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March 2022

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March 2022



March 2022


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March 2022


From the

March 2022


“March is the month God created to show people who don’t drink what a hangover is like.” - Garrison Keillor


s we planned this issue, our conversations frequently

and have risen to the challenge of helping to

returned to art: the museums and galleries we’ve

keep the balance of representation on both

missed. This far into the pandemic, we’re keenly

sides of the law. We bring you a showcase

aware of how the absence of the arts has affected us. The

of attorneys to be reckoned with. You might

theaters and concerts we’ve not attended, the pre-buy

not need one right now, but when you do,

tickets that have been pushed from date-to-date for two

and we all will, please refer to these pages

years, and now finally, finally, we’re being let back in the

and get to know them before the first call.

doors. Speaking of doors, this month we knocked on the doors of one El Paso’s local artists, Patrick Gabaldon, with


his private art collection spanning from colorful works of

suggestions are these: don’t wear dresses







his personal pieces such as the very well-known piece of

that might give the Marilyn Monroe Show,

Beto O’Rourke that went viral in El Paso, to the eye-popping

fly a kite, when was the last time?

colorful landscape pieces that surround his walls. Spring into the longer warmer days with As a first-time visitor to his home/art gallery, the spirit of his

thoughts of garden planting, emptying

light-hearted love for his dog Samantha, who easily placed

those dead flower pots preparing them

herself in the photo as if she was the focus and not her

for spring colors. Re-arrange your art-filled

human, I was able to experience his love and art inspiration,

interiors, or purchase new art from our local

and it left a lasting impression. If his artistic talent isn’t

artists, then invite your neighbors to your

enough, he’s also an attorney. Since March is the month we

new look so they can swoon. And finally,

showcase attorneys worth talking about and the appreciation

spring clean your home (or in my case my

of our fabulous art community, he was a rare combination of

garage) remembering the days our mothers

both attorney and artist. The obvious -- we have a cover.

made us stay home for the weekend as we cleaned the top of everything in our house

There is power in art. It has the ability to make us smile,

that no one ever sees.

make us “oooo,” and make us want to sit with a glass of wine in our hands and smoke a cigar. Get your mind out of

Whatever your choice, celebrate that the

the gutter, I’m still talking about art!

sounds of the city are back.

Again, this COVID word that has become a curse word in my vocabulary has also affected our legal sector and has redefined the importance of our law enforcement. Our attorneys have been forced to represent their clients, in a courtroom, on a computer screen, an impersonal computer screen. As with all of us, they have been forced to change strategies



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March 2022






Dr. WorldWide Surgery Center / Southwest Plastic Surgery 1387 George Dieter Dr. Building C El Paso, TX 79936 Tel: (915) 590 7900


The MedSpa West at Southwest Plastic Surgery 5925 Silver Springs Dr. Suite C El Paso, TX 79912 Tel: (915)590-7907


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From the


s we “March” bravely into

business landscape by appealing to their

Spring, thoughts of the strength

(and the community’s) passions, we see

it takes to survive winter

the magic that can come from inspiration.

come to mind. Cold weather,

depressing news, everyone feeling a little


on edge -- a little grumpy, perhaps -- and of

various forms of fitness: emotionally,





course, the ongoing pandemic.

socially, and physically.

We overcome the challenges -- taking risks

In 2022 we know that it’s every bit as

each step along the way -- because the

important to ensure our social-emotional

result is the promise of Spring: growth,

wellness, as well as physical, and I’m thrilled

renewal, life.

for you to read the ways in which you can boost your health across different categories.

Let us not bury our noses in dead weeds. So much of what we see, hear, and say This month’s issue is particularly inspiring

about this month is centered on the idea of

for a number of reasons. Cover star, Patrick

“luck” but I beg to differ.

Gabaldon’s commitment to representing El Paso in courts of law and through art is a

My mom always says that luck is “when

reminder of the talent, brains, and passion

opportunity and preparation meet,” which

that so many in the community contribute

is something I think about often. None of

to making El Paso what it is today.

the amazing El Pasoans featured in this magazine “lucked out,” as you’ll read.

Additionally, March is Women’s History

Rather, they took the necessary actions

Month, and we’re honoring some of

to prepare themselves to accomplish their

El Paso’s own history-making women.

dreams that required a great deal of self-

From author Alessandra Narvaez Varela’s

awareness and faith.

gorgeous debut novel about growing up in the Borderland during the 1990s to

This month, I hope you march into the

entrepreneurs like Kellie Evans, Joey Hass,

shoes you want to feel but don’t forget to

and Alexandria Serra who are changing the

take leaps of faith along the way.

“Your voice matters. Let’s hear it. 16

Scan the QR code to send audio advice to the editors."

March 2022



March 2022











The Art of Law By: ERIN COULEHAN

Here and Now





Travel Adventure

The Dog Days of Daycare

Happy Hour Havens




March 2022

Contributors Erin
























Managing Editor


March 2022








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March 2022





Vehicles shown using visual effects. Dealer inventory varies.


The Joy of

March 2022

Figure Skating

Thrives in the Desert

| Words and Photos by: CLAUDIA FLORES |


March 2022

T h e J oy o f F i g u r e S k at i n g

n a city where temperatures hit as

something small, to the feeling of spinning

high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit, what

and jumping on the ice is like nothing else.

better way to spend the hottest time of

You also get the artistry and the athleticism

the year than on the ice?

you don’t get in the other sports.”

Founded in 2020 by head coach, Sandra

El Paso Blades Skating Academy follows the

Pelko, the El Paso Blades Skating Academy

Ice Sports Industry (ISI) and Unites States

is the region’s second skating school. The

Figure Skating (USFS) learning programs to

club offers skating lessons to both children

give their skaters the opportunity to learn the

and adults of all ages.

fundamentals of skating.

Pelko, who started skating at the age of

Pelko has coached skaters to reach a highly

14 and has over 20 years of coaching

competitive level on the ice throughout her

experience, said her goal is to share her love

years as a coach.

for the winter sport with others. “We have one skater who is a Freestyle 7 and

“I tried different sports growing up, but the

another skater who getting ready to test her

feeling of the ice is something you just can’t

gold moves in the field, which is the highest

compare,” Pelko said. “From accomplishing

level to reach,” Pelko said. “When you reach


T h e J oy o f F i g u r e S k at i n g

March 2022 that level, you do have to go train in other cities because we have great coaches, but we’re not at that level. These skaters train in Albuquerque and one of them trained at the Olympics Training Center in Colorado. Both are junior coaches for the club.” Although figure skating is known to be costly, Pelko ensures classes are accessible for those who want to try the sport. “We do groups to make it more accessible. If a family of four decides to put both of their kids into the sport, they can get discounts to make the price more affordable for the families,” Pelko said. While many athletes are required to start young to reach competitive levels, if they desire to become an Olympian, according to Pelko, although those who join as adults won’t become Olympians, Pelko assures

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March 2022

T h e J oy o f F i g u r e S k at i n g

that with proper coaching and training adult

exciting when adult skaters reach their goals

planning on hopefully having another camp in

students can still reach a competitive level.

on the ice.”

March or April.”

“You don’t have to make the Olympics your

Aside from figure skating classes, El Paso

Giving back to the community is a goal the

goal, but as an adult skater you can still

Blades Skating Academy follows the ‘Learn

skating club wants to fulfill.

accomplish all the elements, competitions

to Skate’ program introduced by The El

and do exhibitions while having a great

Paso Hockey Association. The program is

“I guess we got it from the Rhino philosophy,

time,” she said.

a six-week skating plan to learn the basic

they do a lot of things with the community

skills for either hockey or figure skating.

and a lot of events that are more geared to

Despite having experience in coaching

The total cost of the program is $85, and

kids, and I want us to do that,” Pelko said.

skaters at different levels, according to

the skate rental is free.

“It’s important to help out. I see that with the Rhinos and how successful they are in

Pelko, her favorite to coach are adults who are starting in the sport.

Pelko said the club is planning to have

bringing the community together and I want

“Camps on Ice” for those who are interested

to mimic that a little bit.”

“I enjoy coaching all levels, but with adults,

in trying the sport and staying cool during the

it is so much fun. With kids you give them

spring/summer temperatures.

For more information on the El Paso Blades Skating Academy visit their Instagram page

instructions and they do it, but adults question everything,” Pelko said. “So when

“We hosted our first camp last year and we

@ep_blades_ and their Facebook page at El

you teach adults it becomes more technical

had quite a lot of people,” she said. “Most of

Paso Blades Skating Academy.

and as a coach you have to know what you’re

the skaters we had last year stayed and have

doing and explain it properly. And it’s always

continued their training with us. So, we are




10:08 AM






March 2022


March 2022


March 2022


March 2022

Author Celebrates

The Romance of Self-Love O | By: ERIN COULEHAN photography by: ZAZU PRODUCTIONS | ne of the last times I saw Alessandra

time while scribbling our thoughts in the

Navaraez Varela -- long ago in a cramped

marginalia of the texts.

classroom on the first floor of the English

Department at UTEP -- we were science

The course was escapism for us as young

and poetry-loving undergraduates raising

female students from different sides of the

our hands like buyers at an auction to

El Paso/Ciudad Juarez border who were

speak openly about romance and adventure,

eager to study and aspire to the authors and

lambent under the fluorescent lights.

poets whose work we pored over: Homer, Cervantes,

“History of Form: Romance” was a rare




McCarthy among them.

hybrid course that was a creative writing

class with an emphasis on literature. The

We ended the class tipsy with wanderlust just

focus was on the form of romance, the genre

like Don Quixote and Odysseus themselves,

that showcases odysseys through exotic

hungry for achievement along our chosen

locations, celebrates great friendships, and

paths and effervescent in our ambitions.

champions true love. “I remember the first time that I read Don

Further, we learned how the great writers

Quixote was in middle school,” Navaraez

breathed life into their work by reading

Varela recalls of the literary classic often read

classics from the literary canon one at a

by advanced readers in college, “but that


A u t h o r C e l e b r at e s t h e R o m a n c e o f S e l f - L o v e

March 2022

d e n r a e l e v a h s l r i g s t es n n e c e es os l l c r Ado o f s d ee n r i t e c h i t l f t n a o c th s es n d e t a l e r es d d u t i an tt a e v i t i t e p m o t c e y h t , s wi es cc u s e v that dri xpected to e e r a y , y t the e i c o s is h t n i achieve ing forced to e b , t c e in eff een being true w t e b e r o choos , es v l e ot thems r goals. i e h t g n realizi


March 2022

A u t h o r C e l e b r at e s t h e R o m a n c e o f S e l f - L o v e


A u t h o r C e l e b r at e s t h e R o m a n c e o f S e l f - L o v e

March 2022

school was very intense. I got a really nice

“I wanted to give my parents a chance to pull

Ciudad Juarez has reported 491 femicide

edition that my parents gave me and I sat

me out of the school. I wanted this character


there in my mom’s bedroom like she used to

to have that chance that I didn’t give myself

read in her bed.”

so it’s really a revision history,” she says.

