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From the

“Dear beautiful you, don’t simply dream about success, work for it. Remember that good things take time. Always remember that a smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body.”


elcome to the pages of our yearly “Women In

During those times of sitting on the

Business” magazine. As you read this month’s

sidelines, chewing my fingernails to

issue, you’ll meet some of the most interesting women

the quick, my type-A over ambitious

in El Paso. You’ll get to know a little more about our cover

personality, was both a blessing and a

woman, Dr. Cindy Stout, who exemplifies “breaking the

curse. When I’m forced to slow down,

glass ceiling”. You’ll learn how she’s successfully balanced

forced to sit and think, I’m keenly

home, raising children, a long-time marriage, and still finds

aware of some of the things we, as

time to wear the title of CEO of the El Paso Children’s Hospital.

women, need to stop.

I was privy to sit in on the interview as our Managing Editor, Erin, went below the normally asked interview questions to

We need to stop comparing ourselves

learn a bit more of the story behind Cindy Stout.

to other women. In my early years, I was incredibly guilty of this, thank

Women: our balances of life…running businesses…our

God for time! I think in today’s age it

adversities…our endurance…life’s challenges.

might be more difficult because of the obsession with social media.

As I reflect on the trials and tribulations over the years, I realize they have taught me tough lessons about what it feels like to

Ladies, I believe we need to give ourselves a bit of grace.

get knocked down, what it feels like to be in a good place but

Everyone has a different path and that’s what makes life fun.

mostly, I’m learning where I want to put my energy. I often

Who cares if your peers are doing yoga every day, who cares

say, “if you won’t remember this in ten years, it’s not life-

if they are climbing the corporate ladder a bit faster than you?

changing, then, it’s not worth stressing over.”

We should be teaching our daughters, the future leaders of corporate America, the future homerooms moms, the future

I’ve been laid off. I’ve been too sick to work. I’ve sat on

wives, that as women we are all equally important. If our young

the maternity-leave sidelines watching as the world moves

ladies could see themselves as strong independent women

without me, wondering if I’d ever find a way back into being a

without the need to compare themselves, just imagine how

meaningful part of a team.

much more they would accomplish in life.

I’ve lost my bearings and had to rebuild.

Enjoy turning the pages and getting to know our Women in Business.

And though it pains me to say, I suspect that it might happen to me again at some point — because contrary to what you might have been taught in the fairy tale books you’ve read, or the Facebook self-taught-life-skill coaches you follow, life is not a graph on which the line goes up, up, up. @shelleymozelle


“Your voice matters. Let’s hear it. Scan the QR code to send audio advice to the editors."

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Dr. WorldWide Surgery Center / Southwest Plastic Surgery 1387 George Dieter Dr. Building C El Paso, TX 79936 Tel: (915) 590 7900


The MedSpa West at Southwest Plastic Surgery 5925 Silver Springs Dr. Suite C El Paso, TX 79912 Tel: (915)590-7907


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From the


his won’t come as a surprise to those who know me, but my alltime favorite description of a woman

comes from Shakespeare. Queen Cleopatra -- immortal icon of leadership, glamour, and sass -- is described by the Bard as possessing “infinite variety” that “leaves hungry where most would be satisfied,” meaning that she is multifaceted and leaves people wanting more. I think you’ll find that the women in this issue have a similar degree of infinite variety. This issue is dedicated to the many different strata that make up the

Putting this special issue together reinforced the extraordinary feats

business community of the Borderland.

that women accomplish every day as professionals, friends, community members, and mothers.

Take cover star, Dr. Cindy Stout for example, who not only leads El Paso Children’s Hospital but also children’s hospitals across Texas. She

My mom -- THE Woman in my sister’s and my lives -- introduced me to

also knows all the words to Olvia Newton-John’s catalog of music.

science and dance parties at a young age that taught me the dichotomy of interests, passions, and traits that comprise our identities; as

This issue features the pioneering women of La Mujer Obrera, who

interwoven as DNA strands forming a helix.

continue to overcome immense challenges while also giving back to the community; the upcoming Women’s Wellness Summit hosted

From indulging a love of learning and shopping; to being compassionate

by the Junior League of El Paso; and Sarah Zubiate, a native El

and understanding when it came to teaching us about mental health;

Pasoan, whose plant-based Latin food company just went national

to inspiring much-chagrined tattoos that we inked in her honor. Like

in grocery stores.

Cleopatra, she does it all but keeps us (me, at least) always wanting more when it comes to being around someone truly lambent and

And that’s not all.

inspiring in what often seems like a bleak world.

I’m so excited to celebrate women in creative industries, such as some

Data is sometimes discouraging regarding the state of women in our

of our city’s top women tattoo artists, a custom jewelry designer, and a

country. I wrote an article for Glamour magazine earlier this year on

model/author/CEO who demonstrates that women can -- and should --

the struggles of women across the country, some of whom live in El

wear many different hats while expressing their entrepreneurial spirit.

Paso. The women in our community are no strangers to the unique challenges that come with being a woman in the world and workforce

We’re also welcoming our newest contributor!

but are also acutely aware of how it can be complicated -- especially on the border.

Andi R. Tiscareno is making her magazine debut with an article about her experience being a transgender woman in business in El Paso

This issue is dedicated to the exquisite women in our community who

that gives a graceful level of nuance to readers when it comes to

make the Sun City shine a little brighter. May we continue to strut arm-

contemporary women in business combatting gender bias.

in-arm together as we shatter glass ceilings.


“Your voice matters. Let’s hear it. Scan the QR code to send audio advice to the editors."

May 2022



May 2022

MAY 2022 VOLUME 99

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72 Features


88 88

Inked in Ambition

La Mujer Obrera




Here and Now


Mental Health: Moms’ Minds Matter By: MARGO LEPE




Men’s Style

Women’s Style



May 2022

Contributors Erin






Managing Editor













Andi R.













May 2022


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May 2022

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Moms’ Minds Matter

May 2022



May 2022


hether a full-time career

time parent help revive the balance in our

The frequent lack of structure in Partridge’s

mom or a full-time stay-

lives so we’re actually living each day versus

new-ish role, nevertheless, has become a

at-home mom, one thing

surviving it. I love being the one nurturing

catalyst for the most rewarding parts of her

still holds true: The work

them, and watching them learn and grow

full-time parenting journey. She is no longer

never ends within the walls of our homes, as

each day without the heaviness of a career

as rigid with her plans as she used to be,

well as the work inside the walls of our minds.

hanging over me while they are this little (not

saying, “it puts you in the same lane as the

Motherhood has changed significantly over

to mention demanding!).”

kids because, suddenly, they aren’t just going along with the plan you had laid out, you

the last 50 years, yet its relevance remains unmatched. Shout out (this month and every

Partridge says there is still a tremendous

are all figuring it out together. I find myself

month) to every mom, who is indeed a special

need for companies (and society) to be more

asking my two and four-year-olds their actual

breed! Each one is designed to put someone

empathetic towards women who go on

opinions on things so much more often than

else’s well-being before her own, teach the

maternity leave or take longer breaks. Women

I ever did before. These small moments

tough lessons and do the right thing, even

everywhere are putting their own health and

have resulted in truly getting to know who

when questioning what the right thing is.

needs on hold, causing their mental health to

they are as individual little humans. While I’m

take a hard hit because of the scrutiny many

not being graded or receiving a performance

Raising kids is not for the faint of heart. Every

women face when needing to play catch up

review each quarter, having such a deep

great mother wishes to give her child(ren)

or take a day off when their child falls ill.

connection with the kids makes me think, ‘Yes! I am actually meeting the bar for this

her best. Nurturing her kids’ mental health, though, means her own must be up to par.

SilverCloud Health reported working moms

parenting thing!’”

to be struggling the most with their mental One mum says the recent uptick of the

health since the pandemic started. The online

Better than a good grade in motherhood

women’s movement and society’s more

therapy platform says 68 percent of working

is a greater role model of mental and

open dialogue about mental health gave her

mothers have sought mental health treatment

emotional wellness.

newfound confidence as she and her husband

over the last couple of years, in comparison to

recently embarked on the journey for her to

47 percent of women without kids.

Partridge is certainly not the first or the last mom to put her career on hold. Yet, she was

become a full-time stay-at-home mother. Carley Partridge is a wife and mom of a two, four, and

Eventually, Partridge does plan to pursue her

bold enough to understand the importance

six-year-old. She previously worked full-time as

career and feels confident her new standards

and weigh out her options to be a better

a marketing and communications professional.

will attract the right future employer. Re-

version of herself, and have the physical

entering the workforce for many stay-at-

and emotional energy to take good care of

The mother of three says the decision to

home mothers typically tends to raise a lot

her family.

hit the pause button was a “culmination of

of questions about the “resume gap” for

two demanding careers, logistical challenges

companies. While this thought hindered her

“The truth is, I loved having a career! I also

with the kids’ schedules, lack of a local

from switching settings sooner, she now

loved not being around my kids every waking

support system (not living near family) and

feels that should her decision to take care

moment! I think the more we realize it is

COVID challenges all taking major hits to

of herself and her family be questioned, the

okay to feel this way, the more accepting

our mental health. What made sense for us

company is not the right fit for her.

society will be of every mother’s decision to

was to take a step back and have one

work, not work, or something in between.” 25

May 2022

Welcoming JLEP’s

Women’s Wellness

Summit | By: ERIN COULEHAN photos courtesy of: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF EL PASO |


JLEP’s Women’s Wellness Summit

It’s been years in the making. We started thinking about the opportunity for a new fundraiser within our impact area, which is mental and physical health, back in 2016-2017.


he El Paso community is welcoming

The Junior League of El Paso (JLEP) will be

The organization of women is committed

an inaugural wellness event that is

hosting The Women’s Wellness Summit on

to promoting voluntarism, developing the

dedicated to the mental, physical, and

Thursday, May 19, 2022, at the Hotel Paso

potential of women, and improving the

emotional health of women that comes

Del Norte from 8 am to 4 pm. The event will

community through the effective action and

at a time of dire need. Data from the

address a wide array of topics that focus on

leadership of trained volunteers.

U.S. Census Bureau reports that the

women’s mental and physical health, fitness,

volume of adults reporting symptoms of

body image, self-care, stress management,

anxiety or depression increased from 1 in 10

balance, and more.

“It’s been years in the making. We started thinking about the opportunity for a new fundraiser within our impact area, which is

in 2019 to 1 in 4 by 2021. The cost of the event is $125 and will go towards

mental and physical health, back in 2016-2017.

The COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest, and

funds for JLEP’s philanthropic efforts. JLEP is

We have been doing research on what our

global political strife have underscored the need

a local organization of women who are united

community needs and the kinds of education,

to address and support the wellness of the

in their interest to empower the Borderland.

service, and fundraising that we can do,” says

Borderland community on an individual basis.

Wendy Lanski, President of JLEP.


JLEP’s Women’s Wellness Summit

May 2022

The all-day event will feature live sessions

Gomez is an 18-year-old El Pasoan who is

“They’ll talk about their experiences and why



training to qualify for the U.S. Women’s

they chose mental or health wellness as a


boxing team to compete in the 2024 Olympic

career path,” adds Serros.






Games hosted in Paris.

with local women’s health, wellness, and

Conversations about women’s mental

business experts, networking sessions, as well as demonstrations by local vendors.

“Her two trainers and coaches are her

and physical wellness are more important

mother and grandmother, so it’s amazing to

than ever.

The Women’s Wellness Summit will also

see the three powerful women be there for

include guest speakers Aly Raisman, Olympic

each other and help Kayla reach her goals,”

The CDC reports that two out of every three

gold medal-winning gymnast and advocate;

says Serros.

caregivers in the U.S. are women and that women caregivers are at increased risk for

Gerina Mendoza, Ladies Professional Golf Association (LGPA) golfer and UTEP alumna;

The second breakout session will focus on

poor physical and mental health including

and Kayla Gomez, El Paso boxer and Youth

wellness entrepreneurs. “Women Invested

anxiety and depression.

Pan American gold medalist.

in Wellness” will include panelists Lindsay Jaffee, leadership coach and principal at

Moreover, the Kaiser Family Foundation, a

“Then we have two break-out sessions,”



health policy organization, reports that 49

says Rebecca Serros, JLEP member and

Schwartz, president of the Medical Center

percent of women in the U.S. report having

chair of the Women’s Wellness Summit.

of the Americas Foundation and CEO of

postponed some form of medical care or

“The first is ‘The Power of Family in Boxing’

BIO El Paso-Juarez; and Cynthia Boyar Trejo,

service because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

that is with three generations of boxers that

founder and Chief Encouragement Officer of

Of those, nearly 60 percent reported putting

will talk about the support of family in sports

Her Element Network, a leadership training

off check-ups, while 23 percent said they’ve

or as it relates to any other type of mental or

and consulting company.

skipped preventative screenings altogether.



wellness with Kayla Gomez.”




