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HORS D’OEUVRE Contributors: Who’s who in this issue From the Desk of the Editor: A Year Gone By Things We Love: Your editors’ picks


BEAUTY & WELLNESS Going for the Gold: Glowy skin starts here TSOH: Five to Fab...Get fit for summer! {Beauty} Trick to Try: Here’s the curl tip you need to love your lashes

ARTS & LEISURE Good Eats: This Soprano gets saucy Made: Get lippy with this DIY exfoliant A Few Words: A poem of a nighttime visitor



You + Me: Peter Som takes Kohl’s to St Barths! Share You Where: When in Rome... Share Your Wear: Military wear with a whole new meaning April Showers Bring May Flowers: Rock the floral trend Cher Reinvented: Cher Lloyd sheds her pop princess image

Always end with something sweet

CAROLINE A. WONG Editor-in-Chief

BRANDON GAMBLE Creative Director

FASHION AND FEATURES Fashion and Beauty Editor BREANA POWELL Features Editor AMANDA CHI Features Writer LINDY TOLBERT



ART Lead Photographer ALEXANDER HERMAN Assistant Photographer HAIL NOWAK West Coast Editor ROSIE RYAN UK Editor JENNA ANDERSON

Contributors 05 /14

Wellness Editor Lisa Eberly is our partner with health and fitness site TheSkinnyOnHealth.com. Every month she keeps Tastevin readers fit and motivated.

While abroad, Amanda Chi brings Tastevin readers the scoop on international meanderings. From Manchester to Rome, she scopes out the best way to experience a city, be it through food or street art.


Tastevin Magazine May 2014

Breana Powell directs the Fashion and Beauty divisions of Tastevin, combing through the trends to bring you the “It” styles.

Brandon Gamble mans the Tastevin New York office. Now that winter is over, he’s excited to break out the driving mocs and linen blazers that help him survive the searing NY summer.

This marks the last month that writer Danielle Robbins will head up the “Made” column. She gets lippy with a DIY exfoliant. Check out her art and homeware designs at Etsy.com/Shop/DanielleRobbins.

Alexander Herman is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and photographer. He leads up the art direction of Tastevin’s monthly photo shoots.


from the desk of the


There’s so much to say and I seem to have so few words. A year of Tastevin. A year of tasting the best and worst of fashion, beauty, lifestyle…It’s been quite a journey and such an exciting one. As with all new endeavors, Tastevin went through the wringer at its launch. The inaugural issue faced its share of challenges, including a last-minute (and unexpected) article retraction which forced the team to rework major portions of the issue and slightly delay it’s launch. However, we quickly moved forward and successfully adapted, releasing an even better first issue!

Thanks to you, our loyal Tasties, this magazine has withstood adversity and gone on to see success in the form of the incredibly talented people who have worked to create each month’s issue and who have appeared in its pages. Our covers have been graced by a wide range of personalities, including vibrant pop-star-turned-jewelry-designer Kesha, Janel Parrish of ABC’s mysterious Pretty Little Liars, vivacious Rachel Reilly of Big Brother fame, Scheana Marie of the sexy Vanderpump Rules, and even the male dancers of Australia’s Thunder From Down Under.

Our existence is one of persistence and is one for which I am deeply grateful. I cannot properly laud the exceptional abilities of the Tastevin staff nor can I express how truly inspiring it is to have such a loyal audience as you. So, to you, to all of you, I dedicate this First Anniversary Issue. Check out great stories featuring everything from a gilded glow and a saucy Sopranos star to a pre-summer fitness fervor and a candid talent in the form of one Cher Lloyd. Here it is…the start to another great year of this fashion and lifestyle tasting menu!


Tastevin Magazine May 2014

Things We Love Caroline A. Wong, Editor-in-Chief Toshiba Laptop “I love my Toshiba laptop. I write by my bedroom window, feeling very Carrie-esque (a la Sex and the City) as I put together each month’s issue of Tastevin! After a year of working on the magazine, I can really say I couldn’t do it without my laptop!”

Breana Powell, Fashion and Beauty Editor NARS Blush This NARS blush ($30) is completely buildable, delivering a fantastic bronzy color to cheeks. I’m looking forward to picking up other hues now! I’m a fan of layering blushes. There’s an art to it.”

Morton Skull: $14.95 at Z Gallerie

The Tastevin editors share their monthly obsessions. Colette Choi, Beauty Editor


Pink Lipstick “I’m LOVING pink lipstick right now. It’s so bright and definitely pops for spring. This ‘With the DJ’ lipstick from Rain Cosmetics ($20) is a great, universal shade and lasts even through lunch and afternoon coffee!”

Brandon Gamble, Creative Director Metallic Accessories “I love metallic home accents, and gold / brass is definitely having a moment. Mixed sparingly into your decor, these statement pieces can add a touch of sophisticated glamour to your home.”

