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How to Get Rid of the Blehs

the MANuary issue

This month we celebrate all things men!

Male Designers! Male Poets! Male Bouncers!

Cleanse Your Body

Namaste Bitches! Vytas Baskauskas of Survi vor: Blood vs. Water on yoga, his brother, and New Age crap



The First Affair What It’s Like Sleeping with the President

Claire Thomas

More Than Your Average TV Foodie

Mega-songster and Warrior Designer



Drugstore Aversion

Get Over Your Fear of the Makeup Aisle

CAROLINE A. WONG Editor-in-Chief

BRANDON GAMBLE Creative Director



ARTS AND LEISURE Arts and Leisure Editor EMILY VAN GUILDER Arts and Leisure Writers ERICA MAU & SARAH KALB

ART Photography Director ALEXANDER HERMAN Assistant Photographer HAIL NOWAK



CONTRIBUTORS: Say hello to some of this issue’s contributors THINGS WE LOVE: Snatch up these hot editor picks FROM THE DESK OF THE EDITOR: ”The Last Chapter”

BEAUTY & WELLNESS NOURISH BY LISA: Get out the breath mints and down some garlic {BEAUTY} TRICK TO TRY: Make it matte

ARTS & LEISURE HOME SWEET HOME: Become a decor master in five steps PUPPY DIARIES: Let your pets guide your path with these six lessons WEARING THE WEIGHT WELL: Take care of yourself, inside and out



YOU + ME: Stay away from Kohl’s despite its latest designer collaboration

SHARE YOUR WHERE: Heat up in Hawaii SHARE YOUR WEAR: Bond with your little hair stylist buddy



Amanda Chi has certainly earned quite a few frequent flyer miles during her tenure with Tastevin, and this issue is no different. She unveils the pristine shores of Hawaii living in her “Share Your Where” article.

Sarah Kalb values the importance of feeding your body quality things, both inside and out. Her natural cosmetics line, Roots of Beauty, boasts blushes, powders, and lipstick crafted in a sustainable, fair-trade way. You can keep in touch with her through her site www.RootsOfBeauty.com

Creative Director Brandon Gamble has been with the publication from its inception. Each issue would not have come together over these past three years without his hard work and keen design eye. We thank him very much for everything he has done to make Tastevin a reality. You can keep in touch with him via Instagram @BrandonGamble and at www.BrandonGamble.com

Breana Powell is a fashionista, a beauty powerhouse, and a true inspiration. As Tastevin’s Fashion and Beauty Editor, she has been quick and enthusiastic when it comes to work for the publication. She is beyond talented, and we are so grateful that she has contributed to Tastevin these past three years. You can keep in touch with her via Instagram and Twitter @LifeOfBreana, as well as through her site www.LifeOfBreana.com

Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

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Erica Mau is a proud mama of two exuberant dogs, Teddy Rex the Westie and JB the Golden Retriever. The two pups have a special place in the hearts of the Tastevin team, bringing puppy love and smiles to each issue. The happy family now continues its antics in Hawaii. You can keep in touch with them via Instagram @TeddyRexWestie and @JBtheGolden.

Lisa Eberly, MPH, RD, is the face and founder of Nourish by Lisa, the health and wellness site dedicated to the idea that understanding your health should be a right, not a privilege. She uses her background in nutrition to discuss healthy living in a way free from fads and gimmicks. You can keep in touch with her via Instagram @LisaEberly and Twitter @NourishByLisa, as well as through her site www.NourishByLisa.com

Things We Love

CAROLINE A. WONG / Editor-in-Chief “I’m a self-proclaimed fries fiend. Skinny french fries are my jam! I like to dress them up with a bit of black truffle oil, truffle salt, and freshly shaved parmesan cheese. It’s phenomenal. And my favorite, most fragrant and flavorful truffle salt is from Hepps Salt Co. The black truffle sea salt [$25 for 2oz., heppssalt.com] is the perfect finish for an indulgent treat.” 4

Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016


Truffle Salt

The Tastevin editors share their monthly obsession

BRANDON GAMBLE / Creative Director

BREANA POWELL / Fashion & Beauty Editor

Gabriel Scott Welles Chandelier


“Resembling a piece of modern art, this customizable chandelier from Gabriel Scott creates instant drama in any home. Perfect above a dining table or lining a hallway, this is an investment piece worth considering.” [Customizable, as shown $10,500, gabriel-scott.com]