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Concerts Parties

Films And MORE


or FR EE

Special Events Art Exhibits


own events


TRYING TO ADD EVEN EVENTS? Contact Mari VanPelt at



Locally Grown Flowers!

May 2022 Women’s health experts are concerned that pandemic-induced underutilization of health

fresh flower subscriptions delivered to your door weekly

screenings and evaluations could negatively impact women down the line. JLEP’s




boutique apothecary for him/her/them


also including a panel dedicated to health

à la carte event florals

with expertise from local providers where attendees may ask questions. “Women’s Wellness




corporate gifting


include Dr. Karen Herman, owner and Medical Director of Rejuvene MD; Dr. Melanie Longhurst, assistant professor and Psychology Training Director at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso’s Department of Psychiatry; Dr. Daisy Nieto, board-certified




and internal medicine; and Bridget Swiney, registered dietician, an award-winning author, and women’s nutrition and wellness expert. “That’s going to be an exciting topic to

touch on to make sure that everyone has


a clear understanding that we’re not alone: everyone has their own mental and health wellness journeys that we’re going through,” says Serros. The Women’s Wellness Summit is also set to provide some much-needed girl time in between scheduled speakers. Giggles between girlfriends, retail therapy in between sessions, and rediscovering the things that make us tick. “Transitioning out of COVID, a lot of us forgot who we were,” says Serros, “and it’s hard to refocus on ourselves. We all need that support and that boost to acknowledge that.”

Book Now 915-227-0043 @SeiriosObscura

Natural light Candid Authentic 29

May 2022








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May 2022

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May 2022

Reimagining Access to Diagnostic Imaging | Words and photos by: ERIN COULEHAN |


he future of access to diagnostic imaging in El Paso is clear and bright as community members step-up to expand and enhance health care. Many women in the Borderland face

challenges when it comes to their health and wellness that include major gaps that inhibit the health care system from sufficiently meeting their needs. These barriers include utilization, time constraints, as well as professional and personal obligations. Nyquist Imaging is a mobile diagnostic imaging company created to make diagnostic ultrasound images more convenient and accessible to patients. Nyquist Imaging works





providers to ensure prompt and accurate imaging is performed in the comfort of the patient’s home.


May 2022 “We decided to start providing ultrasound

Castro says Nyquist Imaging is designed to

service at a mobile level in the patient’s

treat patients as more than diagnostic codes.

home. Our goal is to eliminate expensive, time-consuming, and often unnecessary

“We hire sonographers who are not only

advanced imaging modalities,” says Sunny

fluent in the trade,” says Castro, “but

Castro, Chief Operating Officer at Nyquist

also understand how important it is to

Imaging. “We plan to make ultrasound more

have mindfulness and compassion with

accessible to the community as costs and

each patient.”

radiation concerns in medical imaging rise. We recognize the value of home healthcare

Experts say that foundational elements

and telemedicine, and we plan to merge the


two with mobile imaging.”

accountability within the healthcare system





can bridge gaps and create solutions outside Nyquist





the traditional model.

offered include: • ECHO

“We do not charge any extra for the services

• Vascular

that we provide. Everything is done through

• General

insurances like Medicare, Medicaid, and

• Obstetrics

private insurances,” says Castro. Nyquist

• Pediatrics

Imaging also offers a self-pay system for




patients without insurance. Like a kaleidoscope, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed and re-illuminated the needs of

“We recognize that a lot of people don’t

the country’s shifting healthcare landscape.

have the ability to pay ridiculous amounts

A report from the American Academy of

of money for diagnostic imaging that is

Physicians estimates that 130,000 deaths

lifesaving,” says Castro.

occur in the U.S. each year that could have been prevented with improved access to


primary health care.

education so that each individual can






make informed decisions. “The reason we decided to build Nyquist Imaging was to provide our community with

“The patient has the right to choose where

options. We are a social enterprise and our

they have their service,” says Castro. “All

goal is to provide medical diagnostic imaging

you really need is an order from your doctor.”

20 Time President’s Award Winner

for all, regardless of a person’s insurance and financial status,” says Castro.

One of the benefits of mobile imaging technology is waiting for an appointment

The Common Wealth Fund reports that

at home instead of in a traditional waiting

women are more likely than men to delay

room. Patients are able to dress in their

seeking health care as a result of professional

own robes versus the thin paper gowns

and personal obligations, with caregiving

distributed at clinics, and also feel a greater

having a particularly profound effect on

sense of agency.

Gear up. Head out.

women’s health. “You do not need to have mobility or Inconsistent or no regular sources of primary

transportation challenges. You can be a busy

health care also compound barriers to access

mommy, or you can just not want to go out

and utilization, with 33 percent of adult

on your day off,” says Castro. “Our services

Hispanic women reporting not having a

are for everybody.”

primary health care provider.

Call the experts, we’re here to help. 915-772-2272 5815 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79925 33





tos | cou By: rte ER sy I N of: SA CO RA U L H EH ZU A BI N AT

ph o


EL M EN P eet R AS th IC O e C H A U IN N LT S G U a U C ST n R d H

May 2022

May 2022





#1 Buick Dealer

in El Paso


he significance of the relationship

sound nutrition, careful choice of ingredients,

between food and home can be found

and careful labor of love” that evoke an

in our memories, between the lines of

imaginary state of well-being.

Explore with GMC.

family recipes, and on shelves in grocery stores across the country. Many opt

That imagined state of wellness is now

for farm-to-table, organic, and local meat,

a reality thanks to one native El Pasoan

produce, and other items where they can,

who is embracing her culture’s food

the limitations of which are often access and

traditions while also working to improve her

availability. In “Migration, Food, Memory,

community’s health.

and Home Building,” scholar Ghassan Hage explains that this preference for homely

Sarah Zubiate, Founder, Farmer, and CEO at

goodness is because of “intimations of

ZUBI’S, a plant-based Latin food company

Call the experts, we’re here to help. 915-995-8545 6800 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79925 35

May 2022

I grew up in the Lower Valley, where we were actually surrounded by cotton fields. And it made me really appreciate the earth. I always thought ‘I want to farm. I want my hands dirty. I want that never to be lost. with big taste, is now available online and

wanted to nourish them with meals rich in

at Sprouts Farmers Market locations across

both flavor and nutrients that was also part

the country. Zubiate was born and raised

of their culture.

in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, where she


developed an appetite for family meals

“My father had a stroke and a stent placed, so

with her mother’s salsa as the cornerstone.

now I’m flying back to El Paso on Tuesdays,”

Zubiate created her company in 2017 out of

she explains. Her passions for family and food

concern for her parents’ ailing health; she

coupled with her business acumen helped

May 2022 her notice gaps in existing food markets: a

that her parents never ate a lot of vegetables.

lack of healthy Mexican favorites.

Family and health are top of mind for Zubiate, who grew up in El Paso after being adopted.

Today, ZUBI’S offers a range of products that include traditional staples like salsa,

“As a baby, I was the only one of four to be

chile con queso, and crema with modern

given up for adoption,” she says. “My birth

considerations -- and for good reason.

mom couldn’t afford to keep me.”

The American Heart Association (AHA)

Zubiate sees her adoption as a blessing and


weeps proudly whenever discussing her






marketing disproportionately expose Black,

childhood in El Paso.

Indigenous, and Hispanic communities to low-quality foods and that raising community

“I grew up in the Lower Valley, where we

consciousness regarding health risks is

were actually surrounded by cotton fields.

critical. Additionally, the AHA says these

And it made me really appreciate the earth.

communities also face food and nutrition

I always thought ‘I want to farm. I want my

insecurity that are associated with poor diet

hands dirty,” she recalls. “I want that never

quality and chronic disease.

to be lost.”

Zubiate is working to address these food

Today, Zubi Farms is an ecosystem designed

barriers, bite by bite.

from Zubiate’s vision to create healthy and





allergen-free Mexican staples that are also “I wanted to make it more nutrient-rich

mindful of the environment.

and with more substance because salsa is really watered down, a lot of times, with

“We have a certified organic manufacturing

tomatoes that cause higher water content,”

facility that I had the opportunity to build in

says Zubiate. “I wanted more cilantro, more

2019,” she says.

garlic, more onions, and more cumin so it has a full flavor.”

“It’s sustainable, the facility is 100 percent powered by solar energy. So for me, it’s been

Zubiate departed a career in finance in 2013

that desire to remain close to the earth and

when she gave birth to twins and it didn’t

breathe that into the products.”

Kia Dealer Excellence Program, Plus

take long for her own company to take its first breaths.





Winner of the


Proud to be your local El Paso Kia dealer

farming that involves: “I started selling at the farmers market

• Growing and harvesting hard-to-source

in Dallas. And before that, I was actually

organic produce like jalapenos, garlic,

selling it out of my car,” she says. “It was

onions, and mini sweet peppers

grueling because I stayed at home with the twins after they were born Monday through Thursdays, but then on Friday, I would go to a little commissary kitchen, I’d make the food until two or something in the morning, and I’d have to set up my tent by 7:30 in the

• Relying on power from its solar panel energy field • Utilizing fresh, clean well and

that Inspires.

spring water • Incorporating an in-depth composting system to prevent waste

morning. So I wasn’t sleeping a lot.” The model is also proving sustainable for She refined her mother’s original recipe to be

younger generations, like Zubiate’s nine-year-

allergen-free and entirely plant-based, noting

old twins.

Movement Call the experts, we’re here to help. 915-856-2982 1374 George Dieter Dr, El Paso, TX 79936 37

May 2022 “They’re at the point where they not only really appreciate getting their hands dirty or tasting the food, like literally picking the mini sweet pepper off the vine and tasting it. They take mini sweet peppers to school for their lunch, just like you know, by themselves. So that appreciation of the fresh produce is so special,” she says. The twins are learning not only the ins and outs of agriculture and business but also their family history, which is centered on generations of mothers breaking the cycle of generational poverty in pursuit of the American Dream. “I want to teach them work ethic; they were raised totally different than I was,” says Zubiate, adding that her twins will ask why her childhood home is so small or why the windows are barred.

A Woman of Many T alents

Photographer | Published Makeup Artist Model | Social Media Manager

My Photography Skills Include Product Photography Bourdoir Sessions Family Photos Graduation Photos And More!

Book Me



May 2022





Take home a Nissan Today. “I tell them that this is the reality that most

“It’s our blood who creates who we are,

people in the world live in,” she says.

and so many people in this city forget how special that is. It’s important not to forget







importance of culinary and cultural heritages while pursuing her curiosities in the kitchen and on the farm.

how special our history is and how special our stories are.”

Call the experts, we’re here to help. 915-772-1488 5855 Montana Ave El Paso, TX 79925 39

Thank you to the El Paso community for the amazing support of Wish Night and to our generous sponsors for making this unforgettable evening possible. Thanks to you, our dedicated supporters, Make-A-Wish is closer to reaching our vision of granting every eligible child’s wish. On behalf of the families we serve, we thank you for helping make wishes come true to children in our El Paso community who are battling critical illnesses. Thank you to our 2022 Wish Night sponsors for helping make wishes come true.

Silver Sponsors

For more information on how you can help make wishes come true please visit us at:

310 N Mesa St. Ste 411 El Paso, TX 79901 P. 915.855.8700



Welcome to the wonderful world of El Paso’s women in business. We’re proud to showcase women who excel in their fields ranging from healthcare and childcare to restaurants and creative businesses – and so much more.

Grandview Health at Home For Julie Zuniga at Grandview Health at Home, ensuring peace of mind for patients is top of mind for providers. Zuniga launched the company in 1995 with the aim to provide optimized health care services with both timeliness and compassion. “I saw the need for experienced home health services in Las Cruces, New Mexico, El Paso, and the corridor between the cities,” she says. “These areas were underserved by typical home health agencies, and I have always enjoyed working with the elderly.” Today, Grandview operates with a team of more than 65 clinicians, operations, and administrative professionals in order to provide excellent care. “We provide outstanding care and customer service. Our goal is to assist patients and their families through difficult situations in a caring and compassionate manner,” says Zuniga. Grandview has served more than 5,000 families in the community throughout its history while also expanding its roster of covered conditions and offering a wide variety of nursing services. Zuniga says she learns and is challenged every day, but trusts the foundation Grandview is built upon. “It’s been a lot of hard work but I work with some very smart people like my husband who is a great visionary, and my sons helped set up the business,” she adds.

Grandview Health at Home 4141 Pinnacle, Ste. 209 El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 546-2311


Photographed by: ZAZU PRODUCTIONS

Bellezza Hair Salon Ruth French, the owner of Bellezza Hair Salon, is a beauty expert who

Bellezza is designed to make

enjoys the creative and professional flexibility that comes with being

clients feel at home so that

an entrepreneur.

clients feel safe and welcome.