Dahlia Candleholder: $19.95 at CB2

Brass Wire Cubes: $14.95 at CB2

GOING FOR THE GOLD by Breana Powell

My face has felt rather alien to me lately. For years, I yearned for the “glow.” No, not the pregnancy glow. The silky, dewy, just got sun-soaked in the Caribbean glow! My skin in middle school and high school always needed a moisturizer. My skin wasn’t dry, but I could never achieve the coveted glow. After years of playing with makeup, however, I now have too much of a good thing. I don’t even moisturize underneath my foundation anymore because it’s gotten so out of hand. The tale starts like this: I apply my foundation in the morning before work. It’s silky smooth approved. Throughout the day, though, my skin rebels against me and my initial glow becomes an oily hot mess. After a midday blotting break, I re-evaluate what went wrong. Did I sit in front of my monitor too long? Did I not get enough fresh air? Should I have applied powder on top? (Nope to the last one. More product equals more oil nowadays.) A few weekends ago, I picked up the NARS Sheer Glow foundation after asking for a foundation recommendation from a makeup artist friend. She dubbed it her “holy grail” and I was sold. My skin has a combination of yellow and red undertones, so an exact match is always unlikely. The shade I picked up, called “Cadiz,” was a solid match. (It will probably look even better in summer when my paler decolletage has time to even out in color.) The texture of the product is incredible. It glides on beautifully and evenly. And the coverage is full without being cakey and while still allowing your real skin to peep through. Nevertheless, I am still experimenting with ways to make this foundation remain glowy, not oily. And there’s a fine, shiny line. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation: $45 at Sephora 10 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

Designed in NYC

see the collection at berryjewelry.com

by Lisa Eberly

12 Tastevin Magazine May 2014


t’s that time of year…we’re trading in our winter coats for bikinis and our riding boots for wedges. It’s the time of year we remember that those resolutions we made to stay fit and thin didn’t really last as long as we’d hoped. It’s time to slim down for summer, people! If your New Year’s weight loss resolution fell through, here are five key pieces you might have been missing to make your weight loss more successful.

a person

Yes, you need external support from your family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whoever—but you also need THE person. The one person who not only believes in you, but guides you and teaches you. You need someone to rely on, to help you follow through, and to push you forward toward success. That person can be a dietitian, a personal trainer (though I would not use their nutrition advice, only fitness), myself (who I highly recommend!), or a best friend or significant other doing a diet with you (probably the least effective, but still helpful person). You need to know that if you fail, you’ve not only let yourself down, but you’ve let them down too. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s easy to forgive ourselves when we’re finally diving into the ice cream we’ve forbidden ourselves from having. It’s a lot more difficult to explain to a dietitian that you know, you had a really rough day cause you missed the bus and your boyfriend was a pain in the ass so you decided to cry it out and gain five pounds in French fries last night.

a thing

This thing is something to always have on hand. Something that you have to subscribe to and contribute to when you make good choices. A food log. An activity log. A goal tracker. An app on your iPhone. Something to clue you in and keep you on track.

an investment This investment can be time, a formal program, or money. A gym membership, subscription to healthy food delivery, Insanity videos, or a simple, less expensive meal plan are all positive investments. When you spend money on your diet, you have invested. That way, when you come home from work and think, “Blehhh I will literally fall over trying to do Insanity right now…” you’ll remember that you spent your hard earned cash on that video and damnit, you’re doing it.  If you don’t have the money to spend on even the cheaper option of a meal plan, investing your time is also effective. Spend Sunday afternoons planning your meals for the week and prepping them. That way, when Thursday comes along and you want to order a pizza, you know you spent hours planning recipes and cutting up veggies for the delicious dinner you picked out from that awesome blog The Skinny on Health (wink!). Time, money, what have you, invest anything in your health and capitalize on that investment!

a trigger

There’s an effective method to quit smoking in which you put a picture of why you’re quitting wherever you typically smoke. So, if you always smoke in the car, you put a picture of your beautiful kids who hate your smoking on the dash. The same method can be used for dieting. First, you make your environment conducive to a healthy diet. When I get home from a long day, if I sit on the couch to read or watch TV before making dinner, I always face the brutal dilemma: Well, I guess I can miss my workout today if I definitely go tomorrow… Yet I always decide to go. Why? My nighttime workout is hot power yoga. Where is my yoga mat? Right in front of the couch. I literally stare at my yoga mat when I sit down. I love yoga and I know I’ll love be13

ing on the mat once I’m there, so seeing the mat triggers those feelings. I also tape gorgeous food pictures from healthy recipe blogs to the inside of my pantry and on my fridge. Healthy food is delicious, and you just need to remind yourself of that sometimes, especially when unhealthy food is much more “accessibly delicious” as I like to call it. A similar method is post-it notes. If I’ve been having a rough few days, I put inspiring motivational post-its on my bathroom mirror (I am such a sucker for motivational quotes). Remember the movie How Do You Know, in which Reese Witherspoon plays an athlete named Lisa (I can’t make this stuff up)? She literally covers her apartment in motivational post-its and I am totally on board. So, post-its, pictures, yoga mats—whatever they may be—set up some triggers that will keep you motivated and moving through your diet with ease.

