The feelings that emerged were like finding a new friend, someone who has always been there in the background of your life, but overshadowed by exigencies and complexity,” Skoglund says.

The retrospective evaluation of the outtakes resulted in narrative translations remarkably different from the original, altered by choreographic whim or other slight discrepancies like a frameshift or blur, which create an effect akin to fissures in time and space discernible only by a scrutinizing eye.

Skoglund was intrigued by the latent potentialities of each outtake, moved by the experience of giving herself (and audiences) a more personal and unfiltered view of her work.

“Outtakes” is an ode to the discoveries that can arise from reappraisal.

“The process of holding on to moments in time is particularly photographic. I was stunned by how natural it felt to savor the memories,” she says. “As I looked back, I could see myself in that past moment, suppressing the pleasure of lingering in my judgment calls. Then coming back to the present moment, I allowed that pleasure to sink in and forgave myself for doing it.” October 2022

eady. Set. Gorgeous. This month, we’re profiling beauty experts whose mission is to help El Pasoans look and feel their best internally and externally. From hair salons and studios, to luxurious fashion and accessories, to medspas and more -- if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, behold a collection of resources that will enhance your arsenal of allure.

Beauty World



Tousled Beauty Studio

Tousled was founded in 2014 and is a full-scale hair and make-up salon and has developed into a premier destination for all your beauty needs.

When the pandemic hit, we questioned turning in the keys, but we knew we would eventually yearn to create yet another workspace to welcome our amazing clients to. This time Tousled would be even better. Alongside a talented interior designer, the Tousled Beauty Studio brand was born. It was to be Empowering and Lively, yet Sophisticated and Vitalizing.

We launched our new look in March 2021. A Dessert Gem, a concept that embraces the color, textures, feelings, aromas and experiences from the Southwest Desert region. We wanted to establish Tousled as an iconic place, with a unique and authentic style that no one else has. We want to embrace the regional nature, by highlighting the best of it and creating a harmonious balance between the desertic environment and the beauty industry.

We are a beauty studio that aims to become a second home for you in El Paso, Texas; and now coming soon to Las Cruces October 2022.


place of self-love, self-care, and empowerment for those who seek to find the best version of themselves. We believe that when you look your best, you feel your best–we make sure your hair, nails, skin, and makeup are as beautiful as you are.

our beautiful brides, we created a sophisticated and vitalizing space to get ready. We know there is nothing more magical than sharing this special day with your loved ones. The Bridal Lounge is a new addition at Tousled El Paso and Las Cruces, a private room where you can host unique private events while allowing our beauty experts to pamper you, your friends, and family on your big day.

We have also curated a small yet quaint boutique that offers small leather goods, t-shirts and tote bags with our “Self-Love Is the Best Love” brand amongst other handpicked home goods from Oaxaca, Mexico, a place in which we fell in love with and wanted to support as many talented artisans as possible by utilizing their craft in our interior design as well as boutique.

Our Las Cruces visionaries are taking the brand to the next level. They will offer Botox, filler, and Beauty Drips onto their Menu. Come fall in love, with yourself, the space, and the Tousled Beauty Studio experience.

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE SPECIAL ADVERTISING | 53 Tousled Beauty Studio 3800 N Mesa, Ste. C11 El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 228-9815 4660 Sonoma Ranch Blvd., Ste 110 Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011 (575) 618-9096 Instagram (El Paso) @gettousled Instagram (Las Cruces) @gettousledlascruces A

Gesuina Legaspy

Fashion is more than a passion for Gesuina Legaspy -- it’s a lifestyle she’s been cultivating since she was a child and would create clothes for her Barbie dolls out of her own. As an adult, she’s worked in fashion retail for the last 14 years as the owner of Gal Fashion after a life changing fashion experience.

“I fell in love with a local boutique when I was 18-years old. When I walked in, I had the most-high end, luxurious, experience, and that’s when I knew that’s what I wanted to do with my life,” she says.

The experience inspired her to pay it forward by ensuring that El Pasoans are able to feel just as fabulous.

“I want people to know that if they come to Gal, they will get an experience of a lifetime. Gal Fashion is a golden nugget where you come in, you feel pampered, you get champagne and are waited on. You’ll leave having experienced the ultimate retail therapy,” she says.

Fashion, says Legaspy, can either bring up your confidence or bring down your confidence, and that it’s important to dress for the person you want to be.

“I think apparel is like armor,” she says. “If you’re wearing a powersuit and you feel confident and fierce, then you feel like you can take on the world, right? Clothes tell a story of just what type of mood you’re in or what you want to exude.”

gal fashion 5860 N. Mesa, Ste. #114 El Paso, TX 79912 (915) 300-0010

gal fashion

At Gal Fashion, shoppers are encouraged to indulge their senses and allow themselves to be waited on. For the ultimate experience, owner Gesuina Legaspy recommends calling ahead to schedule an appointment.

“If we know that you’re coming, we’ll be ready for you. We’ll have the food, we’ll have the champagne, we’ll have the fitting room ready,” she says.

Legaspy says that each person who steps into Gal Fashion is a friend first and foremost, and customer second.

“I don’t want to make a dollar off of you, I want you to leave feeling confident and beautiful so everybody can see that,” she adds.

Shoppers at Gal Fashion can feel confident they will feel like the VIP they are with a knowledgeable stylist on-hand to wait on them and help guide them through their retail journey.

“When I hire my employees,” says Legaspy, “I always ask them what their goals are and what they care about. If they say something that has nothing to do with fashion, I don’t hire them. You have to live, breathe, and die by the cult of fashion.”

The passion and sartorial expertise are foundational to working at Gal Fashion, but also lead to satisfying results.

“The ultimate gratification is seeing the customer feel beautiful then tag us on Instagram and say thank you,” says Legaspy, “That’s when I know we did our job.”


hair fx studio

When you walk into Hair FX Studio, you can feel the good vibes of the salon. Plants cover the counter area; feel-good music is always playing, and the staff are happy and engaged. Alexandra Mendoza, owner of Hair FX Studio has been in the industry for over 24 years. This is her second hair salon, and she is determined to grow and bring the best to her hometown. Hair FX is constantly keeping up with trends and the latest hair products to fulfill customer’s needs.

“We have evolved by always keeping up with our skills, providing the best customer service, including but not limited to new creations and always providing the best setting to be able to please our clients’ requests and needs” says Mendoza.

What sets Hair FX Studio apart from other salons is their appreciation and respect toward their clients.

“We listen to their request; we communicate efficiently to provide the best service” she also adds.

The salon offers prompt, clean, and personalized services. Mendoza and her staff have many years of experience combined and they work with all ages.