“I started this business 15 years ago,” she says. “The beauty industry

“Giving a direct service to a client is a daily challenge, but at the same

has given me the freedom to work at my own pace, have my own

time, it is very humbling to meet new people, listen to my clients, and

schedule, and be able to travel without restrictions. To do what you

ask what their expectations are,” says French.

love is a pleasure and a blessing.” In addition to hair care services, Bellezza has also launched its own French attributes Bellezza’s success and longevity to consistency, efforts,

line of beauty products that include eyelashes, hair extensions, and

and strategy, as well as operating off a philosophy based on harmony.


“The success that our salon has is because our mission is not to

“Our next product is coming from Egypt,” says French. “This new

sell services,” she says. “We like to listen to the client in order to

product contains pheromones -- the secret of Nefertari -- in our new

understand their needs.”

line of perfumes that will soon be available.”

Bellezza Hair Salon 7930 N. Mesa, Ste.B8 El Paso, Texas 79932 (915) 842-1737

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE


Farmers Insurance Betsy Hinojos Castillo of Farmers Insurance

Her daughter Chrystina Castillo, joined her

began her business with a vision to give back

agency in February 2020, making the agency

to the El Paso community. Betsy is a former

into a family business. “Having my daughter

teacher who brings expertise, compassion,

join the agency has brought joy, comfort,

and attention to detail to each client as they

and stability. We share the same vision and

navigate their insurance options for home,

mission and that ensures our clients’ needs

auto, small businesses, and more.

are fully met.”

“My goal has always been to help and inform

In addition, Betsy prides herself in helping

the community. I am thankful for my clients

households plan for the unexpected and

and their trust in my insurance agency and for

her team is there to assist each step of

making my business successful,” she says.

the way. More often than not, Betsy is instrumental in providing not only innovative

One of the biggest challenges she’s faced

insurance options for members of the El

has been staffing, pursuant to the COVID-19

Paso community but also the priceless gift of

pandemic. Despite barriers, Betsy worked as

peace of mind.

an advocate for her clients who were facing hardships during the pandemic.

“I want readers to know that we are always available to give the most honest advice

“Farmers Insurance was very understanding

regarding their insurance coverage. We are

of the situation, and we were able to provide

always available to explain the details of

different options to help each household,”

their coverages to best fit their household

she says.

insurance needs.

Farmers Insurance 7678 Alameda Ave., Ste. A El Paso, Texas 79915 (915) 706-4051 44 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE

Laura Carrillo Designs For more than 30 years, Laura Carrillo has been a name synonymous

Although she has been passionate about tennis for a long time, there

with elegance and style.

is only one thing now that occupies her mind: beautiful designs and her family.

Her floral designs and impeccable taste in home decor have made her a fixture in many of the border area’s most beautiful homes. She grew

Many people have witnessed the work that Laura Carrillo has done

up in her sister city of Ciudad Juarez and received a bachelor’s degree

in weddings, homes, businesses, and silk florals, but few realize how

in business administration from the Tecnologico de Juarez shortly

passionate she is about her work. Driving for excellence is one quality

after giving birth to her first child.

that makes Laura Carrillo different from the rest, but the real quality is in the great services and exciting ideas she brings to her clients.

As a newlywed to Mr. Abiel Carrillo, she discovered a real talent in playing tennis. During much of her first 15 years of marriage, Laura Carrillo dedicated herself to being one of the few 5.0 tennis players in the area and held the title of state champion in her native Chihuahua.

Laura Carrillo Designs

She mentions that she met many of her good friends in El Paso

2137 E. Mills

through tennis tournaments and friendly games. Now, holding her

El Paso, Texas 79901

title as one of the most exclusive designers and decorators here in

(915) 581-1877

the state of Texas, she says that many people remember her from playing tennis matches against her. Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE


La Coa Cantina Y Cocina Pamela Gallardo began cultivating her entrepreneurial spirit as a child, and the journey has carried on into adulthood. “Growing up, I was always business-minded,” she says. “Even while I was in grade school, I was known as the little girl who sold Mexican candy. That being said, I worked my way up from a cashier, to a server, to finally managing a restaurant.: Today, she says she’s most proud of being a young Hispanic woman who is willing to take risks to ensure the best for her clients. Gallardo says she always knew she wanted to be a restaurateur, which runs in her blood. “My grandmother owned her own restaurant down in Ciudad Juarez. I believe that being at my business day in and day out while personally providing good service to my customers have played a huge role in our success,” she says. Gallardo says one of the biggest challenges she faced was establishing a name for herself at a young age amid the high volume of existing Mexican restaurants. Today, Gallardo’s doors have been open for 13 years because of her commitment to taste and authenticity. “What sets us apart from other Mexican restaurants is that our clients receive the full border home cooking experience, not only through our food but also through our live mariachi band,” she says. “And we have a wide variety of tequilas and mezcal.”

La Coa Cantina Y Cocina 6099 Montana El Paso, Texas 79925 (915) 307-2912 46 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE

Ana Square 111890 Vista Del Sol, Suite A-119 El Paso, Texas 79936 (915) 525-4068 Instagram: @anasquaremicroblading website:

Ana Square Who is Ana Square? Ana began her career in permanent makeup and microblading early in the boom era of permanent makeup. She is a

If this was not enough, she is also the creator and editor

passionate and dedicated business owner. She has trained with the

in chief of the only worldwide online PMU magazine.

best in the business, not only in the USA but practically the whole world. She has participated as International Speaker, Ambassador,

Square is the only double board-certified permanent makeup

and judge in permanent makeup conferences worldwide.

artist in El Paso Texas by the American Academy of micropigmentation as well as the SPCP, the leading authorities in PMU

Square holds more than 30 certifications from the most important

regulation in the USA.

academies worldwide, as well as several master artist titles such as a master teacher in permanent makeup. She is a constant innovator,

She also has a weekly TV segment on permanent makeup and is

traveling across the globe to meet and learn the latest techniques and

currently working on launching a new and exciting Youtube channel

newest products in the industry.

on PMU and microblading.

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE


aladdin Daycare center 14087 Pebble Hills, Ste. C-1 El Paso, Texas 79938 (915) 345-1976

aladdin Daycare center Aladdin Daycare is proudly celebrating 30 years of service to the El Paso community and is a second-generation family-owned business that is operated by women. “It all started as a home daycare,” says owner Sandra Gutierrez, who owns the business with her sister, Karla Gutierrez. “We went from being a home daycare to our first 4,000 square foot location. Now we have five locations throughout the East Side.” Sandra and Karla took the reins of Aladdin Daycare following the passing of their mother. The sisters decided to expand the business in honor of their mother’s legacy and overcame challenges along the way. “At first, it was hard because the financials were not good. We were starting with no money, and everything we were making went to the new location,” says Sandra. Despite the obstacles, the sisters persevered in order to continue to provide dedicated care to children and families. “At Alladin Daycare, we care about your children,” says Sandra. “We understand the importance of our services and we have the best-qualified teachers. We are in direct communication with parents and all of our locations are supervised by us.” Despite the busy schedule that owning and operating five daycares entails, Sandra says the sisters often reflect on their mom. “I’m proud of how my sister and I have expanded our mother’s dream,” she says. “I think we’ve made her proud.” 48 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE

University Medical Center of El Paso Foundation Dr. Abigail Tarango is an El Paso native, a storyteller and a passionate advocate for the binational and bicultural metroplex. She’s a capacity builder, tactician and strategist. Tarango has demonstrated a history of success. As a practitioner, she educated at the preschool and high school levels and later joined the faculty at the University of Texas at El Paso and Texas A&M Agrilife. Then she served as a cabinet-level director for Ysleta Independent School District where they passed two historic bonds worth over 855 million dollars. As a scholar, Dr. Tarango has contributed to educational aspirational, persistence, and attainment research that focuses specifically on Latina madres in the borderlands. Now, Dr. Tarango is the Executive Director of the University Medical Center of El Paso Foundation, El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation, y Presidenta de la Fundación UMC en México. Her role as a non-profit leader has created new opportunities to leverage her skills and expertise. Today Dr. Tarango strives to expand and enhance resources that directly benefit University Medical Center and El Paso Children’s Hospital patients. Tarango’s robust background experience has positioned her for success in her new role. Moreover, giving her the space to be a changemaker and visionary for our community.

University Medical Center of El Paso Foundation 303 N. Oregon St El Paso, TX 79901 (915) 521-7229

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE


Santa Teresa Children’s Day & Night Clinic At Santa Teresa Children’s Day & Night Clinic, Dr. Tanya V. Marin, a

Marin has been successfully navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, with

doctorate-prepared nurse practitioner, serves as a pediatric provider

Santa Teresa Children’s Night Clinic remaining open throughout.

while also owning her own business. “I would have to say that my proudest moment so far was becoming a “It has always been my dream to be a business owner, I just did not

Covid-19 Vaccine Hub providing Covid-19 Vaccines to our community.

think it would be possible to do so in my field. Fortunately, the law

So far, my clinic has provided more than 6000 vaccines,” she says.

changed, which offered me the opportunity to open my own pediatric clinic,” she says.

But Marin is not stopping there.

Marin says that opening a business is always risky but that being

“My goal is to keep the children and their families happy and growing.

knowledgeable in the process reduces the risk. She started the

I love what I do, so I enjoy every day and every child I see,” she says.

business first by following her heart and then applied her mind to

“The beauty of having your own business is that you make it what you

make it happen.

want it to be and still have fun with it!”

“I read books and attended classes,” says Marin. “I paid attention

Santa Teresa Children’s Day & Night Clinic

to how others did it. I took note of what worked and what did not. I

1245 Country Club Road

learned well the regulations that governed my practice. I surrounded

Santa Teresa, New Mexico 88008

myself with people that had the skills and knowledge I did not have;

(575) 332-4633

and then, I prayed some more.” 50 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE

Integrative and Personalized

Briggs Family Medical

Hormone Therapy

1245 Country Club Road, Ste. 200

1245 Country Club Road, Ste. 200

Santa Teresa, New Mexico 88008

Santa Teresa, New Mexico 88008

(575) 332-4633

(575) 332-4633

Integrative and Personalized Hormone Therapy

Briggs Family Medical

At Integrative and Personalized Hormone Therapy, Dr.

At Briggs Family Medical, Mayedel Briggs is

Christy Blanco works to serve women by addressing

a Master’s prepared Family Nurse Practitioner

specific healthcare needs.

who has been practicing nursing for the last 16 years, six as an FNP, and is currently enrolled in

“I started my business because I felt women deserved

a Doctorate of Nursing program.

to be heard for their hormonal complaints,” she says. “Women deserve better than 15-minute appointments, and women should stop suffering from hormone imbalance due to inaccurate information.”

“I truly enjoy working with others to help them become healthier individuals and for us to be a healthier community together. We are a proudly certified nurse practitioner owned

Blanco says that managing hormones is her art and that she turned her

and operated small business”, she says.

vision into a successful business by not giving up and truly believing women deserve the best possible care.

Briggs says she enjoys rising to the challenges that serving the El Paso and surrounding communities present.

“My mission is to empower women with the knowledge they need to know hormones do play a large role in all areas of someone’s life

“I started my own business for a more flexible work schedule to raise

including the family,” she says. “And working through shared decision

my family, yet still have a career. I had the knowledge, support, and

making, not being a dictator of someone’s health was my vision.”

experience to finally make the move. I am most proud of showing my children that the sky’s the limit as long as you work smart and have passion for whatever you do.”

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE


Texas Amaral Group Nancy Alvarez says at first she did not have a name for her company but she decided to honor her family after her parents caught COVID-19; Alvarez’s mother survived but her father did not. “To remember him daily, my husband and I decided to name the office Texas Amaral Group,” she says. “Texas because we are proud to be from Texas. Amaral for Art Amaral, my dad, and group because we are a group of licensed people working together.” Texas Amaral Group includes attorneys, paralegals, assistants, receptionists, preparers, and investigators who work collaboratively to meet clients’ needs. “We







investigations, and tax filings,” Alvarez explains. “Thank you to my wonderful team, who is always working hard.” In addition to the team at Texas Amaral Group, Alvarez credits her family and her faith, and her wonderful clients for her continued success. “I’m very thankful to God for the opportunities He has given me, always holding my hand,” she says. “I’m also very thankful and honored to have my supportive family by my side, starting with my husband, Jay Alvarez; my children, Skylha, Gavin, Francisco, and Kayle; my mom, Silvia Amaral; siblings, Daisy and Oscar Amaral; and brother in law, George Arispe.”

Texas Amaral Group 801 El Paso St., Ste. 150 El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 304-4226 52 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING

Photographed by: ANOTHA CREATIVE


We have exceptional apparel, accessories, and gifts.

| 915.206.6250 | 10 Henry Trost Ct. Ste 100, El Paso, TX. 79901 | | |

omen W in Water

May 2022

| By: ERIN COULEHAN headshot courtesy of: EL PASO WATER |


May 2022



and she received two calls on her computer

Margaret Atwood describes the

yet her focus remained undivided as she

element of water as being as

discussed her career at El Paso Water and




powerful as it is vital, writing that

the ever-evolving role of women.

