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Who is the beautiful cover woman modeling with a stethoscope?

Meet Pam Agullo: A woman of substance, ambition, gifted, inspiring, a community leader, philanthropist, a role model!

This woman has created a unique and special platform unlike any other. She grew up in Mexico City where she attended a private British school learning English as her second language. She faced the grueling hardships of medical school, a world that is still predominately male-dominated. Met and married her husband in her final years of medical school, gave birth to three children, and set a career/life path of hard work and accomplishment. To know this woman is to know her intelligence, she’s feminine yet smart, and she has no problem upsetting the status quo because she isn’t there just to look pretty. She’s a seasoned professional who navigates all her brands with composure and confidence.

In this cover editorial, she speaks openly about the balance of life, marriage, children, managing her husband’s (the internationally famed plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Agullo) medical office, and managing her own brand which has extended beyond her medical license to a brand she once only dreamed of.

She’s a smart woman who surrounds herself with and cultivates an awesome, kind, and thriving environment. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that we’re capable of just about anything: medical school, navigating and cultivating a husband’s brand, his medical practice, modeling, all this while juggling families, households, and the most important job, that of motherhood.

Yes, she’s a bad ass and she reminds women everywhere that we’ve come a long way, baby!

Heroes come in all forms, and the definition of heroes varies, but I have no doubt you will agree with me that my dear friend Cindy, and her husband Joe are true heroes. I have always been in awe of Cindy, and the more I knew of her life story, the more in awe I became. If you haven’t had the privilege of getting to know Cindy Bilbe, President of Stewart Title, the wife to hubby Joe, the mother to Lauren, and the “Gui” to a very special young man, William. William lived with the Bilbe family for 6 years, as she and Joe had legal custody of William when his maternal ladies, (both mother and aunt) were both taken by the ugly “C” word, cancer, leaving William without a mother figure. His birth father Ray, known as “Papa,” shared both the love and equal interest in William’s well-being and care, but it was the Bilbe family who took on the responsibility for a young man, who wasn’t born to their family, but, was fortunate of being born to one of Cindy’s best friend’s daughter.

Time steals mothers and grandmothers, and as her friend’s days were numbered, she asked Cindy to make a promise to keep William out of an institution, a promise this hero of a woman kept. You see William was a special young man, he was severely handicaped and non- verbal, to say the least he was a handful. I must ask myself how many of us would have taken on this very large, responsibility that would change their lives forever, don’t answer that question, most of us would bow our head and come up with all the excuses on why we couldn’t fulfill such a task. Take a moment to get to know this amazing woman, you will be blessed by her presence, by her laughter, and by her love. There is a new definition added to the Webster Dictionary… Cindy Bilbe…the definition of this new name reads like this… Cin*dy meaning /cindy/ adjective one who is concerned more with the needs of another more than one’s own;

having little or no concern for oneself when in regards to fame, position, money; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person; a warm personal attachment, a deep affection; compassion, a sympathetic concern for others; giving of oneself when there is no one left to give; the ultimate sacrifice and definition of true love; Enjoy this magazine as you read about the amazing people, we call our neighbors and our friends. I’d love to hear from you, your thoughts on our stories, your thoughts on El Paso, and yes, your story ideas. Let me hear from you, your voice is important to me.


From the
“Your voice matters. Let’s hear it. Scan the QR code to send audio advice to the editors."
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From the

Society has been drawn to heroes for as long as we’ve been telling stories. From characters throughout literature in Homeric and Arthurian legends, to those with superhuman strength, bravery, and other out-of-this-world qualities. But often, there are more heroes among us than we might expect.

Anais Nin wrote that “life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s bravery” and let me tell you that we have an expansive collection of outstanding El Pasoans whose bravery is expressed and reflected every day. Although many of them are much too modest to say so themselves, I’m thrilled to sing for the unsung heroes of El Paso who encourage us to be a little bit braver, a little more heroic, or a little bit better every day.

Take cover star Pam Agullo, for example. She’s a physician and philanthropist with an exquisite sense of fashion, who is also an animal advocate. Getting to know Pam taught me how she uses her platform to raise awareness of issues she cares about and the power of connection.

In this issue you’ll get to know a coterie of El Pasoans who go above and beyond to improve quality of life for others. Like Cindy Bilbe and her family, who selflessly cared for a friend’s son with special needs, who taught the family the power of love. We also get a peek inside Iris Lopez’s vision for her non profit. Iris is a well-known media personality who’s enriching and empowering the lives of young women in the Borderland with one powerful mantra: “Mija, yes you can.” The power of believing in yourself and community are also found in the pages of Dr. Heydemann’s editorial and the life-changing work he’s been doing with FEMAP on both sides of the border.

Heroes, sometimes, need rescuing as well.

As always, I’m excited to highlight animal El Pasoans and this issue includes not one -- but two -- stories on very special pit bulls. From Batman, the senior dog who went missing last Christmas Eve and was returned to his family by an El Pasoan eight months later, to Mahana, the homeless pregnant momma who birthed 15 puppies before being rescued by Pawsitive Rescuers of El Paso.

In addition to putting together a magazine, we’re also fighting hunger! We’ve partnered with the amazing people at El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank to assemble some of the city’s hunger fighting heroes to encourage others to donate time and resources to our local food bank. We’re also putting our best feet forward to support youth mentorships. On November 19th (my birthday!) Chaz and Mari -- our esteemed Director of Sales and Operations Manager -- will be competing in “Dance for Kids’ Sake” with Big Brothers Big Sisters in a dance competition that’s as important as it is entertaining.

Every issue highlights the solidarity and compassion that our great community exudes, and I hope the stories in these pages inspire you to continue being your best selves, inspire acts of kindness, and connect us more closely with each other.

“Your voice matters. Let’s hear it. Scan the QR code to send audio advice to the editors."
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Everyday Heroes

Among Us

November 2022 www.thecitymagazineelp.com24
heroes are not born, they are made.

It takes courage to put on the cape and sport the “S.” Super powers are not just for Batman or Thor. We all have a hero or we are one (and it is okay if you are still tapping into the traits that set you apart). It is said “heroes are not born, they are made.”

Just 20 seconds of mad courage is the push all some need. Bravery can assuredly drive someone to a place they might never have arrived at otherwise. Courage does not always have the loudest voice, either.

Positivity can charge us towards a better now and a greater tomorrow.

At some point, we have all met fear. It is what we do when confronted with fear that can change the direction in our lives, as well as those close to us. The feeling we experience is being scared; the action of what we choose to do with that feeling can lead us to a braver version of ourselves.

able to better assist others, instead of running away or freezing when confronted with a problem. Extensive (or just basic preparation) can also further help us handle controversy -especially if you have never had to deal with a certain emergency.

Researchers have found heroic behavior as being attributed with compassion and empathy.

World-renowned psychologist Philip Zimbardo believes we all have an inner hero. Being surrounded by people who are quick to dive-in to help others who may find themselves drowning – in any state and place in life – are valuable individuals. These are the kind of friends, parents, employees, bosses, etc. we should all be striving to be. When we genuinely esteem the safety and well-being of those around us, we are more inclined to develop compassion and empathy.

vital. There is a common denominator amongst most heroes. Each one seemingly appreciates where they have been rooted, allowing them to work towards securing a better place for the next generations. Simply put, the hero in us is not for us. It is bigger than ourselves. It is about the lives we each impact, along with future generations depending on our legacy.

Our everyday challenges may seem ordinary. Yet, how we pull out the courage to do what is right in those instances allows us to help others in need. To use the pressures we face for the positive is simply enough. Being thankful for the hardships and pulling others up along the way without expecting anything in return is the ultimate example of selflessness.

Most, if not all, have likely faced a crisis in life. The type of crisis is not what impacts us, but how we handle it. Expertise and training is certainly beneficial when it comes to being

Flourishing in our exceptionalism, though, starts with one thing: gratitude.

Appreciating your surroundings, no matter how challenging your world may be, is

We each have a purpose whether it be saving a life as a surgeon or bagging someone’s groceries. All of us have the potential of making a wonderful contribution. The massive difference we can make lies within. Becoming aware of our gifts allows us to achieve a tremendous impact for a better self and a lovelier world. 25 November 2022
Positivity can charge us towards a better now and a greater tomorrow.

Everyday, there are people who risk their lives for the sake of others. We think of true heroes typically as those in uniform such as firefighters, nurses, doctors, paramedics, police, social workers and soldiers. Yet, it is the number of unsung heroes which make up the rest of the population around us.

If you were the passerby who came to a halt at the scene of an accident to help the driver out from the wreckage, thank you. Maybe you are a single parent managing to hold down two jobs and still teaching your child to befriend mine who is a little shier than yours. For that, I thank you.

If you are a spouse caring for your disabled partner or a military husband or wife making your own sacrifices with no days off, you are appreciated. Perhaps you are an amputee choosing to not dwell on the things you can no longer do, but rather finding ways to do the things you want to do, knowing you are admired. The challenges we face in life have the capability of molding us in the end.

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Extraordinary people are all around us. They are the ones possessing a wisdom and manner of being that encourages and commands admiration. It is those people who attract others with their energy filled with wisdom and empathy. Whether it be your buddy, peers, your boss, neighbor, counselor or those leading us, be thankful for them as they fill up your heart, your life and this world.

Studies have shown practicing gratitude allows a person to not only handle stress better, but actually rewires the brain. Being thankful and expressing gratitude releases dopamine, too. When we are grateful, we feel good. Even greater, good feelings influence compassion, are contagious and can lead to being more courageous.