Navaraez Varela has forged her own creative

“I guess it is forgiveness, but it’s also an

that is dedicated to investigating crimes

odyssey as a successful poet published in

appreciation for who I used to be. And I never

against women. The Fiscalia Especializada

The New York Times, Huizache, TAYO Literary

had that before,” she adds.

de la Mujer (FEM) building is a $3.5 million

A new investigation unit was launched in Ciudad Juarez at the end of August 2021

facility in East Juarez where a team of eight

Magazine, and more. Her debut novel Thirty Talks Weird Love (TTWL) is an exploration of

The social and interpersonal experiences of

detectives and about 15 prosecutors are

adolescence as a young woman in Ciudad

modern teen girls have become the subject

working to solve the extensive backlog of

Juarez in 1996 where the disappearance

of scholarly inquiry, as well as the backbone


of girls and women compound protagonist

for contemporary thrillers like Showtime’s

Anamaria’s existing mental health struggles.


The APA reports that the lives of adolescent girls are complicated by factors that include

Her spiral is exacerbated by stress caused by Psychological

gender, race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity,

Association (APA) established its Presidential

sexual orientation, differing abilities, and so

In the book, Anamaria is a middle school

Task Force on Adolescent Girls: Strengths and

much more.

student who is visited by her 30-year old

Stresses to look at the strengths, challenges

self, named Thirty, on a mission to teach her

and choices of contemporary teenage girls,

Navaraez Varela says she hopes her Young

younger about self-love and acceptance, a

determining that:

Adult readers will be cautioned by Anamaria’s

an obsession with academic performance.





narrative, and seek support when they need it.

“weird love” that the young Anamaria cannot fully comprehend.

“Adolescent girls have learned that their

Local literary experts praise Navaraez Varela’s



“I just hope this book helps young women

style, as well as her ability to grapple with

conflict with competitive attitudes that drive

and men to look at themselves with kindness

sensitive topics.

success, yet they are expected to achieve

and compassion, which is not something I’m

in this society, in effect, being forced to

very used to,” she says.




“Alessandra is not only a talented writer,

choose between being true to themselves,

she is a wonderful human being with a

or realizing their goals.”

Self-love is a journey Navaraez Varela is exploring and being taught a thing or two by

great heart and infectious energy and

her students.

enthusiasm,” says Bill Clark of Literarity,

In TTWL, Anamaria struggles with maintaining

a local book store in West El Paso. “Her

close female friendships while also gaining a

generosity and courage –– her willingness

grasp on her rapidly declining mental health.

“I have a very specific kind of love for my

to draw on her own experiences –– comes

Anamaria’s fictionalized experience draws on

students. And I think they have taught me a

through in her work. She loves Juarez and

the very real concerns of parents and young

lot about self-love,” Navaraez Varela explains.

El Paso and her strong sense of place are

girls in Ciudad Juarez regarding ongoing

“From the moment I started tutoring at the

embedded in her storytelling.”

femicides that continue to persist.

high school in Anthony, Texas and would

The novel is semi-autobiographical and

Research by Amnesty International has

was amazed at how brave and beautiful they

Navaraez Varela explains it helped her

found patterns of gender-based violence

were, and they would just make me laugh

develop a greater sense of self-love, while

and sexual abuse among the hundreds of

and also make me think back to who I was.”

also healing her inner own inner child.

femicide victims in Ciudad Juarez between

learn about what they were going through. I

1993 and 2005. Over the last three years,


March 2022

March 2022


PCA CHEMICAL PEELS ARE USED TO IMPROVE TONE, TEXTURE, FINE LINES AND WRINKLES, BREAKOUTS AND DARK SPOTS. These exfoliation treatments penetrate the stratum corneum, outer layer of the skin, to aid in the nourishment of the deeper levels of the skin, the epidermis and dermis.

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March 2022


KENTUCKY STARTS HERE MARCH 27, 2022 - POST TIME 12:25PM Be part of history and join us for the

17th Annual running of the $500,000 Sunland Derby (GRIII)! At Sunland Derby you will find the most exciting live racing action in the Southwest. Witness the finest thoroughbreds in the world seeking a Run for the Roses®!

Must be 18 or older to wager on horse racing. Play responsibly. Helpline 1-800-572-1142.


March 2022

Travel Adventure

A ‘Marfa-lous’ Drive to ARTIST’s Paradise | By: ZACHARY ZUNIGA photography by: ZAZU PRODUCTIONS |



hat was once a sleepy town in west Texas that was

known only for mysterious lights in the night sky has transformed into something of a traveler’s paradise. Marfa, Texas, a quick three hours from El Paso may have lost some of its original western flavors, perhaps, but has gained plenty of charm in the process. My recent travels brought my wife and me to Marfa to explore what we heard were radical transformations of a once one-horse town. We started our adventure by checking into the lovely, hip, and contemporary Thunderbird Hotel.

There are numerous other choices for lodging in Marfa from traditional hotels like the regal and well-known Hotel Saint George to the more

The Thunderbird happens to be owned by the same hotel group that

laid back and cool nomadic vibes of El Cosmico. A plethora of options

renovated and owns the Hotel San Jose in Austin, Texas and has

from kitschy to cool are also available to rent through house-sharing

much of the same flavor but with a unique desert spin.

apps such as VRBO and Airbnb.

The renovated two-story drive-in-style motel is simple yet luxurious.

While it is easy to walk the town, as there is only one major road

The rooms surround a small but cozy pool with natural desert

running through it, we opted to bring our bikes along. This proved to

landscaping that encompasses the whole hotel.


March 2022


March 2022 be a great decision because we were able to see many more sights than if we had been on foot. As we departed the hotel on our bicycles, we decided to take a quick tour of the town and survey where we wanted to start our investigation of this artists’ paradise. While seemingly unremarkable when you arrive, upon closer inspection Marfa’s whimsy is matched with a very particular brand of eccentricity not found anywhere else. This became readily apparent as we saw the eclectic group of travelers that pepper the streets and passageways of Marfa. The Hotel Saint George caught our eye almost immediately so we parked our bikes outside (with no locks as we had heard from our hotel manager that this was a safe and acceptable practice in the small town) and headed into the bar for our first drink of the day. The hotel itself is remarkable. A testament to the town that Marfa once was while also a lovely representation of what it has become. Redone in 2016 into a beautiful contemporary hotel, the Saint George has remnants of the original hotel that stood in the same location since 1886 scattered in tasteful ways throughout the property. This is a must-see location when in Marfa, with daily pool passes available to non-hotel patrons during the hotter months. A great way to cool off and enjoy the beautiful sights of this establishment. Our next stops included the numerous boutiques and art galleries that fill the hidden spaces in this wondrous town. Our personal favorite was Esperanza Vintage and Art, an ideal mix of art for me and vintage clothing for my wife. I can’t say that Marfa isn’t a town built for artists and lovers of art. Other than the few bars and restaurants in Marfa, almost every structure surrounds this vibrant

culture of artistic creation. From the Chianti

Only open for dinner on Fridays and “most”

Foundation to Prada Marfa, there are many

Saturdays (as listed on its website), Cochineal

well-known and permanent art installations

serves some of the most unique and up-scale

throughout the town and its surrounding area.

cuisines I have had the pleasure of enjoying outside of big cities like New York or L.A.

However, we were most intrigued by the numerous local artisan shops filled with

Owned and operated by a husband and wife

handmade goods and paintings from artists

team, Cochineal serves up the best food in

across the U.S. who found Marfa to be their

Marfa. We were lucky enough to be seated

new home base and muse.

at the Chef’s table and had an amazing

Marfa truly is an artist’s paradise.

night watching the head chef and proprietor Alexandra Gates serve us up some of the

As night crept in we rode to our hotel to

finest dishes made from local and regional

change and prepare ourselves for what we

ingredients. (If you plan on having the same

had truly traveled to Marfa for: a limited-

experience, make sure you plan ahead as it

seating prix fixe dinner at the casual yet

is surprisingly difficult to get a reservation for

surprisingly chic Cochineal Marfa.

the limited seating dinner series.) 39

T r av e l

March 2022

Though the memories may be fuzzy, our last stop of the evening was to enjoy some local flavor and spirits at Planet Marfa, the provincial watering hole. Surrounded by locals and tourists alike, Planet Marfa is without a doubt a must-do experience when in Marfa. You get the unique experience of understanding Marfa’s country roots when you see the many older rooted locals still hanging around and asking the younger tourists to two-step. We spoke with the local high school basketball coach who regaled us with tales of past students and locals who made it big out of Marfa. Later we met tourists from Russia, tourists from Austin, and “locals” who were recent transplants from 40

places too numerous to name, most of them artists.

March 2022 Needless to say, after this long day of traveling, cycling, eating, and imbibing we decided it was safest to walk the bikes back to the hotel. Once back at the hotel, we sat by the pool to enjoy a bottle of wine procured from a local boutique before retiring for the evening. As we sat by the pool something became apparent after our day of adventuring. Some say change can be painful and for some of

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the locals in Marfa that certainly seemed to

be the case.

But for the vast majority, it seemed, the new


businesses and growth have been great


for the small town. As one local I met at Planet Marfa put it, “Marfa has grown into an enclave of art, fashion, and even exquisite fine dining and we are damn proud.” Marfa is truly a remarkable place worthy of its publicity and its reputation. I know we will be going back again soon.

Natural light Candid Authentic


PIECE Treat Yourself to a

March 2022





March 2022


hysical exercise has many benefits, but is

The benefits of that training include memory,

Research shows self-control typically starts

it really any avail if your mind is “out of

thinking skills, critical thinking, problem-

at three-and-a-half to four years old. Many

shape?” You can lunge all day long, but when

solving, and slowing the aging process.

parents would agree teaching self-control is

your mental state is muddled, life tends to seem

Just like working out the body is laborious,

often just as challenging as it is to practice it.

a bit more arduous. How we perform in life is

working out the mind can be just as, or more,

Disclaimer: Mastering this particular skill

often determined by our habits both physical

strenuous. Training your mind starts with

could seemingly take as long as a lifetime.

and mental, which is why it is important to take

being cognitive and aware of your thoughts.

time “exercising” upstairs – regularly.