“I recently became obsessed with pineapples, and have started a small collection of things featuring them, so this was a sweet gift from my team at work. There’s actually a candle inside!” [Target.com]


from the desk of the

EDITOR Tasties, thank you for three incredible years! With your support, we have gone from an idea born in a one-bedroom New York apartment to an online publication with readership in over forty countries. Incredible talent has graced our covers, from music artists Kesha and Cher Lloyd to television personalities like Schena Shay of Vanderpump Rules, Jeannie Mai of The Real, and Rachel Reilly of Big Brother and The Amazing Race. Our team has grown, becoming a network of staffers who have all dedicated their time to producing content for the sheer love of it. And we couldn’t have done it without you in mind! It is on this note that I would like to share that this issue will be Tastevin’s last. We have had a great run these past three years, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to share some inspiring stories with you. We hope that you’ll continue to come back to these stories in the years to come, to see how time has touched all of our lives in such intricate ways.

Our staffers are all involved in some amazing things, from wellness to cosmetics to fashion, and we hope that you’ll keep in touch by following their work. We also hope we have brought some inspiration to you. You certainly have for us.

@tastevinmag 6

Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016



Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

The Benefits of Garlic

Beyond Protecting Against Vampires

(Beyond Protecting Against Vampires) I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like garlic. Garlic is basically extra deliciousness to add to anything you want to be delicious. Kale feels a little bland? Add some garlic and bam, it’s amazing. Most people use garlic because of that property (the deliciousness). However, what many don’t know is that garlic is VERY good for you. It is a member of the aliums (onion family), which have shown several benefits for our health and functional medicine. So, here’s why I throw garlic (or any of the aliums, including onions, shallots, leeks, chives…) on everything: Garlic supplementation is known to boost the function of the immune system. One large 12-week study found that a daily garlic supplement reduced the number of colds by 63% compared with a placebo. It may be able to reduce blood pressure. Human studies have found garlic supplementation to have a significant impact on reducing blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.

I will say, that like any nutrition claims about a particular food or supplement, it is very important to think about how their benefits work and if it’s been proven in humans. Note that these effects are shown via garlic supplementation (high doses of garlic in capsule form); however, if you dive into the research, you’ll find that the results are due to compounds in garlic that can be broken down in processing. So, since making supplements requires quite a bit of processing, it’s hard to find a brand to trust that maintains the compounds. Garlic salt and garlic powder also likely do not hold the same benefits. That’s why I recommend using real garlic cloves in cooking rather than supplementation or buying crushed garlic. At the very least, you can use it to keep away vampires, right?

Garlic might lower Total and LDL cholesterol. For those with high cholesterol, garlic supplementation appears to reduce total and/or LDL cholesterol by about 10-15%. Garlic contains antioxidants that protect against cell damage and aging, thus preventing several chronic diseases.


{Beauty} By Colette Choi

Trick to Try

10 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016


Beach season is upon us! So while you’re perusing the web for a new swimsuit (have you seen those Marimekko for Target pieces??), you can also be thinking about your other waterside accessories: your nails. I’ve offered tips for keeping your tips fresh before (swipe makeup remover wipes over your nails after a swim to keep pool chlorine from corroding your color), but I want to take it a step further to help your defend your digits. Set yourself up for success from the start: go matte! With matte color on your fingers and toes, you won’t have to worry about sand buffing away the high gloss shine you worked so hard on at home. The easy way to make the polish you already own into a matte formula? Corn starch. Just add a touch of corn starch to a bit of your nail polish, and your color will dry matte! It may take a bit of experimenting to get your ideal consistency, but that’s a perfect task for a #NetflixandChill kind of day, am I right? There you have it: an incredible, summer-ready #tricktotry!

5 STEPS TO BECOMING A HOME DECOR MASTER Story & photos by Breana Powell

12 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

Moving into a new home can often lead to a daunting to-do list. From organizing clutter that seems to have magically accumulated over the years (who knew one person could have so many knick-knacks?), to dealing with surprise maintenance issues, it’s an adventure that takes perseverance and patience. All labor-intensive work aside, the fun part comes when you can truly create a space that feels like you. Here are a few simple tips that you can use when it’s finally time to spruce up your new digs!