“Water goes where it wants to go,

and nothing, in the end, can stand against

“When you think back to 29 years ago,

it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears

there were very few women here at

away a stone.” Atwood depicts a natural and

this utility. Mostly customer service, call

sustaining force whose existence is required

takers, accounting, clerks, but really in the

at the cellular level to create life and in great

professional ranks, there was very few

volume to create paradigmatic shifts.

of us,” she says. “So I have really seen that grow through the years and it’s been







wonderful to see that grow.”

depending on conditions. The World Bank Study, funded in part by The same can be said of businesswomen in

the Global Water Security and Sanitation

the Borderland who are shaping the future


of their industries while also building upon

disproportionately face challenges throughout

previous success to achieve meaningful and

their careers that include joining, staying, and

innovative change for the community.

growing in the male-dominated industry.

Marcela Navarrete is one of these women.

The study also found that change is occurring




within the water and sanitation sector, with Navarrete is Vice President of Strategic,

the share of women slowly -- but consistently

Financial, and Management Services at El

-- increasing from a low baseline.

Paso Water, where she’s worked for nearly 30 years and seen the roles and responsibilities

“The leadership at El Paso Water has provided

of women expand as El Paso’s water utility

opportunities for women to get promoted

company becomes increasingly advanced.

and rise,” says Navarrete. “They give us the opportunities and it’s for us to take and run

A 2020 study conducted by the World Bank

with. We have many women here who are

reports that only one in five workers in water

in management, middle management, and

utilities are women and only 23 percent of

upper management because they have been

managers and engineers within the industry.

able to prove themselves that they’re equal -- if not better -- than male counterparts.”

As such, she’s very busy. Navarrete is instrumental when it comes to Navarrete started as an accountant for

driving efficiencies and maintaining El Paso

El Paso Water and then became the

Water’s AA+ bond rating while also keeping

first woman to serve as Chief Financial

water and wastewater rates among the

Officer. Today, she also leads strategic

lowest in the state.

and management services that include overseeing accounting, procurement, land

“We’re well-known throughout the nation for

management, customer service, information

our progressive ideas when it comes to water

technology, and human resources.

resources. We’ve implemented and do things here that are groundbreaking, with water

During our interview on a warm day in April,

conservation being one of them,” she says.

Navarrete’s office phone rang three times


May 2022

“We’ve had the leadership here to make sure that we can provide a sustainable water supply for the community so that this community continues to grow and prosper.”

The City of El Paso’s Water Conservation Ordinance took effect on April 1, 1991, and along with a tiered rate structure, has contributed to the reduction of local water consumption by more than 30 percent. The ordinance calls for the enforcement of watering schedules, limits for at-home car washing, requiring leaks to be repaired within, as well as the installation of efficient plumbing fixtures.

1025 East Missouri

Only Open 10 Days a Month

I-10 W Just before Downtown

Next Sale Dates May 25th - June 4th and August 31st - September 10th



Fine Furniture & Mattresses at Outlet Prices

Or by Appointment

May 2022 “I want to continue to see our utility be that progressive, innovative utility that it is right

C.D. Lee Britton


2244 TRAWOOD DRIVE, STE. 208 EL PASO, TX 79935

(915) 595-3393

now,” says Navarrete. “When it comes to resources, it’s not going to get any easier -it’s probably going to get harder.” The progressivism of El Paso Water is also a contributing factor to the region’s economic development. “We’ve had the leadership here to make sure that we can provide a sustainable water supply for the community so that this community continues to grow and prosper,” says Navarrete. The leadership, teamwork, and vision of Navarrete and women leaders at El Paso Water serve as examples of the potential women have to positively impact other


Contract Bonding




sectors of the workforce. After all, we’re all half water.


May 2022

Leading By Example

Veronique 58

May 2022

Masterson | Words and photos by: YVONNE SUAREZ |


L e a d i n g By E x a m p l e : Ve ro n i q ue M ast e r s o n

May 2022


eeing more women in leadership

Masterson participated in the Leadership

“I am the first one in my family to graduate

roles and the support they receive

Women Pipeline in 2016, then in 2018 she

from college, I come from a military family,”

from their peers and the community is

participated in Leadership Women Texas,

Masterson added. She has a bachelor’s

amazing,” Veronique Masterson, Texas Tech

both are part of Leadership Women America.


University Health Sciences Center El Paso

The program focuses on women who are

University of Texas at El Paso and earned her

Assistant Vice President for Marketing and

established leaders and have responsibilities

master’s degree in strategic public relations

Communications, said of the evolution El

that impact the nation. The program is

from George Washington University. From

Paso is experiencing.

designed to discuss trends shaping the

the beginning, her life goal was to tell the

country in both the business and social realms.

stories of the people in the community.

Masterson was nominated and selected

The cohorts discuss leadership theories, and

“I entered the television news business

to participate in the Leadership Women

best practices, in a supportive environment

because I wanted to tell stories, to educate,

America program, which is a year-long

led by experts and community icons.

to give information to the viewers that they






might not have access to.”

program that helps women grow their leadership skills. Women from across the

“Mentoring other women is key to developing

state and country applied for this year’s

young women into strong leaders and also

Now at TTUHSC El Paso, Masterson continues



to inspire the younger girls to seek positions

to share the stories, of students, donors, and


where they can be leaders,” said Masterson.

the physicians who are teaching the doctors of

and businesses who gather to share their

“I like to identify women who have potential

tomorrow. Her team is diverse and vested in

experiences and skills with each other.

and need inspiration or guidance.”

telling those stories. Masterson says what she


Masterson industries,




is proud of is the passion and commitment her team brings to work every day.

“The best part is to be with these women,

Masterson says she mentors by inviting

the brain is always working and expanding

other women to sit with her to exchange

as we meet the diverse leaders,” Masterson

ideas and experiences. Her leadership

“It is so fulfilling to see my team and other

added of her leadership team. “We all

style is to share what she has learned in

women evolve and expand their knowledge

bring different points of view, skill sets that

the more than 17 years she has been in

and go on to share that with others, it

have been tried in their communities that

the communications, public relations, and

makes me proud to have participated in

proved successful, and they share those

marketing industry with other women and

their journey.”

experiences with the rest of the group so we

help them develop their skill sets.

can bring it back to our communities.”


Little Shop of




n Central El Paso, there sits a spot

necklaces, and rings. The uniqueness of

found myself fiddling with them or getting

reminiscent of popular weekend vacation

each piece fascinated the budding designer

exasperated when I’d have to take them off

spot Marfa, Texas, equipped with Prada

and would later become one of the many

to wash my hands properly. I discovered that

homage. At this spot, Diana Castillo

stepping stones she’d need in the creation of

I didn’t have these kinds of problems with

sells handcrafted earrings from her shop,

accessories she’d call her own.

earrings. In addition to the ease of wearing

Shop Noa.

them, I found earrings granted me the

As Castillo shifted from her youth into a

opportunity to create the statement piece I’d

In her mother’s jewelry box, Castillo found

young adult, she searched for the article of

been searching for.”

her love for jewelry. When her mother arrived

jewelry unique to her. This moment would establish the Shop Noa

home with a new accessory, Castillo says she followed closely as the case opened

“I’d tried getting into various pieces of

creator’s desire for timeless pieces over the

up to a full display of glittering earrings,

jewelry, rings for example, but I always

fading design of a passing trend.


May 2022 When her interest expanded into a personal business in 2016, Castillo found many of her designs experimenting with bead and crystal work. These pieces would become the foundation for the dangle earring design that has remained in her work as the appearance of the jewelry shifted. Crystal and bead mediums continued for three years, then Castillo noticed a shift in her creations to a softer clay-based design that led to a complete rebrand to what is now Shop Noa. As COVID-19 affected businesses throughout the globe, Shop Noa was no exception. When asked about some difficulties faced, Castillo shared, “While the absence of markets and in-person interactions altered sales, the lack of

jewelry and materials used while potentially

The first is to create a distinct design style

materials affected me the most.” Like many,

expanding her works. When asked to share

unique to her as an artist, a desire that has

Castillo found more time to focus on her passion

the mediums or techniques she’d unearthed,

only continued to grow as she’s blossomed

during the lockdown period of the pandemic.

Diana disclosed the thought of intertwining

as a creator.




with The second of these aspirations?

Such freedom proved to be a double-edged

already existing pieces. The expansion of

sword as other aspiring artists and creators

her craft with this fusion of techniques could

took the time away from the office to

ultimately satisfy the designer’s ongoing

Expansion of the local creator and vendor

pursue new hobbies. Pair this with scores of

search for a distinct design style unique to

community, “I think by having a creative

companies shutting down or severely cutting

her work alone.

scene exclusive to El Paso, we’ll be able to strengthen local businesses while providing

their production lines, and one could deduce the materials for such projects were soon in

Studying the promotional methods of her

a system of support between vendors. I

short supply.

peers, Castillo came to understand the value

want locals and visitors alike to seek out

of social media. The frequency in which

homegrown creators for a unique design

“I tend to use sites like Sculpey, which uses

one posted through the variety of outlets

over cookie-cutter pieces one can find at any

a material rating scale. During the pandemic,

proved to be only one part of the promotional

corporate store,” says Castillo.

the majority of materials available weren’t

formula, as Castillo connected with creators

of the best quality. With El Paso not having

both local and out of the city.

With lockdown shifting into liberation, we’ve witnessed Castillo’s efforts in the Café Con

much outside of Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, it was difficult to get ahold of the product

“It helped connect to fellow creators because

needed to create my pieces,” she says.

our followers would see our interactions and visit the other’s page as a result,” she explains.

Leche weekend market. Castillo helps transform the space into a vendor’s market, free of charge, over the

In the face of this trial, Shop Noa’s founder worked to continue creating jewelry with

This level of interaction worked much like

weekend. At this location, Castillo and local

limited materials while also editing and

the strings of a spider’s web as each shop

vendors come together to sell their wares

cutting pieces from the design floor that

obtained a new flow of potential customers

to the public while interacting with fellow

might not resonate as strongly with her

while also expanding the business’s reach

creators. Should one desire to seek out Shop

target audience. In addition to honing these

across multiple platforms.

Noa and its astute creator, take a trip to 2430 Wyoming to see these exclusive pieces, and

designs, Castillo studied the work of fellow creators in both the promotional and creative

When asked about future aspirations for

perhaps check out the local vendors while

fields. Researching these artists, Castillo

Shop Noa and future works, Castillo revealed

you’re there.

discovered ways that could enhance the

that she has two big goals she wishes to achieve throughout 2022.


May 2022


May 2022


May 2022

‘CHAT’ Chair Makes Room at the Table



Healthcare | By: ERIN COULEHAN Editorial photography by: JORDAN LICON |


May 2022


W o m e n i n H e a lt h c a r e


May 2022

If it takes a village to raise a child, then

This spring, CHAT named Dr. Cindy Stout,

Dr. Stout has been CEO of EPCH since

it takes a network of highly skilled,

who is President and CEO of El Paso

2017 and entered the role from a clinical

dedicated, and innovative health care

Children’s Hospital (EPCH), as Chairman of


providers and organizations to ensure

the CHAT Board of Directors. As such, Dr.


the kids are all right. Texas, fortunately,

Stout will now have general charge over

Center and Del Sol Medical Center and as a

CHAT’s activities and affairs.

nurse before then.

CHAT is an acronym for The Children’s Hospital

“The Children’s Hospital Association of Texas

“Under her leadership, Dr. Cindy Stout has

Association of Texas, which represents

is thrilled to welcome Cindy Stout as the

taken El Paso Children’s Hospital to new

seven free-standing, comprehensive, and

new board chair.” Stacy Wilson, President

heights not just in our region, but across

not-for-profit children’s hospitals across the

of CHAT, said. “Cindy brings a wealth of

the whole state of Texas. This appointment

state. The mission of CHAT is to advance the

clinical and operational experience that will

proves her dedication to pediatric healthcare

health and well-being of kids through policy

be integral in guiding the board’s important

and exemplifies the strides El Paso is

advocacy and funding that promotes access

work advocating for children’s healthcare in

continually making,” said Jose F. Cardenas,

to high-quality pediatric care.

Texas throughout the next two years.”

El Paso Children’s Hospital Board Chairman.


has CHAT for that.




served University




May 2022

Dr. Stout is a rare leader professionally

Now that she is both a CEO and a board of

Dr. Stout’s new appointment might not come

and in the community whose expertise is

directors chairman in a healthcare system,

as a surprise given her history of impact on the

as extensive as her knowledge of Olivia

Dr. Stout, who is already a multi-hyphenate

El Paso community but her path to success

Newton-John ballads.

( m o m - w i f e - n u r s e - C E O - f r i e n d - s i s t e r-

might come as a surprise to some, she says.

daughter), says she is proud and excited A 2021 study published in the Journal of

about the opportunity.