If your thoughts are negative, critical, and

The journey for mental wellness is not for

harsh, chances are you’re navigating some

the faint-hearted. When neglected, mental

rough mental waters day by day.

health suffers. Guarding your thoughts and

Mental fitness is the development and

mind must be intentional. Protecting and

maintenance of wellness that cultivates awareness, while also improving sleep

If and when your mind gets funky, be honest

defending the part that directly influences so

quality, resiliency, and energy.

with yourself and if you feel the need, seek

much of who we are is a full-time job.

support. It only opens the journey towards Working out tends to clear the mind because

mental wellness.

health. There are important habits to develop

Just as muscles atrophy when we lack physical activity, our minds do the same

exercising enhances our brain’s overall We can choose one of two things:

in protecting our mental health, too. The

• We can stay in the same mental rut

frequency of your physical activity can be

• We can start to put in the work towards

an indicator of how helpful strength training

changing our thoughts and eventually,

your mind can be.

our behavior, in order to become our optimal selves

when not exercised accordingly. The lack of “mind mobility” can result in “brain wasting.” Like weightlifting or flexibility training, Dr. Caroline Leaf, a mental health expert, says “mind

Mental fitness exercises can include the In order to get control of your mind, your

managing your thoughts is a skill that needs to

• Meditation

thoughts must first be disciplined. This is

be learned and made into a habit, or, to be more

• Learning a new skill

how we create habits.

scientifically accurate, automized, much like you

following activities:

• Limiting screen time / social media time • Aerobic activities

learn how to swim or ride a bicycle.” 43

March 2022

Leaf is a communication pathologist and neuroscientist with a passion for helping people work towards mental health empowerment. The Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess author says while we can last three weeks without food, three days without water, and three minutes without air, it is impossible to go more than three seconds without thinking. Wellness






important to attaining mental peace that sustains us through hard times and good ones. The online company focuses on helping people build their best health plan by combining eastern and western medicine. Founder Dr. Lindsey Urbatchka emphasizes the importance of rest and relaxation for anyone trying to improve their minds. She believes “peace from pain” of any form is possible. Changing our habits and environment can also contribute to a more positive mindset. Becoming a mentally healthier individual includes: • being cognitive of what we are watching and listening to on the radio, TV, social media, etc. • trying to avoid negative people and criticizing others, finding and participating in healthy hobbies and activities • working at simply responding positively to people and in life


March 2022

How we react to people and situations is up to us. It consists of taking control of what is happening inside by effectively managing our processing. Navigating through times like these is reason enough -- and more important than ever -- to learn how to tap into a blissful state of mind. Once you are capable of that, you are capable of experiencing peace, despite life not always being blissful. The saying goes “In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.”

Eat on

Peace is necessary for that to become possible. Surely, everyone wants and deserves a slice, a piece of peace. Goals in life are important and living in a state of mental calmness is incomparable.

The Edge

If we can train our brains, we can change the game. Or better yet,

Sunday - Wednesday 11:00am - 8:00pm Thursday - Saturday 11:00am - 9:00pm

the rules and results, in our minds.

Est. 1997



















8690 Edge of Texas St. El Paso (915) 822-3343



Where Art Meets M


Injectables Laser Services Intimate Health Dermatologic Tailored Aesthetics

Karen Herman, MD 915.745.5888 7470 Cimmaron Plaza Building 13, Suite 100 El Paso, Texas 79911


March 2022

the dog days of


Daycare March 2022

| Words and Photos by: ERIN COULEHAN |


ost would agree that a house is not a home without a dog and that the pandemic continues to create challenges when it comes to pet parenting. A 2021 study by Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Kelton Global, a consumer insight agency, reports that 93 percent of veterinarians were concerned that pets will have trouble adjusting to the return to inoffice workdays, while 92 percent expressed concern that the adjustment will also be difficult for the pets’ human counterparts. “While the pandemic and stay-at-home orders afforded many people the opportunity to open their homes and hearts, the adjustment back to greater normalcy may bring to light unexpected challenges,” said S. Dru Forrester, veterinarian and Director of Global Scientific Affairs at Hill’s Pet Nutrition. D’Lux Dog Care, a pet daycare and boarding facility in Central El Paso, offers the comforts of home for pets in a cage-free facility designed to ensure fur babies and their folks can feel secure in this recently opened home-away-from-home that is both woman and veteran-owned and operated. The most recent data from the United States Census Bureau reports that veterans make up less than six percent of small business


March 2022

Exceed Your Standards of Beauty

owners in the country, while women account

At D’Lux Dog Care, pet parents are able

for only about 20 percent. The United States

to keep an eye on their fur babies via live

Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest jobs report

streaming cameras located in the deluxe dog

indicates business owners are still facing

suites, as well as cameras throughout the

challenges compounded by the pandemic,

3,000 square foot indoor/outdoor play area.

making the need to support local paramount. The team has gone to great lengths and D’Lux Dog Care owners Alexandria Serra

heights to ensure that proper fencing

and Pace Jaworski opened the doggy doors

surrounds the outdoor play area.

in November that also includes a canine confectionary called the Double Dog Dare

“We also have our own collars with Apple air

Bakery. Together, the two businesses coalesce

tags so in case a dog does get out, we can

to offer a dynamic day or overnight stay for pets.

track them,” says Jaworksi. “Or if someone finds the dog, the tag has our contact

ANA AN A SQU SQUA ARE Master Artist in Permanent Makeup and Microblading

book your appointment Today! Mon - Sat: 9AM-5PM Sunday: 9AM-12PM by appointment only

(915) 525-4068 11890 Vista Del Sol Dr. Suite A-117 El Paso, TX 79936 48

“Don’t be fooled!” says Serra, “All the couches

information. We know dogs are family and

you see are for the dogs to lounge in.”

protect them like they are.”

The welcoming elements of home -- plush

Jaworski, a recently retired U.S. Army

furniture perfect for cuddling, the scents of

veteran who readers will recognize from our

chicken and vegetables wafting through the

November issue, oversees operations at the

air, and a symphony of playful barks, howls,

daycare and is affectionately known to the

and snores -- work to alleviate some of the

dogs as “the guy with the treats.”

stress that pet parents might feel from leaving their dogs.

The daycare caps its attendees at 20 dogs per day to allow for each animal to receive

More than 85 percent of Millennials and 44

individual attention and group playtime that is

percent of Baby Boomers reported some level

not overwhelming.

of separation anxiety as the workforce continues to adjust to its new normal, reports the study from Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Kelton Global.

March 2022 Integral to the operations is Maribel Noriega,

Over Valentine’s Day, the hearts of furever-

D’Lux Dog Care’s caregiver who has an

homed and shelter dogs were warmed by


the bakery’s latest creation, homemade





chicken soup, and biscuits.

and more than 14 years experience as a veterinary technician.

The soup -- made of chicken breast, broth, “Maribel is such a kind and compassionate

carrots, celery, peas, turmeric, and parsley

person who takes the best care of my dog,

-- was accompanied by dog-shaped biscuits,

which is a big task considering how high

with more than 100 meals donated to pets

maintenance he is,” says Grace Green, whose

in need at the Humane Society of El Paso,

dog attends D’Lux Dog Care. “Whenever I

part of the businesses’ commitment to the

drop him off, he’s overly ecstatic, but by the

community and animal welfare.

time I pick him up -- he’s exhausted!” “By far, the best part about being a part of Noriega’s skills, however, extend beyond the

this is seeing a pure joy and unconditional

sciences and into the arts as she decorates

love our dogs show while they are here and

and designs a multitude of dog cakes,

the love they have for our meals and bakery

cupcakes, and other specialty treats at the

items,” says Jaworski.

Double Dog Dare Bakery. “I look forward to expanding our services and locations throughout the Borderland in the near future.”



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March 2022

Nicholas’ Wish



M a k e - A - W i s h E l PA S O

March 2022

Come True


eet Wish Kid Nicholas! He’s smart, kind, and friendly. Nicholas loves playing kickball, watching YouTube videos, and spending time with

his little sister. He’s also passionate about luxury cars. He loves researching the newest models, checking out all the bells and whistles, and keeping an eye out for his favorites every time he hits the road with his family. Nicholas





complications with his liver transplant, and



tremendous through

strength every



appointment and dose of medication. When he learned about Make-A-Wish and found out his wish was going be granted, he was over the moon. After taking some time to brainstorm about all the possibilities, he wished for a shopping spree! Nicholas created a list of his most-wanted items, and in the meantime, Make-A-Wish worked on a special surprise to help make the wish even more special. As the cars drove by his apartment, their

You can help support wishes like Nicholas’

On the day of his wish, Nicholas stepped

owners each handed him a wrapped gift

by purchasing tickets for Wish Night El Paso!

outside of his apartment to the rev of about

from his shopping spree list. Nicholas was so

This year’s event will take place on April 2

50 different exotic car engines. He was

excited to receive the items he had wished

at the El Paso Country Club. Join us for a


for while checking out some incredible cars.

night of dinner, dancing, and incredible wish




stories. We’ll see you there!

Maseratis lined his street. This was an unforgettable day that Nicholas His shopping spree wish was coming true—

and his family will cherish for years to come.


in style.

For more information, visit



Advertising Executives






Call (915) 225-0265 and

st e p i n to t h e n e w n o w

The City Magazine is proud to introduce our account ad executives. This team has over 20 combined years in experienced marketing and advertising. Skilled in implementing a wide array of print and digital advertising techniques, TCM Ad Executives are able to supplement brand awareness, increase consumer engagement and achieve ultimate client satisfaction. Their commitment to this community is rooted in their desire to facilitate growth as they work to promote El Paso’s most reputable and engaged businesses.


Fitness and Lawyers of El Paso The City Magazine is pleased to profile some of the top talents in El Paso in the categories of fitness and law. Though each unique in their areas of expertise, these professionals all share the qualities of drive, compassion, and commitment to ensuring El Paso is well-taken care of.

Orangetheory Fitness What makes Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) special? RESULTS! The

There is nothing but positive energy and friendship within the studio.

Orangetheory program is backed by science, so we guarantee our

El Paso is a place of community and family, and that matches the core

results. The science in our workouts wakes up and supercharges the

values of Orangetheory.

metabolism. This gives our clients more energy and faster results. Our clients see their performance results in real-time by using our

When you walk through the doors of our Orangetheory Studio, you’ll be

technology-tracked heart rate system.

experiencing a fitness studio like none other. You’ll be greeted by one of our friendly membership consultants, who will put your worries at ease

Each session is led and inspired by our professional fitness coaches.

and prepare you for 60 minutes of fun (and hard work). You’ll receive a

They are all nationally certified and thrive on seeing our clients achieve

one-on-one tour with your coach. We will get to know you and WHY you

their success stories. Whether our clients are looking to lose weight,

walked through the door. Once we establish what your success story

gain muscle, run a marathon, or just feel better, OTF is personalized

will look like, we will, without a doubt, help you crush your fitness goals.

and catered to each client’s goal.

You will be provided with a heart rate monitor to use during your first class. The heart rate monitor will be set to your physical parameters.

Our heartbeat for El Paso is to create a healthier community. The

Then… your coach will guide you from start to finish through our one-

OTF Family works together to support each other to achieve goals.

of-a-kind workout. You will be motivated and moving!