Arts & Leisure


The Internet is Your Home Décor Bestie

Transform Something You Already Own

Don’t start the makeover process without an interior design game plan. Finding ideas on websites (hi, Pinterest) and watching videos on YouTube are easy ways to get inspired. Save the images that you adore and create a mood board to keep your ideas cohesive. Extra Tip: When it is time to add decorative touches to your home, support small business owners by shopping on sites such as Etsy. com. You can find some truly unique pieces there!

To save time and money, try imagining something you own in a new light. Add a couch cover and new throw pillows to brighten up a dull couch. (You can even upholster it if you’re feeling fancy.) There are a million DIY projects online that you can implement into your decor process. Extra Tip: Ask your friends or family if they’d like to donate any pieces to your space. You’ll help them clean up and you’ll have the perfect opportunity to revamp something old!

Become An Explorer

Sure it’s easy to buy everything in one place, but try not to! In addition to visiting recognizable home décor stores, I encourage you to explore flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales to add one-of-a-kind items to your place. Extra Tip: If you really like an item from a flea market or yard sale, but it’s bit out of your price range, try bargaining with the salesperson. If no one else is biting, they’ll often agree to your offer!

Projects + Hangouts

Invite a friend (or a few friends) over to help you paint, hang up curtains, or pick out furniture or decorations. You’ll have fun catching up and complete your projects simultaneously. Offer to buy them lunch or to lend a hand with their place the next time you get together. Extra Tip: If your friend is particularly skilled in the home décor department, ask them for tips and favorite tricks when you see them.

14 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

Multi-Functional Items Are Key

To downside on items, keep an eye out for pieces that can serve multiple purposes. A decorative coffee tray, for example, can double as an actual serving tray when guests come over. Downsizing is especially awesome if you plan on moving in the future. Extra Tip: Have fun moving these multifunctional pieces around your home. Let’s say you’re not playing party hostess as much as you thought you would. Your once fully-stocked bar cart can be moved to the bedroom to display plant, books, or other miscellaneous items, becoming a lovely, unexpected focal point.


Puppy Diaries


Arts & Leisure


ast night, I fell asleep spooning JB, reminiscing about the past year that he’s completed our family. Flashback to Valentine’s Day 2015: the little Jaybster, only 16 weeks old, flounced around the yard with an uncoordinated puppy pounce only youngsters can pull off. He was 35 pounds – twice the weight of Teddy Rex – still easily able to wrestle the playful Westie. It was 35 pounds of blubbery puppy fat and fur, the softest fur at that, and it seemed like JB couldn’t keep his tongue from hanging out the side of his mouth. Going back even further to our first memories with the Tedster, it doesn’t seem like long ago that I could scoop the naughty pup up with just one hand. Peeing on the carpet? Scoop! Chewing on the pillows? Scoop! Baby Teddy was feisty, his sharp puppy teeth shred through clothes and blankets like it was his job, and it took a few months to teach him that human skin was not a chew toy. Two years later, our dogs are proof to us of how time flies. Some things haven’t changed, like JB’s tongue flapping in the wind and Teddy’s rascal disposition, but many other things have. JB now weighs a whopping 80 pounds, and can sprint across the yard in seconds. T Rex stands neatly underneath him, like a fluffy version of nestling stacking cups. T Rex, while still ferocious, won’t bite me (or my jeans), or anyone else for that matter.

18 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

Shoe casualty afte shoe casualty, I ca rage with the man it's just stuff.

ter alm my ntra:


Arts & Leisure


We went from silence to constant barking in just two years. Clean clothes to constant lint rolling. Normal human beings to straight-up-super-obsessed dog parents. So, from a crazy dog lady to you, here are the final tidbits of advice I will bestow, as taught to me by two of the most lovable fur balls around.

Don't hold a grudge

Many dog training articles have taught me that it’s pretty difficult for dogs to understand why we’re angry. I’ve many times come home to find a shredded magazine or pile of poo on the carpet, then proceeded to get angry and yell at the pups. My behavior isn’t productive towards Teddy & JB’s training, because often they committed the crime hours ago when I wasn’t home, and when I discipline them hours, they may think I’m angry at something else. So, unless I literally catch one of my dogs in the act of doing something naughty, it isn’t necessarily worth the energy to be mad. And it’s definitely not worth the energy to stay mad for long. This has been great practice for my life outside of the dog bubble. Smile and move on!