November 2022

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November 2022
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Inside Iris’ Vision for

El Pa’s Mias
30 November 2022

ever underestimate the ability of a determined woman, whether she’s younger, older, experienced or inexperienced when a woman is determined to get something done,” says Iris Lopez.

She’s someone who practices what she preaches.

Lopez is a native El Pasoan and journalist who attended Montwood High School then studied at UTEP, majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in Spanish. Today, she’s a well-known on-air radio personality at KISS-FM, digital content creator, and advocate for mental health awareness and women’s empowerment. In addition to her role as a local public figure, Lopez has served as a proud board member of NAMI of El Paso and she was recently named the 2022 recipient of the NAMI Texas Betty Fulenwider Media Award. This award is given annually to an individual for accurately covering stories on mental health, reporting the injustices those with mental illnesses face, and sharing the successes in the mental health field. She is the founder and executive director of Mija, Yes You Can, a nonprofit organization that empowers girls and women across the Borderland.

“It’s about overcoming obstacles -- big or small -- and never giving up, regardless of how many ‘No’s’ or how many times people say ‘You can’t do this.’ I like to say ‘watch me’ and prove people wrong,” says Lopez.

The organization was created after Lopez noticed fellow women reporters were struggling to find their voices within the (still) predominantly male media industry that coincided with a moment when women needed additional emotional support in an uncertain world.

If women in the media were challenged, Lopez thought women in other industries were likely also feeling similarly strained and in need of camaraderie. For there is power in numbers and strength in the solidarity of sisterhood.

November 2022 “N

“Mija, yes you can. ”

November 2022

“I started it the week before the pandemic hit,” she recalls. “It was going to launch on International Women’s Day, March 8th. At the beginning, I would just blog about people. I would ask women to share their stories with me. And then I realized that nonprofits needed help, too. We weren’t a certified nonprofit yet. We were just raising funds,” she explains.

Lopez identified the need for a platform that would encourage women, and adapted the adage she grew up hearing and believing from her family when it came to ambition and

achievement: “Mija, yes you can.”

Lopez works to motivate, inspire, and lead her ‘Mijas’ by example -- but it takes grit, endorphins, and a nap to achieve.

“I’ll wake up around three-thirty in the morning to get ready for my on-air shift at the radio station,” she says. “I get in; we prep our show; we’re on-air from six to ten; and after, that I go to the gym, then I come home. And I require a nap,” she says. “Then I pickup my son after school and we’ll just hang out at home.”

Even though she’s typically done with her ift before noon, that doesn’t mean her work is done. Lopez enjoys participating in local school events and activities to speak to young students about the Mija project.

“I say I’m single for a reason because I am really passionate about what I do and I spend most of my free time working or with my son,” she laughs.

The Mija project shot to prominence during the early days of the pandemic with the help of social media disseminating the message one post, like, and share at a time. Now, the organization is able to provide scholarships, host programming like financial literacy conferences, and collaborate with fellow local nonprofit organizations like El Pasoans Fighting Hunger and GiGi’s Playhouse.

Additionally, the Mija project is bridging a gap that now cultivates mentorship and success at an early age.

“Young girls need motivation and if they see older women, and they see their path, they’re like, ‘Oh my god, I can do that’,” says Lopez. “I didn’t see anyone like me on TV when I was growing up. So when I came out to talk about my mental illness -- my anxiety -people in the community were like ‘Oh, she’s real,” and everyone was more open.”

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that anxiety disorders are the most common and pervasive mental disorders in the U.S. Anxiety disorders are characterized by extreme fear and worry that include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder or panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and more.

Lopez is candid about how a career in broadcast journalism affected her mental health from working graveyard shifts that disrupted her circadian rhythm to the anxietyinducing pressure that being an on-air talent can impose.

But she knows a thing or two about perseverance and doing whatever it takes to survive.

“As simple and corny as it sounds, never giving up. When I had my son I could have given up and just not finished school, but I knew I had to do it for him,” she says. “And the fact that I didn’t give up is the reason why I’m here. I still have my challenges now, life’s not perfect, but I know that it’s leading me to something bigger. My story’s not done yet and I’m excited to see the next chapter. But for now, I’m enjoying this and just not giving up.”

34 (915) 300-0603 Stuff your stocking with our high-quality CBD products! 5901 N. Mesa El Paso, TX 79912 Visit today and feel the difference November 2022
“Young girls ed mivation and if they s older women, and they s their path, they’re like, ‘Oh my god, I can do that’.”

Some of Lopez’s most memorable triumphs are the relationships she’s developed within the community, like the young El Pasoans who are introduced to her as children who remember her later as teens and young adults.

“I did a Sunday Funday a few years ago where I met some little girls,” she remembers. “Years later, I was at an event for the radio station and they popped up and they were like, ‘Do you remember us?’ And I was just like, ‘Oh my god, you were little and now you’re like, this big.’”

“They remember that their story was told and they’re still doing amazing things,” she adds.

The Mija project’s success continues to inspire Lopez and indicates that her vision for empowerment and advocacy is coming to fruition.

“I love telling the stories of our community,” she says. “And of women, especially, because I think when other women are able to relate to each other, then they’re able to see, ‘Oh, if they can do it; maybe we can do it, too.”

Of course they can.
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November 2022
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Celebrating Hometown

www.thecitymagazineelp.com38 November 2022

For many years, especially throughout the 1980s and 90s, El Paso experienced a brain drain. This type of intellectual emigration is the loss of human capital in search of a better standard of living.

But things have changed.

The plight was chronicled in the August 2013 New York Times article, “Many Young El Pasoans Find They Can Go Home Again,” by Julian Aguilar. The return of those lost to bigger cities has led to more interesting things to do in El Paso, and more interest in helping our community.

With so many organizations that need help, it’s important to recognize those who do that work.

A hero is someone who is “admired for their great deeds or fine qualities.” Heroes are those who save lives, overcome extreme obstacles, or fight for a cause. I like to also think of heroes as those who improve the lives of others. When I think of heroes, I think of people who have done good for the world.

I have personal heroes who have helped and inspired me in my life, and they have all come from my time here in El Paso. I like to recognize our own and the great things our local heroes do for this city.

Most people say they want to do more, but do they act on it? I have met quite a few people in El Paso who I find heroic in their natural tendency to help others above and beyond expectation. There are people out

there who have made giving aid, guidance, and support a part of their normal daily lives, and I have been lucky to get to know a few of them.

Moving back to El Paso I met friends Wayne Hilton and Floyd Johnson who brought me on as a board member for Border AIDS Partnership, El Paso’s HIV/AIDS focused non-for-profit. This is a cause I feel deeply about from my experience growing up in the 80s during the height of the AIDS crisis and seeing the devastation to the community, a common aspect to all the board’s involvement. I discovered that the amount of work this organization does is remarkable.

Fellow members include Maya Sanchez, City Administrator for San Elizario, Penny Nevarez 39
November 2022
A hero is someone who is “admired for their great deeds or fine qualities.”

who works with multiple groups like the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation, with Hilton and Johnson as the longest-tenured members.

Hilton is currently the president of the board for Border AIDS Partnership and the PrEP Programming Consultant for the health clinic,

Centro San Vicente. His focus is on HIV prevention and AIDS care for the people of El Paso and the Southwest. His love for El Paso can also be seen in his historic tours of downtown, as a walking excursion, or on the fabulous street cars as a hop-on/ hop-off outing.

MASSAGE | FACIALS | WAXING 664 Sunland Park Dr. STE 200 El Paso, TX 79912 SUNLAND PARK PLACE FREE MASSAGE OR FACIAL SCAN HERE to sign up for a chance to win YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN A November 2022 The people of this city make us great. “El Paso Strong”

Hilton came to Border Aids Partnership as an artist in its annual art gala, Spotlight. The Border AIDS Partnership Spotlight Art Auction is the organization’s biggest event of the year and has become an El Paso annual go-to party. The gala was the idea of Johnson, board member and previous board president. As an art enthusiast, Johnson conceived of the auction as an exhibition to showcase the talent of local artists while raising money for the organization. His idea was also to create an annual art event for El Paso that reached out to artists, patrons, and people looking for an entertaining evening out on the town.

The Spotlight Art auction has featured a long list of notable artists such as Gaspar Enriquez, Benjamin Alire Saenz, and Suzi Davidoff.

Last year they featured artwork by international artist Sandeep Mukherjee, a Guggenheim Fellowship recipient who is included in distinguished collections such as the MOMA in New York and the MOCA in Los Angeles. The organization has other fun and entertaining events throughout the year such as AIDS Walk El Paso, and Dining Por Vida.

The people of this city make us great. “El Paso Strong” is our motto and there are plenty of examples of our strength in our community. Those who can help to create a dynamic and secure support system give the residents of this city the opportunities to improve and thrive, whether it be through a charity, a new restaurant, or a strong public advocate.

The members of Border AIDS Partnership of El Paso are surely community heroes for their dedication in serving and supporting HIV/AIDS prevention and care. The annual Spotlight Art Auction will be held on December 3rd at the El Paso Community Foundation Room.
GOLD WINNER BES T ITALIAN 2019 2018 2014 2013 November 2022

The Cards We’re Dealt Honoring Texas LGBTQ+ Heroes

November 2022

As the El Paso Borderland’s only LGBTQ+ community center, The Borderland Rainbow Center and the queer community involved have developed many engaging programs and projects to uplift members and their voices. One of their biggest and most popular projects has been the launch of their LGBTQ+ Heroes Playing Cards Project.

