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For the OYE Swimwear shoot, Editor-in-chief Caroline A. Wong enlisted her friend Kirsten Keitel to model. “She’s tall and slender,” says Wong. “Because the color story for the shoot was black and white, I wanted a blond model so her hair would contrast and let the OYE Swimwear pieces shine.” Photography Director Alexander Herman oversaw the shoot at a tennis court near his home. Keitel takes pole dancing classes for fitness and joked with Herman that she wished she had a pole with which to pose. Too bad there wasn’t one readily available on the court! Although the Milly brand collaboration with Kohl’s was inspired by the azure coast of Capri, the photo shoot for this issue’s “You & Me” designer collaboration column took place near the Tastevin offices in Los Angeles. Fashion and Beauty Editor Breana Powell, who photographed the shoot, selected her locations carefully, ensuring there was no overlap with past shoots that have taken place in the same area, such as the August/September 2014 cover shoot featuring Jeannie Mai of The Real.

Wedding season is upon us, and the Tastevin staff is no stranger to preparing for upcoming nuptials! Recently engaged, Arts and Leisure Writer Erica Mau is the proud puppy mama of Teddy Rex the Westie and his new brother, JB the Golden Retriever pup. In the spirit of the season, Mau thought it would be a great idea to include her dog babies in an engagement shoot with her fiancé. How did it all turn out? Check out the latest installment of “The Puppy Diaries” in this issue!

Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015



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HORS D’OEUVRE Contributors: Who’s who in this issue Things We Love: Editor picks for the summer From the Desk of the Editor: Sum(mer) like it hot


BEAUTY & WELLNESS The Skinny on Health: A quick and natural way to lose weight? We weigh in! {Beauty} Trick to Try: Fight frizz with this easy at-home treatment

ARTS & LEISURE FTLOF: The perfect summer meal...sherry mushrooms with chicken and quinoa Puppy Diaries: An engagement photo shoot… with puppies? Erica Mau did it Made: Potter fans, this poster is made for you!



You+Me: Milly takes Kohl’s on a trip to Capri with its designer collaboration Make It Fit: Our new columnist makes anything in your closet fit for any occasion Share Your Where: Damn, we wish we were in Amsterdam! Share Your Wear: From the cabana to the catwalk, OYE Swimwear takes its suits from poolside to boardroom

Always end with something sweet

CAROLINE A. WONG Editor-in-Chief

BRANDON GAMBLE Creative Director



ARTS AND LEISURE Arts and Leisure Editor EMILY VAN GUILDER Arts and Leisure Writers ERICA MAU & SARAH KALB

ART Photography Director ALEXANDER HERMAN Assistant Photographer HAIL NOWAK

The Skinny on Health’s Lisa Eberly is a huge fan of taking care of your body the healthy way, so she gives tips for fast and natural weight loss this issue. Also, congratulations are in order—she’ll be graduating with her master’s degree in public health and nutrition!

Creative Director Brandon Gamble is super sad that Mad Men is over. Gamble mans the New York offices for Tastevin, so if you see him wandering the streets, pretend that he’s Don Draper and offer to buy him a drink.


Fashion and Beauty Editor Breana Powell interviewed the designers behind this issue’s cover feature, OYE Swimwear. If she were to style one of the brand’s suits, she’d choose “cigarette trousers and chunky shoes like my creepers.”

Amanda Chi may be based back in the states, but she still has stories to share, including tidbits from her happy jaunt to Amsterdam. Read about her insider tips for traversing the compelling city as a local would!

Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

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7 6 2015

We’re not sure if Arts and Leisure Writer Erica Mau is more in love with her puppies or her fiancé. She organized an engagement photo shoot including all her loves and documented the inevitable mayhem that ensued for this issue.

Photography Director Alexander Herman traveled a few steps away from his home to a local tennis court to photograph OYE Swimwear for the cover. The film on which he assisted, Superior, will be having its world premiere at Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre on June 5!

Things We Love Alexander Herman / Photography Director Nike Killshot 2 “I never know what to submit for this section, so I though I would share an article of clothing that I have had forever and wear just about everyday. I have worn my Nike Killshot 2s [$70,] into the ground and then further and keep wearing them. I might have to buy a new pair soon which is something I never do.”