a positive environment

A positive environment. You also need to be sure your environment is consistently supportive and won’t destroy all your hard work. I have two types of friends (who I love equally): bad influences and good influences. Some of my friends just bring the “badness” out of me, and I totally adapt to a “screw it” attitude about being healthy. Unluckily for me, this includes my family. When I’m with these types of friends, they remind me of unhealthier times (like my college days of eating pizza while hungover in bed, or growing up in my parents house and eating terribly). Other friends have the opposite effect. I crave healthy foods that I enjoy by myself when I’m with them. Make sure that you know which friends are which and that you know how to control your habits when you’re with the bad influences. Although I’m sure they’re great friends (and, unless they’re competitive girls, obviously not doing it on purpose), make sure you know how to handle eating with them. Maybe eat a big healthy meal before seeing them or find 14 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

a way to suppress your lack of willpower with them. Or, hang out with your positive influence friends more often to motivate your healthy habits! If it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend that’s a negative influence (trust me, I’ve been there and it seriously blows), try to diet together or cook your healthy food for them too!


The Skinny on Health

15 Tastevin Magazine May 2014


{Beauty} Trick to Try

Love them or hate them, you’ve got to admit that the Kardashian women have eyelashes for miles! Yeah, they may have some help from extensions, but if you want that sexy curl on a daily basis— without the glue and the falsies—here’s a little trick to get you going in the mornings before work. After you blow dry your hair, use the heat setting to blast hot air at your eyelash curler (I like Shiseido’s style at Sephora, $20). The heat makes the curl in your lashes hold, just like heat helps you style the hair on top of your head. Alternatively, while you’re applying concealer and letting your flat iron warm up, leave the eyelash curler between the wands of the flat iron so that the iron heats up the curler too. Add some curling mascara, and you’ve got ready-to-wear Kardashian lashes!


By Colette Choi

good eats


by Colette Choi


I cooked up some penne according to the package directions, chopped up some garlic, and prepped some Italian sausage. I like removing the skin around the sausage to create bite-sized portions that are more ground-up instead of sliced. After cooking the sausage and garlic together with a bit of olive oil (warmed until sausage is cooked throughout), I added Uncle Steve’s Tomato Basil sauce and warmed it all together before adding the penne back in. With a bit of shaved parmesan on top and a glass of Moscato, I had a divine dinner. And I’m pretty sure all those antioxidants are making my skin glow!

Uncle Steve’s sauces come in three varieties (Tomato Basil, Marinara, and Arrabiata) and are produced in America. You can purchase some antioxidantloaded sauce for yourself at UncleStevesNY.com


omatoes are loaded with antioxidants, helping to prevent disease and promote health. So when I got my hands on an amazing new organic tomato sauce from Steve Schirripa (of The Sopranos fame), I knew I had to try it, if only from a beauty perspective! To be honest, when I first tasted Uncle Steve’s sauce, I thought it was a bit bland...BUT I soon realized why: The sauces are pure, made with imported organic Italian tomatoes with no paste, puree, or sugars added. It’s simply nature at its finest and freshest. In our oversaturated world of processed foods, it sometimes shocks our systems to come in contact with something so close to the vine. As I continued cooking with the sauce, I started eating spoonfuls straight out of the jar!



22 Tastevin Magazine May 2014



23 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

e d a M 24 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

by Danielle Robbins

lip exfoliator My lips, which get super chapped in the winter, are definitely not silky smooth and spring-ready without a bit of exfoliation. You don’t have to break the bank for a nice lip exfoliant. You can actually find all the ingredients in your kitchen. Use this simple—and yummy—scrub to soften your lips whenever they get a little rough.

Materials: 1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar 1 Tablespoon Honey ¼ Teaspoon Olive Oil Empty Lip Gloss Container


In a small mixing bowl, mix brown sugar, honey, and olive oil together.

26 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

III With your finger and gently massage the mixture over lips.

Spoon the mixture into an empty lip gloss container (I used a sample container from the Nordstrom makeup counter). 27 Tastevin Magazine May 2014


Rinse your lips with water, apply your favorite lipstick, and show off those smooth kissable lips!