For Mendoza, it is important to provide for the community and for the salon to make its mark in El Paso.

hair fx studio 1891 Lee Trevino Dr., Ste. #400 El Paso, Texas 79936 (915) 706-4007

360 The Colour Bar

Launched in 2004, 360 The Colour Bar Salon has been at the forefront of the newest trends. Eddie Anderson, owner of 360 opened the business when he was 23 years old and built it to what it is today. Having received the title of Top 200 Salons in the country for multiple years and gracing the cover of a national magazine called Salon Today, 360 The Colour Bar Salon caters to working women professionals who travel -- these women have places to go and people to see. When you step into 360, you are greeted and immediately taken in for a personal

consultation to create a plan based on your hair history and goals. 360 ensures that multiple staff attend to one client to get them in and out and on their way. Anderson says what makes 360 different and why clients trust 360 is “our continuing education and training, learning the newest trends outside of El Paso and our in-depth consultation.” This commitment to learning is why they have been in the business for 18 years. At 360 The Colour Bar there is never a dull moment and gives stylists a place to learn and grow.

360 The Colour Bar 6135 N. Mesa (915) 581-7360

The Queen Has Spoken Modeling Agency

Entrepreneur and Retired Veteran, Sir. Joseph D. Snell is the mastermind behind The Queen Has Spoken Modeling Agency. Originally from Mobile Alabama, Sir. Joseph has been in El Paso for 11 years now and has made plans to make El Paso his home.

The Queen Has Spoken Modeling Agency was established April of this year in honor of his late wife Roselyn T. Snell. She loved her family, fashion, and helping people.

The Queen Has Spoken is an all-inclusive modeling agency that not only showcases the individual beauty of kids, women, men, slim and full-figured models, but we also share the captured spirit of confidence, expression of life and identity of each individual model.

The Queen Has Spoken Modeling Agency Downtown Spaces (915) 765-7083 522 W. San Francisco Ave. El Paso, Texas 79901


Marissa Mijares RN

With over 10 years of Aesthetic Injecting experience, Marissa Mijares RN has created a unique niche in El Paso by offering patients a customized aesthetic experience, every time. Mijares at Southwest Plastic Surgery focuses on offering patients individualized care for the most beautifully natural restorative results.

“When treating our patients,” she says, “we strive to ensure that their individual goals, values, and expectations are met. The aging process is a unique experience for each person; therefore treatments must be just as unique.”

Dr. Agullo and his MedSpa Team offer the largest array of treatment options in the region to target every aspect of the aging process including full face and body rejuvenation, as well as sexual health maintenance.

Southwest Plastic Surgery proudly offers treatment options that include: fillers, neurotoxins, threads, lasers, tattoo removal, radiofrequency, sexual health improvement, weight loss management, chemical peels, and clinical skincare regimens.

As a native El Pasoan, Mijares is always excited to continue to “keep El Paso beautiful” by attending multiple trainings throughout the year in order to stay abreast of new treatments, protocols, and techniques as they become available.

“I’m from El Paso and hold the community in my heart and want to reflect this in my work,” says Mijares. “The best part of this job is it allows for the best patient outcomes. Working for Dr. Agullo has definitely been such a blessing.”

MedSpa at

Marissa Mijares
RN The
Southwest Plastic Surgery 5925 Silver Springs Dr., Ste C El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 590-7907 Instagram: marissa.mijares

Sean Stone

El Paso’s future is bright, and the community deserves to be shaded in style. Sean Stone, located in West El Paso at The Substation, carries the finest assortment of designer, contemporary, and sport sunglasses in the Borderplex. Sean Stone is committed to quality when it comes to both customer service and products available.

“We have carefully curated a unique and exclusive mix of sunglasses you truly cannot find anywhere else in the area,” says Brandon Lane, native El Pasoan and owner of Sean Stone. “We’ve worked hard to build the nicest sunglass shop in El Paso and we would love everyone to see it.”

Sean Stone takes its namesake from the middle names of Lane’s children, something that is reflective of the store’s commitment to serving the community as if it’s family.

“El Paso is a close knit community of amazing people, so it always feels like we’re working with family,” adds Lane.

Lane says the best part of his job is bringing in new brands of luxury sunglasses to the region that aren’t typically available. For example, Sean Stone carries brands that include Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Celine, Tom Ford, Persol and Moscot, and more.

“We strive to deliver excellent customer service and listen to the people that keep us in business,” says Lane. “That means always delivering the best brands and products.”

Sean Stone 145 E Sunset Rd., F-100 El Paso, Texas 79922 (915) 234-2293


Beauty by Jenny

I started in the beauty industry in 2013 at a local blow dry bar. Within those two years of working there, I learned so much and it was really the first steppingstone I needed to begin my career. As a hair and make up artist, I find it important to show every person who sits in my chair how beautiful and powerful we each are. It has also allowed me to get to change women’s lives not only on a surface level but also realizing I can make a difference in the way they look and feel about themselves. I deeply love what I do not only because I get to create the type of art I am passionate about but also as a mom of two beautiful unique girls, women’s empowerment is very important to me. So if I can help women see how limitless they are and help them see the beauty within themselves, just a little more than when they walked into my room, there is nothing more I could ask for at the end of the day.

Beauty by Jenny Instagram @beauty_byjenny


Chairez Coiffure Hair Salon

Chairez Coiffure Hair Salon

Chairez Coiffure Hair Salon is located within The Montecillo development. With beautiful mountain views and a myriad of local art surrounding them, there lies a team comprised of hair specialists. With a combination of knowledge and youthful creative energy, they undoubtedly make for a great experience. Enrique and Janeth Chairez, spouses and owners,are behind-the-chair stylists currently boasting over 20 years in the hair industry. Though the industry goes through many changes, from clients arriving with magazine cut-outs

of their favorite celebrity to Instagram and Pinterest screenshots, they manage to evolve, adapt, and stay relevant to new trends. Their secret? Their willingness to educate new talent while simultaneously learning new perspectives through their eyes. Their passionate drive for their work makes for lasting connections and more than satisfied clientele. Would you expect any less from a team born with a surname already having “hair” in it?

110 Montecillo Blvd., #2a El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 383-9047

Innovations by Emilio

A great hairdresser doesn’t merely attach some readymade style to their customer. Instead, the stylist uses hair as a platform to communicate, present and complement the client’s own personality and defining characteristics. That means the two need to talk and get sufficiently acquainted before the scissors get picked up. The customer’s facial structure, hair type, needs, and the season are all taken into account as the stylist tailors a unique vision. The transitioning process can take from one to several sessions to get the acquired effect without the damage. That may sound extreme, but a lot of work goes into a person’s image.