Breana Powell / Fashion & Beauty Editor Etsy Laptop Case


Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

“I recently got a new laptop, so I wanted to find a unique case to protect it. I decided to browse Etsy and found this envelope case made of wool and leather. I love how it doubles as an oversized clutch - carrying my laptop never looked this chic. ”

The Tastevin editors share their monthly obsessions

Colette Choi / Beauty Editor Smashbox Primer


“I am thoroughly obsessed with Smashbox’s Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer in Pore Minimizing [$39,]. One day I kept looking at myself in the mirror wondering why I looked so good and oil-free. It was because I had started using this primer! If I don’t put on this primer, I will remove all my makeup and start over. I pair it with a cream foundation, which might make a difference for some users.”


from the desk of the


The seasons befuddle me…I blame it on my growing up in San Francisco. The weather never really changed around my family’s home overlooking the Pacific. It was always just a bright, heavy fog and me thinking I could wear whatever I wanted because no one could tell the difference in pictures. Is that February? Is that July? Is that September? You can’t tell! We didn’t have Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. We had Grey.

Well, our cover feature, OYE Swimwear, shares that same vein of season-less thinking. The brand crafts gorgeous suits that are almost too luxe for the sea. After all, they’re meant to travel beyond the beach. For our photo shoot, we steered clear of water altogether and photographed the clean lines of OYE Swimwear with skirts and statement jewelry. These are looks you can easily take from a creative office (just throw on a blazer or a sheer blouse) to drinks with friends or even a date! The brand is all about a daring, seductive aesthetic that becomes surprisingly versatile as you pair with different pieces. So get crazy this summer. Yes, you can wear black. Yes, you can wear all black if you’d like. Do what you want. After all, in San Francisco, it could well be December.

As always, feel free to tweet @TastevinMag and @CarolineAWong with your thoughts and picts.

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Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

Weight Loss the Natural Way


by Lisa Eberly am NOT a big proponent of unnecessary weight loss and I am even more so not a big proponent of unnatural weight loss. Pills, shakes, diet foods, and being freaking starving? Yea, no thanks dude. Research has proven that the most effective way to lose weight and actually keep it off long term is to do so slowly (If we’re getting specific here, the DASH diet over a long period of time is the “best” way to lose weight apparently. It’s a Mediterranean-type diet created by the National, Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute promoting a balanced, healthy eating style). Point is, the faster you lose weight, the more weight you’re going to gain when your “diet” is over. Yawn. If weight loss is your goal, you certainly don’t want to lose weight slowly. Being a major supporter of eating real foods and being active (aka keeping it simple, stupid), I’m all for slow, natural, and healthy weight loss. Your body knows what it wants, and denying it is just going to piss it off (and probably lead to a whole pizza in bed). If there were a completely healthy, natural way to lose weight quickly and keep it off

long term, the weight loss industry would be out of business. However, based on my personal experience and the little science I understand, I have found a few little things that can speed up the weight loss process without nasty unnatural products. Again, I cannot stress enough that I am NOT a supporter of quick fix weight loss and that I am 100% on board with eating whole, real foods and being active daily. That is, without a doubt, supported by science, the BEST way to maintain a healthy weight and thus a long and healthy life. Buutttt if you are trying to knock off a couple pounds and don’t have the patience or motivation to just wait for it to happen by eating real foods and working out, these are the little additional tricks I have up my sleeve. Some of these tactics work by increasing energy (which then increases productivity and activity, thus burning more calories and/or decreasing boredom-eating), improving sleep, or just generally getting your body’s systems back from being “outta whack” (why yes, this is the correct medical term).


Beauty & Wellness

THE SKINNY ON HEALTH Take dem vitamins. Taking B complex vitamins (vitamin B-2 and B-12 are my favorite) always increases my energy a ton. It’s like an extra cup of coffee kick-in-the-ass. This helps me burn more energy throughout the day. Taking Vitamin D3 and/or a multivitamin helps to keep all your systems running smoothly. Being deficient in vitamins can make you sluggish, so staying on top of them is important for optimum energy and weight maintenance. Drink TONS of water. I am always drinking water (and therefore literally always have to pee). Many people mistake dehydration for hunger, so they end up eating more if they haven’t drank enough water. Additionally, not drinking enough water makes you sluggish/groggy/headachey/tired, which leads to eating junk and not working out. Water flushes out your system and balances sodium, so if you have had a lot of processed foods recently and are feeling bloated, water will take care of that (as will potassium!).