Appreciate the little things

Boy, clichés really take on a whole new meaning through the eyes of a dog mom. Seriously, though. Every day, JB (more so than Teddy) shows me that there is true joy to be found in the little things. You can see it in his smile as he feels the wind blow through his fur. His joy as he runs through the rain and rolls in the dewy grass. JB’s just got this contagious optimism that radiates through his eyes and makes me feel like none of my worries are really that big of a deal. Why not be happy?

20 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

Arts & Leisure


Put down your phone I’m addicted to my phone just like any Millenial out there. But there are times as I surf the mobile web when my Tedster nudges my hand to scratch behind his ears, and when my Jaybster pushes my phone away and hints that I should be petting him. In these times, I listen. These, I believe, are moments well spent, bonding with my pets instead of liking your posts on Instagram. I’ll admit: sometimes I’d rather be playing Bejeweled or retweeting @AnnaKen-

22 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

drick47. But, every time, I’ll force myself to put down my phone. And I’ve yet to regret it.

Play it safe; get insurance

Read last issue’s article for my full rant on pet insurance. TLDR; you can never predict what your pup’s going to eat, how long his diarrhea will last, what germs he’ll catch at daycare. JB had to get elbow surgery at one-year old – I definitely would never have predicted that. Do yourself a huge favor and invest in the security of pet insur-

ance. Can’t be too careful when it comes to the health of your beloved doggies!

It's just stuff

This one’s tough for me – I love a beautiful pair of shoes as much as the next girl. But shoe casualty after shoe casualty, I’ve slowly been able to calm my rage with the mantra: it’s just stuff. T Rex and JB don’t mean to ruin my life or tomorrow’s outfit, they’re just being curious pups, gnawing on a piece of leather

that smells like me. Not to say that these aren’t teaching moments for me to discipline the pups, but when I think about the big picture, I’ve realized that my mischievous dogs’ occasional chewing mishaps are easily forgivable. And it’s just another excuse to buy new shoes.

It's just poop

Save the best for last. I mean, you do it, I do it, we all do it. Whether it’s with a bag or a leaf, just go on and pick it up! #shithappens


24 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

wearing the weight well By Sarah Kalb


rowing up the daughter of an entrepreneur I was wellprimed for change. “Go with the flow” and “Jump on the opportunity” were two sides of an ever shifting Coin of Life. It may be age, or perhaps my post-college migration to one of the world’s largest cities, but a taffy-like resilience to transformations is increasingly harder to come by. As our beloved Tastevin undergoes such a modification I’m taking this opportunity in the Food Column to share with you parting advice from a soon-to-bebride. As she watches what she eats for the wedding-dress figure, she’s also preparing for one of life’s most daunting alterations: MARRIAGE.


Be Quiet

So often changes are external – jobs, lovers, hobbies, tragedies – and we are caught in a whirlpool. We may talk at length about our initial reactions: “I’m really excited!” or “I can’t believe this is happening.” As social beings this is natural. But take some time to stop and be still, knowing that you can only control so much in life, and the rest must be received. Build a sure foundation with a step back, a deep breath, or moment of blind faith.

Be Real No matter how things roar there should be still, small voice that groans truth in the farthest reaches of the soul. It is here that your truth lies and you must allow it expression. Moving from a childhood home? Cry. A lot. Scared at graduation, or a lost job? Talk with people, and get advice. Write in to a newspaper or blog columnist. Watch sappy movies. Explore new hobbies with the free time. Think about the worst AND best case scenarios. Know someone else who is going through a hard time, or surprised by a scenario? Don’t be afraid to call out that elephant in the room.

Be Ready

After you’ve given some time experience how you’re really feeling, and not what you should be feeling, make a plan. Do some research, talk with people, write out goals, shop for the right clothes. Get new headshots. Cross your T’s and dot you I’s. Do whatever you need to feel confident and deserving of this new position. It may just turn out better than the last! Either way…your life is happening and you’ll want to show up for it. Change is a weighty thing. But we think you wear it well!