DONE! 28 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

A Dream? By Alli Antonio

Darkness. A Quiet Room. A knock on the window A breeze in the night Who speaks? And why? A pause in breath A slip of tongue Who seeks? And why? A sliver of light A head on a pillow Who sleeps? Why? A Fragile Kiss Left Behind. And…seen.

30 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

31 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

World-renowned designer Peter Som professes, “Wear what makes you feel happy.” Is his collaboration with Kohl’s DesigNation just the trick? Caroline A. Wong investigates. Photos by Alexander Herman

32 Tastevin Magazine May 2014


nfused with the breezy ambiance of St. Barths’ sunkissed shores, Peter Som crafted a collection of resort wear for retail giant Kohl’s, whose DesigNation series taps designers to create locale-inspired collaboration lines (Catherine Malandrino and Derek Lam are DesigNation alums). Som’s creations include everything from classic maxi dresses and tapered jumpsuits to dramatic palazzo pants and softstructured moto vests. The biggest surprise here is the excellent quality of the Som collaboration. I’ve worked with the Malandrino and Lam lines in the past and was met with disappointment in the construction category. This Som line, however, seems to have ironed out the production

wrinkles and really paid attention to offering well-designed clothes at a decent price point. I was immediately drawn to the charmeuse soft pants in the pineapple print. The black background softens the bold print, and the fit and fabric make them ideal travel wear. Keep it bold with Som’s marled tank in Fiery Red. Or, tone it down for a creative office with a black blazer and black pumps. If you’re a corporate gal, keep the flowy pants for a chic weekend look. Brunch, anyone?

White motorcycle jacket, Peter Som for DesigNation, $80. Marled tank in Fiery Red, Peter Som for DesigNation, $50. Charmeuse soft pants, Peter Som for DesigNation, $50. Suede wedges, Nine West, $90.

33 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

35 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

Share Your Where Backroads Rome

36 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

By Amanda Chi


sk any American tourist what they’d like to see in Rome their first time around and they’d probably respond “the Colosseum” or “the Trevi Fountain.” Their perception of Italy may be filled with pizza, pasta, and gelato, but Rome is also about the history and the culture. Visiting the Eternal City is more than just stopping by the Colosseum and taking a picture with the men dressed up as gladiators. It’s about wandering the sampietrini streets and stumbling upon a restaurant run by an old nonna. The enduring beauty of Rome is what attracts millions of tourists every year. It’s what brought me back for my fourth visit! It’s always a wonder to see the grandeur of the Vatican and a treat to eat my gelato at the Spanish Steps just as Audrey Hepburn did in Roman Holiday. And while I’ll always brave the crowds at the Trevi Fountain to toss in a coin to ensure my return to Rome, I can’t help but feel the peaking claustrophobia that comes as a package deal at all these touristfilled destinations. After showing my friend sites such as the Roman Forum, Piazza Na-

side of the Colosseum. Named after the church in the vicinity, Santa Maria dei Monti, the area houses traditional pizzerie and griglierie, but you can also find trendy bars, cafes, and vintage clothing stores. Being in Rome, I also seem to double my intake of gelato, but the one gelateria that stood out was one in Monti called Fatamorgana. Pistacchio and nocciola (hazelnut) are typical gelato flavors found in every gelateria that remain close to my heart, but Fatamorgana won me over with its strange and original flavors such as tobacco chocolate; banana and sesame; pineapple and ginger; and fennel, licorice and honey. But despite all the unique flavors, their pistacchio di Bronte was my favorite by far. Stumbling upon this area during the day, I found that it’s a great place to soak in the quintessential Roman

“Fatamorgana won me over with its strange and original flavors such as tobacco chocolate.”

vona, Campo de’ Fiori, the Pantheon, and the Sistine Chapel, we decided to meander the narrow cobblestoned streets and peruse the local stores and boutiques for leather goods. One of the places I highly suggest is the neighborhood of Monti, just off to the


atmosphere. Relax in the Piazza della Madonna dei Monti, chat with friends like all the grandmothers, do a bit of local shopping, and pop into an unnamed shop owned by an old Italian couple who design their own mosaics. The main fountain in the piazza may not be as grand as Bernini’s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi in Piazza Navona, but its simplicity has a

“The district has an informal and youthful atmosphere. Porca Vacca’s mascot is a cartoon of a slutty cow.”

beauty of its own. Revisiting the area by night, the piazza transforms into the hip area where all the Italian youths come out to sit, drink, and smoke with friends. While the neighborhood might be becoming gentrified—as signified by the American Apparel store amidst other Italian shops—I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Monti preserves its local flavor. A place a bit more known to tourists that I love revisiting is Trastevere. Located on the opposite side of the Tiber River, it is south of the Vatican and home to several studyabroad universities. Despite the number of American accents you hear while taking a stroll, Trastevere has that distinct romantic Roman-feel to it with its narrow cobbled streets, vines hanging across medieval buildings, and boutique stores lining streets such as Via della Lungaretta. The central church of the district is Santa Maria in Trastevere with its piazza serving as a central focus for tourists, natives, and street performers. I found 40 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

