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Casa B April 2022


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April 2022

From the

“If you look the right way you can see the whole world is a garden.” Frances Hodgson Burnett


pring is finally here: that sweet spot in the year

layers of colorful textures to his treasure

when sweater weather is behind us and triple-digit

trove of collected pieces inspired by his

temperatures are still far enough away that we’re not

travels, to the renovation of old furniture and accessories. Well, this masterpiece could

yet dreading the heat.

only be designed by an artist, a true artist. El Paso’s spring weather always brings the breeze…ok, often a

Kudos to you my friend for giving El Paso

very strong breeze that makes us hold onto our dresses, allow

one more amazing place for our visitors to

us to have a bad hair day and blame it on the wind, and remind us

brag about as they visit other cities. Wayne

why dusting the glass table that sits by the window will simply

has created a flower garden in the midst of

be a daily occurrence. Spring is the time that flowers break

what was once just so-so.

through the soil accenting the once brown winter landscape of the desert we love, it’s a time when the birds begin to sing

Breaking glass mirrors, glass tiles, and glass

again, or at least we’re outside enough to hear them.

ceilings. What do they all have in common? Our cover girl Sarah Byrne! She’s doesn’t, and

This time of year, for me, always symbolizes a fresh start, a

I would expect never has, sat on a tailgate

new beginning, a season of renewal. COVID, without question,

scared of the boy’s club. If she wants it, if she

has scarred each of us in different ways, but it shouldn’t

wants it torn down; if she wants it built, she

steal our future. We can’t let it rob of us of what we love

just builds it -- and she teaches her 5-year old daughter to

and look forward to each spring. I look forward to dressing

do the same. Don’t ask her if she has a hard time fitting

in my summer attire, sundresses, open toed wedges, shorts,

in a mostly male-driven industry because she’ll probably

sandals and sitting under an umbrella in my favorite eatery

tell you she didn’t realize it was. You’ll enjoy getting to

enjoying a glass of white wine. Our Managing Editor, Erin,

know Sarah, her laugh, her work ethic, and her pink hard

gives us great inspiration on page 100 as she shows the new

hat. She plants flowers, she plants seeds showing other

spring trends, which focus on feminine floral patterns with a

women building isn’t just for the boys.

fresh twist complimented by the perfect sun hat. I love a quote by Jim Carrey that reads, “Flowers don’t worry Those who know me well know that I can’t wait to see the first

about how they are going to bloom. They just open up and

images as we begin to lay out our next “Spaces” magazine.

turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful”.

I’ve waited for months to share with you my very dear friend Wayne Hilton’s new project. He’s a world traveler who enjoys

Grab a magazine, find your favorite outdoor cushion,

the rich design of other cultures, he’s a visionary and he’s an

and relax…It’s time for us to bloom again!

artist. When you combine those amazing attributes, when he purchases an out-of-date “blah” home and talks of renovation and adding another Airbnb to his list of to-dos, one knows they are in for a treat and he did not disappoint. As you turn the pages of our “Spaces” magazine, you’ll see how he wove meaning into each space. From the rich



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April 2022






Dr. WorldWide Surgery Center / Southwest Plastic Surgery 1387 George Dieter Dr. Building C El Paso, TX 79936 Tel: (915) 590 7900


The MedSpa West at Southwest Plastic Surgery 5925 Silver Springs Dr. Suite C El Paso, TX 79912 Tel: (915)590-7907


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April 2022

From the


n 1922, T.S. Eliot wrote the most important

I spent time researching and studying history

poem in modern literature -- The Wasteland

and literature (including T.S. Eliot!) in Germany

-- where he warned readers about the

and Poland throughout the course of my second

dangers of April.

master’s degree and fell in love with the Polish cities of Warsaw and Krakow. Today, both

“April is the cruellest month, breeding

cities are at capacity and cannot take any more

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing

Ukrainian refugees; I find my thoughts drifting to

Memory and desire, stirring

the concept of “home” both in the physical and

Dull roots with spring rain.

abstract sense many times throughout the day.

Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow, feeding

In this issue, you’ll find editorials related to “home”

A little life with dried tubers.”

in a multitude of ways. From a writers’ residency program that’s created a home for unrepresented

In the poem, April is cruel because of the risks

authors and poets, as well as the cultivation of

that come with the promise of Spring: rebirth,

creativity in our community that’s led by artists; to

renewal, and warmth all leading to hope. What

El Paso as the home of the Mighty Mujer triathlon

could be worse than being disappointed?

and the celebration of the El Paso Chihuahuas opening game of the team’s ninth season; to a

At the risk of challenging one of the greatest

mother-daughter duo breaking down barriers in

poets in modern literature, let us reconsider.

the construction industry, and so much more!

There’s nothing crueler than the absence of

Lawyer and activist Veronica Carbajal works

hope, and we remain in a moment that needs it.

tirelessly to ensure local animals and people are properly sheltered. In addition, she’s also

This month’s editorial and advertising themes --

an environmentalist and children’s book

human interest and home building -- are being

author who teaches readers of all ages

published at a time when it’s more important

how to be more mindful of their home

than ever to embrace humanity (ours and others)

environments and planet.

while appreciating (and protecting) the comforts of home. How much did we grow to appreciate

And what about our Spring issue of

our homes during the shutdown days as they


doubled (and sometimes tripled) as offices, gyms, and anything else we needed them to

From Wayne Hilton’s wild and beautiful vision

be? How much did we ache to host backyard

for an Airbnb property to Christine Howard making

barbecues or Sunday meals?

her mark on her hometown, I think you’ll agree that El Paso’s design talent knows how to create the

As I write, news outlets are reporting that

perfect combination of local and luxurious.

millions of Ukrainian children have fled the warzone, which corresponds to one child

The stories in this special double issue are

evacuating their homes per second as they and

emblematic of the sense of home this community

their parents seek survival.

has created, as well as the opportunities to cultivate and express our humanity all while building a more hopeful future.


“Your voice matters. Let’s hear it. Scan the QR code to send audio advice to the editors."

April 2022

EL PASO RHINOS UPCOMING HOME GAMES NAHL vs Wichita Falls Warriors April 8-9 7 pm Call 915-479-PUCK (7825) or visit for more information.



April 2022


24 24

32 Features


Mighty Mujer Triathlon MAKES ITS MARK




36 36


Here and Now


Travel Adventure: Truth or Consequences By: ZACHARY ZUNIGA



Women’s Style: April Flowers Bring Slay Powers By: ERIN COULEHAN


Astrology Forecast By: SABRINA BUSTILLOS

April 2022

Contributors Erin
















Managing Editor

























April 2022








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April 2022







April 2022

Mighty Mujer 24

April 2022

M i g h t y M u j e r T r i at h l o n


| By: CLAUDIA FLORES photos courtesy of: MIGHTY MUJER |

An event for the mighty women of El Paso


fter living out of town for about 15

I ever do one.’ You know, it’s expensive.

After the cycling course, participants are

years, Gabriela Gallegos, president of

It’s a big commitment,” Gallegos said. “If

only a run away from closing the event. The

Race El Paso, felt the need to create a

you don’t know anybody who’s ever done

final portion consists of a 3-mile run before crossing the finish line.

game-changer event that would invite the

it, you may not even think of it. But if you

community to try something new. In 2012

know someone and your cousin just did it,

she created Mighty Mujer Triathlon, an event

and she tells you how great it was, and then

Mighty Mujer offers different events for

that opened a door for sports lovers in El Paso.

shows you ‘Oh, we can go to these classes

those who might want to participate but not

together,’ all of that makes a difference.”

complete the full triathlon. The Super Sprint is a shorter version of the sprint (full triathlon)

Gallegos, who at the age of 29 completed

but still a demanding event.

her first triathlon, soon fell for the endurance

While preparing for a triathlon can be

sport that consists of swimming, cycling,

intimidating, Mighty Mujer offers clinics where

and running various distances.

participants (and people in the community

Participants can also choose between relays,

who are interested in joining the event) can

an aqua bike, or a bike-run race to participate

“I had started doing triathlons a few years

take classes to learn how to change a bike tire,

in the event.

before moving back to El Paso in 2008. I was

the rules of competition, create connections,

very concerned because I didn’t know where

and learn more about the sport.

Like many other events, the Mighty Mujer Triathlon was also visibly affected by the

people biked and I didn’t know if there was a traveling community,” Gallegos said. “I

Today, Mighty Mujer Triathlon hosts the

pandemic since the event couldn’t be hosted

found one that was small, but very strong,

event in different cities, including Miami,

in presential form. However, Gallegos and

but we didn’t have any races, so, people had

Austin, and Tucson. In El Paso, close to 450

her team found a way to create a virtual

to travel for races.”

women joined the event as participants.

race that could reach participants from the community and out of town.

According to Gallegos, a triathlon is a serious

Athletes and participants still follow the

commitment since the athlete must have

original route created in 2012.

“It really challenged us to think about what makes Mighty Mujer, Mighty Mujer, and

the equipment and training to complete the race. In addition, Gallegos wanted to create

The race begins with a 300-yard swim at

what we came up with was that it was a

an event for the community to try the sport

Memorial Pool, followed by an 18-mile bike

real community that is setting and achieving

in their hometown.

ride that takes the participants through a

one goal together,” Gallegos said. “And so,

challenging (but rewarding) course starting

for that virtual race, you had to complete

“Most people are not going to say, ‘I’m going

on Aurora Avenue, then to Alabama Street,

it all on the same day. So, everybody was

to go try that thing in San Diego the first time

Arizona Avenue, and E. Rio Grande Avenue.

doing their race on their own right in their


M i g h t y M u j e r T r i at h l o n


April 2022

neighborhoods, or on their treadmill or wherever, on their own. But it was all on one day.” According to Gallegos, having an all-women event has been very important to grow the representation of women in the sport. “There might be some hesitation just because you’re a beginner, or there’s additional hesitation if you think that maybe you can’t keep up. Or you think that you might be in the water with men who are not being mindful of who’s around them. Or ‘I feel like it’s not for me.’ There are those kinds of concerns, and everybody’s a little bit different,” Gallegos said. “But having an all-female event is different: to have something ‘open to’ versus ‘this is for you.’ So making something that is for women, I think changes people’s ideas of whether or not they can do it, because, well, this is for you.” Gallegos shared that a great part of the Mighty Mujer experience is having women, who are usually the center of their families, enjoy a day where they’re getting ready to do something remarkable in the

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company and support of their loved ones. “What’s fun is that you see husbands, fathers, cousins, brothers, and kids all there to support them. Another thing that they’ve told me is that it made a very big difference that they were just getting themselves ready and it was their day,” Gallegos said. “It was not trying to get the kids ready because they have a run, or the husband is also going to participate. They are giving themselves that personal accomplishment that is just for them.” What: Mighty Mujer Triathlon Who: Women from ages 12 and up When: April 23, 2022 For more information about the event and registration fees visit


April 2022



Perception of Our



The Reflection of Our Perception

April 2022

Our language is the reflection of ours ves.