Emilio Ortiz Jr., owner of Innovations by Emilio - Salon Totale and D’Emilio Cosmetics, has been perfecting that process for over 39 years. His customers return because they trust, whether it be through hair, makeup, or spa services, that the veteran stylist will transform them into their best possible selves. He explained his long journey in the beauty world, saying: “I’m blessed to have found something that I’m really good at and to have customers who see that and trust me. I’ve been in the industry for a long time now, but I never get tired of it. I’m still striving to get better and better.”

Innovations by Emilio



3800 N. Mesa
Ste. C5 El Paso,
79902 (915) 544-5054 (915) 227-7833 call/text for appointments

Volume Lash Lounge

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 25 years. I moved from California in 1990 to join my parents in starting a new life, here in El Paso. I started my career as a hairdresser in 1996 all while continuining my education into a business Admin degree. 15 years later I added lashes to my menu of services. After many trainings with some of the most successful lash artists in the industry, I continued to build my lash clientele and perfect my skills. Over the years my clients and I have built a relationship of trust and friendship. They know that after a visit at Volume Lash Lounge they will leave happy and confident. In 2017, I decided to open up volume lash lounge. It was one of the first lash salons in El Paso. It has then been a wonderful experience and has helped me grow as a business owner. I have an amazing

staff and despite the COVID pandemic we managed to survive many challenges but it has only made us that much stronger and we have moved forward. We continue to keep up with the most up to date training for the latest lash styling.

El Paso has opened many doors for me and I hope to continue learning and growing in this is business.

Volume Lash Lounge

N. Desert Blvd., Ste. B104 2717 E. Missouri Ave.

Paso, Texas 79912 El Paso, Texas 79903

249-6408 (915) 283-6644




Personal transformation is the pursuit of being a better person and living a better life. This month, the journey and the destination are highlighted through local personal transformation experts. From organizing your thoughts, mind, and space, to incorporating wellness products into your daily routines, we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding local businesses established to help you lead your best life.

Vida CBD

Vida CBD is El Paso’s premier cannabis shop, offering the highest dosage of CBD and cannabis-derived products in the city. Vida CBD started in the local farmer’s markets and online three years ago and thanks to their loyal customers and high demand they are celebrating their one -year anniversary at their brick-andmortar location. Michael Dennis, veteran, and owner of Vida CBD said, “My wife discovered CBD in 2018 and told me to take it for my stress and pain. Little did she know she was sowing the seeds for Vida CBD.” He truly believes in his products and has many customers who he has helped. “Our customers continue using Vida CBD because it works, bottom line. You can check out our Google reviews and come by the shop where you can sample our products” says Michael. Whether you have pain, stress, anxiety, or trouble sleeping Vida CBD carries the best CBD products out there. Vida is the Spanish word meaning life and that is exactly what they want to accomplish improving people’s lives and overall wellness.

Vida CBD

5901 N. Mesa, Suite B (915) 300-0603


Inspiring Spaces

Personal transformation is as much about one’s physical space as it is mental and emotional growth, and a local company is available to help people meet their goals.

Mariela Diaz is the owner of Inspiring Spaces and a KonMari consultant who is committed to transforming lives. Diaz is El Paso’s only KonMari consultant, who was trained by Marie Kondo, where she says she bolstered her skills that she’s passed on to her team in El Paso.

Inspiring Spaces is a full-service company that helps clients declutter and organize their home and office spaces. Additionally, Inspiring Spaces also offers virtual DIY services, home staging, new home organization, maintenance, moving preparation, and more.

“The best part of our job is being able to see our clients’ reactions once we transform their spaces,” says Diaz. “We’ve witnessed a

variety of positive emotions and a very noticeable sense of relief, peace, and even some singing,” she adds.

Diaz says that many clients report experiencing an enormous positive change to their daily routines and family dynamics once their spaces are decluttered and organized.

“Being able to help clients who don’t know how to organize, or do not have time to do so, has been a great and rewarding journey -- the feeling of chaos to calmness is amazing to witness,” says Diaz.

Inspiring Spaces

Photographed by: JAMIAH DANCIL SPECIAL ADVERTISING | 67 Instagram: inspiring.spaces.ep

She Has Goals® Journal

Nikela “Nikki” Kelley is a Wife, Mother and 19-year Service Member currently serving in the United States Army. To you, she’s the CEO of The Goal Accountability Program® where she serves as an Accountability Coach and Speaker. She is also the creator and publisher of the #1 Journals for Accountability and Consistency through a company she co-owns with her husband named, “Kelley’s Prints®”

For the past four years Nikki has established herself in the Personal Development Industry through coaching women who have the desire, but lack the consistency to stay committed to their goals. Her journals have propelled over 5,000 women globally to produce a personal transformation within themselves.

Most rewarding, Nikki has had the pleasure in coaching and mentoring High School students on the importance of goal setting and accomplishing. To extend her reach beyond women, Nikki created a goal setting journal for Military Service Members of the Armed Forces titled, “The Career Focused Journal®” and will be launching the “He Has Goals®” Journal in the Spring of 2023 to better serve men who desire a personal transformation as well.

She Has Goals® Journal

She Has Goals Journal:

The Career Focused Journal:


Instagram: @shehasgoalsjournal

Instagram: @thecareerfocusedjournal

Photographed by: JAMIAH
THE EDGE OF TEXAS MEETS THE SOUL OF TUSCANY Open ursday - Sunday 12 p.m. - 5 p.m. Live music every Saturday and Sunday! Visit now and receive a complimentary tasting of any three wines you choose. 7315 Canutillo-La Union Rd. Canutillo, Texas | (915) 877-4544 | |

Beauty & The Beats KRYSTALL POPPIN with

www.thecitymagazineelp.com70 October 2022
Photography by: JORDAN LICON, VIVAN SERRANO ASSISTANT Creative Director: SHELLEY MOZELLE Glam: INSTAGRAM VANDERVANITY Additional photography provided by: KRYSTALL POPPIN

Downtown El Paso is buzzing with activity on a warm Wednesday evening in late summer. There’s a sporting event at Southwest University Park, soft launches of new businesses, and public displays of excitement. Families on scooters, lovers holding hands, groups of friends gathering for a night out.

I’m seated at a plush booth at The Dome Bar next to Krystall Poppin, El Paso’s preeminent woman rapper, and we’re talking about the bar’s iconic dome made of Tiffany glass.

The Austin High alum’s career as a rapper includes opening for legendary and contemporary Hip Hop icons that include Ice Cube and Cardi B. Krystall is fresh off the high of performing at UTEP’s Minerpalooza the previous weekend, a full circle moment for the former UTEP creative writing student that took two weeks to prepare for.

“Longer than that,” she says, thinking back to the steps she took to make the performance one of her best -- so far.

“I had to get myself mentally prepared, rehearse, pick my outfit, and make sure everything was on point. When it was finally over, I was like ‘I’m not going to do music today. I’m going to relax and eat what I want’ because I get so strict with myself before a performance,” she adds.