We are inspired every day by our clients. Being part of their success

Orangetheory Fitness

story and seeing them do the work to achieve RESULTS is what

6801 N. Mesa St., Suite B-8

Orangetheory is all about. Success stories are different for everyone:

El Paso - Coronado, Texas 79912

it could be weight loss, building strength or functional movement,

(915) 213-1226

crushing a personal record in a race, or eliminating diabetes and blood pressure medications. Regardless of what you are looking to achieve, we are delighted to support you on the path. We’re inspired by our community and the love we experience every day. And, we’re inspired by KNOWING that what we do works. What are you doing to get more life out of your workout?

Photographed by: RICHARD GONZALEZ



The Law Office of Ruben P. Hernandez The Law Office of Ruben P. Hernandez understands the responsibility that comes with representing each client. “I became a lawyer because I wanted to be in a position to help people in times when they most needed help. Being an attorney lets me do exactly that,” says Hernandez. Hernandez, who is originally from Pecos, Texas but has lived in El Paso most of his life, has proudly owned and operated his firm for the last 23 years and says that experience and expertise are two qualities that set the firm apart. “Every client is my most important client. Every case I handle is important,” he says. Hernandez says one of his proudest accomplishments is maintaining a grievance-free record throughout his decades of practice. “This shows the good work I have accomplished for thousands of clients during my 23 years of practicing law,” he says. Understanding the community is a crucial component to representing clients in the Borderland and the attorneys strive to foster the close-knit and compassion the community is known for. “I want the readers to know that my staff and I are honest, hard-working, caring, professional, and serviceoriented,” says Hernandez. “We really do care about our clients and pay attention to detail to represent and assist our clients to achieve the best results possible.”

Law Office of Ruben P. Hernandez 1205 E. Yandell El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 532-9971

Photographed by: RICHARD GONZALEZ


Lerma LAW For El Paso native Veronica Lerma, being an attorney is not only her chosen career path -- it’s also in her blood. “I used to be a child running around the courthouse watching my Dad try cases, and it always interested me,” she says. “I saw him fight for people and it amazed me that sometimes no one else would stand up for people, and I had a sense of justice.” Lerma moved to Washington, D.C., where she saw firsthand the ways the law impacts diverse communities on a daily basis. “I witnessed the injustices that happen to groups of people who don’t or can’t speak up for themselves and it made me realize how much I had to use my skills to speak for people who couldn’t speak up for themselves,” she says. Today, Lerma practices in El Paso, where she says her listening skills and attentiveness help her serve her clients. Lerma says she believes in taking a holistic approach to the case by serving the client while considering their future plans, career, life, mental health, and other factors instead of solely a charge or issue. veronica Lerma “What I like most is serving people from my city,” she says. “People

1417 Montana

who come to us with a problem, and we are able to work for them,

El Paso, Texas 79902

and help get them back on track or ready for another phase of life.”

(915) 533-4779


Photographed by: JOHN HORTA

Farah Law At Farah Law Firm, the talented team of attorneys is committed to

Farah Law is distinctive from other practices in that personal injury

providing clients with honesty, empathy, and strength that has been

clients are represented on a contingency basis, which means the firm

cultivated over the last 15 years to serve El Paso and New Mexico. The

covers up-front reimbursable expenses and attorney’s fees are not

practice is led by George Farah, Milad Farah, and Geoffrey Borschow, all

paid until the client recovers compensation from their injuries.

native El Pasoans who understand the specific needs of the community. The attorneys at Farah Law are known for their fearlessness when it “Our entire El Paso office is operated by local El Pasoans that have

comes to litigation.

generational ties to the community,” says George Farah. “We understand the unique demographics of El Paso as a border community and as such

“There is a trend in the personal injury and wrongful death industry of

are better equipped to represent and help our El Paso clients.”

firms that market for cases but that will never take a case to court,” says Farah. “We are not that firm. If you trust us with your case, we work on your case from beginning to end to get clients the best result possible.” Farah Law 1231 E. Missouri Ave. El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 233-4297

Photographed by: JOHN HORTA


Law Office of Troy C. Brown You could say that the life of practicing law for attorney and native El Pasoan Troy Brown was divine intervention. Brown says that he contemplated his career path two years into his undergraduate coursework at UTEP when he picked up a course catalog for Texas Tech University. “It fell open to the school of law,” Brown recalls, “I looked at my father and said, ‘I think I’m supposed to go to law school.’” Brown was receptive to the sign and attended Texas Tech University School of Law upon graduating from UTEP. “It was simply the hand of God opening a catalog -- a divine nudge -- and the faith to walk in a new -- and to that point -- completely unanticipated direction.” Brown has been practicing in El Paso for almost 30 years, where he’s served as a briefing attorney for the Court of Appeals; as an Assistant District Attorney; civil plaintiff and defense attorney. Moreover, he’s been in private practice for the last 20 years, with cases ranging from criminal defense to civil commercial litigation to family law and as in-house counsel. Brown is also experienced in business. “I have always been entrepreneurial-minded,” says Brown. “I have had the good fortune to

Law Office of Troy C. Brown

act as in-house counsel for four start-ups. The

1074 Country Club Rd., Ste. B-3

experience has been invaluable in developing

El Paso, Texas 79932

my business sense and complementing my

(915) 543-9669

litigation and advisory practices.”


Photographed by: RICHARD GONZALEZ

Wyatt Underwood Trial Lawyers 705 Texas Ave., Ste. 100 El Paso, Texas 79901 (915) 485-9100

Wyatt Underwood Trial Lawyers The attorneys at Wyatt Underwood are committed to advocating for

Aside from their expertise in and out of the courtroom, the three

clients in and out of the courtroom and offer expertise in a multitude

partners make time for their families and to enjoy their hobbies.

of practices that include criminal law, family law, and personal injury. Underwood is a celebrated barbecue Pitmaster with his JBUBBQ, The four lawyer practice is led by partners Dereck Wyatt, Elena

and serves on the Board for Ronald McDonald House Charities, the

Grasheim, and Justin Underwood. Wyatt started the business in

Board of the El Paso Bar Association, and the City of El Paso TIRZ

2003, and was opened in 2004 by he and Underwood. Grasheim, who

Board by mayoral appointment.

specializes in family and civil law, joined the practice in 2014. Wyatt is a talented musician and two-time National Federation of Together, the team has a combined experience of more than 60 years

Music award winner, the highest accolade awarded to a pianist. Wyatt

and has participated in hundreds of jury trials.

is a husband, father of two children, and a pastoral student at the Berean School of the Bible.

Wyatt was named Best Lawyer by The City Magazine in 2015, and the firm was named Best Attorneys in 2016 and 2017.

Grasheim enjoys gardening and is the President of the Board of a local Jewish non-profit organization, serves on the City of El Paso

In 2020, Underwood was named Outstanding Lawyer by the El Paso

Ethics Review Commission, and is a member of the El Paso Executive

Bar Association.

Women Lions Club. SPECIAL ADVERTISING | 61

The Matthew James, Attorney At Law We at The Matthew James dedicate our practice to federal criminal litigation and immigration family-based petitions. Mr. Matthew James Kozik, founder, relocated to El Paso, Texas after serving on active duty with assignments in the Republic of Korea and Afghanistan and practicing in Washington, D.C. Mr. Kozik represents individuals in criminal proceedings throughout the District Court of the Western District of Texas, in El Paso, Midland, Pecos, and Alpine. Mr. Kozik also represents individuals in immigration matters throughout our region, addressing consular processing, adjustment of status, and naturalization proceedings. The firm prides itself in empowering its clients to successfully navigate some of the most difficult challenges they will ever face. Moreover, the firm is proud that many holding leadership positions within the organization are lifelong members of our border community. After practicing law for nearly fifteen years, Mr. Matthew James Kozik looks forward to not only continuing to find innovative solutions to assist our clients but also continuing to grow our impact in creating a better future for the Borderland. The Matthew James, Attorney At Law 310 N. Mesa Ste. 810 El Paso, Texas 79901 (915) 303-8062


Photographed by: ZAZU PRODUCTIONS

March 2022

Local Bariatric Surgeons

Offer Key Tools to Combat Obesity



alking from your bedroom to

this tool,” said Dr. Clapp, who specializes in

the kitchen, tying your shoes,

his exclusive weight loss procedure, Single

getting your cereal from the

Anastomosis Duodenal-Ileal bypass with Sleeve

highest shelf, and easily sitting

(SADI-S). The SADI-S procedure is laparoscopy with a one-night stay at the hospital.

up when you wake in the morning are not movements we have to think about but are

Strategizing, planning, discipline, and a

abilities that many of us can take for granted.

multidisciplinary support team for bariatric For people who have obesity, these simple

surgery, also known as weight loss surgery,

everyday routines can often be a challenge.

are necessities for a successful procedure

However, bariatric surgeons in the region’s

and post-surgery.

primary goal are to see their patients’ lifelong The American Society of Bariatric Metabolic

outcomes after weight loss surgery.

surgeons, of which Dr. Clapp is a part, has The World Health Organization (WHO)


defines obesity “as abnormal or excessive

Patients must see a dietitian multiple times





fat accumulation that presents a health risk.”

before surgery, a psychologist to evaluate any

WHO also reports that in 2016, 1.9 billion

eating disorders, classes and basic training, a

adults worldwide were overweight, and 650

visit with the surgeon, and a meeting with

million were obese.

their primary care doctors.

Since the pandemic, many loved ones

“This surgery allows patients to lose a certain

have struggled with health issues that have

amount of weight that can initially present

resulted in detrimental damage to their

itself as easy, but if they are not willing to

bodies because of economic struggles and

put in the work, change their lifestyles, or not Clinical Professor of Surgery at Texas Tech

willing to completely modify their diet, then

School of Medicine, reiterates that no one who

this surgery may not be successful for the

We often hear, “Why not just get up and

is obese intended to be obese and that obesity

rest of their life, “ says Dr. Clapp.

workout or eat clean?” but suffering from

doesn’t have just a straightforward solution.

frustration from staying at home, like obesity.

Post-surgery patients can expect to lose

obesity is much more than just weight gain. Dr. Benjamin Clapp, Chief of Surgery

“Patients have to think of weight loss surgery

between seven to ten pounds in a week

at Providence Memorial and an Associate

as a tool, and they have to learn how to use

and about 20 to 25 lbs after the first month.


March 2022

L o c a l B a r i at r i c S u r g e o n s


However, a key point for Dr. Clapp and Dr.

Dr. Lara is a General Surgeon, Medical Director

“Weight loss surgeries allow patients a

Michael Lara, another bariatric surgeon in El

of The Hospitals of Providence Weight Loss

chance to get healthier and resolve or even

Paso, believes that the longer outcomes are

East and is also known for his Roux-en-Y

better, cure high blood pressure, Type II

essential in the weight loss surgery journey

Gastric Bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

diabetes, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol,”

to be a true success.

said Dr. Lara.