26 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

When a designer collaborates with a retail giant, good things happen, right? Let’s find out together. It’s a fashion journey. It’s you and me. Story by Caroline A. Wong Photos by Breana Powell

28 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

hate Kohl’s. Now, I didn’t always hate Kohl’s. In fact, Kohl’s was pretty decent in my book, thanks to its lines with Vera Wang and Lauren Conrad. But after my experience with its Reed Krakoff designer collaboration, I want to pull my hair out, go hunt down the Kohl’s execs, and pull their hair out too. I started off quite excited about the announcement that Reed Krakoff would be going the collaboration route. As the former executive creative director of Coach, Krakoff made his name in the business through his attention to detail and his structured styling. He started his eponymous brand in 2010, which boasted distinctive designs like the Boxer and Atlantique models until it shut down last year to revisit investment strategies. With his Kohl’s collaboration, Krakoff reintroduces those iconic styles with nearly identical

Fashion & Features


fashioning, but in faux leather rather than real leather as with its four-figure predecessors. While some might see it simply as brand suicide to reproduce luxury styles in cheap fabrics, it can also be interpreted as a firm statement by the designer that he will not be returning to the luxury market under his own name. But with the way that Kohl’s is handling his line, Krakoff may want to reconsider working with this particular retail giant for future iterations of his collection, no matter the discount pricing. Kohl’s made the REED by Reed Krakoff collection available online a week before it would be available in stores. I purchased a selection and received the shipment shortly af-

When the bag arrived in the mail, it was a huge disappointment.

terward, before the collection was set to launch in Kohl’s stores. Kohl’s clothing generally runs large, which I found to be true of REED items. The disappointment, however, came with the pink Boxer style bag. Now, the Boxer bag was my one true love, the one that got away, the bag that still haunts my dreams after its discontinuation. So when I was able to buy the Kohl’s iteration of the style, I thought I would finally get the fashion closure for which I had been longing. Wrong. There was a noticeable black streak on the front of the bag. I called customer service, and the first representative told me that she was “unable to access the system” in order to help me. Well, 30 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

Fashion credits: Atlantique Medium Convertible Satchel in Floral Pink, $109; Atlantique Large Satchel in Vachetta Black, $129; Boxer Belted Large Satchel, $119; Eyelet blouse in White, $60, all REED by Reed Krakoff for Kohl’s, kohls.com. White camisole, Banana Republic, bananarepublic. com for similar styles. Palazzo pant in Paprika, $30, Marimekko for Target, target.com. Bracelets from wrist to shoulder: Phased Out Bangle Set (one bracelet shown), $38, BaubleBar, baublebar.com; Open teardrop cuff in Howlite, $105, Melanie Auld, melanieauld.com; Gold Braid Cuff, $32, BaubleBar, baublebar.com.


Fashion & Features


why is she even taking calls if she cannot help guests? Anyway, she asked for my order number to process a return and even after giving it to her three times, she still passed on the incorrect number to the next customer service agent. This next agent was notably more helpful, doing her best to rectify the situation. She asked if I had gone to a store to try to find a replacement, but since the collection would not be available still for another two days, that was a dead end option. Unfortunately, Kohl’s has a highly inconvenient return policy, which may illuminate why it is closing 18 stores and laying off 1,500 employees. This customer service agent told me that I would either have to drive to a store to get my money back, wait around my house for a FedEx agent to pick up the package, or...get this...PAY to have this damaged bag returned via USPS. It’s one thing if a customer changes their mind and decides to go the return route, but when your company is the one at fault, I expect you to fix the problem and to do it in a way that is not highly inconvenient for me. I can drive a half hour to a store, but will you pay for my gas, Kohl’s? I can sit around my home and wait for a pickup, but will you complete the errands that I was planning to do that day, Kohl’s? I can pay to have USPS return the damaged item, but will you pay for that return, Kohl’s? No, no, and no. The customer service agent scheduled a pickup, but rather than it being through FedEx, as she had originally noted, I received a pickup confirmation from UPS. There are just so many sad things going on with Kohl’s customer service situation, and its social media team is no better, offering the same inconvenient “solutions.” None of the customer service representatives offered any type of compensation for the disruption and my obvious dissatisfaction. The second pink Boxer bag arrived, and it ALSO had a black mark on the front. You can 32 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016