She works hard and rewards herself for it, often in ways we all might find familiar.

“At Whataburger,” she explains, “I like the number five, which is with bacon and cheese. Throw some jalapenos on there with ketchup and mustard, then cut it in half with large fries and a Dr. Pepper.”

Women in Hip Hop -- especially women from Texas -- have gained acclaim as queens of their genre, while Hip Hop remains the most popular form of music in the United States. 71 October 2022
I had to get mentallymyself prepared, rehearse, pick outfit,myand make sure everything was on point.
I got into musicbecause I would journal and put myfeelings on paper,and I noticed that myturnedjournaling from me justwriting aboutmy feelingsand life into rhymes.

Writing Hip Hop bars, which are a unit of four crotchets or four single beats worth of lyrics, came naturally to Krystall who was a writer long before she was a rapper or performer.

“I got into music because I would journal and put my feelings on paper, and I noticed that my journaling turned from me just writing about my feelings and life into rhymes,” she says. “I started writing verses in my journals and then I started hanging out with some people from my neighborhood who made music.”

During a rap cypher, a circular gathering of rappers, beatboxers, etc. who extemporaneously make music together, Krystall decided to jump in.

“I spit one of the flows that I had from my journals and everyone tripped out,” she recalls, a proud smile glowing on her face.

She says she was expecting to recite her verses without much fanfare.

“But when I did it, everyone cheered me on,” she adds.

After that first cypher, it didn’t take long for her to catch the attention of local music producers who invited her to record and introduced her to the structure of song making.

“I loved music but didn’t know how to write it,” she says. “I didn’t know anything about the theory, so I learned a lot just by discovering what I liked to write about and what kind of music I like.”

73 October 2022

Her confidence grew as she became more and more enmeshed in the local music scene. She created a rap group with two friends called LFDC (Live From Da Corner), and the trio spent a few years traveling back and forth for live shows and producing music videos.

LFDC was invited to perform at Neon Desert’s local stage, a big moment for the rap group, and garnered a big enough fan base over the years to play the festival’s main stage.

“We got invited to play the big stage and I was like ‘OH MY GOD’ this has been a dream to play on the big stage,” she said.

Caught between her dream of making it in the music industry and the reality that she was juggling music along with a job in beauty as a hairstylist, Krystall came to a fork in the road.

“I would work in the salon all day and then I’d be in the studio at night, just trying to make everything happen all at once. I didn’t have equipment so I was saving up for a laptop and everything like that and really trying to do it. That’s when I decided I needed to make moves, fast,” she says.

Krystall and her manager, D.S. Junior, packed up and headed to Las Vegas where she produced an album called “Starstruck” and

honed in on her craft as a live performer on the streets of the Strip.

Despite the album’s success and the fastmoving momentum of her career, Krystall says she felt stymied as an artist.

And she felt lost.

“I went through a depression,” she shares. “I was doing what I felt like I was supposed to be doing but wasn’t taking the time to find out what I wanted to do or wanted to represent, so I took a big step back,” she adds.

74 October 2022
Beauty & The Beats with Krystall Poppin

Krystall went dormant on social media for about a year to reconnect with herself and rediscover her voice in the studio.

“I found that in the studio I was being way more experimental and was discovering things I liked. I learned how to deliver my voice and gave myself the schooling that I never had nurtured,” she said.

Freshly inspired, she started a band.

“It was D.S. Junior and me, and we have a friend who played guitar in Las Vegas,” she says excitedly. “So as he was playing guitar, I was making all these riffs and would just freestyle.”

“But I wasn’t rapping -- I was singing,” she adds.

The experience, she says, helped her dissolve the boundaries she faced as an artist that alleviated the depression she felt.

“I felt like the walls were closing in on me and didn’t know what to do. That time helped me realize that I can do anything musically.

Being creative brought me back,” she said.

Then it was time to get the heck out of Vegas.

D.S. Junior, her manager and bandmate, had an idea for a DIY tour. October 2022

“What if we get an RV? What if we move into it? We can go anywhere.”

They stripped down to the essentials to hit the road. Krystall sold 90 percent of her clothes and filled the RV with studio equipment.

“It felt amazing to feel so free,” she says. “We lived in that RV for two years and lived in places like Dallas, Nashville, and Atlanta.”

While on the road, Krystall would connect to the RV’s wi-fi and continue her self-education of music fundamentals. Once in Atlanta, her career in the underground Hip Hop scene really popped off.

“Oh my god, the underground shows!” she says. “You’d see so many talented rappers, and I was like ‘I’m here with them’,” she adds. She remembers hyping herself up before her first Atlanta show.

October 2022
Beauty & The Beats with Krystall Poppin

“I looked myself in the mirror and told myself that I was going to do it,” she says.

“That was the best decision I’ve made because that show is what connected me to so many opportunities and I flourished like crazy,” she adds.

She was prepared for opportunities to come knocking thanks to the years of preparation she’d put in, as well as a lifetime of loving music.

“My parents were Hip Hop heads. My dad left behind a lot of his music before he passed away, his collection was heavily East Coast,” she says, noting their shared preference for East Coast Hip Hop.

As she began her own exploration of music, Krystall was drawn to grunge and indie rock bands like Nirvana and The Strokes.

“And of course, I was into singers like Selena,” she adds.

We’re sharing an order of cheesy truffle tater tots and shishito peppers and talking about her other influences like Kanye West over sparkling rosé when a man approaches our booth.

“Thank you for representing the city!” he says, shaking her hand with both of his. “I took off work so I could take my daughter to see you at Minerpalooza. She loves you and I just wanted to say thank you.”

I mention that’s a sign -- if ever there was one -- that she’s on the right path, doing the right thing.

“I just thank God for that,” she says, eyes gleaming with tears. “I will never take that for granted.”
325 N Kansas St, El Paso, TX 79901 915-532-5205 Mamacitas mamacitas.downtown MEXICAN AMERICAN SOUL FOOD IN THE heart OF DOWNTOWN


With a clear but simple mission of helping and inspiring others, especially WOMEN, Victoria is a proud Motivational Speaker that is known for making a memorable impact. Their unique approach combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm makes them perfect for a large variety of audiences and events.

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the way

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both personal and professional success.
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WWhat does it mean to love one’s self?

For entrepreneur Luna Isabel, it’s to fully and truly accept one’s self. A woman who specializes in capturing an individual’s beauty, whether through the lens or brush, Luna experiences the moment where one is the proudest while also the most vulnerable.

Luna works to help her clients become their ideal selves, but she works even harder to help them understand that they are a person before they are a photo.