Famous civil rights activist Cesar Chavez understood the importance of language, particularly when it comes to using our words to express our thoughts and feelings.


id you know, though, up to 93 percent of our communication does not even require a word? Only

about 7 percent of communication is verbal. Many experts

and studies agree the 93/7 rule suggests the majority of

communication transpires through nonverbal behavior and tone. Jared Nieman studied Nonverbal Communication in college. Today, he is an author, motivational speaker, podcaster, and community leader in El Paso, Texas. In his newly released book, The Missing Peace, Nieman mentions the journey towards repairing his way of thinking and behaving, which really consisted of “growing up” mentally and emotionally. A healthy mind is built on disciplined thinking, but he says the work is not easy. It requires self-awareness and flourishing in that awareness constantly. “Emotional intelligence requires having the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions to understand and influence our own emotions and those of the people around us. We must maintain control of our own emotions and the more we do so, the more positively we influence the relationships in our lives,” he says. Neiman wholeheartedly believes “a soft answer turns away wrath, but emotional maturity and intelligence overcome emotional immaturity and ignorance.” It took him time, however, to learn this and it was not easy. The pain from losing his mother to cancer created an opportunity to push him in the right direction towards emotional maturity and cultivate relationships around him more effectively. It has been nearly 10 years since Rochelle Nieman, his mother, passed away. He attributes her death, along with his mental health struggle and battle with anxiety over the years, with the opportunity to find his true identity. Self-awareness is a contributor to mental and emotional development. In his first book, Nieman articulates what helped him evolve his emotional intelligence, especially when problems in life arise. When we take accountability for our own thoughts and actions, we avoid shifting blame. Attaining a greater level of emotional intelligence consists of focusing solely on what we are doing, thinking about, and what only we can control.


April 2022

Exceed Your Standards of Beauty

Veronica Guerrero agrees blame is toxic and

The pain was initially too much to bear, yet

creates a negative mental state. Guerrero is

seeking her own healing compelled her to

a mental health advocate and understands

share his story to help others facing similar

deep pain and tremendous loss, as well.

battles. Guerrero now advocates for better

Finding her purpose came at a great cost, too.

mental health around the Sun City, primarily targeting youth and elementary schools. She

No parent should ever have to endure the

also is currently working towards becoming a

pain of losing a child, yet Guerrero knows that

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

pain well. In November 2014, the mother of

ANA AN A SQU SQUA ARE Master Artist in Permanent Makeup and Microblading

book your appointment Today! Mon - Sat: 9AM-5PM Sunday: 9AM-12PM by appointment only

(915) 525-4068 11890 Vista Del Sol Dr. Suite A-117 El Paso, TX 79936 30

three created Lucid Love as a way to honor

Shortly before his death, Sebastian suffered

her oldest son, Johann Sebastian, and raise

a vicious attack at the hands of his bullies.

awareness against bullying. The mission

Despite the tragic incident, Guerrero says he

of the 501c3 non-profit victims advocate

never shifted the blame on anyone, but always

organization consists of “building the core of

pushed himself, regardless of his challenges.

our existence with love and faith.” It took courage to look herself in the mirror Guerrero says because her son suffered so

and be honest with the crippling pain almost

much in his young life from the day he was

a decade ago. Nevertheless, what she

born, advocating for the wellness of everyone’s

found in her despair was the ability to help

mental health greatly matters to her.

teach others how to cope and heal from their own pain. The strength to reflect in

Sebastian’s struggle with mental health,

her anguish birthed the capacity to perceive

Tourette syndrome, and being bullied in

and empathize differently than she ever had.

his teen years really took its toll. Sadly, his

Her reflection of self unveiled a gift she now

life ended on May 3, 2013, after the then

offers to the world around her.

17-year-old turned to chemicals to ease his emotional pain.

April 2022 Life presents many uncertainties and when a crisis arises, it is normal to experience a flood of strong emotions, negative thinking, and even physical symptoms. Seeking help when

Locally Grown Flowers! fresh flower subscriptions delivered to your door weekly

necessary and developing a strong support

boutique apothecary for him/her/them

system can unlock so much. In fact, pain can drive and set us on a better path, should we

à la carte event florals

choose awareness and healing. The suffering we face is ours, yet choosing to share it

corporate gifting

bestows the ability to better connect, while bringing forth hope and freedom for others too. Nieman and Guerrero’s stories may seem rare. What is most unique is how they each used their stories of heartache to transform themselves, while becoming an extension of love and compassion towards others. Looking in a mirror presents an outward reflection. Yet, when we take the time to really reflect and expose what is inside, we grant an opportunity to connect with others and them with us. Our outward reflection

might not differ much during the evolvement,

but the perception within certainly can.


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Airbnb Hosts

April 2022

Capitalizing on the

Comforts of Home | Words and photography by: HEATHER HARMSTON Infographic by: MAGGIE BLUM |

Airbnb Hosts

April 2022


hile Covid certainly put a halt on traveling over the last few years, it has also provided an option of sanctuary for

many families and individuals to stay in

locations with little to no interaction with

other travelers in the form of Airbnb stays.

With the era of social distancing, the Airbnb

platform offers people the ability to travel

more comfortably and more affordably than

alternative options. Maybe you’ve frequented an

recognizable companies in the world. In 2020, for

Airbnb as a traveler but there’s an entirely opposite

example, Airbnb had a validation of $86.5 billion at the

side of the platform as an Airbnb Host.

time of its IPO. Today, many people are capitalizing on the success of the company and becoming hosts.

So what’s the buzz with Airbnb? If you haven’t heard of the coined term, Airbnb considers itself an online

As an Airbnb host myself, I have had the privilege

marketplace for travelers of any kind to find lodging,

and pleasure of diving headfirst into the lucrative

vacation rentals, and a slew of tourism activities

business opportunity that Airbnb has the potential

within the traveler’s designated city.

to create for its community members. For years I have been conversing with my investor clients in the

Airbnb has transformed from “Airbed & Breakfast”

real estate space regarding long-term rentals versus

that started in 2007 to one of the most lucrative and

short-term rentals (Airbnb being one of the short33

Airbnb Hosts

April 2022



Now seeing patients by appointment only with health issues such as weight management, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, high triglycerides, eating disorders, and other health related conditions! Now accepting El Paso Health insurance, private pay, out of pocket, and others. Without Insurance: 1st consult - $189 | 2nd consult - $89

term rental options) and the pros and cons

in your home for supplemental income? As

it can offer.

of current, more than 300 options private room options in a shared home are on the

The top pro of becoming an Airbnb host as

local El Paso Airbnb market starting as low

I see it is profit potential. Take for example

as $29 a night, and who couldn’t use an extra

a landlord owning a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

$870 a month?

home in the Tierra Del Este subdivision. That one-year lease term may generate

Keep in mind that running an Airbnb is a direct

$1,000 -$1,500 a month depending on size

competition to local hotels that requires the

and amenities.

utmost hospitality. If a host can provide great guest communication, competitive pricing,

Now, let’s take that same property, add

and a clean and comfortable place for guests

some furnishings and household items to

to stay, one can become an Airbnb Superhost

create a fully functional hotel-like stay for a

in no time! What’s the value of being a

traveling family. That same rental property

superhost you may ask?

has the potential to generate close to

Questions? Contact me at:


6006 N. Mesa, Ste. 509 El Paso, Texas 79912

$5,000 a month if renting at $150 per night

Well, I’ll tell you the guests potentially

at full occupancy. That’s more than a double

booking your space have a few factors to

profit potential for the same property.

consider when deciding where they might

Yes, of course, there is a caveat. Airbnbs

stay. The only information future guests

must be treated as a business with guest

have access to prior to booking are photos

communication, in-house cleanings, and

of your space, the pricing and amenities,

“damage control” along the same lines as

and drumroll please…the reviews of past

any hotel would experience.

guests who have stayed in your Airbnb. The higher the reviews, the more likely your 34

Maybe you don’t have an extra property you

future guests will book your space over other

can turn into an Airbnb. Why not offer a room

available Airbnb options in the city, which

April 2022 leads to more profit for the Airbnb host! Jose Valles, a local Airbnb host and dear friend, raves about the Airbnb platform and believes it has given him the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from around the world traveling to our great Sun City of El Paso, Texas. Currently, there are hundreds of Airbnb options in El Paso for travelers to choose from ranging in size from a room to stay in an occupied home, to a 6+ bedroom home with all the bells and whistles. Nightly stays range from $25 a night all the way up to $500+ a night. Many local investors have hopped on the Airbnb train and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. At the end of the day, Airbnb can be a financially beneficial investment opportunity for just about anyone interested in taking on the task of becoming a host.

1025 East Missouri

Only Open 10 Days a Month

I-10 W Just before Downtown

Next Sale Dates April 20th - 30th and May 25th - June 4th


Fine Furniture & Mattresses at Outlet Prices

Or by Appointment


‘Byrne-ing’ the Glass Ceiling in the Construction Industry | By: ERIN COULEHAN photography by: ZAZU PRODUCTIONS |

‘ Byr n e - i ng ’ t h e G l as s Ce i l i ng

April 2022


ecent data from the United States

of the workforce is women in construction

New England Institute of Technology affirms in a

Bureau of Labor Statistics reports

-- but that figure is rapidly undergoing a

recent analysis of the industry.

that only 10.9 percent of jobs in the

remodel of its own. The U.S. Census Bureau affirms that about 11

construction industry are occupied by women. An analysis by the

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Center for American Progress determined

reports that the number of women in



construction grew by 17.6 percent between

construction than any other professional

2017 to 2018, with the overall job growth

industry, which also includes nontrade roles

standing at 3.7 percent across all construction

like project managers and administrative

industry occupations.





percent of the construction industry workforce

personnel. Moreover, women hold only 4 percent of construction and extraction jobs,

In 2018, the percentage of women in

the roles that require using tools.

construction was about 9.9 percent and later increased to 10.9 percent in 2020.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the construction industry to add 400,000 new

“These figures highlight that the number

jobs between 2020 to 2030, meaning there

of women in the construction

are opportunities for women to continue to

industry is increasing year over

grow in the sector.

year. Women are also now more open to multiple

While women make up about 47 percent of

roles in the industry,

the workforce in the U.S., only 1.5 percent

ranging from trade jobs to

construction management,” the


‘ Byr n e - i ng ’ t h e G l as s Ce i l i ng

April 2022

in El Paso are women, but one woman is

To make her dreams come true, Byrne attended

pushed me to pursue my dream of gutting

demolishing the idea that it’s a boys’ club.

Mississippi State University but opted to

one of the homes and bring that love back

major in accounting instead of pursuing a

into something that had been neglected,”

“I grew up living in constant remodels as a

degree in interior design. In 2007 she earned

she says.

kid,” says Sarah Alston Byrne of Byrne Flips

a Masters of Business from Christian Brothers

and Design. “I used to walk around with a

University, and later a Masters of Accountancy

Byrne says that part of the beauty of her

tape measure and it’s funny because my little

Taxation at UTEP in 2015.

career is that she can bring her passion for aesthetics into homes that need some

one does that now.” “I chose that because of job stability and I

TLC, while also finding the perfect family to complement the home.

In addition to building and designing homes,

didn’t want to depend on my creativity for

Byrne is the mother of three who is teaching

income,” she says. “I think it’s a good mix

her brood the family trade.

because I keep great cost spreadsheets and


projecting costs comes easy for me, which is

customers navigate through their finish options

a plus for my clients!”

and redesign when it comes to home remodels.

Byrne’s 5-year old daughter, Margaux, often






accompanies her mom to the demolition After 10 years in Corporate America and being

Working women were disproportionately

sites and is learning the ins and outs of the

transferred from Memphis to El Paso, she

impacted by job loss pursuant to the pandemic

industry alongside lessons in her ABCs.

decided to have kids and be a stay-at-home

but Byrne continues to work hard as a busy

mom in 2012, and she’s been keeping busy

professional, mom, wife, and individual.