34 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

slightly see it in some of the photos; it was more pronounced in person. Yes, it was a small mark, but I don’t want to be paying three figures for a damaged faux leather bag. There are plenty of real leather options at only slightlyhigher price points. This time I drove to a store. Kohl’s locations are not centrally located in my area, so it was definitely a trip that was out of the way for me. The manager there was incredibly helpful and even offered to pull some bags from the back to see if we could find a non-damaged one. I saw a total of five bags in person and all of them had noticeable marks or scratches in the surface. The marks were all in similar places, suggesting a manufacturing error. Very disheartened but determined to have my Boxer, I ordered the black version, which was not available in the store at the time. When the bag arrived in the mail, it was a huge disappointment. Whereas the bright hue of the pink version made a colorful statement, the black tone exaggerated the fake leather and gave the style a cheap appearance. Fed up with my search, I returned the bag and turned to eBay and Poshmark to find a REAL leather Reed Krakoff. As far as Krakoff’s REED line clothing goes, there are fashionable styles available in the line’s signature colorblocking, just be sure to size down by one or two sizes (I wear an XS in most brands and REED’s XXS is too large for me). As for the bags, if you MUST, choose the printed Atlantique styles and avoid the Boxers altogether. The faux leather is more easily disguised by the printed options. Seriously, though, if it were up to me, I would have Kohl’s restructure its return policies and equip its customer service agents with the means to assist customers with damaged items and options at providing unsatisfied guests with incentives to continue shopping with its brand. I certainly won’t be back anytime soon, and neither should you. 35

Dimitri James




Share Your Where



By Amanda Chi


Fashion & Features



s I sit on the plane awaiting my descent into Honolulu, I begin chatting with an elderly Caucasian gentleman dressed in a button down shirt and khakis seated next to me. He asks if I’m flying home or if I’m on holiday, and I politely respond that it’s a short visit. Asking the question in return, I expect him to say he’s on a business trip, but find to my surprise that he is a native, born and raised on the Windward side of Oahu. He proceeds to give me tips on places to go and things to eat, beaches to see and hikes to trek. The plane reaches the runway and over the PA we hear the stewardess announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Honolulu… if you are continuing your travels, have a safe journey. If this is your final destination, we hope you have a great stay.” I chuckle and note to my fellow traveler that the attendant never welcomed anyone home as they so often do on other flights. For a location that welcomes over 680,000 visitors in one offpeak month alone, it’s easy to forget that there are locals who live in Hawaii, and that there are things to see and do outside of Honolulu. Luckily I also had some top notch insider knowledge on where to go and what to eat from a friend attending the University of Hawaii. Here are my top five favorite beaches and top five favorite places to eat in Oahu. When people think of beaches in Honolulu, the first and most prominent beach that comes to mind is probably Waikiki. While it may be the best spot for beginner surfers, it may not be the most relaxing because of the crowds and its proximity to the hotels and shops. As gorgeous as it maybe, claustrophobia can be felt both on the shore and in the water.

38 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016


Fashion & Features


“For a location that welcomes over 680,000 visitors in one off-peak month alone, it’s easy to forget that there are locals who live in Hawaii.”

Waimanalo Beach

Lanikai Beach

For those fortunate enough to have a car, I suggest driving up Kalanianaole Highway to Waimanalo Beach. Quite possibly my favorite beach in Oahu, the sand is white and soft, the water a gradient blue that transitions from turquoise to sapphire blue, and space that is readily available for any sunbather. This may seem like a firstworld problem, but parking can certainly be an issue at public beaches. At Waimanalo, we never had that problem during the three times we visited. Did I mention this was my favorite beach?

Next stop north of Waimanalo is Lanikai Beach in Kailua. Certainly more crowded, it boasts more visitors because of its scenic backdrop of two islands, or Na Mokulua, in the distance. Na Mokulua can even be accessible by kayaks if you’ve got the determination and equipment! The sand at Lanikai is said to be the softest in Oahu, which makes it all the more attractive for visitors and locals alike. At such a popular beach, though still less crowded than Waikiki, parking was probably the most difficult out of all the beaches we

40 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016


Fashion & Features

SHARE YOUR WHERE visited. If you’re looking for that perfect postcardpicture or that romantic honeymoon shot, Lanikai is the place to go.

Sunset Beach

If you’re willing to drive a little over an hour north of Honolulu, you’ll reach Oahu’s North Shore. More laid-back and country-style than Honolulu, it boasts the best surfing on the island, especially during the winter. Continuing along our beach hopping tour is Sunset Beach in Waialua, a great place to surf if you’re experienced, and one of many locations for surfing competitions. As you may have guessed from the name, it’s also the place to watch a beautiful Hawaiian sunset. With a local strumming away at his guitar in the background as the sun sets behind remaining surfers, I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to end a beach day.