In her youth, Luna found her method of selfexpression in the art of makeup application. Luna was ecstatic when the opportunity to expand her knowledge into a career in cosmetology presented itself. However, familial obligations and expectations would put the young artist’s dreams on hold.

“My mother told me that I needed to go to Mission Early College high school because it was an opportunity to go to college for free. I grew up poor and am a firstgeneration American, so attending college

was very important to her. So, I didn’t go to the school I wanted,” Luna shared.

With an overwhelming responsibility on her young shoulders, Luna would walk the expected path into a career deemed sufficient by those around her. At just 20 years of age, she would graduate with not one but two degrees in Human Resources

and Entrepreneurship.

A momentary respite to this busy school life was a Facebook beauty group filled with individuals who’d created a circle of support in their shared love of makeup. The group encouraged Luna to put her skill on stream, and in following the group’s advice, she reached a wider audience of people who’d fallen in love with her makeup looks so much they’d request her as a makeup artist.

Up to that point, she’d never done another person’s makeup before, but seeing the opportunity to test her skill, Luna took up the challenge. 81

“I did someone’s makeup, and she loved it. That’s how it started,” Luna recalls.

“At the time, I didn’t know anything. My style has evolved because before, I would do a girl’s makeup, and it was essentially the same style of makeup that I’d done for myself, but on them. As a professional makeup artist, I’m at a point where I do the client’s makeup according to their unique face and take into account a variety of factors before I even pick up the brush.”

Joining the corporate world at 21, Luna found her time filled with endless work and travel. Within it, Luna’s desire to express her sense of self never diminished. Every morning she’d use her brush to create a makeup look that expressed her mood for the day. From bold purples to sparkly shadows, Luna used makeup to connect with the part of herself that’d been put on the back burner in a career that left a limited amount of breathing room.

Despite her best efforts, during the initial wave of COVID-19 in 2020, she’d find herself breaking free from the restraints of who she was “supposed to be” to who she wanted to be.

Working as an insurance auditor for five years, Luna worked with clients who struggled with massive amounts of debt towards the end of their policies. As a representative, Luna would face wave after wave of negative emotions from clients who wanted an alternative to a policy that had long since exceeded their adjustment period.

“I will never forget the day that I quit. I had an escalated call for three-plus hours. I had no help from my supervisors and was expected to handle the situation, so I decided to message my manager. I asked her, ‘What do I need to do to give you my resignation?’”

With the end of the call and a letter of resignation, Luna began to pursue her current career in full force.

Reigniting a modeling career she’d started in 2018, Luna would once again take a step in front of the lens.

“With the modeling industry I was able to get a taste of the types of photographers out there, and what I saw was a male-dominated field,’’ Luna explained.

Set after set, Luna would experience photographers whose attentions were directed toward a vision that utilized the model as a figure with no consideration for the finer details of the model’s appearance in the shot. As a model, Luna desired more from her photos, and a shoot in 2021 would be the day she’d pick up the camera herself to create the images she’d expected from other photographers.

“I’d gotten the pictures back, and I thought to myself, ‘Man, I could have done it way better.’ I was just tired of being disappointed in my photos,” she says.

82 October 2022
A Look Through the Lense with a Confidence Queen

In freeing her creative spirit, Luna quickly took notice of a boosted mental state in addition to a healthier relationship with her finances. While her current finances have not met the amount she’d been making while working in the corporate world, her spending habits have reduced as she balanced her finances to fund her passions.

“Prior to starting my own brand, I was in survival mode. I’d been given another level of security, and an expendable income that I could literally play with. For the first time I felt like I wasn’t in a chokehold with my money,” Luna says.

Out of survival mode, Luna would begin to diversify her skills as she spent her expendable income on her passions, whether renting locations for shoots or adding makeup products to expand her kit to cater to a broader clientele.

“I feel like I became who I was supposed to be in 2020. I became full Luna because for the longest time I was who other people wanted me to be. I no longer felt like I was in somebody else’s body,” she says.

This passion for expressing one’s true essence makes Luna the outstanding entrepreneur she is. In taking the time to understand her client’s desires, whether it be the perfect shot or creating a stunning makeup look that enhances her client’s existing beauty, Luna can bring out 120 percent of the potential in any project she chooses to take on. Never take your eyes off her because you never know what enterprise this multifaceted woman will step in. 83 October 2022
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October 2022 www.thecitymagazineelp.com84


The world of Rock and Roll doesn’t have many rules, but Sparta has one:

“It has to be fun,” says Jim Ward, frontman of Sparta.

We meet on a muggy morning in late August, just a few days before Sparta hits the road on tour for the first time since 2018. The original Eloise location (Ward’s coffeeshop, restaurant,

and bar) serves as homebase for practice and tour preparations, a small desert of chords connected to instruments and amps that wind like snakes across the dusty hardwood floors while the sounds of drums and guitar thunder off the walls of the empty room.

Sparta’s rise to prominence as a posthardcore band has led to an enduring legacy that is emblematic of both the temporality

of music as well as the life cycle of a band. After nearly four years since the last tour -half of that time spent in COVID-19 pandemic uncertainty -- Ward was eager to keep his creativity in motion as the world stood still, and wrote a new self-titled album.

“I was pretty anxious and depressed, and when I feel that way I know I have to do something with myself so I don’t self- 85

destruct,” he says. “This project started in the midst of lockdown; I’d turn on Logic, retreat to my studio, and just get lost for a few hours.”

Ward nurtured his creativity within the containment of pandemic isolation where he was able to exercise musical muscles that led to a reintroduction of Sparta despite its 20-year longevity, writing the album entirely on keys.

The world has changed over the last two decades, but the pathos behind the songs endure.

“It’s been really important for me to grow past the music I was making before and to let go of what I perceived to be the ‘rules,’” says

Ward. “Recording in a totally different way with artists I admire – some of whom I didn’t even know personally until I texted asking if they wanted to join me on this new record –was so enlivening during a grim time.”

“Sparta” the album features Matt Miller, Sparta’s longtime bassist / percussionist who is also going on the road for the tour, as well as a consortium of collaborators that include Geoff Rickly of the band Thursday, guitarist Michael James Adams, keyboardist Kenny Hopper, percussionist Tucker Rule, and more.

The songs on the album are representative of the isolation Ward faced during that time, with the lyrics offering a combination of solace and optimism that connects the music to the listener, the listener to the songwriter.

Both Ward and Miller are looking forward to connecting with fans -- old and new -- on the road for the simple pleasure of experiencing live music as a community.

“I think ultimately, it’s social. I think that especially after the last couple of years, I definitely have missed just interacting with humans in a music situation, which is where I’m most comfortable,” says Ward. “I’m probably most comfortable in life on stage, which sounds kind of dumb, but that’s my safest, happiest place aside from you know, my house with my family, but out in the outside world.”