“I want her to see Mama independent and

ever since. She and her husband Pat worked

making her own path and teach her to follow

together to flip three of their own properties

“Balance for me comes easy,” she laughs,

her dreams -- do what makes her tick,”

and later earned enough capital and credit

“I’m a yogi!”

says Byrne.

for Sarah to pursue her passion in 2016.“He


April 2022

“With three children under ten, my life is always in constant motion -- so balancing work life with home life comes naturally. My work life is a release for me because we are so busy with kids, school, homework, and activities. It allows my creativity to flow and decompress from everyday stressors,” she adds. Today, Byrne works hard to build a career and lifestyle that her daughter can aspire to. “I want her to know that she can change directions and experience a new or different path no matter what stage of life you land in,” she says. “I also want her to know that you can have it all: family, tradition, career, and success. Life is not black and white -there are a lot of grays.”


April 2022


PCA CHEMICAL PEELS ARE USED TO IMPROVE TONE, TEXTURE, FINE LINES AND WRINKLES, BREAKOUTS AND DARK SPOTS. These exfoliation treatments penetrate the stratum corneum, outer layer of the skin, to aid in the nourishment of the deeper levels of the skin, the epidermis and dermis.

40 915.629.7707 | MILANSALONANDSPA.COM 915.351.0032 | MIXSALONSPA.COM

April 2022


April 2022

The Treasure of Truth or Consequences | By: ZACHARY ZUNIGA photography by: ZAZU PRODUCTIONS |


April 2022

t r av e l






ess than a hundred miles north of Las

Our first stop into the town at a local gas

Cruces, and a two-hour drive from El

station found us to be the only vehicle with

Paso, rests a town many of us have

four wheels. The rest were towing campers,

driven through and certainly heard of

driving RVs, or on a motorcycle.

if not only due to its unique name. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, “T or C” for

The few people we spoke to at the station

short, is small by most standards but well-

ranged from short-term regional travelers like

traveled because of its proximity to both

ourselves to vagabonds from numerous areas

Elephant Butte and Caballero Lakes.

whose terminus was unknown. It seemed the lore and seclusion of this place brought

Not exactly a fisherman’s paradise but

an interesting and eclectic group of travelers.

certainly a beautiful oasis in the vast desert

But not your yuppy travelers opting for more

that surrounds us.

upscale or trendy options (see my Marfa article in the March magazine). No, these

My wife and I (as some avid readers may

were a different breed of traveler altogether,

have gathered by now) love to explore the

yet all here for the same purpose: to relax

beautiful and special towns, parks, nooks,

in the tranquility, serenity, and solitude this

and crannies of our special little corner of

desert bastion provides.

the Southwest. This may come as a shock to some but we are avid visitors to T or C as

Since this was a simple day trip, we had

we love the charm of the town, the people,

only a few key events planned. I think this

and the utter relaxation and reprieve it offers.

is preferable to attempting to cram too many

20 Time President’s Award Winner

Gear up. Head out.

events in and ruining the purpose of the The town rests in this Recreational Vehicle

escape, relaxation!

owners and motorcyclist paradise flanked by the Gila Mountains to the West and White

To start, as always, we walked the quaint main

Sands Missile Range beyond the lakes and

drag in T or C, Broadway Street. Reminiscent

tributaries that surround the eastern portion.

of many small towns that have captivated

Call the experts, we’re here to help. 915-248-4558 5815 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 7992543

t r av e l

April 2022

an outsider audience, the street is filled

From locals to travelers, T or C Brewing Co.

with a mix of newer boutiques, bookstores,

brings together people from all walks of life

art exhibits, and quaint restaurants. Though

to imbibe on its numerous delicious craft

this commercial district isn’t that large, there

brews. (Though make sure to eat ahead of

are plenty of great knickknacks, special and

time because the only food options available

unique gifts, and home goods in this small

are some salty snacks and a small restaurant

area. For a day trip. It’s all you need.

window that seemed to be open only on the weekend.)

After a brief hour of wandering the shops, we made a stop at our favorite local watering

My wife opted for a flight of their craft brews

hole, one we discovered the joy of many trips

while I stuck with a root beer to quench

ago. The Truth or Consequences Brewing

my thirst and prepare us for what we really

Company, located on the same strip of road

came for: the numerous amazing hot springs

as the shops (oh the joy of small towns) is

scattered throughout the town.

a staple in the city now and a place where we always seem to find a new friend with a

First off, as a disclaimer let me just say that

great story.

we’ve tried most of the hot springs in the T or C area and they all offer something unique

One of the more popular destinations in the

and charming.

town it seems, even on this quiet Tuesday afternoon we found it bustling with the usual

But, for us at least, and I know many others

varied mix of characters.

too, Riverbend Hot Springs is without a doubt the rustic yet luxurious experience


April 2022





#1 Buick Dealer

in El Paso

Explore with GMC. Call the experts, we’re here to help. 915-995-8545

6800 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 7992545

t r av e l

April 2022

of private pools. No matter which spring

tag. All the pools vary in size, temperature,

you decide on, opting for at least an hour

and distance to the river but are all absolutely

reservation in a private pool is an absolute

lovely and relaxing. There’s also a sauna for

necessity. It helps to really highlight the

those in the community space to enjoy. After several hours of soaking in the private and

solitude and silence of the town when all you

then community pools, the sun began to set

can hear is the gentle flow of spring water.

and we began our short adventure back home.

of the Rio Grande, the soaking pools are

At Riverbend, we opted for the ‘Cielo’ room

For us, it was the array of hot springs and

situated with a view of the river and beautiful

but there were numerous private pools to

beautiful desert scenery that made our tour

mountain and desert-scapes beyond.

choose from, each with its own flavor and

trip the most memorable. The silence that

flare -- not to mention stunning views of the

enveloped us, even during mid-day, added

Rio Grande. Each private pool was $35 for a

to the serenity and ambiance of the springs

50-minute session. We opted for two back-

and even the town itself. Not quite a ghost

to-back sessions.

town and not quite a hipster’s paradise, T

you are looking for. Nestled right on the bank

But don’t feel limited to this one choice. Austin St. in T or C has an array of options and price ranges for different hot spring soaking experiences.




or C provided an array of options to keep us


The community pools offer the same fine

entertained and was well worth the short

Hot Springs directly down the street from

views and vibe with a more affordable price

drive from El Paso.

Riverbend for its very cool vibe and range 46

April 2022





Winner of the Kia Dealer Excellence Program, Plus

Proud to be your local El Paso Kia dealer

Movement that Inspires. Call the experts, we’re here to help. 915-615-3471

1374 George Dieter Dr, El Paso, TX 7993647

April 2022

Casa Octavia I Creating a Culture of Care for Underrepresented Writers

n Hermosillo, Sonora, México, Sylvia Aguilar-Zéleny grew up surrounded by stories. When her mother tucked her in at night, it wasn’t to tales of

“Snow White” or “The Little Prince.” Instead, she told her daughter stories unique to her, whether of personal experiences or something from within her imagination. This would be just one of many ways Sylvia would be drawn to storytelling. Today, Aguilar-Zéleny is a highly-praised local writer who also works as a guest writer for UTEP’s online Creative Writing programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Aguilar-Zéleny’s passion for writing is evident in the care she has taken to cultivate a community of underrepresented writers in the region. During her undergraduate

studies at the University of Sonora, AguilarZéleny was given the opportunity to pick up her pen and write regularly. As a student, she noticed the limited nature of her course syllabi, which lacked female writers’ representation. In taking an independent


study, she was allowed to experience the works of female Mexican writers and find a community of voices that resonated with her in a way their male counterparts were unable. Interning for a local paper, Aguilar-Zéleny submitted personal short stories to her editor between articles on female-written books and films. Over two years, she’d submit these stories until one day, the paper’s small press came to her asking if she’d like to publish the stories as a collection. Unbeknownst to Aguilar-Zéleny herself, this moment would serve as the first step in her journey as a published author. It was reading English and Spanish writers that helped Aguilar-Zéleny refine her use of language. “Language is related to emotions and situations,” Aguilar-Zéleny shared.


April 2022 “When I put the word ‘Mija’ in a sentence,

advises taking one to two hours a day to

I’m aware of the influence that word choice

focus on the project.

has on the rest of the text.” “This doesn’t even have to be writing. It could This rings especially true in her experience

be reading, watching tv, or even listening to

as a translator. When translating her award-

the music of one of the characters.” Expanding

winning Todo Eso Yo (The Everything I Have

further, Aguilar-Zéleny reveals she tries to take

Lost), it took a reread of her work for Aguilar-

at least five days out of the week to focus on

Zéleny to realize that a literal translation of

the project and that two out of those five days

the original text wasn’t what the English-

are spent writing the story itself.

speaking audience needed. Subtle nuances exclusive to Spanish-speaking audiences

For Aguilar-Zéleny, writing raises the issues

were foreign to English speakers. Through an

on subjects she wishes to bring attention

adjustment to the language of the work, she

to, like domestic and gender violence. In her

would discover a way to convey the missing

case, the discussion of these topics holds

emotions of the speaker.

a tremendous amount of weight as they have greatly affected Aguilar-Zéleny and the female

individuals around her. From a culture where

representation and language diversity in the

such issues are kept close to the chest,

industry has only evolved over the years as

Aguilar-Zéleny questioned why this was the

Aguilar-Zéleny has taken a step outside of her

case. Through deep reflection and her own

written works in creating Casa Octavia. This

coming out, she concluded that she would

writer’s residence was created in 2016 and

become a voice for the silenced over being

grants female Spanish writers an opportunity

one of the silent.










to travel to the States to focus on writing their piece during a two to three-week period.

As a writer and translator, Aguilar-Zéleny has

Aguilar-Zéleny aids these writers as they

accumulated her fair share of accolades.

create a partnership with a publisher who pays

From the 2015 Tamaulipas National Book

the plane fee and a small living stipend. When

award for her novel Todo Eso es Yo (The

these writers develop their pieces, Aguilar-

Everything I Have Lost) to her most recent

Zéleny provides advice and editing guidance.

NEA 2021 Fellowship in Literary Translation

In the future, she plans to expand this

grant for novel Basura (Garbage). However,

project further to include multiple publishing

while these awards hold significance, it’s

companies and even more female writers.

the interactions with her readers that hold a special place in her heart. She recalled a

When asked about her creative process,

memory of a high schooler who’d requested

Aguilar-Zéleny shared that “researching and

she make the book out to the Abuela with

reading the content I wish to write about

whom he’d read the story. This moment

(typically from female authors) plays the

of connection between family members

largest part.”

separated by generations is one that AguilarZéleny looks back on fondly.

In studying her subject matter, she collects the tools and materials needed to build the

For those with reservations about writing,

foundation of her piece. This attention to research

Sylvia says, “Write. If it matters to you it

is one she’s implemented in her lectures.

matters to someone else. You don’t have to write for the sake of being published.

With students who tend to have a multitude

Write about what it is you want to talk about,

of classes on their plate, Professor Zéleny

whether it be a story, blog, or diary. Write.”

Take home a Nissan Today. Call the experts, we’re here to help. 915-772-1488 5855 Montana Ave El Paso, TX 7992549

Trust Us to

Elevate Your Experience Our people understand this unique city and your unique needs. We have the expertise to meet even your highest standards, to move transactions forward and to deliver everything you expect from a trusted partner. Count on us to provide the highest level of service. We’ve been doing precisely that for more than 129 years.