__________ 2019 2018 2014 2013

For Dr. Lara and Dr. Clapp, a critical goal is


March 2022



longer outcomes.


It is also essential to note that both of these


procedures are covered under Medicaid and Medicare. “It’s important that these surgeries are offered here on the border because high blood pressure is highly prevalent and, more than that, Type II Diabetes,” said Dr. Lara. “If more people were aware that this procedure can cure their diabetes, they would seek our care.” Dr. Lara’s patients’ main reaction postsurgery is why they waited so long to begin the process of their weight loss journey. Dr. Lara’s procedures, the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and the Sleeve Gasteromy are the only cure for Type II diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure. “After getting weight loss surgery, many patients realize that they can reduce the number of medications and, most importantly, add years to their life,” he says. Those interested in getting these surgeries have to remember that they are committing to completely changing their lifestyle. Dr. Clapp often asks his patients about their victories post-surgery. For many of them, it’s the simple ability to use a normal-sized towel, cross their legs, and even play with their children.


El Paso's locally grown, harvested and delivered-to-your-door-weekly flower farm Fresh flower subscriptions delivered weekly boutique apothecary for him/her/them a' la carte event florals corporate gifting

“These are wins for many of our patients, and many of them don’t realize that they limit their life with obesity when they don’t receive these surgeries, and it happens so slowly that they don’t see what they have given away,” he says. 67 575-526-6661

March 2022


March 2022

Art T HE



enowned artists throughout the ages have




that come with practicing law with the

catharsis that comes from being an artist. From comedians like John Cleese and Rebel Wilson to writers like Sir Walter Scott, Alexander McCall Smith, and

poet Wallace Stevens to painters Wassily Kandinsky and Henri Matisse, artists who also practice or study law have left their imprints on fine arts and pop culture. In El Paso, Patrick Gabaldon, a lawyer and artist, colors the city with his commitment to his clients, social justice, and showcasing the city’s beauty through painting. “I’ve always been a creative person and law wasn’t necessarily something I had always dreamed of as a kid,” says Gabaldon. “For a lot of lawyers I know, and kids I went to law school with at the time, that was very much their dream. So it’s been this kind of interesting growth, both legally and then in the art career, which was totally kind of accidental.”


T h e A r t o f L aw

March 2022

Gabaldon was an undergraduate student at UTEP when he decided to apply to law school and took it one step at a time. “Like, okay, well, I gotta take the LSAT and I need a decent enough score just to get in. And if my scores are good enough to get in somewhere, then I’ll apply to every school that waives their application fees,” he says. The stakes were high. “I didn’t have that much money. I was a substitute teacher and delivered pizzas at night, and also went to school. So it was like ‘Okay, whoever’s doing a free application and waiving the fee. I’ll do it,’” he says. Lifelong friends of Gabaldon remember recognizing his artistic talent at an early age. Travis Cooper, who met Gabaldon in Mrs. Keaton’s kindergarten class at East Montana Elementary in the early nineties, has been a friend and classmate of the artist from elementary school through college. “We were always -- and I mean always -- doodling in class (his were obviously better, most of the time),” says Cooper. “Looking back it’s no surprise and the doodles definitely had his distinct style in them, so he really has been drawing since I can remember.” Gabaldon attended St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio then moved back home, which is when his passion for painting the Sun City began. He was inspired by the sorbet shades of El Paso sunsets, as well as local flora while trying cases and cultivating relationships within the local legal community. “I was in trial all the time, and contested hearings all the time in court in front of judges,” says Gabaldon. “Arguing, you know, fighting with defense counsel fighting with opposing counsel. And despite all those fights and drag-outs and week-long trials, there was always the sense -- and still remains -- respect and camaraderie among the entire lawyer community because we’re small.” His first professional piece was sold to a colleague who was impressed by a painting Gabaldon made as a Christmas gift and posted on Facebook. “One of the main reasons my art took off in any real way was because of the support from my fellow lawyers,” he says. 70

March 2022

T h e A r t o f L aw

One of the main reasons my art took off in any real way was because of the support from my fellow lawyers.


T h e A r t o f L aw

March 2022

Gabaldon brought some of his completed

Gabaldon is part of a boomerang generation

Gabaldon is a prominent artist in the community

work to his office, which caught the eyes of

of professionals in El Paso who left the city

because of his love of his hometown, as well

many of his colleagues.

to pursue higher education and returned with

as his skills with a paintbrush.

the goal to strengthen the community. “Patrick’s work embraces El Paso and our West

“They’d come by and we’d meet on a case; or a fellow attorney I worked with would walk by

He and his wife, Monica Alvillar, own and

Texas desert,” says Nevena Christi, Boss Lady

and like it and/or buy it. I mean, that happened

operate Gabaldon Art and are committed to

at Rocketbuster Boots, who has collaborated

a lot. I was very lucky,” he says. “I would just

community engagement.

with Gabaldon. “His work shares the beauty of El Paso with the world. Just when I think

bring art to the office to hang to get it out of the house. And I would sell them on accident

“I think the city has grown because of people

he couldn’t possibly come up with something

just from people supporting me. Then the rest

who have come back, or have stayed, or have

else, he is inspired by a building or a sunset and

of the attorneys in town started hearing that

made El Paso their home,” he says. “People

constantly surprises. I love the mixture of spray

I was painting. I guess I was getting better.”

who have made a conscious effort to shine a

and brush to create his beautiful ombres.”

little brighter, be more proud, or just kind of shine brightly with the place they’re from.”


March 2022

T h e A r t o f L aw

His work has been featured in myriad

“The way we do it is through art, through

Congresswoman Escobar’s sacrifice and

exhibitions across the community that also

giving, through community awareness, or

dedication to El Paso.

includes features in print and digital media.

activeness or just trying to add some color to the conversation,” he says.

the El Paso community that include soccer

Gabaldon’s work has become emblematic of the Borderland and the proud community

He’s painted other noteworthy members of

On the day of our interview, Gabaldon and

stars Diego Luna and Ricardo Pepi, UTEP’s

Alvillar welcomed the photographer and me

PayDirt Pete, and Beto O’Rourke.

keeping it alive and thriving. Gabaldon and

into their home where we were immediately

Alvillar recognized the responsibility that comes

greeted by two of their three senior dogs then

“We’re such an amazing reflection of the

with being an artist with a distinctive voice.

enveloped in the artist’s world -- and mind.

American identity and that there is no one

“It was something that my wife and I talked

Deep teal-colored walls and candy-colored

about when I started selling more pieces, and

tapestries, Gabaldon shoeless while wearing

His artistic perspective and commitment to

it was kind of like the art was transforming

yellow, orange, and green poppy socks of

justice will soon be serving El Paso County

from a hobby to a career. It was like: ‘Well,

his design.

in a different capacity, but not before taking

singular identity,” says Gabaldon.

time off to paint, paint, and paint some more.

okay, we’re lucky to have this platform that we never thought would ever materialize or

He takes us into his studio space, a well-

exist.’ It was not even in our wildest dreams,

lit room filled with canvases, brushes, and

“I’ll be heading to the Public Defender’s

like, “Okay, so we have this blessing. What

pieces of art in various stages of completion.

office to continue something that’s important to me: public interests, you know, giving

can we do with it?’” His most recent work, a painting of

back to the community,” says Gabaldon.

The couple decided the answer was to give

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, remains

people a new first impression of the community.

on its easel, lambent in the early dusk light

“We’ll see where the road takes me, I’m

shining through the window. Gabaldon

pretty excited,” he adds.

says he created the piece in honor of

I think the city has grown because of people who have come back, or have stayed, or have made El Paso their home.


March 2022

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March 2022

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March 2022


Raising the Barre

March 2022



couldn’t express the way my body felt after my first barre class because I was too sore to type -- something that’s happened only once in my life.

I became hooked on barre classes, a toning, body-weight-lifting group workout, in 2014 as a graduate student in Washington, D.C. I was hesitant to move back to El Paso after graduating not because of the job landscape but because where would I barre? Enter, Joey Hass. Hass opened the first Pure Barre studio in El Paso in 2014 after moving to El Paso for her husband’s job and it didn’t take long for her to change the fitness landscape of the Borderland. “I had been a stay-at-home mom of four boys for 10 years. I was ready to get back into the workforce. In 2014 boutique fitness did not exist in El Paso. I saw the opportunity and capitalized on it,” says Hass. Before El Paso, Hass attended business school at Rutgers University and says she blindly navigated the worlds of commercial real estate, build-outs, hiring, accounting, and marketing but successfully made it through

Today, Hass owns two Pure Barre studios in El Paso that have not only transformed the fitness landscape for local women, but also created a sense of community between the clients and instructors that have turned into deep and meaningful friendships. “Now, seven years later, I’m most proud of the relationships that I’ve been able to cultivate,” she says. “I love seeing my instructors bloom and empower women to be strong, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I love seeing clients become true friends and confidants in keeping each other going at the studio and beyond.” The relationships are developed as clients sweat, shake, and burn.

almost entirely on her own.


March 2022

“First and foremost it’s a very non-traditional

Marissa Ong joined Pure Barre six years ago

“On my 34th birthday I hit 500 classes at the

way to workout,” says Hass. “It combines

as a bride-to-be. She says she was instantly

Redd studio in the morning, and 100 classes

the principles of ballet with pilates, some

hooked and hasn’t looked back since.

at the Kern Studio in the evening,” she says. “Then, when I was 28 weeks pregnant, I hit

yoga stretching, and crazy good music. We work until our muscles fatigue and shake.

“I love the workout and I love the

250 classes at Kern. I love that Pure Barre

It’s very much a technique that takes several

community,” says Ong. “Within a month of

celebrates these milestones and I always

classes to even begin to grasp, but is for

doing Pure Barre I felt like I not only looked

love celebrating when other clients hit their

every fitness and age level.”

better, but I felt stronger and more confident

numbers as well!”

in my fitness abilities.” Social fitness is defined as the ability to:

Pure Barre studios can be found at 550 locations





empowering women to attend classes while

Ong says the most surprising aspect has been the friendships she’s made.

professional relationships • Positively interact with others

on vacations, business trips, or any other opportunity they find fit for fitness.

• Engage in productive personal and

“I have made friends at Pure Barre from many different walks of life. Some of these

• Use resources that promote overall wellbeing

“There is an unspoken promise to not only

women have become very important people

show up for class but also show up for each

in my life and have been there for me for

The concept of social fitness consists of

other outside the studio,” says Hass.

many big life transitions, including my most

the availability and maintenance of social

recent adventure of becoming a mother!”

relationships; connections

Clients will attest that it’s centered on

the to








physical fitness that comes with the added

Ong is a member of both the Redd Road

successfully complete tasks -- all of which

benefit of social fitness that was especially

and Kern Place studios, which count classes

were thrown off-axis with the arrival of the

helpful during the early days of the pandemic.