“I think a lot of people would be surprised to know my background. I was always very

the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that the representation of women

“I’ve been a member of CHAT for the last

busy. We had a single mom, and there

in CEO roles within the healthcare industry

several years, probably about four years

were four of us,” she says. “We were very

remains disproportionate to men.

now,” says Dr. Stout. “I think moving into

fortunate that she was a very strong mom,

the role as the chairman a great indication of

very independent.”

Only 15 percent of CEOs in the U.S.

not just me as a leader continuing to grow,

healthcare system are women, and women

but also the advocacy that we get to do on

Today, Dr. Stout credits her mother -- who

represent only 17 percent of Board of

behalf of all the children’s hospitals. I’m very

helped send all four of her children to Baylor

Directors chairs in healthcare systems.

proud of the work that gets done there and

University -- with cultivating her work ethic

I’m proud to represent them,” she adds.

from a young age.


W o m e n i n H e a lt h c a r e

May 2022

Dr. Stout remembers having ink-stained

here, in El Paso, right now; and the other,

An analysis of the CEOs leading U.S. News

hands in her childhood from a paper route,

I had the pleasure of going to go see up at

and World Report’s top 20 hospitals in the

where she and her siblings would work

Penn State recently” she says.

country finds that only two of the 20 have nursing backgrounds.

together to roll and hand-deliver each issue to doorsteps throughout the neighborhood.

“I’m fortunate, too, because, with as much time required by this particular role,

According to Becker’s Hospital Review,

Her mom taught her that prudence and

my husband understands. He’s worked in

the proportion of nurses who are CEOs

attention to detail go a long way, regardless

healthcare,” she adds.

in healthcare is imprecise due to a lack of evidence. The shortage of nurses in CEO

of the client, and she continued to bolster her skillset through adolescence. “I would go and clean houses every Saturday

Dr. Stout’s advice to young professionals is

roles is emblematic of broader issues

to glean as much value as possible from each

concerning the representation of women

stage of their career.

when it comes to healthcare leadership.

when I was 12. I’d go cheer at the football games on Saturday mornings, and then I’d go

For example, federal data reports that 76

clean the houses. I’d always take the bus and

percent of the healthcare workforce and

ride across the city to wherever I needed to go,” says Dr. Stout. The early experiences made an impression that would evolve into a leadership style that values the many individual people who make EPCH what it is today. “It was those little things that helped me to grow a certain work ethic and to understand that everybody has value. My housekeepers are just as important as my physicians because everybody serves a certain purpose. We’re all a team,” she says. Her appreciation for synergy within the hospital setting began when she volunteered as a candy striper as a preteen and was honed as she earned her way up the ranks. “When I was growing up, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I always wanted to be the nurse

“It’s really hard to imagine what your frontline nurses and physicians are dealing with unless you’ve been a clinician yourself. And so I think that brings a whole different perspective.”

87 percent of nurses are women, but the percentage of women CEOs in healthcare hovers at just 15 percent. Moreover, the American Hospital Association reports that only 5 percent of American hospitals have a nurse as a trustee or serving as a board member. Dr. Stout is using her role as chairman of CHAT to make sure that greater representation for women and healthcare workers is achieved. “I’ve actually been at an executive level for just over 15 years,” she says. “We’re all still having to show our worth and our value and what the purpose is for us and how we drive an organization.” Dr. Stout’s clinical experience has saved lives as the community faced dire challenges. “It’s really hard to imagine what your

manager of a unit. And so when you get up to

frontline nurses and physicians are dealing

that level, and you get really good experience, then you’re like, ‘You know what? I can do

“You don’t know what you don’t know. And

with unless you’ve been a clinician yourself.

this. I can go to the next level,’” she says.

so a lot of times, you get out of school and

And so I think that brings a whole different

you’re like ‘I’ve got this degree and I want to

perspective,” she says. “Especially with the

be a CEO or a CFO’ and you don’t know how

pandemic, or even the August 3rd shooting.

to deal with different situations. It takes a long

I have the ability to empathize with and

time to really have that skill set,” she explains.

understand what it is that they need. So it’s a

She didn’t go it alone, however. Dr. Stout credits her ability to do meaningful

huge value to have that background.”

work to her family’s stability and love. Along





“My fulfillment comes from my family,

experience, one reason Dr. Stout stands out as

having three beautiful children. Two right

a CEO is because of her foundation in nursing.


May 2022


May 2022

Inked in Ambition

Women in Tattoos Define Themselves | By: ARTIE MONTENEGRO photos courtesy of the artists |


May 2022


ochelle did not get into tattooing by tumbling out of bed, stumbling to the

kitchen, and pouring herself a cup of ambition because working nine-to-

five never appealed to her. Rochelle Lintz is a tattoo artist based out of El Paso and has been perfecting her craft for more than 14 years. “I was dating someone who owned a tattoo shop,” she says of her

they’re ephemeral and eternally beautiful.

Much like Rochelle, Wish is a self-made

I think women are beautiful in general and

female tattoo artist who found her artistic

we’re all drawn to them,” she says.

expression in dainty designs, in her own creativity, and a need to be self-sufficient.

One cannot help but be drawn to a

Both women are tattoo artists at the top

Rochelle Lintz original because the beauty

of their game, but they are also mothers,

is beyond compare.

daughters, and entrepreneurs.

Alternative as tattoo culture might be, local

Wish began her career as a tattoo artist

women tattoo artists are making a name for

after getting divorced, and when asked how

with modesty.

themselves and their art while also teaching

tattooing made her feel following the change,

(and inking) the next generation. These

she simply said “it made me feel great!”

Rochelle is known throughout the tattoo

women are unapologetically themselves,

introduction to tattooing. “A friend of mine asked him if I could tattoo her and that’s how I started. I think if I had done a proper apprenticeship or was guided by someone who knew what they were doing I would have excelled more quickly,” she described

community of El Paso for her detailed black and gray designs, delicate floral pieces, and uncanny ability to capture the female form in

and quite literally wear their crafts on their

Wish fell in love with art early in her life


and expressed herself through graffiti, then started managing a tattoo shop because

all its beauty and grace.

In addition to Rochelle, other women tattoo

-- as a single mom -- she needed a job with

artists, like Wish, are defining their own

flexibility. Now she says that she loves the

“I love working on anything that has to do with

boundaries and following their dreams.

freedom and creativity that being a tattoo

a female face or a female body. I just think

artist allows her.


May 2022

She rules her life like a bird in flight.

Toughness, independence, and confidence are things that these women exude, but

Rochelle and Wish took control and changed

Wish is currently apprenticing one of her

neither of them came by these traits easily.

their own tunes. They both learned to stand

daughters so she may also become a tattoo

Rochelle describes incidents of tokenism,

up for themselves, they are both willing to


and clients choosing her because of the

insist on what they are worth, and now they

Wish says that she is proud that all of her

novelty of being tattooed by the only “chick”

both prioritize the precious time with their

kids are artists and is excited to teach her

in the shop; Wish describes animosity from

families that they cannot ever replace.

daughter the tricks of the trade.

her fellow women, and one client demanding to see her portfolio before daring to let Wish

But what about being women working in

“It’s hard because she’s my daughter, but

even hear what she was looking to get

the “alternative” arts and cultural scene?

nowadays women don’t have it as hard as


Rochelle says she used to cover up her tattoos when her children were attending

we did when I was coming up. I want my daughter to learn the way I learned so she

Regardless of their trials, these ladies

private school, but that no longer mattered

can be tough and walk into any shop she

maintained their poise, just like the white-

once her kids began to tell their friends what

wants and hold her own,” she says.

winged dove.

their mom does for a living because they thought it was “so lame.”

Rochelle says she has not had an apprentice

Both women described the challenges of

under her yet because she would be a “tiger

clients not valuing their time the same way

Wish’s eyeballs are tattooed turquoise, and

mom, like what I grew up with. I was raised

they would a man’s time, men not respecting

though she did not explicitly say it, this writer

by tiger moms, not just my mom but my

their skills, and choosing to overwork

would hazard a guess that Wish has never

grandmother, my aunts, and my older sister.

because they felt like they had to.

hidden a thing about herself.

women. We all need a little bit of that tough

These topics are not foreign to most women

Many others, too, walk around as living prints

love, but I’m not ready to bring that onto an

in the workforce who feel underpaid,

of these women’s art. Every piece is unique,


undervalued, and overworked.

and every piece is eternal. The beauty of all

They’re very strong-willed hyper-independent


May 2022 their tattoos is undeniable, but for a written piece about two brilliant artists, it feels unusual to spend so many words on who they are rather than the work they produce. It’s a little like knowing who the singer is singing about in that it begs the question, would the art be as good without the experience that


inspired it? Both women described their dreams of owning their own shops, and their visions of an industry where women support each

What are you missing out on?

other rather than compete with one another. These women were not interviewed together, so the fact that they have such similar dreams and hopes for their counterparts in the industry speaks volumes of their shared but distinct ambitions, but also about what the industry is lacking: women in the lead, not singing backup. Both Rochelle and Wish were asked who they would love to tattoo, living or dead if they could choose anyone. Rochelle chose Dolly Parton, because of her intelligence and her accomplishments, and Wish chose Stevie Nicks, because Stevie is one of her alltime favorite artists and they share a birthday. Dolly, Stevie, Rochelle, Wish, and every female artist are their own muses, using the experiences they’ve had to inspire their next moves, their next lines, and their next masterpieces. Rochelle, Wish, and their contemporaries are unique, and arguably more powerful artists because their work is something you choose to make a part of yourself, not just something you just can’t get out of your head. To on











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May 2022

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May 2022

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May 2022

Soldier and Home Seller Who Does it All

May 2022


ave you ever crossed paths with

She exudes an absolute southern charm

mother would deliver the leftovers to a

someone and asked yourself a

demeanor with a friendly thick southern

shelter and make boxes for the elders and

few questions? Like, how does

drawl and adds a dash of cayenne pepper.

single moms in the community.

this person have more hours in

With such an influential and captivating

a day than me or is this person a

personality, you often wonder where that

If that’s not a servant’s heart, I don’t know

robot? These are the questions

comes from.

what is.

down with Chasity Rosales, CEO of the PCS

Rosales attributes many of her characteristics

Rosales’ mother instilled many empowering

Real Estate Team here in El Paso, Texas, and

and traits to her mother, another southern

qualities in her daughter that truly emphasize

current Command Sergeant Major for the

firecracker, who Rosales likes to describe as

the strengths of an independent woman that

United States Army Reserves.

“piss, fire, and vinegar.”

demonstrate that you do not need a man to

Rosales grew up in the small town of

Every morning, her mother (a single mom,

Conway, South Carolina on a 100-acre farm

mind you), who owned a small southern

Along with a strong mother, Rosales also

and didn’t step foot into her first Mcdonald’s

restaurant, would make her renowned

had another pillar of strength: her older sister

until middle school.

biscuits from scratch, which Rosales (many

Katina Clark, who too had a hand in taking

times) assisted. At the day’s end, Rosales’

care of Rosales while growing up.

I had to ask myself after sitting

be successful.


Soldier and Home Seller Who Does it All

May 2022

With positive hard-working female role

Rosales was mobilized to El Paso for duty in

models, Rosales often had two or three jobs


at any given time while growing up. Holding a Masters in Family Therapy, Rosales Let’s not leave Rosales’ father out of the

has held various roles while being in El

equation, as he often liked to show her the

Paso such as FORCECOM Sexual Assualt

ropes about hard work and hustle. Rosales’

Coordinator, Parenting Educator, and a slue

father was a painter who worked in the

of other positions.

construction industry and would have her accompany him on job sites to teach her.

One might think she never had any downtime but -- surprise surprise! -- the beautiful Sun

He always liked to promote the real estate

City is also where she met Jim Rosales, her

industry as a profitable business, she says.

partner, sidekick, husband, and the yin to her yang as I shall describe it.

During her senior year of high school, Rosales started drilling with the U.S Army Reserves,

After fulfilling many careers within the United

which led to her now 26 years (and counting)

States Army and having children of her own

career as a soldier in the United States Army.

(four, to be exact), she branched off into an

She believes the most powerful strengths

entirely new career path and decided to take

she has learned are discipline and structure,

a stab at real estate.

which are key to her success today, as well as her arrival in El Paso.

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May 2022 As you can imagine, Rosales thrived from the get-go, being named Rookie of the year in 2015 by Keller Williams Realty and then being offered the position of CEO only 12 short months later. In only two years, Rosales doubled the agent count and tripled profits. It must be something in the water because Jim was also named Rookie of the Year in 2016. Both Jim and Chasity, having military backgrounds, managed to build a life by balancing each other out in a professional sense as Chasity is the visionary and Jim is the integrator of their real estate team. Along with her team, Rosales has increased her production each and every year of business starting from her first year by selling 181 homes, to finishing strong last year with 219 homes sold. She’s grateful for the opportunity and strives to always do better.



“If someone would have taught me back then what I know now, can you imagine where I would be?” she asks. “It’s my responsibility because you can’t do better unless you know how.”