Track your steps. It is SO easy to count steps with phones now. By tracking your steps and making sure that you’re taking more than 10,000 steps per day, you keep up with being more active because you’re more aware of it. For instance, if I skipped my run or was sitting at a desk all day and saw I only hit 4,000 steps, you know I’m going to be going for a long, late-night podcast walk! If you are able to use both your legs, do not take that for granted. Get outside and walk! Start your day off with a big mug of coffee or tea. And it’s important to note: a latte or coffee loaded with sugar/milk/calories does NOT count! I always start off with a huge mug of chai spice brewed tea with lemon (not a chai latte, but water and a teabag) or a big mug of black coffee. This caffeine gives you that boost to burn more calories by being more active and productive without the heavy calories (and thus exhaustion) from a latte drink.

10 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

Don’t be afraid of protein and starchy veggies. As long as you’re eating mindfully, proteins and starchy vegetables help keep you full throughout the day with fewer calories than carbohydrates and high-fat foods. Protein (with healthy fats) I love come from hummus, natural homemade nut butters, eggs, and fish. Starchy veggies I go for include spaghetti squash, zucchini, and sweet potatoes. These keep you running at high energy without burning you out, making you more active and burning more calories with fewer consumed. For example, yesterday for lunch I had an amazing homemade spicy bolognese “pasta” made from zucchini noodles with lean ground turkey, tomatoes, onions, and red pepper. It was not only SO filling and delicious, but I only finished half of it before I was so satisfied. On top of that, I didn’t need a 3-4 pm pick me up. In fact, I was so focused and energized on work that I didn’t even look up from my desk until 7! (Other things I did that may have contributed to that high-energy calorie burning: took vitamin B-2 and D, had a morning smoothie, biked to work, drank tons of water, and did acupuncture the night before…) Sleep. Get your 7-9 hours. Science proved that. Let’s just start doing it, shall we?

Strength train. Muscle weighs more than fat, yes. However, increasing muscle mass is the only way (other than changing your DNA) to speed up metabolism! Metabolism “boosting” pills? Lies. The only metabolism boosters are the biceps you’re going to get from weights.

It is also really important to note that these tips only work if you’re also eating real foods in moderation and exercising regularly! They are not a magic fix! Let me know how you’re doing by tweeting @xoxo_TSOH and check out my site for regular health tidbits!

Reservations: 3 2 3 . 4 6 7 . 7 9 9 1 6350 HOLLYWOOD BLVD @BESOHOLLYWOOD


{Beauty} Trick to Try

By Colette Choi

For this simple at-home frizz remedy, fill a spray bottle with one part conditioner and three parts water (for example: ½ cup conditioner and 1½ cups water). You can find a spray bottle at your local drugstore. Then just shake shake shake! And spritz spritz spritz! The DIY mixture will act as a leave-in conditioner and keep your tresses glossy and frizz-free. If you need a more lightweight formula, just add more water! You can totally tailor the formula to your hair type. Yup, it’s that simple. Now aren’t you glad you have me as your beauty maven? Go forth and fight frizz!


Hello, my beautiful Tasties! It’s summer season, and for some of us, that means yucky awful dreaded frizzy hair (#lame). Don’t worry, though. I’m here with a quick and easy {Beauty} Trick to Try!

love food for the


Story and photos by Sarah Kalb

14 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

SPICY SHERRY MUSHROOMS with CHICKEN and QUINOA INGREDIENTS - 2 organic boneless, skinless chicken breasts - 2 tbsp organic, extra-virgin coconut oil - Salt and pepper - 1 cup quinioa - 2 cups water - 1 organic onion, sliced - 1 tsp red pepper flakes

- 2 tbsp butter - 1 cup crimini mushrooms, rinsed and sliced - 2 tbsp sherry - 1/4 cup goat cheese - parsley, for garnish - olives, for garnish

PREPARATION Lightly rub the chicken in coconut oil, salt, and pepper. Cook until tender over medium heat in a covered skillet. Turn off the stove and let chicken rest in juices. Meanwhile, bring the quinoa and water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Cover and let simmer over low heat until all the water is absorbed, about 15 minutes.