Trastevere to be a bit more tourist-filled as American teenagers studying at John Cabot University or American University of Rome would show their visiting families around the area. I tend to enjoy eating in Trastevere due to the atmosphere and to the prices at restaurants, which are quite reasonable compared to places found near Piazza Navona or the Trevi Fountain. At night, students both Italian and foreign flock to Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere to drink and socialize with one another. It’s the kind of place you would buy a Nutella and ricotta calzone from the local wood oven pizzeria Dar Poeta and eat at the base of the fountain while watching a fire dancer perform. If you’re not interested in seeing the American student neighborhood, there is also the Roman student center located near the Termini train station by the Sapienza University of Rome. Wandering around the San Lorenzo quarter, you’ll notice an increase in the amount of tagging and graffiti that covers blocks of walls. Despite the nearby 3rd-century ancient Roman walls, the district has an informal and youthful atmosphere. Even the restaurants cater to young humor; we ate at placed called Porca Vacca. As a griglieria, it makes sense that porca and vacca mean pig and cow, but both act as double entendres and insults. To help paint a picture, the restaurant’s mascot is a cartoon of a slutty cow. Not to be outdone by the American study abroad universities, San Lorenzo has plenty of nightlife for its student population, filled with bars, cafes, and discotecas. Aside from these areas that I love exploring, there are also less frequented tourist destinations that I often suggest to people visiting Rome for the first time. Whether or not you’re religious, the astounding number of churches can still surprise you. Seeing so many churches in one visit to Rome might become a blur, but one church that stood out to me was the Basilica of San Clemente. Not only is it a religious building still in use, but


42 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

it is also steeped in history as the three-level structure dates back over 2,000 years. Visitors can explore beneath the church and see medieval religious paintings as well as observe a mithraeum, a place of worship for the ancient cult of Mithras. If seeing the site of an ancient cult isn’t macabre enough for you, I would suggest taking a trip to the Roman catacombs of St. Callixtus. There are over 40 different catacombs in Rome, but this site is known for having the most number of popes buried outside of the Vatican. What was once the burial ground for popes, martyrs, and Christians is now a hollow cemetery with pockets dug into the tufa stone for bodies. You won’t be seeing any skeletons since the catacombs were sacked by barbarian invaders, but the knowledgeable tour guides can tell you all you need to know. For the more intrepid historical enthusiasts who don’t mind venturing outside of Rome, the ancient port of Ostia Antica is a thirty minute train ride away from the city. The 2,000-year-old site offers insight into the daily life of a Roman port with its fairly preserved theaters, baths, forum, and houses. If you want a glimpse into ancient Roman life and don’t have the time or resources to head south towards Pompeii, Ostia Antica is the place for you. Whether you’re yearning for a bit of history or the road less traveled, know that you can visit Rome, see the popular sites, and yet also avoid the sea of tourists. So grab a pizza al trancio (slice of cut pizza) or a gelato and get yourself lost in those narrow Roman streets and enjoy because la vita è bella.


44 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

Share Your Wear Sword & Plough

46 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

By Rosie Ryan Photos by Alexander Herman


e live in a world full of waste. Fortunately, there are many savvy people out there who are able to turn something that most people would throw away into something of use and beauty. Then, there are those who go even further and turn it into a meaningful business like the folks at Sword & Plough. Except they don’t use just any old item. Sword & Plough takes surplus military gear that would otherwise be discarded and turns it into fashionable bags and accessories. Sword & Plough is the brainchild of Emily and Betsy Nuñez, who grew up in a military family. While at college, they found it hard to relate to some of their classmates, many of whom were unfamiliar with military life. That’s why they wanted to find a physical way to bring awareness to everyone about the challenges that those in the military face. The name Sword & Plough comes from the ancient saying “To turn swords into plough shares.” It means to apply military technology and material to peaceful purposes. To make its products, the company combines military gear with eco-leather accents and other American-made textiles. They take it one step further and employ veteranrun manufacturers to create their products. And they also give 10 percent of their profits to veteran initiatives. It’s safe to say the military is the heart of this operation. We spoke with Emily Nuñez, co-founder and an active-duty Army officer, to learn more about this inspiring company.