With its initiation in 2021, after securing a grant that would help fund the project, the Borderland Rainbow Center kicked off their first deck titled the “LGBTQ+ Border Heroes Playing Cards,” which featured an initiative with the local queer community to nominate local LGTBQ+ Heroes and advocates within the El Paso borderland,Las Cruces,Ciudad Juarez, and surrounding areas. This initiative aimed to bring visibility to the stories of those heroes in an effort to reduce uplift the queer community.

Community members were engaged to nominate queer heroes who have made an impact in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights and visibility. Through the community’s nominations, many activists, advocates, and organizations were brought forward to have their likeness presented on a deck of 54 playing cards under the title “LGBTQ+ Border Heroes Playing Cards.”

With their nominations in place, the BRC then reached out to local El Paso artists to illustrate the portraits of these heroes for the card decks that would then set the stage for the project’s goal:giving the community an interactive educational resource that provides insight into LGBTQ+ history while also bringing continuous awareness to a community in need.

With the overwhelming success and popularity of the Border Heroes Deck, the BRC expanded their initiative to create a second deck titled “LGBTQ+ Texas Heroes.”

Like the original deck, this second deck features advocates, activists, and organizations from around the state of Texas that have made huge impacts on LGBTQ+ visibility and activism. Through the research executed by the BRC team and their Board of Directors, community members who purchase this second deck get to learn all about the heroes whose advocacy and activism has reached far beyond the El Paso borderland.

To kick off the release of their second deck, the BRC held a special exhibition at the El Paso Museum of History on September 24th. Led by BRC staff, the event offered a table for visitors to learn more about the center and even purchase both decks of the playing cards. 43 November 2022

PFLAG also represented with their own information table to offer even more resources and support to families and friends of the LGBTQ+ community. Many community members came to witness the center’s kickoff and hear guest speakers that featured two of the heroes from the deck.

The first hero to be featured was Sara Harb Quiroz, whose story was told by Debi Nathan, who had first interviewed Quiroz in the early days of her story. Quiroz’s grandson was also present to speak on behalf of his elderly grandmother and voice his appreciation of her story being told.

Quiroz, 91, was at the forefront of the fight against the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s (INS) homophobic and sexist discrimination policies through the early 60s. With the passing of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, many immigrants coming into the United States were often detained or deported if officials felt they displayed a “psychopathic personality,” November 2022

Honoring Texas LGBTQ+ Heroes

which the law defined at the time to include “homosexuals and sex perverts.”

With such a controversial and exclusive policy in place, many were falsely accused of psychopathic personalities, whether they identified as gay or not, or even being labeled as prostitutes. Quiroz’s story comes into play

when a Border Patrol agent detained her and questioned her sexuality despite already being a permanent resident of the United States.

Quiroz was coerced into signing an affidavit because she “looked like a lesbian” due to wearing trousers and her hair short.

Despite having psychologists and experts speaking on behalf of Quiroz with her own testimony, the courts still ruled that she had not been “cured” of homosexuality and was to be forcibly removed from her home in the United States.

46 November 2022

Hearing Quiroz’s story from Debi Nathan and testimony from Quiroz’s grandson, Jaime Harb, those in attendance were captivated by the injustice that was served. With most of Quiroz’s family present, they were able to take a picture with an enlarged portrait of their grandmother’s card from the deck.

Of the many other heroes honored in the deck, one of the other heroes present, Jennifer Dahlgren, was able to present on her experience as a Deaf-Queer advocate and educator. Through her work and her contributions to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing services at the BRC, Dahlgren works to lift up minority voices within the Deaf/HH and LGBTQ+ community.

Both Sara Quiroz’s and Jennifer Dahlgren’s portraits were illustrated by local artist Sarahummingbird Johnsen.

The card’s reverse side also features a QR code which, when scanned, redirects the holder to the BRC’s LGBTQ+ Heroes website. The website offers a closer look at each of the portraits on the cards, as well as insight into the heroes featured on them, along with interactive activities and shareable curriculum the community can use to help spread positive LGBTQ+ awareness and visibility.

The LGBTQ+ community is still working to continue to dispel stigma. Thankfully, many activists and organizations continue to put in the hard work to make sure that the rights and visibility of the queer community are upheld. With an initiative as engaging and educational as these playing cards, the Borderland Rainbow Center continues to offer many educational resources and support for the El Paso queer community. November 2022
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Healthcare Professionals

The health of El Paso is in the hands of healthcare providers throughout the city who work to maintain and restore physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This month, we’re showcasing healthcare professionals who are as dedicated to the community as they are committed to enhancing quality of life for each client.

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE

1122 Montana Ave, El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 307-5796

Alfredo H. Arellano

The human mind is our most powerful organ. It will affect our sense of self, our relationships, work and ability to succeed or fail. We must therefore promote brain health for our brain to help us excel in all areas of our life. Our slogan says it all: Healing Minds Helping Hearts. When we heal our mind, we help our hearts. At Alfredo H. Arellano PMHCNS-BC, PA, we are not just an outpatient psychiatric clinic. We offer the “total package” of services to assist in the diagnosing and treatment of Adolescent (12-17 years) and Adult mental health illnesses. I want to share with you, our story.

I have been in the practice of mental health for the past thirty-two years. My goal has been to bring to the 915 the most advanced and research based mental health treatments. Consequently, we are the only clinic to provide comprehensive, in-house treatment modalities. These include psychiatric evaluations, diagnostic testing, medication management and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Besides a comprehensive evaluation, we offer neuropsychological testing, psychological (personality) testing, brain mapping and electro-encephalogram (EEG) to assist us in confirming your diagnoses. We have a list of outpatient providers that we refer for psychotherapy. We advocate patient education and I want

to share with you “all the menu options not just the appetizers” when you come in for an evaluation. Treatment options exist and it is our duty to educate you on what those are and what we recommend.

One of our most successful treatments in which we specialize in is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), an FDA approved outpatient treatment with little to no side effects and no use of medications for Major Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Migraines. Thirty-six treatments, 19 minutes each, Monday thru Friday for about nine weeks and you will see results in your mood, attention, concentration, memory, multi-tasking, creativity and inhibition and judgement! No medications, little if any side effects and your brain is reset and confidence is increased.

Arthur Fletcher said, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.” By neglecting our mental health, we are choosing to place our body, relationships, work and loved ones at risk for failure. There is no shame in seeking help. We are here to help and offer the most comprehensive evaluations and up to date treatments for mental health disorders.

Alfredo H. Arellano PMHCNS-BC, Healing Minds, Helping Hearts!

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE Alfredo H. Arellano

Access Allergy & Immunology

Providers: Todd Funkhouser, MD, PhD Glenda Cardona, MPAS, PA-C Ana Serna, MPAS, PA-C Kimberly Joshi, MPAS, PA-C Laura Herrera, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, CPI

By phone: west (915) 303 5522, east (915) 444-8394, northeast (915)751-1152 Online: accessallergy&

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE

Access Allergy & Immunology

Access Allergy & Immunology is locally owned by board certified allergist, Todd Funkhouser MD, PhD. We have three locations in El Paso, east, northeast and west. We have five medical providers supported by an outstanding caring and supportive staff.

Access Allergy & Immunology opened to the people of El Paso in January 2016. Access Allergy was born from a perspective, shaped by a vision, and driven by passion. We have a perspective that El Pasoans deserve more. El Pasoans should have access to high quality care delivered in a pleasant and professional environment. Local residents should not have to leave town to receive exceptional specialty care. We knew this could only be accomplished by having gifted, welltrained providers, staff bringing a depth of experience, and a love for people as we envisioned the clinic.

We know and have seen that people with compromised quality of life, due to allergies, asthma or immune disorders, do not have to live this way. We are driven by the results that come from listening to patients, understanding them, aligning them with the best means of diagnosis, really identifying causation of their illness, and then developing a plan that will improve their health so that they can get back to enjoying life.

At Access Allergy & Immunology, our patients love our providers and staff. In the process of getting you healthy, we also recognize the demands of your life and the value of your time. We prioritize getting you seen as soon as possible, minimizing your wait time. We strive to keep things very personable and pleasant.

We see as many children as we do adults. Whatever your family may need related to allergies, asthma, immunology, please contact us for more information.

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE

Foot and Ankle Partners of El Paso

Dr. Sean O’Meara and Dr. Rebecca Rosado of Foot & Ankle Partners of El Paso planted its roots in our community in February of 2013. Dr. O’Meara is a native Alaskan while Dr. Rosado returned home to her roots here in El Paso. More recently, the founders of Foot & Ankle Partners of El Paso welcomed two new physicians, Dr. Mariano Sapien and Dr. Sean Kennedy. Dr. Sapien is a native El Pasoan while Dr. Kennedy returns to Texas after completing his training in California. The Board Certified Foot and Ankle physician group currently serves the entire El Paso and New Mexico regions. Together, the group shares over forty years of combined experience. Foot & Ankle Partners of El Paso is honored and excited to be celebrating their upcoming ten-year anniversary March of 2023.