Patricia Alvidrez

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Meet El Paso’s Leaders in

Real Estate and Homebuilding Home is where the heart is, and the hearts of the

This month, we’re showcasing some of the city’s

local real estate and homebuilding communities are

leading movers and shakers in the real estate

in providing excellent service, attention to detail, and

and homebuilding industries who transform lives

compassion to help buy or sell homes in El Paso.

while also building the community.


Victoria Olivia Duron For Victoria Olivia Duron, home is where the heart is and she believes

life can be. She recognizes the stress that can come with the home

that a house becomes a home by living a good life and manifesting

buying or selling process.

positive energy. She specializes in buying and selling homes using a unique style that incorporates manifesting the client’s goals in real

“Buying or selling a home can be incredibly stressful at times, and my

estate and beyond.

job is to be stressed for my clients,” she says.

Victoria says she’s most passionate about her work when it comes

Victoria loves El Paso and strives to make the community a better

to helping people achieve the American Dream of becoming a

place for her two daughters and four grandsons, as well as future

homeowner. She was born in Casper, Wyoming but has made El Paso

generations of Borderland residents.

her home. Victoria says she values being deeply connected to the community while also welcoming new members.

“I love helping people not just with the purchase or sale of their home, but I also love coaching people on how to live a better and

“El Paso people are kind, generous, and full of life. I love El Paso, and

more fulfilled life full of peace, joy, love, and abundance.”

this is where my family is from. I also love meeting new people and making them feel special by giving them the red carpet treatment,”

Her success is not exclusive to real estate, either.

she says. Victoria is also a motivational speaker and fierce advocate for women’s Victoria has been in the real estate industry for more than 20 years,

empowerment. Her work to encourage and inspire fellow women

where she focuses on the client’s experience.

comes at a time when many need support more than ever, and it’s comforting to know someone cares.

When working with her, clients can rest assured that Victoria will do everything in her power to make sure the home buying or selling

“I love helping people believe in themselves,” she says, “There is

process is as smooth as possible. Victoria is not only a professional,

so much negativity and drama, and I’m here to help change that one

but also a family woman, wife, and friend who understands how busy

person at a time,” she says.

Victoria Olivia Duron 5437 North Mesa El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 777-0269




Eric Smith El Paso’s growing and maturing economy is exciting to see and be

Paso. Having proprietary access to homes with special features has

a part of. From the medical and dental school expansion to the PCS

become the leading outlet for buyers who are fed up with not finding

movement of Ft. Bliss soldiers, and the onboarding of private enterprise

what they are looking for when searching the standard inventory.

operations, there has been an increase in families considering their next home in El Paso. Additionally, the natural demand from home-

So far this year, half of my business has been conducted with

buyers to pay the premium for a property that includes a larger variety

homeowners and buyers in the off-market setting; usually, it’s less

of at-home amenities is more obvious than ever.

than 20 percent.

The traditional suspects that buyers are paying the most for, to no

Rumblings of increasing interest rates for buyers will likely have

surprise, are heated pools, private-office or study space, and multiple

a cooling effect later in the year: so my advice is to jump into this

common rooms that are all on a comfortable lot and setting. Local real

“perfect storm” as a seller by taking advantage of record-high price

estate agents have been tasked with new challenges to increase the

points, and for buyers who have been on the fence to commit this

inventory of quality homes to these in and out-of-town movers.

year to purchase before their purchase-power decreases into long term rising interest rates and as inflation pushes home prices higher.

It’s not surprising to think that the Great Pause of 2020 created a slow down of homeowners who would have naturally sold during these past 2 years. Homeowners who are now open to considering selling are realizing that this 2022 home-selling season is in a golden hour to gain the very most for their property -- with less risk than in years past.

Eric Smith 7181 Westwind Dr. El Paso, Texas 79912

Therefore, one of the “new” offerings to buyers is the increase of “Off-

(915) 996-1559

market” or “Pocket Listings” in the most popular neighborhoods in El

Photographed by: ZAZU PRODUCTIONS


Desert View Homes Locally Owned. Nationally Recognized.

Thoughtful Homes is a culmination of more than three decades of

Some thirty years ago, right in the heart of El Paso, Texas, Desert

building experience, trusted strategic national partnerships, the

View Homes entered the scene with an unwavering mission: to fulfill

purchasing power of building over 1,500 homes a year, and countless

the dream of homeownership by centering on quality, value, and

hours of neuroscience research – all backed by Desert View Home’s

affordability for its growing community. This dream became a reality

commitment to its core mission. The program provides buyers with

for thousands of homeowners in El Paso, leading to an expansion

genuinely “thoughtful” home features that raise the bar in innovation,

of more new home communities throughout the country, including

all while maintaining highly competitive pricing.

Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and South Dakota. Today, Desert View Homes continues to focus on homebuyers’ top priorities – a core


value since day one – no matter where they build.

Homebuyers can take in all the exciting features of the Thoughtful Homes Series at The View at Desert Springs. The five debuting


floorplans – each designed around homebuyers’ most desired lifestyle

A new chapter has begun: the Thoughtful Homes Series by Desert

priorities – will include pet rooms, pocket offices, garage options,

View Homes. It’s no surprise that years of dreaming, months

Amazon drop areas, antimicrobial countertops and door handles, pre-

of planning (and a whole lot of fine-tuning) have rendered this

wiring for increased internet connectivity, premier “Whole House”

groundbreaking project one of a kind.

connectivity, and much more.


Our Thoughtful Home series has started construction in front of the

Desert View Homes

westside gated community, Encore at Desert Springs, located by the

7910 Gateway Blvd E Ste. 102

intersection of North Resler Drive and Enchanted Springs Road, on the

El Paso, Texas 79934

north side of Woodrow Bean Transmountain and Bluff Creek Street.

(915) 265-0195

JOIN THE INTEREST LIST Future Customers can stay in the know – and get invited to Thoughtful Homes’ upcoming VIP grand opening event – by texting their name and email address to 915-900-5660.


Gerardo Lopez Gerardo Lopez prides himself on providing clients with professional services driven by results, whether it be a first-time homebuyer or a family upgrading from their previous home. For Gerardo, being available for his clients at all times is paramount. “Customer frustration stems from a discontinuity between the expectation of customer service interaction and what’s actually delivered,” says Gerardo. “I make sure to listen to my client’s concerns and follow through by finding them a property that is tailored to their needs. Clients expect -- and deserve -- to be understood and have their needs and expectations met.” Gerardo is a native El Pasoan who’s also served the United States as a federal agent for more than 20 years in El Paso where he learned about unique populations within the Borderland community. “El






enforcement and military community,” he says. Our Borderland allows for vast diversity, which means so much to me because I’m able to help local families find the special place that they can call home.” Gerardo says he’s passionate about his work in his desire to help others, which also allows him to cultivate his love of homes. “As we evolve, our homes should too. I always recommend that my buyers visualize every area of the property with their own personal touch. I love taking an idea that a person has and turning it into a home for them,” he adds.

Gerardo Lopez Home Pros Real Estate Group (915) 216-7980



Jennifer Cullers Jennifer Cullers did not start her career in real estate but created her own niche in the industry using her skills and experience as a former restaurant owner and marketing representative. Today, Jennifer is a multi-million dollar producer with a proven track record of excellence. For example, Jennifer was voted 2nd Best Realtor in “Best of the Best” in 2020 and 2021. “It’s all about relationships,” Jennifer says. “I’ve been able to grow my business through the relationships I’ve created.” Cultivating meaningful relationships adds to the mutual joy once a client becomes a homeowner. “The best part of my job is when I get to see my clients in their houses. It’s not even after closing and handing them their keys. It’s after they’ve moved in, and I come by with a gift and get to see them in the house,” she says. “It’s just so rewarding to see that I not only helped them purchase a house but now have a home where they get to create memories,” Jennifer adds. Through her experience, Jennifer has enjoyed watching families grow while also deepening her knowledge of the industry. “This business has made me multi-faceted,” she says. “I have not only done real estate. I’ve created relationships, I’ve learned the ins and outs of staging homes, design, and new home construction and can now pass this on to my clients.” Jennifer Cullers 780 N. Resler El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 471-0542 Photographed by: JOHN HORTA


Zehra solutions 1OOO, Diesel Dr Suite D. El Paso, Texas 79907 (915) 873-8714

Zehra solutions Zehra Solutions is a locally-owned and operated home improvement

The projects that Zehra Solutions takes on serve the community in

company that is committed to serving the El Paso community with

a multitude of ways such as creating employment opportunities,

respect, transparency, and expertise. When working with Zehra

bolstering the local economy, improving access to energy resources,

Solutions, clients can expect honesty, integrity, and attention to detail

and helping conserve the environment.

that is environmentally-minded. Zehra Solutions says it’s committed to leaving a legacy that’s best The goal at Zehra Solutions is to help turn the Sun City green. Zehra

known for creating progress through the development of local skills

offers services to help homeowners transform their homes to

for sustained economic opportunities.

be energy efficient at affordable pricing that leaves a lasting -- and positive -- impact in the community and on the environment.

“Our passion really comes from our family,” the company says. “We go out every day and treat our community like our family. In reality,

Home improvements services offered by Zehra Solutions include

our community is our family. We work with all our community like

solar panels, water treatment, HVAC, and more.

we would be working with our own family. That means we give our community the best every single time.”


Photographed by: LUNA ISABEL

Missy Pena I received my Texas Real Estate license over 10 years ago and

Missy Pena

have never looked back. I am also a proud mother of four beautiful

ERA Sellers and Buyers Real Estate

daughters and have had the privilege to serve in their academic groups and functions.

780 N. Resler El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 887-1807

As a Realtor at ERA Sellers and Buyers Real Estate, I get to make dreams come true. I have a passion for real estate, whether it is listing and marketing your home, matching you with the perfect home, or doing what it takes to make the deal work, I love it. I have had the privilege to have helped many happy customers over the years and love getting involved in my industry and community. I am familiar with the southwest areas of El Paso and surrounding New Mexico counties, Santa Teresa, Sunland, and Las Cruces. I believe it’s important to know the areas I serve to give you the best help. I’m an active member of the El Paso Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. Staying involved and informed allows me to keep you informed. I am never too busy to provide the best possible service.

Photographed by: LUNA ISABEL


Jesus Castorena Realtor Jesus Castorena pursued a career in the real estate industry not to sell every home or help every interested buyer or seller, but rather to help people. “I don’t just do this to make a sale like a typical salesperson,” he says. “I work to satisfy others with the excellent service that I provide, and I’m never satisfied until that goal is accomplished with each interaction. I let my heart lead the way in everything I do.” Jesus says he enjoys serving El Paso because the community is full of wonderful people who deserve an honest person working for them. “I don’t know how many times I get people telling me that they were rushed into purchasing a home that wasn’t for them, or selling for a price that wasn’t good for them,” he says. Jesus says that clients will note his unique style in that he does not pressure anyone to make a purchase that is not a good fit. “I’m patient because I understand this is one of -- if not the biggest -- investment one will make in a lifetime,” he adds. Jesus’ passion for his work comes from the motivation to help others. “God has given me the ability and opportunity not only to assist the wonderful people from El Paso but also those coming to make El Paso home,” he says. “And I am grateful for this every single day.”