48 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

Tastevin Magazine

What was the first piece you ever made? Emily Nuùez The first Sword & Plough piece ever made was a beautiful tote bag that was made by my mom, Judy. Our team needed a prototype with one week’s notice for an important pitch at the Dell Social Innovation Lab. I called my mom with this plea and she immediately and enthusiastically rose to the challenge. She designed and sewed the green canvas bag and also worked with a local Amish leather worker to sew on the leather handles. She mailed it to Massachusetts just in time! The bag was a huge hit with the audience as it was passed around during my pitch. This first prototype was so important because it turned the idea of Sword & Plough into a physical reality.

What about runway trends? Do your products echo them? EN We keep an eye out for new runway trends, but to be honest, most of our inspiration comes from what we see around us and what we are looking for in a product. We often draw inspiration from old military gear and we try to improve on what we know already works. The end goal is to effortlessly blend functionality and aesthetic. TM


Who do you imagine wearing Sword & Plough? EN One of the most exciting things about the Sword & Plough brand [and] mission is that it offers something which everyone can get behind. The majority of people carries a bag in their day-to-day life and so they each have the opportunity to make a difference. We have two target demographics. Our first consists of young, 49

50 Tastevin Magazine May 2014



When he heard that I was still deployed, he sent a care package full of snacks and playing cards for my soldiers and me.

51 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

52 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

urban professionals. They tend to be socially conscious and they’re interested in purchasing American-made products with a unique story. Our second demographic is made up of the military community and its supporters. Veterans, active duty service members, families, and friends have all shown a strong interest in our story and mission. We’re in a unique position in that we have been able to reach two very different markets with the same product. TM

How does the military community feel about this concept? EN We have received an overwhelming amount of support from the military community. From customers to mentors and military supervisors, the community has really rallied around Sword & Plough. One of the most moving experiences occurred while I was deployed to Afghanistan. I received a package from a Vietnam Veteran who had seen Betsy speak on Fox News about Sword & Plough. When he heard that I was still deployed, he sent a care package full of snacks and playing cards for my soldiers and me. The best part of the package was a handwritten note explaining what Sword & Plough meant to him and the great potential he saw for its future. He also sent along copies of black and white photos of himself from when he was an Army pilot. Those are now hanging in the Sword & Plough office.


54 Tastevin Magazine May 2014


april showers bring may flowers by breana powell



t should be a fact that a thematic element in any sartorial choice keeps things fun and fresh. A theme forces you to think about what’s been done before and how you can put your own, unique spin on an ensemble. This month, the flowers continue to bloom and we celebrate the beauty of our mothers. Cue the metaphor: We are the flowers that our adoring mothers cared for all of these years. We love you, mothers! Stay in theme, you flower child, with lush floral patterns on blouses, pants, and full skirts, perfect for those sunny days. When you need a boost of color, adorn your wrists, neck, and feet with equally amazing petal-patterns. Or accent your looks with trendy floral handbags and backpacks. Floral-print items are available in a vast array of styles and colors as well as in so many stores, making them easy to acquire and easy to wear pieces throughout the seasons. Because who says that we can’t rock florals in fall and winter? Shake it up, flower children. If we don’t, who will?


Where To Find Everything: 1 Charles Anastase James Dean Floral Neoprene Shirt: $625 at largarconne.com 2 Morgan Floral-Print Top: $72 at houseoffraser.co.uk 3 Victoria’s Secret Floral Backpack: $44.50 at victoriassecret.com 4 Pink Flower Link Bracelet: $28 at topshop.com 5 Wide Leg Trousers in Sheer Floral Print: $71 at asos.com 6 Dolce & Gabbana Pleated Floral Skirt: $925 at farfetch.com 7 Boho Floral Satin Trousers: $20 at forever21.com 8 Marco Bologna Floral Print Skater Skirt: $423 at farfetch.com 9 Steve Madden “Marlenee” Floral Print Sandals: $99 at macys.com 10 Flower-Print Crossbody Bag: $19 at yesstyle.com 11 Gold-Tone Mint 3D Flower Statement Necklace: $70 at ilyculture.com

56 Tastevin Magazine May 2014









11 57

Cher Lloyd 58 Tastevin Magazine May 2014


59 Tastevin Magazine May 2014


By Caroline A. Wong

60 Tastevin Magazine May 2014


he thing that struck me most about chatting with Cher Lloyd was her age—it was completely unapparent. The 20-year-old singersongwriter-rapper says “don’t ‘Want U Back’” to her bubblegum pop image, speaking with an easy maturity that comes with years of experience. Though the English beauty is perhaps best known for her appearance on the seventh series of The X Factor, finishing just behind boy-band wonder One Direction, she’s making a name for herself. At her ripe age, Lloyd has matched the likes of Rihanna’s “Only Girl (in the World)” on the singles chart, broken into the Top 5 on the U.S. iTunes chart, and worked with industry giant L.A. Reid, among other music power players. But despite all this—perhaps because of all this—she’s hungry. With Lloyd’s second album, Sorry I’m Late, dropping May 27th, she proves herself fearless and ambitious. From reality shows and Demi Lovato to pop music and bullying, Lloyd tells all.