In a large saucepan, melt the butter. Add the onions and pepper flakes with salt and pepper to taste, and slowly sweat on low heat for about 10 minutes. Add the mushrooms and sherry. Cook covered until soft, about 3-5 minutes.

Plate your dinner for two, making a bed of quinoa for the chicken and topping with olives. Spoon a generous pile of the onion and mushroom mixture to the side, topping with goat cheese and parsley. Serve immediately with your fanciest napkins!

Carefully place the lamb in the skillet and sear for 1-3 minutes or until bread crumbs are crispy, adding more oil if necessary. Cover the skillet and turn heat to medium-low. Cook until lamb is tender, about 10 minutes. Serve with mint glaze.

Arts & Leisure


16 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

Puppy Diaries by erica mau Photos by Christie Pham

18 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015


eing recently engaged with a new pup addition to the fam, I was intensely excited to take engagement photos with the whole gang. Especially since the dogs can’t participate in our Hawaii wedding festivities (due to quarantine laws), these photos would commemorate a preciously happy time in our lives – and cement the youthful and adorable canines in the cutest stage of their lives. Thus, per usual, I researched and planned ahead. I found the best wedding photographer in Hawaii, who also fortunately could take our engagement photos in LA. I informed her that the dogs would be in attendance, so she wouldn’t be surprised and unprepared on the day of the shoot. The Tedster got a haircut and the Jaybster was bathed and blow-dried. I read articles on best practices to photograph pets and gathered all my supplies – treats, matching leashes, and bowties. #necessary And, per usual, I still felt ill prepared when the time came to take some good ‘ole family photos. There were several factors that just happened to be in my favor: We did the shoot at our house, where the dogs were comfortable (rather, our house is photogenic enough at which to do a photo shoot). The photographer had her hubby in tow, who helped to watch the dogs (rather, the photographer’s husband loved hanging out with dogs and was really good at dealing with two energetic puppies). It didn’t rain. Then there were several factors that just happened to suck: My puppies don’t run out of energy (despite spending half a day playing with other dogs and taking a long, uphill walk in the hot sun). My puppies don’t like sitting still (despite being bribed with endless treats). My puppies’ general playful behavior. So for anyone out there who is planning to ever take pictures with your pups, here’s my advice to you that I did not read in one single article online.

First, don’t do any sitting poses on the grass. Sure, if you can get a good one, it’ll look like you’re a fun couple with your dogs who goes on picnics and chills in the park. But these shots were the hardest for us to get the puppies still because they thought we were all playing on the ground together. As soon as we stood and were on a “higher level” than the dogs, they behaved better and stopped trying to run around. It even got better when we sat on stairs and had some leverage to hold them still. You can also use the leash more when you’re higher up, pulling on it to get the dogs to sit and behave. Second, find a photographer who just tells it like it is.

It's great to have the expert say, "JB's butt is too high."

I don’t know how you’d go about doing that. There’s no “tells it like it is: yes” section on Yelp. Our photographer’s personality, however, definitely helped us get through the shoot with sanity, and we even felt confident about it afterwards (which I was not expecting). It’s great to


Arts & Leisure


have the person behind the lens say, “nope, this isn’t working” when your dogs won’t stay still during your sitting poses. To have the expert say, “JB’s butt is too high on the stairs” since you can’t see it from where you’re standing. And most of all to have your photographer tell you to fix your hair, since you’ll easily forget that your locks are wilder than the dogs. Third, try to find an area your dog(s) can go off-leash. Some of my favorite photos turned out to be in our backyard, where the dogs can run freely off their leashes. When our photographer was just shooting us humans, the dogs ran around and got some energy out – and we also got some cute candids. If nothing else, being off-leash took the edge off and allowed our pups to feel comfortable and happy, which is how we want them to look in the photos! Ultimately, we got a lot more fantastic shots than expected, and for that, I truly thank preparation. Even the less fantastic shots – the ones where Teddy’s eyes are closed or JB looks like he’s squatting to take a deuce – are smileinducing and laugh-worthy. And I couldn’t ask for better memories to begin this journey with my family.