Jesus Castorena Think of Realty (915) 208-9411


Photographed by: RICHARD GONZALEZ

Eddie Flores III Purchasing a home can be an overwhelming experience for most and this is where Eddie Flores comes in. Eddie, a born and raised El Pasoan is always proud to help his community and is experienced in all facets of real estate. A passion for helping people find their dream home while getting the best mortgage possible is a must. Advising is not the only thing that you will experience. Eddie guides you every step of the way by making sure you are well informed on the process, answers every question that may be asked, and helps you into your dream home. Whether






prequalification process or signing the title for your home the focus is always on you and the mission is to exceed all expectations. Being successful in the home loan industry means staying consistent, transparent, and honest which is something you can expect. So, if this is your first mortgage, your fifth, or even looking to refinance the commitment will always be the same. We are more than happy to provide a free consultation and get you started on your purchase or refinance application. Call now to set up an appointment with The Home Loan Agent and get the home you deserve!

Eddie Flores III Change Home Mortgage 11331 James Watt Dr. Ste F-100 Cell: (915) 346-1905

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Abraham Herndon Real estate agent Abraham Hendon at Mario Ayala Real Estate Group

Abraham experienced an unpleasant home buying purchase that

is committed to personalizing the experience of each client whether

motivates him to use as an example of what not to do.

buying or selling a home. During the initial stages of the process, Abraham familiarizes himself with the client to learn as much as he can.

“My goal is to be the complete opposite of what I went through,” he says.

“My overall objective is to ask as many questions as possible during our initial meeting to fully understand my client’s needs, therefore allowing me to cater to them during the home hunting process,” he says.

He strives to treat clients as though he were in their shoes and provides information, insight, and expertise based on truthful market trends and full transparency regarding home buying expectations.

Abraham says clients can rest assured when working with him because the goal is never to settle for a house the

“I am honest from the beginning and expect them

client simply likes, but rather to find a home that they love.

to reciprocate the commitment,” he says. “This is a team effort, and my fiduciary duty is always my client’s

“Usually we know with no words,” he explains. “But a huge smile as soon as they walk in.”

best interest.” Abraham Herndon Mario Ayala Real Estate Group 11351 James Watt Stc. C-500 El Paso, Texas 79936 (915) 231-0463



Alejandro Meza (915) 929-6392

Alejandro Meza Alejandro Meza is a native El

“My Jules keeps me wealthy,”

Pasoan whose calling to real

he says.

estate came after serving in the United States Air Force and later working

Alejandro says his career as a Realtor allows

in the finance industry. The veteran says

him the flexibility to pursue his passion

it’s his mission to build and create long-

while also spending time with Julian in the

lasting relationships with his clients.

community he calls home.

“I like to create an experience, not a

“Real estate allows me to interact with a diverse

transaction,” Alejandro says. “I’m a great

community and after being in the military and

listener and my 15 years of real estate

serving my country, serving people brings me

experience and knowledge are exactly what

a great sense of fulfillment,” he says. “I love

the client is looking for. It brings me great

to bring value and positivity into the lives of the

satisfaction when I help a client either buying or

people I meet, but everything and everyone I

selling their home achieve their desired results.”

have been blessed with has been through God’s grace, mercy and favor and for that, I will always

Alejandro is the proud father of his 9-year old

live with a grateful and humble heart.”

son, Julian, whom he credits as his source of joy.



Cullers Homes LLC 7170 Westwind Dr. Suite 301 El Paso, TX 79912 (915) 200-5530

Cullers Homes LLC Jason Cullers is the proud

Cullers Homes’ is committed to constructing

owner of Cullers Homes. He

breathtaking homes that meet the ever-

started the company in 2013 and has more

evolving needs of the community.

than a decade of experience in the construction industry. The homes can be found throughout

“I love watching our customer’s joy and

the El Paso area in more than 13 communities.

excitement when receiving the keys to their new home, this makes me so happy knowing

The company is known and celebrated for

their family will be making many great

providing excellence in El Paso. Cullers

memories for years to come,” he says.

Homes was voted #1 Best Home Builder in 2020 and 2021.

Serving the El Paso community by constructing homes and apartments is rewarding for Jason.

Jason is a native of El Paso who loves his city. His passion extends not only to building homes

“I just love to drive around the city and see

for families but also to leading a company that

families living in their homes; this truly warms

builds and develops multi-family apartment

my heart,” he adds.

complexes. He says he is always looking for opportunities to grow and give back to the community. 66 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING

Photographed by: JOHN HORTA

Grace Martinez Grace Martinez at Mario Ayala Real Estate is committed to making

She regained her real estate license in 2017 and says it was the best

her mark on the El Paso community and believes that everyone can

decision she could make.

become a homeowner. “Coming back into the industry 28 years later, everything is completely “I’m blessed with the opportunity to change people’s lives and assist

different,” Grace says. “Now I’m in the minority as one of the older

them with their dream of homeownership,” she says. “Real Estate is

realtors. But I think I’m doing really well. I have been third in sales

challenging, hard work, and constantly changing.”

production with my brokerage for the past two years.”

Grace worked as a young real estate

When working with clients, Grace always requests a list of wants and

agent from 1993 to 1997 and later

needs in order to provide the optimal service that leads to a smooth

took a break to pursue a full-

transaction. Additionally, she assists with buyers and sellers and is

time opportunity at the State

also a builder’s representative for Pointe Homes.




of Health and Human

Grace says that at the end of the day, real estate is most rewarding for her.

Services, but says she “Buying or selling a home is such an emotional process and I want my

missed real estate.

clients to feel that they can depend on me for anything,” she says.

Grace Martinez Mario Ayala Real Estate Group 11351 James Watt Drive, C-500 El Paso, Texas 79936 (915) 787-9803

Photographed by: LUNA ISABEL


April 2022

Anim Welf e

Impro ng

Amid Veterinarian Shortage | By: ARTIE MONTENEGRO |


April 2022


s a pet owner myself, I understand

For example, the City of El Paso Animal Services

the importance of getting an

reported 510 adoptions in March of 2020, but


only 136 adoptions in April of the same year. In

special doctor who doesn’t

2021, El Paso Animal Services saw between

appointment make

with my



200 and 395 adoptions per month.

anxious, and the community is fortunate to have many great veterinarians across the

Policy changes are also contributing to

city. Many pet parents have faced this same

positive outcomes regarding animal welfare.

struggle, and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t help.

The Safe Outdoor Dogs Act went into effect in January and bans the use of chains for

But pet welfare, overall, is improving even as

tethering outside dogs. The act also stipulates

challenges like the pandemic and veterinarian

that dog owners must protect their pets

shortages persist at the local and national levels.

from inclement weather like extreme heat / cold, heavy winds, and precipitation

The El Paso Veterinary Medical Association

by providing shelter. Violations of the act are

(EPVMA) reports a large increase in rabies

a Class C misdemeanor that can result in a

tag registrations since the onset of the

citation and a $500 fine.

pandemic, translating to more pets being taken to their veterinarian on a regular basis. While pet adoptions did not necessarily rise amid the pandemic, the care pet parents gave their fur babies did increase.


April 2022

Local advocates are emphasizing the need

Despite the need for more veterinarians,

for greater education and resources to meet

tens of thousands of animals are served in El

The shortage is not limited to the Borderland,

the needs of the animal community.

Paso on a regular basis.

either; only 31 schools of veterinary medicine

The EPVMA is a non-profit organization

At the time of publication, there are 26 open

school seats between 60 to 120 students per

and regional leader in animal health and

positions for veterinarians in El Paso. The

graduating class, meaning that about 2,000

promoting the bond between humans and

shortage of veterinarians requires greater

new veterinarians graduate each year in the

animals that was founded in 1956. The

empathy and patience for veterinarians and

United States.

vision of the EPVMA is to advance animal

their clinic’s staff as many pets and their

well-being through advocacy, education, and

humans face longer wait times for services

Factor in the number of veterinarians who

promoting the veterinary profession.

such as vaccines, a more difficult time

venture into a field that is not companion

scheduling surgical procedures, and increased


distance to travel for emergency care.

veterinarians shrinks even more.

are in operation in the United States. Each








April 2022 The EPVMA reports that most veterinarians in El Paso work about fifty hours per week, and while the pay rate is comparable to that of larger cities, many locally-owned clinics are challenged to compete with the signing bonuses corporate clinics can offer. In addition to more crowded clinics, at the onset of the pandemic veterinarians had to pivot to continue providing care. From curbside services to canceling elective procedures to preserve PPE, the veterinary community did not shut down when many other industries did -- a shortage of providers or not. In response to being asked how the clinics maintain their quality of care with limited doctors and staff, EPVMA Executive Director Eric

Eat on

Boehm says, “ultimately it is a good thing that more pet owners are taking their animals in for care and most veterinarians do not mind

The Edge

working more to serve the pets of El Paso. This is a great city to live in, especially with a pet. With any luck, more veterinarians will agree

Sunday - Wednesday 11:00am - 8:00pm Thursday - Saturday 11:00am - 9:00pm

and give practice in the Borderland a shot.”

Est. 1997

All this to say that the quality of life for El Paso pets has improved since the pandemic forced most of us to turn to our pets for

8690 Edge of Texas St. El Paso (915) 822-3343

companionship, and our local veterinarians showed their continued



















commitment to caring for our companions.



Where Art Meets M


Injectables Laser Services Intimate Health Dermatologic Tailored Aesthetics

Karen Herman, MD 915.745.5888 7470 Cimmaron Plaza Building 13, Suite 100 El Paso, Texas 79911


April 2022

‘Toma, Toma, Toma’ Teaches Readers to be the Authors of Their Own Stories


he comforts of home and the importance of storytelling are not to be taken for granted as we continue to navigate the world as we’ve never seen it before. Veronica Carbajal, a local

attorney, activist, and children’s book author is applying her skills and creativity to help bolster a more hospitable environment for humans and animals in the Borderland. Carbajal is the author of Toma Toma Toma, a bilingual children’s book on the responsibility people have to the environment and to the animals we take into our homes, and has led the efforts to rescue and rehome the stray dogs of Duranguito. Experiences from her childhood shaped her as a person, author, and animal advocate in adulthood. “The book went through all kinds of versions. But the one that I finally landed on was one that talked about my grandmother and talked about love from the


| By: ERIN COULEHAN photography by: JORDAN LICON |

perspective of a dog,” says Carbajal.

April 2022 Carbajal’s

“Veronica’s book is special because it bridges

Youth Services Coordinator for El Paso

childhood in Ciudad Juarez with her mom

the gap between two cultures. It joins

Public Libraries. “Readers are able to see

and grandparents, who she says instilled

both sides of the Frontera by presenting

themselves in these stories and know that

the values of compassion, social awareness,

an important personal story in both of the

our stories here on the border are important

and civic responsibility in her at a young age

languages spoken here in El Paso,” says Jud

and showcase our experiences. It’s also

through their own example.

Burgess of Brave Books, a local book store on

really inspiring to people of all ages to see

Arizona Avenue that carries Carbajal’s book.

that a local person is published, and know






that their dream of writing is within reach.”