The practice offers a host of surgical and non-surgical treatments in treating the foot and ankle. The physicians care for work-related injuries, sports injuries, and overuse syndromes of the foot and ankle. They believe in safe, predictable wound-care/limb salvaging techniques. They are trained in the newest advances in corrective surgery of the foot and ankle including Lapiplasty, minimally invasive (small incision) bunion surgery and 4D bunion correction. Dr. O’Meara and Dr. Sapien has a special interest and skill in performing CT guided total ankle replacement for those who suffer from debilitating ankle arthritis. Currently, he is the only foot and ankle physician and surgeon providing this service to our area. The groups scope of practice

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE

includes the elderly patient, the pediatric patient and everything in between. Their presence goes beyond the clinic walls and spans into patient hospital rooms at all hospital facilities in town.

“It is a privilege and a joy to supply our community with individual and personalized foot and ankle medical attention” Rosado said. The practice delivers consistent and advanced foot and ankle care in three modern and convenient office clinic locations. “Our Mission is to provide the best Foot and Ankle Care in the community of El Paso.”

Foot and Ankle Partners of El Paso

1397 George Dieter Dr. Ste. A El Paso, Texas 79936 7300 Remcon Circle, Ste. 100 El Paso, Texas 79912 10870 Gateway North, Ste. A El Paso, Texas 79924 (915) 503-2020

Photographed by:

Village Medical

Value-based primary care in your neighborhood, dedicated to making healthcare accessible, personal, and coordinated in all aspects: this is Village Medical. Our company was founded on a simple, bold mission: To change the face of primary care in the United States and ultimately deliver the best primary care on the planet. Our solution is to dedicate resources to primary care where they make the most impact on patient health outcomes, and ultimately lower costs across the board. Here at Village, we combine tools, technology, and teamwork to allow patients to have more quality care, time, and attention from their primary care provider. This team-based approach allows for happier, healthier patients. Village Medical currently serves over 1.6 million patients in 250+ markets across the United States. Operating in areas where care is most needed; cities, suburbs, and rural areas: this means access to

primary care for our patients almost anytime, anywhere. Many of our Village Medical practices are located alongside Walgreens pharmacies, bringing our exceptional team-based approach even closer to home. Our vast selection of locations, Walgreens partnership, as well as resources like virtual and at-home visits have delivered on our goal to provide more equitable patient access to quality healthcare. Village Medical is changing the face of primary care by providing and coordinating all the details to provide more complete, well-rounded care and healthier patients.

Village Medical

550 S Mesa Hills Dr., Ste. C3 El Paso, Texas 79912

(915) 295-0344

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE

Advanced Ultrasound Care

Advanced Ultrasound Care is a fully dedicated ultrasound imaging facility offering a wide variety of ultrasounds such as abdominal, pelvic, obstetrical (OB), thyroid, testicular, prostate, veins, arteries, and the heart. Advanced Ultrasound Care features a modern boutique feel with its warm, calm and inviting atmosphere and its tasteful décor. It is one of the highest rated imaging facilities in the city boasting a 5-star Google rating with over 120 reviews currently. “We are extremely proud of our reviews because these are real patients with real experiences at our facility and you can tell that our patients are the priority” said Cassandra Lawson, cofounder of Advanced Ultrasound Care.

Advanced Ultrasound Care was founded in 2017 by Brian and Cassandra Lawson. It started as an independent contracting company

which provided ultrasound services for various doctor’s offices in town. While continuing to service their contracted accounts, Brian and Cassandra decided to expand their operation and open the doors to an outpatient facility. Brian has been a sonographer for more than 18 years working in imaging centers, doctor’s offices and hospitals. “I’ve been able to take the good and bad from all the places I’ve worked and turn them into a better experience for our patients” said Brian Lawson, owner of Advanced Ultrasound Care.

Advanced Ultrasound Care is staffed by a qualified, nationally registered team of sonographers. All exams are interpreted by boardcertified radiologists and cardiologists with reports furnished to ordering providers within 24-48 hours.

Advanced Ultrasound Care 6955 N. Mesa, Suite 110 El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 283 4074

7878 Gateway Blvd. E., Suite #201 El Paso, Texas 79915 (915) 595-9916

Dr. Daniel Chavez

At Spinecare of El Paso, chiropractor Doctor Daniel Chavez serves the community with non-invasive spine care through a combination of traditional chiropractic techniques, as well as innovative treatment methods like spinal decompression.

“I’m a native El Pasoan who is here to serve the community and promote healthy lifestyles,” he says.

Chavez says that his upbringing in El Paso inspired a sense of responsibility to give back. He’s been serving the community as a chiropractor for the last eight years, where he works with a team of

staff members and physicians to distinguish between a multitude of spinal conditions to best serve patients.

When he isn’t busy caring for patients in El Paso, he enjoys international travel and sampling different ethnic cuisines.

His service to the Bordlerand has instilled a great sense of pride as well as a desire to expand his service region.

“Professionally, I’m most proud of being able to expand to other areas of Texas and New Mexico. Personally, I’m most proud of being able to help my friends and family, as well as the El Paso community in general.”

Photographed by: JAMIAH DANCIL Dr. Daniel Chavez Spinecare of El Paso

Vitanya Brain Performance Center

1760 Airway Blvd., Suite 104 El Paso, Texas 79925

(915) 603 - 3119

Vitanya Brain Performance Center

Vitanya is a Brain Performance Center which capitalizes on advances in brain science by using software and advanced technologies to balance the brain. We are non-medical, non-intrusive and do not use pharmaceuticals. We help the brain discover imbalances, find the solutions to them, and direct the brain to send these new signals instead of what it was sending previously. We deliver improved brain performance and mental resilience through a system of biocommunication, brain entrainment, and neuronutritional supplementation. The brain improves performance and optimizes body functions.

Our clients range in age from four to eighty-four years old. Our clients have reported improvements in anxiety, depression, stress, sleep quality, ADD/ADHD, autism, and PTSD, as well as improvements in executive functioning and overall quality of life. Mention this ad and we will explain our processes at your first session, which will be complimentary and not require a future commitment.

John and Irma came out of retirement to help others after seeing a short video of how the Vitanya program helped a war veteran reduce her post-traumatic stress disorder. The program helped the client manage other issues, as well.

Photographed by: JAMIAH DANCIL

Thrive Counseling and Wellness 710 N Campbell St. El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 999 - 9540

Thrive Counseling and Wellness

Lydia Kasmoch, Sarah Swafford and Hilary Hernandez opened their practice with two goals in mind: to provide a supportive workplace for therapists and to serve the mental health needs of the El Paso community.Since 2019, they have grown to a practice of seven clinicians and two receptionists.

El Paso is in a unique situation with mental healthcare: there are not enough providers to serve the communities’ needs.And since the COVID19 pandemic, record numbers of people are seeking counseling services.Increased demand and clinician shortages coupled with therapists leaving the profession due to poor pay and

high burnout leave even less providers available.Recognizing these systemic problems, Thrive’s founders began consulting practice owners in larger cities to bring a new kind of counseling experience to El Paso from which clients and clinicians both benefit.

Thrive serves individuals, couples and families of all ages. They offer assistance with relationship issues, boundaries, childhood tantrums, grief and loss, and trauma, to name a few.Working collaboratively with clients, treatment is tailored to meet each person or family’s unique needs.Thrive accepts most insurances and offers an equitable self-pay scale to fit any budget.Services available in person or telehealth, English or Spanish.

Courtesy of: KRISTINE


(915) 995-5586

Clarity Counseling Consultation and Wellness, LLC

Clarity Counseling Consultation and Wellness, LLC was founded in October 2019 by Cristal Martinez Acosta. Opening right before the pandemic and in response to the August 3, 2019 massacre in El Paso, Texas, Cristal sought to solve the issue of accessibility and flexibility in the virtual mental healthcare space. Since then, as a solo-practitioner, she has served scores of individuals seeking high quality online trauma treatment.

Cristal Acosta is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Approved Supervisor in the state of Texas. She has been in practice for over 11 years. As an El Paso Native she understands the importance of healing intergenerational trauma in the Borderland. She has

extensive experience in the treatment of children, adolescents, and families who have experienced traumatic events and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. In addition to clinical work, she provides custom tailored training to area professionals about mental health and trauma, teaches growing counselors in the UTEP Masters Counseling program, is the host and creator of the podcast called “Through the Eyes of a Therapist”, and is publishing a children’s book. To book services with Cristal, go to Cristalacosta or

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE Clarity Counseling Consultation and Wellness, LLC

Ananda Pilates and Wellness

Did you know you can improve your body’s strength and flexibility and increase your mental clarity and serenity in a safe, beautiful and welcoming environment right here in El Paso?

Betsy and Gilberto Arias, with more than 25 years of experience in Yoga and Pilates wanting to do their part to be a force for good in the El Paso community, opened Ananda the only studio since 2011 offering group and private classes and certification of Reformer Pilates, Ashtanga Yoga and a traditional, natural form of Japanese treatment called Reiki.

In 2022 Daniela Chisolm, a committed student who was trained and certified by Betsy and Gilberto, joined the Ananda team as co-owner and instructor.

At Ananda we are professionally trained and certified instructors that share the intention to focus on Your journey to improve strength, flexibility, mental clarity, serenity and emotional balance in a safe, welcoming and beautiful environment.

Ananda Pilates and Wellness

4737 Emory Rd. El Paso, Texas 79922

Call or TXT (915) 603-7700

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE

Dr. Paul Muñoz

Dedication and love for the community of El Paso are what drive chiropractor Dr. Paul Muñoz to serve locally.