For more photography by Christie Pham, visit

20 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015


Arts & Leisure


made HARRY POSTER Story and photos by Emily Van Guilder

Supplies Needed: Canvas Sponge paintbrush (Very) Small paintbrush Acrylic paints (black, white, yellow, brown, etc.) X-acto knife Stencil paper/cardstock paper Fine point black sharpie



While that first layer dries, print and cut out an outline of Fawkes the Phoenix on stencil paper. If you don’t have stencil paper, medium-thick cardstock works just as well for a project of this scale. Obviously, you can chose any image you desire, but since I picked a Dumbledore quote for this project, I thought Fawkes would be appropriate.

Instructions: Paint a base layer onto your canvas with the sponge paintbrush. I aimed for a mixture of paint that looked somewhat like old parchment.

3 Carefully use the stencil to paint Fawkes onto the top center of your canvas. Brush strokes should always been away from the edge of the paper. If you paint towards the edge, the brush can slip underneath and ruin your crisp edges. 26 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

4 Pick and design your favorite Harry Potter quote. If you don’t feel confident free-handing the font, you can print and cut out the writing onto some stencil paper. Extra points if you download a free Harry Potter-esque font to use. Plan out the spacing for your quote and paint with extreme care. Slow and steady wins the race! Use a fine point black sharpie to clean up any rough edges if necessary.

Display on your wall with a newfound sense of wisdom and knowledge!

Dimitri James




Each issue, Caroline A. Wong joins you in the chase for the most coveted designer collaborations. It’s a team effort. It’s you and me. Photos by Breana Powell

30 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015


ou. Me. Capri. A tantalizing isle perched amidst the azure waters of the Gulf of Naples, Capri is amongst the first of the locales that leap to mind when you envision an Italian holiday. Milly taps into the daydreamish quality of this resort island through its designer collaboration for Kohl’s DesigNation. With bright florals, nautical stripes, and thick scuba-esque fabric, the collection definitely evokes la dolce vita, even for those of us who haven’t sipped limoncello along Italian shores as the sun sinks beneath crystalline waves. The line’s collarbone-baring tops bring to mind a sashaying Italian woman beckoning you through stonepaved streets. The breezy blue prints, of course, recall the gulf.

Fashion & Features


Milly is actually an American company, founded by designer Michelle Smith and based in New York City. The brand has been around for fifteen years and has been chosen by a few women that may sound a bit familiar to you…Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Middleton…maybe you recognize the names? Milly is known for its custom fabric and prints, so it’s no surprise to me that the collection’s fabrics are a step above those of a normal designer collaboration and especially one with Kohl’s. I’ve been disappointed by the retailer’s past lines (ahem, Catherine Malandrino), but Milly brought a smile to my face. I mean, it’s Capri—how could it not?

“ The collection definitely evokes la dolce vita, even for those of us who haven’t sipped limoncello along Italian shores.” A devilish secret of mine is that I own more from the collection than just the pieces photographed for this column. If we could have, I would have gladly modeled each piece from the line! Yup, love it that much. Much, much more than I care for the recent Lilly Pulitzer collaboration with Target (Sorry, Lilly…you spread yourself too thin with the women’s clothing and the kids’ clothing and the home goods and the accessories…need I list more?). Anyway…back to Milly…the Capri collection is an all-around win. Spot-on quality. Fun, almost quirky prints. Bright and airy summer colors. And truly Caprese style. I will say that the cuts are for someone almost a foot taller than me. Taylor, I’m looking at you. For someone petite like me (I’m 5’2”), the midi skirt 32 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

Black and white crop top, $40; Abstract floral midi scuba skirt, $50, both Milly for Kohl’s DesigNation, Lemon clutch, editor’s own, for similar styles. Astronomer pendant, $20; Roboto hex ring, $20, both BaubleBar

Fashion & Features


is flirting with floor-length. You could opt for nude heels, which I discussed with our Fashion Editor (who also happened to photograph the shoot). But architectural heels also add some flair and ground the look. I plan to get the skirt tailored and brought up a few inches. Don’t be afraid of mixing a floral pattern with a striped print. It’s a fun fashion choice, and the summer is perfect for experimenting with your closet. The white accents in both the top