“I didn’t grow up in poverty, but I was aware of it. I was aware of the systems that led

“We call ourselves ‘Brave Books’ because we

to poverty, and also the impact my own

strive to encourage people to become avid

Carbajal was instrumental in rescuing litters of

decisions had on it. You have to pay attention.

readers, grow personally, develop creatively,

stray puppies and their parents from Duranguito

And you have to pay attention not only to

and get civically involved,” Burgess adds.

and says she hopes the book helps inspire the community to be mindful of stray animals as

human suffering but also the suffering of other sentient beings in the world, including

In addition to Brave Books, Toma Toma Toma

dogs and cats. Especially because they are

can be found at branches of the El Paso

domesticated and because we have chosen

Public Libraries.

she works on future literary projects. “I’m hoping it shows people that when they see a stray dog, it’s not just a dog. It’s

to do that to them,” she explains. “We want to see our local talent flourish here

not just, you know, a dog that’s capable of

In a world overwhelmed by a constant stream

in our own city and not have to leave in order

surviving, but that we, in fact, have a duty to

of narratives, books have a tremendous impact

to succeed. Many local authors like Veronica

make sure they’re okay.”

on shaping the minds of readers. Children’s

include biographical and local content in

literature is particularly important in that picture

their stories that people living in our region

books are often an individual’s first exposure to

can identify with,” says Lisa Martinez,

written stories in their native languages. “I think that it’s important for us to have stories from the border: to have bilingual stories, to have stories of people of color, or Mexican Americans, that we protect that and make sure are told the way that we want to tell it,” says Carbajal. Jonathan





Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human, asserts that “the human mind was shaped for story so that the human mind could by shaped by stories.” The power of storytelling, therefore, can be used to bridge gaps across strata of the human experience that include ethnicity, gender, and language. The





Language Acquisition reports that “Students who speak languages other than English are the fastest growing population in schools today,” which makes linguistic freedom a relevant

A Woman of Many T alents

Photographer | Published Makeup Artist Model | Social Media Manager

My Photography Skills Include Product Photography Bourdoir Sessions Family Photos Graduation Photos And More!

Book Me

issue for children as they develop literacy and their identities -- especially in the Borderland.



April 2022


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April 2022


April 2022

moon ring a full u d rk a P l ationa Arches N



e the best m o lc e w e rs r spring, w tographe o h p s we ente o tr s a n! e year for ay seaso W time of th y k il eak gazers: M ire the p m and star d a to time and beautiful e moon, a th f is o is s h e T phas . ilky Way, M e ths ahead th n f o o m m r the wa nebulas in

April 2022

e r e H s i e m i t Prime

s by: ED hy and word p ra og ot h p os Obscura



| Seiri


S ta r G a z i n g P r i m e t i m e i s H e r e

April 2022

Milky Way season in the southwest of the United States happens between late February to mid-November, but the best view times are April to September. Important things to know for night gazing and astrophotography: • Find an app you like that tells you when the subject you want will

• You will have to be up early, sleep late, or not at all! The Milky Way breaches the horizon at around 2 am, and you will be battling

be visible. I use SkyView Light. • Keep an eye on the moon phases. To see the Milky Way fully, you will want to adventure on or around a New Moon. Those days

the astronomical twilight and dawn (about 2 hours after sunset and before sunrise). • To get the best views, you’ll need to get as far away from light

during this Milky Way season are: • March 31, 2022

• July 28, 2022

• April 30, 2022

• Aug 27, 2022

• May 30, 2022

• Sept 25, 2022

• Jun 28, 2022

• Oct 25, 2022

pollution as possible. • To stargaze, but not see the Milky Way, you can get the best views after sunset but before moonrise! • Remember to Leave No Trace when out in nature.

• To see these stellar views, you’ll have to decide how far you want to go and what times you want to be awake. El Paso’s Transmountain offers beautiful views of stars and constellations!

Transmountain during a full moon with the Big Dipper 78

April 2022

S ta r G a z i n g P r i m e t i m e i s H e r e

You could also venture to White Sands National Park or Lincoln National Forest to spot the stars, nebulas, moon, and Milky Way.

White Sands National Park during a full moon

Messier 92, Lincoln National Forest

Grand Canyon National Park during a new moon

Crescent Moon, Lincoln National Forest


S ta r G a z i n g P r i m e t i m e i s H e r e

April 2022

Happy ng! i z a g r sta

Utah Desert, during a new moon

by Seirios Obscura Photography by Eden Klein. All rights reserved.




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April 2022


Cultivating a


April 2022

Culture Cult Studios F

| Words and Photography by: ALEXANDRIA VIESCAS |

or local artists Ivan Calderon, Cindy Gutierrez-

Rather than simply put on an art show or two,

Krapp, and Jess Tolbert, creating a space for

Calderon, Gutierrez-Krapp and Tolbert created

fellow creatives to work and be inspired is

something better; they created Cult Studios.

just as important to them as creating art itself.


Cult Studios is not only a space where each

“What has inspired me is elevating the art

of them can practice their expertise; it is a

scene. How do you do that in a city that’s

selfless sanctuary for fellow artists, as well

low-income or just above the median income

as the community. The studio offers pottery

level?” asks Calderon. “1. Make more artists

classes, bead weaving classes, and invites

or 2. Get people to appreciate art so when

other artists to teach knitting, polymer

they see art, they’ll understand the process

clay, and other workshops. The studio also

of what goes into it. They’ll appreciate it

supports other artists in their home-like

more, purchase something, and, from word-

storefront, including Haydee Alonso of AYAY

of-mouth, educate people.”

Jewelry, muralist Christin Apodaca’s prints,

work from author Gris Muñoz, prints from

“When I met Cindy, she had this beautiful

Lxs Dos, glass from glassblower Juan Pablo

booth with the most amazing hats … and

Hernandez, and more.

she also looked really interesting,” says Tolbert, who is currently working at the

Tolbert and Gutierrez- Krapp, who owns

studio creating intricately placed staples into

Aghaa’ Hat Co., and Tolbert, an assistant

detailed jewelry pieces. “And we instantly

professor of Metals at the University of Texas

started talking about who we are and what

at El Paso, met each other at Las Artistas Art

we make, but specifically, we talked about

& Fine Crafts Show, where Gutierrez- Krapp

how there aren’t really spaces in El Paso for

was selling her sought-after high-quality

artists. We instantly started talking about

handmade hats, and Tolbert was overseeing

getting a space.”

her students at the show. After talking, both women realized that they were working out

For Calderon, an educator at the El Paso

of their homes. Because of their growing

Museum of Art, being a co-owner of Cult

recognition and booming businesses, they

Studios is an opportunity that he wanted for

saw a need to create something bigger and

quite some time. After graduating from UTEP

invited Calderon to join their collective.

with a double major in Painting and Drawing, he was waitlisted from other prestigious art


April 2022


Launch Parties

Dates - April 7th State Line - June 3rd Davenport - October 6th Mesa Street schools. Calderon used that challenge as a

out of my house, just like Jess,” says

driving force to continue his path to being an

Gutierrez-Krapp, who studied textile arts in

artist and never looked back.

New York. At the time, she was uncertain of what she was going to do, but like Calderon

“I knew I always wanted to stay here in El

and Tolbert, she always knew it would be

Paso, and I’ve always seen potential in it and

related to the arts. “In this space, I feel like

always had a vision for what the possibilities

I have been embraced here too, with people

could be,” says Calderon on a busy winter

wanting to order hats – and having repeat

day at his open studio for ceramics.

customers. Most of my business is El Paso, and that’s very amazing.”

Before the pandemic, the trio was looking at their current space at 615 Montana Avenue

Beyond being able to do something they

in Central El Paso, but COVID-19 spread

are passionate about for a living, opening

and put their plan on halt until 2021 came

Cult Studios has created a place that’s

along. They realized they were as certain in

nurturing other El Paso artists and creating a

creating a space as much as their certainty

community that can enhance the fabric of El

in being artists.

Paso. “Tolbert says she was surprised to find “not only the sense of community with Ivan

“I am a hat maker, and this is what I do for a

and Cindy but also the sense of community

living, and that’s how it all started. Working

with the arts community.”

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Progress Report

Student Journalism

April 2022

Earth Ways to Show Your Love for Month

El Paso’s

Environment | By: AINA MARZIA |


April 2022

Earth Month

It’s here! April is the month of National World Rat Day (yes, that’s a thing) but also the month of Earth Day!


ut first, let’s talk about our increasingly

Succulents don’t require constant watch and

Workers and laborers for fast fashion

changing earth, climate change, a

only need to be watered once a week. The

companies are also exploited, working almost

very real and serious issue that might

Marble Queen Pothos is a fast-growing plant

15 hours a day for less than minimum wage.

be the reasoning behind El Paso’s

that is low maintenance. Pick a leafy friend

All for what? For 13 million tons of clothing to

this month and help the environment!

occupy our landfills? A lot of us don’t know

unpredictable weather. The earth has gotten around 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit to 1.4 degrees

this and buy from these companies regularly.

Fahrenheit warmer in the last century and the

Do your part in reducing waste by buying

main reason is human activity. You, me, and

long-lasting products, not overconsuming,

us. This April let’s say thank you to our planet

donating clothes to homeless or refugee

by doing these seven things to help reduce

shelters instead of thrift shops, and supporting

pollution, waste, and climate harm.

small clothing shops across the city.

Walk, Ride your bike, or Carpool

Eat Real Food

El Paso is said to be the 4th most air-polluted

It can be hard to cook after a long day at

mid-size metro within the United States. Help

work and eating out sounds like an easier

freshen up the air by driving less, walking, or

option. But it isn’t always the healthiest or

riding your bike to nearby places. Carpool

the most sustainable one. Drive-thru lines

with family or friends to work and events to

burn fuel that goes into our air and restaurant

reduce air pollution.

packaging wastes plastic and paper that sometimes crowds the city’s streets and

Invest in Upcycled Items What happens to items when we throw them away? Well, they end up in landfills

parks. Prepare home-cooked meals that don’t


have to be extensive or hard, grab family and friends and share the meal together. Or take

generating greenhouse gases and toxins.

One of the biggest things you can do is make

an extra step by buying from organic farms

Upcycled Items minimize waste and reduce

a habit to recycle. El Paso recycling locations

across the city like Desert Spoon Food Hub,

the costs and harms that come from

are scattered throughout the city and are

La Semilla Farm Fresh, Fossil Face farms,

producing manufactured items. Instead,

easy to use. El Paso’s recycling program

and many others.

buy from upcycled and sustainable brands

accepts paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum,

like Fanfare, Visible clothing, and Upcircle. If

and tin. Curbside recycling bins are picked

you can’t afford these brands that’s ok, try

up every other week by the program. You

See the Mexican Gold Poppies on the Franklin Mountains

reusing household items or create your own

can also educate and help reduce recycling

It’s poppy season! The Franklin Mountain

upcycled items by using items you would

contamination by joining the Recycling

poppies are usually in full bloom at the end of

normally throw away.

Challenge program. Let’s all do our part to

March and should last this month. Appreciate

save the Earth and the beautiful Sun City.

the beauty El Paso has to offer and visit the

Plant or Buy Indoor Plants Greenery is everything, and plants are a big

Stray Away from Fast Fashion

slopes of the mountain covered in glittering yellow flowers. Who knows, maybe you’ll get an insta-worthy post too!

part of this; not only do they provide oxygen

Brands like Shein, ASOS, and Fashion

for us to breathe but they are also the perfect

Nova can be hard to resist. They provide

gift or decoration item. Indoor plants are

inexpensive and trendy clothing but cause

That’s a wrap! Don’t forget that every day is

the perfect way to keep your space feeling

serious damage to the environment. Fast

Earth day so make sure to include some of

natural, but also help boost mood and

fashion brands force us to over-consume and

these sustainable practices even after April.

creativity. Plants are not hard to manage

throw away clothes. (Only 10 percent of thrift

once you know which ones are best for you.

items get sold, so that’s not a solution either.)


Progress Report

Student Journalism

April 2022

Justice for the

Teenagers, of the Teenagers, and by the Teenagers | By: LAJWARD ZAHRA |


Justice for the Teenagers

April 2022


he City of El Paso Municipal Teen

Judge Michelle Morales, the supervisor and

program. When Judge Morales was elected,

Court is a program founded about

mentor, founder, and judge of Teen Court,

she began working with Flores.

four years ago for teenagers with

(adults are not entirely absent) recount an

two goals. One, to promote an

instance during the first year of the program.