We’re sitting outside of the old Eloise and Miller shows me an old skate spot he remembers from back in his day. We talk


86 October 2022

about the lazy summer days of youth and the evolution of live shows during that time.

“It seems like the crowds are a lot more diverse,” he says. “Not just ethnicities, but ages. Before, you didn’t really see anyone over 30. Now, you’ll see people in their 50s and 60s all the way down to preteen, which is pretty awesome.”

In the two decades of Sparta’s history, Ward and Miller have been able to control their career on their own terms, where they’re able to preserve the pleasure and privilege of being in a band without getting to a point of burn-out or where it feels like a bad job.

Sparta is -- and remains -- something special, a choice for the two musicians.

“The idea of never being able to do this again would be unbearable to me,” says Ward. “But the idea of having to do this again is unbearable to me.” October 2022
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Daredevil for and

Destined Greatness


| 90

The course to success in the music industry never did run smooth, and one band originally out of El Paso is learning that the road is paved with peaks, valleys, and bursts of inspiration in between. Demi the Daredevil is an artsy, energetic, rock act that draws from a multitude of genres that range from early aughts punk rock to showtunes. Formed in the mid-2000s by Eastwood High School alums Jovan Ortiz and Jeff Azar, Demi the Daredevil has survived the test of time from playing Warped Tour in the summer of 2007 to the digital age of TikTok and social media acclaim.

But the journey has been anything but easy or linear.

Azar’s original role in the band was as the drummer, with Ortiz serving as frontman. Azar and Ortiz were upperclassmen at Eastwood when I was a freshman, where Jeff would play in the marching band’s drumline at football games every Friday night and Ortiz charmed and intrigued girls with his musical chops and resemblance to Blink-182’s Tom Delonge. The duo were among the first folks I knew who listened to bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, The Used and other bands considered too loud and too weird for mainstream teenage tastes, as well as local legends like At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta, and Sparta. Suffice to say that two of the coolest boys in high school were also artistic, talented, and destined to remain cool throughout their musical pursuits.

Demi the Daredevil relocated to Austin while Azar was a student at the University of Texas at Austin and the band wrote, rehearsed, and performed.

Sadly, Ortiz passed away in 2009.

With the loss of Azar’s best friend and the band’s frontman, the immediate reaction was to dissolve the band. 91 October 2022

“I ended up falling into despair without that creative outlet. I didn’t realize how much I leaned on music until I was without it,” says Azar.

He decided to keep the band going, maintaining the original name coined by Ortiz so that he could give royalties to the Ortiz family.

After Ortiz’s death, Azar joined forces with his older brother, a classically-trained musician, and the brothers created an EP together before Demi the Daredevil evolved into a one-man project.

The transition from drummer to frontman

was a big one.

“That was utter hell,” he jokes. “I was very happy behind the throne, playing a backseat role. It was really awkward at first because it was my brother’s music and it was very Broadway and his melodies -- which were very active -- felt uncomfortable and unnatural. Also, I wasn’t behind any kind of instrument,” he adds.

Azar discovered recording programs and production as a solo artist, then began writing original songs that explore existential topics.

“Every song is written taking the importance of meaningful content and substantial subject matter into account, rather than ‘fast food’ kind of songs so that the music can help people answer important questions in their

October 2022
Demi the Daredevil

lives, and also validate any hard experiences that they’re going through,” says Azar.

Demi the Daredevil’s latest single ‘Withering Heights’ is a nod to English literature that also showcases Azar’s contemporary talents.

For now, Demi the Daredevil is working on DIY tours, live performances, and continued growth.

“We’re excited to pass through El Paso,” says Azar. “We’re coming out with the next single on October 23rd and the EP on December 2nd through Adventure Cat Records,” he adds.

Demi the Daredevil will be playing at Mona Bar of Modern Art in downtown El Paso on November 6, 2022.

October 2022
Demi the Daredevil GOLD WINNER BES T ITALIAN 2019 2018 2014 2013

El Paso Film Festival Brings in ‘Old Man’ to Celebrate Local Film

94 October 2022

The magic of the movies is alive and well in El Paso, and will be receiving the Hollywood treatment this month. The 2022 El Paso Film Festival will run from Thursday, October 13th through Sunday, October 16th at The El Paso Museum of Art and Philanthropy Theater in downtown El Paso. The El Paso Film Festival is the preeminent film festival at the farthest edge of Texas, and the only festival in the state to showcase emerging filmmakers on a bi-national platform.

The El Paso Film Festival’s vision is to lead the new faces of filmmaking to their highest potential by becoming an Oscar-qualifying film festival, with the mission to support and empower the regions’s growing community of filmmakers within the bi-national and tristate landscape.

This year’s festival will feature Stephen Lang, renowned actor best known for his role in “Avatar” as “Colonel Miles Quaritch.”

Lang stars in “Old Man,” by El Paso filmmaker Lucy McKee, which will be showcased on the opening night of the film festival. “Old Man” is a horror thriller that centers on the nightmarish experience of a hiker who stumbles across an eccentric old man.

“I am thrilled to be presenting Old Man at the El Paso Film Festival,” said McKee. “Development, prep, and post were all done in El Paso, so it’s going to be a thrill to share it with the community and honor the local

artists that helped make it all happen. The fact that we’ll have our brilliant lead actors in attendance is icing on the cake!”

“Old Man” was completed in El Paso at the Rio Bravo Outpost, which is a collaborative filmmaking hub created by local film

producer and film aficionado Charles Horak. Rio Bravo Outpost provide complete postproduction services that included editing, visual effects, sound design and mixing, color, and titles. The hub serves as the region’s primary source for post-rpudction for short and feature-length films, with October 2022
El Paso Film Festival MARY’S CORNERMARY’S CORNER 915-833-0935 4798 N Mesa St El Paso, TX Mon - Fri :4:30 AM - 11:00 PM Sat: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sun: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM A POSITIVE MINDSET IS THE KEY TO SUCCEEDING IN ANY TYPE OF PERSONAL FITNESS CHALLENGE. Mary Says:“ “

recent titles chosen to be screened at Sundance, SXSW, Toronto, Cleveland, and other prestigious film festivals.

El Paso’s film industry continues to expand, from the creation of Rio Bravo Outpost in 2018 to the El Paso Film Festival itself.

“Most people think that filmmaking ends when the cameras stop rolling, when in fact so much of a filmmaker’s creative intent is found and polished in the post-production process,” said Horak. “We’ve created a collaborative and supportive environment where filmmakers can immerse themselves with their films and bring their creations to full potential.”

The El Paso Film Festival was established by Carlos Corral in 2018, who serves as its founder and artistic director, and is a fellow advocate of supporting local filmmaking efforts.