“ Fun, almost quirky prints. Bright and airy summer colors. And truly Caprese style.” and the skirt complement each other, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing pieces. Keep it playful with a quirky accessory, like a lemon-shaped clutch (No, I didn’t store any limoncello in there!). The crop is my new go-to, of course, but Milly takes it up a notch with its almostbut-not-quite off-the-shoulder cut. It goes with skirts. It goes with high-waist capri pants. Haha, Capri, capri. See what I did there? A cropped pant is also very Audrey, who’s very Roman Holiday, which is very Italian, which is very Capri. You don’t have to choose a typical floral once summer rolls around. A cropped top paired with cropped pant is an elegant way to step out into the sunshine. The verdict is in, and Milly is a win. Pack up your bags full of the designer collaboration. I’ll meet you in Capri!

34 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

Black and white crop top, $40, Milly for Kohl’s DesigNation, Black high-rise skinny ankle pant, $75, Banana Republic, Periwinkle faux leather sandals, $25, Forever 21, Gold leather envelope clutch, $78, J. Crew Factory, Astronomer pendant, $20; Roboto hex ring, $20, both BaubleBar



36 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015


Fixin’ For Fringe Story and photos by Jessica Locher


Fashion & Features


oward the end of music festival season, thousands of girls are, no doubt, wondering what to do with their overly floral, fringe-lined, boho-inspired pieces. Though some of the garments may easily lend themselves to typical summer attire (maybe even summeronly attire), I’d like to show how to incorporate them into other, less-relaxed outfits as well. I was inspired to tackle this issue when a friend of mine, actress Jenna Beasley, saw my new Nasty Gal Beliza fringe crop top [$68,] and said, “When will you ever wear that?” “Challenge accepted, my friend! Not only will you I show you how many different ways you can utilize this piece, I’ll also do it from your own closet!” Jenna was happy to open up her wardrobe to me AND I think she was pleasantly surprised with what I came up with! Jenna’s typical style is very girly, comfortable, and effortless. She has some great staple pieces which gave me a lot to work with. The fringe on the crop top, at first, seemed a little daunting because the strands are so long and seemingly uncontrollable. Thankfully, when creating both of these looks, I was able to use the fringe to the outfit’s greatest advantage and still keep the integrity of the look I was going for.

The first outfit is summery but classy. It would be a great ensemble for a cute day date or to spend an afternoon wine-tasting with the girls. We flipped the fringe up and over the neckline, which accentuates the bust and makes the piece look more feminine than edgy. Jenna had some great floral high-waisted shorts that were screaming for comfy oversized sweater! The platform sandals added height while still maintaining the casual feel of the look.


Fashion & Features


The second outfit is a little edgier and perfect for a night out on the town! When going out, you want a look to accentuate your best features and also have a “wow” factor. One of the reasons I love this Beliza top is the length of the fringe, but as I said before, it can be a little all over the place. I pulled a slinky high-waisted skirt over most of the fringe, creating the illusion of a dress, while still keeping a few strands out to playfully sway below the hemline. Jenna had some amazing wedged combat boots that added to this bold look.

Trying new things, especially in your wardrobe, can be very intimidating but also liberating. The Beliza top is much more versatile than you would expect at first glance! I was pleasantly surprised, when styling for this shoot, that I kept discovering different ways to utilize it! I challenge you to locate your themed or seasonal pieces and ask yourself what types of outfits these could easily contribute to. It’s freeing to rid yourself of your wardrobe shackles and find new ways to make it fit.