This page and previous spread: Studded grey sweater, 61PinkTastevin Magazine Noel’s own. thong, Noel’s own. Rings,May Noel’s2014 own. White filigree cuff, Forever 21, $10.

w 62 Tastevin Magazine May 2014


hen I ask Lloyd about what influenced her upcoming album, she is more than ready with an answer. “The inspiration behind this album was to basically do exactly what I wanted to do. I mean, the last album was pretty much me coming into the industry not knowing anything about it. And I think that showed,” she says in her accented voice. “With this album in particular, this is like me from the beginning. This is me starting all over again, and it screams out to my fans and to my listeners that this is exactly who I am.” The album, which follows her debut Sticks + Stones, is titled Sorry I’m Late “purely for that reason,” insists Lloyd. “I feel like I’ve finally found who I am and exactly the message that I want to give out to my fans. This album’s very special to me. I’ve never felt like this before about any of my music, so it’s a big deal.” Although Lloyd may have gotten a fast start thanks to her appearance on Simon Cowell’s reality competition show, she’s not necessarily singing its praises. “I was doing things before I even contemplated applying to The X Factor.” Lloyd says, “I used that show as a platform. That show didn’t shape me.” What does she say to critics that think she rose to fame too quickly? “It took me over three years to get to this point where I can be like, okay, this is what I want to achieve [and] these are the goals I want to set [for] myself. You know, it took me a long time. It hasn’t been quick at all.” Despite some skepticism from people about the longevity of a reality star’s career, Lloyd is refreshingly candid. “My barriers are down. You know, I’m not a bubblegum pop princess. There’s gonna be times [when] people are shocked by what I have to say [or when] people don’t approve of what I’m doing.” After completing two headliner tours and wrapping two albums, Lloyd is sure of herself. “I don’t have to ask anyone before I can do something. And this is what it’s all about… having that freedom and self-belief to just go through it. And I want to pass that on to my fans as well. That’s a big thing for me, is to have selfbelief and just say, you know what, I’m gonna take

this risk because I know it’s gonna pay off. And I know the consequences of it, but I’m just gonna go for it.” Lloyd was not always confident in the direction her music was taking her, only recently finding the strength to take those chances. “It was only from the beginning of this year really [that I took more risks]. I think I got stuck in a pattern of doing the same thing every time I released a song. And I felt that there was something missing [because] I was so afraid. I was afraid of failing. I was afraid of doing things wrong.” But she actually found motivation in her youthfulness. “It [was] just like, why am I so afraid? I’m twenty years old! I’ve got such a great career. I’ve been blessed with this amazing—I don’t want to say job because it’s not really a job. I mean, it’s hard work, but the best of it. And I just felt like I shouldn’t be worrying…I’m gonna act like a twenty-year-old girl, have some fun, and create amazing music and have people love my music and love me too.”

“ People need to take a look into what the music industry is really like. I explain that. And I don’t censor anything either. I’m not a bullshitter.”


“Whatever comes at me, I got this.”

There have been reports of Lloyd being bullied in the past. Lloyd reminisces, “Every young person goes through something in their life where they feel knocked down and, you know, kind of—how do I want to put this? You feel so down about yourself. But, I mean, the things that happened to me in my past, they shaped me today. And I’ve grown thicker skin, but I’m only human. 63

cess who had that song, ‘Want U Back.’ It’s much bigger than that.” As I mentioned before, one of Lloyd’s most endearing attributes is her candidness, and this documentary series provides more of just that. “[People] need to take the time just to take a little look into what the music industry is really like and I explain that. And I don’t censor anything either. I’m not a bullshitter. I tell it straight.” The star has been through the ups and downs of her openness. She laughs drily, “When I first started out in the UK, I got a lot of backlash because I was so outspoken. But now, I understand my craft a lot more, and the opinions that I do have, I feel they matter. But I’m fine with being criticized. I mean, it’s not fun to be quiet. It’s a bit boring. So I’m forever gonna speak my mind.” Besides her second album, Sorry I’m Late, and her documentary series, what’s next on the horizon for Lloyd? “You know, I can’t tell whether I’m gonna fully know myself when I’m thirty, forty, fifty, whatever. But all I know is what I know now. And, right now, the thing that I’ve learned is that I need to be happy. That’s the main thing for me, is happiness. If I’m not happy, then nothing’s gonna work.”