Shark's Cove

An eight minute drive from Sunset Beach is Shark’s Cove in Haleiwa, a lava-rock beach that isn’t great for lounging, but much more ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving or wading through tide pools. It’s best to avoid swimming here during the winter because of the high waves, but during the summer, it’s great for perusing marine life. Don’t worry, you’re not likely to run into sharks if you’re worried about the locale’s namesake. One of the stories is that it’s named for the shape of the cove’s outline, though I couldn’t exactly tell from a view of Google maps. My top tip is to bring an underwater camera that you can purchase from ABC!

Waimea Bay Beach

Keep driving seven minutes along Kame-

42 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

hameha Highway from Shark’s Cove and you’ll reach your next surfing destination, Waimea Bay Beach. Like all the other beaches on North Shore, Waimea has huge swells during the winter and is only truly swimmable during the summer. The day I visited, the swells were enormous enough for the lifeguards to announce that only surfers or swimmers with fins and years of experience were allowed to step into the water. There was even a lifeguard towing swimmers back to shore with an industrial jetski, announcing that if they needed help coming back, they should not be going back out. The beach itself is a great place to lounge, sunbathe, and picnic while watching surfers chance the waves. Just be careful about the limited parking because you can circle the lot several times and still be waiting for a spot. It’ll be worth the wait once you see the experienced surfers or even boogie boarders out there riding those turquoise blue waves. Sunbathing and swimming can certainly work up an appetite and Oahu has plenty of food to satiate any traveler. There’s more to Hawaiian food than just poi and kalua pig. Oddly enough, I didn’t have a single plate lunch or Hawaiian BBQ meal. Despite my lack of the traditional, I thought I’d give you my top five things everyone should try, whether it’s Japanese food in Honolulu, or a vegan restaurant at a former gas station.

Acai Bowls

Probably the perfect breakfast or midday snack, acai bowls are hugely popular all over America. However, there’s something to be said about the acai bowls in Hawaii, particular the one I had at a food truck called Banán Bowls. For those unfamiliar with acai, it’s a purple berry grown all the way in Brazil. Acai bowls take the frozen puree form and turn it into a soft serve sorbet-sherbet hybrid. Add on some fruit, coconut shavings,

honey and even puffed quinoa, and you’ve got an acai bowl! They’re found throughout Honolulu, but at Banán Bowls, the quality, flavors, and presentation are everything you could ask for. It even comes in a papaya boat!

Poke Bowls

A popular trend native to Hawaii that is spreading its way throughout the mainland is the poke bowl. Marinated chunks of fresh ahi tuna over a bed of rice is served as a take away dish in many food markets and restaurants. You can actually find poke bowls on the mainland, but what makes it special in Hawaii is how fresh the tuna is. My absolute favorite place for a poke bowl is Ono Seafood Products. Walk past the ever-popular Rainbow Drive-in, along Kapahulu Ave and you might just miss this tiny holein-the-wall locale painted in bright turquoise. Oftentimes cars will park in front, which makes it all the more difficult to see, and certainly easy to pass by. Order a shoyu ahi, a spicy ahi, or even a miso tako (octopus). Eight choices on the menu, choose brown or white rice, whether you want a small or large, and you’re set! You even get a free drink along with your meal.

'Ai Love Nalo

I gave my friend the choice of vegan or Hawaiian BBQ, and without hesitation he replied, “So tell me more about BBQ.” That is, until I somehow convinced him otherwise! Probably the first vegan restaurant I’ve ever stepped foot into, I was not disappointed at all. It was amazing! Off of Waimanalo Beach, along Kalanianaole Highway, this vegan restaurant was hard to spot due to the lack of a sign and the fact that it’s taken up residence in a former gas station. ‘Ai Love Nalo is just good food, whether or not it has meat. Great quality, fantastic flavors that in-

corporate elements of Hawaiian cuisine, I was beyond satisfied with our choice and felt fantastic about eating so healthy. While my friend had a BBQ Portobello Sandwich, I ordered a Medi Bowl, which may have you question, why on earth am I ordering Mediterranean food in Hawaii? Their taro falafel, baba ganoush and beet hummus were on point. Topping that off with a Lilikoi kombucha, it made me feel as if I had the healthiest, and quite possibly hippiest, meal of my life.