EAT ON THE EDGE EST. 1997 8690 Edge of Texas St. El Paso

(915) 822-3343


May 2022

Advertising Executives






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st e p i n to t h e n e w n o w

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May 2022

Influence The Impact of

: | By





by: A y h p gra hoto Np






E |


he word “influencer” is thrown


around a lot in our lexicon, but at

representation, and those making a direct

its core, emphasizes the power of

impact and influence in their community.

producing an effect. To sway action.





I took one of the biggest letdowns a girl can have and turned it around to use that

Katie Scott, a longtime El Pasoan, is well-

experience as a tool to help shape and

versed in the art of influence. Scott is a

define who I wanted to be as a role model.

contributing author in the third volume of


The Impact of Influence: Ladies Using Their

opportunities in disguise to help you outgrow

Influence to Create a Life of Impact. Her

what you think you know and force you to

chapter “Pageants and Politics” explores her

change your perspective.





journeys within the realms of modeling and politics and the influences that inspired her --

TCM: Oftentimes, influence is achieved by

some positive, some negative -- along the way.

someone having the grace not to chew you out, like when your manager approached you

“We are influenced by the limitations that

about your tardiness. What are some other

others have set for us,” she writes.

examples of grace that have stuck with you?

Today, Scott continues to utilize the power

KS: When I first started working on political

of influence as an entrepreneur. Scott is

campaigns, I was working in an industry I

has to pave the path. You were chosen to

CEO of View From the Top Marketing and

really didn’t know much about and never

lead the pack, just like the pioneers that

also serves as the youngest member of

imagined myself to ever be working in.

I wrote about in my chapter, the women

the Greater El Paso Civic Convention and

Knowing I had no previous experience, my

who co-authored this book with me, and

Tourism Advisory Board.

boss offered me a position to work on her re-

the women I see every day that is making a

election campaign based just on the potential

difference in our community. These are the

Scott sat down with me ahead of the release

she saw in me. That small act of grace is

women that continue to inspire me to push

of her book to discuss the ways women

what opened doors of opportunity for me

boundaries and explore places we are often

continue to influence -- and be influenced - in

and was ultimately the key that led me to

told not to go. Stay focused on your goal,

the workforce.

hone my passion, find my niche, and give

continue educating yourself so you have the

me the opportunity to start my marketing

confidence to grow in these, and surround

The City Magazine: In your chapter,

company, View From the Top Marketing. It

yourself with positive leaders that will guide

you mention both negative and positive

was because of her patience, guidance, and

you on the right path. Enjoy the view on the

experiences with role models and it’s

influence that I had the confidence to grow in

journey because you are on a mission that

unfortunate that someone you look up

an unknown space.

is beyond you that others will continue to follow in your footsteps for generations.

to inspired you to be the opposite of her example. How important is it to turn negative

TCM: Like you, I once found myself in

experiences into positive stories?

politics, covering it for a job, without ever

TCM: What do people get wrong about

imagining myself in that realm. It’s hard to


Katie Scott: Turning a negative experience

carve out space for yourself when you feel

into a positive story is one of the hardest

like you don’t fit in, what’s your advice for

KS: They think they don’t have an influence.

things to do but it is the mindset you need

other women who might find themselves in

People often don’t realize the power and

to have for success. When I finally met my

similar positions?

ripple effect their actions and words can have on shaping a person’s life. Influence is

childhood role model, she was nothing like I had imagined or hoped for. It left me feeling

KS: Don’t be afraid to create space in your

powered by the connection we make with

disappointed and lost. Once I changed my

industry. Be excited that you have the

others. We are all influencing someone --

perspective of who I was looking up to, I

opportunity to be a leader in your sector.

somehow, someway -- and it is our choice

realized that my real role models weren’t

It’s not easy paving the way in industries

to exude negative or positive influences.

celebrities I saw on TV, they were women I

and spaces where there are so many

People will take the influence they want and

saw daily who were making tough decisions,

uncertainties and no guidelines, but someone

trash others.


May 2022

Transition of Power

Breaking Gender Boundaries in Business | By: ANDI R. TISCARENO |


May 2022


s a transgender woman in business, I

that overcomes most discrimination and

shows that they are putting too much

often find myself alongside many other

microaggressions I may face. However,

thought into who I presented as before

hardworking and dedicated women

having mostly worked retail and food service

instead of who I am now.

making their way through a cisgender

jobs, I have been hit with varying forms of

male-dominated business structure.

discrimination, such as being occasionally

I went through the name change process

I began my transition from male to

misgendered by other coworkers and often

during my first job and was still allowed to

misgendered by customers.

use my preferred name when applying and

female in 2016 and have been out socially

working as an employee; and while that has

for six years. Since then, I took a vow to never be ashamed of who I am and to use

While this may seem accidental on a

helped with presenting as the woman I am,

my visibility to educate and advocate in every

coworker’s part, the reasoning does not make

I would still get misgendered while working.

part of my life whenever possible.

sense as I’ve met these people presenting to the fullest as the woman I am. This often hits

While my personal validity of identifying as

Now at 26 years old, I have made a small

hard as I like to present very feminine: so to

a woman can never be taken from me, no

footprint in El Paso as a transgender advocate

hear a customer call me “sir,” or a coworker

matter how many instances of misgendering

and activist through different public speaking

occasionally slip and refer to me with he/him

or questions about my identity, these

opportunities provided through El Paso’s

pronouns, is a hit to my validity in my identity.

microaggressions have often invalidated my identity to other coworkers unless I or another

Borderland Rainbow Center, a non-profit come





coworker corrected them as they happen.

LGBTQ+ focused community center, as well


as other allies who help me speak up and

coworkers who may not understand how to

fight for the rights of other transgender folks.

interact with members of the transgender







community will often think about the person

Volunteer Coordinator and Youth Services

While making my way through a handful of

as the gender they presented as before.

Coordinator at the Borderland Rainbow

jobs over the years, I have thankfully met

Such as the times I have been misgendered

Center offers me a safe and educated

many accepting employers and co-workers

by coworkers; these are individuals I never

space. For the first time, I do not have to be

who have made existing as a trans woman

met before my transition, as I have only ever

anxious or afraid of continuing to present as

in the workplace a little easier.

been employed while presenting as female.

not just a woman, but a transgender woman

Through using my visibility in educating

Being referred to with he/Hhm pronouns

I continue to persist while working hard

my coworkers and classmates, when the

not only puts me in danger with customers

and standing my ground in what I believe is

topic arises, I have developed a confidence

who may not be as accepting, but it also

right and for my own identity.

serving and advocating for her community.


May 2022

La Mujer

Obrera | Word and photos by: CLADIA FLORES |


Supporting Women in the Borderland

for over 40 Years


ounded in 1981 by Chicana activists and

Café Mayapán, founded in 2001 is one of the

garment workers, La Mujer Obrera was created

organization’s multiple enterprises. The restaurant is

to develop strategies for the rights of women

known for providing traditional Mexican cuisine while

workers. Today, the organization continues to

serving as a job and training center.

contribute to the women in the community and

the preservation of the Mexican culture through different

Ana Gomez joined the organization in 1999 after losing

collectives created throughout the years.

her job at a local factory and started as a waitress for the restaurant. Today, Gomez is the one in charge of

Located at 2000 Texas Ave., La Mujer Obrera offers

creating the restaurant’s signature dishes and the

different programs and enterprises that not only help

manager of the Café.

the women of the local community but also support them through its bi-national ties, helping artisan women

“Part of our mission is to create leaders and help

from indigenous communities across Mexico.

women to grow personally and professionally, and my job’s been to train women that come through here, and

According to Cemelli De Aztlan, community organizer

I love that part of my job,” Gomez said. “Café Mayapán

and social media manager for the organization, back

is, of course, a business, but its vision is to promote the

in the day, La Mujer Obrera focused on organizing

Mexican culture, the food, the importance of food in our

the rights of women within factories. However, after

culture and help women become entrepreneurs.”

NAFTA passed and factory workers lost their jobs, the focus of the group slightly shifted into new areas

Through Lummetik, La Mujer Obrera helps to promote

of development.

the sale of textiles, home goods, accessories, and toys crafted by indigenous women across Mexico. It is

“The organization shifted from organizing work to

through the binational network Niu Matat Napawinka

recreate a world that didn’t exploit the workers,

that Martha Calleros, director of the network, helps

respected their work, their culture, and language,” De

bolster bonds between the local community and

Aztlan said. “Through their vision, displaced workers

women from other entities.

of the garment industry created the first daycare and learning center, which is still running today, Café

“The cultural aspect supported by Lummetik helps us

Mayapán, Lummetik Trading Co., and a community

to value our origins in this country and support these

garden among other initiatives.”

women who are the ones keeping alive the culture of

La Mujer Obrera

May 2022

our ancestors,” Calleros said. “Through this

this way the artisans also know where their

“We were women who worked in factories.

enterprise at La Mujer Obrera and for the past

product is going, creating a connection, which

People didn’t believe we could run a

15 years, we’ve continued to work to maintain

contributes to a larger cause.”

restaurant, or a business because we didn’t have degrees. These challenges helped us

this space that in most recent years has also helped to shed light on the forced migration

La Mujer Obrera is an organization that

find the motivation to keep going,” Gomez

issue. Lummetik is an answer in a way because

has prevailed through the great efforts,

said. “We believe in one another, and that

if women want to stay in their communities,

perseverance, and passion of women who, like

is what’s taken us to where we are. We

they can sell their products to organizations like

Gomez, Calleros, and De Aztlan, believe in the

not only work in the kitchen, but we also

us and the public through fair-trade.”

potential of their peers and the impact of the

organize events in the community with other

organization on a local and international level.

organizations and that is a challenge, and we will continue to fight to keep growing.”

Part of the mission of Lummetik is to help customers know more about the products,

“We’ve experienced a lot of discrimination

the artisans, and how they contribute to

in opening these enterprises. I think people

According to Calleros, another challenge the

different organizations.

didn’t feel it was possible for Mexican women

organization has faced over time is that of

workers to do what we’ve accomplished.

creating consciousness and awareness of

“It is important to us that people know the origin

And through those obstacles we showed

the value of the artisans’ work.

of the products they’re consuming and how,

that we’re succeeding in the sense that

through a social collective, this benefits different

we’re still here,” De Aztlan said.

“Sometimes we have to explain to people why they shouldn’t bargain with the prices of the

families and not just the retailers. There is nothing Gomez, who joined the organization 23 years

artisans, this product is their fight, their work,”

more people and not just one direct individual,”

ago, said that one of the biggest challenges

Calleros explained. “All this work they create

Calleros said. “We want people to know who

was for people to believe that women

is part of our culture because of everything it

they buy from, where their money is going, and

workers had the skills to become leaders.

takes: gathering the materials, their technique,



















wrong with that, but we focus on benefiting



Where Art Meets M


Injectables Laser Services Intimate Health Dermatologic Tailored Aesthetics


Karen Herman, MD 915.745.5888 7470 Cimmaron Plaza Building 13, Suite 100 El Paso, Texas

May 2022

and time all to create a single piece. It’s taken

For more information on La Mujer Obrera

time for people to recognize that Mexico is

visit their Facebook page and website at

more than Mariachis and food, but we’ve

finally got to a point where people see the value and input these artists put in their work.”


May 2022

Borderland 100 Club

Supports First Responders Behind the Badge | By: ERIN COULEHAN |


May 2022


2021 study reports that spending

longer move my left thumb, and have a very

“But after a few years of crawling through it,

time with girlfriends is essential

weak left arm.”

I found the ‘100 Club’.”

At the age of 27, Middleton was thanked for

The 100 Club is a non-profit organization

her service and retired from EPPD.

that provides support to first responders.

for women to manage emotional equilibrium and wellness, particularly

as they grow older. Research from UCLA

Middleton joined the 100 Club Arizona and

reports that “women more reliably turn to their social contacts in times of stress” but

“That was it for me. Being a police officer

was inspired to establish the organization

what happens when individuals do not have

was all I ever wanted to do,” she adds.

in El Paso. Today, the Borderland 100 Club provides tens of thousands of dollars in grants

social support to turn to? Amanda Middleton knows.

What followed was a series of obstacles

to local first responders while also offering

that included losing a classmate in the line

peer support services thanks to the efforts of

of duty.

Middleton and two of her friends, sisters-inlaw Paulina and Lenee Longenbaugh.

Middleton served briefly in the El Paso Police Department but sustained an injury that

“When I left the job, I went through a couple

halted her career.

of years of depression and some serious

Both Paulina and Lenee’s husbands serve

issues. I didn’t feel like I had anyone to talk

on EPPD, and Middleton was partnered with

to,” says Middleton.

Paulina’s during her time on EPPD.