40 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015


Share Your Where

AMSTERDAM Amsterdam like an Amsterdammer

Story and photos by Amanda Chi 43

Fashion & Features



typical Dutch morning for me consists of waking up to alternatingly sunny and grey skies and stepping outside on the balcony to take in the street view of Amsterdam. I might gaze across at the stunning architecture of narrow houses—incredibly picturesque despite the absence of those famous canals. After all, my balcony overlooks the gorgeous de Pijp neighborhood, an area south of the city center. Thanks to a special culinary introduction made by my Dutch friend, I eat a sweet and savory breakfast of buttered toast topped with salami and another slice topped with hagelslag. A quick Google search will tell you that hagelslag is chocolate sprinkles—yes, the Dutch eat chocolate sprinkles for breakfast! In addition to eating such typical Dutch foods, I figure I should also explore some of the local neighborhoods. Here are some special locales on my list... De Pijp is an area where more locals than tourists hang around, but it is most well known for the Heineken Brewery and the Albert Cuypmarkt, a street market popular amongst both Amsterdammers and tourists. The market may seem a bit underwhelming for those expecting Amsterdam’s largest outdoor market to rival London’s Camden Lock Market or Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, but it caters to both visitors and residents. Bordering on a flea market, the long line of stalls sells food, cheap trinkets, beautiful scarves, and second-hand goods. Aside from those two destinations, the neighborhood is generally quite tourist-free. Feel like having a lazy afternoon? Grab a coffee around the local cafés (there’s a difference between café and coffee shops…a café is a casual restaurant or bar whereas a coffeeshop is a licensed purveyor of cannabis products) and soak in the Amsterdam atmosphere at Sarphatipark, a public park just a short walk from Albert Cuyp. Many Turkish, Moroccan, and Surinamese immigrants live in the area, and this is reflected in the variety of restaurants. My favorite is Bazar Amsterdam, a Turkish restaurant on Albert Cuypstraatset; it’s set within an old church and filled with over-the-top exotic décor and amazing food. De Pijp has a bit of everything and is a great mix of busy tourist and leisurely local. While those considered to be “locals” are from the Netherlands, Amsterdammers are the ones 44 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015


Fashion & Features


“Quaint yet lively cafes are woven through the streets and canals, along with small shops and boutiques. It’s another ideal place to feel like a fellow Amsterdammer.” born and bred in the city, and many of them live in the Jordaan area. What used to be a working-class neighborhood is now a trendy and rather affluent destination. An absolutely gorgeous neighborhood with colorfully picturesque buildings that decorate the sides of the canals, everywhere you turn is cause to whip out your camera (or camera phone). You often find tourists flocking along Prinsengracht towards the Anne Frank House to pay their respects. Although the Anne Frank House is the most notable destination of the area, I found that the Jordaan was an attraction in itself. Quaint yet lively cafés are woven through the streets and canals, along with small shops and boutiques. It’s certainly tamer than the Red Light District and yet another ideal place to cycle in order to feel like a fellow Amsterdammer. If you truly want the Amsterdam shop46 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

ping experience, I recommend De Negen Straatjes. Consisting of nine little side streets within central Amsterdam, the area is home to over 200 specialty boutique shops, clothing stores, jewelers, art galleries, and small cafés. You won’t be finding the kitschy souvenir shops that pervade Dam Square, the Red Light District, or Centraal Station. While you can shop at better-known brands such as Scotch & Soda and Carhartt, De 9 Straatjes also houses obscure brands such as We Are Labels and even vintage and thrift stores such as Episodes. It’s an ideal place to window shop since many stores are in the high price range. Mendo is a sleek and stylish bookstore that’s reminiscent of a modern art museum, offering an array of visually stunning coffee table books. From fashion and design to travel, food, and photography, all books are chosen as if they were curated works of art, and

you’ll wish you either had multiple coffee tables or enough spending money to purchase them all. There’s more to Amsterdam than just its bustling canaled city center. Head north across the River IJ to Amsterdam-Noord, an open-spaced neighborhood with beautiful waterfronts and more modern architecture. The ferry behind the Amsterdam Centraal station will shuttle you across the IJ free of charge and you’ll get a gorgeous view of the EYE Film Institute while you’re out on the water. What used to be old factory buildings and open waterfronts have now been transformed into artsy communities and cultural venues. The EYE is the most well known and is a museum, cinema, and café all rolled into one. On a sunny day, it’s an ideal place to stroll along the waterfront and get a cup of coffee while you take in the view of central Amsterdam

across the water. It’s a perfect location for cloudy days as it shows movies both contemporary and classic. It may be trickier for English speakers since only some movies are spoken or subtitled in English. Walk downstairs and you’ll see their film museum and archive, with several booths that show old movies on smaller screens for free! Though Amsterdam is widely known for its cafés and Red Light District, it has more to offer than the vices that amaze or startle a first-time visitor. I know my jaw dropped the first time I walked by a red-lit glass door! But thanks to my fabulous friend and tour guide, I can now say that my list is complete. I was able to travel and explore beyond what Amsterdam is most famous for and see through the eyes of an Amsterdammer what the locals love about their canaled city.