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

The most prevalent food you’ll find (or even smell) are the shrimp trucks that dot the entirety of North Shore along Kamehameha Highway. Enticing mostly tourists with the unmistakable aroma of garlic and butter, it’s hard to ignore these shrimp hawkers as you drive to Kahuku, Haleiwa or just towards another beach. What began as freshwater aquaculture farms, the shrimp business boomed in the early 90s when Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck first stepped, or drove, onto the scene. After that, dozens of other shrimp trucks began popping up and it’s been a North Shore staple ever since. My suggestion is to head to Giovanni’s in Kahuku towards the late afternoon or evening because lines are long during lunch. If the line at Giovanni’s is off putting, there are several other trucks just down the road. Also, don’t be afraid to smell like garlic for the rest of the day.

Marukame Udon

Famished after a long day out in the sun, we searched for places to eat back in Honolulu by our hotel. With such a large population of Japanese locals and tourists, it’s easy to come across a plethora of sushi, Japanese BBQ, katsu and even musubi restaurants. They’re all deli43

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cious, but one stood out in particular: Marukame Udon. It’s certainly popular and this is indicated by the line out the door that can range from a 10 to 30 minute wait. No reservations because it’s a cafeteria-style restaurant. Just choose your dish and freshly made udon is served in a bowl with your requested toppings. Take your tray and move along the line to pile on your choice of tempura, musubi, inari and fried chicken. If you’re looking for a cheap and fairly quick meal with great quality, I highly suggest stopping by Marukame Udon in Waikiki. Scenic beaches and quality food. With those two basic necessities of any Hawaiian holiday, I guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time exploring Oahu. It may be one of the busiest islands, but you can certainly find those gems scattered throughout, whether it’s amidst the bustling streets of Honolulu, or the greener countryside of the laid-back North Shore.


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Reservations: 3 2 3 . 4 6 7 . 7 9 9 1 6350 HOLLYWOOD BLVD @BESOHOLLYWOOD


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Fathers' Day is June 19th! Celebrate with a stylish box of love from BanaBean. by Caroline A. Wong


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In a world where women are bombarded by media propaganda about not only what they should look like but also how they should feel about their bodies, it is no wonder that a group of mothers and aunts would look to reimagine the newsfeed. For the founders of BanaBean, style is not a rigid set of boundaries for a woman’s expression, but rather a tool through which girls might build confidence. BanaBean carefully curates a monthly subscription box of hair accessories for girls through the age of nine. The selection of six to eight pieces might include anything from headbands and clips to bows and turbans. Looking to coveted kids’ brands for its products, BanaBean cherishes providing quality items as much as creating built-in bonding moments when each box arrives at the door. The act of opening the box and the reveal of each new accessory is a moment of magic for daughters and parents alike. Whether you’re a father, mother, or simply an adult lucky enough to have a growing girl in their lives, BanaBean is an opportunity to empower adults as much as daughters, arming them with the perfect spark for conversations around personal style and self-esteem. BanaBean is more than just a box of pretty bows; it’s a box of memories to come.

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Get your little girl the gift of style for $25 per month at www.BanaBean.com. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time, and monthly boxes can also be sent as a present from stylish aunts and uncles! 50 Tastevin Magazine April / May 2016

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Something Sweet



Ten years ago Jon Foreman wore the very first To Write Love on Her Arms shirt on stage at a Switchfoot concert in Boca Raton. At the time, he was supporting a friend who was helping a friend. It would fast become a bigger thing, and not for any brilliance but because so many people could relate to the story of Renee Yohe, a young woman whose struggles with addiction and self-inflicted pain inspired not only the start of the TWLOHA nonprofit, but also a mass movement toward healing and hope. People felt a sense of permission in learning of the struggles of another. Maybe they could share theirs. Maybe they were not alone. To Write Love on Her Arms now celebrates ten years. A decade of pointing to hope and help, a decade of breaking the silence. Because if one person chose to stay alive, that is worth a celebration. TWLOHA believes: You were created to love and be loved. People need other people. Your story is important. Better days are ahead. Hope and help are real. You are not alone, and this is not the end of your story. Get involved at twloha.com/get-involved/

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