COVID-19 pandemic.


March 2022 A 2014 report published in Rand Health Quarterly, a non-partisan journal that informs health policy through innovative research and





fitness resources are the aspects of those relationships that strengthen a person’s ability to withstand and rebound from challenges and even grow from them.” Like other Pure Barre clients across the country,






shutdown orders closed gyms and my strict(ish) workout routine was unraveled. Thankfully, Hass and her team of instructors quickly






offering at-home live-streamed classes and

Clients like myself and Ong were able to

interactions were not possible,” says Hass.

equipment rentals.

virtually attend classes with the instructors

“When we finally got back to the studios,

we know and trust, to the loud music that

so many of our clients shared how thankful

“Our parent company had always had an

gets our blood pumping, and physical activity

they were for the live streams during a very

online platform,” says Hass, “but we quickly

in a time of persistent mental duress.

lonely time.”

“It was a way to connect with our Pure Barre

Today, Barre-barians can lift, tone, and burn at

community during a time when face-to-face

either studio location or via live stream.

discovered that our clients were craving seeing their local instructors.”


March 2022

Chic M Home Retreat | By: HEATHER HARMSTON |

any of us have been all too familiar with the

does it provide a sense of relief to one’s Feng Shui, but it also lets you

saying “Home is where the heart is”. This

start with a clean slate. To some, the idea of decluttering can feel very

phrase has never rung more true than in the

daunting. With these helpful tips and tricks, it might be more easily

last few years. With the continuing confusion of

attainable than overwhelming.

Covid-19 and the constant limbo many of us have

faced, it only makes sense that homeowners

• Start room by room, if we compartmentalize our spaces they will

started making the most of the home they were locked down in.

be less scary to handle. (This reminds me of a joke I heard many

With vacations canceled, events postponed and holidays a little

more lonely, many took solace in their homes to make the best of

years ago. How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite)

• Empty out each space individually to make the most of your things,

a less than ideal situation. The first and most common starting point

start with larger items first and work your way down into your

of revamping a home for many is the decluttering process. Not only

smallest items.


March 2022

H o m e R e t r e at C h i c

• Make three piles: the keep pile, the toss pile, and the donate pile

and new furniture purchases, owners took the opportunity to make

• Don’t overthink. If you haven’t used an item in over a year you

the most out of their own spaces and spruce them up a bit.

probably don’t need it. • Have a vision for your space prior to removing the clutter. If you

Based on national statistics, the most common upgrade in recent

think of all the possibilities you could have without an excessive

years to a home has been upgrading the backyard area. Sheltering in

amount of stuff, it’s more likely you’ll get the decluttering process

place changed the mindset of many families and got them thinking

done more effectively.

outside the box. Kids needed a place to play and thrive and parents oftentimes needed a getaway space to relax and decompress when

When the travel options slowed down for a while, some families took

all of the usual options no longer existed. Here are a few of the most

things into their own hands and decided to bring the vacation to them.

popular upgrades for a homeowner in recent years.

With vibrant colors, new themed decor, customized home remodels,


H o m e R e t r e at C h i c

March 2022

• Building a playhouse in the backyard for their children • Using extra attic or basement space to give kids their own retreat at home, this addition also can create a positive environment for at-home schooling. • Adding a swimming pool and or spa area to the backyard • Adding a home office to allow for separation of work and play • Turning the garage into an at-home gym Many of these items quickly gave homeowners a fresh appreciation for their current spaces and helped ensure a sense of sanity in this new Covid -19 world we are all existing in. We all know that being outdoors in nature can be restorative. 82

March 2022

Nature can clear our minds, remove some of our stresses, and add to the overall healthy lifestyles we aspire to have. Breathing in fresh air has never been more sought after and appreciated. Spending more time outdoors has been an absolute eye (and lung) opener. Here are some cost-effective ways to make your home more relaxing and luxurious without breaking the bank. • Spend the weekend at the local nursery picking out some of your favorite plants and trees. Get home and start the process of turning your backyard into a lush sanctuary for years to come. • Make an outdoor living and entertaining more of a priority. Purchase backyard games such as horseshoes, corn hole, bocce ball, and various other options to share in some good clean family fun. These games are great additions to keep the mood light and interactive! • Bring nature inside the home. Bringing plants and flowers inside the home is the simplest way to create a zen-like calming space in areas you might need it the most. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and quite frankly anywhere in the house will add a relaxation element you may not have ever realized you needed. No matter what lifestyle you may lead there have been a number of recent DIY ideas shared at the tip of your fingertips that don’t burn a hole in your wallet to help you get creative and find a bit of sanity and sanctuary in the space you call home!


Canines on the


| By: ERIN COULEHAN Infographic by: MAGGIE BLUM |










products that will be showcased on March

Evans’ love of animals started at a young age


12 at Sunny Brook Park from noon to 5 pm.

and she says she was heartbroken when she


The first annual Fur’Ganza, an expo / fair

had to surrender her puppy, Heidi, when she

demand for pet products pursuant to

dedicated to community fur babies will also

was 5 years old because of a severe fur allergy.

the pandemic. People are splurging

feature a dog fashion show.



“However, my love for animals never went

on their pets, especially apparel. In 2020, for

away,” says Evans, “especially for dogs.”

example, the global pet market size grew by

“I make it my mission to create brand names

8 percent, according to Fortune Business

that are unique to who I am and what I

Insights, and is expected to accelerate over

represent,” says Evans. “We look forward to

Evans became a pet mom as an adult to fur

the next several years. This growth occurred

having pet vendors that consist of Bark’n’Bistro

baby Miss Ladi Bug, her current muse and



Gourmet Dog Treats; our clothing brand JS

barkmodel, and purchased an endless supply

shops during COVID-19 lockdowns that

House of Fashion featuring Ladi Jakada, Zion’s

of Benadryl.

hampered market growth and caused a shift

Bow Ties, Borderland Apparel, and other

in consumer trends that entrepreneurs are

amazing vendors ranging from dog trainers to

“She became the daughter I never had!”

creating opportunities from.

dog bakeries at this event!”

says Evans. “I kept her styled in the most top-

In El Paso, entrepreneur and designer Kellie

The Fur Baby Fashion Fur’Ganza show

children. I always wanted a daughter but was

Evans is designing a furtastic variety of pet

will have canines on the catwalk modeling

blessed with three beautiful sons,” she says.





notch fashion apparel as I would for my other

original designs created by Evans.

March 2022

“Therefore, I needed to showcase Miss Ladi Bug’s princess-status within our family,” she adds. The analysis by Fortune Business Insights reports that people are adamant in their preference





accessories for their pets. Chewy, an American animal grooming and apparel retailer, reported a 46 percent spike in sales in April 2020. This shopping pattern is consistent and economists are predicting the market to continue to flourish post-pandemic. In 2020 the global pet market size was $5.01 billion and expected to grow to $7 billion by 2028. North America reported a market size of $1.5 billion in 2019 and exceeded $1.7 billion in 2020. Evans says she always admired the chicness of dogs in clothes and channeled her experience designing for people into pet apparel. “I thought it would be awesome to design for my little Ladi Bug! I created her own line under JS House of Fashion called Ladi Jakada and made it available to other dog parents,” she says. The experience as an entrepreneur is a dream come true for Evans who invites the community to come to Fur’Ganza. “People can expect family fun for all ages, great music by DJ Fargo, people coming together as a community, and the networking of small business owners,” says Evans. “And an amazing dog fashion show that has never been seen before in this beautiful city!”


March 2022


El Pasoans are known to work and play hard, with a wide variety of local watering holes offering classic and bespoke cocktails throughout the city. Take a look at some of the best happy hour havens to eat, drink, and be merry. 86

March 2022


3041 N Zaragoza Rd Ste B

Located in the Far East, Benny Franks is the ideal happy hour spot for a relaxed and modern drinking experience. This spacious location provides four separate seating areas across two levels that can provide guests with either more social or more private seating options depending on their mood. The outdoor patio has plenty of space and huge screens to watch your favorite team or even enjoy a stunning sunset. With a robust food menu, Benny Franks is also a great place to grab a bite. Happy Hour is from 3 pm to 7 pm and features zodiac-themed cocktails in addition to unique drinks specially created by staff providing a huge selection to choose from.


H a p p y H o u r H av e n s

March 2022


11380 Montwood Dr. Bldg C When you step inside La Catedral you can’t help but feel its festive and bright energy. This Eastside locale is the perfect place to grab a drink and something to eat on the way home or before starting your evening. The staff is swift and attentive, making everyone feel welcome with their upbeat and friendly attitudes. With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, this is a great place to meet a large group of colleagues or close friends. Happy Hour is from 3 pm to 7pm with $3 drink specials and a great selection of tacos and burgers from their modern Mexican cuisine menu.


H a p p y H o u r H av e n s

March 2022

COCO MIEL 1515 Lee Trevino Dr

This cozy bistro bar is ideal to meet up for business or pleasure. Wine and craft beer aficionados will have a great selection to choose from. Coco Miel is known for its unique pizzas and flavorful salads, but its menu also has so much more to choose from. Coco Miel features live music that enhances the quaint yet social atmosphere. Happy Hour is from 3 pm to 6 pm, but on Wednesdays take advantage of half-off wine bottles, and on Thursdays half-off sangrias.


H a p p y H o u r H av e n s

March 2022

THE REAGAN 313 E Mills Ave

This eccentric downtown cocktail bar with more than 30 custom cocktails is another superb place to spend Happy Hour. The sidewalk seating area allows you to watch the world go by while the carefully-curated music sets the mood for a memorable evening. If you would rather be indoors, there are two levels of seating and a sprawling bar. You can really see the passion the staff has for crafting cocktails and cuisine as they carefully prepare your order. There is always something happening from parties, shows, and even their well-known Taco Tuesday. The Reagan opens at 5 pm, try their iconic “The Reagan Old Fashioned”.


March 2022

H a p p y H o u r H av e n s


As soon as you enter this cocktail lounge, you instantly feel the elegant and relaxing ambiance. You can expect impeccable service from the knowledgeable mixologists at The Berkeley Cocktail Lounge. Their signature cocktail is the Lavender Breeze, which is prepared before you with the finest ingredients. The vast selection of cocktails, beer, and wine offers something for everyone. Well known for their live music and comfortable seating, this is a great place to relax after a long day or begin a long night out. Specials are from 4 pm to 7 pm and reservations are available.


March 2022


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March 2022

Progress Report This month, Progress Report contributor (and February cover girl!) Camryn Heon looks back on a life-changing trip to three cities in China. Heon’s travel essay showcases the global awareness she gained while abroad that has led to an appetite for adventure and knowledge, as well as a deeper appreciation of home. Additionally, Aina Marzia reflects on Gen Z’s role in the legislative process as many are eager to become of age to vote and participate in the legislative process. From studying local, state, national, and global politics to analyzing the role of social media and representation in our 94

elections, Gen Z is paying attention.