“We found we worked really well together, and we really enjoyed what we were doing

interest in teenagers interested in law, and two, to offer low-level juvenile offenders who have

A group of teenagers had all been cited for

so after a time we just said ‘Why isn’t there

pled guilty an alternative to regular sentencing

driving with detectable alcohol under 21 (the

a team court program housed within the city

and improve their lives through positive peer

juvenile version of driving while intoxicated).

Municipal Court?’” says Judge Morales.

influence. Instead of fines and violations on

On the day of their trial, it was pointed out that

their permanent record, the teen defendants

only one of the defendants should have been

After pitching the idea, and several meetings

are given community service after being tried

cited with driving with detectable alcohol, as

with others, they managed to get it approved.

by either a conventional trial or a master jury.

only one of them was actually driving. Upon

In a conventional trial, teen volunteers

realizing that, Judge Morales announced to

“It is something that sort of just happens

them that their citations had been dismissed.

when two people like-minded people work well together. It was wonderful, it was a

are assigned roles in the case as either prosecution, representing the state, or as

“The smiles on those faces were something

lovely experience because neither one of us

the defense attorney. They prep opening

I’ll never forget. What it did that day, is made

knew where it was going, we just took the

statements as well as direct and cross-

these kiddos understand that justice does

ball and ran with it,” Judge Morales adds.

examine the witnesses who are usually the

work, and it can be fair to them. Maybe there

parents and the defendant.

are 10 other times where justice doesn’t

Fortunately, success for the incredibly young

work for them or a family but witnessing the

program is defined in various ways.

A teen jury watches the case play out and

one time it did work, might influence these

after deliberation, they decide on the amount

kids to grow up with a belief in their justice

Teen Court, first and foremost, is looking to

of community service hours.

system and how we do it here in the United

foster positive experiences with the criminal

States and that it can work for them, and it

justice system for defendants. However,

can be fair,” she says.

when it comes to the volunteers who are

In a mastery jury, there are no attorneys.

present day in and day out serving their

Instead, a group of teen court volunteers asks a defendant and their parent questions

The teen volunteers have their own success

community and serving others, success

regarding the incident, the character of

stories as well. Amaris Espinoza, a veteran teen

looks like becoming more knowledgeable

the defendant, and their circumstances.

court volunteer, attributes a significant amount

about the criminal justice system and

A sentence is reached after deliberation

of character growth to the opportunities and

meeting new people.

considering all the facts shared by the parent

encounters fostered by the program. The current goal of Teen Court is to arrive at

and the defendant. “You come away from this experience more

a point where they can offer a scholarship

When discussing recent shifts in the legal

knowledgeable, more sure of yourself in

to one of their volunteers a year. “For me,

scape of El Paso, adolescents are rarely

public speaking, and also have met people

that’s like the pinnacle of success,” laughs

brought up.

with whom you don’t share experiences. It

Judge Morales.

really helps with perspective and it makes Even when they are, it is to discuss curfew

you a better person,” she emphasizes. “I am

“Even if we were the first teen court in Texas

and how to curb teen drinking. But in three

so glad that a program like this exists.”

to go virtual during the pandemic.”

Overland Street in downtown El Paso,



For teen court volunteer Aina Marzia, the

teenagers meet once a month at 8 am sharp

feeling when she tells me about the start

feeling of building up this border community

as litigators, court clerks, and jurors for real

of this program.

is enough. “We want to come back for more

courtrooms in a nondescript building on Morales



because, it’s just you go home, and you feel

cases of teenage offenders. What’s more -- it’s been working.

When Judge Morales was elected in 2017,

good about yourself, you feel good about

the Juvenile Case Manager for the municipal

your community, you feel good about the

court at the time was Lori Flores, who had

people in your community.”

been wanting to establish a teen court


April 2022

Isaac’s Disney World Wish | Photos courtesy of: BELMONTE FAMILY |



April 2022


M a k e - A - W i s h E l PA S O

saac can be shy, but once he gets to know

The team at Make-A-Wish got to work on

someone new, he is silly, funny, and sweet.

planning Isaac’s Disney adventure while he

He loves playing video games, going on walks, and looking out for his older sister. Life with kidney disease hasn’t been easy for Isaac, but he’s done his best to show courage and keep a positive mindset

through his diagnosis and treatments. “Isaac is always wanting to make things better. He is the first to hug you when you are sad, ask if you are ok when you get hurt, and loves to make you smile,” Isaac’s mom Isabel shared. Isabel referred Isaac to Make-A-Wish a few months after his diagnosis. She was by his side through every step of his medical journey, and she was hopeful that a wish would encourage him to rediscover the joy and optimism he had before his illness. When he found out he was getting a wish, Isaac was eager to share his ideas with his wish-granting volunteers. One idea stuck out to him above them all—a trip to Walt Disney World with his family!

Everyone s rely nice and treed him le a ck star. He lked aund with his Make-AWish lanyard just as pud as could be. He saw th the world is filled with kind and good people.

eagerly awaited the day his wish would come true. When it was finally time to pack his bags and board the plane, Isaac couldn’t believe it! Isaac and his family spent several days going on rides until they were dizzy, snacking on delicious food, meeting lots of Disney characters, and having countless laughs along the way. “Everyone was really nice and treated him like a rock star. He walked around with his Make-A-Wish lanyard just as proud as could be,” Isabel said. “He saw that the world is filled with kind and good people.” Throughout the trip, he was able to take the focus off his illness and just be a kid for a few days, and it gave him so much hope for the future. He’ll look back on this day with a smile on his face for years to come. Wish Night El Paso is sold out, but keep an eye out for the online auction starting April 4 to help make even more wishes come true! Learn more at


April 2022

‘The Blessings of Mystery’ makes its way to El Paso | By: ITZEL GIRON photos courtesy of: THE STANLEE AND GERALD RUBIN CENTER FOR THE ARTS |


he art scene in El Paso is fruitful,

According to Kerry Doyle, Director of the

whether it be the street art of

Rubin Center, this exhibition is rooted in


West Texas and its indigenous roots.




pieces seen on Airway, art fills the community in so many ways.

“It is an exhibition of contemporary art that

Stepping onto the second floor of the Stanlee

looks at the moment in Texas history where

and Gerald Rubin Center for the Arts at the

land became privatized and monetized,”

University of Texas at El Paso, the art continues.

said Doyle. “(Artists Carolina Caycedo and David de Rozas) are contrasting that with an

As rulers, survey flags, and construction

ingenious collective concept of land that is

vests dangle from the roof, audience

something to be shared by everyone.”

members are led into the exhibition of “The Blessings of Mystery.” The exhibition is a

Carolina Caycedo and David de Rozas, artists

revolving collection of installations and film

of “The Blessings of Mystery” have done

pieces making its way throughout West

extensive research on three key locations:

Texas, including the University of Texas at

the McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis, the

Austin, UTEP, and its final stop at Ballroom

Amistad Dam on the Rio Grande, and the

Marfa, a non-profit museum in Marfa, Texas.

Permian Basin oil fields, which help create every part of this exhibition. Both Caycedo


April 2022

and De Rozas have created pieces that

One of those specific pieces is the atrium

said. “You’ll see natural landmarks, you’ll see

complement ‘The Teachings of the Hands’ the

that dangles through the Rubin Center,

symbols that refer to harmony in there, you’ll

film showcased in this exhibit, further depicting

the tools used to mark the historic path of

see the people of these lands and the ways

the region’s complex histories of colonization,

the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo, and the way it

in which the earth provided for people and

migration, and ecological precarity.

divides both Mexico and Texas. The piece,

shared collectively.”

along with every other piece curated for the Like the three locations featured in the exhibit,

exhibit, invites the audience to think about

The Rubin Center, open Monday through

the artists researched the three locations

the regional history of West Texas and how

Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. will have

the exhibit will travel to. Each location was

connected it is to indigenous culture.

‘Somi Se’k‘ and the entire “The Blessings of Mystery” exhibition available for viewing

chosen because it has an impact on how the story is told and why certain pieces pertain to

When asked about what other pieces could

until April 13, rather than the initial end date

certain locations.

have a bigger impact on audience members,

of April 15 according to Doyle.

Doyle spoke about ‘Somi Se’k ‘or ‘Land of “The exhibition, even though the artist

the Sun,’ the name given to the West Texas

The community is invited to immerse

themselves are from Columbia, is very closely

region by the Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe.

themselves in not only the art and film but history from different viewpoints including

related to the place that we live in,” said Doyle. “The way the exhibition was conceived

“It’s a central piece, very colorful in which

in each of the three sites that it is going to in

Carolina draws a map of ‘Somi Se’k‘, of this

West Texas; there are one or two sites specific

region from an indigenous viewpoint,” Doyle

pieces that were created just for the site.”

their own.


April 2022

Men in the Moment | By: DANIEL HERNANDEZ |


April 2022


pringtime in El Paso is beautiful with the longer days full of sunshine and desert

I discovered that the men’s skincare market is booming.

flowers blooming, but it can also be harsh with the winds and dryness.

In 2021, the men’s skincare products market in

After living away for so many years,

the U.S. was estimated at $3.4 billion. Although

I forgot how intense the desert

sales were expected to slow during the

weather can get -- especially now that

pandemic, it gave men the opportunity to shop

I’m no spring chicken this spring.

discreetly online and keep the skincare market growing. Actually, because of the pandemic,

I must admit that I never did skincare upkeep

there was also the growth of the Lumbersexual:

and didn’t give it much thought until I started

a male hipster who appropriates a rugged,

developing sunspots on my face and noticing

outdoorsy look, complete with a full beard.

the impending crow’s feet around my eyes

Instigated by the fact that no one went out or

a few years ago. I discovered that I have

cut their hair for a while. This brawny appearance

melasma, a skin condition characterized

is a cultivated style by a younger generation

by brown patches or spots, more common

raised with sunscreen and skincare awareness.

among darker skin tones.

Knowing the harshness of a beard, skincare is needed to maintain the face underneath, hence

Although it’s prevalent in women, it still

another element in the growth of men’s skincare.

affects some men, and sun exposure is

the main source of provocation. I’ve tried

I thought it was important to talk to guys

a few different skin lightening creams to

about what guys want and need for their

erase them and discovered some brands did

skin. Guys don’t want to use a bunch of

nothing and some burned my skin. Not good.

products. We like simplicity, i.e. the all-in-

My interest in fashion and style never really

one: body wash, shampoo, and conditioner --

extended to skincare but I’ve been working

brilliant. I contacted a couple of my friends in

on it since I noticed my aging and luckily, I’m

the business of looking good to get answers

not too late.

for men’s skin needs.


April 2022

I checked in with Scott Poteat, Director of

products. It’s a moisturizer. It contains a

Sales for Perricone MD. Poteat is a former

blend of anti-oxidants that address signs of

El Pasoan who frequently comes back to

aging, peptides to create collagen and help

visit and is knowledgeable about our climate

eliminate wrinkles, hyaluronic acid to hydrate

and its toll on the skin. When I asked him

skin and keep it plump, and vitamin C to

what he thinks would work for guys in the

brighten the skin and help with sun damage.

El Paso weather and why, he had the perfect


Perricone MD product, the Cold Plasma Plus.