“I am proud to have been serving the El Paso community for the past 18 years,” he says. “I am an El Paso native who graduated from Eastwood High school. I attended UTEP and graduated from UTSA with a BS is Biology and a minor in Chemistry.”

After graduating from UTSA, he attended graduate school at Texas Chiropractic College in Houston, where he earned his degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

“I felt the need to return to El Paso to help serve the community and bring chiropractic specialty services to the region,” he says.

Today, he reflects that one of his greatest accomplishments is being able to maintain and sustain his practice amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We treated first responders and law enformcent officers who desperately needed our services in order to help them continue their work,” he says.

“I continue to have a thriving practice that is committed to helping patients find relief from services. We offer Chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping and physical medicine,” he adds.

Dr. Muñoz is also the official chiropractor for UTEP Athletics, a role he’s held for the last 16 years, which he says allows him to help maintain the health of UTEP athletes.

Photographed Dr. Paul Muñoz
El Paso Doctors of Chiropractic 1624 Lee Trevino, Suite B El Paso, Texas 79936 (915) 598-2225

The Spine Institute of El Paso

Dr. Zachary Lovato is a spine surgeon in El Paso, Texas. Originally from Oklahoma, he graduated with honors from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2012, and moved to El Paso in 2018. Dr. Lovato has over 10 years of diverse clinical experience and takes pride in helping the El Paso Community while providing optimal care in his role at The Spine Institute of El Paso.

Dr. Lovato is specifically trained to manage and treat a wide variety of spine conditions and is a board certified in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Lovato completed an orthopedic surgery residency at Mercy St. Vincent’s Hospital in Toledo, Ohio as well as a spine surgery fellowship at Sonoran Spine Center in Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Lovato’s approach is led by patient-centered care with compassion and understanding that integrates his clinical expertise and advancements in medicine, as well as technology to ensure patient safety and recovery.

The Spine Institute of El Paso 1600 Medical Center Dr., Ste. 218 El Paso Texas 79902 (915) 910-1351

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE


of the Borderland Heroes

November 2022 70

stablished in 1987 by Ruben Garcia, Director of the Annunciation House, and Delia Gomez, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center (LAIAC) has helped over 40,000 migrants and refugees in their immigration journey throughout the years.

Today, as they continue to serve the local communities of Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, the center celebrates The Border Heroes Awards as a form of gratitude for the generosity of donors, volunteers, and community members.

“This is our 25th border heroes celebration and is basically a way for us to celebrate people that exemplify solidarity with the most vulnerable and that are standing up for human rights,” said Marisa Limon Garza, Executive Director of Las Americas immigrant Advocacy Center.

According to Limon Garza, the LAIAC board of directors of the nonprofit organization are the ones who set a survey for board members and staff to select those in the community who have gone the extra mile and showcase the values of the organization.

This year’s categories and recipients:

Linda Rivas, former LAIAC executive director, Border Hero: Award that recognizes an outstanding individual who embodies an unwavering commitment to social justice.

Sister Bea Donnellan, Border Heroes Legacy: Award that recognizes an individual’s outstanding service to the community over a significant period of time.

Benjamin Alire Saénz, award winning author, Border Hero Storyteller: A new category award that recognizes the storytellers of the borderland.

ENovember 2022 71

Sister Mary Kay Mahowald, Border Hero Volunteer of the year: Award that recognizes exemplary volunteer service.

The Border Heroes Awards is not only to celebrate the members of the community, but also serves as an opportunity for the people in both Juarez and El Paso to help migrants and refugees in their journeys to legal immigration.

“Knowing that not everyone has the time to volunteer nor be able to quit their job and become a lawyer, there are different ways to help,” Limon Garza said. “Having a conversation with our family members and elected officials about immigration that can really take a stand, work together and really pushback.”

The organization operates thanks to the generosity of community members and also receives different types of donations such as monetary, technology items, computers, legal pads etc.

November 2022
Knowing that not everyone has the time to volunteer nor be able to quit their job and become a lawyer, there are different ways to help. FRESH SEAFOOD AND STEAKS PREMIUM TROPICAL 130 Shadow Mountain Dr. El Paso, TX 79912 Monday - Thursday: 4:00pm - 10:00pm Friday - Saturday: 4:00pm - 11:00pm Sunday: 12:00pm - 10:00pm (915) 581-1392 Serving El Paso for over 40 Years
Celebrating Heroes of the Borderland

Limon Garza mentioned that while the organization focuses on helping migrants’ families, it is also critical for them to care for those who are part of their work team.

“We’re trying to always stay ahead of what the needs of our team, we have needs for, you know, just ways for people to be able to support the families that we work with, and we want to be able to do more of that,” Limon Garza said. “We’re really interested in supporting the well-being of the people that we have on our team. So really thinking about work-life balance, and trying to have psychosocial support for them, as well as the families of the people that we work with.”

Most recently, the center has seen a challenge in helping the dozens of migrants released in the streets of downtown back in September.

According to Limon Garza, thanks to a network of communities that go from the Annunciation House in El Paso to New York, Chicago and Washington DC, the center has been able to manage the migrant crisis.

“It’s been interesting to see what had been exclusively a border reality, becoming kind of a U.S. reality,” Limon Garza said. “People are having more empathy about what’s going on, so it’s been good in that sense.”

Ever since the pandemic, LAICA has remained cautious about their walk-in policies for the safety of its members. However, as things go back to normal, LAIAC is getting ready to open its doors to the public.

“We’d like for the community to know us, our doors are technically still closed physically, but we are not. We’re receiving very few people in the office, and we’re going to them, or meeting with them, you know, virtually,” Limon Garza said. “So it will be good to kind of open up and get back out into the community so we will go where we’re invited.” 73 November 2022
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74 Ali M. Nasur, M.D. Our mission is making communities healthier “We have your heart in the right place” (915) 249 - 4344 | 1840 Joe Battle Blvd. | El Paso, TX 79936 Call us today to book a healthier lifestyle. 75 November 2022 (915) 800-0011 WASHMANEP FROM EXPRESS WASHING... ... TO FULL DETAILING POLISH PAINT CORRECTION CERAMIC COATING DETAILING WAX AND SHINE STEAM CLEAN

of a Physician & Philanthropist Luxe Life

November 2022

From outside the red brick building, Pam Agullo and her team make their way to the doors with a Gucci roller bag and a single pull cart with clothing sealed within two zippered garment bags, save for a few colorful dresses peeking out from beneath. Walking into the space, they are greeted with the cool air of fans that have been running for an indeterminate amount of time, then everyone disperses to set up with a job to accomplish. Garments are placed upon the rack with one-two-three pairs of heels placed below, while an array of colorful makeup is set atop a beauty table with three individual mirrors.

Pam is a native of Mexico City who’s made El Paso her home along with her husband, Frank Agullo, AKA “Dr. Worldwide.” She is a multihyphenate, whose roles include physician, philanthropist, wife, mother, activist, and influencer. Growing up in Mexico City, she attended a private British grammar school before accomplishing her dream of being accepted into medical school.

As a young girl, becoming a doctor was topof-mind for Pam, but the accomplishment is one that few are aware of. Only a handful of El Pasoans, for example, know that there are two Dr. Agullos in the family. Pam often steps in at the couple’s business, Southwest Plastic Surgery, alongside her husband to keep her skills as a practitioner sharp.

On the day of our shoot, Pam emerges donning a plaid Gucci blazer -- a twin to one worn by Adele in a recent Vogue issue -- a pair of white pumps, and a belt with an intricate silver buckle, and steps onto the set. An outof-place orchid sits naturally upon the left side of her chest up to her shoulder, a reflection of attire worn in a high fashion magazine.

Pam was recently featured in the glossy pages of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, where she discussed the origins of her animal advocacy and how it led to continued conservation efforts, as well as serving as the President of the El Paso Zoological Society’s Board of Directors.

November 2022

She’s a woman who leads with love, from spending time with her family to giving back to the community.

“My husband and I own a thriving private medical practice through which we have been blessed and therefore have the opportunity to give back to our community in many different ways,” she told Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam.

The couple met in medical school, where they started out as friends and today enjoy successful careers, as well as busy social, family, and travel schedules.

“He knew everything about me before our first date because we already knew each other from classes in medical school,” she says. She remembers exactly what he wore that night, and that it was each of their last first date.

Today, the couple enjoy monthly escapades together.

“We travel about once a month,” Pam explains of how the couple has kept their 20 year romance alive and well. “We vacation and make it a point to go by ourselves. We’re so exhausted during the week and on weekends we just want to stay home, so we choose to travel to reconnect, and go shopping and to spas.”

The Agullo’s practice, Southwest Plastic Surgery, keeps the couple busy and able to pursue their passions -- but Pam didn’t plan on going into cosmetic surgery. Originally, she thought she would specialize in neurology, one of the most demanding specialties in medicine, but ultimately decided the specialty was not for her after learning from her mentor. In addition to her dreams of being a doctor, Pam was in pursuit of growing a family, philanthropic work, and expressing herself. The time she spent with her mentor

The Luxe Life of a Physician and Philanthropist

toward the end of her time as a medical student elucidated what was on the line by watching the skilled physician in action.

“That’s where I really realized the sacrifices that she made,” she explains. “No friends, no family, no kids. She went to work and that was her life.” She opted not to pursue the specialty, and instead leaned into cultivating a life of her own design -- especially when it comes to motherhood.

She loves her life as a mother of three, telling The City Magazine it is imperative that she spends quality one-on-one time with each child every day, it is her commitment to their individual quality time. This is one of the most important parts of her day that she won’t waver from, even with each family member’s busy schedules and high expectations.