“We’re all very excited about opening this year’s festival with Lucky’s latest film,” said Corral. “Being able to have a local filmmaker complete their film in El Paso and then screen it with us with Stephen Lang in attendance is the kind of example that elevates our bi-national community for film production.”

Eat on

October 2022
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Pick of the Litter Tabasco Soto

For October, The City Magazine is celebrating all things beauty and personal transformation --- and who says wrinkles are not gorgeous? This month’s Pick of the Litter, Tabasco, is proof that great things sometimes come in wrinkled -- albeit adorable -- packages. Tabasco was recently adopted into his furever home, where he’s learning to play, cuddle, and settling into his own personal transformation as a very good boy in a very loving home.

100 October 2022
| Photos courtesy of: ELILAH SOTO |

Get to know Tabasco in the Q&A below as written from his perspective:

Name, Age, Breed

Hi. I am Tabasco, a two year old Shar Pei mix. The world classifies me as a dog, but quite frankly, I disagree, because I believe I am human.

How did your family come into your life?

My family is under the impression that they picked me, but the truth is that I chose them. I stood proud at the shelter and made sure to send endless air kisses. Seriously, how could they not pick me after that?

What are your favorite activities to do as a family?

They seem to be very fond of those kisses, so I make sure to share them everyday. I hold my gentleman title very tightly, so there is no

doubt when I want to sleep on their bed. I enjoy long walks, and big snuggles. I haven’t mastered catching ball just yet, but give me some time to practice, and I will be a pro.

•How has being in a family changed your life?

My momma makes sure to tell me that I am a very good boy. I must agree, because, I am always paying attention. I am considered as a guarding breed, yes, I hold the heart of my people; today, tomorrow, and always.

To submit your fur baby for next month’s Pick of the Litter, email 101 October 2022
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Essen als Every Teenager Should Have

As a teenager, you might’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of makeup routines on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, you name it. And if you’re anything like me, you might be scrambling to find what products you really need and which ones to stay away from. And it’s totally fine, because I’ve got you covered. Here is a foolproof guide to which makeup and skincare products every teenager should invest in.

Progress Report Student Journalism
October 2022 102

Cleanser/Face Wash

This one might be the most important one. Make sure to wash your face everyday! It helps with breakouts and hygiene in general. Remember to pick a cleanser that suits your skin type. If your skin is dry, make sure not to use harsher products to strip your skin.

Mineral Sunscreen

Sun damage is real! Make sure to protect your skin from the damaging UV rays. Even on cloudy days, our skin is susceptible to the sun’s damage which can lead to skin cancer, discoloration and wrinkles over time.


Instead of using a heavy foundation, use a light concealer to conceal any blemishes. For a glowing look, use concealer on eye bags to brighten up your under eye area.


This one is overlooked, but trust me, just a little bit of eye liner can add a lot to your look. It also makes your eyes look larger by emphasizing the area around your eyes.


Add a little bit of extra oomph to your eyes with mascara. It can also help giving your eyelashes a darker, longer and more voluminous look.

Lip liner

Lip liner may seem intimidating and more suited for heavier looks. But trust me, lip liner is definitely an essential. It enhances your lips, contains and gloss or lipstick draining off your lips and just adds an extra energy to your look.


Take it from me, you absolutely do not want chapped lips ruining your makeup. One swipe of chapstick is a cure-all for dry, cracked lips.


Last but definitely not least, blush. Blush can add color to your face, it can lift you cheekbones and it can always enhance your face for a brighter look.

October 2022 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 103

Step Up

& Dress UpYour Style

It’s time for a season change. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. On one hand, I love the cooler weather, wearing sweaters, jackets that accompany the fall season. On the other hand, summer is by far my favorite season with its sunshine, and the shorts and t-shirt attire.

Fall fashion hits early with stores putting out the new sweaters and coats late in the summer, which I find irritating because I just want to enjoy the summer vibes without the reminder that it’s coming to an end. When I shop and start to see the switch from the brights of summer to the muted hues of autumn, I think about all I wanted to do in the sun and the short precious time I left to do them until autumn fully takes over.

But then again, maybe fall is a chance to dress up more.

The Paris fall fashion runways have men in the very trendy exaggerated, oversized jackets. Such a cool look, and I think that might work for some, but I want something I can wear in my style house. This fall’s men’s fashion also has something for a

subdued taste like mine. A more wearable alternative to those sizable jackets, and yet still chic, is the double-breasted jacket. I remember them from the 90s and it’s about time for a resurgence.

Now that we are well into our post-isolation lives, things are starting to become a bit more polished. Although the casual look is now a staple in men’s fashion, dressing up is making its way back into the popular aesthetic. Adding a double-breasted blazer to your wardrobe is a definite fashion statement that exudes a hip sophistication. This look will make you stand out from the crowd without looking overtly trendy.

One additional trend to think about is throwing a tie on with your blazer. We are seeing more guys in ties again. The neck accessory has always been a men’s fashion staple but it slowly faded away in the past few decades. In semi formal, and even formal events, an open shirt collar has become an accepted norm. With the renewed appreciation for dressing up, the tie is being used again and it always adds to a smart look.

Men in the MomenT October 2022

I have also found some comfy street and casual wear that have made the crossover and have become more cultivated in an upgraded mode. Prints overall are going to be a big fall trend with men’s fashion and one look in particular that guys have always loved is the plaid flannel shirt. For years the plaid flannel shirt has been popular, from cholos to grungers to hipsters. Now the look has become more polished for men’s fashion runways and can be found in the collections of Prada, Celine, and Kenzo. It’s a kind of lowbrow reinterpretation, but that’s what always happens in fashion: see it in the streets first and on the runways a couple of years later.

One of my favorite casual wear trends that has become more and more popular are joggers. The joggers look started with sweatpants in urban street wear and has slowly made its way up to the mainstream. These are not the thick grey sweatpants


from gym class that made you look bulky and heavy. The difference between them and a regular sweat pant is a streamlined cut and much better fabrics, like a stretch knit or even neoprene. You can find them most places from the Gap to Zegna. For guys like me who like to mix casual with dressy, the jogger is a perfect item to have. These stylized sweatpants can be worn with a t-shirt and flip flops to wear around the house, or throw a sweater on with a smart sneaker and wear them out on the town.

The fashions for men this fall can be a bit extreme but there is always something appropriate for your aesthetic. Choosing a few specific new looks that work with your style is part of the enjoyment of a new season. A fashion refresher is a way to present yourself in a way worthy of your success, whatever it may be. Put away the shorts and flip flops, it’s time to dress up.

October 2022
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How to Achieve TikTok MakeupTrends

With TikTok’s ever-growing presence and innovative methods of selfexpression, it’s no surprise that the ways in which we do our makeup and beauty care has shifted. Below we discover a few of the many viral TikTok beauty “secrets” of 2022 that will tie together one’s look.