March 2022

Travel Diary: Language and Learning in China 謝謝! | By: CAMRYN HEON |

“Thank you!” is a phrase I used most often during my time in China as a 5th grader. Why you might ask? Not only to be polite but everywhere my classmates and I went, we were constantly getting our hair touched and asked to take pictures! Never in a million years would I have thought to be considered a celebrity in China!

When thinking about Shanghai, rare foods and

This behavior was bizarre to all of us, but we

technological innovations come to mind. You

quickly found out most of the Chinese people

might think as a 5th grader I would not be able

do not get to see other parts of the world due

to comprehend everything as well as an adult,

to their restrictive communist government.

but you would be surprised with everything I learned about technology in China.

Traveling across the world to visit China, the native country to the Chinese language

For example, six years ago was the first

was incredible. After learning Chinese my

time I had heard about self-driving cars.

whole childhood, being able to use my skills

Three years later, they were released in the

and communicate with others in a language

United States. Besides all the technological

I would consider the most difficult to learn

innovations, Shanghai’s street food leaves

was an experience of a lifetime. Learning

me to describe it as being some of the most

about the way different people live in the

unusual and interesting food I have ever

three cities I visited, Shanghai, Xian, and

tried. Some of the dishes offered ranged

Beijing, I applied what I learned from their

from whole seasoned frogs to sea urchins

different ways of life, and it helped me to

glazed in soy sauce.

view my life differently. Underground clay soldiers are not the most

As you may know, China is the most

well-known attractions in Xian, China. But

populated country in the world. We felt this in

for me and the kids on my tour, this was

every city we visited but mostly in Shanghai.

not the case. 95

T r av e l D i a r y: L a n g u a g e a n d L e a r n i n g i n C h i n a

March 2022

We were amazed once we saw the 8-foot-tall clay soldiers that were buried underground for an exceptionally long period of time. One set of terracotta soldiers was discovered when a farmer dug deep into his land. Soon, a whole army of clay soldiers were found with many intact. Since the first discovery, two other sets of warriors and imitations of emperor Qin Shi Huang were found. This was the most influential site we took in while in Xian. Finally, my visit to Beijing was by far the most interesting. Besides learning all about Chinese culture, learning about how their government works was astonishing. With this, we visited Tiananmen square. 96

In 1989, a massacre occurred at the square that was hidden and swept up by the Chinese government under the rule of Mao Zedong. This massacre involved the death of over 21,000 students and protesters that we know of. The official death toll was unknown, and there were few survivors. As a 5th grader, I got the chance to interview a man who was there at the time of the protest that later led to the massacre. During my interview, this survivor whose identity may not be revealed opened up about his experience at the square with tanks and fires set by their government that contributed to the rising death toll. Many college students and other residents of the country were protesting the communist law and asking for a change of power

Downtown style in a desert city. Welcome to Hotel Indigo, located in the heart of downtown El Paso. Our boutique hotel offers our guests a comfortable home away from home. Our 5th floor has an amazing heated pool & rooftop bar, Circa 1963. Mamacitas, our cafe on the 1st floor, provides exquisite food, drinks & service. 325 N Kansas St, El Paso, TX 79901

to lead them to a more capitalist government rule. The Chinese government gave warnings and later responded with violence. This is an experience I will remember forever. To say that this massacre was my biggest take-away from my trip to a foreign country would be an

(915) 532-5200

@HotelIndigoElPasoDowntown @hotelindigo.eptx

understatement. Learning about this event and how recently it was opened my eyes as to how good of a country we have established in the United States. Many of us may take it for granted, but I am beyond grateful for the freedom and liberty we all have a right to. Taking all of this in from my amazing experience in China had a grand impact on how I think about things. Going from the silk factories and powerful government buildings in Beijing to the street food and new innovations in Shanghai, and finally to the gigantic clay statues in Xian helped me to experience many things others might not get the opportunity to do. My trip to China as a 5th grader is helping me to grow up with an open mind and understanding of Chinese culture and language. Looking back, the most important takeaway I have from it all is most definitely realizing and understanding how different our countries are and how fortunate I am to be able to do everything I have aspired to do.


Generation Z on the Frontera: Why New Generation Americans are more involved in politics than ever


March 2022 s a Pakistani immigrant girl, I see the world from a different perspective. Growing up my father was into Pakistani politics, so I was raised being very aware of current events. At a young age, I started listening to and understanding social issues, just as many around me I did not

feel compelled to do anything to change them. When I was 11, societal issues got so hard to ignore. I began to realize that there was so much that needed to be done, this envisioned idea of what I’d thought of America was changed. One of the biggest reasons why younger generations are so involved in politics is immigration issues. Especially on the border, say we go back a generation, Millennials, those who helped shape the Frontera culture we know today; and Gen X, people who began urbanizing our city. The scope of politics has changed drastically, especially in the last 5 to 10 years, which circles back to people in office, and how Gen Z will mobilize a new generation of activists. By the next election, half of our Gen Z generation



will be able to vote. The question many ask

The interests of teenagers have shifted,

yet with over 48% of the population being

is: How much will the new influx of voters

after repetitively seeing discrimination and

non-white. Having diverse voters will also

change how the border stands politically?

violence in the news some of us could not

result in diversity among politicians and

How will they contribute to legislation when

act like nothing was wrong.

congresspeople. Hispanics make a large part of Texas’s population and currently, politicians

they get into office? Let’s take it one at a time.

We could not walk away from issues that

holding positions do not proportionately

needed to be addressed and continue to cover

represent the people.

up for people who committed these acts. For the past 40 years or so trends show that

From posting on Instagram to researching

Generation Z sees this impacting us the

younger generations such as Millennials

and developing our ideas on these issues, it

most, and it is the reason why many of us

and Gen Z are supporting issues such as

all began with our access to technology.

are outspoken in their beliefs.

control, racial justice, and immigrant rights.

It is no secret that we live in the 21st century

We will be the deciding factors in many upcoming

All of which are extremely relevant to the

and now it is more important than ever to be

elections, we will use our right to vote and to

border and the El Paso Region.

informed. When more people are educated,

express ourselves. Laws being made by the





the less ignorant people there are, which also

House and Senate today impact us, and for those

Younger generations are encouraging voter

explains why there are so many Gen Zs and

of us who aren’t able to vote, we have no choice



Millennials at social movements and protests.

but to express ourselves in other ways. That

generations made up almost 37% of the

As for El Paso, it sparked a new generation of

begins with education about our surroundings.

vote in the 2020 Presidential Election and it

teenagers who advocate for new legislation.

Yes, we are young, and we shouldn’t have to do




the jobs of politicians who fail, but we won’t wait

is evident they had a huge role to play in the outcome of the election.

The border’s diversity plays a major role in

around for someone to hear us eithier.

its politics as well, with Generation Z being the





It’s time we made ourselves heard.


March 2022

Men in the Moment

Awaken Your Outdoor Aesthetic | By: DANIEL HERNANDEZ |


March 2022


nd just like that, Spring has arrived.

up to Las Cruces sometimes to hike there as

The vernal season brings thoughts of

well. So, for Spring, I am focusing on what I

Easter pastels, budding flowers, birds

need for the outdoors in our desert haven.

chirping, and in El Paso, you also have to include dust storms and allergies

Although I love fashion, I’m not the trendiest

-- but don’t forget Spring Fashion.

person. I do like to have my outfits put together even if it’s for the gym or a hike. I

What I love about the Southwest are the

have my aesthetic down, and it’s basic black.

sunshine and heat. I enjoy warm weather

It’s just easy, and chic. I like to incorporate

attire and the relaxed energy it brings.

trends to use as accent pieces.

Shorts and t-shirts are my go-to for most of the year here, so how do I get Spring

Of course, I can talk about Etro’s neon suits,

fashion ready in El Paso? I approach each

Dolce and Gabbana’s bejeweled jackets, or

season the same: think about what I want

Gucci’s equestrian looks, but my favorite

and what I need to upgrade.

Spring fashion ideas incorporate my favorite accessories: shoes and glasses.

The thing I most look forward to as the

weather gets better is hiking. I love the trails

As I prepare for my new season of trekking,

on the Franklin Mountains, and I even drive

I’m looking for a good and sturdy shoe to 101

Men in the Moment

March 2022

explore the trails, and I need one that has an

Don’t forget you can still wear them on the

edgy style as well utilitarian. Of course, you

hiking trails too.

can easily go and get a regular hiking boot or trail sneaker, but traditional styles don’t

A quick and easy Spring fashion refresher is

appeal to my aesthetic.

to switch up your glasses.

After some online research, I found it in the

I’m a big fan of glasses, sun, and reading, and

Adidas Terrex Free Hiker shoe. This shoe is

my collection grows as the seasons change.

very well designed and comes in a variety of

I do have a vision prescription, but somehow

color palettes. The stylish look would even

those glasses always get lost or broken. My

allow you to wear them with jeans on the daily.

readers seem to last forever, and they’re more affordable so I buy more. I discovered a


Adidas also collaborated with Pharrell Williams

small modern brand named Caddis a couple

who created his version of this shoe in a

of years ago and I’ve become a member of

zipper-less sock mode, which could easily be

their eyewear cult.

worn with a high fashion Balenciaga type look.

March 2022

Men in the Moment

The cool designs make me feel a bit geek-

Bermuda short was seen on the Spring 2022

Spring is the best time of the year for an

chic hipster/apothecary owner/gallery director.

runways of designers like Giorgio Armani and

“out with the old in with the new” attitude,

They sometimes add a few surprise details like

Fendi. If anyone’s noticed, guys’ shorts have

also known as Spring cleaning. With my new

on their D28 model where the top of the frame

become short and fitted in the past few years.

life in El Paso, I am refining what I need,

is laser etched with the words, “Izquierda”

It’s a style I find is truly meant for the young,

and sometimes is pieces of fashion, and

and “Derecha,” so you don’t forget which

kind of like skinny jeans. Since I basically live

sometimes it’s mental clarity, and sometimes

side is left and which side is right. Their frames

in shorts, I’m happy that I’ll be soon finding

it’s the dual experience.

come as sunglasses too, and with the El Paso

longer versions available since I’m a bit too

sun, you need a few good pairs.

thigh and calf challenged for the short shorts

What I’m letting go of is the idea that change

look. This longer short, sometimes called a

is hard. Change can be easy and enjoyable

The one specific men’s fashion trend of

short trouser, is known as semi-casual attire

even in baby steps, like switching up your

Spring 2022 that I’m happy to report about

and would be fitting to wear out on the town

glasses or taking a new path on your hike.

is the return of the Bermuda short. The

as the weather warms up.