Back at the cover shoot, the second ensemble was one of the most impactful on set: an all-white pantsuit blazer combo paired with a white wide-brimmed Gucci hat from the brand’s Epilogue Collection. Like the design seen in black on the set of the Oscarnominated film “House of Gucci,” this hat design pays tribute to the romantic history of the brand throughout the years.

Around her neck sits a stethoscope serving as a nod to Pam’s physician work, witnessing the healthcare system’s struggles while working in Mexico and the U.S. Pam is a person who uses her platforms to raise awareness, and does so beautifully.

Her interest in animals started during her girlhood, where she said she learned at an

“My husband and I own a thriving private medical practice through which we have been blessed and therefore have the opportunity to give back to our community in many different ways.”

early age that people bear a responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants. She represented the Lone Star state as Mrs. Texas Earth as part of the Mrs. Earth competition whose mission is to promote beauty and nature, both inside and out. Additionally, she is a Trees for the Future Ambassador, who has helped contribute to more than 35,000 trees being planted over the last three years. Inside the studio on the early autumn evening, she is luminous.

A pair of black wide-flared pants with a bodice and jacket stitched by a Juarez designer, whose fashion inspiration for that exclusive collection was Japanese culture, was the next article of clothing Pam shared with the room. She stepped seamlessly atop the hollow black chest and adopted a standing pose that exude power and poise as she balanced herself in six-inch pumps. The red stitching with golden beading on the jacket and bodice was brought to the forefront with this pose, as the light displayed the richness of the red thread and gave the golden glitter a sense of luxury.

The final outfit for the evening would serve as the shoot’s pop of color with a red blazer set, silver broach, and a glazed red lip. The setup would be an homage to notable moments within Pam’s life. A shadow box with various types of butterflies symbolizes metamorphosis to the philanthropic physician who greatly values self-growth. Sitting next to these frozen insects is Pam’s first-ever luxury bag, Gucci. Bearing a striking resemblance to the doctor bags of old, this orange leather bag, a color favored by Pam, has a custom embossed tag of her initials.

The next couple of items would have ties to some of the roles that have helped develop Pam into the environmental activist she is today. A trio of sashes paired with a tall tiara refers to the many years of pageantry for Miss Earth USA, a pageant that has been promoting environmental awareness since 2001. Hidden amongst these sashes is a black plaque with

80 November 2022
The Luxe Life of a Physician and Philanthropist

fine print stating, “El Paso Zoo Executive Director’s Award September 2022” in honor of Pam’s continued efforts to utilize her platform to promote environmental health and wellness.

The items seen on set are but a few of the pieces that make up Pam’s story. With her ever-growing platform on social media, Pam continues to utilize her influence to bring attention to the many issues facing our society today while also maintaining an openness that makes it no surprise she has the eyes of so many. When asked about her recent post from Italy, she smiles and tells us that she had the invitation of a lifetime.

She received text from a Chicago Gucci rep and was slow in replying, thinking it was a about a new product she might be interested in. A second unanswered reply led the rep to contact her husband, who finally pushed her into returning the message. When she made the call, the Gucci rep told her that she’d been invited on an all-expense-paid trip

to Rome to attend the invitation-only Gucci Gala, a once in a lifetime invitation that most of us could only dream of. Her team included stylist Caleb Campos and photographer Jorge Campos, who jumped into action as they prepared for the styling of their lives. Upon arrival and being briefed about the private castle where the elite event would take place, the words were strong: No pictures!

A demand that is hard to hear for a woman with her social media platform.

Dressed like the queen she is, while entering the castle she stepped down from her chariot and as she walked the cobblestone pathway to the castle, her stylist called from inside the limousine.

As she turned they snapped the camera, the forbidden picture that she will cherish a lifetime as she continues to spread her wings and fly toward the luxe life of her creation. 81
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The City Magazine is proud to partner wit h El Pasoans Fighting Hunger One of the youngest food banks in the U.S., they made it their goal to feed and care for our community.

In their short six years of existence, they have proven to be the backbone of our community’s social safety net. Through every crisis, they have stood with our o unit e ave ed r t re ponder and vi ti during t e a ooting, ed t o e it arde t during t e pande i , and pa aged ea during migrant surges. They have never wavered from their mission to combat hunger in our region.

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger has been here for our community providing nutritiou ood to ore t an oup it en , e ter , pantrie , and ait a ed organi ation e a o upport our oo di tri uting ood or t e ree rea a t un progra n addition, t e de iver o e o e gro erie to , o e ound enior and annua ondu t near , o i e ood di tri ution in di u t to rea neig or ood

For all that El Pasoans Fighting Hunger does for our community, they would not be able to do it without help. Supporters and Donors alike have made El Pasoans Fighting Hunger the food bank they are today. Their support is nothing less than a heroic act. That is why The City Magazine, in partnership with El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, ant to onor t e e eroe ig ting Hunger” by rounding up some of the most notable supporters to encourage others to donate... because no one should go hungry!


MAYOR OSCAR LEESER Mayor, City of El Paso COUNTY JUDGE RICARDO SAMANIEGO El Paso County CINDY STOUT CEO, El Paso Children’s Hospital ESTELA CASAS Creative Brand Manager, Viva Auto Group MEGAN MCCORMICK KLAQ CONSTABLE OSCAR UGARTE El Paso County Precinct One BISHOP MARK SIDES Catholic Diocese of El Paso

Fulfilling FEMAP’s Vision for the Future

92 November 2022

The connections between the El Paso and Ciudad Juarez metroplex are as intricate as the anatomy and physiology of each community member, and it is critical to ensure the bones that makeup these frameworks are healthy and resilient.

One hero’s hands assure that on both sides of the border, while also fulfilling a greater vision for the future.

Dr. Jacob S. Heydemann, trained in pediatric and adult orthopedics, began practicing in El Paso, Texas in 1985. He has done pro-bono work for children since 1987 with a Juarezbased non- profit organization FEMAP to bring medical assistance to children with orthopedic malformations.

He was introduced to Guadalupe Arizpe De la Vega, FEMAP founder and Olga Delgado, who began the clinic model.

United by one vision to improve healthcare, they set the pave way with the first binational clinic model. Today, the orthopedic and craniofacial clinic are housed in the Dr. Jacob S. Heydemenn Clinicas de Especialidades wing at FEMAP in Juarez.

“Since the conception of this program, FEMAP has been willing to work with me in assisting and providing care for children,” says Dr. Heydemann. “I went into medicine to help people, and this gives me the opportunity to do that. I believe that we are here to try to make the world a better place, and if we don’t give back then we’re really missing something.”

FEMAP’s mission for nearly 50 years has been to ensure the community has access to highquality integrated medical care, education, health care prevention, and social development. 93 November 2022

Dr. Heydemann, Dr. Marquez, and Dr. Diamond, as well as a team of surgeons, volunteer their time once a month to cross the border with physical therapists, bracing specialists, and speech therapists to see patients at the binational clinics in Ciudad Juarez where families travel from four other states in Northern Mexico to be seen by dedicated, compassionate, and highly-qualified physicians.

“I see the vision happening already,” he reflects. “There are young doctors who are extremely well-trained on both sides of the border who have moved to this area because they have the same vision to continue developing and expanding quality health care.”

For Dr. David Yates, a fellow surgeon who volunteers at FEMAP in Juarez, being able to address pediatric craniofacial deformities

locally is what enticed him to make the Borderland his home.

“FEMAP has created something really special. It’s cared for in a team setting, and there’s nothing like it anywhere else in Juarez,” says Dr. Yates.

The craniofacial clinic was founded in 2017 by Dr. Vernon Burke, Dr. David Yates and Dr. Natasha Furtchgott.

Dr. Heydemann remembers the early days of the clinic, reminiscing about working from a closet-sized exam room to put a cast on a broken bone or running down the hall himself for materials. Supplies were limited and money scarce, but the team persisted.

“My favorite memories are of the people who are really devoted to FEMAP. The

94 November 2022
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patients, the families, and the volunteers,” says Dr. Heydemann.

Olga Delgado is one of those people, and has been a volunteer with FEMAP for nearly 40 years where she worked closely with Guadalupe Arizpe De la Vega.

“I worked with her for anything and everything,” she says. “We went to every place together but the most interesting part is the community. To be with the people of the community has been so rewarding for me.”

Together, Mrs. De la Vega, Mrs. Delgado, and Dr. Heydemann founded the Binational Orthopedic Clinic in the 80s that continues to serve as a model.

The culture of care created by FEMAP and the physicians who volunteer has inspired younger generations to be aware of their community’s needs and incentivized to give back.

“I chose to pursue this career largely after coming to the FEMAP clinic as a kid and slowly rising through the ranks,” says Dr. John Heydemann, who is the son of Dr. Jacob Heydemann. “It’s truly a rewarding experience to work side-by-side with my father, but it’s really a team approach to patient care. This clinic was a large motivation for me to choose orthopedics, and more specifically, pediatric orthopedics.”

Together, both Dr. Heydemanns are ensuring the vision of the binational clinics is sustained.

“We are one big city on both sides,” says Dr. Jacob Heydemann. “If we don’t uplift both sides, then both sides will be drawn down. You can’t just have good care on one side and not the other,” he says.

The goal is to care for the community as much as each patient.

“We breathe the same air,” says Dr. Jacob Heydemann, “we drink the same water. We are in the same environment.”