Let There Be Light

Create a light effect with the colorful under eye, a technique that uses eyeshadow to create an undereye cloud effect through various colors on the palette. Coined with the colorful under-eye of creator @naezrah, this design caught hold of makeup enthusiasts looking for a dash of whimsy in their style routine. To create this look, one will need an undereye concealer, a white priming base, some cream or liquid blush, and their eyeshadow palette of choice. To begin, prime the concealer and white base on the face, working from the inner corner of the eye and blending out. Follow with a cream blush, and this will create the perfect base for your eye and maintain the vibrancy of the colors that are to be spread on top.

Siren Song

As we work our way into the fall season, one makeup trend that started gaining momentum at the tail end of the summer appears to be spilling over. The siren’s eye is a technique first shown by TikTok influencer @DanielleMarcan. A polar opposite to the innocent doe eye, the siren technique elongates the liner, opening the eye to create a sultry gaze on the wearer. To construct the siren effect, eyeliner is taken outwards from the inner and outer corners of the eye giving birth to this reimagined cat eye. Enter your villain era with confidence, as the siren’s eye will enchant all who come in contact.

108 October 2022

Party Like It’s 1999 (ish)

The year moves on, but the appeal of Y2K is here to stay. Rock gems were in the public eye this summer, and why not? With the summer packed full of expressive social events from festivals to beach outings, it makes sense that people would be looking for the accessory that’d up their hair game. In comes “The Blinger.”

A take on the 2000s hit “The Bedazzler,” the device takes adhesive gems and attaches said gems to the hair with a simple, painless click. You no longer have to bend over the table to bedazzle your hair the old fashion way.

So Fresh and So Clean

A fresh-looking makeup trend we’ve seen is the clean girl makeup. The blueprint of many POC childhoods inspires this look with a style that embraces minimalism to create a fresh and lightweight appearance. Achievement of this look takes skin prep and sleek hair as a priority. Bust out the essences and serums because this is their time to shine. The purpose of this technique is to highlight fresh-faced beauty, while a touch of liquid blush and bronzer will give the face a sun-kissed tone with a just jogged-to-class flush. The final piece to this look is the taming of flyaway hair and unruly brows. Add oil to slick back wild locks to enhance details of the face while a brow gel sculpt brows into place. Pair this look with some neutral tones or even a nice blazer, all styles slated to be on trend this fall season.

Curl Upto Crease Shadow

This final TikTok makeup look of the ever-growing trends is one anyone with an eyelash curler can accomplish. A technique adopted by a plethora of beauty influencers, such as @lenkalul, whose video at the time of this piece was sitting at 3 million likes, the once single-use eyelash curler has found another use in the construction of the perfect cut crease shadow. To recreate this stylish look, one merely needs an eyelash curler and a shadow of their preferred color )for many black and brown shades have proven to be a safe go-to). Once the tools have been collected, rest the flat edge of the device upon the closed lid. Using your brush, trace a line across the device edge along the crease. When you’ve completed the top half of the crease, fan a second line from the outer corner of the eye to meet the upper crease to form an effortless winged eye. Probably the easiest of the looks on this list, this look will compliment any outfit one might have planned. 109 October 2022

Wellness Tips for Better Beauty (For Free!)

October 2022

The best things in life are free, as are some of the best beauty and wellness tips we can offer. More often than not, beauty lies in a person’s confidence in themselves that takes personal growth to achieve.

Not to worry, or wrinkle!

Check out our list of natural beauty habits that will expand and enhance your sense of self at zero cost to your wallet.

Be Nice to Yourself

Beauty starts from within, and you’ll feel your best if you treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. Maintain your mental, physical, and emotional health by incorporating self care into your daily regimen. Whether it’s going to bed half an hour early, drinking more water, or reminding yourself that you are strong and capable, a little bit of self kindness goes a long way.

Go Outside

Allow yourself to be inspired by the natural beauty of our desert environment while also getting your blood flowing and fresh air in your lungs. From sunbathing and hiking, to taking a walk or doing outdoor yoga, there’s nothing like the glow of natural light and the feeling of wind going through your hair.

Eat Well

As always, quality is better than quantity and your body deserves the best quality. Consider moderation over restriction when it comes to indulgent foods, and reward yourself for your mindfulness. Maintaining proper nutrition improves physical and emotional health that allow you to take on the world.

Allow Yourself Re

Your body restores and regenerates during sleep, hence the name “beauty sleep.” Lack of sleep can disrupt your circadian rhythm that can result in altered eating

habits, irritability, fatigue, and have damaging effects on your skin. Make sure to rest in a quiet and well-ventilated room to enhance sleep hygiene.


Build-up of dirt, oils, and dead skin can dull a person’s natural glow, while also leaving them susceptible clogged pores. Exfoliating -- followed by a moisturizer -- ensures your skin stays clean and hydrated, which will ultimately help you look and feel your best in your own skin.

Stand-Up Straight

Proper posture makes all the difference. Think about how you’re reading this article: are you hunched over your phone screen? Curled up on the couch holding the magazine? Relax your shoulders and hold your head up high for an instant beauty pick-me-up. Engage your back, stomach, and shoulder muscles through stretching or yoga to naturally lengthen and lift your whole body.

D nk Less Alcohol

Boozy beverages can wreak havoc on your skin and internal organs, and no one ever felt gorgeous with a hangover. As with most things, moderation is key. Opt for waters between cocktails and be sure to practice your skin care routine after late nights.

Read More

There’s so much to be said about a beautiful mind. Take a break from the endless news cycles and indulge in fiction, poetry, or photography to open your mind and allow your imagination to wander.


Although some run at the first mention of smile lines, people are naturally attracted to happy people. Allow yourself time with friends, family, or alone to engage in activities that make you smile. A joyous life is the most beautiful of all. October 2022

This August, Minski Inc.celebrated its first anniversary,

where guests toasted to the continued success of the company. Minski Inc. is El Paso’s new up-and-coming tech company leading a software platform into the home improvement space. | Photos provided by: MINSKI INC. |
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El Paso’s own fashion designers from Imperial Legacy

kicked-off their most recent New York Fashion Week at home with a preview show at Poke Bar West. The fashion show featured local modeling talent, as well as special guests international recording artist Matt U Johnson and reality tv stars Jibri and Miona Bell from “90 Day Fiancé.”

116 scene 117 scene

Guests gathered at The Manor at Ten Eleven for a very special September launch party in memory of a very special person. Dede Rogers was a beloved member of the community -- and the very first member of The Manor -who is greatly missed and will never be forgotten. scene
| Photos by: ORLANDO SAPIEN |

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