OYE 48 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

If all of our clothes were thrown into a fashion showdown, it’s safe to say that the bodysuit would take the crown for versatility. Sexy yet understated, this body-hugging piece has persisted throughout the eras—from the Donna Karan creations of the 80s to the modernized styles worn by Beyoncé in her most iconic music videos. If you’re searching for bodysuits that will become the bona fide MVPs in your closet, check out OYE Swimwear, a brand that counts J Lo and Jessica Alba as fans. Identical twin sisters Ayca and Zeynep Sadikoglu founded the Istanbul-based brand to explore an elevated approach to swimwear. We spoke with Ayca to get the scoop on these travelinspired designs. By Breana Powell Photos by Alexander Herman


Fashion & Features


Tastevin Magazine How do your bodysuits stand

out from other brands?

Ayca Sadikoglu Our approach has always been to

consistently create wearable yet bold statement pieces. Every piece is handmade with the highest quality fabrics in our atelier in the heart of Istanbul. Additionally, with both of our backgrounds, there’s a level of duality that’s inherent in each collection, merging clean lines and concealed silhouette with edgy cutouts and lace. TM What are different ways that you can style a bodysuit? Which items do you love pairing them with? AS There are so many ways to style our bodysuits that can take you from day to night. We love styling them with wide-leg trousers or a flared skirt. They also look great layered with a blazer for a classic evening look.  TM What is the inspiration behind the line— how did you get your start? AS Both of us were living in New York City pursuing different careers in film production and public relations. During a holiday in India, we happened across a beautiful stone in Jaipur which was used in one of our first designs. The style became such a hit between our friends and passerby alike, that it prompted us to start our own line. Now we can say we’re blessed to be carried by retailers around the globe.  TM Do you have any celebrity fans? AS Yes! Both Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba have both been seen wearing our designs, as well as worked with Shay Mitchell, Jennifer Lawrence, and Joan Smalls.  TM What is your favorite part about designing? AS I love seeing the inspiration we take from our travels come to life through our collections.  TM What are the major roadblocks, if any, when designing and manufacturing your pieces? AS The biggest roadblock used to be the manufacturing process in the beginning but now that we have our own atelier, we can control the whole process ensuring the top-notch quality.

50 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

White bodysuit, OYE Swimwear,; Sheer striped skirt, Forever 21,; Gold geometric necklace, J.Crew Factory,

TM Which iconic starlet from the past would rock your pieces? AS Catherine Deneuve! TM Has social media played a part in your success? Any tips to aspiring designers and business owners about how to tap into these platforms? AS As Instagram has grown, we’ve loved seeing OYE on a variety of social influencers that

Black bodysuit, OYE Swimwear,; Geometric midi pencil skirt, Forever 21, forever21. com for similar styles; Gold geometric choker, Jules Smith, for similar styles. Gold cuff, Kenneth Cole, for similar styles.


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52 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015

evoke the OYE brand persona. As an aspiring designer, it’s important to carry your brand voice throughout all of those platforms, whether it’s pictures or text. Always, always remain true to your brand message. TM What are your and your sister’s future plans for the brand? AS We’d love to continue to create new, inspiring collections, expanding our silhouettes

and fabric offerings. AS Dream collaboration? TM We’d love to align with an on-brand costume designer or blogger to do a capsule collection.


Fashion & Features

Check out All social: oyeswimwear

54 Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015



Something Sweet

by Caroline A. Wong

Do something sweet for the people of Nepal. Rocked by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25 followed by another, 7.3 magnitude quake on May 12, the country is devastated, with the emotional tragedy of thousands of lives lost in addition to destroyed infrastructure and a shaken relief effort. Many are in dire need of basic care, from shelter to water to sanitation. Your donation to organizations such as Red Cross and Plan USA will assist Nepal’s earthquake victims.


For more information, visit or Tastevin offers these organizations as a suggestion for aid but is not affiliated with any named.

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Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015  

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Tastevin Magazine June / July 2015  

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