I mean, there’s gonna be things that crop up along my path that might disrupt everything. And I might get hurt.” Lloyd’s X-Factor friend (and one of the show’s judges) Demi Lovato has experienced private matters made public. I ask Lloyd if her struggle to fit in resonated in her relationship with Lovato, and for the first time, she seems a bit less open. “I mean, I cannot speak on her behalf, and she can’t speak on my behalf.” But with a bit of prying, Lloyd reveals, “Like I said, everyone goes through their troubles. But not everyone, you

“ I used The X Factor as a platform. That show didn’t shape me.”

know, goes public with it. And that’s fine. I think the main thing for me and the message that I want to spread is positivity. I think if you’re a positive person on the inside and on the outside, you’re just spreading it to the rest of the world.” Lloyd laughs. “But, I mean, having thick skin really helps.” Though Lloyd thrives on being challenged, you can tell that her perspective stems from her experience in the music industry. “It’s the constant knock backs. It’s the being told ‘no’ and being told that you can’t do that because that’s not what you need to do as an artist. Or, ‘No, you can’t have control over that because we’re going to do that…I think, you know, it can get very difficult as an artist because you have to choose your battles.” Lloyd remains resilient though. “I’ve got a documentary coming out [on my website, CherLloyd.com]. It’s a four-piece documentary, and it basically gives people an insight into exactly what I do.” And what exactly does she do? “Many people just know me as this bubblegum pop prin-

64 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

65 Tastevin Magazine May 2014


The inaugural issue introduced a host of Tastevin features, including including “You & Me,” the monthly investigation of designer collaborations by Editor-in-Chief Caroline A. Wong.

The Inaugural Issue The crew traveled to Coney Island to explore the summertime escape of literature’s great character Jay Gatsby. The first issue of Tastevin also included a short story, “Tides of Crimson,” following a forlorn mermaid and a lonely princess.

y Birthday To Us!

A look back at the first year of Tastevin

67 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

Janel Parrish of ABC’s Pretty Little Liars graced our June cover, accompanied by a photo shoot in Central Park inspired by W.A. Fulkerson’s novel Starfall.

Our first Vegas issue went behind the scenes of Sin City, from the down-to-earth guys of Thunder From Down Under to the best makeup to beat the heat. It was also the first issue to feature a man on the cover.

68 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

August cover girl Joey Tierney lets us into her home and into the life of a celebrity stylist.


Fabulous Rachel Reilly of Big Brother and The Amazing Race reveals all in her vibrant September cover story. The issue also explored travel wear by Diane Kroe.

Jewelry designer Kesha, together with Charles Albert, chats about the Kesha Rose jewel line in the November issue, and food star Claire Thomas lets us into her home for some tasty inspiration.

70 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

In the October issue, Scheana Marie talks Vanderpump Rules and dealing with Brandi Glanville’s jealousies, and bubbly designer Kelly Dooley shares her insight on the fitness fashion world.

The First Affair What It’s Like Sleeping with the President

Claire Thomas

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71 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

Mega-songster and Warrior Designer

Drugstore Aversion

Get Over Your Fear of the Makeup Aisle

From boozy cupcakes to the benefits of red wine, the December issue was a festive one (and the first without a person on its cover)!

fashion and and lil aa fashion

Tastevin loves its men. The MANuary issue was fronted by Survivor yogi Vytas Baskauskas.

M How to Get Rid of the Blehs Cleanse Your Body

72 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

This mo



Namaste Bitch Vytas Baskauskas of Survivor: Blood vs. Water on yoga, his brother, and New Age crap

Boost Your Libido: Here’s How! Strangers On A Train: A Real Life Story of Traveling by Train Sweet Looks: Whether for Valentine’s Day or a Wedding, We’ve Got the Looks You Need


lifestyle tasting menu menu ifestyle tasting

Project Runway powerhouse Michelle Lesniak talks life after the show and shares pieces from her “Little Girl Lost” collection.

Michelle Lesniak

On Project Runway, Portland, and Pulling Through

the MANuary issue

onth we celebrate all things men!

le Designers! Male Poets! le Bouncers!



The March issue features Tony-nominee Bryce Pinkham and introduced the “Things We Love” column where the Tastevin editors curate their obsessions for the month.


How To Clean Makeup Brushes How To Be a Gentleman

Bryce Pinkham

WE ARE NOT MADE EQUALLY A Calorie is Not the Same as a Calorie


74 Tastevin Magazine May 2014

Spilling Blood and Secrets On Broadway

From Work to Weekend, Day to Night

wi th our

Tastevin loves women. Jamie Noel spills on being an actress-producer in Hollywood, and designer Vanesa Rey stays at the forefront of what women need in the tech-fashion world.

ith many hanks to r readers

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Tastevin Magazine May 2014 - Featuring Cher Lloyd  

A Fashion and Lifestyle Tasting Menu - The Anniversary Issue!

Tastevin Magazine May 2014 - Featuring Cher Lloyd  

A Fashion and Lifestyle Tasting Menu - The Anniversary Issue!