Renew yourself this Spring.


March 2022



March into


Risky Business

pring into a new season of fashion

This trend is a daring way to suit up while

that is all about the reclamation

standing out. Oversized blazers paired with

of defined lines, prints that pop,

tailored shorts make for a structured take on

and storytelling through texture. Designers

a laid-back look that can be accessorized with


boots, heels, or sneakers.




dormancy and emerging with bold colors and patterns that are perfect to work and play

Women’s suits continue to evolve past

outside the home with these trends.

neutral hues and modest shapes with the


integration of abstract patterns in vibrant colors.





fabrics create a contemporary look for warm weather that’s also a nod to the 1970s.



March 2022

Launch Parties

Dates - March 3rd Hotel Indigo - April 7th State Line - May 5th Berkeley - October 6th Mesa Street

Don’t miss out!

Ab Fab Ladies can opt to “crop-it-like-it’s hot” --

The City Magazine throws the hottest parties in partnership with the best hosts.

because it soon will be -- by opting for a crop

Party with us!

dresses Megan Fox and Hailey Bieber, deploys

contact us: 106

top under an oversized blazer and high-waisted trousers, jeans, skirt, or shorts that teases a tiny bit of tummy. Stylist Maeve Reilly, who for a look that is powerful yet provocative.

March 2022

Pretty in Pinks The potency of this season’s trends are offset by traditionally feminine colors like bubblegum, salmon, and watermelon. From






pleated midi skirts, and co-ord sets, the playfulness of the hue can be used to make a statement, or can be accessorized with neutrals for everyday looks.


SIGN UP NOW and receive 25% off your heart rate monitor Mention this ad and get


El Paso - Coronado, TX 6801 N. Mesa St. Suite B-8

Hours Mon - Fri: 5 AM - 7 PM Sat - Sun: 7 AM - 12 PM

(915) 213-1226 OTFCoronado @orangetheory_coronado



The City Magazine’s February launch party

at The Great American Steakhouse featured live music, a double-issue cover reveal, and a lively crowd. Guests enjoyed specialty cocktails and snacks while getting to know some of El Paso’s most talented people.

| Photos by: EIRIOS OBSCURA |






The City Magazine is still dreaming of the glitz and glamour galore that was our annual “Best Of” event. From singing along to some of Cher and Elton John’s most iconic sonic, to smooching at midnight, we’re thrilled to reflect on some of the good times while anticipating that the best is yet to come.






March 2022


March 2022

Astrology Forecast

Jupiter AND You A

dorned with legends of charms, fortune, and prosperity,

home! With the planet of luck happy, we are in an optimal position to

March has historically been regarded for its relationship

welcome luck into our lives.

with luck. One planet, in particular, brings us extraordinary

blessings in astrology. Jupiter -- the planet of luck, expansion, fortune,

The planets were aligned across the sky in various zodiac signs when

growth, and chance opportunities -- is at an optimal place in the sky

you were born. The zodiac sign where Jupiter was stationed at the

throughout this spring. From now until May 2022, Jupiter will reside

time of your birth can indicate which aspect of your life you find the

in the constellation Pisces, one of two constellations it considers

most growth, luck, and fortune.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter Jupiter in Taurus in Gemini

These natural-born leaders thrive in the

Ruled by Venus, Taurus loves all things

These Mercurial natives are notorious for

spotlight. They may be prone to management,

material. There are blessings here with

who they know. As a master of networking,

project leadership, and public-facing careers.

finances, specifically acquiring money in

they know all of the right people. Naturally

They may move up the ladder quickly in

traditional ways. Taurus isn’t a natural risk-

welcoming, social, and witty, their superpower

terms of their work-life and attract partners

taker or looking to work harder than needed to

is lighting up the room and making others

that match their fast-paced lifestyle in their

get what they want. They need a detailed plan

feel at ease in their presence. This season,

personal lives. It may be an optimal time for

and stable business partners to feel secure.

be on the lookout for chance meetings and

you to display your talents and capabilities in

This year may be the ideal time to get serious

connections that could lead you to something

the workplace. Is there a project you have

about investments, money management,

incredible. The people entering your life are

been sitting on due to a lack of confidence?

and larger purchases. Purchases of homes,

not random. You can each transform each

Now is the ideal time to invest in it! You

cars, and long-term investments may be

other’s lives for the better. Pro tip: stock up

never know where it could lead you.

falling in your favor this season.

on business cards this year.


Ast rolo gy For ecast

March 2022

Jupiter Jupiter in Cancer in Leo

Jupiter in Virgo

As a water sign, Jupiter in Cancer thrives in

Leo loves one thing and its creation.

Relentless in nature, Virgo won’t stop until

spaces that allow compassion, healing, and

Creativity flows from Leo like water from a

you reach your fullest potential. While some

feelings to flourish. Cancer is often associated

spring. They are constantly in motion and are

may discredit this energy as perfectionism,

with home, making them likely to act as

always seeking the next big thing. Like Aries,

Virgo just wants to see you succeed. How

caretakers for others. Fortune may be found

they thrive when in charge but tend to have

can you work with this energy to your

in relationships with family and careers where

their most significant breakthroughs when

advantage? Self-improvement is the most

they help others heal. When was the last time

working independently. Your energy may be

prominent theme within the next few

you tended to your physical space? This year

heightened over the next few months, and

months. Jupiter wants to help you become

may be the time to address any renovations

it’s intended to push you towards something

the best version of yourself you can be! Now

or home improvement projects you may be

completely new. Now is the time to pick up

is the perfect time to install new health and

dreaming of. You will be surprised by how

a new trade, hobby, and side-hustle. There is

wellness routines in your schedule. They’re

much of a difference changing your physical

so much fortune in innovation and adaptation.

genuinely within reach.

space can have on your emotional well-being.

Trust that being pushed out of your comfort zone is a blessing in itself!


March 2022

Ast rolo gy For ecast


March 2022

Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter in in Libra in Scorpio Sagittarius These Venus natives enter the room with

If anyone can make moves in silence, it’s

Ruled by Jupiter, natives with this placement

their hearts on their sleeves. Notorious for

Scorpio. No one can evolve quite like a Scorpio.

may experience optimism and pleasure to the

relationship support, Jupiter in Libra wants

As we progress through the new year, you will

fullest. Sagittarius is regarded for its joyous,

you to find those that make your heart feel

encounter situations that don’t sit right with

carefree nature. In Jupiter, it brings fortune

held. You may have a natural ability to create

your spirit. Your gift of instinct is undeniable.

through life’s pleasures. Travel, literature,

long-lasting friends and find yourself craving

Your intuition is going to be your guide this

languages, and exploration make them feel

romance on a deep level. Whether jumping

year. Trust that you are making the right choice

complete. After two years of stagnation

into a new relationship or committing to

when you pull away from situations that may

during the pandemic, you deserve to indulge

a current partner, your relationship path is

not be in your best interests. Everything for

in life again. Take this season to indulge and

strengthening. It may be scary, but trust that

you will always be for you. Closed doors are a

grow without pressure; it’s what your spirit

you are capable and worthy of putting your

blessing in their own right.

has been seeking.

heart in the right hands.


March 2022

Ast rolo gy For ecast

Jupiter in Jupiter in Jupiter Capricorn Aquarius in Pisces No one appreciates lists more than Capricorn.

Born with a desire to change the status quo,

Nothing can stop a Pisces placement with

You thrive in situations with predictable

you may find yourself in social spaces that

faith. While the world may struggle to

outcomes. For you, preparation means

encourage you to work towards the common

understand Pisces’ undeniable optimism, it

safety. Unfortunately, Jupiter doesn’t operate

good. Many Aquarius placements make the

holds a lesson for us all. Believing you can

this way. It thrives off spontaneity, possibility,

most movement in non-profit spaces, political

achieve something is half of the fight. No

and free reign. Accepting this dynamic may

offices, and philanthropic endeavors. Caring

one understands this better than Pisces. Your

come with resistance, but there is so much

for causes is your superpower. In what ways

ability to dream, feel, and act on faith is greater

magic in letting go. Things will always line

can you give more this season? People need

than reason. It highlights how much better

up for your benefit. It may be hard to trust

your voice. Don’t be afraid of speaking up for

the world would be if we could see it through

without a blueprint, but things will line up

what’s right, even if you rock the boat.

rose-colored glasses. Dream this season; it’s

when you least expect.

the best thing you can do for the world.


March 2022

MARCH Advertiser INDEX American Furniture Outlet ...........................................Pg. 24

Seirios Obscura ...........................................................Pg. 43

Borderland Bail Bonds ............................................... Pgs. 8-9

Southwest Plastic Surgery ...........................................Pg. 15

Calhoun Flower Farms..................................................Pg. 67

Southwest University ............................................ Pgs. 10-11

Casa Buena Vista Homes .......................................... Pgs. 4-5

Stryker Security ...........................................................Pg. 20

Downtown Spaces .......................................................Pg. 93

Sugar Skull Boutique ...................................................Pg. 26

Edge of Texas ...............................................................Pg. 45

Sunland Park Race Track and Casino ...........................Pg. 35

El Paso Children’s Hospital ........................ Inside Back Cover

Sun City Orthopaedics .................................................Pg. 12

El Paso Rhinos ..............................................................Pg. 17

The City Magazine Calendar .........................................Pg. 92

Farah Law .....................................................................Pg. 58

The City Magazine Launch Party ................................Pg. 106

GECU ...................................................................... Pgs. 1, 25

The City Magazine Sales Team .....................................Pg. 52

Hotel Indigo ..................................................................Pg. 97

The City Magazine Ticketing ........................................Pg. 74

Hyundai of El Paso..................................Pgs. 79, Back Cover

The Manor at Ten Eleven .......................................... Pgs. 2-3

Instreamatic ..................................................................Pg. 75

The Matthey James, Attorney at Law .........................Pg. 62

Intraceuticals ...............................................................Pg. 27

The State Line .............................................................Pg. 41

Italian Kitchen West......................................................Pg. 67

Troy C. Brown, Attorney at Law ...................................Pg. 60

Law Office of Ruben Hernandez ........................... Pgs. 56-57

Veronica Lerma, Attorney at Law .................................Pg. 59

Make-A-Wish ................................................... Pgs. 50-51, 63

VIP Design ....................................................................Pg. 83

Mesa Street Bar and Grill .............................................Pg. 13

Walgreens ................................................................. Pgs. 6-7

Mix Salon and Spa ........................................................Pg. 34

West Texas Pain Institute ..........................Inside Front Cover

Orange Theory .............................................. Pgs. 54-55, 107

Wyatt Underwood Trial Attorneys ................................Pg. 61

Poe Toyota ....................................................................Pg. 21

ZaZu Productions ..........................................................Pg. 83

Rejuvene MD................................................................Pg. 45


10 Years of wonder


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