“I was injured in a fight on duty,” she explains, “and I injured my left hand, can no


Borderland 100 Club

May 2022

The women’s friendship serves not only

The Borderland 100 Club took action following

“We responded to what was probably the

to support each other but also vulnerable

the August 3rd mass shooting to provide

biggest crisis in the state of Texas at that point,

members of the El Paso community when

mental health services to first responders.

and within less than a year, became one of the most experienced crisis intervention teams

they need it most. “A lot of our first responders responded to

in the state,” says Lenee. “Not because we

“I came home and sat them down for lunch

that shooting and we were able to provide

wanted to but because we had to.”

to tell them I had this crazy idea,” says

services for our first responders who were


there,” says Paulina. “We granted more than

The Borderland 100 Club is committed to

She explained the 100 Club and asked if

$35,000 in our first full year of operation and

granting $10,000 to the families of fallen first

they’d be interested in starting a local chapter.

served more than 200 first responders in

responders and does so through fundraising

peer support after August 3rd.”

and memberships.

The Borderland 100 Club was able to offer peer

“We’re all volunteers,” says Middleton. “So

support services, service dogs, and more as

none of the donations go to paychecks, 100

The women formed the Borderland 100 Club in

first responders coped with the tragedy while

percent of the money goes into the pockets

2018 without realizing the increased need for

still finding their footing as an organization.

of first responders.”

“Luckily they were crazy enough to say yes,” she laughs.

their services, prudence, and understanding. 94

May 2022

Circa 1963 is located in the heart of downtown El Paso on the 5th floor of Hotel Indigo. Our rooftop bar has a cozy terrace and outdoor patio with stunning views of El Paso and our breathtaking Franklin Mountains. Circa 1963 offers a beautiful ambiance to unwind.

WE HAVE A SEAT WAITING FOR YOU The organization caught the attention of the El Paso Community Foundation following August 3rd. “They reached out and wanted to be part of what we did,” says Middleton. “At the time, they didn’t have an organization that supported first responders directly so we got very lucky that they wanted to take us under their wing.” Today, Middleton, Paulina, and Lenee are able to leverage their friendship and perspective within the local first responder community to create positive change and support systems. “Another of our missions is to build bridges,” says Paulina. “There’s been a lot of strife in the world and there are a lot of issues on the perception of our first responders.” The Borderland 100 works to support those behind the badge. In addition to assistance requests, the Borderland 100 Club also offers scholarships and retraining opportunities, as well as peer support. ‘Being the spouse of a police officer, Paulina and I knew this was something that was like a calling,” says Lenee. “It was just meant to be and there was no doubt that this was needed.”

325 N Kansas St, El Paso, TX 79901

Circa 1963

(915) 532-5200

95 @circa1963

Progress Report

Student Journalism

May 2022

Philanthropist and Founder of Emajj PR, Gracie Viramontes Talks Business | By: AINA MARZIA photos courtesy of: GRACIE VIRAMONTES |


ocated on one of the city’s oldest

a proposal about opening a coffee shop in El

different TV stations. I was going to school

streets, Emajj Public Relations aims

Paso. At that time, it was unheard of because

for that, I did a whole 180 when I got my real

to preserve culture on the border. As

there were no coffee shops anywhere. You

estate license and I did extremely well. Then

a marketing business, the company

know, my mom was like “Mija, you’re crazy,

one day a client of mine was like “well we


who’s going to be at an actual place when they

want a commercial building and we want to

communities with their work. I sat down with

can just go to Walmart and buy some coffee?”

open the store.” So I ended up helping them

founder Gracie Viramontes, as she discussed

I had been to Austin for a debate competition

get the building, then it became licensing

her aspirations, goals, and her journey in

with my high school group and when I went

the name, and then marketing, and then

business and philanthropy.

to Starbucks, there was a guitar playing and

inventory. I was just loving the whole journey

people were just sitting down and drinking.

of it, at the end it was: how much do I owe

Aina Marzia: Let’s go ahead and get started

So I was like “oh my gosh I love the whole

you? And I was like “Ahh, that’s a good

with the first question, what got you into

concept of a coffee shop” and so I was like

question.” So there came the idea of Emajj


“you just don’t understand”. Our group won,

public relations and marketing.





we got a building in front of Ysleta High School Gracie Viramontes: I got into entrepreneurship

and we opened up Moca Loca, that was the

AM: A happy little accident I would say, was

at the age of 14., I was asked by a school

name of the coffee shop and that was my

there anything hard or challenging when you

counselor if I wanted to participate in an

entrepreneurship beginning.

first started?

I had no idea what it was, I couldn’t even

AM: That is a very young age to be exposed

GV: One of the challenges, when I was

pronounce it in the beginning. I fell in love with

to the industry, I am sure it drove you into

just starting, was learning how to say “no”

everything that involves entrepreneurship at that

starting a business like Emajj PR. Can you tell

because I was so excited that I was building

first meeting and through that program, I was

us how you get started with marketing?

the team that was needed and I took

entrepreneurship program through the YWCA.

seriously that their livelihoods depended on

able to learn about what else entrepreneurship was about. I entered a contest, Levi Strauss

GV: Well, the way I got started, it kind of

this business, as well as mine. I just would

was giving a $75,000 grant to open up a

happened by accident. My background was

say “yes” to any opportunity financially that

business. Three other people and I submitted

in broadcasting journalism so I worked at

we would get. I was like “yes! yes! yes!”


May 2022

I wasn’t very strategic, and that was a

but I would have liked to know (and have)

that makes us all so different. I think it’s

challenge that I learned from and overcame.

good accounting skills and also make sure

important to note how much dedication it

you know how to file with the IRS. Those

takes because a lot of us don’t consider it.

AM: What would you say is the hardest thing

are details that you don’t think about.

What is your team or you currently working

about running a business now, after having

Also, understanding the team you need is

on, are there any special projects or anything

grown and now that you have a lot of people

important because those are the people

that we’ve seen around the city that we

working with you?

that are going to help you succeed, those

might want to know of?

are the people that, if you’re lucky, end up GV: You know, coming back to what we

becoming like your family. In regards to time,

GV: There are a lot of things that we’re

understand as normal, post COVID-19.

owning your own business is extremely

working on, one thing that we started

I’m in the people business and one thing

time-consuming and for me, it’s who I am.

working on was helping the education sector,

that I had to learn was to navigate through

My company is part of my life, I love doing

so we’ve been helping private schools with

understanding people; from my team to my

what I do, it’s hard to turn it off sometimes.

their enrollment campaigns. We’ve been

clients really, understanding their state of

I practice a lot now working on just really

strategizing with private schools on how

mind as to where they are right now and why

focusing on time management: making sure

to create campaigns for enrollment to get

they do the things they do and what their

that I work when I’m at work and when I’m

back to where things used to be. Another

goals are. Just really understanding people.

at home, I’m with my dogs and hanging out

thing that we have been working with is the

with my husband. I started getting into green

nonprofit sector because nonprofits got hit

AM: What background knowledge did you

plants and flowers, and I think sometimes

really hard during COVID-19 and now we’re

need to know, or wish you would have

we let time get away from us. But I think

working with nonprofits by building their

known, before starting your business and

if you take hold of the time and make time

business plans: creating business strategic

how time-consuming is the role at Emajj PR?

work for you, that’s key to everything.

planning, seeing creative ways to market, and creating a presence when it matters.

GV: I already had marketing sales and PR

AM: My parents always tell me that “there

That’s what Emajj is about: we create a

experience because of what I did before,

are 24 hours in everyone’s day” and it

presence when presence matters.

just depends on how we use that time


Progress Report

Student Journalism


May 2022

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry | By: LAJWARD ZAHRA photography by ANOTHA CREATIVE and courtesy LAJWARD ZAHRA |


May 2022


stablished in 2017, Young Women’s STEAM




Academy (YWA) is the first all-inclusive, all-girls school in EPISD and the first

single-gender NewTech Network in the nation. YWA uses an engaging curriculum that accentuates the female perspective providing tools needed to create change within the local and global community. NewTech Network affiliated schools focus on student agency, collaboration, and technology. YWA is a public school centrally located three miles from the border with Juarez, Mexico. Currently, the school serves sixth through eleventh grade. Starting in the 2022-23 school year, Young Women’s STEAM Research and Preparatory Academy will serve grades sixth through twelfth. I remember when I first discovered the school that would become my launching pad. Sometime in April 2017, I was sitting in my assigned seat in a middle school Spanish class when the teacher announced that she would be offering extra credit. Having recently






conjugation quiz, that caught my attention. The extra credit seemed fairly simple: submit a name idea along with an explanation for that name for a new EPISD school. It took me about ten minutes to complete the name nomination and secure my A in Spanish III. Out of curiosity, I glanced over a brief explainer of the new school and was intrigued enough by words like ‘rigor’ and ‘NewTech’ to ask my parents to take me to the school’s open house. The open house is where I became truly enchanted. I’d heard people talk about open-concept housing plans but I had never seen an

open-concept school. The full-length glass

YWA is an example in the district of our

windows, whiteboard walls, couches, and

incredibly successful SEl program (social/

larger classrooms were the cherry on top of

emotion learning that aims to teach students

a program that promised to be rigorous and


attentive to learning style differences.

interpersonal skills).

I decided to apply, and when I told my

Additionally, single-gender campuses have a

friends that I’d been accepted and would be

plethora of documented benefits. According

switching schools the next year, I was met


with comments like “I am so sorry -- an all-

students in single-sex classes obtained

girls school!”

better math grades than female students in








coeducational classes.” Moreover, women That sentiment has followed me throughout

who graduate from all-girls high schools

my years at this school. I am met with

report higher self-confidence than grads from

pity for attending an all-girls school. Many

co-ed schools according to UCLA professor

people assume the culture at YWA is catty

Dr. Linda Sax.

or gossipy because there are only women. They assume that we are because we cannot

Most importantly, all-girls schools foster

handle the ‘real high school environment’.

leadership among their students. A survey from the Goodman Group found that “93%

And yet.

of girls’ school grads say they were offered greater leadership opportunities than peers at

Not only is that disappointing to hear in 2022,

coed schools.” There are many examples of

but it is also untrue.

this at YWA, starting with our leadership class. 99

Launch Parties

Leadership class is not only a time for

That statement can be applied to the whole


experience of attending YWA.






community engagement events, but also a

Don’t miss out! The City Magazine throws the hottest parties in partnership with the best hosts.

time to create our mission statements and

For me, it has been incredibly gratifying to be

build our portfolios. The latest addition to our

part of the first graduating class of the only

portfolios is our panel presentations at the

single-gender NewTech school in the world.

2022 UTEP Women’s Conference. One of

It is scary to be part of a new program, but

the panels was, ironically, about leadership.

that is one example of how YWA fosters leadership.

One of my leadership classmates described

Party with us! contact us: 100







We are all trailblazers.

conference as “just a little scary because it is new but really gratifying because we are

Although many of us prefer the term “girl

really doing something.”

boss.” The girl boss infatuation has led

Exceed Your Standards of Beauty

to students and teachers jokingly calling

From speakers like the owner of Chuco

YWA “the Girlboss School of Witchcraft

Relic, Chelsie Evaldi, to a fashion show full of

and Wizardry.”

pieces made entirely from recycled material-

ANA AN A SQU SQUA ARE Master Artist in Permanent Makeup and Microblading

the conference was nothing short of magical. The phrase is certainly apt. When I think back to the day I first found out Just last month, YWA hosted its own

about this school, I am just so grateful I was

second annual women’s conference. This

in the need of some extra credit. Perhaps,

was the first one to be face-to-face instead

also, a little miffed that I did not submit the

of on Zoom.

name “Girlboss School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” for consideration.

book your appointment Today! Mon - Sat: 9AM-5PM Sunday: 9AM-12PM by appointment only

(915) 525-4068 11890 Vista Del Sol Dr. Suite A-117 El Paso, TX 79936 101

May 2022

BORN TO BE WILD Get to Know the ‘Ghosts of the Desert’ | By: ERIN COULEHAN photography by: MAGGIE BLUM and ERIN COULEHAN |


E l pa s o Zo o

May 2022


he El Paso Zoo is welcoming newborn

The Peninsular Pronghorn Recovery Project

peninsular pronghorns -- also known

is a bi-national collaborative partnership

as the “ghost of the desert” -- whose

designed to save the endangered species.

arrivals will have resounding impacts on

The project is a multi-agency effort that

future generations of the species. Today,

includes researchers and wildlife specialists

the species is threatened across its range,

from the El Paso Zoo, as well as the San

with fewer than 50 remaining in the wild,

Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, the Los Angeles

about 500 living in managed reserves in

Zoo, the National Commission of Natural

Baja, California, and about 40 in zoos across

Protected Areas, and more.

the United States as part of an assurance pronghorn

“The fawns will grow up and get an

fawns were born at the El Paso Zoo early

opportunity to breed and pass along their

this spring as part of a breeding program

genetics to the next generation just as

designed to ensure the genetic diversity

their parents have done before them,” says

of critically-endangered species called the

Mason Kleist, zookeeper and “pronghorn

Peninsular Pronghorn Recovery Project.

whisperer” at the El Paso Zoo. “There are





E l pa s o Zo o

May 2022

not many left in the wild, but efforts like the

remained virtually unchanged throughout

“They’re built for both speed and stamina: they

ones done by the Penisular Pronghorn Project

their history,” says Kleist. Unlike deer and

can maintain a pace of 45 miles per hour for

have been successful and very important to

antelope, “their horns are not true horns

up to two miles without stopping,” says Kleist.

saving the species,” he adds.

and they are not true antlers -- they’re





mammals although they are not true antelope,

a hybrid of the two. They shed the other

But for right now, the fawns in El Paso are

sheath yearly but have a bony core that

learning how to use their legs.

does not shed,” he adds. On the day of our visit, we’re introduced to

Kleist explains. The closest living relative to the doe-eyed peninsular pronghorns are

The peninsular pronghorn are prey species

the three young fawns -- about nine days old

giraffes, but the species is so unique that it

and the second-fastest land mammal in the

at the time -- who have just been introduced

has its own family.

world (second only to the cheetah) and can

to orange and blue balls to play with.

run at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

Clumsily, the twins -- a male and female --

“They are an ancient North American

join the other newborn male as they explore

ungulate that survived the Ice Age and have

the world around them.