I also contacted an old co-worker from my

It comes in sleek, masculine, black packaging

glam-squad days in Los Angeles, celebrity

that would fit well in any man’s bathroom. He

makeup artist and groomer, Rod “Tuddy”

tells me that this is a lightweight, fragrance-

Rinks, who works with numerous male

free cream that does the work of multiple

clientele in Hollywood. Tuddy swears by The

April 2022

Good by Caldera Lab. He discovered it while

in the skin and with dark spots is apparent

shooting a movie with his client Mario Lopez,

within 14 days. The Good is a 100 percent

in the Nevada desert. The hot days and cold

plant-based organic product.

nights of the desert can take a toll on your skin and when your client is the star of the

In the past, I confess, that I would use

movie, you must keep him looking good, and

whatever old products my mom had or if I

this product did the job. The Good serum

got something in a swag bag; I didn’t care.

comes in sophisticated black slate packaging

Now that I’m in El Paso without the aid of

that has a very contemporary style. This

the California ocean air to help my skin,

multifunctional serum moisturizes, smoothss

I really have to make an effort to keep my

and tightens the skin, reduces fine lines, and

skin healthy. The sun and wind are beautiful

improves the appearance of dark spots and

things in nature, but not on my skin.

skin tone. He said a noticeable difference


Zak Davis Personable | Knowledgeable | Compassionate

I’ll take care of

your family

like I take care of

my own!

El Paso is my home, let me help you find yours:

(915) 373-3536


April 2022

y a l S s r e w Po April Flowers Bring




A p r i l F l o w e r s B r i n g S l ay P o w e r s

April 2022


pring fashions are in bloom, and

fashion statements: the floral prints were seen

this season we’re honoring feminine

as status symbols.

florals while also accessorizing with a modern Italy participated in frequent trade with the Ottoman

edge curated for our desert city.

Empire, with lush velvet florals in vogue as some

Floral patterns and fabrics have spanned different

of the most coveted designs in Italian cities.

cultures throughout the ages but are often emblematic of the fairer sex, with “the language of

Textile manufacturing grew exponentially in

flowers” motif found in diverse designs to this day.

the United States in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, which made the once time-consuming

Fashion florals originated in Asia -- Japan,

textiles capable of mass production, and therefore,

China, and India -- created using surface design

more accessible to American consumers.

techniques such as katazome rice paste printing and e-gasuri dyeing that were later woven into

Today, florals remain in style from Hawaiian

bright brocades or rendered in embroidery.

hibiscus prints to Chinese lotus flowers to posh peonies that can be accessorized in a multitude







of ways to slay.

paramount in that contemporary floral textiles literally grew out of the relationship between

Eye-catching eyelet florals can be dressed up

east and west sartorial appetites.

or down depending on your mood. Pair a pastel eyelet dress with a pair of nude pumps or wedges

Florals were disseminated through global trade

for a brunch look. Toughen up the eyelet look by

between the 15th and 16th centuries when

accessorizing with a leather motorcycle jacket or

European traders began purchasing ornate

studded jewelry to add some grace and “grrr.”

textiles that quickly turned into more than


A p r i l F l o w e r s B r i n g S l ay P o w e r s

Every detail. Every Project. Every Time.

Solar Panels


Water Treatment


helping our community

with intergrity and transparency (915) 873-8714

1000 Diesel Dr. Suite D. El Paso, TX. 79907 100

April 2022

April 2022


__________ 2019 2018 2014 2013

Speaking of leather, rock and rule your look with contrast. Faux or real leather pants/



leggings instantly punk up your petals with attitude. Pair a floral blouse with leather-


looking leggings or a high-waisted pencil skirt


for a look that is as fierce as it is floral. You can also integrate leather into your spring fashion rotation with different styles of boots ranging from punk rock combat to open-toed spike-heeled booties. Hats serve as excellent complements to florals that can take the look into different directions. A straw hat with sneakers and a denim jacket create a laid-back effect that can be worn to brunch, a picnic, or lunch date. Large brimmed felt hats deliver an earthy/ indie vibe that can take your look from day to night depending on the tone of the hat. Pair with a funky belt and layered accessories for a boho look.


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OTF Burn band


6801 N. Mesa St. Suite B-8

Mon - Fri: 5 AM - 7 PM Sat - Sun: 7 AM - 12 PM

(915) 213-1226





The City Magazine’s March launch party

Guests gathered in the (finally!) warm weather at Hotel Indigo to celebrate the unveiling of our March cover, featuring artist and lawyer Patrick Gabaldon. The spirited event featured live music and even livelier conversation as members of the community enjoyed the atmosphere while anticipating more warmer days to come.

| Photos by: SEIRIOS OBSCURA |




April 2022

Astrology Forecast

Get to Know Your Houses 1st House Y | By: SABRINA BUSTILLOS |

our birth chart, also known as your natal

chart, is a blueprint of the sky taken at

the time of your birth. While most people

know their sun sign, it is only one piece

of a puzzle that details your personality and

greater purpose. When you were born, the

planets aligned in a one-of-a-kind way across constellations and the 12 houses of the zodiac. Each of the 12 houses represents something significant about your life path.

Home to first impressions, outward appearance, and our visibility towards the world, the first house holds our sense of self. Are you interested in exploring the best way to make a lasting impression? Look no further than your first astrological house, otherwise known as your rising sign! Ruled by Aries and Mars, this house encourages us to move forward as our most authentic selves. While your sun sign holds your central purpose, your rising sign offers a direction for getting there. Think of it as the compass that guides you towards the best version of yourself.

Understanding the 12 houses and their functions is the first step to navigating your life path and karmic duties on earth. While your sun sign can indicate your persona and conscious mind, your complete birth chart can highlight everything from your taste in clothes to your views on marriage. Astrology is a tool, and while it can’t predict every outcome, it can inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves possible. To discover your whole birth chart, visit Astro-

2nd House Ruler of finances, wealth and material possessions, our second house dominates value of all types. Whether you are seeking long-term financial guidance or hoping to learn where in your life to find the most financial luck, your second house is the place to look. In addition to finances, the second house can teach us about possessions worth protecting. Ruled by Taurus and Venus, this house wants us to enjoy pleasure to the highest degree -- but only after taking steps to work for it. 104

April 2022

ast rolo gy For ecast

3rd House

4th House

5th House

Glossophobics, beware! The third house in

Located at the bottom of the birth chart,

Ruled by Leo and The Sun, the fifth house is

astrology relates to communication, including

the fourth house relates to our roots and

home to the fire within us that just wants to

public speaking! Here, we find our strengths

foundation. Where do we come from? What

feel good. Here, we discover what makes us

and weaknesses in communicating our

makes us feel most at home? How do we

truly feel satisfied. Our personal passions roam

thoughts and feelings. Ruled by Gemini and

navigate relationships with our caretakers?

free, including those we’ve long forgotten.

Mercury, this house can teach us how to

Ruled by Cancer and The Moon, the fourth

What dreams did you possess in childhood?

effectively translate messages from our inner

house strives to find a sense of home,

Your inner child’s desires and talents live

world to the outside world. From texting and

whatever it may look like. For some, home is

here, waiting to be awakened. While other

writing, to how you feel about gossip, the

a place. For others, it can be a person or group

houses may emphasize long-term planning and

third house highlights your relationship to

of people. Here, we find guidance for building

structure, your fifth house can highlight aspects

messages and how you may be comfortable

a site of emotional security for ourselves.

of your life that should be more carefree,

conveying them.

including dating, flirting, and artistry of all kinds.


6th House

April 2022

Ruler of health, wellness, and routines, the sixth house is home to your best habits. Here, we learn the best ways to take care of ourselves and our physical bodies. Guided

Book Now

by Virgo and the planet Mercury, the sixth

bodies respond to stress? How do we meet

our body’s needs? We only get one body, and

house is here to ensure we are equipped for self-maintenance. How do our physical

the sixth house is here to remind us that it’s


our job to take care of it.


Natural light Candid Authentic

7th House This house is all about our relationships and commitments to others. While the 5th house can offer insight into what we may prefer in terms of dating, the seventh house can highlight our long-term relationship strengths and weaknesses. Ruled by Libra and Venus, here we find guidance with marriage, divorce, business partnerships, and life-long friendships. What kind of spouse will you be? What types of long-term partners do you thrive alongside? Your seventh house holds the answers to all things commitment.

8th House Home to all things taboo, the eighth house offers insight into sex, addictions, and death. This energy is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, two intense forces. While the first house represents the self we share with the world, the eighth house represents our darker side. Who are we when we’re alone? Here, we learn how to transform ourselves on a deeper level. Death in the eighth house doesn’t just relate to the end of our lives; it relates to how 106

we reinvent ourselves and lay past versions of ourselves to rest.

April 2022

ast rolo gy For ecast

9th House

10th House

11th House

Home to culture, language, travel, and

Guided by Capricorn, the 10th house is home

Regarded as the home to humanitarianism,

learning, the ninth house holds our sense of

to our ambitions, career path, reputation,

philanthropy, and community, the 11th house

exploration. Dominated by Sagittarius and

and social status. For many unsure of their

embodies all things Aquarius. Naturally

Jupiter, adventure finds itself at home here.

next career move, identifying this house

inclined to prioritize the greater good, your

This house manifests in our relationships

placement can be essential to figuring out

11th house placement can highlight causes

with travel, religion, and school in the

where you may have the best long-term

you keep dear to your heart. What forms

physical world. Internally, this house allows

success. It may also be a good indicator

of service make you feel the happiest?

us to seek wisdom and take risks. Identifying

of your work ethic and your role in the

Volunteerism thrives here and may indicate

your ninth house placement can help you

workplace. It can even highlight the social

the type of future you believe in. Additionally,

indicate where you can invite adventure into

circles you may run in! All things work, and

your political ideologies and social awareness

your life and expand your cultural knowledge.

social reside in the 10th house.

can form and evolve here.


April 2022

12th House

With similar energy to the eighth house, the 12th house represents our subconscious and karma. Here, we discover things that may be unknown to our conscious self. What generational curses were you brought here to break? What lessons are you supposed to leave this life learning? This house completes the zodiac cycle and alludes to extraordinary endings. What do you need to discover about yourself before transitioning into the afterlife? More important existential questions manifest here. It’s our responsibility to seek the answers without fear.


April 2022

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April 2022

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The Manor at TenAttorney Eleven ...............................................Pgs. Veronica Lerma, at Law .................................Pg. 592-3

El Paso Rhinos ..................................................................Pg. 19 Make-A-Wish ................................................... Pgs. 50-51, 63 Eric Smith ..................................................................Pgs. 56-57 Mesa Street Bar and Grill .............................................Pg. 13 GECU ..................................................................................Pg. 1 Mix Salon and Spa ........................................................Pg. 34 Gerardo Lopez ..................................................................Pg. 60

The State Line ................................................................Pg. 110 VIP Design ....................................................................Pg. 83 Victoria Olivia Duron ..................................................Pgs. 54-55 Walgreens ................................................................. Pgs. 6-7 VIP Design ......................................................................Pg. 109 West Texas Pain Institute ..........................Inside Front Cover Walgreens .....................................................................Pgs. 6-7

Orange Theory .............................................. Pgs. 54-55, 107 Grace Martinez .................................................................Pg. 68

Wyatt Underwood Trial Attorneys ................................Pg. Front 61 West Texas Pain Institute ........................................Inside

Great Steakhouse .............................................Pg. 21 85 PoeAmerican Toyota ....................................................................Pg.

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Hotel Indigo ......................................................................Pg. 27 Rejuvene MD................................................................Pg. 45 Hyundai of El Paso..........................................................Pg. 111

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