November 2022
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Batman’s Return November 2022
| By: ERIN COULEHAN photos courtesy of: CIRZY GONZALEZ |

Although we don’t often think about it, even the most extraordinary among us sometimes need rescuing. Sometimes, they need rescuing more than once.

Meet Batman, a 12-year old pit bull who was adopted from Dallas Animal Services and Resources in 2013.

“He was found as a stray and showed signs of aggression at the shelter. However, as soon as we took him out to play, he was playful, submissive, and curious about the world around him,” says Cirzy Gonzalez, Batman’s mom. “We formed a bond instantly and decided to adopt him there and then, to make him a part of our family. Since then, Batman has grown to love walks in the nature preserves around the city, walking by the trails at the Trinity River to admire the Dallas city skyline, and most of all, car rides while his parents play Pokemon Go.”

Gonzalez says Batman may look like a tough guy, but is a very good boy who enjoys playtime with his canine “cousins” and

“If I am ever feeling down, he notices and immediately tries his best to cheer me up by resting his head or paw on my lap or just snuggles with me for support. We are so lucky to have him after so many years,” says Gonzalez.

Last Christmas Eve, Batman went missing when visiting El Paso with his family for the holidays.

Prior to going missing, Batman enjoyed the life that all dogs deserve: an inside dog who exercised regularly and loved to explore who belonged to a family who loves him deeply, making the situation even more difficult.

“Since Batman disappeared from my uncle’s fenced in backyard, we still don’t know, to this day, how he went missing. We don’t know if someone stole him or if he somehow managed to escape without leaving a trace,” says Gonzalez. 99 November 2022
German Shepherd “girlfriend.” He loves to be pampered and treated like a baby, but also exudes extreme emotional intelligence.

Devastated at Batman’s disappearance, Gonzalez and her family launched social media campaigns offering a $1000 reward for his return but to no avail.

For nine months, the family maintained hope despite hundreds of heartbreaking false leads sent via text message or online.

Then, it happened.

Batman was found and re-rescued by Officer Robert Estupiñan of El Paso County Animal Welfare -- but not without some challenges. According to Gonzalez, Officer Estupiñan responded to a call about a stray dog wandering a neighborhood not far from where Batman went missing. Frightened at being a stray on the street, Batman was resistant.

But Officer Estupiñan didn’t give up.

He left to respond to other calls, but returned later to help Batman, the pitty who reminded

him so much of his own fur baby, Duke.

Again and again, Batman resisted allowing Officer Estupiñan to approach, at which point the officer decided to scroll through lost pet posts on Facebook for a lead on the family. He came across Gonzalez’s posts and immediately called the number provided.

“As soon as I responded, Robert introduced himself and asked if I could go to the site to see if it was him. I live in Dallas, and both of my parents, who live in El Paso, were coincidentally out of town that day, we resorted to using FaceTime,” says Gonzalez.

The FaceTime call revealed an emaciated and weary dog on the screen who was all the way across Texas: he was Batman.

“I literally fell to my knees in tears as I cried out his name,” Gonzalez remembers. “Officer Estupiñan encouraged me to continue calling out for him as he attempted to get closer and

100 November 2022
Batman’s Return

closer. Somehow, this plan worked! Through sobs and pleas of gratitude, I commended Robert on his bravery and dedication.”

Officer Estupiñan was able to coax Batman to his vehicle and scan his microchip, which confirmed Batman’s identity.

Gonzalez and Officer Estupiñan exchanged information and she asked if he’d be willing to hold onto Batman until her uncle could pick him up after work.

Officer Estupiñan went beyond fulfilling the request, insisting he drive Batman to the uncle’s home, as well as buy the good boy a burrito “because he looked really skinny and hungry.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect rescue and I am forever grateful to Officer Estupiñan for utilizing technology to help save Batman’s life,” says Gonzalez.

The relief of Batman’s return was matched only by the agony of his absence.

“The best way I can explain our feelings is to say it was like waking up from a nightmare. Since the moment Batman went missing, I’ve felt a knot in my stomach of pain, guilt, and anguish,” says Gonzalez. “It was my decision to bring him on our family road trip and so all of these months have been filled with regret. We couldn’t bring ourselves to get rid of any of his things, because that would mean he was really gone. We were hopeful that one day, someone would recognize him, or someone would scan his microchip and see he was marked as lost.”

A few days before Batman crossed paths with Officer Estupiñan, Gonzalez cracked open a fortune cookie from Panda Express with a message almost too good to be true: “good news will come from afar.”

102 November 2022
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“I looked at my husband, wide-eyed, and literally said out loud, ‘It’s going to be about Batman!’ It’s as if we had to stay hopeful, because the alternative was too heavy to bear,” she says.

After the FaceTime call and microchip scan, Gonzalez says she wept for hours, as well as the entire drive to El Paso to retrieve Batman.

“Seeing his pictures, and although he looked tattered and broken, knowing he was alive and safe gave us a feeling of immense relief I felt is almost indescribable,’ says Gonzalez. “My husband and I were in disbelief until we saw him in person. Even now, as we look at him napping on our sofa or on his new dog bed, we can’t help but to think he is our little miracle. We are so lucky, so grateful, and feel like our little family is whole again.”

Batman’s story is one of resilience that is emblematic of the importance of microchipping our pets, as well as the support community can provide.

“I am grateful to the people of El Paso, who sent words of comfort and encouragement online, liked, shared, and commented on my posts,” says Gonzalez.

“My goal is for those who see his story, to hug their pets a little tighter and remember to never give up on finding our lost loved ones. I wish everyone could have a happy ending, and we are forever grateful to all of the community who helped bring Batman home,” she adds.

William’s Wondrous & Wishful Life

104 November 2022

What we talk about when we talk about heroes is often centered on an ordinary person capable of accomplishing extraordinary feats: a person who is brave in the face of adversity, some who exudes authenticity, one who cares deeply and expresses it.

This can be said of both William Joseph Dorman and Cindy Bilbe.

William was born in 1993 and passed away in El Paso on August 29, 2022. He was wearing his blue Make-A-Wish tshirt and beloved Christmas socks because, for William, everyday was worth celebrating.

“Our sweet boy had the biggest little heart,” says Cindy Bilbe, who cared for William and served as his guardian during his final years. “His heart lasted many years longer than expected. EMS and doctors tried and tried. It just couldn’t beat anymore.”

One of the most outstanding qualities about William was his ability to inspire love despite the challenges he encountered. William was 105 November 2022
Our sweet boy had the biggest little heart.
106 November 2022

born with significant heart issues and lost his mother at a young age to an aggressive form of cancer. Later, he was diagnosed with autism and was nonverbal, but knew how to communicate in other ways.

“William was an enthusiastic guy and shared whatever he was excited about at that time. Whether it was flying somewhere, a road trip, his latest digital interest, or a costume, William was all-on. Besides his people and

his stuffed animal ‘Bear,’ William loved pancakes and chicken nuggets most of all. And the Moon: he loved looking at the moon,” says Bilbe.

According to Bilbe, William was first and foremost a fun-loving person who radiated vitality and enthusiasm.

“He broke through social barriers that many of us never do with his welcoming, loving 107
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mÍa morra mÍa_elpaso

kindness. And because of that, he would make friends wherever he went,” she remembers.

After his mother’s passing, William was cared for by his Aunt Judy English, whom Bilbe was close friends with through work. Bilbe’s husband, Joe, became close with William at a young age, and would pick him up from school and take him along to men’s groups meetings every Wednesday, “William Wednesdays.”

William attended elementary through high school in Canutillo, Texas where his life was enriched through education and compassionate teachers. Some of his areas of interest included technology and operating systems, as well as 9/11 history.

As time progressed, William became a member of the Bilbe family, accompanying the family on outings and visiting their home often.

“We didn’t have a vacation without William,” remembers Bilbe.

One of their most memorable trips was to New York City, thanks to Make-A-Wish, where William was able to visit the 9/11 memorial while also taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

He also loved Disney.

“He loved videos of the ‘Happiest place on Earth’,” says Bilbe, adding that William was also part of Walt Disneyland’s “birthday club” and that with each visit, it was always William’s birthday.
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“He really was ‘Prince William’ and loved the VIP treatment,” she laughs.

Although William enjoyed an active and loving social life, he experienced a great degree of anger following the loss of family members that took time to work through. Bilbe recalls William’s fits of anger at school and sometimes at home, but was able to soothe him once she understood his language and his needs.

But through patience, time, and learning social skills at school, William was able to work through his anger and express his unique dynamism.

“Our sweet little man lit up the room with his unique spirit, rascal humor, and incredibly kind soul. His special purpose on Earth was to teach us to be thankful for how lucky we are with the cards we are dealt in life,” says Bilbe.

He also brought out the best, and most hero-like, qualities in those around him.

William’s Aunt Judy was diagnosed with terminal cancer when William was 23, at which point the Bilbes took over as William’s fulltime caregivers.

An act of selflessness that wasn’t even a question because of the love William gave and received.

“I would venture to say that 95 percent of people don’t get the love that he had in his entire life,” says Bilbe.

He was helpful, gentle, and did his part to care for those who cared for him.

William often worked alongside Joe Bilbe at Stewart Title, where he helped by serving as a courier. Every evening, William would tuck Cindy into bed, saying “Tuck, tuck, tuck” while snuggling her in warm blankets then placing her teddy bear -- Cindy Bear -- under her arm to protect her as she slept.