May 2022

“The three born at the zoo have been nothing short of amazing,” says Kleist. “They are full of energy and love to race each other and their keepers. At just under a month, they are already so fast. They are also very curious and love to explore new things and chew on everything.” Peninsular pronghorns are herd species that derive strength and protection from predators by living in groups. The herd at the El Paso Zoo is very bonded and the members grow anxious if they are separated from each other for very long. “Without getting into too much detail, Enrique is the leader of the herd, he is quite protective of his girls and does not like to be separated from them for long, but he is also very intuitive and observant,” Kleist explains. Enrique’s





Princessa, the female elders of the heard who are very calm and love to nap; Cumari and Cayenne, who are the youngest of the adults and the herd’s troublemake who enjoy coaxing the elders to play; and Yoshi and Valentina, who are very attached to each other. Together, the individuals form a family. The three fawns are the herd’s newest members who will participate in the breeding program when they reach adulthood that will ensure genetic diversity -- and species survival -- for future generations. “There are not many left in the wild but efforts like the ones done by the Peninsular Pronghorn Recovery Project have been successful and very important to saving the species,” says Kleist. “Having them on exhibit here and at other zoos also has them serve as an ambassador for their wild counterparts, seeing them will hopefully bring awareness to this iconic yet unknown/ under appreciated species.”


May 2022

Hiking It’s Time for


Adventure Awaits 106

Guadalupe Mountain National Park

May 2022


Mundy’s Gap Trail

arm hiking season is upon us, and it’s time to start

visiting our favorite hiking trails.

For a quick, morning, hometown hike, wake up with

the full moon at Roundhouse Trail, catch the views from

Mundy’s Gap Trail, or venture into the Aztec Cave Trail.

Aztec Cave Trail


May 2022


North Franklin Peak Trail

For a daylong hike, travel to the highest peak in El Paso, North Franklin Peak, and catch incredible views of the Franklins. You can also drive to Guadalupe Mountains National Park to see the tallest peak in Texas. (My favorite trail in Guadalupe Mountains National Park is Devil’s Hall Trail!)

North Franklin Peak Trail 108

White Sands National Park

May 2022


Lincoln National Forest

or a weekend getaway, head to Lincoln National Forest, where you can find an array of flora, water, and animals. Remember to stay cool, watch the weather, follow Leave No Trace policies, pack water and salty snacks, tell someone where you’re going, and have fun! Lincoln National Forest


May 2022

Men in the Moment


Pearls of Style Wisdom | By: DANIEL HERNANDEZ |



love May because it brings that

in the 1990s. We are more concerned with

Well, now there’s a plethora of men’s hair

beautiful transition from spring to

our looks now more than ever. Men’s style

color products, whether you want to touch

summer, my favorite season. It also

and grooming are under social scrutiny.

up the greys or go purple. My dad must be

hosts the revered holiday of Mother’s

The stigma of stylishness being feminine is

spinning in his grave.

Day, which makes me think of my mom

archaic, and men are quickly catching up with

and the women in my life. Women have

women in ways to look good.

I’ve talked to my hairdresser, Beth King at west El Paso’s D&M Salon, who told me

been a great influence on me and my style. Just in terms of combing my hair, I learned it

When I was a teenager, being part of the

about color enhancing that’s popular for men.

from my mom. She might have used a little

mod-new-wave crowd, I bleached out my

A current trend for guys is camouflaging.

saliva to keep it down, but she made it look

long bangs a la Duran Duran. At the time it

This is a way for men who are going gray

nice. It got me thinking about the grooming

was quite radical to have a blonde streak in

to integrate their natural hair color with the

and style elements that have typically been

your hair. I thought it looked cool. My father,

gray; also known as a reverse highlight.

for women but that men are now adopting.

on the other hand, was furious. I came home

Women have been doing this forever, calling

from school one day and he was waiting for

it lowlights.

Women have always been ahead of the game

me. He confronted me with a box of hair

overall in terms of looking good; I think that has

color. He wanted me to dye my hair back to

A current hair fad that started with women

a lot to do with societal pressures. Men didn’t

normal and he made sure to emphasize that

and is now embraced by guys is a “money

really get this type of pressure stressed upon

there was a woman on the box, not a man,

piece.” First known as a simple highlight

them until the advent of the “metrosexual”

because coloring your hair was for women.

to frame a woman’s face, now it’s become


Men in the Moment

May 2022 a trend for guys wanting a spot of color to their hair as stylish color contrast. Looking at another style that began with women, that men are now adopting, is the pearl necklace. Men are wearing pearls as a fashion statement.

Solar Panels | HVAC Water Treatment | Roofing

Gender norms are dissolving with the younger generations while commentary is now part of the

Every detail. Every Project. Every Time.

mainstream -- and especially with fashion brands such as Gucci recontextualizing



reworking blouses and brooches for menswear. The pearl necklace trend can be seen on Drake, Harry Styles, and Shawn Mendes. Wear them with a sweatshirt or a t-shirt; the contrast is provocative. I was recently having some freshening

Solar Panels


up done at SC Laser Spa downtown and I discovered that the most common treatment for men is hair removal. I wish I had that problem, as my genetics makes growing a beard an impossibility; needless to say, I

Water Treatment


helping our community

with intergrity and transparency (915) 873-8714 1000 Diesel Dr. Suite D. El Paso, TX. 79907 112

__________ 2019 2018 2014 2013

classify as smooth. Women get hair removal for arms, underarms, and maybe some


May 2022



spots on their face. Men, on the other hand, overwhelmingly get it on their backs.



That might incite a laugh, but men’s hair removal is big business now. The male aesthetic has grown exponentially in the past few years. Style and beauty aren’t just for women anymore. Men like to look good too, but we can thank women for leading the way. My mother was my first exposure to selfmaintenance as I would see her in her curlers while putting on makeup as we got ready for church so she could look good for God and society. Men are putting some effort into their style now, but maybe with less back hair than before.

(915) 777-0269 | 5347 N Mesa St. |

Victoria Olivia Realtor |

@queenupnow | 113

GLAMO May 2022

May There Be



very woman in business deserves a girls’ night out, and cute patios, oversized hats,





(literally) to satisfy the needs of this

magical time of year. Trends in women’s fashion this season include traffic-stopping saffron pieces, playful pleats that can be dressed up or down, and bold colors that announce a sense of confidence with each wear. Power suits remain popular for their tailored silhouettes, comfort, as well as a sartorial symbol of feminine power, while midi skirts offer an airy alternative to pants as the weather warms up.


OUR May 2022

MAD ABOUT SAFFRON Go for glam in this fiery shade of red that’s certain to turn heads. This season, saffron hues in lipstick, heels, or bags can

serve as statement pieces for casual or business looks, or be color-blocked from head-to-toe for a monochromatic power statement at the office or on the town. Regardless of the venue, you’ll be prepared to paint the town red.


women’s Style

May 2022



Make an impression with a pleated midi skirt that





flirtatiousness. Paired with a t-shirt or linen buttondown, pleated midis can be worn to brunch, to work, or on a date night as we saunter into warmer weather. The mid-calf length of these skirts works to protect skin from the sun while also preventing a Marilyn Monroe wardrobe malfunction during springtime gusts.


May 2022

are their wardrobes. Highly-saturated jewel tones,

neons, and busy prints are working overtime this season to celebrate

the confidence, presence, and power of the women who wear them.

Neutrals are nice, but why not be bold?



This issue exemplifies the fact that women in business were not made to be subtle, and neither



The City Magazine’s April launch party

The stars were out to celebrate El Paso’s leading home builders and real estate professionals at The State Line for our April launch party. Guests enjoyed live music, delicious barbecue, and danced under the moonlight.

| Photos by: EIRIOS OBSCURA |




May 2022

MAY Advertiser INDEX A-1 Kitchens by Sierra ....................................................Pg. 105

Italian Kitchen West........................................................Pg. 113

Aladdin Daycare ................................................................Pg. 48

La Coa Cantina & Cocina .................................................Pg. 46

American Furniture Outlet ................................................Pg. 56

Laura Carrillo Designs .......................................................Pg. 45

Ana Square Microblading and Permanent Makeup ...Pgs. 47; 101

Make-A-Wish ....................................................................Pg. 40

Anotha Creative ................................................................Pg. 36

Mesa Street Bar and Grill .................................................Pg. 12

Bellezza Hair Salon ...........................................................Pg. 43

Mix Salon and Spa ...........................................................Pg. 22

Borderland Bail Bonds ......................................................Pg. 13

Pacifica Homes ..........................................................Pgs. 10-11

Briggs Family Medical ......................................................Pg. 51

Poe Toyota .......................................................................Pg. 15

Calhoun Flower Farms......................................................Pg. 29

Rejuvene MD....................................................................Pg. 90

Casa Buena Vista Homes ..............................................Pgs. 4-5

Santa Teresa Children’s Day & Night Clinic ......................Pg. 50

Casa Buick GMC...............................................................Pg. 35

Seirios Obscura ...............................................................Pg. 29

Casa Ford..........................................................................Pg. 33

Southwest Plastic Surgery ...............................................Pg. 17

Casa Kia ............................................................................Pg. 37

Southwest University ...................................................Pgs. 8-9

Casa Nissan ......................................................................Pg. 39

Stryker Security ...............................................................Pg. 30

C.D. Lee Britton Insurance and Bonding Agency .............Pg. 57

Sugar Skull Boutique .......................................................Pg. 65

Deans Temp Fence ............................................................Pg.31

Sun City Orthopaedics .....................................................Pg. 14

Diz Davis Real Estate........................................................Pg. 31

Texas Amaral Group .........................................................Pg. 52

Downtown Spaces ...........................................................Pg. 83

The Berkeley ....................................................................Pg. 77

Edge of Texas ...................................................................Pg. 81

The City Magazine Ad Executives ....................................Pg. 82

El Paso Children’s Hospital ............................ Inside Back Cover

The City Magazine Calendar .............................................Pg. 28

El Paso Rhinos ..................................................................Pg. 19

The City Magazine Launch Party ....................................Pg. 100

Farmer’s Insurance ...........................................................Pg. 44

The City Magazine Newsletter .........................................Pg. 75

GECU ..........................................................................Pgs. 1; 57

The City Magazine Ticketing .............................................Pg. 80

Grand View Health at Home .............................................Pg. 42

The Manor at Ten Eleven ...............................................Pgs. 2-3

Great American Steakhouse ...........................................Pg. 109

The State Line .................................................................Pg. 91

Hotel Indigo ......................................................................Pg. 95

University Medical Center Foundation of El Paso ............Pg. 49

Hotel Paso del Norte .......................................................Pg. 53

Victoria Olivia Real Estate Agent ....................................Pg. 113

Hyundai of El Paso....................................... Pg. 81; Back Cover

VIP Design ........................................................................Pg. 36

Instreamatic .....................................................................Pg. 76

Walgreens .......................................................................Pg. 6-7

Integrative & Personalized Hormone Therapy ..................Pg. 51

West Texas Pain Institute ............................. Inside Front Cover

Integrated Electrical Contractors ......................................Pg. 23

Zehra Solutions ...............................................................Pg. 111

Intraceuticals ....................................................................Pg. 64


Cranial & Facial

Madison Age 5

“Highest level of pediatric care in West Texas and Southern New Mexico”

Brachial Plexus

Jacob Age 2

Specialized Pediatric Clinics

American Diabetes Association (ADA) accredited outpatient program

Personalized dietary plans for children with type 2 diabetes

Treats obstructed movement in the shoulders, arms and hands

Medical services, emotional support, education and social work for the mistreatment of children

Treats abnormal curvatures of the spine

Treats children with facial, jaw and skull abnormalities

Treats spine and spinal cord birth defects 4845 Alameda Ave. El Paso, TX 7990 I-10 Exit Raynolds

Vascular Malformation

Treats non-cancerous lesions 915-298-5444

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