At the funeral, William’s friends and family shared a poem that captures his essence:

November 2022
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So go and run free with the angels
around the golden clouds For the Lord has chosen you to be with him And we should feel nothing but proud.

Dancing with El Paso Stars, for

K ids

November 2022

Community members are putting their best feet forward (in dancing shoes) to benefit local kids. On November 19, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of El Paso’s annual “Dance for Kids’ Sake” event will take place downtown at the Plaza Theatre. Each year, El Pasoans volunteer as dancers and judges to raise awareness and funds for the organization’s mentoring in a “Dancing with the Stars”-style competition.

“We are so proud of this Dance for Kids’ Sake event and how it brings together such a diverse group of community members to make such a difference for El Paso youth,” says Rebecca Romero, Development Director at Big Brothers Big Sisters of El Paso. “Big Brothers Big Sisters has held this unique event since 2008 and seen hundreds of brave and talented El Pasoans grace the stage, and commit their valuable time

and resources to raising critical funds and awareness for youth mentoring.”

The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of El Paso is to create and support one-onone mentoring relationships that spark the power and promise of local youth. Mentors (Big Brothers or Big Sisters) are paired with youth who often go on to bolster lifelong relationships. Romero has been part of the organization for nearly 20 years and says she continues to be inspired by the people she meets and stories she’s told from volunteers, parents, and kids on the impact of the mentoring program.

“With everything the world has gone through for the past few years, what we all need most is meaningful human connection, and that is exactly what Big Brothers Big Sisters provides. With over 100 youth still waiting for

a mentor and more signing up every day, the need for volunteers is a critical one,” says Romero.

The organization is always seeking to learn and grow.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of El Paso works to enhance the skills of staff members, who were recently certified in youth mental health first aid. The organization was awarded a grant through the Paso del Norte Health Foundation’s Think.Change Initiative that is going toward educating the community on youth mental health and emotional well being, while also dispelling misinformation. With the certification, staff members are able to train mentors, parents, guardians, board members, community partners, and others in El Paso on youth mental health first aid amid continued mental health crises. 111 November 2022
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The Paso del Norte Health Foundation reports that 1 in 10 youth will be diagnosed with substance abuse disorder in their lifetime, and that 1 in 5 teens and young adults live with mental health concerns. Additionally, half of mental illnesses present by the age of 14, making the need for youth mentorship that much more necessary.

“Seeing this model in action for as long as I have, I can almost guarantee it will change your own life, as well,” says Romero.

Each year, Dance for Kids’ Sake showcases the connections, potential, and best of the community that also includes a silent auction, live music, and a cash bar among the performances from each couple entered in the competition.

Among this year’s talented couples are TCM’s own Mari Van Pelt and Chaz Wilson, who’ve

been rehearsing with Luis Grijalva Dance Productions. Grijalva is a world-renowned dancer, as well as an off-Broadway performer and instructor, who has also participated in prestigious dance competitions like “Dancing with the Stars” in the U.S. and Mexico.

As the date of the event approaches, the dancers are reminded that each twirl, toe-touch, and jazz hand goes one step closer to benefitting Big Brothers Big Sisters of El Paso.

And the community is invited to participate.

“We encourage you out there reading this to support Big Brothers Big Sisters events like Dance for Kids’ Sake,” says Romero. “Or better yet, look at your life and see where you can spare an hour or two a couple times a month to spend some fun, quality time with a child.”

November 2022
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with El Paso Stars, for Kids

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Cheat Sheet

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November 2022

Chill with Your Best Blend

Another technique you should keep locked safely in the freezer is your make-up sponge. An evolution of the damp sponge make-up hack, a technique that conserves your foundation while also applying a smoother application, this trick will add an unexpected boost to your make-up routine that you never knew you needed.

The technique asks you to dip your make-up sponge into water and set it in the freezer for 10 to 20 minutes. Once the sponge has served its time, you’ll discover the reason behind this hack is an evolution and not an imitation. All the benefits of the damp sponge remain, but with the added benefit of a cooling agent. This cooling will help de-puff and reduce redness of the face allowing the stressed skin a moment of respite and enabling your foundation to compliment the intended skin tone. To take this process one step further, replace the water with a setting spray to help hold the applied foundation.

Trick of the Shade

For many, contouring seems to have a multitude of methods and techniques we’re told we must follow lest we face a make-up faux pas of unflattering proportions. Well, fear not, fledgling contourists, for this particular contouring make-up hack has been proven effective by influencers and professional make-up artists.

Take your contour and locate the spot beneath your cheek where you’d feel your teeth, should one choose to put a hole. In that spot, put a single dot of your contour on each side of your face. Proceed to blend the contour. A topic of note for this particular technique focuses on blending the contour in the area of the dot’s focus rather than the standard back-and-forth brush swipe, as focusing on that specific location will lift and raise the appearance of the cheekbones. November 2022

Stamp Stampede

Daily, we hop onto social media and are bombarded with many creatives donning make-up adorned with intricate designs. These details add a creative punch to a simple pattern, from fluttering butterflies to glittering stars. For many of us, recreating such images takes extensive time and effort. As a result, the hopes of everyday wear for some of these designs could seem impractical.

For those seeking to up their design game while on a time crunch, a simple stop at your local craft store will provide you with the tools you need to execute this technique. The primary step for this particular hack occurs once you’ve finished applying most of your make-up look and have moved on to the more detailed part of the piece.

In this step, take a rubber stamp of your preferred design and paint the stamp outline with your chosen eyeliner or matte lipstick color. Then, carefully apply the stamp to the desired section of your face. The image on the stamp will transfer, creating a quick and easy print. Within moments a design that would’ve taken five minutes to an hour has now been cut down to mere seconds. Perhaps applying intricate techniques to your everyday look may not be that far off with a method such as this.

November 2022BEAUTY AGING IS A FACT OF LIFE Looking Your Age Is Not Karina Mendoza-Marcial FNP-BSN, MSN 915-264-3600 | 11351 James Watt, BLDG C-300 El Paso, TX 79936

Lash Love at First Swipe

Rarely do we come across a beauty hack guide without at least one mascara-boosting technique that will change the game, and this one is no different. However, this particular backcomb mascara trick will make you think this writer is crazy for even including it in the first place, but we ask that you bear with us.

For starters, this technique will only require you to use your preferred mascara choice. Hear that? A beauty hack that doesn’t require you to grab another item to execute the technique.

Using your mascara wand, start from the underside of your lashes and roll away from the eye. Starting at the top of the lash, work your way down in a push and roll. Now, before you panic, take your mascara wand

one more time and roll your brush through your lashes like normal. This technique will help add volume and length to your lashes while building that fullness right at the lash root.

November 2022

Pick of the Litter Mahana

120 November 2022

This month we’re honoring heroes of all shapes, sizes, and species who exemplify the best of our community, and this honoree is definitely a good girl. Mahana was rescued by Pawsitive Rescuers of El Paso while she was pregnant amid the extreme heat of the late summer. Today, she and her puppies are now receiving love, care, and proper nourishment with a foster family. Mahana gave birth to 15 puppies, 11 of whom survived, and is a very dedicated and loving momma.

Typically, pit bulls give birth to only five puppies at a time, but Mahana carried three times the average while also living in undesirable conditions.

Mahana and her pups continue to thrive and remind the community of the importance of fostering and the good that can come when we give an animal a chance.

Get to know Mahana below.

The City Magazine

What makes Mahana so special?

Karen Washington

Mahana is a very special girl. She was living in dirt in a backyard and was lucky if she was fed consistently. She is a “Pocket Pitbull” smaller in size, short and stocky!


What can we learn from Mahana?


What we can learn is: DO not ever give up. She was extremely malnourished and exhausted, yet she managed to get all 15 puppies out. Had she needed a C Section, her vet was so sure she would not have survived the surgery.


Mahana and her babies are currently being fostered, why is it so important for people in the community to consider being a foster home for dogs?


Fostering is SO important. First, it keeps these dogs out of the shelter, which is not a good environment for scared, skittish dogs who are adjusting to being with humans and in a home again -- especially momma dogs with puppies. Fostering keeps them healthy.

According to the American Temperament Test Society, pit bulls have a 87 percent temperament test pass rate when conducted by a trained handler, which ranks them as 4th out of 122 breeds tested. The high ranking, according to the organization, means that pit bulls are among the most affectionate breeds, yet negative stigma persists.


What’s the best part of being a foster?


Fostering is very rewarding. Watching these rescued dogs go to their forever home and knowing that you were instrumental in preparing them along the way, there is no better feeling! 121
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Stand with Estela Casas Cancer Foundation 5k

Community members ran, walked, and jogged to ‘Stand with Estela Casas’ at her cancer foundation’s inaugural 5k event. The 5k fun walk was held at the beginning of October at Ascarate Park in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Stand with Estela Casas Cancer Foundation works to provide lifesaving resources to prevent, treat, and survive cancer.


The City MagazineOctober Launch Party

The atmosphere at Mesa Street Bar and Grill was effervescent at the launch of our music and arts issue featuring hip hop artist Krystall Poppin on the cover. Guests mixed and mingled with local artists as the October cover star signed autographs, took selfies, and celebrated the sounds of the city.

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Wash Man Mobile Car Wash and Detail ..........................Pg. 75

West Texas Pain Institute ............................ Inside Front Cover

Zin Valle Vineyards ...........................................................Pg. 81

November 2022
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